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NO. 126
Kar Western Pennsylvania and We«t Virginia :
Fair weather, »tauueary tompjraiure, weaterly
Tie /ollowiBg dispatch appeared ia the
lHtettigfKtr yesterday :
SpaIKMte'* '•> •'* htttBijXnerr.
w Va.. Nov. lô.—• • • if he
a;«:! wa-ekftfrl. a-siheretnrna now Drove, he
*;fi ar.-ssij and persistently euijree it s rights
an-'l proie-1 the people » interest fntt V >rtt team
U, f 1 ^ v kxA< '«* '•*« », or to
it-V* 'V I 'fc K'-nit/oa nmt by rmruyuiutlln of
U i cftr ft'poli.* 'r:1* doxd.
If Ceo. t< >FF wu sincere ia his shtte
mtat tj the I*t< 'lifem fr'» Ciarks'inr^ cor
re'prudent he will immediately call cû'his
nana^rem whea lie reads the evidene the
Kei.ktik presents below, that tbej have
per pirated, in his name, the gro«3t
Wesh«!i eho* Geo. Goff that the xe
loru pabl shed by the Republican State
Committee ia fhs I*UUitj*ncrr are grossly
iaiae, aiisrepif »enurjrthe kcown facti and
fi^are* ia a way thaï, to say the least, ia
wholly unaccountable.
We sL»H tako Fayette ocuu'r ai one in
stance in many, show;a* a matt remarka
ble à.acr«paacy ia the Kt-publiean ti^nrea
We use tin dispatch«« pnMisheJ by the
JtiieUigfMtr, reproducing them verbatim.
Tue rtaler will pica« aot.> how Guff's
majority has mysteriously crept np in
that a?cotntuolating KapotftVm count v |
fro a 5>iJ to 07—jut as thr increase was
n«ed<d by the Republican State Commit- I
tej fo make j; wd their claim that Goff
WS? eke'ed.
Oa Xjv. ■» ;hï lultßit/tHcer prinîel this
dupatth. claiming 5U) mijorit/ for Goff:
&c~uiI'utpifi'ito rV ,rit'!t'gmc:r,
C"â \ . IV, JSwv. —/jv f-' cmMjf 9f*t3661
». " V Republic»* No.'- and National
t i > ' a K r ;-. an rh:j of v.\ M. «.inula
.«et-r *aa On tum-ss. f«ts . .'i majority. |
t 'a November loth ths In/dlift^r pub
lishei tbe followiag dnpatci, .-laimiBK
"abouf'6'jn a suidea j amp of' ahjut'' I
150 in two days:
• « I\a 'i:iv~ tVSiï W Rp'M«»* h
« (rl»\ ill k*-*«*b* "111 WS
r.;a: : 40). . .ie et*'at u ajt completed.
Oa Naveaber 1- the InteUigauer g*ve
to the public the following dwp«Uh claim
jag 717 majority far Gofk io Fayetie, an
other mysteiioasjufflp of t">7:
» •■•tut D <;-o/-,A t" tht t*ht! • »'tr.
CH v*: t>r>r', W Va.. Swember H-The
Thir! nai^ ^til ;ti doubt. ♦ *y (Çives » > Re
al* • ! llltï MStiOOSl* IB«
LogiaUture ia Jjoabt
ikjMttli : • tfn •* "i I-* ■ *ML' ,rf-V» «I«;
He laniib s?> âadetoeu tüe nul Kipubueätt
Ol X>v. Ii th*v sk'ppsl Gart* ami
(PIT** McGijtx^ a majority of in Fay
ette "partly tstiniated" as fo.'ljwa:
%p<c c! P *uatcS to "i: Inhit pnetr.
I'MAHLMfS, W V\~ Kcvemb'r 12— Mder
soii - aajoritl>> s » £»r ae heart] from, at: Boone.
•JT> I o«an 1.1» Nicholas, 1*1; Monroe. *»;
tfr*ab::rr. <y Vocatkoni «_». Webater.
J1 » »lam- maj-Kllit-a are Ku>a*ba. l.'.To: I c
»hur, v ' .4 ! 'O Mr I >>»>11, ii: *>>w:u<. :o.
Merrer. /•u'.w«. partly estimated No
f.rthcro.lv ial return* are here, ail others arc
gutus wort.
Oa No vernier 14 the /«/»•///^wot came
oat with a table n which Faye:te wa*pat
d»>wn at gi\ ia^ GuKK a majority of M07.
\Çû«re they ^ot this aiditioaal jamp of !N)
ou Go F F over tbtir dispatch of the litt»
Is an nunh v*d mystery, a< they printed no
dwpuch tob*ck op the r tab!«—probably
havingforjjotte î îo writeoae. Oa Novem
ber 15 the Iiit'.Uijcn -r r.»prin'etl the tab'.#
wr.h I\»jet tecoddty the eame—807—bat
w'th GoffN mai >rity marked up in other
Ol No^e-nl.ir 16—vetfe.-day -the//»<«/
hjeni'i fiaally gave aoother Fayette dis
patch. It waa from Sam Blrdcttk.
Bam bal been in Wheeling in cloae confab
with the KipublicM Sttte Committee
since Monday, and Wednesday he left for
Ctarlf.H.on. Yesterday, by a coincidence,
the lnt-Hij'n o printed the following die
pitch, showing ;ii "error in Fayette,-'
giving ci.»er a mijouty in that elastic
county of » »7; a clean jtuu^ of 100 pver
the iujstiri>os table of the d ay before.
Ht re Bi RMTtK'x dL-patch:
S,*caI !■ > f„fV unftr.
» H*Ki.fcirr>M, w. Y a., Not. l.">.— • • Krror
in Kay. u«? ic im Iw majority tor UolT. m«ktug^07
Jaajortty. • • {j f. Hi bd«tt.
Ion ij tbt late»'. Fayette conuty ia
ïifi>3l>l can from <kia to core and from
tore back to skin agiia.'> All the offi
cals there are R»publican, and we wonld
mt taki catU that it wonid not jump 8t\ •
eril no'ches biglur jn vtt.
Nine hundred aid s-jven majority for
Gort N >« we luve posiiivi information
—in f*c'.,tht oûidal rttarnt from Fayette,
which are also in the poe* ttion of the II »
pibh ua coamitUe—that Gokk's p'urahtv
!a . iye:tecjanty isbnt Tiî2. Farther com
ount is :iaec»-iry. The dicpatchei and
fl »uns without aay di*int:bee, which wl
wj>roda?e above tu*il the Intelli'j<*<er*
tp ni lor theui.-« Asm of high-handed R»*
pablic» fraud.
Fayelts ii oae instut:« amoig many of
h)w :be R-publicaa > lrnmittee " elecïini
Goff in the MelUyewr. la other cîun
tt-sthayald slwht iocreasei fjr Go»»
crv ir toe oflir'al raiim, which ia the eg1
gregatd amount to a good deal—t »o voU*
ia eich of our tiuy fourcoattiei make ICS
ia theSnte. Ia Bsooke toanty, for ia
stance. everybody in this viiiaity know«
that Fi t m ; s * • his fi\e majority on th<
cfScial r.unt. The Intelligencer has btes
giving him but thres. In Marshall,
as evwvone ke-e kcons the official count
gives (.»off -)•* Tae IMligmet'» Ublee
have been iôn ia^c him 9<M. In M*iioi
the »ffio;*l returns give Flimikg 109.
The InteQigrneer givn him 106. In Jtf
t«r»n, Fleming's majority ia 1,211; th<
Intelligencer git« him 1,209 And so al
jujet throughout the whole State, the Re
publican Cimmitte, in their erticoat«« ii
the .VW/i.;. *( *r, trim hundred« c ff Flcm
isg'sm^jxity, ani give them to Gofk.
Chairmiu Riley was «e?n la t nigh
and he autbon/* the statement tha
Jod^i Flemisu ia elected Govtroor c
Virgin» by a plurality a "»nt whicl
the«e i' w be no dvapnte.
Tte BtGi^rsa has in it* po»er*'oi
fignrts, alsoit aü of which are oÛi:ia
shawiig Jadgi Flixiso's election by i
majwity of from 400 to 500. We are n<
pamiog thi tact is of the Intelligent
and d. e in« to giva oar figarvs in deUi
fx ia every in»tinej where we bavs dot
eo tha Republican managers hue nw
them as a taw < f operations, as in the i
eiatc* of Fayo.tj aad a tcaie otd more
otleT counties.
All the steamers have left Croost*
Vrrffiï* th"T *Ü1 h® ca,*ht by 611
West Virgioia is Demo
And the Desperate Schemes of
the Tricksters
And Deàat the Honest Will of the
The Only Danger to Democratic Victory is
Fraud, and It Cannot Prevail—Latest
Returns Elect Judge Fleming Be
yond a Shadow of Doubt.
Yesterday's news brought joy and glsd
neis to the Democratic hejrt. It ssttles
that Jadga Fleming bas been elected Gov
ernor, and takes away the remotest possi
bility of Democratic defeat For two days,
all has hung on the returns from Fayette^
McDowell aril Wjoming. Hope baa risen
and fallen as tumor after minor has been
pat ia circulation. The Bsc:ister has re
trained from publishing thsee unfounded
reports and quietly awaited nntil tome
infoi uiation could be obtained from author
itative sonne*. It has laA the work ol
Luanaiacturirg majorities to a contempo
ru-y more »xperienced in this pirticnlar
field of journalist:.' labor, and thns Gen.
GofFs majority has grown apace.
Tj-day official and semi otlicial returns
are at hand from these coun-ie», and Geo.
Gad's padded pluralities s.nk oat of Bight
nnier the wave of triomphant Democracy.
Fayette county give« a Republican majori*
ty of 7:»-.J instt-ai of 997. McDowell give«
57 iustead of 141, and Wyoming tills the
cup of Democratic joy by holding GofTs
boodlers down to :i> instead of 75, m the
Republican o».;an has claimed. This is a
net gain of 2W over the padded R-publi
can Agar* s Numerous other reports re
ceived yestsrday mate up a* mach more.
(iloriotis little Calhoun prove« equal to thd
emergency and comes up with 309 majority
for Flenr'ng bd1 honett government in
stead of 292, as it has been p-evioaaly esti-|
mated. Greenbrier's majority for Flem
ing is increased by the fall re'arns from<
693 to 729. Wirt county's cfficial report
gave F.eniog an increase! vote of 38 more,
making it 140 instead of 10*2, and thus
Jat'gj Fleming's majority looms ap into
the hundreds.
The table by which it was ever made to
appear that Geo. Goff had even a shadow
of plurality was full of inaccuracies and
willful m srepreeeatat lons. Nothing more
or less than dslifcerate falsehood repre
tented Jadge Fleming's majority in Bar
bcur a: 18 in-tjad of 3». Vhe same tac
tics will f'dlty misrepresented Democratic
œiij oritiee in evtry Democratic coanty.
I: was a part of the despicable scheme of
the Repoblican tricksters to steal the
State from Democratic ccutrol. They
hope by aodacioas claims to conceal the
weakness el their own case. Bat it will
not avail. Democracy has triumphed in
Wesl Vugitia. Tae ligures giv»n above
are reliable. They make oar victory
sure. Judjje Fleming has been elected
Governor by a majority that docs not ad
mit of donbt, and he will not be cheated
out of his victory.
Bat tie triomphant election of the
State ticket does not alone reprenant the
fallneee of Damocriatic victory. Toe re
turns now show Ju ige Jackson's election
ia the Foarth District by a close vote, bat
it will be sufficient to hold. Roane gives
him 177 majority, and with the othcial
counts and recoants complet«, Judge
Jackson has a plarality of foar. The fig
ures will not be changed, uuless by palpa
ble error or fraud.
Alders in is still ahead ia the Third,
though th* contest is close. Wilson has
353 majority ia the Second, and Pendle
ton's chances are brighter than ever in the
F.rst disti ict.
Tb« Législature u oar oy a majomy w
at least one on joiat ballot and poesibly
threa. The election of a Democrat;» U. S.
Senator is arsorcd, and a Democratic Leg
islature will see to it tbat no fraud lobs
Jadge Fleming or the State officials of
their ^ard-earned trinmpb.
Su«plclou* Taetlca.
There are some facta onnected with the
rise and fill of Kipublican mfjorities in
the Intelligencer, that that veracious sheet
has not made public. There ire no two
Republican politicians in the State more
noted in their peculiar fields of labor than
Hon. S. 0. Bi rdottk, of Charleston, and
Hon. James B. Mkxagik, of Pt. Pleas
ant. Both of the» gentlemen have been
in Wheeling rtcantly and were in close
coafeieaca with Chair m in Cowdks and
his colleagues.
The council of war held over some days.
At its conclusion Mr. BuBDrrrcwa* hast
ily dispatched on pressing business—that
business bang to look after the Third dis
trict returns. Since then the Intelligencer*t
columns have been loaded with false and
misleading dispatches, in every case in
creasing Gofk's majority over any previ
t ous information. Some of these dispatch««
t have been pablished over Mr. Bubdrtz's
f name. His share in their manufacture ii
Within the Jart forty-e;ght honrs Mr
Mksaoeb has likewise hied himself awaj
from Wheeling on pressing business. An
t we to look for like increases in Gokf'î
m» loiities, reported 1'rou Mevagkb's bail
The Two Count!«« Uly« Only 9« M»jorit;
d rorGoiT.
1- Special Tdegram to the Beçuttr.
of Charleston, W. Va.. November 16 -
McOinnis for Congress is ea d to be ahea
o. Allers>n < vofes. Fayette's majoré
5 U ntUr1' jmp»iblet
ca get the official vote from McDjwelL Ic
formation thij morning gave il to Goff b
152 majority; this is now denied and the
claim is only 39 majority for GotT. Wy
oming gives 57 for G off. This ia the beet
posibla information to be had. Fleming's
majority in Greenbrier connty ia 729;
Boone gives 218 for Fleming; Raleigh 11?
for Fleming. It ia reported that Bandy,
Republican, is elected to the Legislature
fiom*h« delegate district of Wyoming and
The Fourth DUtrict Democratic by a Small
Ipwùti Teitçran to Vu Htcuier.
Pabkeeshlku, November 16.—Judge
Jackson is elected, bat the majority ;h
very uarrow. Later reports give him gain«
all over the district. Smith's narrow ma
jority is wiped oat anil now the Jacksonian
rcosUr is on top. For the last few days
all has been in doabt and anxiety waiting
tie recounts going on in many counties.
These are now completed and they give
Jadge Jackson the district. In Wood
county he loet one on the recount. In
Cabell be giined 50, in Mason 13, and in
Jackson 8. Roane gives him 177 majority
and this makes Judge Jackson's election
by a plurality of 4 certain. Recounts hive
been completed in most of the counties,
and the returns hive been certified, and
there will be no chargs from the above
A Lom of One for Goff.
Special Telegram to the Register.
Parkkr*i:cro, Navamber 16 —The re
count in Wood couaty is complete. Goff
ud Jackson lost one each. This makes
Gofi's majority 420, instead cf 421.
Roane County 170,
Special Telegram to the Register..
Ohablbstox, November 16.—Official
returns from Roane county have been re
ceived lere. Fleming's majority i* 176,
and Jacksons 177.
Calhoun 300.
Special Telegram to tbe RegUtor.
Wwton, November 16.—The official re
tarns from Calhoun county hive been re
ceived here. Fleming's majority lor Gov
ercor ii 399. This is an increase of 18
over the estimate tint has been made for
him in the Wheeling pap ara.
This la Official.
Special Telegram to the Reg u tor.
Fairmont, W. Va., November 1«.—Of
ficial retaras from Fayette bave bsea ie
ctived here. They give Goff 732.
' W. A. Ohlky.
Flaming'* Majority In Marlon la 109—The
Intelligencer fortist* to Putt ug It 100.
Special Telegram to the Register
Fairmont, W. Va., November 16.—
The official vote of this county is 109 for
Flemiog and the Dencosrats wish to know
why the Intelligencer misrepresent! the
onat. If there is any "chenanegan" go
log on we wast to know it. Flsgrant
fraud a are known of in thii county, and
evidtnce is ready for the aircat of the
parties implicated.
Desperate Attempt or Kepobllcan Schem
ers to Defeat the Will of tho People.
Special Telegram ta the Register.
Charleston, W. Va., November 16.—
Goff has undoubtedly hut 732 majority in
Fayette, and from Rf publican sources oui;
.19 in McDjwell. Several hundred Rapnb
lican illegal vote) were cast in both Mc
Dowell and Mercer. Republicans bave re
tained Democratic ch »Henkers as counsel
to prevent them being witnesses in con
tejts. Republicans have hell back the re'
turns in Republican conn'ie?, and deeper
ate efforts are btiog rnadötj count Flem
iog ouL
A* Othera See Us—Interesting Gos*lp Freu
Gen GofTs Home.
Clakksbubg, W. Va., November 16.
Jo the Eilitor of the JirgUkr.
Sir:—Both sides at last concede the eiec
tion of Governor Fleming, and Republican
are authorizing stakeholders ta pay ove
bets. Bat little money changed handi
here on the State election, as but few o
GofTs party put any faith in his loud w
sortions that he would carry the State
All conservative citizens here accept th
Rkuistkr's figures on the result as cor
rect and reliaMe, and give bat alight at
tention to the Intelligencer's doctor»
returns. Tfce g'aring errors, misrepreeen
tation and false tabulated statements c
yesterday » Intelligencer disgust alike botl
Democrats and Republicans, and as a re
suit the counters of our newsdealer stil
displays this morning a large sta< k of un
sold Intelligencers, while the supply c
Registkrjb w*s exhausted at an eaily hon
•otttarrU* afternoon. I was informed b
the newidealtr t jat on account of the iv
creased demand for Registers be bai
ordered a hundred copie« fer Fi id ay «ai
Saturday, mad expccted that be would dû
pose of them all. Ninety is the number «
Intelligencer* sold here, th»t is when the.
are told. The Reoistkk should feel fiai
te red at the w<ll-waiited recrgait'oa it it
ceives from our people, consider.ng th
fact that this is largely a Republican conn
ty, I take the liberty to make this statt
meat, becauM I want yon and yoor read
•re to know that the tpacial in yesterday'
Intelligencer, purport ici: to hare been wril
ten from this plase in reference aa to boi
the Registre and Intelligencer an reotiva
here, is abeolutely false, and our citizen
won't believe it was ever written here, bu
was tiled op in the Intelligencer as a pie:
of contemptible spite work unworthy t
onr pecple. We are red-hot poliiiciar
out here, but both sidoe fight squarely an
do not l'jr politic il purposes believe i
knifing the ptirate busmen of any one.
Held Accountable for the Drop la F re Ig]
Philadki.fhia, November 16. — T1
Public Ledger, in ita financial article aaj
relative to the war in freight ratee: "f
far as we can ascertiin upon inquiry attl
offica of the Pennsylvania railroad, tl
1 present trouble in rate* arises largely fro
the fact tbat there is no method und
which agreement« as to rates can be mail
taincd or enforced. The new and weak
line« f*l that thay cancot command tri
1 fie at eqnal rate) with the older and mo
I established line«, and while th«y would i
. doubt prefer an amicable arrangerne
under which the traffic could be divide
there is no way sicca the pas'aar* of tl
inter-State commerca law in which an s
rangement can be legally made. The coi
r petition, too, of the Canadian lines, whi
are exceedingly active competitors for bo
east and west bcuad traffic of the Unit
. St»te«, and which are not nnder the cc
• trol of tbe inter-State commerce la
make« the situation still more perplexii
' and as a result, the railways are receivi
9 on traffic in both directions much leas th
• a fair cons pensât ian, and mach less th
r th« public aw willing to pay,
Ii Democratic—Six Districts Undecided, With the
Democrats in the Lead by One—Three
West Virginia Districts Classed
as Doobthtl.
Washington, D. C., November 16.—
Geoer.il John R. Clark, Jr., the clerk of
the House of Representatives, believes that
160 Democratic Representatives have bean
elected and that six districts are in donbt.
Tais calculation is based upon the assump
tion tbat Wilson, Democrat, is elected in
West Virginia. The doobtfal dihtricts in |
General Clark's estimate are tie First Cal
ifornia, Tenth Kentucky, Second North I
Carolina, and the First, Third and Foorlh
of West Virginia. These districts he sets I
down as doubtfal because they are claimed
by both parties on majorities so small that
the ofiicial count matt be awaited to de- [
termine the result. In the case of Repre
dantative Bacon, Democrat, of New York,
who is reported to have been defeated by
eighty majority, General Clark exp-cte
that a contest will ensue.
Of one thing be is confident and that is
that the majority in the next House will
not be over iiveeitherway. Relative to the
functions of the clerk in the organization
of the new House and the power he is tap
poned to be able to exercise in seating or {
unseating members, Gen. Clark fays tbat j
his dut'e) are fixed by statute and are
purely miaisteria'. If a member-elect pre
sents a proper certificate of election his
name will be placed on the roll and not I
> The following table gives the standing
I of the House without doubtful districts:
•2 0
|! %
Alabama —
Connecticut -
Illinois —I 1»
Indiana. ' 2
Iowa i ll'j
Kama« "
Kentucky ...
Louisiana. 1
M dine <
Michigan I
Miunesot» -|
M issiwltpl '
H Missouri
5; Nebraska
2; Nevada
New Hampshire
sew Jersey
New York
north Carolina...
.uhode Island....
iSouth Cnrolina...
I Vermont
I Virginia
Wt*t Virginia..
6 8
I'." 15 I
» 31
Totals 'lC:
WAat Vir*!nimm.
Special Telegram to the RegUter.
Washington, November lß.—Pensions
have been i&iued to West Virginians as
follows: Original invalid—Jameg Van
Horn, Littleton; Alex. Latbev, lhrt'oul
City. Restoration—Robert G. Cather,
Flemiugton. Increase— Joshu* D. Fort
uey, S*rdis;C. Divis, Camp; H«nry Ocff
man, Young's Mdls; J. P. Cant«hury,
Roand Bottum IX»ni»l W. Keefer, Whesl
ing; Jamee K 15urge, Adaline.
Crashed by Uli Own Train.
Special Ttlegram to the Register.
Mabtinshcrg, November 15.—At as
early hour tbh morning Charles Pear, of
this city, a Wakeman on the B. & 0., fell
ort'of his train near Vanclevesville and tbe
entire train pawed over him, killing him
instantly. Thrre trains are said to have
passed over bis lw>dy b?fore it was discov
ered, mangling it m a horrible manner.
Another Oily Wonder.
FlNDLAY, 0., November 1G.—A new oil
field has been diecovered near Gibsonburg,
abont 29 milea east of tbe Wood comity
field. Two wells were drilled in there
ye&tcrday, and to-day one has a recoil« of
abont 3,000 and the other is abont one
third as large. Hundreds of leasers pre
bnsy in that neighborhood to-day, and d&
velopment will be pushed. It is Faid the
prospect is favorable to the opening of a
still more wonderful Sold than the prolific
W oodcounty field.
Caught I'nder the Car«.
8peclal Telegram to the Register.
i Maktinshuro, November 16.—As Mr.
.Toeiah Brllhart, of this place, a Ii. & 0.
brakeman on the second division, wai
coupling rome cars in the yard at this
■ paint the train was backed and be was
I caught underneath the car. Both of hi»
. legs were broken and his hip dislocated.
He is thought to be injured internally also.
r HI« Name la Not Mndd.
B A I.TIMOR«, November 16.—Official re
turns from every precinct in the Filth
3 Congressional district, with the exception
of thooe from the Fifth and Ninth districts
of Chai les county, have btea filed with
the Secretary of State at Annapolis. They
give Compton, Dem,. 183 plurality. The
missing retnrcs are expected to add 153 to
Mudd's, Rep., vote, which will reduce
j Compton s plurality ta 30.
The Boaton Wool Markat.
Boston, November 16.—The market is
f active; Ohio and Pennsylvania X 32a32$c;
r XX and above 33a35c; Michigan X 30a
r 31 jc; No. 1 combiog 3Si39}c; Oaio tine de
- laine 34a30^; Michigan do 32j38c; un
1 washed ombiog 27a30c; Texas wco!a
1 active at 18a25c; California rpring 17a22c;
* Oregon and un wash# il wools firm; pulkd
f woals steady at 38a40c; extras 22*28; car
r iut vnnla Arm
Mora Cabinet Making.
Washington, November 16.—Cabinet
making at present is unprofitable business,
and no one can tell now whom Harrison
may (elect for his advisor*. It sjems to hi
ncdsistoud that Aiper and New will le of
fered Cabinet p»itions. Beyond this, it it
impossible to state anything definitely.
■onoD|»htU Mines to Snapend.
e PiTTSBt'BO, Pa., November 16.—Thi
f coal operator*) have called a meeting foi
s next Tuesday to consider the advisability
^ of restricting the prcdnction by shnttinf
0 down all of the coal mines along the Mon
orgahela river. The tuspension wil
throw 6,000 men oat of employment.
The First Cold of the Season.
lt St. Pacl, November 16.—The crest o
the old wave pasaed over the North we s
tc-day and left the following records of it
** intensity: Dalnth, 12° above zero; St
10 Paul, 16°; Mco-hsed;6°; 8t Vincent,
I® Bismarck, 12°; Winnipeg, zsio.
ie •
The Vermont Women Votera Squelched
,r Montpmjeb, Vt , November 16.—I
i. the House of Representatives this moroio
»r the bill granting to women the right c
f. suffrage was defeated by a vote of Ii«
re to 37.
Bronthere Signa With Boston.
j POUGHKOH3I*, N. Y., November 16.
)« Denny Bronthera, of the Detroit biee ba
r- club, signei here to-day with the Bostor
n- at a salary of $5,000 per annnm.
;h *
th Tbe settlers oa the Crow Creek an
>d Winnebago lands are get'ing up a petitio
n- to Congress to open np the lands f<
iv, market
g, * ■ ■
og Oar druggist told as that it beats a
an other liniments—Salvation Oil, nrice 25
10 Dr. Ball's Ooogh Syrnp never fails to cu
acold o: ooogb in » «bort time. Prie« 2ô
An Inoffensive Negro Shot Down In Cold
Special Telegram to the Result.
Charleston, W. Va., November 16 —
Icformation reaches here to-night tj the
effect that one of the moet bruUl murders
ever committed in Mercer county hap
pened at Bluefielil last Saturday. My in
formant siya that while a colored man
named Giles, was walking along the streets
of Blnefield, he was aaeaulted by two
drunken white men, and when he started
to iuu, he wai shot by o:>e of them,
and was afterwards stabbed until i
he died, which was in about fift een min
utes after he was shot. It is said that he
bai not been guilty of any offense against
bis slayers and that the murder was un- 1
provoked. Tha man who did the shoot
ing is known about Bluefleld as Bill Wal
lace, who represented himself to be an
United States detective. The fellow lift
the town Monday night for parts unknown.
The county authorities are after him, aud ;
if cisght, he will probably answer to
Judge Lynch for his murderous deed.
West Virginia Editor« Pack Their Grip ,
Sack* for a Little Tour,
Special Telegram to the Register.
Pabkersbobg, W. Va., November 16. j
—Tue following Weit Virginia editors,
some of wton will ba accompanied by
their wives, leave tc-aight and to-morrow
to attend a four day a'a session of the fourth
annnal convention of tha National Edito
rial Association at San Antenio, Texas:
A. B. Clark, Bnkhannrm Delta; Chail?« 1
Thirnhill, Charleston Star; C. R. Old- 1
bam, Monttdsvilie Sun; E C.
Hmith, liavenswool Bugle: Bunuel Jacobs,
WeUsbnrg Herald; G. M. Fleming, Bnck
hannon Banner; Georga B»tab!e, Clarks
burg News. A. B. White President of the
Association, ia prevented from attending.
The trip will occupy thrao weeks and will
include a tour through Mexico.
Blaine Has Not Boen Offered a Cabinet
Indianapolis, Nuvamber 16.—The
story com» s from New Yoik to-day that
Harrison had writîen ta Blaine, offering
him the Slate Department, and that the
President-elect had oaly told 1rs Icdiana
friends of it after it w«s dotje. The whole
story san be ontradicted on the best au
ihority. General Harrison has written no
such letter. Chairman Huston and John
C. New deny parts of the matter as pub
lished, end General Harrison himself is
understood 1o deny with some heat the
material allegation.
' »Iking of Gorman for t'reëldent.
Baltimork, November lti.—There is
some whispering going on pgiin about the
presidency of tLe Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road Coropiny. The annml meeting of
the stockuolders will be h»li mxt Mon
day, at which time a board of diiictors
will be elected for the crsning year. The
presided will be chosen by tha direct :r<*
about a month later, and there is a move
ment en foot ta plaça Un'ted States Sena
tor A. P. Gorman at the head of the com
Mary Audersou'* Lover Iusane.
Nkw York, November 16.—Ths pby?>i
oians who examined James M. Dougherty,
the persecutor of Mary Andereoa, the act
ress, to-day prononce id him insane, and
he will be taken to an asylum. To-day be
wrote a lonu st atement setting forth bis
love for the actrees.
Carter Harrison arrived home yei-tarday.
lie was given a rousing reception by hi*
Cbiogo friends.
L'EctUn, the leading French Canadian
orj»an, has created a sensation by coming
ont for annexation.
Don Dickinson denies the report that
he will move to Washington to practice
Solon B. Jenkins, a dissipated citizen of
New Haven, Conn., shot and instantly
killtd his father io-l.Tw, James Anthony.
Jenkins was drinking. The mnrder was
withcut provocation.
The well known snitcf J. H. Chandler
to recover the land in which the Calumet
and llecla mine is located has been decided
for the defendant.
The brakemen's alriks on the Louisville
and New Albany road has been com
The Home Market Club, of Boston, yes
terday gave a banquet in c.Iebra'ioa of
Harrison's election. Gen. Alger, Warner
Miller and many other Republican leaders
were there.
The later-State Commerce Commission
has tstablirhed a Bureau of Statistic«, to
be headed by Prof H C. Adams, who will
compile staiist'cs from the annual rt parts
of common carriers.
Thejor7 in the ca?e of James H. Gra
ham, of Washington, late private secretary
to Congressman Glover, of Missouri, ac
cosid ofs'ealing papers from Mr Glover's
bouse, failed to agree yesterday.
Thomas B. McQasid and Dixon R.
Cowie, of Worcester, Mas»., who are ac
cused of the murder of Lillie A. Hoy le,
were yesterday released. Alice Hoyle,
their accuser, admitted that her story is
The Dead Letter Ottic9 handled about
6,250,000 pieces of mail matter, of which
749,5^3 pieces were returned without
opening. Money and negotiable pa pur to
the amount of $1,381,268 were contained
in the letters.
The Washington police have foncd
three wive« of Newman the matrimonial
adventurer, who ia in jail there. He ban
one wife in Washington, one in Naahville
and one in Indianapolis. His r<al name
is Dallas M. de Hogbes.
Five prominent »cd wealthy Hebrews,
of Springfield, Mo., have been arrested
on the charge of grand larceny.
Lindauer Bra«., Chicago clothiers, bave
failed. Liabilities, $100,000; asset*, $600.•
The American Tnrf Congress has agreed
on llOpoands for 2-yeir-olds and 123 for
i^yesr-olds, a? running w< ights.
The official plurality for Harrison in
! Ohio is about 16,000. The returns will be
made pu blic in a few days.
The failures during tha woek numbeif
237, v compared with a total of 226 last
f week, and 275 the week previous For
t the corresponding week of last year the fig
j ures were 224.
A meeting of prominent citizen* of
North Dakota will be held at Bumarrb
> soon to discufR means to bring ab jut th<
early admission of the territory to th<
Gea. Black says there are now 15,00(
1 aoldurj in the Home for Dmb'ed Vet*
! raus. There is a pressing demand for tlx
t admittance of others
- Wo. Mnldoon defeated Tarn Cannon ii
a GtxoRaman wrestling match, best twi
of three, in New York last night.
Siittr Mary Francis Clare, "The Nun o
I Kenmare," has writtea a letter to the Pop
resigning her position as Mother Superio
of the Sitters of Pe»ce. She alleges oppo
sition from powerful Bishopi to her work
j The returns une omplets from Indian«
a TheCongre«souildele<atioastands: Dsn
,r ocrats 10, Republicans 3.
There were no deaths from yellow ftv<
at Jacksoavii'e yesterday.
II - —~
t. The soft glow of tti tea row ia acqulri
rg by ladies who oss Poaxoai'a Pom plain
OL Powdw. Try il
L of L D«lagites Hit* Viritd Ida&s of the Methods
of Doing It—Routine Work Yesterday—
Important Reports Eioectsd
This Morning.
JnmanaÄts, Ind., November 16.—
Ibmmittee werk occupied ft large portion
>f the time of the delegates to the General
Aseembly of tie Ktights of Labor. How
ever, there is still time for gossip about
Actions and other matters of interest to .
he order. The substance of this ha« been
leretofore mentioned in these dispatches.
Nearly every expression is stated with an
'if," and that contingent is Powderly's j
ic*ptince of tbe chief office, which, in '
;urn, depends on tbe action that may be
aken on his address. There is a general
eeling in f*vor of Powdarly, and yet there
ire enongh differences of opinion as to
.he methods of reaching the same end to
nake it pretty lively in the convention. A
arge portion of the morning session
rae taken up w th a debate
>ver the report of the committee '
>n Appaal* and Gre'vanoe«, in the rue
rrom Chicago, Georse 8th lling, Matter
Workman ot D. A. 49, had granted a tre ris
er card to a member of a suspended local,
tnd a mernbjr of that assembly protested.
The committee reported in fator of suttiin
cg the report, and after debate the report
was adopted. The only o!her business
»ettied was the adrp^iou of a resolution
»rdcring that Mrs Barry's report be printed
u French and German. A number of re»
»Iut inns were introduced and referred at
ince to the proper committees, and the As
kmbly took a recef s for dinner.
Shippers' Kate* Made Liable to Change
Without Notice. i
Chicago Novembar 16.—A local paper
rays: "Some of tbe roads are undoubtedly
making rates on West-bonnd traffic f.om
New York bïlow tho» inaugurated by the
STe\v York Central a day or two ago. The 1
latter tariff is on Ilia basis cf 50 cents fi sl
-less from New York to Chicago. Yester"
Jay some shippers were fnrn'shed with
mémorandum quoting tbe following rate*.
New York tï Caicago, hy the Commercial
Express fast freight line: New York, 45,
{(», 32, 28, 24, 19; Boîton. 50. 40, 35, 3(), ;
J5, 20; Philadelphia, 44, 34, 33, 28, 23, 19 |
A strange feature of tbe mémorandum s
that it etites that the above rates are eub
ject to change without notice. Under the
[uter-Staie Commerce law any notice ot
idvance has to be given.
The Dnr&ftin Tobacco Smash-up.
New Yobk, Noveml>er 16.—The Herald
437«: The smasb-np nmon^ the tobacco
men in Darharo, X. C , is likely ta bar«
little tffcct in the trade ht». The hoik
i)f the bminew in tobacco done in New
Vork is in tho Je if s'aple for ci^nr manu
facturing purple«, while that of Darhani
is chiefly what is termed "hog«he«d" to
bacco, for pipe smoking and chewing
Mr. Blackwell is, perhaps, thelargrst man
ufacturer of smoking tobacco in the wo. Id,
and has bnainesi c mnections everywhere
If he has "gine under,'' say the New York
tobacco m«r\ there will be a heavy loss,
hat it will ha so distributed that compara
tively little will fall npon any cue com
I"A1I Hat* off for New Jer»ey."
Washington, November 16.—Repre
sentative McAiloo went to the White
Uonse this morning. Whon he was csh
erd into the President's ollice tbs Presi
dent rose and, with a greater Demonstra
tion of enthusiasm than herften g;vee way
to, cilled ont: 1 All hats oil' for New Jer
•ey !" There were <|ai13 a number of gen
tlemen in the President's room at the
time, and tbey joined the P/e.ident in
doieg signal honor to tbe Stat« of New
Jeis?y. Mr. McAdco remained in conver
sation there for tally ua lionr, durirg
which Mr. Cleveland" reviewed the cam
paign and spoke in the moat ardent, not to
say exoltant, way of the Denocracy of
"gallant New Jersey." m he called it.
Two Young QlrU Crushed to Dealh«
Chicago, November 16.—A dispatch
from Circleviüe, O., aajs: Three young
girls, Mamie Tann. Allie Kedman and
Kmma Nickens, while i> using over the
Canal bridge yesterday were caught by a
train of care on the Cincinnati and Miami
Valley railroad. Miae Tann suffered the
loss of a leg and died lut evening, Allie
Kedman was horribly mangled and died
instantly. Her leg wa« cutoff and her
body cut in twain. The Nickens girl es
The Prtident'i Coming
Washington, November 16.—The Star
to-nightsajs: "Tbe President'«Eeztannuil
message is apt to be brief, bnt very point
ed. lie hu not yet begnn work on it,
but be will have to take it up aoon and it
will not occupy him very long. It ia un
derstood that he will repeat with emphas s
the recommendation of his laat annual
message. He will not change bii attitude
on tbe tariff nor fgnore or avoid t ha iaaue
on account of the reenlt of the recent elec
Un tort to MetlioiIUt BliBopi.
N«w Yobk, Novembjr 1G.—Tûe Bish
ops cf the Methodist Church were tendered
a reception bj the Brooklyn Chnrcb Socie
ty to-night, io the Brooklyn rink. Of the
16 Bishops there were present Bishop*
Newman, Bowman, Merrill, Warren,
Huret, Fo», Andrews, Waldron. Fitzger
ald, Goodell, Vincent and Joyce.
The Ozark Lynching Story Don I ad.
New York, Norember 16—The Her
oic Kansas City correspondent says tbe
story that comes from Ozuk, »bent the
lynching of five witneesee against tbe con
demned Bild Knobers is not trne.
The Work Is Done.
New Yobk, November 16.—The Repub
lican National Committee closed its head
quarters at 91 Fifth avenue to-dsy.
Political Gossip.
Bal timoré hss elected it« first Bepubli
can Pre» ident of Council since tbe war.
It was done by a Democratic split
Campton, Democrat, has a majority o
10 oTer Modd, Republican. in the Fiftl
Maryland district.
The friends of Raynor, [»emocrat, bav<
demanded a recount in the Fourth Mary
land district
1 Mr. Blaine refused to ba interview«
yesterday on tbe question whether or no'
' Gen. Harrieon had oflered him a Cabine
1 Henderron of Missouri, Gaff of Wcs
1 Virginia, and Mabooe of Virginia, ar
prominency mentioned as repreeentativi
f from tbe South in Geo. Harrison's Cabinet
Clarkson of Iowa, it is said, is also slat«
r for a position, ai is John Wanamaker t
b Philadelphia.
Tee Washington Stnr s*ys there is
l movement on the part of the frieuds <
I- Jndgs i. Representative) Payaon, of III
noia, to push him for Secretary of the Ii
s terior under Mr. Harrison.
"A cent is gool for a clay pipe" and 2
<j for a bottle ot Dr. Ball's Cough Syrup,
a Tbe acme of medicine, Silratioo Oil, i
droggista «11 it for oaly 85c « bottle.
Oi» Circuit Court to ba Asked to Restrain
tli« B.tOi
The Wheeling and Dm Grove Railway
Company htve been notified bj Wm. M.
Hand lan that h« will on next Monday aek
the Circait Court to restrain them from
connecting their toad with that of the B.
& 0. at Sixteenth and Chaplin« streets,
[>3wer to do which has been granted the
road by ordinance passed by Council. It
is a1 so reported that some of the residents
)f Sixteenth street kl» oppose the said
A Registre rtpoiter yesterday met
lodge Cochran, President of the Wheeling
icd L&ke Erie railroad, snd aeked him 1
«•hat he had to say regarding the matter.
He replied:
"Thisordinance was passed at onr rc
jueet. so we conld gat prompt delivery of
tone to onr bridgs over Wheeling creek at 1
he Penioauli», and we will waive the
jrivilege if it is going to bring us in con- j
lict with ary considerable portion of tb<
oeopie of the city ; thongh the denial of 1
his right of way would delay os a whole
fear in the completion of the work.
'*1 have advieed the Wheeling and Elm
3rove Company to pledge i'stlf not to be- '
gin the work of sceh connection nntil at
east live dajs' notice shall have been tiled 1
n the otlice of the Circuit Co art Cltrk,
ind published in the Wheel ng paper». 1
vVe are determined, in so l*r as in ua lie«,
:o use no privilege granted ns by Council
n a manner to prejudice that body or our
lelves with the people of Wheeling, and if
we lind tbat this temporary um> of the Elm
3rove lia 1 road is a greater ^inconvenience
:o tb* people alocg the line than it is a
xnefit to the company and the county,
jve will abandon the ptojccL
"It is reported, for what pirpoie I do
lot know, tbat onr Company has pur
chased the Wneeling and Elm Grove Rail
■<»od. It is wholly without foundation.
Taat Company has not the remoUtt pur
?o«e to snor we to buy, that I know o!
>r be'ieve. It, with mcst other good nti
sens, has ebown a disposition to aid us in
^ashicg onr work and "for this public
ipirit we fiel ncder obligations?"
' How is the work progressing, Judge?"
"Well, sir, since July 1 we have bad
tome seventy days in wh ch there has baen
noie or less r«in, one of the worst seasons
or railroad construct:on ever known hrra,
ind we need and desire every reasonable
ndu'gence to aid m in overcoming in tome
neat-tire these immente disadvantages, and
ive tbink the people of Wheeling are as
unch interested as the Coropiny in seeing
;be bridge terminals completed iaJanu
i-y, 1*90, instead of IHM. Cmocil has
»en obliging and reasonable, as have most
ill the «i'izens, and for this we feel under
Weit Virginia Central ltallroad.
At the quarterly meeting of the Board ol
Directors of the West Virginia Central
Railroad, held at Baltimore Wednesday,
I lis accoonti for the ten months ending Oc
lobar 31, showed that after p»j iog heavy
flurd 1oh8«h cf abont f<»0,000 and ordinary
»perating »xpenwa and the fixed <h r»:ei
nl aome (GO,000, the ret receipts are al>oat
(T(i (h)0 Trie Cheat river extension of
#ome thirty-five mile*, which is well ander
way and will he computed in the early
spring, willcpsn an aurirultural section
which in lie h ia coil, aril this will greatly
add to the freight traftic of the road.
Wire Vail«.
The wir-1 nail nunufactnrers are endeav
oring to boom the prrea of thtir produc
tion^ but do far hive been unsuccessful.
Toe card rato which they «stabliahtd at
the Pitlsbnrg meeting has been very
generally cat; bat they will make stren
aous ttl'.irU) to secure il» observance from
this time oa.
Htrnrk a <iu*tier.
The Riverside (5« Company, of Wells
barg, strack a gis gather yesterday after
noon atad«pth of 1400 f.et. Toe com
pany has been boring 1er Kome time and
their strike is greeted with joy hy the resi
dents of W»ll-barg. It is m i! the iliw is
htrong enoagb to ma two or three glasi
I.oral lud uni rial.
The Standard mill is running fall.
The foundries all present scene* of ac
The vaiious lactones are runnirg along
The Belmont, Top and Crertmt arc gc
ing full-lilt.
The varirus steel works are on fall, with
lot* of work ahead.
The machinery of the Arbenz farnl
tare factory h m been removed to Chilli
oot he, O.
One of the Wheeling mills has one order
for 1,000 tons of rocliug shoe's and another
for 500 tons.
The Laßelle has been bothered a little
daring the week by a short rupply of oat
oral gas. They ira shipping lota of nails.
Tha Watnrn Divide Honora.
Detroit, Mich., November 16 —Tba
third and last day« session of the Woman's
Congress was calltd to order at t«n o'clock
this nnrning atd the election of officers at
once proceeded with. Mrs. Julia Ward
Howe was re-»letted president. Twetty
flve presidents were aeicc'el from the rati
oas States represented. Gertrude K. E*it
ley, of Delaware, was elee'ei secretary;
Henrietta L. T. Woloott, of Massac h na« lis,
treasurer; Sophia Curtiss Ht Oman, of New
York, aad Mrs. Charlotte F. i'terce, of
Pennsylvania, aaditors, and a Beard of
Directors, oompojed of twenty-five mem
Mrs. Anna Jecnan Miller, the exp>
nentofdrsse reform, re*d • piper on
' Cornet drew." There it a real ecieoca
of diem, ebe »aid, criticism (o the contrary
notwiths'aodin/. £ha deooanoed the bae
tl« and corset, and «aid the id aal drsee tot
woman moet be abiolately withoot banda
or ligalnrta.
rut Express from Pitt»borg to Chicago,
PlTOBi'KO, Not ember 16—The Pitta
barg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad
Company will pat oa a mw feet exprm
train next Sunday, which will leave Pitts
horg at 8 a. m. tod arrive at Chicago at
9:4ô p. m. The traia ia to carry nothin|
bat exptese matter.
Mrs. Jmr M»eh Bettor.
New Tobe, November 16 —Mrs. Ja]
Goald spent a very qoiet sight, aad ha
r condition this morning showed mach im
Doings of Boote aad Bostels âloog th
I The Ben Har left yesterday at aooo.
> The Chancellor passed down at 5 o'clod
1 yesterday morning.
The marks oa the landing Inst areola
t indicated 12 fret and rising.
The Lizzie Bay will leave tor Cindnnni
I this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Î The marks from above yesterday war
f Morgan town, W. Va, 11 fast 2 inches aa
rising; weather rainy. R'ce's Land in]
4 feet 6 inches aad rising; weather reia;
, Brownsville, Iii f«t 6 inches and riete)
weather rainy. Lock No. 4, 17 feat aa
'* ruing; weither rainy. Greensboro, Pi
18 feet 6 inches and ri«ing; weather rate
Parker, 3 feat 8 iaebe>aod falling; weath
. cloady and cold. Oil C&ty, 3 feat aad at
* tionary ; weather, lieht raise.
II Borslord'e Aetd glssjtoH
Relieves Mental and Physical FihaaetM
[fcaOoa&inofilwaia —Grin* Rui Riot,
Whi la OoattadiBf Faction* Stragfla lor the
Prandeacy—flmaral fortip Nawi
—TU Paraail TriiL
New Yoiuc, Xivemwr 16.—Xewa re*
saired here from Port »a Pi itoe, Hajti, hi
IoUm «fleet that aoonditionof anarchy
'Tbt rortbero port« are all blockaded in
>pen vioUUoa of iaWroatioeal law, aa~
iba wild«»» diaordtr prevail«. Ia Pari Aa
Prince both parti«« ara partial to ataaaei
aation. Oea. Te!emanqne wai baaelr aa
laminated. Were it not for thia b« oar
ainlj woald hare btea elected, aad tbete
a bo doabt bat that be woald bare aerr
d the people faithfully. Port An Prince,
Petit Goare, Leigaaa, Jwemie A ax Cayea
ind Miragaae i Ion« a»o in favor af General
Legitime, the rast of tba conntry baring
leclarad for General Hippolite.
'Tba eleamar Htyiiao Kepublic waa
IMied aa a pirate, and not a block left.
Iba Haytiana wanted to ehoot all the ctU
"era and crew, bat the foreign coatnla pro
xsted again*t tbia, and the lirtaoftbe
imencaoa were therefore «pared. There
a only on« maa-of war in tba harbor ot
Port-aa Priace, and aba ia flyiag tba
Preach flag. Th«re ara earen American
reeeela now detai ced at tbia port, act I
there iaaboslntely no dafeoee in eaaa the
nob »honld take a notion to commit dapre
lationa. The achooner Wo, Jouta, of
Boitoa, waa raoantly eeiaed by tba Daaha
:inea and ber captain informed
that Um Hajtiana fired a «bot acroaa
her bawn compelling him to beave to, nh(a
they boarded her, acd pnt tie ctew in
irona, then they lowed the achooner to
Port-aa-Prince. wb«r« «bc ie deatined aa m
(irire. The etizura waa made 7 miiia out
it ««a, and th« captain cf the Wm. Jon««
aaa protêt fd againat this iletrnl «ei zu re,
:o MtniaUr Thompwu. The other Am
can nswla cannot get their charanre
?aper« or cargo, uad thoie which will be
permitted to depart, will hare to retora
to the United Ktatee in hall«»t.''
Lady Mount Morrta ralula Whlla TaaUty
ing Aftlail the Laad League.
London, November 10.—Tb« proceed
oga of tb« l'arnell Commfmlon to-day
irere mad« intonating by the appearance
>4 tin witce« «Und et Lady Moont Mor
ris, whom hunbend, Lord Moont Morris,
iraa murdered at Cioubar, County Gal
wey, in lft40. Lvly Moont Moriii teeti
Ued that a fiiendly feeling had ex triad be
tween hu htulnnd and bia tenant« en tbe
Kber Hall estaUa at Olonbar ontil tba
Land League b«gtn to bold ir««•itrir«
there. In July, l*HO, b«r boabaad ob
rained a writ of *joctin»nt againat a ten
ant. In th« f< llowing Rept«mber, while
witntM wua in Hootland, ber biMbaod waa
ibot. 8be went to Ireland to attend tba
fanerai. She beerd that men refuted to
vaiat in patting the crftin in the beiree.
Witnen« itf» Kbtr Hall lu Oitober, while
on b«r way to the «learner, tba paopla
laughed at and borted bar, and a atone
wax thrown at ber eight year old «an. Bar
buabaod reotirei threatening notier« only
altar League meeting« bad been h< Id.
Hir. OharlM Kamel, Co u ne» I lor tba Par*
nellifw. waa proceeding to cro« t xamine
Lady Mount Moiria upon tba exact dataa,
of tbe Letgue meeting* allnded to, wbaa
tbe witnea« fainUd, and wonld bava
fallen to tba floor bad not a court oflWr
cangbt ber, Hir. Cbarlia thereupon in
timated that be wonld not proceed any
further in tbe croea eiamanaijn.
Constable Dramtnond, of C Ion bar, waa
then oal'ei, be taatifled that during tba
iixjoiry into tbe m order of Lord Mont
Mori ix, be could not get any aaaiatance
from tba paopla. After tba foraaatioo of
tbe Land I.tagne be had noticed a decided
oLaoije, in tbe manner of tba people to
ward tba landlord*. On cma examination
he »aid, be attribute 1 tba boatility of tbe
p«>ple, tow aida I.ord Mount Morria,
partly to bi« lordtbip's conduct, in bia
capacity «h a magiVjat», and partly to bia
att>tnde on lb« land qaeetion.
Mr. iJivett tben croat-ex atnlnad tba
witnrai and elicited the tt it cm eat Ibat
Lord Monnt Moriin bad ltd tba feople to
believe that be beM «ecret <oru montra
tiona with tbe Dablin Caitle autboiitka.
Sergeant O'Connor feetifieJ that be aaw
a number of man witb band« joined, danc
ing roand tome nrarka of blood on tba
I pot where Lord Moont Morria waa mur
Hir Henry Jam«a, of tba Time* concnel,
tben announced that it wa« now prepoead
to give evidenc* in relation to outrage*
committed in County Kerry.
Hir Charles Kcunell prot«atad. Ha aa'd
it wonld be very difficult to ftllow tbe
caae if tbe prooeenfora moved (ffita ob«
county to another without teucblrg evi
d«ace con a act in g outrage« with tb« per
sona n cnaad. Presiding Justice Hannen
agrnd with Hir Charles koaaell that the
commieaioo could fallow the e Tide nee by
tbe method ia which it waa profowd to
giv« it, only with eaermoea d fflcalty.
But whan aaanrad by ceaaael that there
«a* bo otter maaaa te abertea the caae
than the onrae prepeaad, the court waa
l>mod to awebt.
Sir Cbarlaa Koatell thmajoa «aid,
warmlj: "AH I can da, than, la ta pro
teat againat a courte which earlaialy will
not coodnca to f«diitata the eoqniry."
Mil— > Mamtgßäm aa4 Fmppmt.
Oobma, NovcalMr 18—The iadireet
overtarM of Klag Mil», cf Berria, lor
K avian nipfort hare b*eo euBaaiilyro
jeeted. The Hont h Beeefaa wnm (r—ij
drtsribee bia as n ssapgnds Slav tod m
1 AiitHaa poppet. The prrs« tioar ha«
sot iatwfered with the aowipepers for
their attacks open Kb« Milan.
The Gerssaa Uerenaeot has orderet
another croiser t) prssiil to Zaazlhar.
The report thai aa attestât bed heea
ntde apoa the life a/ Piiaee Firiiaaal ef
Bulgaria is ofifiaUj declared to bo basa*
The Tegau, Dorna sad L n rirers hare
orer flowed their baakr, flood ir g the aar«
rsaading country sad dsiig rxtea#rs
Messsofers who hare srrfvad at Wad*«
Halls, aa the Upper Nik, irpnt that the
mjetfrioaa white Pndko in the Fahr-ei
Oecei district hasfoojhtagrsat haUoaad
killed .
The Matten of the «süeri« la Lsoark
shire hare aade a f asr eeat adraaao ta
wsgss. Tie British Trade Coasrilfcs hse
adrtard tha jataspiaasra ef Dundee ta
fire their eapleyeas a riarilar increase.
Mr. Joha Bright pasasd a gesd aigbt
aad wae a shade better jsatsidej ms»>
Thhat gslee hare asaord aasisrsaa
macks sa the wast sens! ef Great Briteia.
Tha report of tha Prodi Bosrd cf
Trade shows an tacnaM ia laiparta dariag
October of H, 15»,000 (tmm. aad ia im
porta of 14,538.500 ftaaos.
The fsdarnl aad projpve're Jhd teas af
theBponieh Republicans have finally salit,
the federals waatiag a written haw <f
actiaa, while Sec or Zerttla iasn «aast
tbo «ort psynlsr artfaio la ass

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