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Absolutely Pure.
TMe powder n^mverteL A mai»bJoas
parity, st ?n«lh»ndwtK>l<«oineaeae. More
e«x>a««ii el then the ordinerr kin »», end
eenuut he nid in competition wlio the
lualtl'uaeoi low teet.itort weight aluai
or ph<je))he<e pewdvie. JoiJ only in mm
Koy»t. P.tWDKH t'o., 106 Wall St..
New Y ort.
«*r noo®*»
New Embroidered Chambra
Robes. $3.00
Extra Wide Chintz, - - - 7c.
Extra Wide Fine Satee.i, - 12 J-2c
Fast Colored Lawnî, - - 4c.
Ali Colors Lace Buntings, - 7 l-2c.
Twenty Pieces Buntings, - 6c.
New Satin Berbers, - 12 I 2 & 14c.
—- — •
lU and 12|c. and upward*.
Laca Lawn & Embroidered Wash Caps
At 10. 20 and 21 cent«, acd a /reat manj
other bariraiod. Ne» arrivals, largeat ad
«on meut *od to «est prices in
KtmrK, L4HX.
AM) \tl\S4M>HV
P.4B4MOLS null FAX«.
HENRY mm & CO.,
II <5-4 Main Str«et.
I*. N.—All »tore« flow at « p. m.,
firrpl Saturtlajt.
1! *o. thieU the Hoisethai offers e*err indue«
iiieot. Nu matt, rat <ui a*««*, no natter
bo« low coiiiprlicor« *re ort' nag we
«nod r- »Jy. au.I are uiore thau *i!tl*g
to guarantee our good* at
Rock Bottom Prices.
W« make the l.soai a*oitfc>n that we vit! not
t* uudeooiil.
Mew & Cbolc« Aaaortmeat «( l>r«M Good«,
Hlllta, Velvet.*, Mtlo««, ChiuU«*.
Ulnghatii'«, **rr«ark-rit. Uan«> und Muslin
Vndvrwfar, Hoaiery, Glove»,
Triuimlng-, rarawl«,Suu Umbrellas,
Vau«, Lac« Curtaia«, Laiil»«' Suit«, Wrap*
and Jer»ev«.

L. S. GOOD & CO.
1181 Main St.
Onr Cwrprt* at ( o*l, to C'los?.
Twenty-Ave Tung ia to dat.
WfcU« You t'a» liai II
Ci. I£. McM»^cheniV Sou.,
— I* 80U AGKNT*
ilfljwlmg Qstysitx,
Th. Weather.
Following show» tha »tat* of the tern
peratare tor yeaierday, u observed by C.
Schoept, the Opera House dru*tfiat 7
a. as , 47; 12 m , t»5; 3 p. m , 64; 7 p. m ,
W««til«r ludicjriloM.
Wisanmux, D. C, May 18—For West
ern Pennsylvania and VY«>at Virginia, iair
weather, wioda »hitting to southerly,
nearly stationary temperature.
Indu to Now Advertlaeoaanta.
Wan 1*4 -Ulrl (or Uou*e*ork
tor dal«— t ratling Boat.
r*«w M»at Sturw John t'. Malik
<**ncart aad l oach— Joarph Vtatig.
T.. tba PuMu Joha »«•Kwerjp-r
<)ll ao4 (mi S'0v»a tt <k Bro.
vi at« City Mot» Hit«*-hwtng Hru.
Anutrenary o( Willi,tu Tel i oo^o. I. O. O. F.
} uinitur» at UmI-U. M«a«tal A Co
Fur« KUîora K. H. List—f Local l"ago )
▲aalyaU g the taking i*o«ril«ra-i Local Pita.]
Summrr i o4«rw*ar—D. Guudliog a Co.— : Local
ia«.'aphlii< — UcMecbens'—jLocal i'*g*
W> arr ollfrinx • redurtioi of
SO per rent un all our Mtraw Hat«
and Bonnrt<k Fur this week only,
«.real Kr«)urlion ia the Prior ot
dabiiet Pkotoffrapka. at
HPK 1*1. a aal Maui air r Mark jaat
reeeivMi An rlegant und rom
l>lrte line ©I Malting*. Pantaloon
iaga aa«l oirrroaiinga. wfcirk wr
will tuakr ap la Ihr brat atyle
and at law price«.
Hear Halkrlgvan Indcrwrar. {
Tkry are tke fceai and rkrapeat. !
AH aile« at
€. UKfiH * M)W. J
MTnt houaa 11 you wait la by adrerUaiag la
T» Bcwiaraa.
Bucklaa'i Arnica Dalr*.
The Bast Salve in the world for Cat»,
Bruises, Sorc«, Uleere, Salt Rheum. Fever
Soree, Tatter. Chapped Hands, Chilblain«,
Corna, and all Shin Eruption*, and posi
tively carra PiN*. or no pay required. It
ia quarante d to ffire satisfaction, or
money refunded Price 26 centa per hoc. i
For aale by Logan A Co.
t< Minor Inportuc« Picked C|.
▲boat Town.
Thkbe wer« indica'iona last night that /
tier« would b« froat od the hilla (his more
Tux last will and lestwut of Isabella
I Dalzell wu a J dieted to probate *ttr- c
"Oklt a Woman's Heart" and Newton
iwn at the Peoples' Tneatre matinee thta
Chief Coxirl Wrnjht received his New
lapid machine yesterday and is highly
»leased with it f
Tac latest piece of music is dedicated to i
Hiss France* Folsom and is called the i
'Folsom Grand March." <
Tub Alnmni of the Bridgeport public
»chool will meet at the school building, ;
Kirkwood, this evening.
Several of the can on the Citizens'
line hare been painted up and repaired and <
look *|Qite bright and handsome. .
The Gm Trustees held their semi- ,
monthly meeting Saturday evening, but
transacted nothing oat routine busineee
Jacob W. Gri bb yesterday received the
Class rings, eleven in number, tar the
graduating class of the Bellaire high
Pro»' Job Krambk is thinking strongly
of making his headquarter« in Steuben
ville. Kramer would be welcome.—Steo
>?nvil!e Herald.
Jacob Kkmplb has secured the People's
Tbeatre for the 27th inst, on which date
he will deliver his lecture on "The Eccen
tric People of Wheeling."
Wb call the attention of our readers to
tha advertisement of J C Medick in an
other column. John is a clever fellow and
deserves a liberal patronage.
Si B4CB1BKR3 of the Registeb living io
the E*st Fad who miss their papers will
p'easer make it known at thia office, as
tbere has been a change in the carriers.
The Opera Hoa*e orchestra will come
oat in new uniforms in about two weeks
They will of gray with gold trimmirgs.
Col. Seabright has the contract for making
Tub Wheeling Wheelmen will take a
m l oat to St. Clairsville hill this evening,
!»avirg the McLure House promptly at 7
o'clock. All desiring to go should be on
the dot.
Yodso Birch, the Top mill feeder nail
er, called io yesterday to say that he was
not hurt, and the announcement that he
hid been badly done up at Steubenville
was untrue.
The Board of County Commissioner*
"ill meet this morning at 10 o'clock to
consider the advisability of selling $25,Ut 0
of the bond.? held by the county in the j
"Pewiky" railroad.
John BEHWEHoER.the well known Fizhth
Wird butcher has leased stand No. IS in
til ■ Fifth ward market to which fact he
ca is rhe public attention in an advertise
ment in another column.
The Tsoon put on a very peculiar ap
pearance last evening, a broad beam of
li<ht extending above and below it, perpen
dicular to the horizon, to quite a distance.
The phenomenon was much commented
John" Ritz foreman at the Niagara, yes
terday handed in his resignation to Chief
Dunning. The cause of his desire te
leave the department, where he has long
been an efficient meta'wr, was the offer ot
a lucrative situation at the Ensign Car
Works, Huntington.
A riRiTLAR is out announcing that the
annual meeting of the West Virginia Fdu
cat ion al Association will be held Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday. July 6th. 7th
and S:h. 18S6, at Mountain Lake Park
Arrangements are being made to make
this meeting one of the most enjoyable and
profitable ever held.
William Tei.l Lodge No. 6, I. O. 0. F ,
will celebrate its fortieth anniversary next
Monday at Wheeling Park. A fine pro
gramme of amusements has been arranged,
; and the full Opera House Orchestra will
make tke music. Sister lodges have beer
invitfd to take part and a grand parade
, will take place at 0 a. m. An enjovable
I day is assured.
Autograph Shoe*.
Sixty pairs ladies fine kid Autograph
Bui'OD Shoes, which we tffer at the low
price of 11 00 per pair at the cash store of
J. W. Amick,
1143 Main Street.
Farewell Reception Tendered Mr. S. K.
McKee, Lust Evening.
Lut evenia» a ^elightfal farewell recep
tipa was tendered Mr. S. K. McUee at the
Young Mod's Christian Association rooms,
by the members of that institution. Mr
McKee has been a prominent and ener
getw member of the Association ever rince
its inauguration here, and he will be great
ly missed by the members when he takes
his departure. He has been elected As
*is'&nt State Secretary oi the Y. M C. A
of Pennsylvania, a position which he fnlly
deserves, and will undoubtedly fill with
horor and credit to himselt as well as the
Associates, and he was the recipient of
tamy hearty congratulations last evening
The time was pleasantly spent by
about fifty lady and gentlemen friends of
Mr. McKee in social conversation, and
o:her diversions. President W. A Wilson
presided and appropriate little speeches
were made by Messrs. Walter H Rinehart,
C H. Morrison and Secretary J. C. Lynch,
afirer which elegant refreshments came io
for their share ot attention, and the evening
was concluded is an enjoyable manner,
all leaving wishing Mr. mach suc
cess in hu new position.
Our IMllr Chronicle of the HoTtmaait
of Individ luüa.
George M Adams, E*q., ia in the city.
Col. T. P. Shalicross arrived in the city
yesterday from Charleston.
Judge James Morrow, Jr., of Fairmont
was io the city last evening.
Mr. Samuel D. Habley, of the Rrad
street Mercantile Agency, is in the city
Dr B W. Allen and wife, of Morgan
town, are visiting relatives on Chapline
Mr. Byron de Winton, the genial mana
ger of "Only a Woman'» H*art" Company,
leaves to-day tor Detroit, Mich.
George Osborne, of Clarksburg, W. Va. ;
D A. Lewis, of JY Pleasant; T. Humberg,
of New Martihsville, are at the Stamm.
Rev! A. L. Joardan, of Ohio, who is
quite an eloquent preacher, will conduct
services and preach at the Bsptist church
Wednesday evening next
Mr. W. J. McNabb, a well known and
popular salesman, recently with Brues A
Coffer, left yesterday for St Panl, where
he go«« tc accept a like position.
Daniel W. Bovd, who was injured some
time ago in a railroad accident, trom which
he never entirely recovered, will leave to
day tor Baltimore to have an operation per
formed on hit face.
Couie Early,
We are oflering a reduction of 20 p*r
cent on all oar Scraw Hats and Bonnets.
For this week only, at Kisxm's.
.(ireat Réduction in the Price of
Cabinet Photograph«, at
Vary Remarkable Recovery.
Mr. Geo. V. Willing, of Manchester,
Mich , write*: "My wife has been almost
helpless for five years, so helpless that she
conld not torn over in bed alone. She nsnl
two Bottles of Electric Bitters, and is so
much improved, that sh« is able now to do
her own work."
Electric Bitters will do all that ia claim
ed for them. Handreds of testimonials
itteat their great curative powers. Only
iftycents • bottle at Logan à Cos. I
attempt to Break the Will of the
Late Adrian A. Miraben
y His Brother and Sister--The Opening
on Both Sides—Testimony
Given Yesterday.
An important case now being heard be
ars a special jury in Judge Boyd's Court,
I that ot Jerome Miraben, of this city, and
irs. Frances McNulty, of San Francisco.
Jal., against the admission to probate of
he will of their brother, the late Adrian A.
Jerabeu. The latter died at Wheeling
hospital on December 13th la«, fn his
»ill he gives to Washington Danbar and
rife, Mr. Danbar being his uncle, the
tooth halt of the new brick building corner
)f Tenth and Market streets; to Mrs.
lidaline Dulty, bis aunt, the north half of
the same building; to Mrs Ann C'rymble,
» cousin, the Miraben homestead on
Market street; to Bertrand McNulty, a
nephew, the old jail lot and buildings; to
Joha Dulty, a cousin, clothing and certain
personal effects, and also to these heirs,
the residue, aiter paving his debts, of his
Ohio Valley Bank stock, Belmont Mill
stock and money at interest. The brother
and sister above named received nothing
under the will and they bring this suit,
through their attorneys Caldwell &
Caldwell and H. M Russell, for the pur
pose of breaking it, on the grounds tha'
Adrian was mentally incapable of making
a will and that undue inll îenee was brought
to bear upon him by the beneficiaries.
Th.i case opened yesterday morning be
tore the following special jurv: L. D Wait,
W. E. McColloch. Henry Meder, N. A
Thornburgh, J. F. Gardiner, Chas Goet/.e,
Henry Scnneborne, John H Clark, L. Mo
Gill, Henry Jones, Thos. Nesbitt, and J
C. Maxwell. Hon. Alfred Caldwell stated
the grounds on which the plaintiff* ob
jetted to the instrument and what they ex
pected to prove, namely, that through a
prolonged teries of dissipation« the testator
became unsound mentally and that while
in this condition at the hospital, he was
prevailed upon to prov de for his cousins
and his aunts to the exclusion of those who
h id the best right to expect his boun»y.
Han. Win P. Hubbard, of counsel for the
will, said the property disposed ol
was Adrian Mirabeu'sown propetty. That
Jerome and Frances had received as much
from their father's esta'e aj Adrian had;
that they had not assisted in the accurnu
lation of that estate, but that their mother,
a sister of Vashington Dunbar, one of the
defendants, had very materially assisted in
its accumulation; that the plaintiff)* would
not »peak to the testator, aud would have
nothing to do with him while liviDg, but
now that ne is dt-ad they want to have
everything to do with his estate.
The first witnesses called were A. M.
Phillips, Sr., Peter Miller and J. B Merge
who witnessed the will. They all testified
that they considered Miraben of sound
mind when he made his will. Dr. S. L
Jepson, who was his phyMcian, also testi
fied to this effect. The Doctor's examina
tion was a very lengthy one, covering sev
eral years of his treatment ot the deceased
and bearing with great detail upon the
latter's physical and mental condition, aris
iog, as alleged by the plaintiff's, from th<
excessive use of stimulants.
The case will be continued to-day.
In Part One of this Court, Judge Jacob
vesterdav, the case of J. G. Crotty & Co.
vs. W. V. Brown, was heard. The jar
did not agree, and was adjourned over un
til to-day.
By AU Meau« the Best Bicycle Now li
Mr. W. L. Wright, Chief Counsel of th
L. A. W. for this State, hat. secured tbi
agency for this section of the New Rapii
bicycle, manufactured by the St Georg»
Engineering Company, oi B'rmingham
Kng. This is the only machine in thi
world with a true tangent spoke, each spoki
crossing seven others and being attache«
to two of them. The spokes can be re
moved without taking off the tire, afeatun
of great advantage in case of acoident
The machine weighs 40 pounds for a fifty
inch wheel, and is by ail mean the hand
somest and best wheel now on the market
Mr. Wright s, territory includes all of Wes
Virginia north of Grafton and Parkers
burg, including those cities. lie will b<
pleased to give aii »ijfarcj^tion to purihai
ers at his place of business under the Mc
Lure House, where the machina can b<
seen and examined.
Come Karly.
We are offering a reduction of 20 pe
cent, on all our Straw Hats and Bonnets
For this week only, at Kisnkh's.
Ureal Keilurtion in Hie l*riee 01
Cabinet PtiotogrttpliN, tt
l'A K SOW.
"Only a Woaau'i Heart."
Lut evening a good housegreeted ' Onlj
a Woman's Heart," at the People's Thea
tre, although the merits of the plaj and
ompaoy deserved a crowded odb. Mr
Newton Beers has been seen here before at
' Roger," and bis portrayal of the role is «
decidedly artistic one. Id fact the audi
ence was so pleased with him last evening
that he was called before the curtain bi
the end of the tirst and second acts and
when the curtain went do»n on the third
act Mr. Beers was compelled to re-appeai
I three times and received a storm of ap
plause each time.
As "James Biake" Mr. John R. Atwell
was excellent, and took the character of a
refined villain true to nature. Mr. H J.
Hirshberg, as "Roger's" companion ''Wig
gins," was good, and with Miss Blanche
Milen as ' Pitcher," a bouseruaid, suc
ceeded in patting the audiecca in the best
of humor at various times. They both did
their work well Miss Jessie Storey is a
beautiful little lady and an actrees of unu
sual ability, and her rendition of the role
of "Hattte Salisbury" was splendid. She
shared honors wtUï Mr. Beers. Mr. Chas
Travis made a dignified "Judge Salisbury"
and Mr. Martin Murray personated "Wal
ter Osmond" with good tflfecr. Miss Car
lena Alle 1 was an aristocratic "Mrs. Salis
bury." La Petite Mamie as "Davy Jones"
was real cute.
The piece, as has been frequently an
Bounced, is one of striking interest and
p wer, and the deeper emo'ional scents
were relieved by a light vein of comedy that
permeate* the whole story. It is a play
that particularly appeals to the ladies'
sympathies, portraying as it does the do
ble side of man and the lovirg heart of wo
man, and even the most fastidious lady
can find no tank with one word or action
throaghout. A matinee will be given this
afternoon and also on Wednesday, Friday
and Saturday afternoons. Crowded house«
wUl no doubt greet this excellent company
and play at each performance.
To Digest Vulcanite
F I aires «elds more potent than the solvent juices
>( the htimaa stomach. And jet. lu the form of
medicine Intended to re/arm the very evil they f
frava'e, to-wlt. dyspepsia, solids snd Holds, irrte
tniilmble to their caaaiiioeats that ba»e no chemi
»1 affinity one with the olhsr are iatiodored into
L. are toese socalWd retard es more dig-> tibie
a an tu'cab tie ' Positively—no! Hosteler'«
Hernach Bluer» on the other har.d, a simple m Kl
ei or hanuoaloas la It« coratositl«n aau readily
«ai iu liable, laac'ivo. and produces uarisd as well
m »ptediiy appreciable etficu, bo au»o it taara
ional remedy »uited to >he atomacft It ia a tj ni
u the true aenae, because it har'«ion<i» a od in*
area regularity • f the operat-ooa ol ntgeat'oa. Not
ha ires of the beoeflts which It coafen, is a thor
ax». repair of thé duqage lutlictrd on the s'orna» b |
T ill-cooft-n reinedka. For biiioujoesa, oonatl'5 ,
ioa. Malarial complaints rheumutlam and kldacy I
roubles, it Is abke iavaluabU
Utttr Liât.
The foil ovin/ letters were uncalled for j
at the Postoffice laat evening: Wm J. i
Harrison, Miss Nettie E Lyale, George A
Shearer, Sec'y. S. Raphael. Charles Rosen
heim er, Mn»gie H. hong, Victoria Miihr,
J. S. Merrical.
BcTerek Injnroil.
About noon on Sunday Mr. John Lan
der slipped while descending a flight of
steps at his residence on La Bille avenue,
and fell to the bottom, sustaining internal
injuries of a very serious nature. Dr.
Pipes was called, and the patient is doing
Died in Baltimore.
Lou Neidert, formerly a well known
young man ot this city, who shot himself
in the spine, accidentally, last November,
at his home in Baltimore, died Sunday af
ternoon from the wound. His lower limbs
had been paralyzed from the time of the ac
cident, aud this was the cause of his death.
Transfer of Keal Ks täte.
The following transfer ot real estate was
left for record at Clerk Hook's office, yes
D->ed made May 13, 1886, by Louisa
Rockelbrand. of Bellaire, to Gotlt-ib Bolter,
of the same place, for the undivided hall
of the south hüll of lot No. 59, iu La
Grange. Consideration, $1,500.
Feeder'« Strike.
The feeders who have been tending the
self-feeding nail machines at the Mingo
mill have struck for a 20-cent basis of pay
iantead of 19, the late compromise rate.
Consequently 71 machines are idla. The
other feeders have given notice that after
Wednesday they will mike the same de
maud.— Steubenville Herald.
Bridgeport Police Items.
Last evening Toomas Lowry went over
to Bridgeport from this side of the river
and announced his determination of clean
ing out the police force. He was run in
on the charge of carrying concealed
Frank Neininger and Curt Davis were
arrested for fighting.
Mrs Kowley so far forget herself aB to
get drunk. She was arrested.
Off for Cincinnati.
The steamer Andes will leave to day with
a large excursion for the Cincinnati Mav
Festival. Besides those from this city who
have engaged state rooms there are others
from Steubenvilie and other points above,
and the beat will take on a large numb-r
At Parkeraburg and other lower points.
Prof. Joe Kramer's lull orchestra and braee
ba ;d will accompany the excursionists and
a grand time is anticipated.
State Medical Society.
Tais morning at 10 o clock the steamer
Courier will leave tha wharf bearing or
board the members of the State Medical
Society from tbi<3 city and vicinity, anc
also a number of lady and gentlemec
friends, en route to Charleston, where tbt
annual session of the Society will ba held.
A. complete list of those going was printed
in the Sunday Kkcister.
Still Alarm.
The Atlantic engine company was call
ed out yesterday evening about 53(
o'clock under somewhat peculiar circum
stances. A crowd had gathered about thi
corner of Eighteenth and Koff street«, lis
. teniug to the melody of a hand orgap, 01
' something of the kind, and a small boy
' see in" the crowd and taking it in concec
tion witb the smoke from the gas works
sped to the engine house and announcec
a blaze. That boy haB a âne imagination
I A Little Runaway.
Yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock Mr
' Joseph Speidel's horse, which he w;>s Jriv
5 ing in a light buggy, became unmanage
' able on Sixteenth street, and in front o
» Nolte'a bakery the animal dashed the ve
hiol« up agair>»t a hitching post, dumnip;
, out Mr. Speidel into the streçt uuu using
the rig up pretty haul/. he then continue
■' on down Btreet on a short ây, but wai
I stopped without doing other damage. Mr
. Speidel escaped uubtjrt with the exoep
> tion of a plight bruise on one leg.
Oraahed by Cars.
Yesterday afternoon about five o'clock
Henry Steindis, au employe of the Top
mill blast furnace, was injured so severel]
that it may prove fatal It appears that he
was standing against a building, clotjo tc
which a railroad track ran, aod while
standing there a moving train caught him
aod the space being small crushed him so
badly that he had to be carried to the hos
P:'al GÜ a stretcher. Dr. Bjrppj wat
, called and found »hat no Rones had been
broken, bat 4teindis had received serioue
internai irjuriet, the seriousness of which
it will require several days to discover
I Steindis has a wife and family in fier
Uf ath of an I m laud Lady.
At half past three o'clock yesterday
morning Mrs. Isabella Henry, wife of Alex
ander Henry, and daughter of Thomm
Seatooo, of the Seventh wiH, died at the
residence of her father, No. 67 Ohio street.
Mrs Henry was widely known throughout
the city aB being a cultivated and pleasant
lady, and the news of her death will be re
c-ived with feelings of sincere sorrow. The
death of Mrs. Henry is peculiarly Fad, in
that her husband is absent in Central
America, being employed on the Panama
canal, Mrs Henry having resided here with
her father fcr about three years past. The
funeral will take dace this morning ai
half past eleven. The interment will be at
Washington, Pa.
Tha "Wild Went."
Bnttalo Bill's famous "Wild West,'' will
open a two day's engagement on the Fair
Qronnda next Monday, the 24th inst. The
company has been enlarged to three times
the size it was when here before and new
attractions have been added to the already
vast show, which is one of the moat novel,
unapproachable and interesting exhibitions
ever given in any country This is the
farewell tour of the coiupany and the whole
immense affair will be taken to Europe
next season The Sr. Louis paper*,
where the "Wild West" just showed, says
that fully 40,000 people attended each per
formance, which was the grandest ever
seen there. It is no circus, but a bona
tide reproduction of scones and incidents
in the Wild We«1:. People are already
looking anxiously forward to ita appear
Folic« Court
The Baxter-Weaver case was called in
this Coort yesteiday morning, bnt Weave'
j was unable to appear. A large number of
witnesses were examined, the rub?tance of
whose testimony was published in the Sun
day Rsoistkr. Eis Honor cocaidered the
case aa one which properly belonged to the
(•rand Jury and Baxter waa accordingly
taken before Justice Davis tor examina
tion, where, upon the advice of hia counsel,
Capt Dovener he confessed judgment and
paid $10 and co»ts There was a gocd
deal of advene criticism regarding the dis
position of this case on the stree'.
Pat Kinney, who had appeared at Police
Conrt on Saturday morning, came before
it again at this hearing, charged this time
with using abusive langnage to Conner*
man Crawford. He was asstssed $3 and
coats. " •
Wm. Smith, for resisting Officer Trus
chell, got $20 and costs.
Qaite a number of minor offiecsea re
ceived the naual sentence.
L. S. QoQD«ua sell dry goods the cheape it
All Uiy HI*«tlnf to be Held at Fourth {
Street Church To-L>ujr.
To-day un nil day govpel temperance I
meeting will be htld in Fourth Street M
E. Cturcb, begiuning at nine o'clock and
continuing without stopping until the cIo?e
of tbe ever.it ^ service. It is expected thai
many of the earnest worker« in this cause
from the city and surrounding towns «:!!
be preacnt^and a most interpeung meeting
is locked for. The people ot all churches
and classes are urged to attend, and a
cordial invitation is extended to drinking
men to place themselves under the good i
influences of these service«. The hoar
irom 3 to 4 o'clock will be devoted to the '
work of the Worn ens' Christian J
Temperance L'nioa, and the attend- i
ance of the members is asked. At the |
close of every hour as the clock strikes will
•very Christian offer a prayer for the» sue
cess of this great work? If cot present, 1
each can help by a silent prayer. Let
everybody who ein do so b« present. It it
is not possible to stay loog, come at any
time and leave when desired.
Service to-morro* ev^nisg in Fourth
Street M. E Church, conducted by Miss
Jennie Smith.
A McUollocb Street Residence Invaded by
Some time Sunday night the residence
of Mr. Robert O'Donnell on Linn street,
around the hill, was invaded by burglars
and quite a lot ot miscellaneous plunder
carried off. Tfce thieves effected an en
trance tirât into the cellar, and ascending
to the first floor, took the precaution to
screw off the catch from the door lock so
as to afford an easy exit in case of discov
ery. This done, the party proceeded to
loot the premiges. From a satchel about
nine dollars in cash was taken, a roll of
linen was appropriated and also A quantity
if clothing. The burglars departed noise
lessly, and i be robbery whs nut known un
til the family aroeö yesterday morning.
The working men of Martin's Ferry held
a meeting in Walnut Grove yesterday
morning, the purpose being to see whether
the work now going on in Martin's Ferry,
stiall be done by Martin's Ferry men or
out side labor, as two thirds of the men
employed on the natural gas line live in
Virginia, in the country and surrounding
towns, while there are over a hundred idle
men in Martin's Ferry, some ot whom have
not worked any for a jea\ and got families
to support and rent and taxes to pay.
Resolutions will he presented to the Mayor
and Council asking them to take steps by
which the citizens of Martin's Ferry can
secure the work. Out ot 85 or 80 men
employed on lb! gas line, there are not
over twenty Martin's Ferry men.
The resolutions and grievances were pre
sented to Mayor Keller, nnd a request
made that a meeting of Council be called
tp act in the matter. Mr. Keller thought
it unnecessary to cull a mepMng of Coun
cil, but went to Fcrman McCance, of the
pipe line, and presented the grievances of
men. Mr. MeCance informed the Mayor
that he had already more
men than he could handle
but that on Wednesday be would remove
all the men who are non-reniden'a to the
the lice on the West Virginia Side. The
Mayor has a list where all men in tow»
may register, and Mr. MeCauce has prom
ised to give them the preference when he
needs men
Rev. A. 15. Brownlee, of Clayiville, Pa.,
I has accepted a call to the U. F. Chnroh of
t^ia place.
lire«' Iteriiictioii lu the Price of
(Vbiiit'l I'lioto.rapliN.Ht
Püstmaster Cooper will recuner&tû in «he
Will Warncck and wife are visiting out
the B. k O.
Tüh Globes will i)'®~ Steuben ville
club to mo^s»,
iuo Creiw/,. Club will dance in Turner
Hall o* ÎJtty 28.
The Bellaim steel works will probably
run until July 1st.
The work of decorating the outside cl
City Hall began yesterday.
There will be a union service in the First
M. E. church next Sauday.
The entertainment of the colored school
will not take place until Juue 4ih and 5th.
Willie Scht-pp. a small urchin, was hurt
considerably by being run over bv a hose
reel 1?b: evening.
A fellow namtd Horan tell from a
wagon at Piuch Hun and came very near
breaking his ntok.
Tfco people of Wheeling are subscribing
generously toward the fair of the German
Reformed church.
A gentlemau was down from Wheeling
yesterday in quest of a hall tor a Salvation
Army that is to oe Btarted here.
Mr. McCormick has opened a saloon in
the room formerly occupied by the Color
»do flouge. The Colorado has moved two
doors above.
J .»mes H. Darr&h is a candidate for
County Recorder on the Democratic tick
et. Mr Darrah would make a good man
for the pobitiou.
Kev K. F. Keeler will tackle "Baptism"
once more in a couple of wtek* and then
subside and w»ut for Rev. J. S Sweeney's
return from Kentucky.
A small tire in the npper portion of A
T. Lockwocd's residence in the First ward,
last tvening, tailed out a couple of hose
reels, but their assistance was not required.
Two of our well known merchants had a
dispute in the First National Bank yester*
day. One of the disputants received a
black eye. The other received a scratch
on the face.
The bakc-rs held a meeting Sunday and
resolved to have Council bar out the
Wheeling bakety. They say their watertax
•s $20 per year for the bakery alone, and
they want to be protected against any and
all on'tiders.
An item in our Sunday correspondence
rat d that one of the large passenger en
g ues on the Ctii'-azo divisi n of the B A
O io»d was «recsed because of a flinty
bridge The facts (if the cuse wtre that
a county bridge had been blown over the
track by a whirlwind, and that the engine
went through the debris and jumped the |
track. There are more ways than one of
going through a bridge, you see.
Et*I7 itrtla or told atUcks that wtik back
»ftrly yroctntn jo«.
- THE -
K-rirhe, tkc Blood.
ÎSÎKZL^&»5!*?™*^ iha^Äii
**- * *• BÂT«. BT 1Ute StVv^Tu,
Bm«n teurely muid is« te *
—— —
Mong the River Front of the Upper;
"o be Built by Hancock County Men—-The
Ohio to be Bridged at
Brown's Island.
According to the Pittsburg Commercial
jl&zette, Mr. J. N. Porter and a number of
jentlemen who live in Hancock county,
uat below the Pennsylvania line, hare tor
lome time had in contemplation a scheme
0 build a railroad from Phillipsburg,Butler
•ounty, Pa., to New Cumberland,a distance
jf twenty five or thirty miles. Phillipsbure
s the terminal point of the Pittsburg A
L,tke Krie road on the south side ot the
Ohio river, and from that place to Wheel
ing Junction, opposite Steubenville, there
is no road on this side of the river. The
country intervening is one of the wealth
iest, agriculturally and minerally, in a
radius of many miles, and aside trom that
there are extensive industries to be reach
ed At New Cumberland are the largest
tire brick works in West Virginia or West
ern Pennsylvania. In Beasonsof low water
it is very hard to get their bricks to market,
the only remaining way being the Cleve
land and Pittsburg road, which makes an
aroitrary rate, as a rule. To obviate these
difficulties and to make competition at all
times possible the gentlemen named have
takeu the matter in hand and will likely
push it through.
Spcakiug of the possibilities of the new
road a Putsburg railroad official said:
"The scheme is eutirely practicable and
1 am surprised that it has uot been pushed
before. The Panhandle road leaves the
river at the lower end of this city aud don't
come back to it till you get to a point op
posite Steubenville. The Lako Krie only
goes to Phillipsburg, and all the people
below are compelled to ferry their stufl
across to the C. A P. or depend upon the
Ohio river boats for transportation. My
idea is to build the road to New Cumber
land and from a point near that plac* build
a bridge over the Ohio river into Jtffmson
county, Ohio, above Steubenvillo, tDen fol
low the river to Martiu's Ferry and Bell
aire, 0. The bridge will be built over the
river at Brown's Inland, one of the largest
islands in the upper Ohio It can be built
cheaper and better than any bridge ever
thrown over the Ohio. Some trestling will
have to be done on the Ohio side for a
«hört distance, as was done in this city on
the South Side by the Lake Erie, but it will
be only for a few hundred yards. The
Cleveland and Pittsburg now bas a monop
oly oi the business from Bellairs ta Steu
benville and from Steubenville to liocbes
ter on that side of the river. At Steuben
ville are three glass houses, a nail mill,
two immense blast furnaces and a large
number of factories of other descriptions
"At Mingo, one mile below, is a nail
mill, blast furnace and steel plant, while a
halt dozen towns of good size lie between
Mingo and Martin's Ferry. At Brilliant
there is a nail mill and large glass house
At Martin's Ferry there is & sail mill,
blast furnace, thre« large giass factories,
two great «beet mills, several foundries,
machine shops and two large agricultural
implement works, and at Bndeport are two
glass housei. At Bellaire ar? a doaen
tableware and window giasa houses, two or
three foundry, u n^il mill, blast furnace,
i and hWel plant. There the Baltimore and
Ohio bridge crosses the Ohio river and
I by an arrangement with it we might
i carry a great deal of the Whe°ling trade
now captured by the Panhandle and the
Clevelaud A Pituhurg. The scheme is
not auit» {D »hupe yet. hut it will take
shape before loDg. Look at the oop^q,
tiops. At Phillipsbnrg we tr-JQ thfi ^
Krie, and with it th- ^ York, Pennsyl
vania A -l0t an(j Lake Shore A Michi
Sun'hem systems. At Steubenville
both the Cleveland A Pittsburg and the
Pittsburg, Cincinnati A St. Loais At
Martin's Ferry the Wheeling A L»ke Krie,
at Bridgtport, the Cleveland, Lorain 4
Wheeling, and a» Bellaire the Baltimore A
Ohio K*st and West. In my opinion it
»ill be as good a ro d as either the Lake
Krie or the Pittsburg A Western."
In Consuming Nicht Holl by Pire Made
Lait Night. «
Last evening Superintendent Darrah, ol
the Gas Work«, continued hi« experiment«
in consuming tiight soil. The former ex
perimenta made at the (Jas Worki, «c
count« of which were publuhed in the
Rkoister at the time, proved the experi
ment to be a success, and last night set
tled it permanently. By permi#«ion
of Manager Heister, of the Belmont mill,
a puddling furnace was fired up nnd u
birrel of toil mixed equally with «lack was
thrown in and was entirely consumed in
forty minute« Another barrel of «oil un
mixed was then thrown in on top of the
ashes and was consumed an hour. The fur
nace was then cleaned out and two
ibovelaful of fine coke thrown in first on
the bottom of the furnace, upon which an
other barrvl of «oil was thrown. This wa«
burned in an hoar and twenty minutes.
This clearly demonstrate« that night «oil
can be consumed by fire, and should the
mode come into general use. the hundred«
of tons thrown into the river every year
can be disposed of in this manner and thaa
relieve our neighbors below of the unbear
able dote.
Situation want column*. '
New« Gleaned About the Wharf and
from Our Kxrhangen.
It is probable that the dam at Davis
I-land will be ready to raise aa ioon aa the
water gets down to a low-water stage The
coal men have discovered that the d<im
will be of great advantage to them during
the summer season in enabling them to
get their loaded coal craft out of the pools
down to their respective landings. Col.
Merrill has promised to have the lock gates
repaired and in working order aa soon as
We are offering a redact ion «il
2« |>«»r rent on all onr fttraw Hal«
and Kouneh. for tin« week oui,,
•* HI*iXKK'N.
ORF.ENE—M<-n'ay. May 17, at 5 o'clock p a., I
(■»■.*!»< is Joonpit. only «on ol F. J. and Mar> I
ürt-ene a^ai four yeaia and nice months.
Funeral notli « to mtrrow. .
ALtXAS DEB-On Monday. May 17, 18».. at |
1:30 o'clock p. to., Jamas alkxaslf.b, aged *» |
Funeral on Tu »s lay afternoon a- 3 o'clock, from
.he rtal fence ol bla too, L.itM M. Alexander, No.
S Fifteenth street. F rit od» of tho family It riled.
Interment priva o.
HKS h Y-On Motdsy, May 17, IMS, at 3 :t0 a.
a , Isabbli wl!e of Alexander Henry.
Funeral serricos at ihe residence of her father,
Ikocias Keinen, No. C7 Ohio street, this Tataday i
uorolag, at ll:3J o'clock. Friend« o' the faaally |
nvi-od to htteni. la ertaent at Waafalagtoa. Pa,
i * aaain 'ton papers copy |
A od Protect Your Wife and Children.
The Ohio Valley Ufa Company
X Wheeling a fiord« reliable lifo Inaura no* al
atea within reach of small incomes. 'f ha aw* rage
net laa< year in the Ohio Valley vaa leas tk*a
bat bf any •'.he' Ufo n«Hiai»ooCompany or W,
trty In tha country. TM Ohio Valley *M I' lÄ
lg ht years ol 1 s eslalence paid om f ^ ^
t»o yfalow»tad ort>baoo"f deoqao»]*" -fc
«ar 1-13 noi«itk*undh)|tM V- n urnea, was the
wrtptowio-s lnliahPW- Meolcal »iwnlna
kÜÜÄL!5W^« wl»« »or
irther tB<ons*^, .„quire al tke o*or. aroxu!
w itetlly niotk Entrance. No. 1231
L OES. 1. H. DOVaLL. Hwa't
^ m tmL
H. Logas. Trees W. C. Haiuuh, tec'y.
T. B. Campbell, Mod. Director. art
AMyil te Bali Powders,
" Royal " the only absolutely pure baking jww
der made-Action of flie New York State
Board of Health.
Under the direction of the New York Sute Board of li.-ji,),.
eighty-four different kinds of baking powders, embracing all th,
brands that could be found for sale in the State, were submittal
to examination and analysis by Prof. ( . F. ( handler, a Mem.
ber of the State Board and President of the New York Ciry
Board of Health, assisted by Prof. Edward G. Love, the welJ
known late United States Government chemist.
The official report shows that a large number of the powder
examined were found to contain alum or lime ; many of them to
such im extent as to render them seriously objectionable for u<e
in the preparation of human food.
Alum was found in twenty-nine samples. This drug is eui.
ployed in baking powders to cheapen their cost. The present
uf lime is attributed to the impure cream of tartar of eom.
merco used in their manufacture. Such cream of tartar w.is
analyzed and found to contain lime and other impurities, in
samples to the extent of 93 per cent of their entire weight.
All the baking |>owders of fhe market, with the sin^'j,»
tion of "Royal" (not including tlio alum and phosphate ikwiIpn
which were long since discarded as unsafe or inefficient !»\ j,rtl
dent housekeepers) are made from tho impure cream of tarr.ir ,»f
commerce, and consequently contain lime to a eorrvs|Mulj,lif
The only baking powaer yet iounu oy rimmu-ai auaiysi* u>
he entirely fiée from lime and absolutely |miv is the *• Uoval."
This perfect purity results from the exclusive use .it' <>ruuu
of tartar sjjeeially refined and prepared by patent prnrtou
of the N. V. Tartar Co., which'totally remove the tartrate*
lime and other impurities. The cost of this chemically mir.?
cream of tartar is much greater than any other, ami <.n
count of tliis greater cost is used in 110 l>akinr |H»u\Jir l*ut
the 4* Royal."
Prof. Love, who made the analyses of baking powder» for
the New York State Iioanl of Health, as well as fur tiir
Government, savs of the purity and wholcsomcncss of " 1C«»yal**:
"1 have tested a package of 4 Koyal Baking I'owdrr* which
I purchased in the open market, ami find it compo^tl of purv
and wholesome ingredients. It is a en-am of tartar |H»\vd«r uf
a liigli degree <»f merit, and (j<»es Jlot contain eitlu r ahiin ut
phosphates or an\r injurious substances.
"E. G. LOVK, Ph.D.v
SenHonnble Nflckwenr,
In Knd'cee V*rlpty, at 'he HTAR.
my 18 No. 36 T*EcKTH MfHKKT.
Water Ooolora,
(Filter »0*1 OooUr combined),
And other sotaonab'e article», lor m'eeheap by
may 17 1U21 MAIX WTBEET.
way landing», the «levant paaaenger itnur
Ciia«. Mumlkman Command*!
M. K Noll «
Lear ne for the above on Tnaaday, May lktb, al
2 o'< lock p. m. prompt, fur full particulars Mile
phoue PBANK BOOIH, Agent.
mi 17
—or -
Liomon and Vanill*.
Made from the fclpe Fruit. Bold In quan
tities to auit purrhaaer», by
It. II. LIST, Drugglat,
mylj ' 1010 MAIN 8TBEET
any medicine aold. He»or (alia «ben u«ed
according to direction». 8oU by meat druaglate,
and by
MoliAin Brother«,
"T* Agenta for Weit Va., Penn'» tad Ohio
Hth Ward Orofery.Vor. 30th A Jacob 8ta.
We reepectfully Invite the general public to call
at our elegantly titii>d op grot«, y etore whlca va
haraju«! opened.and eiarnlneour etnrk of (irocer•
laa, h our, Meau, Hardware etc , «fetch la con
pleie In »»er» r. »pect Prione a« low, li not 1 >wer
than an; where In the ward. We here a wagon to
deliver goode. M BLUM A Sum.
Celebrated Pure Ice Cream
Lowest Price» to the Trade.
••~ätnd lor QuoUttoof. mlVk
Celebrated "Bed Bird Haaa,"
Nos. 1309 and 1311 MAIN STREET,]
M j «va ear« ol choit* HboM Mnti Irtiiwi >
tally Iron my fork H ou*» at M rar hot g. IWI
Largeot stoek d
General Groceries f n the^ate i
Patent aad Pr.adl7/ near,
»oto oo*t^ in ttafc city d
'PeeriM^ Patent»
"r»illlear Fa v ill j,
Mt»ar fir« rite Family
Flaeat la the
•VHarfqiutn lor UmniWUh
rotod Chorefe rMlri, tf t) vtflM
•frttao I« kMp «, *Tfco
IOT« « good I
a a
Ml. HAftE A SUN,
Plumbers, Has and Steam Fitten |
No. «» Twelfth HC.
All wot» don« prompt if it moat r«MW*fci« r•*
ju«t uîtouivo:
a nue I or or
AT —
LuIlo x^u ton'®,
Plumber, Hlir.i.i and'lj« I itlar,
murth I « 1«; M *1N "»TIB
High inc* Low Pfori'ir^ and fatal
8te«m Ht-nfir? h A Vf n'.Uttaf
a PjKc'nlfjr.
r»3L.TJ T ?3 I IVO
On Ib» M wt IMrteadl
Oct» l'ixturo»
Ol th* La r«t S13 !m in! kmiim.
Injector«, Meant fun pa, '■team Hrpkaa»«
ind Lwl 11p«, Valrm, Klltln^i anl
kind« In (tuck.
No«. 141*1 »I..I 141*
CAPITAL, - - - • • •*'»*
J. n. vanck .M
J. N.Vaur«, M. Hi>»kK«i* «,
& laosmli*, w. iinrrr
L. B. D11.aFt.4rx, A W Kai.«i,
job* Ka»w.
Dndt« taaaed on Ka«iaad, /rate/ 4.
all palate la Juiropa. _ _
mrj joinr J. j OU M
National Bank if Wast h
AT Will JhUPO,
Capital, 0V;OO,OOO. ° |
SouthVMt oar. V A\u lt4 TvrU&l*'
Oeet a Generj Banking B*++\
Aufuat Rolf. Joka **•"
M let aal Ka»' n, K. * 8*«,
k. w.o*»''«ay,
Cfca*. W. B^rkatUr
VAX», W. OOLrHAV, PrwH-'.. ^
CUA'H. 'A'. BaOCKU' IB«. Vta*
J«»'.* (V AON AB UMhter.
1/kWUNCK fc. h AN I«. Aa*«»*0*^.
y* he Franklin Insurance
or wbkmu su. w. u
capital, #100,000.
- -.Un
iMuiotiwi oo Um Wmutb **wn
J- ». TA»c* »***•■*■_.
M. • EILLY. tta» rinKwt
J. u «T*./inuci!i,fecfrury
JAM ta P. aVAHH, àmàMUUË^
L. C. iro«, J-H
c. w. ruinm - «
)yT» orne»,
The Manchester Coilfjl
Oaéma Mtrt UM •*«,
I—<mwH»«Uili< l| mi' ^

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