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- fti**- ''cm H>! r»-e.
r . -lartxent cf PeanrrlTania
t. Pres cient irfcKtaley
neaker's stand and was
the othe”? who were to
the ceremonies The
v h hared head, was the
• the s anJ H« leaned on
- :.r who kept his
" : /‘r-e’i ent was loudly
u„.' a; so ei-P-esident
. • wit: x-Sei
• n w h tht siag
on the dense
r • - . • ,'p J{**-n P.
■erf beuven
th- peop’e
h-r wb.ch coa
; -• - '.ad taken h’s
■ •• ..t.k* 1 ur Nether
tp sure ty \t tnar
i <5 p-. tj.
7 " th* s ::c vr of tbe
r; * e of the srse&k*
•- • r * a; rests Ht was
M ytr Prrotc. « ho ss.it:
f ■ ' • : tg ru.iiions of Am T
cl: . r.s. who wi’.i guu*-d th- sacrtd
ht" ;*?■ forever and forevermore.”
vast crow d 'listened w- th keen at
1 ’ • r. to tht President's w ords, and at
1 roke into * • *’■< when some
:• th* dtud solder's career was
..dev to by the distinguish'd speaker
I s - who were too fur removed
fr rr ::■■■ speaker *o hear a word seemed
c !>• ;»> much interested as those who
*trt within earshot.
■ id- nr. us: '-r of tin President's afl
d- r>. Coi. Fred. Grant advanced and
shook h.irr. wahn'y by the hand. The two
derfu picturt and iht spectators ap
P lauded.
' T: • r • - s*;i nc ■ ■ p. — r~" m up tduyeS
• - • B ' - •
I*; -■ -rr vep introduced by the mayor.
M r- discreet than th- President, Gen.
Porter In • I be vu sj k*
’ sre } read tif * •• from t?T written
| manuscript.
. Gk-ner:. Porter spoke eloquently 2: gre t
itt.cth concerning the military career
_* ■ bat
, It >ading w tb his career us President,
1 the ora*.r sa d: 'At the e!.*e< of his eight
v. •- 01 h. ■ • -: eurr patriot c >hor
if ft r.c unilnisi • I v c rfc t ■ turt. over to
hi? fcUocesscT. Thert vuf tnuor within
our ho-fcrs. ■ * th world,
pros* r:*y among all the jh-ot '•«. and the
- e than It ewer
Sisterrville. W. Ya.. April I'"—C. T.
Caldwell, of Parkersburg, if ic the city
| ou legal business.
A' McMullen went to Willow Island
this in -nine, where he is interested in
the sinking of an oil well with several
other parties.
G. H. Nesbitt wew to Parkersburg
this morning to look after his interests
down there.
Attorney F. L. Elackmarr went to
! Micld.eboume this morning.
R 'ber; McEldowney. of New Mar
tinsv b. v as a prominent legal light j
who was here on business.
1 Jc bn Mathews went down the road
I this morning on business.
T. J Campbell, the bottling work? :
man. went to Wheeling this morning
on bus ines? connected with his estab- j
l liEhment.
The Epfc Wells Hool: i- Ladder boys !
pave £ grand ball in the Opera Roust
last evening and was assisted by the
J. Jones and Citizens' Hose com
panies. 7'be affair commenced by a
march around town headed by the city
band, all in full dross uniform, and
dancing corn-met cod about 8 o’clock
and las'ed until the early rays of dawn
were creeping ever the horizon. The
affair was well patronized and the boys
net ed unite a neat little sum.
To-morrow (Wednesday) Si Plunk-!
ard will be in town with his country
e*r> *--*»
•• t : • - -• ;.f :r .rr
‘ j n, tb* Pr-.-r _ t.i
S t •
- : t rtrao- .*U s h « crlr*
• - _ • Jt • at ->i j. ur ha’
• ■ v:ni T: • ?Tt - id-. ::t how
witfc bare bead, d* ::e the
• - -V- . : i ■- •«- the «x
. a: d ..v; *•'. _ t:i .rei* a.
" ?• i 7KES.
■ : . i • ■ ■ r t y. -
H •- I' r:«r a:>d Mayor
* "i *t T* Prtsidvtt t-joke
..-'Hi— A Ere: ■ ' -a ted
•• of tbt : : tar: b*-re finds Its
a : X E* • E d- r : k
- vi et rent : r and w as
: u rj r v ■_ ! s be
• -..vs. • .. :i. a: • rsarv
r* al ant of ibt most ‘ -roout and
Am- - • r» s: :ts Ar
- ~t bus paij triph tribute to the
: i- • : nev. • was a n»
: v ;.t b-suwcd or n. "•
t! bj a free peopl? than
■ -a tutu b ! r* v b: t we
In ma-h r.c tbs successful
v •• t. W‘ but« as V t
. ; r ;ia ■ repr* sentatives of
• . c t -t.tne* r tht re«5
■ • - .r* r.a:-"»r.s *ht Gov
- a: • «ov* r< ca people
•- * xrru r. cour “j
tt. . tribute totbt so -
-1 ^ < z-. u.
: •r - - Great deeds
1 t~ : roc.- immortal.
r wall
n. : • ftm-r e and
-a - f mankind so
. • :: -• “star i Of
r of ,‘t the
•t s *c* i tenster Faithful
■ v. . • • r s • r iT.:re»
• r ; -.: -
•f • it and coa
• : t • . :ed and
•■At i. ■* a hi p- r.ius had
* . • ■ a..- a*
» . • . ■ br. •
. - bar •. v • ."••••?
t . • - fits home ■ and
individuality. his
. :tr; ways hud a
t r tic ^tinrt a* nr.fi
* trot and uncoro
w. st rd — a'l
rr : r of L'l*erty loyalty
• _ La a In G-ar t
•* rry and the tG*
" ,h: .y hi- roem
. t : host w hex
r- . - those who ar
■ r of ■ • in r £ the pray
' • ' : hot or t ht name of
’ : • • t wi fv to the
f a • r.atiom 1 spirit
r r r • •••react*
■ • -Hied tii- ltir.ita*
• • - ci xrple
V - -rat God to spe 1 will i»e
CT« C -'Tt
' ‘ -»r • he ploriouK dis
» ' t rr 'rr'V :> amor.s
'.rr • r< r • has
n etnor' . With :
-• • ’ j. :t>r*nd-r
v ' • mat. upon a a::*
* ei..T; fnct. hue this ,
. - .. .. * y N v Tork as a
' ‘ ■ 'lusmoto- d--t*ds.
• y ■ t *.m« |>..ss-»
■wt. afcsrn. inm arinh crnliixsCe and
- • r. te- r ~f a!! c!!a*».
- ■ 1 :.c the pre
• t ■ t.i sc Jar: hut h}*
•t > ' • * • tfc- her or rod of nations.
H- shoe • iu.- : rst ir.aucfu. that
v :; .a error? which wt-re
'} son • ’ to Ik- advocated when he
w-: "■ • - na: ot - hot.or
. Dess
*■- - ht ;>• m coil, an less otherwise
■ • L-1
... v be tr
eu ,r j'tihnc hft Tw-t.ty years arc he
sn At sn- figure day tht nati. ns of
■ hi - • n -• I
csogns vl • . • i gatenoi
ir.-•■■rr.i-.uoca questions of diffieu ties, and
w hus- c.-cis :*ns wih re as hindinp as the
• Sa or* nit ~ urt •.;■ ■* us
Th- • ' ■ nr- se ms : • (>• pr dun :y
: • ’ -c toward n fult.lmcr.t of that jme
«‘ur.:rrn>cr hart paic him a tr:i
ut- :* cra.:< fu. h*. arts that hat . r» : r -2
:r r r. i. .* ; uichre for » is
.*• rr.:•.- : -r ;..s . .r-. T: • lac :
... . • ■ .. ■ ; - .... vo'ui..:.ry
... • • •■ ■ «
-.iz-r.s an .: £ vidua.: it. t-res: in pr-.serv
:• • i pnortt.c r it w: -'r d t: rough*
. ■ | : - ' ; *15 pro
toy •■.- id-a. site I- w. overlook li -
it •' -> ':s cf the repub’ic. which his « f
f -:.v- f-..m rr.!* re- t.t' it r .!!
t • r- ft rp-c in the r oMe w:.t<rs of the
]'a upon which pass the argosies of
c.<r " • ” •* s: ic rr- j r ' plied by f i.e
se-t-.-r- a ; y i. her -.* (beds. Th"
t r ft- -.rr .Is wi re-pi: re *» •
f ha • runs it was not -
essay far h.s renown that 'his memori
sh U d be reared. A nation's prosperity
is his rr-- r -r urn1*.' t is nr tn* w.i' star d
•tr rr —a. vi t tie gran -c i s •■•nimbi- J
ir-' t for :: * r- ti:-: of this nt«moria! :t
v lf r .* his reputation that was at sttik*1
.. v, * -»,« ropntrtion of his couT.trynt< r.
• v ■
; s.t-rform. They hart roan-d
• ' Tt-.r-t utnet.t to a majestic height: but.
•: v • r- d ;i-he- ngi s ffirbt :• would
• ; r- : f rr. ss "- f :mir:t Of ! s
• .a It- • w -- rrar.'-t :s typical of
- -ha”. :-r of his reputation.
7.. m: - - - • proper-ions
V " remind : s of the chdd-.ik- simple ,-y
w! -R. - tnir.rb'd with the majestic
rr’ r.cl* ur f his nature. The hallowed
« . j * :- wi i •■»<# for equal sacrifice
war i n theaa
.. ,r . lr tils tomb wh; h gem-osity
and v. :-:-r. his s- nn hr.re
k;. - . - ashes w".. henceforth r*-rt.
Tt • "K - ujah chores” from Handel s
• y • - -nd to- 'ogy were sunt.
f 1
of* -....is at! to- distrr-u-«hed guests thet
r. t;red to :.h< : " in the rear of the forth.
r - ar. c labor; :um h-or was s-. rv u.
T*>«. Tr • r: w.s e corte.1 to the ta’ *
... .
t..: mother Mrs Julia Den: Grant.
-v,s e~ »t:e?: dangt r'Trom La Grippe
»c V?' its resulting is pneumonia. If
reasonable care if used, however, and
Chamberl-un's Cough Remedy taken,
all danger will be avoided. Among
th* tens of thousands who Lav: us*cd
this remedy for la grippe, w~ have yet
i j karn ni a single cnse having rasuL
e,t r. pneumonia, which shows conc:u
sivelv that this remedv is a certria
prrVftttive of that dread disease. It w i
ef'H-; a permanent cure in less time
■ . The 25 v
.. iit size for sale by druggists. j
ha: and at : ;rht v."! jay at the
Ojwra House. The original Yankee
cum- aiwars, w d jiatronized here, j
Hu E;>h We Is and hi? daughter.
Miss Piarobe. are p”--paring for a trip '
acro.-s t: < w; ter which wid las; sererai 1
n»'u ths. We wish them a safe aDd plea*-,
a:: journey.
The local lodge of Odd Fellows cele
brated tii* :r Tf-:h anniversary iasi even
ing by appropriate ceremonies. Mary
vis::!: s Ocid Fellows v - re present and
enjoyed the affair very much.
... morn
ins: the draining of th-t Ohio River
yard? an w. . ;• imrccn e laving sewer
j> p- as so »n i ~ the lire is dug. He is
ng to ne Abut
ment at. er t:o. trestle on the lower sice
of Charles st. preparatory to the
fill nc of the trestle which will be done
this summer.
1.a: tn Fitmin? and sot; of TTest TVh«~1
ir.p v r< ' ■ for s- • :::? :: t::« Oni -
r:v. r and tbt :r trial cart - oiT yesterday |
Ik for*. F. Mas Th* la tier pi ad
ca. ty arc was assessed iht lightest lire,
t ■ =. Fie mine :• :p a poor man
V . ...... ..
an:. { to ro to .it 11 for the HO days,
remark • c ;:.at "it would t*- i ke 3* ye: rs
to him.”
E-v. J. H. Roper.1 wi was a former
pa ; ,r :F.rst Ivl E. Church lure and
v, .- ’. ry ;<opi .at wit h ev. rybociy. died c.n
>t- • .a.v fvs :.::.? at Tom.r.:;. (>.. aped id
The c Ik maid:- who preparir.p for
iht :r ct r.ver.rion ot. "he »rh of April, art
rti-are::.? and cr.ilinp every nipht.
Thane: Kinnty. : Fane ora. low a di“d
a- h.s norr.-i y may quit* suddenly. H
v - i. i.roth-r of James Kinney. Jr., of
this city and was the bides: son of 'he
for ; Ik Inc a.*, years » .1. The family is
It Ft it comfort a hie circuit..1'.an :v
On- r.f tht furn: -as of iht Xow ity er..- •
el:* a l i..r:tm rt v .- barre d out Morel..y.
T: art busy *a pair nr
Ri.lt :: Lev: will po t; Dunkirk.. Ind., to
w ork
worker w3
hur- some imt s:r-c i b'r !< in out.
V..: a. S-: f 1 me sv . was In
tht city yesterday sec-in? the siphts.
7: • r '.v m ■ - at •; Cr.nit ian
Cfc." h ' lost... with fair results.
A Re • <-v; n r :.a: v ..s in BdUtlr-e
y :! »uy nok:rr -t o tl - results of the
H..S' tips v.y cif tt-ptr-rr s -.ei and ex
pre- u wonder a: tht results.
v alt-r Srr. :n A. Pa r. and J. E. Sea
br Obits have per.- to Upland ltd.
Rs v H A L Kinp 1 s pone to Adena,
(>. m • re i • will attend the St. Clairs
vllte Pr shyterj met t:nc.
- • - - t Pittsburg vis :r.?
11 r r r - r On . ‘s family
M» a h. vrr.p .. r_n amor.? a num
be- tr P- Eire peoj i* ar.d the tchooi au
thorities have to winch riost.
T-: - y morning Ar.gust Margueat.
a* •• rr of the Aetna-Standard mill.
:n< w:th i' a •" r- it..; wii .:.y him up
for some Time. Margin-:-_t works about a I
larr* f arr. hammer :h..t is used to br- ak
up m- . ana yes: era: y morning ht wu«
standing near it v, hen a heavy piece o'
r.« . struck him Jr'-c abort tht knee of
th*. rirfct ty*c itretiaeg it. The injured
man was t ..£»•: to !: > • 'me or. Jeff*rson
str-• and Its. Shat: i-.1 worth and Howell 1
sumDi3ea Tat broke: hot •. was s< t. and .
*.;jtt reports tht patient wa resting ,
It TV*. H. Hall has be* : elected as d< 'e
g:.> to tht Ft. Clair ■ • Presbytery
which meets at Cediz this aftemorm.
Tv. 1_ Noble and wife returned home'
yesterday from a visit nil fa r-r Natives at
The funeral of Mrs Carper MeCable
took place' yesterday mom.lnp at 9 o'clock
from St. Mary'i church, I lev. Father Mc
Caffrey offV. -tr.p. Interment was made
a: Linn wood cemetery.
Tht suit of C Panconst r.painst I>r. TV.
E Hervey for SIP. was to have come up
yesterday before Squire Keilar, hut was
compromised before the Hint set for L-ar
Ow< r Parsons was placed under arrest
yes!' ’-day a: the ins" ipatioti of Marparet

apainst him.
V«"m. Thoburn. of Filmors. Mo., left
fer home last eveninp. after an trended
visit with relatives in this vicinity.
The mayor, marshal and three of the
off ers wort at St C'.airpville yesterday
pivinp testimony before the rrnnd jury.
J. C. Gray was at St. Clairsvillt yes
terday att-ndinp court.
A H r ■ mine. of I':ttsburg, is in town
on business.
The fur re.1 of Linford Lyle took place :
y. ;rd::v ‘ • rr.oon 2 o'clock from his
'.*e !■<». rear the toll cate, and was at
’’ • t r-~ t-i••»>>,. t nf friend? and I
relath ■: s. Ret W L. Dixor.. part or of the
i. ' . .. n. ui cr. conducted the
s. rvic 'K TS pa -b* :trers were Geo. Mc
Pherson Ah Alletider. Fa Patterson.
Cap:. Burge:t* McConnaughoy. J«sse and
A x. Gill. Interment wls made at Lir.n
wood cemetery.
R. T Howe; went up to Pittsburg yes
terday on business. ,
Rev. JC. C. Worthington and wife have
returned :.:ni from a visit with relatives
in Zanesvi •..
Wiison TV .. .ams. of Sharon. Pa. is the
guest of fr -t.d; h< r«. for a few days.
i. • - - • • J\-w Tori: where
bt went to attend the Grant memorial
yin: Id:• rgp.r•: y. Ant. ; r is recovering
from a oou:!e of weeks' iliness.
Tin S Ci! '.rsviii( I't : 1 ytery will meet
Comiaued from First Tagt •
Ctrl.-ruhe. April 27 — Prince Louis
TT. iar ru-*. cf Bs:;en, brother of
tht Gru: d Duke of Baden, died lo-day.
He was born :r Is'ilb and was a general
of Prussian infantry and president of
the Firs: Chamber of :be Grand Duchy |
tht Duchess of Lou:b'.enberg.
Athens. April 27.— \ deputation of
citizens set: from Yo'o to Larissa has
been assured by th* Turkish com
manders that the people of Thessaly ,
have tothlng to feat from the invad rs.
April 27 —A special dispatch
from Athens says that the Greek min
ister of marine has resigned.
Larissa. April 27.—Perfect order pre
vails here. The town is patrolled by
Turkish soldiers. and both life and
property are in complete security. The
shops, therefore, are reopening.
It is stated that before the Greeks fled
Prince Constantine The Greek com
mander-in-chief. begged them to re
mam. anti face tht enemy, but they re
nt; d and a regular sauve c;ui peut en
"'h*: Greek soldiers captured stay tbf
Ethnike Hetaira. or Greek National |
L/:.gue. is to blame for ail the disasters
to the Hellenic arms..
NEW Tr-P.K April 2"—A dispatch to
tli< Jour:.a! from Athens stays: In alF
j.-cih: *•: :*t tb* Gr< • k nation wi!! try one
j,--■j., r—‘ * pfiTT.lf-, im■ tt defeated in this j
■ • • i . j - hr * There will be a
chare- .:. tbf royal family a* Athens
DiscorTt-r.T is growing and th* King will J
la th- scapegoat. The situation in the j

growing tr and tt “• serious. I’ectT
cp io ':or-m-- an * a.P tbf business
pr . vlf w: ’ w vs a meily cot Ten up by
th* guT-miront a: it * king.
Ar *h, r -c *.», .;i -fiefear. top. provt
■the faulT lies wjtb the ftoff lacking :
. • r -
i j*-k r : r.c* * Tb*- chief cf staff. Sa
j<: untztika w.-. 1 Friday asking leave to ,
withdraw ’ troops from the first line j
which :• -ci : was Impossible to (it- ;
ff-nd. Th* k.rc ans we red it was imposts - 1
bli to a'ipw : r forbid, as events could no: j
t.s jUtlc**d '• m Athens. Sapounrzakis |
wi-ed : t w uld take a 1 :n* respons*- I
>. y-.y ur • «.* ordered the unnecessary ,
r« treat. T: us the r« sensibility of the1
ms i grer engaged
troops fa- - havf com* to light showing *
• pa.; the r-r. F-ueht with crTra .rdtntry
ri - E3 mmspsT
ATHENS At t 2'—2 p? tv—Greet <z
citemer.t cor.-tt.tvs to ;-r*va!l hor«
M j;t. 4 • • >=i ion lor • * tjj and
otb* r proir .- : • •: ft c*- !■'v- b-.-.-T. sum- ,
Munyor's Rheumatism Cure is goaran
teea t. cure acute or muscular rheumatism
is- fr m orit u, fire dav*. Sharp, shooting
pain.' Ir. any pari of the body stopped by a
-«w doses. A prompt complete ana 1*‘T~
manent cur* f->r iameness. soreness. su»
c nronic* rheuma-Urm. £riEtic&. or
j'air. ir : he buck are speedily cured
seldom fa [c *. r v- relic* from out or two
aose*. and iJmosr invariably cures before
oat bottle ha* been used. Price 2jc.
; u
C ompany : m up a stnarate curt for each
oiset.-e. A: a!! drt’gprists. mostly —> cents.
Ijuide to Health tree.
Persona: j*• i. • -rs to Prof. Mur,yon. 35*3
Arrh street, Philadelphia. Pa., answered
v" th fret medical advice for any di.-cast
mnned t: cn: the King at 1:30 this after
M Ra'.ii ir. corversstiOB with the rep
re* r.tatlve of the Associated Press this
afternoon, said: "I cannot exnr*’*s an
opinion as to the future cr regnrdii g
what should be done. I only know the
rtnt eof allairs in Thessaly, where tht
whole army is intact."
Pone has announced that Greeks in the
Strvioi :-f t*.- consulates, hospitals, foreign
missions and pos* offices may remain :n
Turkey, but that all others must leave
the country.
LONDON Apri: ft — a sT**-cial dispatch
frtim Consulrr nople announces that the
?..!tnr ha* recaiivd Osman Pasha m order
to avoid embarrassing Efihrm Pasha.

: nnounced this evening that a sincere in
ter-hang* of views hetu en the powers
has been In progress wivi :*»• object of
bringing al>out intervention ir. favor of
Greet** The pour poriers it is furth-r
announced, are stil! proceeding, but they
hBve not arrived at a stage permitting a
dthniie proposal of conditions.
CONSTANTIN 07’LE Apr :7.-Tk- Turk
ish authorities havt condemned to death
th- murd* rrrs of :f • a cent who distribut
ing -V). British and American n lief funds
at Diarbekir Asiatic Turkey.
BERNE Swita< rlnnd Apr:; TT—The
But H-sr; th hns info-mo d Greeee and T. r
kej that at ambulance with nine doctors
is ttar.tnc fur the sea: of war.
I.' ND 'N. Apri ?*-Th- ; .rliamentarj
w-.-rt tary for the foreign office. Mr. Cur
sor replying in the House of Commons
t -day t. a guest ion of Mr LaBouchen
advance literal said that r.o aiet*rnci .
had boi r. reached relativ, to the wfth
.ir-v-sJ cf the Turkish troops from Crete.
A ira.'or v of the powers h* added. w«r*
cf ti:* t pinion that the Gr*. <kf must leave
first • r* >
Continuing Mr. Curaon informed the
Tlr.us* Tht.t thr is3n..rt.is of th* ionign
f>. . ts • Cre’tun waters had d- ended that
■ I Of the Turkish would tm
j.tri; 4: (tot* Cretan Bussumans in Candia
In oonc!u.-ic ni Mt Ci.-zon r-marked
• . v . rf ha 1 nc • tet tion of oe
'■upytt.r r.r.y pom on of Greek territory,
declaring it neutral.
Mr. Jacob Esber.son. v no i? tr -he cm
p.ty of the Chicago Lumber Co., at D^f
Moines. Iowa, says: “I have jus. sent
gome medicine bach ’o my mother in
^he o £ country, iha, I Liiov from p
Bona! use fo be the best medicine in the
world for rheumat-sm, having used it
in mv famiiy for several yesra. I: is
cnilec! Chamberlain’s Fa.a Balm. I: al
fc*r saie by cruggists.
MirsmrwE drink?
c, me oers: ns say drink onty one thing
_ v ten ugh 1 he* re led to
»ii«i e-uti -I* an J respect w* t.litnL that
, . re-Ti ' :••• pie 1 u single thing is it*
jt#eti i, i mi «t intemperance. Modera
tion Is Th* true i rm of temperance
\\ mi int existence as i* beverage
at u vert r.-n. >te period, utid wtii-u.

Hoiitiu Our stock of well-matured w l *
consists of
Dn Wines. Sweet Wines
Catawba Madeira
Delaware, Sbern.
Gutedcl, 7 oka*,
kitsling. Muscatel.
C’Hret Malaga.
Ives’ Seed lin?, Fork
No-ions Va. Pori 15 Veers Old,
AT Reus enable Brices Wholesale ^ Retail
W e Deliver all Goods. Purity Guaranteed.
Kraus s co„
1133 Market Su, bole Agems.
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] 3 CENTS.
*>+.THIS IS.+*■
Jill II ill DUALITY,
every number contains
All of the News All of lie lime, I
By mail. pasiage prapaid. par month, Dai’y 5Dc, DaTy and Sunday per j
month'70c. u J
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Tilt* Is the CoDer served at the tt'orid *
Tan. For sate tu W aorilug at
_ H. F. BCaBEKK C’O.,
--’IT nud U_'l .■ Xurast street.
^ * r4J4 Market Street
i Dtrl^r It. Books. Stationery Periodicals,
] Kr* pape-f. I'.Me.- B: rr.i i'. . _• Gorpt
Hymns. Barter Cards \ - ry cht ap. B-tt
Bali Stock Foe. Balia. Hammocks.
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The trigrram Restaurant and Cat a.
Everrthtng nev, neat anc cory. Lr.ai -E
and Gentlemen's Parlors attacned. Pnc-.a
r« asonahit. Merchants Dinner cut!}
Everything in aeasou to tempt tot palais.
Entrance cm Fourteenth si'-eet t pa iota
ocl7ec Proprietor.
i fcR. V. E HAVE IT.
II you cor.Lf-rcpia.tt any charge in the
besting apparatus o: your home or pia.-t
! bus::.ess, don't I- : to invostigati toe
superior merit* ot the PATItlC FUIi
NAC.L. Cali on
_21,.:> Mtan Street.
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If th» back bone of our buFine.-s and
Ft fpait no .Sort to meet all require
m t.tf it: style. quality and pric-f.
If you wPl drop uf b poftal card
w» will mail you u ftw handsome
BLOTTERS iuLvutisirp :h« Bl-AKK
Bf«.»KS. and will enclos* with H- do*
Bam ;•!< Bifcti Pens u. pay you for your
(.Snttessars to klirves. krafl & to.;
Builders and Lumber Dealers,
-siAKLTACTrnrBB or —
' nooriujj. Weather Baerding. Praaiea,
Doors Jliiud*- auti M U W ur.
I of l£wtrj i>eot rrptioa
-1 ALL AVI' KLL l'h.
J> El)MAN <k ('0.
Genera! Kachicists and Kanufarinrari
I TSVY < AS' AfU’T I»I I»*
Look for him on tht htrept to-Cay. Cas
t-in tfc a ait'ij cftltikTH, vorkf v I
filet;. " i hou: a pni; or pr.;«, IUl, lie *ua
50c a box. For halt a.
i)KEH)V» I*Itl (■ ‘TORE
McLnrt Hr»us«. 1-02 Marl tj; m
Men’s and Boy’s Night
Shirts at.
Hemmed Crochet I Q(
Quilts at. *rO
Extra large and f.ne
Crochet Quiits at.
Another lot of those fine
Tapestry Portiers at i pitir
Real Irish Point Lace $2.ty
Curtains at. £ pail
forts at $U9 and.
Agents for the Celebrated Clenentina
Lid Gloves.
Clear!.. on! fcd« S ' •*»>* |
I'luiiiJiee » hctunaat eT,"*fc.
I »;(*'ur relate IwKor* O'z* ■
l Hull- tt li: Toutbfui a o' ;
I Caw «' » ‘*»'r •«*S;i |
* ;iir t~ t r
jA CfrWih—trr*»
■ v Original sin Omt ton.uln»- Z
(.MIL t «a e*: rl •,I Al\
i “\ el~~aja I>ruin« I- ■ '»■ <.'■>*• » J ■
•. J •<%•• flroua II Ji-a a:. • - 3aM.
V —^ ^•Jura-i. win i 1* 7 Ml < \S
**• a*- t il«- /*■*>*•' '»<"»—•H' •M'mfM v
I - llftHm.- •- • ->•’» •'■nt «*.
C 7
r— 3 *• KolHif for " *'«•' in men
\ fT ub)i jit.IMM taec- fa
v-- , , *■• !.r*l ■ l T ■ •*** •
Sou; b? ae Lorn lr-u-rt«u - ll.L^t*r ‘ *
Display advertis'i:
tor the Sunday Pea*
isier should be sent
in at the earnest po -
sibie moment, so as
to receive proper at
tention in trie ar
rangement. All ;.o»
vertising should r>#
sent in early, so as
to receive bem r t <■
all editions and . *o>
er classifications.
Ir. ji» br*ncb«*. fct.d it reuor.i!»;» pi
, r^.-u»r s^taatv v.:.} u'.‘ * ■ • I'firt* ilZiC
Vw c*r rv.lt u
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