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A South side Romance.
On the South Side there lives a ladv
who conducts a bakery business. She ha*
a daughter, which is not strange, but
when the daughter ami a young hakei
whom she had in her employ, fell in love
with each other, the mother frowned upou
them and discouraged their love, but
finding no other way to stop it
she advised the young man to
seek another situation, which he did. And
so matters went along. The mother sup
posed she had foiled the young folks, hut
she hadn't, and they met often and re
newed their vows of love. A ball was gi ven
on the South Side the other night, and th«
lovers attended and hid a good time. But
it appears they took advantage of the op
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CiRcrrrCoi'BT will meet to-morrow.
One deed of trust was admitted to record
There wm one unfortunate before Hi»
Honor yesterday morning- He was let off
without a fine.
In the Dillon watch drawing yesterday
No. 31) drew the watch in club No. 1 and
No. 36 in club No. 2.
TnELi.it will and testament of Agne« S.
Spear was admitted to record in Clerk
Hook'* office yesterday.
Jus. Michael, of the North End, has
formed a co-pai tnership with bis brother
Henry, tor the purpose of conducting a
grocery business at the corner of Sixth and
Mai n streets. They are t wo popn lar young
gentlemen, anil deserve a large patrouage.
Tiie "elite" of Keyser, W. Va., gave a
very eujovable reception at that place, in
Xeffiin's Hall, on last Thursday evening.
About twenty-four couples of young folks
were present. Ward Bros.' orchestra fur
nished the music. About midnight an
elegant supper was served.
A Gyiun»*ium to be Pounded.
A large number of Island gentlemen are
interested iu a project to secure the lease
of tbe Virginia street skating rink for a
term of years and fit it up in first class
style as a gyniuasiuin. A meeting will be
held during the coming week, at which tbe
matter will take defiuite shape.
The Coming Reunion.
The books and papers belouging to the
Society of the Army of West Virginia were
received in this city yesterday. A meeting
of tbe Executive Committee will be held
during the coming week, as will a general
meeting of old soldiers, convened to give
:dl an opportunity to join the Society.
Due announcement ot the time aud place
of the meetiug will be given.
Gilhooly Gets There.
The roller skating race at the Albambra
rink last night, betweeu Jim Gilhooly, of
this city, and Tid Shuttleworth, of Bell
aire, was won easily by Gilhooly in two
straight heats. A large crowd was in at
tendance. Mr. Frank Beckwith, of New
Vork, and Jake Humes, of Martin's Ferry,
will skate a race, ln-st two heats in three,
on February f>th. Mr. Beckwith is the
!{eutlemau who did the remarkable jump
ing at the above rink not long since.
Police Plekupt.
Auily Keeny. of the Sixth ward, kuock
ed hLs brother ilown last night and was
placcd iu the cooler by Officer Killcen.
John Michael kicked in a door at Josephine
Boyd's house on Market street, last evening.
He was arrested by Officer Watson. Offi
cer Brinkman arrested a chap named Jacob
Klose in South Wheeling, last eveuing,
for distnrbiug the peace. Officer Watson
also put iu a plain drunk from the Secoud
IU* Sur«» You're Klght, Theu <•<» Aliead.
To /V KtUoro/ths Register.
I noticed in Friday's IutelligeHcrr the
assertion that Mr. Alfred Caldwell "re
< I ni red three counts of the vote in the
First ward before he was .sat is tied." This
is anotlier malicious ding at that gentle
man. He neither desired or asked for a
recount. It was ma«le at the request of
two Republican candidates for Council.
This statement is due Mr. Caldwell, and I
ask you to I*» good enough to publish it
and set the matter right before the public,
aud oblige Osk Who Knows.
Tr»n«fer of Real
The following transfer of real estate wa«
left for re»-ord at Clerk Hook's office yes
Deed made January '20, 1H*7, by (ieorgc
Authaurand wife to G. A. Koutcr, lor the
undivided one-half of a one-fourth of lot
No. 33, on the west side of Market street.
Consideration, $">.
l>eed made January "js, 1887, by Henry
C. Caldwell and wife to Martin 11« il, for
the north half of lot No. 3, in square No.
H, on the west side of Jacob street. Con
sideration, $S<K).
Si»le of ileal Instate.
Yesterday Auctioneer Hervey sold the
Forsyth property ou the square bounded
by Chapline, Eighteenth, Market and tue
Star Foundry, as follows:
The south half of lot No. 3, fronting 33
feet and 3 iuches on Market street, and
running through to Chapline, it being the
continuation of Seventeenth street, to R.
Fisher, for $ti,500.
I.ot No. 2, fronting tî7 feet 11 inches on
Chapline street, and runuing kick I'M feet
•Si inches, being the property immediately
south of the liue of Seventeenth street, and
«-.ist of St. John's church, was also sold to
R. Fisher for ifl^fJK.
Th>- piece of property below the church,
fronting 11 feet "») inches on Maiket street,
was sold to the congregation ofSt. John's
church for $1,315.
A>11 "« r. p. t
Nrw* Among the Thfütren unil About
TheOperaHouseytsiteiday aflernoou was
tilled with :t refined, appreciative audience
to kjrcet Mr. Kol»eit Downing and his com
pany in "Tilt-Gladiator."' The home last
evening was again comfortably tilled and
the audience appreciative, Mr. Downing
being called before the cnrtaio a number of
times. It is useless to say more of his pre
sentation of the character of "Spartaciis."
It is simply superb, and Mr. Downing may
always be assured of a warm welcome
wheu he comes to Wheeling.
Tuesday evening Hwerly'a Mastodon
Miostreis will,appear at the Opera House,
and a packed house will undoubtedly he
the order of things. A rare treat is in
store for all those who go to set» them, as
they are sure to hear and see a rctined ami
enjoyable entertainment. This famous
organization is decidedly thf l>est lu its
line iu the world. The show is clean
from beginning to end. as coarseness or
vulgarity is not permitted, lor llaverly
enforces the strictest kind of discipline iu
this respect, and as a result attracts large,
appreciative ami delighted family audi
ence* everywhere.
Ou Friday evening next Chas. L. Davis,
in his great character, "Alviu Joslin,"
will appear at the Opera lionne, and will
no doubt be greeted with a large house.
Saturday evening the well-known Xoss
family will give one of their wonderful
mn.«cal entertainments at the Opera
At the Grand Opera House the Kentz
Saotley Novelty Company closed a suc
ceasful engagement, last evening, to a large
audience. They go to Pittsburg next.
Mr. Wui. Muldoou, the famous athlete,
who is with Mr. Downing's company, is
the owner of a tall-bred English mastiff,
whose lather is a fifteen hundred dollar
part of the Samuel Tildrn estate, and
whose motlier was brought direct from
England by Mr. Muldoon. The
animal is but a pup ot' five
months, and although only altout halt
growu, weighs over eighty pounds, and isa
very tine specimen, Hs wears a heavy col
lar from which dangles the bass Util with
which the last score was won by the St.
[.oui* club iu the decisive contest, au»l
which caused several hundred thousands of
dollars to change hands. The Jog's name
is '"Crixas, after a character in "Tlie
Barney McAuley's famous comedy dra
mi, "A Messenger from Jarvis Section,"
will be played at the Grand Opera House
the last three nights of this week, with a
Saturday matinee. The company » a
strong one, including Daniel Giftet her,
Knfus Scott and Jessie West. Daring the
action of the play Miss West will intro
duce her banjo solos, songs, dances, etc.
Mr. W. D. Ingram, an old Wheeling
boy, is still with Mr. Downing's company.
The company leaves this morning for Balti
Of the New Council Held Yesterday After
The Mayor, Clerk and City Sergeant Take
The Oath.
Tliere was a very large attendance of
voters at the City Hall yesterday after
noon to see the new Conocil take hold.
Long before three o'clock, the hour set for
calling the Branches to order, the galleries,
corridors and lobbies were crowded, and
when the gavel fell in the Second Krauch
there was standing room only in all that
portion of the second story reserved for the
use of the general public. The members
elect, together with the majority of the
gentlemeu who served in the old Council,
were on hand in excellent time, aud speut
the interval before three o'clock in dis
cussiug the result of the election, the prob
able successful aspirants for the city offices
to be tilled, and kindred topics, while
through and about the throog a countless
swarm of Republican candidates circulated
in an untiring manuer aud kept up a con
tinual buzz as they endeavored to secure
pledges of support for some desired position.
Among the crowd, too, were many well
known citizens, drawu to the scene through
curiosity, whde up in the galleries the
colored man and brother formed a dusky
background to a scene which was instinct
with life and lull ol' interest.
As 3 o'clock approached the members of
each Branch drifted into their respective
chambers, those fortunate individuals who
had beeu members of the farmer Council
and had secured a re-election taking their
old seats, while the new comers took pos
session of such vacant desks as they could
tind. A numlier of ex-members were also
seen inside the railings, prepared to
watch the organization, while their
thoughts wandered hack to the scene in
the old Ark when they had tfrst answered
to the roll call of the Clerk. •
A considerable portion of the crowd had
beeil attracted by a persistent rumor that
Mr. Thomas F. Thoner would demand a
recouut of the ballots cast for the office of
Clerk, and when it became apparent that
uothing of the sort would transpire doz
ens of gentlemeu, for whom the routine
business had no iutercst, left the building.
Sccoml itrunrli.
Promptly sit three o'clock Mr. Healy
aiwt> in the Second Branch aud called tin
memlters to order, moving that .Mr. Urine
Ulke tlie chair temporarily. .Mr. Allison
opposed this bestowal of an empty honor
upon a Democrat, urging that it was the
Mayor's place to call the Brunch to order
and take charge until the Sergeant's re
turu of the election had been read and the
members sworn in. Mr. tiruse took issue
with Mr. Allison, and a warm discussion
ensued l»etwecu the two, Mr. Caldwell
ending it by producing the Sergeant's re
turn and saying it had been usual with
past Councils to take that return upon its
lace under the temporary Presidency of
the Mayor.
His Honor Mayor (Srubb appeared at
this juncture aud took the chair. Rapping
for order, he said :
"(.« knti.km EN :—You have been assem
bled, iu ait'ordance with law, to hear the
result of the election for city otlieers and
Counciliuen, held January 27th. The
Clerk will read tue result for members of
this ltranch."
Clerk 1 towers then read the list of candi
dates lor the Second Brauch in the various
wards with the vote received by each, it
being identical with the returns published
iu the Keoisteii of last Friday. The
readiu£ being concluded, His Honor said:
"It appears from the returns that the
gentlemen present have been elected to the
Second Branch of Couucil. They will
come forward and be sworn."
The Clerk called the names of the mem
bers elect by wards, ami the gentlemen
came forward and formed a semi-circle iu
trout of the President's desk—all but
Messrs. Jaeger and Miller, who were not
yet in the room. A delay occurred until
the missing members had been found, Mr.
ti. B. Caldwell growling, *nII» rouf: "Voit
might swear some Kcpublican would be
away!" Finally the tardy oues put iu an
appearance, and the roll was culled as fol
lows: Allison, B. S., Auber, Frank, Butts,
J. K., Bremer, Conrad, Caldwell, ti. B ,
Davis, C. L., Garvin, T. M., tiilleland, K.
M., tiruse, Frank, (inndling, George, llar
rcll, A. C., Hartoug, Louis, llealy, Frank,
Jaeger, Otto, Jones, Ci. B., Kettler, Chas.,
Marsh, W. M.t Maxwell, J. P., Miller, C.
11., Mitchell, Alex., Pracht, John, Präger,
Charles, Kohertsou, Kdward, Siiger, E. J.;
Vockler, John, Jr., Warner, Gregory,
Why te, 11. J., Young, A T.
All being preseut, the oath w&sadmiuis
tered by the Mayor. When the members
bud resumed their seats His Honor an
nounced that nominations for temjiorary
chairman were in order.
Iu response to this, Mr. Healy nomi
nated Mr. tiruse, and Mr. Jones Mr. Alli
son. Mr. tiruse declined, and Mr. Allison
was chosen unanimously. Ou taking the
chair Mr. Allison said :
"GENTLEMEN :—I thank you most sin
cerely for the compliment of the office of
temporary chairman. I have only one
word to say, and that is I hoj>e that every
thing will be done in harmony, and with
out ill feeling or jarring. The tirst busi
uess will he the examination of the poll
books and certificates of election for mem
ber* of the Secoud Branch. When our
membership is thus known it will lie
proper to proceed to the election of a |>er
maueut Presidcut."
The Mayor and Clerk's return of the
poll liooks aud tally slice ta were then read.
Mr.'Caldwcll said a formal examination
was not usual, except iu case of doubt or
of a coûtent. As there was uothiug of the
sort apparent, he otfered a resolution cm
bodyiug the returns of the vote cast, aud
upon his motion it was adopted unani
Mr. Allison then declared nominations
for President to lie in order.
Mr. Caldwell took the lloor and said:
"Mb. Chairman:—I wish to pla«-e in
uoiuinatiou in behalf of the Republican
aide of the house—and I hope the vote for
hiu» will not be confined to that side—a
gentleman who is recommended to the
majority side of the Second Branch by the
fact that h is election will be a recognition
of the ward of the city from which
came the largest Republican majority at
the recent election, and a recognition, also,
that something is due that portion of the
city. His election will also lie a recog
nition ol the service of the geutleuiau.
and of the c«oscieotioas manner in which
l)e has discharged his duties in the past,
while H will be a tribute to lus estimable
personal characteristics. Me is not a new
aud untried member, ile is commended
by a very considerable experience in city
aJt'airs. We all know that in the discharge
of his duty he has neyer tagged. We all
kuow biui to lie courteous, alhtble and en
ergetic as a member of this body. Of him
it can truly lie said, 'Well done, thou
good and faithful servant,' and I am sure
^ majority of his fellow-iuemliers are
willing for him to enter into the joys of
President of the üieamd tfranph, if he can
find any. [Laughter.] I know ho will
discharge the duties incombent upon him
without regard to political distinction, and
that be will be free from personal malice,
and I think that when we come, two years
hence, to pass the usual tally resolution,
it will be with sinceer feelings ot regard for
Mr. R. M. Gilleland, of the Eighth ward.
I ask that you vote for him, and give
kiaadministration a hearty support."
Mr. Robertson took the floor and said:—
••Ms. Chairman:—I rise to name a
gentleman who has had a large experience
I in city legislativ« mattern, and who ban
I been sent here again and again by his con
1 sti tuent*. I refer to Mr. A. C. Harrell, of
the First wardj» He is a gentleman who
has nothing of the mugwump about hihi,
and I hope it will be the pleasure of mem
bers to give him their support."
There were uo other nominations, and a
vote was taken, resulting in the choir« of
Mr. Oilleland by two majority in a strict
party vote. When Mr. Gilleland's name
was called, he begged to be; excused from
voting. When Mr. Harrell's name was
called, he said he had intended to compli
ment Mr. Gillcland by a vote, but in view
of the request of his competitor he must
beg to be excused also.
When the vot« had been announced, Mr.
Gillelaod came forward, aud was sworn in
by Mr. Allison. In taking the Chair he
"Gentlemen ok the Second Branch
ofCoCNCIL:—I thank you kindly for the
honor conferred upon me. In filling the
position of President of this body, I may
make mistakes in ruling, but 1 will ask
yon in advance to excnse them. I promise
you that I will not be partisan in ihe ex
ercise of the office. Again I thank you
Mr. Caldwell offered a resolution pro
viding lor a joint committee of three from
each Btanch to prepare the standing com
Mr. Gruse ofi'ered an amendment, add
ing the Mayor aud Presideut of the Sec
ond branch to the Committee, and after a
spirited and lengtbgr debate the amend
ment was adopted, ayes 20, uoes 7. The
motion as amended was then adopted.
Mr. Allison moved that the First Branch
be notified that the Second was ready to
go into joiut session to canvas the returns
lor city officers.
The motion was adopted, and Mr. Alli
son was sent on the mission.
* *
Joiut Session.
lu a few momenta the members ot the
First Branch appeared, aud His Honor
Mayor Grubh took the chair. He stated
the object ol the joint session, and said it
was not customary to make a formal cau
vass of the vote unless in case of doubt or
cou test.
Mr. Caldwell ofi'ered a resolution, em
bracing the returns for each office by
wards, and showing that Mr. C. W. Sea
bright had received l)(> majority for the
office of Mayor, Mr. F. W. Bowers 37 ma
jority for City Clerk, Mr. Porter Smith
413 majority lor City Sergeant, and Mr.
J. K. Crockard <!,."»4U majority lor Wharf
The resolution was uuanimously adopt
ed, and on motion of Mr. Cruse, the joiut
session was dissolved.
* *
Second Hrancli Agiiiii.
When the Second Brauch resume«! it«
session, the officiai bond of Mayor-elect
Seabright, in the sum or $1,000, with
Frederick and Louis Boncnberger as sure
ties, was approve«!. The bonds of City
Clerk Bowers, in the sum of $.">,000, with
(■corn«; Bowers Jaud Codfrey Scheuleas
sureties, of Porter Smith, City Sergeant,
with II. I>uu levy and Peter Welty as sur
eties, and of Henry Serig, iu the sum of
$1,000, with C. J. liawling and II. C.
Meyers as sureties, were also approved.
The resolution sent over from the First
Hrancli, relative to the special committee
to select joint standiug committees, was
non-concurred in.
The city otlicers elect were then sworn
iu by President Gilleland. '
A commiuiication from Mayor Grnbb
and Clerk Bowers, stating that $I'2,(MK( of
the 1 >onds of Ins.1"», had been delivered to
the commissioners of the loau, and recom
mending that a special committee be ap
pointed to superintend the destruction of
the remaining $:50,000 unsigned bonds,
uot rei|uired by the city, was read, and the
President empowered to appoint such com
After selecting seats by lot, this Branch
* *
First Krancli.
This Branch was called to order shortly
after three o'clock by Mayor (Jriibb, all the
members answering to their names at roll
call except Mr. My les.
The members first selected their seats by
lot, and then the Mayor announced the se
lection of a Clerk to be in order and called
for nominations.
Mr. Buckman nominated J. I). F.lson,
and Mr. Delhruggc Mr. Tho.uasF. Thoner.
A ballot resulted in the election of Mr.
Flson by a party vote.
Mr. Dobbins ofteretl a resolution provid
ing for a committee of three from each
Branch to select joint standing commit tees,
and it was adopted. Later the resolution
ou the same subject, sent over from
the Second Branch, adding the Mayor and
President of the Second Branch to the com
mittee, was also adopted.
The Branch took a recess to go into joint
session to canvass the Tcturns for city of
ficers, anil upon reassembling the bonds oi
the Mayor, Clerk, City Sergeant and Cre
matory Keeper were approved.
His Houor, Mayor Seabright, having
taken the «iath of office in the Sccoml
Branch chamber, appeare«! and to»»k hi»
seat. Before assutuim; the chair Mayor
Seabright said:
"CENTI.KMKV:—I desire to use all my
influence to benefit the city. As yon are
well aware, I am not well versed iu parlia
mentary rules or in presiding over legis
lative bodies, and I shall probably make
mistakes. Should I do so. I hope you
will lx>ar with me. Many presuiing
officers are criticise«! for weakness, but as
a general thing the crititrs, iu tl* same
positions, would d" no better. I again
a k you to ls-ar with me. We are now
ready lor business."
The communication from the Mayor
andC'leik relative to the Ixrads ol 1JW5
was read, and there being no further busi
ness this Branch adjourned.
Both Branches of Council will meet in
special session Tuesday evening to elect
city officers.
On the Kttllroatl« Könning Into the
The Baltimore and Oliio, P., C. & St. L.
and C. Jk P. railroads changed the time of
rnnuing tiains this morning at 12:01
o'clock. 15. it O. trains will leave as fol
lows, city time:
For Washington, Baltimore and Phila
delphia, 7:10 a. iu. and 5:20 p. m., daily;
Cumberland accommodation, 7:50 a. in.,
except Sunday; Moundsville accommoda
tion, 11 :35 a. m., except Sunday; Fair
mont accommodation, 3:35 p. m., except
West—Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati
and St. Louis, 9:5T» a. m. and 10:30 p. m ,
daily; Columbnj accommodation, 2:<t0 p'
m., except Sunday; Chicago Limit«*!, 9:10
p. iu.J daily; St. Clairaville accommoda
tion, 8:35 a. iu., 1:50 and 5:20 p. m., ex
cept Suuday.
Wheeling and Pittsburg Division—For
Pittsburg, 5:05 a. m. and 6:30 p. m , daily;
for Pittsburg, 8:25 a. m. aud 1:05 p, m,.
except Sunday; for Washington, Pa., 4:55
p. in., except Sunday.
The P., C. A St. L Ky. change makes
trains arrive in this city at 10:4."» a. in. and
G:35p. m. (city time), instead of 11:45
a. m. and 0:55 p. m. as heretofore. No
change in departure of trains By the new
schedule close connection is made at Steu
benvillc for Cincinnati and St. Louis on
both morning and night trains.
TheC. & P. R- R. change makes the 3:42
a m train leave at 8:30, and the 4:32 p. m.
at 4:13. No change in arrivals except the
10:33 a. m., which will arrive hereafter at
J. Bernstein, the optician, may be oon
salted at the Stamm House parlor every
IAKT, on Thursday evening, January 20,
a gold necklace belonging to a Center
WheeliDg lady, somewhere between Soath
and Center Wheeling. Finder will please
leave at this office.
Have your spectacles attended to by
Bernstein, the optician, at the Stamm
How the Mos and Beam Have Been
Amused the Past Six Days.
The Hall-Frew Nuptials—A Pretty Wed
dingand a Swell Reception.
The week just closed haa been replete with
amusements in a social way and theyouug
folks as well an their elders have had plenty
to occupy their time and attention. For
the coming week a hall is promised at
Franzbeim's Hall some time daring the
latter part, and several other events are
also booked. Un Thursday afternoon ihe
yonng ladies will have an opportunity oî
securing revenge on the boys and become
even with them for their nice little stag
party ot several weeks ago. Miss Mamie
Leighton has issued invitations to quite a
number of her youug lady friends for that
afternoon. Of course the entertainment
will be delightlul and the fortunate ladies
are anticipating the mining of Thursday
with a great deal of pleasure.
The leading society event of the past
week wits the marriage of Mr. James Kel
sey Hall and Miss Ida May Frew, which
took place at St. Mathews church, Thurs
day evening at 9 o'clock. It was oneol the
most beautifully arranged and carried out
church weddings ever seen in Wheeling.
For au hour previous to the ceremony
Miss Mary Wilde, organist of the church,
rendered à programme of brilliant and en
livening nuisic, while the guest« assembled,
and at H o'clock the church presented a
scene ol animation and beauty. Promptly
at the hour set the notes of the Mendels
sohn wedding march heralded the entrance
of the wedding party. First the ushers,
Messrs. J. M. Weist ling and Walter A. j
Bloomtield, and Messrs. Peebles Tatnm
aud Will McD. Miller, of Steul»euville,
entered in pairs, followed by the brides
maids and groomsmen, Mr. T. K. Me
Knight, of Pittsburg, and Miss Anuie
Clark, and Mr. Sam B. Harrison and
Miss Jcnuie Bailey. Next came the bride,
leaning upon the arm of her father.
Mr. John Frew, being immediately pre
ceeded by her maid ot honor, Miss Bettie
McLure. The ushers separated at the
chancel steps and the bridesmaids and
groomsmen at the railing. When the
bride and lier father reached the foot of the
chancel steps they were met by the groom
and his liest mau, Mr. Austiu Beach, who
appeared from the vestry room, the bride
taking the groom's arm while the two gen
tlemen occupied positions ou either side.
In this manner the altar was reached,
where Rev. K. liusli Swope, rector of St.
Matthew's church, in the Episcopal service
pronounced the couple man and wife,
while the organist softly played several
touching and lieautiful airs. At the con
clusion of the ceremony, the bride and
groom, followed by the uiaid ot honor and
best man, and the bridesmaidsand grooms
men, andjUshers, r* aptctivrly, retired to
the strains ol the Thannhanser wedding
march. They were immediately driven
to the residence of Mr.
John Frew, corner of Ko if
aud Fourteenth streets, when an elegant
reception followed. The residence was
handsomely decorat«! and presented a
pretty appearance. The bride and
groom aud their attendants occupied a
position in the front parlor, where they
received the guests, assisted by Mrs. John
Frew aud Miss Mary Frew. Of course,
congratulations and good wishes were
fairly showered upon Mr." and Mrs. Hall.
The dressing on the occasiou was superb,
the costumes of the bride, her maid of
honor and bridesmaids lieiug especially
elalMirate and elegant. At 9 o'clock sup
per of the must appetizing nature was
served anil discussed, while Prof. Charlie
Killmever officiated at the piauo and ren
dered an excellent musical programme.
The presents were displayed in a room on
the third tloor of the residence, and with
out doubt n handsomer, costlier or
more useful • lot of bridal pres
ents was never seen in Wheeling.
They were the admiration of all. At 10
o'clock Mr. and Mrs. II ill, accompanied by
the bridal party and a number of immedi
ate relatives were driven to the B. & O.
depot, the carriage being showered with
rice aud old slippers. They left on the
lOSttl B. & «t. Cincinnati Express, and will
make a tour of two weeks duration, alter
which they will return and take apart
ments at the Stamm House until April IM,
when they will go to housekeeping. They
have the best, wishes ot' a large circle of
friends and acquaintances in this city aud
many other places.
Un Friday evening l-ranzheim s Hull, on
Main street, was the s<-enc «I a most de
lightful 1 iii|>, given by the Kookeu Klub.
Although the weather was extremely disa
greeablu quite a large number of young
tolks were present, including the members
oftheelub ami their friends. The affair
was full dress and many of the ladies' cos
tumes were very handsome. 1'rof. .loe
Kramer's orchestra furnished the raufie
und of course it was delight lui, and light
feet were kept flying to the measure* of
waltze, polka and lanciers until an early
hour yesterday morning. At la o'clock
choice refreshments were served at the hall
and they received a full share of attention.
The swell event in Jewish society circles
was the ball given by the Mercantile club,
at its rooms, on Thursday evening. It was
the second grand dress atl'air given by the
club the season, and was a success in every
way. Prof, .loti K reamer's orchestra made
the music, and it was as fascinating as
usual, many new airs l>eing played.
The ball room certainly presented a merry
scene as the elegautly attired ladies aud
dark-suited gentleman went through the
Irfnres of the lancers or whirled over the
tloor to the music'of the waltze, polka or
schottische. At 12 o'clock the party ad
journed to the St. James Hotel where an
elegaut r«-past awaited them, which was
heartily discussed. Dancing was then re
sumed and continued until an early hour
Friday morning. Mr. C. J. Heek man
officiated as master of ceremonies, assisted
by the amusement committee, consisting
qf Messrs. David Kraus, '"(J. Emsheimer,
Hr., l»uis Arnstein, aud M.J. Sonneborn.
Fri laj' evening Miss Lizzie Mendel en
tertained a number of her young friends in
a very delightful way at the residence of
Mrs. Sarah Mendel, on Twelfth street. The
occasion was the célébrât ion of the anniver
sary of her birth, and about forty of her
friend* bail assembled to eojoy it with her.
Prof. Charlie Killnieyer presided at the pi
ano in his usual accomplished manner, aud
of course the youug folks took full advan
tage of the music, and thesccne was indeed
a pretty one as they gracefully kept time to
the measures of the dance. At 11 o'clock
refreshments were served and enjoyably
discnsned. Dancing was tlieu resumed
and kept up until 2 o'clock yesterd."\y
morning, when the assemblage reluctantly
dispersed, wishing the charming young
hostess many happy returns of the day.
A number of South Side youug ladies
entertained their g--utleinan friends at
Arbenz'a Hall, Tuesday evening, in a very
pleasant way. Mayer's orchestra was on
hand, and the young folks danced the
hours merrily away until 2ÛJÛ o'clock
Friday morning, desisting only long
enough at 11 o'clock to partake of re
freshments. The affair was highly enjoy
A number ot her young lady friends sur
prised Mrs. Neider, who resides at the
corner ofJarob aud Twenty-wec-md streets,
very agreeably on Thursday evening, by
calUng at her house with the intention of
having a good time, and they succeeded.
A number of young men were also present
and the evening was spent pleasantly,
! dancing and other social amusements hie
I iujj indulged in. Kefreehments were served
fit 11 nVlork
Capt B. B. Gorsucb, conductor of the
Fairmont accommodation, on the B. & O.
road, and Miss Agnes Riley, of the South
Side, were married at St Joseph's Cathe
dral on Tuesday morning, Mgr. Sullivan
officiating. After the ceremony the wed
ding party repaired to the residence of the
bride's mother, on South Main street, where
they held a short reception and partook of
a well-prepared breakfast. Mr. and Mrs.
Gorench were the recipient« of many con
gratulations and numerous and handsome
presents. They left over the B. A O. at 9
o'clock for Baltimore.
The Circle ot Friendship will give a
select hop at Lalîelle Avenue Hall, Thurs
day evening, February 3. Mayer will
make the music
On Friday evening, the 18th of Febru
ary. the Bachelors' Club will entertain
their friends at the Alhambra Palace Riuk
with a masque skating and dancing carni
val. The invitations for the event will be
out in a few days and it promises to be
the largest and most enjoyable affair of the
The Electric Star Social gave a pleasant
dance at Mamnerchor Half, Friday even
ing. Dancing to Mayer's music was the
principal feature of amusement aud it was
kept up until a late hour yesterday morn
Last Monday evening she Germania
Singing Society gave a grand masque hall
at their hall iu the Public Library Build
ing and a very large crowd of the mem
bers and their friend*» were present, the
assortment and number of masques being
quite large. The Opera House orchestra
furnished the music and dancing was the
order of things until an early hour Tues
day morning. Refreshments were served
in the adjoining hall during the evening.
Mr. Frank Knglen handsomely enter
tained a select party of friends at his home
on Seventh street, Wednesday evening.
Dancing to the exquisite music of Prof.
Killmeyer was the feature of the evening,
and at 11 o'clock supper and refreshments
were served, after which dancing was re
sumed and continued until an early hour
Thurmlay morning. Those present were:
Misses Mary and Kate Wright, Posie Mil
ler, Nan Carroll, Mina ifcwley, Nellie
Brown, Sue Reister, Anita I^egarde, Mr.
and Mrs. Knglen, Mr. and Mrs. Chris
Blum and Messrs. Frank Reister, George
Hoke, George Miller, Harry Ebbert, Henry
Hess, Ed. McGowan, Lawrence Woel»er
and Frank Knglen.
Miss Annie Giblin pntertained a numb« r
of friends very plcasautly at her home on
Wood street. Friday evening the occasion
being the anniversary of her birth. The
evening was spent enjoyably in vari
ous social amusements until h late hour.
Among those present were Misses Ella
Coughlau, Tenie Fisher, Ella Fisher, An
nie and Maggie Giblin, Mary and Lizzie
Coughliu, Mary ami Katie Cuff, Maggie
Carey, Emma Russell, Minnie Haseuauer,
Mamie Horn, Lizzie Fox, Maggie
O'Malley, Annie Hasenauer,Mary Fowley,
Kate Plannagan, Jennie Dolan, Cecelia
Kccnan, Mary Keenan, Mamie Dailcy,
Lucy Murphy, Mary Murphy, Winfred
Glyii, Mollie Truax, Kate Cummins, Mary
Gosney, KateMeGinty, Mr. and Mrs. Man
ion, and Messrs. Gene Miller, John Fow
ley, Harry Mackenaul, Jones, Geo. Kelly,
.las. Kearnes, Will Pritchard, John Mul
lary. Fred Miller, Charley Harrington,
John Hopkins, Pete Horn, James Fitz
gerald, Dan McCarty, Willie Newhardt,
Tim Giblin, H.Shiller, J. Berry, l>. Joint,
C. Dailey, 1>. Norris, F. Howard, Y. Mil
ler, H. Manshurger, Henry Heller, J.
Arkle, G. Smith, Joe Morris, Will Con
uers, T. Giblin, M. Gavin.
The "Star Drum Corps" of the East Kud,
will give their first grand ball at Turner
Hall oil February 11. Meyer's orchestra
will furnish the music.
The Sweitzer Society gave a lug ball at
Beethooven Hall Monday eveuiug last.
Kramer's lull orchestra played ami those
present spent a happy evening danciug to
the delight Iii 1 music.
On Tuesday evening the Germau Work
inginen's Benevolent Soeiety gave a hall at
Beethoven Hall. A large erowd wa.i pres
ent and a pleasant time was spent daneing
to music furnished by Kramer's lull or
The Arion Society give auuthcr of their
delightful ''Kaftevisites" on Wednesday
evening last, and as usual it was highly
Two composer* evenings will be given in
February by a nam her of Prof. Win. Arm
strong's advanced pupils.
Movement* of Cillixn» anal the CouitiiR
hikI lining of M runner*. •
Miss Kate Harden, of Hteubenville, is
visiting friends in the city.
Mrs. Suydani, of Kansas City, is visiting
her sisit r, Mrs. Sam Norton, of the Islaud.
Mrs. .1 A Roth, ofC'hicago, accompanied
by her family, is visiting relatives on the
South Side.
Mr. John P. Rush, representing the
Cleveland ('otliolic I nirrrni, was in theeity
Mr. Mortimer Follook and wife have re
iurned to the eity, and are quarted at the
Stamm Honse.
truite a number of visitors were in the
city the past week attending the Hall -
Frew wedding.
Mr. Harry Wilson, agent of the It. »Sc O.
at Clarksburg, is in the city and will re
main until this evening.
Mrs. W. H. Si viter, of Pittsburg, who
was the guest of Miss Mary Frew the past
week, lias returned home.
Mr. Albert Welty, a popular young gen
tleiuan from Trentou, N. J., is visiting
friends 011 South Main street.
Mrs. Charles V. Harding, of Washing
ton, Pa., is visiting her |>arents, ])r. and
Mrs. J. C. Hupp, on Fourteenth street.
(!en. A. H. Peach came down fiom
Cleveland on Thnrsday last U» east bis
vote and attend the Hall-Frew nuptials.
A nnmlier of soeiety people went up to
Pittsburg yesterday and witnessed lW>oth
in "Hamlet" at the matinee, returning
last night.
Ed. Felt us, formerly with the Atlantic
Tea Co., bnt now with a Urge tea house in
Philadelphia, is in the city in the interest
of his house,
Mr. Thomas Little, of Woodsfi#*ld, Ohio,
and Mr. Oliver Little, of Burlington, la.,
are guests of their brother, Mr. Arthur Lit
tle, on Fifteenth street.
Mr. I). W. Custer, of the Bisteraville
Independent, is in the city. Mr. Custer's
entire office was destroyed by fire aevtral
!t ia an unfailing remedy for Dt
an Alling
KUa*7 mut liver
It ia invaluable for fliraara
Dtaeaaea of the
vamaDM lor inaeaaea peculiar to
. and all who lead aedentary Urea.
It doe« not injure the teeth, caoae headache .or
produce conaupaikm—other Jron wudietmm do.
■timulates the appetite, aida the aaalmllallon
of food, relievea Heartburn and Belching,and
strengthens the mnaelea and nerrea.
For latenattuat Frrm, UariM
Lack of Ea»nry, etc., it haa no equal.
rr The genuine haa above trade mark and
croaaed red ilnea on wrapper. Take do other.
QW» ammc>,iiuiiw,m
days since, and was doubtless the work of
incendiaries. Tbo loss is not entirely cov
er«! by insurance, but bo will purchase a
new office as won as matters «resettled.
Albert Wclty, a popular yonng gentle
man from Trenton, N. J., is visiting
friends on Main street It is rumored that
be will not return home alone.
Mr. Will J. McNabb, who has been in
Minnesota for the past nine months, will
return home this week ou a visit. Joseph
Frederick, who went with him, will also
return on a visit.
The Report of tli«« Committee Appointed
to Examine the First Ward School.
Following will be found the report ol
the Committee ol experts appointed to
examine into the alleged dangerous con
dition of the First ward school.
Wheeling, January 29, 18.37.
To the Board of Education:
At your request we have made au exam
ination of the First ward school building,
and we see no recent ev idence of any gi v
ing away of the building, and think it
stands the same as it did after the recent
improvement« were made, such as taking
down the gable wall and putting iu the
iron braces to the side and rear walls, un
less the building should be settling bodily
to the west
The heating system in the building is
not construeted as it should be, but with
careful management is not dangerous.
The escapes are as good as will be seen in
school buildings generally, but the upper
stairways may be a little narrow'. We
can see nothing that can give immediate
We lind the building on the west side,
by plumb line from top to bottom, to lean
to the west at northwest corner two ami
one-half inches, southwest corner, two
inches, and the middle three inches. At
what ]>eriod this occurred we are uuahle
to determine.
With these and other matters ofgeneral
construction, we think it would lie unwise
for the Hoard to further spend more
money on repairs to this building, as it is
only a matter ol a few years when it will
have to lie rebuilt
Kespcctfnlly submitted,
K. W. Wei.ij»,
B. Ki.ikvks.
To WorkliiKiiteii-—How You Can Save
Your Eye*.
Every workingman's eye h are his stock
in trade. When they are injured or lost
he has lost his means of support, lu mine
and mill, injuries are so common, and
though slight at lirst, very many wo know
and hear of have lesultcd fatally to the
vision through neglect or unskillful treat
ment. Our attention has l»cen especially
called to such cases of late by many of our
suliscrilicrs and acquaintances from differ
ent parts ol' the city and country, asking
where they should go for relief. We have
for some time directed such inquirers to
the well known ocnlist, Dr. S. M. Sloctim,
No. (»!) Sixteenth street, this city. He has
been a resident here two years, and enjoyed
an extraordinary large practice, in which
he lias been very successful.
In litany des|>crate cases, where others
had failed, lie has sncmulcd. Heilig so
otten railed h|miu for rccomiiiendation in
such matters we have taken especial |>aius
t« inquire of those who have been treated,
and tinis secure data upon which to give
such ml vice as would most lienelit our
patrons. The further we push the in
quiries the ln-tter we are satisfied that our
course has lieen the right one. The Doc
tor also treats deafness and throat diseases
with equal success.
To b« Olren by Klgoor d'AurU'« P«pj(t
Thiuvdajr Krentng.
Thursday evening next Rignor p,
d'Anria's pupils will give the second
recital of the neasou at F. W. Baume,-,
music rooms. Those who are fortune
enough to attend will hear the following
tiDe programme rendered in excellent stjlc
L Child of the Regitueut .botj'.U,
Koprano Obligato Mrs. 8. J. horten und
male eh<>ni*.
II. Song—Who Kno** t
Miss Lucy Kobinsotv
III. rarigl'o Cara-duet from I rav lata v«rtt
Mis» Kate Michael and Mr. Arkte "
IV. Quartett and chorus« from Somuainbola ....
Mrs. Öito Jaeger. Misses Conner and I'hih'ii1''
and Mr. \V. B. Day.
V. Ernant Involami' Venli
Ml« Sara Roemer ^
VI. Among the Lillie*..... .... [)4ai
Mr Otto Jaeger.
VII. Piano Solo—Manr.inlia Mazurka..
Mr» S. B. Convene.
IX. Chorus by gt neral request
Praver from Mows in tifftpi RlBfl ,
Solo—Mis- Roemer. Mr. ArWlt and Mr J yirku
l>olnff« of Boat« »nil ltoatmen alun» it.
Ohl». * "
The SI «inter Telegram is to day's Clar
ingtou |wcket at 3 p. m.
The I/ouis A. Sherley left yesterday if.
t<Ttu{ou at H o'clock lor Cincinnati.
The marlu ou the lauding la»t »\enmc
indicated It» feet inehes ami tailing
Marks at other place*—I'ittshnrg in
aud risiug; Parker, « feet inches and fall
ing: IxH'k No. -I, 10 leel 10 inches and rt*.
tug; üm-usboro. 13 feet e> inch, s and ris
ing; Moigantown, 7 l'eet und falling; o,|
City, 5 f«-et and rising; lirownsvillc, » |w,
ami rising; Ktce's landing. 8 l«vt :t in. h«>
tud falling.
jflfur Sdrntiscmpiits.
1/OR iî K. N'T—TEN ACRES (MN»h 1 K\ n
I" land in Marlin s Kerry, Miitable I. r
ing. Quince and ai»ple orchard, iuelndiut: < nt
anple tree* Will Ik»rented on rea*a>naMe
Apply lo M. SHEETS, Martin'« Kerry, t> j.
Best It rand s of Cuuued Tot ii at I0r. IVr I ar.
Some Brands 1 hive Can* !".»r 2'« few«
All KlMiitlnril HrnniU ftuiiilar« three
t'aua for »a Oui».
There goods are of laM Ptnniuer'» |>h< l, »t,,|
qualityguaranteed. LEVI BROS..
Ja'<û MeMechen»' old >tanil. I:hv. Mark«* St.
A Well Selected Stock of General Merchandise
Will »ell or rent Store Kootn and Owi-llnnc \
good established trade of over }!<*»> |* f m..iu;,
Reason for nelllng poor health.
l'ail on or address W. s. TAtSii AKT.
ja'tdqea Barton, Belmont Count y o
Practical Carriage and Wagon Builder,
\ 1 */\ Ts I ' '
- ^ v
t'ur. Market ami Twenty four III Street*,
4#-S|i«c1hI addition to repairing Allimlcn
liy Telephone will rveelve prompt and <«r. iu|
attention. jatycj.llt
oiiiairnrs ana uinmonas.
These two Articles Our Great -Specialty.
During the Coming Week Choice Novelties in Attractive HOLIDAY PRES
ENTS, will ho Open up Every Day at
A NI »
Elaborate Designs in Fine China and Pottery, Embracing the Most Re
nowned Manufactures. Beautiful Fancy Plush Sets.
liranich S: itorh g)innos.
fönest piano at an Honest Price!
The Most Perfect Instrument of the Age.

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