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Absolutely Pure.
Till« oowder never T4ri<*. A mar*i»l
ot parity. nrparth «id TTbolosomeno«.
MofwwKwiomlca1 lh>ui thenrhuwy kinds,
Jk'id «"»"not be «V.1 in : omp-. tiUoti with
Uio mitU'iode of law U»t, -hort wrl^fel
».ai,» or i>tiicphitfce pc wdoR !<-i* t ni» in
ca w. Hot*?. £Uki>w Kownn* Co., i(W
"i«w York.
§3» lists.
m G»). J. ÇA.DDLE,
No. IJI8 Mttrbi*( Nirfet,
**-. '*<» IV»!Vr •»»»in*'» H«nr »»*
Ürn $oods.
Builu..« hi* been way ahead of our export*
U'.m. and notwithstanding the in nu-rum su* k
we l-ari litik>1 when fe'aat ft»':." w<.r In a«o.
U*veU> duplicate al.Vfely. Tbl* will nrt mir
prUe you. if nw*n> what a tiiit.cultioei:' a»ort
neut or NKW SHKIV'. (iOOW m carry and
tow wotulerfU If tow w* «eil them Not
wunstarvlinv the r«va' advance la prices, w.
( outinne to u> seit then as cheap a* before. On11
of our Spc' 'a' Neu Harrains is 0.'- och iH-lncl<
Heavy Cen;ury Orth, etçht ya'ds for 30 coal*.
;'•*<> uhw 1.tnghaja, c»<l vainc, f>>r 5 reut* m
Tu a cîuukc ?owho*v yon our ÎPie of LACE (TR
T VISs whcayou e» ready VI, luveaa endlos*
▼ariely. Ka«t kW», «l\yarda long.as
to* aa 10 cent* h pair.
Whether yot tutxi '.hem now or later, yoer on!*
chance to ï,uv olio a: am! below t «*l prit«. Yon
BUMt come wühlt» the n«xt two ww>H We are
going oui of hü» line, and cock U running «lowu
Down to prlo? are our new Dresa (iooda, 3111«
Pltuhea, Saline«. tie«r»uclter». White Good»
Watii Good* of all deaurlptltoru, Smhrolderlc*
Lace«, Hoalery, Glove«, Ac.
S« Ont«, fhrap nt 91.OO.
P. 9 - Merchant« will ntid notne ?re*t Indu.e
monts ! I our wko;«fV.' a. fca«
Wo I NIM 'I ikK SIX »he
1 ireateat Karvain« in rar pets ever shown tu
thiscity. TMaecaodswww• (Metal fMhM
km I — iiwftar lin m ia «mal m taà Raw
-how th-j lare—«! -t.> k and lal< design* for le*»
inoucv than any nthtr house in the city.
Ten Pieces of Hemp Carpets at 10 cent» a yard.
I on Piece« ..I « h»i mgra:n at JO cent» a yard,
regular price fl nats.
Ten Pie* es Kxtnt Heavy Ingrain Carpet at 30
cents. Wurth sOi-eut*
Teu Pieovs of Half Wool Inifrala Carpet -15
Cfitts, wort'i GO cents.
Sine Heee« All Wool Kx'.ra Super 85 cents,
worth 81 cents.
Three Piece* of Three-ply Carpet 75 cents,
worth fl u).
Ten Pteeea of Ta;>o«ry Brussels at 45 cents,
worth 75 centa.
Kiithi I'ieces of Tapestry B"issels at 60 cent*,
worth n"> on tu.
Eigti Pieces of Tap stry Brussels at 75 ccuU,
worth ;*J o-nt>.
Seven Plo t 1 of Body Brussels at 11.00, worth
Kivo Hundred Hug* ftnm <0 ccnt* up to *>.50 a
We are du \ opeuitn; Mich *|>t in* Xowcl
II« -. in Mil.s ti■■ •! UriHw I,imhN, mi t re
•pectfullv Invite tne iadi- - for an car.y visit of
inspection. Among »he lat«' t arrivals art- Cash
ui. rr and !!. iiri'tUs in all the {w^mlar *h*dea,
*m-h as Hois d< l."M\ <iris 1'ahleuti. (ioblin utnl
Miihovjany. OU" line of I>re-a (><» «U emhriMVs
1 .si*) ditt 'e-nt styiea, from the cheapest to the
^eryU^t mIm
ts l y nail reo*'vo prompt attention.
Ii. S. WOüI». U2."> a j il 1127 M .tin St.
. AT
I* 1050MAIN SX. 9
— 9 f
Will buy it h.ifi«is«>m. two, thr* t or four Made
Sheffield Pocket Knife.
Shell IVitrl. ->tajt i>r Bono 11-tadle s No more
eau he had alter tni- lot is sold.
uir> No. 1301 Market 8treot.
HHjcelinij ;Rcmstrr
'ntcrrouoK'tcr Keeoril.
Mr. C. Sctaaep»', tb« Opera H m-mdrag
*ijft, rasde the following observations of
ttia U-iQ^iatar« \e*t*riiay: 7 &. m , 55;
I# a to., 60; 12 m., &l; 3 p. KL, 5'i, 7 p.
m , K Wentber, raia.
Ib<1*I ta N«» Ait«rrtlMi)i«oil.
L'«t - l«old < ûmaaiKl ^htie.
rhineae «n i Lit .rary Kiitertaiinn.nt North
Street M K. Church.
LflitV Blark Hose—J. S>. RUode>iV Co.
diu« or Anm\er®ary <»ilt»-Kwiri* Broa.
Public »tile of Hotel Furniture.
For Kent—''ountry Residence.
Votif».' to M 'V«'rs-K>>i)ert Luke.
Jewett'* Kefrsreraiors— Sent tt & Bro.
Meetin,- -<'humi>erof <'omm»r> •
Mu-oiiie Fanerai Notice.
Private Sale otCarpets at>>I Furniture.
* Kor Rent—store Room at Kim Ciroye
WriBj»rs-(i«ii W. Johnson's So:u.
'.Vante I -fJirl for housework.
For Sale-Larjt»- Rafrimrainr
Wanted—A jjen t>
Kor Sale—Folding Bed and Dresser.
Auction Sale of Fumiturv.
Excelsior Bak ing Powder— R. H. List.
roc*TH PA«*.
Wheelinv Turner Awociation Funeral Notice.
Diamonds and Watches Found in Tea.
ihr Hlobe Ten (•«(»■) , of 1131
Main »Irwt. hawe reiuoteel to their
new »tore, 1153 Markel «(reel, .«at
north of Twelfth »Irret.
He« •urChllilrfa a P«al< at *.1 rrals
Sa. II IO Ruin Street.
Who i» a t aadldale for Eirat t urn
hongbt bis Faster mil from a«, we
will vive a laaxniMeeat present.
Those who have a«t boneht their eoa
tlratali»n «alt« je» ahaalU do »o this
.Va. lHO lain «wet.
t'eraon* changiug their place of reniUenc* will
plea>e Inn their new »Uro# at the Coaming
Room of the Rïuisrr««. Any irregularities grow
ing out of chance* April 1st, will be promptly
attended to.
fh« Newa of Itia Day Pointedly Par«
irraphed for Haaty Read«».
t >n k deed of trust was admitted to lec
ord at Clerk Hook'a office, yesterday.
Thkrk will be an unique entertainment
at the North Street M. E. Church this even
Thk public sal« of the furniture, etc., of
the New Home Hotel, has been postponed
until Saturday moroicg at nin» o'clock.
Mb. Geo. L. Durst bas the latest
uovelty, in the way ot E«t<»r efrga with
your name handsomely ornamented on
Tut Chamber of Commerce will hold its
first mealing in its new and elegant quar
ters in the Keilly block this evening at
7:30 o'clock.
Pknsiox Aorkt Jobeph Hall nill be
at the cilic« oi the Clerk of the Circuit
Court this morning from 10 to noon, und
ftom 2 until 4:30 p. m.
The lecture of Rev. I)r. Kandolpb, at
the Female College, yesterday, was ot a
very inteiestiftg nature, and was listened
to attentively by a good sized audience.
Thr funeral of tbe late Philip Schuehle
will take place this afternoon at two o'clock.
The funeral will be in charge of Ohio
1/idge No 1, A. F. & A. M , the member*
of which are called to meet this afternoon.
A horsk attached to vVru Yrewe's'ba
Iccry wagon ran ell'on Main street yester
day afternoon and attempted to knock oft
the corner of a brick house at the corner
of Twenty-sccond street and^Alley B The
wugou was somewhat damaged and the
animal was stopped.
At a meeting of the stockholders of the
Wheeling Athletic club, last evening, the
old Board of Directors consisting of Henry
Miller, Samuel Ha/lett, Dr D. P. Ross,
Dr. Chas. E Mason, M. R. Wolf, A. S
List and Alex. UpdegTaff, was reelected
for the eusuiug year.
Thk Monarch Sample Room-*, recently
fitted up sud opened in the new Reilly
El K'k, second door from Fourteenth, on
Market street, are very handsome and
»'tract a great deal of attention. M. & S
Hrubaker are proprietor* of this popular
place, and know well how to treat their
oa trous.
Tiik Penitentiary Board met in regular
.-»cssiou at the institution ia Monndsville.
yesterday, und transacted a good deal of
routine business, nothing of an ununuul
nature coming up. The resignation ol
Jitiucs Ferguson, a guard from Wayne
county was accepted, and J. G. Plytuel
was appointed to fill the vacancy. Hons
If. R. Howard ami J. M. Collins leave for
home this morning.
A »'LhASANT reception was jjiven at the
resident* of Mr. and Mrs Win. Scham bra,
ou North Maiu street, last evening The
employes of Wu. Hare & Son's establish
ment presented Mr. and Mrs Schamhra
with two handsome rocking chaire. Mr
A. L McKown presented the chairs in a
mat speech and Mr. Otto Wiedebnsch rc
spooded on behalt ol the recpients. The
aft'air was a very pleasant one.
Thk. junior claf-s of Centre school gave a
Colonial entertainment at the school last
evening, which was heartily enjoyed by a
large audience. Those taking ^art were
Misses Alma H. Bordeaux, Maria L. Hol
liday, Fannie S. Campbell, E. Georgia
Van Fosseu, M. Bessie Higgins, Gertrude
W. Hughes, Mary Weitzell, Fannie Stan
ton. C. R*ed, and Messrs C. Frank Cald
well, Alfred Spiel, George W. Hanoan,
Edward Schulz and the several societies
Polau Picked Up About the Headquarter«
of the XuolcJpal Government.
It w reported »hont, the City Hall that
the lias Trustees are getting up another
communication to be laid before Council
at the special session of Friday eveuin/- It
seems that the real object of the Trustees
in desiring to keep their surplus intact was
not ijivea in 'he document presented at
Tuesday'a meeting of Council, and pub
lished yesterday. This reason is all eut J
to be a desire ou the part of the Trustees
to carry into practical effect the mach
Ulked-of proposition to attach uu electric
light plant to the prnseat gas works estab
li-huient. As has betu h» retofore publish
ed in the Kkui.stkr, the Triwtoas estimate
that a plaut affording over one hundred
•«J,IN '(»-candle power lights. can be put in by
the city for about $20,000. These lights
would be used upon the streets, thus stop
ping the very large consumption of
gas by the street lamps, with
a corresponding reduction in operat
ing ex pt uses, and would at the same time
enable th» Trustees to famish electric
lights to private consumera preferring that
mode of illumination, at a rate probably
considerably lower than that uow charged.
This is all current rumor, hut is apparent
ly ha*»d upon something substantial. Am
agent of the Western Electric Light Com
pany, of Chicago, was here Tuesday, in
consultation with the Trustees, who, it
will be remembered, were authorized by
Council, some two months or more ago, to
look into the geueral subject of electric
The '"ifarlwi^e trust" was the èubject of
a good deal ot talk about the City IIall,
yesterday, iu the midst of which the Ileal th
Committee was subjected to .-otue criti
cisms. A gentleman said the committee
hail erred in the matter of letting the pro
posals, notably in that they did not «quire
g<od *od anrticient Itontls to be sent in with
the bids. The whole garbage contract sys
tem, however, has he^n more or lees ot a
fane for years. The entire system needs a
thorough overhauling and reconstructing,
and th" eoooer the committee and Council
addret« themselves to the matter, the
jooner the public will be mtisüed.
Thrre was bat one case betöre His Honor
yesterday morning.
Officer Gaas run in that old time bam,
Toby Van«*, yesterday morning.
Benj. Goddeu was ran in yesterday by
Dffieer Bell, for being drank on tbe street.
The Ftgle Bnilding Association will
I tart March 31st Take stock at once.
Low Kale K* cur «loti» to the Went, Nortb
WMt, south HoatkirMl, «I» the lt. .v < ».
R. K.
On April 3d and 94th, tbe B. A O. K K
a), will seil exrursiou tickets to principal
»oints in tbe West, Northwest, Sontb,
ionthwcet, at one fare for tbo round trip.
Be sure your ticket reads via B. & O. K.
w, aud yon will be carried on tbe limited
xpreKs trams without extra charge. For
icket-4, rates, time of' train* and sleeping
m acrorum<xl*tu>ns, call upon or address
ny Agent of tbe B. & O K K., or P. E.
Mrobaugh, Onlumbus, O ; F. P. Copper,
'iffio, O ; J. T. Line, Bollaire, O.
Thk Eagie Building Association will be
be largest ever started in this section.
Kucklln'« Arnica Mult«.
The bot halve in the world for Cats,
raises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheam, Fever
Drss, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
oms and all the Skia Eruptions, and
o^itively car« Pile®, or no pay required,
t id guaranteed to givs s»ti«îaction or
louey refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
or sale by Lngnn A Co
Call on any of ths officer* or incorpo
rer# of tbe Eagle Building Association
id subscribe for stock.
The Globe Tea Company, of 1131 Main
reef, Wheeling, bare removed to their
iw 1153 Market street, lately oc
ipied hr K. V. Arkle's tin «tore, where
ley will contione to soli caaa of tea con
lining solid gold watches, genuine di&
ouds aud other articles ot jewelry. *
Thk best sewed hobnailed brogans at
asenaur'tf, 1048 Main Street.
Tb« Nul Trad« Slicking Up—Gmral Industrial
Not«» of Interest Picked Dp About lb«
City and Vicinity.
"What are the prospecta for the spring
building trad*?" atked a Kegistkb re
porter of a well-known contractor, yeetei
"Well, so far, they are not as good as
many people imagine," answered he.
"There in only one or two large bailding«
io view—the La Belle pottery and an ad
ditional boildiog for the West Virginia
China Company, but there are quite a
number of email buildings already con
tracted 'or and more talked of."
"This ought to be a good year for build
iag, ought it not?'*
"Yes; but I have always noticed that
Wheeling people are a little slow about
letting their contracts, and many are now
holding back to see how the spring is
going to open up. I had contemplated
erecting several buildings myself, but I
waat to see how business will look later in
the seasou before making contracts."
"Are there any other reasons that might
prevent people from building?"
"Yes; several others. One, for instance,
is the prohibition amendment question.
There is a large German population in
this city i.nd the majority of the Germans
are more or less directly and indirectly in
terested in that feature, and there is not a
more liberal, enterprising class of citizens
io Wheeling, or anywhere, for that matter,
thau the Germaua. To tell you the truth,
if it wasn't foi the Oerman element in
Wheeling I would leave the city too quick.
Now I know mauy of our prominent Ger
man citizens who contemplate the erection
of new buildings and extensive improve
ments on others, but they are all holding
back waiting lor the result ol the vote in
November If the amendment is defeated
they will carry out their plans: it it
carries, they wilt be dropped. I do not
cite this as an argument against the amend
ment, but merely to show you what is
keeping these people and their improve
ments in check. I do not presume to say
how prohibition would aüect other bus>
mess, but I do know how oÄrs will be
affected. Then there is another reason for
the prospective quietness in the building
trades, the increased coat of materi.il in
all branches, which, in the aggregate, ad
vances the cost of building to such a figure
that many people are holding e.Q' waiting
for a fall. Honrevcr, whilfl the prewipccts
at present are not just as bright as they
might be, I look tor an improvement before
the scaaou is far advanced."
The N«Il rrn.le.
"How is the nail trade?" queried the re
porter of a manufacturer.
"Slacking up a little," answered he.
"What's the cause?"
' Well; we have got the Western markets
pretty well stocked up, and although the
demand is still pretty good, it is not 50
brisk as it was. You know we can make
lota of nails now in a very short time, and
while »he trade is pretty well supplied, we
will rnn along as umal for some time yet."
General Not««.
The steel trade is reported good.
The Belmont factory is still ranniog full
time and inanuiactaring lots ot nails
The Tack factory is workiog to its fullest
capacity and turning out a large product
The Top mill factory is running full and
the blast furnace is making a good output.
The Benwood factory is running full
time and tnruing oat a great many nails.
The .Ktna Iron and Steel Company will
build an addition to their mill this sum
The Wheeling pottery is running along
at its full capacity, and business is report
ed fairly good.
The Hinge factory is running lull in all
depirtments and the p.ospects are good for
a continued :un.
The Buckeye and Xorthwood Glass Com
panys ia Martin's Ferry are rnuuiog full
and making good time.
A broken roll at the Laughlin mill, at
Martiu's Fe:ry, has caused the forge de
purtmeut to lay off two days.
The Riverside factory was off on Monday
on account of a scarcity of nail plate, but
is now running along as usual.
The planing mills report a little slack
up in work, but all have enough business
to keep thrm running steadily.
The Bellaire Stamping Company is get
tiug ready to build a new factory near
where the present works a e situaU*i.
Natural «aabeen struck in the Beiea well,
on the Boggs farm, near Cadiz. The con
tractor thinks the prospects are >'ood for
Tom Robinson, the well known glass
worker, is lying (juite ill at his home on
Jacob street. South Side.
The La Belle (rlass Works iu Bridgepoit
is again in shape to turn out the sam« tin*T
class of ware which they were makiug be
fore the tire last Stptember.
There has'btcn a good deal oi tronble on
the New Cumberland branch railroad, du
ring the present wet spell, the hillsrides
slipping badly at tcverni points.
The Laughlin and Top müls »hipped
1,(>00 kcgiof nailshetwwu themon the An
des, and the Benwood, La Bel le, Riverside
and Belmoni shipped from 200 to :i<KJ kegs
The Wheeling steel plant isstiLl working
fail time and running steadily with the ex
ception of a day or so last week, when
some repairs were being made. It is tusk
ing u good sized output.
The Spanlding Iron Works at Brilliant,
will commence cutting nails to day. The
men were busy yesterday overhauling their
machines. The starting of the works han
been hailed with general rejoicing op the
The Bellaire Gablet Company had con
siderable trouble netting snttbuent fuel to
operate the works l*?fore the hbut down,
and now the operators are talking of mov
ing the concern to Fiudlay or some other
city where fuel cau be obtained in plenty, i
W. A. Uorby, the Secretary, is now in (
Fiudlay viewing prospects.
Work on the new addition to the Stand
ard mill at Bridgeport will b^ commenced
m a few weeks. The addition will be 1
located and occupy the spac.t between the
north end of the mill and the brick ware
room, and will be about 100 by 50 feet It
will contain two »beet mills, a plate mill, 1
»cd a 30 by 60 inch engine.
Signs multiply that the dint glass con- 1
ference is nearing an end. It was stated '
n Fittsbnrg yesterday that consideration
>f the lists and moves had been completed,
tnd that the scales of wages were all ar
-fcnged. The only thing which remains to
>e considered is the rales, over which there
nay be some tronble. The decision is
ooked for abjut the end of the current
The I.i Belle nailers and feeders were
eq nested to work ten hours and three- j
luarters per day and did so on Monday,
>ut on Tueeday they refused to work more
bau ten hours for a day. Of course it is
>iece work with them and the extra time
vas extra money, but they decided ten
lours a day enough for them. Some of
he cold nail machines at this factory are
ff on account of having uo plate.
The Woodtlield Spirit w&nts Council to
peod $200 to locate the vein of coal which,
t asserts, ia right ander them, and says
bat if Council ascertains the depth at
»hick tko vein can be struck a shaft will
ie put down. The Spirit says that Woods
ield spends $20,000 every winter for coal,
he money ireing ont of the neighborhood,
nd that the sinking of the shaft would
ave IIO.OCO annually, besides keeping the
iioney at home.
Psrsoxs desiring to make a good, safe
nd profitable investment take stock in
he Eagle Building Association.
A Probability That the Glenn Murder&i
Have Been Found.
Reader* of the Rkoihtku will recollect
the previous publication of the suspicion«
entertained by Officer Meredith, of New
ark, 0 , caneerning the two inen, Kelley
and Christie, in jail at that point for burg
lary of Bird's hardware Btore, at Mt. Ver
non, O, on Washington's birthday.
Meredith wrote to Chief of Police Smith
about the two men, and after receiving a
reply from the Chief came on here hlmsell
to look into the case a little further. His
story made quite an itspreseion npon the
authorities here, and Tuesday Sheriff
ll&ndlao and Chief Smith went to Mt,
Vernon, where the pmoners had been re
moved, to see the authorities there and
hear more folly npon what Meredith based
his suspicions. The Wheelicg men re
turned yesterday, but refused to talk
much about the case for publication, which
was an indication that they thought the;
bad struck something of valac.
In corroboration of this, it was learned
that the Sheriff and Chief came home with«
well-defined conviction that the two men
were connected in a very intimate way with
the tragedy in this city, and there is every
prospect that steps will be taken to briny
them here as soon as some pending ma ten
have been cleared away. A telegram from
Mt. Vernon, iu last evening's Cincinnati
Enquirer, said :
' Sheriff Handlan, of Ohio county, Wesl
Virginia, and Chief of Police Smith, oi
Wheeling, visited this city to-day for th<
purpose of identifying, if possible, crooks
Kelley and Christie, who are locked up oa
the charge of burglarizing Bird's hard wan
store February 329. The men at first
stoutly denied ever having been in Wheel
ing, but being examined separately ant]
alone, admitted to the contrary. On tbt
ltitb of January last two burglars were at
tempting to gain entrance to a store ii
Wheeling when they wire discovered by
Policeman Gleun, who attempted tc
arrest tbtrn, but was shot and killed
by one of the men, who made good then
escape. Authorities of O'no county of
fered a reward of $2 600 lor their arrest.
Kelley and Christie were apprehended at
Newark for the Mount Veiuon job, and
while lying in jail wrote a letter tp a no
torious crook at Tillin, askiog for a sat?
and acids with which to make tbt ir escape,
and hinting their connection with a more
serious afl'ùr a» Wheeling The letter wax
intercepted, and thu strength of its con
tents officials of that city think they can
be connected with the crime. They left
to-night for Colanibus to secure a requisi
tion from Governor Foraker, but Prose
cuting Attorney Gotslial! wired the Execu
tive not to issue the papers until the State
had beeu beard."
Much of this telegram is inaccurate, as
may be apparent to the general reader, and
a good deal is but a repetition of what has
been heretofore printed in this paper. The
telegram is especially crooked in the con
cluding sentence. The Chief and Sherifi
did not go to ColmabtH for a requisition,
as stated. .
t<5 (>.> »"eui'i>b>
Votou«bU of Oltlceoa *nd th* Coifllng
•D<! UoiiW <>' 8tr*bir«r«.
A M. Seaburg, of HrookljD, N. Y., isat
W. F. DtQaimo, of Bcrton, W. Va., is
at the Stamui.
MUw E. öliofi, oi Mt. Pleasant, 0 , was
in tbe city yesterday.
Dr. Pemberton Frceland, of Barton, W.
Va., is at the McLare House.
W. W. Elliott and wife, of Bttesville,
0., were in the city yesterday.
George Francis, agent of the "Wages ol
Sin" Company, is at the Howell.
Mr. T. Hill Marshall, of the State Audi
tor's office, was in the city yesU-rday.
R«*v. J. Gibson Gintt, rector of Sf.
Luke's Church, I*lacd, is quite seriously
J. B Bremm», of Clarksburg, Rev. F. C
Hirmann, of Newbnrg, W. Va , arc at the
Miss Eva Tlieis, of Smlis, Ohio, who
baa l>een visiting Mi«« E<utua Seibert, of
Pleasant Valley, returned home yesterday.
Major AIoozj Loringind his d:»nghters,
Misses Minnie aud Lucie, have taken
rooms at the McLnre llous< for several
Mr. and Mrs. John C EilieldaftVr take
possession of the residence recently occu
pied by Msjor I/»ring's family, oa Twelfth
Mrs Warrau, neo Miss Lillie Raker, of
St. Paul, Minn , is a truest at the residence
of Mr. Henry K. List, on North Main
sire« t.
Mr. M. H McNabb, who has l.een for
sometime past the genial press agent of
the Giaud Opera Hons?, last evening
Bigoed a contract with the "Cold Day"
Company, nud will take the roles of "Wil
liam Quarter," the mate, and "Blntl',"and
will leave ou the 1:20 Pau-Handle train
this afternoon to join the compiny, which
leaves this morning Mat will make his
first appearance with the company at
Braddock, Pa , next Monday, ami he will
prove a valuable acquisition to the com
pany. He is a good actor and comsdian
and will no doubt have a successful career
upon the sfcige. His nuny Wheeling
friends wish him that heartily.
lhf U«ru>Ho Inmimce Company Takes
Acltflu Cpou Mr. KchurM*'« Deiilh.
Office or the German Fibk i
iNsuuANCK Company,
of Whkki.ino, W. Va. I
At ft special meeting ol' the Jtunrsl (.1 I>i
rtcfct.rs, lit lit March 2"\ 1 the follow log
resolutions wer«» passed:
Whereas, We lsave notice of the re
moval hy death from our tuidst ol our
friend, associate aud worthy member ol
the Noird cf Diactora of this company,
Philip Sehn^h!»*, Esq , and
WHEREAS, The loss is deeply felt hy u°,
yet we feel that the loss sustained falls
still heavier on Ihise nearest and dearest
to him, to whom it is irreparable; there
fore, be it
Rewired, That it is hot a just and proper
tribute to the memory of the departed to
uv that iu regretting his death we inontn
the l«s of one who was in every way
worthy of onr respect and regard.
Rtnoleed, Thst we sincerely condole with
the family of the deceased on the dispcn
tation with which it pleased Divine Provi
ience to n Ûlirt them, aud commend them
o llim for consolation win ordern all
thing* for the best.
ResolreJ, That this heartfelt testimonial
>f onr sympatic and sorrow be forwarded
:o the family ot the departed by the secre
tary of this compacy.
Re wired, That we, the directors of the
ierman Fire Imnrauce Company, attend
be funeral in a body, and that the secre
ary be instructed to spread these résili
ions on the minutes of the company.
William F. Stifrl, Pu-aidtnt.
F. Hkisteb, Secretary.
Kt «oint Inn« of Roi|>»rt.
At a special meeting of th* Directors of
he German Bank, of Wheeling, held last
vening, the following preamble and rem
ettions were adopted :
Whereas, It has pleased God, in His
nfinite wisdom, to tak»- from ns onr friend
nd afsociale, Phillip S Jiuehle, and
Whereas, We recogmz* in his death
he loss of one whooe constant interaot,
rise counsel and untiring 7.9a] has added
rently to the snrma and perpetuation of
he German Bank, of Wheeling, from the
ate of its organization ; therefore, be it
Resolved, Thai we hereby express onr
incere regret at the loss we hare sustained,
nd that we extend onr heartfelt sympathy
rt his bereaved family in this sad honr of
heir affliction.
Re#olr*ti, That as a forther mark of onr
es pect and esteem we, the 1 i recto re of the
Ierman Bank, attend his fanerai in a
ody, and close onr counting room on the
tternoon of the burial, and that the
iaahier be authorised to forward a copy of
bese resolutions to the family of the de
E-at-ed and also engross them on the min
ie«. C. D. Ht'BBARP, President
L. J. Bayha, Cashier.
L. S. Good sells dry goods the cheapest.
OKNKH.VIj inteluuknck.
Trainfer of Real Ettal«.
The following transfer of real estate
was left for record at Clerk .Hook'a office,
Deed made March 19,1H86, by Gotileib
Bartels and wife, to Franz Bergner, for the
j east half of lot No. 1 in square No. 21, in
the subdivision of the Jo^ph Caldwell
estate. Consideration, f 1,625.
A N«w County Budge.
A petition of citizens of the county
living along Short Creek, was presented to
the Board ot Commissioners yesterday, ask
ing that a bridge be constructed across the
creek near the forks, where there is now a
, ford. The proposed bridge is on the main
stem of the Short creek road, and is an
i improvement greatly needed. The matter
; was referred to the Committee on Roads
; and Bridges.
Met tin |{ of De inocrato.
The Executive Committee of the Wash
ington District Democratic Clnb held a
meeting at their club room, last eveoine,
and organized by electing Michael O'Neil
President and John Cook Secretary. The
committee was in session about three hours
and disposed of a good deal of important
business. A proposition was received from
the Democratic clnb of Folton proposing
to join with the main club, which was ac
cepted. The Washington District club is
now in a prospérons condition and the
memberthip is large.
The Di«ai>p*aranceof Voudk Ltutl- r.
Mrs Batler, of alley C, his as yet re
ceived no tidiugs of her son, who suddenly
disappearance Ironi h me on Mjndsv, the
19th inst. The yonth was last Feen on the
aiternoou of that day, and as he was not
exactly right, mentally, bis mother i»
much alarmed for his safety. He was
about nineteen years of age, Ä feet 7 inches
high, l>||ht hair, slender neck, sharp tea
tu res. and was attired in a pair of jeans
trousers, turned up at the bottom on ac
couut of being too large, a striped "round
about,"also toolarge, a cheviot shirt, and
sott block bat Any in lor mat ion concern
ing him will ba thankfully received.
May aud December.
There was rather a notaHle marriage
I cense issued by Kt*-order Hook yesterday,
the parties aptly illustrating the old simile
of May and December. The gentleman
was wliite-liaired, and looked as though
fitly years had passtd overbid head. He
gave bis t.ge as thirty-nine years, and his
resrdencc as the Island. The young lady
was very young. She g^ve her ai(eas four
teen years, and was vouched for l>y her
mother, but those who saw her said she
looked at Uast a year or two >ouug*r. She
also gave by residence as the ldaud.
Clerk Hook hesitsted a long time l>eforebe
i»sne<l the paper, but tiually did so, having
uo other alternative, and the happv couple
fiu« Il il I'm Company.
This evening On* Hill's World of Novel
ties will begin n three rights' encaKtuunt
at the Oraud Opera House. The New Yoik
Telegram say a : "There h.is never vet been
seen in New York a »ariety company of
such high order of merit, so fun provok
ing, with Mu h an absence ol vulgarity, a«
Gns Hill's World of Novelties, who were
at the Loudon Theatre last night. There
was nothing to ctfend the mo?t fastidious,
and all the artists were first class in their
line. To specify the excellent things
would be to reprint the programme. There
was not a bad feature, not an act that was
not encored to the echo; the audience
laughed themselves almost to death,"
Seats are on sale at the McLnre Honse
How It U«|>i>eueil Tlu»t She Was Booked
for TIiIh City.
In the midst of tue expressions of sur
prise aud picture on the part of the public
at the engagement of Minnie Palmer, th;re
have been cn.juirie-* as to bow it happened
that this eharaiing and popular actress is
to con:« h« re. She was engaged through
Ihe efl'orl« of Mr. Matt 11. McNubb. Muü
sg»rs in this city have tried in vain to get
Miaa Palmer here, and when they retired
Mr. McNalb took up the matter. He
heppened to know Miss Palmer's manager
Mr. John fi lingers, who was uinler obli
gations to Mr. MeNabb for favors. Mr.
MeNabb wrote to hint first about the lie
«inniog of December, arid kept it up until
R igtrs agreed to come on il a certain (;nar
antee, expressed by fonr figure«, was
assured him This uinrantee was prompt
ly tlxed up. and datea were named lor
the Opera Mouse lor Friday and Satnrdav,
April Ü7 and 2*<, with a matinee. TliAie
wiil Iw Miss Palrmr's last performances in
Anurica for fivo years, uh she saris for
Furopc May 21. The plays Friday nujht
and Saturday matinee will bo Miss Pal
mer's new success, "My lirother's Sister,"
while for Saturday uight the old favorite,
"My Sweetben.rt," will be given. Mr. Mc
Nabh's friends are justly proud of tjia suc
c.-ss in this particular, as the engagement
will he a notable one. Notwithstanding
the fact that Mr. McNahb is on the road
wish the "Cold Day" company, the ap
pearance of Miss Palmer will be under bis
management and he bae already received
numeroRs letters from Ohio cities as to the
date of her engagement here.
Specimen» of lb« Kiuiulrle* Which Have
Come In Sloe«1 l lie Couvent Ion.
People who imagine the late Develop
ment Convention held in this city did uo
good—if, indeed, there be any such prr
son»—would have their doubts remov«d
could they glance over the letters which
are constantly being received by citizens,
t'e'ow will l-e found the esserrtisl portions
of two Jitter-", which ate f*ip samples ot
Oswego, N. Y., March J4.
Will you please inform me whether or
not there is such a thing as a pie bakery in
Wheeling. If not, I would like to remove
there and act up a large bakery, for pies
only, they to be furnished to stores ani
restaurants. * * * * *
Edward Watts.
116 Louis Street, |
Orand Kapids, Mich , -
March 26. 188. )
Dear Sir:—Will yon kindly inform me
wnether or not there is a dye house or bat
bieachery in Wheeling. I "want to change
my location and hive heard Wheeling
mentioned as a good place.
William Garurtt.
Snch letters indicate a spirit of inquiry
on the part of the outside world which
should be fostered and encouraged by
every possible means.
IU superior excellence proren Id million* of
home* for more thai a quarter of a centnry. It
is t»e«l by the United State* Government En
dor*e«l by the beads of the Great CniversiUe* a*
the Strongest, l urwa, and mo«t Healthful Dr
Price's Cream Bating Powder <fce* not contain
Ammonia, Mine, or Alum. Sold only In Can*
Miw Toai. cKicAoo. R. Lopa.
Next Saaday—Some Points A boot Holy Thursday
aid Good Pndiy aod How Th*y Ar*
The Kkwistkr, according to its u^tial
custom, presents the special music pre
pared for Easter Sanùay in several of oar
prominent charcbea. Easter will be ob
served thia year pretty generally, and the
day at many of the churches will be cele
brated by special service«. Following are
the programmât as far as conld be «cored :
Carol-Christ is Bisen Tc-dav Barrett
Kaster Anthem—Christ Our Pa*80ver Burr.ap
liions Patrl Mosart. arranged by Moaenthal
" •* Mo&eothal
Gloria in Excelsis Patten
Te Djum-Kestival Fairlamb
Jul>elate .Al/atcora
Hymn—Oome See the Plate - —
Gloria Tib- Cathedral Chant —
Hymn—coronation -
Offertory—Kont is Ivcked with K'owers Pond
Sancius >. Tour«
Gloria in Excelsis .Tour*
The members of the choir are : Soprano,
Mrs. Geo. 1». Caldwell; contralto, Mrs.
Peebles Tatnm; tenor. Mr. John E. Men
del; basso, Mr J. M Hammond; organist,
M ws Mary Wilde.
st. like's p. e. chvbch.
I will Arise .......W. C. William»
t hii>t OurPanover S. P. Wheat
Gloria Patri J. Pornaski
" 11. Ria Ha
GWtitnliceliii ..H. Wilson
Te Ileum T. S. Loyd
Jubclate Deo ~..W. A. Ward
Hymii -Angels Hull the Rock Away
Sanctus H P. luaks
Hvmn JÛ7 -
Gloria In Esrelsis -Old Chant ......
Following is the choir: Soprano, Mi»
Mary Vardy: con'ralto, Mw< Stella Tap
pan; tenor, Mr. Chas. Beaumont; basso,
Dr. Geo. Garrison; organist, Miss Annie
Vid- Aquam
Kylie La Hacke
Gloria La Harke
Credo Von Weber
8aDCtUa La Jael
Benedictas Peters
Agnus i»ei Von Wcl-er
Regnis Cojli „.Wcnu-r
The maüic distributed betwetn the
morning and tveniDg services will be »4
Te l'cum. Hudde
Hyuin- Fair Morn of the Ages,
Arranged from Kositii
Carol—Christ the Lord has Rl>*ii Barnard
«•loria in Kxtvlsis . Pease
Carol -In the Tomb, Where Christ bas Lain,
IKnedic Anima Danks
Following are the members of the choir:
Sopranos—Miss Annie Carsou, Miss Kate
Land, Miss Maud Bndley, Miss Sophie
Logan. Tenors—Mr. E. K Ballard, Mr.
W. Ferry. Altos—Miss Bessie Foray the,
Mrs. W. II. Topp, Mrs. F. Cart «right, Mss
K;da Dean, Mm Allein Milliard. Bass—
Mr. Ulbert Itarrah, Mr. J. H. Devore, Mr.
Guy Wagner, Mr. Eugene Warren.
The D»y Commemorative of the Le»t
To-day is Holy or Manndy Thursday,
the day on which the Chnrch commemo
rates the last sapper of oar divine Re
deemer, tho holy Eucharist, and the wash
ing of the feet of the apostles. The solemn
consecration of tho holy oils employed in
the administration of the sacraments of
baptism, extreme unction, holy orders,
confirmation, and certain solemn hles-iings
take place on this day. This consecration
is performed by the Bishop, with twelve
priest and seven deacous and suh deacons
as assistants and witnesses of the ceremony.
The mass is celebrated iu white vest
menU, luv« um« the institution of the
blessed Kncliarist is commemorated; bat
after the "(Moria fn F.tcelcis" the hells are
hilent until the "Gloria," in the masses ot
Holy Saturday, in honor of the silenc«: o(
the Savionr during bis passion, and the
i;loom aud nionrniog of his Church for his
sufferings and death.
The priest consacra'*» two busts, reserv
ing one lor the next day when there is no
consecration. Afur mass the blessed en
char ist is carried to a repoeitory, often
called sepnlchre. Mire it remains until
the tiuie of the (<ood Friday service; aud
here the faithful resort, pouring out their
souls in adoration, condolence and contri
tion. The chief alt ir of the chnrch is
theu stripped to remind the faithful of the
stripping of Saviour, and thealiandonment
in which Christ passed the night liefore the
day ot His death. In Rome, the stiippiog
of the uliars is followed by the washing of
the feet. The l'ope washes the fe«t ot
s une poor person in imitatiou of his Divine
Master at the last supper, and in many
churches of this country the same custom
is carried ont.
To-morrow the precious death of the Di
vine Redeemer will occupy the attention
and arouse the devotion of the Church. It
is the most sad and solemn day of Holy
week. The Chnrch n in mourning. Her
words are woids of sorrow and compunc
tiou. The officiating clergy appear in
Mack vestments, and prostrate themselves
before naked altars No mass is said; nc>
MCridoo ottered. The holy sacrameut is
brought back from the altar cf repose
where it is placed the day before, and re
ceived in one kiud by the priist. No
sthers receive holy communion, except the
priest who celebrates the office, and these
in danger of death, to whom the vaticum
is administered. Oa this day prayers are
offered up for all men; Christians, heretics,
lews and pagans, because Christ died for
ill; even for the salvation of those who
died his blood.
<>a Good Friday also takes place what is
called the exposition or adoiation of the
cross. When the prayers for all conditioLS
t)f men are ended, the cross, which, until
this time, has been covered with black, is
rx posed to view and kissed by clergy and
people. When the priest holds up the im
»ge of Jesas Christ dying for ns on the
;rott>, and when the priest and people kneel
äown to kiss the representation of the
wounds in the feet, it is an act of love and
faith in a crucified Redeemer. R>a*on,
religion, and the impulse of contrite hearts
leads us forward, as in all ages of Christl
inity they have lead forward. Pope*,
kings, scholars, sainte, kneel and kiss the
instiument of redemption, the cross of
»ur Lord Jesus Christ It is not to the
material cro®s the faithful pay their admi
ration, but to Him who on it offered for the
tins of hamauity the sacrifice of propiti
Excurtlona to the Valley of Vir*Inia vi». B.
* O. R. R.. April 9 *o«> S3,'Ml.
Oa the above dit« the B. A O. R R. Co.
will tell excursion ticket« to Harrisonburg,
■itannton and Lexington. Va., at one fare
for the ronnd trip. Pattiee joining these
»xcnthioos can *top off in Wert Virginia,
Maryland and Virginia, and have an op
portunity to explore the country. No
natter where yon stop, see B. A O. Agent,
rod he will direct yon to persons who will
live yon fnll information ahont lands for
lale. If yon do not secure what yon want,
write to M. V. Richard', Land and Immi
gration Agent, B. & O. R , at B«ltimore,
Md , and be will (witbon charge) help yon
a find a desirable location. For rates,
icketa, time of trains, etc, call npon or
iddress any Agent of the B. A O. R R , or
P. £. D.tmhangb, Columbus, O ; F. P.
hooper, Tiffin, O.; J. T. Line, Bellaire, O.
Ely Bros. : I have n^ed two bottle* of
ronr Cream Balm for catarrh since Decem
ier. A «ore in my n cm tri]—the cuue of
nuch Buffering—hM entirely healed; bave
wed no other medicine. This spring I
eel better, can walk and work with more
am than I have in any spring since 1961.
-Mjuy E. Ware, Hopeful, Vs.
Ely's Cream Balm received; my head
s now liquifying; Cream Balm is simply
ly namite tor catarrh in the bead. Its ap
Jicatioo is m*g*Ti—Thomas Lander,
LngnsU, G a.
(iPDUiae Diamondi and Solid «old
Watebes Found in Tea.
The Olob« Tea Company, of f•?
airy, soch m l«'« . *", »T." rieU1
«old hunting c.,«e I*"'***
watch««, gen aine diamond
reaila. turquoise and tapphire jsweliy
Sil«. A««
M„ .ill b. .old on
■m«, «uoeqodilr. bot ..jloM !«*£
Remember, we bare come to «Uy.
company hw adopted J*j£_
vertiso their choice tew. Below isaP£
tial list of the fortunate purchaser« » tar. |
Every purchaser must not cipect a val
able artifte:
Miss Soaaie Huffman, Hell ai re, paid five
dollar» for six can« ol tea and got a gen
aine diamond ring set in eolid gold, Jo«
Conner, Farmicgton, W. J- Hindm» ,
Bethany, each found a Rente wild gold
jeweled" Elgin watch in their cans of tea;
M. N Barns, Fairmont, Mi« Mary Shan
non. Furmiogton, tach got solid gold ring*
ia tbeir can« of tea; Ed. Scholl«, nai
plate roller, paid ten dollars tor thirteen
cans c f tea and found in one twenty five
silver dollar and in another a genuine dia
mond, ruby and sapphire ring set to folwl
gold; Mr*. A. C. Clark, Bellair*, paid three
dollars for three cars ot te* and found in
one a pair of genuine diamond ear drops
*>t in gold, and in another five dollars in
silver, Tbos. F. Kennedy, Aruoldsburg,
I got up s club of ten dollars for thirteen
; c^ns of lea ami got in one a genuine dia-1
' mond stud set in solid «old, and in another
a solid gold rin»t; Daniel Clements. Fulton,
Ed. Kaiser, city, R M. Orr, Clarksburg, j
Chan Cros-uger, Morristown, Geo. A.,
H.iTtb, WelUburg, Holl, Dillen & Co , |
Pittsburg, Kansas, cach got genain«dia-j
mond- jewelry fet iu solid gold in
tbeir «ans of tea ordered by mail;
E 1. HarrL', Brilliaut, got up a club or
der ol twenty dollars lor twenty-eeveu
can* of tea, and got in one can a gents' |
solid gold hunting caso jeweled Elgiu
watch aud iu auother ten silver dollars;!
Wiu. E Reynard, Martin's Ferry, Johu
Dnischel,. city, Mrs C»orgo McDonald,!
IMlaiiP, euch got genuine diamond rings
set in solid gold in their cans ol tea;
James C. Clark, glassblower, Martiu's
Ferry, paid live dollars for hi cans of ua
and found in one can thirty dollars in
gold, and in another a pair «if genuine
diamond eardrops set in solid gold, Marion
MrLittletoo, Bellaire, C. Rowland, city,
each got genuine diamond rings in their j
can of tea; George M(Xire, Parkershurg.
paid tive dollars l\»r six cans of tea by mail
aid lound in one can a solitaire diamond
stud, iu another a solid gold watch; J. T.
Goodman, druggist, 1222 Main street, W.
H. llartlj, Bridgeport, each got a genu
ine diamond img in their c*auso! tea,
Rev. R. A. Read, No. t>6 Eleventh street,
paid five dollars for six cans of tea and
lonnd ia oae a genuine diamond ring set
in solid gold; H M. Squire«, Superintend
ent of Schools, Kingwood, P. J. Crogan,
Kingwood, W. W. Morgan, Mingo Junc
tion, 1). S. Gothelie, Kingwood, each got
genuine diamond jewelry in their cans of
tea; Mrs. A. Müller, lkllaire, paid $3 for
thrt-e cans of tea and found in one can
twenty-live silver dollars; Mrs. Frank
Haley, IIS Seventeenth street, Miss Ella
Plnmby, Birnesville, Ohio, and Thomas
O'Neil, New Cuiubtrland, and J. L. Lucas,
No. 11 Sixteenth street, each found genu
ine diamond rin^s in their cans of tea; R.
F. Kidd, firm ol Kidd& Hays, attorueya
at-law, Gleunville, W. Va , sent a club or
der of f20 and got in one can a genuine
diamond stnd, and in another n genuine
diamond ring and in three other cans solid
gold band ring»; C. H. Dowler, feed otore,
lonnd a ladies' solid gold watch in his can;
Miwt Anna Wal loco, saleslady, found a
genuine diamond, ruby and sapphire ring;
J H. Wheeler, B. à 0 Ii B, T. J. Miller,
Wellsbnrg, each fonnd genuine diaiuo! d
rings in their tea; Georg* Hoffman, cattle
dealer, Martinsville, and Mrs. Thonris
Wood, Parkershnrg, each lonnd a gents'
olid gdd hunting case watch iu their tea;
8DU -r— . " »iroes ami
diamonds went out in orderR rectived by
mail and ex pre» '
This company jastly claim that tfcay
bare M good » right to «11 their choice u*
influa way m their competitor* hate to
sell \bsir tea in connection with chromo«,
glassware, crockery, etc.. etc. ^
Orders by null promptly forwarded to
all parts of the United State*. TeiJM;
Single can. $1; •>* for|5; thirteen for
$10; twenty seren tor J20. Parti« pl.
ting op a club order ot $10 or $30 tlwata
get a Taloable article.
AMr.ur v
1158 Market Street
WbMllat, w. y a.
tyOpm frooi 8 a. m. nutil 9p. m.'^i
gtw frduertisments.
Wheeling tuknfr asfoch.
The mcmlers of the Wheeling Turner Anoci
alum ate b«reby not tied to ineitai tb> >r r Hit
th't (Tbunday) afternoon »t l:S0 o'clock.fertf,*
P.in»we of att» n«îtoK the funeral of our <JV,,-a ,,j
bnrtbjr, rHiuH Schähl«
w JA< OH Nl'NUF, First speaker
Ktwf n> Blvm, SfOfUry. mrï*j
Wo off.ir this Spring most extra
ordinary bargaiaa in Black and
Colored Silks and Drea* Goods.
The Newest Shades!
The Latest Weaves!
The Lowest Prices!
You will be certain to Qtul
them at
Thagroatoat variety yet phowu,
and purehaacu should be niado now
to aecuro choice of atock. Buying
our LaoeCurtaiup dlie» t. from tho
factory enable« ua to aave pur
chaaera t'ully 26 por rant.
Geo. M. Snook&Co.
M-ir'nt" for the rrletmled Har
per Baaar l'allern». nr<l
If your eyea are weak ami require atteullon.
rail at!. G. DIl.l.OX «i CO '9 and set a pair of
Spectacles or Eye Glasses!
Tin y will alrcngiheu and preserve the cj«
•Ight. For aale only by
ji:hi:li r<i ani» ohtm iamn.
««•FytM Fitted Witlioul < liar«»' inr.'i
<5co. $. Sfanlor iv (To.—gin (Roods.
Beg to announce the arrival of their
regular purchase of
And that their stock is now ready for
Lace Curtain Departnent.
In addition to our general stock of
Dry Goods we will also open the
largest and most carefully selected
stock of Lace Curtains ever offered in
this market and at prices that should
be entirely satisfactory to the closest
This stock will consist of Brussels,
Renaissonce, Lamboared, Notting
ham, Velvet Gauze and Madear Cur
tains, together with a complete stock of
Of the Newest Styles.

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