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By the Present of the United ]
\\ hf.reas by cite act entitled “ An
net, making provision for the disposal
or Pudic Lands, situated between the
United States Military Tract and the
C Kineeticut Reserve, and other pur
poses, ’ it was enacted, that for the dis
posal o! the lands of the United States,
situated between the United States Mi
litary Tract and the Connecticut Re
serve, a Land-office should be establish
ed at such place as the President of the
United States might direct. And it was
further enacted, that the Lands afore
said, with the exception of certain tracts
therein excepted, be off-red for sale to
the highest bidder, at the place afore
said, on such day or days, as shall by a
Publick Proclamation of the President
of the United States be designated for
that purpose, in tracts of the same size,
and on the same terms and conditions,
as are provided for the lands North of
tii River Ohio* and above the Mouth
oi Kentucky River.
Wherefore, f, Thomas Jefferson,
President of the United States, in con
formity with the provisions of the act
b.-fore recite d, do hereby declare and
make known, that sales shall be held at
Cantov, in the State of Ohio, for the
disposal of the above mentioned lands,
to commence on the second Monday of
May, one thousand eight hundred and
eight, and continue for and during the
six following weeks.
Givqja under my hand the nineteenth
dtlv of November, one thousand
eight hundred and seven.
OF 7 H K
Wisdom of God tn the Creation ;
A Compendium of Natural Philosophy*
By John Wesi.ey, a. m.
^’Tfi ft iff-thy k'o tiU»wotk P.uent of Good,
/> mi hiv ! I hint rh< uM?r<-ui Iramc
Thu* won oils f <ii ! 1 hylclf bow wond’ious
ffnn !”
Wiliam Havi‘.t->n, of Lancafter. P< nnfv’va
Pm, h vfi flu o ipoia's for publiflrng
WbSLEY s Philosophy the Suofcri*er. who
h« . . c i m, i n w.lh him to encourag*
an promote i' publication and circulation in
tl VVtfUrn County, and who w'll rccrivr
fu f- p: on fir the fan>r rtfpt^ffu'.y invi»ca
t! * : h i <.. th, pub 'ek >o a \»<>ik l< imi.
n-. v ub* po to oprr, enlighten and in
fo. in i.>c imderflandnig, to ameliorate the
heart, and to awaken and exdt the foul, by
making man acquainted with himfelf, with the
woik of creation fuhjttfl- > to hi* dominion,
and with Thf. Great First Cause of all
The following in a very concif fk :tch of fume
of the fubiett on which it tre its.
A brief history of Natural Philoso
phy as a science, and the method of phi
losophizing among the Hebrews, Egyp
tians and Greeks.
Of the structure of the human body
anatomically arranged, with a particular
description of the different parts of which
it is composed ; of respiration, chvlifi
cation, nutrition, the five senses, hunger,
thirst and sleep ; of local, voluntary and
involuntary motion ; and of the stature
and age of man.
Oi the remote onuses of diseases ; of
fevers, the way to preserve health ; of
life and death; of the soul and origin of
man ; of imagination, memory, the un
derstanding, will and affections ; of the
generation of the body.
Of beasts, birds, fish,reptiles 8c insects.
Of trees and plants.
Of metals, minerals and fossils.
Of earth, water, fire, air and meteors.
Of the system of the world.
Of the properties that aie common to
all bodies ; and of those things wherein
natural bodies differ.
Of the Fiest Cause.
Of the relative perfection of bodies.
General view of the gradual progres
sion of beings.
Of the union of souls to organized bodies.
Of universal gravity, and centripetal
and centrifugal force.
Of the discoveries of the ancients in
Of the improvement of knowledge by
General reflections, shewing the j,e
culiai advantages which result from a
proper unvey of the wisdom of God in
the creation.
Ext ran from the Proposals.
“Tin c 11. <51 » of the lrtte learn< «i atul piotta
Mi. VVefiey ij fo wc'i kn wn, as to r< n< ei a> y
c mmcnt t >'ally unnti^flTa, y Jr rmy he pro
p r, hnwtvrri to ohfervt that in the devntton
of a whole iv to 'he gold nf m nk nd, »he
work tor which we now fn’iv'tt the public pa
t oniye, was among li'm mcft 'otereftmg nd
valuable lahonrs. It is indeed a’ibrary irt *
fe. ,—comptcherfivclv embracing w^rty th
whole h flory of animated nature- and Mfphy
ing, in a ftylr peculiarly inflruct v.’ and a*. er .
hie, »be wifdom. the power, and the goodi-fo
ol Omnipotence ”
T .i« wark wii! h« | ubMfti- ' ;n thrrr Jarpp
o£Uvo vwKudcu, in boaruu The price of the
whole will be fix dolfara—two dollar* and afl
h.df to be paid on delivery ot the firft volume,
wo dollars on delivery of the fecond, and one
dollar and an half on delivery of the third vo
T« thofe who may prefer it full bound, it
will be delivered in that manner, fubjeft to the
additional chaige of binding.
The work will be put to prefs as foon as ioo
fubferibers are procured. The fit ft volume will
be publilhed in two months after it ia put to
prefs, and the other volumes, in fucccflion, at
about the fame dift mee of t ime.
*Subfcriptions received at the Office of
the Wheeling Repcfitorv.
Thofe printers of newspapers in the Wcflern
Count ry, who may not find it convenient to irt
fert the piopofal* at large, by giving the above
a few infe'tions, and ufmg their exertion* in
'orwarding fubferiptions to the Bork and Sta
tionary Store of the underftgncd, in Pu fburgr
will be feveraily entitled to a cony
david m keeiian.
Pittfburg ill Febtuary i8c8
1 OH SALK, at this Printing-Office,
(Price- one doll r)
Of the Voyages and Travels of a
Corps ot L'ifcovery,
Under the i^m.aud oj L jm.in l.cve'ts
and Captam Clarke, oj ti.c A/ my oj the
Untied States,
Pro in the mouth of the- river Missouri,
thio igh the interi. v pans ol North
America, to the Pacific Ocean.— By
Patrick Oass.
li /! i. E 1 A G\
Printed hyAuxand, r Armstrong.
The Wheeling Repository is pub
lished every Thursday, and forwarded
to such places as may he directed, by
the public mails, or the earliest private
opportunities, at Two Dollars per an
num, (exclusive of postage) to be paid
half-yearly in advance : No Subscrip
tion taken for a shorter period than six
months, unless by sp< cial agreement:
No Subscriber at liberty to discontinue,
unless his subscription be paid up.
Advertisements not exceeding a
square, will be inserted three times tor
One Doi.la R,nnd (wh< n required) con
tinued afterwards at Twenty-five
Cents for each insertion; and longer
ones in proportion. Cash will he ex
pected with them. Those who order
their advertisements to be published six
(months, will be allow '.*d a deduction of
t»n per cent, and to those who advertise
by he year, a deduction of twenty pet
cunt, w id be made.

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