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special sale”
We have just made the largest and best purchase
of Linen Crash in the history of our business. We are
going to sell them quick and at prices that will make
them go.
f flT Nfl i ’ T000 P*ain Linen Toweling at 5cper
LUl. riU I. yard, regular 8c qualiny.
T fiT MA 9 *L<X)o yards ^laid ^ass Linen at 7c per
LUl llv. u» yard, cheap at 10c.
T ftT NA r>,000 yards Barnesby Linen at 7c per
LUl flU. 0» yard, considered a bargain at 10c.
TOT KTA A 5,000 yards Bleached Linen at 9c per;
LUl iiU. ii yard, good value at 12 l-2c.
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day that should attract the attention
of all economical buyers.
Wliat We Offer:
5 000 yards Ladies Choice Muslin at - - - - 6*
Regular 20c 9-4 Unbleached Sheeting at - - 12*
Regular 22c 10-4 Unbleached Sheeting at - - 15*
Regular Me Outing Cloths at. 4
Regular 12*c Challies at.* 61
Regular 15c Chevrons at. 61
Regular $1.00 Fringed White Table Cloths at - 69
Regular §1.25 Fringed White Fable Cloths at - 89
We can offer you some special bargains in Traveling Bags, Canvas
Cases and Satchels. We have a complete assor-ment and can give you
anything you want in this line at lower prices than ever.
Rubber. Cloth. Imitation Alligator, Grain Leath
er. Etc., $1.00. $1.25. $1.50, $1.75, $2.00.
$2.50. $2.75, $3.00, $3.50.
50c. 75c. $1.00. $1.26, $1.50. $2.00,
$2.50. $2.75, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00.
$4.50, $5.00. $6.00.
A very convenient and ccanomical arti
cle. 75c. $1.00. $1.25, $1.50. $2.00.
$2.50. $2.75.
Umbrellas at All Prices. £KZ&,&S,»r !
3!KE. «F. 3a®c3E*-^.S323IS2M’9
One Price Hat anti S^irt Store, 1329 and 1322 Market Street,
NO. !»• •X*KST.
Over Dsllu Saving* Bank. apMfcd
m — »"«■" ' 1 ~ j
HeivySheet Ironworks;
Bk*ich*s. Tamms, !*on Sgi'ttiii,
tU.uR Doors. Lire Boat, ano
\V lOtT.BT l ROM R\M««*
All of the hoaiiest >h***-t iron work made and
erected CiiAh- x4- MIUjCA, •
apivo Udb Water ntreei.
Ua^ removed their Machias and Blanksmith
Shops to New Iren Buildiag,
No. 1714and 1714 CHATLINE ST.
All work prompuy attended to. apflo
$Uuv ^tnierti&cment*.
__ __ __|
Having purchased a complete outfit for the
cie:v^*-t of Cess Fool*. Vaul’s, etc , l re.pcct- 1
tALiv solicit the patronage of the public. 1 have
trooil. responsible m*n. and will guarantee .
prompt and satisfactory attention to all orders.
y V- W. BIX BY, Manager.
Cor. Chapline and Sixteenth street., j
Telephone No. li. aplSto sepl
Is selling cheaper than any other shoe house in
theoity As we close out our entire stok of
BOOTS end SHOKs. don »fail to come aud save .
money. No- 2*4? Market street.
H. J. S
feblSc Opposite t if*It v ■
Buy the Sunday Rkgist1
be uausuftliy interestlug to
lodei to New Ailvertiar incut*.
Din nor Ware—John Frldel A Co.
TheR»vag«** of Catarrh Copland Medical
Ri anok* College, Salenn. Va.
Sehoel f ■ Tovh Ladles, Gentlemen and
C. Idran -Prof deary Kiispahne.
EmuL-ion ^f t oj Liver Oil—R. M. List.
H" for *he World * Fair!—Q. O. Smith.
i ottli >>■ Exhibition—Jaa. Norman A Co.
laucyuud Maple (jri'oerie;-—J. C. Beck A :
W an ted — Woman for l.aundry and One for
Dish Pantry.
Want o —LaJie- to Do Writing.
Attention, G :\»*workers—Local Union Ho. 9.
Mountain Lake Park.
July 25th to August 23d,Inclusive, the
B. & O. Co. will sell Excursion Tickets
from Wheeling to Mountain Lake Park,
at $4 50 round trip, good returning Au
gust 31st. __
A Full line of Serge*. Cheviot* and Drap
ill t«*s which we are pi spared to make up
lu the beat of *tvle on short notice. Alio
a full tine of Geut*‘ Furnishing Good*.
Including the celebrated Eighnite White |
*htri. t Hits A SO»,
MercDnnt Tailor* and Furnisher*. 13J1
and 1313 Market St.
Prof. John Mullen Is in the city.
He will leave next week for the East to
uttend a practice meeting of the Amer
ican Society of Professors of Dancing
Df New York. He will be back about i
the 13th of September. He will opeu
bis Dancing Academy the last week in
Mr. C. P. Brown can’t be in the races
but be sent the ladies’ committee $25
ill the 8&m«j. If there are any other
h»ntlemen mho don’t want to be “in it”
X them do ms Mr. Brown has done.
the b:g strdcturb is rapidly assuming
Thirty Days More will Probably see it Completed
and Ready for Use, Except in the Matter of
Furnishing—The Details.
r-f HE new Jail and Jailors
residence, at Fifteenth
V and Eoff streets, was vis
ited by a Register re
porter yesterday. The
big structure is in a forward state, and
in about another month Murry Bros.,
the contractors, will have about com
pleted their portion of the work, and
the way will be opened for the Board of
Commissioners to get to work putting
in the furnishings and small internal
fittings not included In the general
The building shows up in handsome
shape, both Internally and externally,
and the job is a very creditable one
alike to the contractors and the Board
of Commissioners. That it is away be
yond all comparison with either the old
Jail or any new one in this portion of
the country, goes without saying. The
Pittsburg jail is immensely larger, and
therefore cost more money, but it
is not better adapted to the
needs of the county, is not more secure,
and has no better fittings in the way of
conveniences, necessaries and even lux
uries. The prisoners who are fortun
ate enough—or unfortunate, as you
may desire to put it—to be
transferred from the old jail
on Eoff street to the new building,
may well congratulate themselves upon
their changed surroundings. It will be
like leaving a hovel for a palace, and
while the cell-building and the immedi
ate surroundings of the prisoners will
be delightfully plain, they will be com
fortable at all times, vermin, etc., will
be things unknown, the sanitary ar
rangements will be first-class, with
plenty of fresh air, and they will no
longer be brought into contact with fe
male primers, or be annoyed
by the yells and howls of lunatics.
The officials, too, will fair much
better by the chauge. The
jailor will be placed in a residence ex
ceeded either in outside appearances or
internal arrangements by few private
residences in this city, ho will bo en
tirely cut off from the jail, except when
he is in the immediate discharge of bis
duty, and when in his office, he will
have quarters large enough and fine
enough for the transaction of any busi
ness. Escape from the jail will be prac
tically impossible, which will take no
little mental worry off the minds of the
jailor and his assistants, and all his
duties will be lightened, and at the
same time better performed. He can
have better control over the prisoners,
they can bo separated by sex and class,
the insane will have separate and secure
quarters, out of sight and hearing of the
others, and all the facilities for furnish
ing meals, etc., will be so greatly im
proved that the thing is not to be
spoken of in the same connection.
the main entrance.
The workmen have about completed
the jailor’s residence, except a few
minor tinishing touches, aud it will soon
be ready to bo titled uu with furniture,
carpets, etc. In the front jail building,
designed for offices, general reception
room for prisoners, and the general
transaction of public business by the
Sheriff, jailor and his assistants, there
is very little to be done. Some of the
plumbing is in place, and a very little
carpeuter work in the way of tinishing
and the same of painting ami plaster
iug, will complete that portiou of the
building. The Bridge of Sighs, which
connects this part of the building with
the Court Ilouse, is also about
completed, and will be a
very great convenience in taking pris
oners to and from the Court rooms,
rooms. There will hereafter be no ne
cessity for taking a man out on the
street after his first arrest and lodg
ment in jail, except wheu he is to go to
the penitentiary, afterconviction, if the
case is a felouy, uutil the expiration of
his sentence. A winding and narrow
passage runs from one of the apart
ments in the frout jail building to the
Bridge of Sighs proper, which is about
nine by fifteen leet iu inside dimen
sions, and has a door opening directly
into the Court room of Part Two. The
wails and ceiling are of heavy brick
work, and the floor of flags, laid in ce
ment in steel girders, between which
brick arches are turned. This is the
stylo of floor all through the jail build
ing, and every window and opening is
guarded by single or double sets of steel
bars,‘while all communicating doors be
tween apartments, all through the
house, are of heavy smooth steel.
Id the cell building workmeu are put*
ting up the m*tal ceiling under the
roof, and this work will be completed
in about ten days. Tbe cells are ail
ready, with the exception of the bunks
and the locks upon the doors, while In
the two lower tiers tbe automatic lock
ing apparatus is in place. This build
ing, which nowhere touches the exter
nal building, is In itself immensely
strong, but if a prisoner was out of it,
he would still be enclosed in a building
which would, of itself, be much more
secure than tbe average prison. The
iron gaugways runuing aloug the sev
eral tiers of cells are not yet in place,
and neither is the central platform and
stairway, giving access to the lower
floor of the cell building, from the main
office, but it will not take long to set
this work up.
Outside in the yard the stone wall
cuttiug off the jail yard from the yard
of the jailer’s residence is completed
with the exception of turning the arch
at the south end, on the alley. Work
men yesterday were putting in drains in
the yard, and this work will soon be
completed. The new sewer in the alley
between the Court House and the jail
will also be completed this week. This
has beeu a difficult job, on account of
the treacherous uature of the sandy
A large force of plasterers, laborers,
iron-workers, carpenters and masons
are constantly employed, but as the
work approaches completion this force
will rapidly bo diminished, and, as
stated at the outset, the work will be |
practically completed at the end of the
ensuing thirty days.
Contract Awarded.
The Committee on Roads and Bridges
of the Board of Commissioners met at
the office of the County Engineer yes
terday and awarded the contract for
the excavation and stone work for the
Cruger lane bridge over Big Wheeling
creek to Wm. Stobbs, at S<j.50 for
masonry and SI for excavations.
A Little Trouble Soon Remedied.
Richard Wynn, of Wheeling, was a
city visitor over Sunday. In a conver
sation with hi ip, he said that a rumor
was prevalent in this city that some
trouble existed in the L&Belle pottery,
but that there was really nothing in it.
Some weeks ago the pottery firm had
moulds made for a new shape of sugars
and teapots, a sort of a medium between
the round and square shape, and the
pressers thought they should be al
lowed extra pay for making them. The
firm would not give the advance asked
lor, and to avoid trouble, concluded to
dispense with the new shapes, and the
old hands are again all at work as usual,
and no trouble exists.—Liverpool Crisis.
Joseph De Ville Dead.
From th* Canton (Ohio) Rtpontory.
Joseph De Ville, who for the past ten
days has been critically 111, died last
evening at 6 o’clock and will be buried
from St. Peter’s Catholic church at 9:30
o’clock Friday morning. He had neen
In feeble health for some time past, suf
fering from dropsy and a complication
of diseases.
For years the deceased has conducted
a grocery storo on East Tuscarawas
street, his location there dating as far
back as I860. Of late years be has not
been in active business. For a number
of terms he has filled the office of asses
sessor in his ward and was well known
throughout the city. He was fifty-nine
years of age. A wife and seven chil
dren mourn his loss. The children are
Messrs. Ed. De Ville. of Chicago;
Charles, of Pittsburg; Joseph, Jr., of
Wheeling, and Fred., night clerk at tha
Barnett House, this city, and Misses
Ellen, Laura and Ida, residing with the
family in East Tuscarawas street.
U« Kavrfl the Child's Life.
The following from the Washington
Star refers to John Harrington, of Ben
wood. who Is employed in the postoffice
department, having been appointed un
der the late Democratic administration:
“Last evening about 8 o’clock on
Myrtle street, between North Capitol
and First streets northeast, a little child
just able to walk strayed away from the
one having It In charge, and in some
mysterious way slipped into the sewer.
A large crowd soon gathered. Some
began lighting matches to see where the
child was, others were looking around
for some barefooted boys to go down.
In the meantime Mr. John Harrington,
residing at No. 79 Myrtle street, came
down the street, and, not stopping to
take of coat or shoes, pushed the crowd :
away,, lifted the top from the sewer and I
going down into three feet of water
brought the poor little one out. A few ;
seconds more and the child would have
beeu d« a1. For a moment every one
seemed to be paralyzed and no one knew
what to do. The little one was appar
ently dead. Mr. Harrington exclamed;
“Phy the divil don’t you stand the
child on its hid and lit the
water run out of its mouthv” This com
mand was obeyed and I firmly believe
saved the child’s life. This is not the
first brave act of this old wounded G.
A. li. soldier.”
The I'. 8. Terrier*.
The U. S. Terriers will entertain dur
ing the remainder of their stay at “Ter- j
riers, Rest.” Friday of this week will I
be a special visitors’ day, at which time
the Terriers will be pleased to welcome
all their friends who may take advant
age of the trains on the Pewiky at 7:70
a. m. and 1:30 p. m. |
Walter Cochran. L. Wheat and Neff
Laing were seut to the Island for six
hours, without anything to eat, for dis
obeying Captain Dinger.
Leigh Bailey drives up to the camp
every other eveuing, and he is uot al
ways alone.
Charles Prince, the cook. Is rapidly
improving, and will relieve Wcitzel ana
Patrolman Julius Zehller
Of the Brooklyn, N. Y., Police Force, gladly
tcstiSes to the merit of Hood’s Sarsaparilla.
Ills wife takes it for dudness and indigestion
and it works charmingly. “The children also
take it with great benefit. It Is without doubt
a most excellent thing for That ’l ired Feel
ing. I cheerfully recommend
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Flood's Pills to every one who wishes to
have health and comfort’* Get HOOD’S.
HOOD’S Pills cure Ihwr lEi, contortion,
MUiWin, {MUkdicn, nsd wick headnefcn. _
Huseman, who have been tending to the
wants of the inner man, to-day.
Captain Dinger was fined by the lieu
tenant for getting too new on bis ar
rival Monday.
Henry Aul and Will Siebke, the letter
carriers, have gone on a strike, there |
being too many little notes to carry to I
Yorkvllle for “their folKs” in Wheeling
and Moundsville.
George Brand, the telegraph operator
of the camp, makes an excellent fin
The boys played an interesting and j
exciting game of ball on the third isl- j
and Tuesday with a picked nine from
that locality, the Terriers winning by a
score of 7 to 5, making two runs in the
eleventh inning. Robert Bail was um
Will Carroll, Neff Laing, Clarence j
Echols and Wheat took a boat ride to
Burlington Sunday, and had a splendid
row, being well received by some friends
there. They eujoyed it hugely.
Clearance Sale—Of Oxford Ties
and low shoes of every description at j
reduced prices. L. V. Blond.
Why do physicians recommend Klein'* Silver
Age and Duquesne Rye Whiskies'- Because,
first, they are pure, old and reliable—because
they have prescribed them for their patients,
ana found th.it no other medicine would nour
ish ami tone up the system so rapidly and thor
oughly. Sliver Age costs only «1 50 per full
quart and Duquesne fl.25 per quart. The best
hotels and dealers in liquors keep them for their
choice customer*, bend forcomplet* catalogue
and price li«t of all kind* of wines liquors and
cordials. The most complete and largest house
out-iilc of New York City. Address, Max Klein,
8E raderal St., Allegheny, i'a
Beware of Fraud*.—Ro sure you
get the genuine Dr. Thomas’ Electric
Oil. It cures Colds, Croup, Asthma,
Deafness and Rheumatism.
Advertisers might get an eye-opener
about the circulation of newspaper* by
doing a little detective work on the quiet.
A word to the wise is aufTic icut.
Tried Many Remedies—Then Tried Cuti
cura and Suffered No More—Com
plete Cure for So. 00.
I have u*ed CrTicORa Remedies with great
satisiaction, for I was sufforing from Kexema
for three long years. I tried a go d many rem
edies. hut your* have proved a blessing to me.
for since then I have not suffered any more. I
am now entirely cured, and it only cost me five
dollars for your CtrriccnA Remedies as for
vour Cl’TicCRA Soap 1 do rot u.*e any other. It
It good for the skin I have given Ootjccka to
my friends, and they li<e it. It gives satisfac
tion to all who have tried it. All 1 can »ay, it
50* Market street, Shreveport, La.
Very Bad Sore Cured.
In the summer of 1S£.1 I had a sore and a hole
in my foot, it continued to get bigg*r. ahd at
last "it was ms b*g as a half dollar. I was com
pletely helpless, unable to walk. After Buffer
ing with it for two and a half year*. 1 tried
everything, hot without relief. I got the Cttti
rt'KA KiMEDits. and they wero the only thing
that cured my foot. CuTicnu is my friend for
ever and ever.
4t)J Custom House St., New Orleans, La.
My son was afflicted with skin disrtse. Itch
ing, and breaking out .n large boils all over his
body. We tried overything else, but all to no
effect. After using om- box of the CCTICCRA,
and two bottles of the CCTicXlU Resoli ent. he
was completely restored to health again. They
are good racdlolni-5, which I recommend to
evtry one. WiLLIAM SMALTZ,
No River Mills, W. VA.
Cntieura Resolvent
The new Blood and Skin Purifier, internally,
and Ccticup.a, the great Skin Cure, and Cuti
cl'A Soap, an exquisite Skin Heautifler, ex
ternally, instantly redleve and spenally cure
everv d'e-icase an i humor of the skin, scalp and
blood, with loss of hair, from infaucy to age. j
from pimples to scrofula.

Sold every where. I’nce. Ctrncrn a. CQc,; Soap,
2Se.; REsoi.vKNT.fi. Prepared by the Potter
Drug and Chemical Corporation. Boston.
to Cure Skiu Disease*,’-fi4 pages,
hOillustratloDs. and lOOtestimonials,mailed free. J
RiRVio Skin and Soalppurified and h*auti !«• 1
DAD I 0 hy Ccticuha Soap. Absolutely pure. J
Back Ache. Kidney Pains, and Weak
ness. Soreness, Lameness, strain*, j
and Pains relie*ed in our minute by
the Cutlmra Anti-Pain Plaster. j
pry 05oo&».
We have no place
To keep Summer
Goods over if we
|j Warned to. ^_|
New Goods are_'
Coming in and
k We need room.
!; Greater redactions^
Have been made__
; Than ever before^
, A
|lew glfrtyertt«gment»»_____
Furniture, Carpets and Baby Carriages on hasy Payments,
1136 to 1140 Market Stroet.
JOSEPH EL McARDLE. Maaayror. _
orde7to wdu^11 ^nSch^af'“powlbw!*"S, ‘taking Inventory
Everything will be sold at the lowest possible pr!ce8. >0tjiinfwl.lt
held in reserve. The stock must b* converted Into cash. For 30 d.iys
\v,, Hhall give a discount of 25 per cent from every Hoy a Kne.» Pant i ult.
Lon, Pant Suit In th. .torn. Muncy tnllt»-»h. price la tl,.
thing.. __ _ „
You can’t afford to overlook the special values we are now giving In
Hoys’and Children’s Clothing, especially clothing for the sma er boy .
We offer a splendid opportuuity to clothe boys handsomely at small con.
aJTe^sESC^y ® SE5in.:ilks I
A nobby line of these all-wool, In colors, blue, brown, black and
drab, which wo aro selling at one-half price. Investigate and sa^e
money. _
Star Clothiers aad Furnishers. 34 and 36 Twelfth Stmt._
Patent Turn-over and Flexible Hoop.
White and Pink Gauzn and White
Louis Bertschy’s
Furniture and Carpet Home*
«p»«o lllfi Main Street. Ea»t SI da.
2,000 Spring Samples
For Gent*' and Roy*' buiU and Overcoat*, and
th<*v have added a full outfit of Gent* Kurnuu
ine Good* that excel* anythiuir in the oity fo:
beauty and price. J TV FKKKLL, Al'nt.
bj3 tor. Ha * andTweativ
We have a good second hand St»lnw«y Up
right Piano which we offer at a bargain.
F. W. BAUM KR 4 CO.,
,_g 1310 Market *treat.^
Hash balls, bats, masks, gloves.
Foot Ball*. Croquet and Ham bock*. Cheap
Book*. Magazine* and Newapaper*. IMttibur*
DUpatch 15c per w , « k, k<» 1 no I ud I u n-l a
Delivered anywhere. C. H. QUIM11V Bd
Market >tmt._ ____VL.
KOYaI. MAIL arhAMilill’'.
ts AI tV* if*
The moat direct rout» from Scotland anc North
and Middle of Ireland. Accommodation* uo
aurpa**' d. Intermediate, •*«. 6*«r»**» * ,9«
otaTC l ihBVli h OK
t imp 1 STEAMSHIP*.
XLW IOKk tad GLASGOW via Londonderry
every Fortnight.
AuffU«t2\ State of Nebia*K». noon
September H, mate of Caiiforn a. 11 'JO a. m.
September 2i. State of N* vada. 11 *• in.
Cabin, KAO and upward*. Second cabin
•30. Steerage. KID.
Wbrelln*. W. Va. I*J**I>
I <
I _
I^ow Arriving Daily.
In great variety and prices
guaranteed lower than found
elsewhere for same quality.
Summer Goods
1 ' Will be Sold R<*gardle«sof Co»t.
Egger, Warrick ft Co.
*1 printed nod (or ul« it tHi KRiilSIKu u ■
I Bee. _*dl»
CoP^i'igHT 18 9 2-'
And wo are ttlilai it on fai; Weohly or Monthly Pnymont*.

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