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1 115 lbs. to 161 lbs.
'' 1 °™
"Î Hrtltb. * Hapfi»««.
uil M.v Lil>
_ that l do nu think and
•w-vrr . \rticir» IliumW. s»«Ten
!'K ,i 1'inU* on mj
. « - lu rry stone to an
!.. look «.
, , urxv >"11 it> turueJ aside when
e • :•»,,d 1 w" *Äh*m€d fe;
■ «. ,n ,. „» .etY. Physician» and
' 4«*t medicine« failedto do
^u! L." of &H»** 1 ,ried ft"
' aili» » .?*, „■i.-uw, '.tie swat Skin
■ ;.v » ' Skin Beauti
.'*• ûti. iira Ke*»lveut. the new
■ ^' nilvThc «»*11 1
r'A dUw*'«"vd' and the larye
--■ ■%u^Vo di*-ha«tu,
I p.. '. uter. Waving two slight
I ~ uJ»'v to «*" ih»'l"4or} °.r m-*
. \ net , |^n w as ouc hundwd iDQ
VI - 1,1 , , wt.lx.ht now is one hun
.i tuaimy pounds. and my
u lu-x In my travel«
V , Kciu,,l»-s. North î*>ulb.
. t> ' .: . , uiu tira Kernel»«* / uwr m»
. A proariacnt
." tUi me the >*her day, '-Do
: ra Kcuiedies; you look to
M> r» I'lv wa«, "I do. and
, t.,.v;.r kn«»wn » hat siekne»
• 1 the nitieura Reme
i"t.,i liuKhed at by prabtac
* , uaiiited With their Merita.
; «,ii.me to their aem*-*
' « il»«- >hai use them, as
: v", 11' .se told. May the time
1 , u lance fotU ura Supply
1 \ ii th.- «.«rid, for the benettt
' I munira Remedies shall
; , re « .11 la- rarely a need of
M Hl'SBANljS, ^
f New \ ork. N.
, c. a positive cure for every
.1 psoases, front Pi m pits
I \.''vwh«-re. Prii-e: futieura.
r.. -«Kent. ll.OU. Pn
i . ,. \N D a—ruflk,
M-«»w lot ur« *»Wli« UIwmm."
,tff , (,i> skin Blemishes and
\ », I'i IK I RA SOAP.
k,i»w* PM»*nurai|
K \( h \« H». W.akiMW» and
, .. ; I t.y overran. dh
, : linc. 'walkiujc. or the
,. Iii lie. < ured by thet'C'TI
" " x \> : . N 1 LAXtOL. New. el*
. iillihle. -• wilts.
Swift's Specific
I ■!>", made from rt>ots enth
■ • : ' •o>r.:ia. The method l»y
• '•Utilied t.v u h«!t'-brevd
. .»Im iulml'ikit it ivrtkiii
. \i (i • 'i was «-x>miitmii*-iito<l tu
ut-1 ihn» the formula
ah l«» the I'H'M'iil day. The
- 'it- ln.'tli—I ut' muiiu&u-tiire
Mr. I'. T. un«» of the
111« •!< m.iiHl hasU-ongrad
I •' <*«' UhnnhHTitiNiw
t •• trudo. A forviifU de
1 wild eiil:in;v«l btcililiv»
,sirv t.- meet it. Thin çnul
I in T. I ;t!;u I II. Sri ol'llla. Kczellia,
IMii'UiiiatiMii. Blood Taint,
uuii.'lit th»« use of Mop
l'iiUm" and on
! - . I»i-o*ms" mailed free.
TUE »WUT .»l-WIFir CO.,
I »rawer::, Atlant«, «a.
me pleasure to assure you that a!
i l»r « M «-Lane's Celebrated Liver
r n twenty yours in luy family.
..Ir garttlx mas being iiiytrtQf to any
uw..-r uW or have seen used. i haven«.»
: : roustantly and had to try others.an '
»' tr.«t a variety, liut I have never
ü:_y t» vt promptly. profitably, and
> MrLane's. 1 haveused thoin myself,
! .. ir»!i, with the most gratify tug re
- «. F r children, having useothemon my
!i easy and happy effect, I would
1 th- in to one auu to all. Those
: : -w rk <lo it promptly, dolt well,
t..:-. en.» i letfects behind. A% a bile re
. o i liver corrector. as a forerunner
. - s> -t. in f i t quinine, there I» nu
n<- •••iual to I)r.C. McLane's Cele
. I • r i i.s. 1 expect to use them as
. .< 1if llieycoutiuue as j;ood as they
—r «xuui the p.i^t.
Yours truly. E. U. (iiLXS.
ruîor M. k • hun-li S>uth, M vers'station,
lampa District, Florida Conference.
Tfa ktmo, Canada West, Ont
\-.rp ■> came all right, and I can say
, ist pUl. I havo used a
> i' N. but 1 r.m sav Dr. C. Me
la lured kf Fleming Hro»..
*"•* i. !-<'iiti»-mou you have my thanks
l ,i.'- vim) of thone pills to my
>M r .i trial. One of my neighbors
" I -. II saidthey did help bim. ile
•M'l n like a new man. He wishes
m!i<1 : --.ft', cents' worth for him. Bo,
■ .1 ■ aü I fan to Introduce Dr.
« Liver If lis. miuiufacturcd by
■ ". a; brothers. iours with respect,
Wm. U. DUUAJt.
t Ml v. Kr>>s.
■ ' ^ h notosi-d you will find one dollar
• i n. ill (•.. isô soud me more of your
; ' - Liver Fills. I trust you nave
furlin* I.ist two boxes 1 order
ed I would only say. they have
m >rv ^o<n| than I could'express I
bctt r now than 1 havo for two
rir^j*toî, \wirstnily.
Kkv. Fh il ? partit.
West Sandlake. M. Y.
«■ I vi.u l>v return mail a box of
• It. M-Lmo'sCelebrated Llva?
■ -~<i -:.-ht h:intlsoni**cards.
t I.KMINt; r.KOS^ Fituburg. Fa.
f»r Sale by retail drngs^ts. Be
,arp th© KcLano s Pilli you buy ».**«
it Pittsbur^b. Pu. The coun
•'rîut^aro mado at St. Louis, lio.
*od ^V'hecling, W. Va.
Pork jlulifr.
D." LIST, Jit,
! imlin.irks of thr Pf«j
il. \ ..i «»iLiixlo, Flrtriibt, writes:
i't : ollv M-lcvt :i stii«lt: c;»*«*
i t<> U lli.ll) 1 ll»VO M>l«l
'•«im«» l'itta^r Blued Krarvtr.
r. U-, ii vatistWil; Mii't I l>«»i
rvuK*ilv i..r *11 Skin J»iv
- I l.ni' i\cr miM, mihI a Kiuc
i-r.-U T..nil*.
• I 'rUti'lo. Kla."
A Certain Care for Catarrh !
M|\\> rt«»\LEK BI.UOl) KhUW tti.
- I uni Sbiu 1MKhCORU
■ a Spring Mt-*1
r ncirki't it will b»> forwanle»l_«w
~ma!l Uitik-« <t.UU. Urge S1.Ä.
• «"I u:i<l »km nuulfl 'rw
Bïjîrling Jfogisfoi;
travelers' <6uide.
jTX Kxplan vtion ok Kkvkkilnck M.ikk.h: »Daily
(Sunday excepted. : Monday excepted.—Wheel
in« Time:
B. & Ol k. K. I Depart, : Arrive.
*xst. :
Kxpre«u — • 6 40 a m no 25 an
Kxpiw. ;♦ 5 25 p m * Môapn
Cumberland Accom * 7 35 a m 4 35 pit
(Jrafton Accota—— S'25p m S15 4 a
MoumLsville Accom.. 11 36 a m 13) p 0
Express (Chicago and Col)... •9 2T<am*505an
Express Chicago and Col).- • 7 53 p m • 7 30 a n
Express (Chicago and Ool)... *10 30 p m • 6 20 pm
Zanesrille Aceom 4 00 p m 1015 a u
Cumbridffe Accom —
(B. &. O. Depot)
No. IV- 8 35* m 8 15 an
No, S_„ 1 50 p ml 135 p 11
No. 15« 600pm 545pm
No. 14— 10 45 a a
Na lîL 6 20 pm
Washington and Pittsburg... *505am* 9 25atc
Washington ami Pittsburg...' 7 35 a m *11 30 am
Washington ami Pittsburg... • 6 '2*> p m * 620 p m
Washington and Pittsburg... • 1 35 p m *10 25 pm
Washington and Pittsburg... t 4 45 p m 7 JO am
P.. C Jb ST. L. RY.—East.
Pittsburg „... !f 7 JO am t 6 55 p re
Pittsburg and New York f 1 10 p m t 3 30 pm
PitUburg and New York t 3 55 p m Til 55 a m
Express, Cin. and St. Loui> t7j0amt7 00an
Ex press. Cln. and St. LouLs t 8 40 p in t 655 p;ni
Exress, Steubenville A Col_ t 1 10 p 111 + 3 30 piu
Stettbeiiville <Ji Denniaou Ac t 3 35 p m
C À I" K R. 1
Pittsburg and Cleveland t 5 47 a m t 8 JO pm
Stcubeu ville AcLommodat'u t » UK a m f 3 15 pm
litis.. New York A Chicago. tlO 5J a in til 33 am
Weltsvlilo Accom f 4 47 p m t 6 43 pm
C., C. «1 1'. Express f 1 52 p ui t 8 15 am
C., L i W. K. H. t
Express, Cleveland, E. Jfc W. tu flti p m t 2 5J pm
Maasillon Anum f 4 t2 p 111 rlo 37 all]
>t. Clairsville Aecom t 1» a ui M -- a m
St. ciainville accom ' f 2 U2 p m fl2 52 p m
St. Clairsville Accom t 5 47 p m t 5 12 pm
Local Freight and Accom.... 4 37aui V07pu
Passenger. * 7 10 a m *10 40 am
Passenger • 4 DO p m • a JO p in
Freight. 1 8 5o a m 5 30 p ■
L« ave Bellaire at 'J::V> a. m. for Summertield
and Zauesville.
Leave IV-Il ai re at 2:05 p. m. for Woodslield and
Leave Bfllaire at 5:10 p. m. for WoodsfleUl.
Arrive at Bt-llaire V;00 a. m., 12:50 p. ni. and 4:0G
p. m.
On and after MAY 3, 1SS6, Trains will run aa
follows :
Leave Wheeling ut I A-ave Wheeling Park at
6:3») A. M. 2:«» P. M. 6:10 a. M. 3:00 p. M.
6:10 " 3:00 " , 7110 " 4:00 M
700 " 4:00 " : .«M» •• 5:00 "
S.tIO " 5:00 " I <♦:<*) " 6:10 "
tMtt •' 6:10 " 10«) " 7:U0 "
10«) " 7 00 " 11:00 " »110 "
Iii» " «00 M tWJO *. 8:V> »
12.1» M. S):30 " ! MOP. M. 10:05 "
l-OOP. M. ] J DO "
Leave the City at 7.-00 a. m., and every hourtc
'.»DO p. m.
Leave Wheeling Park at S OO a. m., and evepy
Uoiir to 10:00 p. lu.
Church Train at 12:10 p. in.
j \ Luv« 1.«infini or the White Sulphur
Spring* Why the Waler I« Sulphur- Tri
bute Kntertitiiiiueiit« All the (io-Tlic
Ladle*' German a Brilliant Affair.
KitkmuHit bwftUt'h.
Wiiitk SfLl'iiruSrkixtJs, August 19.—
It is said tliat Cupid was once the presid
ing get)ius ul the White Sulphur, hut it is
quite certain that Hymen now reigus su
preme. Shall I tell you the reason why?
Well, here it is: Once, a Ion«; while ago,
there came here a fond mamma, bringing
with her a daughter of surpassing loveli
ness. So great was her beauty tliat she
captiva teil all lieholders, "and ruse,
where'er you turned your eye, the morn
ing star ut" memory." A lew day* after
her arrival there came ayouug man front
the extreme South,with the form of Apollo
ami the confident air of Achillea. They
met; they loved.
l'ut as the course of true love never ye
run smooth, there came in this instance
another individual upon the /»»/mV«, "in shape
and gestnre proudly eminent,'' who gave
his "local habitation" us "the interior."
He brought with him all the accomplish
ments of wealth and style. He, too, was a
victim to the charms of this fair northern
ilower, and immediately the careful.loving
mamma commenced to man« cuver for the int
uition of mother-in-law. A magnificent
diamond which he wore helped to complete
the sacrifice. The usual duel was fought,
in«l the southron fell—not wounded, how
ever, for the gentleman from "the interior"
lired in the air, but some subtle influence
laid him unconscious at the enemy's feet.
Kelieving himself forever disgraced in
the eyes of his beloved, and the world in
general, he tied. The heart-broken lteauty
•«»on yielded to the entreaties of her mam
ma, and married the mysterious stranger.
Ou that day the spring was so charged with
sulphurous gas as to be undrinkahle, and
110 one has ever seen or heard of the bride
andgroom "from that day to this." Cu
pid, in deep mortification, retired, and
Hymen h:»s since been worshipped as the
reigning deity of the Ohl White. W hcther
this legend is true or not I cannot prove,
but this much 1 tan assert: Ijove-iuaking
got*s on the usual way. and though tue
gentleman from the interior has never heen
>een here, some days the spring's very,
very strong, and sweet young girls turn
away in disgust from its troubled waters.
I believe in love, and true love too, at
first sight. Where such a variety of both
■**.\e« assemble there must l>e many that
l»ossess natural affinities for each other.
Hearts by Heaven designed lor each other
rush together like the atoms in a chemical
mixture ;»s soon as they are brought into
proximity. Why then should any object
to their learning hen- the "old, old
The number ol private entertainments
seems to increase instead of iliminish, as
heretofore, alter the middle of the month.
On Monday night the IkiihI geriuan was a
brilliant success. .Monday morning Mrs.
Fred. Seott gave a handsome breakfast t<i
tilteen con pics. Several hours were spent
in "discussing" the several courses, to say
nothing of intellectual discourse il) se para
hie from such assemblies.
Major ltahney gave a reading in tlx
parlor from his book "l>on Miff," which,
1 regret to sav, was poorly attended.
TIIK IRISH i'l.ril.
Tuesday morning the "Irish Club" had
its annual reunion and breakfast. Mis.*
Jackson, of New York, was presented wit!
the hoi|uet of honor, which now grace?
her table in the dining-room and covers i
sjkmv one yard in diameter.
Tuesday night Mr. Kemp, of New York,
gave a reception and german in the hal
room, followed by a maguiticeut supper it
the dining room, to a large number o
friends, which lasted from 11 until 3. A
lady frieud told me the handsomest toilet.
•worn on this occasion were those of Mrs
Jones and Mrs. K. H. Whitlock.
On Wednesday a morning gernian help
ed to take thehackbone out of those wh<
try to .see and do all that is expected o
them at this gay plaee. At night th<
"ladies' genuan" was the most brillian
event of the whole summer. The ladie
participating paid $2 for their badges, am
used unlimit«<d paint, powder, and court
piaster, transforming themselves iuto state
ly dames or modest maidens of th
eighteenth century, aud causing the poo
masculine heart to palpitate with unexpect
«si rapidity at their augmented charm?
We will never again "be ugly" to ou
"sisters and cousins'' ami sweetheart
about paint since beholding the transform
ing result of the ball. No wonder ou
grandfathers think they loved harder thai
we do if all the girls looked like these.
Nothing I have ever seen could excel th
beautiful dressing, the grace aud lovelines
of the ladies. Each one invited her ow
escort, and, feeling perfectly independen
of outside influences, exerted herself t
please and charm, and nowhere in th
whole world could an assemblage of equa
size be found superior to this social success
It would be impossible to describe al
the elegant dressys that deserve remark
only the most noticeable can be mentioned
Among these was that of Mrs. R. H. Whit
lock, light bine moire,almost entirely cov
ered with diaphanous velvet, striped tulle,
looped with red flowers; diamonds. Miss
Cooper, in black lace and diamonds; Mi#
Scott, in pink silk and tulle; Mi98 Pleas
ants, in black, embroidered tnlle and silk;
Mrs. Woodward, in white silk and moll;
Mrs. Jones, in a Paris dress—elegant to
look at, but impossible to say what; Miss
Ford, in exceedingly beautiful white silk
train; ML«« Baron, in white velvet and
brocade; ML« Lee, in white lace and satin,
and many others.
As I write, at 2 a. m., the sound of rev
elry comes floating through my window,
: and, with the scenes just witnessed linger
I ing in one's memory, one could imagine
1 himself upon Mount Olympus, listening to
j the tripping of the "light fantastic" by the
fairies, wood nymphs and goomes, at the
, feasts of the gods. I sincerely hope the
I "ladies' german'' will be repeated, and
! each one follow "her own sweet will" in
something still better than the last, if such
! a thing be possible; but nothing is impos
! sible to the lair ones, "for when she will
I she," «See. Komi li s.
Report of Labor Bureau.
In his repoit for 1H84, as Chief of the
•Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics of La
lk>r, Carroll D. Wright devoted more than
' 300 page's to an investigation of the course
I of wages and prices in Massachusetts dur
1 ing the period from 1*60 to lH«i3, while in
: his report for 1885 he presented tables of
wages and prices for the period from 1752
to lf<G0, thus completing his survey of the
subject. The investigation shows that
ever since 1830 there has been a steady
upward tendency of both wages and prices,
the former ad vancing more rapidly than the
latter; that during the low tariff jieriod.
from 1830 to 1^60, the avenge increase of
j wages in twenty occupations was f»0.<i per
I cent., while the cost of living advanced
j only 12.7 per cent., so that the working
man gained almost 3.*j per cent., but that
«luring the high tariff period, siuce 1800,
I the average increase of w;iges in twenty
four occupations has been only 2-1.4 per
l'en t., and the advance of prices 14.5 per
cent., so that the laborer's net gain was
not quite 10 per ceut. The ligures of j<cr
j ceutages are placed side by side Ir-Iow:
Ailnnu-i nf Adrnitct »J Set
It ik/<k. Priem. liitiii.
Kan Ht» ™5Ö.6 Ii" ar.u
iMJO-lfNÎ 2-L4 ll.r. !#.»
It is thus evident that wages were in
! creasing twice as fast in the low-taritV
! peri«*l :is under a high tariff, while prices
I have risen more rapidly under a high than
I under a low tariff
Cause of Industrial I>«• predion.
PiU&ury h tut.
An Illinois statistician presents a very
plausible theory altout the cause ut indus
J trial depression. He produces census lig
ures to show that while our agricultural
products, like others, increased very largely
j between is<jii and l.-wu, they did not in
crease abreast of the demand for theui, as
I indicated by the increased export demand
j and the growing volume of the country's
manufacturing, mining and railroad intcr
j ests. The result of this difference
' was that the agricultural pro
! ducts per capita decreased instead of
increasing; and although in speculative
; markets the price of wheat, for instance,
lias fluctuated with a downward tendency,
! the average eost of living has increased.
1 His remedy, which is certainly not revolu
tionary, is an increase in the farming popu
lation, which must be combine«! with an
increased diversity of agricultural produc
tion and the adoption of more scientitic
I methods of fertilizing and reclaiming worn
I out lands. In this connection the break
ing up of large farms into small ones
: would Ik- desirable.
; Mortev at ïaH, Per Cent.—Governments
Hull and Steady—Stocks Higher—Flour
! Oulet and t'licliaiiged—Wheat Lower.
New Yokk, August 21.—Money on call
1 <iuiet, ranging from 2to tf percent., closing
j at 2 percent asked; prime mercantile paper
la"» j»cr cent. ; sterling exchange quiet
\ but steady at HljaKîj.
(jioVEKNMK.vrs—Dull and steady.
I Threes Coupon* lOO' j
Fours and-a-half. IM1&4
I Fours I'-i'1«
j l*acitic Sixes of lvjr> I.ti
j STATK Sutrum es— Dull and steady.
Railroads—(Quiet and generally lirin;
j sah* $s75,tKNI.
Stocks—The stock market to-day re
j fleeted a greatly improved feeling. Lon
I don still continues to be the prime moving
j force, and to-day purchased part of that
j sold yesterday. The market was firm at
j the opening, first prices showing ad- j
I vauces of iaü i»er cent. There
I was a slight reaction in early
trading, but prices soon became firm and
continued to advance slow ly until just be
fore the close, when another small reac
tion occurred, but the market closed linn.
Final prices show advances in almost every
case for fractional amounts only in the ac
tive list. Delaware and Hudson, how ever,
is up I, St. Louis and San Francisco pre
ferred 1^, Manhattan 5 per cent., and San
: Francisco 1st prefeTed Transactions,
! shares. (Quotations closed bid as
j follows:
Adams Express, 1 :î7; Ameriran Express,
' ItW; Central l'acilic, lit; Chesapeake and
< )hio H; do preferred. firsts l«ij ; do seconds
10; Chicago and Alton 1 42A ; do. preferred,
155; Chicago, HurlingtonandQuincy, KMA;
Cleveland and Coin tubus, 57; Delaware
and Hudson, 1'*>J; iKnver and Rio
(»rande, 30; Erie32|; do preferred 74; Ft.
Wayne, 147-1 ; Illinois Central, 1341; I-ake
Erie and Western, 9}; Lake Shore, stij;
Michigan Central, 7!»*; Minneapolis and
St. liouis, l)>i;do preferred, 415; Missouri
! Pacific, I0î»i; New Jersey Central, 5:1-J ;
j Northern l'acilic,27i ; do preferred, 5Si ; Chi
cago and Northwestern, 113;; do preferred,
142;New Yotk Central, H>;H; Ohio Cen
tral, ; Ohio and Mississippi, 23$; do
preferred, ÎH); Oregon Transcontinental,
31$; l'acilic Mail. 5<ij; I'anama, Iks; l'eoria
!>.'& E., 25>|; Pittsburg, 1514; Pullman
j Palace 134; Reading, 251; Kink
1 Island, 121»; St. Louis and San Francisco,
2H|: do preferred, 57 j; do lirst preferred,
112^; St. Paul. Minneapolis and Minne
sota, IIS; St. l'util and Omaha 4.1^; do
j preferred, 1<K>$; Textis l'acilic. 141; Union
j l'acilic, *">i; United States Exprès«, t>3;
Western Union Telegraph, W»J.
The market has starte»! oft' a little «lull
this week, but indications are good lor a
luueh brisker trade during the latter part
of the week. Prices have changed in a
I nomber of instances, if anything being
I lower. Good stoek is sold up pretty close
to the supply, but ordinary stuff
' hangs on and is slow selling.
The prices quoted lieloware wholesale tig
II urcs and all green stuff is home raised. The
' I quotations are change«! on Tuesdays and
! Fridays, although the prices are subject
I to fluctuations between those days.
Butter—Demand fair; choice creamery
'.| ISaSOc; country choice llal3c; good couu
| try 10al2c; common 5at>c; supply fair.
Beeswax—Quoted at 22a24c per pound.
Beans—Hand picked navy $1 lüal 25
J per bushel; unsalable.
Dried Fruit—New evaporate«! pare«!
' peaches 17al8c; unpared do 10al3c; rasp
■ ; berries 17alSc; blackberries 7aSe: Dew sun
> dried apples, quarter«!, Iia2c. slim! 4aöc;
f j peaches, new halves, 4Ja54c; do quarters 4
• a5e; do pareil 15al8c; pitted cherries SaJk-;
t J new evaporated apples Satie. Market on
i dried fruit nominal; demand moderate.
I j Cheese—Sides in a jobbing way of priuie
- mild Ohio factory at 81c; New York 115a
- 14c; Sweitzer 10ul3c; Limherger 8al'2e,
; Kggs—Strictly fresh stock at 10 to 1 lc per
r do/.. ; supply fair and demand good.
Feathers—Choice. 50a55c, in original
. packages; 4a5c more in small lots,
r Houey—Choice white clover, 13al4c;
» choice buckwheat, 12al4c.
Potatoes—Choice new home raised, {1 00
r al *25 per bbl. ; demand slow,
i Poultry—Live chickens, old $3 00a3 25
per dozen; spring chickens, $1 50a2 00;
» ! good demand.
ü Rags—Steady at ljal jc for white mixet!
] cotton; lalje for all wool and ljal^c foi
t j mixed.
) Seeds—Hungarian fl 15 per bushel j
e Golden Millet $1 25 per bushel.
1 Lard—Country prime, 5}a6c; demand
. fair.
1 Apples—Green, per bbl. choice new,
- 75afl 00; common 50a75c per barrel; de
. mand dull
Onions—New, 50aG0c per bushel; slow
- demand.
Cabbage—At 75c per bbl; demand
Peaches—Per crate $1 OOal 50; demand
good; supply light
Roosting Eare—Per dozen 8al0c; de
uu&nd good.
Tomatoes—Per bushel, 30a40c; demand
Plums—At $1 UOul 50 per bushel crate; '
one-half bushel baskets 75c; demand good;
supply light.
Pears—Bushel crates, $1 25al 50; bar
rels, $3 00; Bartlett pears, Ç4 00a4 50 per
barrel; demand fair; supply scarce.
Cucumbers—At be per dozen; demand
Cantaloupes—At $1 OOal 25 per barrel;
demand slow; supply moderate.
Grapes—At4c per pound; demand good;
supply light.
Sweet potatoes—|3 75a3 00 per barrel;
supply moderate; demand good.
Watermelons—$8 00a 12 00 per hundred;
good supply; demand moderate.
New York.
New York, August 24.—Flour—Re-j
ceiptrf IS,710 barrels; exports 3,620 bar
rels, 15,042 sacks; market less active and
rather weak; sales 17, 500 barrels; common
to good extra western and State $2 70a
3 25; good to choice do$3 30a5 00; common
to choice w hite wheat western extra $-1 <>0
a4 SO; fancy do $1 85a5 00; common to
good extra Ohio $2 70a I 75; common to
choice extra St. Louis $2 7Ua5 10. Wheat
—Receipts 179,51)0 bushels; exports 226,
252 bushels; spot lots J ale lower; options I
JalJc lower, closing steady with slight re- '
covery; sales 3,624,000 bushels futures,
.346,000 bushels spot; No. 2 spring H{lc;
Xo. 1 liard tile; ungraded ml KJaOOc; Xo.
2 red in store tfüJasöJc; Xo. 1 red 94c; Xo.
1 white 89c; Xo. 2 ml August nominal at
sDc: SeptemlKT 89|aN9ïo, closed at HO^c;
October IXI|a91}(', closed at IM»je; Decem
ber 93§aU4jc, cl ose* 1 at 93j{c; January
05ja95Jc, closed at 05c; February 96 la !
06 je, closed at 96]c; May $1 (Hijal OU},
« loscd at SI 00). Corn—Spot lots Jaic
better; options opened 4a*c lower, elosiug
steadier; receipt* 40,100 bushels; exporta
:W,417 bushels; sales 648,000 bushels fu
tures, 112,000 bushels sjnit; ungraded 5»
a52c; No. 2 51Ja52c delivered; No. 2
white 52)e; No. 2 August nominal at 51c;
September 50 15-I0aol}c, closing at 51c;
October 51 §a51 je, closed at 51 Je; Novem
!»er 53c. Oats—JaAe lower and moderately
active; receipts 03,100 bushels; exports
8,118 R;wks; sdes 194,000 bushels fut
ures, 9t>,000 bushels spot; mixed western
;».*la34c: white do. 3<ia43c. Hay—Quiet j
and unchanged. Collet'—Spot lair; Kio j
liriu; options a shade higher; sales .*0,000
bags; August 8.45c; September 8.40a8.45c;
October 8.40c; November K.35aS.40e; I>e
ceiulier 8.40aS.45c; January 8.45aS.50c.
Sugar—Finn and in l>cttcr demand; re- ;
lined steady; extra t 4 IS-Kiinc; white I
extraC 5jc; yellow Ijaljjc; otl A ■> <-10c,,
standard A 5$a5 11-ltic; eutloaf and
crushed (> 5-l(ic. Molasse® Steady. Kicc J
—Firm and demand lair. Petroleum—
Steady; United closed at Ole. liosin—Dull
at £1 OOal 05. Turpeutiue—Firm at 35c. .
Wool—Quiet and firmly held; domestic
!lec-ve 27a3Gc; pulled 14a35c; Texas !>a
25c. Pork—Quiet and unchanged. Cut j
Meats—Firm; pickled belli«* <ij[e. I*inl
Heavy and lower, closing unsettled; west
ern steam, spot, $>7 55; Septemlier $7 .»la
7 57; Novemlier $0 85; l)eceiul>er $0 SO;
city steam $7 30. Butter—Firm; fair re
quest. Cheese—Firmer, but quiet; west
ern tlat 7Aa8c. Eggs—Firm; fair inquiry.
Chicago, August 24.—The war feeling
disappeared very largely Irom the wheat
market to-day. The cables were more
pacific in tone and British consuls were
quoted higher. The starting sales for Oc
tolicr delivery ranged atiywhere from 00}
to02c, but the market gradually fell oil
and closed at 803-USc. Corn was steady
all day. Oats quiet and unchanged. • Pro
visions weak, l'ork lost alxiut 10c j»er
liarrel on October option. Lard, trading
light and weaker. Flour—Quiet and un
changed. Wheat—Weaker, closing at the
lowest price of the day; sales ranged:
August 77ia7*'«\ closing at 77Ae; Septem
bcr 77;a7^i«\ closed at 7|c; Octolier <!'.a
sie. closed at 80 3-Hie; No. 2 spring s7Ac.
Corn—Quiet and about steady; cash II je;
August 41 |a41'■«•, closed at 41 *c; Septem
lier 42a 121 c, cltised at 42 3-lOc; Octolier
13 0-1 lia 13;c, closed at 43{c. Oats—Steady; j
cash 20|c; August 2tiaa20je, closed at ;
;>0$e; Septcnil>er 2ti«a2tSjc, close«! at
20 1 1-llic; October 27|a2Sc, close«! at 2Sc.
I {ye—Hull; No. 'J 50c. . Barley—Quiet;
No. 2 50c. Flax Sec«l—Steady; No. 1
$1 10. Mess Pork—Weaker; cash $0 50a j
a0 521 ; September $0 52)a!I t>o, c!os«h1 at
$!»52l; Octolier $}MiOa0 75, close«! at
$0 lit». Ird—Kasier; «-a."«!! £7 30; August j
£7 ::0a7 421, closed at S7 30; Septemlier i
î<7 32-la7 45c, «'hiseil at ?>7 3*2); October!
$0 75ali 00, closed at $0 75. t'ut Meats—
Short rib sides slea«ly; cash *<> 1<kiI5 1«A. .
lUixed Meats—Steady; slmulders 5|a5;o;t
short <-l«>ar *0 (iiiaO H5. Whisky—Stea«ly I
at $1 15. Sugar—Inchangé«!. Hutter— |
Firm; creamery l\i2:ic; dairy MalHc.
Ksrgs—Firmer at 12al3c.
PlUI.ADKI.t'HIA, August 21.—Flour
Stead v. Wheat—Quiet; steamer No. 2 red
sOe; August «sgassjc; ScptemlKT *8)ass:{c;
Octolier8D|aS!)'c;N«»veiiiber01al|l|c. Corn
—S|n>t, in fair demand; No. 3 inix«'«l ~>lAc;
steamer mixed 55c; No. 2 mixed >.>a.».»jc;
future «lull and nominal; Septemlier 51a
51 Ac; Octolier 5l}a52); November 52a52jc. !
Oats—Spot «lull and weak; rcjccte«l white!
20c; No 3 white 33)a3tAe; No. 2 white 35A j
alMic; futures «jui«-t; No. 2 white August
3Ua.">5|c; Septemlier 34Aa35c; Octolier j
3.~ki351c; NovciiiIkt 1551 f «•. I'.ggs—
Stronger iu scarcity; fresh liialiilc.
Cincinnati, August 21.—Cotton—
Quiet and stc;uly. l'lour—Steady and un-1
change«!. Wheat—Kasier; No. 2 r«'«l <0Ac;
receipts 16,000 bushels; shipments 4,000 ;
bushels. Corn—Quiet and lirm;; No. 2
mixed 43) c. Oats— Kasy; No. 2 mixed 28
a20c. Kye—Firm; No. 2 51c. l'ork—Kasy I
at $10 25. Lard—Finn at $7 0.">. Hulk
Meats—Firm; short rib $7 60. l!a«on—
Steady; shoulders $7 oil; short rib £7 12);
short clear $7 40. Whisky—Firm at SI 10.
Butter—Strong; extra creamery 25t-; choice
fancy dairy 15al7c. Sugar—Steady. Cheese
—Firm. Kggs—Firmer at OAalOe.
Hall intorc.
!'■ u.Ti.MoKK. August"Jl.—Hour—steau.v |
ami quiet. Wheat—Western lower |
ami active; Xo. "J western winter ml |
s)M»t -^asMc; August fWjaSH.lc; September |
< Moln-r S9;a">0c; S'ovcml»er 91c
asked. Cora—Western steady, closing !
«lull; western mixed spot 50jc l>i«l;
August 50c bid; Scptcmlicr ~»<»}»• asked;
( K'toln-r 50^c ask«-d; steamer 5l$c hid. ( hits j
j—Firm; western white 34a37c; do mixed
"l;i.'C>c. live—Steady and tirm at 53a57c. J
Provisions —Steady with moderate inquiry.
Kggs—Firm; western lrcsh 12]al3.
Toi.El*», O., August 21.— IVlieat—
Steady and lower; cash. 82c; September
*!"iie; (Mol»er flc; l>eccml»cr S7Je; May
91 je. Corn—Steady; tush 44c. Oats—
! I Hill; cash "is-. Clover S<vd—Steady ; Sep
$.*» 20; (Vtoher $."» 25; l>ecemlier$5 35.
The rattle market this week was active
and prices changeai hut little from those of
' last week. The hog market was fairly
active, while lamhs were somewliat quiet.
Messrs. Hudson & Kay ha furnish the fol
lowing quotations;
Cattle—1,000 to 1,100 11h stock 3}a4c
: per 11».; woo to 900 lbs. 3j:i3jc per 11».; 7»I0
I to^M» His. 2ja3)e per 11».
' Hogs—Market active; 4a4jc peril».
I«imtis—liood at 3a44c per lb.
Calves—OOa5 00 per head.
Sheep—2ja3$c jkt lb.
Chicago, Aug. 21—'The Drorrr*' .Tournnl
reports; Cattle—Receipts 6,700 head; ship
j uieuts 200 head: market steady; stockers
i and feeders $3 vît hu» 50; cows, bulls and
i mixet! $1 50a3 55; bulk $2 40a3 00; through
Texans strong; cows $2 25a2 90; steers
, $2 90a3 64; western rangers steady ; natives
and half brveds|$3 20u4 25; cows $2 50»325.
Hogs—Receipts 4,000 head; shipmeuts
I 3,500 head; market steady, closing weak;
I rough and mixed 9.~»a4 65; packing
; and shipping, $4 50ia5 25; light $3 75
i 4 85; skips $2 5Ô&3 50.
Sheep— Receipts 4,300 head; shipments
; 500 head; market steady and shade weak
er; natives $2 25; Texans $2 00a3 00; lamhs
$4 25a4 87J.
»w York.
New York, August 24.—Reeves—Re
ceipts 12 cars; no market; dressed beef
steady at 7c per pound for good native sides,
and &*6}c for Texas;shipments 490 beeves,
1,776 quarters of beef. To-day's Liverpool
cable quotes American refrigerator beet
dull at 8}c per pound, and American cat
tle slow at 10al2c per ponnd for the dress
ed weight
Sheep and lambs—Receipts 1,800 head,
market extremely dull at 3a4 jc per pound
for sheep, and UaCc for lambs.
Hogs—Receipts2,750head; market firm
er with sales of fair to good at £T> U0a5 20
per 100 pounds.
' Eut Liberty.
East Liberty, August 24.—Cattle—Re
ceipts, 571 head; shipments, 1,027 head;
Monday's prices; none shipped to New
Hogs—Receipts, 1,300 head; shipments,
1,000 head; market firm; Philadelphias
$5 10; Yorkers $4 60a4 80; grassers $1 25
a4 50; 3 eus shipped to New York.
Sheep—Receipts, 2,600 head; shipments
2,000 head; M outlay's prices.
Cincinnati August 24. — Hogs—
Finn; common and light, $3 !>0a4 70; pack
ing and butchers $4 51a4 60; receipts 100
head;shipments SOU hail.
Tlie market generally is somewhat im
proved. There is a quiet Imt.steady mark
et for all kinds of coffee with prices un
changed. Sugars continue in gootl de
mand, with a rather firm tone. Provis
ions are 011 the boom, with a pros|x»ct of
continuance. Canned goods nominal.
Kick—Carolina head 7c; Carolina choice
6je; Carolina prime Cc; Ixmisiana 0}c;
Java pearl 6}c; Broken 3jc.
Syki ps—Choice Sugar Syrup 34a.'t7c;
Ordinary Sugar Syrup 34a35c; Honey Drips
36a38c; California White Drijw 3JlaI{5c;
Fancy Syrup, three gal Ion three hoop pails,
$9.00 per dozen; Bixhy Maple Syrup Star
rels) 55c; Bixhy Maple (Alwrrels) 5S;;Jiix
hy Maple (lu gallon kegs) Olk-: Bixhy Ma
ple (5 gallon kegs)G3c; Bixhy Majde (quart
cans) UUc. Sugar House (dark) 30a33c;
(Itc additional in half liarrels); New Crop
New Orleans Molasses, Fancy 45a IS*.
Choice 4:Sa45c; Prime :54a Hk-: Fair lUilh1;
Choice Bakers SSaHOe. New crop molasnes
of all grades now in and very line. Mixed
goods New Orleans 33a!ftk*.
Provisions—I-irgcS. C. hams lSJalSJc;
medium S. C. hams PJjaPïc; small S. C.
lianis 13jal3lc; California bains H-lc; S. C
breakfast Ikicou OaOje; S. C. shoulders ^{a
Hit-; lioneless hams HaO-l«*; city sides H;iH jc;
hacon shoulders (i^c; ham W*el PlaPtÂc;
ordinary l»eef 10-lallc; country sides 7a7{c;
family mess jx>rk, 51h pieces, $13 ii>a
12 .">(1 l»can jnirk, line clear, $l.'ï 00aP5 35.
La M»—Tierce 7c half barrels 7|c; tulw
71c; buckets 7ie; tin pails, :5 His., He; tin
pails, 5 lbs., 7^c; tin pails, 10 ll»s., 7ÎC.
tin ]»ails, "JO lbs., 7}c; tin jails, 50 lbs., 7ie;
Canxeo (iooiis—Standard :5lb table
{teach £1 OOal 7."»; pie pcaches :5lb !t.V; pie
I icachcs tilb $1 7."»; No. :: tomatoes $1 00a
1 10; Sear's corn !Hk-; do Winslow's 'Jib
$1 30; do 3d grade 3lb 75c; strawWrricsSlb
$1 10; blacklierrics 3lb $1 (Ml; raspWrrics
3lb $1 4 m > ; Damson's 3lb 95c; lima Wans 2lb
ÎMk-; cove oysters lib light 55c: do lib full
weight 95c;i$l (K); strinir Wans Sib H5a9ik-;
succt»ta>h 3lb iXka$l 35; early .1 une peas
*1 75; French peas 30c eaeli ; pineapple
$1 50; Marrowfat jn-as 3lb$l 75a3 10;gOusc
Wrrics 3lb 90ca$l 00; 3lb Kinney suluuin
$1 155; 3lb Pillar Kock f 1 10; ölb sweet ]m»
tatoes £1 7">.
W00DKX WaBK—No. 1 tubs $5 50; No.
3$l 50; No. :5 £5 50; 3 hoop ptils $1 H>;
:tlu>op$l 65; sap$l 30; single washlniards
$1 50; double do. $3 50; line crimp double
do. $3 75; single $3 50.
Fur its—New Valencia Raisins lOalOjc;
new 1 «uyer (Mora, 13al3jc; new halves,
dry peaches, -la-l ie.
Oil.—Laid, extra western strained HOc;
carbon, 110, Sje; carlton, 150, 9c; white
miners' best winter IWfcwWc; white miners
No. 3 :5:{a-'55c.
Fish—No. 1 mackerel, 300 lb $13 75,
KM) III £0 (M>. 90 lb $<> 05, SO lb *5 15, 50 lb
?C> 05, -Ill lb $1 40, 30 lb £1 :55. 15 lb $1 35,
10 lb $1 15: No. 3 mackerel, 300 lb *s 00,
100 lb £4 :55, }M1 lb *1 1 K>. SO lb £5 75, 50
lb $3 00, 10 lb $3:50, 30 1b $1 35. 15 1b
jil 15, II» lb $1 05; No. :i mackerel, 300 lb
SO 50, Ion lb £5 H5, 90 111 45, HO lb$:> 15.
.VI lb $3 10, 40 lb $1 7."», 30 lb *1 00, 15 lb
Mlk\ 10 lb (ilk-; Penny mackerel, $1 50 jn-r
lib); round herring, 200 lb $|50, loo lb
20; codfish, 40 lb box, $5 50; bloaters,
1(H) in Wx, $1 50.
Sru.VKs—Cut loaf 7]c; Cuius (5 jc; Fruit
powdered 7|c, Ordinary powden-d 0;c;
Oranulatcd Standard Ojjc; I iraiuilaud ordi
nary (!hC; Standard Confectioner's A <»•;
grocer's A 5jc, Pearl A 5ijc; ^ bite extra
C 5ie; Ohio Valley 5}e. New York C 4«c;
golden C lie. Fruit sugar 4Ac. Snow
White A, 5;e; Imperial A, 5;e; Pan-Han
dle White Kxtra C, 5Ac; Banner KxtraC,
5}c; tiolden Crown, 5c; liootl Value 4Je.
CoKl-'KK—Oreeii Colle»*—Fancy («ohlen
Kio 13c; Fancy Oleen 11c; Pea berry 12lc;
Choice 13Ac; Prime 13c; (îood il!«-; Fair
!k*; Boasting grades 7"{a9c; Old («overn
ineiit Java 3ik-. Koasted coll'ee in pack
ages- -Ohio Valley Kio loo lbs Plfc; Ohio
Valley Kio !»00 lbs. P5}c; Ohio Valley Iii«»
500 lbs. l.'tjc; Arbnekle's 1 lb. Pi'jc; Par
tola 1 lb. 7jc. Hulk Koasted —Old Ibivern
uieiit Java 31c; Pcaberry PUe; "A"
grade Kio 13Ac; UB" graile Kio 11 Ac;
gr.ule Kio lOÄe; Pan-Handle eoflit; P'.}c
per loo lb, lots; Pan-Handle Coll'ee PSlc
per :100 lb. lots; Pan-Handle Coll'ee Pl|c
TitI'SVH.I.E, August 'JI. — Petroleum—
National Transit certificates opened at
6Uc; highest (j 1 »• j lowest 59c; clusi'il at
Oil City.
On. City, August 21.—Petroleum—
Opened at (><>c. highest (ilr, lowest 59{c,
closed at 'i'llo. Salt«, 159,100 barn-Is:
clearances, 3, (»52,000 barrels; «•barters, M,
22!) liarrels; shipments, K{. Hi7 barrels.
Pittsihroh, August 24.—Petroleum—
Dull and steady; market o|>ened at 59 je;
closed at (»0{c; highest (iojc, lowest 59;[<\
Bradford, l'A., AugustSl.—Petroleum
—National Transit certificates, opened
at 5!)jfj closed at 60jc; highest 6Ujc; low*
est 59Jc; clearances 1.77h,inm) barrels.
New York
New York*, August 24.— Petroleum—
Opened weak at 60e, declined to 59]c, ral
lied to and closed at tile. Salt« 4}50*»,0<HI
The demand for flour is brisk and is
keeping up pretty well with the supply.
Wheat is still coming into the market
pretty lively and selling at 75e jm t bushel,
with a fair demand at those figures. Prices
in all instances remain the same as at our
last rcjiort. In the feed market middlings
and bran are quiet, oats are fairly lirm,
corn has improve«! and hay remains quiet.
New oats ha\c been added since our last
report. Pric<« are as follows:
Floi r AND Grain—Choice family flour
in barrels $1 00; in sack» $.5 85; middlings
per ton $15 (HI; bran per ton $12 00; wheat
So. 1 per bushel 75c.
Feed—Corn jier bushel rt8c; old oat?
33c; new oats 27a2*c; baled hay j<cr tor
$PJ I m hi 14 UO: loose hay is celling for about
$9 to $11 per tou.
»w York.
N EW York, A ugust 24.—Dry Goods—
j The exports of domestic cottons the prt
week have Ih-cu *,500 packages, making
for the expire»! portion of the year a total
of 161,182 packages, agaiiwt 140,572 pack
ages the same time last year, 109,488 pack
ages in 1*^4 and 109,424 inlH81.th<
largest total in any previous year. Witl
agents the demand haft been only moderate
still a good volume of business has beei
; reached. The various branches of the job
' hing trade are very busy.
Prices have taken a tumble and are no»
as follows: Per |>ound, $1.75 to $1.90, ar
i cording to size of root.

New York.
New York, August 24. — Cotton
Futures closed at about the same as las'
' evening, with the general tone tame.
Tuesday, August 24.
The local market is qoiter than at our
last report, ami dealers report no stock
moving at all. As before stated this con
dition of things is undoubtedly due to the
dullness in the Eastern markets,'accouted
for the slowness which which manufac
tured goods are moving off and the con
sequent hesitation of manufacturers in
purchasing more raw material. The prices
remain the same as those of last week and
are as follows: XX washed, 20to 31 Ac; tin
washed, one-third off; medium washed, 30
to 33c; unwashed, 18 to 20c.
A Card.
To all who are suffering from the error»
and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
I neas, early decay, loss of manhood, etc., I
I will send you a receipt that will cure you,
i free of cliarge. This great remedy was dis
I covered by a missionary in South America.
! Send a self-addressed envelope to the Rev.
! Joseph T. luman, Station 1), New York
! City.
Capital Prize, - $150,000.
"We do hereby certify that we supervise the
arrangements for all the Monthly and quarterly
lirawings of the la'Uisiana Stave I jittery «'uiu
pany, and in person mauam- and control the
draw in its themselves. and that tin- same are eon
ducted with honesty, fairnew), and in »pxxl faith
toward all parties,and we authorize the eoni|«any
to il>o this eerlitieate. « ith far-similes of our sis
nature.-att.u lud. in its advertisements."
„ 7
We the undersigned Hanks and Hankers wil
pay all I'rizcs drawn in The Louisiana State lot
teries which may If pnwntiil at our counter*.
J. It. 0<;i.KKitY. I "res Louisiana Nat'l Bank
J. W. Ull.ltltKI II. I'res. State Natl Hank.
A. ltAl.ltH IX, I'res. New Urleauü Nat'l Hank
Louisiana State Lottery Company. I
Iueor|M>ratol in 1mm Cor rear* l>v the l.eyi«la.
turc for Kdiu atioual and «fiarilalilc purp.»«-.» - I
with a capital of îl,(Wi,nm-to which a reserve !
fund of over has since liecii added.
lty an overwhelming |n>pular vote it* franchise
was made u part of the prisent State t'oii.stitu
tion adopted l>eecml.er-<l. A. 1>. 1 s7y.
lis Single Vinillirr DriltlillK«
will take place monthly. wmvt *.• ttm or |
/*««*. J ,00 k at the fol low im» l'istrihutiou:
UMilli Monthly
anii riiK
In the Uadrmy <*f Music, New Orleans,
Tuesday, Se|iteuilier II, ISSli,
I'nder the personal supervision and manage-1
incnt of
t.eii. li.T. Hc:iii rcunril. ol l.oiiiHiitiifl.ainl
(■cil loi..1. Ijirl>, ill \ irjtiuiii.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
<*• Xolice.—Tickets are Ten I Millars mil). Halves,
Fifths. ♦ Tenths. $1.
1.1ST ok PUIZES.
1 r.M'lTAl- riüZK I>K iivi.noo «1 .i.iui I
1 liKAM» I'ltlZK .Mi.tMi .mi.imi
1 tiiîAXÎi i'i:i/K i»K 'Ji'.iku
2 I.AliiiK I'lM/KS tii" lu mil .n.m«i
I I.AItiiK I'lMZKSOK ... ."..mm jiiono
'J» I'KI/.KS I iK I.i»«»......
."iii •• .Mm
inn " :tno :tn.iMi
am " -Jini in.iioii
" inn.... ûi.uho
1,IKM> " .Kl. ... .'«II,I!
!'»• Approximation I'ri/.es of SJM Î it.!»*» I
pin •• lin in.iMi I
pm •• " 7.'> 7,-: —
.VJT'J Prizes, niununtim,' to S-Vi.'..'**)
Application for rates to chilis should lie in tide
only to the olliee of the Company in New Or
For Outlier information write clearly, eivini*
full address l'OM U, KWTtW. I .
Money order-or N'eu Votk Kxchninrc in ordinary
letter, rurruil'y hy expievs tai oar > xpeiiM.1) ad
dressed n. a. I» \ t ru in.
New llrli'iius, l.ii.
Or; .'I. A. IIAI I'lllX.
Washington, I*. i'.
Mako I'. I». )|oin»y dnlcrs jiatalilc ami
ailill'ess llppisferitl Letters In
KKW OKI.i: WS ,\ 1TION \ I. It WK
Neu Orleans, I.n.
Parlor Suits
Latest Designs and New Sluulos ul I'ov
Bed Room Sets!
Tin- I-ari^t Akx»rliiunt In tin- City, ami
all the I.ntCKt Si y It* from (lie Ix-iul
iiiK M.uiiifiu torirs.
2 Ifook-.Cases, Seiretarif*, Mantel Cah
iuris, Mirrors. Kattan Kock in»
Chairs. &<•.. &<•.,
Kaff«, l.inulruin. Oil ('luih». M imtnw Slimlr«,
l>«or Cut«. Ollununv Ar. \\r imite an
tiuli uf nur V» <i(HMlli.
nolTemc 1117 MAIN STRELT.
Jfor Salt.
Trustee's Sate of the Capitol Rink
l'orner of Markrt and Sixteenth Strwts,
in thf City of Wlw*!i»g.
By virtue of a deed or trüst mad
by John R. H and lan and William M. liana
Ian to mo as trustee, «iatcd on the 3d day of I>e
ceml*r. A. D. 1»<S, and recorded in the office of
the Clerk of the County Court of Ohio county,
W. Va., in deed of trust bonk number ii, j«age
MB.1 will «ell. at public auction, at the frout dour
of the Court House of Ohio county, on
commencing at Id o'clock a. m . the following
described property, that is to say: The "Capitol
Kink," situate on the corner of Sixteenth and
Market streets, in the City of Wheeling, Ohio
county. State of West Virginia, together with all
the fixtures pertaining thereunto, and appurte
nances thereunto belonging, and also the leases
of the ground u[«a which said Rink is situated.
TERMS OF SALE—One-half of the purchase
money .orso much more as the purchaser may elect
to be paid cash on the day of sale, and the residue
livable in six months with interest from day of
vile, the purchaser giving his notes with approved
personal security, and the title to be retained, or
deed of trust given as additional security.
jylTi J. D. EW1.NU, Trustee.
The above sale is adjourned until SATURDAY,
SKPTKMBER 4th, lv*». at 10 o'clock a. ra.
auitt J. D. EWlNii, Trustee.
io Ohio,City ot Wheeling. In the Municipal
Court of Wheeling.
Missouri 1. Ilrinton. an<l other»by 1
next Meodite. I jn chancery.
Marv J. Ootb and otheri J
Pursuant to the authority vested in him by two
decree* in above cause, one made Man-b 2U,
]nVi, and the other on January a>, IS*;, the un
der>i£ned Sœcial « "oinmissioner will «11, on
WKHNESDAY. Ji lA SfMfc. A. U. 1SS$.
Commencing at 10 oYUk k a. tu, at public auction,
at the fhuit d«*>r of the Court llouse of Ohio
county. West Virginia. in said city of Wheeling,
to the highest bidder, the real estate in said city
of u hich Mar}' S. ltr; n ion died seixed, that U to
The south half of lot No. 23 on the plot of the
addition commonly known as ••John fcoiTs Addi
tion." fronting on the west side of Market street
and licingtheuext lot north of the lot at the north
west corner of Twenty-sixth and Market streets,
less, however, so much of said half kit as w as
heretofore omveyed to one l'atrick Mctiahan by
-.»id Mary S. liriuton and hu»baud by deed dated
OctoU-r 19, lv;s, and now of record in the office
of the Clerk of the ttmnty Court of said county In
deed book .'lit, at twik'e CON. which part mi conveyed
is Imttndetl as follows: Ik-ginning at the south
west corner of the half lot on an alley and run
ning thence with the east side of the alley to the
northwest corner of said half lot; thence |>arall«*l
with the south line of the half lot 4J feet; thence
parallel with the west line to the south line
thereof, and from thence 4.' feet to the place ol
On the part of said lot to be sold there is a Rood
two-story brick dwelling house.
TERMS OF SA I.K —One-third of the pun-how
money .and so much more thenmfa* the purchaser
shall elect to |>ay, in «-ash on the day ot sale, the
residue thercttf payable in two Ojiial Instalment*
in one and two yean from the day of Kale with
iiilcrvst in>iu thin day; the pun baser to give his
notes for the defenvi payments. !<cariu»r interest,
with personal security thervin satisfactory to the
Stiecial t'ommiwioiier, and the title U» the prop
erty »old to Ik' retained until the j>aymcnt in full
of the purchase money.
alfred cai.dwkll,
Special ('oui misniouer.
State or West Vikgima, Coi'ntv or onto, City
or Wiiekusu:
I. Thomas M Darrah. t'lerk of said court, do
hereby certify that the almve nanus! sjH'ital
Commissioner has given imnd and security as
rcuuirvd by law and said di-crces
THOMAS M. l'A KR A H, Clerk.
Junc 'Ji, I W'. Ju»
The almve sale is imstpoiied until Tilt hsuav,
(KToitKK II, !•<>»•. at same place.
S|iecial Commissioner.
Ohio. City ot Wheeling. In the Municipal
I 'ourt ot \\ heeling.
William C. Iliiiidlan. Sheriff of]
Ohio county, \\ est Virginia, and
Administrator ol John Ilrinton, I j|( ciiant'ery.
Fanny Ilrinton and others. ,
Pursuant to the authority v«"»t«sl In hint by «
deeree in the atiovc entitled cause, made on the
:tlst day of May, Isstl, by said c«wrt, the under
signed Sia-cial t'otiiiiilssiolicr will sell, «hi
Wrdgrsday, the ,'stk Hay of July, K. I». IHKS.
Commencing at lu o'clock a. tu., al publie aitc
tloi:, at the Iront door of the Court Holls«' ol « >hlo
county, Wert Virginia, in said city of wheeling,
lo the highest bidder, tin' real estate ill wild city
of which said John Ilrinton died scixed and
lmsscsst-d, that is to «ay:
l.ot No. Jt on the plat of tin- addition commonly
know n as "John Eoffs Addition," which lotis
nt the northwest corner of Market and Twenty
sixth streets, les*a portionofsueh lot heretofore
veyed lo Patrick Mctiahotl by said John Itrlu
ioiI mid wife bv de«■•I «latctl October If. lsiW, hikI
now of rccoril iu the office of the clerk of the
County t 'ourt of said county lu Ik*c«l Hook .VI, at
page «ils, such jHirtioii l«elng Umndcd as follows
Commencing at the southwest connrr of said lot
ut the coriiH- of Twenty-sixth strv«-t ami the alley
in the rear or the lot, ami running thence lu an
easterly direction m ith the north side of Twciit*
sixth street fortv-lwo feet; thence in a northerly
direction back from Twenty-sixth strc«'t parall.il
» ith said alley lo the north line of said hit.
thence running forty two feet lo tin' east line of
said alley, and fmm thence w Ith the cast line of
-aid allev to the place of iMKlnning.
AIxi the undivided one tourtli «if so much of
the xnith half of lot Noil In the same addition
lining the next lot north «if said lot 21 and fniut
nit; on the west side of Market street), a* it h it
after deducting from such half lot the |«irt thereof
colivt y cd to-aid Mdiaholi by said deed, which
part is hounded as follows: Beginning at tin1
-< ml h w«-st corner <ir the hair lot on an alley and
ruuiiiiiK then«'«' w ith the east side «ir the alley to
the northwe-t corner of of said half lot, thence
parallel with the south line «if the hair lot 4- reel
thence parallel with the west line to the Ninth
line thereof, and from thence 4.' feet to the place
of beginning.
Ott said jmrtlon or lot »I to la* sold then' I*
erected aooiiblc tcin'iiiclit brick house, twosto
ries hiKh. the north side being a dwelling and
the south side at tli" corner of Tarent) sixth and
Market street bavin* a store moin on thelirst
lli.ir and the rest ortlie h«»use lielug a dwelling,
and on the part of said hair lot to !*• said there
i-a two »tory brick dwelling. Said pnijicrty I*
cxceedinglv desirable.
TERMS (')F SA I.E. —One-third «if the pun ha»«
moiicv.and as much morcthen-of a« tin- inircha*er
shall elect to pay, cash in build «hi duy of sale, and
the residue thereof payable in two oiiial install
in. lit- in one and two year» from the day of sal«-,
with iuieri-st from that da). the pu it hast r tOfhw
his notes for the deferred pavlliclit», bearing inter
est, with J* nmiial M-4'iirity tficreoii satisfactory lo
tli« Special < Vnninlaiiont r.aiid the title to the prop
i-riv stddlo Im- retained until the fiayment III rull
of ihe pun-hase inouey.
S|ie«'lal « oinuiiMtiouer.
-TATK nr WWT VllMilMA, <"Of>TV Of OHIO, ('ITT
I, TIioiiiuk M liarmh, f'lork of »«1<I Court, ilo
! I < r. ■ ( •. il rtifv (liul ilv ul*ivi; nainiil .-(»iiul
I'.iiiiiiiiwiiiiii r lui* (flvfii Imnil mill weuiity a* rv
■ iiiirfl l«y law uihI mil'l •li i rttv
1 iloM AS M. I'AKICAll, (Irrk.
Jiiiic jr., IWi. JiiM
>'l lie hIovi-Kclr I» until TiICRaIUT,
CM TOUCH It, Ifflft, at »»mi- lilafl'.
.cpii liil ('oiiimlniuiitwr.
«(•tall J).iprr. Oerorations, (It.
rs, Borders&Ceiiino Decorations
Blank Books and Stationery.
Tin' \jirwf\ Stork anil Ort-atr*t Varlrtjr.
•v»li| retail at wboli-Mlr price* by
Jos. Graves & Son,
TrlrpkMf U 173. frUT
CAMTAL »100,000
Iri«»irr-« araiii>t )<»• orilatnaiff fin-ami U^bt
niiit;. all I lurm-i «.f <!•—iral>l*- \>r>i*ny. Aim in
«un.- on tin.- W {«tern * atrr».
omeut* :
J S VA VCR. Prwlilmt.
JAM Kn P. ADA MM, A>n-t»iit ricrrrtâry.
J. ». V**» r. il. Rjcii-I.t.
L. V.. Stipei, J. If. lion*.
W. ritünui.
2152 and 2154 Main Street
Baltimore and ohio railroad com*
pany. On and after August 16, 18M, pttMOger
trains will run as folk>w^-W heeling time :
! I-eave«—
1 Wheeling
. Bellaire
Arrives at—
I Grafton ——
! Cumberland......
1 Washington City.
I Baltimore.
A. If,
P. M
6 40
r. u.
4 00 8 20j
6 56,
10 45;
7 10
r. M.
12 30
7 00
P. V.
5 25
6 20
7 »
•DATIr except Sunday.
No. Si. No iT and î«o. M «lop at all «tatton».
wist Bovsn.
-i ; -f
c'a j co
v. 1 v.
Arrive« at—
Sanduaky )
St. Louis.
« \5 4 00 9
9 It» 4 40 10
I p. .
7 15 12 I» 10 0^
1 20( 10 50
J 2 40 11 »
U JV * W, » «
_7| «» 1 »55
J 11 OO 7 05) 12 M
». I ML ' F. *.
2ft 7 to 10 30
06 9 W 1106
- 1 1 1. M.
1 It
A. IL,
0 50. 4 00! 7 30
A. K. P. ,
! 7 301 6 45|
L i 5 40 » UUj
6 CO
6 »
Kansas City. 1 j P. M. I 8 SO 9 Of
St. Clairiville accommodation, leave« Wheel •
in* at 8:35 a 1.4) and <> 00 p. in.; leavea Bell
aiie at 9:10 a m„ 2:28 and 6:35 p. ui. Returning,
arrive« at Wheeling at 8;li a m., 1:35 aud 5:45 p.
in daily except Sunday.
10 :w p. m train through to Cincinnati without
chaugv, v»ith sleeper through lo Cincinnati.
Zanesville Accommodation leave« Wheeling at
41» p. in , Bellaire at 4:15 p. m., daily except Sun*
Moundsville Accommodation leave« Wheeling
at 11:35 a m. and arrive» at Mouudsville at 12:15
p. in , daily except Su inlay.
Grafton Aewmmodation leave« at 3:'Ä p. in.
Through coach from Wheeling lo Cincinnati
daily on AO. 3. leaving Wheeling at 9:25 a. m, ar»
riving at Cincinnati at 6:50 t> in.
B X O. sleeping car« on all though train«.
(low connection made for all point» South and
Southwest, North and Northwest, making IhU A
desirable nHite for colouisu and persona moving
m the great west, and to whotn particular alten
lion iv given.
Tickets to all principal |«'int* on «ale at denat.
Sleeping car accimiUHslatloii* can besei-urvd at
iK'isH Ticket Office.
T. a Bl'KKK.
Ticket Agent B A O. Ik pnt.
Tirkct Agent. n*der McLure Urn*-.
JOHN T I.ANK. Trnv I "avenger Agent.
K. U»UU. Gen 1'a.Mi. Agent.
H. T. BKVKIKS. General Agent. Wheeling.
X Cleveland and l'tiisl.urg R. K.
Condi used turn-table of (MUMUgcr train« cor
re< led u> Al'G 1ST K 1W>-Central Standard
KTATIONK. A. M A. * A. M. P. M P. *.
lieltalr«* ft 00 * «•'» >0 Ofti « «» 1 Oh
liri.Uvi«»rt 6 1.' H > 10 IT 4 1-' 1 17
Martin « ri IT)- 5 IS H ft'. 10 2ft 4 S» l 2ft
llrilllant ft 4¥ » 13s 10 V. 4 £, 1 [A
stculrnviii« 1 ® Of' t ® II 12 ft li I 2 11
Toronto 6 ,11 M iï- 2 »
Km |>i rx* I 6 3.Ü '1 U &
Y«'llow I "reck ] « 47! 11 Mi f- «' 2 «
\Vell»vill«» 7 10 12 tf. Ii I04 3 14
KaM Liverpool* 7 \X ~ l'i &'•
K<« )if«ter H 10 1 at
Allegheny S ^
rillolitirK ! 1 Of»' I 'J
AIIIhiiiv „....! 10 aft .
Kaveitna II 2# ...... i—.—
IIikI-oii .*| II
4 A)
ft Ut
... .. It 27
N'ewI'«iy. „1 12 Jul........ I f'04
Cleveland I I W m ......... 6 V>
Kr*TloN*. A. M A. M. A. M. P. " P «
llellalre 1 ft 00... 10 Of.
ft 12 10 17
Martiiis Kerry... il« 10 & 3 M 13
r. m
Yellow <*iwk fi 47 Il M f> ft» 2 ftO
WelUvillo ...I 6W U 1ft «110 3 lb
Itayard 10 1:1 .I.V..» '
Alliance. M 4<> 4 v. « 16
p. «.(
«'anion I M ft *7 ft »7
Mitwlllioii I I .'»'>■ I h tu' ; ft ft2
Mwmfidil I " » ON m in
«'rvMllne .' ft 2ft' ■ H X * *'»
l.iiua i II II 11 I'»
A. M. I *. H.
KortWavtie .' I I'.'«.« 112
t III. !«*. ft au ....^.1 « 20
All train» • I a 11 > <• set-|«| Sunday.
Train* leaving Itrfiltieporl ai i 17 |> m (I 99 rlljr
Inno« nrrnf lit Clilt-aipi at «• .HI ft .Mom in«looming.
Train* h aw-ileveland for Wheeling ai « lia.
in , li:lllp. in . arriving alft.HNp in ami 7:42 p in.
Leave I'lrvt'laiul II 101>. in., arrive at I« ridge
iM<rt al 7 lft a in.
«Jen. l'a««, ami Ticket Agent, l'ltul«tirr l'a
««•'lierai Uaiimivr. Pill»l>nrv. l'a
» »
on un.I after May an. I*"* paa*o«mcr train« «aIII
nui a» follow» W lul l ng tnne :
Kor I'UlM.nr* fttt'ta in . dally ; 7 3fta m , dally ;
I :t'< |> in ami ii W |> in . ilally.
Kor M it»hlngton 4 .'ai I». ni ,'lally eiiej^ Sun
• lay.
Kroni Itdkbuiv n hi . dail) . II Jf. a m.
and 6:20 ii m.. «dally ; IIISp m <lally.
Kront Washington * Ji* m ,daily eirv|»t Hun •
• lay . 10 'A l> m . «liaiI>
«'. k I.oltl», «ien< ral rawncr A rent.
H Id' N II A M lien« ml Manne r
J T. I A.VK, Traveling Aicvnt. V*'li.♦III*.
Thin tlnu' tal»l«' eorr»-<-t<'<| tu Mar aoih law.
Train« leave l'an Handle Htatlou. f«nK of Kle» •
etil Ii near |Mil»lle IniidlliK, M follow* 4'en
trai standard Time wlili h I» V> Minute* «lower
than WIdh'IIiik time :
l»al)y liaily A«"
l'a«« fa»» «Htm
Ixve - a ». P.«.} A.n.
Wins'line, W. Va (• i'> S 2T» a Ii
iu-i.w.»r. 4» .'<i i *i • ai
MooihUvIIU} 7 10 4 rv ».a»
«'larliiKlon 7 47 4 •» II ttl
freak* î S 4 Wj 1110
p. ■.
New Martlnnvlll«' * !■'> 12»
-itr. 11 - " /■ • I I ' "
(•l«ter> I Ile a 42, ft ST» I ai
Krleiidly (Matumora«).... * '*> ■> 1 •*'»
Hi Mary. , * '£• « !•'« » 1»
William «town (MarletU) 10 V- 7 «I» 4 S)
Arrive -
I'arkeraburx, W Va 10 i'. 7 an « 00
I »ally I »*H> Ar*
I'mp I 'am fim.
N-mve— a. N r H am.
I'arkrrvtairK 6 Hi *a» ( II
WllllaiiivUtwn (Marietta; f. :*i ( » i »
Ht. Mar)i. 7 JO 4 Mr, » A
Primitiv (MaUtnoraa) ? V> & £t 10 f*i
MtaMmrlltt < 'J> '•* &• 11 l'»
r m.
' * <r, r, so Iiv,
,\>w MarUtuvllU* * IV 4 Vi 12 W
Praetor • «8 «17 I I.'»
Clarftirtoii * ♦.'< C Si I 4«
M'Hiii'Uvill« » no 7 10 4 00
Hrnwmat » SO 7» 4*.
Wheeling. io a. 7 4b 4 V»
P*wnip r train* «lalty. liK-ltnlIng H'imUv. Ar*
nuiiiiKKUtUm train» run «lallr «•m i* Kinxlay.
» J. KoIilXMO*.
'k-ncral frvlrht an<1 l'aw» u*»-r A cent.
Trar l'a** Agriit.
Tlckct Afrnt, Wlwrllnt W. Vl
L (Pan-Handle K/iuu)
Tim* tat.I# t«r Kart an j W««t rorrert*<| In tm*>
'S>, 1«« Train« Irate l'an H»fi«lU* «atlun, lint
iff Kl^rrntli rtrKct, iw-ar landing, a* fullowa
< Vntral -i*iwlar>l Tint :
I'ltta Km* VaA I'ar
Cfp i Kip'» Kip'i Kip»
I />«ve— W h*e I i n f.
Arrive WelWiur*..
PlUaburg y
KaltiI —...
Ne* V«*I
i ■
« Z»
7 V,
» 40
1 »0
4 r.
7 «0
n X, 2 M » O.
I IS 2 V» K 40
•IV. '■>■» » OS
>2* i
A. ■ A. ■.
1 10 i X.
i fc*
.1 t a»
4 r- i X» _
7 Ou » (V ,
r. ■ r. ■. I
2 0» 3 JAà
tuniu, tur
ilK-aniHeati Ar
I Elp JlfeJI |CM*I
Arrlvr ritrul^nrillr
I 'j>liimbu* -
I ituinnatl. ..
*. Iy»U
All trmlna «tally eiray* Htiwtajr.
PallMi'i PaWe fio*t or HKH *><*£<{*
' Cap ibrnofb «Ubfmt chinp* m*» iwwa»TlniL
*«i«-*—■-tasftte ***
General Hawser. Ptttt!«®, Pa.
i * oJrK» ndThiii

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