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An 1 /Vcant Creation In White Mohair
That la Leas Kxpenalve Than It Look*.
Saratoga, August 3.—Mohair is not
%n expensive fabric. You can get very
good quality for 60 cents per yard;
ind, as it clans easily and wears for
|ver, it cannot be regarded with the
Konomical eye of white silk or satin.
The most beautiful young lady of a
Saratoga garden party came gowned in
a dress of the purest white mohair. The
skirt was plain except for rows of
braiding around the hem. Above the
rows was a tiny design in white braid.
The waist was a full blouse trimmed
with rows of the braid front and back.
A pretty feature of the waist was a
square neck edged with folds of poplin,
laid together like tiny tucks. The up
pers of the sleeves were treated in
the same way. The belt was composed
of tiny rows of braiding,
a The hat warn by this picturesque
r young lpdy was the Alsation bow of
former days. The bow was of white
) mohair, lined with taffeta. There were
several loops all treated in the same
way, and these comi^sed the bat.
Long, white silk gloves were worn,
and the young lady was a dream in
Bpotlessness, and yet it can safely be
claimed that, though her gown was the
prettiest there, it did Lot cost the
» _
Very Pretty Dre*u*e# for Afternoon Wo;ir on
i> Mot Joly ■>»>>.
The grenadine dress has become a
marvellous summer favorite since nov
elties were introduced in its make-up.
One of the new patterns is of nose
gays in pink, tied with white ribbon,
the whole upon a background of thm
black mesh.
One of the gowns made from this
piece of grenadine has a bodice of the
goods with sleeves of pink and black
striped siik. j
The skirt has a foundation of pink
taffctta. over which falls a long over
skirt of the grenadine. Below it are
ruffles of striped silk, each finished
with a puffing of pink chiffon.
The dress was a very pretty French
look and though it is a great deal of
trouble to make, as its fussiness takes
time and care, and is pretty enough to
repay one. It is not expensive, for thin
silk goods are very cheap now and the
little French dress can be put together
for what a cambric would have cost
in June.
gpe< to the ReRi-***'r.
Washington, August 5.—Congress
man Dovener has recommended Dr.
S. W. Varner, bf Sand Fort, as pen
sion examining surgeon at Glenville,
vice Dr. M. W. Hughes, resigned.
Jpetjlal to the Register.
Washington. August 5.—Ensign John
R. Y. Blakeley. U. S. Navy, now attach
ed to the Detroit, has been ordered
as instructor tb the LinslejvInstitute.
Wheeling, on September 10.
A. T. Whitake/ a prominent citizen
of Woodland, wTs in the city calling
| on friends ybsterday.
Carl Hamilton, a well known Wheel
! ing architect, was here yesterday with
the plans for the new home of H. Sea
mon, which he will build in the First
j ward.
Miss Alice Higgs returned to her
i home at Graysville yesterday afternoon
j after a visit to friends here.
The members of the Grand Army of
the Republic are requested to attend
the meeting which is to be held at the
I lodge room to-morrow night. Arrange
i ments are to be made for the attending
j of the National Encampment at Buf
j falo, and it is desired that all who in
i tend going should make arrangements
! with the committe who will be ap
Mayor Thomas Shepherd, of Ben
wood, was a visitor in the city yester
! day.
Edwin Sharpe will probably move to
Philadelphia next week, which city he
I expects to make his future home.
D. T. and John Moore, of Franklin
district, were in the city yesterday.
Charles Potts has purchased the feed
store of George Griffith, located on sec
ond street. Mr. Potts has had much
experience in this line and will con
tinue the business at the same stand.
The building formerly used by C.
Kleiner as a basket factory is being
remodeled and will be made a dwelling
house. Peter McCarthy is doing the
carpenter work.
The ladies on the camp grounds will
have a lawn fete at that place to-mor
row evening. Refreshments of all
kinds will be served and the proceeds
go for the expense of holding the an
nual camp meeting.
Quite a large number of the young
people will attend the bicycle races
! at Wheeling this afternoon. Zimmer
man is quite an attraction and the
boys here seem anxious to see him.
Beginning Sunday a new story will
be printed in the Register which will
be well worth reading. The tm» Mine
situation will also be given, and those
who are not taking the paper should
leave their name at the postoffice news
stand. This paper will also continue
to publish a daily letter from this city
■ giving the late news.
About twenty-five of the members of
Little Prince Lodge, K. of P., went to
Cameron last night, paying a visit to
S the lodge there. The party occupied a
special coach kindly provided them by
! the B. & O., and early this morning
I the car was attached to a freight train
! which brought them home. The boys
I report having 9 grand time and speak
very highly of the way they were treat
I ed bv their brothers.
Mrs. G. S. T. Griffith leaves next
week on an extended trip to Mt. Lake
Mrs. Annie Sullivan left yesterday to
spend some time with friends at Man
i nington.
C. A. Weaver wa9 at Wheeling on
1 business yesterday.
Yesterday W. H. Hood received the
following letter which explains itself:
Salem. W\ Va.. August 3, 1897.
W’illiam H. Hood, Moundsville, W. Va.:
Sir:—I have been informed that
when Irwin Brown, the supposed mur
derer of M. J. Crull, was at your barber
shop that he wore gold glasses. If he
did I should like to know. Mr. Crull
and Brown were at my place in the af
ternoon of the 8th day. of June, and
that night I was robbed while asleep in
! my room of $160 in money and notes
! to the amount of $1,100 were taken, and
if you can give me any information I
will be greatly obliged to you.
(Signed) G. H. DAVIS.
Mr. Hood states that when Brown
first come in his shop he noticed that
he had a fine gold watch and a very
large roll of money, and in fact enough
to arouse suspicion. Mr. Hood has
written Mr. Davis, giving him the de
sired information.
Last evening Joseph Carpenter gave
a very enjoyable dance at McCarthy’s
grovel which was participated in by
about fifteen couple. Everybody had
a good time and several visitors from
outside the city made up the merry
crowd. 10
Walter Evans and Mrs. Dr. G. W.
Haskinson have been appointed by the
city school board substitute teachers.
The session this year will not begin
until the third Monday in September.
Yhe Christian Church will soon make
arrangements to build on their lot at
the corner of Jefferson avenue and
Seventh street. The building is to be
a neat one and has been needed for
some time.
The many friends of Miss Dollie
Israel will be surprised to learn that
she was married on last Tuesday eve
ning in Pittsburg to Mr. J. W. Hig
gins. of that city. The ceremony was
performed at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Emma Graham, on Mt. Washing
ton. and was witnessed by only a few
friends. Mr. Higgins is a son of a
wealthy oil producer and stands very
high in society circles. He has also
frequently visited this city and is
known by many people here. The
happy couple will take up their resi
dence in Allegheny in a week or two.
and have everything ready to go to
housekeeping. Miss Israel had been
making the above city her home for
some time past, and her many friends
will be pleased to hear of her mar
' riage.
I Hallock Bros, are rushing the stone
work of the addition to the south wall
of the penitentiary, and it will not be
; long until the contract is completed.
Two convicts were released from the
; penitentiary yesterday. Both were
I olored men. and were sent up from
i Logan county.
Miss Lizzie Alexander Lowe was tne
hostess to quite a large number of her
friends, last evening, at her home in
the First ward. The young folks spent
the time in various diversions
and before midnight all repaired to
the dining room, where the tables
were spread laden wifb a^l the rood
things eatable. The crowd was very
' large and all who were fortunate in
h*»;ng present report having a splen
did time.
The County Court session to-day will
be devoted to a settlement with the
sheriff in all matters. Yesterday the
time was spent in attending to the
road business, and it was finished. In
the case of Thomas Stewart, a read
surveyor of Liberty district, who is
charged with being incompetent for
i the position by a number of people,
the court did not give him a trial. It
was decided to make a trip to his pre
cinct next week, when all interested
will view the work already done and
the court will then decide what is best
to be done in the matter. This ses
sion will probably last all of next
week, and is one of the longest eTer
held by the commissioners.
0 Several people were at the wh^rf
yesterday morning to see the Queen
CUy.' A large crowd was on board and
she secured a few passengers from
The Baltimore & Ohio company an
nouccs a very cheap excursion to Cin
cinnati to-morrow. The rate is $3 for
i the round trip and tickets are good
! four days. This is one dollar less
| than the excursion run by the Ohio j
I River road a week ago.
I John Bryson, of Zanesville, a for-1
j mer resident of this city, is here on a j
! visit to friends.
Last night was regular Council
| meeting night, but owing to the ex- j
treme warm weather a full attendance j
i was not to be had. There was noth-,
i ing of importance to be considered and
the meeting did not amount to much.
John Marling, one of the formen
i who belongs to the Liberty Company
No. 2, of Bellaire, was in the city on '
' business yesterday.
The wind storm Wednesday night j
1 blew down several large trees in dif- j
: ferent parts of the city. Yesterday a
| force of men were required to clean
| up the wrecks and hauling the debris j
j out of the city limits.
It is reported that the city author
, ities will soon make an effort to tax
the electric light plant. This is a mat
ter that has been talked about for some
time, and it is likely that some Inter
esting developments will occur before
Special to the Register.
Washington, August 5.—The follow
ing fourth-class postmasters have been
appointed in Jefferson, county, Ohid:
H. W.* Allison, at Bergholz, vice C. A.
! Johnson, removed; John Roth, Sr., at
Tiltonsville, vice Rudolph Von Muratt,
removed; Elizabeth Ewing, at Warron
ton, vice J. W. Neil, removed.
Commissions have beenr issujed to
the following recently appointed West
Virginia postmasters: Carrie Newton,
at Benwood; Hattie A. House, at Kan
j awha Falls; John H. McGinnis, at
' Mole Hill; Arrabell Pifer, at Valley
; Furnace, and John Y. York, at York
! ville.
Grain, Provisions, Stocks & Cotton,
1323 Market Street, Wheeling. W. Va.
Direct 'private wires to the Chicaga
Board of Trade and the New York Stock
Exchange, over which we receive contin
uous markets and the latest news.
Long Distance Telephone 275.
NE WYORK. August 5.—Money on call,
easy at 1®1% per cent; last Joan 1 per cent;
closed offered at 1 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 3%ifT4 per cent.
Sterling exchange, very weak, with ac
tual business in bankers’ bills at 34 86%®%
for demand and at 54 85®% for 60 days.
Posted rates. $4 S6%@4 87 and $1 87%®'1 S8.
Commercial bills. 34 84%.
Silver certificates, 56®57.
Bar silver, 55%.
Mexican dollars, 42%.
U. S. 2s Registered . 97%
I*, s. 4s Registered .Hi's
U. S. 4s Coupons .11-%
New if. S. 4s Registered .
New U. S. 4s Coupons .125%
U. S. 5s Registered .113%
U. S. 5s Coupons .113%
Pacific 6s of '95 .102
Stocks—To-day's market was an lnver
sio nof yesterday’s i nthat it displayed a
heavy tone during most of the the day
and rallied strongly during the last half
hour. The day’s net gains were almost all
achieved In the last half hour, while on
yesterday a half hour’s profit taking at
the close wiped out nearly all the earlier
gains. There was a feverish tone to the
trading to-dav and erratic variations either
which coming after yesterday’s freedom of
speculative buying, was pointed to as slg
nifieatc of the culmination of a bull move
ment. Thera was evidences of powerful
manipulation in the market to further
this unsettling tendency and to cause a
re-action. But the heavy short sellers of
the day apparently lost confidence in their
theory and started to buy back their stocks
on a fast rising market. This short cover
ing was the main cause of the strong rally
at the close. But there were special causes
also at work to defeat the efforts of the re
actionists. There was nothing unfavor
able in the general situation which fhey
counld avail themselves of, the crop pros
pects and the decline in foreign exchange
continuing to favor a rise. In addition to
this some of the reports of railroad earn
ing for the fourth week and the month of
July, especially those of southern roads,
wore strong influences for an advance.
Thus Louisville Increase In earnings for
the fourth week over the corresponding
period of last year was $108,139. The
stock responded to the statement w'hich
was published after noon, rising over a
point and influencing the whole market.
The buovancy displayed by some of the
individual stocks, such as Tobacco, La
clede Gas and Spirits also operated
against the efforts at reaction. On the
other hand the reaction In the wheat
market, due to profit taking and to some
falling oft in foreign buying orders, affect
ed the western railroad stocks sympa
thetically. Total sales of stocks to-day
were 577.836 shares. Quotations closed hid:
Atchison ..]>4
Do preferred .
xBaltimore and Ohio .
Central Pacific .
Chesapeake and Ohio . 21%
Chicago and Alton ..137
Chicago. Burlington and Quincy.31%
Delaware and Hudson .119%
Delaware. Lackawana and Western ..15S
Erie (new> .17%
Do first preferred .40%
Fort Wayne .18j
Hocking Valley . 3
Illinois Central .10j%
Lake Erie and Western .18%
Do preferred . *4
Lake Shore ...1 ‘2
Louisville and Nashville .
Manhattan L .K
Metropolitan Th&ctlon .114%
Michigan Central .104%
Missouri Pacific . 28
Mobile and Ohio .24
New Jersey Central .91%
New York Central .105%
North* western . 119%
Do preferred . 183
Northern Pacific .15%
viSiTuX- «vr«
101 TORS
RepoJ^r (rushing in)—Stop the presses, quick! Here’s a six column
story; very exciting .
Editor—What is it?
Reporter—Man arrested for murder and not lynched.
Do preferred ...:.
Pittsburg .i®,
Reading .23%
Rock Island . g*
St Paul .
Do preferred .
Southern Pacific . i*%
Southern Railway .i®%
Do preferred .
Texas and Pacific . %%
Union Pacific.'■*
Wabash . ‘%
Do pteferred .i*%
Wheeling and Lake Erie . 1%
Do preferred . j
Adams Express .]
American Express .ll-j
United States Express . 46
Wells-Fargo Express.10s
American Cotton Oil .
Do preferred .
American Tobacco . •**% :
Do preferred .114
Chicago Gas .l®r%
General Electric .37%
Illinois Steel .® ,
Lead ...35%
Do preferred .
National Linseed Oil .
Pacific Mail .,:jl%
Pullman Palace .L®
Silver Certificates .>*?
Sugar .l^%
Do preferred .11®
Tennessee Coal and Iron .27%
United States Leather . 8%
Do preferred .83%
United States Rubber.lj>
Do preferred .y.
Cholor .
Crown Point .viiUlVV
Consolidated California and Virginia, lfr*
Dead wood . »*> !
Gould and Curry . 40
Hale and Noreross . 80
Homestake .2™®
Iron Silver . •*)
Ontario .350
<»phir . f*
Quicksilver ...
Do preferred . ,uy
Sierra Nevada .
Standard .i®®
Union Consolidated .
Slagle & Co., the Market street brokers,
furnish the following quotations from tne
Chicago grain and produce exchanges:
Wheat—Opening. High. .Low. Closed.
Sep. 77 77%
Dec. 77%ft% 78% <6% *8 i
C0Sre" 27% 27% 27% 27%
Dec. 29'&2S% 29 28%ft% 2S%'§%
Sep. 17% * 17% 1*% 17% b
pnj Ir_
Sep. $8 10 IS 20 IS 05 18 07%
LaSep. 4 50 4 50 4 35ft 4 35®
4 37% 4 37%
Ss1pt. Rlhr?5 4 87%ft 4 R2%® 4 S5
4 90 4 8o
CHICAGO. August 5.—The demand .for
cash wheat was beter here to-day than at
anv time since the recent advance set in.
But the market lacked speculative buying
and with that powerful support withdrawn
the price declined 3c. The drop at Liver
pool was also very influential.
weak on better cron outlook and declines
%c. Oats lost Wic. Provisions were
weak, declining 12&<g'22%c, the latter in
pork. The foreign wheat markets at tne
opening sent cablegrams indicating some
what or a tired feeling amongst them af
ter their late exhausting climb. As a con
sequence there was a drop at the opening
of WilVic In September wheat. Although
the buying again puts was heavy it did
not prevent it dropping another lc p< r
bushel to 76c, or 2l<sC below the closing
price of the day before in about 4.. min
utes from the opening. Liverpool noted a
decline of 2ȣ per cental before trading
began here and Berlin reported a drop
equal to 2>2C per bushel. Very few’ of yes
terday's cabled offers had been accepted
and but for the taking of five boat loads
of No. 2 spring by Antwerp that had been
offered by a Chicago house to Antweiy no
foreign acceptances could be heard or here,
pyramid builders had to stand aside and
see their top-heavy erections topple over
with the Jarring of the weak caWes. The
selling out yesterday of the leading line
of long wheat in this market had much to
do with its collapse this morning.
The decline here brought into play a
host of resting borders for cash wheat
both here and at the seaboard. New’.*.or,
reported sales for export up to 12 o clock
of about 86 boatloads Although expots
in Chicago said they could sell ver> little
by making direct offers to Europe they
were duting the forenoon inundated with
bids from the seaboard for No. 2 spring
wheat, and while they disposed of several
hundred thousand bushels on bids of that
kind it was as nothing to the quantity
wanted. One and three-quarter cents over
September was paid for the least desira
ble of the No. 2 spring store and 2‘^c pre
1 mium for some in favorite houses.
Chicago receipts were 149 cars, against
151 a year ago. Of to-day’a receipts fl cars
were new spring. The quantity Inspected
out of store was 181.600 bushels. Minneap
olis and Duluth got 241 cars against 32, on
the corresponding day of 1S96. The total
received at western primary markets was
839 000 bushels, against 566,699 bushels a
year ago. Exports from the saboard were
equal in wheat and flour to 305.000 bushels.
Closing cable reported Liverpool Id lower
than it closed yesterday. Paris was some
what higher for fluor and unchanged for
wheat. While nearly 400.000 bushels of
stuff was sold here, buyers of options grew
scarcer and the market finally declined
to 75J» for September, rallying to c.
a net decline of 3c. September opened at
mfiiuc lower at TJ'<i%c, and sold between
77«*c and 77%c . closing at: «5fc®*c.
Cash quotations closed bid:
Flour, steady and uncnangea.
Wheat. No 2 spring *<45'Rc, No. 3
spring, 72*7775c: No. 2 rad. 784580c.
Corn. No. 2. 2645274c; No. 2 yellow,
“oat^No. 2. 18c; No. 2 white, 2045214c;
No. 3 white. 174521c.
d«.a Xo. 2 42c.
Barley No 3, 30533c: No. 4, 264528c,
Flaxseed. No. 1. WOT*.
Prime timothy seed. $2 ,0a2 75.
Mess PUork. per barrel. [email protected] .0.
I.ard. per 100 lbs, S4 3054 "24.
Short ribs side? (loose). 545-4C.
Drv salted shoulders (boxed). o554C.
Short clear sides O'oxedt. ^54c.
"Whiskey, distillers’ finished goods, J1 19.
Sugars, unchanged. • .
On the Produce Exchange to-day the
butter market wah firm; creameries, lOy
144c; dairies. 7512c.
Cheese, dull at 645 *c.
Keeeipts—Flour.. C5,000 bbls: wheat. 120.
0(H) bu- corn, fill.000 bu: oats. 453.000 bu;
rve, 16.090 bu: barley, MOObu.
Shipments—Flour. 4.000 bbls: wheat. 1-,
090 bu; corn. 369,000 bu; oats. 201.000 bu.
NEW YORK, August 5.—Flour, receipts,
19.500 bbls; exports. *500 bbls: market, dull.
Minnesota patents. $4 7554 SO; winter ex
tras, $3 2553 50; Minnesota bakers, $3 605
Wheat, receipts, 157.000 bu: exports. 41.
400 bu; spot, weaker: No. 2 red. 864c r.o.b.
afloat August. Options opened weak and
heavy and closed at 34534c net lower.
Saks Included No. 2 red September at
824c: October closed at 824c.
Torn, receipts. 144.300 bu; exports. 3.>..on
bu- spt. weak: No. 2. 22c. Options opened
weak and closed at lower; August
closed at 31$c; September at 324c.
Oats, receipts, 45.600 bu; exports, 11.100
bu; spot, steady; No. 2, 22c. Options closed
at 4c lower; September at 214*.
Hay, quiet and steady; good to choice.
Hops, quiet.
Hides, leather and wool, firm.
Beef, firmer.
Cutmeats, steady.
Lard, fiuiet; western steamed, $4 65 noml
nay; refined, quiet.
Pork, quiet.
Tallow, steady'.
Cottonseed oil, firm.
Petroleum, no market.
Rosin, steady.
Turpentine, quiet.
Rice and molasses, firm.
Coffee, options opened steady and closed
steady, net unchanged to 5 point decline.
Sales. 10,750 bags.
Sugar, raw, firm; refined, firm.
BALTIMORE. Md. August 5.—Fkmr.
firmer; western super, $2 7002 93; do extra.
$3 1003 80: do family. $4 100 4 40; winter
wheat patents, 54 500 4 75: spring do. $4 65
05 85; spring wheat straights. 54 4004 6o;
receipts, 6.C00 bbls; exports. 724 bbls.
Wheat, unsettled and lower; spot, 8646
S64c: September, 84464c; steamer No. 2
red, 83404c; receipts. 115,400 bu; exports.
151.800 bu; southern wheat by sample, 800
8Sc; do on grade. [email protected]
Corn, quiet and easy; spot. 324*7»c; Sep
receipts. 181.700 bu; exports, 168,900 bu:
southern white com, 35c; do yellow. 350
36c. • •
Oats, firm; No. 2 white, 2704c; receipts,
2,100 bu.
Rye. lower; No. 2 western, 4704c; re
ceipts, 4.50 Obu.
Hay. steady; choice timothy. $13 50014 00.
Grain reights, steady and unchanged.
Butter, quiet and unchanged.
Eggs, firm and unchanged.
Cheese, steady and unchanged.
C INCINNATI, O.. August 5.—Flour, eas
Wheat, nominal; No. 2 red. 760 *.c.
Corn, No. 2 mixed, 2840 29c.
Oats, fairly active; No. 2 mixed. 204c.
Rye. firm; No. 2, 37038c.
Lard, easier at 34 20.
Bulkmeats. easy’ at 54 756 4 90.*
Bacon, easier at $5 &'<95 To.
Whiskey’, steady at 51 19.
Butter, dull.
Sugar, firm. J
Eggs. dull.
Cheese, steady.
TOLEDO. O., August 5.—Wheat, active
but weak: No. 2 cash and August. 804c.
Corn, dull and lower; No. 2 mixed. 27‘t-c.
Oats, dull but steady; No. 2 mixed. 174c.
Rye, dull and lower: No, 2 cash. 424c.
Oloverseed. active; prime cash, 54 30; Oc
tober. 34 324.
OH, unchanged.
CHICAGO. August 5.—Increasing sup
plies tended to waken the market for cat
tle to-day. Good export stock was steady
but others slow and 10c lower. Sales were
on a basis of $3 6503 90 for the poorest to
55 0005 25 for strictly choice to extra cat
tle. The bulk of the sales were made at
51 "004 S5, heavy lots selling at $4 8505 10.
Stockers and feeders were fairly active at
$3 2504 30.
Calves sold at $5 37405* 75.
Buyers refused to take hold of hogs to
day in view of the increased supply.
Opening sales were 5c lower and the decline
was increased to H>c. Sales wore at an
extreme range of 33 500 4 074. with the
bulk of the sales at $3 8003 90. At the close
choice light weight hogs were slow around
$4 00 and choice heavy weights were dull
around $3 85.
Trade in sheep was fair at about steady
prices. Supplies were liberal. Inferior to
choice sheep sold at $2 5004 00; western
rangers at $3 4063 75; lambs, $3 500-5 15;
medium to good lambs sold at $4 500 4 75.
Receipts—Cattle, 13,000 head; sheep, 12,0X1
head; hogs, 32.000 head.
SAST LIBERTY. Pa.. August 5.—Cattle,
steady: extra. $t 9005 00; prime, 54 8004 90;
common. $3 5003 75; bulls, stags and cows,
$2 0003 50.
Hog. shade higjter; prime light Yorkers
and pigs. $4 250 4 30; best medium. $4 200*
4 25; common to fair Yorkers. $4 05*04 15;
heavy. 33 9504 05; roughs. 52 5003 50.
Sheep, steady; choice. $4 1504 20; common
$2 6503 25: spring lamb*. $3 7505 00.
Veal calves, $6 0006 25.
CINCINNATI. O., August 5.—Hogs,
easy at 53 lO^I 10.
NEW YORK. August 5.—Pig Iron, quiet;
southern, $9 (Jo'dlO 00; northern. $10 60012.
Copper, steady; brokers’, $11 12%; ex
change, $10 8301115. _
Tin, easy; straits, $13 60013 1<0; plates,
Spelter, quiet at $4 2304 30.
Lead, weak; exchange, $3 7003 75; brok
era’, $3 6.
' ^"detectives.
agency, wheeling, w. va.
Offices 1 :iOH .Market Street.
Detective work In all Its branches trans
acted. Expert male and female operators.
A reasonable per diem ch»r*r1ilcNICH0L.
G. LAMD. Pres. JOS SEYBOLD. Cashier.
J. A. JEFFERSON, Ass’t Cashier.
A. Reymann, Joseph Seybold.
James Cummin*, Joseph F. Pauli.
Allen Brock, Henry Bleberson,
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Issues drafts on England. Ireland and
jalSed Cashier.
General Banking.
Safe Deposit Vault.
Real Estate Title Insurance.
Interest paid on special deposits
and savings accounts.
President. Secretary.
Vice President Ass t Secretary.
G. E. GILCHRIST. Examiner of Title*.
CAPITAL . $200,000
Southwest Corner Main and Twelfth Sts.
Does a General Banking Business.
DIRECTORS—August Rolf, R. T. De
vries E. W. Ogle bay, John Wagner, R.
W. Hazlett, J. R. McCourtney. E. B.
Earl W. Oglebay. President.
J. R. McCourtney, Vice President
John Wagner. Cashier.
State and City Depository.
Stockholders Doubly Liable.
CAPITAL .. tl~.000
Government and local bond* bought and
sold. Draft* Issued on any point In Eu
rope. as well as on the principal cities of
the United States. A general banking bus- j
! iness transacted.
WM. A. ISETT, President
M. POLLOCK. Vice President
J. A. MILLER. Cashier.
On and after Saturday, February 2d,
1895, trains will run as follows, city time.
Leave Wheeling, f Leave Elm Grove,
fr’n Time Tr n Time Tr'n Time Tr'n Time
vn a m No. p. mtNo. a. m No. p. m. ,
2 ... 16 00 20.... 3 CO 1.... t6 00 19.... 3W
4 7 00 22_ 4 00 3.... 7 00 21.... 4 00
s'"! 8 00 24.... a uO 5.... 80023.... 5 00
g”.. 9 0026.... 6 00 7.... t9 00 25.... *00
10’.... 10 00(28-... 7 00. 9.... 10 W 27.... 7 00
12 ... 11 00 30.... 8 00:11.... 11 00 29.... SCO
p.m. 22.... 9 (# p.m 31.... 9 00
14 ..+12 00,i4.... 10 00 13.... 12<V>33.... 10 00
16.... 1 00.36-.. 11 CO,15.... 1 00 35.... 11 CO
tt-.. 3(4 ll»-—
tDaily except Sunday.
Sunday church train wl; leave Elm
Grove at 9:43 a. m., and Whe«t'>i* at '2 77
General Manager.
Arrivals and departures of trains on and
after Muy 16, 18»f. Explanation of Refer
ence Marks:' ‘Daily: TSunday exempted;
♦Monday excepted; {Saturday excepted;
fSunday only; 'Saturday only; .(Monday
or.iy; r, except Saturday, aJ'.d 2:3w a. ni
Sunday only; t. except Saturuay. and 2:4S
a. m. Sunday only. Eastern Standard time,
which is one hour earlier than Central
pepart7]B7&~o7-MaiiT LineEasV| 'Arrive.
•12i> am Wash Cy, Eal, Phil. NYl *5 2u am
•a oO pm \\\aih Cy, Eal. Phil. N Y|.
T< CD ami. ..Cumberland Accom.. .i f4 30 Pm
.-*00 pm;.Grafton Accom.,‘io 10am
an.,,. ciu r.x.I‘10 20 pm
Depart. |E.& o.-CTb. dlv..'we*t| Arrive-,
am,For Colum. and Chicago, ‘11- am
V?arn:”.Carubndge Accom...; t* 20 pm
10 40 am,uol.. Cin. and Su Louis, ‘j 05 pm
11 i- PmiOoL, Cin. and St. Louis; *5o5*m
3 25 pm|....Chicago Express,...1*U 5o am
t< «oam...St. Clairsvilie Accom..,• il ■>" am
i“~)PDi|.,St, Clairsvilie Accom..J t7 50pm
io-D-m..Sandusky Mail.; -5 oo pm
•- J? aml.Ear Pittsburg.1*W iHi **ta
. Pittsburg . *“ *'m
♦i Pittsburg and East-..i‘L 30 pm
tl li> pnij........ Pitubur* 1^ pm
Depart ,C.. L. & W.-Bridgeportl Arrivo.
I; i®araiCleve., Tol. and Cnicago| i2*)p»n
il & pmjeleve., Tol. and Chtcagoi W pm
lir* pm ... Massillon Accom • ••jt11 £ p“*
+H°‘an,i-I3t. tilairsvilie Accom..| y
10 OS .vm...St. Clairsvilie Accom..| Tl j0 P *
tr^Pm[..S^ Clairsvilie Accom.. t$ 16 P«»
iV^Piol-St. Clairsvilie Accom..! t» 23p®
-**_40 pm}. Local 1? reiatit .jtli ‘*‘l
Depart. I \y. & l7 E. Ry. I Arrive.
9 u*amj..,.Toleuo and \Ye--t....| ?<«P“
a warn,... Brilliant and Steub...i J P®
4 40 puij..M<ii>Mi1on and Canton..| lowarn
4 40 pmj...Brilliant aud Sieub...l 10
3 oo aiiijCicve., Akrvm 5s Cautou; o 4v pui
D?l*rt. | p.. c. A St. L. Ay. . Art.vem
Tiwami. Pittsburg .t T9 L pm
|9 to am,.Steubenville aud West.l li* pm
,♦ 25 pni,...Pittsburg aud N. Y...| T-- PJ*
tv 4a am,...Steubenville AcCcm.. l o D pu-’
•3lw pici...Pittsburg and N. Y...|*U 3**®
1« 00pm|....Pittsbmg Accom....I
T9 30 om.Ex., Cin. and* St. Louls[ 15 P*
Tsiaam Ex.. Cin. and St. Lou‘st 1| •*
tl 25 pm. Ex., Steub. ;uid Chicago, f3->P“
*3 aa pm|..Pitts, and Denulaou..i*ll 3y au
Depart. | C. & 1’. R. R. I A)
75 63 am. Ft. Wayne and Chicago; r» aa P«
to 53 am]...Canton and Ta.edo.... 19 -9 P“
to 53 ain;Alllance and Cleveland] t9 3a PJt
fit)09 am,.Steubenville and Pills.| I'-1 3j pit
75 53 am.Ft. Wayne and Chicago 9 a0 pu
72 10 pmj...Canton and Toledo...} 79 35 pn
>2 lo pm Alliance and Cleveland, 11 3; Pi*
7210 pm ..Steub and \Vellavllle..|tll
15 54 pm Philadelphia and N. Y.I 1610 pn
♦5 54 pm . .Ealtimore and Waah..| j*> lo pm
35 54 pm,Steubenville and Pills, 3* }'! t"i»
73 58 pmj. .Steub. and Wellsville..} 78 o> am
'Depart. | Ohio River R. 11. I Arrive.
*6 30 am!. Passenger .*10 50 am
7 30 am!. Passenger .I *•* 49 pm
•12 05 pm!. Passenger . *'•,,u Pin
•4 15 pm;. Paascnger_.1 19 20 pm
Bcllaire.l IBellatre.
Depart.' B.. Z. & C. R. R- I Arrive.
10:00 am,Mail. Express and Pass., ...
4:40 pm Express and Passenger.} 9:40 am
2:10 pm Mixed Freight and Pa»a| l.lo pm
Tltn*» talil» In
Juno 27th, '07. Ea*6
••rn Time.
•Dally. tDally Except Sunday.
South Bound. ; *9 ; ti | *3 | *3
Via PjS <• 4Bt I. R | I i£ rn i> m
Hlrtsburfc, Pa....Lvl ICintl. 9 10 12 41
]Fast |
Wheeling .. .. ..Ar) |Line.: 11 33 . 3 2'»
Leave. I*u m a. m. *p m.|*|» tn
Wh< ellng. 1 • • 1 ii'
Moundsvllle .... " 00 7 3*1( 12 3* 4 4>
New Martinsville. . 7 34 8 .IS 1 ::i; 3 i
Slstersville.8 18 8 57 1 5'l| 6 15
VI mstown ... 9 3C) 331 11, 7 41
Parkersburg . ... 10 00 10 10 •; 421 8 00
P.rvenswooa .... 11 11 5 141
Mason City. 11 3a C la
p. m.
Point Pleasant . . 12 27j 8 51 j
Via K. & M. R'y.
Point Pleasant . .Lv f2 Y< f7 10
Charleston . . .Ar.
Galllpolls . . . .".Ar. U 381 7 g§
Huntington .... J_ 1 33( 8 40(
Via C. & O. R'y. la. no.
Lv. Huntington. . . f2 33 *2 30
Ar. Charleston ... 4 27J
p. rn.jp. m.
Kenova. . ■. . . .Ar. 1 30,
Via C. & O. R'y.
Lv. Kenova .... *1 531
Cincinnati. O. . .Ar. 5 00
Lexington, Ky. . Ar. 5 20'
Louisville, Ky, .Ar.j __ 8 13)
Time schedule of Passenger Trains In ef
fect Sunday, May 16th, lna*.
Cleveland Depot foot South Water street.
I 11 116 1 7
p. m.jp.^m.jp. m. a. rn.
Bellalre. 7 13i.
Bridgeport. 1 » 7 W/i. Id
Uhnchsvllle.li 80| 4 62| 8 2w 7 44
New Philadelphia. . r0 5: 4 li| 8 Ott .7 2i
Canal Dover.to 46. 4 09- 7 3: 7 14
Justus. ..••••' 19 13 8 2a; 7 21, 8 44
Massillon. 9 2 22,7 6 30
Warwick. 9 Z3j 8 f 27;a. m.
Sterling. 5 2ft 2 25) ® 13.
Seville*. »04l 2 2* 6 15.
Medina. J 1?) ? 2l 5 ill.
fciyna.| J **| } « a»j.
Lorain.. . • .i ‘9-1 1 u5 4 1
Lester Junction. . -i 8 £ 1 S7j 3
C’eveland, ..... •( 7 30i 1 Caot 4 J*.....,
la. tn.ip. m p. nj.|
i I 4 | 8 | |~
a. m. a. o^p. m. p. rn.
Bellalre. 6 30(......i.
Br.;,'«port. * 04 12 Zij 48
I UbricluTUl*. • • • • 6 30 ft It, 2 2., »«
I New Philadelphia. . » 4. 8 a 2 Hi 6 38
| Canal Dover. 6 *4 8 2* JO* 708
| Justus.. \ ® » ®* j ~
Warwick. I * * 49j 4 I .
Sterling. 7 a* i2 / P.
Medina. .
Grafton. •••••*• 8 11 07t C 08..
Lorain. . ■ . » » U SI 8 *3,.I
I>ester Junction. . . • 10 4* 5 13;..
Cleveland. ...»•• 9 1(8 11 8 Pi......
_la. m.ia. m.ip. m.1
—No*. I. A 6 and 6. dairy between Cieve
' land and L'arichivtile. Other u#.ns daliy
‘ except Sunday.
Paascngez* between Wheeling. Martin'*
Ferry. Bellalre and Bridgeport, take Elec
tric Hallway. M. G. CARREL.
O P. A., Cleveland. O.
O. R WOOD. T. P. A.. Wheeling. W. Va
Address Cards. 100 cards and plate. 11.58
Wedding Invitations, any price you wtai
to pay. Suneies for asking.

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