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HEWS and comment
*\.r West Vliylnia *u<t Western Pennsylvtnlr
w«5 snow followed by tor weather, lower, fol
lowed by higher temperature, wimfa generali;
northerly ^
Thk l*re9ti«ieQt has vetoed the Dependen'
Pensiou hill.
Thk gi*»t New York strike has beet
declared ofl. _
BooDLKB O'Neill gets foar ye»»« and i
ball and is fiue»l
Thk penitentiary investigation wa* con
eluded at Mounds* ill® yesterday.
AT midnight the river was 29 feet ami
oa a -t-"1 The indications ure for about
thirty-live feet.
Thk bill prohibiting tbe sale of intoxi
catiug 1i*|itor passed the House yesterday,
thirlv-seven to twenty.
Thkkk -ire several applicants for the
tirHlbii p. O. The tern» of the present in
cuiulieiit expires to-day.
Mk. J- H. Hon»« was last night elected
President of the Hoard of Public Work?,
v I tetter selectiou could Lot have beeu
Thk cat* in Casey couuty, Ky., were all
killol a short tiu.<e ago by au epidemic
like cholera. Now toe rata aud mice are
m numerous that cala are beiug >»ought at
bi^h prices.
Thk latest blizzard iu Dakota is pro
ujutKvd the .severest kuown there lor
years. U is said that the lives lost through
It equal in number the fatalities from the
While Hirer railroud wreck.
An ernpliou of eloquence iu the Min
m* ota Legislature yesterday was suddenly
ended by the discovery that the building
uas about to tall in on tbe orators. We
ui-ed more such State Houses.
A BkllXJK ou tbe C. & P. near Cleveland
gave way under a passenger train yester
dav. causing a bad wreck. Owing to the
caution of the engineer in slowing np only
oae uiaa was seriously injured.
THE railroads are going to get square
with somebody for the Inter-State Com
merce act. The St Paul road has taken
the initiative and instrncts ita agents to
iy-Uf no free passes of any kind.
lr is definitely stated that the franchise
oi the St. Louis ••Maroons" has been
trrnsferred to Kausas City, with the excep
tion of 'il. issi-ocK, who goes to Chicago,
aud Denny, who goes to New York.
The Comn»iî*Moner of Pensions has made
a requisition tor $I^,780,UD0 fiw tbe pay -
lut ut of pensions due March 4 next. This
will lie the largest payment ever made in
oue quarter by the I'nited States Govern
The House Foreign AÜairs Committee
will, it is said, make two reports ou the
i'aaa liau fishery troubles. The majority
report will favor the hill recommended hv
Secretary M\NX IX«:, the minority the Ed
munds hill.
REPRESENTA ri v K McAduu, of New Jer
sey. thiuks the Senatorial dead-lock in that
State «ill lie broken bv the electiou of ex
liovernor Leun AbhüIT. The real contest
»ill lieuiu next Wednesday, when the Re
publicans, after holding a caucus, will go
iuto the joint couventiou.
KesImknts at river points between Fort
Way ne and Toledo have reiuoveü to their
npjier stories with tlie rivers still rising
ami rain falling. (îreut distress« reported.
At Lyons, Mich., heavy rain was followed
bv ei^ht iu« ht s of snow and sleet. The
The whole litisiiii-svs portion of the town
may be swept away.
Tue Kasten» browery employes positive
ly refused to oliey District Assembly 4S's
order to strike. The freight handlers on
the New York ami Northern rood asked to
1»* takeu hack yesterday, bot were refused.
Many of the 'longshoremen had returned
to work, though at some «locks they were
refuse«! employment. Th* refusal of all
the brewery employes to quit work and
the ending of the 'longshoremen's strike
renders li'"s last effort a most dismal
Si;n IT..K 1*. \V. Unguis, the exceedingly
r.«<lie:il editor from Ritchie, got on his ear
in th»* j.»int assembly yesterday and de
iiouiued the leading Republican papers of
the State, w ho have urged Republicans to
*up;«.rt Mr. ('ami»en' on accouut of h'S
tariiî vi,ws, as "inexcusably weak, or
prompte«! by grossly corrupt motives."
The little man w ith the bod, blue eye also
used s«iii(e prominent Republicans in the
suui»* cruel manner. 1H" course, P. W.
t mean anything by it, il" he did be
would be \ery absurd. But it's only his
Arrtilcd for tK« Rlizcarti MurJor.
Sortini Ttlwva tu fV Rr.jiMrr.
Kkysïr, w. Va., February 11.—Mrs.
' *rne Rhoden was arrested near here to
day*by Ivputy Sheriff Arnold, assisted by
Marshall Ott Davis, of Keyser, for the
minier of Alfred Blizzard, of Dor ke coon -
V-, Ohio. The arrest was matte through
• 1-eclider, of that county, and Mar
Brandon, of tireeneville. She was
*en },y them to that State without a
KecouipcuM, for KrokM Rib«.
T'Ui/ram to tKt
l'.VKKiUteHi RU», w. Va., February 11.—
The ease of Laughlin against Baltimore and
1 ompany, occupied the attention of
fht 1 ni ted States Court. Laughlin ^
avérai rihs broken in an accident near
irkshurg in lt£*3, and sues for damages
amounting to five thousand dollars. The
be tiinshtd to-morrow morning.
CaU M a Preiuiuiu.
l^t'bTqjjc, KY., February 10.-A
*b°Uaale tifrn here is advertising for any
Qnmher ot good, sound oats, offering to
fair cash priées. The firm is acting as
the agent of a committee of citizens from
K* T1* chairman of the
auttee says that a singular epidemic
... among the cats which has
ried off every feline in the county.
i h.7 ' to have been a sort of cat
t-ki'H1 *bieh killed the tommies and the
Uw fl a The result is that
j,.*0*— People oriasey county are over
ar J*, ruts an,l mice, and the rodent
ating every ting up aud people are will
. P^-v a good pnee for moosers to gel
nd the pests. R
Srt a rrsume •/ the kapptrni»#! im witty')
> •» Uhmorntw i Sunday Rentier.
A ad Climbs the Frames of Prominent Republican
Charging them With Obtaining Money Under
False Pretence« Silly Charg« Made in
Flowery Lanpuge—The Vote.
THegnrn to the HeyxMer.
Charlktox, W. Va., February 11.
Seuator Morris, of the Ritchie Gazette, ii
placing General Duval in nomination to
day, made the following speech:
"Mk. i'RKMlDEKT—The time has arrivée
when I consider it proper to refer to cer
tain matters which concern this joint a»
sembly and the people generally of lh<
State alike. The great wind has pa**K
by, the earthquake has ceased to disturb
bqt 1 hope that what 1 shall say in my
huuible capacity contains the still smal
voice of truth. Without claimiug to rep
resent any caucus or any one but myself,
1 again place in nomination for the positior
of United States Senator General 1. 11.
Duval. In coonectiou with such nomina
tion 1 desire to say some things which 1
deem pertiueut on this occasion. Mr.
President, strange thing occur in the ex
perience of us all. At time* past when 1
have struck at the powerful ring*
within the Democratic party of this Stat«
I have felt a responsive tremor in my own
party. Tb« great anacouda of monopoly
does not begin and eud in the Democratic
party of West Virginia. He who assails it
from the Kepublicau ranks will feel it«
dreadful folds tighten about him even
(bough be strikes at its head in the midst
of Democracy. There are things thai
wind in and wind out till you cauuot tell
whether 'the serpeut that makes the track
is going south or coming back.' In thi>
discussion I expect to say some thing*
persons, und it does not make theslightesl
difference to me whether or not these per
.»ons are members of the Kepublicau party.
My apology for saying what 1 shall say i?
that a tremendous interest is takeu iu the
matter at issue here by the people of the
"Owing to the fact that misrepresenta
tions have gone abtoad, the great throb
bing heart of the people is aroused as it
uever has been before since the war. Owing
to certain publications made iu the press
yesterday, » wave of electricity uas swept
dowu on this devoted city in the shape o!
telegrams. I shall read oue as a specimen
of the sentimeut of the people everywhere:
'Parkkrsbi*rg,W.Va., Feb. 11, 1SS7.
S< n.ituix Morrin, Dmc^ou ami Bond:
'The Republican masses approve the
past course of the Republican caucus, and
bitterly denounce the report that Republi
cans will vote for any Democrat. Such a
course marks the downt:dl of all Republi
can hopes, for a split in the party is inev
itable. The Republican party in the
tulure will honor those men who honor her
iu the crisis.
(Sigurd) A. B. White.'
"Sir, 1 shall uot refer to these matters
Im cause I deem them worthy of notice as
mere newspaper articles, but because the
people in the State are deceived by the
n-portsof the situation here, and so that
the truth may go forth to the world.
*'1 a<>k, is tbe Republican press of the
say that the statement iu a leading Repub
lican daily of this State of yesterday con
cerning thr position and the part to l>e
played by Républicain on the floor of the
assembly are either inexcusably weak or
prompted hy grossly corrupt motives, ami
■strange to say the course that Republicans
here intend uever t«> pursue is commended
editorially as the course to be pursued.
The Republicans are going to help Mr.
I'aiuden out,' aud the great, enterprising
newspaper soul seems glad of it- The
Republican caucus m about to let down
the bars aud iu the place
where least expected the demoralising
idea stems to couvey happiness now and
joy forever. Before proceeding to »weep
away this delightful structure, I desire to
include in this denunciation Republicans
high in the counsels of the party in the
State. A few of them; they are the spoil
er», who is the victim? Ah, 'tell it not iu
Askelon and whispered it not in Gath\
Perhaps we all know, perhaps we do not.
I want to say here, and do say it now,
that in my opinion the worst case ol
ever known is exhibited here. Here, too,
is all the trouble in this connection. These
people put their foul mouths to the ears of
Republican members of the legislators,
and because these members simply turn
aside auil hold a baud over their ears
ami pray to be temporarily struck «leal
instead of knocking down these work
ers of corruption they go to their
master whoever he may he aud report that
all things are safe. The Republicans are
coming over to the rescue of the nominee
of the Democratic caucus, the bars are to
be let down and they are to demand the
cash earned by the sweat of their tougues.
Then the owner of thewe detestable crea
tures is overcome with pure aud unalloyed
peace and gratitude and forth to this world
gives the tidings of bow Republicans are
coming to the rescue ot King Caucus ot
Democratic genealogy and modern birth.
hard words.
"I repeat, what a case of obtainiug
money ander false pretenses* Ah. geutle
meu, your »limy tracks are not concealed
as you think they are. Your methods are
known, and we whom yon have not ap
proached are iu the possession of your se
crete. Get you hence, fur your avocation
is «one and your day is past.
"Now, Sir, let as look at the Republi
cans and Green backers of »his assembly, .as
a whole, nnited in a single purpose. For
more than two weeks they have marched
forward with a solid front- Are they go
ing to turn back after having thus far
made this wearisome march'' There is a
legend that in a lofty tower somewhere a
picture or vision of an angel glorified aud
beautiful, sweet and holy, hahgs forever.
At only one time in the day when the son
shines through a window upon it, can it
be seen, and be who can have the happi
ness to lie bold it is considered ïavored
indeed. And so when aller weary years
we are to see
of Republican success realized when the
sun is shining as the angel of liberty and
right, and truth and progress, shall we set
the incendiary torch to the tower and
«crilice it to dust and ashes? Sir, the
members of the Republican cancos, who
will go to that caucus aud
advocate what seems to he
the will of some Republicans in the State,
and of part of the Republican press, will he
more likely to be thrown from the win
dows of the chamber where that caucus
convenes than to have bis way. I do not
my that either will be done. I only speak
uf that which is more likely to occur.
IWby refer then to this? After all a single
word may set an assembly wild or stam
pede an army. Republicans are looking
each other in the face with some distrust
> aud uneasiness.
"What injury might such au unwise pul>
. lication as this do?
I was close to a little battle by a flowing
river. A thousand men encamped were
1 attacked by twice their number. The
Lieateuant-Colonel of the attacked regi
ment stopped not on the order of his
going but at the first shot fled
in wild trigbt and did not
stop till he reached a town
a dozen miles away is another State, wheie
. the wings of his imagination caused him to
tell the story that his entire regiment was
1 cut to pieces, taken prisoners, or driven
' into the river and drowned but the Colo
nel. A man with a heurt ot a hero, the
I courage of a lion, the discretiong of a Wel
lington, and the magnetism of a Bonaparte,
out* who had sine lied powder in the Mexi
can war, stepped before his men and rallied
I them—got them to lighting—and when the
shot from the enemy's guns fell at his feet,
kicked it contemptuously, and finally led
a charge that put the foe to ignomiuious
"Who shall say what a single false idea
may do to demoralise a noble baud of men.
I hope that, if in this case there is any
danger of a demoralization, the public
etlort I am making may instill new
courage iuto a heroic band of men and start
a movement for the consideration of the
Republicans of this assembly iu their in
dividual capacity. Here we may well
pause for a moment considering the posi
tion in which we are placed, the tension,'so
to speak, upou us all. Well may we lock
each other in the face and iu view of all
these circumstances, remembering all this
uproar, hesitate. Every man may at times
doubt himself. In that olden time when
the twelve sat around the Lord and he
would speak of the betrayer, each would
usk: 'Master is it I?' But 1 undertake
to say and declare that at no time will any
Republican falter in his duty here in this
election or attempt at an election. We
are united aud will remain so. At any
time that forty-one votes will elect
a Republican or Green baek-Lal>or
candidate aud we are all present here, we
will give them. If you, brother Demo
crats, do not believe It, try us. Give us
the chance. There may be a
from our caucus. I do not believe there
is. I do not kuow who he is. I am sure
there is none, and if there is any Republi
can here who desires to contradict what I
say about our united front, I desire him
to rise iu his seat. 'There is none, no not
"Mr. President, I need not refer to the
idea that after having labored for weeks to
defeat the Democratic caucus uomiuee we
should now turn in and elect him. Elect
him, for sooth, and why? So that iu 1888
we shall not have the wealth of two Dem
ocratic candidates tor United States Seuator
and the money ot theNatioual Democratic
Executive Committee as an obstruction
which we cauuot climb. This is as though
two athletic burglars were engaged in com
bat iu my house. I separate them ou the
theory that if they murder each other they
will return iu the future and rob me of my
accumulated wealth.
to apply the soothing aud lasciuatiug razor
to each other's throats let them do it. If
they want to protract this tight over into
the next campaigu let them do so, and my
word for it the Republican party will
march ou to victory over their prostrate
"Again the Republicans are to be pun
ished by the election of a free tr:ulc Demo
crat if they don't elect the Democratic
uomiuee of the caucus. What a transpar
ent tolly. Settle your own quarrels, gen
tlemen. Why should we be punished
for uot electing a man for you? You have
the majority. It is your duty, uot ours,
to elect. Why shall we withdraw our
candidate? He is iu the lead. Besides, if
the Democratic caucus and its nominee
hate any class of people with an able
Itodied, alert, undying, uncompromising
hate it must be some people other than
"Now fer another I,ram i, of th.» ™M
jeet. referred, *o
than those *° wUaU ■„ «tele
«*« ÄÄÄ», he*.
election ol A I ' thU whole matter
the question unteriy * mctl,4>ds of the
by wyiug that art> to w depre
«• "''""'Vr- thrt »either the
volvedin this u of the voters of
d«!*»ehery ^ *f „1,1,-1, ihe Stondom
tb.» »tote. 1 _ - ,, , „shamed hove
"«• ^rSSÄÄ-!
ocratic convention, »n,).nt the House of
* . mlil4*i hv acclamuiioo. i !
hail his choiceuawrf ^.^the election ot |
methods resorted t desperate ever
ih" ä ood "
kuown 111 tne in»** j , . r'|seQ (q
hundred»of ^J'à^oît "S '«• I
1^' 'ooV^seheme fron. doytiltht 10 dark 00
SI day, ..
unleM reputable men m the
at any r. , . Wirt, Jackson and otli
eounties of w ooo, ' h re that for
ers :ire arrant lu»^ 1 ^Sn^tic Con
a period ot ten >ea • j t^e 0j,j
sftrr.» «- t r
oouventiou has l*«i ,1 not be had
years, where:^^d vote
toî'rertom'raodidoie* for ««*•££
Their .».thml. o. "»^Ta, 'So elec-1
thrown hiSenator, with posi
tion tor Lnite<l ht.ia in this
bly one exception, ha free cbam
State for «t**« yea» ^„»»»oat ride-,
pagne, free hotel , canes, free
free jewelry, tree go the taking.
pianos could not be uo » dearly
\o Mr. President, not free, W" '
bought, bought with the the hear^
the rights, the liberties of our peopl
«In wnelusion, thTüuto" |
offend personally, Id«»» . aiWQt the
uientH that have ooioUtnre in con
Republicans ot th» ^ whoHy
nection withthw l believe
aud unqualitedly • Vhe
the Republicans here 8t*".-, ehojd fast
.hole State is m**»"J 'Ü£3ip*tJ
^Äe^ldenlight io iUorn.n«
the diatoot Wertem jtj. !«J »
: of llep..bl«?o„m w.U '«. h
i and glorious, äo mote it be.
, Lnrw again placed Governor
Col. I>an LucaB »«»' y oQ th<
Wilson in nomination, a Senator
door took occasion 0f the Standard
; g£ St SÄ&» ■
1M Briore the ,0» — t»kea tknW »V
der said in Joint Aswmbly thst he wa
under no pledge or promise, and wonli
vote according to the dictates of his con
science, irrespective ot what other Repub
licans did.
The vote resulted Caniden, 34; Duval)
35; Wilson, 8; Newman, 1; Braunou, 1
Janney, 1; Johnson, 1.
Tb« bill prohibiting the sale of intox icat
ing liquors within the State passed th<
house to-day after some discussion by i
vote of 37 to 20.
The House Joint Resolution concernin]
the United States Senate retaliation bill ii
relation to the Canadian fisheries qnestioi
was also adopted by the House.
in terms more emphatic than elegan
upon the subject of Pressly Morris' ba(
break. I heard none praise him, and thi
majority remained generally discreet. Urn
Republican member of the House said t<
me that in his opinion Camden would no
be elected by Republican votes. I inquire«
if he had sign«! the paper circulate«
among Republicans agreeing never to vot(
for Camden. This question he begge«
as well as the further interroga
tory, whether he bad signed ä
paper agreeing only to snppor
Republicans. There is already some tall
of an extension, but I think that is all i
will amount to. The feeling that there ii
time enough to consummate al^ importai!
legislation is quite general. The member
will elect a Seuator'aud get down to busi
The West Virginia arrivals to-night ar<
J. E. Watson, of Fairmont, Wm. H. Frie
del, Fre«l Happy and Ed. Stalnaker o
Wheeling, Geo. O. W. M unlock, Hartforc
The Senate bill providiug for a Wesl
Virginia reform school passed the Senat«
Considerable anxiety is felt as t<
whether the special train, briuging th<
members of the Penitentiary Committee
which I understand left Moundsville lasi
nij^lit, will arrive here iu time to permit
the memlters of the Comiuittrc to vote it
Joint Assembly to-morrow.
Iu the hurry of last night I called Pur
cell "Gawge." l'lease correct and mak(
it F. S. "Gawge" is the other "fellah."
Mr«. Swart/.'* ConfeNsion Leads to Import
ant Development«.
Chicago, February 11.—Regarding tlx
alleged developments iu the Rock Islan«]
express robbery and murder case, a special
dispatch from Morris, 111., where Henrj
Schwartz is contined, says: The develop
raeuts siuce Monday, including the con
fession from Mrs. Schwartz, which, it is
said, furnishes the much-desired clew, will
lead to the arrest of two and possibly
three parties iu Chicago. If three persons
are arrested Newton Watts will lie ouc ol
them, though it is still believed that he is
inuoctnt. The names of the other two art
withheld for the present. These men art
the oues who actually committed the dou
hie crime ot murder and robbery, the
former being resorted to in orde^ to avoid
recognition as the perpetrators of the latter.
Henry Schwartz's connection with the
affair was that of accessory, and his duty
on the night of the commission was to guard
against any one entering the express car
between Joliet aud Morris.
The story, as partially revealed her«', is
to the effect that Schwartz and three
other railroad men conceived the i.lea ol
robbing the express «-ar, their intimate
knowledg«? of the messenger's habits and
the running time au«l stopping places of
the train making it tolerably safe fortheui
to engage in it. The plan contemplated
doing the work between the two points
named above, for the reason that the coal
ing sheds just west of Joliet ottered the
best place ou the road to gain admittance
to the express car without l»eini» seen by
persons uot iutereste«l in thecontemplatetl
robbery. Murder, it is said, w:w not
thought of at the time. Two men still at
large boarded the traiu iu Chicago, and
both were provided with tickets to Joliet
They occupied seit« in the forward sm«ker
and when the train stopped at the Joliet
ist » i 11 .M.i nr. I Kr> 1 r»*Nnc«
of getting oft' the train. They may have
done this, hut instantly boarded it again,
this time, hewever between the two ex
press care. It was Schwartz's duty to pre
vent tbis very thing, and he would doubt
leas have attende«! to it had the parties
been other than they were. They kept
quiet until after the train bad started from
the coaling sheds, but within a few min
utes after had gained access to the express
car, where they had ample time to carry
oat their plans, as the next stopping place
was twenty miles distant. What occurred
iu the car is too well known to require
repetition. The men did not leave the
train until it hegau slowing up as it ap
proached Morris, and could not have been
more than :tU0 yards away when the dis
covery of the crime was made.
Schwartz was to continue with the train,
and on his way back the next day to meet
his confederates. Circumstances almost
prevented this, but the plan was carried
tmt by Schwartz when he relie veil Brake
man Mulligan ou the trip to Chicago. It
is asserted shat the confederates did not
return to Chicago for several weeks, and in
the meantime Schwartz bad scrupulously
refrained from touching the money secured.
When the actual perjietrators of the crime
finally reached the city tha divisiou of the
spoils took place, it is said, receiving l>e
tween fli,<HH) aud $H,00U. These are the
substantial points, it is allege«!, in the
confession made by Mrs. May hew, or Mrs.
Sch waitz.
Following close upon this came a cor
roborative statement from Win. J. Galla
gher, who was a cell mate of Schwartz iu
the Cook county jail. It is said that Gal
lagher's revelations differ scarcely any
from those of Mrs. Schwartz. Gallagher
was seen by a reporter here last night, and
would not admit of having made auy state
ment. State's Attorney Grinnell denied
the story that "the services rendered the
State" by Gallagher—iu consideration of
which he pleaded guilty to the charge of
forging city warrants and receive«! a light
9eutenc?—had any connection with the al
leged Schwartz confession.
Detective William Pinkertou would give
no information as to the whereabounts of
Mrs. Schwartz, who disappeared so myste
riously after her retnrn from Monis. It is
believe«! that she is in the custody of the
A Hot Fight.
Philadelphia, February 11.—A very
desperate and hotly contested tight tame
off this morning in an uptown harn, near
Germantown, between Dennis F. Butler,
champion short distance swimmer ot
America, and John Reagan,of Kensington.
A purse of $öÜO was the stake and the
time of the fight was eight minutes. The
first ronnd was characterized by haid hit
ting in which Butler was badly punished
and decidedly worsted. In the second
round Bntler knocked Reagan all about
the ring. The third ronnd occupied only
two minute«. At the beginning Reagan
rushed upon Bntler and bit him on the
ana. A foul was claimed and there wa*
some confusion. The men got at it again
and then Reagan climaxed by giving Bnt
ler a fearful butt in the tare. A toul wa>
claimed by Butler's friends, and allowed,
and the reteiee gave the fight to Butler.
SKRiors consequence may ensue if yo®
neglect that cough. Dr. J. H. Mclxan'f
Tar Wine Lang Balm will speedily cure it
135 cents a bottle.
The Forty Nin era' Order Ignored—The Last Stn1
—"Longshoremen Asking te Be Taken Back—
Some of the Companies Refuse Them Work
—i Geuer&l Break Expected
I New Yobk, February 11.—The IVorl
pays: ,Tbe Executive Board of Distrk
Assembly 49 last night declared the grea
t strike at an end.
Karller New*.
' New Yoek, February 11.—The order c
, District Assembly 49, calling on the engi
; neers employed on the steamship aud rail
' road piers to go on strike, so far as th
I piers of the river frout is concerned, ha
I proven a dead letter. A visit to the dock
■ this morning failed to discover a single in
k stanch where the stationary engineers ha
quit work. A visit to the breweries abowe«
that all the employes were at work, an.
I the men say that they have positively rt
' fusedobey the order to stop work am
1 join the army of strikers.
Tbe freight handler« formerly employe»
on the New York and Northern railway
yesterday sent a delegate to Agent Allel
to ask him to take back the strikers with
out exception. He replied that as th
1 uuion men had struck work without giv
ing him any warning they could notcomi
' back. All the new men had been prom
1 ised a permanent situation, and were giv
iug satisfaction. lie was bound, ant
' would keep faith with them.
At the Maine Line dock all the striker
have returned, and at the Ward Line docl
only atont twenty-live of the strikers re
main out. At the Mai lory Line dock th
Superintendent will have noue of th
strikers, the men taking their placesgivini
satisfaction. At the piers of the Loii|
Island Railroad, tbe Bristol Liue, th
Baltimore and Ohio Transportation, th'
Bridgeport Daily Line aud other piers
work was proceeding tonlay as evenly a
before the strike.
The eccentric engineers
refused point blank to obey
the order of District Assmbly 49 K. of L
to strike. At the headquarters of the as
seuibly this morning the reports ot dele
gates who had been sent out to see wha
steps the engineers had taken in th
matter of obeying the order, report«
that the men refused to quit work. Th<
reports from the different breweries wen
equally discouraging and it was generali'
■ admitted that the last effort of 49 liai
proved a failure. Considerable dissatisfac
tion is felt with the executive of 41
because of the manner iu which the strik<
has been conducted. A prominent membci
of freight handlers union said to-day tha
there were two or three men holding rank
in 49 who wanted to run the whole hnsi
ness for their owu ends. A number oi
'longshoremen stood around the headquar
ters and several of them openly declare«
that they would go to work unless mort
financial aid from iheir uniofl was grantet
them. A similar opinion was expressed bi
other men and it would uot be surprisiiq
ifthere was affceneral break in the ranksa
any moment.
On the C. & t\ Road Near Clev«li»nd—8om<
Mir;»«'il Ii» in Kdrapei».
Cleveland, O., F"ebruitry IL—A ha<
railroad sinaahnp occurred this mornini
about 1 o'clock on the Cleveland and Pitta
burg Kailroad, just south of the city limits
A bridge gave way under an express Irain
but luckily no lives were lost. The nigh;
express on the Cleveland and Pittsburg nwu
left tbe lluion depot on time, shortly atVi
miduight, with Conductor Louis Meyen
iu charge. It was composed of the loco
motive, a baggage car, an express car, s
smoker, one passenger coach and a sleeper,
It met with disaster at Bridge No. 2. Th<
bridge was of irou, aliout sixty feet lonj,
and eighteen feet above the water. Th*
heavy rains had swollen the crcek into a
torrent, and it is supposed that the floo«l
undermined the stone abutments. AV her
tlie locomotive struck the bridge the en
gineer felt it tremble. He passed over il
lu safety, however, ami the baggage and
express caw went over the fhaky structure
without accident. The smokiug car hail
only got fairly upou the bridge when il
sagged downward, and with a sudden
shock the traiu was brought to a stand'
Had the train l»een running at the regu
lar rate of speed a terrible disaster would
have occurred, but the engineer was goinp
very cautiously ou account of the flooded
condition of the country. The sudden
jerk threw the locomotive and baggage and
express cars over on their sides into the
ditch. The engineer, I). Hterrett, and
tlreman, J. H. Himes, were thrown down
the embankment aud they rolled into the
creek. The tender remained on the track.
The smokiug car caught last l>etween th«
abutments and held partly by the debri.«
of the bridge, remained midway l»etweeii
the water and the level of the creek.
Only one passenger and a hrakeman were
in it, aud they succeeded in climbing out
without injury.
Haggagemaster John Kenney was burled
violently against the side of the car when
it went over, and he was seriously cul
altout the head. It is feared that he re
ceived internal injnriex. Mr. Kenney U
au important wituess against the untaught
murderers of Detective Hulligan. Theex
press messenger was badly shaken np, and
escaped with a few cuts on the hands and
aims. The first truck of the passenger cai
went over the edge of the abutment and
rested ujsin the end of the smoker. The
tar contained fifteen people, four of whom
were ladies. Beyoud a general shaking
up and a bad scare, no damage was dont
Just after the accident fire broke out
among some "waste" in one corner of the
baggage car,but it was quickly extinguish
ed. Fireman Himes was badly bruised
about the legs by his fall. A wrecking
train was only a short distance in the rear.
It was quickly put in operation and th<
tracks were clear by 9 o'clock this morn
ing. Not much damage wan done outsidt
the injury to the smoking car and bridge.
Tit* Aayluin Investigation.
Special TkUgrtm to the Reviser.
WlCsTuX, W. Va., February 11.—Tb«
investigation has I »ecu in session two day!
and nights. No more is known to th<
outside world now than there was at tb<
beginning, only tha. Supt. Bland ami hi
friends are taking a deep interest in it.
While on the ot'aer side, Holt, of the He
publicaus, is by no means slow in moving
"Why sit doubled up like an old man
my boy? What's rheumatism 1 Take Um
good the gods provide thee, and sent
tweuty-fire cents around the corner for i
bottle of Salvation Oil and you'll ride yoai
bicycle to-morrow. "
Th* Dependent Pension Bll 1 Vetoe4
Washixutuk, D. C., February II—Th<
President hau returned without his appro
val the Dependent Pension bill.
Johk Henry pleaded with Annella,
And all bis passion tried to tell her.
She said, "John H., your words you waste
I Your teeth betray a want of taste,
Your breath offends me, so I aay,
Uae SOZOÜONT or stay away."
Tb« Term Expim To-Dijr and Many Ap
plicant* Are After It.
Speeial Telegram to the Rcoûter.
Washington, February 11.—The com
mission ot the present Postmaster at Graf
ton will expire to-morrow. There is said
to be eight or ten aspirants for the place,
among who art. A. J. Nuznrn, Zed Coch
ran, J. J. Gilligan and George H. Shaffer.
It is understood that the two
Senators, Messrs. Camden and
Kenna, have recommended the ap
pointment of Mr. Zed Cochran
and that Representative Wilson will rec
ommend Mr. Nuzum, although be has not
as yet tiled his recommendation with the
Postmaster General. He said to-day,
however, that he would probably recom
mend the appointment of Nuzum. It is
not known which one of the recommenda
tions, that of the Senator's or Mr. Wil
son's, will be the strougest, but it is prob
able that as Mr. Wilson represents the
district in which the town of Grafton is a
part be will probably control the appoint
ment This has been the rule established
by the President. Mr. Wilson said to-day
that he hod not tiled his recoin mendatiou
because he had been requested not to do
so until additional papers could arrive
which are expected here to-morrow.
Sherman aud Hawley for 1888.
Chicago, February 11.—-The Journal
this afternoon gives prominence to a letter
from its editor, ex-Lieutenaut Governor
Andrew Shuman who, writing from Wash
ington, offers the prediction that the next
Republican Presidential ticket will proba
bly be headed by John Sherman and Gen.
Joseph R. Hawley.
Orptuim Ijut Night—Mr. A&tell I te fore It
—'The Crematory.
The Council Committee ou Health met
at the City Hall last night, aud orgauized
by electing Mr. Otto Jaeger chairman. All
the members were present except Mr. Mc
Gregor. Mr. Axtell, the Constructing Su
perintendent of the Newark, N. J., Filter
ing Company, appeared betöre the com
mittee aud made a briet explanation of the
system and appliances used by his com
pany. A fter a general discussion the com
mittee agreed to have a conference with
the Water Board this eveuiug on the sub
ject of water purification aud sanitation,
at which Mr. Axtell will be present.
Mr. M. V. Smith, the crematory con
tractor, appeared before the committee
and notified it that the furnace would l>e
ready for operation by Wcdnesuay or
Thursday next. The committee passed a
resolution 'ordering the health officer to
have material suitable for a trial ready by
that time.
Item* of Interest Picked Up Ahout the
City and Vlrlulty.
It is thought that uails will again he
advanced at the next meeting of the West
ern Nail Association.
The places of a numlier of the self-feed
ing tenders at the Bellaire nail factory, who
went out on a strike, have been filled by
other boys.
The steel plant of the Jefferson iron
works is l»eing pushed to rapid completion.
The uail factory is now idle owing to re
pairs being made.
The American Ulassirorker aays: The
Brilliant, O., furnace ot the Central (ilass
Company of Wheeling, has l»eeu let out of
blast on account of poor business resulting
from kid-gloved management. It's English,
yon know, will not always wiu, and re
ceipts and book knowledge will not always
bring color out of a pot."
Meet* and Orfranlies Yesterday Afternoon.
The I.ucky Ones.
The new elected Board of Public Works
met yesterday afternoou in the Board
room in the City Building for the purpose
of organization. All three of the members
were present, and after the preliminary
work an election of officers was gone into.
Mr. J. H. Hobbs was elected President,
James I^ncaster, Clerk, and J. W. War
den, Superintendent of Streets. On motiou,
the Clerk's salary was raised from fMHl to
$1,000 per annum. The salary of the
Superintendent of Streets remains the
same, $1,200. Frauk Höge was elected to
the position of City Engineer.
A Committee SUr Chamber Hemlon.
The Committee on Ruilding and Grounds
of the Board of Kducation met laut even
ing in the Clerk's office to listen to the re
port of Mr. A. Peebles, the Pittsburgh
architect who examined the First ward
school bnilding on Thursday, . and who
stated that he would send the report in
time for last night's meeting. The report
did not arrive, however, but the Commit
tee held a secret meeting excluding re
porters. They took action in regard to the
condition of the Seventh ward school
building and on some other matters which
came liefore them.
Y. M. C. A. Item*.
The International Sunday School lesson
for to-morrow will lie taught in the
parlors at 5 o'clock this afternoon by Kev.
Dr. Cooke. The expoeition of the lesson is
always clear and very helpful to the Sun
day school teachers who attend the meet
Young men's meetings will lie held at
7:110 o'clock this evening and 4 o'clock to
morrow afternoon.
Next Tnesday evening at 8 o'clock
Heory M. Kussel!, Ksfj., will hold a practi
cal talk to young men. His subject will
be "The Jury System,"
Call at the jewelry store, Commercial
Block, for bargains.
Handsome present# cheap at jewelry
store, Commercial Block. •
Clocks of all deseriplions at jewelry
store, Commercial Block, liargairor for all
purchasers. *
Harry, a 3 year old son of David Pax
ton, is seriously ill with membraneous
Charl« Swartz is selling boot« and shoes
cheaper than tbe cheapest. Call aud see
for yonnielf. *
Willie, an 8 year old child of Jacob
Fritz, of tbe Standard addition, is danger
ously ill with lung fever.
Women's kid button shoes,$1 and f 1.25.
See Swartz line of men's fine shoes in
button, lace and congress. No trouble to
sbow goods.
The stockholders of the Enterprise
Building Association met last night
and elected tbe following Board of Direct*
ors: J. C. Dent, C. H. Caufman, Addi
son Thompson, J. M. Baggs, < Mwald
Schick, J. T. Scott, W. B. Haaloo Tbey
1 will be ready to receive does in a few
Scarlet Fever ami lltpfatfcerva
Are spread by contagion, by tbe transfer
of living matter. Theae particles come
from tbe skin, the membranous lining of
> tbe month, nose and throat, and from the
• intestines and urinary organ«. Disinfect
promptly and thoroughly with Darbys
Prophylactic Fluid, the great germ de
stroyer. «
Prof. H. T. Lupton, of the Yanderbilt
, University, Tenn., ay»: "As a disinfec
tant a:»d detergent Darbys Prophlactir
Fluid is superior to any preparation with
which I am acquainted. "
John Bright Write« m Letter Critlxlnf Mm
I rich Policy of the Grmud Old Mm.
Londox, February 11.—John Bright
has written another letter in criticism 01
Gladstone's Irish policy. Mr. Bright flay*
"My views regarding Liberal reunion
have remained unchanged since I spoke al
Birmingham, in July. What has happened
since has confirmed the views I then ex
pressed. I attribute the break in the Lib
eral party to the unwisdom of its leadei
and to most deplorable advancement of tb«
bnlk of the party of its position in tbepol
icy at that leader's institution or com
mand. They talked and voted on me*»
ures few understood accepting them from a
popular minister. I dare not surrendei
the interests of the Irish people to a con
spiracy lient on destroying the land ownen
of the country as a first step towards sever
ing lrelaud from England—a conspiracy te
which so much of Ireland's present suffer
ing and demoralization is due. I have
lieen associated very intimately tor t went J
years with this popular minister. I hart
spoken for Ireland for thirty years. I have
implored successive prendre* to do tb<
utmost legislation they could do for Ire
Und. My sympathy for Ireland is now ai
warm and real as ever. I believe the ma
jority of instruct«! and tboaghtfnl Irish
men prêter tbe protection and justice of the
Imperial Parliament to the rnle of con
spiracy made by the Irish Parliament.
To lie Olvbrated by the Mwnnrrchu
SI nu In* Soclotj.
The Mauuerchor have announced a fun
uy programme of amusements for theii
.carnival next Monday evening in celebra
tion of St. Valentine's Day. It is tb«
shape of a communication and is as follows:
To the Delegate» to the International Omiy-n
tion of Sharps and Flat*, at Maennerehor
CaMIe, on St. Valentine Jan, being Monday,
February 14th, in the year 1887:
To bave less (chin) music and more har
mony and to better attaiu the object (Fun)
of tbe Convention, tbe following programme
has been arrauged :
I. 7:30 p. m. (Maennerehor time) Grand
Street Parade ot the Koyal Japanese Hand,
composed of'il small pieces and 1 8-foot
piece, the Great Japanese Giaut as drum
II. Doors are opened. Delegates drop
in. Button holes nulled out, by candi
dates. About this time Josephus Predri
kus Kramerius will appear mit dot leedle
German baud, and all dance.
HI. King Kaukuss coiumauds all who
signed tbe call to repair to the Star Chaui
lier to select the most nusuitahle candi
date. This meeting wilt not last till "J
o'clock in the moruing. Auxious candi
dates and friends indulge iu dancing to
drive dull care away.
IV. Tbe liund Ikjx is o)teneil. The poli««
must keep away from the votiug places as
it is agaiust our most solernu command
(sometimes). Scratching will lie iudulged
in (by the baud) aud all dance for joy?
V. Itaud box closed. Valentines count
ed. Who is elected ? "Bead tbe answer
in the moon." Accompanied by Black
ville Cornet Band.
VI. Result announce«!. Valentines ex
hibited. The Kaukuss chap having receiv
ed IS out of 24 votes twice gets there by a
party vote. He extends an invitation to
all his friends to join iu the dance.
VII. C«iurt Fool sworn in. Defeated und
deceived candidates swear out—loud, they
would lie seen in—Japan heisre they
would—but one low, soft tune by the
Koyal Japanese hand mak«* them lietter
Republicans than ever. To drown their
sorrow all das««.
VIII. Grand triumphal international
peaco march, part ici pat vd in by all the
bands, delegates, candidates ami their
friends. Prominent among the delegates
from abroad will lie Bismarck, with that
little French bologna under his arm.
As this will <*im|ilete the work laid out
fur the first session, all will join in tbe
dancing, which will lie kept up until a
late (early) hour.
P. S. and N. B.—As our relations with
other governments (societies) are very
musical (harmonious), when the hour of
adjournment comes »II can go home with
out fear, provide«! they follow closely the
row of laiup-|HM«ts sfiecially set out for this
(M-casiou. ladies wishing to attend must
present the Proclamation, issued on the
31st day of January, at tlie door.
"Whom the go<la love «lie young,"nays
Byron ; hut why die when you ran cure the
cold or cough, which neglected means
death? Dr. Boll'» Cough Syrup mayn't he
in favor with the goda, for it keep« thous
and* from their grasp, hut mortal* who
take it, praise it.
One That Will l'rot«etOar If «rehaut From
Itinérant Auctioneers.
The following House Bill preaented by
Mr. Jonen hau pa/wed it* 11 rut reading and
ordere«) t«i a aecond, aud there in not much
douht that it will |taaa both Houaca. It ia
a hill to provide for the nollrction of tax
on all goodi* Mold by auction or other wine,
in a city, county, or incorporated town <»f
thin State, on which no anaetaunent ban
been made a* re«juired by law, and its
value will at once be rccoguized us a pro
te«'tioii to the merchants of any city or
lif it enacted liy the Isyi*l<iturr of Wnt Vir
ginia :
1. That any peraon or peinons offering
for aale, or furniihing for aale by auction,
any gooda or merchandise, not aiweiweil for
the purpoae of taxation in any county of
thia State, ahall be required to obtain a
permit from the elerk of tlie county court
of wùd manly before offrring the aaid
good* for Hale at anction or otherwise; for
which permit theaum of one dollar on each
one hiindre«! dollar* valuation of aaid
good«, ahall lie awtewod, aaid permit to I te
bände«! Ut the Sheriff for collection, and
the name charged to him by the clerk.
2. Any peraon or pentona offering any
gootla or merchandise for aale, in any coun
ty in thia Stab-, not awiawed for tbe pur
pose of taxation in aaid ooonty, shall he
required to have tbe name aaaemed by tbe
a*MeaMor of aaid county, aud tbe aaid aaMia
ment ahall lie tbe aauie as other vmem
metila in aaid county.
3. In cane any person ahall re/one or
neglect to obtain the permit aa aforeaaid,
or to have aaid gooda or n.ercbaediaeaamei
ed aa herein required, be ahall be liable in
tbe drat instant to double the license
required in the 11 rat aectiou, «od In the
second instant, tbe aaaaaaor shall add aa
penalty for aaid failure, ooe baud red per
cent, to tbe taxe* m—d aa heretotore.
4. Such license or tax ahall be collected
aa other license* or taxe* are, and the
sheriff ahall forthwith collect tbe Mid
license or tax, and any sheriff in wboae
hands aaid license or tax shall be planed for
collection, abould be foil to collect tbe
aauie, be ahall be liable to the ooanty.
Tb« Utfiaalif mi tlta Kad.
Tbe l**innlng of dieeaae ta a alight debility or
disorder of aune of the vital organs, tbe Ham
ich, the liver or the bowels usually. There ai»
dyspeptic syaptoma, tbe liver is tronbleaoae,
the *kia glows tawnejr and unhealthy loeHng.
there are pains la the right side at through the
right sbooMer blade. Tbe climax la often aa
utter prostration of the pbyrical ewgiaa, par
Lapa a fatal lame. Bat if the diOcultr is act In
time with HosteUefi Stomach bluets, which ta
always effective aa a remedy, and K should be
nmorted to at an ear ly st*#e, there will be no
reason Uj^f*rl»eo4 ihuae Injurions niUeqaent
effects upon the system often entailed by en
tirely cared diaeaaw. For better is it. ataxia
employ thia safe remédiai agent la fever aad
ague. aad other malarial «mnplaiula, *♦»»»■ gui
iTine andother potent drags, which, even wa-a
they do pro re effectual fur a time, rata Um Mas
eeh aad Impair the general health.
Floods frost Fort Wijii to Toledo, A TvnUo
8ta* of AFtan ia Lyont, Mick, ui tk Waton
RjsiBf tW Saow Fallof—Tko Rows
froa Otkor Nad.
Fobt Waykk, Ind., February 11.—TIm
Man iure, St Joseph aid St. Mary's rivers
raised five feet last night and the flood
now threatens to surpass the memorable
one of four years ago. A number of fami
lies residing in the flooded districts of the
city have removed to the upper atoriea of
residences, or have ahandoued them alto
gether. At river pointa between Ft. Way m
and Toledo grant distress is reported. Many
factories have shut down and employe« pat
to work snrronnding the works by Dikes.
The water is now within a loot of the floors
of the principal bridges and the city most
shortly be cnt off from commnnicstfon by
wagon road from the north. The river is
now rising six inches an boor and rain is
Worse at Ljrurts.
Lyons, Mich., February 11.— A alight
abatement of the flood wan noticed last
night, but it is on in all its force this
morning. Kain fell in torrents until about
midnight when it changed to snow and
by daylight folly eight inches of snow and
aleet had fallen. There is a regular north
easter with a twenty-mile wind. The
water has risen two feet iu the last four
hour and is still rising. The people are
worn out, workiug day and night to ears
their property. The Maple and tirand
rivers uoite here ami both are raging at
this hour, 11:30 a. m. It is impossible to
Sive a complete estimate of damage done,
hould thoJ Ansing ice reach here before
the gorge gives way all the business plaors
on the north side of Main street will be
washed away. A rough estimate of the
dsuiage mav aggregate between $75,000
and $100,000.
A Flood at Wllkssbarr*.
WiLLKSBKRM, Pa., February II.—The
Susquehanna river is now 'JO feet shove
low water insrk. The flats on the Weat
Side are covered with five feet of water.
Just above PitUtou sn immense ice goige
has formed and the water is backing up
It io feared that owing to the rotten condi
tion of the ice this gorge will speedily
break and mine down the stream with ter
rific force. A further rise of two feet in the
river will cause West )'itl*tou to Iwrome
Flood* la Oklo.
Cohiiintun, O., February 11.—Tb«
Muskingum, Tuscarawas and Mahoning
rivers have overflowed their bauks and
are »till rising fast. Another flood like
that of IHNt seems inevitable. The em
bankment on the rail-Handle railroad
near Morgan Itun crossing is Itsdly
washed, aud the coni|iauy has a large force
workiug there to prevent a break.
Dig Itlow at Chirac».
Chicaim), February 11.—The rain which *
has been falling in this city yesterday,
turned into a driving sleet ami snow storm
lust eveuiug, and continued to preval all
night. This morning the temperature was
'JO degret« stave zero, with a strong wind
prevailing. The telegraph wires are work
ing liadly in sll directions and the local
telephone service Is entirely crippled over
certaiu portions of the city. The tele
graph service is such th.it ouly a few wires
are workiug cither st the Fast or North
Tornado »I (irmiburf.
(iKKKKMiii'Ro, l'A., February II.—A
terrible wind »ml rain Morn» raged li«n
thin morning (or fully a half hour Im-t wren
10 »ml 11 o'clock. Houm* were unroof«!,
Imn blown down »ml fem-r* carried «way.
The new jail amnke-atark wo* cracked (or
at leant I wenty feet from I h* I mum, a por
tion of tlia roof of the new Lutheran
Church wnm blown off um well m ruofa off
private dwelling*. Tbe Court llonae win
dows were blown in ou the weal aide. A
large derrick on the H »tern of Charity farm
mm blown down, telegraph wirea were
dimibled and damage generally dime.
■>•«•(• la Chirac«.
CmK'AOO, February 11. —Tbc loeal Oooda
to day were in pretty much the mid* ooo*.
ditiou an yeaterday. lu tbe aou thwart
diatrirt the river waa riaing slowly, and tbe
auirounding territory waa heavily iaaa*
dated. The rellara of houaea in Iba aoatb»
went that were llooded, are worm off
than tbey were yewterday, the anrfaoe water
of the heavy rain of laat night having
{toured iii npon the overflown! diatrirt.
(Jonaiderahlc damage to property b matt
ed. The overflow at the dock» ai tbe
McCorniick factory, at H o'clock thka
morning measnred a little
:i feet, but it did not prevent the _
of the factory. The situation in tbeaortb
weat sertiou Waa more hopefnl. Tbe
rain waa leaa general there and tba H*ar
waa falling, atill tbere were large anaaœv
ored with water.
A I»ay*a IMafi la Um Ofcftsa ON/ mf OUI*
ilrtmtf ParacraphaC.
(>ne nnfortnnate ia breaking atooe lot Iba
city. •
Tbere waa a private party at tba baaae
of Conatable Jaa. iHinfee laat night.
Albert Com entertained frieoda lartaigbt
in honor of a friend who ia bia gnaat>
Krv. k. M. Brown held aarriee la tba
FI rat l'reaby teriaa Cburcb last aigbt.
Tbe "Checkend Froot" grouei j baa
been converted into tbe "Mae Froat."
Heveral of oar tearbera will attead tba
naminatioa to be beb! ia HtClairaville to*
An aaknown iadividaal was laad
rooming »boat ia tbe Hyatt on Tbarakf
»»ght liefore tba lady wbo mm bia eaald
give an alarm tbe fellow «kipped.
Tbe strike of tbe boy« wbo feed tba au
tomatic mar hi or* at tbe nail work a ia attll
on. Heveral aew boya are eaUiag aail« I«
place« left by tbe «inkera. It ia aeid tba»
tbe other feeder« will qait work U awn
aew boy« are «et to work.
Tbe fawtival of tbe W. C. T. U. which
opened on Tbnraday aigbt, waa eoetiaaad
laat evening, a large crowd being praaaot.
A handaome anm waa realised, wbicb will
be naed toward defraying tbe e*|
aome noted temperance lecturer
aociety will bring here.
Tbe wind storm waa qnite aevare ha*
and did roaaiderable damage. Fart ef tbe
roofcoftbeifitae Ulmn aod
ing Company and tbe B. ft O.
were destroyed. Tbe tia roof oa tbe be Off
ing of Mrs. Woodbridga, oe tbe «aat aida
of tbe Hqnare, was tern off) bat warkam
aooa rrplaead It la the Irrt ward nioil
large tree« were aprooted aad ia all parti
ot tbe city chimneys were toppled aver.
Tbe «term waa tbe amrt «evate ht aiaal
noHsrour* acid vhoffiifll
Dr. F. C. Hawlcy,
my: "I need it le»
thehnoa, wbaratbare
tien, with
Ar laier Nemém Ar
•£; fcfc j& ft.
t À. ,,c-J

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