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Ho. ' fitrkrt virtet,
Sank. *vf>
'r N«4 Ial»u<lr4 lo hlu luu n H hol«
I.(m« •( «Nr mii«l
■ Ilk« ravkiuK kwlarw will nut
(mm M« i'"u««h lim«. All ««
rata wnjr K
li'lmrlil Sued Bargains
A Iii»-VP. at '
^ .»ff mar« (rsllHnl to «««>
f" 1 mi »in»r«fl*l» m ««mmI thing
*• b
B<"Uà«îl»Hl.»»olk*r lot or H»n«l<
»• *.
\ f
* 1.00 and Upwards.—
n St.
'« Street.
tO 4*hII
1SKT !
Twelfth St.
irlE GITY.
rewalr< aok
iut Sew tiooO*—Ewitig Hriw.
crUkx-Sttle ol l 'ashmere»—J S. Kh«*l«r» JL Co.
-t'alieotor aU'l L'miva>««r
t Baki.'i< K>w>ler—K M I.itl
nied—Two Co*t FlaJahor*.
.rated Chauil*» Sels-John Friedel.
'aie— l'air Heavy BniVtht Hones
ypera H.m»— Argonau.'* of '4A
luUllionnfiii u mid iHiproim)
cfelarrjr, t»e ci»n uHrr Plc
«• «ad «I prtr««
* b-lorc. KIRK'N
will nive an
>t the Hccoutl
orrow (Friday
u at the Albam
•u Thursday am
« leather shoes al
Uaaka^lSkin Shoe«
3 Oil lintin Shoe« a
anutroo, with a cal
. water proot shoe.
•h Hasknai m,
1U48 Main Street.
Waukeuphiut i/ yoi
uot hurt your feet.
J. W. Amh k,
1143 Main Street.
at 340« ami J4Ü
thn hbent casl
vnd cart iron, cop
ope, honet«, etc
4 the above fo
dvantage to tel«
A get bw price*
■m S*jv».
wofùî for Cut«
«It Rh* aw, Fevc
[and», Chilblain«
in Eruption«, an
t*> pay mjairec
• «ttMÉaction c
cent» per hoi
' Ih« New* of th« Dmj folntwlty Fmrm
sr»ph<Hl for ÜMtj K<ail«n.
On k marriage liewnse was issued yea
tor day.
' Yuk new curbing in being set along
So Y Peun street.
- Vit s Li ck" at the Grand Opera
, Hon *\ this evening,
Thk Hoard of Education meets in regu
lar WH810U this evening.
Thk Council Committee on Claim« will
meet to-morrow evening.
Madamk Fryk Concert Company at the
Open» House, this evening.
Thkbk was but one case before His
Honor yesterday morning.
Onk deed of trust was admitted to
record bj Clerk Hook yesterday.
Tuk Steubenville papers say half the
bonnes in that city have the distemper.
Tuk uew additiou to the Ohio River
freight depot has been put under roof.
Thk ladies were out shopping in tnll
force, yesterday, the weather being de
Dr. J a mus M Rkkvks has dispose«! ot
his residence on Chapline street to Mr.
Joseph Gibbs for $5,500.
Work on the Washington District
school building is going along slowly and
it is about ready for the roof.
Thk last will and testament of John
hhutner, deceased, was admitted to probate
yesterday, and ordered tobe recorded.
Thk work of improving the St. James
Hot»I was commenced yesterday, under
the direction of Architect E W. Wells.
Thk Silver Leaf Social gave a grand ball
at Trouscb's Hall, Fulton, last evening,
which was largely attended. Mayer's
orchestra furnished the music.
Mary Dari.inu is the name of the girl
who was taken from an East Side mai.to h de
joie several days since, and not Mary Dar
by, as the types stated the other morning.
Thikvks forced an entrance into the sta
tion of the Ohio River Railroad Company
at Moundsville, Tuesday night, but se
cured uotbing except a small amouut of
Thk famous Madison Square Theatre
comedy-drama, May blossom, will be pro
duced at the Opera House, on the 23d, by
a strong company under the mauagemeut
of Mr. Joseph Adelmau.
Autionkkk Haller yesterday offered
for sale the Kress brewery property, at the
corner of Seventh and Market street. The
highest bid received by John Kinney,
$7,000. The sale was postpoued.
Haki.ky Merry, in "Argouautsjot '4»,"
carrying a car load of scenery au<l me
chanical effects, will be the attraction at
the Oraud Opera House 21, '.hi and 23. Mr.
Merry is oue of the greaterst senic artists
in America.
1)R. D. A. Cl'NNI.VüHam will lead the
union prayer meeting at the Young Men's
Christian Association building,at 4 o'clock
this aftei uoon The young men's evangel -
istic meeting will l>e held at H o'clock in
the evening.
SKI KKTAKV Kl'TTER, of the Elm Crove
motor liue, has received a letter from
Spain, in which F Arias, of the Bilbou
Tramway Company, asks for information
as to the construction and operation of tin
Elm < irove piaut.
Yb«teki>\Y Thomas HoJgens, of Toron
to, O., had a narrow escape from death
He was driving a coal wagon at ross the C
A 1'. track, when the local freight I nicked
dowu on him, mashing the wagon to pieces.
Mr. Hodgcus ami the train both escaped
I unhurt.
I'BoK Mi î.LKN s class in itauctug win
give another of their rttkmhf receplicna
this evening in Maenerchor Hall, ou Mar
ket street. Pro». Mullen's receptions are
always enjoyable occasions to the lovers ol
the Terpsuhcreun art who are fortunate
enought to lie present.
A oKEAr many iroods were received atj
the Women's itniiMtri.il Exchange yester
day, and the ladies anticipate a lively
business. The ladies have had a neat hill j
oi fare priuttd for the luncheon, which is
w»2Jd daily from I'-i to "»o'clock, aud those
pwliM want a g«*>i meal are discovcring that
is the place to «et il.» m . _i
IKkTOS Nk.vei. WfctKit H, of Martin's
Ferry, whose rit at 11 vva< mentioned in these
columns yesterday morning, will be buried
on Saturday by the 1 It. »> F., of which
he was a member. The I >. « U>r came to
Martin's Ferry in I - >I. Irotn Washington
county, Pa , where he was t*>rn ami bred,
and studied medicine. He married about
lx>t», his wd« living ouly a few years Dr.
Weirich was a classmate ot Janies I»
Hlaiue, at Washington, Pa.
*tuvr>ni«iit« of Cltlams »nd the Cotulug
aixl Uoiti* of «»traucer*.
Mr. Chas. H. Harding, of Baltimore is
in the city.
C'apt. Fete Morau aud wife have taken
room.-' at the Me Lure House.
tieo. Graham, F.s»j., of Sistersville, was
at the Stamm House yesterday.
Mrs. K. T. Devries has gone to Baltimore
and Washington to s isit friends.
Miss Belle Kennedy liua l*en lyiug ill
at her home on Thirteenth street.
JosepbC'aldwell, of Funis, Texas, left J
for home yesterday morning after a visit
to relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Bowers, of Baltimore,
leave for home to-day, after a pleasant visit
to frieuds in the city.
Miss Belle Wartield, of Baltimore, who |
has been the guest of Miss Helen I* ■ ies,
returned home yesterday.
Misses Ànna McElroy and Emma Welty,
of New Cumberlaud, were the guests ol
friends iu the city yesterday.
Mr. Fred Hoffman, a former vvell-kuown
Wheeling man, now in the foundry busi
ness at Steubenville, is in the city.
Mr. A. B. Beall, the w ' kuown treas
urer of Vouug Meu's IV acraticClnb, ha<|
gone to Sions City where he has en
tered the merchandise brokerage business
Mr. Beall ww a popular gentlemau and i
had many frieuds here who greatly regret
to se« him leave,and who wish him success j
in his new home.
Miss Minuie Alexander. of Bridgeport,
leaves to-morrow to visit Mrs. tlrover
Cleveland. She will be accompanied by
Mi*» Julia Severance, a very prominent
society young lady ol Cleveland, U., and
Mis« Virginia Kiugsford. of Oswego, N. Y.
B'Vth young ladwu T?ere classmate« of Mrs.
Cleveland ami thev no to aUend a class re
union at the White House, where they will
be euwrtained for three weeks by the first
lady of the land.
Or. James E. Kee.es has decided to
locate in Chattanooga, Tenu., and will
leave for there about January 1st. Dr.
Beeves has practiced medicine in Wheeling
many years, and is one ot her most re
spected and progressive citizens aud a phy
sician of national repute, to lose whom is
a misfortune. While his many friends re
grei his determination, their best wishes
wi'l (ttcoœjfi^y him and Mr*. Beeves to
their new Southern uo^v
, | Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keilly euterWined
a number of friends in a very handsome
manner at their residence on Fourteenth
strati last evening The time was spent in
a most eOiOjable manner, music, singing
and cards combtutu* form most delight
ful divertisement until li oejoe^, when
appetizing refreshments were served, wbtcû
we<* discussed with the utmost satisfac
tion by tfxe guests. At 1- o'clock the
merry party dwpe.^1, bintily pleased with
the charmiuH hospitality ùj' Sff. and Mrs.
i I Keilly.
When Your »rv«>» Bother You.
Invigorate theia. When your uight's repoèe u
unround or unrvfreshing, your appetite faded oi
capricious, when slight uA^se* cause you to «a.1
and annoyances of slight 'pwment abnormal!j
worry you, know three things, via.: 1st. Thai
yo«M nerves are weak; '-M. th»i you need a touic
3d, that lt» Uà3« ta Hortetter's stomach Bitter*
the prompten, safe* m.:st popular article of iu
Claat The nerves are «lfevpUMe invi^ora
tlon only by promoting an iucreiwwM vigor li:
• ha pror'ewei of digestion and iovigoraVion. har
4**lr< and sedatives have their utility, ™t In ttui
roaju »uS if their u*e be continued, thay as^n*
fcJt 'a wiDtvl#*of the Bitte» before retirf
and "•"«« w.« «aine during the d»
m • *■ te,52JÄ'
They are Held to Bail in Fifan Hundred Dollars
lach to Await the Remits of Johc
Neary's Injuries.
The Rbuistkr, a tew days ago, con
tained a brief mention of the fact that a
young man named John Neary had been
hit iu the head with a stone, on Friday of
last week, and badly injured. Since then
the man's wound has turned out to be of a
very serious nature, and last evening two
young men named Albert Mercer ami
Wilber Fox, were committed to jail in de
fault of $1,500 bail to await a hearing on
the 25th inst.
From the facts regarding the assault, as
far as they are knowu at present, it ap
pears that the two boys altove named, to
gether with others, constitute a gang
wliotte particular held of operations lies
about the Belmont mill. They have on
several occasions proved a source of great
annoyance to the employes of the mill,
and the police have been repeatedly called
into requisition in the matter. On Friday
last the boys amused themnelves fora time
in throwing stones at the engineer of the
mill, but they were driven oft'. They
returned to the cbaige, and tired rocks at
others about the mill and were driven off a
second time. Again they came back, aud
it was during this visit they struck Neary
ou the head with a good sijed stone. The
wounded man was taken to his home,
where he was attended l»y I)rs Campbell
and H one. He seems to l>e ^rowini; \vorje,
and under a fear that serious results would
follow, warrants were sworn out yesterday,
and placed in the bands of Officer Carney,
who made the arrests about five o'clock last
evening. The two Imys are about sixteen
or seventeen years of age, and the police
say Fox is the one who threw the particu
lar stone which caused the damage.
A Company Oix<tni/nl (or lh<< Cotmlrufllon
of a Bri<!|^«< .\croH-t That Kiver.
The Secretary of State has issued a cer
tificate of incorporation to the Charleston
Bridge Company, for the purpose of con
structing and maintaining a toll bridge
across the Kanawha river at Charleston
The principal office to be iu Ilttsburg, ami
the chuter to have perpetual succession.
The sum of has beetn subscribed to
the capital stock and $5,IMM> paid in, with
privilege of increasing the capital to $250,
000 in all. The capital is divided into
shares of $50 each, aud ar)e held by the
following parties- H. I. .Wood, Jr., of
Pittsburg, 200 .-hare*; U|. S. Carr, of
Charleston, list shares; L. M. l'etitdidier,
of Cincinnati, 200 shares; S. M Snyder,
of Charleston, loo shares; W. F. Wood, of
Pittsburg, 200 shares; J. V.
burg, 2'At shares.
C'upt. R. S. Carr is the
moterof this enterprise, an^l has beeu en
gaged for sunie time in working up the
scheme. The comjKtuy has} strong backing
and the work of erecting the bridge will
probably be commenced learly in the
lloag, of Pitts
priucipal pro
I". S. tirant l'uni No. IT M unter« d in l.u»l
Col. K. H. Fi ht, Comma aderol the Hons
of Veterans of West Virgin ia, last ui^ht
at Odd Fellows' Hall, music red iu l!. S'
tirant Post, No. IT. S. of \ at which a
goodly number of Grand i >rmy iiieu were
also present. The fol low i i ig oflieers were
elected: J. F. Carlin, C iptain; II. λ.
Ra»uley, First Lieutenant; D. W. Martin,
Second Lieutenant; alter v :bich the new
ly irgmiz>"i camp was iu
jâ-nret wo»U •! ^ La ft# r iuutull »
tion n'ettii-er*, the eimp
I meted in the
as regularly
>{-*ne<l for the transactim I 0f business.
fhuisday evening, Noveiu
appointed as the next time
[HK.'iihïf, !'.Ki at Odd tellowj
lirant Pot»t No. IV startup
nul it i- hojusl will soon l>[
I ». .«*t ol West Virginia. Ti
;{(«> members of the i'ost In
union, ready to no el the
ciiupiutDt of the Sens ol \
meets in Wheeling, August
17th ueitt. Col. Freer prouj
anee of 1,200 Sons of \ eterai 1^-sides the
I.nlieV Association an x. il lia
jln-r :24th, was
lor meeting, if
Hall. I" S
IV promisingly,
the leading
lere should he
tore next Re
Xatioual Ku
oterans, which
lôth, Kith and
lises an attend
ry thereto.
Ft N Ks «K
JiiHtice ll»»l«K»fauslil«riid |« Adlon In the |
I'hücii UfliTrcil to Vel)
The publication in the
terday morning of the lact
assessing of fiues against ï
loch anil Mamie Ander«
Davis, had a very «ood tile*
Attorney Jordan tailed the
oûice during the morning an
Kki; isrtu yes
4 attemiing the
lward McCul
u, by J ustice
Justice to his
1 explained the
law to him, aud told him ti|t.re was no law
to warrant the imposition
Sections 1?« aud 20 of Chap
Cod»1 were tjnoled, aud th^> Justice was
speedily convinced that htj
error. The result was that
decision in the matter and
lease of McConnell from jai
tilled the tjirl that her iiu<|
not have to l>e paid This
of the Hues,
er 52 of the I
had made an
he reversed his
ordered the re
aud also no
of $20 would
lends the entire
COFFEE, sandwiches and
the Second Presbyterian (J
refreshment« at
phnrch, Friday
A MisMini; Hor
The police are looking foi
seems to have l»eeu stolen f
the premises of Joseph Hat1
Market street, Tuesday evei
Martin, a countryman.
Martin's and asked pennisa
horse there for a short time. -1
up, and nothing was thought
until the owner returned
found it had heeu taken
Music this evening at
Palace Hink.
a horse which
Ioui in front of
is, No. 2:t54
ing. Michael
>Vode up to Mr.
»on to leave bis
It was bitched
wheu it was
some one nu
the Alhamhra
An KuU to Hon« ^iriiplDg,
Edward Shepherd, of Ii, arrisbnrg, 111.,
«ays: "llaving received so much benefit
troru Electric Bitters, I feel/ it my duty to
le» sufreriug humanity knovW it. Hare had
a running sore on my leg Ifcr eight years;
my doctors told me I wouljd have to have
the bone scraped or leg amputated. I used,
instead, three bottles of Electric Bittere
and seven boxes Bucklen'« Arnica Salve,
and my leg is now sound ai^d well.''
Electric Bitters are sold .^t fifty cento a
bottle, and Bucklen's Arniua Salve at 2/ic.
box Hy Logan<% Co
Do not rorget tue carnival at the Alham
bra Palace Rink to-night, j
Tkv our ladies' fine Ki^ hand sewed
at $ 1 ;<0. J08KPH l{.\SKN" AVKR.
Womlerful Culj^i,
W. D. Hoy t Co., V. biilesale and Re
tail Druggists of Rome, 0^ ^y; We have
been selling Dr. King's li;ew Discovery,
Elect"? BlltC"3 ftnd Bai^ien'a Arnica
ç«Uve tor two years, iîïf* nevei IjAutfiçd
remedied ih*t »<11 so wall or give such
universal Mtu&ctioti. been
some wonderful fuw ofc, these
remedies in this city. Sew.^i Ca<MM»ot pro
uounced consumption havj. been entirely
cured by use of a few bottlers of Dr. King's
New Discovery, taken in connection with
Electric Bitters. We guarjmtee them al
ways. Sold by Loican A (Vk,
Gentlemen, ;
See our genuine porpoise shoe; is water
proof, and j oat the shoe for
«•»«•II» ^
Broke Jail.
A telegram was received from tbe Chief
of Police of Zanesrille, last evening, to the
effect that Ed. Howard, tbe mau arrested
here a few weeks ago on the charge of
stealing harnet«, bad broke jail and made
good his escape.
Accident to a Dog.
Word was received yesterday that the
"electric dog," well known about the
Western Union telegraph office, and the
electric light station, in this city, bad lx*n
fatally hurt by a telegraph pole falling on
him. He was with the telephone repair
gang near Tiltonsville.
A Pleasant Occualon.
Yesterday was the fifty-eighth anniver
sary of Col. Jacob Nnnge's birth, and he
celebrated the occasion iu a right royal
I manner, at his home on upper Market
Square. Hundreds of the Colonel's friends
called upon him during the day and tend
ered their congratulations and good wishes,
and enjoyed the hospitality of the genial
gentleman. I.ast evening, the crowd who
called to pay their respects, was very large,
and all et>joyed the occasion hugely. Tbe
Colonel received all in a cordial manner and
seemed no older than wheu he was thirty.
The occasion was a pleasant one and will
be long remembered by those who were
there, and all join iu wishing the host
many happy returns of the day.
Too Early to Make a Choice.
The Intelligencer yesterday contained an
item in words and figures as follows:
"Mr. T. S Kiley, of this city, the new
member from this district of the Demo
cratic State Executive Committee, was out
iu Gilmer county on legal business a few
days since. He is reported by the La niter
as favoringCol. Heu Wilson for the party's
nominee iu this district for Congress iu
This was shown to Mr. Kiley by a Rica
istkk reporter, who said:
"i see by the Intilligeneer that you ex
pressed yourself, while in (iilmer county
some time ago, in favor of Col. Hen Wiisou
for Congress iu 1888."
Mr. Kiley replied:—
"I have no recollection of expressing my
sell for any particular candidate lor t'ou
gress. It is too early as yet. Cor any one to
make up his mind as to who will Ik- the
mrwt available candidate. 1 have no hesi
tancy in saying that whoever tbe Conven
tion nominates will be my candidat»', and
that 1 have no doubt of his cltctiou."
The Minstrel*.
Al. (r. Field's minstrels appear at the
Op;ra House Saturday evening, and re.
served seats go on vale at liaumer's music
store this morning. TheColumbes Dinpaleli
says of tbe company: "The house was
well tilled with an ubusnally good class of
people. The entertaiuuient giwu by this
company is a tiue one, the finale of the lint
patt introducing the funuiest telephone
racket yet seen. Tbe singing was good,
tbe instrumental music up to the same
standard, and the specialties novel aud in
terest iug. Mr. J linker's emphooium solo,
the base ball statue clog, Sir. McEtun's
banjo placing, Mr. Pirrung's |»edal jug
gliug, Mr. Kussel I'm unique and popular
specialty, the quartettes, and, in fact, the
whole performance was artistic and very
attractive. Signor Dawn's thrilling act
formed a fitting cliiuax to such au array ol
good things, and the afterpiece sent every
body home iu a good humor.
The Kliielntit Sinter*.
TbcGraud opera Houw i-onlaiucd an
other lar>',e anil delighted audience last
night when "Cii Cerella" was put ou by
the talente 1 Rine. it Sisters company.
The old nnrsery tain was well put on, and
pleased the intelligent audience present in
every particular. Yesterday afternoon at
the niatinw "Red Hiding Hood," with the
wolf in all his wolfish glory, was repeated
to a well-filled honse. Both plays are in
terspersed with pleasing «pe«. »allies by tlio
members of the eompauy. Mi** Uoldie
Kiuehait, who gives so gr.icelnl an imper
sonation of "Red Hiding Hood," reminds
one of Corinne, aud her manner of acting is
captivating. The singing of Misses Bertie,
Stella and ente little Iao and the favorite
wiuk of the latter is especially line, while
the dancing of Stella at each performance
is immense. '"Wait's l.uek" will be the
bill tin to night, with new special tied.
Supreme Court.
Iu addition to the decisions Lauded duwn
at Charleston, last Saturday, and reported
in the RkuisteB, the following business
was transacted:
Carroll v. Fnsign Manufacturing Com
pany, from Cabell; motion f«»r a writ ol
prohibition was argued and submitted.
Wist A.French, of Mercer county,on mo
tion of J. M. Payne was qualified to prac
tice in this court.
In the case of l'on se v. Vau-1
dervort, from Wood couuty,
noter! iu Monday's KkciMTKK, the
court decides that under the provisions ol
chapter 110 ol the amended code, the cir
cuit court has jurisdiction to review the
judgment of a justice rendered upou the
verdict of a jury, by writ of certiorari.
Iu the c.we of Moran vs. Clark, from
Mineral couuty, also uoted iu the Rkuis
TKU, the court decides that the owner of a
homestead may sell or incumber it and
such sale or incumbrance will be as valid
as if the property had not been set up.irt os
a homestead.
A Notable Event.
This evening, the celebrated Madame
Fry Concert Company will apjiear at the
Opera House, and a large audience is as-1
sured, as the sale of reserved seats is very
flattering. The proceeds of this concert
are to Im» devoted to the Mission School in
Fast Wheeling and should be largely
patronised. The Boston ./ouowJsaysof the
company: "Special mention must be
made of the well sel«.eted Urogramme.
'The Dove,' by Miss Eugenie, display«! an
unusually bright, high and flexible so
prano voice, to the pleasure ol all. Miss
Lulu has a contralto voice of runch power
and beauty of quality, and sang her unrn
bers with a keen appreciation ol tlnir fcen
timent. Miss Alt » was heard only in her
violin solo, but shares the musical intelli
gence ot the others. Madame Fry's really
->arvelous voice was a rare pleasure, and
w it rants one the desire to have her re
main with us, to be beard in our oratorio
performances " Seat.s can lie secured at
Bauuier's music sU>i<>.
A yuentlon DUrniuril.
An abstract of the proceeding* of the
Grand Lodge, F. & A. Masons, of Ohio has
been handed the Register with a request
for publication. The decision as to the le
gality of the "Cerneau" rite is of special
interest to members of the order ia West
Virginia. The following is the record of
the decision in full
"loquiriea have been made by a large
number of brethren as to the legality of
certain bodies in this jurisdiction, claim
ing to be Masonic, which go under the
name of 'Cerneau' bodies of the A. «Se A. S.
A ;uerr. A relerence to my decision f?o.
13, made last year, and approved by the
Grand Lodge, has in moot case« been a
sufficient answer. Bnt a more specific an
awei Ira# requested by some who are
members of such bodies, &bu wuô t?ülre a
4i?ept*~8wer to the «'uestioo: "Are they
regular and legal, or irregulai and ille
gal?" To such the answer has been as def
inite as could be desired, vit : that they
I are irregular, illegal and. un masonic, and
ought not to be countenanced or recog
nized in any manner by brethren under
obedience to this Grand Lodge.

lient le mer»,
Ktamino our Congrep* Wankenphast, the
easimt fitting fine sbwe in the market.
Na. ' J. V. AMICK.
J- 1 > L*T'7 M
ihr»« Marrlm**# Solemnised In the City
it evening at 8 o'clock Mr. John G.
t and Miss Kate V. Jone«, both of the
tod, were married at the residence of
bride's parent«, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
'ones, on North Front street, Rev. W. H.
Cooke, D. D., pastor of the Second Presby
terian church, officiating. The wedding
was a very quiet one, only the immediate
relatives and several intimate friends being
present. At the conclusion ol the cere
mony a pleasant reception was held, and
the happy couple were the recipients ot
countless congratulations and good wish««.
Splendid refreshments were served by
Durst, and heartily discussed. Mr. and
Mrs. Berger will reside at the resi
dence of Mr. Berger's mother on
Zane street They received a number
of handsome and usefnl presents
Mediek WeUuer.
Last evening at 8 o'clock Mr. John C.
Medick and Miss Emilie L. NVeisuer, of
the South Side, were married at St. John's
church in the presence of a large number
of friends, Re*r. William Ultcrt officiating.
At the coüclusion of the ceremony the
bridal party were driven to the residence
of Mr. John C. Medick, "2414 Chapline
street, where a delightful reception was
held, and a splendid supper served. Mr.
and Mrs. Medick were the recipients of
numerous congratulations and many hand
some present* They have the best wishes
of their many frieuds.
Mr. Frauk Nolle and Mis-» Mary Schlec
ter were married at St. Alp'nousus chinch
at 9 o'clock yesterday morning. A recep
tion was tendered them iu the evening at
the residence of Mrs. Speaker, on Sixteenth
Kesiimes Hunlne«« Tuesday—Chancery
llntktt Taken l p- Tlie Grand Jury.
The officers of this court arrived at
Charleston Monday night, and the court
was opened Tuesday morning. The chau
cery docket occupied the court that day.
Several eases were submitted which the
judge ha-< under advisement.
The grand jury was sworn iu and have
commenced work. Following are the
names of the jury: W. II. II. Flick,
Robei t|Napier, J. M. McWhorter, John
Hell, Morgan Greenlee, Green M. Cook,
George Alderson, A. S. Patrick, Isaac I..
Kocch, John McGraw, John M. Rowan,
Henry C. McWhorter, Able P. Sinnett,
Rotiert W. Sauuders, George W. Atkinson,
M. H. Stump, Eli Rogers, James A. Holly.
♦ ,
Titekk will be a \ery enjoyable cuter
taiuiuent at the Secoud Presbyterian
Church, Friday eseuing.
AN.\«EI> Kl KM»
Klilx IIN U'tfu »ml IIuruH lier Itotly.
Cilh'AUO, November Hi. -A Columbia,
S. C., «j*-« ill says: News has just reached
tins city that du Saturday, Stehney
Bailey, ai; o>«l mau who is the eugineer at
Mr. J. 0 IVrcher's steam mill, uear here,
iu a ijuariel with his wife, seized au axe
ami struck her 011 the head. She died in
a tew minutes. He hid the l»ody until
night, wlieu lie carted it to the engine
room. I Je stripped a part of the clot hi ug
i from his wife's body, ami threw the corps
into the tiery furnace, and then tilled the
furnace and lelt it burning. In hi? hurry
to leavf the engiue room, he neglected to
hide the bloody garments. The
next morning the clot lies were
! discovered, and a further examination
the charrtd remains of tin* woman were
found in the furnace. Suspicion pointed
so strongly toward Bailey that he was ar
rested. He made n lull confessiou. The
cause assigned by him was that he and his
wife were always quarreling. Bailey was
then taken to jail. He was handcuffed and
tied t-» a poet in order that he might not
escape. He borrowed a knife from the lit
tle sou of the constable to clean out his
pipe, auil at night while no one was watch
ing he attempted to corun it suicide by
cutting his throat. He was discovered
la'er in uu unconsciouscondition. He was
t>.> years ot age and his wife was a few years
hi:! juuior. lie has six children.
Ueiijierute llattle Willi the Klaine* on
llnartl tlic Steamer Venetian.
BusTiiX, November It».—Fire was dis
covered early this morninc in the after
hold of the steamer Venetian, loading at
this port for Liverpool to sail to-day. The
tire is contined to the lower hold, and the
general cargo is being removed, while that
portiou of the vessel where the lire started
is beim; flooded with water. The loss will
be heavy, but cannot be ascertained at
present. While the liremen were lighting
the tire in the hold, the smoke became so
dense and the heat so ureat that a
large number «if liremen were overcome
and rescued with ditliculty. As many as
twenty-live c f them had to be carried to
the open air where all were resusciatcd,
and it is not believed that fatal results will
ensue, although a number were incapaci
ated for further work.
The Veuitian is the same ship that ar
rived here November Kith with lire in the
forward hold. The cargo was then thrown
into the sea and the lire extinguished with
Auother Step Taken In Completing Austin
Corltiu's Great Sy*teui.
C'HK'AUo, November IG.—Au Indian
apolis special says: The third step in the
reorganization of the Indianapolis, Bloom
ingtou and Western system, the con
solidation of the varfljus branches, was
taken yesterday by tiling articles ot the
consolidation of the Hpriugtield and West
ern Railway Com pauv and the Indianapolis
and Western Company, the lines running
from Springfield, O , to Pekin, Ills. The
joint capital stock is and the
directors are Austin Corbiu, Philadelphia;
C. W. Fairlwuks and C. E. Hendersou, ol
this city; John A. Glover, I'rbana, Ills ;
J. B. Mason. K I. Stewart and Will Beck
with, Danville, 111. The complete reor
ganization of the system will be made in
January and then it will be known as the
Columbus. Indianapolis and Western.
yurel ed With Iruprcntlve Ceremonies
Cromlnent Speaker«.
LrxinqtoK, Ky., November 16.—The
unveiling of the monument of John C.
Breckenridge brought many people to the
city to day. Representatives of both the
federal and the confederate armies took
part in the demonstrations. The exer
cises began at 11 a. in. with prayer by
I Rev. I)r J. J. Bullock, formerly cbapline
of the U. S. Renate. Senvtor Jas. II. Beck
gave a histcrv of the memorial association,
k.dward Y. Valentine delivered the statue
to the association, and W. C. B. Brecken
ridge for the association delivered it to the
State. Gov. Buckner received it on be
half of the State. Col. W. C. B. Brecken
ridge delivered an address ip«tead Hon.
J. C. S. Placthnry, who was to have spoken
of the li/e ana servit«« of Gen Brecken
I By the Financial Stringency—Sl.OOO.OO®
TohuKTo, OKT., November 16.—The
Central Bank ot Canada hau suspended pay
ment. The following notice was posted on
the doors ot the bank this morning: "In
consequence of the present stringency in
the money market, the Central Bank has
not been able to realize on its assets
promptly fnougb to meet immediate de
mands up#n it It has therefore for the
present suspended payment.-' y
The baàk has a capital of million,
one-half ol "hieb is paid *♦ * '
possible toY" "7 idea
of the ban preeei
thoogbt tha lew*
UiJil l< LI) iv-' « •
The Dynamite Contrivance Which a WelLmlle Mas
Found in Bis Woodshed. Yesterday, and
Which was Brvoght Here Last Night.
There reposed in the Register office,
dnring the early portion of last night, a
piece of gas pipe, about one inch in
diameter and eight inches long, which
bore all the ear-mark* of a dynamite
bomb of the best Chicago brand. Tiie
thing was brought to the city last night
by Mr. Branch O'Brien, the advance man
of a theatrical organization, and it may be.i
choice specimen of the favorite weapon of
the gentle Anarchist, or be merely a novel
but brilliant attempt ou the part of the
agent aforesaid to attract attention to a
very meritorious show. Mr. O'Brien made
the following statement to a Rkgistek
man a« he laid the deadly looking toy on
the reportorial desk:
"I was stopping over in the town of
Wei Is ville tiiis morniug, and wasgiveu the
bomb by a man named Henry Cooper, who
obtained it from a friend, whose name I
cannot recall. The third party said he
had fonud the thing in bis wood-abed, but
had beeu afraid to examine it. We took
it to a jewelry store and made a partial
investigation, but were uatn rally alraid to
push our explorations very far into the in
terior of the pipe, aud not knowing what
to do with it, 1 wrapped it up tenderly
and brought it a'ong with me. i came
pretty uear having trouble at the hotel. A
porter grabbed my ««at iu a vicious man
ner, and pretty near scared me to death.
Vou ought to have seen his countenance
a ben I rescued the garment from his
clnfchesand showed liini what a close call
he lmd. Vou can turn the contrit ance
over to the police and let them make some
disposition of it."
The reporter used the bomb for a paper
weight during the evening, before handing
it over to the officers, after midnight thi»
morning. The alleged bomb is made of a
piece of gas pipe, one inch in diameter and
eight iuches in leugth. Kr.-tu one end a
piece of telegraph wire, which se mus to
have been chopped off a longer piece
with a dull hatchet, projects, 'he
orifice around it l>eing tilled with
yello<v r«»sin soap. From the other end
of the pipe a brass tube, of »Unit thiee
sixteenths of an inch inside diameter, pro
jects a distance of two inches, und enclos« d
in this tulie is a sort of l'use coni{>ONcd of
strands of line silk or cotteu threads,
twisted into a cord sufficiently large to till
the tube, and which look as if they had
been dipped in oil. This end of the large
pipe is also stopped with yellow soap. At
the end of the pij»e fiom which the wire
projects the soap has been partially duir
away by the investigators at Wellsville,
an.1 the result shows a grayish and yellow
ish compound, and also the edge of a piece
of brass or copper. It was the sight of
this which caused a sudden suspension of
the investigation.
Au examination by the indue to-day
w ill probably «how whether this thing is
a deadly contrivance, or a miserable sell.
No one can tell by looking at it whether
it is a genuine bomb or not.
llttlnyx >>( Holl« »ml Hnttttueu Along the
The marks on the landiug last evening
indicate«) 17 inches and rising slowly.
The reports from above are not favorable
lor water, hut liiere will surely he a rise
before long AI this time last year there
w:w:i gioii sla«e of water. —Piltuburg Com
Time lielween Louirtville and Cinc innati
in 181H: tien, l'ike, I day, 16 honiH; Para
xon, 1 day, 14 hourti, miuutes; 1H2-»,
Wheeling packet, 1 day, 1«» hours; IKÈ7,
idoHelle, 12 bun re; 1MÎI, Duke of Orleaus,
l'J hours, and Congrtss 1J hours, tit* min
uits; 1H Jo, Hen Franklin No. iî, II hours,
1."» miuutes; 1H.V2, Allegheny, !t hours, 45
minuits; 1'ittshiirg, 10 hours, minutes;
1M53,{Telegraph No. IS,!» hours, f. J minutes
The marks from almve yesterday were:
i'ittshuig, »J feet an<l rising slowly. I'arker,
1 foot <i inebea aud rising slowly. Cloudy
and warm. Oil City, 1 foot H inches and
rising slowly. Cloudy and cool. Morgan
town. "2 feet M inches aud stationary. Clear.
Thermometer II*0. I^ock No. 1, feet f»
inches and stationary. Cloudy. Ther
mometer .'I*0. Brownsville, 1 feet .'t inches
and stationary. Clear Thermometer 4V.
Nice's Landing, :$ feet 3 inches and station
ary. Clear. Thermometer .'$8°. (ireens
horo, f> feet ti inches ami stationary. Clear.
(..S.ilivinACo »eil «lrviroods the cheap#*!.
IiKRtiKH— JUNKS—On WeUie«'«v, November
16. ls*7, fit the rcsidunce of the bride's imremtt.
Mr. and Mrs. I.ewls Jonc*, ou North From street,
ImIiiiuI, by Rev. W. II. Cooke. I>. 1) . pastor of the
Si-eoiiil I'rcshyterlan ctinrcli, Mr. John <». Hkk
• .El: um) Miss KATK V.Jo n'I.-; both of tbU city.
<ÎÛ!®ï perfect mao£,
Its snperiar excelled'* proTfn In mlllioa* of
toir.'**' for more than • quarter of a century. It
is u»>l *>y the Cniii-4 atat»* Government. En
hy the heads of the Great l'nlrendtie» m
th* ^tronijeit, Pure«t and mort Healthful. Dr.
prie*'» the rnily Baking Powder ;bat floe« not
romain Ammonia, Lim« or Alum. Sold only In
wrw row* ntTfltMo wr t/>rrr«
In* txiok many hare be*-n waiting for Jost
reoeited «I
Stanton & Davenport'*,
no3 1301 Martel ftrwl.
Haü(l*>me < aui and good tone, for sal« cheap .
15 Oil j<er month and upward*
Pianos to rent als«
W1I.I.UI a. HHciB,
no3 TweUU» 91, under '.rand Opera Hotue
I n«ures aninst loa or <Um*ce by flre ind Ugtit
nin*. ill cliif» of d««ir*bl« property. Also to
*ur» cargoes ou the Western water*.
omcfM* ■
J. S. VANCE. ^wQaent
M RKTLLY. Vice Present.
J. N. VA!*CE, •' REII.LT,
L. C. OTI^ —

For raising bread, biscuit or other food, only the very
best and purest baking powder should be employed. The
use of the ordinary cream of tartar, or of a baking pow
der containing lime, alum or phosphates, carries deleterious
ingredients into the food to the prejudice of the life and
health of the consumer.
The ordinary baking powder contains either lime,
v/hicli, introduced into the system in too free quantities,
causes serious disorders of the kidneys; alum, a corrosive
poison, or phosphates, which are condemned by physicians
as deleterious in their effect when taken under certain
physical conditions.
The absolute purity of the Royal Baking Powder
makes it pre-eminently the most useful and wholesome
leavening agent known. It contains no lime, alum, phos
pliate or other impurity, leaves no alkaline or other residuum
in the food, and its use always ensures pure, light :tnd sweet
bread, biscuit and cake, that is perfectly digestible and
wholesome whether hot or cold, fresh or stale. Its leav
ening power has been determined the highest whenever
tested by official authority, and all chemists and writers
on food hygiene commend it for its sterling qualities.
Prof. H. A. Mott, who has examined the various
baking powders for the U. S. Government, says:
"The Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest
and luost reliable baking powder offered to the public.
11 A. MOTT, M l)., Ph.D."
LiU U. S. (î^ttrununt ChetnùL
yieir Jdifrli^emrnts
J. HKI1.1.KS, comer Market and Twelfti
StreM*. no!7
A l'air of Heavy Draught Hones,
(nicely matched roan«), In ko>»I condition work
doublt' or s'nRle. K.'h.mhi for «nie Ulli« to > heavy
ti>r infirmary us« For further Information ap
ply to cither ot thou denlgned
I » M KS CKAItill TON. Hupt Infirmary.
M. STUN, t'om. of Washington Di»t j
KKANK tiKi'HK. Piftl. Board Com.
O t'. UKNTHKR I.entiec and Manager.
Ikrff Mglil» »ml Wedm^lit Katlurr I iiiiiiufnriRf
MuihUy. Nuti'uitifi -'tut
Kiu'ii^» im nl of Mr. 1IAKI.KV MKKkY, »up
putted hy the Talented Yonne Aiitew. Mies1
JOSKHIINK HK1TTAIN. and h Powerful t'om I
pauv. In the iraliMic »pt-cU* utar tut lodrauia, I
" ARIiONAUTS OK '4!»."
Under the management of Mr. UKo KENNINli ■
TtiN. ItilrcMliicinit a t ar I-viadof Ileautlful Seen- ;
ery and Startling Mechanical FtferU
«•» NliMit priée», lft, 21 and .'<0 cent* Matinee
price* l.\ and > cent" No extra charce lor
referred cent* Seat» non on *ule ut hnelb's
niusle stole tu»17 I
Kttil*li|«or |9fur |l S.rtij l) r*mt ■f». ivVXiia ]iiu. I
Jlfir JdwtiifmfRl«.
Library Lamps and Chandeliers,
DOl* No. 11*0 MAIN HTKRRT.
Contractor and Street Paver.
.Si<l<'wnlk mi l all knuUol |.«vink doua ou
churl iiotlr*
Street Hnilwuy Work m HpMlaltf«
A<I<tU'<w Klevt lilll Htlfel, Itirro door* uAftt of
Chaplin* Htrii'i. nrKMâth
Hvf ran-* N«*w l.ayrr Klf*.
u.«rt of llirtlA ttneM lm|«>rlni,J
Klflv Boxt» New tt»UI*n I)«!«-«.
Twenlf-flvi' Boxe* Kilra 1^^
California l.ajrir KaUina,
ll'rr it»< k.i\ *|i av
>-■'» N. SCHULZ.
tôfo. fi. Œaplor-- (floalts ami Oress (Goods.
taylor; mum
To Iiis New and Iixtensive
Stock <>l CLOAKS
Velvets ! Plushes !
Natural Wool Underwear,
Cochineal Underwear,
Muslin and Cambric Underwear,
Gloves! Hosiery! Corsets!
Lace Curtains,
Cheneille Curtains,
Cheneille Table Covepg^'
Special Bargains in the Bt»st Ma
^eo. R. Ta'

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