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faking fotrdn.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of*7
puity. strength and wbolesomeiu-««. More
economic«! than the ordinary kinds and
cannot be *>ld in cnmpetiUon with the
, . multitude of low test, snort weight alum
J2 or phosphate powder*. Suid im/y hi cum
Royal H4K1î»u Powdui CO.. 106 Wall St.,
>*0. 1317 MARKET STREET,
Ttl.tFHftNK I. XO. 3S. lUjD
Dm fl&oods.
Il 11 MES MUS!
Cloaks, Shawls, Blankets, Silks,
Cashmeres, Fancy Dress
Goods, Notions, &c.
Thu lw>t Bjitxwhis ever offervrl bjr ourselves or
«uv other AmerWu Dry t.oods House.
The people will nma/ol and our eompeti
tors duinhfntiii.letl
4WRetneml<er the ilruai Baryai 11 House.
L. S. GOOD & CO.'S.
No. 1131 Main Stroot,
The People'* Favorite Dry Uvods llou>e
A imI Joints <" hvt'p It I'p From
\uw I'ill II Amu*.
/• S
A lloliliii^OtrmiKl Mmi> Horo «
v >«'»» One«. \<l<te«l lo Them. [I]
— CQ
y. Ami Ar* Mhowinx Yon e
/, A|>|treel.ite It.
X tiMl Hint Ikalrnhli' ft il 11 t'n.h- p
ionahle UimmN Sh«>\» It.
r* I a
C Our Wonderful Low Prices Tell It.
^ H«re\e» <oiimN fo r A e x » Week
4à renter It.'iruuiiih Ttiiiii Ever
UOur nullo itl All Tliuti. ^
o Tell Your Neighbor, Ask Your Friends ^
Uherf to «et the *«»! for
Your M «»ne j . at
henryJ ACOBS& co's
Snarling Jktjisfo;
TUE 1ET(R>N t 1ST.
The I'ol low in y letter In »elf explana
Weston. W. Ta.. Nept. 13. ISS0.
Weaara. Mluion pear*» Son»:
Please »hip a» JOO lh». HA\-IIA\
DLE I'OI'I'EIL We«t«n people at
home from the MUlf Fair are loud in
their prallte» or PiV HAMtLt: «OF
FEE. If It I» all they rial m for lt. I
rau run olf'iOO Ib». a week.
Re» pee t fol 1 y.
Index to New Advertisement«.
Opera House— McNUb, Johnson & Slarin'a
Wanted—Girl for Housework
Shorthand School—L. Dow Pattou.
For Sale—Frame Residence.
Baker's Mairie Relief—F. H. Lange 4 Ca
P*per Hanging and Decorating—David Kuer
natural Gas Fitting a Specialty.
For Rent—Three Rooms.
For dale—Eugine.
For Rent—Furnished Room.
For Rent—Dwelling.
Wanted—Nail Factory Machiuist.
The Buchanan Mortgage Company.
Olivette Ferry—W. H. Sadler.
For Sale—Valuable Real Esiato.
Additional Local on First Paye.
Poiated P«ociiin(< of Brief Items of Local
Thk steamer, Ida Smith, will be the
Monday packet fur Marrietta, 0.
Two deeds of trust were admitted to rec
ord in Clerk Hook's office yesterday.
Three plain drunks, one of which was
a woman, were diNpcwed of in Police Court
yesterday morning.
The Mannerchor Singing Society will
give a dance at their hall on Tuesday
evening, the 21st inst
The Niagara base ball club of the South
Side yesterday defeated the Standards, of
Triadelphia. at Echo Point, by a score ol
li to 5.
Jl'DGK Jacobs, yesterday sentenced
Lizzie Williams, the woman convicted ol
l»etit larceny, to twenty days in jail.
Court adjourned to Monday morning.
Some trouble having occurred on sheet
mill No. 3 at the Crescent Iron Works, the
mill was off all week. Crescent Lodge
held a meeting last evening, and it is un
derstood that the matter has been settled,
and the mill will go on to-morrow.
There will lie a committee to wait on
the citizens of Martin's Ferry, Monday,
tor donations to the reunion on the Island
Thursday. Any one wishing to give any
thing it will lie heartily appreciate«!.
Anything will he acceptable, except cof
fee, as they have an abundant supply ol
that article.
Tribute of Kespect.
At a meeting of tl»e F. I». Association
)iel«i at liridgeport, Thursday, September
1*!, 1 -*->«», the secretary was instructed to
draft resolution*of respect,
WiiEEEAS, It lias please«! Almighty
(iod iu the intinitude of his wisdom to re
move from oyr presence by the hand ol
death, our esteemed brother Joseph Me
Con uaujf bey's wife; therefore be it
HtmJet J, That the sympathy and re
spect of the orticers and members of the
F. 1». Association be tendered to his famil)
aud friends of our brother. These résolu
tious to be inserted iu the daily papers am
a p»pv sent to onr worthy brother.
Gkoruk C. Hamilton',
.«Secretary of the F. H. A.
St. Louis »u«i ti<-tum via B. O.
For the Trienial Conclave of Kuight*
Templar at St. Ia>uls, Sept. IS to uHJ. th<
1! A O It K Co w ill sell round trip ticket!
to St. Louis at the lowest rate ever offered,
; good returning Sept. 28 inclusive. Par
1 ties going via H & O cau stop «»ver at Ciu
« imufi both going an«l returning to visit
tit«* Exposition. au advant:igc offerts! by n<
other line. A sleeper J eaves Columbus or
train leaving Wheeling !»:•*.> V running
I through to St. Louis. Sleeping Cai
berths OUU be «te« u red at depot ticket of
rtce t>u tralu leaving ut M Cit>
I time.
S|M>rial Sunday Kxcurniou«.
(tu aa«l after July 11, iSi^i, the Ohit
Kiver* Kail road Company will sell ex cur
1 ttiou tickets every Huuduy until furthei
notice at the following rates: Wio^'Jiug U
l'arkersburg und return, Wheeling
• to Sistersville and return, $1,50. Ticket«
I «>nly to I* used on day of sale. Trait
I leaves Wheeling at 7:10 A. M. city time
returning, will leave l'arkersburg at 4:1k"
I». w. ft|)d Sistersville at 6:10 p. it, Wheel
j ing time.
Stockinette at Kmshiem«^.
L.S.tio»u><4Co. sell dry goods the cheapest,
Ik you want to learn »hört-band writing
send one cent stamped self-addrc»»ed vu
velope to S lee ».t Dibes, Stemjgraphers
Columbus, O.
The B. Jfc O.
will *11 round trip tickets to Pittsburg at
$1.511 and' Washington, Pa., at $1 even
j Sunday morning. Trains leave at, 5:05 am
I 7:35, city time.
Br\* your cloaks at Etushcimer's.
Sewastopol, Im*)#, Ottoman corsets
hair and cheviot am! all tUu novelties ii
dreMS goods at Enisheiiuer's.
What the Week Brought Forth on the Gay
Side of Life.
And Other Evente that gave Amusement to
the Belles and Beaui.
Around th« ball the Ught shon# down
Oo half the beauty of the town,
On swaying, perfumed multitudes,
That rustled like the summer woods;
And my own well-belored was there,
And wore a white roue in her hair.
NE of the largest
and moat elegant
social entertain
ment» given in
this vicinity for
years was the re
ception tendered
Miss Lucie S. Hart,
of Clarksburg, on Thursday evening last,
at Mooumeut Place, out the National road;
by Mrs. Andrew Patterson and Misses
Minnie and Lucie Loring. Major Lor
ing's mansion and the beautiful Patterson
cottage were both thrown open for the
eutertainment of the guests, all of whom
enjoyed a delightful season . of aociaJ
amusement. Carriages began arriving
as early as £:3U o'clock, and
as they rolled softly up the drive their
occupants could not fail to notice the
beauty of the sceue. Toe lovely harvest
moon hail just risen in all its splen
dor, casting a soft radiance over the
earth, while Japanese lanterns scat
tered about the park, lent additional charm
to the eye. The guests were received in
the mansion by Mrs. M:ijor Loring, Miss
Lucie Hart aud Miss Lucie Loriug, while
Mftj. Patterson, assisted by Mrs. A. S.
Howell and Miss Minnie Loring, re
ceived in the cottage. Both houses
were ablaze with light, and inside the
brilliance and beauty of the scene was be
yond description. In one end of the large
ball room of the mansiou the Opera Houso
orchestra was stationed, and as the music
tilled the apartment, fair ladies and gal
lant men gracefully went through the
figures of the lanciers or glided over the
waxed floor in the enchanting measures of
the waltze, while the hum of voices, the soft
glow of the lights and the faint perfume
of flowers that hung on the night
breezes aud stole in through windows aud
doors, lent a fascination to the senses that
was delightful. The parlors, corridors and
park aflorded promenaders excellent op
portunity to indulge in those little tete-a
' tetes that are so enjoyable on such occa
sions. A carpe ted walk led irom one house
to the other, and the guests took advant
age of the hospitalities of l»oth. At the
cottage cards was the feature, aud an ex
citing game of progressive euchre was play
ed, the winners of which were presented
with handsome prix,es. Both houses were
beautifully decorated with flowers and
plauts, which were artistically
arranged. There were about one hundred
and fifty guests, the elite of Wheeling and
vicinity, present, among whom were sev
eral visitors to the city. The costumes of
the ladles were beautiful and rich beyond
description while the gentlemen were at
tired in full evening dress. At 12 o'clock
elegant refreshments were served by Mrs.
Ziegenfelder, which wero huartily appre
ciated, and at J o'clock the guests l»egan
1 to depart reluctantly from the
scene of gaiety. It was a memorable eveut
and those who were fortunate enough to
be present will long remember the pleas
ures experienced on the occasion. The
hostesses were the recipients of many con
gratulations on the taste and elegance with
which everything was arranged, and the
delightful manuur the affair passed off.
They have cause to feel proud
of such a brilliant social success.
Following are soineof the costumes worn
011 the occasion: Mrs. Loring, black aud white
I striped velvet, point lace and diamonds;
Mrs. Audrew Patterson, pompadour, black
velvet oQstume, entraine, pearls; Mrs. A.
•S. Howell, white satin corsage, embroid
ered in pearls over blouk satuj; Miss Lor
[ ing orange satin, with ecru lace and red
poppies; Miss Lucie Loriug, pale blue silk
with overdress of cream lace; Miss Lucie
Hart, blue satin and brocade; Mrs. James
Mi-Courtney, lavender plush, embroidered
in crystal; Miss Lillie Hart, cream
white gros grain silk and lace;
Mrs. Bussing, of Chicago, ivory gros grain
j with cardinal velvet trimmings; Mrs.
Luston, of tit. Loujs, black thread lace;
Mrs. Ueorge Wise, lavender satin and vel
vet; Mrs. Hobert IMaplojqe, black silk
eutraiue; Mrs. Prank Ifearne,lavender silk
entraine: Mrs. Kirk Armour, of Kansas
City, tan silk with panel* of yellow plush;
Mrs. Prauk Jepson, pearl colored silk
! with crystal trimmings; Mrs. Arnett,
pink satiu with gold lace; Mrs. OIlie
Wilde, pink satin with swan's down; Mrs.
J no. kihsliliitfcr. pink »urah with crystal
trimmings; Ml m Pendlctoq, wl)it£ silk en
tmine with crystal waist; Miss Maud
i Echols, white silk with embroidery in
colored beads aud pink feathers; Miss
Virginia Simpson, block lace; Miss Ella
Hervcy, black silk and velvet brocade;
Miss Armstrong, cream satin with ostrich
feathers; Miss Carr, ecru surah with red
embroidery; Miss Mary Ott, pale bine
snrah; Miss Fannie Bell, cream wool cos
tume; Miss Ida Harden, black silk, cut
On Thursday afternoon, at 2 o'clock,
Mr. William Laughlin and Miss Auuie £.
Odbert were married at the First Presby
terian Church, Rev. D. A. Cunningham I).
D., performing the ceremony. The altar
was beautifully arranged with flowers, and
the bridal formed a very pretty picture.
Siguor F. d'Auria rendered the music in
his accomplished maaner. The ushers
were Messrs. W. W. Irwin and Steve
Rice; the attendants Messrs. J. Har
ry Odbert, brother of the bride, and Mar
shal V. White. Thegroom is a son of Mr.
Samuel Laughlin, and has many friends
in the city and vicinity, while his bride is
a daughter of Mr. Wm. B. Odbert of the
snnfh «Tir! a charming young lady who
s popular amon : a large circleofacquaint
uiKxa Mi out* Mrs Laughlin left for an
eastern bridal tour. They were the re
cipients of a large lLst of handsome and
costly presents.
On Wednesday evening last, Mr. Antou
Reymaun celebrated the lorty-ninth anni
versary of his birth in a very pleasant way
at his residence on Fifteenth street. Early
in the evening the Opera House band ten
dered him a serenade, and were invited
into the house, where a large number of
guests had assembled for the purpose of
making the occasion a merry one, and
right well they succeeded. The evening
was passed in a delightful manner, in a
stood old-lashioned way, aud when supper
was announced the guests were in good ap
petite to thoroughly enjoy the bounteous
collation spread before them. A number
of toasts were drunk to Mr. Revmann and
his family, and he was the recipient of
many hearty congratulations and good
wishes for future prosperity. Among
those prissent were mauy of our mast prom
inent citizens.
[Continued on Firnt Page.]
Mrs. S. E. «loues wife of the Rev. S. E.
Jones, of the Thompson M. E. Church, and
teacher of the bible class connected with
the Sunday School, was last evening pre
sented with a plush, upholstered rocking
chair by the members of her class. Mr.
Fred E. Smith made the presentation
speech, which was responded to neatly by
the pleased recipient.
A False Humor.
A rumor was iu circulation yesterday to
the effect that au accident bad occurred at
tiie Elson Glass Works, in Martin's Ferry,
resulting from the use of natural gas iu the
glory holes. An investigation, however,
proved the report erroneous, and every
thing going on as serenely as a Summer's
day, ami a hot one, too.
Sent To Jail.
William Garner was before Justice W.
II. Davis, yesterday charged with threaten
ing to kill Henry Miller and using pro
faue language. In the later ease he was
fined $1. ami co«ts and in the former was
sent to jail in default of $200 |t>oud to
keep the peace for oue year. His sou Joe,
who was arrested for using abusive lau
gn rge, was dismissed.
NIcIioIn Vletoriou*.
Yesterday the tie between Messrs.
Nichols and McColloeh for the place of
County Commissioner on the Democratic
ticket in Richland district, was settled by
a vote which was as follows: Brick school
house—Nichols 8-1; McColloeh 52. Glenn
Run school house—Nichols 157; McColloeh
(»2. Total, Nichols 121; McColloeh 111.
Nichols thus receives the place by a ma
jority of seveu votes.
Transfer* of Kent JNtaUt.
Deed made the 1-itli day of March, 18*2,
by William J. Porter aud wife, to James E.
Green, l'or a certain piece of property in
Pleasant Valley, Ohio county, on Edging
tons' Run. Consideration $tt,900.
Deed made September 18th, 1SSG, by
John McLure and wife, to Lawrence Glatz,
for lotnumlier 21, in John McLure's addi
tion to the city of Wheeling, situated in
the First ward. Consideration $130.
Tony I'astor I.ast Evening.
I.ong before the doors opened at the Opera
House last evening, theeutranoe. aud pave
ment iu front of the house were filled with
a crowd of anxious pushing humanity, all
wanting to get near the l>o.v office, iu order
to be thetirst inside and secure good seats.
Atter tl|e doors opeued a constant stream of
people kept passing in until the amli
troiuui was well Tilled and the gab
lery was packed. And It may be
said with perfect truth that not
a persou left the house dissatisfied with the
least pleasing part of the performance, if
that part could l»e found. Messrs Leopold
and Bunnell gave a clever musical act:
Hi »es aud Remington presented "Our
Railraad Hoarders," and "took the house"
liy their specialties; Mr. Ifarry Morris, an
old favorite, reucwed his acquaintance with
his Wheeling trieuds, and was honored
with many recalls; Mr. John F. Byrnes
and Miss Hellene contributed a pleasing
sketch, and Mr. Bryues' crayon work was
especially cqmmnedcd. Mr. Paster sung
three songs that brought down the house.
TheE lectric Three won a fair share of the ap
plausc. The Dare Brothers g:ive one of
ihf.' hest acrobatic and horizontal bar acts
ever given in this ».ity. Stewart Dare, who
is minus one leg, and|is particularly act
ive and supple, performs a number of feats
which at first seem to be muscular im
possibilities. and Thomas S. Dare made a
really funuy and agile clown. The far
cial afterpiece introduced nearly all the
company and made a laughable ending to a
very enjoyable performance. The show,
taken in its entirety, is one of the most
complete and satisfactory. The company
is one of the best Mr. Pastor ever brought
to Wheeling. It is understood that next
season he will introduce a comedy, which
is said to be very, very funny.
Circuit Court,
In Part II,of the Circuit Court yesterday,
Judge Boyd heard the argument in a
Chancery case, and the court adjourned
till Monday morrnpg. In Part I, Jndge
Jacobs sentenced Lizzie Williams to twenty
days in the county jail. In this part the
State vs. Dr. Fonuer will be put on trial,
Monday morning.
Struck an Old Man.
William Lavelle yesterday morning got
drunk, and running across Richard Brad
ley, an old gentleman, struck him over
the head with a heavy cane, knocking him
down and cutting several bad gashes in his
scalp. He was arrested by Officer West,
and appeared before His Honor at the
matinee yesterday afternoon, and was
fined $20 and costs and sent to the work
house tor thirty days in default of payment.
Minstrel* This Week.
On Tuesday evening next McNisb,
Johnson & Slavins' Minstrels will appear
at the Opera House in one of their refined
performances. They were here last season
and all who saw the entertainment were
highly pleased. This year they come
greatly strengthened, and, judging from
the comments of the press all over the
country, they are excelled by no company
on thffroad. Seats on sale Monday morn
ing at Baumer's.
"Silver Spur."
To-morrow evening that delightful com
edy-drama "Silver Spur," will be presen
ted at the Grand Opera House by a fine
company-of which the charming little ac
tress and Wheeling favorite Blanche Vau
ghn, Is the star.
The piece took immensely here last year
and the prospects are tliat it will have a
big run the whole week this season, and
all lovers of the play should see it. Re
served seats are on sale at Shield's music
Camel's* hair underwear and hose at
The Home Team Again Down» the I)u
quuMieii in Fine Shape.
In spite of the additions the Duquesne
club had in yesterday's game they were
agniu outplayed at all point* hy the home
team. J. (i. Smith of Pittsburgh made his
ap|>earance in the box for the local club,
and had the visitors completely at his !
mercy, only two hits being made oft' his
delivery. The fielding erroos were about
equally divided the home nine having six
against the visitors se von. Cons id
ering the fact that he never faced
Smith before Wright caught a good
game. Dudley, S. White and Xichol
fielded in fine form. Gray at third, did
the best work for the visitors, while Os
boru's work iu the points was a decided
improvement on the visitors' pitching of the
day before. The attendance was again
very poor, and the home team came out
behind financially. The Duquesne have
had a fairly good reputation,and theWheel
ing nine engaged them thiukiujg they eould
play much stronger ball tlian they showed
up, consequently the home team cannot be
blamed for arranging games with a known
Weak club. There will probably be a
gaine at the reunion Thursday, between
the Zanesville club and the home nine,
and Stcubenville will play the following
Saturday. Mr. Smith, whose effective
work in the box was much admired, will
remain here for the next few weeks and
give the Wheeling club the benefit of his
services. Following is the score in lull:
W HE EM NU. __
ItH.|P.O.| A. I
Whit«. J.. 1.
White, S„ 2
Wright, c...
O'iiriglit, 1.
Niehol, s....
im.iley, :)...
Ahl. m
smith, ii....
Kuy*. r
:t 0
3 1
4 0
I 4 0
I I 1
„...."in io
Di g t ESN ES.
IA B. K. BH. P.O.' A.
tirey, 3
Swift, c
Whitsell. m
Richardson. 1.
Wurden, (i
Oabtiri), p
RpQU. r.:
Uiltuore, 1
0 I 0
» Ü
2 1 27
Inninw 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Wheeling 1 1 4 1 0 0 1 0 2—101
Pttquesues 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0— 2 j
Earned runs—None. Two-haso hits—Xichol 1.
lieft ou base»—Wheeling 5, Duqiiesnes 3. Time
orgaine«—2 hours. t'mpire—Mr. J. Lark in.
Cif E A pest dry goods at Kmsheimer's.
Qur $3.QQ Ladies' Shoe.
Made in extra high cut, both in kid and
Morocco, also made ou the the common
sense hist, are unexcelled in style and
wear. W« a'so carry a full line of all
kinds of shoes, ranging from $1.00 to $7.00
per pair. We sell for cash, and can.
thereiore, give bottom prices, at
J. W. A MICK's,
1143 Main SU
A Fine Tour Through Virginia by Dr.
Mason and John Topping.
Other Items of Local Interest to Lovere of
the Wheel,
j» H E bycicle
tour taken by
Dr. C. E. Ma
son and Mr.
John Topping
through Vir
ginia, proved
to be a most
delightful one
and the gun"
tlemen have
returned with
glow in g ac
count of the
sport. The
following de
f scri p t io n of
ri "<• rfj t h e tour
written by Mr. Topping, will no doubt
interest all our readers, especially the
friends of the bycicle.
Leaving Wheeling, says Mr. Topping,
via the B. & 0., at 5 p. w., we arrived at
Harpers Ferry for early breakfast. After
liaviug taken in the historical points and
>ther places of interest, we mounted our
wheels at 11:3U o'clock, and wheeled to
Winchester, "î*2 miles distant for supper.
This carried us over the rough part of the
valley pike, and into a country where bi
cycling could be indulged in to perfection
rhe ride from here on to New Market was
& succession of miles of beautiful country,
fine roads and good hotels.
About six hours cach day was spent in
riding, and the remainder of the time de
voted to sight seeing and the enjoyment of
that hospitality that only Virginians know
how to show. From New Market to
Luray, where the wonderful caverns are
located, a distance of about twenty clastic
miles, we encountered some very bad
roads. Climbing the Massoueld Moun
tains which were four miles high, and from
whose summit the Blue Ridge mountains
were seen towering above the cloud*, the
scenery and the two hours spent in the
caverns at Luray. fully compensated us for
the weary ride of fort}' miles. Mounting
our wheels at New Market, the ride to
Staunton was all a wheelman could ask for.
At Harrisburg we had the pleasure ol
meeting Dr Ta tu m, a brother of Mr.
Peebles Tatum of this city, of whose kind
attention we were the recipients. At
Charles town we also met an old Wheeling
bov, Mr. Heiskell, son of Capt. Heiskell.
From Staunton the Natural Bridge of
Virginia was visited, and after a vain at
tempt to find the niches wherein the am
bitious youth had placed his feet to climb
to fame, and carve his name nljovethe list,
the Doctor determined the party should
not be disappointed, and proved to ride
his wheel up the side (as only a Wheeling
wheelman could, ) ami then eclispe the
man who jumped oft'Brooklyn Bridge, by
coasting trom the dizzy height of 200 feet,
to the rocks below. He no doubt would
have succeeded had lie not l>een prevented
by the little wheel ofhis machine, running
up his back and becoming tangled in his
hair. Returning to Staunton we crossed
the mountains to Charlottesville ami on to
Richmond, traveling through country
never before traveled by bicycle.
The roads were found to be bad,
auil the lirst night had to be passed in the
woods at the home of a farmer. The ac
commodations were what the l>oys would
call tough. A garret to sleep in, hot
bread, bacon and weak coffee for breakfast.
The next day, although attended with
many difficulties in the way of sand and
mud, necessitating about twenty-flvo miles
of walking, was spent good humoredly.
The natives never having seen a bicycle,
created much sport for us. We were gazed
upon as peculiar beings. I was asked if we
had been out long, and could not resist the
opportunity to say that we bad been away
so long that we had outgrown our clothes,
ind in proof of the assertion called atten
tion to the length of the doctor's pants,
After having a royal welcomo by tho old
Dominion Club at Richmoud, we boarded
the train for old Point Comfort, where we
net the L. A. W. and joined them in hav
ing a good time surf-bathing and sight
teeing. The party here broke up. the
Joctor going to Norfolk, returning home
via Washington and Pittsburgh, and I
^oingto Baltimore, thence home.
Wheel Note*.
E. P. Baird a member of the Orange
Wanderers.and hulderof tho 10 mile bicycle
-oad record of America, was In town Tues
luy, and t4»ok a moonlight spin over the
Wheeling-West Alexander route. He pro
nounces it fine, and a ride that the Wheel
ing wheelmen should feel proud of. Mr.
Baird is a line fellow and makes a jolly
companion on the road.
[Continued on fVr*/ Page.]
t|aU Clothing.
Do You Want a Stereolyped Boj?
Novelty reigns all thorough it : Materials, Shajie m
Get Up of It, As new as an untroddren forest. )t
rive n Panic to every Old btockot Boys Clothing witw
its shadows. Nothing like we ever carried before.
And Domestics that Look.Like Them.
Smooth Fabrics and Rough, Fancy and Plain, and jN
as far awav as we could get trom the long-ago-liM,,»^
out stvles that clothing houses tliiuk safely aiu:ini,
enough to sell. We follow the same clean track in u,,
materials, as well as
Correct Style, Perfect Fit and Superior Make.
Never in our experience did we show such a s|>len<liil
bewildering am# beautiful CHILDREN'S \ H„V<.
CLOTIT1NG. Your'e after new clothing aren't v„uv
Don't imagine vou have looked upon elegant dotLins
for the lads until you see ours.
!S"o. 30 1 3th Street,
Outfitters for Boys and Childern.
(guns and Soadd Shells.
s * m TaFs tnTiTtîTï f ciï i ïn t
As to Finish and Fine Shooting Qualities.
"Lefever" Hammerless, "Parker," "Colt," "L. C. Smith"
"Pieper," "Remington," "Clabrough," and other double guas
Also the "Spencer Repeating Shot Guns," and all the different
grade of Fine Rifles.
Agent for the Chamberlain Cartridge Co.'s Machine-load
ed Shot Gun Shells, which are now being adopted by all the
leading sportsmen in the country.
No. 1223 Market Street. - Wheeling. W. Va.
£teinu:ap fîianos.
Kran ich 4» Bac^ piünoS<*
t^lO "Vf.-n-k.-t
mammoth clothiers,
Now at the very dawn of the Fall Season we want our Readers, Customers and the Public generally, to know
why they should deal with
to î
,-ißCT w 1 11 • r- . vWtv nn"4 Perfection in Quality. Where else will you find the enormous assortment of everything pertaining
M RSI—We excel all in size of Stock, Greatness ot Variety, an^ x, ^
Man's or Boy's Wardrobe that is shown on our Six Floors. , „ r < ß „i;au]P Clothintr to the Public, driving out to a great extent the horrible shoddy s
SECOND—We were the First House "way before de war" to introduce really Good. Re .able Uothing to tne ruo.i g g
which some Clothiers still persist in handling, to the detriment of the Public and the discredit ö eI^s^ rnntrnl certain lines of Goods to capture special bargains, and <>ffer 1
THIRD—The immense amount of Goods required for our ever-increasing business, enables us to control certain lines ot Uooüs, capiu p g ^
to the People at Pricces below Competition.
Perhaps there has never l>een a Season bri
customers "catch on" to the Neat <
most of the great choice of Goods « «,.uw „.n.* m — - o x — o- . .. . „ ^ t Tailors in the land, at about one-half the Tailors price, rneaswmiicm'". ^
ivays still grater in comfortable Sticks. Our display ot Light TV eight ( a j
have ever shown. % * . . Tmind eo
3 Prettiest Stvles, and gather the Handsomest Materials to be i ^ a ^
>een hemmed in by no ideas that maybe a fabric was too tine to jt ^
.jiiuug iic-ic mat iuuiuera cun uuy pruufiiuv to sive me »uuu «n« ...0. .. nlfm> r . pvpplience of stvle. material and work, than you y1
I..,. »mu m uur stock the Harris Cassimeres, Bannockbums and Worsteds, the best things that are made, and you wi 1 , , Short Pants Suits we show 160 Styles, nothing like ^
worth. In School Suits, both in Long and Short Pants, we show hundreds of styles, and we've seen to it that they are made right strong. In UlWrcn 9 ^ort ram» Bum . j
been seen here for beauty of style and lowness of price. Even* buyer is invited to call and post himself in prices and styles.
M. GUTM AN & CO., Lowest Clothing House in America.
Retail Department. Corner Main cfc TwelftH Streets.

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