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^^^PT’ndigs cad Events of Loom
H bv ‘-Register” Reporters.
H Resume of the News.
■ bell weld furnaces at the Riv
laid off Friday night.
Hiug Monday.
|H Stewart entertained her
^■ci.iss Thursday evening.
^B.a.a is building a now bouse
Hr. Clair is tending his broth
at MeM ex-hen
^■iilan has accepted the posi
^^Bn^niigUt operator at the
jj^Ksoorne pleasantly enter
IHenas Wedu^sdar evening.
jJgMfeeat. MlSa Minnie Ham,'
IBMcbool closed a successful
BjHgt.t by Mr. Taylor, ass.st
Ipl^^er is horns from the
lip .^B He uu-. • >-■- c.-atlt.
pSa' underg mg an oyer..
IK, pay day at the npper
gH general manager of the
B^B Co., will complete u>e
jjB.r.o Kiversiue mi.i n. xt
mSM n o voting man who died
1 aried Saturday ai
X Mt. Olivet ceme
Day at the M. E.
1 do held lu the
a< Prof. Hutchiu
deliver a lecture on
n, of Cameron, was
Bed his position at
is aud has gone to
is house on Water
to has been visiting
in, left last Sunday
r of the German
i in Canada on
No services were
it Sunday. To-day
Martin’s Ferry will
Ravenswood, W.
,er, Mrs. L. Eskey,
i Ella Mitchell and
kke place this wee*
ttsburg, spent last
L Hope spent a few
Glen Easton last
mblio school held a
rrarii, w as the guest
We Pelley, last
d their stores last
picnio at the Park,
mn gave a dance at
svemng. which was
f was served in the
is, of Moundsville,
sning to attend the
plvs between here
nnlugon account of
,. Lindeman svmpa
is of her daughter,
ianday in Bulfaio,
en to secure medi
an engine in making
i have finished mov
building on Main
n Matamoris, spent
llvia FiUgerald.
works was Idle sevr
icoount of the cav
whieh carries away
rife have returned
ays with Mrs. Deu
W. Va., June 17.—
,y Court was held
i contract for build
iross Fish creek, at
l was given to the
y, of Ohio, at the
city, has opened a
ie ojl field,
irfieii to Pittsburg
or spending a two
his parents at this
■H. Brook;vr., wv.A a p -*•
BdiUta o.ue : o
HH, was a: Wheeling tho
RH^wn business.
HHi was at Parkorsb ;r„
jJpgH W. Newman attend.- !
jgpHt exerci-es at the N r
||||^kinout this week.
%:.' Htite, who ; as been a
PlHmicr Or! r rtieirb-'-s a*
jUf^Kstc piven bv the Sardis
| A ^kjthis week.
&p?tjH>. Ba.l i ' re: urn
£.> visit to the Wor.u >
^^■rass \ « :•' i rC it. res
HH rsatur,. ./ » > .t.
P«Hk. 1'. l.appert. ius::
|A ^TO. U. A. M. Counctl of
jMkv evening at iier.m,
pHo , w ;s r M
Hist ness
■Hi Vis.ted fii.'i: is at Sis
||H Bowers and Harrv Mr
BH at Sister- , ule, Wednes
IHfcIuowa visited relatives
PHtter part of last week.
^Hrofi:itfNrw -N‘:l:*1 :,HV
jg^Puiani!; are tax ag a tv.»
HH>OOk Older, a:, i are sir.
jjj|j|Peaeh dav. All express
JHH please i -a:::. ::.e f .. ,s
iP&jHall a: i h. - b-other.
SjjajjjMijPitie k.’-ud Mr a;.,:
^kr. Sev.
• ' a
S ilt . ■ --. ' A .Ml
ip$H tr.e w r.s :•'...r
Ijper is the ^. it'st of he- |
^gSHCouiier, a: Wt.ee * - j
will or.Vru-n a rm ;. '
|®|kjHit » .ami fete i .
pHf M :«s Car: . ..
, H.1..1 Carat.
"V'u:'H th-A m
m^'W'H -
iP^Pir u- .ave r-s
&A-. MS over one-haif of ti e
|^H.- .
||||Her or two here.
pj^Htierk at the priser., v ,
[email protected] in Wayne county by a i
^■nr the serious Clues* , ‘
HHnd Cr\ W..1 iiaved.v:
H|Hr his absence.
g§|H bride, uee Grace Jon- <.
iPw> their v; e.! !. g to u r :;
^^kHanes House.
iPSW^k wiil »eave to-morr w
^kto trio;... - .i.-ur ^ »A
Isk. agfcVc-.-.'sr: Ad.^
\ .Hie -- . , • i
I.F. Cluoat her home in Glendale last
Tuesday evening. Recitations, vocal and
instrumental music were the main features
of the tureuing. “The Budget” an inter
esting paper prepared by Miss Ida Beann,
created considerable merriment. Ice cream,
strawberries and otner refreshments were
served to the guests.
Miss Davis of St. Louis is the guest of
the Misses Curtis at Avondale.
An entertainment will be given at the
Opera House uext Saturday evening for
the benefit of the Ancieut Order United
Workmen of this city. A number of Wheel
ing talent will be down, and an excellent
! time anticipated by all the members.
Mrs. Gilbert Ferrell and children of
Marysville, Ohio, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. D. E. Logan. Miss Lyde Lo
; gant will accompany them back borne, to
j remain the balance of the summer.
The Epworth League, of the M. E.
I Church, will give a lawn fete at the home
of Mr. John Chapman, next Thursday eve
! ning.
Miss Alice Stilwelt and Daisy Lowe left
i last night on the steamer Liberty for Clar
| ingtcn wherotbey will visit for a time, af
I ter which they will leave for a visit in the
| South. _
Leo, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Peter
j McCarthy, died at the home of its parents
near the depot. Thursday, aged 9 months
and 15 days. The cause of its death was
brain fever. The funeral took place Fri
day morning. Interment in the Cameron
j cemetery.
Mrs. Mattie Nesbitt, of Mississippi, is
; theguestof tho family of Capt. J. C. Rob
! erts, on Jefferson avenue.
An infant child of Mrs. H. W. Rook died
yesterday morning of scarlet fever. It will
; be ouried to-day from the corner of Wash
j ingten avenue and Second street.
Mrs. Walter Alexander, of Walnut Hill,
Ohio, is visitiug her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Cli&s. Jackson, on Seventh street.
Wbllsbuko, June 17.—Mrs. F. P. Nu
! rum, of St. Paul, Minn., is the guest of
i Miss A. A. J. Crothers this week.
Col. Arnett, of Wheeling, has been at
tending the sessions of the Circuit Court
I this week.
Louis Nicbolls, of New Cumberland,
I passed through the city Thursday, ea route
I t a Qnthu tit*
Oliver 'Marshall, of New Cumberland,
attended Commencement at Bethany this
Pat C. Campbell left on Monday for an
extended Western tour.
Mrs. Lizzie Wise, is the guest this week
of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Cooper.
Mr. and Mrs. Curraa Palmer, of Colo
rado, are visiting J. C. Palmer this week.
Geo. Bridea3tein. a former citizen of this
city, but now a business man of Mansfield,
O., was visiting here this week.
Misses Stella and Bsssie George left on
Thursday for Chicago, whero Miss Stella
will remain during the summer.
A. D. Clarke, who is at the head of the
company owning the Pan-Handle glass
woris, arrived iu the city Wednesday and
will commence at once to put the plant in
condition for operation by tho first of Sep
Prof. Joseph Cox, Friond Cox, and his
brother, Jonathan returned to the city
Wednesday. They had all taken a visit to
Washington and Mount Vernon, after at
tending the commencement exercises of the
Martintburg school, where Prof. Joseph
Cox is superintendent.
Among the Well3ourgers registering at
the West Virginia building at the World’s
Fair last Week were Ashley Waugh, Jean
nette Campbell, Fanny Waugh, David
Waugh, Margaret B. Waugh, Lizzie M.
Smith and Elizabeth Hunter; Mrs. B. C.
Hagerman aad Mrs, Alex. Campbell, of
Of the three cases against tho liquor
men that went to a jury, two of the juries
disagreed, and one of them returnad a ver
dict of not guilty. The other cases will be
tried next term. The railroad cases are
set for trial on Monday.
Mr. Arthur Roberts has located in
Wheeling for the study of medicine.
Mr. Lo. Melvin was in the city on Satur
day and Sunday.
Miss Katie Green returned to her home
in Washington, D. C.
Word was received here last night that
Richard Waugh, of Salt Run, O., had been
struck by lightniog. His clothes and boots
were torn from bis body by the shock. Jtle
was not yet dead when heard Irom.
Littleton, W. Vjl., June 17.—Miss Mol
lte Connell gave a delightful party last
Friday evening, in honor of her cousin,
Albert C. Earnest, who is homo for his va
cation from the Hospital College of Medi
cine. Louisville, Ky. Dancing was tho or
der until a lato hour. Delicious refresh
ments were served in elegant style about
twelve o’clock. Among those present from
a distauce wore: Miss Hue Brant, of
wooMnirtnn Pa • Miss Mollie Murphy. of
| Farmington, W. Va.; Mias Lizzfe Kaue.of
1 Newark,' Obio: Mrs. Lizzie Padden and
1 daughter, Miss Nellie, of Wheeling, and
; Messrs. John Malia and John M. Guffie, of
t Board Tree, and W. M. Melgnon. Esc.., of
Moundsville, W. Va. It was a highly eu
j jojaole occasion to all present.
CtARKSBrno, Juno 16.—During the Enls
eopal Council here. Prof, and Mrs Berk
lev, of Morgantown, were guest of Mr. and
Mrs. T. M. Jacksou.
On Thursday evening, T. T. Wallis, |
Esq. and Miss Maggie Steel, were quietly I
married at the residence of Mayor S. R. j
Steel, bv Dr. Forrest of the Episcopal j
church. "The happy couple will speud their I
honeymoon at the World’s Fair.
Juo. \V. Davis. Esq., son of Jno. J. :
Davis, has returned for his vacation from
Virginia, where he was attending school, j
Rev. Father O'Conner has returned from
Wheeling, where he attended the exercises |
of ML De Chantal college.
A. W. Corley and wife, was here Tues
day, enrouto to Fairmont to attend the i
Normal commencement exercises.
Miss Rose Smith has gone to Lebanon,
O* to attend the National Normal Univer
It is now believed that John Wieinar,
who attempted suicide last Saturday by
cutting his throat with a razor while in
jail, will recover.
Our people sincerely hope that the Cen
tral Hose Company will not disbaud. They
have done some noble wont for the city
and should not swerve from their course,
which has been characterized with a brav
erv that has saved the town much valuable
E. L Bland, of Sutton, was here on
During the past week both the Odd Fel
lows and the Knights of Pythias beauti
fully decorated the graves of their deceased
brothers. The ceremonies wore imposing
and witnessed by a large number of our
citi sens.
Estella, the little three-year-old girl of
Dr. Deck, who sustained very serious in
juries by falling and running a lead pencil
down her throat, which she had in her
out of many,
where Doctor
Pierce’s Pellets
are better than
•other pills:
1. They're the
smallest, and
i easiest to take—
\little, sugar
Voated granules
that every child takes rSadily.
2. They’re perfectly \asy In their
action — no griping, no oViturbance.
3. Their effects last. \ There’s no
reaction afterwards. They\regulate or
cleanse the system, aceoi ’ to size
of dose.
4. They’re the cheaj.. they’re
guaranteed to gi?e satisfy your
money is returned.
the good you get. M
t>. Put up in
& ^They a
United Brethren churcM^^
A union meeting of theSodoty of
tiau Endeavor wa3 held at Kockford^H
week. It was well attended and the exH
cises very interesting. ^
Among prominent people in town thil
week were Senator Camden, General
Spillman and Col. Fickinger.
Will Judson's essay on Odd Fellowship,
read at the meeting of Odd Fellows in this
dty, was excellent.
Considerable excitement and adverse
comment has beeu created by the County
Court refusing to grant Mrs. Maggie Mul
herran, widow of the late Thos. Mulher
rau, hotel license.
The Powell, Eodowig and Maule fire
men's running teams will run an excursion
by boat to Sistersville to-day. They will
take a brass band and an orchestra along
to entertain the crowd, which will bo
large. It’s a pity the boys did not select a
week da\ for the outing.
Marion Huffman, of the First ward, has
returned from a visit to the World’s Fair,
and is enthusiastic in description of what
ho saw in the White City. He will prob
ably make another trip, as ho says it will
take weeeks to icssect the exhibits satis
Three plain drunks were disposed of in
the Mayor’s Court yesterday morning,
one of whom was given a half hour to
leave town, and be availed himself of the
There will no doubt be a large attend
ance at the meeting of the Young Men’s
Democratic Club on Tuesday evening, us
u mock convention will be held. Demo
crats are cordially invited to attend.
The reason that the excursion boat
which will run to Sistersviilo, W. Va., to
day. will not stop at Martin’s Ferry, is be
cause the water is too low to land at that
Ed Ray, Minshail Porterfield, Fred
Eberle, Fred Wassman and Alex. Gallaher
and had quite an interesting experience on
thoir return trip. It will take several dol
lars to repair the vehicles.
Jonas Perkins, the largest land owner
In Smith township, was in the city yester
O. F. Hampton takes J. W. Oberman.s
place in the C. & P. freight office, and a
young man named Knowles, from Beaver
has the position formerly held by Hamp
ton. ,
In some parts of this country there will
be very little fruit except berries, which
promises an abundant crop.
Shankiand Thornberry left yesterday
for his home at Mansfield.
Key Defibaugh and £on Ed., who have
been working in a window glass factory
at Anderson, Ind., came in yesterday on a
visit to friends.
The Democratic Central Committee left
for the county convention, which meets
August 1st, the selection of delegates to
the Democratic State Convection.
One half of Luke Lawrence’s friends do
not recognize him since ho has had his
beard shaven.
Member of thoBella:re and Ionic Lodges,
F. and A. M., will meet to-morrow evening
to decide about going to Beallsville, ou the
24th inst.
A cow belonging to Station Agent L. B.
Pot:s, at Glencoe, tumbled into thebd-foot
cut near the station, on Friday, and was
iustantly killed. A long with the cow
came a big black suake. Quite a crowd
was attracted to the scene, but they were
so excited that they let the snake escape.
It is presumed that the snake was chasing
the cow when she stumbled over the em
bankment, which is almost precipitous, as
cattle are known to fear the black reptiles.
Ella Heath brought suit in ’Squire
Cooper’s court, against Selwin Heoburn,
charged with bastardy. The case was
heard yesterday. Hepburn was placed
under three hundred dollars fo" his ap
pearance in Comtnou Pieas Court. Both
parties aro from Mead township.
The case of Delia Fiaberty, charged
with taking flowers from Rose Hill cem
etery, was heard in ’Squire Cooper’s court
ves'erday, and alight fine was imposed.
The Cemetery Association propose to put a
stop to dessecrotion in the cemetery, and
other arrests may follow.
P Patrick Soahill was awarded the con
tract to furnish coal to the Waterworks
for the ensuing year at #4.34}$ per luO
H. M. Kelly, of the U. S. Glass Com
pany, is visiting old friends in town.
The annual commencement exercises of
St. John’s Catholic schools will be held at
the Elysiau Theater, text Thursday even
An Interesting programme of exercises
has beon prepared for rendition at the
Children’s Day services at tne First M. E.
Church to-day.
Rev. James Frazier will preach at the
United Presbyterian Church to-day, morn
ing and eveniug.
C. C. Smit h, Corresponding Secretary of
the Board of Negro Education and Evan
gelization, will preach beth morning and
evening at the Christian Church.
Usual services at the other churches in
the citv to-day.
The B. & O. officers in this city are being
brightened witn new paint and paper.
Joe Kelly is home from Muskingum Col
George W. Yost, who has been quite 111
for u few days, is convalescent.
Mrs. Lillian Kelly has tendered her res
ignation as teacher in the public schools.
She is a very popular and capable instruct
Miss Anna Shupe, student at Bethany
College, has returned homo for the summer
The Curiitian Union of the Young Peo
ples’ Societies will give an entertainment
at the Christian church on the 23d.
Elmer Irwin, the young man killed at
Kane’s coal works, at Neff's Siding, was
the son of a widow who lives at Belmont.
A number of our people are making
preparations to move to Bethesda camp
grounds for the summer.
Thcro is only one coal mine in this vicini
ty idle on account of the B. & O. Company
being behind in payment for coal. The re
port that 1,000 men are on strike, as report
ed in the daily papers of other cities, is
without foundation and does this city an
Miss Mary Sanders and brother James
left last evening for Chicago, to spend two
weeks at the World’s Fair.
Woods field, June 17.—Dr. Parry took
Ella Holi ! y to Wueeling to have her arm
reset. It l iving v>een brokeD last winter.
Thomas For t, nn old citizen, was buried
Thursday at ML Hope cemetery.
Miss Graham, of Columbus, is visitingat
Mrs. Snyder’s.
Mrs. Beatty, of Pittsburg, came home to
her father’s funeral Thursday. She is suf
lering from rheumatism.
Mrs. W. C. Moouey and children, who
have been at Columbus visiting friends,
arrived home Thursday evening.
Forrest Ford, of Pittsburg, is here at
present, being called home to attend his
I lather’s funeral.
Mrs. Hail, of Graysville, was in town
Friday shopping.
Mrs’. Will Delaplain, of Graysville, was
in town Thursday.
Henry Neubart fell from a ladder a few
davs ago. breaking his wrist
Prof. Hall returned from the World’s
Fair Thursday evening, reports a good
A carriage load or two went over to
Jamestown to a picnic Friday.
A trial before Squire Beard Friday in
regard to some oil money.
Mrs. Folk an aged lady of Jamestown,
was burled at Bealsville Friday. Her two
sons Park and Ellsworth of Illinois and
Iowa arrivtd home before she died.
The B. Z. & C. passenger train caught
Charley Burkhard s horse on W’ednesday
as they passed through the pasture field
and injured it considerably.
Maggie Kettesen came home from Mt de
Chantal Thursday evening to spend vaca
Two weddings booked for next week.
The latest is three young ladies striking
matches to look at the gents photo in the
ca*e in front of the gallery.
Otto Castle and Thurman Spriggs come
home from a fishing tour over at Cairns
E. JL Lynch and Pearson
■— —
IN'S FERlir.
„ny College Glee Club gave a
.ble concert at the Opera House
Jlins, agent of the C. & P. rail
is in Portland.
tha Hampton, of Trenton, is the
*. and Mrs. Ad. Van Pelt,
j McCann, wife of the popular
the Climax, will leave to-mor
,ver. Pa., on a visit to friends,
eedy is visiting friends in
Pickens has returned from a
vis ds in the country.
jo’ ns has returned from Phila
delphia^1 _ re he has been engaged in a
glass facto./.
John Henderson is spending the Sabbath
with his wife <n Smithdeld.
Mrs. Dr. Hackman, who has been sick
for somo time with typhoid fever, took
much worse yesterday and died at 4
o’clock. She leaves a husband and two
daughters to mourn her loss. The people
sympathize with the Doctor and his family.
Paul Roberts was lined 15 and costs for
circulating false and malicious reports
about Mrs. Annie Angus. The hearing
was before Squire Keller.
The debating club has decided to hold a j
banquet, at which toasts wiil he a prorni- |
nent feature. , |
Deputy SherifT William Darby was in
town yesterday on business.
Mrs. Alex. Frazier is the guest of Mt.
Pleasant friends.
P. H. Job, of Coleraln, was in town yes
terday. , ,
Miss Maggie Kerr, of St. Clairsville, is
the guest of the family of James Kerr, of
Fourth street. . . t
John McKirn, of Cleveland, is the guest
of bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McKim,
of North Third street.
Laban Wilson, clerk in R. T. Ong's drug
store, on Broadway, will leave to-day fora
week’s visit to Cambridge friends.
Tbe members of Ohio City Lodge, No.
54, IC. of P., will meet at their hall this
morniug at 9 o’clock, and will go in a body
to Wheeling to Black Prince lodge room,
and will go with lodge to the M. E. church
to hear a sermon preached by Rev. Dr. A.
B. Riker.
The Laughlin mill will go on to-morrow.
Josiah Beall, of Uniontown, is the guest
of friends here. ' ,,
Prof. Earl Wilfley will address the Y.
M. C. A. 4 o'clock meeting at tne M. E. ;
church. . . _
Dr. W. H. Hall left yesterday for Dent,
O., to spend his summer vacation with his
parents there.
Hon. W. M. Lupton has roturnod from
Columbus. ^ , , ..
Joseph Gordon, of Canton, O., is in the
city. . .
Charles Miller will move his family to
St. Clairsville to-morrow.
Henry Stingle, of Weilsburg, was in the
city last evening among friends.
Miss Jennie Millbouse’s Sunday school
- Iti.inin u t iTnlllnir’a
Grove yesterdav.
The glassblowers at the Elson glass
works pot through yesterday, aad some of
them will leave next week on a iiahing
Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Hobensack will start
to-morrow for Philadelphia, where the
doctor expects to go under treatment of
some of the best physicians of the country.
Miss Jennie McGrow will spend the Sab
bath in Smithiiekl.
W. 13. Francis and family left for Mt.
Pleasant last evening.
Engineer Alex, potter left for New York
City yesterday.
Exiey & Co. will put up a dwelling house
for Sam Brown, on West Washington
The commencement at St. Mary’s school
at the Opera House, on Wednesday eve
ning promises to to a grand affair.
There was a lively time on FiVst street
last evening, causLd by a quarrel in the
Baggott family, which resulted in both
Mr. and Mrs. Baggett being arrested.
Liquor seems to have been at tbe bottom of
the atfair, and during the tight a lady liv
ing in the neighborhood became so fright
ened that she faiuted and physician was
seut for. The whole affair will be ventila
te d at the Police Court to-morrow morn
This is the fourth Sunday after Pente
cost. Ep. Rom, 6:lv>-J3, Gosp. St Luke
5:1-11. Monday will be the feast of St.
Juliana; Tuesday, St. Silvcrus; Wednes
day, St. Sloysiu9 Couzag; Thursday, of the
Blessed Sacrament; Friday, of the Passion
of Our Lord; Nativity St. John, the Bap
To-day is Holy Communion day for
members of the league, sodalities, youug
men’s, young ladies, and married men and
women’s. School commencement will bs
Wednesday, 7:3U p. m., Opera House. No
seats arc given to children in the audito
rium. Saturday next St. Mary’s congre
gation will havo a festival at Heiling's
grove. Mass during vacation on the days
of the week will be at 7 a.m.
Haxxipal, O.. June 17.—Miss Lucy Dye
■returned to her borne near Antioch, Ohio,
Monday morning, after a very pleasant
visit at this place.
Mrs. Sam Lenkard and daughter, Mig
nou, of Wheeling, were the gnests of
friends here the forepart of tho week.
E. B. Tisher, of Moundsvilie, spent last
Sunday with relatives here.
Miss' Mollie Clino left Monday to visit
friends for a short time at Antioch, O.
Mrs. Herman Hess and daughters, of
Wheeling, arrived Monday evening and are
guests of her mother, Mrs. Louise Tisher.
A lawn fete was given by the Epworth
League at the M. E. parsonage on Tueqpl&y
evening. The house and grounds were
ceautifully illuminated, and elegant re
freshments were served. A very large
crowd was in aitomlanco and a good time
was enjoyed by all, making it a success
socially as well as llnancially.
Mr aud Mrs. Sam Hofer, of Sardis, O.,
were the guests of relatives in town Tues
W. B. O’Neill is on the sick list again
this week.
Crist Hauch left Tuosday for his home at
Pittsburg, after a short visit with relatives
in town.
George Kast is home from Cleveland,
O.. on a short vacation.
Rev. Phillips and family left Thursday
morning for their home at East Palestine,
Ohio., after a week’s visit with relatives at
this place.
Miss Sarah Muheleman, of Buckhill, O.,
was the guest of relatives in town Fri
After Saturday evening our town will be
without saloons. The majority of votes at
a local option election several weeks ago
being "dry.”
Tiltoxyillm, O.. June 17.—Dr. Hoge re
ceived a tine horse Thursday on the steamer
H. K. Bedford. The beast was purchased
from Wheeling parties.
Dr. and Mrs. W. W\ Medlll left Friday
for Monongahela City, where they will
visit relatives prior to their departure for
Denver, Coi.
C. A. Klievis was calling on friends in
town Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs. Thomas Moore and Mrs. Wo. Rob
inson are both indisposed.
Misses McCieary and McSwords. of
Martin’s Ferry, spent Friday with Mrs.
Miss Georgia Aken has been quite sick
for several days past
Wm. Reed attempted to arrest a man
Friday evening, and was knocked down
and his revolver taken from him. The
man escaped and has not been heard from
Rev. Hoover Is away at the district con
M. Day is able to be out after a long
siege of the typboid fever.
Miss Nellie Jarvis will visit Miss Re
becca Littick at Zanesville the coming
month. _
Seamless docks for Soldiers.
British soldiers will wear seamless
socks in the future, because they Insure
greater marching efficiency. The old
styloof seamed socks chafed the skin
ancUfcade the soldiers footsore; the
sea^^ficks do not— Tenders for the
Steueexville, O., June 17.—The Sheck
ler murder trial, which took place here
this week, commencing Monday morning
and continuing Thursday, by Sheckler b^
ing convicted or manslaughter, erected
considerable interest, although the indict
| meat was only for murder in the first de
gree, for the reason that the principals in
the affair we’-*1 well known, and about two
hundred witneses were present from the
village of Bergholz, where tho crime was
committed, to give testimony in the case.
The facts of the case, ih brief, are as fol
lows: Simeon Sheckler was a boss of the
Bergholz Coal Co., end James r -cus was
a miner. Last February the coa, compaoy
decided that It would have to reduce its
force of minejs, and Sheckler communica
ted the fact to the men. The miners held
a meeting and decided that the unmarried
men should quit work, and this class was
accordingly laid off, among them being
some friends of Barcus. He blamed Sheck
ler with being the cause of the discharge
of his favorites, and on the fifteenth of
February a fight took place in the mine,
during which Sleeker shot and killed Bar*
cus. It see-ms that prior to this irouhio a
feud had existed with Sleeker and his
friends on one side and Barcus and his
friends on the other, and in a measure
Shecker and hl9 friends were under cow.
Barcus took advantage of this, and on
every favorable occasion insulted Sleeker
and otherwise persecuted him, and from
reports it seems that Barcus’ friends have
carried on the persecution against Slack
er's wifo since his incarceration in Jail.
She started a millinery store In order to
gain a livelihood, but was boycotted and
harrassed by Barcus’ friends to such au
extent that she was compelled to quit busi
ness. While she was in this city attend
ing the trial of her husband a valuable
mule belonging to her was cut and slashed
so that it is utterly worthless. Barcus’
friends have overreached themselves by
such actions, for they have created sympa
thy for Sleeker to such an extent that a pe
tition is already being gotten up asking for
his pardon.
The arrangements for tho celebration of
tho Fourth of July m this city are progress
ing finely and the committee will have
everything in shape in good time. The tire
works have been selected and ordered and
they are of such a character that it is 9afe
to say that Steubenville people will wit
ness n. disDlar never before thought of in
this place. Arrangements have been made
for addresses, reading the Declaration of
Independence, a display of comic pictures
by Filson & Son, bicycle races, Ac.
Harry Duvall, son of Councilman Jack
sou Duvall, died Tuesday morning at the
residence of his parents in tho Sixth ward,
of consumption. The deceased had just at
tained tho ago of twenty-one years. His
death is sincerely mourned by a largo cir
cle of frionds.
Mrs. W. M. Grimes gave a reception
Wednesdav evening at her residence ou
North Fifth street, in innor or Mr. and
Mrs. N. L. Cutter, of Boston, who arc her
Mrs. W. H. Hunter arrived home Wed
nesday from a visit to friends in Hartford,
Licking county, Ohio. Miss Sue T. Rose
moud, of that place, came with her and
will be ber gnest.
A gay party of ten couple made merrv at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Ifua
croft, on the pike, Tuesday evening.
Announcement has been made of the
marriage of Sheriff Franzhelm, of Wheel
ing, and Miss Katio Harden, of this city,
at St. Haul’s Church on the 2lst inst.
Mart Blenin, Postal telegraph operatoa
at Wheeling, visited bis parents in this
citv Sunday.
Dr. A, A. Elliott is razing the old Gil
more building on North Fourth street, and
will erect in its stead an elegant resi
Means A Co., of this city, have the con
tract for tbo extensive repairs to bo made
at tho Black Horse brick works.
Miss Zane, of Wheeling, is the guest of
Mrs. Will Mears at her residence on Dock
Miss Ella Munker pleasantly entertained
a party of youmr friends at ber home on
North Third street Thursday evening.
Mrs. Mary K. Means and Miss Aornes
Wells left Thursday for the World’s Fair.
Henry Mertz arrived home from Beth
any College this week, and will spend his
summer vacation in this city.
Ciarixotox, O., June 17.—Mrs. James
Gibson, of Pownatau, spent Sunday hero
with relatives.
Wm. H. McCloskoy, of Powhatan, was
in town Tuesday.
M. E. Rutter and daughter, Helen, of
Pittsburg, spent tho forepart of this week
with Mr. Rutter's mother, who has been
quite sick for some time.
Mrs. Katie Messerly and Margaret Bare
left yesterday on a visit to relatives and
frionds at Hannibal and Now Martins
Miss Nellie Michael accompanied her
gmiidmother, Mrs. Michael, to Sardis yes
Goo. Newhouso and Chas. Seibert went
to Matamorus yesterday on the bunt of Mr.
Seibert’s skiff.
Clarence Atkinson, of Cameron, O., has
opened a barber shop in the Hopper build
ing, where be will bo pleased to havo his
friends call on him.
Tho school board met one evening this
week and elected Charles Troy for Prin
cipal. They now have all the teachers
hired but oue. it being the room taught by
J. W. Zeslgon last winter.
CapuH.K. Kraft, of Belpre, O., spent
Fridav hero.
Forest Nickalous returned home Wednes
day from a two weeks visit to bis parents
at Mutamoras.
W. S. Richardson made a business trip
to Wheeling Thursday.
The Epworth League gave a lawn fete
in Cochran's yard last night, but owing to
tho rain they had a very uoor attendance.
Capt. Walker Litten will make another
excursion to the Sistersville oil Helds Sun
day, June IStb, with the steamer T. N.
Burnesdall, leaving here at 7 o’clock a. m.,
and 1 p. m , making two round trips. The
boat will leave here for Matamoris at
8 p. m.
Warrextost, O., June 17.—The heat is
Strawberries are plentiful this spring.
The festival on Saturday nigbt was a
Mr. and Mrs. George Clow smile over the
advent of a young daughter.
Miss Dollie Starr of Smitbfield is the
guest of Mrs. George Burris, thoy made a
trip to YVbeeliug to-day.
Carle Richardson has a very sick child,
measles the primary cause, but tbrerteued
with lung fever.
;>jrs. is suu uu mu sick ns*
A cumber from here will attend the
lawn fete at Tiltonville this afternoon.
The Golden Fugle Lodge of Portland
have a festival in Stringer's orchard.
Mrs. Yost and Mary Jackson were shop
ping in Brilliant on Thursday.
Mrs. Mcssgrove spent Thursday with
Portland friends.
To Abrogat* the kuitltn Treaty.
Jsew Yobk, June 17.—A number of
well known ladies and gentlemen of
this city who believe that the extradi
tion treaty recently entered Into ty the
United States and Russia was signed
because of a misunderstanding and mis
representation, hare met here and de
cided to form an organization wnich
shall be the nucleus of a national body.
A constitution was adopted and the lo
cal organization was named “The So
ciety for the Abrogation of the Russian
Treaty.” The object wf the society Is
to arouse public opposition to the extra
dition treaty and to use every means to
induce President Cleveland to take
steps for its abrogation. Among the
members of the new society are Francis
C. Barlow. Wm. E. Dodge, Wm. Wat
son Gilder, Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Jesse
Seligman, Thomas A. Edison, Cbaa. 8.
Fairchild, Wm. R. Grace, Charles Scrib
ner. John Cliflin, Spencer Truk and
Orlando B. Potter.* mM
Stony & Thomas.!
Summer Dress Goods for a fraction of their
value, this week. Monday and as long as they
last we offer 200 pieces, over 10,000 yards,
Challies at 3 3-4e. J
Comment unnecessary. Be in a hurry for these.
Two lots that are remarkably cheap. M
32 Inch wide Wool Challies at 19c & yard, regular ST^c quality. ^k
32 inch wide Wool Challies at 29c a yard, regular 50c quality.
One case Dark Grounds In 29c Wool Chaiiies roceived Saturday. Hundreds H
have been wailing for them. Come Monday.
Offers 100 Rolls China Matting at.I2»<c a yaWfjjf
Offers 1.000 Spring Roller Blinds at... 19c a yar^B
Tailor-Made 1
Garments 1
^ vs. %% m
Merchant Tailors J
To order a custom suit in the present perfect state of such
ready made garments as we show is a simp!e throwing away of 9
money. There isn t a fabric, either foreign or domestic, shown by 9
the custom talar but is here. The assortment we exhibit for fl
choice is ten to one, The styles are anything you want that’s
fashionable. The workmanship equal in every respect to fine custom jtog
work. Added to all this, you have the advantage of knowing just M
how the suit looks when made up. No guess work ; no disappo nt- Ml
ment. You don’t pay a dollar until you are pleased and sausf ed, 9
and even then, if by second thought you d rather have something
else, here's another su t or your money back. 9
D. guIlTnH CO.,I
. special bargains; fl
TUZS -VH?r2ESiS:35L. W
36-in Monogram Suitings, part wool, cheao at 25c a yard, will lel^B
lull pattern (8 yards) for $1.25 a pattern.
Fine Corded Taffetas, worth 25c, now 12 l-2c. A*.
Cotton Pongee and Canton Cloths, worth 12 1-2 and lMgy;
now 9c. yn
Calcutta and Tonquin Cloths, worth 10c, now 0 3-4c.
Fine Imported Organdies, worth 25 and 37c, now 19c.
Real Lacc Curtain Ends, worth 75c to $1.00 now 49c.
Fine Siilc Waists and Parasols at reduced prices. M
8. RHODES & C8.|
S „
Silver was never cheap
Patterns were never fi
artistic than now, and tl]
ufactured in silver
large a field. And
the Largest sto
goods at the Lo^

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