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NO. 62
I SöLT HKlti HT lOt
inMwral —Aa Intarrinr With
I Wsich He &xpressas
Jaigf Branaoa'j Kl«e
H .-Nu ùuxlidavf.
H x. September »>. -A in»
J lii' t ( «»I. Bn. Wilson
H kplMtl the pup to kin
9 ««wk "I iiic OHMentie
I'.'infMlK«! in the Fir*t l>i»
I Khumiian, '"that
I Ix« Il nominated for
(Vl m w.ii old district.
■ tu sty aboutit?"
I ludjte Bnum .t> 1
I • . • it hi:«r««I Mr haae or
■ ot tk(B hod IWoàTcd
m now I iateid to dn
■ lo wwc ladgt
H t< »l •"
„ !.«■ ••it.uul.v will I*-. Krön»
I ii I hare the IIhmnncj
I to >• <1<< ui tin
H -'.m..! hy mihi lVici<|>
■ 1 Ilplal.it« ml s , t
H in the < oorentioo.
■ .nuh,I.it.- ud
■ »ot i in- nomination,
1 nouiiuation <>t —nir mm
I .i pahhiAtd raid
H <i «ith \>bon 1 tm
1 i letter to t lif Chairman
9 tt.'mh I had MipiKMtti
I «ad to tbe roovtuiion
■ » i> name in conm <
'il ?iu* »Mu iww « ■*.
i l>\ h-ttcr* Iruiu Irienib in
; , ^ t.. i t\ was not U«•ih' until alter
- h.ill l>< i il taken. I ^-nt
i this I« ttei l>\ mail. ooe
ihf< «invention and uw
law >lr. Brow u.
lu h«* « ihi\eution I
nai ii.il t Ii.m m.hi
. . i .In t the nomination?"
^ v.! « \ \ i 'I :• \ i c.
i»l ihly know. i he
the Iiutmnawnt,
it w hat are know ■
. 1 aims, was assignai
- .. i! months apon thi>
uuhei "i raaes readj
t« mot'l'ourt commencing
•a otiu-r Mlurwy iW the Uov
i'ml'.iriAil himself with the
, v • ■ ». ;•>«• Imt you?"
i. i^.».i why you ilnl not
i«.!it!i< u'<|»iil«ii«-.ius uiuuiuate in
I uns t.i kihiwiuj», but I
■ i- M llul»l«tuil <>i Itoveii
I .Mr. ( ampltell, ul°
■ *e annonnred,
• km! ».<>lV will not run under auy
. >11 * link.Kraunon will Ik
« .«! hi> op|M»uyut may
• .i: iio. 11«- lias a lair margin ot'
. n..|r«i| \oles m Iiis la vor and the
i ..!n|tn t» >l this lull so as
. > !:i!! I'.irl v Mteugth out. "
■ k n i ui .» man is Judge Bran
ii.i ^.»mI ability, was au ex
I . i i >\ \ <•:. .iii.l w ithal
Milt in tlii- Stair'.'"
in i. • majority
. l'itint tin
■ I. <1 I'V tin- !*<■
■v in-""
.•t».:f^\i r. on the contrary 1
il- n i^ J I H-mocratic majority.
- • u. i|i> not intend to take auy
• 1 an ! tlo not intend to let
- ili i.i U isi Virginia Ik* turn
l: ;»'iMirai» |>.irty by de
I i if f ioii n m: \n non.
•• i. Ii .1 ||„. I.it,. (tor >f\t <'ou
; K'sMitait.
I V » g //
■ '"h:i Hraiiiutii, whose pitta*
jln.w, I lu- i undulate »4* the
• |.;i!(y of tin* First Colicres
i'.>u»« t. w I n.iti\r of Frederick
'■ , H- hau resided in Wea
• uu!v. v\li«-r«' he tirst coo>
; .« lu«-ol* the law in
•i ii iiH tion i:i hi.s profession. !
■vw elected hv the voters ol
• t" tiu- Hons*- ol" IVleçites ol
:i UmIv lit- t«>ok a hiçh
il- v..«.-« re-elected in 1*0."», in
> '• «niest ol' the Dnuoiwy
*■' . Soilnu/s. Ju that föntest
Kih»« Sothinir*. he on
i hi- bathing denunciation
Mn.tHs .plinst them I
l.iiii-. It iIm* plaudits ol' the
hi 1- -T. Ik- was elected hv
then Sénatorial district.
'• <»: V irginia at a time in its
A ' ilut ImmIv »as distinguished
' ..itiliiv of lU members.
■ ■ <«t It - :iI—ï intitsluitiott io that
» !uit tnan of the Com- i
ni" , and took and tuain
'1 ;>• tin- linancia) legislation
In it he wart conspicuous
effect yre legislator.
'* •« <l<<ted Judge ol the Sixth
"u r> it uf <mr State. He served
a.id ii)«hi iu expiratiou de
•' i-aiidubte. Ho wan voted
i»--j»!*-. Iiuttrvif, to continue in
; ' tr>* *\eat the tlien Judicial ar
-»• 'ÎHsild not In ï ll im<d and he
i. «.«ï a niiauimous vote of both
7, '' known and recognized as
, J,|''^t jurist« of the State.
ir the bench ho has been
,:--»s<h1 in his profession—chiefly
. ami intricate cases iu the
t * p^'ate Hit-, Judge Brannon stands
t.:!m" estimation of his lellow eiti
V 's '"-uwrr .V» i public official has
i. lwn« to hinwlf ami satislac
" <* !*«>ple he represented.
A Nul Arridt'lt.
^ in fV kfjutrr. • I
, Nt * <•» MUEULAXD, W. Y A., September
'"•Hie. eklest son of Captain John
while oot hunting near his home
Î* ^^riKjwo u.ukntallv shot
''-ish the brad, dying instantly.
SU^ht Shock» Shock* Still Felt But Caune
No Great Alarm.
Chajrlxstov, S. C., September 9.—The
city is quiet to-day, though the idea of
absolute immunity from danger was rudely
dispelled by a smart but innocuous shock
of an earthquake letwwn one and two
o'clock this morning. Shelter has been
pretty well provided lor all the homeless,
hut the expected rains will cause much
suffering. Ratious are being issued to all
persons who are recommended by any re
putable citizen known to the Relief Com
mittee. Charleston will also turuish ra
tions in some way to destitute
peisous at Summerville and Mount
Pleasant. There are rumors that
• negroes will flock here in the hope ol
living in ulleuess and that cotton fields
and truck farms will lie deserted, but this
nnot likely to last if it begins as great
Cains are taken to prevent loafers from
takiug :idvantage of the destrihution of
food by the relief Committee. The Hoard
of Engineers are at work. They report
that the parapet of the western portion of
the Custom House is seriously damaged
I ami its repair w ill enrolve considerable
S expense but the building is sale aud h:is
sustained uo other injuries. The Post
| Office is seriously damaged
and Mr. Speir would advise an
' instant removal were there any available
1 buildings procurable. It will Ik* propjied
1 up temporarily and rendered safe.
The old t lut» House, ou Meeting street,
is an entire wreck and will lie pulled down.
Prof. Mctiee, of the L'uited States (ieo
i logical Survey, in a letter published to-day
! says: "1 desire to reiterate my tiriu con
I viction that there is uot the slightest
danger of tidal waves, volcanic «eruptions
or other catastrophic disturbances. . There
is every probability that slight shocks
ought to lie regarded as favorable indica
tions rattier than otherwise, as they indi
cate that the accumulating stresses to
which the emthquake is so far due, are
relieved from time to time.
An Ktc-Wiluc«' Account of the MNerv
Atteiiiliiig the Karthquake.
Nku Yokk. September9.—At the meet
ing ol* the Charleston Relief Committee of
the Chamber of Commerce to-day, Mr.
Clyde, of the t'hde, Charleston line re
ported that the Captain of the Delaware,
who waM au eye-witness to the scene < of
sufferiug aud misery during the tirst four
»lays of the earthquake at Charleston, de
scribed the misery a* touching ill the ex
lreiue. The Captain said that hilt one
half ot the particulars hail been published.
The general aeeount had Uvu published,
hut it did not »täte the ways in which the
potple sutler. The people well-to-do hav
ing plenty ol stores ami supplies on hand,
were out of their kitchens
aud cellars by the »langer attending any en
trance into the dwellings, heuce there were
delicately nurtured people, without food
and hall" naked, forced to remain out, ex
posed to the deadly night air. For tour
days the Delaware lay in the liarltor, her
Captain had his ship lull every night of
sufferers. He fed all he could during the
daytime. The great need now was money
to buy supplies of food.
The Tent Committee reported that the
Acting Secretary of the Navy had notified
them that there was a large amount of con
demned canvas on hand in the Depart
ment which would Ik-at the dispisalofthc
committee. The Mayor of Charleston
will be notified at once of this tact. .Mr.
V. U. Moore was added to the sub-Com
iuittee on Charleston Sufferers and made
chairman. Additional subscriptions i>f
were reporte«! to-day, making the
Th«* naif*- of Walnut Hills Says Spirit*
tli« (Juakr.
Cincinnati, 0., Heptemlier ».— James
M. Swornisted, the noted Holy Prophet, of
Walnut Hills, in an interview to-day,
states that the recent earthquake was caused
by hud »(puits in the bowels of the earth.
They are intelligent an met), and have com
plete knowiedge of the uses of dvuaiuite,
powder, etc. They have Iteen tryiug to
blast a jKissage to the surface of the earth,
and thu^ •■scajie from coming«'. The ex
plosions incident tu these operations have
cause«! the earthquakes. "I have foretold
this phenomenon. It is a sign of the end
of the Christian age. The t'uited States
will tie destroyed within two years, and
all lb** wicked jM-opIe will die and the
others will no to Palestine." says Sworin
Hum Lewi« t'ouulr Takts the t'amliilai')'
of .ludif.' Itraniiou.
Spti iiU l\n rt tfj-inlt H'Y fh* RnjiMo'.
Weston, W. Va., September î». —I-ist
uight in Weston reminded oue of "cam
paign times." Finster *s news depot was
crowdeti with peopl«', all eager to «ateli on
to the balloting at Clarksburg. When the
news of .1 udgw Branuou's nomination was
telephoned lu re the excitement ran high.
Kight lie re let us say that Krannon is ten
tinu-s stronger iu Lewis county than he
was two years ago. It will put a quietus
on the dear iieucral's slim majority of
that year. This time, that staunch and
influential Democratic newspaper.the Wes
ton lkmut ritt, will see him through. The
"chestnut of 1884" wil! prove too hard lor
our friends, t!fe enemy.
Every preparation was made to give
Judge Brannou a royal welcome on his ar
rival here; bands ot music and a great
crowd were there to meet him. The dis
appointment at his uou appearance was in
a degree mitigated by a well-timed and
eloquent speech from W. (!. Beunett,
Esq., Chairman of the District Committee.
Everybody here is coutident ol' Bran non's
elect ion this time.
Tbc M,»)tluwcr au<i liaUtr» Kalkul by »
New Volk. September 9.—There are
plenty oi'disappointed yachtsmen in NVw
York to-ui^ht, tor the second nice of the
International series ha« been postjioned
tili Saturday. Alter sailiujj lu a tirsh
breeze from the wwtwanl for four hours
au«l in a light breeze from the saiue
quarter for two hours more the Mayflower
and OalaU-a with ai» accoiujKtnyiiig tleet of
nearly It*» vessels were entcluprd in a
thiek ft»« ten miles east of the Sandy Hook
light ship and were compelled to postpone
the race. When the Mayflower rouuded
the "outer mark." twenty miles <sist of
Scotland light ship, at the
Italatea was noi in sight from
that point. The Mayflower had
out sailed her on every tack from the start,
both carrying the s^me sail iu a breeze
that wasstuniy, from aboqt east with oc
casional rain squall* ami a moderately j
heaxy swell from that quarter. Tb» May
flower could not have finished the race in
the alloted time of seven Lours, even if the
weather had remained clear.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrnp for chil
dren teething, is the prescription of one ol
the best female nantes and physicians in
the United States, and has been used for
forty years with never failing inw by
millions of mothers for their children.
Daring the process of teething its value ig
incalculable. It relieves the child from
pain, cares dysentery and diarrhtsa, griping
in the bowels and wind colic. By giv
ing health to the child it rests the mother.
Price 25e. a bottle.
I For Congress in the Second District at Kejser—B
is Nominated on the First Ballot With But
Eight Votes Against Hire—Wormy
Chestnuts of Résolutions.
1 -
' Special TtUt/raM to the Rfj/iMrr.
I Kkyser, W. Va., September 9.—1
! small crowd of spectators assembled ii
Johnson's Hall this morning to look ou a
I the doiugsof the Republican Congreasiona
Convention of the Second district whicl
met there to nominate a candidate tor t'on
gress. It was a useless formality, uu<
every body seemed to think so. Ther
was a notable lack of enthusiast]
! and the delegates voted listless!'
tor the first man put up, am
voted in a body. Judge Flick had oub
eight votes against him on the first ballot
He was the best man the convention couh
have nominated in a hopelessly Democrat
ic District. The speeches were dreary po
litical chestnuts and provoked no applaiiM
I to speak of.
N. X. HotVman, Chairman of the Repuh
lican Congressional Committee of the Sec
! ond District, called the Convention to or
I der. Hou. J. Marshal Hagaus, of Motion
I galia, was made temporary Chairman am
• îeorge S. Goshorn, of Grant county, editoi
I South Ihatuh HazetU, temporary Secretary
The following committees were ap
I pointed :
i On Permanent Organization, lias is o
1 Representation, Credentials, Resolutions
I when the coonventiou adjourned until I
[ p. m.
I ( iniii reassembling and calling for tin
report of the committees, the Committc*
( on Permanent Organization reported tlit
tem|iorary organization as the permanent
also all the Republican editors were mailt
I Assistant Secretaries. *
Ut-port of the Committee on Credential;
was read anil adopted.
The Committee ou Basis of Ueprcüenta
11 ion, made the following report: That
each committee lie entitled to one vote, toi
every fifty votes ca»t for Maxwell, or frac
tion thereof.
Basis of Representation—Barliour
I Berkeley i!T, tirant IT, Hampshire H,
Hard.v »>, Jefferson 19, Marion PJ, Mortui
KS, Monongalia l*J, Mineral '.!(>, I'cndletoi
; 11. l'restoii .V». Randolph 12. Taylor
Tucker IT.
Executive Committee, viz.—M. F. Hall,
V. S. (.!. Fitzger. A. C. Shun, W. K. Slon
aker, J. W. Dufly, ti. W. '/. I'.lack, Capt.
H. I». Hamline, J. K. Whitford, R. K,
Past, F. M. Reynolds, t«. W. Kagle, Win.
M. t>. Dawson, 1). R. Baker, ti. W. Brown,
M. V. Miller.
While the convention were waiting on
the Committee on Resolutions, J.J. Nut
gall In-ing called upon madea kind of a
asserting that the Republican and not flu
third party was the one to rid the laud oi
intemperance, and that it was nut a ques
tion for us to decide, as Republicans here
to-day, hut to nominate a man that couhl
carry this district to-day agaiust the Fret
Trade Lfemucrat, W. L. Wilson; to nomi
inatea man who would work lor the ln-st
interests of his constituents, and surely the
men of this district don't want any free
trade, tiive us a good Kepuldican heri
to-day and with theijlM)disapjx>intcd Dem
ocrats, we can and will carry this district.
The gentleman stated he w:ls a prohibition
Republican, hut this had nothiug to dti
with this convention here to-day.
Mr. F- M- Reynolds being called upon,
said he had nothing to say upon the ques
tion* hut said there weri; other material
interests tliat should engage the attention
of the people; that this State hail a very
had government; that this State was so
discriminated against by the railroads, and
from the Democratic party, represented by
a railroad Senator, was in no shape to
obtain reitn-sn hoi» the p4rty in power:
that the Democratic jkirty said they were
fora tari ft* for revenue only, by that they
meant they were for the oH'hts only.
.Mr. Ilunuan, of tirant county, said the
Demo« ratir party had been ii) |K»wer but
eighteen months, but long «liough to show
they were a» utter failure, showing the
suffering now iu the country as the result
of a Democratic Administration, and stat
iug that a low tariff never had failed to
tuata b»rd times.
Ufcsoi.t Ti«»\s.
The Committee on Resolutions then re
I>orted the following resolutions which
were adopted :
/.7no/i\</, that we deplore the defeat ol
Jau»c-5 O. lîlajne and the election of Urover
Clevebnd as 8 national calamity :
R<s,»ltvd, that we unqualifiedly cotplemn
the actum of the President of tlj< I'niied
Stat«*s in vetoing the many hills passed by
the hist Congress for the relief of the brave
soldiers wounded, maimed and dis.»Med in
the struggle for the preservation of the
RrsolrtJ, That we believe iu the protec
tion of Ainericau industries as a principle
and ate opposed to all national legislation
tending in the dueitiou ul" fax* trade, and
therefore condemn the vote given by tut
Democratic Representative in Congress
from this district in favor of the measure
known as the Morrison Free Trade bill.
AYw Jrfti, That inasmuch as the
«viirL-infriiiun is of imaiter importance than
the work, w» uro opposed to any und all
measures thai wonl»! tiiwl tu pja;je tin*
holiestandjintelligent laborers oi thia couu
try ou a level with the pau)ier laltoruf
Kurope. We lielieve il is the first »Iiities
oi'the government to take care of its own
citizens, ;uitI that it nmy do this effec
tual)}*, jt must protect the lah«>riug class,
thtbout. uuJ s;i;ew of the nation from
luuious competuiou. i o this t-inl it is the
duty ol* Congres« to protect the
the laborer from the greed ot soulless,
grasping corjtorat ions. by legislating
against the importation of {tauper laUir
from foreign lands.
Rttulretl. That we believe it to Ik- a duty
imposed pu Congress to regulate comment
lietwecn ihö .States. and we deiqand the
passage of the I'ulolm bill as anjendetJ. so
that the people may be relieved from the
burden of uujust discrimination in freight
rates imposed by the great railroad corp<H
rations of tlie country, and the railroad cor
porations inhibited fruuj charging a higher
rate for a short haul than for a loug one;
aud we deprecate and condemn the ait ion
of the Democratic majority in Congress in
refusing to graut to the people the relief so
much desire»! and needed.
Rrwlml, Hut we dentin»! that the right
of American tishermeu in Canadian waters
to be maintained by our government with
dignity and f.rmms', and we comlemn the
cringing attitude of the present administra
tion in dealing with the important ques
Atto/irr/. That the public domain is the
heirtage of the American people, and
therefore we are in favor of issuing patents
for the public lands to actual settlors, citi
zens or intending citizens only. We be
lieve that from this time non-resident
aliens, aud especially non-resident alien
corporations should be prohibited from ac
quiring title to land in this country.
Rewimi, That we deplore the .'act that
a IJeuiocnUic majority in Congres? defeat
ed the Blair Educational bill, and we de
mand that it or a lifce measure be rastd
by the next Congrats.
Kexo/r*d, That we are in favor of the pro
jection of the wool-growing interest by the
' restoration of the tari ft' of 1867, or it
■ equivalent. •
j ' being in order. \Vm. West, of Monongalia
pat in nomination X. X. Hoffman, of Mo
I nongalia.
A. G. I)aytou, of Barbour, put in nouii
nation the name of W. H. H. Flick, c
Berkeley, amid loud cheers.
John Xelson Wisner, of Berkeley, wa
put in nomination by Professor Clifton
(colored), of Berkeley, in a lengthy speech
Joseph .Mili um, of Taylor, secondai th
nomination of Judge Flick. Mr. Hofl'mai
I declined in lavor of Judge Flick, when th
II convention proceeded to balloting, with th
t ! following result:
I Flick:—Barbour 26, Berkeley 37, Gran
I 17, Hampshire n, Hardy tî, Jefferson 19
1 j Marion 4"J, Morgau 8, Mineral 10, Monon
• galia 12, Pendleton 14, 1'reston 55, Kau
1 dolph 12, Taylor 20, Tucker 17.
Wisner:—Morgan 8.
üu motion of Mr. Hetzell, of Morgan. tb<
j nomination of the Judge was made unaui
i mous.
Uu motion a committee of three was ap
r j )x»inted to couduct Judge Flick to tin
j hall.
: >»u l>eing presented tu the convention, sai<
I he felt that he had l»een in this case draft
ed, but there was one benefit in beinj
' ( drafted,that he was here as the work of n<
clique or faction; that his opponent, Mr
. j W. L. Wilson, was a scholar, a gentleman
j and a statesman; and that he expected m
! mud throwing iu this campaign; that Mr
j Wilson ltelonged to a factioi
of the Democratic jiarty thai
I frw trade element, that was opposed U
, the best interests of the people of this dis
trict; that he was op|iosed to jobbing ir
any form; that lie belonged to that part)
■ that were in favor of protecting the dignity
of American labor against all fort igu labor
• that he appreciated Mr. Wilson in that h<
was a true man; that it wonld l»e no dis
grace tobe defeated by him; to defeat hin
! would Im* a glorious victory. .
. A sketch of lliu l.ite ot the Hepublirai
C'HiKlidate of the Seeontl District.
I S/w^ul Telegram h the Rajuster,
Ki'VSKit, W. Va., Seplcndier 9.—Wil
( liani Henry Harrison Flick, tlw Republi
can nominee lur 0'ougiu.vi in the Second
! district of West Virginia, was horn in Car
! roll county, Ohio, in 1*11. His lather
was a farmer. He worked on the fariu
1 until the breaking out of the war
He received only a common school educa
tion with the exception of a short term at
Hiram, Ohio, \\ lion under the late Presi
dent (iarlicld, and lie taught in a district
; school one term ltefore the war. He en
listed as a private in the Forty-lirst Kegi
| meut O. V. 1., under Col. W. B. Hazen,
I "Old Probabililics,"' and was hadly
wounded at the Battle ot' Shi loh and alter
a partial recovery was put on the recruit
ing service l'or a trine, i»ut was honoiably
discharged on account of |termanent dis
ability. In l8'K5 lie taught school
and bv the advice of (ieneral
Uarliehl read law until Hii."» when he was
admitted to the bar and began practice at
Mooreljeld, in this State, lje went from
there to Pendleton county ami was elect
ed to the Legislature from that county in
Ht»*: again in HUM, ami at that session
introduced what is known as the famous
"Flick aniendinent;"lie wasdefeated lor the
State Senate by Hon. H. (J. I »avis in 1*70;
appointed Prosecuting Attorney for («rant
connu* io ïN 111) a vacancy, and in
the same year was elected to the same of
fice in Pendleton county, defeating the
Democratic nominee for the otlice by a
large majority; resigned in 1874 and re
moved to Martinsbmg and continued his
i practice llieie, and w.u defeated for the
; Supreme Court of Appeals iu 1KT6.
He was elected Prosecuting Attorney of
Berkeley county in 1 8*0 ami resigned iu
! iMtfi to accept the appointment of Fnited
i States District Attorney for West Virginia
I made by Pre*idem Aithur, which oltiee he
1 held very accept ibly until August last,
I when his term expired. He was defeated
in 1 1 for the Supreme Court of Appeals
by Judge Snyder. Mr. Flick has always
; stood high in the different Orders in this
ï State, In-ing Orand High Priest R. A. M.
jfy 1 ((land Master of Masons of West
Virginia it; l.viîl, and («rand t'-qmmander
of Knights Templars of West Virginia iu
1**1. and Commander of the Department
of West Virginia, 11. A. R., for the same
j year. His nomination is one of the strong
1 est his jKirty could have made, and he will
no doubt carry more Republican votes
' than any other man in the district, which
is hopelessly Democratic.
Hitciri) ol llie Army oi U'e»l Vi«.£ii;iM.
! Spcitd TVir-jnim to tkt Rtgitirr.
PoKTSMorrn, O., September 9. -The
Society of the Army of West Virginia has
in« in 1h«C. A committee was sent from
\Vhcel(njj to represent fo the Society the
induce tneuU t luit ciiv otn-.rt.il. is
pledged bv Wheeliug to defray tljeexpensts
of the reunion and ail other encourçjeiuent
J possible is given.
B. & O. K*eur»i«»n*.
The following Special Kxeursion Kates
are :iunoiiiu.r<l by the Baltimore an«l Ohio,
and the Columbus und Cincinnati Midland
! Railroad Companies:
Sept. 7th and *21st. Round tripexcnr
1 siou tickets to all land points in Texas,
Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and
Ihikota. at not over one fare for the round
j tr>P . .
The Tenth Reunion of the Society ot the
Army of Vest V'iryiuia, qnd the Kucaiui»
| ment of the l*ej«artmeut of Ohio, « rand
Army of the Republic, at Portsmouth, O.,
September 7th to loth. Kate, 1 <*nt per
mile for organized bodies. Une fare lor the
round trip io the public.
The Triennial Conclave of Knight«
Templar, at St. Louis, September 18th to
, *J»»th. Round trip tickets will l>e sold,
good for return passage to September 'i^th,
! at one cent per mile on short mileage, to
members of the Order, their bawls, serv
ants and families. For the public, one fare
! for the roond trip.
Cambridge Fair, at Cambridge, O., Sept.
28th to Oct. 1st Rate, one fare and a
: third from Zanes ville, Barntsville. and in
j teruicùfate sUitions.
Rnd of Done Srrtping.
Edward Shepherd, of Ilarrisburg, 111.,
: says : ' Having receive^ so mnch benefit
from Electric Kitter«, I feel it my dntv to
j let suffering humanity know if Have
; had a running sore on my leg for eight
years; my doctors told me I would have to
have the bone scraped or leg amputated. I
1 twed. instead, three bottles of Electric Bit
ters and seven boxes Bucklen.s Arnica
Salve, snd my leg is now sound and well.*'
Electric Bitters are sold at fifty cento a
bottle, and Bucklen's Arnica Salve at 35c.
per box, by Logan & Co.
Thr Aftermath—The Nomination a Sure Sign (
Rtpablicu Defeat—Smith the Strongest Man
in the Party—The Noise, Confusion and
Pandemonium of the Strikers, Etc.
Special Cnrrcfjxmdrncf of the RryiMcr.
Pol KT Pleasant, W. Va., September .1
—The Republican convention of yesterday
is a thing of the past. The Tutore onb
picture overwhelming defeat ami iguo
miny. To give thfe reader a general viev
of the convention, the antics of the chrys
alls strikers, the true element and the con
fusion of the staid, solid timber of the g. o
p., we will undertake to gi\e in detail tin
various incidents, accidents ami prear
ranged programme of the successful mauip
ulation, with a view of the convention, it:
details, the opinions expressed outside ant
The convention which was to assetubh
in the morning, according to programme
for temporary organization, did not con
vene uutil alwut ":3t)or t p. m. ou account
of the absence of the Wood county delega
tion, part of the Wirt, Calhoun, Pleasant.
and Cabell delegation, together with tin
chairman of the Republican committee.
As i said in my dispatch last night, these
parties, with the band, were detained at
the junction, forty miles away, in the in
terior of Ohio, where they remained,sweat
ing, fuming aud cussing from altout H:2(i
a. in. until long past the noon hour. T<i
while away the time several delegates re
solved themselves into foraging commit
tees and stole fruit from the Buckeye gar
dens adjacent,while the baud played "I'm
dying, Kgypt, dying," aud the sehet com
mittee were sending vigorous and replete
dispatehes to Superintendent Sharp, of the
k' A- Ohio r:iilra.-ifl who leiilieil iiv lirom
I ishing to have an engine on hand at a very
tarly moment.
While we were lying at the junction,
the various delegations present cllijcted
temporary organization. White, Hughe.*
and Peterson, of Huntington, ivcolved
themselves into an indignation committee,
to which they Were agisted by the 1{ MUS
TEK correspondent. After the committee
1i:m1 agreed to resolute indignantly, tin
Kmiistkk man withdrew, and the other«
went into secret session and considered
the advisability of taking the north bound
train tor Columbus, with a view to hold a
I Convention there as an adjunct. Alunit
this time, 1 :!{(• 15. & O., the locomotive ar
rived and we steamed ont.
AW AITINti ()l i: A II luv AI..
When we arrived at I'oint Pleasant we
j learned that nothing had lieen done as yet,
j the Hutchinson crowd having held baek
the Convention until tHe arrival of the
chairman, C. I?. Smith, and the dclega
| gâtions.
We found upon arrival that the steamer
Oneida, with the Ititchic comity delega
tion and the Kitcliie (inards and their
band had arrived about I o'clock, when
they should have gotten inabout daylight.
The military with their war trappings,
blue clothes and glistening liayonets had
marched and countermarched through the
town, but didn't seem to have overawed
the nnterriticd to any grc.it degree. P»ay
onets are not in harmony with the feeling
of the people nowadays, audi*. W. didn't
make the capital he sought to obtain by
J the display of tinsel and the chrysalis of
I war. There's 110 reliellion now.
The convention convened at the rink ini
j mediately upon our arrival and the dclejpi
; tions, empty of stomach, but full of i nd in
itiation, marched grimly up to ttie rink.
I To even a casual observer it was apparent
I that the
j long before we met. The vote has Ik-cii
; given in my dispatches, but not thp
j details and filets. Although Hutchinson
I front the .start seemed to have the
, advantage of Col. Mel, carv, Judge Redmond
I and Morris iu point of numbers, there was
open dissatisfaction, not only among the
rank and tile, but among the solid leading
! Republicans who were not at all silent in
j their opinions of future defeat if he were
I nominated.
There was a time during the progress of
the convention when it appeared as though
I someone woilid take Taurus by the bow
j sprit, and that was when \. 1!. White, of
; the SMr .htm not, put (.'apt. V. I!. Smith in
nomination. While White was trying to get
Smith before the convention the yells were
deafening; men sprang upon the scats,
j waved their hats and shouted at the top of
their vigorous voices for
While the Hutchinson crowd, in parti
j ciliar were strenuous in shouting. No! No! !
Fora tew moments the confusion was in
! de scribable, the Chairman. Mr. .lames I :
I Menager, pounded the tabic with a bung
starter until the boards liec-tymc hxpened,
I and the ntvvspaycr men, the ladies and
j spectators stopped their ear* to the infernal
j tire and clangor. Pandemonium would
I have lieen a «jiiiet retreat in comparison.
At last White got the ears of the conven
I tion to a degree and introdui-ed the tiouii
! tion of ('apt. Smith. Mr. Smith came fhr
j ward and in a neat and handsome address
declined to run in opposition to a fellow
townsman, Mr. Hutchinson, l'y his de
clension in Mich well worded, n<sit terms
and under stn lj circumstance* -in the face
j of a sun' nomination, Mr. Smith made
I I lus ta ol Iricntis among me iu*puo
i Iicans. Indeed, among lleuiocrats, who
; wanted hint to run least of
all the caudidatea. The crowd were still
! unfortunate aud succeeded in getting Iim
I name agajn beiqr^ tfyeirç tq meet with the
Isauib (isult. Finally alter finding that
i Mr. huiith would nut inn. they again sct
i tied down to liiisiuesx. The Hutchinson
j strikers were again energetically elbowing
' their way through the crowd to the differ
ent deletions and another lui lot taken
! which * ho wed that he bad gai mil some
I what in strength and tliat the ti»ht hum;
! lietween tlieir candidate and Col. Mclean.
The Militi »Linking men are tor Mcl/an,
I whose defeat to a certain extent can lie
I ascribed to (iilison. of Huntington, who
' made the kick of the evening in
opposition to his nomination,
j Gibson's kick was strenuous
• and emphatic, in words which could not
but be understood. The convention now
1 cooleddowusomewhat aud another move
ment iu favor ot'Hniçhinson began. Abont
: t>p. in. a motion toadjqarn v,.^ p:,t which
was voted down by almost the entire con
vention. A* the rink had only been
j rented for the afternoon and had to he
j turned o\er to other parties during the
evening, it was decided to take another
, vote and then adjourn. Before the ballot
was taken it was apparent that Hntchin
son's men had gotten in their work and
that the finale had come. The resnlt ww
a vote of *<9 and a fraction for Hutchinson
! —S4 being required for a nomination.
; The convention then adji^rned, the dele
gation bqjan to make preparations
to leftve. The spécial train of
i the Wl and qpjier delegation
I left about h o'clok, while J4. W.!s men—
1 guards and all—took the Oneida about the
«une time and have gotten safely home, if
they're not stnek on a sand liar somewhere.
The lower delegations also ha<l a small
lioat chartere«!, and boarding that steamed
ont for their homes, all except the tinrt
, mentioned, dissatisfied, disgruntled and
. enssing mad at the nomination.
The nomination of C. 1$. Smith was the
only one which the Democrat* had any
caoâc to fear, and at the tfroe when White
belt! his name in terroremi they were eer
, tainly as much interested in the result as
i the Republicans themselves. When Smith
i declined they drew deeper breaths anr,
sigh of unequivocal satisfaction was plain
I heard.
George J.Walker, of Jackson, tempora
! chairman, got off his bloody shirt speec
! in which he threatened to again "p
down the Confederacy." Perhajis he ii
agined the bayonets of the Ritchie guar
and Konieo Freer's bnncomb would frigb
en the Democracy and enthuse the opjn*
tioo. Walker's speech fell with a du
thud to the door. The only expressions
caused were those of disgust and disa
< pointment by the Republicans.
The nomination of Hutchinson was
foregone conclusion. It was prearranp
' I at the cataloftic conference at 1'arkersbur
- J and foretold by the R Eu is r EU correspond
. i ent. Kv the way. every prediction ma»
! by that scribe has so far been fulfilled.
' I will now make another, and that is that
I will be elected by not Una thau 1,500 m
: jority. He will now carry Mason, l*u
I nan), Jacksou and come near, if he do
! not succeed, iu carrying Wood county,
t Several Hutchinson strikers, with M
Hutchinson himself, arrived here the dî
j before the convention. They secured
! room in which they met when theoceasic
I required, and iu that room
! from the manipulators into the hands i
I strikers and workers for Hutchinsoi
I Boodle will 1h- the campaign cry, Rood
j will Ik' the element and factor of his can
paign. There can be no denial of the abo\
j statement. I ha\e the proof of ocul:
I demonstration by a number of gcntleme
j who were unseen witnesses of the transfi
' of the quid itroquo.
The next morning after the conventio
I circulated among the people and foun
[ that the Republicans were greatly au
j generally dissatisfied, many of them sta
! inj; publicly that they would
and that it would lie defeated ami woul
also be a strong draw luck und injury t
tlie county and Delegate elections. Tli
objections to the candidate are so stron
tliat there can be but one opinion—an
that has been expressed in the REtilsTE
The permanent chairman, .Mr. J. 1
Mena«;»'!-, »unk' a lirst rat« executive «Il
' «-er. In the rout roi «il' the turbulent «'h
j meut, w hielt was a very strong un«*, Mi
; Mt-na^ei displayed eou-sidorable tact, liru
liens ami division; his rulings were fair an
well taken. Ile tuadea veryexeellent in
pression anions both the 1 leiuoerats an
; Jtepublicans. Iiis o|H-ning sjieceli w;
! ornate ami replete with political wisdut
and sound front a Kcpuhlican stamlpoinl
.Mr. Ménager is a pleasant, enltivated get
tleinan, and the only objection we «an tin
is his |M>iitieal proclivities.
[Coiilinuill from Fourth Pitijr. ]
' Kl'SMNii RACE.
Mollie Thomas, e. in., W. U. IbirriMin, Kiel
in o.
[ Kit«, b. f.. II I lUrtiMiti. HwJNilnl*. U.
I 't niiis.iluiaii. Ii. Kotiert Anderson, city.
I Miiftial. Mil. s.. Tliof. Kilev,
John Alexander, k. (f.. Win. l.ei)U«n). t'olmi
Itn-i. Ii.
WniiiIki. I», s., A. .f. oIhtHii, t '«iiton. <>.
J :tl «Ï.ASS TKOT.
I>fin tlnfl", r. tj.. S. Klein, ( i.-v.taii'l, <>
j Willie If.. Lv.ll Walker. St. Mar>>. 1'«.
Adjuster, Ii. s.. S. Ijiriir.'jro, Newark. n.
! Prince ilniyM. Ii. >.. Patrick Hlmins, Pitt'
| liurjf. I'«.
Maud A.. 1». in.. ('. F. Pridinore. Pilpbiiry, h
! Lynn W„ Ii. u'., I.ynn l'rus. r«i»tUM. u
ri:i.K rOHAil l'.\< lN«i.
Kin-man, jr., A. K. Mann, Allegheny city, l'i
Flora Wilke*, F. I». Joliie-ou, ZffucMille. « »
< hurley Friel, s. Samuel Krv*. PiiMiiirif. fi
i .Iiiili;<' l.ynelt, eh. s., J- It"» Mo*»icrovc, soi
I ItenvlTle, U.
Hilly F.. I». if., f'haries S|n>ncer. I*itlvl»iirn. I"'
[ K. t:. ('.. I>. tj.. K. l'iark, PotMown. I'
* *
l'air Vine*.
School day.
The children will he out in force tu day
The bird show continues to attract ai
immense crowd
The amount of colli e, lemonade am
i lieer consumed is enormous.
The ea v.i I cade, this morning, will 1»
! headed by the < >|M-ra House ha lid.
lutoxicatcd men are few, and but litt]
liad temper was displayed ycateidav le
j any one.
The ladies are. about tijually divided a
j to tin- merits ol the exhibits of Messrs
I SliU I and Snook, the dry j»»msIs merchant«
The exhibition given by Harry Itulierta
U tween the heats of the running race, «ai
in res|Miiise to a general demand bv tin
P. S. Hasnett, Knj., of Kaffliettville, Ma
I ion county, has a ''suspension farm gate'
on exhibition that is a most excellent pit,*c<
! of mechanism,
The pursuit and capture of the pick
jmm*kct who rohlied Mr. ISotsford created i
i;immI ileal ol' excitement alniut the I '• ram
Stand in the afternoon.
A \ ATM»\ A I. (JKI.Kttltt l V.
I ■ 1.1111 llnHf's Merit of I'rlu- JrrM-yn.
The large and notable exhibit ol' (.'apt
i M. B. Howe, of Frederickftbarg, Va. is i
lis«tun1 of the cattle department at the fail
! again this year. It will lie reuienil>er»s
I that ( apt. Powe s Virginian heul o
registered Jerseys cararamoiig us last seasoi
I and carrieil off every first prize, as well a.1
I the herd )>ri/es. which never occurred ii
! the history of the W. Va. State Pair As
sociatinu in-fore This herd «•omes to tb*
front auain this year and carries oft' tin
I greater (»art of the honors a^iin, and asidi
from this, many individual prizes, Mr
Powe has the honor of winning Imth tb«
old and young herd i«ii/«~*.
A* tlie herd prices are coveted more that
nil others by breedingmen, .Mr. Howe ha«
I ccrtainly good mmiiii to I eel flattered. \V<
I fire informed that ('apt. liowc'a herd w<»i
; oxer a number of competing herds at tin
I Virginia HUt« l'air last year, anion*
them the herd containing "Oxford Kate'
the gre.-it»*t Jersey row in the world, » ill
I an unpn-ce«lented prize record, and th<
jfieat««st butter mord of any ««iw in tin
world, «lu- having produced .'Wj »■nind- in
•»•ven days. A pleasing lraU«ru in tn.
p trade of pri;e cattle wa* the prize Jer*jri
loi .Mr. Kouc'h hrrd. They were arrange«!
in pair*. headed hy his prize hull. Hi>
men a« well an hi« stock, were >N-decke<j
with prize rihlions and each man wore or
his hat, prominently displaye»!, the «an!
of ('apt. M. I». linwe, which serve«! ai :i
very good advertisement for that gentle
» man. Cupt. liowc ^1 vi «^irritai uft fifty
one ^."»1 » prices iu tin* poultry department
Mis poultry (i<:iiprist> UIU«-n different
vari'-ticb and ar« perfect benutie*. Thej
certainly deserved the honors they hav«
won. ('apt. liowe har made many friend«
both among the tattle and chicken hreed
ers, and his pri/.es exce««l th<»v of ao>
other exhibitor. We sincerely Uupe Mr.
Uowc will come among us attain next year,
as hi« exhibit It always on«- of the mair
features of our lair.
In the Art I)«-p»£kiqenl.
Mrs. L. C. K*«d has çvery reason t<» fee
gratified at the successful and highly art»
Uc exhibit made hj the pupih of her A*"1
School this yeay-- Thçrçtl rtUiwi wa-»plenti
ful on hex pit-tun* an«t entries a*diamond
should lie In the hair of some heautifn
woman. Among the many elegant prix*
in Mr«. lieed's collection special meiitioi
may I** made of a crayon portrait by Mis
Mary Smith, the subject being a particn
larly sweet and attractive (ace. Anotla
daiuty work is a flower pi«*» çf »tpes an<
honeysuckle«, by ijrh. 4^ Çi kced, which
by the by, was purchased by Mrs. D. C
List, Sr.' A 'fire screen, by Miss l^LL
I* wis. is also very fine. A fjttah ppintiaj
by Clara Krause anq a i*iaajt)e by Lizzi<
Brockhardi are ihe subjects of mach ad
miration. A marine scene by Carri
■ Copp. which took first premium, and orig
a inal panels done by Jimmy Coen are ven
ly fine. Mrs. R. B. Dovener is seen at he:
best in several effective sketches of flower
and heads, while the landscape, wit!
flowers, by Lizzie Jones, is pecu
*- liarlv happy. Peter Haberstick ha;
• a marine scene, and Mrs. T. P. Rnchannoi
! a rare stndy of flowers and corn. A mir
?" ! ror and panel by Klla Baker, and a panel bi
; Savilla Krau.«, are very tine effects, as is
. also another dainty panel by Man
J. Heymau. /anna Fnuier has a beau
. tit'ul placque of frnit and several othei
deserving exhibits. Only a portion
of her scholars are represented on
aceouut of want of space. Mrs. Keed de
, sires in lielialf of her class, as well as foi
1 herself, to return thanks to the awarding
committee for their ]K*instakiug and pa
I j tieut inspection of her exhibit, aud foi
* their just and favorable discriuiination,
i The diploma for the largest and liest
j collection of paintings of any art
j school represented was a warded to M rs.
j. I Heed's class. This lieing the tirst
(_ public exhibition of this ladv'.«
M ; pupils, it is highly complimentary tc
them as students, and to her as a care*
; till aud methodical teacher.
) ; It« Most Natural
! The Wheeling Bakery Company's d Lsplay
n I of choice and prize-sweeping hrea«ls aud
! cakes caiue in yesterday for mauy eu
coiuiuius and much praise from the
numerous lady visitors to Horticultural
, j Hall. The pains taken by .Mr.
p I Merkle to carefully and neatly ein löse his
j. I exhibit in attractive glass eases, has re
e I suited in the maintenance during all the
r j long hot and »lusty days of the fair, ofthat
n I light fresh and dainty color and ap|iear
r { ance so peculiar of and marked in all of
j the Wheeling Bakery Company's bread
u j and cakes. This ol'itself is something that
,1 ! sjieaks volumes for the superior quality
I and excellent prejwration of their articles.
. j Then* is none but the very Is-st material
j used in their establishment, and there force
of bakers is «xmiposed of the must skilful
j workmen, the result of which is that a
J finished and elegant article is always sold
o over their counters.
e —
I, All III«» Go.
il At the fair I^evcring's Coffee Tent itin
i: tinues to attract marked attention from all
visitors. We would not like to venture a
> I statement as to t lit« iiiiiiiImt of |m>ihuI?4 of
^ coffee which have I »ecu gi\cn awav in citp
u I fills, but wo should think that a large hole
. ! luwl lieen mat]«' in tin1 eotlce crop «»I I *•*<!
1 by tin* fret" distribution mad«* by III»*
j Keverinjpi. IVihaps the recent advance
in the price ol green eoll'ee is ultto attribu
I table to the same euuse. We don't know
N alsnit this, hut we do know that every one
' who tasted l^evcring's coffee has come
hack for more, and will henceforth want
^ nothing but l,cveiing's tor home its«',
j They say it iswdcchsl well, rousted well.
! and drinks well, and that is tlie kind of
coffee that suits our ]»eop|pevery time.
A 1'rlie Winner.
Mr. ,1. C. Huge, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, has
] an exhibit of registered ami unregistered
! eat tie ofsti|ierior merit, whieh are at t r:tct
in»; a great deal of attention, lie has also
I some very line Hamldetoiiiati horses, as
j well as some very high grade Knglish Bea
gle hounds whieh were bred from iui|K>rtcd
J kennels. Mr. lingo's stock have a well
jearned reputation in this section of the
! country, ami jK-rsons wishing to purclutHc
I will do wi ll to call on him, as lie is desir
I mis of reducing the *i«c of his herds ami
will sell ut a touch reduced rate. Mr.
j Hon«- come* among us from Mt. Pleasant,
I Ohio, and Iiis herd certainly s|ieuks very
well for the cattle raising qualities of that
I place, and also rellccts great credit oil Mr.
Möge aft a breeder of liijjli grade cattle.
The Merry Mow lug Mmii.
'ilie H. H. Allen Company, of New York,
I afforded visitors to Machinery Hall a
I unique entertainment by having a Indv
I operator at their |>opular 1 hit ton Mowing
• ! Machine Knife (.irinder. Their place was
j crowds! ail day long with highly interest
I «si visitors, and Mr. Itrouwer, their agent,
j was an exceedingly busy man. Kvery one
1 ! should take |>ain» to see the I hit ton (irind
{ eras it is an article ot° true merit and the
I j wise farmer will at ouccadd it to Iiis list of
j farm implements, a*. it is an imlis|M-nsihle
• and valuable invention.
,1 A 1.1, lovers uf high class jsmltry should
sif the groat Knglish Minorca«, iui|*irtcd
! by J. I'raddock, and winners of the
lirst prize at the West Virginia Hütte Fair.
4 Any persons wishing information regard
I ing these fowls will receive sum«* promptly
J by addressing J. (,'. Kraddock. No.
Wetzel street, Wheeling, W. Va.
I'llUhnrjt Win» the Kliml tiiiine from tlie
'j PlITSlil TU», l'A., SptelulsT !». The
J lioiue team won the linul game of tile
I scries from St. I«oiiis this afternoon, in
' the tenth inning,on error*of Latham, Kol»-j
insoii and |iu»hong. TlH'gzttne was very I
cKciting. and stubbornly iiiiil«it«l to the
finish. Attendance, I.(km. Scon :
' Inninij*. . ,, l I 5 (1 î t t til
j t'ltlxhiirx I i 0 00U000 1-4
st. l^tiiU « o I « o « h u o -
Kar I ied ■ uns, Pittsburg '2, St. i<ouis I;
\ j two iKtfte hits, Miller, l.itli.iin; three Immc
hits, ihowii, Kuelilie; |msn«i| IkiIIs, I'.osh
Ijong 1; wild pitches, < aruthcr*; Hist ban
Ion balls, otl tiahiu I, off C'arutlier* ÏJ;tint!
II base on errors, i'ittsbuig .5, St. Ixiuis I;
1 ! struck out by (>alvin I, by Urutlirn 'J; I
1 liasc hits, Pittnhurg !», St. I^oiiis PJ; error*.
I Pittsburg :5, St. l»u is I'm pi re. Pratt.
AthlHi«-« II. Hrooklyii II.
I'II|I.AI>EI.HIIM, September Î#.— Tll«
Brooklyns pounded AtkiMMon beavily to* !
«lay, (timing t»-n of ll»«*ir twelve rut»*. |
i Henderson was also hit rat lit-r freel y.
1 ! Innitup I ] 3 ( S ( " I tWII
I Attilrtl»-« '< 00020004 0 O-ll
■ j liruoklvn. i u 1 I o 4 o o I o 1—12
! i'.triMil nana, Athletkn 4, Brooklyn I;
I hour runs, S wart wood; two bane hit*, j
;| l^trkin, McCllen, Smartwood; thrw lia*'
lut«. Smith 'J, Mit .VI Ian, Stuart wood ; j
pitebffl, Atkbwon, llenderwon; first Imm?oh
ImII.s, Athletic* H, Brooklyu* 'i; lit«t Iris»*
hitM, Athh-ti»** 10, Hrooklvti 10: error*, j
Atbleti««.'!, Brooklyn* .'I; umpire, Carlin.
lUIIiinure 7; M«*t* ft.
Hai.TINoBE. SrpU-oilifr#.—M#yi' nild
ne* virtually gave to-day'»» tçum to Balti
I more. Kilroy wa* Uatt»-d ratb»-r more
. frwly, but In* ww» steady iti Iii« w«»rk and '
Lwaa «tell supported. Soore:
I bv»*o* — 1 234S878»
I KaIUduhv - 1 3 2 I 0 0 0 « •- 7
I VMrofa.liUii* 1 0 2 2 V 0 0 « •— .#[
Karned, Baltimore 2, Meli I; two Ikw
hiU, Meister, Manning: thrre-lBise hit#. I
Sommer», Scott; j»awsl t#alls. Beip*chl.ijjrr !
. 2; wild pitch**. May* fir*t 1^, »n trails,
»»ff Kilroy I, »»fl" May»« 'j, ilnrt loi# hit«,
Baltimore 7, Mi»fc» 9; crr»»rw. Baltimore 4.
Met* 'I; umpire, WaUh.
l^ifUf (>aiur>.
At Cbirago—
i n « s < n I j
U Ut<aA> _J 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 •— î I
2 10 1 t 0 3 • •— 1
Earnrd ru Chi<a«o J, Detroit 5;
pitcher*. Baldwin ami < larkson, I*** hit«,
CUhu^i \ lk tniit I t; eiwr*, Chicago«,
I»etroil <i
At Kama* City—< »ame called od awount
. of rain at the eud of the mxth inning.
luMttat 1 2 3 l â r, 7 n 9
St. I><UÙ 1 12 0 0 0 '* •— 4
I Kama» City .3 000001 t
'1 Karned run*. St. Louin 4; haur bit«,
1 ' Kansa* City G, nL Loom It; error», Kama*
' City Cs At. l>»uis 5.
■I .
I j Btiekl»#'« A rule« M»lr*.
Tbe Bent Halve In the world for Cota,
BroistiHW«, t'leent, fiait Bheuiu, Fever
I ! Hart*, Tetter. Clapped liandx, ChilldaitM,
; Curtis, and all Skin Knipiiot»*, and pori
! lively rare* Pile«, or no pay required. It
■ is guaranteed to gite natMCv-tiou, or
» money refunded. Price 25 oeuta per l»oi.
■ For aale by Logan & Co.
Oa Rominian Soil—Gum of th* Rrte'i fulan
to Support Aieundtr—Irish Tenuta Will
Forcibly Rmist Enctioo—Am«d With
dobs—Stnous Octhmk Predicted.
Tl'RX Severin*. September 9.—Prince
Alexander. M. Stanihuloff, M. Karavelotf,
ami nearly all tbe Bulgarian Minutera ar
I rived here this morning in a yacht. Kou
, uiauian troops received the Prince at the
landing and lined the route which tie pa**
ed to the railway statiou.
A lev.tinier took leave of" tm minister
and oflieer* here. Tin* farewell «as very
affecting. A Bulgarian aide-de-camp will
' accompany Alexander tioui here. He
will leave Tum Severin this afternoon and
! will proeeed direet to his |iareiital home at
I Darmstadt.
Al.fX.'vNKKK S sran-H AT UlM-PAUKKit.
I The town of IxMii-Pulatika was liaml
' somely decorated yMtrrdiy in honor of
1 Prime Alexander. A iituulier of triumphal
arches were erected on the prouiincut
thoroughfare«, tireat eutliusia.Mii prevailed
and the l'rincc was frequently cheered liy
the ]M>pulacc. The Vice President of the
National Assembly delivered au address
of welcome t«> Prince Alexander, in which
he said that Bulgarians would never forget
j that they owed Prime Alexander every
thing and that they would continue to con
sider liitu their ruier. lu conclusion the
Vice President mid that it waa iu the houe
of all Bulgarian* that the IM nee would
, speedily return to SWia to again assume
! the rvius ofguverniuetit.
The I'lime in reply said tliat he «I*
happy when the Bulgarians were couteul
ed, that he was ever ready to assist then»
J when in need of his aid. and that he hoped
to see them soon again.
W II) Turkey AOitinloiinl Ihr I'rluee.
l^t\lNiN, S«'|»t«*iiiIM'i S».—It is iuu>«h«*I
ili.it h'us*ia a.skc«l tin* Poll«' «hetherit wa*
ilis|Mi>4i| to tioti tin* restoration «il
Alexander, and tli.it the I'mte repliod tli.it
.is the I'rim-e in his nnvnt actions tolalli
ignored lilt- I'olte, Turkey would contint.*
I herself to *up|iorting the decision ol lint
: IViwcrs.
Ku«»lu t» Knie In Kulten« Ix.
I'akis, S'lttcinlwr !l.—/,»• Mutin tW« Iaim
that lhilgaria »ill nut have a I'riuir in the
Iiitlire, that a Kuwoaii tictwnl will mm
nuiiiil the Kulgariau tr»>o|iH, ami that Ihn
I Regency will 1m- hut a wmhlaiice «il imle
|iemleiit government.
IrUlt Tenant« Armril Willi I tch« ami
INrrliiii< TrnitMe l:«|Hilril.
I.uvisiv, Septemls-r !• Ill coii*s|ilt-tice
ul the enforcement of évictions on the pro
|N'itv i>l the Muli|liis ol" C'laiiiieanle .it
Wissllord, County (ialwav, Ihr M-iitiiuenl
1 of the entire county ha» lieeomc intl.iiiie>l
to a high degree. SoliiVN liaxe I teen |«»tl
eil throughout the ilintuct urging tiaths
men toahntaiii from furnishing the |m»Ii«••
I ami other» who have awiNtiil in llie evic
tions with supplie* of any kiml whatever,
ami to a large extent these ap|ieuls luve
I lieen complied with. The |iolice have
I lorn the hills down u|sat«illv, hnl
they have lieen imimiliately replace«!
! hv others, ami the tree trunks,
I gute |Nis|/i, walls nml fence* are iiivemt
I with tliein. Twenty one prisoner* were
remanded at Wiilt rfonl vc*t< rtlay, « luirgtil
with |muririg lioiling water mixed with
11 m«» ii I m »n the heads of the j >• il i<-e and liai I
1 ill's, ami the little town in in a level »I ri
«-itcim-nt. Men are II«* king in tiom nil
parti of the country, euch carrying!« stout
stick ami many having other w«-u|m»iin «•oil
cealcil in place* eu*y of acert« in readiness
for defence ill cum- of nit nllack hy tile |*>
licc ami |ni*silt|y Im offensive use* shoiihf
the increaNiliK excitement <-niminute ill a»
assailli ii|m>ii the ollicer* of the law ami
tlieir aids and sympathizer*. I'nrthei din
order is effected, ami il is piedicted Ii)
tin- most (tciui-ahly ili.sjMMfd oii IniiIi side««
thai ill llie present slut«- ol reeling it emu
lie hilt a few hours distant.
The I'ull Mull (Snztih cxprcw«-* fi«ar thai
the ministry, instead of yielding to unioie
generous ami statcNiuanlikf impulse ot
l.oril Kamlolph Churchill, is lieinu driven
loiwnt lielaml l»_v the dominant author
ity of l>ord llarlingUm. "The door oprn
cd to conciliation hy l>ord C hurchill and
.Mr. Matthews," it *a>n, "is rudely slam
med Iii the face of the Irish |«-att»ntry hy
I /old Salisbury and Hartington. The pay
ment of full rent* thin autumn is im|««*i
Ide. irvictioiiN should Ii*' nla)nl oil
III«' payment hv IIm- tenant ot a rea
sonahle iiKslii 11m of rent, and just sum
t-> l»e asccitaincd hy exjierti«. 'l*he <}«»*•
eniinent would thus save seventy oi eighty
tier cent of the renU ilwteail of lofting the
whole hy insisting ii|ioii an impiMuhility.
What l^ird Churchill uiu»| do, il Im- is iioI
constantly overruled hy Salislmry ami
Hartington, i* to emmtract a Spmloit uml
.Inrkm»' arrangement with Cham lier lain,
wIki stands committed to tin- staying of
evictions. Mr. Chaiulo ilaiu'n neutrality
on Mr. I'artieirs hill ««ill lie another lount
od«hd to III«- long li .tof <eivices which that
getitlcmaii has failed to render to ILie
iviiwi he declare* he has at heart."
Ktrii Iii» TrtM>|M l'rotr»l.
In UI.IX. Hrptctulicr It.—Th«* tn.ip* m
ISiK"' ill Iii'* W'witlliiril rvii'tiuu ii« their
rHurn 1o tlw harra« k« at IV»-1r, pioU«U<d
;HS»iu»t th»- work uf I'ori-iM) porting hdp
!<■•»>, infirm ïikI »larviun |«#s»p|<- out ut
thelU-r into • !»«• tiuil au«l «Im land t-bry
would in future refune to perform *u«h ob
itoxiou* duty. No «•(Tort on th* |iwt oi
titeir anpertar rould «jnlet Um- de
t«riiiim-«l iii«li|(T*uC i«»ti of tlw nolrlirr«,
twenty of whom wero pla«-ed undo »rrt^l
on a charjp- of mutiny.
l'nriH>ll'> Off** nu I h* lUlit
In III.IM. K«-pt*n»li»-r W. — /'mini IrtlumJ
«vu that wt inwrr in (Jrwit llritam «au
the "lamlloril'« tribut*'' m lielaad
"in Ihr la** of an organized, noiUd and
lf\el head«d pe«»ple." Tlw (atlwlw bwb
<»p« a«»-ti)Wiil at MajiKwth have «ent 3
rm-morial to 1 Im* Kngliflh <Mt eminent urg
ing the adoption »H* t«ni|«orary iw'imrry to
relieie the l(i»h tenantry ami ',<meut the
outia^n In wkldi thry niaj tmurt in mm
jjt desperation.
<»IIIO ltlVr.lt KAII.HOAD.
Mprrial Kinril»».
On ami after July II, l*»*, the Ohio
Kiver liailr«»a«l Onij*»uy will «dl e»«-ur
»ion tieket* erery Sunday until fortbrr
notice at the following rat«: Wheeling to
l'arker»burg ami return, #&'£>; Wheeling
to Siatenmlle ami return, $1,50. Tirket*
only to lie uml on «lay of aale. Trais .
lfavfj» Wheeling at 7:10 A- M. fity time;
returning, will ka«« ISarkerwImrg at 4Äi
Y. M. and Kwtcrn'.illeat 6:10 r. 11., Wheel
ing tinte.
The Voltaic Bei.tCo., Mara bai I, Midi.,
offer to wimI their Cdelirated Voltoie Rdtn
and Kiectric Appliance* on thirty day«'
trial to any man aflürted with Xervooa De
bility. Ism of Vitality, Manhood, etr. '
IllnMrated pamphlet in walid earelop»
with full particular*, mailed ft«. Writr
theni at oner.
Ork Mbwri 1.» button high fine aken
for $l..r<0 are a bargain at 9*2.00.
SToat's Cash Hhoc Braue.

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