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8urjfe»n IViuiNt,
Office: 1313 MARKET STREET,
A Few Doors Above the Opera House.
•CIDIT. UM LUBI H l«. I»<0.
Overcoats went a-hoppin^ yes
terday, tl e weather iKdnjf our
beat friei*d. >Ve have vet a nice
•Wk, which we wilt offer vory
Km. T>i! Ti!
Star Clot iier<,
III Twelfth Street.
IU Y a Christmas present that
will outlast liiue. A present
that will not only gladden the
fceart to day, bnt in itfier years
awaken happy recollection!* of
thesrt*cr. Ituy it from JACOB
W. and you w ill uot be
RKi:.tH»'A*r i t km: talk
b> Ki'Kioit'r llirellatr*.
K.mma J kw ett, who resides at Newark. <>.
a vi'iiHK sir! fourteen years of au'e. is the
with* rot a tweIv«.iound boy.
Cam** are out for the golden welding of
J*mes and Ado Mckinley. former resi
dei.ts of this City, to occur oc tne lt»u»
inst . at Cutumings. 111.
Henry Schjulbach lost his fine buggy
horse Friday The aniuisl d'td after t»e n£
driven to St. Clair-vilie. Yr Schuiulbieh
has own«d thisanimai for 1- years.
Tilt S\ Jo »n a Church fur which c'osed
la>t night at Arion Hall was financially a
sue .ess. Ti e ladies rieserv-* great cred t
ior tne masterly way in which they on
cuud the fair.
A gas* tiM.'. lamp exploled last evening
in 'he e' giner<om at K-ymann s brewery.
Fortunately no oue wis hurt and no dani
sm* altbrttit'h the fi »mes narrowly
xu's-fd the engineer, who a ood close.
Mr. Wamkk K Hi r^e. of Ashiaad. K^n
tuckr, is visiting his mother. Mrs Mary
Butke, corner Main and Twenty first
tft»«e s. Ti is is the tirat time Mr. Burke
has viM'ed liis home in seven years at»l
his friends here welcome him as one re
turned from the dead.
The ag< nizing screams yesterday morn
irg of a four year old son ot L'omc.as
Srutt. at No. l-'OO Balttmorw street, w^re
0 us»d by the child falling backwarlinto
a bucket of boiling watt-r, which s^riooslv
sra'ded the child's hips and hack. Dr. J.
C. Hupp attended the littie sutTerer.
A sirriw of the stockholders of the
C ve Mining Company w*s held last
1 vi'Dixi; at the office of W. .1. W . Cowden.
The following Board of Directors was
elected Isasc F-eese. A. J. McKnig'it.
1'r. J li I'ipes John Nay'o-, and I'.'. M.
Jv. Morri- and J. L. Keed, Secretary.
Tint friends of Mr. Jatues Hammond, of
thrOardtn Spot, gave hits a surprise on
Friday evening, tt Oeins: his tllst birthday.
He was the recipient of wveral handsome
prefects After dying justice to an elegant
6U} p*r. the gu®>tsdispersed to theirhoiues
wishiLg he might, live sixty-one years
• Ntw^PKSs elsewhere ought to under
hand that th»-re is iu Wheeling ai syndicate
tf liars engaged in the manufacture of
ecial dispatches cheap for c <sh." — Intel
Jicencer. You are right; and if you tip
c:. iLe empty heads v »ome of the Intdii
gencei's men. you will s r ke promiuent
members <>f the aforesaid syndic.te.
Georoe K. M> »f*< hks. of Wheeiin?, W.
Va. sends us a copy of his new price list,
issued monthly. His business is no*
thirty years old. and his motto from fir t
to ia«t Las been. * <• *>d \»uaiity an 1 Hoi.
eat quantity." It is need!-ss to add that
success has attended h:s efforts.—New York
American «ir«x-»-r and Pry <>jodsCuronicle.
Yesikhi'W afternoon about 10 o'clock,
t«o young men concluded to settle a dis
pute a la Sullivan, a* the corner of 21th
md Mark*' street. Before fhey had fvrlv
fi>\ under way. at the manly art, Orti vr
Taylor ftj'p.'ared on tue scene and arretted
\Y e pariic: rau's Tb^ v «rt*re tin«il tw.»dol
are and costs at i he IViice C . u't yestsrdsy
>it rnocn.
\-K.-rEKP\Y rooming the Frm CIrove
rnl'wny noior "Onimcticeil runuitig as far
w st a» the foot of Mc('o!looh street. Press
Titan Mc-Fall. of thia oftiee. had the honor
t'f fceinp *he t'.rst passenger who rode over
the rokd. This company are rapidly mak
115/ themselves indispensable to the c.:u-.
try people, and also to the citizens of this
ci'y. hy tueir ever courteous treatment of
their pa'.ri ns.
Late yesterday afternoon the bnildin^
on t'bapline street, occupied by Dominic
< ibertieid as a saloon, again took tire fr >ru
a defective tine. Tue tire was under g>od
lieadwav when discovered by Mr. <» jer
tield. who put it out with much di the alt/.
This building is tilled with defective tl-ies.
and is the s«me which was on tire last
week. It should be looked after by the
As interesting snit was before the B d
mont county court at St. Clairsville this
wetk, in which some Wheeling people
were concerned. The p'aintitls were I, >u:s
Wcodmnnste and Mrs. Lewis, the widow of
i-anniel Lewis, a former respected citizen of
WheilioR. Judgment was rendered in
their faVrr a^.iinst the First National Bank
of 8t Tlairsville for over $2.12"). Hoa. J.
M. Kstep of Cadiz, atid ex Congressman
l>enford represented the plamtitfs.
Yfstek:>ay aftcrroon Mr. L. K. Lockard,
ol NVasliirgton, 1). C, boarvied a B. «fc O.
tram at Washington, 1'a. and fou~>d a
pocketbeok cnntaininK a check fur $2. V*)
and over *S7 in uionev. In the book w is
the csme "'Harry Shiptder." Toe oi>n
dtictor of the traio. Mr. Adams, received a
telegram to the effect that Mr. Sh't>p!-»r
had lost the pocketbook, and Mr. I.ockir ,
as soon as the ownership wjs establish.'d,
produced the pocketbook with everyt n lg
just as Mr. Shippler had left it.
Tuts literalv societies of the \\ a«hitigton
aid Jeilerson College have perfected ar
rangements tor theentertainmet to he given
on tbee%ening of Washington's birthday.
The literary part of the programme will
consist ot two original and two select
orations: one original and one select from
e*ch society.* Tne gentlemen chosen to
represent the socitiesare, from the Philo, J.
V. Clark and Frank Hupp; from the
Franklin. F.d. Hawes and W. S. Welsh.
The musical part of the enterta nment will
consist of vocal and instruments! music by
the best local and foreign telentthat cau be
■procured—Washington JetTersonian.
Last Friday John Crawford. Tuo-na? and
Abe Davis, of Cameron, W. Va., returnel
from a successful three weeks' hunt in tue
Mountains of Pocahontas cour.ty. They
report a very good time. They had a little
d'hi^ulty with some of the mossbacks of
thst vicnity who objected to have any city
folks hunt on "thar grounds," and" who
tried to tak« possession of a larsje buck
which Mr. Crawford had shot. It ts need
1? sss to say that John held on to the deer.
This made them mad and they undertook
to exterminate the Cameron crowd, but
were convinced in a very few minu'es that
they bad tackled the wrong citizens and
were glad to retire from the tield. The re
sult of the hunt was seven deer and tive
Not hi si. can be nicer than a pair of those
tine, neat and durable Peb. Goat Button
Shoes for $. 00 Button holes worked ami
*11 nicely finished. I believe Pll eet a pail
of theiu from Camahan, at 21PS Main street.
Urud .Waalc
At the the opening reception of the Famous
Hatteis and Furnishers. 1112 Main street,
Friday ertning. I>ec 21. at 7 o'clock.
Is selecting presents, it is a matter ol
great importance to know thatevery ariicl«
von purchase is just what is represented.
Mr. J. A. Lash, the Main street jeweler.
Las had twenty tive vears' expericuce in
the jewelry business in Wheeling, and w«
have do hesitancy in saying that he ea/jy;
the entire confidence o' the community
His stock is replet* with all the choices!
.novelties pertaining to the jewelry Hue.
and Las been purchased especial y *>h a
view to the holiday trade. He nik-i a
specialty of Ladies' a;id (ientlemeo's OVd
and 8iiver Watches and Diamonds. Ht
has courteous and obliging clerks, who con
*ider it bo trouble to show goods, and
•will pay you to exatuiue for younel
before purchasing.
Eruptions, Sores, Pimples, Hhaumatism
are hot indications of imgura blood. Ack
er's Blood Elixir is the remedy. Sold bj
Fdmnnd Booking and C. Menkemeler
Wheeling, and F. P. /immer, Bridgeport
!>.. Druggists.
For a box of the bast Cindy in Amsritt
rail on N. Scbuli, 131t* Market i tree t.
It's cold this morning, awful coli. Mj
feet are suffering for wantof a Dair of thou
long leg Fur Lined Boots, and I mutt go U
Carnaban's and get a pair. JIW Main stree
is Um place.
Some Flip Observations by "Wight
Rhea ard Ten-Cent Ante —He Holds Four
Jacks—Illuminated Key Holes—Fe
male Dudes at the
A Remarkable Skirt. With Store Fixtures—
The Married Ladies and the Single
Beaux—New York Her
a'd Heraldry.
We w« re riding one day last week on the
McLure House elevator and conversing
■ Dout the remarkable popularity of Mile.
Khea in Wheeling when the bell boy, po
litely but firmly, took a hand in the con
versation. observing it was none of his
j,at, but that the ladv in question was at
that mommt enjoying a ijuiet game of ten
cent ante, dollar limit, with the ladies of
her ccmpsoy. A thought llnsbcd aortas
our mii d that perhaps this was the uude
:in:«ble ton.i of sympathy that movedthe
um»s«-s and drew sou: to soul in aympsthet
ic at cord. But here the elevator stopped
at tl.e fifth floor and we lit out.
Tbe blue-blooded psragrapher of the
New York Herald in Thursday's issue, not
content with averting that the Appletons
cvn e over in the Mayflower, goes on to
prove that they went to England with the
Corquerer from Normandy, and that the
f« u. ale ancestor, Mabalia (which by
i he tye is a very unsatisfactory
way of commencing a" lineage,
because if she ever started, a family she
aculd probably change ner name) settled
in a forest full of apple-trees, h-nce she
was calltd Mahalia d'Appletone. This is
comforting: but if the said paragrapher
s opped to reflect be would remember that
auple in the Norman language is pornme,
as our irieml Jack i'omfrev claims thst his
paternal forefather was also with William,
who dubbed him Sir Pomtuefrey, because
he was inordinately fond of fried apples,
e *
While excavating the ruins of Pompeii
they found the dried up skeleton of a
man with four jacks in his hand. They
are now digging for the other fellow to
what kind of a hand he held.—l.aram:e
Boomerang. t
From latest accounts the other fellow
has been dug up holding a bobtail flush in
one baud and a pistol in tue other. The
pot id stiil missing, and a deputation Oi the
b'hoys have started for the scene of war.
The latest invention is phosphorescent
numbers for doors and name plates, so that
the benighted wayfarer may not be mis
ta*fu ami ring his neighbor s door-bell,
anu we are assured by tne patentee that
they are preparing for the \\ heeling mar
ket phosphorescent key hoes, hatracKS,
etc. I'hia is the boon to suffering humani
ty that we have yearned for and wanted for
year* So that henaiter i5a>op'C
tue* tin^s and being kept at the stor* till
!)• - or two .n the morning will lose »heir
t»rr r« to the wives of those who''look
upin the wine when it is red.
'lbe young man who is fortunate enough
to have a predeltction tor tight fl'.ting
pai's and we 1 maile clothing is often the
subject of contempt and ridicule of a host
of his nferiors in every respect. The word
.1 nie is applied to him as the grand climax
of all that is effeminate and foolish by peo
ple who simply differ with his views as to
styles of clothing. Anyhow, this "Dude''
bw>iues3 is about played out. Let us give
it a rest and take up the Grievancs of
Giggling Girls. Th-re were three of them
in the orchestra circle of the Oper,i Hou->e,
at the K.ello« concert, who giggl.-d so im
moderately in the wrong place that they
ma.le themselves a nusance in their im
mediate vicinity. When we say they gig
gled in the wrong place, do not suppose,
fair reader, that we mean to say that they
should have gone somewhere else togig^le.
This was not our intent, bat in the delicate
P»>-ages of Mme Carreuo's performance,
wt tie absolu'e silence was necessary to its
ei'joyment, these three girls aw 0'iiet';iing
t y mttuseiy f liny for anything. Probacy
i* was tl e in;men** difference between the
i/sy^r and themselves physically and iu
It would possibly be as well for them to
he accomp^n ed to a c incert by their
• •"t:in»a until they learn to behave in pub
lic as la*iits ihouid
V> always believed in the union of the
©rn mental wiih the useful, but th«i f» -
lowing. '•• we e.ither from ihe c damns
•i ;i New York contemporary, takes the
n>Ud cake:
A botei ketp*r who, for the pa<t two
venrs. has sustained heavy losses from
pelt v thefts of provisions, linen, etc , be
ranie alarmed et tbe proportions his losses
were assuming, and put the matter in the
banus of a detective. » hose easle eye soon
fastened itself with suspicion upon no less
a »>ersou than the trusted housekeeper of
tl.e hostelry. He was laughed at by the
proprietor and staff, but insisted upon a
p. r opal seari h l>y a female assistant the
>anie evening. In spite of her protesta
tions and declarations of innocence, she
was conducted into a private room and
made to disencumber herself of her outer
garments, with the following effect:
She bad on an arrangement like an ordina
ly crinoline, with the exception that the
hoops were much heavier, Deing made of
half-inch rod iron, and provided with
hooks at intervals all around the interior,
resembling a circular butcher shop or maat
market, and from the hooks depended the
following remarkable list:
Seven pounds tenderloin steak,
Two blukKSOf CggS,
Two silver milk pitchers,
< >o« cese canned goods.
Two mayonaise of lobsters,
<>re Kricandeauveau,
Two vol au T>nts.
Tl>r«;e pillow cases,
Five napkins.
On* tabiecover,
Four pounds of butter.
At this last item she completely brJfce
I down and gave away to uncontrollable
g'ief, and the admiration of the
I roprietor for her inventive genius, alone
>avtU her from criminal proceedings.
, *
In our observation of j>ersons and things
a* they are, it seems to us at lewt remark 1
: ble that the American public should take
' sucli exception to the fact of Mrs. I.angtry
I receiving ■ fe^ polite attentions from Mr.
j Gebhart (or any ether man). It is not Iter
! fault, po><r ladv that she wasendowei with,
"Alas' This fatal Bewty" that brought
j worshippers to her feet and besides we
fail to see where Wheeling people see the
impropriety of the Lily and are blind to
I tne fact thst a very large number of mar
ried lad es standing very high in the social
world are more frequently ?een in public
in the society of »n attendant cavalier—
i than that of th> ir husbands.
"Wl'.HT Tt'-HE"
DvsrrrsiA dampens the ardor of many
an SM'iriue soul: Why suffer from dys
pepsia' Why be frightened over disor
dered kidneys? Why continne the miser
able life of a dyspeptic, nervous mortal'
Brown's Ir»n liitters will surely cure you.
It has permanently cured thousands of
cases where other remedies afforded only
temporary relief. Ask your druggist con
cerning us merits. Try a sample bottle
and you will be relieved of fnrther mental
and physical distress.
Yocko wan, if you want to get an appro
priate present for yonr lady friend, or the
young lady for her gentleman frieud, you
cannot find a better place to select from
than McLain Brothers' stock, who bar* un
doubtedly the finest and cheapest assort
ment in t'-ie city.
Lot) ten ! Ladle* t
A Beautiful Souvenir for you free at th»
Grand Keception of the Famous O.ie l'rice
llaiiers and Fnmi<h»r«
Nail Faftarv Whlaii.
"lemons" looks tour this week as usna'.
'Spivina" was 26 years old Saturday.
Looks young yet.
C. I>. had a birthday last Wednesday—i
good time for the boys. Sweet US.
Herman Babcock. a nai'er at Riverside,
i* very sick, but will probably te at work
next "week.
••/ak" gets along F^etty well with one
machine at the Riverside nail works. Go
id. * Zaggy."
The boy* are all go:ng to the Arion
Hall Christmas eve. They will have a
"bosa" time if they do.
Charles Cline, a nailer at Riverside, it of!
work on acconnt of a sore hand. One of
Lis self feeders fell on it last weak.
Moses D. is about six feet taU. and the
nobbiest feeder of Daily's four. Hi* btf th
day comes on Christmas, and t^p boys will
have a good time.
We woald advise any and all of our
friends in search of Christmas presents to
call on McLain Brothers, who have any
prire ar.d quality of fcuoda you possibly
could wish, and at pricrs that defy compe
tition. ;
Willi «o Know About DmU C1m«.
To the Editor of the Be jitter.
Christmas a coming now pretty aooi at.d
I want to know whether Santa Clam is
real. Tommy 8u>ith anvs his ma is 8iou
Claus and I tbink she is toe ugly. I told
hiru that and he hit me r gh*. on the mouth
art* said his ma had pretty .false teeth,
anyhow, and his father be drives a garbage
cart, and he eays my pa won't even (50 to
heaven because he keeps a bank. Hit I
want to know about Santa Claus, and if
Tom Smith's ma is Santa Claus, I dou 1
want any skates from her. lie lives in our
alley, and Biddy Mulcahy, onr cook. aays
he steals our coal. Please tell me abo-it
Santa Claus and when I grow bigger I'll
lick Tommy Smith Yonrs,
Littlb W11 I.IK.
Yes, Willie, Tommy ought to be licked
for telling you such nonsense. Of course,
6*nta Claus will not give him anything on
Christmas, for punishment. Perhaps
some of the little readers of the Sunday
Fk .im-kr will give Willie their experience
to encourage him.
febe Lovc«, Al**! Above Her Nlatlon.
To the Editor of the Regi*ter.
I aui a constant reader of your entertain
ing paper, and have watched with dehght
your growing ccrrespondence on nutter
pertaining to those social questions which
puzzle the test of us, and at last have de
termined with fear and trembling to ask
for some advice in a matterconcerning my
self. which I am sure will be readily given.
My father was a wta'thy butcher in Elm
Grove, but alas' the competit.on of Chi
cago meat has driven him to comparative
obat uriiy a:.d J am in cooseuueucc com
peting to earn my livelhood by wrestling
with culinary utensels and chamber furni
ture. But I have d<»red in spite of my
lowly lotto fall madly, desperately in lave
with one who is, I fe'ar, as fsr above me,
as yon pa'e moon is to the top Il^or of the
McLure House, where I daily labor. He
is a reporter or poet or else writes tbe ad
vertisement for a daily p-p ricot y >urs,
alas). He is just too sweet for
anym'np — aud when I see him
pa?s by the windows with his darhns
beard parted iu ;he centre, 1 think he
looks like the great i'an God I read of^in
l.miy Louisa's Tovekno' in the Fireside
Week y or Younr Y.»te~, the V alter
Yelper. or the Y zoo Terror. 1 study these
delightful romances all my spare time. He
spreads his fe« t out when he walks and 1
am sure he must be awful proud.
Mr. Kditor, what hal I betterdo. I atu
afraid to write and ask him to meet me as
he mieht think me too forward, and to love
without knowing him would be a living
death. Kindly advise me in your next.
Yours anxiously, Lui.r B.
The course, of true love never did run
smooth, Lulu, and the only advice the
kind hearted Suxpay Kei;imer has for yoa,
is to cherish the tlame in secret and wa^t
and hope. You cannot tell your love, but
do not "let conc alment, liKe a w>rn i'
'be bud, feed on your dan-aik cheek."
An XxteuNlve SiioIhI AU'itlr at Ariou
Arion Hal), on last Wednesday night,
contained a b»ppy and congenial crowd of
young folks, ttie occasion being the ttiird
•eitct dunce given by the Cedar Leaf Social.
\s before remarked the crowd was la»ge
r i jolly and spent the evening iu a most
'ftijjhtful manner, tripping to tlio sweet
. tridiis of Kramer s orchestra, Late into
1 e morning did the gay party revel in the
!'ei psid.orean delights of the evening,
jvhen they a eparted for their homes happy
n tl e consciousness of having had a royal
y good time. The gentlemen who com
pose the Cedar Leaf are genial aud enter
taining in their treatment of guests and
make things decidedly pleasant for them,
the experience of Wednesday night will
amply testify. Following is a list of the
etli'ient committees: Committee of Ar
rangements. Jos. Weisgerber. Geo. Brad
bury. Geo. Mager; Committee of Invitation,
Geo. Mager. Will Bradbury, Will S'eger,
Jos. Weisaerber, Ed. Koehler, Geo. Brad
bury, Will Kraft, George Bruner, Phil.
Koehler; tloor managers, Wm. Kraft, Ed.
Koehler, Phil. Koehler; ballet masters,
Will Steger, assisted by tieorge Brunner.
Among those present were: MUS9S
Sarah Fisher, Sallie Elliott, Mollie Copier,
Mollie Murphy. Ktla Collins, Annie Meitz,
Cut Meminger, Julia Ketty, Mary Burk,
Mica Kbeling, Ilickie Ebeiiug, Mary Cop
irger. Maggie Barclay. TillieSnider, Louise
Snider, Sopoietlaus, Mollie Meeks, Mollie
Pft Herman, Lizzie Kain. Susie Wells, Ellt
Speiln afi, Aggie Fleming Maggie Fleming,
Hajmah ( oup, Beanna Bite, Lena Koemer,
Anuie Falstick, Ella Camp, Adilie C.»nip,
Kate Highniiller, Kate Connelly, Annie
rlenry, Minnie Bine, Lueila Coss, Janie
Potter. Curri® Porter, Eva Sells. Lil S»u- j
•ers. Tillie Hohman, Minnie Hohman, Car
->e Claprcth. Amelia Yhange, Lmisa
Mason, Mina Mason, Emma B leshnr, Lmisa
Bosbar, Alvinia Itowman. _ Annie
Kazlett. Ida Trimble. Louisa Kreiter, Liz
z e O Neil, Mollie Grunin, Mamie Bsr.-y,
Ka'e Kryter. Kate Beliz, Li/.zie Sweeney,
A ,:ie Katlerty, Maggie Burns, Sallie Burns,
.Voilie Sylvia, Magaie Flvnn, Muggie Fiin
"i^'Hn. Teresa Klug. Mary Albinger, Ella
J.inkins. tieorgie Myers, Emma Dixon,
Msfg e Dixon, Amelia Rimer, Jnsie Weit
steper, Mary Weinsteper,Sallie Weinsteper,
Lena Wagenfceim, Maggie Miller, Aggie
Kline. Kate Mahoney, Annie McEntee,
Sadie O'Neal, Mary Barclay, Lucy llob'.e,
Nellie Mehan, Sadie Berk, Liz<ie Berk,
Ssrah McGowen, Mrs. Chas. I'rice, Mrs. J.
Kline. Mrs. • W. Purcell, Mrs. H. I/nkens,
and Messrs. Will Steger, Jake l'fetternian,
l'hil Koehler, Geo. Bradbury, J«hn Hess
ley, John Beuter, Will Botman, Enoch
Bali. Frank McGinley, Harry Vance, Will
I'enn, Alj. Clator, Joe Altwell, BenShuter,
Frank Booth, John Gray, Albert Weiss,
Henry Burke, Geo. Mager, Will Grubb, EJ.
timber, Chas. Heifer, Sohn Psnder, James
Hesslin, August Kramer, Henry Weisger
ber. Will Blum, Richard Shepherd. Tei
Kline, T. Touer, Will Heboid, Will Ken
nedy, O Kisner, Robert Swims; Frank
<»rudy. Janifs Hire. (!eo. Beater, W. Flem
•ug. Joseph Weisgerber, Ed. Koehler, Kd.
iohuaon, Jame9 Parker, Frank McK:nlev,
i>an Prager, George Myers, George Sickles,
August Kramer. Will Hanes, Joseph Da
•"I'd. Louis Nightingale, August It >lf.
t'!. .tries Snider arid others.
nimAi mriDKN.
Ilclllpi Anions tlie Arti*»s hoiI Mutt
er* of ttie Town.
Mrs C. W. Kotf ami I'er liusha:id are
upcc'ed back shortly from S'ew York,
jiM will resume their respective engige
mails ut tue Methodist Cuurch from Jau
unry 1
Mis> Flora Williams has mo«t acceptably
illcd the vacancy In the Fourth Street M.
K Church during Mrs. KolTsalise ice, and
made her mark not only by her excellent
voice, but also by her ability to read
It is Mr. A. W. I'onel anJ not Mr. \V.
Hay who will be tlie tenor iu St. M itthcar's
Church, as erroneously stated ia a contem
porary paper.
Mrs. K Pummel-berg and her mother,
Mrs. K. Wheat, left last Monday for
Cincinnati, to enjoy the music of that
city. They returned home last evening.
Our churches are petting their organs in
•onoition for the coming Christmas music,
ot. John's Uermau Church engaged the or
;an builder from ZanesvUle. wlm attended
o his work last week, and Mr. W. 11. S'leib
s mi ting the organ of the Church of the
Diacipte in order.
Music formed an interesting feature of
hp festival of the Third Presbyterian
hurch ubich was held on Friday evening
.t Westwo(.d Kail. Mr. <>. Jaeger played
oral violin solo?. Mr. J. <i Sampson ex
hibited his skill on the piccilo and Mr. A.
tl. Hatch presided at the orgra.
The Dew choir of St. Matthew's church
vill consist of Mrs.lG. P. Caldweil, Mrs
Srsdy, Mr. Ponel and Mr. Prine, bis»o.
The Beethoven Singing Society wiii ^ive
a a private entertainment to their mem
bers this evening.
Christmas trade is reported as una*|«lly
healthy by all our musical dealers. "Wil
son A Baumer justly boast of the largest
display of pianos they ever exhibited in
this city with corresponding large s«l«s.
Mr. C. A House has been busv sending off
a large number of organs and pianos (lur
ing the past week, aud Mr. W. H. Sheib
has also received a large invoice of pianos
and organs, among which the Steinway
Baby Grand has attracted great attention.
Mesdames F. J. Norton,"A. M. Sheib and
J. Hall have been invited to participate in
'he installation services of Nelson 1-odge
No. 20 A. F. and A. M., which will take
place in the Masonic Hall on St John's
Day. December 27. Each of the young la
dies will contribute a solo.
The Opera House orchestra will give one
of their delightful rehearsals this evening
jt the Arion Hail.
Prof. Weber otliciated as organist for Mr.
0. W. Eoff during bis absence
Mr. Glose, the accompanist of the Kel
logg Concert Troupe, gave an impromptu
.iano recital at Wilson «V Biumer'sstore on
Thursday and attacteda large crowd.
• Mr. Killmeyer has been engaged during
tha past week at Cadez, Ohio, furnishing
some of his excellent terpsichorean strains.
Kramer's Orchestra will, as usual, suopiy
the music to the private entertainment
given by the Beethoven Society this
Tbe Schiller S'ngiag Society is s new
German association formed at B>»nwool and
undei the direction of Prof. Malmene.
Sh:ll Our Bachelor# Marry Blondes
or Brunettes ?
Cur Correspondents Come to the Front Ad
vccaling the Claims of Each
Last Sunday a correspondent of the Sox
DaV Kkuistar, who drsired to be married,
wiote to know whether he suould chose a
bor.de or brunette. The delicate question
waa referred to our readers aud drew out
tie following:
A €'ollcic<* Broil Blond*.
To the E<lit»r of the Register.
It is not often that I, a graduate of ML de
Cbantal, communicate with newspapers,
but on a question t f the uteres of two
styles of beauties—blondes and brunettes—
1 must add my testimony to the side of my
fair sisters. I am of the medium height
and weight, with fair blue eyes, and hair of
ripjling gold, such as Titian?, delighted
to psint. I'apa calls tre "Sunshine." I
found out while in college that fair-haired
«;irls learned faster and retained whit they
learned lor ger than the brunettes. I don'i
iiiefn from this that the dars girls are ail
nupid or forgetful; I just ment on it as a
>lght incident in favor of the blond-s.
Thtn I don't think that t,irls with dark
complexions are so careful in their toilet
js we cf tner mould. A speck of dirt is
pcinfnlly visible on us, while a brunette
c: u d carry it around without comment. I
could tell many iocts in this connection,
but I would not betray my f ex or mar your
bright paj»er, much less lower my own
dignity. 1 know very weil that the g-m
tlemen prefer a bright, cheerful blonde to
a sedate arid stately brunette, both for tem
porary and pernunent companionship.
My mamma, who is a b!onde of the fairest
type has told me that of her graduating
c:aes of twenty-four ttiris in a leading seiu
nary.there were twelve blondes and twelve
brunettes. Five of the girls were married
within a year, deluding ma. <>aly one
brunette, that she knows of, has been mar
ried. ana she was obi g d M put up with a
gentleman who was refused by a blonde. 1
write this more in pity than in self-glorifi
cation. Poor things."
Yours sententiously, Angela.
lhe;r l ook I>ivlne la AdjIIiIui;.
Eiitor of the Register.
I'm a brunette and glad of it. We can
wear almost anything and it is becoming,
while a blonde has to spend all her time and
money in arranging colors that make her
look well. She has to wear pink and blue
and all those light colors, for if she don't
ste looks like a lily wrapped in mourning.
Then she has to buy brass or gold hairpins,
»Bd they can't be used for button and
<!«ve 'nocks because they're too expensive,
art! for the same rees. n you cun't let the
boys ste-il them. Kver yours,
Bkid'.ei'ORT Br r sett k.
Blondes Too Spirited.
To the Editor of the Register.
t is easy to answer the question a* to
■»;ich style of feminine beauty is mos'
•tuutiful. Blotd s, asjevery one knows, are
pale and ghostly in appearance, having
uild blue eyes, the hue of clothes which
mve cote through a "b'ueing tub" on
?h «!i y. The desirability of blondes
•e i .^ *< me to depend lar-ely upon their
i» i to ity. If they are "B it:sh blond»s"
t. y may be quite attractive. A blonde
ito.td iu white looks unreal, and suggest*
i u aterializert spirit. 1 think there are
more blonde old maids than old maids of
any other style of beauty.
Yours triumphantly,
A Rj.cju.ak Bki'xktts.
B .'inly hut Skill lleep.
2 b the hUhtur of tin■ /{< 'jixter.
I have seen all types of biauly and inii
tated them each and every one. vet I fia.i
'hat the old saying "B»auty is but skin
deep," is only too true Women who are
:'»!> to bebold while their faces are in
ej o-e, perhaps, are hideous when they
.tieinpt to Mime. Some women, be they
ulonde or brunette, ntake heaveniy pic
>»t tojee them on the street, to see
l:» ir misshapen bodies, their ungraceful
■■enrii g and their perfectly ridiculous car
rier and gait, and lastly to see their dis
j'.iasitg, forward behavior, is en'.ugit to
prejudice the most charitable. Let a wo
rn; n be ugly and iH-shapen, but possessing
i tine woman's loving and lovable nature,
atd she will be a prize front heaven.
Pi:oi k.->ionai. Bk\itv.
A Dainty Sflxlnre.
7'" the Editor of the Register,
My opinion on the complexion should
>e worth something, as 1 have lived in so
■ i» tv more years than I care to tell. Know
hen, while each class has its devotees
nnong the male sex, as a rule a blonde
tfritleman s«eari.ig by a brunette Udv
*rd vice versa, neither extreme is so much
tc.inirtd w» a type of beauty that softens
ih« darkness of the one and materializes
ibe lightness of tlie other. Such a com
bination outlasts the charms of cither of
the pronounced types, and will iv. a joy
forever. Indeed, it may be said that ut
forty a betwixt-and between has just en
tertd budding womauhood. Many inci
dents bearing witness to the truth of this
insertion may be saen upon the stagu at
ifce present dry. The brunettes of my
•srlier dnya are all gray. The b'nndes are
:r. ss. ] am to plsy the part of a fairy and
• o West this season. What more cum I
a*'.' Yours artistically, Lk.na.
A Hi-IUirp Bniuctto.
T • the Eilitu* of the Register.
IVijig inteiested in the Captain's wel
fie. my advice may, perhaps, be of benelit
to him. B ond. - ere said to be inconstant;
therefore, I advise you in favor of bru
nettes, but conditionally. She should be
exouiitely lovely, both of lace and form,
and should be po.-sessed of a cultivated
mind—oii! I mean money. Be certain be
fore committing yourself that she idolizes
jcu and that your every wish will be law
to her. N. S.
An AminimndHlInK Itoniilj.
To the Editor of the Register
The snips of girls that exist in these de
generate days call themselves blondes or
!-runette». The idea* How does anybody
r. ully know what the color of their hair is?
fhev pet ibeir eyes set r>n a young follow,
•ud'fthen they tind he likes a blonde brs
hey in:mediately become one, an I the
<anie if he should like a brunette. When
I whs a girl I'd have scorned a man who
valued me for the hue of my hair, a id
though I'm single yet. it is not l>?cau9e of
i question of lighter dark hair. It :s sirn
i.lv because I have preferred to remain so.
For try | an I cannot see anything iater
fstiiig in either a blonde or a brunet'e.
As Old M.vd,
.4 Ml-><'hlevoo« 1 hine.
7'c the Etiitor of the Urq'uter.
. It is cot diftic It for me to say which i
like best—a blonde or a brunette. I'm a
blonde, but I used to be a brunette. I'm
n'.t like ibe Jeopard, so I changed my
•»] ots. Brunettes get griy haired too s >on
to please n>e. and they o^in !o look nil
tron y before there're twenty. A blonde
corresponds with everything that is lively,
vivacious, high-spirited, ;ird p»rhspi mis
chievous. and if 1 can't cp ili those thing*
naturally. I'm determine ! tj be as clos* to
them asm can make me
A Fo^evkr.
Jkot I'trlml In Kqn»«n.
7<» the FAtior of the Hegittcr.
The answer to your correspandent's ques
tion touching types of feminine loveliness
is so obvious as to scarcely require an
answer. To one who admires an Indian or
a Malay for their peculiar complexion a
brunette, strange as it seems, may appear
beautiful. A true brunette hu a complex
ion which corresponds with that of an in
habitant >3f Southern Ita y. An inhabitant
of Southern Italy has a" complex: in two
•hades removed from that of an African.
Fairies are never represented either in
pictures or on the stage with branect? com
plexions. though a sun burned fairy would
t-e quite a natural one. I am yours,
Are yen miberable through indigestion.
Sour Stomach, or Constipation? Acker's
Dyspepsia Tablets we guarantee will re
ieve you. Sold by Edmund Bodkins and
C Menkero«>!itr, Wheeling; and F. P. Zim
uier, Bridgeport. 0 , Druggist*.
Alwchds. New England walnut*. Sicily
filberts, extra large Texa* pccin nti'«. Bra
ail nata. etc. etc.. all 1SS3 crop, in any
quantity. N. Schulx'e confectionary. 1319
A Vailetj of Small Terpulrhorrnn *r,t
I lers.
The Olivettes will dance at Franzheim's
Hail on C'hristmaa afternoon from 1 to 6,
[ and expect to have a grand tine, as they
a ways do. Kramer's full orchestra will
make its usual charming music.
i The German, Elder, will have a grand re
! ception at Franheim'e Hall on New Year's
af ;ernooc, and it is useless to say th*' they
will have an afternoon of unalloyed pleas
ure and amusement.
Misses Lucinda Bthl and Gnssie Hei
I drich, two charming young ladies of Mari
| etia, O., who bave bet-n for some tiiue the
guests of Mrs. Otto, 5!) Twenty second
sueet, were tendered adelightiul "surprise
at Goetze s Hall ou Monday night last by a
number of their friends'. Kramer's or
chestra made sweet music for the merry
par;y who danced late and early, and a
| splendid time was experienced by all.
, Advent causes many young ladies of the
Catholic religion to deprive themsshres of
the plea-ure of dancing. The season con
tinues until X-aias.
The Knights of St. George gave a very
pleasant reception to their friends at St
Alplunsus Ila'l, on Market street, last
Tufsday evening. The Knights were iu
rui 1 dress, and made an exceedingly fine
f ait-play of their prowess in the drill. A
pimsont evening was passed by all.
TbeHappy E'ght Dancing Club will give
one of their enjoyable hops at Arion Hall
on Christmas night. A delightful time is
as?ur»d, as the Happy higbt atl'airs are al
ways sucet-ses.
The gentlemen members ol" the French,
OLeanu ail, took in the sKdting rink ur
Be.lnire, Ohio, last Tnursday nigut and
dispajed their prowess on roller skates,
with the pretty young lodies of that city.
It is said the! Jo* Woodinausee and Hirry
Odbert set the giris' hearts all ago* with
admiration, and the charge is believed to
be true.
The French club will give a dsnce at
Fran/htim halt oil New Year's niijht.
Kramer will piay and the young ladies
and gentlemen will have a royally good
tin e, as tney always rfo, upon occasions of
iliia kind.
Something that might be introduced in
W nteiirg is the Ciuderel a, and other car
pit dai-ctS. To spend m pleasant evening
it is necessary to have some kind of enter
tainment out of the usual way. The idea
is to beein early and Iinih on the stroke
of twelve, and for these informal evenings
•.etui toilets only are required, trained
dresses are rigorously forbidden for the
dancers, skirts are made roun 1. and short
iiiough to show the feet of the dancers
u tile great attention is paid to th« matter
•f .-1 Oe* end sto(kings. One favorite style
"tie wattfbu shoe of undressed kid of a
ine told or silver beads, and fastened with
i arge buckle to match, Another shoe
•m ed she' ' 1.1 eu Terry" is exceeding!v
low cur. made of black satin, and em
')r< ld-ied in iei and gold beads. This
-anual is lined with pale gold satin
«nd is .worn with blaik silk hose
it auoin'd. 1 he Watteau siioes are worn
)Aerit«-cking8 of pale lavender or pale blue
•iu. A very prottv cotume lately worn
| »t.i carpet dance wnaus follows: Tlie pelti
•mt was of silver gray gauze over a silk
| foundation, nnide with nsnon goilored"
n I, the tunic v.n.i of vrinl ol th* new
•v. o- c,-.IJed "prune Pumas," which is a
dbik bitie violet shade with wide square
panels at the sides, trimmed all around
with pompons of chenille. The bodice was
made with a deep point in the front and a
postillion back; the square—nut opening
at the throat was tilled in with a tulle
tucker gathered into a velvet ban 1. From
beneath the basque on the back canio wide
loops of velvet lined with silver setin.
Miss Ida Herger gave a pleasant little' t«a"
to a number of her friends at her hoiua on
North Front street, Island, last Wednes
day evening. A delightful tfme was spant
by those present in the discussion of the
"tea" and social conversation.
Mies Ada Frasher entertained a number
or her young lady and gentlemen friends
at her home on the Island Friday evening,
and the party passed an extremely plfasant
evf nine in various social amusements,
uefreshments added greatly to the enjoy
ment of the occasion.
Mr. < has. Taney left yesterdar for
'.I.srfc-burg, where he will remain for sev
er: I davs.
The South Side Singinp Society gaTe a
lat ce at A!bena's llmi on Friday night.
t!»>id»B the men.hers of the society mere
woe a number of th. ir friends present,
i ail united in passing: the evening in a
mot neiigh'ful and enjoyable manner, as
'Iny uiwi.y3 do.
Iv making selections for Christmas it is
a matter of great importance to Know j ust
w«..it to buy and how to buy, tint is to
pniiLtue an acceptable and valuable ores
-ii* with a moderate outlay. Mr. John
.•rude! has just purchased a large amount
ol it*corateO die n^r, tea and chamber s«ts,
• >V,e VK^.ety of bis. j tie, brooz" goods motto
t'l s. vu'es and toilet sets and an endless
•sci ol noyeltitfe suitable for holiday pres
:i 'ar.U'iin:r<» stands with flowers, n full
ir( ofd»coratrd china, fancy otudent and
im 2>r-g lump*, fe cr.-mii and fruit seta,
>-v etc. A'together one of the best as
-ot ted lines «>t goods to be found in the
".v from which neat and handsome pres
• Miiiiny be selected.
At (ruction* Rooked for Ititn \\ crk at
llu> I li cut re*
Sstnrday night i9 great anion? amuse
ment lovers, an 1 a9 a consrquence both of
our tlireatres were well attended. At the
Opera House a Irrge audience took in "The
American Irving," and wer«s well pleased
with the uietbod in which he put Die Fly
ing Dutclinisn on the hoards. There are,
however, better actors than he in I he com
orttiy—-and worse. At the Ac*d»my, the
sm night of Muilame (iuard's htigitsh
Ni vclty artists iir> w like u capeine pl«<tcr.
Mi'iiy who wont lor tilth were di:-ap:ioint
(1 The show is clean, though "ily," and
>id a rushing business »ll w»-pk.
Till- it KKK AT T!!P OI'KKA HOi'SB.
Oliver Doud Ii.vron will this week
n his old familiar p'ay, " Acro-is the Con
irent." l;isa littl" old, but is still a
>vcr le, and sooie few !mv< ti«v< r s«en it.
i'i"e scenery has bren added since its last
r»:> here
Saisbury's Troubadours, the old reliable
it -1 iipvi r t'li'iK tun makers will he hete
•i; Satiiroay, one night only. Oi coune
h'V will draw a big house.
An exchange is very complimentary to
C*ritt/s Mastodons, who appear at
Academy tni* week and say-*:
ids (Vrito's M.titodon Femak* Minstrels
i pond bt the NatiooalTb'iatre Ins; w^ek.
t»i C attractions of a very r<njoya
ble nature, in the phapeof male and female
specialty {(orformere, to the large an liences
who greeted them every night and at the
matinees Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Satur
This company is composed of a number
ol the very best performers in the profes
sien, and the very targe ami appreciative
at.d»ences who patronized them gives evi
dei ce of the fast growing populari'y of
tiis'-dast female shows.
Managei Kelly has engaged this, the
o'dest ami undoubtedly one of the beat
feiraie sptcia'ty shows on the road, for an
.•erly return date, when they areatrnin to
• ie?e!*t Mr. Htrry Bernard's rare and
'tking afterpiece, introducing the histori
t ,il French extravaganxa dance. Ls Minuet.
I Le comj a»y go from here to B-ltimore.
(■mini free Coorrrt,
J'y 'he Oj'fcfc Hou*e liraas B»ni, at the
**i ine reception of the Famous One
Price llatters ami Furnishers, Friday even
ing. Dec. 21, at T o'clock.
Tbe Nwretfkl l'brl»lm» Miiir
you ciiUId Lave would be from a Steinwuy,
Fi tier. Vise, l>e<ker or Baus Piano, or a
S't.r.iiioger Cynibelia. Clottgh .V Warren or
Hami toR Orcar, purchased at Sheib's
Mumc Store, on Twelfth street. Tneeesy
t»n,»^ij.r> per month for an organ, or $10 per
month I it a piano i will enable yon to b ly
a megni<if»nt instrument of the b-st
make at Sheib'«, at a price to suit your
mH. New <>-e*na range in price from P5
op wards, new I'ianos, either square or up
right. from iJ75 upwards, on the ab> ve
tern s. Think about it and provide y< ar
family with one from the oldest muiic
he use in the ci'y.
Fiorida oranges, Malaga' grape*, line
layer figs, fancy taVe raisins, and can lies
of all kii.ds. Go to N". Schulz, 131!* Market
street. ____________
Lab<".k variety and big stock of caady and
toys, for the Christinas trade, at Geo. 6
Feeny's, No. 1410 Main street.
Mb K. Kuakt, the popui&r Son'li Side
barber, whose shop is located at Xj. 21*T7
Main street, has. owing to the gr»at de
mand of bis patrons, remodeled his shop
and has built elegant new oath roous ad
joining his "hop. Persons wishing a nice
c'enc bath, should call at No. 2167 Muin
MevcraHts visiting th»cityare invited to
call and s*e tbe large variety of candies at
Geo. 8 Feeny's. No. 1110 Miin street
FtoKAU-c renders face powder h.visible
and rrale* it adhere to the skin, imparting
a brilliant complexion. No lady's toilet
complete witfiont it. Price, 25 cents. For
salenyal! druggists.
From the Various Courts in Ses
sion Yesterday.
The Davis Contempt Case Extended a Week
—Supreme Court Proceedings—Van
Walt's Bond—Writ of Habeas
Corpus Returned.
The only matter of any interest in the
Circoit Conrt, yesterday, was the contempt
case of Jailor Divis. The charge ag*init
him is that be wrote an interview, pub
lished in an evenirg paper, which preju
diced the c*se of Wo. Leeper, and in so
doing was in contempt of the Conrt. He
was represtnted by Capt Dovener, while
Prosecuting Attorney Jordan appeared for
the Court. The CapUrin made the point
that Jailor Davis was not the proper ptrty
to charge with the offence wiiicn should be
laid &t the doora of the paper itself. Hut
the Court looked at the tu.tter iu the lifhl
of coming from an officer of the court,
while tLe Captain insisted that the Ja tor
bad the rigtits of a citiz-n, as well, ami
could criticise in a public journal. "For."
said the Court, "a paper could naturally
say, 'Uuw are we in contempt for pursu
ing matter furnished us by an othcer of
the Court?"' The motion to quash the
rule, is overruled. The defense then asked
for a week in which to prepare au answer,
which was granted.
The Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court of Appeals metat the
u ual hour yesterday, with all of the judges
present, and transacted the following bas
Frame vs. Rector, Taylor county. Peti
lion for writ of error refused.
Uier, administrator, etc, vs. Hubbs et al.
Pletsant county, Petition for appeal and
supersedeas granted. Djnd $300.
Westfall vs. Ccfttrill, Calhoun county.
Pe ition for rule refused.
Mason City S .V M. <Y>. vs. Town of Ma
son Mason county. Opinion by Woods;
reversed and remanded.
White, admini-trator of Sadler, vs. Ken
nedy's heirs, JelVcrsou county. Reversed
and remanded.
l?rown »t b! vs Caldwell et al., Brooke
county. Opinion t>y Snyder, Judge. Re
verted and judgment f> r defendants.
Atkinson vs Suttou, Itrooke county.
Opinion by Snyder. Reversed and rt
Woodyard vs. Partington, Wirt county.
Opinion" by Suyder. Reversed au 1 re
mat ded.
Lucas vs. Liverpool, London and <l'obe
li.s,.r».i:iv compsnyr Municipal C #urr. of
Wl. elinp. Opinion by Green. Affirme 1.
Welch vs. Franklin Insurance Co, M i
nicipa! Court of Wheeling. Opinion by
Cretn Judge. Reversed; new trial grant
ed i'Dd remanded.
M.iutice vs. I'evol aud others, Wojd
county. Opinicn ny Johnson, Pres. Af
Reynolds vs. Tonikin®, Kanawha county
Opinion by Johnson, Pres. Allirmed.
Camden .V Co. vs. Hiteshew et m.
Wo d county. Opinion by Johnson, Pres.
Reversed and remanded for rental oi the
E. W. Morgan vs. J. II. Hodman, M >uo:i
gslta county, petition for mandamus to
compel Judge to sign bill of exceptions.
Rule awarded.
Wrmsley vs. Cronnrli, Randolph county.
Api »a'. und supersedeas granted, lljiid,
f 1 .!•■> 0.
Clallin A Co rs. Fo'ey ami others, Wood
county. Petition for rehearing denied.
State vs. Heaton, Gilmer county. Writ
of habeas corpus re timed. Prisoner de
livered to Sheriff of Onto county.
Van W'nirn Bond.
The liond of Leon Van Walt, over wli >se
head hang seven charges of forgery, hts
t eett fixed at $3.o0l», or fotiO in each o: the
seven cases. At this writing the dtbwair
frnif tree agent has not secured a b >n Is
n.a arid still languishes Justice t'.ild
wp|i will hear his case on next Wednci lay,
the liith instant.
(•lien Another t hnnre.
Or. William G. Wciti n was brought from
the penitentiary yesterday by Superinten
dent West in obedience to an order of the
Supreme Court, and tvas placed in Slieriir
P.rown'scustody, w!i . wil', as soon as the'
necessary arrangi tin::i* can be made, take
luni to Gilmer iiiumv lor h new tr,al. He
has been in the | euitentiary sure July
liitli, 1><5. lie is now in Ohio county j til,
and wil, remain tnere until he goes to
iiili> er county. lLs sentence was fjr
hor: e stealing, and histtrniin ths state
priioQ three years. He is much elated
over his chance for acquittal at liis next
trial He is a pleasant man in his address
and manner.
Gt'ARANTKKD to cure a ('old or Cou^h --
AcSer's celebrated Knglish Remedy, ft dd
by Kiln.und Hocking and C. Menkeuifher,
Wheeling; and F. I'. /inimer, Hridgcport,
1 Druggists.
F«r 8 box of the best candy in America
iall on N. Sdiu'z, l.'il!) Market street.
A Ker.ullful t lirlstuiHH I'rcni nt Free
To every lady visiting the grati't opening
reception of the Famous "ne Price If i::.-rs
and Furnishers, 1142 Main St., 1'riJ.iy
evening, l'ec. Jl, at 7 o'clock.
A moiit woitb seeing is the beautiful dis
t-lay oi holiday goods made by McLair*
brothers, druggists. They have any pri :<•
4i,d <|»ality of c-odsany one can wi^h, fro 11
Cfiitu up to t.'io.oo Cslluloid Toilet He s
Their show wit ilows area per!e3l blaze jt
tight and beauty.
• lie JlHrhlnri Heanttrai
Ktn HiiimI Work nod AlUrhmrni*.
These handsome machines which wt*r
awarded the first premium at the Wheel
ing State Fair for fancy needle work eni
broidery, and silver medal for best dotiSl
hread sewing machine, can he st-en at th>*
t tmi t»i.\ a oltice located at 70, 12th street.
I! c- ' 1 N.iT.est.c" Sewing Machine Company
have, in p> t'iiiK upon the market the new
wood work, taken a step far in ailvarce of
'he | oxition tVy have hitherto occupied,
ffad any one been called upon to suggest
some improvement in that machine the
probabilities are he would have given it up
as a hopeless task. The new wood work
sets oil the "Domestic" in such a manner
as to make it an unquestionable beauty,
and the new attachments beautiful in
tliem-elves, are et the same time iu perfect
nccordar.ee with their surroundinus, per
fect, simple end practicable. This com
nary Ins v ver *ra*ed erpenses to place
their i.itcLine at tiie front, and they am
ply 'et : vc tl:». sri ceaa tbeir have attained,
*hi/-b i" rot the result of fortunate sur
roun<ii.*>ps <ir of chance, where gor?d luck
predominates, btr instead, the natural '-on
«e-ii;erce of kr,owing fuliy the wants of
thtir tr.de, t!ie ebiiity to take advance
,>f it by pre .during an nrticle that, while or
nrn Hi 'a! and hi.'hiy a'lractive to the eye,
t at the lame tm"e able to appeal to the
geed set se of tbeir customers a3 en ar'icl^
of the greatest merit.
T'se Floralin for chapped bands, face and
lijs It is cooling to the skin and allays
irritation. l>oes not smart, dries quickly
and makes rough skin soft and srno >th.
Price, 'S> cents. For sale by all druggists.
O.ve of the finest and most attractive
stores in the city is the new and handsome
ly fitted up grocery establishment of Mr.
M. C. Crawford, No. IGcW Market S-jnare.
His store, which was opened for business
about a month ago, will be fonnd to con
tain one of the most carefully selected and
artistically arranged stocks of groceries to
be seen in the city. The shelves extending
the entire length of the store are loaled
down with earned goods of every varie'y,
embracing California Peaches, Plums,
Pears aril Apricots; all the best braids o
rcmaices, Corn. Peas. Boston linked i'.eans.
-ardines, Canned I/jbaters, Salmon. M*c«er
&!, etc. In fact it would be impossible to
egin to enumerate even the substantial*.
He fcas some of the finest brands of new
Tees Flour Syrups, Tobacco, and in fi'-t
bia entire stuck is new and fresh through
out, a'd well worthy of aa ifivestigatior.
Coal n inera are also respectful y mitifieii
that he a so has a fuli supply of mining
towder, oils. ere. Mr. Crawford has pur
cbssed one of the nea'e?t and mos' «•
•ractive delivery wagons in the city, and
while thanking Lis enstomers for tb<-ir
liberal patroragein the pass. awarea the o
that in the future Le will be more t:»au
ever prepared to accomodate them. All
grods purchased at bis store will be de
livered free e,f charge to any part of the
city, acd on rrarket mornings all his re.--.
l^r customers can. after having made their
purchases in market, leave their basket» at
his store and they m ill be for warded care
fully to their homes free of charge.
What ltdy is ttere that would not h
charmed with a handsome holiday pres»o
in 'he shape of cne of those aur>eri-»»
friends of the household, a rv>m»stic See
ing Machine. Office, No. 70Twelfth atree'.

Cliarley ShajrV
One Week Only,
Monday, Z>e
Fall Brtss Hand and Orchestra, composed
female Vaudeville perform
Id tho original hilarious afterpiece will
M'Ko<f rve*l Feat, .««> cen:»: Drew circle, Si
ilay .*vtiuril:iy. Price*, So. 2> a ail 15 o.'ut*
wiilmui ex.ru cl ar^o fr >iu 10 ». 111. 10 5 p. m.
Mm otliis
ComnuBnoinjf ^1
oem."fc>er iv.
of twenty of the very **»t B,.„
era in the profession.
be Introduced the famous lv '
eenfa: Gallery. 2/> wht*. \|„. .,
h< aie cttn be kecur*i a: w.e , 7/
Keail Hhul Tonr H»f» Bw«
J J. Magee, of Ida Cerito's mestolons is
in the city.
Misa A^ice Caldwell will spend her
Christmas holidays at home here.
M m Bessie Sickles, of Allegheny, Pa , is
the ^uest of Kightb ward friends.
Mr. Geo. Laughlin returned home last
night from a western business trip.
Mrs. Manly, of Fairmont, was in the city
several days this week, visiting friends.
Miss Alice Husted. of the Island, will
sj end the holidays with Baltimore friends.
Mr. and Mrs. William Humes expect to
spend their Christmas holidays in Gotham.
Mr. James l'aton left the past week for
Florida, where he expects to pass the
Mrs C M Hart, nee Miss Nan Habits,
will be the guest of ht-r parents during the
Mis* Kate Hornhro.ik will visit Inland
friends this week and remain till after th?
Hud Kennedy will leave next week on a
holiday visit to Washington, H. C., and
p. ints in Virginia.
Charley Bodley will leave next Tuesday
for New'Orleans, I.a , where lie will visit
for about three weeks.
Miss B. Hough, one of Fairmont's chsrm
ing young ladies, expects to visit fitendi
in liridgciort this week.
Mrs Jtn'ge, of Cameron, who has been
the guest ot friends in the city for several
days, has returned home.
Miss Belle IV wr.s and Miss Annie Hats,
of Pleasant Valley, are visiting Alias Lizzie
Adonis, of Six eenth street.
Mrs. F.il. Mendel a ill leave shortly for
her old home, liamniondsport, N. Y ,
where she will pass the holidays.
Thomas 8balicross. Esq . who has been
nwav for a lengthy tierioil of time, returned
home last evening lor a brief rest.
Mi*s Kiln Lewis, of S.xieen'h street, will
l>e buiiie from NV* York mis week to spend
the holiday A with her parents.
HI wood Sliallcross, editor of the Sunday
I.»ait»-r. leaves to-day for Washington t' tv
10 S| end a few <ln\> among the notables.
Mrs Judge (ii * 1 an I daughter, who
h» vt- been the gtie-ts ot !■>'. i.ouit fr.euds
Krsume time, areexppcttd home this week.
Ni vt wtek Miss I-adore Pollock will IpbVJ
fi.r I rankfor', l»«t. where she will bp the
gneit of Mi>s Mattie Hubbard for some
wee 1 s.
Miss Heitie Richardson wi'l b* hom*
some time during the coming week from a
prolonged visit to friends in lied Wing,
Miss Nellie Hazlett, who has been visit
ing in this city for the past two weeks, re
turned to her home at Washington, I'a.,
yesterday evening.
Mr. Charles Oliver, a genial attacheof
the B. A 0. express otlice here, will leave
the coming week for Baltimore, where be
will spend the holinays.
Miss Lucie Hart, a pretty and talented
young lady of Clarksburg, will be a guest
at the residence of Col. DuBois, at Leather*
w>iid, during the holiday season.
Mr. James 1'arling, a popular Riverside
heater, will leave shortlv for his home in
Missouri, whpre he will spend the holidays
on his native heath and the scenes of his
Misses Gtwsie Heidrich ami Lucind*
Pohi. pretty young ladies of Marietta, O ,
vho have been the guests of friends in the
city fur some time past, left tor tl.eir
holms last Thursday.
Mr. Thomas I*. Howell and Mr. /ohn
Junes, of Minneapolis, leave _ to-day lor
.Sew York City to spend a fortnight. They
will also visit Washington, Richmond,
Philadelphia and other eastern cities.
Mis. Fred. Goodrich, who nas resided in
W heeling fur some time past, the guest of
Mis. Holliday, l.">03 Chapliqe street, left
'dst Wednesday evening fur Toledo, <lino.
Mis Goodrich during her stay here made
many warm friends among her cirele of
-cmaintames. All of whom greatly regret
lier departure. She ii a charmingly genial
ady and cannot fail to make frieods
wherever she may go, and liar the bent
>»i.-h»s ot all who knew iter in this city for
t h» ppy time in her new home
Yi i are all invited to the Grand Oppninz
(!•«■< titioti of the Famous One Price Hatters
id Furnisher*. 1112 Main slrpet, Friday
. \ei ing. I 'ec -1. I at 7 o'clock.
Fi"iiai.in is nn elegant substitute for
i lyn rii.e, camphor ice, cold crenin, etc ,
without bring sticky or greasy. Kid gloves
can be w.rn immediately aftpr Using with
«>t t filing them. Price, &"> cents. For
'ale by all druggists.
Jus! MrcchMl,
•Jio br.xes sugar f'li't,
•.ii i hox»s «ngar to\s.
boxes firecrackers.
I*< r sb'e «t low market rates.
Gko 8. Fskkv, ltlo Miiin street.
Oh. Nellie. »o
<'onie to the Opening Reception of the
Hamom '»ne Price Hatters and Furnishers,
11 iJ Main street. Friday eveu:ng, Dec. 21,
7 o'ekr k.
THE holiday trade having now
airly opened, and the all absorbing
'opic in the minds of our people
-ieing to know where to purchase
elegant Christmas presents, we
here answer the qdestion by can
mencing at the best first: Dillon
>s unquestionably the King of the
Holiday Trade. His store would
make a creditable display for New
York City; and he r.ot only has the
fir est line of Fine Diamonds,
Watches and Jewelry in the
city, but the largest Jewelry
establishment in West Virginia,
Eastern Ohio, or Western Penn
sylvania. Mr. Dillon having had
sixteen years' practical experi
ence in hand hp fine watches and
diamonds has a thorough knowl
edge of just what ie required for
the Holiday Season. He handles
nothing but the finest novelties j
known to the trade, and besides
cot trols the sole agency for the
following well-known watches,
and which no other jeweler in the
city can purchase, viz: The "Pot
ter" watch of Geneva, finest in |
the world; the "Lange" watch of!
Dresden: "Patek Phillippi 4 Co.,"
Geneva; "Vacheron L Coaataotin," j
Geneva: Rockford, Illinois, watch, j
Persons desiring to purchase
fir e goods will find it advantageous j
not enly to have Mr. Dillon's
advice in making their aalactions,
but to their interest to call and
compare goods and prices before
ourchasing. Hie trip East this j
Fall was mat?e with the sola object
of (electing the finest novelties
that could be purchased for the
holiday season of 1883, aid a visit
to bla atore will amply repay any
one who contemplates making val
uable purchases. His sp3Cialiy is
fine slrgh stoaes and matchad
pairs of Oiamonds.
For fi vcral years p*»t JV,n
br*u digging coal for Mt;t V .".! "ini
ltfilain.nl Milt whs not
•II be dug. and entered ,. - '<*
David Powell for the »mm. '' v
about llitl. The suit <.v: ,V i
with Attorney Dunc.t<« i.,r .1„ i ' ,«H
a»>d McDonald (or the
*ii given to the jury ab ■ u
jury consisted of Hirn' ■T#*
Thomas Brooks »«"« J "• 1'oaeii V*
allowed l>uke jud^n.etit to t!Jf . ' „*%
f}i.03. °-s'> <*
Tl.e men arrest?.! at Steuhenvi"» • ^
day. anppoted to be the p,r * ,0v'Ur:
the grocery of Mr. -J m H ,
cigsr shop of Mr. Koliert \ kiti«oB i '
Tuesday night. *ere found to be'thsei
parties by Marshal Moroiimiw!,,.
went tu> and returned on the ;»v t"
last night. A good sired rrow.l »», .. ,'i* i
depot expecting to *<• t>ie robb#rj s \
tbey were disappointed. ' 11 '
Jas. Clark and John Gilh-.iore re:
yesterday from Black Kiver. *
Two new heating furnaces are s..,
built at ihe .l.tna null. It is »> t ihtt
more will be put up in the sirV- r
mill will go on double turn m ev,7r 4
partment to morrow morning.
The many employes at the \v „
creek mines received their mouth y d 41!
yesterday. ""
Considerable typhoid fever s» rein.,^
about town. '1
The K. of 1'. festival and enterta-niww 1
next bru'ay auJ Saturday evening. !ra- '
every indication. mil i>« ». ;i »t:«•»i. 1
good entertainment •» p* 11.
1-ast night a Ian p fe,: on a i»h> n Vt
Com' renaurant a.dix; . ie.( rre»us
rouie excit« mei t. One 1. an « u at it*
tat le eating sup| eraud 11*. a1 T . s
George Uice continue* t«»prove.
Buck Montgomery wa- am > Kr. tar
for drunkenness and d.> >r. . .■ .n-»t t
and lined |."» and ei*»s N ■
madeyesterday. ForSatird . • :»v»„
very <|tiiet.
A Hupi^r and f-«ti\<1 w|>. 1 ,
kirkwood M. K «'hur<h on tin fr>,» .
:u d Saturday rw i ii-v f >r .
the rt.llirll. I
WlttT a I'ice I o .d ty I r. ent a 1 ; t j
rurntog Honiestie Sewimr Mail * .11 '
11 i.kc. 1 Kl No. 7" Tw-.f'h Mrert
4<rrali<l I'ret I iimi rl.
FiidfV evening. I »••••. J I. «t fie ii.w if <
Ol tlie KulllOli* <' * I'm e Mullen » i I jr- j
IliihtfP, IK'.1 Ma'n SI
A Mu«i ll«>rrii>ii' Hunler
1 hi above heading i» ti!wn>« * ;re t < 1
nte 11 grent exriteiiu lit in any r mi 1
and should it have have happened moir
mid»t it would he ihe town talk t - * «
hut we have a still greater n itrMi"' to :
agitate the people of Wheeling »• t mr- 1
rounding town* on Friday. iMcem' er ;'t»t,
which will be the town ta'k for i.i>>:il it iq
ttead of weeks, and it i* tin* that «i:irr»
ate such b furore—the openinit of the K«i»
Otis <>ne I'rice ltuitera and l'urui>tien, at
II U Main street near twelfth street, <«
Fri 'ay. 1 >ecetnUr Jt. when tliey w ,iUm«
open their d<H»r» to the public a il t »♦
them a chance to buy It tit, ( i|«« antf
(ienis1 Furnishing < i xids. riunki > 't
etc.. ctc., at such lot\ pri. >» tlia'mliu
ton it'll yon, for t' ey 1 .••H i» w«v ■>( )■< it
it They have thirteen ret til »;.i»^ |
lliroiighniit the n untry and everi ir»
win tli (if >'oimI>i (hat come into 1 >• »ui*»a
C« Hie <!ir> fl f rum the 'a.'tory in tli 14'! «
11 an itexl ti^ and they pay H* •! • 1 '1 '<■*
ev ery I hit g at id sell e ver v • I t n • '■<? ;t
price, end 111 «• great •. t j a 11 * v g t» 1 t
r! mill .y Ihis linn en.ibli• th< tuti.tat
»ucb prices that certaintv will «a.e > 1 >
per lent, by tradn g w • 1 li them. In «>M»r
lo have tli»* ia«!.e» 1 nil and *• e ilo r 1
fi.l 'tore I hey have provided a lieailifal
ard costlv totivenlr. lo l»» presented to
every lady who rails on their rerfpliio
evening. Ho like* e ill the eetiti' ii»a.
So please b«.ir this in tnind <• a• ' » .
rii li and |>«»»»r, you nr<* all inv'« t t • a t
the tirarid Opening I'• <"e| tt«>n "I the l«
«>t.* (>ne I'rire Halter* atid I'i:rniali»r«
Main street, on Ffiday evening, I'rcetuwr •
.'I, at T o'cloc k.
^'»)f could not give yo'ir wife n
daughter, sister, sweetheart fie l»tur
means tli* girl yon love or v' 'ir 1 other
in law. h more useful or Indispen* I'' ti l*
iday present thnn «>r,e of lh"«e el ar• rn*.
light running and durable Itonie-ti' t»e
ing Machines. They are superior t t f
machine in the market.
Tiiisti gralfd ball to tie given by
Happy Thought Club, a*. Turner llatl.
.'hristmas Fve, December 24, Iss.j. Vine
t>y J. J. Hindi's full orchestra.
Or.ti folks and young can find a* M't vn
Hn thera »ny thing tney wish in t'' H -h
day goods line, and at any price t! ey r«
wi>h. Give them a call.
Sleigh Bells!
Skates for Embody,
'•Ijftfmu >»<• *f rn el'l.»r Mi ?!-«• •>«»•*• *
i j. ii li.e Miw-i, mill «>r witt.o it 4M<«»<r«u
Moore's Patent-Lever Fetd Cu!t:r.
.Iiikt llifi IMnr f-<r avr-ry men wl inn"
l»« tir r \». mum or lalf III" ! « J
■enveatlie »:«*•< in bettor i-. ii<ll!|'>n
Hardware at Popjlar Prres.
E. jE. BOYD,.
MnrUi l &«|tuir<*.
no kot ktobii i jie »mrJ.
"" K A K i< IKaK 4Mi WBaKW lH«
IMOKILKAIK l.N\Ai.Jl». ncf Vj**
iUK NKhVKt vutii »/
r»KVtfHi..iT N»:i.rx».K 41-H'fV
Nation, nkkvoih hzai>a<:h«
h-t. «<jli> bt all i>*a(K»wnt
E/ectlon Notice.
n^nK regular AiisuAL MErrrvoof
1 He L* Ht'iif p.rj-iua R tudlnc
Mloft wiJJ b». h..'4 III LAht,r Ha/I, KlfMh »vj,
"O V. < , Ji.u .t'r ». i«M. at 7 '/e. «*
I». m . (orlln-piirwi* or rlectia* mo«; d"*"*
tora f>.r ihc emit:* )**r, *ji<1 f--r u.» ireae
art|«,D of aurfi ntlirr If »Iu. «a a> B1' 0» la*
full) bftufbtup. WM. C. HA>'</. * *•
H. C. VI.HICB. Hrer 'mij.
rieljq" r1lt.T*.V*!tU'I _
/>raon» mc'lo+d U> make la re* or •mat! l»*
vecttnenla la cl«*irable r«ai r«tata in » KKf
1L>L> Oku* IN'i city, or lo Ornt
aeeanilea paying f*<lralf«or lot***1- •••
laTliMllorarr^in'l villi the ajidrrtiji^
Hi. PaaJ, Um ' a; lUlof M,cn»*"U. I»aiW»t«<
at U.« bead of n*»lf* Jon ut the ji»a- *•*"
"tai^l H.vrr, nod la ti.a gatrway «"
c.mmerrial metropolis of Uia 5t» >ort»
« rot, being an liapo Unt rajjioad r«ot*f
ooa of tl>« Irnntol of the great Jfortber*
fa/- fle A»IUoad, ii-.w n>m [tried. Tha nV*
adutli(» »eeia le Injur* for It*
fotorr. Ha population, by tna eomptro.Jert
tialcmrin In Ma/cb, 1M, waa IM*. U Jc®*
|w#' llvaail it*. „ _
Ir veat cm U made o/ from (JO 'ip. I M»'
C(-tlonalj> r» f*r»t>c«a *.vaa.
Real Eotate *««l.
I«s E. Serentb m. -t r*n «»' »
norV|«c (formerly of #uaWo»-»

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