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Choking Catarrh.
Have too awakened from a distorted >leep
with all the hortible Kusations of an assassin
clutching your throat anil pressing I* e lifo breath
from your tlghtene 1 chest* Hare too noticed
the languor and debility that mooted the effort
to cl«ar jour throat and head of U da catarrhal
matter- What a vlenreMdag influence It exerts
upou the mind, clouding the memo-y and filling
the head « ilh m:ihand 4 rauge iittbe*.' Ho* dir.
Heult it ia 10 rid the nA--.il pavaaxets throat and
luug* of t>ii* po.'vnous mucus all • t'l testify who
are aitlicted with catarrh. How ditlcult to pro
tect ihe ajr>t?n a»ain*t its furti er p ogre«*,
toward« he lungs, liver and kidueys. all physi
cians will admit. It U a terrible disease, and
cries oat tor relief and cure.
The remarkable curative pow&s, when all
other remedies uttorlv fail of Sax-vid's Radi
cal Cru. axe attested br thousand« who irrate
ItHijr reevinineud tt to fellow-«ttfier« m So state
ment 1« male regaiOin* it that cannot be sub
stantiated by the moat f specuble and reliable
Kat h pack-«t couUir* one bottle of the Radi
cal ivat oae box of Catarrha.'. Solvent, aud
an iMraovKt» Inh*lrs, wltb 1 realise and direc
tions, and is sold bv a'l drugget* tor 91.00.
PoTrsa Dato ,1 chemical Co.. Bottom.
\a/ FIEE! »EE FHirmil!
k la one mlunle ike t'ati
\ Acuri» ,tnti-Pi«lB Plaster re
\ / teres Rheumatic. Sciatic, sudden,
1 SbaT-. and Nervoua fains, Strains
an>l Weak liera». The first and owl\*tain killing
1'la.i ,»r A perfect, new, original 13stantstieooi>.
infallible ond vite Antidote to Pain, Inflamma
tion and Weakness. At all drugfi.«tn, *5 cents;
five for ?l 00; cr portage fre«\ ol PoTTl* Dru«
AMD Chkmical Co.. Boston, Mas«.
Ely's Catarrh
Cloauaes tixe
Natsai Passa
gea, Allays Pain
aud Inlamma
tion, Heals the
SorfV, Ratures
tbo Sense« of
Tasto and
Is a dtaeaae of tae rtuious raenib*ane, geu«> rally
ongiitA'.tug le. the n.-uj»'. pA-v-tge- and civ.utain
ing tta sirongh- d iu :he kea.1. from this poinl
it send.-. forth * pu.<ow» - v:rus li.io the vowvb
au>i thni'iyh the digestive <h*«u». iomiptîn;» tht
blood aa>1 product ug otiur tr Mibleuotne auc
dar>8»»r.>u» sytnptc™*-'.
A t-article Is epplied iato »ach uostr'.l and it
agrvx-abie. Prit e O cents «; dru by mall
regiere-1 ft) <x>.:U. Kl Y BRO t H il>r>. No. -Jt:
' fe?.<odeAg
register«-1 .
ttnvnwicb ativt. New Yor*.
KTkOLIlX V. V w s t; Y
*' Rays. "Intimi». avtjnahitame with a tri
frond always increase onr respcekt fai
that fiend."
This is the reason why ?ynvita Htotki
continue to ranke friends &s vbeir virtue:
become hotter known. Cier^ioeo, pablii
speaker.», an ! people in aM tbe avennes o
lite are a noit in iheir ; iiai of tust woo
derfnl new remedy, ^ynvita Cough Block»"
The/ are warranted to cure «'ou^hs, Colds
Bronchitis, H^vstness, Tiikliug in th
Thrift, Sow Throat and Cracp; 25 doees
25 cenLt Hundred* Var testimony to th
room kable cnres 01 I>iarrh<ea, Dyseutery
Flnx, Choler i Infantum, or Sommer Com
piaiot and Cholera Morbus, effected bj
Synviu K'-.-'.herry Block?; 25 ilotes, 2.
cent«. Y<"e 1 are nLvcks of testimonial
from mother*, v.-ho. alter dcsing their chil
dren with strong medicines for other tup
r i dlsevses. have complet j'y cured theo
i'ynri»»Wora Hlïcns; 25 dose*
25 w:uj. After yoa havo tried all th
hi^h-prioxl kittle remedies and h3T» tonn«
ao reiki*, b-tja pickax-» ofSyn»ita Kid
i>ef, Hlood and Lifer Blocks and be cured
60 dotted. 50 cen»«. If yon want the tines
ionic Bitters n the market, bny a packa#
of S^nvita Bitter Blocks for 25 cent», am
raak* Irani j t» 1 gal'oa of pure tonic bit
All thow remedial only 1 c^nt a do»«
Ko box, no teaspoon, no sticky bottle. Pn
op in p* «ot p.ic*2jpea. Warranted to enr
or root y r uti'i <). Soi l by drogyist
every»- h?re. <îet a cbceker boa-d of yon
dealer »ree.« Send yo«r addreo« on a post*
«rani for a -opy of ' ThkSyxvita Block,
which crciUiaa a history ot d»*ea««ä an
care*1, or send Î rent stsnip f«>r a sample c
Cough KLoik and a copy ol The Syn vit
Block. Address Th* 8ynvita Co., Loc
Box 299, Dehphos, Ohio.
Axton 1'. Mr««, Agect for Wheeling
opposée pofltr«Qk«. * 1
I). X. McSwoaos, Agent for Martin
Farry, O.
The OdIj Hemedy
Contagious Blood Poison.
Mr. T>. B. Adar.is. Tnlon. Sont!» Carolina.
•Hin : " I was aftll«.;»*! with a t< rrlble cas
jf blo< m I pelaon for about Uilrirvo m< nths. I
w»s Irwlnl by »he :c physician*, and used
tailus kinds.f re::ie>.lo«, hut received no
substantial rell'-f. 1 Dually tried the Swift
Spw'IBc. aii.l about four bottles curt*.I m»
sound and writ. *
Col. B. IL Kirser. editor and proprietor ©f
the Opcllka. l la.. Tim.s, an Jit date of
A'UC'ist 3. tS»i. wit!«-»: "WbfB I was
* young man. ttir >u/h InlUi-retlin. I con
tractai » dlseas» which II .s «tuck to
uic fir yean. Some live or Mi yean»
•lain 1 was troubled with pains, ao as to
make I* 'Heal: for me to walk Having
divert lut-il th*> &Ü.& Id my |>ai*>r for »everal
rears, » «»eluded I would try It to se« if
there *u any e(P icy In the medicine. I
.vmmenced usluic It aceordlujc to directions
uid used half diT.-n bottle*. I wo* once at a
»ray «cation and. .ettiiu: li ft. I walked the
lesen mll.n» .-utd hav»» ne Tor fell any return
>f the old malady. After ezprr.euclnx th>
joodeff. ou I must ray 1 um »atURed with
ilw result. I am »l.xty >U;ht j ears of ago and
I feel now Hke a younic man and can ko to
Jh* case when necessary »ml «et up ftvm six
M>etKbt tb«>uaan I ems without any incou
renient-«. I »eo.l y» u this without solicita
Mr. F. Woehl. 211 North Avenue, Cbtcaijo,
ander dato of Juno Ii. 1(*<7. write* i "I deetn
« my duty to thai.k you for the cure I re
•elved from toutexec'h-nl meilicm -. I con
tract»-«: a very .«-vcr® rase of blood poison
,ng about two years ;««o. Ilearlnit of your
me-tlclm . I went to a ilruc alore. the pro
prletor of which persuaded lue to buy a
préparait >n of his owa. which he aaid was
* «ure cure. I used six lottles of his «tutf
Slid ip-ew worse all the time. At la«t I got
llwtusted and despaired of a cure. I met «
friend who told in- that your medicine h;ul
•ured him. 1 wi n' to the same dmiottst
■gala and demaatled » ■ ::r me ".cine lie re
tttwantlv sold m» twelv»» bottl.-s. and I am
aow i»-rfe.-tly cured. 1 writ« this for the
bvaant c,t sufferer«, l > pre» eut their hehl*
deceived by fais» representation*. 1 tlmnk
you »r»n for the benent derived from your
lir J. V. Otienov. a prorr tnent phvslclan,
rvsJl^.u* la Ellavlllc. Schley County. U«org.i.
iuaUUvT («counting the Infallible «ucveRs
be bas la curtae • outagioua bl-sxl poison
ctM.-s In hl« exti-n« ie practice, writes:
"Thoae who krsow the almost inevitable,
peniuuently daiiffamus cITt-cts of mercury
will welcome your discover* of S S. 8. as a
boon to huai irUty. The mistical profusion,
•ha ays wnr> "f |>r> prietary niedlelaea, I«
.xinilit^ »lo«Iv. and in soni* case* secretly,
to the uof s. s. S. In cas» * of blooil dis
yrd*-r coyrso a meUli-in.- that cores
Bumaioe la Its wursf form t lu.tt purify lb*
*>d of e»ery disonler."*
Treatise on PI ■■ »1 tc.' skin Diseases mailed
free. litk s.vtrr Sr ino Co..
l>rutter j. .v.lau ta. Ma.
Grocer. Pork Paokei
Celebrated "Strawberry Hams
1309 and 1311 Main St,
W H Ml. IN J. W. V».
Mj omi cu e of Choice Smoked Meats deür«
d*ii.T from uxy Kork House *t Mi&
ch««ter. The
General Grocerie
'Petri««»" PsUat.
uP»Bläfüi" Paaiir,
" (>tr Fartrii*" Faailf,
hiwt ii the Mark
«TM« Aceat for Dupuoi'i gpartlog, Kin
ukI Powder.
HntaiiMM for ItkHWBt A Will'» m
InM CHorefe Cfeadlea» all atj)m %ai
Bowling Jk§bW
♦Sunday excewad. jMonday ««P»# <8un
dsy only. iSaiurdiy excepted.—7» Merlalan. i
Kebniary 27. 18SA Wheeling time, which Is
jun one hoar earlier than Central Time ■
Limited Kxprwa——•
I Kxpraa- - —.
(.rumberland Aucow
I llnftua Accom. —
Moundjvillc Aucun».
• 640 ft m|M056 pin
• 6 45pm *i059»ui
630am 6S0pu
3 4*>pnj, 9 25 am
12 OU m I 140 pm
KspreK (Chicago and Cot)..
h'xproiM (Chicago Col»
Limited SxpN«a (Cht\*mo)._
Ks pre*» (Chicago and U>1).~
Coiumb'u A ooorn
Cdl umbos A Cincinnati Kxp
st. clalrrfUle Aixxjm
no. a
Washing*« and pitUburg.
WtfthlngUin and Pittuburg...
Washington and PituUjrg...
Washington and Pittsburg
 aahlngtoi and PUUburg...
P., C. 4 BT. L. RY.~RArt.
Pf.tubnrg »
PlUaburg and Ne» York—
Finsbu~g and New York
Exprès«, Cln. and St. I/mis,
Itsprw» Cln. and St Louisl
tCxrvw, 3teubon» üia A Col...1
Steubenrllle A Denuinou Au
C. A P. R. R.
Pltt*barg and Cleveland
rfteabenvllie Anocmmodatu
Pitta, New York —
Wellrrille Aecort
Ctovataod, Cht- ago Ji Pl:u
bont ix prv« —..
C, L. * W. K. 8.
Kxpreas, Cleveland. K. A
Vaai.llon Aooom
&. ClalrsvilleAcoom
St. Clsarsville accom...........
Kt »TalnrrtlleAoco«
St. ClalrsTiilo Accote
Local Preigkt and Aco>m....
Passenger ........
Pr»l«tv- » I
uv'parv I ».rrive.
• S*0p m
• 960 a m
•10 00 p m
til 16 p m
2 25 pm
2 45 a a
? 36 a m
J 00 p m
• 5 00 a in
f a 10 a m
• 7 00pm
« 960am
• 646pm
• 6 40 a m
10 36 am
• R 00 am
|13 Si am
1 36 pm
S .0 pm
• 940am I
•12 46 pm .
t 666pm !
t 145 pm JU 10pm !
f 620pn> 8 00 am [
t 7 w a m
1 38 p m
4 20
11 17
a m
p m
t 2 0Upm|t 8 47 p
«2 86
♦ 5 00
t 810
10 25
» 806
6 10
•7 45
12 00
,• 4»X)
pm'f 806pm
pmjtll a> am
a m r 'J.i6(U
pm t 136pm
pm f 6S5pm
pml 8 00pmi
pm| 7 30pm I
a m *1146 a m
m 2 50pm
p m • 8 là pm
B.. 'A A C. liAILROAD. .
Bellalre ard Z*ne> v tile through passenger train
'caves Belîaire at 3:4j a m., arrives at Beliaire at
4 Woodsdeid passenger train '.eaves Bellalre at
4:20 p. m., arrives at Beiialre at 8:Ä am.
Summerflold \ceoiumudation leaves Bel.air at
1:00 p. m , arrives at Hellalw at 10:46 a m.
Ail trains dailv except Sunday. Central Stand
atd Time ftoai iieUair».
On and aft*>r Mou lay. October SI, 1887, Trains
oa ine Wheeling itid KlmGrovo R. R.. wUl run as
fh.'low»: _____
lA«. Wheeling Park.
6.10 a. m.
7:16 "
19« "
12:30 p. in.
2:30 "
420 "
6:10 "
8« M
10:00 "
Leave the City at 8:00 a. a. a^d ran «very horn
.••ml aûû P. EL ,
Leave Whçeliîtg Park at 9 W a m., and ran
every h>ar ur.ill 10 00 p. w., except <;l»urch
Trains which wtli leave th3 Pari at 9.*» a m
and Ci vy at 12:16 p. m. c HIRSCH,
' -S nap Argument» It* Removal -Mr.
l'olldf!.'* View».
r lb BitUor of the R-yultr:
; Taking Rivantage ofyoar remark a lew
I day« ago that tue 'bars were down,' I wish
" to offer a few points coutrary to the u. rtal
( line oi' argument in yon' paper conceruicg
the tariff on wool.
J To begin it is a favorite argument of
1 tree wool men to the farmers that wool
will Iks higher in price ucler tVee trade,
t than it has been nnder high tariff, quotipg
i eolumas of figures dating back forty
' year.« to prove the assertion—on th.- face of
" the figures it is a iacl; bnt they fail to in
form the reader th»t nnder tree trade we
• produced only thirty million pounds of
- wool, while now under tariff we prodnce
& three hundred million ponnds, or ten times
• as innoli as we did under free trade. Now
^ the question is, "Was it the hii;h Uriû, or
) the increase«! production that cheapened
the wool, and, would the increased pro
' dnctiou have occur^cd without the tariff?"
■' Is U not plain encugb that the tariff eL
v courmd production and incxeasod home
1 competition, which rediia.il prices to p.
reasonable basis.
• At the same time that the free trader?
are endeavoring to convince the farmers
8 that free wool means high wool they pro
claim to the laboring men that free wool
means cheaper clothing. What inconsist
ency! Can tbe manufacturer make cheaper
. olothing out ot dearer wool ? Can the
miller make cheaper tlour ont of higher
priced wheat? Certainly not.
At the aztuo Ham that wool has declined
in prce nnder tbe taiifr the tariff still pro
tects and the redaction is only the legiti
mate result of heaitby home competition.
Allow ma to prient a few figure* compil
ed by Messrs, Justice, E item.m & Co., of
Philadelphia, and which I copy in part
>om the Pittsburg Stockman. They are a
compaiison of prices on the same grades of
wool in Philadelphia and London livst De
cember aud ere reliable. The original
table is qui!e large and compares about al!
grades with tb« same unvaryirg result,
lint here are th? figures: Washed combine.
Ohio and Pen: »ji.'an;» tine delaine, X,
XX and abote, in Philadelphia, 'JÙ cents
per pound; competing wool is Aus
tralian, in London, 23 c.nts. Washed
clothing, Ohio and Pennsylvania, XX and
above in Philadelphia IM cents. Compet
ing wool is Montevideo prime, 16 cents iu
London. Average tubwashed in Phihwlel
pbia, 39 cents; in London 2t cents Fine
unmerchantable XX and above in Phila
del pbia 21 cents; in London 16 rente», and
so on, until we come to onr Territorial
wools where the difference is no» marked
It will he observed that in4fce few exam
ples given the advanced ptice in Philadel
phia »bout represents the tsriff; in Terri
torial wools on which the tariff is low tbe
difference is correspondingly small. To use
the words of the Stockman, "The reader can
make his own anaîyMs and deductions, but
to us it presents a powerful argument for
retaining an a<?<qaate measure of duty on
foreign wools."
« - - a * Jt l_L
But to maRe a long mo. v »Uuh, I <u.u.
the folio win»; deductions cad bo fairly
aade from what bas been here briefly pro
moted. First—Free wool in the UniUd
States mean* lower wool at the b^ginnin^,
say 33 per teut, ennngh to more than ab
sorb tlie produce!'* pretit; it ncav
m*an cheaper clothing, but not 3."
ner cent., lor n.iod yon, the manu
facturer is still protected, a manifest
irjustice. Again, lower wool means f<*wci
sheep, and, con.scoc«ntly, 1er« wool. Yon
may now eomprthend that thecal will
go to foreigner* to make up onr derieiancj
in wool. Oar wool men, their occnpcvtior
gone, will b* compelled to stock np wit!
cattle, or ni<* more grain, making ba<
weise. Coming in compétition with othei
farmers in already overcrowded market*
the woo' prodcciog business once cripple«1
in this country, the foreigners will pnt uj
prices, and then onr cash wül lesve ns foi
«ore. That's high wool nnder free trade
and still clothing no cheaper, and the one«
I re wonably pro>pe.~ocs wool raiser mined
. V'e might then go into sheep «Raia, bot i
c in not be done in «bo, trco, or three year
besides, we can ne**r successfully cotupeti
■ oa inn;! worth $50 an acre and five month.
" I r>f winter to ûed through, with free Ana
tralian and sonth Amtncsa pastures and i
mild climate, exceDt with the asai-iaoce a
a tariff. It in generally ceacrded that i
variety of home industries is productive c
independtiu-« jod comfort; it i
not pood for as ail to be uasufac
tarers, nor »11 wool raisers no
all cattle raisers, nor »11 rerchanta, a
why not encourage as many hoc.« indos
tries as possible, with a tariff if ne»d b<
S| and who can doabt that wool needs it
I By keeping the duties on lb reign wools u
i one will he injured, as it is a self-sviden
fact thit our present cheap clothing is th
I result of oar own industry eaconraged b
a tariff, and not tbe magnanimous (!) spiri
of oar foreign competitor. By maXia
wool free five millions of ocr better civ
of rit i «en s will be serions lv eraharrntse
and many bankrupted. Vhirh now i
the better cour*? E K. POLLOCK.
Padm\ Valley, March 11
rl. -»
ForOoucha sad Uuoai Udutkles use Brown'
Breaebkal Troche»-"-"! ht; stop an ■
. rack of my asthma cough very promptly.'—
|4 AM. mmiriUe. (Mo.
The Common Plena Oonrt Gats In 1U Work
—Court Houm Bell.
Special TticgmM to Ike RegitUr.
St. Ci.airsville, 0., March 14.—Rob
ert McMillen, of Bellaire, charged with
maiming, entered a plea of guilty to as
sault and battery, in Common Pieaa Court
this afternoon, and was fined $>5 and
costs and ten days in jail. Also on an
other charge of assault and battery be was
lined $25 and ten days. Thomas Savoy,
color*d, charged with breaking the seal on
• freight car at St Claireville J onction
and stealing 300 ponnds of wool therefrom,
bad a trial by jury, which resulted in a
verdict of guilty. He was sentenced to
the penitentiary for the period of fire years
by Judge Drigge.
The bell which baa been placed in posi
tion on the new court hon* is a disgrace
to Belmont coanty. It is of the cheapest
make, and is no account whatever. It
might do for a mammoth cow bell. The
bell is condemned by all who have heard
it, aod the commissioners should remove
it at once. They had better by far bave
put up the old court bouse bell than the
pot metal one they have purchased for IB
cents a pound.
Taeorgan'z ng of Ptnnay Tent, Kuighte
of Maccabees, in this city on Tuesday
evening wat quite a prominent event and
one deserving of special mention. The
charter members number fort;-four, and
Penney Tent is the largest ever organized
in the State. Dr. Ammerman, of Alliance,
a-sist'd by members of Tent No. 1, of Lor
aine, conducted the installation ceremouy,
which lasted from 7:30 till 12 o'clock.
After the Tent had been organized and
named, in honor of Mr. Charles L Penney,
the members and the delegation of visitors
repaired to the Hill House, where a ban
quet had been prepared and was in wait
ing. Snpper, speechmaking and music by
Meiater's orchestra caused four hours to
piss quite merrily and the assemblage did
not break up till four o'clock in
the morning. Among the pleasant
features o 1 the occasion was vocal mniic
by Master Mechanic Charley Walbertion,
Of the C-, L. & W. R R There were
quite a number of visitors from Cleveland,
Lorain aud Massillon, who came in a spe
cial car on the C., L & W. They included
among the number Charles L. Penny,
Cleveland; Dr. F. A. Ammermau, Alii,
ante; Homert E. M. Cowie, J. S Gager,
Frank Houghtm, Cleveland; Charles II
Warberton, E M Pierce, S. L. Ketch uni.
Lorain; William A. Collier, Cleveland;
William Jacobs, E. L. Hnnter, Je*se E.
Bowen, Henry Sippel, R. Walker, A.
Hodgius, Mark Stillwell, J. P. Tidman,
Alex Porter, Heury Pfafï, E. D Cbilson,
John Titiip, Elwell Pike, Thos Faragher,
Traeman Moore, A. E. Fünk, Lorain: A.
H. Willie, Avon Lake; C. Conalay, J. M.
Didero, William Coulter, Harman Bars
drow, C. Gruudlack, Johu Porter, A. H.
! Bibcock, D. H. Edwards, Elmer Porter,
■ Lorain.
At 9 a m. yesterday a committee ap
pointtd from among the Bridgeport
Knights called for the visitors and went
wifli them to Bellaire, where the various
manufacturing plants were inspected.
Dr. F. A Sanders, of the C. A P. rail
mat! Superintendent's office, in Wellsville,
was in the city yesterday.
Wiliiam Davidson, of Smitbfield, was in
the city yesterday, purchasing fire poultry
from H. C. Wells.
Mr. Cliff Williams pawed through the
city yesterday to St. Clairsvllle with a fine
filly colt of Judge Wilkes stock. He par
chased the animal in Ohio county, W. Va.
Dr. W. S. Fisher has returned from
Cleveland, where ho has been speuding a
lew days recreating after his recent illue»"
Mr. Jcseph Gantz^r is confined to his
bed with pneumonia.
Mr. Charks H. Carpenter left yesterday
fcr Cambridge to be gone till Friday.
Rev. W. H. Roger* preached in the Weft
Ead Chnrch on Tuesday evening.
Frank Woodinansee has returned from a
successful trip in the interests of the
"Daisy Bustle."
Miss Lizzie Porter5»»Id, of Warcock'e
Station, is the guest of friends in tbi
Mayor Keller, of Martin's Ferry, joined
the Knights of Maccabees in this city.
Sylranns M. Powel, of Thornton, W.
Va, i'ud Miss Virginia Belle Houser,
were married :»t the home of the bride's
aunt, Mrs. C. M. Schoonover, yesterday af
Mr. Peter Beazkl is quite ill at bis home
in Mat tin's addition.
Ticket No. 279 held by Thomas Loyd,
drew the chest of tools raftie.l by M*£ Mc
Diaiels. One hnmlrwl and thirty tickets
were drawn before the prize was found.
Mrs. McDaniels geta *aT> for the tools.
The '.ocomotivo "Carrie Waters," used
at the Whaling Creek mines, arrived
yesterday from the Lorain shops where
eh« has been undergoing repair*. She
was put on the traek and gotten ready for
uso in fifty-eight minutes.
Mr. J. B. Frobe, of Bridgeport, was In
the city yesterday.
The Hook and Ladder Company bas se
cured new quarters for their p.pparstns.
It will hereafter be kept in Sedgwick's
building on Hanover street, west of Fifth,
formerly used by Frank McCarty as a
blaekstnish shop.
Some midnight pUferer made a raid upon
the chicken coop ot Mr. Theren Haskins
on Tuesday night und captured ten tine
hi od ohickeus, including several choice
Wyandot« and other fancy varieties. Mr.
Hu<;kins has a cluo to the thief. Hope he
will catch him.
A broken roll put a part of the ./Etna
mill oft'yesterday.
The mills are still suffering from a short
age cf natural gas.
John Terrell announces himself a candi
date for Township Clark on the Democrat
ic ticket.
J. E Reynolds, of Wheeling, will open
a tailoring establishment in John Beck'«
room en y-rond street, near the C. & P.
station, in a few days.
Mr. El. Dorsey, of Bush Ran, was in
the city yesterday.
Frank Znk is laid up with a severe
E'lwiD F. Mayo w ill play Davy Crockett,
in Lafayette Opera Hiuse, to night. Mayo
lus played this piece iu all tba larger dties
in the country, and he gives a good show.
Mrs. Harry Wet herald spent yerterdaj
at Biliaire.
Jo«. Medill is at Akron, O.
Capt. Ed. Muhleman is at Oolumbn*, O.
A few days since James Miskle, a keep
er at the Kenwood blast tarn**, *a<
severrly bnrued about the bead, back atk
shoulders by an explosion of hot nietr.l.
Joseph Bird, manager of the Benwoot
blast furnace, fell in an apoplectic fit a
tfce fnrnve yesterday, and bad to be takei
> J boms. At last accounts he was restin«
■ comparatively my.
The Eenwood Council of the Nationa
' Union will celebrate its first annirersar
this evening.
; A surpriee birthday party will be give:
this evening in honor of a popular gentle
man of the upper ward.
Tfee city will probably erect soi tab!
f municipal buildings this spring if 4 deeii
, able location can be purchased.
Mr. J. Lindmad bas resigned his poaj
r tion at the Wheeling Company's plaol
, Mr. Cbaa. Morgan now £lls the position
Several of the industries osing natun
gas m a fuel are forced to cease operation
» owing ton shortage.
> Mr. J. S Holliday, of Ifoundjville, wa
I in town yesterday.
B Mrs. Edward Newton is visiting in Mi
r Keeeport
t A watch will be ^fflsd off in Upper war
z f«r the purpose of helping secure educi
jj tional ^dvautagts to Charlie Seabrigbt, tl
j boy who bad bis kot so badly boraedsoa
s time ago at the steel plaat by stepping 0
a cinder pit
Material for the motor line is bein
placed on M*in street through Cent;
* ward.
Mr. Fred Tappe, who has beetr snfferir
X frt>m blood poisoning for some months,
«tili in a precarious condition.
High-Hand« d Work of Thierea at B« 1
Oae of the boldest robberies that ever
occurred in the city happened abont eight
o'clock Taasday evening in the Foorth
Ward. Mrs. S. A. Rankin and daughter
Mattie had just returned from a neighbor
ing call. They heard footstepi on the sec
ond ll>or, bnt, supposing Ooartlaad Rin
kin was np stairs, thought nothing of the
tread. Soon it became evident that more
than one person was above, and Mrs. Kin
kin called the name of her son from the
foot of the stairs. There was no response,
to she called again, and was surprised to
hear a strange voice and see three well
dressed individuals descending the stairs
with drawn revolvers, the latter of whom
also carried a suit of clothes on his arm.
The ladies were dumbfounded, and when
the leader demanded that they keep per
fectly quiet, they did as requested. Th^n
the demand was made of Mrs. R*nk
in that she deliver over her pock
etbook, bnt the* lady informed
the «rang that she had noce. "You're a
liar," said the chap who evidently was the
leader, as he m<»ved his weapon a little
closer to the bead of the frightened woman.
"Tfow don't parley, but just put your
hand in your pocket and pull ont your
Mr.-«. Rankin would willingly hâve obey
ed, but she was so unfortunate at thit
time as not to have a pocket in her dress
and so informed the robbers, but the trio
wf re not satisfied and the leader began
"»ftrching for th* pocket in the lady's dress.
The fellow ne doubt thought it funny that
th * apparel was without a pocket. Satis
fied that Mrs. Rankin was right, attention
wu3 now turned to Miss Mattie, who had
boen a quiet looker-on while her motner
W;is being searched. The young l<»dy wns
asked to hand oat her money. As she bad
on a cloak it is unnecessary to say
that she possessed a conplo of
p>ckets, but they were not needed. One
of the chaps thought he paw a'puree in the
muff of the lady and snatched for the
treasure. He was successful in his crab
for he found a purse and about six dol
Bidding the ladies good evening the
maraudera withdrew. A search up stairs
showed that a truuk aud bureau had been
disturbed, bat nothing of any consequence
taken. The fellow* had evidently not
been in the house bin a few minutes when
the ladies returned and surprised them
They had unlocked the door when they
entered and re-locked it after they made
The robbers were well dressed and wore
no covering on their faces. The more
daring fellow was about six feet tall, was
clesuly shaven and his face was fall. The
police are on the lookout for the chaps.
Some time later ou the same night un
known parties forced in a door at W. S.
Carroll's grocery and took all the money
that could be found in the drawers. The
amount was small. The thiaveu wanted
money, a* they took rotbing else.
About 9 o'clock Tuesday evening some
one entered the yard of Jauics Fitten 5n
the Fourth ward by the back gate and at
tempted to enter the kitchen of the house.
A dog heard the fellow and made a racket.
The (leeiug form of the individual v. as teen
going over the stone wall in front of the
I house.
Money at tfi»3 Per Oent.-Oovernm»nU On»
Hud Uncbjuigea.- Stocks Strong---Flow
St-tuly mid l'iirhantïnl-WliMt Dull.
Nkw Yons, March 14 —Money on cail
easy at 2a3 per cent.; clotted oûered at 2 J
per coat. ; primo mercantile paper 5a6j
per cent.; sterling exchange steady and un
GoVKBNiàKNrs—Dali and unchanged.
fours, Registered
Kours coupons - }&<
Fours-and-a-ha If, Registered
F.«i rs- anJ-fc-1 » If, Con jv m«. ••••, ® *
Piutflc Sixes of ISi)
Stocks—The stnek market opened
strong on buying orders irom London.
After the first honr the l»ears made a fierce
attack on the whole maiket, and a nnmbei
oi damaging rumors were pnt in circula
tion. The cloee vus strong on a light
business. Sales ltk>,lU7 phares. (juoto
tions closed hid na follows:
Adams Express 140; American Exprtst
10?}; Cana la Pacini Ontra! Pacific
29; Chesapeake and Ohio 2J; do preferred
first« 5; do seconds 3i; Chicago and Alton
145; Chicago, Burlington and Qnin-y 124è
Delaware and Hudson 106'j; Delaware,
Lackawanna r.nd Wealem, 1275; Denvei
and Rio Hran.ïe, 17; Erie, 25} ; do pre
ferred 57; Ft Wuyae, 16S; Illing
Central, —; Lake Shore, SO J; Michigan
Central, 78; Minneapolis and St Ix>ni*
51; do preferred, —; Missouri Pacific
«4; Northern Pacific, 205; do preferrtd
44; Chicago and Northwestern. 107V; do
preferred 1404 ; New York Central, lOGj;
Oregon Transcontinental, 18J; Politic
Mail, 3!iJ; Peoria, D. & E. Hi}; Pittfibnijj
155; Pullman Palace Or 13Y; Reading,
62}; Rock Island, 111|; Et Loaia and
8an Francisco 31; do preieirad, 70}; first
preferred, 111}; St Paul, Minneapolis ai d
Manitoba, 105; St. Pan! and Omaha, 31};
do preferred ; Texas Pacific, 23f ; Union
Pacific .">41; United State* Express 72]
WeitUaion Te'^rapH 7«}.
Tt'BSDAV, March 12.
Business lor the past week has been
rather slow, owing to the cold snap. Ap
pies aro rather scarce and apparently
there is no demand. The demand is a little
better tor potatota, inrnipj and cabbage,
new Florida cabbage and tomatoes beinp
iu the market. Butter is in very lighl
„apply, and the demand is in excess ol
receipts. Pooitry is in fair supply and
the demaud is good. Eggs have taker
Another drop and the demand has beeom«
heavy. The following arc wholesale quota
Butter—Country choice 25a28c; goot
conn try 18a22c; common Safic. Thesnpplj
is very light and the demand is good.
Beans — For hand-picked navy th<
demand is good and the snpply is vfj]
light Prices are $t| 60a2 73 per bushel
extra <ancy |2 90.
Cheese—Prime mild Ohio factory 12i
13c; New York 13al4c; Sweitxer l,')}»l lc
Limberger lUall. Market nominal.
Egg*—Strictly fresh stork 1 Sal 4c pe
dozen. Supply light, demand hesvy.
Feathers—Choice in original package
a55c; in small lots 4»5c extra
Potatoes- Home raised !)oca|l 00 pe
bushel; demand f«ir; enpply fair.
Ponltry—Live cliickens, $3 25a3 71
per dozen; turkeys live 8J9c per pound
dresaed llal2c; dncks, live |2 40*3 50 pe
Rags—Steady at ljaljc for white mixe
cotton; lalje tor all wool, and l}al$c fo
Lard—Country prime, with a fair de
mand, at 7ja8c.
Onions—Per bntshel $1 65.il 75; deman
good;snpply scarce; per barrel $4 50*4 71
Obbage—Home raised, light stock
$1 50 per hairel; solid stock $2 75 per bai
rel; demand fair; snpply 1'ght
Tnrnips—$1 75 per barrel; demand fail
snpply good.
Parsnips—Per barrel $2 00 to $2 2i
demand good; supply light
Apple»—Northern stock, hand picked.
$3 50 per bbl.
Game—rabbi ta $1 25 dosen; demand
Seeds — Per bushel—Prime dorer $4 50;
strictly choioe $4 75. Timothy $2 75 to
$2 85; orchard grass $1 50jl 75; bloe
gTWi, extra &reen, $1 25.
N« York.
N*w Yokk. March 14.—Floor—Doll
and unchanged; receipts 24,192 packagm;
exports 1.930 sscknj sain 14,009 barrels.
I Wheat—Export« 123.716 bushels; salts
I 888.000 bushels fntnres, 5,000 bushels spot;
options ruled very doll; ungraded red 89*
92 Jc; No. 2 red 90ja91c; No. March and
I April nominal, May 91J*91jc, closing at
91Jc; Jnoe 90i*95c, cluing at 90jc; Do
ceuiber 92}a92 9-16a, dosing at 92fc. Corn
1 —Rscaipts 17,662 boabels; exports 1,000
bnshels; salts 210,000 bushela fntnres; 12,
600 bushels, spot ; cash steady and moderate
ly active; ungraded 00*61 Jc; No. 2 March
60ja70}c, dosing at 60jc; April 60a6u|e,
closing at 60|c; May 59ja60c, dosing at
59j[c; June 59ji59Jc, cloeing at 59jc; July
59ja59jc, cl6jing at 59jc; August 49}a60c,
closing at 59Jc. Oata—Receipts 34,000
bushel?; sales 15,000 bushds fntnres, 19,
000 bushel*, spot; stead; mixed western
3Sa41c; white do 41a46. Coffee—Spot, fair
Rio nominal; options|15a20 points higher
and moderately active; sales 750 bags;
March 9 75c; April 9 15c; May 9 55a9.80c:
June 9 45o9 65c; July 9 25i9 45c; August
9 I5a9 35c; September 9.10s9 30c; October
9.10a0 25c; November 9 10i9 25; Decem
ber 9 10i9.15c; January 9 10j9 15c; Febru
ary 9 25a9 30c. Petroleum—Firm; United
closed weak at 96}c. Tallow—Dall at 4 jc.
Rosin—Qniet. Turpent'ae—. nil. E^gs
—Stronger and higher; receipts 1,754 pack
ages; western 19ja20c. Pork—Steady;
meed quoted at $14 50al5 00; one year old
$15 OOalô 25 Lard—Weak; western steam
spot quote! $8 05; April *7 95; May $7 97a
7 98; August $8 08a8 09; city steam quot
ed at $7 65, Batter— Qaiet and firm; west
ern 14»32e. Cheese—Doll; western Ilia
Chicago, March 14—Early reporta and
early trading promised a favorable day for
the bulls in wheat The results of the
session, however, showed that the market
was a deddedly heavy one. Wheat—Dull.
Corn—Dull. Provisions—Dull and un
changed. Flours-Steady and unchanged ;No.
2 ca*-h sprinsl wheat 75$a78c; No. 2 red HI Jc;
April 75ja75jc, closing at 75jc; May 79ja
80}c.clo8ing at79£c; June 80a80|c, closing
at 80c; July 80a8Oiic, dosing at 80c. Corn—
No. 2, 50ja50jc; May 51$a51Jc, closing
at 51 ec; Juue51}a51|c, closing at 51 }c;
JolySlJa52}c, closing at 51 £c.'Oats— No.
2, 27fa30cr May 31|a31fc, closing at 31 Jc;
June 31 Ja31 jc,closing at 31 Jo; Rye—No. 2,
58Jc. Barley-No. 2 77a80c. Flaxseed—
No. 1, $1 45. Timothy Seed—Prime $2 51
a2 52. Mess Pork—$14 05 May $14 10a
14 30 closing at $14 12* ; June $14 17Ja
14 22J, closing at $14 17J. Lard—$7 62Ja
17 65; May $7 70a7 72J closing at $7 70;
June $7 75a7 77*, closing $7 75; July
$7 80a7 82J,closing at $7 80 Bulk Meats
Short rihs side«, $7 30; dry Raited shoul
ders, $'6 00a6 10; sugar cured sbou'ders
$7 55j7 70. Sagars—Catloaf 78a8jc;
erannlated 7c; standard A 5|c. Butter—
Firm; creamery 22a29c; dairy 18a25c.
Eggs—Firm at 13ol4c.
CufClNiTATT, O., March 14.—Cotton—
Qaiet. Flour—Steady and quiet. Wbent
—Western No. 2 read 88c; receipts 1,50(1
bushels. Corn—Firm; No. 2 mixed 53.1
53Jc. Oats—Easy; No 2 mixed 33jc.
Kye—Easier; No. 2, 6#}c. Pork—Easier
at $14 50. Lard—Dull and nominttl nt
$7 50. Bnlk Meat*—Firm; short rib«
$7 35. Baoon—Qniet and higher; short
clear $8 62J. Whisky—Firm; salts ol
1,022 barrels on a hoeisof$l (»9. Butter
Steady. Eggs—Fir® at 13c. Cheese
Tomdo, O., March 14.—Wheat-Dull
and easier; cash 85c; May and June 86s;
July 83jc; August 83jc; September 83jc.
Corn—Doll, cash 52c. Oats—Quiet; rwh
33c. Clover Seed—Cash, March and
April $3 90.
Tuesday, March 13.
The cattle market thid week was active,
with prices unchanged from lafii. week.
The hog market was active, with prie«« the
same. Messrs. Hudson A Bayh-\ fnrni?h
the following quotations:
Cattle—1,000 to 1,100 lbs stock 4}a4Jc
ptr lb.; 800 to 90011*. 3}a3j|c. per lb.; 7<H1
to 800 11m. 3a3Jc. per lb.
Hogs—Market active; 5a5jc per lb.
Lamba—Good at 4aSc per lb.
Oalve»—3a5c per lb.
Sheep—3 to 5c per lb.
Baltimore Live Stock Market.
Baltimore, March 12.
Bekf Catti.k—There wu an ample
offering at the yards to-day, and their qual
ity was generally of a considerably better
average than ou last Monday. Bayers
were on hand and bought more free ]y than
I they did lost week, finding price« J5 to 2fl
cents per 100 lbs. lower, considering the
improved quality of the cattle. We quo!#
at $2 50*5 00; moat sales were made at
$4 00a5 00 per 100 pounds.
Prices of beef cattle this week ranged as
follows: Best beeves at $4 75a5 00, those
generally rated as first quality $3 87J.i
4 62$; medium or good fair quality $3 23
a.'i 75; and ordinary thin steers, oxen and
oows t>2 50a3 00 per 100 11m.
Of the cattle received 323 came frora
Virginia, 335 from Maryland, 37 from
; Illinois, 15 1mm Ohio, and 86 from Penn
I tvlvania. Total receipts for the past
week 801, against 793 last week, :md 734
I same time last year.
Of the offering3 401 were taken by the
Baltimore butchers, 90 by oountry dealen
: and S3 Fold to Eastern speculators
j Total sales for the week 484 against
' I 348 last week, and 682 same time last year,
i 8hkkp and Lambs.—There was a
limited offering of sheep and lambs to day,
, I and prices were Je per pound higher thai:
! last Monday. The quality was of a bet
ter grade throughout than the offdriniu
then. Tiade was fairly active, with th«
improvement in rates. We quote butcher»'
sheep at 4ja6jc per lb gross mlb a few ex
, tras at and Iambi at 5aÇfc, per lh,
. gross. Receipts this week of sheop ant
. lambs 855 head.
H WINK.—There la an increase of nearly
k 700 in the receipts over last week's record
. and there is some improvement in tb<
' prices obtained. Ttade was fairly activi
r in most of the yards, with the quality gen
erally very good. We quote bog< at 6$i
, 7jcfor common to fair, and 7ija7îc for tbi
better grades, with most Bales at 74a7$i
r gerjpouud net Receipts this week 6,22:
Arrival* cf livestock at Cloremontstocl
r yards via Baltimore and Ohio railroad fo
' {be week en^ed March 11:—137 cars
{ containing 1.866 cattle, 21 calve», 15
r 1 sheep, 5,960 hogs 140 bornes and 18 mule«
Shipments to New York, Philadelphia
. etc, 776 cattle, 75 sheep, 1,281 hogs, 7
' horses and 3 mnlea
j All bflga and sheep rold in these yard
! are at gross weight Receipts of hogs thi
! week are 3,885, against 2,939 last week
, rough bogs sold at $5 00; fair to goo
at $5 60a5 90; extra at Î6 00; pigs at %o C
1 a5 50 per 100 11*.
Cincinnati florae and Mala Market,
i; I Saturday Eykxikg, March 10.
There was a good, general demac
CtlTy and Coca, tho prominent ln
rredieut*. are the best and safest
Nerv« Ton ter It strengthens and
tiuiets lb* nervous system, coring
Nervoos Weikne», Hyiteri*, Bleep
id^iea, Ac.
It (hires out the pebonoo« bnmors M
the blood i &riiyitwT and enriching it,
ami to overcoming those disessos
resulting from impur« or imporcr
iahod blood.
Aetingmfldlrbot rarely cothalxm to
Heures habitual roDfttpttion, ULd
promotes« rvgnlar habit." It strength
en* the iumux h. and aids digestion.
In its ora position the best and most
ailir.'tliurv tics of the Materia Vesica
are ot-ni Mned srientiflcally wllh other
effective remedies far disease« of the
kidneys. It can be relied ob to give
quick relief and speedy core.
imoafUblebsoeOt. Send (or circulars, cmof
fall partiral*i*
ft** $1 C9. Ui4 tf bmggUU.
throughout the week, the special tie« being
airoDg draught horses, which were higher,
and good, blockv mules. Street-car horse«
were not as readily sought. Receipts, as a
rale, were fair, prices ruling as foHows:
Drivingand saddle-hones, $150*225; draft
horsey $ 175*250; street-car horse?, $100a
125; Southern chunks, $80*115. Males,
aged foor to eight years, St teen and a half
to sixteen hands, $135al50; fifteen to fif
teen and a half hands, $115al35; fourteen
and a half to fifteen hands, $90*115.
Chicago, March 14 —Cattle—Receipts
7,500 held; shipments 3,000 head: market
«trong; steers $3 40a5 20; stocker* and
feeders $2 25*2 70; cows, balls and mixed
12 00*4 00; bulk $2 35a3 00; Texas cattle
$3 65*4 00.
Hog»—Receipts 16,500 head; shipments
5,500 head; market strong, closing weak;
mixed $5 20j5 4!); heavy $5 35a5 60; light
!» 10i5 35; skips |3 50*5 00.
Sheep—Receipts 5,000 head; shipment«
1,000 head; market stronger; natives (4 00
a6 12}; wuatern $4 75*6 00; Texans $3 25
a4 65; lambs $*> 25a7 00.
Eut Llbartr,
East Libkbty, March ^-Cattle
Receipts 38 head; shipments 2(W head;
market closed doll on account of the rail
road blockade. Prime, $5 00)5 25; lair
to Kood $4 2ia 4 50; common $3 75*4 00.
Hogs—Receipts 1,200 head; shipments
900; market firm; Philadelphias $5 70*
5 80; mixed $5 60.i5 75; Yorkers $.5 50
a6 00; common to fair $5 25*5 40; pigs
$4 75a5 00.
Sheep—Receipts 1,200 head; shipments
320 head; market slow on account of the
blockade; prime $6 00; fair to good $5 25
a5 75.
New York.
Nkw York, March 14 — Beeves—Re-1
ceipto for four days 2,980 head; poor to
prime steers $4 25*5 80; bulls and cows,
extra, $3 00^4 50; market closed firm;ahip
mente 1,200 quarters ot beef.
Sheep—Receipts since Saturday 7,725
head; sheep $6 30i7 60; lambs $6 75a8 00;
mai ket closed firm.
Hogs—Receipts ßince Saturday 7,130
head; none for sale; market nominally firm
and higher.
Cincinnati, O., March 14 -Hogs
Steady; common and light $4 00a5 00;
packing and butchers' $5 35a5 65; re
ceipts 2,100 head; shipments 450 head.
Who« ling,
Tuesday; March 13.
Trade good for the Reason and collections
good, as all country merchants «earn to keep
close to shore on credits, and there arc no
good reasons why all dealers who attend
strictly to business do not pay bills when
dne, or discount them, and at the end of
each year have a nice balance in bank, in
place of a lot of worthless debts on their
books. Oar advice is to collect for goods
sold when bill« are due. Coffee easier and
lower than last Week. 8ngar scarce and
steady, in fact it is almost impossible to
get sugars. Can goods steady. New
prunes active; old neglected.
SYBUPs—Choice Sngar Syrup 34a37c;
Honey Drips 34a35o; CaliforniaWTiite Drips
35a36c; Maple Drips, five gallon kegs65c;
ten gallon kegs ti(K-; onc-lialfbarrel 65c;
barrel 50c; Bixby Maple .Syrup (bar
rels) 55c; Bixby Maple (J barrels) 5%; Bix
by Maple (10 gallon kegn) fiOc; Bixby Ma
ple (5 gallon kegs) 62e; Kiiby Maple (qnar
cana) 30c. Sugar Houwj (dark) 2Ua22c;
(3c additional in half barrels).
New Orleans Molasses, new crop now in,
Fancy 48a50c; Choice 46a48c; Prime 44
a46c; Fcir 42a44c; Mixed goods New Or
leans 30o32c; Baker's goods 25a27c.
Provisions—Large S. C. nams 11c; me
dium S. C. hams lljc; small 8. C. hams
ll}c;California hams 8jc; 8. C. breakfast
bacon ll*c;S, C. shouidfrs 8c; boneless
hams 19c; city sides 9Jc; bacon shoul
ders 7jo; h.am beef lljc; ordinary
beef 9}c; family mess pork, 51b pieces,
$16 00; bean pork, fine clear, $1? 00.
Lard—Tierce 8c;half lwirrels 8}c; tubs
8jc; tin pails, 3 lbs., 9c; tin
pails, 5 lb«., 8|c; tin pails, 10 lbs., 8}c.
tin pails, 20 lbs., 8jc; tin paib, 5011m., 8Jc.
Canned Goons—Active; Standard 3Ib
table peach $2 25a2 GO; No. 3 tomatoes new
$1 15 to $1 35 per dozen, as to quality;
strawberries 2tb $1 10; black berries
2lb 90c; raspberries 2 lt> Ç1 00; Dam
son's 2ft> 95c; lima beans 2!b $1 60:
cove oysters lib light 80c; do lib (bll
weight 95caSl 00; string hear" 2tb 85a90c;
succotash 21b $1 00a$l 25; raily June (teas
$1 35al 40; French peas 15c « ach; pineapple
$1 50; gooseberries 2lb 90ca$l 00; lib
Favorite Salmon, very flue, $2 00; 31b
weet potatoes $1 75; 31b pumpkin $1 00.
Woodkn Warf—No. 1 tubs $6 00; No.
3 $5 00; No. 3 $4 00; 2 hoop pails $1 40;
2 hoop fil 65; sap$l 2*); single washboarde
$1 50; double do. $2 50; fine crimp doublg
do. $2 75; single $2 50.
Fruhs—New l'runeu 4}*4jc; Raisin.»,
stemmed Valencia, 7c; Layer Odora, 9c;
halves, new dry peaches, He. Londou layer
raisins $2.75*3.00; Log*« Muscatels, $2.40
to 2.50.
ÜIL—Lard, extra western strained 80c,
carbon, 110, 7|c; carbon, 160, H|c; white
miners' best winter 58 :; white miners'
48 to 49c.
Sugars—CutloafMc; Cnbes 7jc; Frnit
powdered 8c, Ordiuary powdered 7|c;
Granulated Standard 7c; Standard Con
fectioner's A (ijc; Standard Grocer's A 6|c;
Pearl White A 6|c; White extra C 6c;
Ohio Valley 5jc; New York C 6Jc.
Coffkr—Green Coffee—Fancy Golden
Rio 18c; Fancy Green 18c; Pcaberry 19c;
Choir»Green 17c; Prime Green 16c; Boast
ing grade« 15c; Java 24c. Roasted in pack
te»—Ohio Valley 19|c; Ohio Valley roast
ed, 500 lb lota, 19c.
Tit an* Iii«.
Titcsv rix.*, March 14Pstroleuia—
Opened at 97ic; highest 98c; lowest Wi|c;
cloned at 9B|c.
Hbadforp, Mirch 14. — Petroleum —
Opened at 96je; closed at 9fl|e; low«*t
96jc; highest 9äjc; clearances 1,704,000
W tUba rg.
PlTTSBCRO, Maith 14 — Petroleum
Doll and heavy; opened at 97|c; clo-ted at
90jc; highest 9«Jc; lowest 9<Hc.
<Mi oily.
On. City, March 14 —Petrolenai—
Opened at 97|e; highest SWc; lowest
closed at 9*4c; sales 1,342,000 barrels;
clearances 3,406,000 barrels.
New York.
New York, March 14 — Petroleum—
Opened firm at 97jc, after a slight decline
advanced rapidly to 98^c. Heavy realising
cansed a reaction in which most of the
parij advance was lost. Before the closc
another decline occurred and the market
closM weak at 98Jc; sales 77*2,000 barrels.
TuBUUY, March .13.
The market the past week has been
rather dull and if anything slightly softer,
Prices are 28 to 30 cents for well growr
wools, while short clothing fleeces are M
much in demand. Sloek continues to g<
steadi'y from the country markets, M par
ties who hire been holding cannot an
much prospect of better prices in tho neu
mi to re. Prices remain tos same and are m
Pins washed fleeces 98a30c; fineunwaabet
flseco 19aS0c; unmerchantable fi^eees 211
23c; medium wsabed fleeces 31a33c; med;
um unwssbed fleeoss21a23c; medium tub
washed 3H35e.
TüBDAT, March 12.
The past week has witnessed no cbsng
in the market, and floor remains (full
although prices are firm. Good cleai
wheat still calls for 85 cents per brtsbel
and it is coming in slowly at that figur«
The continued cold weather has been bar
on wheat and the complaint amonc Cirm
ers is pronounced. Corn is in hette
demand; oats are tn good d<
mand and hay is qnie*. Bran and mid
dlings are ia good demand with a tendenc
to upward prices. Prices on floor and grai
are wholesale and are as follows, retai
prices being from 50 to 75 cents higher:
I Pi/xte Ajn> Ghunr—Choice fomily floe
Jin barrels $4 50; in sacks |4 3S;middlinf
per ton $20 00a21 00; bran per too $20 Ot
»21 00; wheat per boabel, No. 1, 85c.
Fkkd—Corn per bushel 60c; oats 35#
»40c; baled hay per ton, $11 00»13 00.
Fennen are offering loose hay at flO 0C
per ton.
Whhukq, March 13.
No. 1 black oknnk 90ca|l 00; No. 2 do
50*60c; small »tripod sknnk 25»30c; long do
10315c; No. 1 Kacroon 60»75c; No.2 da
40r50c; No. 3 do 10»15c; No. 1 muskrat
l,Oal3o; No. 1 oppossnm 15e25c; No. 2 do
10al5c; No. 3 do 5etl0c; mink. 2iJa40c; red
fox 90ca$l 00; gnj fox 70w80c. The
above price are for prime skina only.
Mew York.
Nkyv York, March 14—OoUon —Nomi
nal; uplands 10|c; Orleans lOjc; sales
1.15 bales; fa tares closed steedj; March
9.78c; April 9 86e; Mujr 9.9fc; Jone
10.04c; July 10.04c; September 9 82c;
October 9.63o; November 9.53c; December
9.54c; Jann&ry 9.61c.
State and City Depository. 8tocihokten
Doubly Liable.
UoTenuauut and Local Br ods bought and »old.
Drafts lasaed on any pair t In Europe, as well
a* on the principal diles of the Doited Slat«*.
A geueral ban klag basinets tranaaoted.
WM. A. ISBTi", Pwident,
WJf. B. MMHON,.Vice Indent
Joli jr. P. JKPSON Cashier.
CAPITAL. —— »aoo.ooo,
J. V. VANCE - ..President
L. 8. DïlJtFUIN...-. - -Vice President
Draft« tMiied od Ritgland, Ireland, Scotland au«4
all point« In Europe.
mrt JOHN J. JONKH. Caahler.
CA PITAL — „§*00,000
doothwest corner of Mal u and Twelfth Ma.
KARL W. OftlEHAY, President,
CHAS. W. BROCKUNIRR, Vice Prwddent
LAWRENCE K SA NI Alistant C**h 1er.
Jifjgal IJourfS.
United States Commissioner's Notice,
State« for tho District of Wot Virginia^»
Nlmlck A Co. and other* )
▼s. V In Equity.
Johu Bruce aud others. j
To Ihr Crtih'ort qf the Minyo Iron U'orU Compuaj
Ry vlrture of a decree entered in the above «i
titled cau*e on tbc'-Bth day of Febtnary, titfs, I
is referred to the uoriervlgnrd < ommis»ioner, wh
is directed to take, »ta'c and report au account
KIM, of the debt« due by the Mingo IronWork
Company, with the amount« thereof, and th
dRte* from which they n «perilveiy bear luierfsl
H'i'Jiad. of auy other matters deemed perUneti
by the commissioner and requested by any of th
Notice Is hereby given that the tinderslgne<
ha« tlx eil upon Nniurslny. (he .tint da) n
March, Ihhh, commencing at tf o'clock a m
as the time, and hia office. No MSI Cbapllm
street, lu the city of Whci-liuir, Ohio county
West Virginia, tut the place at which he will pn
reed to avert ni n and report the several matter
in the aaid dccivo require*.
<«lveu under»» hand tbl*2fth day of F«lru
ary, 1881 ALFRED RURIN.-n'ROM,
nirH,l8,î.'A29 0. f. Commissioner
► i In the Circuit Court for Ohio county, W«
Virginia. March Rule«, MM.
Mary J. 1'eters and J ami * Peters, her buahaad
Louisa Robinson and William II. Iloblnsou, be
huMtand; William H. Robinson, trustee; Kli/.i
Dlckman and Henry lilckm.«n, ber hiwbanl
T. T. Cockayne, Rebecca Ultmon and Willlan
Olbson. her husband; Dowdcn Cockayne, ant
Virginia Hayne*
The object of this milt I« to partition tbe rta
estate of which Lydia Coekaye died aelzed it
Zsnos addition to the city of Wheeling, If It cai
be done in kind, if not, to «fil the name and dl
vide tho proceeds amoig ihnne entitled thereto
nnd to require the defendant, W. H. Robloaon
trustee, ton count fur tbe proc cd* of the rea
c«tateofsa!d l.ydla In bK hand« And It ap
pcarlng from an atlidavit fllod in this ca'ise tba
the defendant«, lamina Robinson and Willlso
H. Robinson, William H Robln«on, tnt'tee; lie
Ikscch Gibson und William fJlbaon, Vlrginii
Harucnnd Dow£en Cockayuearo non ruai dent
of tno Slate of We«t Virginia, and they not hav
ine been served with pmoi »« In this canae, oi
motion of the complainants. by their «oilrltor»
Ihn order of publication is entered ataiust tbetn
and It I« ordert d that the «aid defendants, l<m
named, be required 1» appear within otic moot!
from tbe date of the tir.i publication of tbia or
der and do what Is Deoc»sary to pictect tbelr lu
tert-st« It 1« further ordered tbat this order 1*
published and |«sted as required by law.
Wltne s J« hu W. Mitel ell, clerk of Mid court
at the Court House of said county. tbisseventl
day of March, 1WW to wit: March Rules IHM.
Published the finit iini>- March wb. 1MH.
Attest : JOHN W. MITCHELL, Clerk.
Whit* <tr A lie*, Solicitors for Complainants.
Notice to Crtxlltora.
I Whiting deceased, snd Thomas Jones, Ar
eased. In pumianceof a decree of the Ctr«ul
Court of Ohio County, made In a cause Utereii
sending, to subject the real estate of the aai<
John Duotnore Whiting and the fait) Thotna
Jenes, 'to tbe payment o( tbeir lebt«, yon an
required to present your claim* aeainst the «Mat
of tbe SAld John Lur inore W'bllJnjt and the sajf
Thomas Jone«, or either of them, for adjudlcs
lion to JoM-ph R. »'anil, commiiataner. M hi
office. * o 1501 Ibapliiic streti. lu the City i
Wheeling, Ohio county. West Virginia, on orbe
fore Friday, theWthoayof April, 1Ü*.
Wltncts, John W. Mitchell, Clerk of said Couf
this 7th day of March, lw.
jonn w. MrrcHEi.L,
mrHoawv Clerk.
Insures anlnst loss or dama«« by f re and llghi
ulng, all cÜMttc of oaairafcl« pn>pinf. Also It
s»in— cargf«.* on the Western water«.
oirrntM :
J. N. VANC* President.
M. KClLLT, Vtee President.
JAMK>. v. ADAM«. H^TBtary.
Drac.-Toaa :
J. ». VA^Ct, M. K EI LLT,
u c. an y el, j h hobbp,
OMe# If*». XA Twelflh WlreH.
For tha Bath, Toilet and UunJ ry.
«now Whit* *nd Absolutely Pur.'.
If roar dorn *o• JBf*4
M MU toe tmk» to «M
~t? m.Jm
(Pan Handle BouU.) Dater «hod al» te eBM
November 14th, 1H7. trains taira Wheeling. Pen
irai Standard Vlmc: For fttaabonrUla aaTHUk
burgh, 6:S> a. m., 12:» p. m.. 14 p. m. F>it
Steubenrllle, 805 p. m. Thu 8:» a. Bl and
806 p. m. traiui Bäk« J (rant onroaottnn fat
(\»lumbaa, Cincinnati, Iudiaaapolle and Chioaro.
The It» u. m train makes dlect onnnectk*
for Coin m 1*1» and Chicago. Train« art ira U
Wheeling at 6:1» a. bl, 10.1» a. m., ^ m. and
e-oop. m. mrv
Dodu arhedula In efltet January tt U*4, traîna
leare Bridgeport, Ohio, Central standard Tlxae:
For Plttabunn and Clere'.and, ktO a. ■ , 1 02
p. m. For Pltubargh. 10:17 a. m. For »Ha
rt He, 4:1« p m Fm Stonbcurllle, M a. «
For Marth/« Fc»nr, 1:4ft a. in. IValni arrlra tt
Bridgeport at 7 *1 a. n>. 1W2 a. * U p. m ,
(:M p. in.. 533 p. m .and 7 47 p m. mfl"
Departure of Traîna ftocn Wheeling, TaHaco
time. Schedule In effect February 26th, 1M
Kxpivaa fur Chicago and the Northweet, »so
a. tu., 11:40 p m. and MX» p. M.dally, and U:M p.
m. dally except Saturday.
Kxprcw for CI art a rail and 8t Loula. MO a. ■.
dally.and 11;]» P» m., dwly except Saturday.
Columbua and CUclnnaU Iiyta, J 46 a bl,
Sunday only.
For Coluinboa, »SO a. m. dal It, and 11:1» a. m.
dally exoept Saturday, and 2:» p. bl dally tt*
oept Sunday.
Rxpruaa lor Washington, D. O., Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New York. MO a. m. and i 4i
p. m., da3ly.
Kor Piitaburg and Wa*Wlti*tor, Pa., »00 a. n>.
and 7 p. m. d»llT: Fxprtea, 810 a a , 1:46 p. at.
dally except Wund ay. AddlUanal way train for
Waahlnfton, Pa, ft:»p. m.dally exrvpt tanday.
For MoundarlUe, 1200 noon, dally except dun
Fur Uraflnn, 1.-4» p. m.. dally except fruidar.
Far Cumberland, »:» a bl, dally except Hun
Vor St. Clalrrrllle, 7*6 a ». and MO p at.
and ft:4ft p. m. dally except Sunday.
Kxpreat traîna amre from Chicago, 1:40 and
tM a. m . a. m. and p. a. dally, and t«o a.
m. dally except Monday.
Exprev tralni arnre fron RL Loala and (la
clunaU, 6:00 a. m. and 6:46 p. a , dally,
JCxprtM train» am ye from Philadelphia, Balti
more aid Waf i:!!«fioa. b. iom a m aad iof »
p. tn.. dally.
Traîna antra fnmi Oolnabu*. »-00 a ». and
8:4ft p. m. dally, and 10 » a ». dally agcrpt
TraiuJ arrlre from Plttabm*. 0:80 a a. dally,
and 12:4*. n m atide^ftp. m dally except B..j
day, and lltliip. tn, dally except Saturday, and
2:40 a. m. Bunoar onir.
Train» amy* from Vfahlngtoa, pa, »00 a n
dally except Sunday.
From Mouad»ri)le, 1.40 p. a., dally except
Traîna anire fro« Grafton, fc» a »., dally ex
oept Sunday.
T'alua arrlre from Cumberland, »84 p m,
dally exccpt Sunday.
Fron SL clalrrrllle, 10.» a. it. aad 1 », 8 4»
and 8;20 p. m dally rxoept 8nndat.
Baggage called for and checked at hotel« aad
realdencea un order« left at Ticket Uftce. I«
Market »treeI, and at Depot
0. Kj U)BD.
Oea. Paaa A«wL
W. H CLlMUtTS. Manager. aol»
I'Meof« traJuiwlU rua m teUow» <3oou»i
pjsr*-vr*utss? * •"
' PMrai* Aftat,
Pirkwbui, t.Vâ
^y-M. HAREA80N.
Plomb«it,6as tnd Steta Fitten,
83 Twelfth Htreot.
au wwt«n>|iiai|i>>y»M<mti>imlii
un0. Mtwiwia. cmàtL B. McKova.
Jeun Um.
Miasbtrger, Uts A MeKm,
v«. ay T»<m witwi,
, W. TA.
ncui kmrnntm «r

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