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rhoking Catarrh.
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,f ^-ni>o-'v! me effort
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„•■:•«■ *n,l i'.' -nr ">*' '• me eflurt I
voiir throat aod h-*.iof this catarrhal I
« .1 h .« iV«*r»v>iu* InOuttni-« it eiert» I
iv. iJ, t touting t*t aiem-'ry arnl flu. J
»;»>: ; *::i» an-! <rnD<e«•»:*»' Hot» |
J t ■' : > ri.t ise jw^Mres. .«ml !
, •■ . p .m.s.i's» ni'ii;L<«.lc«ii *vMtiy who |
,1, i w.t.h ca:*r ii h'»«v 'HCcutt to pro J
■ acainfC if further pitign*» u> i
,'t.v' •»•> li-'T ä'i>1 i: laey», all plij*!-;
, w; . h.Imii. I; i» a tïrriblt >tiva*e. ii*J 1
iv,: 'i>i fi'.ief aa«1 » ira.
-, »u*!i v:.i rnrat:vv >'wr", *hen al;
-»• - 'iir> f«ul. i* "laford « KaifraJ
«-> • i l-r :öo"v»:i N wiio srau'iuüj
. i ; m:,>w-»«iVrai«. So «laueaeui
m\.: t.Vt caun.4 ht- sub«Muti'
r : §c U' rc|vr;aMe a:ul reliable refer
:;a:i*niit> bot'Ieof the lUdiraJ
< Varrkal S«I<rrat, and au Im
an t direction*, aiicl
for II.w*.
» n hi cnmliçg of one hoc
I ' - « one bol t'lTAKKHA*.
;-.M>v«n INHUK«. neatly
■; i.ui. with !ui; directi'»j*
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,.l lah
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. * CKiotxti « 0-. Bo«o^
„ti-l ^ c> , {Vll. sharp
. i ■< rains*"'1 Weak
• nul* pain-fc''"'* .
iii>uina"«o|ls 'n
, ' !„ Ô • liai". lor.ammatHM I
* i ' dr » '"nt* Ayt
i t-orr*« un» a*»
- -jt i?1
. ,i it homwwltn
■ ; m W(>*)1.LKV. M IX
: ,c u«h. WtuwhaU SU
^»;w «loinnel* Kltl«>n,
H IIU I T-»»«lr
•ud it lu« It <>ln.
TU:« .Swiss St <mm n Bitters I»
n « ctir'j for Hr-pep*;*. L'v?>
,i- : c! et'Tv »im ia oi Iuiliwr»;sil>Ml.
m Ii <"rr Tocli .-h-. tn<*t poptiiar prepar»
'<• c.f oughs, OoMs, Krotichtüi
. • (.un T-vil'I.;.-v
■> a vir" eure an-' relief of the
'•-va.'- • tvei «odchronic (.'alarxuo'
• , • Km **m t'y
I.'Xf.VN A » •».,
I ruzsiit*. Brtlkte forner.
W r^.üiK. w Va.
* ,091 KSIK9 . ' • Qorn. fnrw tot
i-jrv 'JN î>r«aU» St. FiO^. Fa . uni
k: i*!<Wr«.Vh<v..
- t •«.."•«» KKW\RI»fi>r i«ca
« 0* '.v- ^trtlngorPriûril'niîF4.!»»
iR.js:^ fJiU tc
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r* f.\ *ai>:Ki; -ilUsl
i îî. til- jeu.», »on» ei
5 rtftT YocTajfai-iiiFac
* !*V I »f'on» curve bj
■ î aï * 2c'*aicNiirr<» Mc. a»rt
V V V? » -î«û. im., flti:vU.plu«, J*«., t 4
.x ii . . >ir »Su,-». w> mum. »**•»>
y a tc* moo*
vented I .• Pf
•K*»vc amy
it *.« ptiiii'i I li^ "I«' Hoi'*. •'•*
N V . ' • -ft
f. ».fü.r'ri*
N Y ^
LYS CatarrH
' M>>^CL'R;fCOUf

-!:îh is-!
I'l.- tn^Wï tilo
Nsf«-\: ;*a*ea
gti*, XlWijrsPnlu
. ' li '.jimmH
>'. n, rloaln ;i:o]
y ..•->. 'Uv?.or«fl
*V S».irca o
v;;' i^iTFh||AY-fEV£F
> • • « n; ' ,ö : rsembr»'".-.', ;ot"«r*Jij
•■ i' o*% ivr-* and luiiutain
l m*ursd Fs-'H i'-'spotot
' '<■».« ••-.»#•« it: ^ iü*f *'<V3tâct>
• - • U?»f>r/*TJ, c*r'.rtto< the
■ ; *i '• " n orber tr.>ii'j:«3ca»« rnC
<iy;r teats.
\' • - »*cn 03kH| »rfti»
• > ■ , ,. v ti by tor.l.
: l Bc'CT': ¥R^, No. «
' ".. •. • R'i'jsoodfA*
. ; T 7 5T-» ?;» Î ü < ÏV1 4 'i V*
; Citä'Kfi t i S ô Ï
m .
4f' a 9
s su I
k Ui" *J
M Eumb Chills,
F?ver and Ague, Wind
Colic. Eiiious Attacks.
I' • \ ii> . r< ,u: ir. natural c»»«**
' - • >•<•_.i>> oruttcrf er« with
.1 .i!«'<•• in. ii.iimit mt-tlirlue,
'• » «il. Mill »•, hi, in j llUIIM'ill<l<l>
*«•1 i> I \
• - : •... •»>, !<.< t'i«
A It':», t..I t. n
» ■ r «.I- iro ji l. |
. f.-r ht.i.l t\V.»
- - n*i- • ■ m> <!i
»■».. l '.l. »[Mir
1 11 . !>U"! t" try
\ft> r «t.. fi .'I umM
• - . .. -ai ; l'ur- ii.
! h- utîo
r • : . I h.H
» I-. ..t ; l
; -r. .v ;
Y v' »i> «kk.
1 -l •> s» lit
• ••ml- ii i •» imr
■ Ml* ■'•.il ■ a;iv
• • * .m l.y th -
1 kin3nis.il
1 r.t'KNX ( I TS. CORN'S.
- ''»m I Ji\«i »FS(KTBITI>
i Ifejtrfw:
SrxwtHtf ésidt
A irlrl \nATI05 0f RXF*B*2»C*MAB*8: 'Dally.
£45y excepted. : Monday elated pon
i«^S- iSitortâTexcepteA «Saturday only.
v* y wrialan November 18, \6& Wh«eUH*
*2SfSlwt OU- c«UM \hMU Central
Time : ___________
Depart. | Arrive.
IJrsltoJ Erpre«*...
'8!5it ' 9 05pm
* ft 10 p m *1- w a ai
— — 6.10 p m
rrm^'.A.nd Acooe—"TT 810 » m - _
Ä«»."s-— :.5îsï s:s
Wanhiugton a coon.. lu
MorndavUle Aconm,. _. t12 Ol p m
8enwood Accom t & ■& » m
«BT. f
Ktpr*» (Chicago) • S 40 pro *856 a _
ïxprt>«a (Chicago and Ool). »10 25 a m * 6 JO p m
Limited Xxuran (C'h'oftgol... • 8 10p m * 9.v> a in
-Ixpro« (Chicago «ad Col)... Ill IS p m • 4 56 * m
C,>lumMu Accoo. • 856» ml
Uolarabuj Aooom. ... » 2 'JO p m
Na 19 it 8 55am
Na « I j aopm
Columbia and Cincinnati- j J 4"> a tn, ...
Bei aire Aooom Wu lJpml....
* . f . A B. DIVlütUiv
Wv Voigten and Pttubnrg... • 5 00 a m
Washington and Pltubnr«... • 7 3) a m
PittoVirg and Philadelphia. • 6 30 p in
Wavuington and Pltaourg... 11 45 p m
Washington Accom î 5 30 p m
P., C.AST. L. KT.-KaH
l 4"ptn
ir 40 am
tin 40 su
it 140pm
It 5 5) pm
r. , * . Œ OA. A* »Ä. ———T..
Pi*.•«borg - -f 7 30am
Plttabnrg and New York t 1S6 p m
Pltahnr* and New York .... t 4 JO p in
Pittsburg and New York Ex. 9 40 p m
Kzpren, 'In. and 3t Lonlt ► 7 JO a m
Kxpnwa, Cln. and St. Loci» r 9 40 p m
Rxprc<w, Steubenvllle A Ool. 11 85 p m
SwnbenvtUa A UeniUaoa Ac t 4 "0 pm
aiP.il .
Plitabarg.nisTU'âùCîiloigo t 5 50 am t 847 pm
Martin':* Kerry • 7 4;> a m • 5 15 pm
-;««noenTlU» Àcconunoda; e t 9 33 a m t 1 J8 pu
PltUL, New Y«k — til n a m1*" <« • •»
' 'lavaland A Chicago.t 212 p m .
PiUsbur* and New Yore Ex t 4 29 p m t 5 57 p m
a. L. 4 W. R. R. IL
itxprew, Cleveland, X. A W. «2 85 p m
MmkIUoq Aooom <t 5 12 p id
d'_ OUirtrllMdAouom........... UHaœ
3t. Clairrrllle a. com Ho JS% m
dt. Clairwvllle Aooom .... ♦ i 10 pm
St.cieirerllle Acoom 6 25pm
Local PrelgAt and Accom.... I t EC p m
•1015 a as
• c 56 pm
tl2 46 pm
1*1110 pm
t 8 uj axe
• 610 pm
• 6 26 am
• 4 56 am
It 6 50am
t 9 JO pm
t 8 46 pm
♦ 8 06 pm
til A am
If 9 32 am
\\ 5 84 pm
800 pm
7 80pm
1*1100 am
8 30pm
• 8 15 P B!
7 23 pm
Bellair« «cd Zanervi Uetaronzb paaeuger trais
!ea*ea Sellalra at 9:06 a. m.. amy «a at B&xlre
4:10 p. m.
Woodafleld paaerxer train leavM Bell ai re
<:00 p. m., arrlr«a at Be! lair« at 8.05 a. m.
aomiurrfleM Accommodation .oives 3ci lair a
12.00 m., arrlTes at Bcilalw at 11 06 a. ra.
A11 tralrw dally except Sunday. Central dtaatf
art Time from Belialra.
Vv On anil Saturday. Octot*r 13.18S3.
trains on tno Wheeling and Elm (irove Knilroad
will run aa fallows:
Lvavc Arrive at l.eave Arrive at
Wheeling. Park Park Wheeling.
I.fav«' the City Ht S:0 » a. m. and run every hour
until'• 15 p m. l.t'Hve Whwli « Parkato.ooa
m. aii'l nir. «very hour >i nil 10:00 p. m. Except
î Ira it will lea y Park t>.t9:l<a m. and
City at 12:15p. lu. C. HIR-CH,
At Laast One Knows if the Ma.ne
Washington, I Hue tuber 15. The /.'/•#■>i
ni'j Shu- Hjy.-. A dispatch baa lx.t»n re
ceivtd here by members» o the Maine dele
gation in Cctt*tfsi informing ttc"î in re
ply to ies that Mr. Maine bad not
hoard a word frort» headi|Uirfern at Jn
danapolis el> >nt huenterir^ the Cthinet.
Wfittrrii Ke|>iilillc»na •Iuin|> Oiitu the
t'liiiupil Kni|;ht
Washington. D.vtiuber l.">.—Tlcpriu
niwl cu' iut of J» li'.icol gJfsip to-day baa
be^n tbe alleged leutîc* of tbe pot-iticn of
Sm 'tthry of State ta Mr. Blaine, aod itf
acceptance by him. Tbe current cf opin
ion among Kepubliou Couitreestuen is
fatoral>!e to the conferring ot sina? politi
cal bouor upon Mr. Blaine, such as a Cab
inet tftir*» or a minion abrostl, bat a few
cantions'.y der'ine to say anything abont it.
A Republic m from a Middle State, who
ila ms to have 'peculiar rean>a fjr know
•.tg," said: "Th»*re m not the »liebtest
probability that Mr. Blaine will be in tbe
Cahinet. Yon may re*t assure! of that."
A Western R-publican siid: "I do not
cite t » be nnoîed ta s&y'ng anything about
Mr. Blame, for reaction per*on»l to roy
•<elt. I:» toy judgment, CtUetal Harrisou
well knows tliat a law part of the Repub
lican party do not regard Mr. Blaine as a
•to ifable man to ko in'o the Cifcifiet, and
would regret exceedingly to ht.nr of his ap
pointment. It wonld do the parly no
jtoJ, ar.d won!d be very likely to do much
"I rsnrot h«'ieve that Mr. Harrison hns
offer*d Blaine a position in his Cab tut
i;or * ill do ,n\ If wonld beau tm.'orton
ate blander at the very onl.-et of the Re
publics administration. I *p.*ak what I
know to be tbe ien'imen's cf man* rneiu
i>ers and Senators in this Congre«»."
Platt Sax « Ii In itoih
Nkw York. D«ctmber 1">.—The T>h
:t im nnMifh'san i .t r*tew with ei-Sfn
ato- l'.att, wiùa regard t>» the rtpjrt th*t
Mr Blsite had accptfd the portfolio of
sjccrtUry •>' Stat», ;n which »hat gentle
man character./.-s tic reperî as bosh. Mr.
Plvt fiiriher stated» according to the
Tthymm, that te did not b^li-vj th.t
Bane bai accepted the portfolio or that
tie-?. Harrison Iiad tendered it to him; that
the story bad ».ttrted by a eoir«s;
godent et a l'incmaat! paper and that it
was sent to every j mnial in New York,
hnt that it was only pablishtd by a few.
Mr'ivjr Kxpvnif« to ll»ncock County -Some
of the It«-m«.
Stki'IskiviLi.K, <>., December 1">.—The
CttUGiùùonnsof Hauccckoonnty, W. Va.,
j s-« «»d ti jor> and ordtrvd paid the A llow
.! i£ bill# ari-icir oat of th* lii>t trial of the
V.»n Bnker murder ewe: T S. Brown,
t<>ru>v '.■< 11-t-t», J;; y}>; Dr. T. M» Ktnnon,
micrtwerpist, *»;>.7"»; Dr. I.^ao, name,
ft>7 John A. HotJbiuaoD, attorney,
Jl.tf '.71 ; AT Kh«icatroin, eteocRraph?r,
JO; .lohn McSflneoty. $1 *ilW; wit
««•«s, o'.ber bill* and expense*.
ii.iHsi Th« ltilI of the l.'sS trial »•
Wt ' 1*1 iirg have not Uen n»cs der«d yet.
1Vi*th th« l>n»lty of IU|>«i
Wiuiix«tox, Drj«, D <ymbc- 1"».—In
the case of Wm. J. Calhoan, iacu'ed tor
r'pe oj Cathanoe l'tz the jnry ths afte -
noon rendered a ?»rti rt of guilty. Tfa«
jM-aahv is tleaîb. CUhonn is a youth ot
•£!. bis victim, an unprepaestsfliig German
ot .V» The crime waa «oomrUcd Novem
ber l\i, and was Mçnsl'zed by pccalii-r
ll »KTBUi'y.
renaloa* For Wh'. Viru loUn«
W%shisut»».v, De»vtrb»r 15.—l'enaiooi
have h*en i*»ned to W«t Vir^ eiui f.s
lollops: Wm. M. Atha, Manuingtin.
I-.ct*;» c - John T. I. i>tr»o, AH blight;
S«|nuoT. HohV, H'ekory; Inu*c B. Cox,
Biu S ptickj>-; F ram i-« L Hajmaker, Ar
n. Ha iarw: l>avi t Philip», Lutlc Mill?;
lVut>l L Hitvcrtr. Ctw^oii, John iL Tay
I lor Forke of Li Via S»: dy.
Chased to Their Hiding Places isd
Special Vitgnm ho the Sunday RtgiMrr.
Charleston, W. Va., December 15 —
This citj is in a brosd grin over Ute dsvel
men m in election matters. First came tbc
1'rjsecutiog Attorneyship development
C'capmaD, Republican, whose election to
that office was congested by Littlepage, be
came alarmed over the prospect and made
terms with his opponent. Chapman has
qualified, with Littlepage as deputy, and
the re-ence i* divided. Republicans
admit tkat this is a conceeshn on Chap
man's part, that the alleged Republican
majorities in Kanawha won't stand legal
inquiry, which is about tbe fact.
To-day, the County Court, under ordei
of the Supreme Court signed a bill of ex
ceptions on the petition of Fleming and
Alder?on, bat not the bill asked for. The
County Court insisted on quibbling and
i explaining ts they went along, but
enough is ltft to mett the require
ment« of the case. This done, tbe
County Court proposed to go before the
Supreme Court, answer the mandamus
and have tbe restraining order dissolved.
This would bave left tbeni free to certify
to tbe Governor, these ccokd up returns,
and it has since transpired that the certih
cates were actually made out and signtd.
An injunction to keep the County Court]
(from certifying pendiog the certiorari pro 1
[ceedings was obtaiaed from Judge McGin
nis this morning, and tbe County Court
tried bard to get^out of town to avoid,
servies, j One member was f>nnd bidden
in an up stairs back roam on Front street
and the notice served ou him, hut tbe
other member* could ro* he found, al
though tbe officers hunted tbem for two
fcoure. Somebody, it is s*id. saw George
1'attcn, tbe County Court's counsel, mov
ing basti:y np a » ask street. John llder
sin was advised to foilow him and
after a long chase, le located PaMoi in
the fcome of Staunton, one of the members
of the court. Staunton coon app?ared, pre
p »ring to leave town. He wns baited by
Alderscn Staunton wai piraliz«d by tbe
news of the injunction. Alderson dis
patched a me^seryer for the sheriff, and in
a few minute« Deputy Sherifl Doddiog
appeared, tbc notice was served and the
farce ended. This a'.t?mpt of the Caunty
Court to dodge piocetw is in keeping with
the rest of their outrageons proceedings.
Everjbidyw glad th*y are foiled. Th»
courts wiil now have an opportunity to
review their irregolarities, and so will end
the prêtées ons of Goff and McGinnis.
They Will Release the K< public at Oo«C—
A Shrewit Mut«.
Nku York, December 15.—A Kingston,
Jamaica, special to the Herald su/«: '"The
Haytians are in a «tats of terror at the ru
mor that United Htatei war vawels are on
their way here to demand the release of the
*>129(1 steamer Haytian Kepublic. The
government dare pot tight, and they fear
that to surrender tic vew*l iaopen portât
the demand of a foreign man-of-war wonld
tuike Hem unpopulär and weaken their
f uthoiky at home, here? they have decid
ed nj>on a very shrewd move. The Attas
lioeetiamer Alena, Cap'. Seiders, which
arrived frciu New Wrk last eveu'ng,
brought with her a crew under contract
»ith Minister Preston. They will sail l'or
Port aa Prince at ^nidoight on the
»team» r Arran, also of the At
lis line, wh'Yh bfis b?en cbsrîered
for tfcc occaeiin, and will take possession
nf the Stearat*r Hnytien K'prtblic, on San
day. They will then Wave immediately
It New York, I »fore the Amcrictu Man
of-War arrives.
Coief Officer Williams, of the Aleco,
will command the returned v»st*l. Ti:e
All is Comp»D7 have i >otraet*l with Min
ister Preston to deliver the Hay tien liepnb
lic at New York, and they hope to accom
plish it in this way. Hajti thos expects
to be spared the disgrace of b-ing com
ntPed todeliver the vessel oa the riemurd
of a foreign Wan-of-War. Tte Govern
ment aho hope to cfcipe the payment of
indemnity. It i* a great scheme.
Iu regard to the above a llcrahl icforter
laft night interviewed Secretary Bayard at
Washington. Tli9 S<«retary raid he hid
to information on the sntjfc*, tu* that
the line of nctnn irdicited in the Kings
ton dispatch would be agreejhle to him,
bit that in so far es tue «jtus'.ion of in
demnity wan involved it w«nld not mnke
the slightest différente. Thî Haytien
Minister. S'epheti Preston, said that he had
nothisg ol any such plan.
Mr. Morton Leaves Indianapolis Very W<'ll
InoianapoMs, Perember 15.—Vice
President elect and Mrs. Morton cocclad
ed their visit to General atd Mrs. Harrison
and left for boms this evening at 11:35, by
spec-al train, over the B-e Line. Mr.
Morton statsd 'aetevenirg that they should
leave at I p. m. to-day, but it is thongrst
tae hour was tlnngei to as to avoid
urowds at t're dopot and receptions along
♦heronte. Mrs. Morton srose mnch n
freehed and feeling almost entirtly recov
ered from her indisposition of les». n!gl t
The Vice President-elect wps in »xeellent
h#alih au.l s| iii s Hi* face wreathed
w.th smil-sas lu stood on ihe rear plat
form when the train politd ont, and waved
Urewell to S eretsry Haltord and Mr. *!c
Kte, who bad esccriedtbem to the station.
OL1» Ul'Tcn 11EPKN I'ASr.
The famous Wheat l!tirn«r I'rov:« Too
Much, for His Conscienc e.
Chicago, December 15.—T.'-ere has
been a rnn:or abent town for several days
that "O'd Hn'ch," 1» irg cja'eienee
sîrickea by bis gt«a' wheat corner la*t Sep
tember, had joined church and w< u'd here
after devote his moaey and attention to
«pint oui atlairs.
I A reporter who interviewer. me o<u man
f on the sat ject rf his coovereiou, was told
ta >ret into the street with his maximum
of speed. in tbc nifch' Hutch srd
that the fact that be went to cbnrch tbe
other n»gbt km* noto'y'a ba^i jee«*.
BiillnU Amt Hun* for tiayt!,
Nkw York, December 15.—The Atlrs
l.ine «Uanier Andes »«tiled to-dsy 1'iouj
this port hcacd for Pert Au Prim*
Knmors that she carrird a g°r.er 1
car^o, several linndred bull cart
ridge« for the Hajtien government could
not he officially ver. lied. It was stated a'
the otli *8 of the age its ot the line, Pirn
Forward & Co , that they could not yet
tell the satnre of the Acdfs cargo nntil I
fcer suling pipers had been cl*el and re
ceive! Haytien Minister Preston also
conld not say positively that tic- steimi-r
cairied an y arannition for hia Stovern ment
bat tbou.cht it vtry like'y that sbe did.
F.om another sanrve it was lesrrei, how
ever, that the Andes in addition to her
cugi ci" cartridges carried abjnt one
tbomactl Wincfce»ter and Remington rill*-,
cons'gaed hv a manufacturing lirni in this
city to : he Hnytwn Governnu-rt.
No Kvldenn Aj(«li>»t llrowti.
Spt-ici Tutgrc.m to tht Sun*Uvj Htcucer.
PakkKE>iu'KO, December 15.—A late
issne of the Rk<;istkr contained a state
ment ccncerning the arrest of Ben Brown,
colored, fcr the theft of a watch. Btown
b.-vt since fe?n re'e-iied. TiVre was no
evidïn e to connect him with the crirna.
I —TT*« — TV '
8U8P11ION8 OF tm PLAV.
the WynUHon» DlM|1p«tir«oc« of k Pot»
hontaa VwiDtr.
Ttlegram to the turulay Register.
Chablkston, W. Va., December 15.—
Information reached here to-<lay to tbe
elTect that Nelsoa Moore, a gtoi citizen,
who resided near Elroy, PocahonUfl
county, haa beea foally dealt with. He
has not been ie;n by bis family or fiieigta
for a week, and a company was organized
yosterday to search fir him. It is believed
tbat he has been killed, and bis b.dy hid
in the Rtack Monntaia wilderness, as some
of the circumstances connected with his
Ii»appearance look very suspicions. When
he left borau he bad no money with him.
There is a theory tbat he was in tbe
mountains hunting, and has been devoured
by some wild animal, probably a panther.
Indiana White Cap* Being Vlgoroualy
IlfDIAHAI'OM*, December 15.—Gor.
Gray has )»?n notified bj the prosecutor
it Corydon, Ind., tbat Wm. G. Gregory,
James L. Lvocb, Lewis Jobe, . Daniel
Watt, Hunuel Bott, John K. Rawlings,
Flojd Morgan, Chan. Morgan, Wm. Wwe
man, Ren ben Robberson ard Cries Miller
have teen induced for "White Cjp" out
rages. Tne men are all well to do citizens
of Harrison County. Attorney General
Michener, who directed the prosecutiocs
sgainst the Wbite Caps, says that there
will be 25 or 30 more indictments in va
rious southern counties, and from hie
knowledge of the evidence he believes
(here w:ll be a gcoi many convictions.
Mr. M:cbener faid tbat every possible
pffort wonld be put forth to rid the 8tate
of the regulators, aod that lis felt certain
that tbe eflort would succeed.
WASHINGTON, D. C., December 15.—
Congressman Grfl', cf Weft Vitgina, bas
t)een in Washington only a law days since
Congress convened. He camo here and
wswered to bis rame on the roll call the
first day, ard a dey or two after that dis
appeared, aod has not been seen around
Lhe Capitol tintc- It is learned tbat he bas
l>jcn tpsnding a good deal of time in New
ifork holding mysterious conferences wifh
prominent leaders of the Republican patty
in that city.
Night before last State Senator Scott, of
the Wheeling District, and Kditor Hart, of
tbe Wheeling Inklligcncer, passed through
Washington oa their way to New York,
where they were joined by Chairmen
yusy, of the Republican National Commit
tee, where tbe West Virginians and Mr.
yiuy mit a number of other leading Re
publicans to diecueo the West Virginia sit
uation before Mr. Qaay left for Indiansp
cits. Tbe movements of thMe gentlemen
»re attracting considerable attention among
Writ Virginia politicians in tbii city.
Bot. Foraker Say» That It la Scotched In
Coi.t'Nnr?, 0., Dacnuter 15.—Got.
Foraker, to-day made the following an
nouncement: The fo cilled White Cap
organ /.»tion has been permanently dis
tinded and there will bs no more meeting*,
raid?, tbreatenii ^s. whippicts and terroiiz
ing of any kind by those who composed the
meint c:*hip, but shop Id there bo any re
pttition of any such pract'c-s, the Stat« is
in comnund of the ttstinsony and the fa
cilities get orally to »uable it to promptly
bring the lealers to jnstice."
L'lmlnnatl Itlc Men Ankeci to Hill
the Wickede»! Elephant.
Cincinnati, December 15.—The doom
of Cüief hau been Ji.\«d, and the only cjaae
t:on that remains if, how shall he dit? Hie
judg's wou'd like to ha*e him executed by
electricity for the novelty of tlw thing and
the scientific p:mibilitie<.
Chief is the biggest elephant in the
country s:nce .Tnmbo died, and the wick
edest. Ho is so wicked that his owners,
John and Gilbert Itobioron, the circns
men, don't want anything more to do with
him, although be is estimated to be worth
$10.090, wheh is valniog him at ab jut the
rate of |1 a pound. He basa record ot
three murders on his elephantine sjul, and
even his companions of his own race shnu
and fear him. For months he has tern
wearing chains around his feet, tusks acd
head, hot none ot the stablemen feel safe
when near him, for no one can toll when
be will brtak away, ard it is known that
hehwa pattioU'ar penchait for killing
Fay TempWon Believed to (1st« Gone on
Another Kiuopean A«lv. liture.
OnicAuo, December l.V—Fay Temple
ton, the actra«8, who has been mysterious
ly absent from her company stVeral nights
pa t, failed again this evening to put in an
appeatftcre. Thetxcu^ci that she was ill
at her boarding hons», on Loomis street,
were pucc.urtd tonight, investigation
there showirg tbnt sV bad nit been in the
place Mace frhe was tirst liisong. It was
quite R'uerelly believrd to-üiüht that the
giy favorite bad Btartf d on another rf her
uoted Karopean adventure?, definite state
ments being in circula'ion that she had
taken the Pennsylvania limited train Fast,
and wonld to-m^rro-v board sn ocean
steamer poei-ibly to again m«et the wealth«
young Howell O.-borne in Paris.
The liiuljr of l.lltlo Irene Hnwr* Found
In the I.ake.
Memphis, Tknn., Decernbsr 1."».—A
special to the Frening Srinuiter from Br
m:ng"r>ara, Ala., say*: The tody of Irene
H iwes, the secmd daughter of Dick
Hawes, wss found io the Ivke at Lake
r-ew, at 1120 this morn in jr. by Datective
nntil it was oily a 'oit or two deep. The
child worea?mal! slip halt covering the body
andaiieccp cord fastened two heavy fish
p'ates, weigbiog 150 ponnds eacb.to the body.
Th* aoarcberH bad abont given np wbea
Rabbins thocglit he won!d rofke one itore
attempt. He threw in hii line and bronirht
up the horr'd find. The boly wan decom
posed bidïy bit was at oace idectiliei by
Jatnew H*wen, Dick's brothtr, «8 that of
the dead Irote. Thn child was :'<>nrd
about -0 feet from where Mr-!, llaweb'
body wao concealed.
Two lttrelllogH Burned—An Incendiary'«
•fptcinl Tek ram to the ï*tn>1ay
Charj.kston, W. Va., Dxembtr 15.—
A fire this morning cestrojed two dwell
ing« on Conrt street, owctd by Geo.
Sanders ard W. A Brad fard. The occu
pants sivud bot'httle of the:r household
cffecU» Th? lo»< is $3 OGO; insured foi
i-l.'JOj 'ihe tire was locendiary. Oaeol
thf families has had cotne trooble, and it
istaid was warred to leave tbe place.
Thieve« Raid a Charleston Salooo.
SptekU TUfgram to the Suuilrty Rr guter.
Chari.*stos, W. Va , Deonulwr 15.—
Thievts eftacttd an entrance throngh acoa
chnte into Mo*«' saloon euly yeeterdaj
motniog and broke open the money-draw
er and stole a lot of iroaey aho some whis
key. A party is sa«pecttd and will be ar
c/TDpm.vAD** * \x> w <irrp?> t
Emin Bey and Henry M. Stanley Certainly
Nkw Yokk, December 15.—A Londcn
special says: Everybody in London be
lieves that Emin Bey and Henry M. Stan
ley are both prisoners of the Mahdi. It is
at least ceitain from Osnaa Digna's letter
that tbe Mahdi is in possesion of a num
ber of things which Stanley is known ti {
hive carried with him, and it is aaamned
that both the European's lives are too val
uable from a hostage point of view to be
sacrificed by tbe Soudanese. In the light
of this difcovery, it is probable thBt tbe
Suakim fight will be indefinitely post
poned. Lord Randolph Churchill's motion
for negotiations is to be discussed on Mon
day, and it iB certain, therefore, that noth
ing will be done till after tbat.
Reject the Panama Bill.
Pakis, iX'ceaiber 15.—The committee
appointed by the Chamber of Deputies to
consider the bill postponing the payment
of tbe Panama Caaal Company's liabilities
has rejected tbe measure.
While the committee were examining
the bill M. Peytral, minister of finance,
stated that a new société, L Etude», was
preparel to constitute itself within a fort
night, with a capital of tan or fiiteen mill
ion francs, to continue preparations for tbe
operation of the old company. This would
precede tbe proposed new company, the
capital stock of which would be fixed ac
cording to the result of the inquiries and
which would complete tbe canal. Provis
ional directors, with full powers, would
continue the work psndioe tbe formation
of the new company.
A Scheme to Save the Canal-Tbe Small
Holder« Softer.
New York, December 15.—The Time«
this morning publishes a long London spe
cial in regard to the failure of the Panama
Canal Company. In part the spccial says:
Thus f*r there have been few signs of a
general panic. Other securities on the
Paris Bourse, particularly those which are
a specialty of tbe Taris market, were firm
Here in London there was yesterday con
siderable liquidation of securities held for
Paris 8cconnt, acd there were lively fears
here of big financial trouble in the French
Capital. This was in part doc to tbe fact
that English capitalists have always dis
trusted the Panama enterprise; flrst, be
cause the icports « f engineers wete so an
tagonistic when they were not obviously
purchased; and, secondly, because of the
general English ide* that tbe United States
would eventually step in and absorb the
thing. Bnt, beyond this, England cannot
understand bow tbe French ptnple can
stand the extinction of an enormous capi
tal of a savings bAn i character without n
big row.
The less mast fall upon pensant and
middle class investors, who have been
lim.il by De Lessnps into disaster. No
plan of all these proposed for the future
con cm plates paving any appreciable por
tion of the hnge sum invested for tbo e
who put it into the canal. TA'one few who
arc able to regard the thine as in restaient
tor their grandchildren muy conceintbly
be safe. All others must be total Joiers.
The plan which is mo-t talked akout in
Paris, and which the government is be
lieved to fdver, provides for the format'on
of a new comp iny with tkc credit tinan ier
at its hea3, tùe capital to be 800,0(10,000
francs. All the interest and outstanding
obligations wonld be cancelled anl
this company's claims ha put
»head of everything else. It
wonld bny the old company's concision
and property at a low ligure, and pay even
tbi* only after the iDicrc*ti on its own
shares should luve been paid and the
completed c»nal should be earning a snf
ticient surplus. Of course, this wou!d bt
a haul bargain, bat it is the mofct intelli
gible way ont of the difficulty. Tte chist
reason for the government's hesitation
about assisting to this is a doubta4to
whether the Columbian government will
consent to dcil with the new company on
the fame terms as with the old one. Tfce
prtvjilirg notion in Paris is that the
government will back tin entorpri't* one
way or another and see it to a fioish. It
is said thaf. tte present cjmpany hue
enough money cn band w> keep the work
going on lor at least throe montas.
It was in 187!» that M. de Leaseps first
tmned his attention to the construction el'
a canal acro»s the Isthmus of Panama. He
was then Unshed with the tfloryof thesoc
eeseful Sutz enterprbe. He began his
]<reparation with th-i earaestne.« act! vigor
which ha\c always cbaracerized bim.
Notwithstanding the fact that he was then
nearly ?"> years old, he undertook a jour
ney to Panama in order personally to ex
plore the proposed ronte and to negotiate
with the local government. Active sur
veys cf tte isthmus ware b?gnn ander his
direction ;n January, 1H39, and Jate iD
February li9 arrived in New York and !«
g«n a tonr which extended from Boston to
San Francisco, and embra«cd a trip to
Washington, wbere bo had a personal in
tirview with Pr*feidc£t Hayes aad a hear
ing betöre a Congressional committee.
His first estima'c of the ci*t cf tbe canal
was $.">(( 000,000. A preparatory força ol
engineers and skilled roechautcH was mit
ont from Havre in January, leil, and
work npon the canal was begun soon after
iti arrirn! at tbe Isthmus. Tnis work tee
been prosecuted at intervals, with greater
or less vigor, ever since, although the esti
mates of cost have been gna'.iy increased.
He h :s tssuhI shares and bond» amonotinc
to $400,000,000 at par, Bud this immense
sum in obügaiiyns has ben taken by the
French people who have probably paid
him $250 000 t'oO in cash; and the preatei
part of th's ha*, come Jrom tbe peasantry
atd snail landholders of Franca.
Shy«h1 hi« lic«».
Mr. I). I. Wilcoxson, of Horne Cave,
Kv., says h». wa.*, for many years, badly
atllioted with Phthisic, also Di^betee; tb<
pains were almost unenlnrable and wonld
sometimes almost throw him into convnl
sions.* He tried Electnc Bitters and go!
relief from first bottle and after taking sii
I bottles was entirely cartd, and ha 1 gamed
in flesh eighteen pounds. Says be pesi
i tivelv believes be would have died, had i(
! not been for the relief afforded by E'ectrh
I Bitters. Sold at fifty rants a bottle bj
; Logan Co.
A Mf<liwlU( l'rf>Acb*r mill HI* FtmMj I>li
CHKwr.o, D?ce:nber 1 — A difpatcl
fion Jispfr, Atk., say*: Tlrs town i
greatly excited over the flndden death c
tbe Ker. Frank Alfred, a Method st ruin
iater, and fan two children, aged 1<» »nd li
yeara. Tbe svmptom« in all tb« c iaes ar
{bofe cf poisoning Tbe father died ii
e'ght hours after the first attack, and th
i children a few hours la'er. L»t*r Mrs Al
frei and her in'ant were atticked. Oa
I tbecrj in that the family ^ere p^i»ced h;
! diseased milk, bnt many thirk it û a cm
I et' wholesale marder.
Advlcr to Mother«.
Mo. Window's Soothing Hyrap fc
children teething, is the prw*cnri\o* <
one of the beet fem-ile nnpu*a>id phy«iriaa
in the United Htafcw, and hae tven n»o
for forty year« with o^ver failliug §ocee<
by million« of mother* for their childrei
Earing the pruoeae of teethirg îte value :
incai enable. It relieves the child froi
pain, enree dysentery and diarrhoea, gri]
j log in the bowels, and wind oolic. 13
! giving health to the chil* it r*rt« V
I VKKJa en pi - J A- MT'T.F.S I
f * * ~
Tha Gnat Labor Cearcotiaii .morf Cow
|il»ta« Ita BuhImm.
f*r. Lbüis, De«emb«r 15.—The Ameri
can Fédération of Libor, re-ae« rabltd at 10
o'clock this morning, »od o?«r «a boar
was consumed in dWcassiun cf a isolation
endorsing certain newspapers aa organs of
the Federation. The resolution wm final
ly defeated, and the Federation then pro
ceeded to the election of oflksrs for the en
suing year with tbe following reenlt:
President — 8s mnel Go m pers, of Hew
First Vice President— Djniel McLangh
lin, Braldwood, HI».
8econd Vice President —Wro. Martin,
Secretary—P. J. MrQuire, Philadelphia
Traeeorar—Henry Em rich, New York.
Trnstees—Hago Miller, Angnst Deiabar
and Joehna P. Djer, New York.
By a close vote Boston was selected aa
the place where the next annual mesting
will be held. There was a bitter ccntett
between the friends of Philadelphia and
Boston, the latter city being victorious by
bnt two votes.
Cincinnati, Decern!»« 15.—It haabeen
known for aoine daya paat that detectives
have been qaietly tracing the career in
this city of Dr. Francis Tambletj, one of
the mspecte nnder surveillât ce by the
Koglish authorities, anil who was recently
followed across the ocean by Scotland Yard
From information which leaked out yes
terday aionud Polioe Headquarter«, tbe
inqairies presented here are not so mach
in reference to Tumblely himaelf aa to a
companion, who attracted almost as much
attention a» the doctor, both on account of
oddity of character and the sba low-like
persittencs with which be followed his
Tbe investigation in this city is nnder
stood to be under tbe direction of Koglisb
oûicials now in New York, and based upon
certain information they have forwunlej
by mail. ,
One of the officers whom current report
connects with this local investigation is
James Jaekscn, tbe well known private
detective. When stcn last evening at hi*
home, on John street, Mr. Jackson wm
net disposed to talk about tbe matter, but
after some urging consented to Uli bisper
"It was back ia the spring; of 1M70," ho
raid, "when I firat met Tnmblety in Pitta
burg. He wii a tall, handsome man, ex
cessively d'gnified and palite, with a mili
tary beaiicg. We met od the street, and
after a few words be invited me to have a
cigar. It was a cold, snowy evening, and,
smoking onr cigars, we walked down to
bh cilice. In the meantime he had intro
duced himself l«y showing a heavy gold
medal which purported to have fre^n pre
sented to him by tbe citizens of S »It Lake,
I'tab, for nome service. The doctor carried
a gold-headed cane, so heavy that it would
tire your hand. Arrived at the office, he
insisted on examining my physical condi
tion. And freely gave his advice m to a
line of habits which would in a few years
make me a pjrfect specimen of manlitod.
I frequently called on tbe doctor, and we
became great friends. He always haa on
tap at big (fine a barrel of ale, and we
used to ait acd drink until botô of nawere
feeling eomewhat jolly."
"D'd he at tbat time have a companion
called .Teck?"
"What's that?" said the detective.
The question was repeittd.
"Well, ye?," replied tbe detective in a
lentating, suspicious tone, "I b'lwva he
did. But why do you ask? On being
frankly told by the reporter of the rumors
in circulation reaprr ing the ir<|oiri«s of
Knglieh odlicisls. Detective ,la»kson le
speeded that it might be #o, but, with a;
smile, add«d, that he could not say.
"To tell you the truth," the'dUectivc
continued, 'be did have such a compan
ion, or, rather, body-guard. The shadow
was with him wherever he we^t, and was
known only by the name of Jack, fits
Inst name I never heard spoken. This
Jack wae a (all, ganMike fellow, whose
head somewhat bentcver. His face wan ns
and his keen bine eye hid a snaky appear
ance. Jack wore long hair and a very
small mostiche. I nnderstacd be had
came from Texa®, where he was a cow
boy, or something of the kind. He rarely
spoke, and hardly made any noise when
he venlked In tact, he had a sneaking
movement alnut him thHt I did not like
I sunlly be wore a velvet suit, and was a
man who, from dreas acd general sppw
aure, would attract atten ion auywh«re.
There were reports in Pittsburg which
went to explain the colorlees app»uran<e
of the shadow's features, but of their trnth
I cannot soy. Anyhow, the drcter was
not thought very highly of. JȔk looked
like a man that was insane and desperate
—a man who would do anything. In
1P75 I was a1 Aurors, Ind., and, lw»rd:ng
a train, fonnd the doctor and Ja« k occupy
ing seats Both reogn'zei me at encs,
and I bnd a long talk with Tnmblety. 1
understand that Jack accompanied the
(»o-'or wh®n he went abrrad."
"Is there any possibility tbat Tumble
ty\» Jack and Jick the Kipper might he
some way connect« d in tbe recent mysteri
ous murders of London?"
"Wei1, I have heard nuspicions that they
might be one and the *arae," remarked
the defective g->a:djdly, "bat I don't ca-e
to talk about it for certain r«a*mi I may
say, however, that the snspicion ia very
strong in my mind, and if t^e inqui ies
were rightly rushed they ra'gvit lead to
startling developments. I can't fay any
more t • von a* preset t "
The offi -'als at P. l'ce Headquarters de
clined to telkab.mt the matter or to an
ewer any questims b ar ng an th:a sup
pose# discovery of ' Jtck the ICippsr'a"
identit j.
Ohio'« Iorre»»»ln(c Wealth.
CoLt'MBt s, O., Deoerob-r 15.—The And
itor of the R'ate's repart shnws the tax -,hle
proier'y of Ohio to be Îl,7r!2,0"^,6l6
This i« an ircrease over last year of $2<v
Mnuey •• 2a."t Per C«nl. -(h>T*nim«Bli
Doll am! Dull - Flnui
Oulet anrt lot-hanged -Wh>»t Dull.
Nkw Yobk, December 15—Money or
c&ii «a*} a'. 2 to 3 p*r i-«nt. : laet loan at
per c.»nt : <l->«ed offered At 2J p<r « n>»
, prime mercantile p<»per ôif.J p;r cent
sterling exchange dol' bnt »teedy at IHIj
1 Oovrrnmesra-Dali and steady.
' 8tatrs—DnU and ateady.
Kaii.roai*» -Dol'; aelea |403,»!00.
1 Stc«ks—A«wjm »xpert^d in all qaar
Urs to day the market *w extremely «lall
with little darn«« n' acy kind, and im
* portant flactnatioas were confined general
ly within n range of than J per cent
i Tbeadvarcsaet the opening txtecdi'g t
i percent in »* Eogland, and firth«
pain* of from e to 1 p-r cent were »«tib
liahed in the »arly tradirg, with St l'an
, mo«t prominent in the ri«e. The mark«
f tb<n ("erarue ict?na*ly doll and prie»
g spired off 4 cwly with no marked mnvt
j meet cntaide of Richmond and Weat Poi&l
t which declined } per cent The flnrtas
u tiorn were cattined to the narrowest limn
s and the marktt finally ilea*! very dn
q aod ahont steady at inr jroificant ebang«
h for the day. The final chance* are f
j alight frectionn only. Salas &7.R30 «hare
n Quotation« elf »ed bid m follow*:
Adama Fx areas, 142; American Expr*
ifo'iTt, Baglitarea
P(rzn, <k>opoa» .
rour*-«xû-a-nalf. R^tKerul
Fw.r«-an<1-a-half. Omiponc...
PaclUc Mi« of 1W .
110; Canada Pacific, 51}; Outrai Pacific,
34; CheaapnaVe »od Ohio 17); preferred do .
flraU, 145; da lewd«. 15); Chicago and •
AI too, 134, (Jhi oago, Burlington and Quin cy,
106f; Dtltwv« aad Hndaoo, N8f; D»'»
ware, I«ckawanna and Wertem 137|; ,
Denver and Rio Grande, 16; Ena, 25}; i
do prafaret, 69; PI Wayne, IM; Illi- 1
noie Central, 113}; Lake Shore, 99}; Mich- J
igan Central, A4 ; Minneapolis and St. Ltair,
5; do preferred, 11; Missouri Pacific, ,
70: Northern Pacific, 24; do preferred, '
57{: Chicago and Northweatern 104A; do
preferred, IS7J; New York Central, 106|;
Oregon Tranacontinentiil. 28} ; Pacific MaH,
3ö; Peoria, D. A E., $3}; Pittsburg, 155;
Pullman Palace Car, 171; Reading, 46J;
Bock Island, 97J; 81 Louie and 8aa
Prandaoo, 24; do preferred, K»f; first ,
preferred, 119}; 81 FM, Miaaeapclis and
Manitoba, 17; St. Paal aad Omaha, 3J| ;
do preferred, 9*j; Texae Pacific, 20};
Union Pacific, 61}; United 8Ut«e
prese, 74; Wärtern Union, 82}
W«w York.
Nbw York, Décanter 15.—Floar—Re
oeipte 12.3Î8 packages; exporta 4,884 bar
rel«, 9 209 sacks; sales 9,100 burelr.
Wheat—Receipts 4,100 baskets;
608,000 beebels fatnree, 10,000 hnabels
spot; spot market dull; No. 2 Chicago
»1 11}; No. 2 Milwaukee $1 04};
opt;ons lees actiTe, No. 2 red December
ft 04!; January fl 05î»l 06}, clom'nt at
$105;; February fl 07j; March $1 08ja
I09jc; closing at $1 Odi; June ?1 1«'}.
Barley—Doll. Corn—Receipts 79,200
hwbels; exporta 171,956 bushels; aalee4H,
OOO boahaia futures : 138, <>0O boabels spot;
ppot market moderately active; ungraded
mixed 37aHe; options steady: December
4<>$c; January 4tijc; February 46}a46je,
closing at 46j|c; May 45it Date—Receipts i
92,000 haahels; sales 205 boahals futures,
93,000 bosbtlt spot; spot market dnll; '
sp«t No. 2 white 34}c; mixed weetern 29a
b30j; whit« do 3?«40o; No. Q Cbicigo 31 Jc.
Hay—Easy; shipping 60i Hops—8t«a1y
Coffee— Optioaa steady aad 5al5 points
below yesterday; December 15 00c; Janna- 1
ry and Febraary 15.o0.il5 25; March 15.15
al5 35c; April 15.20*15 30o; M»y ln.20a
15.40c; Jnce and Jnly 15.35; Angiiat
15 10c; September and October 15 30c;
spot Rio quiet at l?c. Sngar- Refined i
steady. Rice—Firm. Petroleum—8U.viy
und quiet; Uni'H 92}c. Cotton Seed Oil
—Stroager. Tsllow, Rosin and Tnrpen
îine— <^niet Eggs—Firm at 23}& Pork
and Cut Meat«—Dull Lard—Weak;
weetern steam frt 25; December fW 20;
January fäll; February fH04; March
f8 01; April, May and June p* 07. Hut
ter—Firmer; western dairy 14a2.">c;
creemery 19a3lc. Chee*—Firm; weetern
10*11 }c. l'rg Iron—Rt«:»dy and quiet.
Copper—Dnll; lake #17 20. Ltad ted
Ohicaoo, Dfcîmber IS.—Wheat wm
rather dnll moat of the waaion, and the
feeling nnwettled. Corn—(>aiet und dull.
OàU moderately Retire. Provisions un
aettlad and weaker Floor— (Jniat and
unchanged. Wheat—Caah No. 3 spring
Il U5al (>"»J; No 3 spring 92i93c; No. 2 red
Il 05al 05J ; December $1 (Ujal o5j,clos
ing at $1 Ü.54 ; January (1 Oôjal (H>(. tloa
ingnt|l06); May $1 09j|al Hi. closing
at $1 10J. Corn -Ciwih, No. 2, 33jc; De
cember 33jc; January 34je; May 37jc
Onto—Cb.sIi, December and Jtnnary 26jc;
May 29jc. Kje —No. 2 51jc. Flax Seed
—At Si 5>î$. Timothy Seed—At $1 60.
Mens Pork —Ca/ib $13 12}al3 25; December
$13 30; January $13 17$; May $ 13 52*
T>ard — Oaeb and December $8 t!(); January
$7 75: May $7 HflJ. BulkJ Meat*—Sbort
ribs $f> 00; Hhoullert) $<> 7.">afi K7j ;
abort cle«r |7 25*7 3!». Whiaky—At|l 'JO.
Mutter-Em? ; fancy Klgin 3la32c; choic#
We* tarn 26* 27c; faccy dairy 23*21c. Fia<*
«ai.timok«, Mn„ Dr comber 15.- Wbw»t
—Wörtern dnll and flat; No. 2 winter red
»pot and lteoMPtor January
99j|<a$l 00; February $f 0)fn 1 02; March
$1 03*al 04. Corn—Western oaefl weak;
intorm ateady ; mixed «pot and vear41ja
41 Je; Jauoiry I2}a42$c; Febrnary l.'ia
43c; Ht .imt'r 3Sk-. Oaie—(t>Te* : western
white 33»35|c; do mixed >:tlc; No. 2
while IMiJlJc. Kye—lull and lowrr at
5!)«6o„<. Hay—Firm; prime to choice $17
altf. IVoTUsiocM—Kwier. Meea Fork —
At #15 75. Bnttcr—Aotive; creamery 26
a32c. Eggs— yuiet at 22a23c.
CINCINNATI, 0.. December l.'i-CHIon
Slt>dy. Floor—Evy. Wbev.—Steady;
No. 2 red $1 01. Receipts 2,000 htuhela;
shipments ti.lXK) hnaleU. Coro — Dnll
and lower; No. 2 mixed 302. Oita—
Qaiet aud easier ; No. 2 rnixtd 27c. Kye
—Higher; No 2, .Vi«. 1 'ork— Steady at
14o. Laid — Doll at $7 'JOtH (to. Hoik
M»aU—Ewy: short ribe $7 26*7 37.
Bacon—S»«ady; h'ort clear $HS7i. Whiaky
— l^uift at $1 I I Hotter, sogar aud
Cheeeo —Firm. Eggs -Steady at l-'ilMc.
roiJDO, December 15.—Wheat—Finn
and higher; caah $1 02al 05; Mar $1 OKj.
Corn—Active and etrait; < *»h 36«-; May
37Jc 4>at«—Doll; ca»h 27c. Clorer Seed
— Dull and steady; ca*b $5 03.
Cut December 15 Onttlfv—Re
cent 6,000 head; shipments t 7**0 bead;
market alow; beeiei $.5 40j6 00; ste»r*
$3 00»."i 30; stocker« aid '«Ven 12 25*3 50;
cows, hulls ard m vvl $1 S0.t3 35; T«xt*
cuttle $1 t'»a3 15.
Hog* -Kneipte 22,000 hand, ihipmei ta
.">,'•00 Leid: market frl»ly active 10*20;
Merline; mixed and light $4 K.»a5 20;
bfavy $.1 lôa.5 30; skip* $3 no*4 in)
Sheep—Kwiptü Dead; market
steady; native* $2 75*3 75; western corn
ted $4 HO 1 50, Tti.ioa $2 25*3 25;
lambs $3 75.
■ul liberty.
Eat LrmRTV, December 15 --Cattle—
Receipt« 1 17« head; shipments |,:ißM bead,
matket ro'hirg doing, all through coo
niy omenta
rfoge—Receipt* 3 500 bevi; shipment»
2,HO> head; mark«* alow; Pa 1 lad» I phis*
K> 3Ui5 a*>; mixed |5 25^5 30; Yorkc a
$5 20.5 30; com moo to tatr $5 10a5 20.
ptga $"> 20 >5 30.
Sh#ep-Keceipte ii,MiJ0 b««d; sfaipmoot»
2,W«j l»s*d; market fair on good, alow
ou common at yate-dayV pr>«.
OiJwnw.TATI, 0., r>e^emher 15 — Boe- -
Wa.ik«r; «ornnw-n and light $4 50a5 2*»;
packing aod hotcb*ra' |5 10»5 25; receipt
4 6«>0 bead; ahipmeote 2,4'lO bead.
N«w Turk.
Nrwr Y<jkk. l>e.»tnbef 15.- l'etroleom -
< >p«o*d firm at A tit*lu dectua o
tbî euly tradir# mi» I>1 lowed by nn *d
vsnco to 'Hz, wh« n the nit* brake the
priera to 91 Je Tb« dtviise wan checked
at (bat point, acd a ral'y <* -nrred cd
«hieb the market < 'oxd Û'in at Mir.
Si*:«, 1.470,WW luirai».
ou ottr
Ou. Cl TV, Pa., JVr*mt*r 15. —IVro
Utin—Opaoiod at !»îfc; bijfheot W3-.
lowoa* fllje; c'o*«! at aalea 1,010,
000 barretc; cle®raiH"«e 1,:y>Ot0n0 barrel*;
abipmeat« 77,11*1 barrel*; raw 41,*59 bar
BKADfOtn, Pa , December 15i— Patro
leeru—O;eoed at Ho«ad »t *21«;
hi«h«et 'J3e; lowest :#l J-r; clearwue*
2 61X5.000 hirrel«.
Pmrome, Pa., December 15.—Petro
lead—Active, and irregolar; rp«M<l ai
92Jc; closed at 921c; bigh«t 93jc; loweal
91 i.
TiT'fVIIJ-E, IV xmt*r 1I'etrolecn
—Opened at 92J h:gbe«t 93c; low«i>l
91 je, closed at Vï'
lev Tar«.
IÎTW Tom, December 15 —Dry <*»d*—
As a*aal to Saturday tbe o^Lisg inqairj
wa* very moderate bot tdegraaa act!
mail order* tailed for s f«ir «jiality o
Stoff« tor ioatact ( e'.ivexy
:t*res hollowhobv, caked bags
•ECB A HOOF DI«v a hv. tV CATW R •
jfjr galt«
Two Urge Garden loU ooaUining a larpc ordi
lary frame dwelling and large au Oie (both newly
pofad With MMI TOO&BK). StUAUM US tic Na
tonal pike andtÄe PiTtobarf rtlrfrlcm of the B.
k O. R R . at Valley Ci rove, Weat Va. elcruu
dock 1CJ0 Main HtfW.
«I"! ?"it
No 1121 Market street, (aft?r J«n*«ry 1. 1SS9.)
A I »airy Kann on th« retilnnila, d'reetty eiul
if the city.
Na Hi C,-»l itreet. Ml room*: f»" 00 per rmntli.
Two large rocs«, NO. U4.< Market Mroet.
five Room Haute ou Jotttfe *1» *&. Iiiand.
Managing Real Estate
Building Lofa, Business Houm* and Dwell
ing« in all parts of the city for sale.
Apply U> W. H R1NKHART.
Real Kutato and I oan Broker.
1U3 Market tftN-et.
(NoUry Public ) :■
In Beilly Block, Corner Market
aid Fwirtwuth Streets.
:loof, oorariDc tlie wi»> » u UUn»„ aud ti>w
trrnpled by the Knight» of *{ «leorc • TM« :«
I large an<l line Ha'l. air; ami well likliU-O. ana
>uital>le for AitoclaUoiui, public mtcl'BK* and
b«> like. If not leaaed by the year it will b* lur
liahed and rented by the week or day a» irajr N
iesired This hall will t>« hereafter know it *<
'Lycaiia Hall." with entrance on TVmrfK-cth
Artet loot»»ion linit nett April.
Alto. OlVuv Knona Noa. <■ aud on third tioor.
iwnetaion at once.
Alto Office Room» Ko» 1. S and 4 ou aecoud
loor. IV» session of No. 3 at oui*, mi.I >o». 1 >>: I
I April t.
Alao, Haaeinetit Haloen under Setnepl * Dm*
JUve 1'iw^eesion flf*t ne it April.
The 'tiUr* buUdtug MibaMnliaJly cantlnret
si. and ha* all modern convenient <-». tar biding
•iiy and natural ga*
These rooms will be rented ou n as.mable
«rina. For further lautirtUar* apply m
delS 1S09 and I >11 Mam Stnvt.
Plumbers, Gasind Steam Filters
83 TwolfVh Street«
KU work «Ion»pfWMÜJ at non ratio;.al !• prie*
Iamb ü. Mamuvjbr. Cma». K. NcKow»
Jonsrn Lot».
Mansbarger, Loti 4 McKown
ST Twelfth Hl., Wkrvlinc. W. V*.
•#-IaUinaUM furnl*hod. AU work done
rvaaotiAble rau*. o«4oad
Fitting of HUI. Fin lorlr* ami liwcliln^*
Plumbing and Onn Fitting.
1416 SL 1418 Market Stw*>«
wiijunjx'j, w va.
«9*KraMoD*(ilu prioea aad prompt aMrnilot
tltrn to al'. ■ v
— OK —
Roney's Point Property.
In me *■> (runter, l-jr Aiigunt lit lm>i'ra«r,
truntei-, and i aIU'tIiu' hi'imUt»,« Ukjum 'i»t'
rin thn llrth day of SoviitBlHir. A I' lMimM n1
iq (be ofHi !• »f tho''i«i»k «if tho « «mtily
I onrt for Ohio rmiritT, W»»« Virgin)« In I•• i 1 of
I nul Ho<>k No. 21, r)a*i».'n.l «ml 'i*"t, I mi I tiro
i-reo to »oll at publik Mir, at the frontdo >r of tho
Cîjnrt Honte, for «*14 Ohio (xuutf, It» the < Mjr
of Whrrllng, on
Wnilnradajr, Junnary !8. IWH9,
OOIBJU«:ilil.g *1 UrIt o < bl'V *. lit , U« ici «tWItlg
dê»orlh«*l prof*rtf. that I« mm; Wo ocri-» '■
trart« or paie*)« of laud lying and »*lt* In 1 rt
«dilph'i» PMrlrl. nlito urmntT, Wrtt TfrgiM«
bom 'Ifil ami iliiMjrltMil «* Mlu»». to «It Th«'
llr.l lot tKirlfliitiiK at* •tai'con the »11#-f tin
Nation *i road, wnirr 10 in. A li«il1«OD; tkriim
down the »Mu of th« National road »ouUi lt>
«ri it H jmli*. rro»»lnK Tut to »take llienii'
• >uth •• ii*>t M pol*« to "tike 1'ifQ'W Inning
thA.Valotui road north wtnlAt ftiii« tu
r.-rt «i*k' thi'tir* north K.'i° we* fi jin!»« tt, «ppU>
trrc, thi-nrr north I1«', wr«t xn |«iii» tu itii>r
thrice north 3' cast t.'polca toimirar Ire«' tli-ny
north 11', ra»t pi.90 polt*, rni »tug « ri-«k In
-ton« «'orii-r to W. A. <i*'il«on, tti«iu«<- « »Ui f '
liar «ou* I» «*« n't pu «a to U« p. at* of
ginning, onmainio* t: n (1<0 ■ t>* nx t* <«
Th# «««mid lot b> gfrmtPK M Hi«- >o Ith ptrr «t
the railroad • rid» •. lot- nt L'tlH WiffUriK
iroek; thn.re do» a t ht *1<t# of th« rnUrM
ftiiltll I ««ut 8I poire to aUkc. then««- hating
rallr <a/l anulb «" «MI puk« Ut rtakr. Ibr-n;
north IC *f«t IJ (.«ilm U> kUko In U«1 of <• ru»k
Dietlco up (Im crt« k norUi 21 ra»t l'.JÛ \a<u* Ui
»>ak*. tbei«i e north.'- *<wl -*• pol«-» p. tuti
tli«*m* ti irth tl° »H II W («in« to to* pUi* «rt
b'-gltililiig, roDt»ltUti( iwo (i)trrin jaiir«; or .« •»,
t«igt titer wMh thr tmiidlim and ImprovrrartiU
thrr«-oti and the apptirtrtiaiir«-- IbtfOTUtO tie
Waling. t<rt'igihe »**m prrfwry r<Ki*» .»t to
reiki Alignai Ur intter»*» *>t<ujUi Piru ii i;«Ui
erlut H linU rg»<, bj V»l«uilii«: U< liit'i«ty«!X %ti l
wiffby dt<*1 d*trd Vi'brnarx Wb -|tT1.
i-ordrd In Boob X«». W |»aga *P <tf iho («ml
r»<onl» of ui l Ohio W'iinir.
1 r l'.MS Ol HA LK One half or a« rnu« h ini/rr
a* «he purrha«»r inaj- e'««t t" pif, r*»h In hati-l
on il*« of «•h* thr i *lanr» if a .f. in twnM|ii
111*1*1 witU, pajaoi« In «mj« *1/ two imk i>
»|i»«* Ive'y from the day o! »«'t. tbo puJybvu'■>
glvr h'» iiou». l^a'lim lutrr M. frotn tili* d»y «.t
•air. pay* Mr aurioali} ,fur th« «aid «1« '«rrrat iu> • *1
meui«, mi to git« a detd of truat, «in r tu
kno » «*lg«il ami r«wd<*î, «tn mM property to
ih'- pnymrn* of th<? »aid Potr \ and, al> t,
N.i uiri tbeowvlltsgon «alii pr p.My frftli«
UTOk of inj' ii*a th*u two yrrfl lw * ».no nf U'»t
ha» ibati fWti .a ion« gr.ii «r * r* 11«t>,.- )$»<,•
•nee KiDpeny to fce ap;rrtt«d »«M trmh-<\
th«- po icy «ir ;•«.> m o' In- uain»* lu I» • truu»
frrred to th" trmtre hi tlx* '■ -»lefli of tfca tru»«. *
HUNK i M Id MILL, I de»..
W H Hau.«« *iK«|iiiiii'f 4»i'ij
OR.HCr>4U«e: V'8 '
K Most Effective Combination.
TH»»»0 ivxtTtik trA >er\lt$* li f " tn
«»il r>fuMi«w «VI lot
•I«. urf MKKVOf'« 4imr4*r* It nlln« tl\
Unpbl laA ftrbilluiril i«4lti>w •>' 'h» nv
,'n ; mnifMtn I»» »n»l Ufl'l? fwatt»'
3; ri p«t IffrtM < «>4« mfr.ruHttn . "
iwf« m low Ilia lilt. «mi «1:41 1^«
fivtbfal i?r«<ili «»1 rifwr ft U ;.!«»»•" t« ;•>»
Me. Mv* '•« ht* Oi« vr«Kw «!■■*"•
iMlfttw»! *tMM •( HaUrla
pTll» (IM Mr HaUW» '>f 34 ««•<■*.
r;* nut *t au. MW^a » «.
HAIDT * OOS, Pwprtol—■
Sfitly aid PrtapUj KxeraUi
—At ras— f
rife 13» Mark« flu«i
I »msTLEir *TRBRTOTincVT.pv»nvi

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