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UfuII of Original Sto
Uries, Mows, Illustra
tions and Gossip. EVERY
IMKKKRSBI K»i is immediately going to
bore l'«>r «as.
Tmk -'Ulke ol the Chicago carpenters has
brt-u «Irdawd off
Thk liAnnu'K case hau »wen cloned and
„ no« i» I** to«*1* 01 th«jnry.
\i k\asi>kk K. La Wim hat« been ap
pealed Miuwter lo Austria-Hungary
Xhk l'mhibitiouista ar« already map
ping »ut a vigorous campaign in this State.
Tut Koglisb iJovcrnmeut in looking (or
dynamite» ou iucoiuing American ves
l'.ii ouaim has i|i»arantiued against cat - [
,|t. ii,.iu fourteen States, among which is
West Virginia.
l'iic latent lui lot of the Florida TViuo
, itu' l<egwlative caucus .stood B1.0XHAM
l'tKK\ scatteria« IS.
\ i i »K»l»v kittle is it-ported in Afghania
, au U-twceii the A nicer'» troops and rebels
,u *Ui< Ii 'Jim ol tile fatter were killed.
11 i.-. said that a general strike #1" the
i nc moulders is what the manufacturers
aie-*Inniiug lor, to raise their prices.
fin championship games of the Ameri
■ m Asstiation were opened yesterday.
I i;, Krowus were downed in Louisville.
Î UKKK is e\ ideutly a conspiracy afoot to
worry the Interstate Commerce Cornmia
Mon to death with silly letters and ques
tion». *
Si:\ kk vi m hooners ;ire reported wrecked
by the «rales in the early part of the week
<.,! N\-w Fonudland. Considerable loss ot
lue is icported.
I'll I KK is a couthct between the Federal
im! St ile Courts iu Maiue over the new
1..tii..1 l.iwol the State which may result in
1?* nullification.
s Ci «•» 1», M INS., has been scared by
.'.«•'■» cl.tud. If that cloud looke<l like
;»a tu-uue uiounlain waltzing ou its head,
w; daii't «ouder; we've l>een thar.
h is-»aid that PoWnKRI.T is soon to
\ 1 ttic luropean cities aud towus l'or the
I .ii |»»> i of organizing tlie workiugmeuand
». mcu under the system of the knights of
\ Cilh ut«> detective claims to have dis
rovereit a band org.uii/fd for the purpose
«I e\«ciiting veugeance ou all who had a
h.iud in briugiug the condemned Anarch
ist to justice.
CilvkMN W. TaI-MOTT, the Memphis
bot«*l clerk who stole Fax.vy 1»ave.\
»MKl'-i diamonds, has hecn fouud guilty,
.mil Iiis punishiucut lixed at live years in
ill«.- i»*uitentiary.
W vsm.xi.ro.v City lias an att.u k otsun
ilav law lever. The District Com mission -
»I ha.«* served notice tliat they will en
Ion«* llu- ol«l blue lawn, which prohibit
.1. i»«»t evrry thing except « hurrh-going.
t VV. .Mu>ni.Fro\, of Jennings township,
h;.« . «lesiiing t«> end his lile, made a vari
.i'."i on the nstid hackneyed methods of
• >- «le au«i went ont where wood choppers
v«i , at w»rk auil let a tree tall on him.
I hi: Pitlitw Judge ul l'es Moines, la.,
La- >u«ldenly disappeared with the tines
collected in his luuit tor three years past.
Jle wrote bis wife that be was sorry to
have her. hut, as her piauo was paid tor,
he need not worry.
Tiir: latest scheme for simplying and
ut ikiug easy the w ork ol deel ruction in
naval warfare Is au electric motor tor
liamtiing, loading ami discharging heavy
V'i:>. . The motor was invente«! by an En
sii?u iu the navy.
Hi;«»I il KK A. N Hai.e, an evangelist,
'Ali > h «kid to have gone from Kvansville
to Atl nit a, and who was a sensational suc
ce-. in the latter city, bas departed tor new
pa-tun s, having victimised nearly every
iiieiuliei «>f the Fifth Baptist Church ol irom
i « lo $ >1 each.
I'lt kernburi; to Hort» for It«**«
» •< I tit AAr Smmt'w Mtyêdtr.
• '\i.kkcsri'ku, W.Va , Apiil l(t.—This
I» ingoing to I ». ire for natural gas. A
• .n.pluv «Minist inj» ol" Johnson N. Caui
• I- >i. v il. Jackson, C. H. Shattuck, S. S.
'• •ill«*, W. II. Wolle, l>. IU liNMld, J. (J.
M« Vint.*, W. Vrooman of this city, au«l
Hou. I . w Morns ami others from t'enu
«vlvama ire at the head of the enterprise.
The lir^t ». II will be put dowu mar the
< ' umieii refinery t« a distance ol' -,.">»10 feet
il necessary.
Th<* natural gas lever is strong, so are
the men hacking the enterprise and a
thorough lest will Ik* made. Work begins
at out'«'.
A Ni>t»riou» l)«ty«riMlu Shul.
CHATTAKonoA, Teno., April It».—Jim
H Ues, the notorious desperado who, it is
sai«!, has kille«! ten men, was killed lust
night in l'olk conuty, Tennease«', by fonr
oil}'.'em ol this city. Kite* was servings
life sentence in th« Georgia penitentiary,
but l eaped a year ago, and during his
temporary freedom murdered two men in
ohl hi,md. A reward was off« red for bis
arrest, an«! last night Deputy Sheriff» Poe,
Ii'Nigers,Roh» and llughe»found him in his
den m tbe C'hicbowee mountain. He at
tempted! Ui shoot them, hot was not quick
enough,and a volley of buckshot ended his
< li.trlesto» PerwuU.
Special THfyram Ut Ike Sunday Rttjiftrr.
Cti\ri.b*u»k, \V. Va, April 16.—J.
M li.tg-.tns, of Monongahela, is the first.
mernWr of the Legislature tu arrive.
Lou Oakeo, of this ooauir, was iu town to
day, but the weather was «o cold be con
' clmied to-return home and remain until
Wedues'lay. A nnntber ot the members
are expected to morrow. Col. Shallcrow
m here.
Bflirutd Ma(H«lra mt CharlMloa.
SjecȊ liUyrmm to IU Simhig kf<ji*Ur.
Chabi.lntûîî, W. Va., April It».—C. P.
Huntington and Gen. Wick ham, of the
C. '& Oi road, aud Irwiu Davi&.of New
\ork, President of the K. <& O., arrived
early this morning in Huntington'* special
car. The party made a special trip over
the K. & O. These m.tüo..tes are prob
ably iu town tor the purpose of waking
^rangement* for a truster between the
K. «* O. and C. à <). roads.
g 0«ülH)NT the taffies pride.
O Qly rirai» it deride.
% epfcyn ot dower laden air.
0 a); with it pa>comparv.
D oiu^ good » everything.
Q u eysrj **!« ito imlw ring,
X eg Wet iqwit, J«.li«a «ren t
1 lOÖCMiT.
The Appearance of the Cyclooe-Swept
The' Losses and Casualties Not
Over Minuted.
Spec»U Owrftptmlmcf v/the Sunday Reguitr
St. Ci.airsvii.i.k, O., April 16.—St.
Clairsvillc to-day presents the appearance
of s town that had yesterday beeu played
upon by sheila from a hostile army. Here
»od there a wall has beeu thrown inward,
leaving the building and itn content» a
crumbled mass of brick, mortar, fur
niture and debris of all kinds.
The roofs of sym« houses have
been crashed in, ami more bave been lifted
and now cumber the streets, other build
ings have Iteen wrenched and twisted ou
their fouudatiou as if by a vorticose earth
quake. The sides of some frame buildings
are punctured and shattered as if they bad
been standing against tattering rain*. The
glass from brokeu wiudows lines the pave
ments. Broken street lamps are scattered
about and
and rubbish obstruct the streets. Every
where one looks, from the place where the
stonn blast struck the western part ot the
town, along the path up Maiu street, over
Marietta street, on till it passed over the
Fair Ground out of town, are to be seeu
scattered almost all kinds of debris imag
inable filched from within and without
houses and barns or wrenched
from fences and trees. The cycloue is St.
Clairsville's great communist, leveltug
down and taking one man's possessions aud
tearing them upoti another man's prem
ises. »
The town to day was thronged with
hundreds of visitors, coming iu from the
surrounding couutry and from adjoiuiug
towns to look upon the wreck. Mauy
Wheeling people bave been among the
number. An excursion party from Wbeel
iug cumedown this afternoon aud returned
this evening.
who have snôered losses are not sittiug
dowu lamenting over spilt milk. Every
body is at work to-day cleauing out ruit
bish aud rootiug and repairing bis house
aad has his more tortunate neighbors help
ing him. It is welt that the storm has not
been followed by heavy rains, as such
would have greatly increased the damage
aud iuconveuieuce from the rootless
I bouses. The
«iveu ia your columns yesterday. was a
pretty fair one. The lows to shade trees,
shrubbery, leu ce* und the like, cau uot
well he estimated iu money value. The
three-story Welday hank building has two
stories blown off and is one of the worst
wrecks ou Main street. The whole of the
l*atterson block is unrooted. The hnildiug
occupied by the t!az>tt>- was so badly
wrecked that the remuants of the press
and tixtures have been removed to other
quarters, aud the paper will now
appear as before. Several families
bave liad to sei-k shelter MMng their
neighbors. Citizen* who have escaped the
storm are cbeeriully lendum thaw assist
ance to tlmse iu need. A considerable
Ibrce of Wheeling men are at work iu roof
ing aud repairing building. The telegraph
company has a considerable force ol men
at work putting up the fallen poles and
wires and all wdl soon lie ready for use.
are all doing well. Mr. John Riley's in
juries seem to he the worst. Wheu he saw
the storm coining he tied from the house
taking his mother, who was in feeble
health, with him to seek a place of safety,
lie reach a tree near the house and held
ou to it, being blown round aud rouud the
tree with hi* mother. The tree was snapped
by the tore« of the wind,struck Mr. itiley
crushing hLs ankle so that he will have to
liave it amputate aud seriously iujuring
bim about the chest. It is almost a miracle
that more were uot inured. The town
authorities are doing what they can to
secure the safety of the exposed property
and the comfort of those whose homes are
Strang« Ca«« of Hulelilv.
Lkxixqton, im, April it;.—J. W.
Middleton, with bis two sou*, went to the
woods to tell some trees, near Austin, yes
terday. They selected a very large tree
j aud begau chopping until it commenced to
totter, wheu the word was given to iuu.
I'he two boys retired, aud wheu they had
readied a place ot safety, they turned to
look aud saw their father with folded arms
standing directly under the falling tree.
The sous yelled to him to ruu, but bepuid
uo attention to their cries and in auothcr
instant was buried beneath the tree. The
youug meu were so frighteued that thev
left the woods iu threat haste and gave the
alarm, aud within a short time the place
w here the old man was lying was sur
rounded by au e\cited crowd- The log
was rolled away, but only a pile of blood
tie» pattered clothes. Iles h aud bones was
found. The coroner failed to tind a cause
for the terrible deed. Mr. Middleton was
a deacon in the Methodist church.
Clot «laud's Muulrlpal SeiiMttion.
CLEVELAND, O., April 10.—A sensation
was created here to-day by Republicans
who claim that the present Board ol' Alder
men, elected two years ago, is entirely
without authority to legislate or per
form any of the functious of such
body. The bill creating the Iward
(Kissed the General Assembly late in
the session. It ia alleged that it provides
tor the election of aldermen, bnt tails to
give tbem any power save to elect a presi
dent and vice president to preside over
»hem. The Hoard of Conncilmen is Repub
lican, while the Hoard of Aldermen is Dem
ocratic, and in joint session, Democrats
have a majority. It is now claimed that
the election was illegal, and if such is the
case the Republican* will continue in
charge of the principal city offices.
Ballotinc la Florid». ,
Jacksonville, Fla., April 16.—Three
more ballots were takeu last night in the
joint Democratic caucus of the Legislature
at Tallahassee, resulting as follows: First
ballot—Bloxbam, 34: Perry 28; scatteiing,
23. Second balk* -Bloxham, 33; Perry,
32;scattering, 30. Third ballot—Bloxham,
I 37; Perry, 31); scattering, 18. The caucus
then adjourned to Monday night
Big Ratai ta K*aaa*.
Chicago, April 16.—A special from
AtchLson. Kansas, reports drenching rains
in western and northwestern Kansas and
crops doing well Kmporia reports rain
in that section and good crops assured.
Speciaht from Leavenworth, Salina, To
peka, Garden City, Wichita and Paola
indicate that crops are in good condition.
—♦—' ' - '—
Tt>0 paddolk «lory Oat.
Siocx CÎTY, ïu, AprillK.—Hon. Don
nelly concluded hi« argnmeut before the
jury in the Haddock case at about 3 p. ni.
to-day, and Judge Lewis began with his
instr actions. The jury retired. Their is
much speculation as to what the Verdict
will be, a^td it* SA awaited with interest.
Tbe trial began March 23d and has lasted
'34 full «Jays ' ' ' " ' % i
— - - — . ■■
Au«ther Iiuportaut Arreat—A Situational
Kamor Set A tloat.
PlTTSBt'BO, Pa., April 16.—It is quite
probable that uo hearing will be held tit
the cas«« of the Panhandle robbery, un
M outlay. More than ball'or tbe prisoners
bave already waived a preliminary bearing
for trial, and it in believed the other* will
take tbe saute action. This will enable tbe
defendant« to get their cases I »t fore tbe
(«rand Juty in time for ihe present term of
Court. Within tbe past tweuty-four hours
a number of tbe prisoners have made vol
untary coulessions to tbe attorneys of tbe
railroad company, but tbe natnre of tbe
dim-losares bave not been given to the pub
lie. It is claimed, however, that they
tally almost with the facts .19 learned
by tbe detectives in their researches.
It is thought that before the trial comes otl
nearly ail tbe men will have admitted
their part iu the robbery. Another and
was made to-day. II. C. Busby, who
escaped from tbe officers at Denn won, O.,
on Mooday, by jumping from a train, was
recaptured this morning and lodged iu
jail. He is regarded by the detectives as
one of tbe ringleaders. Conductor Black,
who has been since released ou bail, re
turned to the city this morniug, and is
ready to stand trial.
An aftcruoou paper to-day publishes a
sensational item in wuich it is stated that
a secret meetiug of employes of the 1'au
Handle road was held last night to con
sider a bold and decisive move to force
their railway associates to some kind of
compromise. It U proposed to demanda
guarantee that no further arrests will be
made, and all men now employed on the
road be completely exonerated from any
complicity in the alleged thefts.
Should these guarantees not be
forthcoming, the men decline to
enter again îuto the compauy 's service un
der suspicious resting on them until all
tbe cases are settled. Demauds will also
he made respecting certain parties of those
under arrest claimed to be innocent of tbe
charges against tbeui.and respecting others
a guarautec that they wiiK not be kept iu
jail all summer, but that they would be
tried immediately. If the demand is not
complied with a strike will be ordered aud
all trams will be sidetracked. Tweuty
four hours' notice will be given of tbe in
tention to strike. Another meeting will
be held to-night or to-morrow when deti
nite action will be decidcd on. Tbe paper
claim* that their authority for the story is
beyoud question.
Thu Government Authorized lu l'ito Force
to Kill the I'Ugue
W.VSHlNüTüX, April Iti.—The Commis
sioner of Agriculture has issued a new set
of rules governing the operations of the
department in the suppression and extirpa
tion of pleuro-pneumouia and other infec
tious disease«.
The Chief of the Bureau of Animal In
dustry is required to send inspectors to
points where he has reason to believe aoy
contagious disease of cattle exists. The
inspector id required in case he tiuds the
disease actually exists to impose temporary
quarantine, notifying the owuers and
warning them not to remove the quaran
tined animals under the penalties imposed
by Congress.
j The Chief is also required to report to
the Commissioner whenever he Is satisfied
that contagions diseases exist iu a locality
and there is dauger of its spreading to
other States and Territories, whereupon
the Commissioner will quarantine that
locality, cause the diseased animals to be
slaughtered aud the infected premises to
he disinfected. Should auy animal he
permitted to go iuto such premises betöre
the disinfection is officially declared com
plete, a second disinfection will l>e orderet]
at the expense of the owner.
All quarautiued animals will lie regard
ed as affected with contagious disease, and
auy person removing them from the in
fected district will lie prosecuted. The
Chief of the Bureau may cause exposed
animals to be slaugbted whenever it is
deemed necessary to prevent the spread of
the disorder from one State or Territory to
another, fiovision is made (or tl|e ap
praisal of and payment for slaughtered
Whenever it Is deemed necessary by the
Chief of the Bureau to snpervise and in
spect any lines of transportation doiug
busiuess in more tlian oue State, and the
boat«, cars aud stockyards in connection
therewith, he is required to designate suit
able iusiicctors and make ueceftsary regu
lations-tor the quarantine and disinfection
of such boats, cars aud stock yards as arc
suspected of lieiug affected with disease.
Whenever auy inspector is prevented or ob
structed or interfered with iu the perform
ance of his duty he is required to call
upon the police authorities for aid and
protection, and, if this is denied, he is then
to call upon the United States Marshal for
force and to tile iu formation with the Dis
trict Attorney.
Shottld it be found impossible to enforce
these rules iu auy State, the Commissioner,
if he thinks the exigency requires it, will
declare the Stite in quarantine, and auy
person removing auimais therefrom, except
upon a certificate of an inspector of the
Bureau, will lie prosecuted. All previous
roles aud regulations .-»re revoked. The
circular bearing this code of ii|les contains
also a copy of the acts of Cougress upou
which they are hased.
A Colorado OuaraoUiu-.
Denver, Ooi-, April 16.—Gov. Adams
to-day issued a quarantine proclamation
against the importation of cattle fron) Uli-1
now, Keutncky, Maryland, tyest Virginia,
Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Massa
chusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Mis-1
souri, Kansas, Pennsylvania and the Dis
trict of Columbia. Cattle from the above
States can not be brought to Colorado
until examined by the State Veterinary
A New York Railroad Story.
N*\v Rochki.lk, N. Y , April lt>.—This
morning oue ot the strangest accidents oc
curred here that has ever been witnessed
by railroad men. „\n unknown man who
was walking along the trafk was strqck by
a freight train. The body was thrown on
the pilot of the engine, where it lay until
Larohmount was reached. Thtsre it fell to
the rond bed and both feet were cut off.
Another train on the opposite track Strock
the man and once more he was burled on
the pilot and lay there until New Rochelle
was reached, when the body rolled off and
the wheels a second time passed over him.
When the train moved off it was seen that |
the headless trunk remained after the ter
rible buffeting it received. No one wa* |
found to tell who the man was.
The K. of L. In Koiop«.
Nkw Yubk, April 15.—An officer of
District Assembly No. 49, of the Knights
of Labor, is authority for the statement
that Geneial Master Workman Powderly
is soon to visit the European cities and
towns for the purpose of 'organizing the'
workingmen and women under the system
of the oriler. It is reported that there are
new quite a number of local assemblies in
British cities.
John L. Knocked Oat.
PiTTSBi'Bü, Pa., April 16^—The John
L. Sullivan Combination, which was billed
to appear here to-night, has cancelled its
engageaient on account of the reûisui of
the Mayors of Pittsburg and AUeglpuy to
isHue a license for the perfortnàuce.
I • 4 Is 4-1.1 T: (■« m
j By the Inter-State Commerce Commissioners
—More Kicks.
To fccape the Long and Short Haul Classe
of the Law.
Washington, D. C., April 16.—Quite a
large percentage ol" the letters received by
the Idter-SUte Commisniou are ou irrele
vant subjects.
Une man asks that the Pennsylvania au
thor! tie« be prevented from collecting a tax
imposed on him for selling goods by »ample
for Eastern manufacturers. Another claims
that unless be gets a lower railroad rate on
his refrigerators he won't be able to make
a profit.
Mr. H. C. Cutumiogs appeared to-day on
behalf of the Louisville, New Orleans and
Texas and the Newport News aud Missis
sippi Railroad. He stated that both roads
had serions water competition: that he be
lieved, under the Inter-State law, the
roàd had a right to charge less lor a
longer than fora shorter distance, because
dissimilar conditions existed aud they
were so charging. If they were in error,
they wanted to be so instructed by the
Commission, and they would then apply
for exemptions from the action of the fourth
Couusel appeared before the Commission
and asked exemptiou from the fourth sec
tion for the Wisconsin Central liues of
A priuted petition has been received by
the Commission
of Marshalltown, Iowa, stating that up to
the first of the present mouth that com
pany has bad au equalized rate "of freight
charges upon its receits aud shipments;
that is through rates from Chicago to the
Missouri river, being 25 cents, tht com
pany has paid 15 cent« for bringing it«
raw material from Chicago to Mar
shalltowu at 10 cents for transportation of
it« finished product from Marshal ltowti to
Missouri. I'nder this arrangement it has
built up a reasonably profitable business ol
$400,000 a year, has given employment to
a large uumber of mechanics aud laborers
aud contributed mnch to local prosperity
by furuLshiug the home market for farm
ing products. The railroad company, fear
ing the penalties ol the law, aud not hav
ing any decision of the Commission sanc
tioning this equalized rate, has now sus
pended arrangement, aud has made rates
from Chicago to Marshalltown and from
Marshalltown to places of cousignmeut of
the company's goods which are enormously
higher than the rates from Chicago to such
places of consignment. As a result of this
action petitioner must either snft'er great
its factories and discharge its employes.
The margin in business has for some years
been very close; the company is carryiug a
large stock and the season of the greatest
consumption is at hand. The system of
makiug equalized rates has lieen customary
in the Northwest aud the (N-titioners' case
is represented as similar to that of hun
dreds of other establishments. The |>eti
tioner therefore asks that the system be
sanctioned or the operation of the law lie
suspended until such time as the subject
can be investigated.
lue lomniirisinu to uay iiiouujeu me
order heretofore granted «ft application of
the Mobile ami Ohio Kai I road Company
so as to conform with the order made on
the application ot the Southern liai I way
and Steamship Association, liuiitiug its
operation to |M)iuts ttouth of the Ohio river
and to business to aud from Mich points,
from aud to |H)ints north of the Ohio
fiver. A simitar order was also «ranted
upon the petitions of other railroads south
of the Ohio ami east of the Mississippi,
to-wit: the Illinois Central, St. Louis and
Cairo Short Line, the Tennessee and Ohio,
Norfolk and Western, Wichmond, Freder
icksburg aud Potomac, New York, Phila
delphia and Norfoll», Cape Fear and Yad
kin Valley, Louisville and New Orleans,
and Texas aud Newport News, and Missis
sippi Valley roads. No other cases were
acted upon.
To Theutricat People.
Chicago, April 16.—The following has
Iteeu received in answer to a petition sent
to the Inter-State Commerce Commission
by a meeting of theatrical mauagers
in this cjty last week: "1 am
instructed to say that the Com
mission does not uudertakc to say iu ad
vance what railroad compauy shall or shall
uot make rates to any class or organization
of persons, but will consider any com
ptai uts presenting actual controversies
when rates are duly made aud supposed
discrimination is made by the railroads
under the law. This response in substance
has lieen made to many applications similar
to your own.
Very respectfully yours,
T. 11. Cooi.KY,
Seventeen Men Injured.
li.M.TiMOKk, April lti.—Five workmen
were seriously injured this afternoon by
the falling of a wall of a hon >e tliey were
building at Clifton, in Baltimore conuty.
The injured men are:
Jas. Sterling, a laborer; ribs broken rçud
hurt internally.
Samuel Galjaglier, bricklayer; left jaw
broken, left eye cut, head bruised.
B. H.Snyder, bricklayer; head and left
aim injured.
Wm. Jamison, carpenter; back bruised,
hart internally.
P. D. Christopher, carpenter; neck apc|
head badly cut.
A dozen others received slight injuries.
Enrapri the Uftllow*.
Stkibexvili.k, O., April lti —Contrary
to all expectations, the jury in the House
bolder murder trial, at nine o'clock this
wording, returned a verdict of man
Ed Householder stabbed his mistress,
Naqcy Weir, to death in a drunken frenzy
at Elmira, this county, in June, 1886.
Wheu arrested Householder said the woman
had had committed suicide, but finally ad
mitted be had killed her in a quarrel, bnt
was so drank that he did not know what
be was doing.
Stove Striker« Yielding.
Chicago, April 16.—the strikers at the
Chicago stove works have been gradually
yielding, nntil now »boat fifty men are at
work. Folly a dosen moldere applied for
their old positions to-day and were taken
back. Collin & Burg's stove works are
still cloned.
Strengthen* the Intellect.
Dr. D. P. McClure, Rantoal, IU., says:
"I find it very beneficial to strengthen the (
MU Clairkvllle Excursion.
""The B. A O. will ran » special train to i
St Clai rev tile and return Sunday, April
nth, leaving Wheeling at 1Q o'clock a. m.
Fare for round trip 75 cents. Leaving Bel
laire 10:40 a. sa. Fan for roond trip 50 :
cents. Returning, leave S*. Claireville act
4 p. m. Tim«: Eastern standard. '
to Warm I p at Parkernburg—
The l-atemt New*.
.Sprein/ IHeywm to the Su win y Rrgidtr.
Pabkek.sui.-bu, W. Va., April Iti.—The
Prohibitionists are beginning work in earn
est, hi this community at least, aud those
who are opposed to the adoption of the
AaMsdmeot should not deceive themselves
by any vaiu hope that the enemy is rent
in*. It is the intention, as your corre
spondent has gathered from conversation
with the leading Prohibitionists here, and
IheM are none more outspoken and deter
mined in the State, to make a hot, vigor
ous «uupaign from now until the night of
election in November, 1888. All avenues
of communication are to he worked. The
rtcboal house and the church, the religious
conclave and the jtolitical convention, the
Teacher«' Institute and the Farmers' Club
am all to be used for all that can lie got
oufcof them to make votes tor the amend
ment A mitral committee, cntu|>o9ed of
the following persons lutve beeu select
ed: First Seuatorial District, George W.
Atkinson; Second, George W. Kinsey;
Third, David McGregor; Fourth, Dave D.
John-on; Fifth, J. L. Hensley; Sixth,
Thortms F. Hodges; Seventh, William M.
Reynolds; Fighth, C. H. Payne; Ninth,
Robert J. Simpson; Eleventh P. R. Rey
nolds; Tweltth, T. Ii. Carskadon; Thir
teenth, Miss Flora R. Siler.
The following compose the State Central
Committee: Dave D. Johnson, of Wood,
Chairman; Geo. W. Atkinson, of Ohio;
Jas. H. Ferguson, of Kanawha; Wni. A.
Strickler, of Ritchie; Mrs. M. M. Snow, of
No party lines are drawn here, and it is
on the ground of nou-partisan efforts that
the Prohibitionists expect to win. Refore
long the State is to he entered at all quar
ters by prominent male and female Prohi
bition speakers, among whom will lie
ex-Senator Colquitt, of Georgia; Miss
Francis |Willard, Senator Rlair, of
New Hampshre; Dr. Leonard, of
Ohio, and, if possible, Senators Maxcy
and Reagan, of Texas. So far there has
la-en no formal announcement that St.
John is to be here. He is too bold a fraud
to be recognized now by the wiseatuoug the
Prohibitionists, aud the State will doubt
less be spared the inllictiou ot his pres
It is now generally understood that
both the Gas Company and the Electric
Light Company will take the case just
decided to the Supreme Conrt of Appeals.
In the meantime the Electric Company
are working like heavers puttiug in poles
aud up wires. The company expect to
have the lights turned on by the tli»t of
July and perhaps sooner.
The eloping couple reported a few days
ago have made this city their home. The
yonng lady is a daughter of Chas. Knott,
ot Jefferson county, and her husband is
Wm. Reazley, for a year past a fireman on
the Ohio River railroad. The marriage
was quite romautic, as the young lady, to
overcome the obstacles interposed by her
uuwilling parents, had to flee to this city,
w hen she was met by Reazley.
At the last meeting of the City Council,
in response to the petition of Capt. Muhle
man, of the Andes, the following ordinance
was passed: That the wharfage rate for
through passeuger steamers from Cincin
nati aud Charleston to Wheeling and Pitts
burg, lying at the wharf, shall lie $1.25
for every tweuty-four hours or fractiou
The latest railroad project for Parkers
burg is the annouueed change in the ter
minus of the Cincinnati, Daytou and Hai
ti more railroad (a brauch of the H. AO.)
from Pomeroy, Ohio, to Belpre just across
from J^us city. The line has been surveyed
und work Itegins at once. It will follow
the Ohio river, on the < >hio side, anil he a
competing line for the Ohio River road. It
will eventually give the people of this sec
tion another road to Cincinnati.
rhu Ciii|it iiliTM Onlrrnl In KmiliueTVIiiir«
They Can Agree.
Cll K'AOO, A (nil 1U.—The strikt' of the
i-arpenters was practically declared off this
The F.xceu^ive Hoard of the Central
Council men met at an early hour aut] dis
missed the outlook
The result wiw that an order was is
sued to the men to resume work ou Mou
ilay for all the bosses who will pay 35
i-ents an hour, and make the working day
fight hours.
The strikers have been uotified of this
decbtiou through the walking delegates
and by all other means which their officers
liave at their disposal.
"This is not a sudden resolve on our
part, nor is it the result of fear for the ont
L-oiqe of a protracted struggle," said Chuir
luau 1'urks to a reporter to day.
"We prepared this order yesterday after
uoon," he continued, "before we sent our
ultimatum to tho Masters' Association.
We could keep our men out for months
yet if so desired, but we thought it better
to try to settle thews difficulties at ouce.
So men will go to work to-day, but by
Monday noon I think it can be snrely said
that nearly all of them will be wielding
the saw aud hammer at 35 Centn an hour
They waqt it understood that we do not
consider that we yield to ?ny organization.
l>ur agreement with the new association is
perfectly satisfactory to Iwth parties, and
is drawn up t<> meet the present circum
stances. No, it will not lie necessary for a
boss to belong to a new organization of
bosses in order toget men to work '(>r him.
AU that vye retire is eight hour* a day at
cents per honr."
4rvfr»l Schooners and Their Crew« Lout.
St.-Johns, N. F., April 16.—Advices
from the west coast give additional details
if low of life and property iq the severe
{ale of Tuesday and Wed nesday. Nothing
tias been seen or heard of the schooners
mussing from Rose Blanche. It is supposed
they were engnlfed with all their crews}.
)n Thursday uighf. during the intense fog,
the schooner Urace Carter, laden with her
ring, for Boston, ran ashore near Sandy
l'oint, St. George's Bay, antj became a
total wreck. The crew were saved with
lifficnlty, The sealing schooner Susannah
irrived yesterday from the ice fields with
the wrecked crew of the schooner Belle
mphon. The latter vessel sailed from
rwillingate on March 23, aud encountered
Soisterous weather. On the 4th inst. she
was crushed by ice during the terrifie
jortbeast gale and had to he abandoned,
fortunately the Snaanwm w.lineai enough
to effect a reSt^e af 'tbè c«*w, who wer»
Iriftlng about on the ice without any shel
Scared by a Black Cloud.
St. Cuh'D, Minx., April 16.—About
Ive o'clock last evening a heavy \>yic^
'loud became vi_^e ,q tfte ' direction
whence t*e cyclone came on the same day
I year ago.
It «oddenly became dark and many
began to think a repetition of Last year's
catastrophe was at fea»»ü. 'teàms were
1 riven ra'^iiy borne, business men rushed
to their booses and their families, only to
Snd in some instances that the latter ha^
already taken shelter in «Um or at
»nie neighbor's ^ousa, or that mothers
ceje «ngaged In gathering their little ones
together. 1 : '
K very body watched the
the black cloud, whù-n,
passed over the city north'
t>y a alight rain.
. - ...i/
Opened Yesterday—The Browns Downed
at Louisville.
At Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati,
Locistiixb, Ky., April 16.—Notwith
standing cloudy, chilly and disagreeable
weather, a crowd oi about 4,0(10 people waft
present thin afteruoon at the ball park to
witness the opening game of championship
series. Kamsey pitched a great game,
the St. Lout>. !*>?« beinir unable to do any
thing with him, while Foutz was hit very
frequently. Sylvester's magnificent one
handed catch of Colli us line tiy iu the
third inning wan landed applauded. Score:
Louisville l l o 0 0 ü 2 4 •— 8
St. Louis o 30000000— 3
Earned, Louisville 7, St. Louis 2; two
base hit«, Browuing; three-base hits, Ker
rim; wild pitches, Fuutz 1; first bast- on
bails, Kamsey 1, Foutz 4; struck out,
Kamsey 3; errors, lx>tusville 5: St, Louis
3; bas« hits, Louisville 15, St. Louis 5.
Umpire, Hauer.
Cincinnati 1U, Cleveland 0.
Cincinnati, April lti.—The opeuing
game of the Association drew 2,700 people
to the ball park to-day. Wild pitchiug
was the rule, l»et the home club outhatted
the Cleveland« and bad everything their
own way. Fennelly and Maun did good
work, aud the coutest was quite interesting
considering the score. Score :
Cincinnati 5 2 0 10 3 0 1 4—16
Cleveland .0 0 0 1 1 2. 0 o 2— 0
Earned runs, Cincinnati », Cleveland '2;
home ruus, Tebeau, Mullaue, Fennelly,
Strieker; two base hit«, McKean; three
ba»e hits, Cork hill, Manu; )Uissed balls,
Haldwiu 2, Keiehschalger 4; wild pitches,
Mullaue 1 ; first base on balls, od' Mullaue
H, oil' l'rechiuey 7. Umpire, Cutbbert.
Itultlmoi« 8; Athletic* 3.
11ai.ti.mokk, April 10.—The opening
game of the championship season was wit
nessed to-day by fully 4,000 people, and
the home club defeated the Athletics in a
(iucly played coutest. Itoth club« were
Itatted haul, but the visitors were unable
to bunch tin ir hits and Kilroy proved too
much for their usually heaviest hitters,
neither Sto\ey or l<arkin being able to
touch him, though the Latter three times
not first on lall«, Griffin drove the ball
over the fence iu the first inning for a
home run and also got two doubles.
Score :
Baltimore 4 0 0 2 11 0 0 0-8
Athletics JK. ...0 0 0 I 0 o 0 1 i—:t
Earned runs—Baltimore 7, Athletic 2.
Two-base hit«—Griffin 2, Million, Flani
iiau. Three-base hit«—Soiumers, Kilroy.
Home run—Griffin. Base hits—Haltiuiore
11, Athletics 8. Errors-Haiti more 1,
Athletics 2. First base on halls—Off' Kil
roy 5, Seward 3. Umpire—Knight.
III.m.kiwi I I, M«1n. lu.
Nkw Yokk, April U».—Although the
Jay was raw und chilly at leant 7..KX) i>oo
|ile «eut to Washington Park to s«*» the
Brooklyns and Mctro|)olitans o|>en the
American Association .season. They
were amply repaid, for the coutcat
mts had a stubbqru and tuoflt excit
ing tight. Tl.«- liai lie wits anybody'm
until the end, yet the tine plays in it were
few, e\i"eptiug Metropolitan O'Brien's
•lever catch til' a hing hit by Brooklyn
Ll'Brien's hit lo left tiehl, during which
the former fell into the diU-h. No
noteworthy field work was done, but
Lhere was plenty o| slugging, and this the
;rowdenjoyed hugely. All in all the game
was consideretl one «if the most exciting
that ever took place on the grounds. Shaf
t's wild pitching in the early part of the
janie, and hi« general inefleetiveneiw in
the latter part give the game to Brooklyn,
l>uf it took then, ten inniugs to w in it.
Brotiklyi» J 3 0 2 0 0 ü 0 .1 4-11
M*>tn>|H)litani< 1 (I I o 1 0 2 2 <1 0—10
Karned runs, Brooklyn 5, Met*« 2; first
iiase on balls, llrooklyn 5, Mets <i; home
run, Hurch; three base bits, Hankinson;
two base hit«, I'inkney, Mc'famiBany,
Kurt h, Smith, Haukinsuu aud (Irr; errors,
llrooklyn 1), Met* ti; wild pitch»«, Shafer;
umpire, McQuade.
A IIoiIk« of th«> M»nnf»cliir«T«.
I'lTTSHi R«i, Pa., April 16.—The notion
if the Move manufacturer* in Irving to
force the men to work ou |iatterns of1
«truck firms is regardai by the moulders
in this district as a scheme fo precipitate a
strike for the purpose of raising the selling
price of their wares. Master Workman
lia vie, of the K. of U, who is a memlter of
the International Moulders, »ays the man
ufacturers have lieen preparing for a strike
for months past. They are all well stored
up, aud a general strike would lie to their
advantage. The arrival of the patterns it)
this city next week is louke«! forward to
anxiously. The (^estsun then will lie
pretty generally determined a-i to whether
the strike is to spread to Pittaburg and
throughout the country.
A Wolf In t'luthliif.
Atlanta. (Ja., April 1«. — A. N.
Hale, ages I forty-five years, with side
whiskers aud a decidedly religious air,
reached the city (rign f;van*vi|lc, Ind., a
few weekb ago. He joined in with the re
ligious demonstrations now in progress,
became a load-speaking member of the
Fourth Baptist Church and led in prayer.
The city was electrified last Friday eren
ing by an unctuous speech he u^de- tin
-vitunlay evening he <iepan«d to vuit
"the dear brethren" who needed him in
fvnoiher city. It has since developed that
the good brother carefally victimized near
ly every member of the chnrch for sums
ranging from $T> to 1*20, and that pTeu the
preacher was thus Ufcea in- matter
was today Uirned over to the poli«*, who
ire anxiously looking for Brother liale.
Th« Austfi»»
Washik^xxw, April ja -The IVwd
iont to-day made tbe following appoint
Alexander ft. bvstnu, of Chicago, to lie
Minister al, Austria-Hungary.
Newton W. McCounell, of Ten^cese?, to,
lie Chief Justice of the Supreme Cyort ot
CeorreS. falorj, 04 tu be AM°ri>ey
jf the United .States fur Äe Territory of
(H ' '
Djioaniiifn In Madrid.
Madkio, April 16.—A slTi>£aite bomb
with a burning fn«t attached was fonnj It,
I room near tbe privat** o^ice ai the min
ister of publip wcftr* An employe pi ark
tW fane »od there was no
Healey*« taapeealM te be Reeetaded.
LoxdoK, April 16.—Tbe ÇtowrTalire
Irish members of tbfi House of ÇommoM
u>d tbe cficiab of tbe House mei last
night alter tbe adjournment of tbe Home
ind effected an uudenrtaading w;tb »be
Sorem meut to bave tbe rocywiriaa of Kr
Heaiey reariqdpd «a Hooday next Mr.
Keait-y «peut a peat deal of time in the
House of Common« library, to-d^y, aeare^
ng far precedents corering bk He
iKlaraa that tbe en^w party are piepaied
to follow bis example Ten Liberal
Unionists voted with tbe Tories hat algtyk
to soaMDtl Hr. Healer. TftBiT-sntn
SbfcbM T ibfrsie vqfçd frith the Par
Committed to Jail.
V««*«nUy Juatice Phillip« cooimitt«!
«Jeorge Day too to jail for tea days for suh
w<Wt Tbe caae against Elizabeth Staler
was adjourned until Wednesday next.
Polle« Cuart.
In this court yesterday morning Kichard
Mansfield, for *11 in* on Sunday, got $20
«Wd e*to; Charlf* Baker, for" disorderly
conduct, got $lu and carta; Edward Cor
tello got $5 and costs. (ieorge Waters got
$1 for being drunk. H
ClfUUng Ijut Kveuiiif.
The trouble was in the North Knd last
evening. A ts>ut « o'clock a racket was
starte«! in Hoffman's saloou, in which
about hall' a dozen took a hand. Officers
l>esmond, Luken« and Ha/lett took tbe
K»og in.
Keleaapd from the Clly FrUon.
Mayor Seabnght ou Friday iatued ordern
lor tbe release of Charly and Km! Tapp«
from tbe city prison, ou couditiou that the
VH* audicosts, amounting to $«7.15, be
l»ul. Tbe tines and costs were paid, and
the men released. Chief Smith mid the
action of tbe Mayor was banllr fair to tbe
Transfer of Kral K.tale.
The lollowiug transfer of real ewtate was !
left /or record at Clerk Hook'a office yes
Deed made April 14, 1*37, by Adolph
Tbeiltaker aud wife, of Martin's Ferry, to
Sophia M. Houiiller, for the w«jt feet
of lot No. on tbe west aide of Eigh
teenth street. Consideration, $1,701).
Failed to Kettle It.
Lxst evening a joint meeting of Central
Lodge No. H and Crescent Ixtdge No. H, of
the Amalgamated Association, was held,
the purpose beiag to settle the Crescent
mill strike, if possible. Those prient
talked over the matter at length, bat
finally tbe lueetiug adjourned, leaving the
situation at the mill uuchauged.
Contract Auartled.
The Council Committee ou Scale«, at
Friday evening's meeting, awarded the
contract for the new eight-ton scales, at
the upper end of the Secoud ward market
house, to the Kairhank Company for $7».
I his Company was also awarded the con
Ira4l tor removing the old scales to the
hast 1 -«id, they agreeing to do tbe work for
$!.>, the eity to furnish tbe foundation
lalivr, &c.
Funeral »r tlie Late Koben Canipball.
The Iiilierai of the late Kobert Campliell
occurred from the family residen.-e, on
South I'enn street, at tf o'clock yesterday
afternoon, and was very largely attended.
The service« were conducted by l<ev*.
t ' riuicM and 1 try den and were very impres
sive. The pall-hetrers were Messrs. Hi nun
l oung, J. C. Orr, Isaiah Warren, Henry
K. List, John McLure and l.eotge K.
" beat. Tbe intermeut was private.
Arreil* l.a»t Night.
At midnight last night tbe better at
police headquarters bore the following en
tnes: (Jib. Dranlon, drunk, by Donlap;
l'hilip FiLcsimmous and .lames .fames, dis
oiderly, by HcHiuood; Fred. Hoff man aud
l ud Henry, disorderly, byHa/letl; John
Manix, disorderly, by Oeamood; .Sam.
Lewellen, disorderly, by lla/lett; (ieorge
Malt^cJaw aud Tboiuas Fyles, druuk, by
Punlap; John Thomas, drunk, br Ha/letl
I'eun Mason, disorderly, by Wat*iu '
rvaattuaia nu -Moi»!»«'*!,
There is «oing to lté it lintt clans item at
the B. &• O. depot, some of these morning*,
utiles* it litt In more care is exercised.
When the H o'clock "milk" tiaiu come*
in, it is the practice of a dozeu or no lioys,
who are sent alter the milk max, to make
a grand rush lor the ln»tof*ge car, aud
■wamble hi while the traiu im being hacked
into the depot. Yesterday morning an
urchiu feil from the car on to the plat
form ami just iniss«si lieing c«nght hy the
rar wheels. Slop iL
Tin' Whirling Hay Win«.
The roller race at the Alhambrit last
evening lietween Kugeue llankc and Chris
I'alkeusteiii drew a large crowd. Mr. Bick
Sheppard vm releree, and at the word
"(»o!" Falkenxtein took the lead and kept
it tor almnt three-quartern of a mile, when
Kanke passed him like a shot and skated
away from the McKeesport Iwy, winning
tli« ruce hy »uraily i lap. llatike could
have Isnjeii him a greater distance had be
so desired. Hauke nay» he want« to skate
.lohn J. Bell, of Cleveland, a three mile
race in any suitable rink f.w any amount.
To Mr ml A may.
Saturday and Sunday's Kkuixtkk will
make a complete history of the never to
lie forgotten and dtwtructive i-ycloue w hich
passed over Beluumt oounty on the ITtth
int., Iswun* wanting them to send away
to friends or to tile away among the for
mer archive*, should lose no time iu
making their purchase*. Copies of hoth
issues (an tie bad at Darrah and < tag's
drug «torçn or Fowler'« new* dvput, In
Martin's Ferry; at Khirk's barber «hop,
Bridgeport, and tit luv« and Archer'*,
Bellaire, .til uf w hom have burn supplied
with e*tr;t copies to mi*t the great de
maud. Tbey <ao also l»e necured at this
A l»U Itoo.W,
The Citizen'« f.mldtog Association No. 1
started afl with a boom last evening. Ow
ing to the crowd, quite a number of per
sons were unable to procure book*. All
«uch persons and any other* centring *toek
can proenre daring Monday from
Mr. iieury F. Jones at'Â Twelfth street
or from the secretary, C. )|. (Wller.
There iff rut better luuk In tlw
woi\d itab a buildtug association. It in
ittsulutely Mfe. ami the stockholder ran
draw nut the money he ha* in at any t joe,
re>*iving, after the first yeaf, interest at
the rate ot 0 per cent
Any mau. wguao or child who U work
ing can po| something by fu a rainy «by.
Any man or woman una purchase a home
by the payment of jo«t about what they
now i<»y for rent- Our advice to all our
fKukn i* to g»» to morrow and Utk« *»Vk
la.the Citizen*' Associate®, I» ««ta bat
25 cent* |*-r share each Veek.
VmI'dUt'« *oM •*■**•
The tiret of bail was played by the
Wheeling team yesterday on their new
grounds, with a picked nine including Um
lient players that ««raid be fcftM m the
vicinity, unoog the* seing East/», Hoi
White, oi neUoire, John Wright, Frank
èm and others The Wheeling fcA*
soma heavy hatting, pooad«ng the baU alt
over the field, fhey atode two honte
runs, and their playing generally fctti
oped the fact that Wbedfag fcua icon to
be prood ol and ory tig» auty he depended
upon to ogpi* It liot tor any m that
taclfclça Volte • crowd west over In
wtwns the g»a>e. The soore was 3ft to &
in favor of the team, Uthoqgk the ffefced
nine played very ç*4\ kplL the Dglnth,
o( Unlet(h, HmJl, »ill be here Monday
and tfe home dub Xinortay and
Tomnj. tk*h these eueea Mouse te he
good ones, m Hie visiting dak an the
dwBpMOeaf tà* NorthwmI— ?Mgn. "
The Troop of Üm Ahmt Sarprm th« ReW
John Bright Appruv* the Irah CruM Bill
—(tan! Nwrs.
Bombay, April 16.—I u tel I igen» has
beeu bm thai a body of Ik*
Amm of Afghaaiatan'a troop« mad* a
night attack upon a for» of the Ghilaai
rebel* and killed two hundred of thM.
Several villas in the disturbed dintrift
ol Afghani«tan have been destroyed by fire.
A number of other tribes than Um ühal
xias are joining in U>e rebellion againattha
authority of the Ameer.
It ia reported that the Kuiwiaaa M« Mar
iait by aUw nbiflfft toward Znlircr, «kirk
place in ahout 140 mil« northweat of
The Aiueer ban aent a force under the
command of l*arwana Kahu, fonaerly
Commanderin-Chief of the Afghan amy,
to avenge the receut luaaaacre of tibolam
Halder Kahn, the t»o\rruor of Maruf, by
the (Ihilaaia while be waa leading an expe
dition to asnist in Kupprewdng the Chilxai
Uladatone'a Poilllon on the HebelUaa.
Lomkin, April lti.—A cot respondent at
Accriugton, having written to Mr. tilad
atone respecting the )ioaition he took dur
ing the American war, hau received the
following reply:
"1>kak8ir -I at one time expected, but
never deeired a arparnlioa of the South
I rum the North. The winde «tory waa
told in Harjtfr'n Mni^tunr, in New York,
about 1871 or 1875.
'•Your* faithfully and obediently,
"W. F.. tit.AIWTONE."
American Tult»froKirludrd,
Ijukixw, April Id.—The Sultan of Mo
llis» ban i-tfued a decree excluding all
tonus of American toharco from h ia terri
.lohn llrtglit Approves the Crime* Rill.
London, April lti.—John Uright, reter
ring to the Crime« lull, writes: 'Tbetiov- *
ernnien« ha vet information more cotnpUt«
than any other party or peraon, and they
:u<k lucrittwd powers. I am willing to grant
them." ________
Watching for Dynamiter*.
1»N DON, April 16 —The t iovcrument ha*
ordere«! the t-naVotna ofliciala to keep a
watch on American aud Kumpenn shipa for
KaU of Ute Man Who Nh«*t at the Cwr.
London, April IA —The Vienna 'Dn/Niitt
aays that Tichonoff, the loan win» tired at
the Caar recently, at f lalchuia l'ala», waa
bauged the narue day on which the critun
waa committed.
"HI.AIkMAII." Kt thk UK a ni».
I ITo- uorrow vtMiinil tlx* UvutiJr dra
matic arti*t, W. C. (V»w| »er, will
o|ieu a Ihr«- day«' eugagemeat at
the (irand open llou«e, to "Black*
mail." The pi«* in French in theme,
Fuglinh in lieutmcnl, American in
quaint humor, ami in in lit* acta. The
I library quality of Ihr |>'ay im of a hi||m-i iitr
order, Ihr plot it initcniou«ly imilrivnl,
ntiti the inlereat ol Ihn «lory i« admiralty
Niiateincd. The «ocih* are hiichly iiiipre«
"ivi* and r-alintic, compitaiug lb« Kulrnn
i»f Toulon, the galley« and ihe harbor of
Maraeillet ami the inland of Jersey. Lena,
who in guilty without crime of hating
killed la a duel uh ari«U«TatU< vidian, in
incarcerated m a lultjr priaon'a tower,
where lk> t*ia|m hy u headlong leap rtx
Ireedoui. Tbe darin« l<-at elertriflta Ihr
«pK'laUtrx, ami it in the mo«t effective art
in the entire drama It in prvMtnl with
in rwpec tally «elected («mL, magniliiwnt
i-netnm«w, and new nod original ««aery.
KraocM l.*hadie, hi the character of Joa
the Waif, in "Nobody« Child" la hilled
lo h how at I«afavrtte Hail in Martin'»
Ferry on th« «-»eulug of Apnl 1Mb. Mr
Ij'.Uidie drew well nt (lie Crand during
Iii* remit engagement, and lln- |*.<^)e ut
Martin'« Feiry are to be couyratalated on
«ecuring auch a star for evm one night,
''HitAMI"* U'aklKN.''
Next Friday aad Saturday Mr. f^barlra
Knn Yeaner will appear at (he Opera
lioonc in a lieeatifal roinantie play.
''Shamui O'Brien." The theme of thin
drama la taken from the celebrated poem,
-hatnu* O'Brien, of which emj «en ten«*
thrill* the heart of the true born IrUbman
ami every lover of hUrlv. The «erneu of
tbe plar are l%iU in Oalwayaad t',M City
»f Oublia, tu the year 'HH; when F.nglaod,
»tili htoarting under their defeat by llw»
A tuer tcaui and e*aaperaCod by It* pa
II lut Urn of the Iriib, «ought to cruah
them into «objection; e«<pr«*ally onr hero,
whom ouU|K>ken lova of lihevty and oo
ilaunled bravery *aa a brilliant eian^pb»
for Ifls «(uwu-tiodden mnnUymen, The
iJul U aio-ly woven -brirgiotf Mt tha
mil (km* of tbe Iriah (hanute^, allowing
the Iriah aa they were »ad kr*.
ThurwU> evening Um well kw/wn Mr
Uaa)» Opera Company will appear at tha
>(>er» Hoo-e in "Tha Black Huraar."
rhia opera iaat prment holding Um beanie
tbe principal Australian and Ui.mm
theatre«. It k claimed for the toaek of
thia work that nothing to touefui and Mt»
ry haa bean produced dar« the daft at
[Jffenhach'a "Oraadt Ihicbraae. '• Tha alary
ia lioth romantic end hutaorrma; and in Um
adaptatk« of the text, which haa htm
rarsfaily made, tbe parte have ham eejwc
lally fitted to tU Mfong caat eugaged.
Til OPCB A M<»rmt r*i»« «ltT.
Tn-marrovr evening Um Op-^ Hooae
(irehutri, ; ein forced by m number
if «elected mnatr^aa from PHto
i»org and other dtiea, and
!»y MIm fiant WiniaaM,
Mi« Aana Lang, barpiat, and Frai Ifer
Mann Scbockey, aolo violinist, will give
their annual grand concert »I the UpMlI
Hooae, under ih* dieretleo of Pnf. E. W.
Sped. The «aie at aeate ia aatieipatiaa *f
UùaevnU haa bee« very Urge.
Dr»»« of • toltared aad »ap«e
Udiewekaamrad. Tkera are a (am
Mate left aad UH*a who êattn to IMm »•
a toe pay—M
laee (u> Uom ia
mn ii "nnt"
Dm wniwi ar' that the aid flnoriAa,
Hi. X K. raail. weald ipfw ai tha
Opera Haaaa, Taeadoy areata«, ft •
rival of wwmted wttàw*
a Ughamm**

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