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NO. 13«
from washinbton.
TI,<J fdltfofiuiia Suit the Centra of
jre ' ÙÙ'«' 'iwritf Wiitd d4Shdt"--A
t:.7!fTi'wMi»c Sketch of the
Interior Department.
v ui V IV
it .^tii w ri.s XoTamher 17 —The tale
j „ r>:i-pboBw baa ma-Ja the iitcrior
. .^irts..ai • ..eatre oi intertat daiiag the
. ft, -asretfr l.aaar* court baj been
;::iias oa ;h? Be'11 patent It in a cam io !
-iirh co£ icJjtk* moocpoliet« of electric
;Sii :5tt reett J. bot the puoiic a« well.
The r»a sh.ch 1« the acene of these
^;ocwü»ä"» »* 'hat the a;datait
AKcraey ti?û?r&! of 'he Department, and
i?u* been a:!ed at each heariog by Ji*
cupiihid lawyer* inventera ao<i oSciale
i.rr* " ba~ ïèeu —%jfc by rtpresen
:i* re- ; ■ ! felephone foop&ny,
ite "**-• ft"-'» l-u)paa». a&j tLa Pan
4.. »>"ä« e ttftuM vi i>fo.aJure
îiâ.iv * . ji* 4Tithoàt pfc-dent in
?>•' -bt® I*w(°<rjUeat i> ta p«*r
tipi " r t.i iMi m «.a.-i«,«•! ^4 .'t>f K*p
.ji.fi ?- j Jc.roJai.t tu a poidibltf ^ov
insiot ; ..' io nrat oro«Juc<: kù «v Jeoce
jri-r ij i;-î»rci«td *Settef s>i:haiuit
)<v'.< ->c It ia evi'itbt Mr.
iU>r 'ir th'3 11 clärbt coures tor a
»r?ü: I»- jjï.tfjiBVûi, au J that
-ill inj j£. J is8a«sl a pAleûl U should
Ira: p^Üiaie <Jl ICSliJAsJUJ %SJ ^T
• iUwcU jeure piaCeediag iw begin the
,;,: 'j aal-'- • a H M once continued.
C< prpodfa tv rfO 10 ne >er<e oi WtlWM
•»fi-w1 i JrCwijü >u«*v
t:.-rc i* ■• *r Jü'ijI îL«.t tl #liî «#c jttscd i
:Lc i'aca iu t!»e c*î«
ut ...tiiioit iHfikîtitxl
wi vil.-»d the ' <i jfernmeul W»»te
64,.?: !&• = U*«»r hi*efer i* Jûly ex
«#%7r ul fb« the department
ù* rA.c^:icî ; f «il ejwctlmoiow busi
„ca z•■' » O.J.O/ wader «Le rp^citl jurie
Icti» v' i -e w'««f fhf
'..ïr.fti? ot thed-pvtm at it everything
: / rte •*,»*iuu.J,u! a *.*a> ir trash Vljrt
.oS-.tidaal i"' -üi wt the country are di
.K:iyiaurej..<dia t!»e lo'trior than ia all
:ie cîûf* -- y.'iaiiited
'ti ut th<» lu'rrior hj»s supèi
. jua tLr «' J Ori. > Itdiau Bnr*au
fet&oa i. ut» i'at. oi Off <>. B irnau of
tii « I«- -....oaJj» «ar»ey,
tea»-« -J - .f«»8 ol '*r»o*. He Ca*
.V-'» re Util.. (i ! tc civil *or
c"3*3" >t lté teritorie* Ht J the appoint
jeL*ot!«rr: eu >1 iTi *:i 3a hü con
tr*l st !?>« 'icr rnm-ii* ho;>i«»i tor the in
jac» th.»! r..r th> 1 >-«•>* fil Djioï). the
; «filaeS • 'b- 1 nllOXtOM Na
ticialP.r» n u j* Sp-i^rf^f'-wrfa'ion in
tta 41 «ri land (aS'i'u ion for the
Èlzi ciJ tte ito* -l:u.q Pria:ic£ Offce
tf:n- ht-, 3. creia*y i.ioir»
^ B0C V».*/ !ti ;h*t .^-'cre. He air.y
j|.<arvec: tocîaï t.r pox.e t.-» »capon
cl war »üb avb h;* le«1 ua *b.ri is kill
ed to motre» i^r :li Iidiu bii teals a
ttldier acu ttc Sitf.nary granu a peoahn
te S i »Ii.,» acid orphan* lb« &*< rotary
tw '0 i->-p obtj e^e ou the gre.t uioi.eyeJ
>.drporaùfioa ta *>3 that they coLttrnct •
ti::r rîiJi is ccxphance .vith tha».jair»
a*5itiet îfcelr charter Wi*h the other
ic &a• tû sf*t L ttc cowboy asd
«qiattn io ih*t the? do not
'.i'izui jp::» i'ocU Sam • hrcad acre*
i* t<»5 to teed aed clo'be tbe red
am aad èdacate Lid pipp^oj^. He give#
<àecü »»:c-raGé inO *cr«s c.f Sralof? Und
le* » rriîei rendered, and then patents al!
Mu of labor sanog machines with «hieb
ic »or» i- There a«-e auLiired« ot o'hei
iiHe# deïoiïlc* upon Mr ^mar and the
** «lèot hifh keeper« of the 1 Go«ernment
»*»•■» Wie? Then iveij tea year*thi*
r, :*r?net!t qü*» »e« to «ommiog up the
tf.'cnj prcr.'ü and loe» from ita number
hQ-1 tailing ho» many more
vi'r- *r?^f ; » tl .ii «htr-» *<?rr f«D sears
Stv.-etary i .xst -'it »■»■» luoaa to be
• icrclar ac/i ar><«'at. ha« -urprUed so me
p«v)pie jo jou^f-d hu ^uali^ca-ioaa ai a
taiut >4 aar H» h»«r?xr; ,.r*td * be In
L<.-p»x.D.eDt ty .vrat*çirgt t »orlt
i0di"'»iotJ ».-. t.-»- »■-»»au taie.nac'iß
plete pi.tnrc <r ;fc-> ?«..-riv;a wuboat being
p»r5Îe:^^ » :h too tnucb ueiail He reads
•"Otru je ;., ns trade aed his health.
hii irwsi« 'hrujht wo'iid ijccumb
^ :ae {-rain of hu ytfcei«: »^k. »eema 10
• -apr:vit; unJ*r tbe •tiuiulaa
Jf«t m ieux ;j be:og direcud «gataat
fe 1 *ri (-r;e for not uecin/ land pat
rspidlr eacc/t Commiscioner
>,rji pwenta are no» being isaued
•;<6a"î^ f nt«. ttioiMcd a montb and
•* Î4J* •-* be c«n oltkia e.i^ence »hieb
^ *tuc to iepiiate tie hottet from
•"t« aiibojeai iatîîrr
ti 11 .11 > » »
lU U <i'; S»J> I te loHw«l«»K
•vWitircea»!" *
'jfcaiî iù ><)W
I . Le Per ^Philadelphia
Picbmi U ArbuckV to b# Collector of
I CaUßei - I i*n?t cf Eri«, Pa.
IL- 'o' . * PcitaaM'.ers were co»
l.r th* Présider.t to-day Thof.
I 6 Emm ! Settee N J Eknry B.
I &tdbmilr Va R C. Sp««d
I Mt^KCTaStr î-'ï H C Jlol.aurin«,
I ?..vk Ttatf* Tt-,:pa. J c%r
I r; l t- .iiliT i'H '*£»• £
I - iiiard in f*ai DO«*.
I Ii T.fl brokaw. Hi. Twee»,
I - - ■ r ■ ir.m< ir? Jo ' À
I * Mkr- q ,i. Nab M V. Gibaon.
I P>f • b, O i>ane 0. Siaarne.
I * " F Bbkatoy Darlinartoo,
« H Mould, tùrmboo Wia ;
I *r S »««-:< PitMivilK Mich : R
I * : •*-- K« J D Pr^tr. ip4*ich.
I L»ï ■ 1. S*r**ft Patk City. I'tah
I MH kTH ■ !_4-« P. *
-•-< ftstsaitpr iientrml to-day appoint
I *U*î - pottstuut ia West Yu
I Wi»»I Lmui A G W Buaker
I - hsiiun«
I \c haamg >u bell thii
I - tt SmMM| I.»mar Aaûst
I '«l^9 aed i. Mitant A'toi
I joTtery ia the ru* cf
I J *d Mi] fj Nortbeco Pasific
I Company '»•volvtag the validly
I ad tnaity „.jvi to the rj*d
I 4 »fftos T»tmory
I *»®* is .aîy a garter w*U*o of land
I aj° »»din • tLt d«C'«oe will
■ «Cî«t à« • -;€ ,0 ,wraj hcndr*d tbctuand
K ■ • y Del r rat*
■ {fi?* Cl ^»•Lc*ton TVnitory. a*d
■ ir JcbMon p-ea»nied tb* caae of the set
I ^ewr*. Orap ol' 1'ew York, and
I ût biegten :^:..*«ci*d
■ «* Pattern Pacific.
I Lrcrr vi*
I to-taorraw ai.l priai tk«
I ot l oited Statt* CoaaaU wbo
■ i ■ u 341 "SAli iu»bonty for ta vise,
■ *■••- •»«■*«• af« IM L
H%ktr, Buenos Aires; Felix A. Matthewa,
Tangier*; J. H. Stewart, Antwerp; Thea.
M Dawsca, Buranguilla Columbia;
Thoa Adamaoa, Panama; F rück H.
Maaou, Marseille«; Geo. W. Roosevelt,
Bordeaux; Wm C. Fox, Brunswick, Ger
many; Jot. F. Potter. Crefeldt. Germany;
Ja*. II. Smith, Hayence; Wm. E. Gua
nell. Bradford, Eog. ; 1-oring A.
Lathrop, Briaton, Eng.; Evan
Jone«, Cardiff, Walen;
Howard Fox. Falmouth. Eovland; H. J.
Sprain*; Gibraltar; Oacar Malneroae,
Leitb; Adolph G. Studer, Singapore Wm
Thompson. Southampton; Edward Mc
Knight, St. Helena; Gildro? W. Griffin,
Sydney; R. J Stevens. Victoria; Philip
Carroll, Palermo, Alexander Willard,
Guaymaa, Kama A William?, Havana
W T. Rice, Hewn, Switzerland.
3fe«rlt1*u Kadorte* 9ihoii*ld'* K«cot
maadaUoa« In QU Annual Report.
Washisgtox, November 17.—Lieutenant
General P H. Sheridan has submitted hia
annsal report to the Secretary of War. He
says the discipline of the army u very
good, and that he baa no recommenda
tion« to make except that thj cumber of
m«n in the companies be increased, and
that two more companies and two Majora
be added to each legiment of infantry.
The General sa;s that he most heartily co
incided with the remarks of General Scho
£a!d »ot the Division cf the Missouri) on
the need ot military legislation,' and 'con
sidéra his riewa of. eo mach importance
tkat he iccorpor&tta them in hia report
substantially aa follows:
•There la great need in the military $er
me of legislation * * * Regulations
established and subject to change only by
Congress would have auch degre« of stabil
ity aa to become the basis of a sound
military a rate <n. which up to the present
time, las cot existr d in this conntry. Al
though the regulations have undergone
changea "* * * tfce tnoar important
queitionainvolved in th« command and gov
ernmeot of be * T * remain ursettled
at the prcaent time N'o commanding
general trom the highest to the low
eat. cia Know me e*ciea: or-hoiks ot am
authority Aud no one can have any statf
rfaporsiöletohim for iha fa^hfol execution
ol' hi» or>lers. D-iricg the l«t twettf fire
years the country has passed through three
mom<-utous crises, wherein theae unsettled
.,uestioüs we.-e of vital importance to the
nation, and their decision, tor the occasion,
depended solely upon individual opinions.
Another such crisis may not be far distant
when such a decision Right not be to for
tunate for the country. Hscei whilr I pre
sent the ntces-i-y of a considerable increase
ol the ermv, 1 also suggett, a* a etillgreater
necessity, that laws be established br Co: •
ftrms tor the 'gover»vnetit ai.d regulation'
ut the arlitary forces.'
From :he reports at the di*te ot the last
cousoiida'ed returns, the army consisted
ot 2,154 officers and 24,705 meD.
UeLr.-al Sheridan nr^.-s a ri»di--ai c liante
in the allotment of lands to Indians lie
«a^gests nar.-owicg the limits ol their res
ervations by Iccarirg each family oa 320
acres &nd that the balance of each reserva
tion be condemned and purchased by the
Govcrcmrm at f 1.25 p;r at-re the interest
cd the prxeeds of these purchases to be
eivcO to the Indiatirf ; .v:h year. He lllns
rrtirs ;he practical working ot this scheme
by inatascin^r the Cross, who now hare
nearly 5 GOO 000 ac res in their reserva
tion. Ther*i are not more than 3,300 of
rhem and counting hve persons to a faai
tly—a large esnmate—th%y could he settled
separately on 320 acres for each family
acd then have more than 4 500,000 acres
If this laud «m purchased Oy the Gov
ernmeot, and the proceeds invested in
Government bonds aci the interest used
for their support it would be more money
than is cow apprcpriated by Congress
annually for their maintenance. It would
be their own mcney, and take the question
of anr. ial appropriations out cf Congress.
Tceie lands coatd readily be sold again to
tettlers and the Government lose nothing,
■vhile the Indians woaid hare security in
the principal, nntilCongress chooses to» ive
it t.-y them to he used as they saw nt. The
ic itans. he says, counting the value oi the
lands of their immense reservations, are
oct p:cr they a;e only incompétent at
present to lake care of their own property
anj tbereure require lookin g after
Nw Um« Marriage Ftu Uu«< At«, %s* of
West Alexander Get
\S *>r Alea \>dir Pa , November 17.—
The meet iniquitous 'aw th&t the 'aat I.eg
la'atuis '* responsible for,thinks old Squire
Mijes. U the new marriage license law
The locg record of marriage ceremoniea
performed bj him ends abruptly in thd
middle of the page, «nd it is rated Sep
timber 30, l£S5, and it is indeed true that
since :he new law went into effect, October
1 he has not jerfortced arirgle ceremony.
for ever iO days ar.d nights he has pa
tienny welted The candle light, which in
dajs gene by illuminated the path to the
'. q >ire a dcor, still bums, out ita rays do
not fall upon any persons with matrimo
nial intennoos. Toe Squire recites sua
tor> and corjugal verse by the boar jet,
bet oc weddirg (en Trjoice bis he*r; or
swell hU purge, while bid effort« tu pay uar
r'*re and procure » lieec»e produce ne ef
fect, and thev, like the Scriptural «ratât*.
i&C" jb invited, corne nou
Tîé '-«Aiila'are bas robbed Weat Alex
ander of btr uxt, and takeo from her the
only thing she ever lived for. The driver
«ho hmu Uaisa st (he afft'iou is discour
aged—he haj no ps0*engfr2; the hotel«
ba.e co gc;*ts. acd though Squire Mayes
it 4'Ul at ùis oLi ■ md "oU occnpv»on s
gono " Diiirg tis Si j?an as jarico of
tba Peac? he has Lint be en là ill as to
be complied to decline performing a cer
emony; bs: last wioter, darin? a short
sickness, he sat rp in tn invalid's chair
while he pronoccccd a cocple husband acd
wife. His present term of o®ce dot» not
expire ajiil 182?. lie is cow ecgaged on
his book • <ir**a üteo acd it» History."
and though £om«whai d^ccara^ed at the
outlook. Seeons cheerio) acd cooteoU*
K«ait'i KitI.lured Adrac* *»-ovji:t 'o b#
* MUt»k«-l)r<T«n an i Strike..
CoLCuaci, 0 , November IT.—All tha
coal operator* ol the ticking Yallej had
a néiùng ;h:s tcreaoon win. theezc«ptio£
ot W h R<*ci, of Chicago, «bo is reportai
as having granted ao advaoc« to hü nie
er«, who woald ail he at work to day. Op
erators say ;h?y hare received do intoraa
tioo cf aa adrance by Bend, except at
ätmUTill«, where the men were preparing
to go to work tLi| çjornin* bat the driv
er* »track tor ao ad-.aoce U Si 75 per day
acd ci Cr hour», which h« ca^ e.i anctfcsr
The tainer* were only aaking ao advance
to 60 cent», and the operator* her» think
that the statement attributed to Baad that
he agreed to pay To cents is a mistake, aa
he could have do object io doing ao The
operator* hold another meeting to diaco.i
the litoatioD this evecirg,
. CoaHee r'ÜliajDi, tjje negro who waa of
FAi*vjaf» convict at so outrage noon
Mr*. El:za J. Keeo, of Gaabridjre, Mi,
was ytfteriay aantaooed to j»haogaS
aacè um» ji &> G&mv pay sprout
He Gets Panic Stricken in His Piay
^ With Vigaaux
I An Interesting and Exciting Game of
I . 8iiliards—Very Good and Very
Bad Playing.
C'ait ago, KoreuiW 17.—The second
night of the 14-inch balk line tonrnament
drew a large audience at Central Music
Hall, bat not so large aa that of last even
tag. Yignaux s defeat by Sloason gave
rise to the belief that he vo&ld hare little
chance a^ainat Schaeffer, and the latter
wad rhe favorite at odd« of two to one and
freely backed. Considerable betting
vu i osa on the qaeation of
average, ten to èeveo being laid
that it would not be 25. Schaeffer won
the bank, chose the slack bail and misasd
the lay-od ahot.
Both men started slowly, but iu the
fourth inning Schattier got a good aend-oä
and galloped away with a ran of 132, miss
ing at last on an easy position draw Fully
one-bait' of this run was made in the
regular Lalk line posit iou, which
he got nice oa different runs. Schaeffer's
runs of t'ortj-fire in the fifth inning, waa a
fine illustration of all-ar jnnd billiards, and
his m--? wai on a bard draw to tbe cush
ions. H.s miss in the sixth inning waa a
mass« shot when the ball9 were lined
against the cushion. At the end of the
first half of the seventh inning, Sehteder a
total was 217 against 45 tor \ignau.s.
Schattier* eigbiL, which tcJed ca &
rnijsed raadäe took him to 265 urjiut 201
points ahead.
VlfiJUl'X HUM soMfc PI.AY1NU.
\ i/u&uï got well started for a ruu but
ended at treaty tive wiih a free.:e. He
got to going again in the tenth and did
«orne stroug playing, but spread the balls
at thirty two and missed a hard cushion
«bot Lie did much better in the tenth, '
when Schattier Lad (ailed on an over
ha/arduus effort atid did some very
strorg aud steady playicg As a*
display ot billiard skill this was a most re
marka'ble exhibition tor he made almost
every conceivable »bot. As he b^at,
Schaf tier's run of 132 the cheering was
lond and long aod h L'ain when he tied
Scbaeffer'i score When at last the for
eigner stopped at 16t>at a hard one-cushion
«bot the call wa$ Yignatuc 299, Scbaerfer
293. Schatffer showed the strain and made
eaay mies<s in the next two innicgs He
made a palpable scratoh in the thirteenth,
but couldn't take advantage of it. Again
in the fourteenth he felt down on an easy
position draw. Vignaux was also nervous
and in hi« i'ourteenth forfeited a good
break by a faulty draw shot Sohaeffer now
caught bis wind a^ain and rattled off six
ty two handsome billiards.
Vignaux was not to ba outdone in ral
lying power. In his 63d shot he got out of
a tight place with a grand three cushion
bank of great difficulty, and once more got
possession ot the balls, and with a run of
ät» took the lead again—417 to 394
Scta«ffer was now badly demoralised
and for four innings missed the plainest ot
shot«. . Vignaux kept np his wonderful
record ot no blank innings, and in bis
nineteenth passed to the fioal string with
a run ot 28. Score: Vignaux, 514;
Schaader, 198. Sohaeder seemed to
get settled in the twenty-tiret
inning, when be made :>7, but it ended with
the miss of an ordinary lullow shot, acd
left the balls in a heap for Vignaux who
ran 34. In his twcnty-»ecoLd and twenty
third inning, Seharter 3 play was pi ifully
weak He had plenty cf chances to pat
in atd make a big run and win the game
but il was not in Lim Vignaux took his
tima and with a run of ten closed in the
tweo'r fourth innirg the mo3t remarkable
game in billiard hirory, a ?ame without a
single b'auk inning on his side
« 91K.
Vi^aaav—», 4, 2*j. '4:. il. SJ. !•*, », 1».
It, *4,14 r. IS. «, \ it, 13, M. 10 <*)
gchielfcr—0. 2. 0. IZi, <i. 1.1. A <#, 21,2, M, 4,
9. t3, ?, 1,1, 0, tf. S7, 6, 4, 445
Hu'h^i mas—
Vijîniux .... io«i m5 i7
S-'tttSir 132 48' Ci
ATK»gr+— Yigoaux. 25. > buffer, IS 13-U.
Time 2 hour* ami Su minute*.
Tai«grapb Pel«* Tora Down »• 94
They ar* Er»ct*«l—Military Callad far,
Littie Rock, Abk., November 17 —
Il ere is considerable exci'ement among
the busicew men in this city ever the
means used by lie St. Louis, Iron Moun
tain and Southern Ru'w^y Comp »r y to
npov«nt the Arkançt« Te!e(rranh Ccmoinv
from erecting telegraph pales along tha
aboTö railway from I ittle Bock to Malverc.
The telegraph company mentioned is &
branch of the Baltimore and Ohio tele
graph system. It procured the right of
way under an ac: of the lut Legislature of
the' State, and had built ita Baca trom Hot
Springs to Malvern, and began building
from thit town to Little Rock.
Last Saturaay a construction train car
ryipg men arrived, and tore down all the
pole« aaJ wir,5 that had been erected and
completely drove iL« uieyrafl men trom
their work, without violence. Yesterday
morning R E Doug la» President of the
.Vrkars«* Teegrapb Company, «et his men
to work building from Little Rock to Mal
tern, when the fifty men again arrived
and derroyed the work as t'aat as it was
Mr Doug Us was told that he positively
could not erect Lis pole« a!or«t the right of
way ct the Iron Mountain Railway, and
' 'htt 490 men were ready to prevent bim
dcicg 10. He then withiiew his force to
prepare to ca'l upon tie authorities to
protect h^c. It is raid that the militia will
be called cot lor his »roiaetios.
Lackey Pardoned.
* tW BtgitUr,
Cbaju-ESTo* November 17.—I). J.
Laikiy who was convicted a: the C.bell
County Court, March, L«<85, ot »tabbing
All Burnett, of ih:s p'ace, and tenteneed
10 the penitentiary for three yea-s, w*< to
day pardoned by the Governor.
Moat of the jury and the Judge who sen
:esced Lackey tig&ed the petition 'or his
la MtiltkB««*.
Prot. Ado'ph Ott, New Yj.-k, writea: '*1
used it for a^aaickceee, <Jur tg au ccaan
pa wage. In cost ot the cawi tie violent
symptom! which characterize tbat disease
• yielded, and gava way to a hailthfcl actios
oi fanctisr a impaired.'
' . H?nrv C. BvJ?ey contained suicide ye#
urdar irrniaj Butler Mast by taHrg
Twelve Year Old Will e Beckett at th
liar In Ptrkmbarf.
Special to the Rtfiftr.
F.vKKKRjiiLRij, November 17. -The Cii
cait Court ro«m to-day w<g the scece c
the most interesting murder trial eve
witnessed here. Willie Becked, age
twelve y-jars, was on trial for killing Cla
Neale, Jr., of the same age a few day age
and pablished in theRcmsTER at the timt
The extreme youth of the prisoner at th
bar with the yonthinl witnesses of the sia<
. occurrence with the anasnal features c
the case caused the court room to b
crowded and the deepest interest mani
' feated. J. G. MeClure and James Hutcl
insoo lor the .State. Lcomis and Taren
oer and John A. Hutchinson for the de
tense. State's evidence closed at fi*
o'clock. The defense will begin on th
opening of Court to-morrow.
Tha Northwest 'i ragedy blamed on Mac
donald- Farther Tronble Feared.
Toanvro, Ont., November 17.—Thi
Globe (Liberal) today says "Another ac
of tha terrible Northwest tragedy closed 01
Monday morning, and on the 27th it h
said eight Indians will be hanged. Al
these horrors might have been avoided
It Sir John Macdonald had done his dut}
as Minuter of the Interior and as Premiei
of Canada there v»ou!d have been no rebel
lion and Canada would have been sp&rec
all th,h dreadful loss of life, whict
is a national disgrace and whict
appear^ to be & national jndg
ment Ihe animosities of race, whicb
were smouldering, and which all trne
triends oi Canada hoped wculd soon be
quite extinguished, have again leaped into
a flame which mar consume much thai
the peop!e of Canada value mont dearly
We now sea in tfce bloodshed and treasure
wasted aud the entities of race rc-vived
some of thg baneful etfects ct «storing
power to men who bad shown how greatly
they could abus* it."
lb* Mail (Conservaiive) »ays: "Hiel
Uittt tus rata yeaieruay tints » umu m vuur
8j70. He betrayed no si/ns of insanity
Lut ou the contrary, bore himself, as be
came oc»* oa bin way to meet bis God.
Now that justice has been done, the ex
citemeu! iu Quebec appears to have sub
sided suddenly. Hough demagogues are
still at work, but the good sense and patriot
ism of the people are not likely to ba dir
turbed by their base appeal."
Inte»ti;atli'K thu Cuuite ot Contagtou«
Dlacaof« and Their Kemetly.
Chicago, November 17.—The veterinary
surtreonî and representatives of the Veter
inary Association in a number of States
and Territories, are holding a convention
in this city. Prominent among those
pr&sfnt were noticed Dr. Salmon, Chief of
the Bureau of Animal Industry, of Wash
iPsfton; Dr. Paaren, of the Illinois State
Association; Dr. Hopkins, Vetericarian.of
Wyoming, and Dr. L. Mcl.ean, ol the
American Veterinary College of New
The object ol the con\eniiuu is to take
ic.to consideration thd contagious diseases
to which animaU are subject, and to hear
discussion on the pa'Leology of hog chol
era, Texas fever, contagions pleuropneu
monia and glanders, to ascertain the best
means to control or eradicate contagious
dheag^s: also to adept a uniform code in
place of tbecoctiictiD? sanitary regulations
cf the different S:a!ej, which will do away
with the obstructions to commerce.
Dr. Hopkins tbis morning presented a
report on quarantine statioLs and the rou
tine work done on the arrival of affected
cattle at the Canadian stations The doc
tor contended that the quarantine stations
were a ùrce. Their ruiea were cot lived
up to and they Rhould be done away with.
Afrer hearing Dr. Hopkins' report the con
vention adjourned till this evening
Popula» iuUr«it to th« A atu
»tateusent Corrected.
lûc ordinance now pending in tie Öse
ond Branch ot Council, by the provisions of
which a te* Board, to La called the Police
and Fire Commissioner« of the city cf
Wheeling, wiil be broujjht into being, is
attracting much attention about town, and
the probable action of Council will be
watched with no small amount of in
terest. Although the draft ot
the ordinance printed to Council
has been re vie» e 1 at length by the pref s, still
many people have a very uniansfactory
idea of its provûio: ■ and taking advantage
of this, the Intelligencer, pursuing i's
dog-in-the manger policy yesterday piinied
the following
"It is now given out that the seheuiora
propose to have tbis ordinance referred to
the Ordinance Committee ot which Alf.
Caldwell is chairman some siy that he is
tba committee, and have it examined.
Tha schemers, or rather some ot
the r friends, object to certain
portions of the ordinance as it has been
presented and desire to arrange it dider
ent'y. For instance, it provides for four
commissioners two of whom shall be Re
publican* an J two uemocrais, ana nooe 01
them nor o- -he under tbcm, are
to be in any war connected with t talcon.
It is reported pretty s!raight, tba' two ga
loonista are after places on that Board, and
this section will have to be changed to ac
commodate them
The ordinance doesn't provide anything
of the sort, and the talk about "scheme* '
and "schemers" therefore falls rial. Sec
tion one pro>ides 'That there ihall be
elected * * * fear officers, two of whom
shall ta ci* cpçosiie politics from th;- two
ethers Section fourteen is ai follows
"The City Sergeant a-d Lia deputies
shall ail reside within the citv, and no
person shall be appointed a deputy Ser
geant who is not capable of reading and
writing the Eogluh language, or who is in'
teresttd or ecgaged either directly or in
directly in the keeping of any saloon or
other place where intoxicatirg liquor ii
Section sixteen runs:—
' No Deputy Sergeant shall, while on
doty, or while wearing any part of his
uniform, or insignia enter any place it
which malt Hqnor or any kiod of intoxica
ting liquors may be sold, or enter anj
house of ill Jane or suspicious bouse, ex
cept in the immediate discharge of hii
duty, or nnder the direction of hia superioi
ofBcer, or drink any malt or intoxicating
üqaor cr any kind. A. violation of any o
the provisions of this section shall rende:
it obligatory on the Board to recommenc
his removal from office, and shall be suffi
cient cause there for."
In no place in the ordinance is it btate<
that "none of them * * * are »o h<
in any way connected with a saloon,'' an«
tjie "report that "ùis section will have ti
be (Ranged to accommcäaU them,"'[tw<
salooniats j 's tbererare a lie pure and a m
Let the orJ cincebediscuî=ed oaih mai
its, and adopt *d or rejected a« Coindl se3
fit, bnt doa'i b'oikaSe hi rovi w. h 'all:
Th« charges azaicst Officer Vs. Mm!
of the Focrth ward, were presented i
Conseil last n'ght and refrrred tothe Crtc
aittet en PjEce for iarsct'gatica
■L J —
• Savès Parsona Badly Hart by Bein
! Thrown from a Carriage.
f^AiBTiLLE, Turn., November 17.—
'* deplorable accident occurred yesterds
f erasing at Dorrijtown, eight miles froi
r Gallatin, Tenn., in which seven parsoi
1 wer# bjored, some seriously. Public ba]
J tixiqg was the immediate cause of sevent
> people coming together at that p'ace.
R«v. John Gillam and family were e
* rout# to the scene, and were in a barouch
1 wheq Dr. A. C. Bryant drove op from b<
f hind. Bryant s horse ran into Gillam
a barouche. Both vehicles were upset, thro«
' ing meo, women and children ont upo
' the r#ad with such violence that they sm
- tained shocking injuries.
Be?. John Gillam received iajuries abou
the thigh; Mrs Gillam had her arm broken
, Arthur Gillam, a young man, received hoi
, rible "wounds about the head, acd it i
thought his skull in injured; two littl
daugftew of Mr. Qillam received interns
ItfrnmS; and the jouugeit was IraJïy eil
abont the mouth and is still nnconscioui
. Dr. Gillam. brother of Rev. John Gillaa
was driving the vehicle, and was als
. ; thrown out, and received painful bruisa
, about the hip.
It is supposed that the hor.ti trample
1 ! upon those who had been thrown out« Th
I frightened horses ran through a crowd o
I two hundred people, knocking a number c
buggies down an embankment of tea feel
Several other vehicles wero also smashed
StrrlctH DUp«ni«dWtih.
Special to the Rrgitttr.
Chart.estox, W, Va. November 17.
At h meetiog of the Board of Publii
Works, held to day it was ordered that thi
I Secretary of this Bnard notify S. M. How
ard Wheeling W. Va , by telegraph, tha
i his services as architect at the Statt
Hcuse, wf-re dispensed with.
[The action of the Board of Public
Wurfes seems unusual from the face of thi
dispatch, and without any explanatioi
places Mr. Howard in an awkward posi
tion, which probably he can tatisfactorilj
explain. Until then, and until further par
ticu!ars are had as to the cause oi the ao
tion of the Board, the public should sus
Au Hatch uI New* (mu Iii«
Glnsi City.
The u«w rooms of the V. M. C. A. ha\<
been made more attractive by tie addi
tion of a new btove and blind? for the
windows looking out toward the street.
The W. C T. U. has decided to hold ite
meetings hereafter in the rooms and to be
come honorary members. The young
gentlemen expect the ladies to add consid
erable charm to the appearance of their
new qnarterB in a manner known only to
female ekill, by fancy work. etc. Several
I prominent business men have otfered to
lend a helping hand to the new reading
: room and to subscribe books and period
I icala. By the tint of next year it is ex
pected that the V. M. C A. ot Bellaire will
t>e iu a flourishing condition
A youcg son of Fred Clinton w*» badly
used up Ja a "free fox all frolic," near ihe
Central school. It baa ahaya ber-n the
fashion at echuol for the larger chaps to
abate and tease those who are their in
feriors. On this occasion, several of the
I boys in the High School, a darkey named
Myers, among the rest, began their sport
on Clinton and it w&b not long until the
little fellow was nearly killed In the ex
citement attendant with the frolic aboat
half a dozen boys covered the body of Clin
; ton, and when the latter freed himeelf he
i was almost unable to walk, and several
cuts and bruiees ai.out his face showed the
roughness of the sport. It would be well
tor the teachers to keep their eyes ou the
barley fellows who cower the weaker ones.
The D. S S Society which tiourulied
last year in this city, and the name of
whieh created considerable talk because it
I was not knowu what D. S S. meant, has
' been revived again and the came changed
I to Minerva Clob. The letters D. S. S
stand fora Latin word o; phrase which the
young ladies of the c'ab had to learn by
degrees when they 6rst heard it. Al
though it is still a secret a mention of the
old society and the letters that reprented
I it brings forth a hearty laugh from the
member addressed, bet fhe only replies
that you uonldn t understand the name
were it told. That the letters represent
something in Latin is Inows, but it is
feared that the populate will never be en
lightened further.
i.ocAt. sorts
There **4 a good crowd at the openicg
of the F.ljsian rink la»t night. The rick
presented a handsome appear«u<.s through
oat aid the skaters who occupied the floci
! found it greatly improved since last sea
Freight was hc-avieron the B , 2. X C
road yesterday than for a long tim». In
the B A 0. yard long trains of freighted
cars waited all day yesterday for their tarn
to proceed on toward the wee; In the C.
A P. yard two engines are employed instead
of one. and things are indeed looliDg up ic
the railroad business
The colored folks will dance this evet
».. it
.Up .<« w..j —...
At the Niagara uol to m*hr h *rb»\ ca
his bicycle, will race Beark, of E .à! L't«
poo!, od skated, thre* mil««
B*lfa-l)ui«n People Fleed Guilt/ Vm
1q Part Ute ot the Circuit Court, Jodgt
Boyd, ùo bo»ite& w»i tmaite'.td y«itfr
111 Pail IWo Judjtc JtK'wil, dlXkël
•kë caiU4 ic. mediately att?r Co^rt -pet :d
and caâôi at.
Tbe itéo'uiiuiis tkdw;i«>d lj iL« b»r mid
gistia of tbe iate Daniel Peck vera gobait
ted to the Court and ordered inserted it
the record.
Frederick Washington, colored, fur adul
tery and fornication, got 125 and cost«.
Fannie Barber vhite, for com mil tic«
adultery and fornication with Fredtrici
Washington, colored, pot $25 and coats.
Dr. Fonner, indicted for committing ai
abortion, appeared, and was rele&eed 01
f^OO bail, returnable on December 12th
when his demurrer to tbe indictment wil
be argued.
Thomas Doyle «na John Q Mali*/. 4a
dieted for selling liqaor on Sunday, pleat
guilty and got #20 and costs.
George Strauss plead goiltr to peti
larceny He got sixty days in jail
Henry Gray, colored, plead guilty t<
petit larceney, and got thirty days ia jail
James Rooney, plead guilty to peti
[ Jarceay, and got ninety days in jaiL
I Adam Wendel alias Al. Ward. p!ea<
1 guilt: to carrying concealed raapcaa. ^
» vU fined $25 and gçt »i^ry day*.
» ' qior&e Ualdcon,Indicted .or culicioa
• cutt'Og and wounding, entered into a boo
of li.l'GO for his appearatee at the sex
• term of Ccuit
I Aljcurted uttil Taurecay at 9 a. m.
+ ■■ --
flit nrw A- •*
— v/iL, u»e greatest pain core 0
earn ta compounded of the best cad psrei
,1 dru/» kosTu to medical science. It i
I guaranteed to contain rot hing et a mineri
- Or poiacoocs character Prie» only it?#«;
I fin ce*ti » bottk. ■
The Bulgarians Knocked Out in
Dragoman Pass.
" Mr. Gladstone's Answer to Parnell---A
Pointed and Interesting Speech
g by the Ex-Premier.
ti •
Bgujjudk, November 17.—General To
pitavoitcb, with the Morsia division, had
a desperate battle with the Bulgarian* at
ibe kam jgtu-JOftor èdmfL
The Servian« fought with great gallantry
and eaptared two £uus add many prison
ers. Three battalions of Bulgarians sur
j1 A battalion of Bulgarian volunteers tta
, tioned at a point on tha Timok river eapit
f dated without tiring a gun to Colonel
f ; Djukinitsch, commanding the Servian
- ! Timok division. The Bulgarians yester
day evacuated the lortified position at '
Dragoman, which the Servians attacked on
1 Sunday.
Detail« of the capture of Dragoman Pats
' hy the Servians show that the Drina and
' Shumadgu divisions, under Colonels Mich
I koviticb and Bfnecky, were engaged, and
; attacked the Bulgarians in force, complete
ly routing them Hordes ci Bulgarians
laid down their arnid, being panic stricken.
, Several guns were captured and tbe Pats
has been completely abandoned, Waving
the road to Sotia open.
Piki?, November 17.—Rumors are Iree
Iv pirnnltatoJ in
today, that Austria ia mobilizing her
troops. On the course prices are tUt ow
ing to these and other reports of political
com plications in the east.
SERVU wants railway territory.
First, November 17.—Servia ha^ decid
ed to anuez the Bulgarian area of interna
tional railway route which will enable Ser-1
via to complete her line of railway, also
the Widdin district, so that she can con
struct a railway to the lower Danube, to '
meet the prcjected Roumanian railway
from Krajova to Katafat. Travellers re i
port that the Bulgarians are depressed and
: expect Servians to enter Sofia forthwith.
There are only two batallions of Bulgarian
infantry at Widdin.
T/abiiikah, November 17.—The présent
Servian order of battle is as follows: Col. !
Benecky with the Shumadaj division has
ascended the Luknoiska stream and is ap
proaching Slivni'/.v Col. Michkovitch
with his foice has reached Geut/i Pass,
on the rou'e to Slivnitza. (Jen. Jovanovitch
with a large force is at Dragoman Pass
Col. Djuknitch is at Nuyozevat? with the
reserves. General Lesbjaniq remains at
Kiola, which he has captured. Colonel I
I Topalovitch with his force is at Tein and
is going to Braenex whence he will cross j
by a direct route to Slivnit/a. Kach march
icg division numbers 10,00«» men. Bui- '
garianB are concentrated at Süvnil/c.
CoxsTAXTixopf.B, November 17,—The
Porte has replied to Prince Alexander
that if he retues from Roumelia ar.d re
stores the status <iuo ante, Turkey will con
sider his reqaeit for assistance.
; Tlie («cond fcpee<-b In lh« (Jaii>p.tlgu of
I he Grand Old Man.
Edisbdsuh, November 17—Mr. Glad
stone arrived at West Calder, thirteen
miles from this city, at 3 30 this afieruoor
He wad received with nt&i eothusissm.
Shortly after Mr. Gl&dstooe s atrital he
was pre se j ted with an address by the new
ly enfranchised electors, which was re
ceived with cheers and unboucdcd enthu- '
sium. rt'fceii he entered the Lall to de
1 li^er his second speech of the Parliamen
tary campaign it was packed with people
who had been there for two hours.
Mr. Gladstone said
The Liberals of Scotland are rtmarkable
, tor their äoliditf and fibre. They are
never violent nor disposed to adopt ex
treme measure«. I trust this moderation
will continue ] propoee now to re
ply to Mr. Parcel!, doubtless you jrentle-.
men won't mention it Perhaps my friends
at the tables below ( meaning the report
ers) won't report it, but my reasons for not
complying with Mr. Parnell s request are
that though irelaod wishes and destrves
respectful and favorable attention, yet
until the elections the Irish are
constitutionally anknown. I believe j
Mr. Parnell has taken me
for a person wanting in experience in pub-.
- lie lite or one who has not protited by ex
perience if he imagine« tge rssl enpngh to
make mï»*H » ?olqnta;y physician lor tie
people of Ireland instead of'those author
ized doctor» ah# H»tdi to he Honse of
Comment. It «oold seriously damage
any proposal hatched in my mind if the
Iriah constitutional question should arise.
If a proposal be made it can only be eflec
tively made by the government, although
tue government is rather silent on the sub
jeet and appears disinclined to use lan
guage calculated to render \*m e+*j their
j relations with the party to whom they owe
; mach through transactions of the last Par
liament. If the preient government con
tinues evtry minister of the oppoeiti n will
require to bear their views be tore express
ing his own. Thus it is impossible to ac
cede to Mr Parnell's kind invitation to
formulate a local government for Ireland.
When stealing at Edinburgh. I pre
sumed to recommend a course to be
panned in regard to disestablishment,
conscientiously appeal'og for the beet in
terests of the party, though my remarks
were piinful and disapoointiog to some.
11 ,'Trtmendeous cheering j There is notb
ice easier (has presenting an çnermou
I number c| reforms ßat :J>e sitting of
tweU« Fnrliemeaw reveals the extent of
the work of Parliament. IVrtjore I Jim j
I iied ssjaeif to iepssitive Ugielation. To
reform Commons was a great pablic
measure. I know wdl that many of the
disestablishes are the backbone of the
Liberal perty.
' If the Scotch p*cpU made dtses'ab ish
. ment a 'eat the supporters of the EniHth
Chorch would take the ofEer side. The
■ Scotch ftré scferin? seertly frw the
, ^outest. Le; tjé com« no*'to the *uh>c»,
tie p?c«w~t government. Although to
speak plai ily. oat naitüaeMsd ty blitd
• party spir t. I should w'»h the r c* ndoc: »o
. be as much Uke oars as possible. I should
wish the treatssent th>y receive to be as
**' ... Jtt iaceasaLt a i»fioi « in Psr
liâmes4. !Ioââng is w«e a» justifiable
t |ku qtlnticns intended v> nia» j poEtical
a opponen s T irr.ia* to
j ronnas inij»«
Mr. ß adftone said : "Trie Bowtaa qaee
' £on J .i the Boat i S *U n att* of recent
years. We fell into error, bat our opp<
nents loetered the error. Their comptai
amounts to this—that we did not commi
more or greater errer». We held that i
wait impolitic to continue longer in th
Soudan The coming government declai
ed that it wm a great mistake to withdraw
that the British ought to remain in Sondai
lo establish order, lint they said that evac
I nation had gone on tos far to h
sropped and that it mnst continue. It i
therefore palpable that our opponents' onl;
complaint was that we had not committed
greater errors. Would yon think it wise t<
1 remain in the Soudan in spite of onr polit
I ical relations and the bad climate with thi
! purpose of establishing institutions fcrci
bly ? Then
arose. We adopted frontier lines approve«
by the Ameer. The new Government
adopted lines ahreadv laid out and there
[ fore credit him with agreeing to theii
lines. But the treatment our op
ponenti received was very different
tromoutt. w®..umointe4 tfaat
ofTKlr« Certain moderate terms to Roseta
Lord Randolph Churchill declared that he
bad beard with pain and shame the decla
rations of the Premier, showing that th<
interests and honor oi the country were be
ing trampled underfoot. That is the kind
of afsistance we obtaiced. The present
government daw that carrjing oat onr pol
icy was the only alternative and they adop
ted it. Thty obtained our beat support.
Remember the condition of the Afghans
when we assumed office. Their monarch
had beru brought in sorrow to the grave,
their independence had been destroyed and
they had been kept down by the British.
Suppose the same insane policy had been
followed, could we have looked Russia in
the face? Afghanistan was
reu or nrgsii's fubsd*
and allies ready to oppose us. Instead of
that we brought peace to the Afghans.
We withdrew our army and absented to
the reign of a «ne Ameer. Otherwise I
tremble to think ct the consequence of a
meeting with Russia allied to Afghanistan.
I am likewise unable to complain of the
Tory policy regsrdiog the situation in the
Balkan« It is regulated on sound prin
ciples which deferve support It is a de
plorable fact that Servia has bfen free
i»Am T"11»Anûfn !ntjrp^ntiAn in rarrslna
bloodshed amor; a people united by ceo
tarif« of common satfcring. I' is the
most mournful spectacle my eyea have
ever met.'1
Coming to
uout irriiu
Mr. Gladstone said "No graver error was
ever committed than that condemnation
of Karl Spencer hy two leading member»
of the Government. 1 am aware ot no
previous instance wherein a party wu so
swayed by the conduct l( i'a leader. Earl
Spencer, a man of highest character and
Experience, labored to the best of his
ability—but not infallibly—to adminiater
uetice in Ireland. 1 gravely lament and
condemn the language used by those
ministers "
Referring to the ilepreatiwn in trade, he
»aid: "There is no more plausible pro
ceding when difficulties arise than to ap
point a royal commission to consider such
jucttior.8. It (hit's a responsible load to
rreaponsible shoal Jers. I do net deny that
[here is distresp, though it is lea* than pr>or
o the passage of reform and corn laws
There is distress uow in the agricultural
md coal districts, but it cannot be denied
hat food ar.d clothing are cheaper than
jver before. 1 ho commissioners on trade
iepression du no! surest remedies or reih
>r they suggest remedies wore? than the
UK y 11)1 ta Fou IB» I»»: l>M Kkh.MO*
Lord Manners is ready to impose a duty
)u foreign manufacture;, and I ord Salis
jury likewise. Well, what remplies are ;
proposed for agricultural depression?
Ijord Jehu Manners and Lord Salisbury
lo not suggest any. It the commission's
levices arc countenanced, wa shall soon
lear of a tax on corn. Mr Chaplin advo
:ates a duty on corn. It is melancholy
inJ revolting '.hat such topics should be
liacuflsed now. The whole countrv fought
be subject for twenty five yews. Lvery
[hing was arrested to iclve ths great probl
em. Suppose mining implements were
axed, the prices of bread and coal would
certainly rise. These are woeful delusions
The people do not belitve in them When
-etorm began trade increased to a degree
unexampled in the history at theworld
Periods of distress except in the case of
jperatives in the Lancashire cotton dir
rect have been dee to special causes
»hieb were bejpnd human a?enc, to deal
with. Such times of hardship bave be
;oaie almost il noi absolutely unknown
jwicg to
rac BEMcrircMT Attn bleimki» ïFrrt Ta of
The country has made a great step for
srard and will not go back. I cannot be
lieve that there is a serious liberal support
>f this quackery. The commission might
u well attempt to root the pentlands from
heirbaee and pitch them into the Perth,
[t is aeserted that both partial have merely
itrupgled to obtain pover. look at the
good which the liberals heveaccomplish'd.
Slavery has been abcliahed, trade has been
liberated, the newspapers are tree. suffrage
bas been extended and the voter ia protec
ted. My memory does not servi ce to re
call more. The Toric« brought hcuaehsld
suffrage. 1 he Liberals made a mock re
form real. Pe*l emancipated the Catho
lics and abolished the corn laws and his
• « • er>.
ptry luriitu uiuj uui. iikiv ■ «uu« uu
ihaken the Initiation c( ccntaries effected
by I.ibf-rals I.ook at each party closely
asd ask jo'jrselwt which hai done the
belter work. If tbe verdict be id favor of
the Liberali, I rrplj that tfc*y will pm
Tcrc in tbe application of their (..triples
for the benefit of the people.
, .y'ià t Littel Suit A(«isil H«un«U.
Los i»o*, November 17.— \ preliminary
mo*ior» «u made bHore ths Court of
Qaeen • Bench this ecjniùf tot the trial of
the luit biougai by Cyrua W. Field again«I
Jam «s Gordon Bennett, the proprietor of
tbe N'rw York Herald and A. Oakay Ball
the London correspcndeat et tk»t paper,to
recovcr 410 00c damage« for libel in pob
liahing a di«patch in tie New Votk Herald
to the effect that Wm. Abbott, broker and
operator of Tokenhoaae Yard, supported
by many atockholders of tbe A ogle-A men
can Cable Cot. par. y, won Id, at a Meeting
of tbe director* of that company, introduce
a resolution to espel Mr. t e d from 'he
directorship on th» ground that "he is un
worthy of any petition of COB idea«« or
Hold on to tha truth, for it will serve
yen well and do yon rood through eternity.
Hold an to virtue, it ia beyond price to roa
at all timea and places. Hold CP to T)r.
Ball's Cough Syrnp, lor tie» is nothiny
Hke it to care a co^ga or cold.
in tbe Supreme Court of Ed» ion jester
dar morning a d »ci »ion was given n tbe
divorce ca«e of Çlien G. Lnd against
Thonaa £ Load arantirg üu Ebel of Mrs.
Load I ad ditmiaain? tie era« libel of tha
At St Loaia y * erday G **ga My«
aaaau ed A. Brenlaie with a cm> Vr
■hot him twice with a pitol, io"j?wg aoc
tel wounds.
la the l «*r Old p»yi.
We differ is med and pobtica, «<
an a unit all the »se on the iea/aüewi
of a £s» head of hair, h yon mourn th
loas of ♦h,4hV)S**g and ornament a hottl
j, two of Parker's Hair Balaam will mak
yoa look aa you li-l in the dear old âaji
It ia worth- trying. Ii» only ftiadar
filty ceat articU for thz kür.
I Minors Buried Under Several Tcwi
of Slate.
[ Outfight and the Others badly Injurtd
» ! Death Comes Without
' j
Pgvc&oY, 0 . November 17.—The mo«t
! appalling mining disaster that has cccm
red in tbla place for year* happened last
evening »î»out d»i o'clock, in the Ptaccca
f Mil b*tV. Sêrëfïl tons of »lata had falfcu
from the root oi the lank, abjat 126 yards
trom ibd main entraac«, and Jacob Ohiiu
ger, Jacob Hoke, Valentine Koenig an J
Martin Kbersbach. the manager of th*
bank, «ere at work clearing tbe track of
this abstraction, «heu suddenly trom eight
to ten tons more came do«o and buried
Oblige* and Uoke w«r« killed *>uUighi.
aud Koenig had his right ankle and kit
leg broken iu thre« places, and «a« a'.sc in
jure J internally, Hi* body is badly
Eberabatk is irjurtd internally. t&J hi*
spine crippled baaly, if not broke.
martixT i erk\
The Lkdie*' Aid Society oi the il h.
Church, alter exteume preparation*, »ill
be ready thia evening to pment a very ap
petizing fea*t before tboee «bo congrexat.»
in the tatnre room of the church. Thrj
ladies «ill welcoma all cornera, and this
occasion «ill afford an excellent apporte
nity for those «ho have been living at
home and eatirg alter "«if« ' to chang»
their diet, und at tbe rame time do a Chris
tian act by helping the church.
Dr. J. W. Dtmb ha* a pair of iut>n
■ttillilifi (in nihiKilinn in hi« Ilnr> (In.
ia a turnip weighing H pounds asd T ounce*,
bed measuring 2:'. inches iu circamfer
encp; the other ia an appU raised o® th*
Spencer farm by Kmmtt H lack lord, which
weiga 14 ounce« and measures 16 ioth?* *
{in circumference.
On Monday night Bickle ShrpL«r\l, ot
Wbedirg, «m relieved of au ovarcoat
while skating at tk« Kxcelaior rink. Thu
coat, which wm aim cut au new one, wit
hanging iu the cloak nom and the mi»
créant »hu took it Itfr an old graj ooe iu
its place. Marshal Hirson says he ha«
positive proof against iho man who took
tr, bat that he will make uo trouble foi
the thief il he will return it and take hieolA
William Cutter, better kuo»u U maty
at William Meyers, died at his koine ou
Glen's Run, at 4 o'clock yesterday mort,
in/. Ile baa bteu troubled with kidney
disease for several month* and took to his
bed one week ago and died as stated above
He wm S4 years of a^e and If ares a wif*
and three children.
James Keesey is having the cciliu/ ut
his drutf store frescoed.
Fred Ritzer smiles over the »mviJ ut •
tine boy baby.
Mrs. J. B. Gill««pie au I L«< surit* Mrs
John Means, of 8tenb*nville. left yesterday
to visit friends in New Vork City
James Lewis, formerly of this piao* bat
now of Hollidaysburg, l'a , is io nwn call
iog on friends.
Stephen Clark and family, of Hnlltaut
are the rfoeets of Mrs. Clark's fatler, Mi
Joseph McHenry.
Kmroet Blackford to J*/ to visit
friends io the western part of the State
M J. Rose, K#(j , was in Bellaire yiatw
day on hosineaa.
J. C. Graf, Eeq , Ui mov ed kl« Um
otbee from Harrison s block to a room iu
bis own building, corner Fourth and Ha
over «treats
C. M Wells shipped a car ol app'^l tu
Philadelphia yesterday
R«9. W. W. Wier. ot WaiLisgt^o I'm ,
wui iu towu yesterday calliag on friends
For good u«» apple barrel« gu to L C
I*i*b, Bridgeport, 0. *
There wi I be a prooouoiiog bte at it»«
M. K. Church Friday night
Mrs. Rachel Rrownlte, ot St. ClairsvtlJ*.
is the j/oeit of John I. Cook.
MUs Hope, ef Mt. Pleasant, b*e Mum
ed home after a few dais' visit with Mr
Jos. Watterman
I>r. HoUon, of Flusliog, we« iu to«u
Shuppard was over jesurday practicing
far bis great race with Sbattieworth at tba
Mammoth rink Friday night
Mr. and Mrs. Warren HcJtastei Ud
gone to Yoangttowo, O , where the? «ill
spend tbn winter with lh»»r son Charles
Mrs Robert Atchison ia in Mouadsvtlle
visiting trieoda.
Mr. Charles Welly aud launly. ul New
Philadelphia, wer» called hom«vatber nu
exp^ctedly y.-sterday >o attifé the faaeral
of a neighbor.
Robert Rorataao. of Parkeiibuij, W
Va , is tbs goett of friends io tow a
rîvi R J Al«l>niti.f in
vil'»* jraterUj on I«/aI b*»iA«M.
Od Tbor»<i*r tvAaiag 'k« WW« of it>«
Pr«thyterian cbsrrk «ill (ri»« a »oppw m
th* lowrr part of iL« building. Tfetf will
Afford ou» citi/eiui a good oppor.dA»iv tô»
• cbAOg« of dirt, A&d a good mm. too, M
tb« qtiAhtjr of tb«M »opyen M pro*«rbi*)
on m oiio.
u a»4tan mi Im Qmiwfg l%<
Tué riv«r t «de ia pu k Dg up ■ ,u e»bAt
Ttr B«1U Piit2* ait 9 àowa frjfc Pitt,
la*? ytr*rS*j aoroiag vitb a ®i.cWU
C#,U« to*.
Tb« lowto*:. J. H. Mc€xn«lt pt»Ati
op j«»t«rdAj «itb i toi U ta*/ 11 Ut
point« »bo?«.
Tb« Abctr GN/*i r«*i*'4 a iArg»
Aùpuct of fr«igkt frjta tk« Aodc« ycfUr
dAJ, Asd keft M tia«.
Tb« K*ti* Sto rk«f a*« pAm c 1 da%* jmim
• dAy Bccniof with « BoJ«r»tt <rfp, bat toi
I or4m to û\( ou». b»lov.
AITbtBcuos,^ im Um
io/ in tb« P«rk«*Wf tnd« tot tkt post
t«3 y W Ua ACCAfUd tb« pot ÙOC Al
p07t«r AA IIA Àadw.
Will Tappaa, t** r«AO*b«d cook, U t»
■Aid, will {«TA «kort); (or Hab Fraacûtt
to tAk* ekAvg« of tb« caboAry d«parts«aS
j oi a Urt « bot«! tkftf«.
} FoUovlsg U A bat of lattm u StnaUa a
liboA «tore 00 Walet nirtrt: b. Ahmt,
Wh#*Kog; Cftpt. Frank WUKwm, Wfc.V
I ing ; Jftinf« McCUUaa Wk*«)iag.
Tb» K's SA C*r*bA m Arriva \ «| \ l ' it
■ j »ü#rÖA7 iti di«bAr»«d a xA of vkûky
I A id W.p'.y bAîïAÎA Sk^ X, to. Pitt«bat g
, A g »d t<> A»d tfpoig g03i luatBtM
til tkroQg»
IV »ot/k OA A V. of aaJ« Al it#
T >p Mît! Asd dropped fewa to B«n*in.
; »b« took ou A btfgA lot. TW CWA
> »«At Mid mU» a b«A»T «kip««! of Ami
1 UoiAko Tk* &Mgkt l»t of tk* kMt va«
J nrj gvA^UkmomtKàtnfmUkm,
I Thmt DUmmm tammntt «M a CfO^k
• CUi.».'lmt«Ul> ' Mrturm't AwM Xiart«/1
>. • McA%ta*m Me«

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