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Surgeon Dentist,
IVtyM teeth filled and preserved to 1*m4 a
lite-time with pure gold. Artificial teeth of
tha very Wat. Term* modaral*.
Office: 1313 MARKBT STREET,
1* foe sale at the following place*:
W. H. WllUanu', cor. Seventh aad Main si*.
J P. Shirk*. cor. Sixteenth and Market st*.
A. T. Young's, cor. Sixteenth and Jacob Sta.
Cbaa. Moenkeiuoeller'*, cor. Twenty -eeeoud
and Market streets.
R. L Brice**, Ka £<i> Jacob street.
K. B. Bun A Co.*, No. 41 Virginias:., Isitud.
P. P. Zl turner's, Bridgeport.
W. H. Gray, 34 Zanc street, Island.
Reed's drng store, corner Twen'y-seeood
and Main street.
HchickN new*depot. Bridgeport.
yuiuibj'» new-sisnd.
Brown* newsstand, near |x*domee.
Mci.ure House new* stand.
Kurtt « Young"* drug store, corner Twenty
ourtb ami 1'h »piiu« struts.
ttoetzei Knst End Pharmacy. lt« Slxtttntn
$KTr>nxj $ctp.sfrr.
Grand Opening trf Spring and
Summer Milliner) on Friday and
Saturday, April 13 anil 14, at
Mr\. 8. 8. Klsner'n.
New Patterns l'lated Knives,
Spoons and Forks just received
l»y JACOB W. OltCKli, the
Our »t«H'k of Men's, Youth's,
and i hiidren's Clothing never
was more complete nor our prices
more reasonable. As usual we
show all the no> elites of the
season id Gent*s Furnishing
Goods. Our stock is replete
with everything new and tony.
Prices the Low est.
1>. GUNDL1XG & CO.,
.Star Clothiers, 3*1 12th St.
Tin: «oijk rs.
W>letil.i.v « n«Tl*i<»H» in ftte VitrivNt
Trikiii nlv
si'l'KfSK rorj:T.
The court met at III o'clock vesterday
morning and dis[*>»ed ot the folio#in<
< »>es:
A. (•. Crnr.m et al. va W. H. Kdwards et
al., from katia*La county; opinion b'
Woods; decree of Circuit Court reversed
and cause remanded.
Orahatu Bros vs. M. A. C trroll. from
Mimuers coumy: writ ot error an 1 sujwr
"fdeas wa- allowed: houd
Holmes Conrad trustee*, vs. W. M. Back
et a*, from Hampshire couiity; opinion by
Snyder; decree reversed and -juse re
^bcpLerd's administrator* vs. IVaboly
Insurance Company: fror.i JertVrs>n Coun
ty; opinion by lireeu: judgment of Circuit
• ourt reversed and new trial awarded.
HotTn.iin .v. Carrare vs. tSenjamin Kyan.et
al.. from Monongalia county; opinion by
• •teen . decree of Circuit Court reversed and
<«u*e remanded.
D. Dilworth. Jr., vs. L. Greaiheus*; from
Bart«our county, petition for writ ot »up<?r
»edear refused.
Sute of West Virginia rs. Go.h1*M Mead
ows: from Summers county: writ of error
l<e\i<ireatho'ise vs. S G. Sapp, from
l*reaton county: writ of error and si;»«rse
dea-t allowed: bond #$<0.
J. H. Brooks, et al.. vs. I.. .1. Msrfin,
admix., front Mason county; an;*'il al
low* d; hon i
Joeeph Hanks vs. iJ'alsheaver A Frank
hoiuer, from Preston county; writ of error
and supersedeas allowed; boi.il fAH
I A J Cunningham va. Ichah *l savre
••t al . from Jackson cvmty; opinion by
Jobiiton; jn.Urmenf ut Circuit C>urtaf
bo'^wrt H. Burke vs. Lucinda Burke,
iiom VmhI county; opinion by Johoi >n;
decree of Circuit Court reversed and bill
Hon. A. F. Haymond was. on motion of
A. J Clarke Ks»|., admitted ti» practice in
this court.
Adjourned until next Saturday .it t«*n
Cl»l.l« I. I Ol itl.
"i'here we»c four ••as^s before Hi- ll>nor
yesterday morning, viz:
John Berry was up tor disorderly eon
duel, and was Unod and cost* !i?
t'harle* l»«.yle. in default of *"• aid costs,
was ordered co>. mitted on a ch «»t dis
orderly conduct. The execution <>i" the
ioniniitn.t'iit waaatterwanls susm nde i dur
in>r the ^hu! behavior of the l«oVn lam.
H»nry Harris was lined M an I Cists for
Wiu. Wa'.kius was sent up t >r s rv days
tor vagrancy.
.%u l.'ngrmlnc l.trhlPf lint tl«f* Iwnjr
Willi llnr<l H«»rk.
T>.«> attention of the curiou- ha* re ently
been altractnl to .111 instrument seen
through thn window ot the cuvravini;
room of J. W. Grui>bs jewelry store, an I
a RMiI-itei; reporter called in yesterday to
inquire in use. It is an Kugie engraving
machine. «patent that has completely su
perceded Land en»rn»vin« and engraving by
the panta^raph. it is on the principle of
. tli* ioiii: -ijitt >hort arm* of a lever, except
that the lew is. in this case, a pen<iuluiu.
Tie long arm is u-«ed to de*cril>e the letter
desired. ami in < doing, the diort one. with
the groove attached, workson the metal to
beengtsved. The result is miraculous. Ttse
hardest metal and t!i^ uiost delicate ivory
or pesri is engraved with the same ease
am) m less than one-tenth of the time re
quired by the hand process. The letters,
loo. are mo"h more |>erfect, as the machine
• «/» end (.Joes no', merely $rt-i'«i oat a let-'
ter. It is a a marvel of ingenuity and me
i henicsl .skill, aud does the repaired w.>rk
beautifully. By Iht old process Mr (imbb
would hare b«en rusied with work to be
done by it. but ran now work so •illicitly a<
to fill all his orders promptly
(.«•"«« Whsl II l« unit Ton H»y H »ve
7'o /A. KHt»r /iV »•.
''Kooli rn-«b in where an^ls fe«r to tr»»a-l."
It must certainly have been the ease with
the l present) editor of the ,nw.
when he stepped into the editorial chair of
the atoresaia paper. At least tint is his
valuation in this part of the country. O.ie
cannot tell irom his paper whether or not
be m a ihrtBJcr*! or K-pub'icin. Xihilist or
anU-Niliiliai, Prohibition or antt Prohibi
tion. saint or (inner. Ho tell us what is he.
To iti part a little, will you alio* us to a id
that at rticnt tempersnce meeting here
there «» i minister thst didn't enrne out
■ j.|U»rr on the temperance question. and
one oft I. e leading mem'j r-> is a nominee
on the wh*>kvy ticket Wti.it *»d c*:i this
ifaurch ex|«ct to accomplish with -»ueh
"milk and water" he«d« of .'he church ' It
is time that the church wske u:> and tike
a decided stand in this mvvr and not
'strain at a gnat and swallow a camel."
Yours, re-pe -ifullw^ VVm ii
Wu.L>niK'.. April i.
'»vi;b 4,0U© people attended l.'iap'ain
Powers' i<ec:urc on Gar.'ield, in the ^reat
Taoermde In Brooklyn
Kn«|M*M«i»n of the Time*.
W. S. Week, K««| . announces in hi- Mar
tin's Ferry of yesterday, thai lie
bps issued the last number of that piper.
Tue rettson for this step ia set forth in the
following paragraph:
"The competition with the daili»* and
.Sunday newspapers of Wheeling is t >o
direct snd class, and the territory tributary
to Martin's Ferry too limited io its ar>a to
admit of the publication of a weekly
newspaper at a fair return, snd hueing de
monstrated this to my complete satisfac
tion. 1 humbly tender my respectful
Mr. Meek has demonstrated another
thing, snd that is his ability to mike an
excellent local paper He was ever wide
awake. courteous, and enterprising. We
»egret that he le»\es the field of jonrnal
<*n\ end hope it won't be a permanent
Tph boss L. P. White Custom Made Shirt,
»t 0. Uess A 8on's. st *1.
Ik you bare ■ eoogh. yon should nse
McLain's Peeioml 8yrup, which bisprov
«n it*elf to he the best remedy In tlia mar
ket. lsrgc Untie, snd no morphia or
TltKhoss i. P. White t*Mslou»-\l.ide Shirt,
a' C. H«s» A J^oo's. st »1.
I, your children show any signs of.bar
ing worr.'S. you sl»oold get a «ox of Uc
loin's Cai dy: it never fails to remote
tl.ero, scd it is js» nleesani to Iske. K/ery
> mh+ hu tried it recotnaenda it.
■law City Wews ud PfrtiaMl Talk
Two xuarriag* license were issued at tbe
Clerk's office yesterday.
Thk Sheriffs offica is now located one
door south of the court house.
Tkan deeds of trust were admtted to
record at Clerk Hook's office yesterday.
Fkakk Simkoh and family and Win.
Philips and family will leave for Montana
John Cvmmis*, one of the B. A 0. engi
neer*. left for the South on a pleasure trip, |
Geokok Mvlxu, one of the oldest engi
neers of the 3rd dirison, fell dead at Cum
berland, yesterday, of heart disease.
A cor* of the will of B. C. Dungan was
admitted to probate and ordered to be re
corded at the Clerk's odioe yesterday.
Thk St. 1'aul Literary Society, will give
a literary aud dramatic entertainment at
West wool's Hall, on next Saturday eve- i
C. Y. I ll ah yesterday made an assign
ment of his stock for the benefit of his
creditor*. I'. B. Dobbiaa was appointed
W. P. Tiio*i*»ox will preacd at the Desci
| pic Church, today, at 11 a. and 7:30 r.
m Scats are free "and a hearty welcome is
» x tended to all.
Thk will of Capt Andrew Wilson, de
ceased. was admitted to probate with i
Khzabeth C. Wilson aa executrix, at Clerk
KCok's otlioe yesterday. j
Isaac Fkkkzk is convalescing very rapidly.
Tbei-hack on his nervous system was very
«evere and donbts were entertained the
tirst of the week as to his recovery.
L. Lim-h, Harry Simpson aud Henry
Guenther left for Montana Friday with
three cae loads of furniture, etc , belonging
to Wm. 1'hilips and Frank SimDson.
Thk will of Thos. H. Wim's, decease 1.
was admitted to record at ihe Clerk's of
fice yesterday, and 3d. W. Amick *m
qualified as executor, boud $20,00»>, with J.
W. Amick assecurity.
A sou. broke at the Creek mill, yester
day, causing that portion of the industry
so cea*e operations. The men will not lose
much time, as this establishment closed
down yesterday to take stock.
Yk£TIBi>ay u horse belonging to Mr.
Warner was tried by the Fire Department
in the Vigilant engine. Nothing could be
ascertained last evening from the chairman
of Fire Department Committee as to
whether the acimal suited them or not.
Thk follow inn complaints were lodged
before Squire lvteriuan yesterday: State
vs. George Smith, a»ault and battery; com
plainant withdrew charge and paid costs. 1
>tste vn. Harry Kxley, trespass; complain
(••it withdrew charge on payment of casta
by defendant.
Jkr\>iiaii Pkvton's residence on Long
run one mile from tireggsville, was burned
down yesterday morning, between 1 and t. 1
The lire originated in the buck or summer
kitcl ei.,and wasdiacovered in time to save a
large portion of tbe furniture It undoubt
ed')* was the work of au incendiary.
Kkv. J. B. Mn.niKu, pastor, will preach
in tbe First Baptist Church, comer Twelfth
ami Byron streets, this morning and even- t
ing. At 10:30 a. m. the first of a series of
sermons on "'The Lord's Prayer." Sunday
School at " o'clock. At T:3t» i\ V safe
example for a young man," the'closing
sermon of the course to young men. Strang
ers are invited to all services.
Thk Black ("ro >k, in all its glory, will be
here next Thursday. "In the spectacular
tield this play ha* never been equaled much
less excelled, and it is blessed with a pe- j
rennial freshness wuich never fails todraw
a large house. As pre»euted last night it >
was a most gorgeous success. The stage ap
pointments were on a scale of magnificence
which would be impossible to any one ex
cept the Kiralfy Brothers. Kverything was
bright, fresh and superb, and the whole
play, with other diversities of numerous
interlarded specialties, has been remodeled
and Mined until it is a perfect model of
spectacular excellence. The ri-'hnes* of
> enic effects was marvelous."—
Tnr Hellaire blows about
tbe nail feeders of Bellaire. and states
"that one man cut !'l kegs of * I s nails in
."••days and the bovs were not in their
working harness." Well, if they cannot
do better than that the ,it had
better never mention it again. John Clark
at ihe Belmont mill cut !>l keg? ot s 1. nsils
in days and did not exert himself.
For the bene'it of the Bellafre feeders we
give the following work done in the last,
days by --meof our fee lers: Williams
! 'Mit 1 ■"»_• key.- of t il's at Belmont and Johns
tan cut l'/i oi lOd's. ISoth men are «n»
ploy id t.y Nailer P. J. Garvin. The j
iargt -t week's wor!: ever performed in the
city was accomplished by Dan lJi- e at the
I .a" Be lie mill cutting in >'• day- '.<» kegs
oj jihI's. Who can beat it"
I lie I'ire I.unt KvraiKK % \»rro» K%
<xi>e nt sh»T\ Theatre I'll lei llnu
iiIus'h Att'Mfal.
I.ast evening at !" •" an alarm of lire
was turned in from Box 5-1. corner of Kiv
ersiiie Forge an<l Fwenty sixth street, occa
sioned by Janie- Higgin*' residence, in al
ley 1 F," being en lire. The department
responded promptly, arid in a very few
minutes bad tbe lire vxi'nguis'aed. I'pon ;
an investigation it wa~ disCt>veri-'l that the
building had been st; on tire in two p'.ucis.
in the front room mi the first >1 <*>r. and on
the roof near ttie riumney. A tied was
buttled in the room o:i tfie lir-i fl>or. aula
small hole in the root <Me hutnlre ! d >1
lar-» »i|| cover the lo-»se->.
As tin Hope reel p.issed Shay's Theatre,
whhh was crowded with pleasure seekers,
in rtspor.-e to the alariu of .tire last even
uijr. ,-onie person, aspiring to f>e a practi
ealde joker, eri«-d "Fire!" "Fire!" which
i-:inie \«rv near causing a panic. Men and
'm.vs rushed for the door. Fortunately
the officials and gentlemen employed at
thin tLratie were is.ol headed men, ati<il>y
their united efl'orfs succeeded in stopping
the crowd before a jam ould be effected
at. the stairs.
When the alarm of kire was turtle 1 in j
itet evening. a son of t'hief Dunning tin l«r- I
look lo get his father a horse and buggy 1
out for him. When the boy goi in ttie ,
buggy. the horse started before he ould ,
gather t!ie lines and r.»n the luiggy wheel .
againat the door p*>»', and the sudden slop
of the buggy allowed the horse to go |
••through'' the harness A young man :
passing caught the animal as he started up
the alio and returned him. Chief Dun
•time repaired the harness in a few minntea
and reached the fire in good time.
™" ,""r 2-—"—
01 ihe Nqunrf- lirnliuK, Onr-Hrlre
« lottilna Hou«e
Has proved so much a success that it kept j
the proprietor, his live salesmen aud a
number of boys constant!* on the go sell- i
mg goods from early nioiu till twelve i
o'clock at night. Although the house claims
to have been only one year old yesterday, I
the proprietor is much older himself, aau
therefore too much fatigued to write muah
of an advertisement. Yet he will si> that
he will open out on Monday morning with
a handsomer stock of ready made clothing
lor Men. B >ys and t'hiidrew, than was
ever exhibited in Wheeling
Our J*iece Goods for merchant tailoring
are great in variety and lU'ly 15 to 25 per
cent. cheaper than any tailoring establish
ment in the city.
Our Furnishing Goods aro unsurpassed,
and in t'jis we do not offer "miraculous"
prices in one th»ng and charge exorbitantly
tor all the rest, but give all our patr.m* the
guarantee that all are sold at a uniformly
low *rice.
Although our chromos were called on to
a great extent we have still a quantity left
and will present them to those who patron
,/e the house.
ladies and citizens of Wheeling and the
surrounding neighborhood, 1 you
very kindly for the liberal p ;ronage ex
tended during the year last pist, and wish
to assure you that my constant aim shall
be not to diminish my numSer of friends
and customers, but to hold all 1 have and
by rant \\tr> s^cabk pi ai.in<; to increase
that number many, man; fold.
J. Brili.ks,
Square l»eaiinj One Pri«e Clothier, Mer
chant Tailcr and Fun isher, 1158 Main
To finish the Garfield Memorial Church
is the object of the Lecture at the Disciples
Church, next Tuesday evening All should
Tuk new Merchants' Dining Rooms, on
Twelfth street, opened up to a rushing
business on Monday last. The genial pro
prietors, Messrs. Liiten A Vanteuren, know
how tofurnish a good meal. *
*©» In I tie ('•MkiaaliM,
Twenty thousand bolts new style wall
paper at reduced price*. 7 and 10 cents,
with borders to match. Splendid carpets
at 20, 25, 30. 10 and 50 cents. Oil cloth
window blinds wade up ready to hang at
!W cents. Dry Goods. Notions, elc. We
otdy sell for cash- Call ^pd examine the
afoc* aud aatisfy yourselves. Nua. 2t)i9 and
Maui stieet. John Boemor.
Matters of Interest About Indi
The Coming and Going of Persons and
Their General Movements
Chatter and Gossip.
John Reed is visiting Pittsburgh friends.
Miss Mary Houser, of Cadiz, 0., is a guest
in the city.
Mrs. Rosenberg, of Mingo, is visiting
friends here.
Miss Katie Hammond is the guest of Bsl
laire friends.
Miss Maasburger, of tMs city, is visiting
Mingo friends, #
Miss Jennie Bailey is visiting friends in
the Pittsburgh.
B. T. Robinson, of Clarksburg, is a guest
of friends in the.
Walker Peterson, is home from a long
visit to Sew York.
Mrs Morrisoo..of Sistersville, is the gue;t
of Wheeling friends.
Harry Holliday was a guest last week of
Waynesburg friends.
Ed. SimppJe of Ravenswood, is the guest
of friends in the city
Mrs. Beverly Eoff is itiite sick at her
home on Main street.
Ed Brues and lady paid a flying visit to
Sew York last week.
Miss Robinson of Clarksburg, is a guest
of friends in this city.
John Handlan, left yesterday for his fu
ture home in Montana*.
Miss Jennie Emsheiiuer is visiting
friends in Bellaire, Ohio.
Mrs. Woodward is very ill at her resi
dence on La Belle street.
I>r. Campbell is able to be out again after
several weeks of sickness.
Miss Knapp, of Rowlesburg. W. Va.. is
among friends in the city.
Miss Daldgren. of Mississippi City, is a
guest of Wheeling friends.
♦ ieorge Hubbard, of Charleston, is the
guest or Sorth End friends.
C. H. Logan and lady of. Sew York, is
visiting friends in the city.
Miss Jessie Stoker, of Fast Liverpool, is
a guest of South Side frie/uls.
Mrs. Will Thompson, of Cleveland, 0 , is
the guest of Judge Thompson.
Miss Jennie Lane. of Zanesville, O., is
the guest of Wheeling friends.
Mrs. R. K. Cantell, of New Athens, <»hio,
is a guest of friends in this city.
Ji>e Curtis, of Wellsburg. was a guest,
Friday. of friends in this place.
Mrs. Haymond. of Fairmont, W. Va., is
the guest of Wheeling friends.
Joe Franklin, of Oneida. Sew York, is
lying over Sunday in this city.
Miss Annie Solan, of Cleveland, <»., is
the guest of friends in the city.
Miss Emma Sicholls was a guest last
week of frinds in Brooke county.
Ed. Richardson is back from Iowa, on a
short visit to frieuds iu the city.
Keener I>evries has been laid up several
weeks with a slight indisposition.
Messrs. Joe Rhees and Charley Schainbra, j
sjii ou the ifxth for the Old World.
Mrs. Senator Camditi and daughter. Miss |
Annie, will shortly sail for Europe.
Mrs. Wagner, of Washington City, is a !
guest of relatives on the South Side.
Miss Mollie Babbitt, of Mingo, is visiting I
friends on Market street South Side.
T E. Saunders a prominent Parkers
burg gentleman is a guest in the city.
Will McMechen, is again gladdening his
friends by his presi-tice among them.
Mr. Chas. Meniuiinger left Wednesday
for his future home in Clinton, Iowa.
Mrs. Frank Atwood, of Philadelphia,
l'a., is the guest of Wheeling friends.
Miss Rabn, of the South Side, was the
guest, last week, of friends in Bellaire.
Mr>. Bridgeman and daughter, of Sardis.
<>. are the guest of friends in the city.
Miss Mary Beall. of Wellshurgh, will be
a guest this week of friends in the city.
Mr". Johnson, of /fanesvi'le, O., is visit- j
i»ig Mrs. P. Atkinson, of Twelth street.
Major Long, a prominent machinist, left '
lust week for his future home in Chicago.
Col. H. IJ. Staggers, of Fairmont, was a
"iiest of Wheeling friends la«t Thursday.
Miss Mattie Wehb. of Triadt'lphifi, was
tin- guest of friends iu the city Tuesday.
Thomas Hughes and family, from Balti
more. are expected in the city this week.
.\L-s Atmie Watts, of Biltiuiore, is vis
ltu.g Wnr Wolviugton of L'haptine street.
Miss Cecil'a Hard, of St. Joseph. W. Va.,
w.is a guest lest week of friends in Wheeling.
Mrs. tjuarrier is expected home this
week from an extended visit to 1. mUville.
Hurry Browning, of Ashtabula, is lying '
over for a few day* with friends in'the j
\V. 8. Hearne ami lady !<• tVednes lav |
for Kansas City, Missouri, their future j
Mrs. Jessie Salmon, of Steubenville, is |
tht guest of Dr. Morris, of Twveatietli |
Master Charles Itchier, Jr., is very sick
at his father's residence on North Market |
street. ,
Miss J an ie Mcl.eod, of Mont mi Terri* j
toiy, is a goest of South Side friend* in
this city.
Miss Mattie (.'row o lies es' Station, W. I
Ya , was the guest Tuesday of frieads in j
tiie c ity.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Michie have returned
from riiiTadeldhis, and havo rooms at the j
St. James.
Miss Mary McConnaughey.of Bridgeport, j
!*tt last week to visit friends in the Lone
Star Slate. •
Mrs. Patterson'and daughter. Miss Jennie,
left last week for their future home in
New York.
Miss Keta Smith, of Indianapolis. lad., j
is the guest of Mrs. Farrell, of KolT street,
South Side.
Mrs. Dr. Campbell ha- returned home :
from an extended visit to friends in Co
lumbus, t>.
Charles F. Wray, a gentleman favorably
known, is the guest of his brother in-law. i
Prof. Birch.
Mrs. Judge Thompson Is very ill with j
gastric fever at her country residence east
ot the city.
Secretary of State Stalnaker returned
Wednesday from an extended visit in Kjst- |
cm Virginia.
Miss Annie Carson, of the I'ublic I.ibra .
rv, returned, yesterday, from a short visit
to Pittsburgh.
Misses Ella Moore of Tiltonville.atid Jen- j
nie Marthens. of Pittsburg, are visiting |
Island friends.
Mrs. Kirkbride, ot Clarington, Ohio, wh>
has been visiting friends in the city, his
returned home.
Hon. Seneca Norton, of Portland, Ohio,
made bis tirst appearance in the city since
his long illness.
Captain George Dillon who has been vis
iting in Columbus. <>., for several months,
has returned home.
Misses Greer, Lemovne and Wright, a
charming trio of Washington, Pa., ladies,
visited the city Friday.
Mrs. George B. Caldwill and Mrs. Whit
sker left Friday evening to attend the Patti
Opera Festival at New York.
Fred Norton and lady were called to
Ironton last week by the sad news of the
death of Mrs. Norton's father.
Mr. Frank Henning has again resumed
his old position at the Western Union
Telegraph Company in this city.
Mr. 8. G. Smith, a prominent New Cum
berland gentleman, paid hia usual weekly !
visit to the city last Wednesday.
Miss Grace Finnell. a charming young
Pittsburg lady who has been visiting Mrs. ■
W. G. Robinson, has returned home.
Will Mason, an old Wheeling boy, but '
now located in New York, is visiting his
father, CapL Sam Mason, of the Sonth Side.
Mrs. R. M. Delaphain, accompanied by
berson Willie and John Walker Trisaell,
left Wednesday on an extended southern
Mr. L. I>. Newman and wife and daughter
of Monnasrille, W. Va , are visiting at the
residence of Mr. H. Picket, on the South
Reverend George Birch and lady, are
guest* of Martin.a Ferry friends. Reverend
Birth is a brother of Professor Birch of
tbis city,
Messrs Geo. Christleib, Caddo and Pitt
man. the accommodating salesmen at Har
bison's. left Tuesday for Cadiz, 0 , wher»
hey will open a branch store.
Kd Hill has taken charge of a branch
concern of the Haruiison Bros., and is now
oraUd at Cambridge, O. He is doing a big
business in selling job lot? -d goods <*«d
uaaluAf *11 the girU.
iialM-Ta — -
IU(M(« c««wnii«< !*• «»y
Mrs. Sheib retained to the city yester
d*£r». C. Pollock is prevented by a severe
cold to assist in St. Luke's church choir.
Misa Flora Williams ably represented
Mrs. Bbeib at the services in the Jewish
synagogue. Her voice was much admired
in the soloa. * . .
The princely sum of 175 a year has been
offerd to Miss Williams by a prominent
cl arch. Taking in consideration the ex
pense of car fare, etc., to and from Martin's
Kerry, where the young lady lives, the
snm offered would cover the actusl outlay
to reach the city.
W. K. Wiiiis lias been engaged to sing
and play the part of Snipkins in ihe oper
etta 'The Haymakers, to be given at
Martin's Ferry, April 20th and 21st.
Mr. C. A. House, who baa just opened
his piano and organ wareroonis at 1,320
Market street, has received a Urge and
well selected stock of the Chickenng. Ms
thusliek and Kmersoa pianos. Tha Kdey
and Packard organs are also reprinted
bv this firm. . , ./
Notwithstanding the fact that Wilson «v
Paumer s store is crowded witn a stock of
thirteen pianos,there are three mo*e Kraw
ir-h and Bach piaao, am >ng waicii is a
•vaby grand" at the depot waiting to be
Another musical festival will be given
in Pittsburgh, April 30. May 1st and 2nd.
Theodore Thomas will be musical director.
Madame Hive King is engaged as silo
pianist. Miss Minnie Hsuk Mm. Lilian
Hardigan, Mrs. Humphrey Allen. Mrs. B.
Cole and Messrs. V. Harvey and Rjai
mertz are engaged as solo singers. A
chorus of .°>00 singers will a«ist.
The Yose A Son piano, of which Mr.
Sheib is agent, continues to enjoy its well
earned reputation for solidity of workman
SlL?ilian Russell was a chorus giirl in
•Evangeline" when she appeared in Boston
■tve years 8iro. Sunday weok suft ftp I
^d at the Bijou Concert, in that city,
as the New York prima donna. . |
The .Westminster sdene in the coming ,
production of "Iolantbe," at the \Nalnut |
street theatre, Philadelphia, will show the
locality of the recent Fenian dynamite ex- ,
plHen"yVardd°Beecher attended the per- |
formance of "S«miramide, at the Acad- |
emy of Music, New York. Tois wis the (
L'rst time In his life that he ever witnessed
an operatic performance. . i
Leopold de Meyer, a popular pianist who
possessed ail exceedingly brilliant techni- ;
.(lie, died at Dresden, March «i. He was
born at Vienna, 1810.
The Ladies' Dramatic 1 nion will give a
performance of "Patience" at 'he |
April It;, for the benefit of the Hebrew
I nited Charitable Institutions of New j
^ Mrs /elda Seguin Wallace returns to the
operatic stage next month, assisting in the
produc tion of ' The Smugglers at Balti- ,
" Herndon Morsell. of Washington, aud !
Lizzie Burton, of Cambridge, hotu mem
bers of the Boston Ideal Opera Company,
are shortly to be married. .
Ttie tirst piano was made in itaiy, in
1711. by Christofori. The tirst one seen in
Knttiand was made by h At her Wood, ft
monk, and very few were made there until
lTH!) »
Messrs. W. W. McClelland and F. Milli
van,; traveling salestu-n for Wilson [
Latimer. have returned from a successful
business trip. . . , .
Mr. W. H. Sheib has just received several
orgaos manufactured by Mason Ar Hauilin,
among which one with twelve stops is re
markable for its great power and richness
of tone quality. ...
M. C. V. Lucas nas been kept busy re
moviug his large stock of pianos^ and or
gans to his new quarters, 1117 Mam street,
which have been newly papered and pain
ted, and present a very attractive appear
"Yuias been suggested that cheap excur
sion tickets for the coming Pittsburgh
musical festival, would be of interest
to our musical people, who would prooably
avail themselves of this opportunity to
enjoy a musical treat.
\ t'nrtely ol InlfrentiuK *ew« from ;
Over ihe HIv*r.
A gang of men are busily engaged in
cleaning off the mud from Bank and Mam
s'reets. . » ,
Building associations are in great de- j
maud. Two new ones are to organize if ,
ihe requisite number of subscribers are j
obtained. . t
Jesse dine is erecting a very line and ,
convenient ollice on Morgan street, near ,
bis residence.
Mr. Urervey, the baker, will soon move I
Ms store into Louis Cook's block. A large
and tine bake oven is being put up at the 1
rear end of bis store room. I
Mrs. Annie Kaiser, of Columbus "uio, is (
visiting her mother, lk;rathea Heiuleiu.j
Mr. A. Dinsiuore, the grocery mm, sold .
tut to bis brother, and is now working tor
A Br.mum S jus.
The second story of the C L. & «. K. u. .
passenger depot is being changed int> au !
itlice for A. J. Bagg*. .
John McLarew, who has been worku.g in ,
h depot at Massillon, O. for some time, is
back to bis old home looking up old ac
quaintances. , .
Jacob Boneysieel. now working in tlie
Bellaire glass* house, is in town smiling at
Ins old triends.
Bold. McCuiley. who has been living in
Martin's Ken/y for the past year, is agiln
back to Bridge(>ort.
The new department of the .r.tna mill
wa« idle vesterday in order to lest the new
h. u*r.
<-eorge Gal'oway has now two water carts
rnuiiing, What is the matter with our
saloons, that water is in such demand?
Mr. Lunimeral, of Pittsburgh, Pi , has
betn visiting Lawyer Duncan.
Mr llomer and family arc iww living
in Morristown, O.
Messrs Barker ami ("lark left for Morris
town. O., yesterday 011 "business."
The l*bj?ll Glass Company will b? idle l
ti e ccming week.
West Wheeling has a herb doctor. His j
name is Sjiu Barker and he is said to be j
half Indian.
Miss Nan Cooke returned from SLCiairs j
ville lutt evening, where she has been 1
spending a few days with her friend*.
Miss Nannie Duncan jrrivert from Pitts-.j
burgh last evening, where she has been
visiting for the past week..
< me of our prominent business men. a
popular druggist, seems highly elated over
t'ie good fortune in there for him in the
near future, He is still able to attend his
business, but promise® his friends to bouse
up in a short time. •
Quite a lively picnic and surprise party
was given by an old gentleman to a certain
young fellow who always esteemed his
beautiful daughter with great admiration.
The young man wrote her-a very interest
ing note and asked her for psr.uWsion to
call on her on a certain evening. She. not
having much love for hi'O, showed the
note, with delight, to her father, ami he
with promptness answered it, saying:
"You may call, but do not come in contact
with pa." and then siguing her name. At
the appointed hour the old gentleman,
well armed, watched tor his victim at the
garden gnte, ao<l ju»t as the young fellow
entered it. he was hoisted over as though
he was shot out jni a caunon.and as he was
picking himself up, he was singing:' Over
the garden wall,' with variations
Col. F. C. Smith, the miller of Smiths
Son. is < angerously ill. His children
from Baltimore are now here.
wirek wAire.
(•rmoaal aid General Mews from the
River Bank.
The river was rising slowly at dark last
night, with 11 feet « inches of water m the
The Courier left for Parkersburg, at 10:30
yesterday morning.
The Batcbelor departed for Pittsburg
yesterday rm rning
The Stockdale is due up this morning
enronte for Pittaburg.
The Anderson is due up early thus morn
ing. from fronton to Pittsburg.
The elegant sidewheel. St. Lawrence, is
doe down to day enronte for Cincinnati,
dippers will please take notice.
The Scotia paaeed down at 4 o'clock yes
terday morning, en route for Cincinuati.
The H- M. Townsend and Heatherington
passed up with tie boats yesterday.
The Regular left at 3 o'clpck yesterday
afternoon for Marietta, with a good trip.
The Jennie Campbell swung into the
stream last night, with ovgr 1.200 tons of
iron, nails and glaaaware.
The Monitor arrived from below with a
tow of ties.
Business quite brisk on the landing.
Tukkk is no article we can recommend
more highly than McLaia'a Vegetable Pills
for all cases ot dyspepsia, billiousness, cos
tivenecs, and in fact for all purposes as a
family medicine. Be sure you get the
Wheeling Pill, as all others' are imita
tions. ■
Brewal Hews Bipst.
1428 Market street, is headquarters for
Spaldicg'a Base Ball Goods. Also the
largest and most complete stock of News
papers. Motives. Libraries, Soig Books,
Novelties, tax, in the city. A line of fine
ugata, Ujta, A*, hwlj
why uoineo HHoppima.
!■ Mea *1 What a Mhopplsg Toir Kf
It U Mid that ''shopping" is a hobby with
moat ladies. If so, it is an eleasable one,
even though the dear ladies do only go "to
look and not to buy." For when so many
beautiful articles dear to tb« feminine eye
are displayed, surely the l«iy may ba
pardoned who goes only to feast lier eyes.
To aee, with many ladies, ia to covet, and
this ia why Blum and Marks went to snch
trouble to prepare for their spring opening.
They arranged'their beautiful goods in a
display so tempting as to fill with longing
tbe hearts of the five thousand ladies who
attended. For three days past, their in
viting store at No. 1106 Main street, has
been a perfect exposition of all th»t is
beautiful in thV wearing apparel of ladies
and children, arranged with exquisite
taste. I'pon a siantmg background from
the conntera to the tops of the shelves,
were displayed children's suits, infants'
cloaks, ladies' "innermost garments," par
ss"l-, laces, cloaks and a thousand and one
tbines of the kind, while in the center of
the room was hung a bewildering network
of laces, collarettes, Spanish and torchon
laces, tidies, handkerchiefs, gloves, stock
ings and embroideries
The most attractive features were the
while suit*. Ingenuity and taste were ap
parently exhausted in designing and beau
tifying their costumes. This firm makes a
specialty of its ri-ady-ma le garments. Tl»*v
are made bv tLe tirm, which, by the way, is
firmly established in this city and enj jys
the confidence of all who ever had any
dealings with it. It guarantees
its garments, both as regards the
quality and workmanship, to be the best,
and defy competition. In this it is borne
out by those whu have patronized it in the
past and by the really elegant and stylish
goods always to be found in stock.
A beautiful line of infanta' cloaks was
shown. It embraced ail of tbe latest de
signs and most fashionable colors. Cbil
drens' suits, white and colors, were also
shown in quantity, while new cloaks, for
ladies,in blacks and color?, were strikingly
handsome. The fashionable shades this
season are terra cotta, crushed strawberry,
electric blue and ox-blood, and these were
shown to advantage in a full line of silk
and lisle thread, mousquetaire and Jersey
gloves. The attention of the ladies was
also directed to the line of ladies'neck
wear in black and cream Spanish, Irish
point and Torchon laoes ami tne very
beautiful assortment in line
mull, with erjuisite hand and needle
work collars; tbe Hamburg erabroid- i
eries and the fall line of ribbons, ties and
handkerchiefs—all stylish and new. The
ir.faut robes, cloaks, shawls, bonnets, in
fact every thing in the line of apparel that
a baby could want, foriu a department by
themselves. Many beautiful spring wraps
caused tbe ladies to go into raptures.
But it is useless to attempt to describe in
the limits of one article, the myriad of J
beauties which might have been seen at
the gorgeous opening. Yesterday afternoon
Messrs. Blum and Marks were compelled
to clear their counters mi order to sell to
the many customers who came early to
select the choicest of the ->tock.
tftecinl to the Sumtn'i R"ji'trr.
Washington, Pa., April 7.—A gymna
zium has been organized by the young men
of this place. The third story of the First
National bank building has been rented for
that purpose and is being tilted up in fine
styles, suitable apparatuses will be pur
chased in the Kast and shipped here as soon
as possible. The membership consists of
about thirty persons, who held a meeting
Thursday evening for the initiation of
otllcers and to make arrangements for per
manent organization. *
Last Thursday the smoke stack of the
Washington Lead works, which were de
stroyed by fire a short time ago, fell, crush
ing a railroad car which was standing near.
The directors of the works have determined
to rebuild, and preparations will he made
immediately for tearing down the old walls j
so that the workmen may begin operations
with safety.
George Linn, a druggist at Monongahela
< 'itv. I'a.. is visiting bis*father, I'rof. Linn,
of Washington.
Aid. Gow, Jr.. v ho is taking a course in
mechanical engineering at Columbus, O , is
spending a short vacation at his home at
this place. He will return to resume his
studies on Monday.
Mr. Anderson ISrownlee, of the Western
Theological Seminary, Allegheny, I'a., is
visiting friends here.
Ld. lL zlett. of Wheeling, was in Wash
ington Wednesday on business in connec
tion with the Wheeling Gas Works.
Mr. W. I*. Hastings, after an extended
visit to Florida, returned home Thursday.
Mr. W. Wiley, our genial postmaster,
is making a short visit with friends in
lienry uanKe ami sou, <m \» lu-nui^.wi-ic
in town yesterday.
< lark Bane, a commercial traveler from
Pittsburgh, spent Thursday with friends
in this plait*, and left that evening for
1>. F. Mctiill, who was formerly I'rofes
sor of Mathematics in W. ami J. College,
find is at present attending the Western
Theological Seminary, is visiiiug friends
I'll? WasbingtonRcporter has removed its
ortii etoa building in the rear of the Town
llall. m
Ceorge Miiler will leave for Pittsburgh
Saturday, to practice law.
The work on the It. it O. extension is
rapidly progressing. The hands, at pres
ent, are at work near Finley ville, Pa., and
expect to have the road ready for opera
tion by June 1.
ttl MMtl RI. WAir«.
Spfci il to th Pii'id'ty i
\Vki,l8i;, Ki;, April 7.—The "Knights rtf
Labor" gave a dance at ''ie school hall, on
Friday evening, which was attended by an
immense crowd. Their brother Knights at
Steubenville sent down a delegation of
shout thirty couples, and there was about
the same number from here, which m*de
sixty coupler in all. The music was fur
nished by Professor Zaller's band, snd was
undoubtedly the best that has ever been
furnished for »ny dance here this season.
Notwithstanding the large crowd the very
best of order was maintained, which re
tticts much credit upon the committee of j
Miss Sadie McCormick, an attractive j
voting lady from Wheeling, is visiting 1
friends in town.
Miss Stella 8wearingen, who has been
visiting Miss Jennie Jeflfers, returned to
her home on Thursday.
Two or three rough and tumble fights
occurred on the streets Friday night. Dur
ing one of them on the Hudson House
corner a large pane of glass in Mr. George's
bank was broken.
Judge Boyd, of Wheeling was in town
Saturday attending to some unfinished
court business. '
The Gas Company will commence laying
pipe and making other preparations for
using the natural gas from their well In
earnest this week.
MiseJnlia Purvis wa.- the accomplished
guest of Mrs. W, I*. Campbell several days
during the week.
T. ('. I,oekard. Oenersl Traveling Agent
for the Singer Sewing Machine Company,
spent the week with his family and re
turned to Pittsburgh yesterday.
Ilazlett Cummings. of Wheeling, but
now attending Washington College, ia
spending a two weeks vacation with Harry
Mrs. Laura Beltz, of Steubenville, is vis
iting friends in town.
Miss Jfssie Merryman, an attractive
young lady from Wellsville, who has been
visiting*Mi» Nannie Dornan. takes her de
parture for home to-morrow.
John Bane, a young man 27 years old.
died at hia home, abont a mile from town,
Saturday, of consumption. He leavea a
wife and one child
The members of the Episcopal Church
are taking steps to sell their church here.
They contemplate building a new one.
They say they are annoyed so much by
passing trains that they are sometimes
obliged to stop service®.
Hrnrt, Dlrtal * lioksr,
1.2W, Water street, will receive on Mon
day :
One car large Rose Potat oes,
One car large i'.ose Seed Potatoes.
50 boxes Oranges,
85 cases Oranges.
30 crates Bermuda uoiens,
50 boxes Lemons,
20 tubs choice Butter.
which they offer to the trade at lowest
possible figures.
8ka£Oh«. come and go and men are born
and die, but Martin Thornton's restaurant
still keepe np its reputation. For over
nine years Martin has been with ns and
hia popularity is atill increasing. He has
made no flourish only to die again, bat
has given us a good< wholesome eating
houw, that came to stay. If you want a
nice, toothsome meal, or lunch at any
hour, embracing anything you can orc^er
or the market affords, go to the Capital
Dining (Rooms and interview its smiling
proprietor. He has stood the test of tint*
aod ooijr improve with age.
BSoisoMiig In the Sunlight of
Irrta Gay Parties, Rout* and Bails—PresuiM
•f the Week's Own* Among
the Gay.
KmI EmI Hmrprimv.
Mis* Mary Murray was •nrprianl Wednes
day eveniog at her pleasant hocar on 15th
street, East fcnd. The gnevts on tbeir be
ing ushered into the parlors proceeded to
inaugurate a delightful little conversation
in order ta while dull care away. Mmic,
various games and literary efforts combined
with tbe choice chitchat that always char
acterizes this style of entertainment, dis
j posed of time rapidly that ere the guasts
were aware, Ihe hour of midnight strack
when the gneets were invited to ths fextai
board where the supper spread was such ae
would have tempted an epicure. Aftar
ertpper n quiet hour was passed in various
M»ci«l diversioa, when the guests recretfal
ly terdered the Loe'ess a grat eful artieu. J
Soo*h fart Narpriw.
(»n Friday evening, Mr. Herman Renner
*« surprised by over forty of his friends,
who were accompanied by. Hayden's or
chestra. The gentleman was very much
surprised, but recovered enough to iuyite
liis friends in and make it pleasant for
them. The evening was devoted almost
entirely to dancing, the catching airs en
thusing the dancers to such a degree as to
compel them to keep the floor, as they pro
ceeded to do till a late hour. During the
evening refreshments were seryed at ditier
ent periods.
Happy Eight.
This club, as its name designates, is com
posedof tbe above well-known East FLid
Boys, gave its second grand select ball at
Oermania Hall on Thursday evening. The
Committee of Arrangements embraced the
whole club membership and was composed
of the following gentlemen: Messrs. Frank
A1 winger. Rob and Harry McCollough,
John Heslin, Andy Alwinger, Joe Brading
and Chas. Daub. The affair was a com
plete success, over GO couples being pres
ent, in spite of this the crowd enjoyed
themselves in the strictest sense of the
term, showing great reluctance to leave
when Ihe last dance was called at L' a. m.
Refreshments, liquid and substantial were
served in the anti-room connected with the
I'leHhMnt Hop.
'The M<'/art dinging Society gave a grand
ball Wednesday evening at Nolte's Hall on
ihe South Side. This society is composed
of a limited number of our German citi
zens and is one of tbe oldest organizations
of the kind in the city. A large crowd
was present and spent a most enjoyable
evening, dancing to the exquisite music
furnished by the Opera House Orchestra.
In spite of the constant j im on the dan
cing iloor, the evening's pleasures were not
marred by any unpleasant disturbances.
J»c*(T drinking was indulged in by iusiiy
but by none to excess. Good natured rol
licking fun was the order of tbe evening,
the dancing music, as ever held the lirst
place among the guests, who never <iuitt«d
the iloor till the morning bells proclaimed
the hour of I a. m. when the Kehru'is
struck up and the affair is an event of the
Nnrprine on the .South Mi«le.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Slein, were tender
ed n surprise par!y, Sunday evening, by a
number of their intimate friends, in com
memoration of the happy culmination of
their 37th birthday. The visitors spent a
quiet, social evening, numerous diversions
of quiet, but enjoyable nature, serving to
pleasantly dispose of tho evening. The
guests were principally composed of the
married folk, and so on thisaccouut, heart
ily enjoyed the quiet, but enjoyable at
tractions provided for their entertainment.
During the evening tempting refreshments
were banded around, the guests doing full I
justice to this agreeable portion of tlie '
hosts entertainment.
Mniprlse I'nrl.r
.Mr*. Mary ^ caiier, of the Fait Knd, wai
tendered a surprise parly by iiuuit*rous
friends, at her residence, in honor of her
lifly-seventh birthday, Monday evening. ■
The visitors, loa »;reat extent, were com ,
rosed of relatives and friends, and spent a 1
happy, enjoyable evening, each guest doing
all that laid in hi-< powor to make the alfiir
a success, and most certainly succeeded in
their object. At in p. m. the supper was
served, and was suSi as to well do«erve the
compliments showered on the hostess for
this portion of ihe evening's attractions.
Alter sitpppr ihe visitors again resumed
thiir amusements, spending a happy social
hour ere the chimes proclaimed the hour
when "graveyards yawn" and the time for
reluctant parting.
Sim III Side.
Tins South Side Singing Society gave a
pleasant littjo hop Friday evening at Ar
byn/'ij hall, on Jacob street, South Si'le.
About thirty couples were present and
..-pent a delightful evening dancing to the
line music of Birch's ban 1. The hop, as is
theca.se w:th all those given by ibis socie
ty, was very select, very few outside of the
immediate member* and their ladies being
| favored with invitations. The iloor w is usi
popular »s ever among the gay company,
who continually thronged it until the
strains of the Retinitis at 2 p. m. put an end
to lilP enjoyment. Among
those present we saw Misses Ifattie
Craig Kennedy, Clara Burt, Irva Harris,
Birdie and Km ma Johnson, Louizl Kit/,
Lena Thomas, K'la Thomas, Lens Stoker,
Rosa Seibert, Allie Manly, Kmma Budke,
Mollie Weeks. Mealy Asmus, Lydia
Meanis, Kila Medley Kmma Turk, Rose
and Callie Wagner, and Keta Smith of In
dianapolis, Ind.. and Mr. ami Mrs. James
Wacner and Messrs. Tom Carson, Fred
Blond.iEduie Fay, Wallace Watt, Harry
Hatrlin, James Ammonds, Herman Bentz,
Herman Asmus, Herman Gorman, Joe
Dudley, Clint Ticket, William Nichols. Pjn
and Mike Dinner. George Leasure, Frank
Brown. Harry Mc Warner, A I. Hey
man, Thos. Walker, Chas. Carson, Albert i
Meyers and Jas. Lancaster.
Rail at the Arlon
On Friday evening a ball of immense 1
proportions wsj< given at thia popular re
sort by the I.ocal I'nion Ko. 9, American
Flint Glass Workers. The music, which ,
was good, was given by Kaltenbacb's
orchestra, which organization is composed j
entirely of members of the Union. The ,
hall was fairly jammed from an early hour ,
in the evening till a late hour yesterday '
morning. Delegations were present from
all the surrounding towns, and helped to
swell the crowd and add enjoyment to the
occasion on tiie principal of the more the
merrier. The crowd, thanks to the skill
ful management of the floor committee,
were able to enjoy the pleasures of the
dance, albeit they were somewhat crowded
in regard to space. During the interval at
12 p. m., refreshments were ser.od in the |
dining hail connected with Cte ball r«om, j
after which dancing was resumed.
PImm«I lerrplton.
On Friday evening Mtas Lottie Walter* i
tendered a graceful little reception to her '
many friends at her pleasant home on
North Maito street. The evening was dis*
poeed of through the medium of various
social diversions, dancing and cards rival- '
icg each other in the straggle for aaprem- '
aty. At 11 o'clock elegant refreshment*
were served. After the refreshments the 1
pleasures of the dance were again renewed,
and it was an early hour on the following
morn ere the last good night was spoken
and the gar company dispersed. Amoag
th«ee present were Misses Bessie Elfcto.
Ida Bodley, Jessie Dean, Sade Wilson,
Lottie Jeffera, Jessie Erintoo, Linra Brin
ton. Jeteie Hastings. Cora Warden. Katie
Kennedy. Kmma Truxell, Lottaand Komi
Schultx," Jennie Caasell, Maggie Mills and
Mrs. Merkle, and Messrs. Harry Maraden,
Charley Jeffera, Robert Wilson, Will
Brooks. Harrv Hastings. Will €», Joe
Klsoo. Frank Warden, Alf Oxtoby Charley
Schambra, George Snocks, Charles Han
cher, Jim Bodley, Andy Brown, John
Butterfield and Jim Giesey. Mayers fall
orcbeftra famished the ma sic, awl fairly
did themaelves proud on this occasion.
Il«(sat leMpUea.
Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Wilde entertained •
•elect coterie of frienda, Friday evening, at
their pleasant home on Fifteenth street.
The company assembled at the early hoar
of ft:30 r. n . and as the mtjority were de
vout disciples of Pole, immediately took
possession of the old namber
of tables, and entered into - the
ever-exciting struggle for the odd trick. To
give an account ol ue many rubbers or the
skill evinced by the piayera, « •u£* *"
posaible, wiffloe it to *J, the
old-time charm ow the company. It huni
in the wee ema' hoar* ere the com
pany adjoarned. At 11:30 A. **[
interlude was in order, doriDf wWtet
the gueste agreeably diecoaeed the daintm
and delicate comprising the mean pro
Tided for their benefit. Alter enpper wai
over, the gueeU ot the sterner mx ware in
riled to-an upper room whew they eampl^
the fine Haras** provided ay toe host
The «ame was then again resumed, aad
kept up till the morning bells had iwio*
proclaimed to the company that aoothei
Say had begun. Ainoug those present wen
the followiag ladiea and gentlemen: Mr.
and Mr*. George K. McMecbea. Mr. aad
Mrs. J. H. Good, Mr. and Mrs Frank Jep
son. Dr. a»d Mrs. Kd wards. Got. and Mrs.
Arnett, Misses Mamie Woods. Lixxie fro
dleton, Alice Kennedy, Annie (.hapltne,
Messrs. W. L. Hoff, Walker Petersoo,
Peebles Tatum. Albert Franeheim and l»r.
Charles FrtxaelL
Nodal Dasrtn tlak
The hop given Wednesday evening by
this club at Franiheim'e Hall wa# »he so
ciety event of the week, and was a cotn
plete succef»a. The comtaittee was com
posed of well-known geutlemen inthedub,
who thoroughly attended to every detail
in the atTair, ensuring it an agreeaMe cul
mination. The elegant little b«41-n*>tn
was early filled by the handsomely cos
tumed ladies and conventionally elotbed
gentlemen, who to the bewitching a:ra*na
of Mayer'a full orchestra, circled orer the
rtcor." Waltres, quadrilles, polkas aod lan
cers coaaposed the well-arranged dauce pro
gram me, and followed each other in such
quick saecession that the enthused dancers
took no note of time and were much as
tonished when the strains of "Home, Sweet
Home," at 5 a. m., called them to the floor
for the last walti. l>uring the interval et
12 v. m. delieate refresh men to were served,
in the dining hall connected with the ball
room. Among the ladies and gentlemen
present were: Mis«es Dill Bedilion, Julia
Bedilion. Mollie Ball. Nora Brown, Jewe
Brinton. Laura Etnbler, Alice Em
bier, Minnie ' Hause, Stella Hauae,
Julia Heftly, Linnie Janes, Nellie
Owens, Lillie l'orter, Mary and Katie
Wright. Annie odbert Lizzie Hunter, Ida
Bishop, Nellie Lukens. Dixie Phillips, An
nie Davis and Bertha Mcl^ain, Pittsburgh.
The gentlemen were: Brady Bedilion,
Lou Franaheim, Wm. Gore, Orley Miller,
Charles Noble, Harry Odbert* l«ou Rolf. J.
E. tvhellhuse, A. O. Stover. Frank Steah
ens, Joe Weodmansee, Harry Fink, Col.
Tappan, Gtorge burling, Ed Brown, nd
and I . S. Cariin, Wm. Laughlin, Steve
Kice, Harry Stallman, Dave Garden, Orion
/.ane, 1'. 0. Bosley, John Hammond, Boh
Brown, Mike Dinger, Harry Robertson and
Mr. antl Mrs. George K. Wheat, ^
I'unry RreuM Hof».
Mr. Henry Harper's elegant residence on
Eighteenth street waathe scene of the most
noteworthy eveut Friday evening that has
characterized the youthful entertainments
given in this city during the past season.
The occasion, which has bf>cn agifating the
circle of interested musters and misses for
the past week,was the fancy dress hopeiven
hy tne host in honor of his son, Master
Sam's, ninth birthday. The children, on
theii early arrival, were conducted t'j the
dressing rooms on the upper ll<v»r. where,
after donning their costumes, they were
cordially and grat efully welcomed hy Mis
ter Sam, who was dressed to represent
Washington His costume consisted of
white court wig, blark velvet coat, buff
satin waistcoat and knee breeches, silk
stockings and silver buckles. The
majority of the young revellers were in
fancy dress, the Kate Greenaway style
predominating amuii|| the misses, who
looked cute and charming as they Hosted
around the rooms to the splendid music
furnished hy Professors Kramer and Kil*
meyer. At 10 r. m., during a brief inter
val, the enthusiastc little dancers were
enticed away from the tioor, while refresh
ments were served. Dancing was after
wards resumed and continued lill 12 p.m.,
when the little guest*, after dancing the
Virginia reel, withdrew to their different
homes to resup>e again the festal pleasures
in their hsppy dreams, Among the differ
ent costumed ladies and gentlemen we
noticed the following: Miss Mattie Cald
well. pink and red Greenaway T. Burke,
Daughter of the Regiment: Jessie Turner,
crimson Greenaway, with bonnet and fan
to match, and black luits; Nannie Fisher,
red and white Greenaway, bonnet and inits
to match: Ida Taylar. sprite, fancy coa
tunie of crimson velvet; Toil Baird. buff I
and blue Greenaway; Sue Baker, Mother ;
Hubbard costume; Kalic White, black and
red polka dot; Bessie Jepson, blue anil ,
white Greenaway; Bessie Rice, becoming
fancy costume, gray and cardinal; Bessie
Taylur, blue and white 'ireenawav; Bessie
Lamb, blue and white Mother Hubbard;
Ella Wright, red ami white fancy costume;
I.ida Reed, pink and blue Greenaway; Sadie
Baird. Bordeaux (ireenaway; Mary Lang,
dark blue silk; Etta Harper, fancy dark
blue velvet; Amelia Chandler, blue silk;
and Masters Harry ott, sailor; Ott Laugh*
lin, sailor; Lenoni Good, sailor; Waller
Hall, prince costume, black velvet; Harold
Norton, prince blue and pink costume;
Morgan Berger white wig and Duff velvet;
Percy Norton, fancy pale blue: Will Tur
ner, nlue Greenaway, and the following
wore fancy costumea, Will Baird, Will
Kelly, 1'ercv Harden, Albert Taylor. Rates
Butler, Arthur Irwin, Morris Chandler and
Paul and Jltntnie Alexander.
Kit H (1.11 Hi runilH
In Ibf UHll of thf tirgiuU Fir* n«<J
Forrrlnln Company.
The tracts of land owned by this com
pany, on wbicli are located large deposits
of kaolin and lire clay, are situated pboui
ten miles southeast of Htatinton, Va., Im
mediately on the line of the Hhenandoab
Valley railroad and contain About 110
acres. The kaolin can be easily gotten at
with little expense, either by stripping or
shafting. A ahaft has been auok on the
property to the extent of ft> feet, but the
bottom of the kaolin baa not be«n reached.
The kaolin is struck at depths varying
from to 3!, feet below the surface.
Practically the supply of clay from this
great bed, which is of a very tine quality1,
may be considered inexhaustible.
Eminent chemists who have examined
theae clays, pronounce them of a very su
perior quality, Professor A. H. Hanchett,
ex-State Geologist of Minnessota. who not
only analyzed the clay, but also made a
careful examination of the whole property,
has written of it as follows : "The remark
able featnres of this tract, in mr opinion,
are in ihe quantity, quality .uniformity and
accessibility of the Kaolin depoeita that it
contains. From the attendant natural and
commercial advantages, the locality could
hardly be made more desirable for manu
facturing purposes. No reason whatever
augments itself why the wares of Sevres. in
cluding Camara and Parian atatuary, may
not be produced from this at as cheap r*tes
and e^ual excellence with the imported
Jaa C. Christy, Ksq., of Philadelphia, who
baa given the study of clays found in this
country and in Kurope his undivided at
tention (or many years past, writes as
"I submit my views relative to the
Kaolin, of Augusta county, Virginia, of
which specimens have been anaiised by
Dr. F. A. Gnrth, of Philadelphia, and Dr.
John Torry. of New York. The specimens
analized by these distinguished chemists
were of the crnde clay ana pronounced by
them to be of a very superior quality, and
1 am inclined to believe that it will approxi
mate the finest clays of St. Priex La Perche.
I mention this great and celebrated bed of
kaolin, because scientific and practioal
gentlemen know that it ia the largest and
lineal deposit of clay, in its normal condi
tion, ever discovered. Doth, from an ex
amination of the clay itself and the analy
sis of it by our moat eminent chemists, I
am led to regard It as equal to kaoiia of
Saxony, Bavaria and Hungary, and fully
equal to tbat obtained in Koglsnd by the
artificial washing of the decomposed gran*
ite found in Cornwall."
Mr. John 8. Lipscomb, of 8tannton, Va.,
writes, as to the superior Quality of this
clay for the manufacture of fir* brick, as
During my connection with tha manage
ment of the Virginia Porcelain Works I
bad manufactured from the rough clay ra
moved in uncovering the better clay, a
kiln of fire brick, as an sx peri meat Soon
afterwards I wis called to the superintend
ency of the Btauntoa Gas Light Company,
and at once proceeded to build np tha
benches with tueee brick. I can truthful
ly represent that these bricks In tha arches
of the retort benches ware exposed to •
white heat daring my entire connection
with the company (over four years), and
when 1 left tha brick ware ia apparently as
good order as when first pat in.
West, Hsrdwick k Co., and also tha Pot
ter* Cooperative Co., both manufacturers
of iron atone china at Eaat Liverpool, O.,
have made tests of this cfay and testify as
to tbe superior quality of the stay for tha
manufacture of iron stane china, sasaalas
of which can be seen at tha nflUr of tha
Company, 1321 Main street
Mr. John Osaterling, Present of tha
Central Glass Company, having tatted the
clsy writes aa follows: "Tfce samples of
clay Messrs. Wilton A Sweauey, banded to
as has been tested in one of our farnaeea
sod found to be of the best quality, show
ing no aigns of de*tr«ctioo after b»ing sub.
jecu-d to the rneftt Intense heat for % wh*>le
AST Alt ABTim.
M«* •' htimt to Urn, „
Miaa Ida SoWtb, of Woodsfleld, 0.
preeent in ov olty attending tb, *
aobool of Mrs. Wilkinnou. ThUlady
tare* eiaaa 1a poiaiing In Wood*fi*|,£ "«•
Miaaea Clark. Heron and larch, of Mt a
Chaatal, warolatho city Saturday, iC00®* i
panied by Slater J ana Franci*. T^'
yonng laaiaa hart tddad paintiCu
alt to their atndiea. The Mount i«
proud of a fina elaaa la painting and ^ *
inf and will no doubt aurpriae tb«ir n,*,.
friend* with a Ana diaplay at tbe j J
Oto. Storm htimmdjed from bis
residence to 30 & Penn *treet. nhicb »iJ
hereafter be the location of his stodi j.
A few fine paste* of the Frenfefc
will toe on exhibition the couiinp wet^
KicolPs. They are something eati^i,
new^n the way of pictures,. and am»uui
will find in them a new eystera oi bmi.J)
and color.
Mr*. C. K. Bevger ia the possessor of.
very fine Barbotine vaee of ro»es in bk-t,
relief ;*)me fine tinting in tbia v.t*e
M'm Annie B. Morgan, a charraio; h*.
risville, O., lady, has returiu-d home aft*
a viMt of several week? among friend)
Mi» Annie ia noted among her ar iiai0t.
ancea for her beautiful painting and be:n.
the bapp* owner of a b»awtlful person, »!m
reigns as belle of her oily.
Miss Id»Frew and Mis* Jennie
both stmlenu in Mra. WHkinaon'a ri^
are out of the city.
Mr. John Mylea and father are ui)a.
some excellent views near Mount 4,
The portrait of Mr. I«ot Joy at N'ieoiU' i,M
been attracttag attention coneiderabtr. |.
waa painted by Htorm, and ia a splendid
likeness. Mr. 8. baa made a complete rr»,>
lution in hi» coloring and secures sots,
very natural flesh tint*. He baa acquir j
tbe ability to portray on canvas a tnu'i
thought* and most atriking erpB^j.,,a
without which no man can paku
Rsassa »l*hl .
1.2iH Water atreet, will receive on Mm
One car large Knee Potatoes,
One rase large Roee Need L'otatoea.
:«» boxes Oranges,
li* cases Oranges.
20 cratea Bermuda Onions,
50 boxes Ltmona,
20 tubs choice Butter,
which tbey offer to tbe trade at lowest |kh
sible figures.
teal Thief Jails*.
Yefterday 'Squire Caldwell sent WJm
Matthews, a man of some fifty year* of agt.
or more, to jail, for atealing coal frou the
B. A O. Bail road Company's cars alou^ the
tracka south of tbe creek on Water street.
Tbe company loses a geeat deal of coal br
thieves in this way, and in order to break
it up Policeman Jim Bell made the an.*
as stated. Matthews was held in the sum
of $7'i, and ia default of tbe eecurity re
quired ho was sent to jail to answer before
the (irand Jury to morrow, t Monday) Tb*
value of the coal vtf only ten • ents. but
that bus nothing to do nilh tlx- theft, Ii
was for tho theft he was arretted, and nji
for the value of the coal.
Aiaerlea AUsmI.
The American manufacture of a reimrk
able lloor covering, "Linoleum," 11 no*
acknowledged to be so superior to ths for
eign article that only inferior grade* cm
be imported. The home made goods makr
a perfect floorcloth of durability and ar
tistic efleet beyond dispute. The Waltoa
trade mark with the word "Linoleum' i«
on the back of every squire yard. All
carpet dealers keep it. In use, ths fireus
will look dirty and d+nfty, the American,
bright and clean.
Jtsr received &W boxce of choice Me*
eina oranges and lemoo*. For sale at loa
market rates at U. li Keeney's, MM Main
street. _
Turboas L. P. White Custom Made Kb rl,
at C. Hess A Son's, at $1.
nrsi ma in i-aaiau.
Mshlai This Arllele Very >mlrsM»
The warm weather, when it is terrible u»
cook by a coal stove, ia coming. Ho is caiu|>
meeting time. Any peraou deairiug to
buy. very cbenp. a good second band, throe
burner gasoline stove (a Hull patent vapori
cair learn of such a one by addressing H.,
care this ofiice.
Mmk nifkl A Mol»er,
1 * Water street. will receive itn M mi
One car Isrge Bo»e I\>tsloes,
One car large Itose Hce<l Pontine*
-'><i botes Oranges,
25 cases Orar.pes,
1*1 crates Bermuda omiiges,
Mt Uo ics lemons,
20 tuba choice Butter, which thry offer
to tbe trade at lowest possible figures.
Am. builders wishing to obtsin low sn>l
satisfactory tig urea on Tin Roofs. Hpouting,
etc., should call on Heinlein Broa., dealers
in Household FnrnishingOoodsapd Mann
factureni of Galvanised Iron t-V>rniae »nil
all kinds of job work. Heinlein lllork,
Bank street, Bridgeport,Ohio.
We guarantee all work to give satisfac
Yorjro nien ought to bear what Chaplain
1'owrrs baa to say stout a poor young ms-i
who was not ashamed of |>rin<i|>le *nl
Who "in<e^drd jp life,
KarIM TIasaasaaa.
All over the land are going into echUaf
0rer Dr. King's New Discovery fur Con
sumption. Tncir unlooked for rnuf/
by the timely uie of this great life 8avin<
remedy, causes them to go nearly wild m
its prsise. It is guaranteed to |»-»*inv»-!y
cure Revi-re Coughs, Colds, Asthma, liar
Fever, Bronchitis, Hoarseness. Loss of
Voice, or any affection of tbe Throat and
Lungs, Trial bottles ten cent* at Logan A
Co's Bridge Corner Drug Store. large «iu
&»<>•" j
IIOLMWt—Haiurday morning. April T, H
at »:« o'clock, Margaret, ssif* of " "
Holmes, Id the Vith roar of her age.
Funeral from the rwlilaaaa of tier bwban^.
No. 140 ttcTsntrenlh MC. on Monday »firnw*>
at 2 o'clock. Krien'ls of the family are la
vlted to attend. Interment at Penlnsnls
I«W ADVT»l¥il«T».
st JOHN BOKMBICM Dry Ooo4«. <•'_
peta and Wall Paper House. No*. 3H» au'l MJ
Main Hi. No washing or Ironing to 4o. Oo«4
wag ea given.
Literary and Dranalk Eitertalflmeit
(ilvru by tbe
Corner of Sitla Mad Jaaob Ma.,
Part first consists of a Uierary Perforw
aoee. Part second • dram*, "The T«
Brothers." Part third • laughable fara*
•Our Pet. Mr. A. T. Itoy taking the leadist
character. Admlaaloo. V> cents; reatrvai
seals, to cents. MeaU for asls at Coleaao *
Hofb'a ciaar store, a street ear wtll be la
watting till end of pefformnsce.
A. S. Hardenf
11 ij Main Street,
Whcnling, W. V».
Oeneral Parnltars Dealer sad
Maaafaetnrers' Apal for
Parter Falliae Bads,
Ranging in PucM
frfm $25tf $25M
fnrn^ed00™' 00 "*"* bo,r
i70 fgij «m 55S3
*•* S#

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