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The Subscriber will receive proposi
tions for building'a Jail for Ohio Coun
ty, aom this date to the .first of March
next. Any person wishing to contract
ior building the same, can be furnished
with a plan on application to the Sub
Wheeling, t£6th Jan. 1808.
400 Acres of Land for bale.
By virtue of a decree of the Court of
Ohio County, will he exposed to sal., \t
the door of the Court-house oT said
County, on the first Monday in March
tiext, at public auction, for ready money,
a Tract of Land, containing 400 acres,
more or less, lying on Middle-Island
creek, in Ohio County, being the same
tract of Land whereon Ralph Smith
now lives. NOAH LINSLY,
Master Commissioner.
February 4th, 1808.
ao Dollars Reward..,
William Ritchie and family emigrated
to America, principally at the expense
of the Subscriber, lor which he has In
dentures upon William Ritchie, sen’r.
V» rliiam Ritchie, jun. and Robert Rit
chie. After landing,the Subscriber took
a circuitous route to Carlisle, where the
said Ritchies were to meet, him,.which
they did not do, nor has any thing been
heard of them. William Ritchie, sen.
:»s about forty years of age, about five
feet four inches 'nigh, Sc has black eyes.
W illiam Ritchie, jun. is eighteen years
of age, and about five feet high. Robert
Ritchie is about fourteen years of age.
Whoever will take up the said persons,
and secure them so that the Subscriber
may obtain them, shall have the abo\ e
reward and reasonable expenses, or in
proportion for either of them.
Flemingsburgh,Kentuck,Feb.4., 1808.
i The Public will please to take notice,
I that I William Robinson, of the town of
I Sr, Clairs\ ilie, in Belmont county, state
I ol Ohio, do hereby forewarn all persons
not to credit my wife, Sarah Robinson,
H on my account, as I am determined to
■ pay none of her contracts from t!«is date.
■ Given under mv hand this iT/tb J;r»ua
H ry, 1808. ' Wm. ROBINSON.
Ashes Wanted.
Fight cents per bushel ior field, and
ten cents for house Ashes, will be given,
in Dry Goods, at the Subscriber’s Store.
Care must be taken to keep those made
in the field from a mixture of earth.; It
is computed that one acre will produce
five hundred bushels.
Those who live at a distance, will find
an advantage in reducing the Ashts to
biack Salts, for which three dollars per
hundred weight v. ill be given. As every
Fanner is provided with sugar-kettles,
! leaching the Ashes and reducing the ley
to .;lack Salts, will be attended with very
little trouble or expence. To obtain
L'i.~ck Salts, set a leac h tub, as in making
sr ap. When a sufficient quantity of ley
is obtained, begin to boil down,and keep
up the evaporation bv putting in cold
ley. When i. is intended to dry o.v the
Saits, stop supplying the evaporation ;
and \\ iun the Salts are reduced to the
consistency of brown sugar, take them
off, and put them into coolers. When
cooled,they should be kepi from the air.
Only the first running of ley ought to be
boiled down. The second and third run
nings should be reserved for a fresh
quantity of Ashes.
Wheeling, 2d mo. 4th, 1808.
Valuable Property for Sale.
I WILL (VI! four hundred acres of Land,
fi u.itt un the h3nk of the Ohio river, on the ■
iippe' fi ;e of Filhing creek, in Ohio county,
Vuginia, known by the tinme of Martin’s 8u,
tion—a grea* proportion of which is firft rate
bottom, with a good Miil Seat, and a Ferry
acrofs both the river and creek. There is alfo
; iq i’*c log houfe, two /lories hign, built laft
lu .per for a ferry houfe and tavern, and about
ihmy acres of cleared Land under good fence
Alio, a Houfe & Lot in SteubtnviMe, Ohio,
on .c corner of M rket.and High ft-ects, op
P< Mite to Doit or M!D#well’*, and now occu*
pic., by Oiaduh Jennings, E<q Said houfe is
p’eafant y fttuated and well calculated for pub
lic brfinef-.
AHo. p Houfe and Lot in f»id place adjoining
Mr. Thoms Scott*# Tavern, and where I now
live. This Houfe is well calculated for a Store
and fmall family.
I am in poC ftion of complete and indifpu
table titles tor all the above mentioned pro~
Merchantable Flour or Whilkey will be taken
in pavmcnt, in part or in whole, for any of the
above property.
S'fubenville, November a.*, 1807.
For sale at t»*is Oifice, by retail only.
All Persons indebted to the Subscrr*
her, by Bond, Note, or otherwise, are
desired to come forward, and discharge
the same on or before the first of May
next. Those who neglect to do so, must
expect that suits w ill be brought against
them. JAMES 33MAHON™
Ohio County, 2d February, 18o8.
In the Lottery authorized by the Le»- -
gislature of Pennsylvania, for the en
couragement of Useful Arts,
For Sale at the Store of Thomas Evans,
and at the Printing-office, in Wheel.?
ing-, at 1 dollar and 25 cents each.
1 he drawing of this Lottery w ill u
commence on the 23d day of February,
1808. .
i Prize of io.oco dollars,
s ditto of 5,000
5 ditto of i>ooo
io ditto of 500
10 ditto of 300
40 di: to of 100
loo ditto of 50
aco ditto of a®
500 ditto of 10
1000 ditto, to confift of machines for opttj.
ing off caft worfted and open wrought woollen
clothing into wool, valued at ico dollars each.
Patent right included.
icoo to confivt of rights for manufacturing
ornamental mouldings for dwelling houfes and
[hipping, valued at 50 dollars each.
SubjeCt to a deduction of 15 per cent.
This lottery will be drawn in Phila
delphia, without delay, under the super
intendence of gentlemen appointed by
the governor,10 wltom approved security
has been given for the faithful drawing
of the lottery agreeably to the scheme.
The numbering for the wheel has com
menced, under the direction of Mr.
James Oellers, and is in considerable
forwardness. The cash prizes will be
paid at the bank in thirty days after the
conclusion of the drawing, and the ma
chines and composition rights delivered
to order, on payment of the deduction
as above. All prizes must be demandr
ed in one year after drawing, or they
will be considered as forfeited after that
time. . - * * .
Note. The purchaser or holder of e- •
very ticket,will be entitled to a valuable
patent or right for manufacturing Sago,
Starch, and Hair Powder, from Pota
toes, by a process entirely new, besides
a chance of the muny valuable cash
prizes. .

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