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Patarrh&l Dangers.
_ ^ ;ri<d fivm the d«uiçvniof *uffhcstioi
bile !>•»* down; u>bre«tt*« freely. sle«p sound
* v I un.l ^urbed; to rise tefreahcJ. head clear
* : v .• and free from pain or ache; to kno*
' , no prti-wu-His. P"Uri.l matter de tile* ihi
:\,4lh *,„1 rol* away the delleata machinery o
* i.ti- and hearing: to feel that the systen
T# act through its teil» and arteriea, suck uj
,H,. th.it i> »ire to undermine and deatroy
„ vd a hierin* beyond all other human en
* m • T(> P11" hilllmunit>' {Tom ®uch I
£!i.should be the object of all adlictcd. Bu
L,t »ho have tried many remédiai and phyii
lUnJ.lopairof relief or cure.
<4sp»k|, > Kai>ical Ct RK meets every pha*
i atarrh. from a simple head cold to the mos
!*ifc*>melUld ^5*roeU*# T, !t b «w
.siLtitutioiial. Instant iu relieving, Permanen
^TT-inif «Ib. economical and neTer-rklling.
w>y7.vki> * Kapu al Cnm consists of one boUli
* Vi-, a; ri RK, one U>x of Oatakkhai
:,t aI, ! one lMi'Hovt» Inhalkk, all wrap
in one p-.-kage. with treatise auddirwtiona
Sa «>ld by *11 druggists for fl.
Weak Back. Pain. Weakness and In
* rlawuiatiou of the Kidneys. Shooting
. I. the Loins, Hip and did«
Ii, -, 1.4 v v.f Strength and Activity
a :vi■ in >'n*k vi!*rr* and speeuilj
W, , T*<t bv the CiTicvaa Ajtti-Pai.n Pla>
T*a*new original, elegant and infallible an
.nam and inflammation. At druggist*
«: >r. postage free, of PotterUruf
i „! I üewu-al CU.. Boston, Mass. ocTeb-thn;
02? of the landmarks of the Georgia Drug
trade, now of Orlando, Florida, writes :
-1 can hardly select a single ease
of the many to whom 1 have sold
bums s Piuueer Klowt Keaewtr. but
what have been satisfied; and ! And
it the best remedy tor all Skin Dis
nt*-. I have ever sold, and a Fine
Florida Touie.
"Orlando, Fla."
A Certain Cur« for Catarrh !
.11» $ CloNtfcK BLOOD KKSfcV\ KM
Cure* a'.l itlnml a:id Skia Diseases. Rheuma
c- >Ti>:ala. Old Sorva. A perfect Spring Med
id Tit'.
If >-'>ur market it will be forwarded on
s, :. I I : u-e. stnail bottle> fl.oo, large 81.73.
e:i iiiood uud skin Diseases mailed free.
i.a urhiin iiros.' Drug Company. Agents,
fS<y!i:ic. W. Va. au3eo.tg
■( J/<itieine at tSe Royal fWrrrw/y;
V ' K" -U in*W Ortirr <y Me /run
• !'• I'. ' (•/"■ •»/' fV SfHt'U*»
•>/ thf Roytl Prii*/iaM Or
"I, R H Untt: Chevalier of the Lryion oj
Ü ir v . Ar., «avs :
UEKi«i ( O S ( Od BCCI' TOXI«
be (oatnaM with the horde of
I; i:i no <cn*> of the wonl ■
retr -Jv. I avi thoroughly conversant with
.■•i ' j.rV[>arat!«.u and know it to be not
1-. ï j :■ ptiaraMecuiktl product, but
à- - > .('the hi ;licommendations it has re
. ptlUof thlWild it contain* ev
•I .« <». (jMininv. Iron and Calisaya.
•SI h ar >1. solved in pure genuine Spanish
{■pi • ; . • a :i ."•henry."
e to ill who are Run Down.' Xervouv
Malarious or afflicted with
•iai v ; :■•>■<. B«vare of Imitations.
Hit Mjj^tv's h a> onfe I'ttsHietir tilyrerine
PE.IN' t-s i >F W .vi » and the nobility. Kor th«
», .1 jj> xiou. Eruptions. Ch&ppiug, Rough
ae*. "it.«M», .if dn;ggi»!*.
LIEBIG CO.'S Gonuiuo Syrup oJ
Sarxaparilla s guaranteed a- the best Sarsa
tvtl.A :r the the market.
». V. '.»pot. III 11RIIAT STRCE1
ItiSirds nw bteasare to assure yon that al
ter li-iiag i>r. ( . Melanie s Celebrated Liver
Mi fur m re th.m twenty years in my famly.
tlutl regard the was being superior to any
ev-r used or have seen Used. 1 have n< »
~^t.i"iacou>U(itly and had to try others.an
Itavetrieda gt*>dvanety, but I have never
tad any to act so promptly, profitably, anc'
r- iy as McLine's, i have used them myself,
*•!<', au<l dü stren, withtlie most gratifying re
Juitj. F r chiidreu. having used Iheni ou my
■3*3 with such easy and happy effect, I would
w^j.nmfrid them to one ana to all. These
; sdot..e work—do it promptly. doit well,
»s i le.i\e no ill effects behind. As a bile re
l "»r.as a liver corrector, as a forerunner
the system lor quinine, there is no
}■ ■ r m*d;ane'e<iual to Dr. C. Mc Lane's Cele
-rated Lin r I'ills. I expect to use ttiem a?
.is 1 i.ve. if they continue as good as they
i^*e l*en ta the past.
_ Yours truly, E. U. Giles.
nstor M. E Church South, Myers' Station,
Taiapa District, Florida Conference.
Trs'OTino, Canada West, Ont
Mh«rs. FtDnsc linos.
,!rs Your piils came all right, ami I can say
:-v are a guo.1 bilious pill. I have used a
«f i: m.iiiy pills, but I can say l>r. C. Mc
> i' manufactured by Fleming Bros,
»rcsen'ime.aiiil gentlemen >ou have my thanks
-i - mliug i gave some of those pilis to my
t .^iibtirs f >r a trial. one of my neighbors
S*t!iree p. ;s. He>aidthey did help him. He
■"•'t th» next «lay like a new man. He wishes
to>«ndforflftycents' worth for him. So,
ïîMienieii. 1 w; fdoai: T cau to introduce Dr.
' MeLane's Liver Fills, manufactured by
Fenuty Brothers. Yours with respect,
Wat. U. Dugan.
, ir "ir*:—Enclosed you will tind one dollar
\ I «m please «end me more of your
1 r- ' jI Uiie's Liver 1111s. I trust you nave
reived th,. p ,y fur the last two Nixes 1 order
wauiinveiveii. i u.tuld only say. they hate
Irf" in jr.- g.»«l than I c*»u!d express I
.'nucli better now than 1 have lor two
J?ars pi,t. Yours truly.
RjCV. l'lttL Spabth,
West Sand htke. N. Y
^ w i t, |ki v.iu by return mail a box of
twswraine It. c! m-Line sCelebrated liw
n"s ^li hand wine cards.
I LLMI.ng iiKOS^ I'lUsburg. l'a.
^or Saio bj retail druggists. Be
th© McLano's Pill i you buy »T*
5LU^° at Pittsburgh. Pa. Xh^ooua
'•«•ftiti aro mnde at St. L>ooi>, J»c.
»»»«i^.i.ioUag, W. Va.
Electric Belt Free
rv3 •• an<l obtain agents we will for the nos*
ij .1 t,,0 a*»J".îreeof >h*nf«,in eaehcountj
Vlr.,J- ...4 luaivsi number or our l^enunt
i . .''"»iviiiiir Kelt's Pncf JJ
•i-,rV" "V cuie for Kctvom
'«J' I IüipHency 9SMMK*l(ew»rv
i 1 t «r nun'a!)i.iui« dMl w<t mmnh
•MtLr '•">st. Avi.ln"«- »ten«* I.LEOi BIf
' V i o no* i:». Uruoklva. S. Y
We 1-jKlliHT re
us iu* ùaofriut
Inl l.lp t,
WeJuve sol<l
»'.-.in.lia rv«ry cut à
hi' (i<ea uiobtiks.
Ak»tt Jk LUk.
! Hudsca.*. X
Sold by Druff tsdb
r<K« *t on.
i«» wi lo
ot par
s> ) Whitehall öVeet
_ THE!
t\.'\r im >(>vkd crcjuo*n> ear i>rc*
*«■* r■ T1.» i-a,u«u U.J f*rC>na Um »>»k •I tè
i*""-» "»'i. !sM« **1 ta pail««. A
. ■ * . r, uetfJtU-uacUv. SMuitorUluatfait
FPEC. holloa P. HUOO}
ini:.B)»*«i«linzor Protnidin* Piles
DeBIX«-S File Remedy fails to
cure. Sokl at Logan A Co.'»
I flftY y vv»'^n YOUTHFUL IMPRU
11 \ I f'EN CE,Nervous Debility, cured by
Villi I ;',')Uq'c Nerve Bitten, 50e. Hero
^^ ,5. ,Ve,i Co., Philadelphia, Pa., and
4n _ * IlraK Si^re, Wheetin*. aptoode
L FOR I m t hoawtTBBBBM
I un m o noura. Care* in S
... ' '■*?*• Bad cases wanted. DmgStore.
MEM £*• Eleventh 9t, Phil., Pa.. ana
L-" KLo|*a4Ca'»Dnif Store, Wheel»
Billing Jkiiisfrt:
îTraiflers' fl&uide.
A RRIVAL and departure of trains
-Tl. Explanation OP Rkkkrknck Marks: «Daily.
|Sun«lajr excepted. JMouday excepted—W
B. <k O. R. R. I Départ, i Arrive.
xast. 1
Express... • 6 40 a m *10 25 am
Express • 5 25pm* 856pm
Cumberland Accodl. " 7 35am 4 35 pm
Grafton Accum i 3 23pm 8 15 a m
11 35 s m 120 p a;
Moundsville A'
WXST. " J .
Express (Chicago and Col)...
Express ^Chicago and Col)...
Express (Chicago and Col)...
Zanesvllle Accom.
Cambridge Accom,
(B. A. O. Depot.)
No. 1»
No. 3^
, No. 15
! No. 14
' Washington and Pittsburg...
I Washington and Pit Uli org...
Washington and Pittsburg...
Washington and Pittsburg
* 9 25a m * 505am
• 7 56pm • 730am
*10 30pm*620pm
4 00pm 10 lâ a iE
8 33 a m
1 50 p m
815 am
5 45 pm
10 45 am
ti JOpm
• 5 05am • 925am
7 35am *1130 am
* 6 25 p m 4 6 JO pm
_ * 1 35 p m *10 25 pm
Washington and Pittsburg.. f 4 45 p m
jt 7 20 a m t 6 56 pm
—if 1 10pmt 330pm
T 3 56 p m Til 55 a m
f 700
t «55
t 330
P., C. & ST. L. RY.
Pittsburg ............ h .
Pittsburg and New York
Pittsburg and New York.
Express, Cln. and 8t Louis
Express, Cln. and St. Louis
Exress, Steuben ville * Col -t
Steabenvllle A Dennlson Ac
U. A P. R. R.
Pittsburg and Cleveland
Steuben ville A.-eoinmodat'u
Pitts., New York
WtlkTÜle Accom ;
Cleveland, Chicago A Pitts
bunr Exprtj.su
C., L. A W. R. H.
Kxpnsss, Cleveland. E. A W. +12 OU p m
MaasiUon Accom 4 4 42 p m
St Clainvllle Accom f 9 37 a m
St Clalnvllle accom r 2 Od p m
St Clairsville Accom t 5 47 p m
Local Freight and Accom.... 4 37 a m
7 20 am
• 7 20 a m
■ 8 40 p m
3 35 pm
5 47 a m
9 Od a m
10 52 a m
4 47 p m
► 817 pm
- 317 pm
1108 a m
• 553pm
,t 1 47 p m t 8 20 am
2 52 p m
10 37 am
8 22 am
12 52pm
9 07 pm
• 7 10 a m *10 40 a m
* 4 UUprn • 8 20pm
8 50am 530pm
Leave Bellaire at 9:35 a. m. for Summerfleld
sud Zanesville.
Leave Bellaire at 2:05 p. m. for Woodsfield and
Summertie Id.
Leave Bellaire at 5:10 p. m. for Woodsfield.
Arrive at Bellaire 9:00 a. m., 12:50 p. m. and 4r05
p. m.
On and after MAY 3, 1886, Trains will run a-*
follows :
Leave Wheeling at
2:00 P. *.
3:00 "
4:00 "
5:00 "
6:10 "
7«) "
8:00 "
9:30 "
Leave Wheeling Park at
6:10 a. m. 3.1» p. M.
7:00 "
8.1» "
91» "
10;00 "
111» "
12:00 M.
1:00 p. M.
2.1» "
.71» "
18:00 "
91» "
101» "
11.1» "
121» M.
11» P. 5€.
Leave the City at 71» a. m., and every hour to
91» p. in.
Leave Wheeling Park at S:00 a. m., and evepy
hour to 10:00 p. m.
Church Train at 12:10 p. m.
Some Hiif-d-aea Bwlu of Romince Gone Through
m Search of Eiamplcs of the Way the
Modern Romeos Ask: "Will You
Marry Me?"
Philadelphia Pre»».
Here ou the iV»-« book-table Ls a stack
of new novels, and in every novel is a dec
laration of love. Shall stich honey waste
iu the hollow of a wildwood tree when it
may be had for the seizure? Surely not;
aud so let us to it. Moreover, since by the
preverb silence is goldon, and siuce some
strand no thicker than a thread of gold is,
the thing needed ou which to string these
following avowals it is well, without fur
ther ado, to knot the the thread at the
other end and go on with the stringing.
Due of the most charming of these new
novels is "A Romantic Young Lady," by
Rol>ert Grant. No fewer than four lovers
offer the romantic yonng lady their hearts
iu the pages of the book; and when it is
added that Miss Virginia i now Mrs. Prime)
is fair to sight and the possessor of $4,
000,000 the attentions of the young men
will l»e understood. The tirst declaration
w;is by a Newport dandy—a "barber's
block," as Virginia's cruel father thought
him. Roger had rowed with Virginia out
apou the moonlit sea. It is Virginia her
self who confesses thus:
"Virginia, I have brought you out here
where we are all alone, and where only na
ture can interrupt us, to tell you that I
adore you. Let the inconstant moon and
twinkling stars laugh as they please. I
know that true love exists, for my soul is
full of it at this moment. Speak, dearest,
and make me happy forever."
In the fullness of my transport at the
ardent words it seemed to me that heaven
was comedown to earth. My dreams had
promised no such blessedness as this. Faint
ly and softly I murmured:
"Roger, you know that I love you with
all my heart."
"31 y darling."
"Mf beloved."
Bur she didn't marry hiiu, so firm was
her father in his cruelty. Xo doubt she
thought the very apple of little Cupid's eye
was out, bat she plunged from frivolty in
to art. An Appollo of an artist, of the Bo
hemian type, went mad for her. This is
how the climax came:
Suddenly, andto my intense surprise, he
pronounced my name:
It was a whisper almost, aud spoken as
one might breath the name of a saint.
Then, with a low cry, he stepped a pace
or two and dropped on his knees again.
"I love you. I adore you. I have brok
en your heart, my angel, but it was love
that forced me to it. Forgive uie, and tell
me if you can that there is hope—a shadow
is enough. Hope some day that I may
press you to my bosom and call you mine—
mine for eternity! Virginia, hear me, do
not look so cold and cruel ; you are stoue
white—1 am burniug! I have loved you
-tince the tirst moment I saw you. I wish
my heart were dust for you to trample on
if it may not beat forever close to yours.
With you as my bride I could conquer
worlds. I could become an Angelo, a
ituhens; without you I shall die."
He seized my hands and covered them
with kisses.
"Mr. Barr, Mr. Barr! I can not liseu to
I jou further. Let me go—you are mad. "
"Yea, I am mad—mad with love for you
sweet Virginia."
"Pardon me," I said, "for the pain that
I cause yon. My presence can only increase
your suffering. I will leave you, and if
you wish we will talk of this to-morrow."
"To-morrow!" be answered, "there may
he no to-morrow. It is still to-day! Still
to-day!'' he replied, with a sort of chuckle,
"I will live to-day, though I may die to
morrow. • My goodness, my queen is here
and love—1-ve—love!"
With a bound he folded me in his huge
arms and presset! my face against his lip«
three times in a mad embrace.
"Coward! Wretch!" I screamed, but I
powerless as a babe.
He let me go. :
He who won the millionaire miss did so
, in this scene:
He made a motion as though to ware
1 that consideration aside. "No one can
take your place. But that is not all. Let
us sit down, Miss Bailey; I have something
to say to you. I had meant to say it very
*oon, but it must be said now or never. I
I love you."
I trembled like a leaf at this avowal—I
did not even yet know why.
i "I lore you from the bottom of my soul."
be said, once more, and now his words
were poured oat in a passionate flood, to
which I listened with a strange joy that
thrilled me through and through.
Dorothy in "A Politician's Daughter"
has none of the ways of the politician. Sh<
is direct or nothing. Witness her rejectioi
of a politician's son:
All the time his hat was whirling on th<
cane,. and Dorothy caught his sentence
like sparks foom a Japanese rocket. As h
paused she said: "Why do you come to saj
all this to me, Mr. Chipman? Why maki
it a personal matter?" "Because it is s
personal matter to me, Miss Harcourt. ]
want you to be my wife.'' The hat was
now laid aside and the cane lay against hi:
chair, bnt Irving Chipman understood
Dorothy well enoagh not to take one stej
nearer her.. It seemed to him having
known this woman was to have shown t<
him all his presumption, conceit and ego
tism. There was no doubt in bis mind
that be was very much in love with her
but he had a most uncomfortable sensatioi
of standing in awe of her.
"And I was the price of the election?"
She was a superb Nemesis as she sat then
looking at him with her gray eyes radiat
ing topax lights and her white teeth almost
closed. >
uNot at all."
Irving stammered, but was at a loss t<
continue. He had not expected this turn
of affaire. He had counted upon her sym
pathy with the political machinery.
"No, Mr. Chipman, I am going to make
you accountable for the sins of both oui
fathers. Whatever your prime motive in
desiring to make me your wife, I believt
that at this moment you are sincere in
thinking your present motive personal.
Let us pat, then, all ulterior questions out
of the way. I do not wish to be youi
Though Dorothy gave such a positive
"no," to that lover, the yielding ''yes" is
seen on the last page of the novel:
She stood there, both hands toward him,
and be took them. "Will you forgive
me," he said, "all my brutality, all my
blind stupidity? Will you let me make
your life sweet and happy? Let me make
up in devotion what I lack in all that you
are worthy of, my queen, my life, my
For she had not protested and her hands
lay passively in his, and he needed uo an
Wainwright in Edgar Fawcett's "A Gen
tleman of Leisure,'' now printed in new
form by the Riverside press, is a model
man in some things. He deserves the love
of a good girl and this is how he claimed it
—for Hath is indeed a good girl:
Wainwriglit instantly followed her. He
overtook her just as she placed her foot on
the tirst step of the staircase. She looked
round and saw him. Theu he caught her
hand aud held it hard—so hard that she
could not free it if she would.
"Will you be my wife?" he said very
low. yet quite distinctly.
Kuth burst into tears. "Ah!" she mur
mured, "yon are asking me l>ecause you
pity me."
"I am asking vou because I love you,"
he said.
Her cheeks had lired to scarlet. His
clasp upon her baud was slackening a lit
tle and shedrew it away. Without auother
word she turned and went up-stairs.
Wainwright still followed her. Knowing
that he did so she paused in a small central
hall near one of the drawingrooms, rich aud
dim with the Wiuter afternoon light.
"Let me speak with you for a moiueut
here," said Wainwright, pointing towards
this room. His voice was deeply tender as
he faced her.
"Not now, not now," shesaid. She had
already placed her baud ou the banister of
the next staircase. Again he put his own
hand about hers, but this time with a soft
touch. She did not resist him; she stood
there with tears falling swift aud large
from her uplifted eyes.
"Yes," he said, "let it be now. I want
you to sit at my side aud listen to me. It
need only be for a little while, ifyou wish.
But let it be now."
She yielded and he led her into the
quiet, vacant room. There they sat down
on one of the sofas. Nearly au hour after
wards Mrs. Spring came up-stairs and
found them thus seated. The room had
grown somewhat dimmer.
Wainright rose as soon as the lady
crossed the threshold.
"Mrs. Spring,"he said, "I have asked
vonr sister to become my wife and she has
Naturally this is different from the woo
ing of a clergyman who, in "Miss Melinda's
Opportunity," ^proposed by letter in this
wa.v :
"Yon must have seen from the beginning
and have wondered by what right I show
ed so much but never went beyond. I
thiuk now that I should have told
you at the beginning what made
me hesitate to speak. My mother
was dying. My sister was dependent upon
me. A country minister has small margin,
and I know marriage was impossible. Now
mother is gone. You know—you have
long known—what I most want for this i
life. Write me that I may have it, Milly,
and that you will come to me. I need you. |
I can not do without you."
The clergyman's successful wooing is less
passionate than the wooing of Rolfe in
He stooped. Justiua could not speak
and there was sileuce, broken only by the
crackling fire. But he turned now to her i
and cried ont bitterly: "This is my hist^.v.
And Justina, I love yon with my whole ;
being. What shall I do?" He rose and j
walked rapidly through through the room.
"What shall I do?" he asked again, fiercely.
There was bnt oue instant's hesitation.
Then the answer come—low. steady, but
almost breathless. "Love me still, please."
The strong man-broke down. He sank
on the low ottoman at her feet. "My
love!*' he cried, and he reached out his
Finally, vu "The Xew Man at Rossmere" !
are these two declarations to the same !
woman :
To his dismay, Ursula Kalston, the)
quietest, demurest, most self-sustained of
women, suddenly dissolved in a passion of
tea«. "Don't," he said in a choked voice.
"Every tear you shed scalds my heart.
Ursula, you kuow that I love you. Yon
have known it for so many months that it
sounds trite to put it into words. I "
"Please stop," said Snla, growing calm
as suddenly as she had grown tem
pest nous. "I am too honest, I hope, to
allow you to continue protestations that
ran never result in anything? And why?"
"Ah, my dear frieud, why bad you dis
turbed the placid current of our friendly
"The placid current of friendly inter
cours« is not sufficient for me. It must be !
moie or less between us, Ursula; which
shall it be?"
This may sound funny to scoffers, but
let these scoffers put themselves in Ursula's
place and they will speak of "the placid
current of friendly intercourse," too. She '
is in such a tix that she does not know
whether she is a widow or still a wife.
Happily her hushand proves to be dead
and she amends her reply with a widow's
blushes. When the skies havecleared this
scene is showu:
"If you will say to me that you do not ;
care enough for me to marrv me I will go
away from you and never troubleyou again.
Will you say that?"
She was as dumb before him as a sheep
before its shearers.
"Ursula, do vou love me?"
» * * * , • * *
A tremor throughout her slender form
was all his answer.
* ******
"Oh, my darling, my sweet, I havel>een
verv patient.
"* ******
She laid her hand in his.
• And no doubt tbev all lived hapily ever
afterward—which blissful sentiment may
be regarded as the knot aforementioned
npon which these avowals are strung.
A Card.
To all who are suffering from the errors
and inductions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss ot manhood, etc., I
will send you a receipt that will cure you
free of charge. This great remedy was
discovered by a missionary in South
America. Send a self-addressed envelope
to the Rev. Joseph T. Inman, Station 1). '
New York City.
New York.
New Yobk, October 21.—Cotton— ;
Futures closed weak and lower.
Money 4 l-2a8 p«r cent—OovcrmenU Doll
mud Heavy—Stock* Higher—Flour Un
changed—Wheat Higher
New York, October 21.—Money on call
was active and ranged from 4* to 7 per cent,
closing at 5 asked; prime mercantile pa
per 4a5; foreign exchange dnll and
Governments— Dnll and heavy. ^ - *
I States—Dull and steady.
Railroads—Leas active; sales 1,146,
Socks—The market was quiet, and
while upon the improved feeling it was
firm to strong-in early dealings, It yield
ed in sympathy with the coal stocks later.
, Jersey Centril was the chief feature, and
though firm it the early morning it after
wards broke abont 3 per cent. The open
ing was strong, first prices showing advan
ces ranging from | to J per cent. The
, market in the early dealings was firm, with
Jersey Central and Richmoud and West
Poiut the special feature, but the latter
and the coal stocks soon broke, carrying
the remainder of the market down below
the opening. In the after
noon the general list was heavy, but
before 2 p. m. the market rallied and
closed strong. Almost everything is high
er this evening, the decline in Jersey Ceu
tral being reduced to only f. Louisville
and Nashville is up 1}, Nickel Plate pre
ferred and Pacific Mail 1J each, Richmond
and Western lfr, and the others fractions.
Transactions 350,045 shares. (Quotations
closed bid as follows:
Adams Express, 142; American Express
106}; Canada Pacific 72; Central Pacific,
47}; Chesapeake aud Ohio 10 J; do preferred,
firsts 18}; do seconds Hi; Chicago and Al
ton, 143;do. preferred, 160; Chicago, liur
lington and Quincy, 138}; Delaware and
Hudson, 106}; Del. Lack'a and West, 140;
D«nver and Rio Grande, 32; Erie 35J;
do preferred 72J; FL Wayne, 146; Illinois
Central, 134; Lake Shore, 92 j; Michigan
Central 94} ; Minneapolis and St. Louis, 21 £ ;
, do preferred, 46; Missouri Pacific, 114^;
I Northern Pacific, 28J; do preferred, 62^;
Chicago and Northwestern, 117|; do pre
ferred, 140; New York Central 112;
Oregon Transcontinental, 343; Pacific
Mail, 54; Panama, 98; Peoria, D. & E.
30; Pittsburg, 152; Pullman Palace Car
146; Reading, 35}; Rock Island, 125; SL
Louis and San Francisco, 34}; do preferred,
68j; do first preferred, 116; ]St. Paul, Min
neapolis and Minnesota, 118}, St Paul
and Omaha 49jj do preferred, 112;
Texas Pacific, 21 j ; Union Pacific, 62;
United States Express, 59; Western Un
ion Telegraph, 76}.
Three« Coupons
Fours Coupons
Four»- and-a- half
Pacific Sixes of 1896.
The market this week is somewhat dull,
caused by the great number of larme»
who are coming in and selling their pro
I duets on the streets. No change in prices
this week. Green stuff is selliug up pretty
i close to the supply and prices have changed
but in a lew instances since our
last report. Good stock is> sold up pretty
close to the supply, but ordinary
stuil hangs on aud is slow selling
The prices quoted below are wholesale fig
ures and all green stuff 13 home raised. The
quotations arc changed on Tuesdays aud
Fridays, although the prices are subject
to fluctuations between those days.
Butter—Demand good ; choice creamery
20a22c; country choice l(Jal8c; good coun
try 12al4c; common 3a(Jc; supply fair.
Beeswax—(Quoted at 22a21u per pound.
Beans—Hand picked navy $1 lOal 25
per bushel; unsalable.
Dried Fruit—New evaporated pared
peaches 17al8c; unpared do Uta 12c; rasp
berries 17al8c; blackberries 7a8c; new sun
dried apples, quartered, lAa2c, sliced 4a5c;
paaches, new halves, 4jaö^c; do quarters 4
a5c; do pared 15al8c; pitted cherries 8a9c;
new evaporated apples 5a6c. Market on
dried fruit nominal; demand moderate.
Cheese—Sales in a jobbing way of prime
mild Ohio factory at 84c; New York 14a
15c; Sweitzer lthillc; Limberger 8al'2e.
Eggs—Strictly fresh stock at 19 to 20c per
doz. ; supply light aud demand good.
Feathers—Choice, 50a55c, in original
packages; 4a5c more in small lots.
Honey—Choice white clover, 13al4c;
choice buckwheat, 12al4c.
Potatoes—Choice new home raised, 45 to
50c per bushel; demand good; supply fair.
Poultry—Live chickens, old 00a2 50
per dozen; young, $2 00a2 25; demand
good, supply light.
Rags—Steady at ljaljc for white mixed
cotton; lalje for all wool aud lJalAc for
Seeds—Hungarian $1 15 per bushel;
Golden Millet $1 25 per bushel.
lard—Country prime, Sialic; demand
Apples—Green, per bbl. choice new,
l)0a$l 10; common 60a80c per barrel; de
mand fair, supply good.
Onions—New, 55a75c per bushel; good
Cabbage—At 50a75c per bbl; demand
slow, supply good.
Tomatoes—Per bushel, 60a90c; demand
good;supply light.
Pears—Bushel crates, $1 25al 50; bar
rels, £1 00; Bartlett pears, $4 00a5 00 per
barrel; demand good; supply light.
Cucumbers—10a 15c per dozen; demand
Grapes—At 3a4c per pound; demand
poor; supply good.
Sweet potatoes—$1 50al 75 per barrel;
Jerseys, $2 00 to 2 35 ; supply
good; demand light
^evf 10m.
New York, October 21.—Flour—
lirm; receipts 18,747 barrels; exports 12,
229 barrels, 13,413 sacks; sales 19,600
barrels." Wheat—Receipts 207,000; exports
none; spot lots firm and quiet; options ad
vanced |aic, closing with a slight reaction :
sales 3,216.000 bushels futures, 148,000
bushels spot ; No. 2 spring 83c; ungraded
Milwaukee 81 Jc; ungraded ml 75a85$c;
No. 3 red 82c; No. 1 red 88lc; No. 1
white 83c; No. 2 red October 84Jc; Novem
ber 84§aö5c, closed at 84jc; December
86ia86 9-16c, jelosed at 86 jc; January 871
aS8}c, closed at 88Jc; February 89la89$c,
closed at 89jc; March 9la91jc, closed at
91 Jc; April 92|a92jc, closed at 92Jc; May
93ja94jc, closed at 93ic; Jane 91i[a91|c,
closed at 91 ;c. Corn—Spot lots firm and
a trifle better: options a shade higher,
closing firm; receipts 34,550 bushels; ex
ports 14,792 bushels; ungraded 44ia45jc;
old No. 2 44|a54lc; No. 2 October 45c; •
November 45$a45}c, closed at 45jc; De- '
cember 46ta46lc, closed at 46lc; January
47£a47lc, closed at 47Ac; February 47^a ;
48c, closed at 48c; May 49ja49lc, closed [
at 491 c. Oats—Without change; receipts
61,750 bushels; exports 120; sales 245,
000 bushels. Coffee—Spot fair; Kio firm ]
at 11 Jc; options higher and strong and '
fairly active; sales 33,270 bags; November '
December and January 9.95al0c; February (
March and April 10al0.55c; May 10.05a '
10.10c. Sugar—Dull aud weak; fair to
jjood refining 4 9-16a4 11-16; refined quiet;
Molasses—Dull and nominal. Petroleum
—Firm; United closed at 66c. Tallow—
Dull and weak. Pork—Firm and less
active; cat meats quiet and firm : pickled
bellies 7jc. Lard—A shade higher and
moderately active; western steam spot 1
$6 00; October $6 05; November $5 97a 1
6 00; December $6 09; January $6 14a6 16; !
February $6 24a6 25; March $6 34; city
steam 00. Butter—Dull and heavy; <
western 12a271e. Cheese—Quiet. Eggs— ]
In fair demand and steady; receipts 3.414 •
packages; western fresh 20Aa21c.
Chicago, October 21.—The general tone }
of the wheat market was stronger, based
on better cables and more ont- ! ^
side buying orders. First sales were Jaic
higher than yesterday, rallied JaJc addi
tional, declined Jc, rallied and closed in
latest trading at nearly ontside prices, and
£c higher than yesterday. Oats were dull, I *
shade lower, and provision* were steady, i
Flonr—Unchanged. Wheat—No. 2 , 1
spring 72}a72$c; cash No. 2 red *
"31c; October 72$a73c, closed at 724c; .
November 73ja73*c, closed at 731c; De- jj
cember 75a75je; closing at 75|c; Jan nan- *
75}a76$c, closed at 76c; May 8lJa92jc, 1
closed at 82c. Corn—Cash 33ja34t; ï
October 33$a34|c, clcaed at 34c; *
November 34ja35|c; closed at 35c;
December 36a36|c, cl<*ed at 36 }c;
January 36}a36§c, closed at 36ic; May
40§a40fc, closed at 40te. Oats—Cash
No. 2 24}; October 34£&24|c, closing t
at 24Je; November 25}a25jc, closed
at 2o|c; December 28|a26$c, closed
at 26}c; May 30}a30}c, closed at 30je.
Mess Pork—Cash $8 70afi 75; October
$8 85a8 70, closed at $8 70; Novem
ber $8 67}a8 75}, closed at $8 72};
December $3 70a8 72}, closing at $8 70};
January $9 60a9 70, closed at $9 70.
Lard—Cash $5 67}a5 70; October
$5 07} ; November $5 65a.") 70, closed
at $5 70; December $5 72}a5 77}; Jan
uary f5 82}a5 87}, closed at $5 87}.
Barley—No. 2 49c. Flax Seed—No. 1 97}c.
Ry«—No. 2 49c. Timothy Seed—Prime
$160al 62. Short Ribs—$6 *0. Shoulders—
$5 45a5 50; short clear $6 85a6 90.
Whisky—$1 18. Sugars—Unchanged.
Butter—Qaiet and weaker; good to fancy
creamery 19a26}c; fair to good creamery
I4al8; dairy 15al9c; packing stock 7a9c.
Eggs—Firm at 17}al8c.
Philadelphia. October 21.—Flour
Demand light. Wheat—Very firm and
higher. No. 2 red Oct. 83ja33Jc; Nov.
83}a83jc; Dec. 85a851c; Jan. 86}a86fc;
Corn—Spot lots lower and irregular; No.
3 mixed 45}c; No. 3 yellow 45}c; No. 2
do 46c: No. 2 high mixed 43ja44jc; Nov.
44ja44}c; Dec. 45a45}c, Jan. 45ja45jc.
Oats—Demand light; rejected white 32c;
No. 3 white 34c; No. 2 white, 35; No.
1 white, 35}a36. Futures quiet but steady;
No. 2 white, Oct. 34£a35jc; Nov. 34}
a34jc, Dec. 35$a3gc; Jan. 36}a36}c.
Butter—Active; firm. Cheese—Market
quiet; steady; Ohio iairto prime lO^alOje.
Cincinnati, October 21.—Cotton—
Steady. Wheat—Frm; No. 2 red 77c;
receipts 3,400 bushels; shipments 2,000.
Flour—Firm; family $3 30a3 54); fancy
$3 85a3 90. Corn—Firm; No. 2 mixed
39ic. Oats—Quiet; No. 2 mixed 27c.
Rye—Dull; No. 2 52. Pork—Quiet,
$9 50. Lard—Firm "at $5 75. Bulk
meats and Bacon—Qniet, unchanged.
Whisky—Firm at $1 13. Butter, Sugar
and Cheese—Firm. Eggs—Firm at 15}c.
Toledo, O.. October 21.—Wheat
Dull and easier; cash 77}casked; Novem
ber 77jc; December 79Jc. January 80}c
bid; May 86c. Corn—Inactive; cash 3nc.
Oat4»—Steady; cash 26}. Clover Seed—
Firmer; October and November $4 47}
bid; December $4 50 bid; January $4 55
The cattle market this week was lair
anil prices remained the • same as
those of last week. The hog market was
also quiet, with prices the same as thos* of
last week. Messrs. Hudson & Bay ha
urnisli the following quotations:
Cattle—1,000 to 1,100 lbs stock 3ja4
per lb.; 800 to 900 lbs. 3}a3£c. per lb.; 70
to 800 lbs. 2^a3]c. per lb.
Hogs—Market active 3^a4e ]»er lb.
Lambs—(îood at 3}a4je per lb.
Calves—3a5c per lb.
Sheep—2Ato.'Uc per lb.
Chicago, Octolier 21.—The Drovern'
Journal reports: Cattle—Receipts 10.000
heail; market slow; natives $l 00aö (M);
stockers aud feeders $2 5()a3 (H) ; cows, and
bulls $2 ÔOa.ï (Ml; rangers $15 05a4 00;
Texas $2 05a3 25.
Hogs—Receipts 30,(NN) head; market 10e
lower. packers and shippers $3 75a4 25;
rough packing $3 70a3 80; skips $3 70a
1 17A.
Sheep—Receipts (J,INK); market slow at 15
n*r»c lower; common to medium 00a
!î 00. Lambs $4 25a4 50.
Eaüt Liberty.
EAST LlBKUTY, October *21.—Cattle j
—Receipts, 7f> head; shipments 38.
Market very dullat yesterday's quotations,
no shipments to New York to-day.
Hogs—Receipts, *2,400 head; shipments
3,000; market slow; Philadelphias $4.65a
1.80; Yorkers $4.40a4.50; common and
light £1 00a4 25; 13 cars shipped to New
Vork to-day.
Sheep—Receipts, 800; shipments 820;
market demoralized and nothing doing.
Xew York.
New York, October 21.—Beeves—
S*0arrivals; dressed beef, dull; 5Jafi}c; for
Texas and Colorado do; export?340 beeves;
r."> sheep, 800 quarters beef.
Sheep and Lambs—Receipt 7, 400; lambs
ieclined \c per pouud; extremes $3a3 40
jer 100 lbs for sheep and $1 12a5 75 for
Hoks—Receipts, 4,4o0: market dull |
ind nearly nominal for live hogs at $1 75a
> 00 per 100 lbs. for corn fed and $4 50a
1 65 for grassers.
Cincinnati, Octolier 21.—Hogs—Dull;
:oiumou aud light $3 50a 1 30; packing
ind butchers $3 85a4 30; receipts 3,240;
shipments 1,820.
The denial of tl failure of the Rio Jane- ;
ro and Brazil coû ; crop, has caused a de
•line of one quartet of a cent on all coffee J
dthough the extraordinary trade of the j
last two weeks has helped materially to j
sustain the advance, and may yet cause j
i reaction and higher ligures are not im
probable. Sugar continues in fair demaud
iv it h no special market changed.
Kic k—Carolina head 7c; Carolina choice
îjc; Carolina prime 6c; Louisiana Cjc;
Java pearl 6jc: Broken 3c.
SYRi'PS—Choice Sugar Ryrup 34a37c;
Jrdiuary Sugar Syrup 24a25c; Honey Drips
Ï8a30c; California White Drips 33a35c;
Fancy Syrup, three gallon three hoop pails,
£9.00 per dozen; Bixby Maple Syrup'bar
rels) 55c; Bixby Maple (j barrels) 5«^; Bix
L>y Maple (10 gallon kegs) 60c; Bixby Ma
ple (5 gallon kegs) 62c; Bixby Maple (quart
•ans) 30c. Sugar House (dark) 20a22c;
3c additional in half barrels);
STew Orleans Molasses, Faney 43a45c.
Choice 38a42c; Prime 34a36c: Fair 32a34c;
Mixed goods New Orleans 28a30c.
Provisions—Large S. C. hams 12al2lc;
uedium S. C. hams 13 small S . C. |
lams 13jc; California liams 8c; S. C
>reakiast bacon 9a9jc; S. C. shoulders Ha
^c;boneless hams 9a9jc; city sides 8Ja*jc;
ïacou shoulders TiaHc; ham beef Kîal.'Uc;
>rdinary beef 10 J a 11 c ; couu t ry sides 7$ a7 j c ;
amily mess pork, 51b pieces, $14 50a
14 75 bean pork, fine dear, $15 00a15 50.
Laki>—Tierce 7c half barrels 7Jc: tnbs
*2c; buckets 7Jc; tin pails, 3 lbs., 7Jc; tin i
rails, 5 llw., 7jc; tin pails, 10 11«., 7Jc. }
in pails, 20 lbs., 7c; tin pails, 50 lbs., 7c. i
CANNED Goods—Standard 31b table
jeach $1 60al 75; pie peaches 3lb 95c; pie
reaches Gib $1 75; No. 3 tomatoes new 90a
fl 00; Sear's corn 90c; do Winslow's 2lb j
?1 2(1; do 2d grade 2lb 75c; strawberries2tt>
M lrt; blackberries 2tb $1 00; raspberries
Mb $1 00; Damson's2lb 95c: lima beans 2B>
M)c; cove oysters lib light 55c: do lib full j
weight 95ca$l 00; string beans 2lb 85a9Uc;
luccotash 2lb 90ca$l 25; early June peas
>1 75; Fred«-h peas 16c each; pineapple !
>1 50; Marrowfat peas 2lb$l 75a2 10; goose-:
jerries 2lb 9<K-a$l 00; 2lb Kinney salmon
51 61»; 2lb IMllar Rock $1 60; 3lb sweet po
atoes $1 75.
Woodex Wabe—No. 1 tubs $5 50: Na ;
I $4 50; No. 3 $3 50; 2 hoop pails $1 441;
1 hoop $1 65; sap $1 20; single washboards
SI 50; double do. $2 50; fine crimp double i
lo. $2 75; single $2 50.
FBrrrs—New Valencia Raisins 9a9)c; !
lew Layer Odora, loiaiojc; halves, 1
try peaches, 4a4ic. London l tyer raisins
>2.85a3.00; Loose Muscatels, $2.50 to 2.60.
Oil—Lard, extra western strained 80c;
arbon, 110, 8c; carbon, 150, 8}c; white
niners' best winter 42a45c; white minera' j
*o. 2 38a40c.
Sugars—Cnt loaf 7Jc; Cubes 6jc; Fruit
»wdered 7|c. Ordinary powdered 6jc;,
iranulated Standard 6jc; Granulated ordi
nary 6jc; Standard Confectioner's A 6c; |
tracer's A 5jc; Pearl A Sjc; White extra j
Î 5jc; Ohio Valley 5jc. New York C 4jc; i
jolden C 4jc. Fruit sugar 4jc.
Coffee—Green Coffee—Fancy Golden j
iio 13jc; Fancy Green 13c; Pea berry 14}c
Jboice 14c; Prime 13jc; Good 12c; Fall
1 Jc; Roasting grades lÔalOjc; Old Governj
tient Java 2ojc. Roasted coffee in pack
gee—Ohio Valley Rio 100 lbs 15jc; Ohio
"alley Rio 300 lbs. 15}c; Ohio Valley Rio
00 lbs. 15c; Arbuckle's 1 lb. 15ic; Par
olallb. 8c Bulk Roasted—Old Govern- 1
aent Java 26c; Peaberry 15}; "A" 1
Tade Rio 13jc; "B" grade Rio 13c; "C"
rade Rio 12jc
Sew fork.
New York, October 21.—There was a j <
uiet and steady demand for all styles of I
cotton goods. Spot sales were limited be
cause of nominal stocks; though for futnre
deliveries the placing of orders was ol con
tinned steadiness. Agents have opened
a beantiful line of Anchor shirting prints.
Pittsburgh, Pa., October 21.—Pe
: troleum—Dull but tirai. Opened at 6tiJ,
closed at 66; highest 66J; lowest 66.
OU City.
Oil City, October 21.—Petroleum—
Opened at 66J; highest 66i; .owest 66;
closed 66. Sales 314,000 but reis; clear
ances 1,566,000; charters 21,984; shipments
Bradford, October 21.—Petroleum
,—Opened at 66J; closed 66; highest 66};
' lowest 66}; clearances 462,000.
Titcsvillr, October J21.—Petroleum
—Opened at 66J; highest 66 j; lowest 65j ;
; closed at 66; shipments 73,759; charters
i 21,984.
New York.
New York, October 21.—Petroleum
opened firm at 66jc, advanced to 66J, sag
ged off to 65 £ and closed at 66. Sales 796,
500 barrels.
Wheeling. ^
The demand for dour is brisk and is
keeping up pretty well with the supply.
The market is dim and wheat is still
coming in pretty lively and selling at 75c
per bushel, with a fair demand at those
figures. Prices in all instances remain the
same as at our last report. In the feed
market middlings and bran are quiet, oats
are fairly firm, corn has improved and
hay remains quiet Prices are as follows:
Flour an d Grain—Choice family llour
in barrels $4 00; in sacks $3 85; middlings
per ton $12 00; bran per toq $12 00; wheat
No. 1 per bushel 75c.
Feed—Corn per bushel 40a45c; oats 27a
28c; baled hay per ton $12 00a13 00; loose
hay is selling for about $9 00all00 per
Tuesday. October 19.
The tone of the market has not been so
lirni the past week as that of the previous
week. Notwithstanding this fact, how
ever, there has l»een no shading in prices,
which remain the same as those
of last week as follows: XX washed 32a
33jc; unwashed, one-third off; medium,
washed 32a34c; unwashed 23a25c.
Is both an Art and a Science. Wise housekeep
ers will alwavs inake sure of nice Biscuit and
Batter Cakes, by using 1,«MJ AX A t'O.'N
Excelsior Baking Powder,
Itl'ItliKR UOODN. Ac.
" ItKNT 1*1 I.I. WE ETKK 1KF.D "
Is what people nay about
The Homestead Liver Pills.
Over forty large and small pills in each box.
More popular every day.
Stockholders Doubly Liable.
CAPITAL. »17S.000
Government and Local Bonds bought and sold.
Drafts issued on any point in Europe, as well as
on the principal cities of the United States.
A general banking business transacted.
WM. A. ISETT, President.
WM. B. SIMPSON. Vice Pres.
jull F. P. J EPSON. Cashier.
CAPITAL »«,000 j
J. N. VANCE President
SAMUEL LAUGHLIN ~ Vice Preaident
J. N. Vance, 8. Horkheimep.,
8. Lavohlin, W. Ellinoham,
8. 8. Delaplai.*, A. W. K ei,ley,
John Frew.
Drafts issued on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all point« in Europe,
mrt JOHN J. JONES. Cashier.
HENRY K. LIST President.
K. C. DALZELL Cashier.
A General Banking Baftine*« Transacted.
Account« of Firm*, Corporation» and Indi
vidual* Solicited.
CAPITAL. .. <200.000
Southwest corner Main and Twelfth tit*.,
dikectorj :
Acoctt Rolf, Joh.h Waqm»,
Michael Rhi.lt, r. W. Haxlktt,
E. W. Oqlebat, J. R. McOocbtmet,
Cha*. W. Biocinau.
EARL W. OGLEBAY. President,
CHAS. W. BROCKL'NIER, Vice President,
LAWRENCE K. SANDS. Andstant rauh 1er.
Commissioner's Notice.
L West Virginia. John W. Cummin** r*. Eliza
t«-th Martin and others. In Chancery.
By virtue of a decree entered in the above en
titled cause on the *tb day of October, 18H6, it U
referred to the undersigned commlsnioner of the
»aid Cuurt, to ascertain and report the real «Mat«
in the bill mentioned, and the lien* thereon, tbe
ralue and annual value thereof, the priority of
nich lien*, and any other matter he may deem
pertinent, or any party in intercut may require.
Notice 1» hereby ifi vt n that tbe undersigned ha*
r.xed upon Tuesday, tbe 9th day of November.
UM6, commencing at 9o'clock a. in., a* the time,
ind hi* office, No. 123) Chapline street, in the
;ity of Wheeling. Ohio county. West Virginia, a»
:he place at which he will proceed to aw-ertain
ind report the several matter* in tbe naid order
>f reference required.
Given under my hand thi* 9th day of October,
I9A6. JOSEPH R. PAL'LL, Commissioner. «
Robket White, Counsel for Plaintiff:.
Fo all persons holding lien* by judgment or oth
erwise, on the real estate, or any j«rt thereof,
of Elizabeth Manln:
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court of
Jhio county, made in a cause therein pending to
rubjectthe real estate of tbe sai-1 Elizabeth Mar- j
in to the satisfaction of the lien* thereon, too
ire hereby required to present all claim* held by ;
rou and each of you against tbe said Elizabeth
Martin, which arelien* on her real estate, or any ,
>art of it for adjudication to me. at my office. ;
S'o. 1220 Chapline street, in tbe city of Wheeling, i
)hio county, West Virginia, on or before Toe»
lay, the 9th day of November, H86.
Given under my hand this 9th day of October. :
1886. JOSEPH R. PAULL, Commissioner. j
BIO MONEY for A«**t«aa4 Fa raiers. :
,'heapeet and Ban. Catalog«« Free.
TifkelN Ouij 95. Skares in Pro
Louisiana Stale Lottery Company.
"We do hereby certify that we fuperriaetbe
arrangvments for all the Monthly and Quarterly
Dralnngi of the Louisiana State Lotto? Com
pany. and in |«raou manage and control the
drawings themselves. and thMthe same are coo
ducted with honesty, fa'meaa, and In gooi frith
toward all partie«, and w e authorize the company
to use this certificate. w;th fac-similé* of our Kg
natures attached, in it» advertisement*." •
We the undersigned Banks and Banken wil"
pay all Ibises drawn in The Louisiana Stale Lot
teries which may be presented at our counters.
J. II. OUI.KMBY. Pres. Louisiana Nat l Bauk
J. W. K11. Ultimi. Pre«. State Nat l Bank.
A. HA 1.1»WIN, Pres. New Orleans Nai l Bank
Incorporated in 1*8 for 25 rear» by the Legi *1 a.
ture for Educational and Charitable purpose»—
with a capital of fl.OUO.OOO—to which a reserve
ftind of over VvO.OUD has since been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote its franchise
was made a part of the present State Constitu
tion adopted December -\i. A. D. 1879.
The only Lottery ever voted on and eudorsed
by the people of any State.
It never scales or postpones.
Its tirmul KliiKlf Jltimbfr Drsalnp
take place monthly, and the Kstraordinarr
Drawings regularly every three months instead
of Semi-Annually as heivtofore.
A splendid opportunity to win a fortune. 11th
Grand Drawing. Cla&t I., in the Academy ol
Music, New Orleans. Tu«-•><!ny, \ovrinb«r
!>, IHH6—19Mli Monthly Drawing.
CAPITAL I'KIZK, »75,000.
Com ■ liilo^w».
100,000 Tickets al Five Dollar» Fach.
iu Fifths iu proportion.
1 Capital Prize...
1 Capital Ittie...-.—
11 Capital Prise
i' Prizes of >6.000
~[J) Prise* of 2,000
10 Prises of 1,000
» JO Prises of :>oo
lo.uu) :
100 Prizes of J0U
SOU IMwuof 100
J600 Prizes ol SO
1000 Prizes of 2»
A »TROX IM A Til IN nil ZI».
9 Approximation Prises of J7j0
'J Approximation Prizes of .'<00.
'J Approximation 1'rises of 2.'*)
1IA>7 Prizes, amounting to _|J6i.50U J
Application for rates to clubs should be made
only to the office of the Company In New Or
For further information write clearly, (riving
full ailiir.ss, fOHiAl, Express |
Money OWersor New York Kxcliante Inordinary
letter." Currency by express (at our expense) ad
dressed M. A. OA I'Pill.K,
•\r» Orleans, I.M.
Or; M. A. UAll'IIIX.
Witslilnf fou, I). C.
Make P. 0. Money Orders payable and
addretw Kc'istered Lettan lo
m:\v orm.ann xatiomi, hawk
>r»» Urksas, I.«.
Kanawha and oiiio railway com
Ohio Central Rail way Company, Hirer Division,
re-organized. Taking effect .Monday, September :
'J», lNsö. Central Standard Time:
No. a, No. II,
noktiiwakd. No. 1, Dally Dally |
Daily Kx. Kun Kx. Sun. j
I.ve Charleston
i.ve Kalte* «J
i.ve Poca
I.ve Raymond City...
i.ve Red House
I.ve Buffalo
I.ve Maiipiu
I.ve I't. PIcasant,W. V
I.ve Pi. Pleasant, o...
Arr (ialllpolK. {
Lve "
Lye Pt. Plcasaot, ti
LveMid'porl,cii v.» t
Arr Columbus. dally
except Sunday.
Arr Wheel Ink'. H. *
2 cop ni 5 »lain
2 :tt p m 6 t a m I
.''.'fui 7 !•"' a m
2 :>s I ui 7 a ta tu |
:t It p m S 0suin '
:t lo ji m s fi7a m
4 oo p ui 0 :ilatn
4 4 : p m 11 l.'iam
i 6.' p m II ICiam
4 M p m
4 .'»h p m
H.viam H :>0 p m 12 Oo pin
:t :wp m 10 2.'» p m ....
.% Oit a m
5 :V> a m
6 (à a m
b M a in
fi 16 a m
t> 4.' a m
7 (il a m
7 11 a in
7 M a tu
S 00 a m
H on a m
Daily No 4
"No. lo,
Ex. Sun. Daily [Kx. Sun
I.ve Wheeling. b. ao.
Lve Columbus
OolnmhusjV. ii.va.t)
Lve Mtddwpoft
Lve lt. Plea«ant, O..
Ait (ialli|>olis„
Lve "
Lve Pt. Pleasant, ()
i.ve Pt. Pleasant,W.V
Lve Maupiu's
i.ve Huffalu
Lve Red Honse _..
Lve Raymond City
Lve Poca.
Lve Sattes
Arr Charleston ....
:< U'iji m
l 40 p m
s .'«i p m
f> 07 pm |
i i a» p m i
7 09 p m
s o;i p m i
h 4o p m |
S Iii |lIII
y a) p m
in :<o s m ^
t7 20 am
f 7 .'i0 a m
4 U> a m 2 Ui pm
6 2* a m 2 39 p m
2 p m
A l)am aoopin
5 :soa m! n o>> pm
40 a m 3 15 p m
fi 22 a in l no p m
Ii 42 a ni! 4 20 p Iii
7 Ii) h m1 I 4<> p m
7 XI a m •> u'i p m
7 :hi a m o* p m
7 fto n m ."> 2Ti j» m
h ai a ml 6 00 p m
Triiln leaving Charleston at a. m. laakc»
close connection with C., W. & B R R. at Ath
•■us, for Cincinnati. Parkcrsburg. Wheeling, niul
alL|Kiiiils Nnrih. Last, ><'iith and West.
Train leaving Charleston at 2 u. in. tnskes
close eunnection «t Columbus for ail point* East,
Wot, Ni »rt Ii s le 1 >outh.
Through tickets and luggage cheeked to any
point In I he I'Iiiled States.
For further information, address or apply to L.
C. Hill, «ieiieral Agent, Mlddleport. <».. or II. L.
Moore. < i i y Ticket Agent, Charleston, W. Va.
tDaily except Sunday. All trains will stop at
any station to receive or deliver passengers.
(ien'l Manager. U. F. A P. A.
i*md Invalid I k*t ^
3l*v1 r'ir. i I * I ml««
U* »«« w PHILA, »A
Thé RET.trrtK'i MAP of the gute, raa/fe from
artoal rorvej» of each coanty, contain a Mpoat- !
road» and «treats*, with political division«, rte ,
and is oons'derwl the
Ever puhli*he»L 3Ue. three feet by three feet
nine inch«.
!■ < loth Cotnh
wemt va. ptwrrn« co.,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Cleveland and Pittsburg a. K.
Con dented time-table of naaenger traîna cor-|
reeled to OCTOBER X 188&—Central Standard
«rartoM. j a. il | a. *. i a. u. I r. m.'; r. a.|
Bridgeport ~.
Martin s Ferry—
Yellow Creek
East LlTerpooI..
PltUburj. j » U).—— t ju ......
Alliance j 10 26 i
RaTeuna... ... HOI
Hudaon 1133 -J
I f. M.
Newbarg 1 12 14
Cleveland. -.... 12 45
STATIONS. A. A. M. A. M. P. M. t. M.
Bellaire 6 00 10 ft'. 4 00 1 00]
Bridgeport 5 12 10 17 4 12 1 121
Martin s Ferry.... & 1» 10 26 4 20 1 20]
Yellow Creek 1 «f0...... Il M 6 00 2 60 !
r. u.
Wellsvtlte 1 TOO - 12 06 C 10 3 08'
Bayard.. ' » if" ' !
Alliance 10 15 .] 4 20 j
, P. M.
Canton 1» ........' 6 «7,
Maarilllon 1 1 6f> 6 62 !
Mansfield 4 SO 8 0«
Crestline 6 20 „.. S 36
Lima L.— ..... 11 15 j
I »A.«.!
Fort Wayne «... 112
dafcago «»j
All trains daily except Sunday. *
Trains leaving Bridgeport at 1:12 p m (1:47 city
timet arrive at Chicago at «»followtngmoniln*. !
Trains leave Cleveland for Wheeling m 12:10
p. m, arriving at s l*p. m
Loave Cleveland 11:10 p. m.. arrive at Bridge*
port at 7:45 a. m.
K. A. FORI),
Gen. Paaa. and Ticket Agent, rtiubnrg, Pa.
General Manager. Fittabnre Pa
Baltimore and ohio railroad com.
pany. Onand arteMVtoU-rJ. issa,(«Mcngt-r
trains will run aa follow»-Wbilling time :
leave«— A. M. P. M.
Wheeling 1 6 60 S *>
Bellâtre ...|
Arriva« at—
Mannington..„....I 6 4«'
i P. H.
Grafton ..
4 00 8 JO
Washington City.!.
*ï\* *1
eâ c câ
/, X Jft '
A. M. A M P. V
6 41» 7 X> 5 J6*
6 50
r. m
io 4f> u so
P M.
U 40 7 0C
f. joj
7 *>!
« JO
7 «
•Dally except Sunday.
No. St, No. 37 and No. :L*> stop al all .«talion*.
Leavo»— ) A. M. P. M
Wheeling 1 * W 4 00
Hellairu ...... I » 10 4 4«)
Arrive« at—
laneavUl« .| 7 IV
St boula
Kansas City
9 <« ,
Kt. Clairivllle accommodation, leave« Wheel
m« at s *'• a iu., ljOand 0 »«• p. m.; have* Holl
alto at y 10 a. m . and « 1» p. ni. Kciuruiiig,
arrive» at Wheeling at M'i*. in., I.:i5 and ti
m., dally except Sunday.
10:40 I». iu. train tlipMigh t«» Cincinnati without
Change, with aleeper through to Cincinnati.
/.ancHvtlle Accommodation leave« W Heeling «I
4#> p. m , lie Un ire at 4:14 p. m .dally except Sun*
MoiiüiIütIII« Accommodation leave* Wheeling j
at il % a m au<l arrive« at MouiitUvllle ai 1.' la . j
|u in., daily except Sunday.
(■ration A<-ot>uuiiodaiii>u leave» at 8:2^ p. rn
Thro«iK>i <oai'h fhmi Wheeling to < liirlnnatl
•lally on No. S. leaving Wheeling at #&jii. ra., ar»
riving «t Cincinnati at i> .'»» i>. in.
1). A O. »lecpliig car* on all through train«.
CkMcimnMtloii in iule for all point* Smth and
flouthMe.it, North and North went, making Ihl» a
desirable n>ute Ur colonist* and («-nani« moving
to the great west, and to w hom |tart><°ii]«f «tteii
linn I» given.
11< luit» to all principal i«>tnu on »ale at d. pot. »
Sleeping car accommitduiloni can he *e< iintl at
Depot Ticket OBlce.
T. C. UC4t KK.
Ticket Agent II A O. Ik-iot
Ticket Agent, under M el.ure Huna«,
JOHN T. I.A.NK, Trav. I'assetig. r Agent.
C. K. IX)RD. Gen. Pa**. Agent
H. T. DEVKIES. General Alfen». Wheeling.
On and after Mnv art, lHH(t ;>awu>nirer train» will |
run a» follow»— WheeVng time
For Pllt*l>urg—ftofia m ,dally; 7 »a. m.,daily ; J
1:3ft p ra. and fl»p m . dally.
For Washington -4.&0 p. m . dally except Hun*
From Pittsburg 0'£t a in., dally : 11:35 a. m.
anil fi.» i>. m . dally: in p m dally.
From YVashitigtoii -î.Aïa. in., daily except Win
day ; 10:'~> p. in , daily.
r. fc. I.oltD. General Pa*»enger Agent.
H. Dl'NHAM,'ieneral Manager.
J. T. I.ANK, Traveling Agent, Wheeling.
Thin time table corrected to M«v XHIi, |W,
Train* leave Pan-Handle Station, foot of F!ev
euth street. near publie landing, a» IbllOWf- < en
trai Standard Time—which Um minute« «lower
than Wheeling time :
lKlly lialljr Ac
l'4»1 fl» COM.
I^wiro— A. m. Y. M A. M.
Wheeling, W. V*. A 16 s » * 1A
Heawood... „ r, tit 3 to * a%
Moundavllle 7 lu «m tn
ciarington 7 47 4 4" n an
i'rwrtor 7 6* 4 '•*> IIA
P. M.
Sew Marti rurvl He * I'. *» Of.
■UutlU. I X- h I.'.
■•Irtenrllle - „... n 4. 4 »'•
Krtendljr (Mala mora*) « BO i'.
4t. Mary« V £> (t V,
Ä'llllamrtflWn ! Marli'U«) M ! f 00
Parkenbtirg, W. V*. 10 1' 7 * <5 00
12 60
I 30
» 10
4 JU
l>aljy Jrmlljr Ac
I'm* I'd* ft m
Leave— A. M
Park»r*burg. « <ju
"VUllarnatown (Marietta) ft Y>
♦t M irjri
rrletidlv (Maiamoraa) .....
«irtennrllle _
7 10
7 40
7 M»
lard la
S'ew Martlnavlll*
........ * V.
......... : A U
1 * 32
, . » 4T.
dounoaville » :«<
P. ». a. a.
a ao «to
4 00 7 JO
4 Ml t »
» »^0 ftO
5 » II Ii
P. X
6 V» 12 06
« v> 12 ao
• i; m
• to 1 4ft
7 10 4 00
1 ti) 4 »
7 4ft 4M
Sea wood.. ....... » M
Wheeling. 10 (t,
Pa«enger traîna dalljr, including Puri<lar. Ac«
ximmndaUcm train* run dallv e*<*pt fatnir.
W. J. ROkl.NHoV
General Freight end!'aam-ngrr Arm I.
rh.ru iit'îEMr*.
Trav. fa*". Ap**H.
J. O. TO* U J*WW,
Ticket A ami. Wbeelln«. V." Va.
(Pan Mandl«' Route.;
Time table for Kart and Wert onrrect*! U» Jan.
!>. IM. Train» leere l'an Handle rtation, Imt
/Eleventh rtreet, near public landing, ma foOowa
-Central Mandard Time :
H tu Kmm fart Par.
«rraTion. Kap » • Esp'i Kip «
Inrl ve— Weilaburg..
Heu ben ville. ...
Near York
a. a. p. a. p. w, i
ft 4Ï, 12 » 3 20
7 23 IU S Mr
7 SA 2 Oft & au
• «o a ab 6 m . ..
A. a. A. M.
1 10 11» 2 V, .,
ft »...
ft 30_
4 » « » 5 ar ..
7 00 7 0b • at «
p. a. p. a. p. a. !
ao» aoo sfcL
aoiao wot.
, Far. Wert i Ar
Kip'i Exp'» Mall. r'a'D
Ladl*. ...
Mtaaboa ...
'.Indnnatl -~
N. Loal*.
AU train* dally except fkmdajr.
Pullman'* Palace Buffet or Hotel
Z»n without change Crom fcteuU-nrlik,
East to Phnadeipbta and Sew Vork, Wart to Co
ûta boa, ciarinn*u. Louiirllla, Chicago, Indla
au»U* and 8t Look
For through Hcketa, cheekx aleeplng
^n?imT%iru"«)X, Ticket Agent a
Manager, PttUfcatg. fa.
iad Tlekot AflMt, PIMtai;

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