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Jtïïjeelinjj Jtojijskt
Brwfly Pangrol ir Our Workiapn« R«ad«rs, »
Great D«&1 of News Coodwaed lato Small Spa«
—ill B:aucim of Trad« Tatkid Of.
Another week ha» «lipped by and noth
ing new has transpired in local indantrial
circles to disturb the even teuor of matters,
and thiugs are moving along smoothly.
The nail trade in the city is a great deal
s to.», lier owing to the fact that represen
tatives of all tlte uail mills in this vicinity,
teu in all, met recently and decided upou
a uniform price at which to seei their naiU
—$1 ik~>perkeg. Previous to this agree
ment some manufacturers were selling as
low as $1 90 while others were np to $2
which tact rather unsettled the local
marke \
All the mills and factories run about
the same time as the previous week and
there is suuply nothing new to report.
The indications now are that trade in
will be even better than it has been this
year, in all branches.
It mav be proper to state that the Amid"
gamated scale h.is not been signed by the
Miogo Iron Works Company and the pros
pects of starting up the nail factory are as
dubious as ever.—Strut*'*rille Gm*ttc.
The Jtfftr-oti minera who went out three
mouths a*o on a strike for an advance of
from ~2i to *23 ccuta per car, the rnu of the
miue, appointe-1 a cor.!mitte to conter with
Mr. Walla« v, the President of the Jeffer
son, last night, but as he was not notified
of the proponed conference, he was not at
bis office when the committee called.
The railroad co.d it erators of the Pitts
burn district met Thursday aud decided to
advance the wanre-» of uiiuers tive cents per
tou for all western shipments. The price
of coal will he raised accordingly. Tuere
will b« no advance in prices lor eastern
shipment? Tiie advance in wages will
affect over tive hundred miners
St. Louis is ruuui.:g greatly to barb wire.
The McDonald mill. St Louis, is run
ning regularly under the receiver's mana
The Soath Chicago works in October
produced from tour furnaces 33.H90 tons of
pig, withai average of 185;> pounds of
It is said S uuucl Thomas, of Birming
ham. Ala . and T. H. Woodward will build
a rolling mill -toon at Oxford, same state.
t.r.uT, Bennett A Co.'s rwd street mill,
Pittsburg, started un oa the 14th inst. on
l'ail turu. altrr a shut down of Heveral
weeks for repairs.
Tae lleluibacher, St. Louis, is busy with
axle hammers, link and pin machinery,
ami the bar mill ai'd scrap turuaces. The
mill is on night turn.
lu October the I nionSieel Co., Chicago,
made 1M,»>!)0 tons of rails in 17 turns, an
average of 41!» ton-« to the turn. That is
pretty good "for h:\th."
Business among the tack aud nail mak
ers at Taunton. M iss., is dull, hut not as
dull as might b.\ Nearly all the shops are
running for protinctlun ou orders.
The Clapp Gnlli.lis steel pl.iut of the
Tremont Nail Co, at West Wareham,
Mas.'«,, maili' the tirst blow this wetk. The
plaut consists oi two." tou converters.
The large pi tte mill erected at Ferndale,
l'a., by th^Catasauqna Mannfactoring Co.,
is almost ready 1 • >tart. The rolls were
tried in thj pres-nce ofa large number ol
Catasaui(ua peoj»!»* and the machinery
worked m a satisfactory manner.
The glass v. or!. < at North Baltimore, (>.,
wil! cost
iii'iiiKetou, N. .T., 4! i->s fictoriea, fifteen
in nunilKr. are now in operation.
A sheet of }»'>fc gl.ws measuring 101s
1- ! incîu-s was ütIv m-.vîe at t ho Stand
ard piate glass work». Butler, l'a.
The new I.» U*il. glass works of Bridge
p">rt. Ohio, Hiil b- complete«! by the clou«
o* the year. Mold makers are at work or
spring trade disigus.
A tire 1 ; Carfwrghi." C C. pottery, East
Lirerpool. Ohio, or »Ii- loth inst. «lid con
si«lerab-e ih'u t.'i1 to <*iolti-> uu<l injured tht
building to the extent of a tew hundrct
\ dollars.
Sind near Sl efüi'M, Al.» . is Irnng teste«
for glass ;u iking If «titlVtiiry, work
are t > l>e built Tl. ShriHild Iviud. Iroi
*ud Coal C m r»v♦- information wher
m\ thinis d«>:ie.
The trouble i . twf;D ti;t glass manufoc
.turers and 11»» "tea*ers" at Sew Castle
l'a , was settled '\v mutual conception* 01
Monday la*t .VI th«* far' ories bare starte«
up. James Campbell, ol 1'ittsburg, presi
dent of the til ».*«-w<»i kers* I'mou, ant
James Call >11. of Greenville, District ira»
ter Work m in of 1W> were in the city ant
conducted the negotiations.
In New i'», the te.i-crs mixers
coal haulersan-1 tillers of the glas* house
went out ou -triL- Au the I Ith inst. Th<
men w;-re a I- w days ago notified that then
cla<s ot la'xir wa* to be reduced five pe
cent, 'i'hev rec«i ».d $tl 7i> during th<
List tire, and understood, tney say, tha
they were to rtrei e the same this year
The manufacturer* claim that $11 31 i
paid in other cities.
David lugiis' circular, dated Liverpool
October SI, reports tb» earthenware hnsi
nessactive. Tin-shipments to the I'uitet
States for the week ending October 15
18S7, amounted to packages again»
1,7*'» parka- - lor tüe corresponding weel
of 1—'ti. a id the shipment* from Januar
1 to October l">. I*»7. a noun ted to 71,71'
packages, aitimit tB»,Pilfor the corrtwpon
diug period of last year.
The Poilrni uni (Shi«iC'iri Rrporttr says
There it a fair biisinme being done in win
dow glass, though the changes have no
been great in the •i-t two or three w«ek"
K.? ports of an unexpected advance ii
French are again heard, but the prices« ber
are unchanged and the market t* firm
The green glass market remains w thou
any imp«»rtant d'anges. Some lines 0
goods are iti slightly letter demand am
the factor ed uro ill running. l'iescriptioi
glass is Helling in moderate quantities am
at the low rates that have prevailed al
year. Chiuinc;.. ue in active request, th
demand beiug w«. il up to production, am
the season continues to look well. Ther
are p«x>r prices prevailing, however. Ther
is a general good demand tor tableware
the holiday sea»« :i being now at hand, an
most of the factories report very tair order«
In the Ohio valley trade keeps up wel
with the tiint tableware factories.
Shipments of cajucl and coal are iucreai
iug in the Brush Creek, O., district.
The new fields opened up this summ«
at Perth. led , are taking out g,OUO tor
per month.
The Alabama and Tennessee Coal an
Iron Company, of Florence, Ala , wi
soon begin buildiag their coke ovens.
v»,« indications are the year 1"<87 will t
» *
•wybody «od everybody's tarn»ce every
Schuylkill colleries make tbe price 01
mining—on return of October tuiles, whicfc
averaged 92.61 92-100—4 per cent advancx
on tbe basis. Tbe Coal and Iron Company
will for tbe lut half of October and first
half of Xoveinher 4 per cent above the new
basis, which is 8 per cent above old rates.
The Missouri Pacific is reported to have
decided npon tbe construction of anew line
through the »ont h ww tern portion of Kansas,
which will enable it to obtain a portion ot
the coal traffic originating at and aronrvi
Trinidad Col. Surveyor« are preparing to
locate tbe route, and graders are likely to
speedily follow them.
Kates of freight from Cleariield and
Beech Creek regions to Philadelphia on
grass tons ot* coal. $2 10, via Pennsylvania
railroad or Reading railroad: via B. it O.
K K on coal, gross tons, from Cumberland
and Piedmont regions and Ncwbarg, $2 10;
from Meyersdale region. $2 20; from Fair
monnt. Tyrconnell, Clarksbursf, Bridge
port. Wilsonburg, Wolfs Summit, Mounds
villeand Youghiogheuy region, $2 81».
Bituminous c>al quotations- Cumber
land at Baltimore, $2 •>" f. o. b. ; at New
York, $3 60 aloijgside; at Boston, £5 85
alongside. Cleariield at Philadelphia,
#2 70 I o. b. ; at New York, $3 50 along
side; at Bostou, f.; 75 alongside. Tbe
Hampton Roads and all other shippers are
•looting the same rate» at competitive
points Gas coal at New York and vicin
ity, $4 and discharging. Up the river as
tar an Trog, $4 10 alongside.—C. T. Jour
Xovnnber 9.
It is asserted that recent moves on the
part of tbe Terre Hante, whereby it gets
an entrance to tbe Brazil coal fields, has
spurred up the Porter syndicate to make
mother effort which may prove more suc
cessful. It is possible that the new scheme
may take the shape of consolidation,
whereby tbe Chicago and Indiana coal
road, thf Evansville and Terre Haute aud
the Kvansville aud Indianapols mav come
under one monagement. Ia this way a
line could be formed from Chicago to the
Ohio river, running through the Brazil
coal fields and controlling the output of
the latter.
• »
The H. P. «& B. car shops are to be re
moved at once from Rochester, N. Y., to
Bradford, Pa. The shops will employ not
less than 300 men.
The steel boi'er plates for the boilers ot
the six boats ordered by the St. Paul,
Minneapolis & Manitoba Railroad will be
15.:« inches grange and 12 feet by 12 teet »5
All local assemblies of bookbinders art
notified to send delegates, one for each 50
members or majority fraction thereof, to a
convention to lie held in New York city on
December 17th, for the purpose of torminy
a national assembly.
Business at the Michigan car works, Da
troit, the pipe foundry and the car wheel
works, is on the increase, and the compa
nie« ha%-e orders on hand to keep the men
employed all winter. The pay roll at thf
car works for September was $ 109,000, or
|9,000 more than for August.
All local assemblies composed of cigar
makers in the United Statesand Canatl.i
are uotißed to send one delegate for each
UK) members or majority fraction thereof,
to a convention to be held in Philadelphia
ou December 19th, tor the purpose of form
ing a National Trades Assembly.
The Decatur, A!«., Car Wheel and Cai
Spring Co., capital stock $100,000, ha.«
been organized with E. Stanley Mitchell,
of Milwaukee, Wis , as President; E. 1'.
Tippett. Vice-President, and K. M. Mc
Culiough, Secretary and Treasurer. Thf
works are to be moved to Dccatnr from
The shoe manufacturers of Philadelphia
endeavored to break the strike of their em
ployees, which has existed for several
weeks, by opening their factories on Mon
day last as free shops, uo discrimination
being made for or agaiiint applicants foi
work because they do or do not belong to
an organization. Noue of the huuds, how
ever put in an appesirancL- at the shops.
As the conditions under which the shop
were opened permit the employment ul
other than Knights of Labor, it is doubt
ful whether the strikers will accept tb*
terms. •
Tli > i'ike SRnâî^cturiu" Company o:
H I\ trbilI, M iss ichusetts, has rcisivwl ai
order from Kuro{>e for twelve car load.s o
It m reported iu iron circles that will
the opeuing of the spring another rolliü)
mill wiil be added to the industrial ham
let ot Struther.J, O.
The C.intou Steam Prnup Company,
with a capital ot has been iucor
porated ;it Canton, Ohio, by K. A. Mille:
and others.
The Yoanjpdown Rolling Mill Com pan i
baa found it necessary to erect auotht
large warehouse, and work will he torn
I menced upon it the coming week.
The furnaces of Kahtadin Charcoal Iroi
Company, at Bangor, Me., was pulle«
down and rebuilt in four weeks, somethiui
unprecedented, and is in blast again.
Tile lt?cz \\ ire Nail Comjuny, of Hell
'a're. III., have eleven niaohtues and havi
a demand for all the nails nude. Mor
machines have been ordered, and there i
[ talk of enlarging the building.
The Windsor Locks Steel Company hav<
I run uight and day for nearly a year past
except when obliged to shut down on hü
j count of the condition of the river. The
I j are making principally tack plate, cutier
• and artaer steel.
J Arrangements have been perfected by th
otli'-ers ot the Buffalo, Rticiiesterand Prtts
t>urg Hail road Compauy for the removal o
the company's shops "from Kochester, X
\., to Corry, Fa. 'I'll-' thops give employ
1 meut ta about 500 men.
The American Special MachineCompac
is the name of anew corporation, with'
capital stock of flOO.OOO. organi*»d »» Am
s tenia m, and of which Hou Titus Shean
was elected president. The company wil
: uianutacture sewing machines.
The Butler, Fa., Times say s the tirs
sheet of glass made by the Standard Plat*
> Glass Company, of that place, is iu th
window of a drog sfc>re there, having beei
put in only a few days ago. It is 11
iuchea high by H wide, and is wonderfull
pure and clear.
t A manufacturer says : "I thiuk it woul<
he a good thing to nbaudon all repairs to
I stoves which are no longer profitable t
. make. I should be glad to see them gtj
At all events, I would bave nothing bn
: fire-box repairs for anything older thai
f 1S70."
1 The Continental Steel Car-Wheel Corn
[ pany has been organized at N orris town
I for the manufacture ot rolled steel ca
I wheels. The manufacture of ateel ca
® wheels has not been attempted as yet, bu
1 according to the statements of those iu ter
s ested in this new enterprise the project i
« entirely feasible.
j The Duqueane Steel Works, some twelv
mile« up the Mouoogabela river, will b<
j gin operations December 1 with sixty me
and will produce 100 tons of pipe p«
week. The product will chiefly be ste<
boiler-tubes and lap-welded wrought-iro
: tube«. Two bending and a welding furnac
1 will be erected.
The buildings of the East Buffalo Iro
Works will be completed before the 1st i
January. The main building will be 8
x325 feet; machinery building, 50xl5(
cupola building. 35*52, and boiler-honn
J i0x$}; A tiS-foot crane in the main buile
I ing will enable the company to handle th
largest castings.
* A dispatch from Hancock, Mich., says
■ The news that the copper smelting wort
' at Detroit will entirely close down tb
winter is good news for Hancock, for whe
>; it is done every pound of copper raised i
>; this vicinity will have to be smeited in th
i, smelting works here, and the day is not ft
datant when every pound of copper smell
e ed bore will be rolled and manufacture«
J, ou the lake m the Osceola and Tamar<c
»; Company are now preparing to do wit
t, their product.
Terracotta lumber manufactured on
d considerable Kale at Revere, in Masaarkr
k setta, and is claimed to be ahsolntel* ^
^ proof. It has been introduced i» J
o of tho large office buildings recent»,
T od in this city. Terra cotta «an be
r with edged tool»; it is laid mo
and with le** 000t than brick; it is ready
for ose in twenty-îoar hoars after receiv
ing one coat of plaster, without studding
or lath, and it readily sustains great
A Grand FmHvhI aud Dane® Coming.
(Ither Item* of Intercut.
Special Curretpondenee of the Sunday RegiMer.
Stkuhsn VILLE, November 19. — The
committers of Ivanhoe Division, No. 7,
[U. R., and Steuben Lodge, No. 1, K. of
P., to make arrangements for holding a
grand fair festival and dance in the new
Hall, December 13th, and close with a
dance on Friday evening, December 16th.
From this time on all the arrangements
will he pushed forward rapidly, and when
the time arrives everything will be in
proper shape. All the sub-committees
have been appointed and each one assigned
his duties, and there will be no clashing
or misunderstanding, as the system is
complete. On Mouday afternoon at two
o'clock there will he a meeting of the
wives, daughters, sisters and lady friends
of the Knight« in Castle Hall tor the pur
pose of completing the arrangement« neces
sary iu their various departments. A gene
ral invitation is extended to all ladiea hav
ing the interest of the Order ot the
Koighta ot Pythias at neart to attend
this meeting and do what they can
to make the fair a success. The
object of the lair is a most praiseworthy
one. The new Castle Hall of Steubenville
Lodge will be one of the tinest in the coun
try when completed and furnished as the
Kuights propoee it shall be. The proceeds
of the fair will lie devoted toward the tur
ni.-hing of this hall, which will be a credit
to the city of Stenbenville, and to the
order in this city. All citizens who are in
terested in the advancement of the city's
interest should take pride in assisting the
Kuights to embellish and beautify their
new ball.
On Friday evening last the old soldier
friends of George McCallough, who has
been ill for quite a white, gave a ball for
his banefit at Turner Hall, which was
largely attended, and we are glad to state
a handsome sum was realized which
will go a long »vay toward making Mr.
McCullough comfortable during the winter.
The projectors of the ball destrve great
credit for the zeal they manifested in the
charitaMe cause.
^Ivanhoe Division No. 7, U. R., K. of P.,
has issued a very handsome invitation lor
their select dance, to lie held in the new
K. of P. Hall on Thursday evening, De
cember 1. This dance will be a social
affair, confined exclusively among Knights
and their friends.
Next Monday evening Jefferson County
Assembly, No. 9176, will give its first
benefit bill in Greisinger's Hall. The
proceeds will be devoted to the interests of
the society. The music wiil be furnished
by l'atton's orchestra.
The Bachelor Club held one of their se
lect hops at Falk & O'Neill's parlors on
last Friday evening. Kramer, of Wheel
ing. furnished the music.
The Gipsy Barou will be presented at
the Opera House next Wednesday evening
by the Conned Opera Company. The
opera is said to be a masterpiece of Johann
Strauss, the German composer. It was
presented last year by the Conried compa
ny in Cincinnati and made a great hit.
Thanksgiving next Thursday.
The Royal Gas Company has in the
neighlwrhood of 1,000 consumers in this
C. T. Mandel, formerly Pan-Handle
ticket agent in this city, but lately of
Pittsburg, has accepted a lucrative posi
tion in the ticket aud pool otlice ofC. R.
Blanchard, of Chicago. Charley was in
tbe city the pa>t week bidding his friends
goo '.-!>vt\ after which he left lor Chicago.
Mrs Wm. Humble and daughter were
down from Toronto Wednesday, and were
the guests of Mrs. Humble's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. lVter Wetherall Mr. Wetherall
presented his grand-daughter with a hand
some gold watch and chain as a birthday
Mrs. M. D. Powers and daughter, Ber
tha, 1-ft Thursday for Keokuk, la., on an
extended visit to friends.
Frei! Hoffman was down calling ou his
Wheeling friends Thursday.
Mr« R;v. M M. K. White is attending
a session «•' the W. C T. U. at Nashville.
James Mean», division freight agent of
the l'an-Handle, was down from Pittsburg
Mrs. J. H. McEldowney, Mrs. Stewart
and her daughter. Faunie, are guests at
the rwii'lence ot Wm. Elliott, Esq., on up
per Market street.
Tiie I.onß*«t Word In the Dlctlooary
I-, incompetent to communicate tbe.inex
n-essible satisfaction und incomprehen
t.'i-consequencesresultingfrom a ludiaous
aLTn^rrution of I)r. l'ierce's Favonte
Prescription, a preparation designed espe
oiilly for the sneedv reltei ami permanent
cure of al! Female Weaknesses. Nervous
ness, and »Hne^es peculiar to the female
sox The oulv remedy lor woman s petu
Î, ,r ills sold bv druggist*. under a positive
ImrM ee to give satisfaction. See «usuao
S on wrapper of bottle. This guarantee
has bt en faithfully carried out tor many
years« by the proprietor«.
Frank Leaaure say» the "satin tinisli"
ou glass is having a big sale and the Buck
eve «-an not fill orders.
Al. Field's miustrels »vill lw here to
morrow evening.
The young gentlmen who had charge ot
the Mme. Fry entertainment got out about
' VThe Indies of the First M. E. Church
h-ve begun talking ot their bazaar.
T'ie C L A W. will make arrangements
,o take nails right out of the warehouse oi
the Bellaire Nail Works .
The building formerly occupied by Barn
hill's toiler works, in the Second ward, is
The whistle has takeu the place of the
bell here as a fire alarm. A dozen.engines
can produce more consternation than all
iu town. * .
The plumbers are Mill very busy but
l<v,k for work to slacken before long. The
open weather has been a good thing for
thTrhe new Baptist Church has purchased
„ etc and is now ready to spread
A M.y. Church h„
'"ihrSämon to »1«. I-odwill Ä llcov
er's place of businees has been completed.
johu Fittou. of Monndsville, wa-s in the
'"^L'ttleBdr will be presented in Mar
tins ferry on Friday evening. Our neigh
bor« should feel fortunate for securing the
cantata. The piece will be reproduced
h6The C. L. A W. track runs so close to
M Carnes' grocery that a delivery wagon
cannot stand while a train is passing.
If the preseot mild weather continues a
imig of woikmeu will be set at
Çvfng the rest of Belmont street thus
W^b!« Sunday" at Burr's Mills camp
meeting has been relegated to the past,
ami the good brethren at the Fair view
conference decided not to hold campinee*
fng on Sunday at all, but it is supposed
that a Sabbath sermon will not be out of
0rThe window houses are in better wndi
tion now th n for several years. V. hile
prices are comparatively low they are bet
ter than two years ago and the factories
can make some little money.
The Buckeye Building Association w
booming now. The association ünds it
necessary to borrow from the bank on
abort time in order to supply the wants ol
its stockholders, a great many of whom
want money all at ouce. ... .
Wm Bridenstein s new house will t>e a
hue one and another ornament to the 1- irst
The paved street presented a very dirty
appearance last week. _
The Young Ladies' Cooking Club gave a
party at the Windsor on Fnday evening.
A number ot gentlemen were present and
Prot. Killmeyer graced the piano L ntil
midnight the merry crowd indulged total
" ' ean art and when a delightful
was served. The veoast was the
of the evening as tha^dces, bread
dainties were the
the young ladies. There may have been
an over-done cake or a sad loaf of bread
among the large collection of edible« but
do one seemed to know if there wa». The
Cooking Clnb is doing well, and we bail ;
it« development with a feeling of plesBore.
Prof. Hanpt g«ve a free lecture in Cbor
al Hall last night to a small audience.
Prof. Krider, of Wheeling, and the above i
named gentleman are trying to get up
classes in German here. Both claim orig
inal methods, while the system taught by
both i« the same. Probably a little com
petition would reduce prices. j
Tbe A. M E Church bolds a centennial
celebration to-dav. J
The tire at the B & O. shops destroyed ,
the engine house of the machine shop j
proper. Thp whole loss will not be ovir j
#500. The place of the fire was hard to j
reach with a reel. j
Wonder what became of the C. «x r.
bomb in the conflagration ?
John Biker, of Findlay. is home on a j
A report was current yesterday that a ;
glass works at Findlay had burned.
John Muth went to the First ward on
horseback and pulled apthe reel to the
Mr. Lewis, of the Fifth ward, has begun ;
the construction of a residence in the Fifth j
ward cut. [
The C , L & W. road has run it« rails |
just under the street car track where they
cross on Noble street.
The C. & P. is 'making some improve
ments in the coke yard of the nail works.
The banquet given by the K. of P. ou j
Thursday eseniog was one of the finest j
events of the kind ever given here.
The lodge of American Mechanics is
growing rapidly. At the la^t meeting j
eleven new members were taken in.
The Turner Society will give a dance j
next week.
An effort is being made by the mer
chants on Belmont street, between Thirty- j
second and Thirty-fourth streets, to secure j
enough naines to justify the employment
of a special policeman for thpt section.
The Independent asserts that there are j
vorne prospects of the Ohio Valley railroad
being extended to Marietta next year.
if it took Martin's Ferry two years to
get a new depot, how long w ill it take Bel
laire? I
The mother of W. S. Campbell, of thej
Episcopal Church, was reported dying
yesterday, and the revercnwl gcntlemau
left on the evening train for his home.
The natural gas was turned off yesterday
for u short time.
A gang trom Sleubenville have come
down to lay brick on the streets.
liev. K. F. Keeler will address the
lodge of American Mechanics at the First
M. E. Church this morning
Tbe father of Mr. Ward, of the firm of
Stewart & Ward, died at his home in
Henry Criminel leaves to-morrow for i
Fostovia, where he trocs to manage a glass |
works. About 20 workmen from here will j
go with him.
About as much water was wasted at the
plugs yesterday as went out of the nozz'e.
Miss Lina IXtwson is visiting friends in
The school teachers are not satisfied
with the kindness (?) the Board has deign
ed to contei on them by cuttiag short their
holiday season Said a lady interested
last night: "The ladies who pay their
board will have little over when tliey
teach two days and pay four days board."
Continuing she said: "Bellaire is the
only place where teachers are docked for a
day or two and by the laws of Ohio they
are entitle to the three days that has been
taken from them."
Andrew Readerer. C. «Se P. policeman ar
rested a small boy yesterday afternoon.
The Western Union office will l>e opened
in the lower pirt of the Windsor Hotel for
the preseut.
Judge Driggs passed through the city
yesterday ou his way home to Woodstield.
The Indep'iident says the loss of the C.
6i 1'. company is about $5,01)0.
Now is a goo.l time far the railroads to
j talk of a Union depot.
The total enrollment of pupils at the
public schools in
Kev. W. F. McLaughlin preaches in the
I". P. Church to day.
Special Correspond' net of the Jifji*tcr.
New Maktixsvim.E, November 1!>.—
Mrs. I>r. Grimm but l>een dangerously ill
for several days past with the quinsy.
County court was in session a short time
Friday, to declare the result of the special
election held in Center District a few «lays
ago to increase the number of months
school from four to live. The vote car
W. Mmi. H ill and Moat. Burrows were
up at E'ijah Morgan's tIiis wetk, apprais
ing the stock ot goods of the decease«!
The old tire engine in the court house
yard should be reshipped to Parkersburg.
T. 1'. Jacob«, Ks«,, was at Charleston
this week attending the session of the
Grand Loilge of Masons
Johu Witten and Miss Amanda Lau
ne' t, «laughter «if R. I>. Laggett, were
married Tuurwday at the residence of the
bride iu the presence of a number cf rela
tives and Irieuds. liev. I), is. Hammond
John 8howalter, of Bellairc. O., a ter
mer resident of this place, was dowu on a
visit this week.
Wm. Krookover and wife, of Mounds
ville, W. Va , are with friends in town.
The Fair ol next year is a go. It is in
the hands of frieuds and men who have
the means and enrrgy to make it a suc
cess. The ground litis been leased of John
G. McKldowney, and situated a short dis
tance above towu on the river bank.
Mr. Theodore Hornbrook is confined to
his rooms with a severe cold.
A few more enterprises as the Koontz
Bros, heading, stave and lumber factory
would give our town its old appearance
again. The factory employs several hands.
Wutei Si arte, Electric Lieht Shut OiV und
City Officials WraiiglluR.
Ft. Wayne, 1st»., November IS.—The
city of Ft. Wayne, with a population of
40,(KK), seems about to experience the hor
rors of a water famine.
Because of the long drought the water in
the supply basin,as well as the stream that
contribute* to it, has so failed that not
enough pressure is given to the mains to
operate the elevators iu the hotels and oth
er tall buildings, and their use has been
The local electric light company has
served notice upon the city tha» not enough
water can be had from the mains to supply
their engints, and the inconvenience of
complete or partial darkness at night is to
be added to the promised water famine.
Meantime, while a fire or two would ficd
the department crippled, the City Council
and the water works trustees are at logger
heads and abuse each other iu the public
The British Fi«hery CommUniooerti Pre
sented to Secretary Bayard.
Washington. November 18.—The Brit
ish Minister accompanied Messra. Cham
berlain and Tupper to the State Depart
ment to-day, where they were formally
presented to Secretary Bayard. The remain
der of the day was spent in calls of cere
mony upon other Cabinet officers and of
To-morrow the British representatives
will be introduced to the President, and
on Monday a meeting will be held to ar
range preliminaries and decide on the forms
of procedure. It is probable that the pro
ceedings will be couducted behind closed
doors, in the presence of the six conferees
and without other formality than reducing
to writing snch tor mal agreements as may
be reached.
The Mcthodlut Exemtion Society.
Philadelaphia, November 18.—Tto
annual meeting of the Methodist Episafr
pal Church Extension Society was begtB
here yesterday. Bishop Bowman, of ftti
Louis presided. There were present BiA
op Stephen M. Merrill, Chas. P. Fowl«,
Johu M. Waiden, John F- Huret a*>d Ed*
ward 0. Andrews. The session wm dp
. W .
voted almost entirely to the reception of 1
report« and the Appointment of committees, j
The report of tbe President shows that the
past year has been the most successful in !
tbe history of the church. Tbe total re- !
ceipts during the year have been $309,000,
and tbe disbursements $269,000.
A Desperat« straggle With a Sea Mon
New York, November 18.—A Province- '
town, Mat-g , special says: The whaling j
steamer Lizzie N., Captain West, which
has been eugaged in finback whale fishing
on the Eastern coast this season, on Octo
ber 6, when abont 15 miles east southeast
from Seguiu Is'and, ofl tbe coasl of Maine,
saw a large lone whale of that species and
attempted its capture. A boat was lowered
and manned by Capt. West, his mate and ;
four seamen. Captain Went, with a large
heavy whale gun, in which was an explo
sive bomb lance, took the breach of the
boat, while the mate steered. I'pon ap
proaching the whale it was seea that he j
would be au ugly customer to deal with, !
as he showed no inclination to run, but
kept slowly milling aronnd, patiently
waiting to^be attacked. When the boat
was near enough to warrant a shot, Capt.
West fired the gnn, but as the sea was
rough the motion of the boat destroyed
the accaracy of his aim. The whale
was badly wounded, but not in any
vital part. The whale then made
for the boat, and in passing
under it, struck it with his flukes, throw
ing it some thirty feet into the air with its
crew. As the l>oat descended the whale
again struck it with his tail and complete
ly demolished the boat and killed one of
the crew, Jacob Klock, cutting hi in com
pletely in two. The whale then com
menced to bite and strike with his tail at
the pieces of boat, killing two moie men,
Al. Olesou and Chris. Johnson, who were;
supporting themselves on pieces of the
Captain West, the mate and the other
man were safely taken aboaid the steamer
and another boat was lowered to capture
the monster. Then tne whale attacked the
steamer. Hy a quick turn of the rudder
the steamer cleared her by a few feet. This
occurred a second time, and the swell
which was created by the whale's fall back
into the water knocked all onboard off
their feet Hy throwing over an immense
ca*k, at which the whale, thinking it was
the ship, kept bucking away, the captain
was enabled to get a shot with the Inimb
lance, and finally the whale was killed.
Shower* Again Confesse* That He Mur
dered III« Grandchildren.
I.EUANoN, Pa , November H.—William
Showers, the old farmer who has been in
jail in this place since last May, awaiting
trial ou a clia#ge of murdering his two
grandchildren, has made his second con
leesion ol the crime.
His first he made a few weeks ago in
opeu court, his ca^e having been called for
trial in the absence of his counsel. In that
confession he declared that he had killed
the children at the suggestion of his house
keeper, who aided him in tbe crime, so
that there would be no impediment to his
marrying the housekeeper.
Yesterday the old man (he is nearly sev
enty) summoned Col. Seltzer to his cell
and made a second confession to him. He
said th»' children, aged two and four years,
were illegitimate children born to his
daughter Sarah. He had always supported
them. Soon after the biith of the last
child his daughter married a notorious
character kuowu as "Jluffiwgle, the Cow-1
boy." Huffnagle and his wife were anx
ious to get Showers out of the way, aud
once his daughter attempted to poison
him. Alt^r that Showers drove Huflnaijle
from the house. Huffuagle iried to kill
the old man several times, once by placing
dynamite cartridges where lie was work
ing. Soon utter that two ol the children
died, followed by the death of their
mother. Then Showers' wife died, leaving
him with the c.tre of the two remaining
unfortunate grandchildren.
Ii was hard for him lo get anyone to
keep house for him and have the care of
the children, so he tried to place them in
different almshouses, without success.
Finally, overwhelmed with trouble, and
believing that it would be better for his
nameless g anricliildren, he killed them
while they were asleep and buried their
bodies in a ditch, where they were found
Showers dot-s not charge his housekeeper
with any knowledge of the crime in this
Holiday Assembly, 790!», K. of I„., initi
ated forty new members ln*t night. The
men joining w»re principally employes of
the tube works. This assembly intitules
about all the men employed at the River
side Works, and is increasing its memlwr
s'jipno rapidly that it is deemed necessary
ta shortly organize a separate assembly for
the tube workers.
The Wheeling Company's plant will be
j idle Monday and Tuesday, resuming with
the night turn Tuesday nijjlit.
Yesterday was payday at the factory.
The sliding valve ot the engine which
run the blooming mill of the upper steel
plant broke yesterday afternoon, but the
I energetic manager of that department will
j have it repaired for work Monday. One
battery of boiler® are being made ready
for heating with coal. Ornl will be used
as fuel for the oth^r batteries as soon as
the bars have been cast and set.
The gross receipts of thf Red Men's fes
tival, which closed Wednesday evening,
are $5<?5G0; expenditures, (!<»; net
receipts, $550. The watch contest netted
$1*1 !».">; ring, $115 *>; castor, fit» 00; doll,
Jill 45; ri-fr.-shment table, f:t5 "si; supper
table, $21 0."«; fancy stand. $45.75. The
lodge will devote part of th«- proceed« to
the purchase of new outfits, and retain
the balance in the treasury.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. K«ik lrft lor Cum
berland, Md., Thursday, to attend the
funeral of the latter'« mother.
Prof. T. J. Parson«, the efficient princi
pal of Cameron school«, was in town yes
A small child of Mr. Thoma« Ramsey,
who lives seversl miles out in the country,
died yesterday.
W. W. Peabody, general manager of the
Central Ohio division of the Riltimore «Sc
Ohio, was through here Friday in his
handsome private car "Midland."
Mr. August Schad, a prominent citizen
of Centre ward, was presented with a
handsome gold headed cane Thursday
evening. Rev. Chas. Holt* made the pre
sentation spefch and Mr. George Fitzger
ald also made some appropriate remarks
on the occasion. The cane l>eani the fol
lowing inscription: "Presented to Mr.
Aug. Schad by his son«, on hU fiftieth
birthday, Nov. 17, 1W."
Charlie Bonday, a boy employed in
tending self feeding machines in the fac
tory, had the little finger of his right hand
taken ofT one day last week.
Invitations are ont for the wedding of
Mr. David Hare, a popular steel planter,
and Miss Lonisa N'iebergal, a charming
young lady of Main street
The ferry boat is doing a big bostness.
It commences plying at 5:30 a. m. and
continues until 0:30 p. m , after which
time skiffs run nntil the o_JV train goes
up, and later by »-ngagemetl*® Captain J.
Benson is the accotnmodamM manager,
with Mr. F. Hoffman as pilait)?
A fiercely determined loa»i)g Anarchist
was in town one day last wee^ The fiery
red ribbon was very ostentatiously dis
played on his arm.
The concert given by the young folks of
^he Brick Church some weeks since was
repeated over in Putney Bottom last nigbt
St. Jud's lair and festival will com
memorall Thanksgiving. It promises to
be a big i
■b— .
alar Preparation t
Powerful ! Pallid, People
ve People Purchase! Pom
Pleasant Purgative Pelleta,
:en, Preserve Physical
t Physical Per
Those who are iffer
■ '« I
Spteial Oorr&pondenct of IM Sunday Remitter.
Faibmoxt, W. Va., November 19.—
Albert J. Dick and William A. Ohley, the
Utter editor of the Indes, left hist night for
Washington, D. C-, the former to accept a
position in the Government Printing
Office, and the latter on business.
Mrs. Morgan Billingsley was called to
Lnray, Virginia, this week on acconnt of
the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. E J.
Mu«s Jennie Crone, a pleasant and at
tractive young lady, of Terra Alta, is vis
iting friends in town.
Mrs D. L. Morrow and son are visiting
Mrs. Morrow's parents in Harrison county.
J. M. Hartley was at Arnettsville yes
Our new coal and coke industries con
tinue to attract considerable attention
from outside capitalist«. Judge R. H.
Cochran, of Toledo, and Mr. W. A.
Lvucb, ot Canton, Ohio, were here this
week looking around. Montana and Gas
ton mines claimed most of their attention,
and they expressed themselves as well
pleased with what they saw of our new
The coke ovens of the Clements mine of
the Briltatu Coal and Coke Company are
all tired up and the burning of coke will
begin at once.
\t is not necessary to name any of those
individuals who draw pensions and who
are not rightfully entitled to them, but
that there are such, and many of them, in
this county, is a fact with which every
body is acquainted. There are men here
suffering with diseases "contracted in the
service" which would have killed the
''invalids'* in a single year or less but for
the soothing influence of a pensiou. Oue
ex-soldier, a gallant and brave man, stated
recently iu effect that he felt entitled to a
pension, bnt was so disgusted at the way
in which the government was living swin
dled that he did not have cheek to apply
for anything. We did not meau to «ay
this, but the I'irginiau must excuse in
trom giving names. They could he fur
nished. however, if the proper authorities
wanted them.
Misses Hose and May Watson, of Smith
town, were in town yesterday.
A little daughter of J. H. Rams is quite
dangerously ill with typhoid fever, but is
reported somewhat better.
Scarlet fever|is making its appearance
in our neighborhood, we learn.
It took six men au hour yesterday to get
a young heifer ncrowt the suspension
bridge. Hut a thorough and persistent
twisting of her tail acted as an effectual
The Grand Jury "will receive" on Tues
day next in the Court House, and the
boys who have l>een favored with invi
tations by Sheriff Mauley will be given an
opportunity to relate their experience ol
the past few months. Clerk Hmith will
furnish tickets of admission with his usual
grace. No refreshments.
We were all much pleased recently at a
bit of information to the effect that Henj
P. Smith, formerly of this place, and one
of the Baltimore "reformers." was an "old
time Democrat;" and we immediately ex
claimed in our surprise and joy: "Mein
(»ott! Ish dot so?"
Prof. C. A. Sips aud A J. Stone have
been beautifying and improving their pro
perties in town.
James If. I^eonard is having an addi
tion built to his dwelling in Palatine.
The bridge lloor is finish« d and is a firxt
fchiss improvement.
RADCLIFF—KS'ltiHTLER—At St riairMille,
Ohio, on Wednendiy, November !•'. lvC, by the
Rev. I>r. IIi<ilitiK>hvH<l. William Kaoci m and
MiwSiiiii KM'.iiti.kk
i»l III».
HOFFMAN—Thursday, November 17, ls.<7, nt
.'»o'clock p. in , Mri. >i.i/ab*tii IIoffm am, a^-d
7J year*.
Funeral from the rc-idene: o.' Mr. Geo. ! ««is
No. 5* Indiana street. .Sunday afternoon at three
o'clock. Interment privat?.
ISteubenvl le, O , paper* plen<e cop.". 1
MAYER—On caiur.l«y evening, November P.i,
1V7. m' » .0 o'elock, Mr*. M. K. Mavi.u. wife of
H P. Mayer.
Funeral notice hereafter.
BUITERFIEI.D—November 1'.». 1*C, Jons Bi t
Tkrfielii, »on of Jonas aid Neliie Hutterfield,
axed lHm.aiths
Funeral from residence of his parents, corner
Wet/el and Thirty-third street*, to-day. Sunday,
November J ', at 2p in. Friends of the fumtly
are re«p*.otfully invited to attend
VAsTINC \cc> 1
Don't allow yourself to break Keep up
Youth. Health, Vigor As eovi nt .VI yuars a« nt
•i'i, as pood at 7.*> ua nt 40. At the first signa of
going back hegin the use' of Wkijj«' HkaltIi Kit
smricH It.'Juvcnalcs h«|g| vitnl Con es, mi—
the blood t" course through the v«inn as in youth
For weak men, delicate women Cum Pyapep
Ria, linun or Nervoua Weaknesa, llxhaa-ted
Yitality, Reston*s Vigor. Jl.in. druggist« or
Kxpresd E. 8. Wnu. Jersey City. N. J
I annoving Kidney. Bladder and Urin-iry dise*ue*,
U'atafrh of itladder. Ac $1 Ivugjrtats
I E. S. Wttxa. Jersey City, N. J
Funerals Completely Furnished,
1117 Main Street.
Jaku C. Sfixiuuiu. CBAfl. R. XcKov«.
ic*%ra Lan.
Mansbarger, Lötz & McKown,
B«r 4drerti«wrts.
W der» for groce j «ore. One who is now in
tbe btjsine« preferred. Give reften-noe uiJ *»■
drees "GROCER," " care Kirnst** oÄce. noJIXj
imœtdiatelY, lo m^iifeard ran i be Wells
burg SU-im Lanndry for shire of pnxwdi Aj>
plT l » or add rest UEO. W. Rl'tSSELL Wellsburg.
W. V*. noiXj
warefora large tobi»!as vocse In Balti*
more. Libml comonanoa» u> thi» r-ght parti"«
Addres« 'Hu'l>* AKK," care ibe L. Jeff Mll
bourne Advertising Agency, Baltimore. M<L
L»R 8 » LK —CHEAP—The worn ot Shake
j r speare. in two roluznes. Kur rarti.Qlars ad
dress "M. H .," Box S, beawood, W. Va
F right Tabular Boller. 4 f«*t by T feet K»
inches. About tire \v*n old, Addreas thi»
offlre. fylte^gh
Air a\tsi»-ai. F s rs to cas vass fob the
\\ nnty (renuine Health corset in theooucirT
big profit* and easv work Apply to WILLIAM
Two New Carts,
Several Wheel barrows, a lot of Canal-barrow*
and Stone-barrows, at bottom nrtoea. All hand
made and new. Also one now Road Cart, of best
make. B. A 1 N. OHARNOCK,
No. » TwtlHy-eeoond Street.
uo-JOq Wheeling. W. Va.
rp H AN KtKi IV J NG.
The Beat Mine« Moat.
The Fineat Raisins,
The Choicest Carraatt,
Sweet Florida Oran|W,
Fancy Malaga Grape*.
no20 1KW Market street.
The copartnership heretofore existing lietwecn
the undersigned under the firm name of Stand
ard Axle* Manufacturing Company. I* this day
dissolved by mutual content, Ralph R. Sprat»
retiring. The remainiugpartners will collect the
debt.- due the fir.n and i>ar it« liabilities.
Wheeling. November 1*, 1S<T
The undersigned have thin day associated them
selvea in bu«lnew> under the tirin name of Stand
ard Axles Ma nfai'turmg Company, or the man
acture and sale of axles J H. HOHRJ
Wheeling, Novemlxr 17. issr. nojodie*
Tuesday Morning, Nov. 22.188T,
at lOo'rloek, on the promise*, all tVe Hons hold
and Klti hili Furniture of the la'.c Kilian kresa.
Term*er Salb—CASH
W. H. Hau.ii», Auctioneer. un'.Dii
We head our list nith
It» Purity we Guarantee.
Table «Icllrnciew i • Raisins. Nut*. Almeria
Or»pes. Oranges. l.cmoti<« and Kin, ('tie Cod
Cranlieni' s, Duffy'» «Vd-brat-d cider*. Crystal
ited and Preserved Canton ' Inger
< llM'Sf-Vert < 'hoiee v'ow ^ ork Cream, Neuf
chatcll. I'ineapple. Parinl*an and K>lam.
Saratoga Chipa New ant Verj Fine Spanish
ami liui-i ti Olive*, Wllsou's Celebrated '"rack« r»
and ItiM-'dis.
l'or I'ruil 4'wbe nml Wince Hral
I! nisi lis. Currant», Cltro-i, I.em.>n antl orange
Peel. All new ai)J choice. Our Yasiitzla Cur
rant* are beauties
nol'J (Successors to R. J. Strylh )
AI llll Market St root,
WHKEMSU. w. va ,
Will ln> ojicned to the public by
- ON A Nil A PTE P.—
Tuesday Kvpniug. Nov. 15. IS87.
Our Mock I« all uowandrf IntcM Myle. I'lc
ture frame« made to order and repairing ueetlv
limit*. At'lM* material« of all il<wr.|ill n »111
lie kept on liMiid i all nïi'1 •< e un ih.M T«
A Pair of Heavy hraii^ht llon-e«,
(nicely raau h<"1 man«). In good eondlt'on; work
double >ir * ni»It- >(r»«)ti for «ale belli t to > bMTJf
fur Infirmary u»c For fuither Information ap
ply toeitherof then designed
J • MKH( lUIOIiroS', Hupt Infirmary
M -TUN i iim. of VtanMngUin IMai
HIaNK liKl'SK. I'n»t. Hoard Cnm.
Contractor and Street Paver.
PMewalk and all Lind» of living done on
abort notice.
Street Railway Work a Specialty.
Addrew Eleventh Mtieet, i^ree door? «art of
Chapllne Street. ocMdaeh
36-Inch TricotClotli
At wonderfully Low rrlce*.
We will offer f.ir the neit two week.» loi piece*
of the l<eet quality of 18 Inch Tricot Clot h (Vf-aiHl
fill »hade«) at O*^ _ Thl* will he
VOI R I.A-<T0 4 1"/wO« 'TlAN' Klo »«•
eure »ui'h a Narrai ri a* no dupllcati-a are to lie
bid thl» waaon, and everybody ahotild iDiurtire
thl* oprortnnlty. Tbl« ta none of the Inferior
goo«i* manufactured lor cheap advertising ptir
ponea, but the very lieu. Com and ae* It.
Fall Wraps
Of ertry description Our la»*« naiea arvl low
prices on I bene • kind» had the effect to open the
eve» of the buy ng public, arid we will *»ep op
the eicitement by offering Mill gr<:et»f bargain*
fiotn now on.
We hare the largest Mock ot ihiwli of every
My le and de*enptloti, which will be «old at aa
lontaiing low priirea.
Bliiets, Comforts, Ouilts, Flannels, 4c,
At the Lowe« Poatble Prirea
All Maro < ra*h,<1yarti far—— >•«.
Ie4 Takle 4'totli. Me.
Heavy M aal in ... Se.
Ormy I'laaael lie.
Browa ml < ailoa Flaaael •'«'*
UlBghao* ft«.
Thanking the pcUle tor the very liberal pat.
ronage beauiwed upoo «na new firm, and ■>
iidting a eontinuance of the M»e, we are re
•pectfully your*,
nol 3d-wb
Clocks, &c.
AIM for the Bett tewtag Machlaa,
Wednesday NS«ht,Nov. SB,
Tai nvora new youc
The Kinhfraaa's Bride.
Aided bv I Suppor'laf CbnptBT of
rtuiiuaiM Ability.
•^-Pruva-TS anil IB cruu. Iwm MM
without extra chanre at Kauarr'i m«ac MM ._v
Monday, November II. »Ol*» » >?
I* jonaxx mm «Miiniiiii. n*
A» originally Produced tu Ke» York
IM Tlnn.
nltltilMAL SCENERY !
ACT I-OYPSY kncampmrnt.
PRICKS Krwnrcd 8eau Orrhaatra and Drtaa
Circle SI Ilalrnuy. fl lU. lîrneral adMU-lOtl
In On-h-atra and bow Circle. I' 00, In tiallery,
TS c. nu. Seau on ««le at Hauinrra muair atoee,
Turi*lay. No\ entier lv»\ pol»
0 C tiKNTHKK I ««arc aud Manager
Tkree Ilgkt» aad Wr4ar*4tt Hatlare ('•■■rarlag
Monda). Sia»rnitrtr 2Ut.
Knjncemcnt of Mr IIAKI KY MKRKY, anp
purtitl lijr the Talented Young Artraaa. Ml*«
JOSKI'IIINK UK HT A IN. an.1 apnwcrftil («m
pan y. lu tlir real latte »(«-< larular mtlodratua,
" AMÖNAUS OF '49,"
Under the management of Mr télCO KKNNIXG«
T< »N IlilriMltii ing a ' ar I/»a lof Beautiful Koetl»
ety nnd Hiartlins Mechaiical K Herta.
•#*Nigh> prie.«. IN. .'»and M i«nia Mailar«
prion l.\ 2I> and 15 CMta No eitra rharge ftw
rcaerrod aeata. heat» now on «air at Miel Va
mutlr Moi». JttÊfl^ -
j'ai' ^durrtisrmntts.
Where ymi will al»a\« (lud the choiceat llranda
ol In (xirted atnl Homrallr l.l.jtior« and (IVar*.
Alauail of the favorite Pol'lot Herta lmjtf>rt«d
Ciilin arlier, Kal«rr and Krlonger I* >11 l|j> llrat
1 Milwanki-e, John HaiK k nif ( imlunaU lind
Wrlaer of Hl ùmla. A new fi'atWgS^^JUabo
raie I.uni h Counter, where you «M Ml OBMMa .
m rvrd in all atyle.
IX:lMvh 1|J> Market Hl. WfcJ^, W. Va.
lots, lear Benuad, for Silt—Teras (in.
NUrylytin l'Iarr I/it». three in I nul«« walk
fa»» Me rrben'a Htatloti, on the II. A O U.R.,
mie lia'f mile ie|ow Itciiwood Ma Ion, and near
n boni honte, churrhea, grocery »u.rc» and dairy,
and known a» the KliephrM '(< M<< lim farm,
attiiated on the new in»> adainlv ■! Wheeling roaa«
Alao, <|iianivdatone fur aaie. mw
A direct Importation from Uertnauy.
Alao, a large ahlpmeut of
From M Clair I
Peter Welty & Co.
No. 41 Tweiftfc
(Offi' a of the I'MderwriUri IiirurmiMief oropany.)
Ihm*» Irfiaineaa an the mulnal plan, ha* no rapi
Ui>Ui'k. tliecütl'B i rutila aie divided amoni
lh"'lrpoalt/ira Mrldetula der tared In January
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