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Wheeling register. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1878-1935, March 03, 1888, Image 4

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. >.K unit! 'l-V .flow tl-St, -, • WwJJhl
. er r |«>» '■ r* - ■' . •"!
a ri.« ::n>. ; own tic.. '*
, * S ■ 1 ■'*
£ //. dHGER,
khW ûat* ^riae >v* reifcly.
j )Ii. GEO. J. CAPDLE,
Mo. I*4l4i "rlKrk*'t Mir»1«"*.
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Çrii ^ooiii.
11.41. *ml ti. '»uluiHtiihtix iht- iinuit'ikfr >U>< k
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>! SKvv 'IiiS't .»>• rarry hin!
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Two r«*.- 4>itixh»at. i">«l \ klur, fur 5 «ruts it
TAINS \N « VU : tV «îy VVc h:..
fcfcw A" 10 in-lit- h \ • r.
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Wn*h *»f j t 'I-HTlrtitoiw, Kmbfokh'rits
I « * •* '■ -v ■ « .Vi
50 < «ills, f t»< ;i|* ill '•il.OO,
1154. !!.'»« nit'l li.ih MAIN ST.
ra.-ru-1 ei <
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I • >%ir«>r«ts II sur« :%< |»l«*iisMri* Ittliiloriaa
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W«' 1»:»%«* ri'llKltt ll it» our IK H »Mil •<J»il
4 ion* .%«»•«, il:"» und ll'i«
Mutiisir*+t. nhvr«*. wUh mlnr^H I:«
I « I il »♦•%, h <* h 111 I#«' * ii ut» I » 11 in itllV r :il
''ill liltll'H HIM II il)«hU (*ltl<llllH Ho «'.'III
iMftl I.%•! I«» hil< rrnj tin Irflit«*.
H> iM-rttpy !«*« IH«1 ton I- floors ol our
I*uiiiPiiHik building ho sh.iil kri't# a
I.irv:«14'hIim U ol llr > r.ml Notious
♦ %4-r l%i*|»l l»'J<»r«'t :iluii>s sn'iiriiiu Hi«' 1
luffs* uoirllii^ :»h «*«*11 n* lowi"!
|»ri«** s «'«•ii>i*Icii( Müll lh«* %tllll<P of'
• Sic '»«virion in min«l ili:if hy 1
liiir Mr m «> «•!»}«»> )our pu
!rt»»m<4* in tfir fiilur«* »is *»«• litm- in '
I!»«• |> isl.
\i*r\ It* *!»♦•« ft »ill \ «
Spring Styles.
r 1
n%rr>:K 1101 stmt.
ïPTjrcIhiij ^raisfrr,
YESTEP3ÂY 18 M ClfT. ,
Ttifrmoiiit t»»r Roc* or*!.
Mr. C. Sohn '. h«f Own IfttfiHt- tlrn«g )
gi.xt, nii«-U r • !»»ll«i*-nis ol^iviitimw of ' i
lh»- I. : If \< llcnl iv 7 n. M . 4>; J
H m., 1' hi., i)i; .i p. lit.. •»">. 7 p j
la., M. VVt*uth«T rtiny.
Inilrf to w lihertliii n««oti. 1
■«?roNn ncf
iiJMb'»» Îe4 Kwm • Kr»fes
Wimu • I - •. iri i'«m* II.. t*v .%■ •
Ia>t ol Lf'tT
il* lui * in N"'
A Sfclit Wil', .«ir fi » tn.
t»i*inoi»ls uk) WMti'ht^ to TV<i
rh- Nevrs of tlia l>ȕ l'olatfilij I't.*- '
KrAuVd f.ir li^îy
P*n K-K Coi'KT was » M»nk yesterday
"Hkakts or Ovk" at the Opern IfouFei
:o niçht.
XIYTINKKS at belli tlie theatre* thi"
(>i rn ;'ä Pt xlvp ran iu two drnnks,
>• '.erday aît moon.
;"n k Kiv*rsn!e furnace, at Steniieneille,
.■I expected to start up m a wtek or so.
Thk engineer* and tirrmen on the l'au
M nulle road have received a \ery substan
'ial increase ot pay.
Tiik n.ember-i ot' '.h** Turner's Associa
tion « iiî mtet Sunday to uiake noaiina
tioas ! t ctlicew for the ensuing jear.
Tit t: Council Committee ou Lights ami
lli,« |!j.ui! of Ujs Tni-itt ; will meet thb
jveniui; to p:* p ire the animal estimate.
KK\. I>»t i:.\Nin>i.i-a will conduct the
«tutiy > t the Sunday School lesoii in the
V M. C V. pul irs ato'ctoik this atter
Si« t \t. religion* meeting will be hehl
a' the Y. M.C. A. bmldin*: this eveningat
7 o'clock and to-morrow at 1 o'clock, to
which all yonajj men are invited.
Tiik Supreme Court met at Charltstoii
Wtdntsday atteruoon at four o'clock, ami
adjoinned till lour o'clock yeslerday atter
uoon. No busine-s was transacted.
Tiik will of Johi. Ileinlein was admitted
to probute \ > s'.erday and ordered to be le
c»r*b-d. C. I' J. Hinge'il yesterday nuali
tied an cxecntor. Road riOo; J. W. Schnitz
*KCV. J. (iltSON Caxtt, of St '.like'.-,
t hurch, will give his -cc.ir.d bvture at his
ehtmh Sunday r.oruing on the disiiuetive
tent or • ol th. chili* h, hi* subje* t Itcing
' File Church a Di-.in« Institution; and
\viv Wfitji'et 1'apal Infallibility."
AiiK.su* N is udUiî to the advertise
ment lound ia another column of the
* 'c»i> ' Tra C'.>ni|>.iti v *>i N w York, wha-e
hraut h sioie ha* lioen op -ned at No. I UM
Mau» st: et, wlur» they -,ve away swlot
gold wai* lit - and utnuiuu diamonds i:*
ea'i-oi tea Several WL>eliug p-oplt hav*
been lucky.
'■/uka" drew a fair audience at th«
Op. : •. il «.live. Thür day evening, and while
sow were pleaml with the production
others were not. The com {any was lnol'i
handicapped by ih»» ab-euce ol the lending
lady, Mi« Mary Wheeler, who w.is tuUea
ij'iiî.- ill at Fiederick, Md.. where -he yet
remains. Her part was taken by Miss
lînrUugume ou .short notice, and she did
Ir i- understood tat a certain Win?* lint;
young .aau wa on the vergeof column ling
ru.'.'rimoay, but wh* n i'e c up yesterday
and read a'toiit that Ti \ H couple who
were marred t ot three ye *rs and were
blessai with tl'iet - !.h of trip'* tv, hi.s hair
r:.i.-e*l, an*l h>- i:umtd:.ttely st t aliont de
devt-iiii; .» sehen o io!>r«ak the* : :;ti;eiue!lt
off. The publication 01 >uc'i items ii
enfiij»h to make bachelors by the whole
One n the del« t: it*i"iT>I< t cc>nuty
:vft*i-t*d to '••<«ork t: Si ,r,» iu a practical
way by psii'Mii^ a lut in lower Wheel
itg. corner oî Jacob sir,- !>.» •': ot Bloclfs
ti.liacco works, aadout' t- '; .••* ! the >tie*t
railway. We an informed tb.it l>:. W.
It. Gill«spie, the par. 'i.iht, ^..t a k*h«1
bai^.i-», as the h.t h.i'* on ;f a »;•■>* .I brick
buildiiijj and a frame dwelliuj; aud »tore.
Tue I'cc'or purchased ol Mrs. Ann Fvans,
Ot HrnwiMtl.
i m m m.
\ <«er:i u« Aeclileiit ;l I Ja • tt.nT-liJr n:««I
t'l.i'it, \ I itfriliy M tu-il 1 ii{.
Between :hw and tour o'clock yester
day morning a very serions aiviiKn! oc
rutred at the Riverside steel plant, in {'.en
wood, ieiultir>; in ihe serions Maiding oî
ont-of ili« wor'n. ''0. Edward Hroeche, u
rt si;bnt ol 'hi-« rit/, v ho il the engineer of
une ni' the »Uusy ioeouioiivi« uiwl tu pnll
the car- of inx-its about the v..irk«, was i*>
the tub ot' the engine, about the honr
named, ati.eu.im_; t-» his dm it*.«, when a
stia.n valve bur-t. and a dornt of "train
£«>•1 hot water tl-w out over him terribly
pi aiding him about the lef»« from the knee«
down The unfortunate mail siitfi red tir
riblc agony, an.l LLi .'creams were heard
all over that portion oi th.; works a» he
imp). ted those atatit him to put him on*
i>i h ' mig ry. Th.- workmen cave him
every nlteiitiou in tlieir power, and cou
vf dl hitu ia a carriage to his hoi::» at the
iiiti r-i • ti<>nof la'lf nod I'oity !hiril streets,
where l>r. Ford, ot i'.-nwood, atUudtd
hiiu. IIh iojaiir« are not coasiderjd of a
danx' roti-- nature, hilt are e<tr» hiely pain
ful. Mr. lirt> < he i ataut twes.ty-scven
year« ot m; -, ami lus a young w lie.
lh>' I.a'« Wtllmm W. Mi V..J.
Th- fs»"^ral of this popular young man
will : :kr place from hi« late !■ idem-«. No
».!» N i-ret.-t ut h s>r»et, at ! o'eli ek this ;d
t< moon, the inUrim nth: iogat (ireeuwood.
Tli» im üIkm ot Wheeling Typogruphii 1
I ina will att« ud iu a body.
V. ill;.mi M« \*ay wa« » young lua:i who
had the Hdiuii.itioii ami i -p el ol all who
kn*w liai, iiei .Tom« and w .tin- earted.
•rank, manly and courteous, hi made and
retained tin friendship ot ali.Mtid hisdeath
ha s oe< .i*iol» d wide regret. Alllited for
y«jr • with an incurable diser> « onsnmp
lion—lie looked t>i his inevitable ' ate with
calm: und alt!: mgh ::t times upon the
very briuk of the ^rave, in- was always
•Inetful. smiling and hopeful. He was au
employé of the RtiüsTKR lor years, and j
was a skillful aud intelligent workman.
It s It-How < ampositors need no prig of i
riinaituy to keep h'tn i:i r-'iienibrancc.
\i» Oil !• iro I I \Vti><l»li»5tu«i Cmiuly,
Willi 's No. t> ri«». o i th- Mtinee faua,
in Washington county, was destroy* il hy '
fire Thursday evening. The tlunity oriiri
i.ited itt an ove the it id lio\ on the engine.
IU' (•' th- workmen, turned Stvitr, was
• •'.»lely bon.ed about the iVo, tiak atid
mus. Ii « wounds wire dressed '»y l>r. '
LJeo. >1. Kelly. lue other workmen j
l aped wi.hout injury. The t ».»Is drop- |
?ed into the h le on top of a set for which i
the men were ii«hioi;. it the I m»I.s can he
«covered leadily the los-i will he alniut :
>1 Jtm h they can not lv r«.eo\trid tîie|
îoli will b • abandoned and a new well |
innk. No !». whin ahe cime in, in S -p- ;
emi ' r, l-~'i, w.w jswd lor ",'oti liarrels an
lour, h s prudnAil abont lin in«» barrel«
i oïl; tsçood loi ."i" barrel i a day vit.
••Huri« «f Onk."
That powerful drama, "Hearts of Oak."
which has ha.l such a remarkable sticct vs
it.I e It« (irst ap^.< iraiuv, will ta presented
it the U|K»ra lloii-e at the matiiieo this af
eraoon au'l st the evening pert'orniauce.
rhe p v - ji-i -ented uudvr the peisi.ual
up ivsiou el the author, Mr. .Iaa.**s \.
lern»* It I« prouounceii as the n-euic
int) dramatic picture of the a»;e, ami is
>'oi.ueeiI by a ..«st class compat.y. Sta;
>c the mu! inee h.'ve Imn put on r>ale at
Uunii r A. Co.'s music .-tore, an.l tue imit
ation« are that a bii» ami. -nee will »feet
he piodut tien on both occasions.
A-tili» »<> Mothfi».
îdr«. Wi'i-î -vr' So ••him; ^yrî'P for
hibiren t»vthi:i;', is the pre-emption o' ;
»neof th-'be>t ' :v '• lit:: '.-ai phya'ii'.ns
a the Uïiiti'd S'v a" ', has It»'?*.! n.-ed
ijrforir veaf w- h ne%er latliititt fn-ie?»
iy i.ji:;:OjiS ol p.i llt. :s fer tiv t < i.'lilien.
)«■••!•„ 'Ih pioNH teething itü ahn b
nealcn;i:de. It r li-vis the e?nUl from
h::a. inre^dy '.♦"ry suwl dvirrhn-.», iit;;>-,
O'î m the Ih;wi an.l v. ad colic hy I
living îo rhe fi iid il re«te ite,
jot U: r. iVf« i'V a KtUÎ'.

I, S (.:<m•!> «eSK dry Roods the elieapesl.
Sri.ilM '■ :e: itiil jxiirs Men's Knie
'.ill vm-o--.it i ' worth t'î at ll.isui
il« rV.

loi^rt the Skat me and Rincr.tf
'astiii il !c at the Alhaiubra.
<»nr rjircfnlly selei ;«•«! liiio cl fle
nnt NuriiJ.T O» erroalu In itow rewl).
»> l.lM'MMi a < <»..
aw t w eliil« Si reel. .
Ami A tip« Themselves as Well Piqued
With It, Especially the Steel
auJ tiiass M«ii.
When 1 »eurocrats and iiepublicaus picked
up their pipers yesterday morning autl
found a til 11 synopsis ot the much talked of |
and anxiously waited tbr tarilT bill t-pread
out risjlit betöre their eyes they were rather
surprised,and after ithad been glanced over,
the former w ere pleased and the latter rather
chagrined, kepubiicans had been ticklii ^
themselv«s into the bvliet tl.nt the Ways
and Means Committee would bring forth a
hill that would furnish them with tuougli
political capital to run a whole campaign
upon, and b. hold! they foiled nothing
niueh to kitk i'gainst !>nt the free wool
clause, although, ot cour*o, they kiiked
anyway, from political principle. But
aside from politica there were It >v people
in this vicinity, except those who favor a
high protect ivy tarilf, who v.«te not
well isktislicd with the bill gener
ally. This wan especially a fact
au.ong the iron and steel manufacturers
and glass niiuulaitiuet--, who are specially
favored. The pottery people have outer ml
-orne complaint, but taken from a conserv
ative standpoint, the proviiiousof the bill
do not it-illy warrant their objections, us
one important leature seems to have
e.- aped tlieio, and that is the cl.iu-e that
includes ihe cost ot package on imported
goods in the duly, whereas, at present lue
co-t of package is deducted from the duty.
■ Tins is it cotisitkr kble item, and inures
i to the bent Iii of h it'.i the pottery and gl i-m
manufacturer. Hut it isn't pro|»o.-td to
I disco < the I.ill here, but to give ■ome t e
pressions of opinion iroui manutacturers
I that will tend to .show whit h way the wind
; Mows.
A pre:uiueni w mauuiacuuer, au
official ot the WL ehugCom^y, ^
»'The WU hau got our hteeljnrt when we
. tinted 1«, aud
olaee The manufacturers ol suit attxl, ^y
1 Se proûsions o. the bill, con corape o
aUh Jbrtinu steel. but bel"« we could
? tor,!,,,« to the bill the tar,« ou
jol- steel the »wie as that ou h.ud *1
i„r mu, whi. h suits us exactly. Had soU
^ l"eûaavâ.noltoîl7rrtou>W!»..h .H
! rir.u: UritV on iuu.l h tee!. it wou Id
h tv«! allowed the or,« and c >ke lurons to
keep I«? the price lt' tblil, l«W .tt,;t 7
»hieb would have bad the . Ilei t of dis
^„„„atiM^aiust tile consiit'i'r in tavor
Ion!"0 thT^uianulSurew made money
r> ,rt of'.'i».1'".«• ä
out of all r«r«"*on. If the M shoud p.tssiu
i«.i present shapo the coke people would
U JK no excise I» keep up tl* l'ru'e ,n
,uohai: enormous ligure -and l,".rth> ,L.
cnsum-r would be bctnlitud.
think th:it i>re should luve l*e:i plated <>u
M*" J. 1» Culbertson. Secretaiy oMh.
KÛ. rM.le Work», said: "1 am no i n "
rtfoim<r, but a p otecliouisl tb^^"ôn
an i ia-t to see so many things C^ed oa
thef.ee 1»«. I have Kl«*<d o « he
Mill-taritt bill, aud must !>y »bat tBe
t,,nai /.ition of the duty on hard andI sot
,t'.l is a spVndid thine lor the mannf.it
tnreia in this MCtiun, as the ad *alorem
îluty ou M>it steel is so b* that w, are
unabl. to loiiip'.t j with foreign raauufac
"CaSK.!,»' a»'™1**
('tilirtiiiintoi the W ti t »ker mill, sud the
t',1 does no' nil..! bis inter.-ts, and he
. s-e that it would in any way con
i\u t »itb the fh. t iron prodmt
.. ,\ nier« iiaiit iron tumtd ou! by the mill.
Vi C V«*- BroekuQMrr»aid: rhobill,
anticipât«i< a nioat conservative
„no. and I am «-11 plc;--d wiih it. t
not conti :i t w 'th the*!?« interwis
a!'V w IV. as liras lam able to .u.!^,
|,al on tt.- other hand the addition o
,1». \ ,U.e ..! box«* and other coveting ol
SnWi«.«Dd packing charge*, I* ta
our !>• r>< tit, s«d it H 'i«"» »? Uen " „
Ju\r re. il no retereuce to toe duty o.i » 11
i iiier blown ware, but ' ^ "
win b. all liuilt, and nenirally the bill
"Hits me veiv well. ,
Mi I n ! l'.uk. < I ihe No:t!t ^ het nn.
I,,,'.;!; woi .-s i:'l the I i'.l would not al.<<.
,hè,u. in none ol tl:e «..• -1st! .y turned out
ki,h ir, p >rl d mio this country.
Mr Wm. l-eiübtou. thought 'hebill was
. v ■ ititlw oi J one and that it rcm
»U, suited the manufacturera m
It.: „ of th« opinion that the mt
t. r. t- oi this -. ition would not be ai an
U:1Mr!'!- M. IViraoa.ofthe IVilbryCow
j. mv, said t!ie provi ions ol the bill won •
nudiarii- v
|,u-;n -s. Mr. W.I.I.-talu. K.i, i ! Il.eW.st
5"r^..a Clii .a Company, w.ui ol the same
' ^ (notiivr jjcntlcinan v:ell ,erae.l ia sn. 'i
r- -aid that nee W.S'l wlb »» a »'Hi.
lit insi-ad cf an i.'jury. as is j'atmed by
th.-1>publieui party, an 1 b ll!xd \
w«M.I pri.i-slierewerealwavshirfh.st.
SfV.'ial other Kentlenun w.re iuter
v.fW,.|. but the a'wve ; xnresïii'tis o opin
ion nivè puftieient id.a ^ to the Uel,nK on
:hc bill amouc our m uiniaeluren.
The "runty,"
n,- l'un"9 for March baa çome For
m. • let us 1.11 what is in it I a.is> .
s'.i.rv on th.* (lolden Texts i«.r the
,-v's other -buy. I I' ' . M 1
1 ret Sydnev's stoiy, Hw Old ; -ira. uer
^.WatCirüde. r.ibv's Corner. 1.
uue- i do/, a or two A lot o! le.ters to
FWisy fromhojw «ndglrU And a ti.uer
-;-or. ?1 .1 ve.ir; M . "It-a I.u-nl' r I».
Lot Itrop Comixuiv. JV«ton. w.l smd yon
a Mtuple copy of Th- ''^k mimher
ii you etnd five cents and asfe tor it.
Sei: advertisement, aurtirn rale of lor
uiture in acotber co.oinu.
I.'unlol' •« i> Oj.H.I»K I"'» ,,4>
Wo invite yon to the ep nir« ol the
aud .tm.m. rstybsoi luinlapMk.
ä« la s-" »»•'• ««* "jr.;?™
le-a.ler lor style uial quality. No'-a 1
Solo Agents. 11 Twelfth ^trrit.
Iv.x-T loriot ***** and lUcciiiK
Carnival to- n^l.t at the All-mbr,.
Ii ■ :>•. rior «*w!!<ii>v i>i>vi-u lu nuilioDS ol
!.. i ■» • ir mon- tlmii h •in.trh.r of a (vntury. It
Htm ! • [TiiiUd States GonnnMit, Kn
»!np» 1 l'T tu -1 i Nnf ih>' lircHt l'uni rMtit'« hs
tue Mmigert Pnrwf,uI hm HnllÜluL l»r.
friji '-rniii'i Kutcii. l'nw.lir unt roiii.itn
AiinnouiH I ime. «■- Aluid. :<>M «nlv )ti< au«.
i ::i K hak in«. POWPKR tu.
Tlio Document Vilmltlnl tu Pruhnte »ml
i>nlcr« il ICceordvtl.
The will of the lute Kobert Crangle was
yesterday admitted to probate and ordered
to be recorded. Elizabeth i). Crangle was
appointed executrix. The will devises to
Mrs. Crangle all the pers .nal property cf !
the deceased, nave his watch auil p. a no,
and give* her the «.se and control during
her life of all the real estate remaining
alter the payment of decedent's debts and
certain legacies and testamentary chargea.
At the death of Mrs. Crangle, the will
specifies that her two daughters, Mrs. !
Sarah J. Eccles'and Mis. Margaret E I)al
ztfll, shall have, in equal shares, all of the
estate then remaining, and in case of the
death ot either daughter the child or
children of such deceased daughter is to
receive tho eharo which would otherwise !
g<> to the mother.
The first clause of the will formally pro
vides i»r the tnufnt to Bin Elizabeth D'
Crangle of all personal property, except
the watch and piano, and directs that de
ceased's diamond pin und topa/; sleeve
buttons be regarded as special gifts tu Mrs.
Thesecond clause devises to Mrs. Crangle
all real estate absolutely, with lull pov.er
to mortgage or sell the same.
The third clause bujueaths to Mrs. Mar
garet E lVtlzell dw-.ased'a piano.
The fourth clause gives to Mrs. Sarah J.
E 'des a speciul gilt of $:iOO, to represent
in value the piauo giteu tho other
The fifth cluuse tives to deceased's
grandson, l'rancis S. lUl/.ell, the gold
watch, chain ami seal worn by the de
The sixth clause gives to the grand
daughter of the deceased, Florence M.
I levies, §'i,ih»o, to be paid her as it n ay
suit the convenience of Mrs Crangle, hut
not before the grand dunghtcr shall have
arrived at the ago ol twenty sine, lu the
event of her death without coming into
possesion <•! toe money, it is to go to her
rue.ther, T»nd in the eveut of the dea'h ol
both, t i renuiu in the j»os e-s-ion ol Mrs.
C rangle.
The seventh clause gives tD each of the
other grandchildren, F. C. Oalzell
and EatuaC. l>a'z*dl, $l,(HM» each, subject
to the same general provisions which re
laie to the gilt of ii.iMiO above.
The eighih c'a use directs that the life*
insnrauce money of deceased shall be paid
to Mrs. V'ligle, and if the sisier of de
ceased, Mai \ C:angle, survives hitu, the
monsy sh;i invented at interest, which
i'it' rest is i, < paid to such sister quarter
ly during time At the death ot
euch sisti-i. principal is to go to Mrs.
C'ra'.gle an-.' ' two daughters, one third
to e: ch.
The ninth c uje directs that tho re
maindei <>t »h • • ; .te, not specifically men
tinned a'jove, i.!! v*o to the daughters ol
I he deceasi d
The will is •! tied May 11, 1 •**•♦>.
Til e. (J I. MEN*.
A Meeting H I.I at RuMttrr. Yenlerd-y
.\ft <*riio«>u.
A meet<ng ol tho gl »*s manufacturers ol
tho t»!iio Valley was held in the Columbia
Club room. Unilair.*, yesterday afternoon.
There wore pre- nt Mr. J iu.es I)a!z !1, ol
f>alzeilKi°o<, WelW.nrir; Mr. C \V. llrcck
utiier, of 11 il)'>s, ltro> knnier iV Co , Wheel
ing; Sir. W. A (îoiby, of theIJellaiieti'jb
let ('•>, Mi. E li. H.iwio, ol the .E'ua; Mr.
Kelly, of the lirliuoiil; Mr. T. A lî idcfer,
of E-ideter Bros, and Mr. li .1 f'.satty, ol
A. .1 E .sttv iV Sons, Sleubcnville. The
meetii g took no deciùve ac'ion, but eon- !
s.deieel the pre. i nt -tutin ol the strike that
the Executive- Commit'e* might understand
fully the P' -.lion of the manufacturers
here on the pending issue.
II* 1 rrii i: i» lu v. Jordhli'it Article In Y*a
I rtla>**
T. i I'd ■ /.'• H
Sik: Ti. ■ Cttholics of Wheeling have
r,;i«)n to < ttnlal;- the*, Fe'ves tlint
their tioiii'Uil l:i-hop lias dtcidt d not t:>
answer any litote s-rwless attacks » t Mi.
Jordan. Hin last article contains no ur«u
tut ut; i! h simply vuly.tr abuse, ami ij
<1 nit unworthy <>t any auswer. We would
think thatuny tnt-lliuent I'roti slant sclmol .
boy, or girl, would tie aide to «eli|»-e the
style m such a production, I atu only a :
pupil my - «•It', aud the ruembets ol my cl.i*w ^
ar>- not v. ty l.ir ud\ iuci d in wriliug, hut
il' we do not know more aluiut the rults ol i
<■ iUij —«it it: it, we itt le ist know more ol
thu"e o! I .tumuli ^oo«l biteiiiog than llii*
I Vote itiitt minister.
[S'gtti d J C. Fkani'IS.
Whaling, M'H'h Is^s.
Kur. A. I. ,lor«li»ii ICr>|" 11 Ik to "OSl Utlnn."
lb I'll- Lyhl "■ if the !:• ■
Mi: Someone signing himself "Cutis
tiiin," 11» I reftTiing to the st.tement
"il .ml jour r.ihle," hi my serait.a of last
Sir v. : «ks in your morning issue what
ver-ion I refetred to, et»'. I geu«t..liy Um
the Sew version lor the w»iue leasou that
other people Ii« it, I Mtppise, because a^a
I»• It», tie* meaning ol the t«\t is more
II auspaient tnan in the Old, or author./, -d
v.i -ion. I.tngnage like everything hnn.au
is until I the la v nt growth; on 11 t ac- j
count many t iiit. in the » »Kl version wcic
obscure. i'.ut that it was obr.oxious to
the l»apti-ts, is news to me. 1 certainly |
iKM-r heard any litpMst speak disreap-et ;
I'ully of the St-r pturts in any version. Hol
relets to a lîiptiït verciiu. I know ot
leine stielt in tin-« country, "Christian"'
refera to 'he "Bible I mon Wrti iu'1 I ,
pusnme. I'.ut liter») were uuntbers cf
iitlir denomination* who wotk«d upon I
that. I'.ut oa the who!*) 1 would rtcuni- j
mend to "Cl.riHti.iii'' that version which i
woultl be most iikely t j indue* him to j
come ont with his own name wh. u there i-i
no sj:t < : il reason lor conccaling il
A. L. JdI'.iias.
1'OIS'AX ON J HOi'l.K.
Mnvnrctntu of CUiten* and tiia ('»n.lnx
anit llulu; ot MmtioT).
Mr. L M*'/. baa retnrutd from nu Eatt
eru huaiue»» trip.
Svintor Camden and wife left for home 1
on the uo'tn train yest-rday.
i he "Zttlca" company is quarlcrttl at i
the New St. t'hat lea Motel.
Misa Sadie WVkhaut has returned home
Iront a prolonged visit tolriendsln Burton, '
W Va.
\V. II. . . 'ey, 1> S M. C . of Morgan
town, W. » ic stopping at the New St.
Charles !!•
K. .i. I' i 'v, Wheeling's proud
bas* man ' in the city yesterday,
t'iom Cleve. l>el was warmly wel
comed bv .* 'niters here.
The Club t .• very enjoyable hop a!
their to.it;. . 'lain street, last evening
truite a nut i v.ere present anil a mo-t
ile'ighttnl t as >p ut daneing'to 1'rof.
Kith ..-yet - :• -v.
I. v. I>av ' M (ireer, 1> 1), formerly ol
Wheeling. . lor some years has been
rtcloroi Hi church, l'roviden e, Ü 1 .
has accepted cull of S . Bartholomew's
Church, New N or«, and his reaignation
was tendered to (irace church vestty meet
itt)» ou Fehl nary S!. Kirth loniew's is
oue of thi* fv. «.most Episcopal ehureh-- in
I New York.
I A numlier of well known West Vir-;
einiatis are in town to-day to attend the
: meeting ot the ilutclo s of the Cheat
Mountain Sportsmen eialion. Among
j them is Colonel llutton, of HultonviPe,
Ha: dolph county, one of the largest land
; own« r« m the S'ati-, Colonel liât ton was
("r, ■ ! ot Stall for (i. toial \V. !.. Jackson,
I c. S \ B L Butch r. of B?verley, W
\ :t , <'ol.n.el Klwaids, ol Chatl «':>it aud
Wui Brown, <-f Kingwool. Mr. Tallin in.
ol I'.el. r.e Ohio, ncompanitv the parly,
t — I'.it-' i 'y • 'l>iuni Vr-'hlujwph
Tîietr KiisIim >s Itoooilnt;.
I i'ol>." . no one thi.):- has eausid stieh
a ttii«ial ievi\al ol trade at l.o.;an A Co.'s
drug store as their giving away to their
custom« i s oi so many tree bottles ot Or.
Kind's N< 'V l>i-t u. ty for Consnmption.
Their trade is simply enormous iu this
very valuable article fr«>m the fact that it
always «ores and never disappoints.,
Cough». Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cronp,
and all throat and I tin«» diseases quickly
cut« d. You ein t«;ït il lie lore buying by
selling a trial bottle tree, large f-iz? $1. i
llvtr. battle warranted.
KNhop K-tin's Tliiril I.fc ure.
At the Vesper service ut the Cathedral
lo-morrow at :{ p ni., Hishop Kain, in the1
third lecture ot his Jagten series, will pro
inee the testimony which the Old l»ij,j>en
»afion furnishes, in itu several strikio"
typesand ritualobs- rvaucts. in favor of the
loctrine ot the real presence of ChrMV
Insly and bl>cd in the Sacrament ot the
(«aitoii':« Miofttrelji
The (irand contaiueJ a 'air audience Ly»t
uight to witness tli- second ;x-i i jtiuauce of
Carton's New Orleans Minstrels. This
afternoon the compauy will rive a nuitinee
Air ladies and children. \s the perfor
mance is ot a refined order, the house
should he crowded with Indies. The rut;
sic, singiug and dancing.s;>; cialties srr- all
^o.kI. (Jo early and get a g. id se it.
AiiiiIIit Siil>«<rl|i'inn.
The ofticcrs of the Immigration Ac-xia
tion yesterday received from tx-.Seu.-ttm J.
N. Camden lii-i cheak for $!<»«> in aid ot the
work which the Association has on hand.
Mr. Camden was not at the 0{>ern House
nt the time the subscriptions wt re made
during the se>-.io:t of the Convention, and'
thus had no opportunity to pnt in his sub
scription with the other gentlemen.
I'ollc« BiKlueu l.a«t .Mi-Ill...
The tines und costs assessed iu l'o'.ice
Court during February tooted up$l,|;{|
Tht-ro were one hundred and forty two
arrests, oi which Lockup Keeper ISiund
made 1; Ball, I.'; Britikroan, «•; Carney. 8*
1'iinlap, I»csmoiid, C; Dru.*, hi-il,"'l::
I'vku, ? ; l>.-vliti, 1, tiaus, 7; Crtihltr, ti;
lli'/.lett, ti; Kt'l t-n, 7; Lumens, Mt
Nicholis, Short-), II W'.-t, 11; Wilkin
's;" Watson, 5.
{Iiiimii-hIj y t'is( ii;«ik', it.
The cose ( f the State \ <; Mitchell,
charged with atUniptin:: to ommit rape,
was call.d before Justice lîrowa, Ht Klin
Crovc, yesterday, and usulu I iu the hon
orable discharge of the- defendant. The
witnesses summoned on In-half of
th.- aili^pjl wcîit.t, a woinri named
lutUrhuck, testified eoncini .ely (hit
til- re Lad bce'i uo atui.:pt on the part ol
the (I. tendant t commit tbeeiim- chared
agaiLSt him. There was a large crowd
present at the examination.
"K «»t l.yiiot).''
Miss Ada (.ray commence* a three
nights engagement at the (Jratid Opera
House, Monday evening, March .*>. The
Anrup'.lis Cijuio' .-.,vs uf this uclres.
s A''1 (ir-"»y, the sitpi-rior emotional
aetr«ss, apptured last night forth rirst
t!Me in uni m id-: i>i the drama 'Fa-t
Lyme " The nam«of Misj t;r.i> and her
reputation us a <!:s'.in^aished acres.« di«*w
to the «»..era Jf-ui" t1, largest audier.ee
ever Seen her- lic-i.les improvisier
seat-» lot the ci -nui. a un:ul>er of ladies
and gi-ntlemeu were turned aiv.tr. Miss
(ïray was »llppaiUl ),/ a:, exceptionally
good cast, and trom the ii-r- of thecutiaiu
t-> us fall on the la-: ir: <!„. audience was
entranced with th ■ depth ot tl. p|;,y and
the superior < baratter ot the acting t-»«
tally the star in hir dual role.
I'liltnl Mates Cits.**.
TIm I n t« d Ssale.i nuth-irities yesterday
had Franklin Hirg-r n'il:>r arre*t at the
custom h iu-e n j vi a the ch.rgc of »uborna
tion of p»riury. The ca-.- w.h not dispo-xd
of at a late hour in the itterno>u Jj-ir,^r
comes trom the upper part ot th-Stale,
airing iho i.i tho i; a u ron,j ;.n(j j;.H
been up on several prc*,„m occa-ioo- !„r
ot.e .-es ««.in-t the Federal l.ivs
. ^ 'en' n i«ehuicil ease pi-ndingii{aiu-t
the wholes île l..(tr)i h >um- ot Kian, Cios ,
ot this city, under a ruling oi iheTieanirv
department ng.rdiug subs «ih.juorb'v
tj-i e mg r.K-u ;1,, j,j or to.viH i»;l, -I- t!i.m
»hat ri wl.i :li tbe Itiftioi butic ■ h located
I he firm has givfii bond, and th-i roalUr
lv 1 ,e^l, I'«!>din:; a decision i.i i him.lar
tse now pc- itiiii».
1 II . W lillo Hinvr.
Marimifr U diäter of Ile < 'pua Honî-e ban
bouktd P.Aillty t'iMHpW-11'n roiuautic pic
tuifMjnv drninn, the "While M.ive," l»r
\VYd«ir.»d.ty un.'. I hur.duy evening, M.i <b
7th and M;h. Tbe plav a fine one. lb«'
New York » vinif.j! 0'1 " " , -t
•'White SI:ivt%M the );Ky<-t pluy ot tint
prolific w:iur, Mr. IS.rt. y w.n
p,«ln«r.l i.» IV pr. en ' a lartfo and.
eure tii Ihe Kouilveiith S.rc ». 1 heiitrt ..
„iaht «nd ww* rannved wirti a ranmng
.•rtuipliim ut ol appbu ■«', w" "
indwut« that It I- likelj !» prove a popa
i*r huTlw M->i> nimm along »erj
' iv with v o! in«-.il;-i»t" a®»
«rai alio wane» ot •V.tnations,
w:iu!l ;ijipean<l to \,- hv.ir.,ly «y«**'•
n„. »_V v.;»i l.aii'1-'iiuly u.o:inli<l aud
very will aeted.
t.rtU.iln« M.ii.i.'H.U !»«».« ^«>11.1 «old
Wuli'lieH l'on int it« Twi.
«i. , i,»,. Tea «'omtwniv, ot New ) «»rk, hftvc
"'V ■'•ry. '.'i iu a . '<i »'
• ■; ..... line .ii«m «M
iw..tu — ..i. I sH,J' .i.-lpr »» ■
. J, nul Iilln-r artu'.cs M J.'tt.-lry i!
fa SÄJÄg
» -.it:. - uit Ii»" Hrtii<l\« it • • 1 •
: ' V'.iu. I. 'I l> TUrtl Ii'' »I l!" !•»«•
hvt'n |>uirliH>ennu-t u»l exi«.it available
i.»rv..i j,.ri. i;Ui. r.iu nu t

M l M l-' ,il l< Md.: ■ I'M a t--.I'-'
M " ' • \ I ■ hin- : i.« lt. • ' •
11?•; V. ".fTni'jSSÄ
!fr! , ('rt h n iou 1.1 gentilned i
K,... |. ol . ■ i r> *. Mi ,. , llf the
• i J .ttii- Tiiom»' Martin, brakeman.
.< • •»•••• • ■' *,.\v !Ma - ■ ■ '
v ■' J M !.. Km ma
•' ■:: 1 '.L ■ i ,1« ... ... an.l
vtrV i«r»t»u«ini, i' H '-iia-.- two «•an» oT Je* ?'"'
, M. ... Itai- <lia»n«'4"'t • 1, iiivu.-l'. Mrv K»;.
... . . Water street. »•••! Ml«* Kati I
Îk ihM . ôna r Mala and Market iU. • - . aih
1 ' , ' . - I r mil- Mi» K
" : . ciarkft.urc. f.«md a i »-r -t m m •
äiuredi«aourt ear «tropin h^anoj ^eafrr
,0fti u >rlv -1|I' M.,rk. t >:r<. ■ pur
1„ r.* .r f n M ■ 1 • ' " _ j .
*1 *'v ' . i rutiï »■'
found in owe c«n ä kciiuiiii « • •_ • ,
-;,»>hi.r - V1'j.;..-p!','m ' ! i
llainMilîilt^1' l •' ' \' • .«r, » 1 alii
»f l»1 M- v:-'' ' « ■: - . ' V
ROW Ut tu . t ^ . ail lt .i. i
! ■. • MÄrl "r :
n.,-t Mannflyr «r. -• • ■ ; ■ • ; ^'atid rmiu
. Wlîh i''l- ' ^ . .r , . t. -i '.V
U'-',"u VSu::i'rMr«> I |..ir. i:w.l ..
. , V . U-, ,-h . >W îl.an.l .'U ftp n ««
'the ean* • a ••i.Uiv diann.:. I tu i.
ftjÂbfiehaîïîk gl«» M«««.p»M ?» ft-r a ran
Lr tea »nd open In« 11» ran to «J » ►«
S ' 1 i'.ui.iii. .1 • l'ieii. «tl-.M. " in «ind xiM
-,-t ««!•'.. Mla« t: M;. ■ • wamsari •. Main
f.iir'l h -'IM BO»«l i > ■ *.v i ■ • 1 }" * - ' ; » »a.'ö
X Î.-1I <" ' • '"rw! '^'i1 ?1
■i ',i« r.itni-iny jiwUje'aiiathat they havaes
Lnod arietattuwlt Unir ehoi'•• tea.In tUl* «ar
.tl.ir' 'tn»' 1 <-r- ».a*- u.-.ilth. tt.uinf. i
aith rhtuint«. u ...».«are, c t»i «ory, eu ..
f iir.»er< ' y mai! p-mpiiv i .r .v.ir.l.- l t.. ...M part
,.' the i »'.tel Stat. iVitnii >nikl«- 1 •• >■
. . .. . , thlrtei-!« t. r f 10 ta-eniy ««-vt-n i-r v
PitUS«êtt wt «pa eJuboHerot «Oer • la
'-> i « valnatue »rtule. Addrawojjtib• T«
, i.v. N'.< »l'.> Main >tr.--. Wh^eliue. *
Va t 'l1' tv trom " * Kt. tint». » p w
At Wiiioh They Coniempla'.e M.tkicç Avantage
ons Offers to the State Line Railway Com
pany—What They Offer.
The farmer* in the vicinity of Clinton,
Liberty t, appear anxious to have a
railroad come through their way, and tlity
are agitating the matter with the hope that
they may ba able to imprena capital with
the be-ncliti to bo derived Irom innnirg s
road thtou^rh their gestion ut cnnutry. lo
do this they certainly hold out advanta
geous offers. Am on/ the prominent farm
ers from that sectiou pri ant at the Cooiu
Convention were Messra Lemuel Dock, A,
M. IJidgely, J.uuea F'.xon, John If. Mont
gomery and J. J Jacobs, anil they all
seemed anxious to Lava the proposed State
Liue Railroad coine through their way to
the river. The rov. ■ la-d out by thctu cer
tainly seems to be a ivantageous one lor
the company, 'l'lu proposition is as tol
lows, u * r*t » te J by i it" the abovt-uannd
Instead of touch: . the river at Wells
burg, they present t'ue following u.u'e:
l-'rom Hethany down I-iuil'.iloi reek toSictz'-i
run, up tttot/.'srun L> 'btdi\idingtiili:ebt
twuil CütVal J aild . 'mrl c:teks, turned
through to head wall m ut Atkiii-on'.i ruu,
down to .vhoit creik. down Shor* Cret k to
the forks, up south i rk ot Short cr«*tk to
l>r. Knglish's, tunnel through McCullceh's
place to Ling run, and down Lmiy run to
Wheeling cic.-k, whera it will intersect
with the Wheeling acd lfarrisburg, or any
road that n.ay be convenient.
Kaeb of the tunnels mentioned will I*
halt a mile in length, and tin* route, th;
gentlemen claim, w ill mike the distance
j'mn Bethany t > Wheeling fourteen miles;
or ten miles blotter than the reute con
t :'!pUtod down Ji&li'ihi t i Wellsbnrg and
t!i» ria.vn the river to tili* city. This
ivmld make à big saving when the c-t ot
; lit- Un mi!»s of road is taken into cmsid
■ : it ion.
It i < underst.. 1 t!:a' a number of the
gentlemen will ofl'ir the company lice
;i;*ïit of way throngh their land, and sav
that othtrs will ?•> th»» s it.if. Tney will
also give the iny f -^Mo each,
provided the » proposed by the;u
should be al 'p'vd. A nioetii.g will be
held in alK>ut t* weeks, nt which lnrmal
action will be t i , n and probably a fjriua!
proposition dr.i'-. i up A snivey <1 this
tame rjnte was m :,le by a corrpaiy about
eighteen yeat - since, and it i< generally
conceded tobe a :: > >d one. To the meet
ing mentioned :-bove .\ltorn»y tieneial
Culdwell, Judge I.', J!. Co-bran, .1. C.
Somuierville and others have been in\it<d,
and no doubt they will be present.
It his been demonstrated th it there is
lots of tiuv cod in the legion of the north
fork of Short Creek, ami if a roa-l is run
through there the field will be developed.
This i-» a most important m-itt«r to the
fumera of Ohio county, and the m«vtiii..'
will no doubt be largely attended and re
unit in much good.
Kui: TiiliKt WKKK-. 1 wan snfieiing iroin
a severe old in mv head, accompanied by
t pain in tli * temples. 1 tried some of the
many catarrh remedies without any relit f.
I'.ly's Cream I'.ilin was rre»mm-tided to
ine. After only s>\ applications of the
Halm every tra> -> ot my cold wn remnv« !
—ll> nry C C'atk, 1 st Iiivision New Voik
Appraisers' Ofliee.
I was TKOl iii.En with ratanh in my
bead to an annoying i stent for three year
After using one battle of Ivy's Cream
Calm I was entirely cured. — Win .1. Cline,
Victor, N. V.
iîcl;gious >1 ot rci.
\-<)Kl II -1 CM I M K I'll' K' Il REV M.
I" lu li'i, scivii s lo-mnrm.»'
ni 1<> i h ni. u;nt ni '. |i. il. Miinlay
• i.i _• p. m Xouns .••■•pl.-- meeting ut
. m) p. m Ail nr.-1 urlmli> mvIti-iJ.
i Wm il i ». |i , j « sei vice« il
H' a. ir> ml T .1 p in. iiibHi!» si'h uni »: y
ü t... Ail .~f» weii uiiu'.
I «riili lïhiurli Rt'V K. H DuriiblOM-r. païtftf
■lerfinK t«Mllnrn>W n! !<• H r m mil' m
Suii'i.i) wi)fmi Ht |i in. Viiimt; l\ii,>ti .
mit ;,'i ; iilif-r < v> nil. ».-r.
ri ASK -I KEEI M I 'in m H il V •
fi B lintlitm, pavtor. Piene ing ni lu >•
.■ up. m
QT. I I"KI.'s eiH'Rtll REV. .1 «I!
>• Osiltl,rvt'tor. ServirezUnQiirniA- lu •
Suit» fiire. 8n(iJ«l fur-iiii fiiy • iiiuiî II.»
< Ii»':i. i il 1 ii\ im- liiclltulioii- Hint Win Ki i l
Pap.il lu' : 12itiilt ».
QT. MATTHEWS <1111.' 11 RKV 11. R
i i ■ ,i. |.i-, |i. |i.. rri 'ur SiTviiv-i EU it. in

i-.i l'I lmr luv nl'lt ruooti | ii»i) i. ,
I/MRS I BAPTIS1 ' Mil;. II <oR 1 \X El.Kl'H
|ni-li ir. M iViii-» t nrri'iH' n: lui' n lu. an!
' ' I 111. -ill ' ' I *1 II i
Yoiiiik (Vnple'a nui Xoinlny, ut . wp. m
l'.v>. r i.i •.■:;iii'. v\ •. . m v V) p. m.
tnot'ItTH STREl :
M'hool ut ! in.
MouiUy. m; -i» |• i:i
I lirRCII !;! V. R.
Ii.r. s.'f. :• • - .i: 1" II
tin? pHKtair. HilkU}
nopte't im ding
17*1R-iT PRKSBYTI Kl ' < Ul li- H REV. I)
I" A. IVintiinghatn, Ii |i.t pa>tor Th Rei
Jiiiiii -r liiim-r». ' ; iî l" u. ■ > Y«« m«
Peuple - meeting l:i i Leeture Km un al
p. m SuMmtli Ii-Uno • i lu Mi—»m ■»boot
hi y p. iii. Eighteenth »treet, almve Jtitili
rplllRD PREiP.Y'lERI \'> CIU I:' il .1 .Tl III
I Wanrl) K"» I.. NY ' nr. pu . r r ii •

pii-mr. -.ilik-Uh '«'liiml a; p. i All re
/ ill \ 1-1 .INK HTREï I M I' < IH'R« Il RI V
V A U. RllielilaHer ;m-tor. pr • m i . n .• > m

l'i. pit - iiv-tltig Moniiny lit T I i. I. I'ra>ir
iiuttioi; Wi'iliiinliiy ut ! ■ p ii
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« II.lire gonils »i midi I,I»>V l'Hil'EK,
New Spring Jackets
Kew White Goods,
New Laces and Embroideries,
Hew Lace Curtains,
KiiihI i-1 Muslin .
« union I'liuin«-!
l.ini n t rusli. Ihr««' > uni« lor
n un lui i»n -s I • I« i ni s
Egger, Warrick & Co.
1132 MAIN.ST 11EET.
fl' ti '«(Il
A Skin Without Blemish
Kvorj u h:r''a m : <i rk i>f«iil< rit«'il k !-. vi ii>. I have Midi n-I n:l ■ \
«:i I the tkiu con- aU'.ly renews i wl', «a-l .litîi rvtit kin !- au«!
not o:.;> with reft-i U'tiy <!c«.)<i:iniillioil, but :e!icf, I1MÎI, by ti, •
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lo n • I hair. frui!) j>imp!e- to H'rofu'a
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BEU.K W.W'K (.
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with llMil LU*!. «
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•»Villi! for "How t H ttr r-ktii wV M
BÎBï'S ' . K®
I ail.! Leui:
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Hate ju-1 i!Hi! ji r < •
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«•ver »l.e iv»\ ami -Ii • • i
< I Til I «A nil)' l .' of 1
boll If of I ; KA Ktw'ls
>iuiu a linn ti.: i2(h!
Milling to Linke r- !h\ • li
meut. iiKi'l;i.l I
Kor tin- !*« yoi.r I ...
111-^. M'»Iy anil i'iiu| :> l.
« Lu b 1 hitvo »»!•;•!.••• !
trculini iil « . nun - it I •
lly n .1 • ; r«-Ij . i:i 1 •
Uli.". MR>. l-.\ >' !'!!
D;lt ■ i I ■
fit » ^'ircrilsfuwiits.
r Send i"r our tieiutiful illottttteii C*ü
Iii;;] 10. fr 1 .'«1 Vi:*i
Bemalitinr tu tbo IViaffiiv u ni
ri Mil, • v M \ il . «atn;
II), Uli A'i i i»f lin t* ,
>wk for a Uvrtiw.| !«.!•• i : m .
M "
Un i V • M I W' . i "
j lîurtii » i Lid H. Iii • > • V
I ISonei* I.»- y Ci i
Ki)hu. I M.. »Va;
I • . Il • Willi.' M' !•.! -I II.
! I- li.irt J.i m i« !;■ i. 'l,.
i.r. ■ li.rl. • t' ;îiuil r. <• B
Ur iliiw Rit i V swncfr, Fnu

lUinwin Ni'! 1 Wilson 1 -t»«■ ''
Harri« Il B « >:.'•■ Wi :
Miil.i I ■
ro*» :t n
Frank Il> ntU h M hi.l/rri
Keir, itroïKi' Von i L « r' i.
ROBKUT.-lMr- n
52-!oches Wide,
I i
42c. Per Tard ;
ah e
. __ Ii
CSlnoat/jp at 65c,
. [, STIFEL & Üö.. |
1114 Main Sireei.
ibot snd «?hct siL1.
"000" ; Broken lots of the best Boots and Shoe- - a-v
4 00/ I ed to CLOSE at. unheard of price?, to ma';
for Spring Good*. ,] A M KS I >1 V I X I •
I f i %o. 1107 *111% M HI I '

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