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Absolutely Pure.
ruii öowdfcr nater vuIml A
of purity, wrea«th *ud wUolesonwn««.
Muroeconomic*! than the ordinary
iik! i'ünoot be 8oUt lit competition wlta
à* w>U it-»do of low tOT», «bort wejgbl
\I»ira or phosphate powder*. Nofcl *2
a-u. Kot.»i, Haïi*«; Fowdm <^0-, &
W<*11 Ttrect V;"* %
M». Cil«* Marli«) *ltw»
Xf-orwr » Xh.'is V-'
Over Two Hun Ired rase» of Merchandise
Opened up Last Week.
Some Very Rire Bargains !
staple Goods aa<l Choice Novelties for present
ani U'er use.
New ?i»t liii-n from seven cents up to the Finest
fienrh <»ootlv
India Lawns 7. S and 10 cents, worth 10. li> and
JU ren ta.
Cheek. Strip»- atul Lace Nain»ioks at tame price.
Scrim—Pia'n, Stripe, Check aud Fancy trow five
cent* up.
embroideries aud Luces never known so cheap.
Beauties in Seersuckers and Gtnvhantt.
New Style« of Print* at 3, 4.5, ô and ? cent* per
Heavy Muslins for five cents i>er yard.
The ReM Wonted i>re»< (ioo>K ouly S and lü
cents per yard.
Cashmeres and Henrietta Cloths extremely
Extra Bargains iu Silks and Plushes.
Jersey Jackets 'nun SO cents up.
Silk tiloves 10 cent» »er pair
Bustles ôe a piece. Nice Silk Scar ft JOc.
C^-Our wonderful bargaius are loo numerous
to mention, but please come aud convince your
self. Closing out sale of CARPETS, Ac..
■till going on.
11.Vt 1156 and 1158 MAIN ST.
P. 8.—Merchants will rtnd somo great induce
ments te our wholesale »tor-s W
$40.000 WORTH
Dry Goods !
J and
Before we move into oar NEW BUILD
ING, o&e door »hove from oar
present location,
March 1st, 1888.
Grandest Inducements Ever Offered.
It will he to yonr interest not to pnrchaae
any gooda before calling at
Miller]i Hats
Far Sale Ouly by the Main Street Hatter,
« .TENOO*.*
m 1050 MAIN ST.
flïïjcelmçj iRcfïbîct:
Thermometer Kocord.
Mr. C. Schoepf. 'be Opera Hoa.se drng
(fwt, made the following observation« of
the teniperatnre Toemlav: 7 a. m., 37;
9 a. m., 39; 1'2 m., 40; 3 p. m , 45; 7 p.
m., 40. Weather, changeable.
lodes to New AdTer*Ueinru(a.
second raot.
Wau ted—Agent.
Help Furnished Free— Public Record.
OH—C amden Consolidated Oil Company.
German Canari«*— McLam H rot hen.
Lost—Small Set Rtng
For Sale -Ohio County Farm
Meeting—Washington District Democrat*.
Reduction of Prices—I. G. Dillon Jk Co.
Excelsior Baking Powder—R H. List.
(^Persons dealrlatf THE RCUIN
TES aerved at their homes eaa «eenre
II by powt.nl curd, reqofst, ar order
throacb telephone. W hereîdellvery
I« Irrrfular, plfsse make immediate
• unipUinl to the olWce. ^
"perlai Bsrgnln» la Far Beaver
Overeoatiaff« aad Heavy Wet*ht Malt.
made np la örst-rla« style. *nf
Hern, ui«TM »ad Heavy t adervearst
Jaat reeelvMl, aaolker lavalee af
onr celebrated Kalt Jacketa aad oar
popular 30«. White »blr«.
1391 and ISSS Market »treat.
■t laaplre* terror hat H rraats ease,
tke Start liu* Novelty flveaaway with
every Boy'* nnd t hud's Nail »I S.
ttrTMAM A t'O.'S, ike Xammetk
Clothier». Doa't fall to rail aad are it.
Tk« M««« of th« LHkjr folotfdly Pan
paphtd for <lMty R«ad«r*.
"Hii.arity" at the Grand, this eveniu^r
Kossina Yokes at the Opera House,
this evening.
Th kre was bat one caae before Hi*
Honor yesterday morning.
Foi r deeds of trust were admitted to
record by Clerk Hook yesterday.
The Wheeling Steel I'l&nt company yes
terday elected a new Board of Directors.
The Mozart Singing Society will give a
mucked ball at Wext wood's Hall, to-night.
Mayer will play.
The Western Nail Association will meet
in regular monthly session at the office of
the Benwgod Nail Works, this afternoon, j
Joseph Kamee wu arraigned betöre |
JnaUce Davis last evening on a charge of :
breach of the prace, preferred by Edward !
Beeeher. A bond was required.
Kramer's orchestra will make the music t
for a big ball to be given Thursday night
by the Bachelors' Club, of Steubenville.
It will also play tor another ball there on
Friday evening.
A NUMBER of South Side young ladiee
gave a very pleasaut leap year party at
Bonenberger's hall, on Market street, last
evening, tor which Mayer's orchestra fnr
uished the music.
A Nf.MBKK of wel! kuown society ladiea
had arranged to give a large leap year ball
this week tu their young gentlemen friends,
but on account of not being able to secure
music were compelled to give it up.
Tue benefit of the Pittsburg Elks comes
off in that city Friday night, and will be
an immense affair. A large number of
Wheeling folks will go up. Keserved seats
can be secured through C- K Tracy.
In oar report of the proceedings of the
Board of Commissioner-«, the name of Mr.
Kilph Arkle was used, through an error, in
place of Mr. George Arkle. This correc
tion is injustice to the drat named gentle
The residents along Chapline street, be
tween Tweuth-seventh and Tweniy-eightli
streets, ore complaining vigorously about
the inattention paid them by the garbage
collector in that district. The garbage has
not been removed for more than a week at
Comk am: near au nucrauu^ «cvu«.«
the Female College this afternoon at three
«'clock. Kev. Dr. Cuuningham will ak
npon a very interesting »ubjtct, "A
liliuip>w ol* Scotland. ' All are cordially
ÏHE Opera House, it is understood, in
to undergo extensive improvements at the
close of the present season. Another gal
lery and an addition to the building to be
added, while it will be entirely refitted
The Wheeling Turner Society will give
their aunual masqne carnival at their hall
on Market street, next Monday evening.
The feature of the evening will be the
grand march at 9 o'clock, led by the Eng
lish Grenadiers. Kramer will make the
The Ariou gives its grand auuual mask
carnival at its club house Thursday even
ing Extensive preparations are being
made and the affair will be one of the
tinest ever .-*eeu in the citv. A meeting
was held last evening to further the ar
Charles H. Hoyt's appreciation of
beauty iu womanhood is tally attested by
the pretty girls he secures tor his plays.
In 4 a Bag Baby" he has three beauties
whose charms would attra.'t attention any
where. There is Miss Edith J en we, a
perfect brunette of the Smtheru type, and
the Misses Johnston and Hornby, by their
presence,'makes an attractive picture. The
' Hag Baby" will be presented at the Opera
House. Friday and Saturday evtnings and
Saturday matinee. Reserved »eats will be
put ouj-ale at JBaumer's'muaic store this
To H* lirouifht to the Attention of th»
BuslneM Couveutlou.
The attention of the convention of busi
ness men, which is to assemble in this city
ou the "20th of th«i current month, will be
invited loa project which will very materi
ally aid in furthering the purposeot the gath
erirg—making known the resources of the
St ite. aud its det-iiaMeiies» as a place where
the capitalist iaay invvst his means, or th j
farmer, laljorer or artisan pursue his trade
or a vocation to advantage. This plan em
braces a request to the Convention that
it anpoint a representative citizen
of each county, preferably the President
of the County Court, to represent each
connty in this State duiing the continu
ance of the coming State Fair, and also
make a request of tht authorities of
the several counties that they set
aside a sum of money sufficient
to procure an adequate display of the nat
ural resources of tne couut'.es in the shape
of hard woods, coal, iron, tire-clay, oil,
Ac., and also a proper display of the agri
cultural products aud manufacture«,
the whole to be sent to Wheel
ing. aud properly arrayed at the
State Fair uuder the superintendence of
the commissioners from the several coun
ties, iu an adequate building to be placed
at the disposal of the committee by the
State Fair Association. This would ac
complish several purposes, not the least of
which would be the making of the display
on the Island grouuds a State Fair in fact
as well as in name. It will be also urged
upon the Chamber of Commerce that after
the termination of the Fair, the dis
play, or ?uch piirt o! it iw nitiy
be deemed the more necessary to
afford proper data to the wayfariDg man
seeking information, be given permanent
quarters, thus makiug it a sort of perma
nent exposition of the State's resources
aud industries.
This matter will be brought to the at
tention of the Board of Directors of the
State Fair Association, at a meeting to be
held during the coming week, and if
it then receives sanction, as it un
doubtedly will, it will be brought to the
attention of the convention, with a request
that something based upon the outlines
given be formally adopted.
Such a project would be beneficial to
the State in the highest degree, and should
receive proper attention aud encourage
Missis" School Shoe* at SWc., at Has
enaue r's, No. 1048 Main street.
Men's Djinciug Slippers at Hasenauer's.
$100 given away every day to advertive
•Ka-ton-Wa" Coogh C.^ndy at Capitol
Kink. Amenta wanted. Open from 10 a.
m. to 10 p. m. this evening.
A p»t«atfd uovrll) «lvra mmmjr with
nerjr Boy"» autl Child'« Nuit at 51.
WI TH AX A- CO.'» N«mw<ilh ClolhinK
Hon««*. Don't fail to call h ml ««>e It.
Tb« Ma*un«rchor'a AdiiukI Muiiu«ntde
The big carnival which corned off this
evening at th« Society's ball on Market
street promises to be the event of the season,
aud is being anticipated by the members and
triends of the Society with mach pleasure.
The promioeut feature will be the grand
triumphal entre« ot Prince Carnival, ac
companied by the Conrtiool, and sur
roandcd by his body gaard. Old King
Komus himself will also be present at the
grand review which is to follow. Special
coûtâmes have been made, and as the
members of the Maenuerchor never do
things by halves it is sate tc say that the
success of the aifUir is assured.
A Stab In th* Dark
Sometime* fails of its murderous intent. The
inslduous and dastardly attacks made upon the
reputation of Hostctter's Stomach Bitters by per
•ous who seek to palm off cheap and titry tonics
as identical with it, or "the same thing under
another name," or "equally as good," in most
instances react disastrously upon the unprin
cipled traders upon popular credulitv who at
tempt them converting their speculations into
ruinsus failures the Bitters is a pure, whole
some and thorough medicine, adapted to the
total cure and prevention of fever and ague,
bilious remittent, dyspepsia, constipation, bili
ousness, debility, nervousness and kidney trou
ble*. Its every ingredient, unlike those in the
Imitations of it. is of an ascertained standard of
excellence, and while they, by reason of their
fl-nr propert e», react iuturiously upon the brain
and n*rvous systems, of b«.th those organs it Is
a sedative and invigorant. Refuse all these
harmful imitations
A Notice b Nailers Posted at the Faotory—Grand
Mauter Workman Conklin Publishes a
The condition of things at the Kiverside J
works was unchanged yesterday. When
the morning and afternoon tarns went to
work at the steel plant there were more
than four times enough K. of L. men to
Û1I the vacant positions. and everything is
running full and smoothly. No farther
move has been made by the Amalgamated
Association men, as it is understood they
are waiting for some word from head
Manager Hearne was seen yesterday and
he said :
"We are running along all right and an
ticipate no farther trouble. The plate
mill went on yesterday and the skelp mill
employes have informed me that the are
ready to resume work whenever the mill is
ready to start. We want all our old men
to stay with us, but, of course, if they do
not care to go to work, we must secure
others to till their places. 1 think alto
gether, so far, about 100 men have refused
to return to work, and all their places have
been tilled. 1 cannot say whether the nail
ers will all return to woik Thursday morn
ing or not, but I hope so TLey will all be
given work if they determine to do so,
and we would prefer to have than all with
Tne tonowiug notice w.vt p«™«« »» »">=
Riverside factory yesterday morning:
Both Bail factories will resume work
next Thursday morning, the Kth of Febru
ary, at the usual honr. The lt»-jent scale
of wagt» will be paid.
Any nailer failing to report for duty
without good cause, will be required to re
move his tools from the factory and vacate
hb job. Riverside Ikon Works,
F. J. Hearnk, Mauager.
Tho tact ol' this notice noon became gen
erally known, and it resulted in a call for
a meeting of Nail City Lodge of Nailers, to
b» held this morniug at 9 o'clock, at
Moran's Hall, on the South Side, when one
ol I he officials of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation from Pittsburg, possibly President
Weihe or Secretary Martin will be present.
At this meeting it will bo fully decided
what course to pursue ou Thursday morn
An Amalgamated nailer was seen last
evening, but he said he had no idea as to
what decisiou wonbi be arrived at iu the
meeting. He, however, was of the opin
ion that the men who were members of
the organization would refuse to go to
work. Another nailer said:
"I tuink it was a mistake iu the liret
place for the Amalgamated people to de
clare a strike Instnad ot doiug th»t they
should have had a conference with the
K. of L people and the manufacturers
and attempted to settl'j the matter
quietly in that manner. They
have now put themselves in a poaition
from which they oauuot well retire, and
the other would luve been much the bet
ter plan. I think there will he a verv few
who will fail to return to work on Thurs
day morning "
Grand Master Workman Conklin of the
Iroii Workers' District K. of L , from Har
rLsburg, who has been iu the city several
dajs, looking into the matter of dispute,
hands in the following communication,
which will explain itself:
7b the Edüur of the RejuUer:
Sir:—Sine*« the sitrniug of the K. of L.
scale at the Riverside Steel Works, quite
a discussion has arisen. Iu the Labor Tri
bune of Febrnary 4th, an article appears
stating that it is the policy of the K. of L
to fatten ou the «uspcnded and expelled
members of regular trade unions. We only
speak of what we know in connection
with onr own trades—irou and steel work
ers. This article is supposed to reler to
tue National District Assembly, No. 217,
Irou and Steel Workers. In the first place
we I.rand this as a "lie." asourNitioual As
sembly traces its origin back to L A.,
5543, .ii Harriaburg. Pa., and said Loc-tl
Assembly back to Washington Lodge ot A
A. oi I à S W., of Dauville, Pa, which
Lodge the Amalgamated Association de
serted v. tien on a legalized strike a tew
years *s<o The article of the Tribune also
calls this District Assembly of Iron an t
Ste»l Workers a ' bogus Iron District,"
and goes on to say, "It cannot be regatded
;.sa factor in the iron and steel world here
after. And if cuttiug wages down tielow
the Amalgamated Association scites is any
benefit, the Iron District can be relied
upon to secure it, as at Mingo Junction,"
etc Now for a fair decision on this. We
leave it. to the tair minded work
men to decide. In the first
plac», our scale is above the one now in
opérât ou at Mingo Junction, and signed
by the A. A. of I. «i S. W., and in various
positions ou the scale it is above Bellâtre.
It is further stated the members of the
Amalgamated Association were discharged
(another falsehood) All »workmen em
ployed by said compiny were notified to
repott for duty on Monday moruing at
5:35 o'clock, and at the same time in the
eveuing, and the places of all those who
did not report would be declared vacant
and other men hired to fill them. All
those belonging to the Amalgamated Asso
ciation, with one or two exceptions, did
not rep irt, but every one belonging to the
K. of L. reported for duty, notwithstand
ing the stitf merits of some of the high of
ficials of the Amalgamated Association
that over thirty of the K. of L tonnage
men would not report tor duty when the
time came.
We »hall follow this with a scale of
W3s{es paid at Riverside, the K. of L.
mills, and Junction and Hellaire mills,
Amalgamated Association, and then show
other facts where there are diff^rmees lie
tweeu the scales of the A. A mills greater
than between the K. of L. and the A. A.
Master Workman Conklin,
National Assembly I. & S. W.
A I'oaalblliljr That a Compromise May be
Negotiations for a settlameut of the
strike in the tlint flass industry will be
commenced to d.ty. The Americau Flint
Slaw Union Executive Committee baa
formally notified the mann facturera' Ex
ecutive Committee of its willingness to
meet iu conference, when the advisibility
of opening the sca;e and rule problems
will be discussed.
Yesterday'8 Pittsburg (\mmercial-Gazelte
A well-informed glass nun speaking yes
terday of the immeiise cost of strikes, said:
"This strike has only lasted since the mid
dle of December, yet already the Work
pre' Uuion has paid out $60 000, and the
manufacturers have suffered in cancelled
:ontracts, payments of clerks, los» of glass
in pots twice this amount, and when the
furnaces in the East rt-set their pots and
line their furnaces t^e cost will be trebled.
The Americau Flint < in their Ohio Valley
strike paid out $1 S3 000 in benefits."
President Smith, of the Workers' Union,
left, Monday, for the East, to settle some
difficulties there.
The price of the class of flint glass made
by the men now on strike, is reported to
tiave advanced from 10 to 25 per cent.
L8.Q00D&O0 sell dry goods the cheapest.
HockUn'i Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruise^ Sores, Ulcere, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblain»,
[torus and all the Skin Eruptions, and
positively cures Pile«, or no pay required,
it is guaranteed to give satislaction or
noney refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For ale by Logan A Co
A patented novelty given away with
• very Boy's and Child's Knit at H.
Jl'TMAX * CO.'» Mammoth Clothing
House. Don't fail to eall and see It.
A ''Stnlfht1' FrohJblUonlit Ask* Mr. Dr)'*
den Mow He Vote*.
Ib the jcduor qf Ute Remitter:
SlK:—Your paper has treated the Prehi
tionists lair, and I desire space to ask Kev.
M. F. Dryden a query. I have Doted the
controversy between himself and Kev. Mr.
Ulfert, and have observed with pleasure
that Rev. Dryden is very enthusiastic in
his advocacy of prohibition. Now, I want
to ask Mr. Dryden fairly and squarely what
ticket or what political party he supports.
I do this because Mr. Dryden lives in
Wheeling, the controversy is conducted in
Wheeliug, and liquor saloons exist in
Wheeling, and bave existed ever Bioce the
writer can remember. Now, the saloons
exist in Wheeling by virtue of the wishes
of the officers elected by the people of
Wheeling. These officer« have bt*n elect
ed by the Democratic and Republican
parties. If the Democrats were to elect
every officer in the city of Wheeling to
morrow, the saloons would continue;
if the Republicans were to elect every of
ficer in Wheeling to-morrow the saloons
would keep right on at the old stand just
the same. There might be a little higher
license fee to be paid with either party, or
a little this or a little that, but the saloons
would be there just the same. Every
thinking man mnst admit that. Now, I
want to know, does Mr. Dryden vote for
either of these parties which continue the
saloon? If he dot*, is he not inconsistent,
and is not bis preaching, praying and
talkiuit f«»r temperance and prohibition of
little avail Mr. ÜIfert acts perfectly con
sistent with bis belief. He believes in the
saloon, and he votes for the party or par
ties which keep it in existence. Mr. Drydeu
opposes it. Do?s be oppose with one breath,
and with the next vote with a party which
keeps the business going? That is the
question. Will Mr. Drydui be kind
enough to aunwer. No man should tie
a.-ihaiue.l of his vote. This country is full
of professed Prohibitionists, who work,
nud preach, and talk, and pray, nud write
for Prohibition daring the entire :»6l days
of the year, but on the 305th day walk up
to the polls and vote up their old party
ticket—wbiskv, beer, Sunday selling and
I aui so well pleased with Mr. Dryden's
position iu favor of Prohibition laws, that
I hope he is not one of the heaven praying,
but whiskey voting kind.
D W. Ubasdon,
Editor Graiulou's Graphic.
Charleston, IK. I'm.
"Contractor" S«ta the K^rord Straight ns
to the Trouble.
MocNDSVILLK, W. Va , Feb. 7, '88
T> tte Editor of the Ra/Uftr :
8lK:—Your Moundsville correspondent
seems to be considerably exercised over the
late controversy between tbe Superinten
dent of the Penitentiary and contractors,
and, as be seeuis to either see only one side
of the matter or to persistently misrepre
sent the facts, it may be of interest to some
of vonr readers to be told the truth
The quarrel last spring over the confir
mation of Superintendent Peck bad the
effect of demoralizing both guards and
convicts to such an extent that the disci
pline at the institution becaiuti unreason
ably bad. The abolishing of aevere pun
ishment for offences against the rule« made
it very difficult for the new officers to over
come this state of affairs, and tbe convict*
have naturally become inefficient servants.
The policy of the present Superinten
dent in frequently changing the shop
guards, as many as ceven or eight
guards haviog served iu some of tbe
shops during the past nine months, m cal
culated to increase this disorder. The
rales of the institution require the guards
to familiarize themselves with the work in
their reactive shops, that they may be
able to judge as io what constitutes a fair,
reasonable and effective day's work, and
that they may kuow whether a convict
works "faithfully and diligently," or oth
erwise. Such intelligent supeivision on
the part of the State officer becomes im
possible under the system of frequent
change* now iu vogue, and the contractors
suffer in consequence.
The prê tent coutroversey is based upon
a protest on the part of the contractors
against the lack of discipline and a de
mand on their part for its enforcement.
No charge has ever been made agiinst
Major .Robertson on the ground of his be
ing a Kuight o! Labor, and no con
tractor asks anything except a fulfil
ment ou the part of the State of
its contract obligations with tlieiu accord
ing to their true meaning and intent The
charge "that the contractors want the flesh
and blood of the unfortunate beings'' who
are so much abused as to be convicted of
crime-» against the commonweilth, is base and
malicious and the outgrowth of a maudlin
sentiment that would put a premium upon
crime and make a conviction and seuteucft
to the penitentiary honorable.
At the Board meeting referred to, do
action was taken for the relief of tbe con
tractors, as far a* we are advised, the
Superintendent forestalling such by tbe
declaration "that if the Board passes an
order to mc in five minutes <o restore the
old guards to the shops, I will disregard
it," the only course left for the contractors
being to go to work and look to the State
to reimburse them for tbe damages they
may suffer.
Please use as much or as little of this tor
publication as yon please, but give us the
benefit of a square deal before the public
ami let us have done with this childish
"babbliug" about something that your
correspondent knows very little abont
Min» KohIiia Yoke* and Her Coutedy Com
pany »t th« OP»*r» Huu»t>.
Tbe audience a* llie Opera House last
evening was a cultured one, and lairly
filled the house. Tbe atttaction vas
worthy of an audience larger than coold
possibly squeeze into tbe Opera HouRe by
tho utmost effort, and if each isn't tbe
condition of things to-night it will l e
something very strange. La*i evtuing's
entertainment wad of a character seldom
stea in Wheeling, and thos»e prewnt
had their most sauguiue anticipa
tions more than realized. Tbey saw com
edy that was art, such aa cannot tail to
please the cultivated taste when comedy
tbat is composed niaiuly of noise and
bustle begins to grow very stale.
The first piece was a farce in one act,
"Which is Which?" in which a young
artut, "Robert Capper," (Mr. Morton
Seiden) falls deeply in love with the wrong
youug lady to help him out of his finan
cial difficulties, but in the end discovers
she is the right one. Besides Mr. Seiden,
Mr. Felix Morris and Misses Ethel Johnson
and Edith Clennell took tbe principal roles,
and all in a splendid manner. "My Mill
iner's Bill," a pretty litie comedietta, for
two characters, Mr. and Mrs. Merridew.and
in it Miss Yokes and Mr. Courtenay Thorpe
made their &rst appearance. One could not
imagine that any two people could euter
tain an audience for three quarters ot an
hour in such a charming manner
but these two did it to perfec
tion, last eveniug. It is useless
to attempt to describe Miss R*<ina Yokes
as she appears on the stage. She is bright
and full of life, and she had vast opportu
nity to display her remarkable versatility,
Her singing and dancing naturally sent
the audience into ecstacies of applause.
Mr. Thorpe is a comedian who can be
equalled by few, and he fairly shared the
honors with Miss Yokes.
The performance concluded with "A
Pantomime Rehearsal," in which the en
tire company appeared Besides those
mentioned in the above pieces, Miss Isa
bella Irving and Mr. Ferdinand Gottschalk
appeared, and all sustained their roles in
a perfect manner. Tbe piece was full of
fun of the moet refined and enjoyable
character. ''In Honor Bound" and "The
Circus Rider" will be given thU eveniug,
in addition to the "Pantomime Rehearsal," I
md a crowded bouse should greet the
'A* I« a boy" la bound to have tbe
patented "Ball Dog" gl yen away with
»very Boy'» and Child*» Suit, at X.
SmiAN A CO.'S, the Mammoth
Clothier*. Don't Call to call and a*« It.
Onuhfd to Death.
David J Job bins, a well known Steuben
: ville coal miner, was crashed to death by
a fall of slate at the Rivereide mine«, in
that city, yesterday.
A Federal Case.
I W. H. Keup was belore United StaUs)
j Commissioner Forbes yesterday afternoon, j
charged with a violation of the postal laws. !
I He was committed to jail for a hearing on j
a day not yet fixed.
F. M. Amos, who was arrested Sunday j
I evening under the supposition that he had ,
attempted to enter a building on North {
Main street, was fully exonerated in Police |
Court. Mr. A.U103 is a reputable citizen of j
Centre View, O , and was not guilty of j
the charge made against him.
The Vote All In.
The vote of Robinson precinct of Tria
delphia district was received at the Court
House yesterday. The vote stood 18 for
subscription and 3 against. This makes ,
the total vote of the county 5.667, and the
majority for subscription 5,260. The total
adverse vote was 199.
Federal Court.
The grand jury of the United States Cir
cuit Court, sitting at Parkersburg, has
already found about fifty indictments,
with a promise of more. Judge Kond, of
Baltimore, will be present on the 9th,
when the Greenbrier Whit« Sulphnr cafte
will be decided.
Kxv. Dr. Cook'* Lecture.
There was a forge audience at the parlors
ot theV. M. C. A , last evening, to listen
to Rev. Dr. Cook's talk to the young men.
His topic was: "1492, with Some Consé
quences to Us," and the lecture was very
I entertaining, containing much valuable
A Good Well.
Akin & Co.'h well on the Hilton farm,
Tayloratown, is turning out a very nice
producer. About 3 o'clock Monday after
noon she made a fit'teen-ininate flow, put
ting 60 barrels of oil iuto <he 6(H) barrel
tank. Well flo. 2, on the name farm, is
down 1,600 f.-et, aud should be in in uhont
three weeks.
A fair sized audience greeted "Hilarity"
at the Grand Opera House, last evening,
and judging from tbe applause, all present
were bigbly pleased with tfce piece. Mr.
Chas Loder in bis specialties is very good,
and the balance of the company is also
good. Tbe piece will be repeated this
eveuing and at tbe luatinee this afternoon.
"Mary Queen of S»:otn."
In speaking of Miss Claire Scott, who
appears here at the Graud Opera House
Thursday, Friday Mud Saturday, the New
Haven Register says: "Claire Scott, as
'Mary Queen of Scot-!,' b;»d a crowded
house last evening ant! received ample evi
dence that the enthusiastic audience were
fui'y satisfied with her superior acting
Mr Coburn alsa is entitled to great pr.iise
for his finished work.
Traunters or Itval Entât«.
The following transfers oi real estate
was left for re»rd at Clerk Hook's office,
Deed made February 1$, 1888, by Henry
W. List and wife, to Höbet t K Giffin, for
lot No. 11, in tbe plat laid ont by W. P.
Hubbard aud Henry M. Russell, special
commissioners. Consideration, $'2,800.
Deed made February 2, 1880, by Mary
K Morrisou aud John C. Morrison, her
husband, to \V. A Wilson, for the north
half of lot No. 21, on the east side of Main
street, between Sixth and Seventh streets.
Consideration, $1,£00.
'J lie Suppoacil Riirgtitr.
From papers found upon tbe man ar_
rested on the Island Sunday night, after
the unsuccessful attempt on bis part to
find tbe satchel containing the burglar
tools, it seems bis real name is James
Clark. There is as yet do trace of the
companion of the fellow, who made bis
ese^te after being interviewed by oue of
the officers at a time when there was no
evidence to warrant his arrest, and he is
supsraed t« have fled in tbe direction of
Pittsburgh, from which port the party
evidently set out. The photograph taken
of Brown, alias Clark, (<bows bim with an
officer on each side, holding his wrists with
a pair of "nippers.''
An Enjoyable Occasion.
Last tvensng about fifty of the intimate
friends of Mr. J. B. Sbeppurd gathered at
his residence on tbe Island to celebrate his
birthday. After the gentleman had been
almo-t overwhelmed with congratulations,
tbe party discussed a very fine supper at
considerable length, and then gathered in
the parler, where Mr. F. P. McNeil aston
ished Mr Sheppard by presenting bim
with a handsome gold headed cane, from
the establishment of W. J. I.ukens. Mr.
McNeil was very happy in his remarks,
which were replied to by Mr. Sheppard as
well aa his feelings would permit. Tbe
evening was altogether a most pleasant one,
and will be long remembered.
t'irked l'p About the Clly Yesterday—
Meeting* Held and Meeting* To Coûte.
The Goß' Clnb of the Fifth ward met
last evening at Parker Hall and elected
the following delegate« to the Republican
Club Convention to be held here on the
lfith inst. : W. N. Linch, Fred Arbet-z.
1*. Bachroan, T. C. Moffat, Wm. Kodgers.
Alternates, E Ii. Metzner, C W. Martin,
John Wingard, W. N. Merifleld, George
Hark ins.
The Colored Club of the Second ward
was to have elected delegates to the con
vention last evening.
The meeting ot the Eighth ward Kepub
licanp, announced to bo beld at Arbenz's
hall, last evening, did not come off. Those
present adjourned to meet at the same
pla<* Friday evening.
The Democrat* of Washington, Madison
—.d Crntre districts will meet tliln c»emng
as follows: Washington at No. 64h Main
street, Mailison at the Market Hall, and
Centre at No. 2159 Main street.
Young Democrats should not forget the
reorganization of the Jefferson • Juniors,
which takes place at the Young Men's
Democratic Club rooms, Thursday even
ing. There should be a large attendance.
Movement« of Ollsens snd the Cowing
Mid Oolnc of Rtrtngcri.
The Rcsina Yokes Company are at the
Yan H. Bokey, of Parkersburg, is at the
Edward Sohn, of Qaincy, III., a glass
buyer, is at the McLnre.
Mrs. R. S Gardner, of Clatksburg, was
at the McLnre, jeaterday.
Judgtt James Morrow, of Fairmont, came
in yesterday, and registered at the Mc
Gu8 B Spates, of Clarksburg, passed
through town en ronte to Washington, Pa.,
to visit friends.
Mrs. Nancy Moore, of Parkersburg, is
visiting at the residence of Mrs. McDonald
on North Main street.
Editor G. G. Nichol came down from
Pittsburg, yesterday, and is at the Mc
Lnre, the guest of James H Hawley.
Mr. G. G. Nichols, a^Pittshnrg newspa
per man, formerly of Wheeling, is in the
city and paid the Register a call yester
M. 8chwartz and wife, of Pittsburg, Ol
irer Sheppard and wife, of New York, and
H. H. Cteborne and wife, of Hamilton, 0.,
are at the McLnre.
C. P. Dorr, of Webster county, baa
rooms at the McLnre. Mr. Dorr will be
remembf red as the efficient Sergeant-at
Arms of the last Honse at Charleston. He
is on his way home from a tonr through
A Disposiuoa to Make a Systematic Collection of the
Assortment of Tools and Deadly Weapons
Captured by the Officers.
There is every probahility that in the
near future the police headquarters rooma,"
at the City Hall, will be adorned uot only
with a well-kept and prospérons Kogues'
Gallery, bnt as well with a nie« caee in
which will be neatly arranged the large
and varied assortment of burglars' tools,
and other contraband articles which have
from time to time beeu t-jullscated by the
officers. Such a collection shonld h»\e
been started years ago. Ever since the
present police system has been in vogn*> the
officers have been gathering in all sorts of
stuff of a more or less interesting nature,
but no particular care has been taken of it,
and the result has been that a very large
proportion of the whole has been lost,
mislaid, or carried off for one rea
son or another. There ought to be about a
barrel of revolvers, and several bushels of
other odds and ends ou "tile," as it
were, but there isn't, and this is not the
fault of the police department, either.
Council never thought the matter worth
attending to, aud with no one iu particular
to be responsible for the relics, they ha\e,
iu good par», disappeared. Captain Smith,
however, lws stowed away a largü lot of
tuff talliug into his hands duiiug his ad
ministration and there is enough to make
h very respectable showing
At Monday evening'* session of the
Police and Fire Board the matter wjj»
mentioned, and it is prolwble the Commit,
sioners will secure a proper case and have
the stuff arranged.
Last evening a reporter looked over the
i i .-„„„j „ .<„„1
to interest. Then- are three lot a of bur
glars' tools, embracing jimmies, biaces,
drills, nippers, scren-drivers, fn*c, powder,
wedges, chisels, etc., several chisel*, used
by burglars at divers times in prying ofl
shutters, doors and windows, i minded in
the lot briug the two found in the alley the
night Ollieer Glenn was shot. Then there
is a collection of weapons ol varions sorts,
among them being a sand bag, which looks
like one of the sort we mid about as being
wielded by London aud Paris murderers
and highwaymen, several "billies" of va
rious sorts, two daggers, one a double
edged, \\ u ked looking weapon, in a leather
case, aud the other a sliiletto made trom a
file, aud taken from au Italian some time
ago. There are knucklers without end,
from the crude affairs, manufactured by
some ambitious tough from a lead plat«*,
hole.) being t»ored (or the iusertiou of the
fingers, on up through the several grades
totbn finely finished article sold by the
dealer in sporting goods. The collectiou
of revolvers is large and comprehensive,
guns of all boi t.s being represented.
A very nice collection could be made
with the stock 011 hand, aud once started
the museum would be ailded to constantly
until it wonld be well worth seeing. But
the main advantage would be, that then
would lie 110 longer the remotest possibil
ity that the article* used by the cracks
mau or the thug would ever find their way
into improper hands. Once gobbled up
by the police, they would go into the
"collection" and would thereafter do no
harm. Hang up the jimmy aud the drill.
Only tlin ITaexperte«! That Occur« .\lu»y*.
It was on Tuesday, January 10th, 1688,
that the '212th Grand Moutbly Drawing of
the far-faun d Louisiana Stute Lottery took
plasp at New Orleans, La. (as usual ). un
der the sole management of General« G. T
Beauregard, of I>ouisiaua, and Jubal A.
Early, of Virginia. Things went as they
generally do (it is ouJy the unexpected
that always occurs). No. 33,44*2 drew the
first capital prize of $150,000, which wan
sold in fractional tenths at $1 eat h, sent to
M. A. Dauphin, Now Orléans, La. One
to V. Si b mid t, Petal 11 ma, Cal ; one paid
through Wells, Fargo& Co , San Francisco,
Cal.; one paid through the Memphis Na
tional Bank of Memphis, Tcnn ; dtie to N.
W. Nichols, through Wells, Fargo it Co.,
San Francisco, Cal ; one through Anglo
Californian Bank ü/t'd), San Franc im«;
and theother portions went elsewhere. No.
73,185 drew the second prize of $50,000,
also sold in fractional tenths at $ I each.
One was paid to Miss Augnsta Filene, of
No 2,037 Archer Ave , Chicago, III ; one
to John Trimblet 315 South Water Street,
Aurora, 111.; one paid through the Met
ropolitan! National Bank of Cin
cinnati, Ohio; two through Well«,
F,irgo & Co., of San Francisco, C'al ; ote
to Miss Kittie Dillon, 105 Bienville St.,
and one to Anguit H inz-lman, 12Ȕ Char
tres St., both of New Orleans, I^a , and
the rest went elsewhere. No. 51,013 drew
the third capital prize of $20.000, also sold
in tenths. One went to N Tostevin,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111.; one to
A McLeisb, Jer*ev City, N. J ; one paid
through the Fort Worth National Bank,
Fort Worth Texas; one to T. C. Tucker,
Pearl, Texas; one to Jacob Shaler, In
d an n pol is, lud , and one through the
State National Bank of Lincoln, Neb. The
next event on March 13th, 1888, is a grand
quarterly aud the '211th grand monthly
drawing, when the tirnt capital prize is
$300,000. All information will lie given
on application to M. A. Danpbin, New
Orleans, Li,
JI(M» given Hway every uay w au vernie
"Ka-ton-ka" Cough Candy at Capitol
Rink. Agents wanted. Open troiu 10 a.
m. to 10 p. m. this evening.
B. & <>., C.i W. <1 H and Midland Thotmand
Mile Ticket*. SiO.OO.
H. & O. lt. K , Cincinnati, Washington
iV Baltimore It R. and Columbus & Cin
cinnati Midland R. R , have placed on aale,
thousand mile tic.-ket*« at $20 00 each. Tick
ets issued by either of the above lints will
be accepted for passage over the entire syg
teui of the B. iO.H R, and over the C .
•.V* St B K K lift»»» oiuctnnau and
Parkersburg and over the Midland R R. b<
tween Columbus and Cincinnati. Yon can
purchase the«, tickets ot any agent of the
above line«.
It inspires terror bat II crania ease,
the Ntartllng Xovelly ihm away
with every Boy* and Child's Halt at
JI. Ul'TMAX A CO.'», the Hainmolb
Clothier*. Don't fail to eall and aee It.
Brace Dp.
Ton are feeling depressed, your appetite
is poor, yoa are bothered with Headache,
you are ûdgety, nervous, and generally ont
of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up,
but not with stimulante, spring medicine#,
or bitters, which have for their baa is very
cheap, bad whisky, and which stimulate
yon for an hour, and then leave yon in a
worse condition than be/ore. WTiat yon
want is an alterative that will purify your
blood, start healthy action of Liver and
Kidneys, restore your vitality, and give
renewed health and strength. Bach a
medicine yon will find in Electric Bitten,
and only 50 centa a bottle at Logan A Co. V
Drug Store.
Their Business Booming.
Probably no one thing has canned such
a general revival ot trade at Logan &Co.'a
drug store as their giving away to their
customers of so many free bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consomption.
Their trade is simply enormous in this
very valuable article from the fact that it
always cares and never disappoint*.
Coughs, Colds, Astbma, Bronchitis, Croup,
and all throat and lang diseases quickly
mired. Yoa can test it before baying by
getting a trial bottle free, large size $1.
Every bottle warranted.
"As Is a bojr" is bound to hare the
patented "Bnll no*" given away with
every Bay's and Child's Halt at M.
BÜTI1W A t'O.'ä, the Ma—nth
Clothiers. Don't fall to eall and a«« It.
Siftt Adnrtwoïiwi.
Its suoerior excellence proven In
ham-« for more than h quarter of * century. 11
is used by the l'nited State« tjov*ro?f"hi Jr.
dor^ed by the heads of the Grmt
the Strongest, Purest, and mo<t Healtnmi. ur.
Price's Cream Bh«iu« Powder doe« not
AinuuiiiU. Mine, or Alum. Sold onl> means.
We have uever solda Patent Coffee
Pol which gave as much satisfaction as
No. 1210 Main tttnvt.
Ilntlnir remove«). I nui now ready lo
receive my |>nlroii« In lite New Nlore,
!*o. III» .Viani Ntreel. lliNnklnir for
III* pwnl liberal |im Iron Hue, und so
licilluK m ronilnuiinrr uf <tnme, 1 niu
Reo|»e<'ll'ully y oar«,
III» Nain Nlreel.
We have succeeded Iii |>iircba»iuK at au extra
ordinary bargain a I»rge qnautityof Miutlln
underwear, A.c., which we have divided
I util two lota, and to make quick *aie*,
ue aeil them at
25 and 39 Cents.
LOT No. X.
I.HiliPi' KIkIiI Dreaaea, Chfwl»M,
llrawrr», Rulll< d Nklrla. aotl
( or»fi Cotera.
LOT No. a.
I.>idiea' Might Dretaca, Nklrla, (brin
lat-a, ftrnwrra, and Cor«fl Covfrt.
•4"All handsomely trimmed. Huch garment#
as thwe are initially auld at from '*) to 75 rent»
J. S. Rhodes &Co.,
The kKoifTKa k MAP of the HUI«, raad« fron
artiial burreyi of each county, contain» all po«U
road* and «'.reams, with political divlaiona ate.
and U nuHhldorfd tba
Kror pubUabad. Mm, thraa faat by tbrMfa*
nlna incbea.
rriPf ...... « at
Im « lolli «o»era BO«
wbtaltn«. W V».
••»a. « » v.
••r« Tka —«T ■!»«<> Iiuia. «, 1
ir»r*.4 • •»»»•• tb «•*••« |. ».
,■> — %*«••. - —d II — FW Im t
hmUk If*. U. fateIk*. 1«
Household and Kitchen Furnrt,,
I will Mil ™ Thür*Uv February»
corner or V1 relui« an-i York mrcci i.^ "Bii,
menctng at 10 o'cW It a m. Red
lor Set*, and Carpet* of the U»t nw?« ^ hr
lug Room aud Kitrhen ware Term^4"'- fci
Brass Fenders,
Parlor Coal VMci
At lee* than c st, to clo»- f ut st.<k
•oo. Call early and a bSjj*« *»
XLSHI l r * Bt#
fel l^Markrt nt^.
Vr —FINK AM» PuMlf
At wholaaaleacd mail v„.
order* til le« 1 promptly '
Bookseller an J New»de*iij
Ja31 *oa. MU and Utn Market ^ ,
~ - •
Important Stati'inrnl.
nloe year*, «nce iu orraniutbwi, i.M r-M«,
wards of THREE HI'S! KKli AND 'IHIPT^
THOUSAND DOLLARS, to widow« «ml or. u y
of deoeaied member*. It U in t* iter tthf?
condition than ever betöre, and it it gi»,w
afcumulatlDx a Reserve Fund. »h>«h '
MBe" protection for longer v.rvi\ iti*
lu annual death rate I» uiueh louer th»a »,
average ejporieucf: and the .">• ,.f iimtru*.
in the "OHIO \ ALLEY I» !• *» uiau ,,>4 K, r
that charged b* Old I ife Iu«tirau(v
The "OHIO VA LI K Y " ha» (»«t.! to brir»of<V
ceaited member», iu W h *kln<. and T:.-itsn« 1
wards of Sixty three thoiiRaud dollar* abo-'c
many payment» thus made we ment va tbr u
lowing: A U. Robinsou. Sev.nth u»:o y Ù
Hodman, Fulton; R. H Phillip*. Aw»-.*
Frederick. Kir»t Wa:d, J nun « Wheeler, m,.h
Ward: K. W. Banner, Uuatdiau. Mu», [Htr
Rev 1). K. Howell aurt A. H. lirulWKr.
and Thomas Motrin, Kat'rrva.i ««etit lVllai-* '
If you want reliable Life Instiraii.-e, u< i<1%
crwt. euqtilre at the otti«e of ihetVin; nny
Block. corner of Market and Konrte mû «tuêtv
second floor, front- Agent* »aired.
ROItKKT Will t>:.
T. M. t'\MI'HKl.l . v
jalTedb 1>H. Til LOtiAN. TV, •1'wrrr.
lOO^pieces handsome Spring
I Drees Goods, including all the
: latest shades ot the justly pop
We have them in 40 and 40
■ inch widths and quote them ai
j prices usually charged for
I good grades of Cashmeres.
Geo. M.Snook&Ce.
The largest stock c f FRENCH
SATINS, Imported and Do
ceived by usât anyone lime
These are the pick and choice
of the largest lines shown iu
the Eastern markets.
Geo. M.Snook&Co.
Special lines of Housefurnish
ing goods at special prices,
embracing Table Linens, Tow
elings, Napkins, Spreads, etc
An early examination of the
above cannot fail to interest
every housekeeper.
LOGAN & <H). K
Cbecra *11 tlic lü»? • 1
Matter Cakea marie with II ureal*«?*
cri»p ati'l wholiixime
Bargains in Christmas Goods!
iLMiXT A.vn roiar.
»OB M 4 I.I BV
Drugqletn, Hridqe Corner
ool and £hof £alf.
hQOOM ! Broken lots of the best Boots and Shoes are offrr
Ü0Z I ed to CLOSE at unheard of prices, to make rooffi
for Spring Goods. JAMES DIVINE,
fc4 ftm. IIQ7 MAI» »T»*rT_
IRçiiiIrr iV Ce.—^orniturf and (Tarpels.
*e*. It U indeed rerj >ad U. reflect am the fact that we mu»t »ell oar gusi» at Mf b rrtr
"» price«, suil, we are bound to lead and
H hen ire *rt on the war path lb* people cbuckio with aimot flndlah rlee u tbrj
Of falling price*. It Ii tba aifnal that they are goto* to b* benefited and tUj
To look oyer and bar the bargain* from oar large and carefully Klfcted »wr* nt
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum*
It li no time to Imitate, joq nmat cost at ooca and take ad vantage of til*

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