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Paxil***** aw* Raarararoa*. _
,S. H. TANEY, Ganaral Manager.
Y, otx day* la tke *wd.•* ® I
Y, tkra* day . la tha waak. 4 »
Y, two day* ia vka week.
Y, oaa day la tka waak. 1*
ELY, oaa year, la adunoa. 1 ®
ELY, «ix moatka. *
•AY ©aly. oaa ;*aar.{. * *
kCHCaY aaly. »t* a»*a‘ka. 1"
deliver*© by carriers.
^■.Y. per week, to ka paid *.*k:y. »
■Pf.Y aud SUNDAY. per weak... »
P^Tka DAILY will ka daliTerad ky oarriarlm
aay atkar otty ar towa at ■ •••••.. *
b:a(la Capia# af DAILY orWMItY..,.
^Trlkutaa of Raapaat aadOkltaaiy *•«•••
( eaats par ltaa.
Stamp* #f tk* daaooiaattaa of twaoaaU aad
. , _,ali| (u tkaa aaa dollar
lea* aooaptad for amoaau .*•**•»«_
Cn it r-"««'« ooawaJMT** mromir
»». ..txflin w« HIM FA*? #* to aua.
pocwDtli# oo«rrr*T. ,
UaVaeted aammaakmtiaa* will aat barataraad
_i-l W— ■I.aiiiilt MltMIf.
[IMN IIMT"-” - -,,
Th* REGISTER. embracing lt» eeveral edi
tions, la antersd at the Po*to«c* In Wheel
ing. W. Va-, ae second-class matter.
Tuk Sunday closers have got Usquare
la the neck this time.
Tite weatner reports talk about the
mean temperature. It's worst; Its
If xnt infanta wants to be real mean
she might write her impressions of
American “sasslety.
A CnicAtto contemporary says “the
practice of kissing has nearly disap
peared.” Of course this refers to Chi
cago alone, and is probably an under
hand attempt to Injure the VYorld’s
It iias been successfully demons.ra
ted that oil thrown out from a ship in a
storm will qu»et tho a^gry waves, bat a
Germku professor has come to the front
. wuo shows that soapsuds will do the
business better and cheaper. Hereafter
pour soapsuds on the troubled waters.
Cholera Is epidemic In Arabia, Asia
Minor, Persia and Russia, and it has
appeared in viruleot form In Southern
France and along the coast of the Gulf
of Lyons, Don't let’s wait till it makes
Us appearance ou this side and scares^
us Into a fit of cleaning up. Now is,tne
time to begin._
^ The electric railway between Poston
and Rainey has adopted a "mao
^B^cateber." or a frame-wor* of iron cover
Ifehiith canvas, on the ear-s, which is
— - :"■■■ i *'■ l1'
r4 -. ' ; 1 v r ; -■
a . - t ■ - -
Bniy fun to be run down.
TomoiIA»>w the Borden trial will be
L resumed, but unless the unexpected ■
^ very unexpectedly happens, the case al
ready has been closed. There Is not a j
\particle of substantial evideuce against i
mLi/./iE Borden—In fact, none at all be
laud the uegative evidence that no one j
Aie has been discovered upon whom to I
flsten the crime. Lizzie Borden will i
Joubtless be acquitted, but the mystery
will remain—deeper than ever.
f The avorage daily attendance at the
World’s Fair up to date has been about .
60,000, and the managers shortly expect
U to pass the 100,000 mark. The oper
ating expenses have been cut down from
$45,000 a day to about 515,000. This
gives a silver lining to the ominous
financial cloud that hovers over the
grand enterprise. What with the large
s_... 9 MilltiCP »h«.r la certain
to come, and the heavy percentages
from the concessionaire-sharks, the
fair compauy may be able to pull out.
They certainly would !f the railroads
would chip In with reduced rates.
The General Engineering Company,
of Harvey, Ills., which has gone to the
wail will have the sympathy of numer
ous Wheeling friends, who'knew the
same firm under the name of A. J.
Sweeney *fc Sox, of this city. The
company’s difficulty Is due soley to the
general monetary squeeze that
has been knocking out Chicago banks,
and Is doubtless but temporary. How
ever, had this firm remained on its rock
ttom foundation here It might now be
applog Its fingers, with solid old
heeling, at the money tightness that
shaking up the rest of the country.
The clearing-house-certificate plan
adopted by the associated banks of
New York to meet the present monetary
stringency has also been adopted by
the Philadelphia banks. The same
plan was used in 1873, 1884 and 1850 and
should be adopted by every clearing
hoose In the conntry where there Is
danger of disastrous runs.
It consists merely of a pool of mutual
ly interested banks.
The soundest bank in the world
wou/d have difficulty in meeting a pro
trq^ted panicky run, because of the
impossibility of immediately convert
Chief Justice Fuller’s decision set
ting aside the injunction against the
opening of the World’s Fair on Sunday
has taken the matter entirely out of
the hands of the United States author
ities and places decision where it be
longs—in local hands.*
Justice Fuller’s order remanding
the suit to the Circuit Court will meet
general approval for its judicial, as
well as its moral, fairness.
It is in the first place not a matter In
which the United States has constiu
tional jurisdiction, in fact the Federal
government had, under the act of Con
gress, no legal ground whatever to
stand od.
The most the Federal government
coaid demand was to be repaid its
money, which the Fair association long
agodecided to do—and there the Sunday
question ends.
The Fair will be open to the laboring
people on their day of leisure, and if
any suffer thereby it will be the open
Sunday saloons and dive9 of Chicago,
which alone would have reaped the har
vest from the thousands of visitors whom
Surday closing would have barred from
the Innocent and ennobling recreation
afforded within the great White City.
It was a splendid legal battle, and to
the sturdy endeavors of Iren. St. Claik,
of West Virginia, the result is largely
When you get a silver dollar these
days drop it on the door before accept
ing it. The latest is made largely of
Plaus for KrceUng ftuch a Building in
Washington, D. C., June 17.—There
has been a great deal of conjecture re
garding the permanent location of the
papal delegation in Washington. It is
now authoritatively announced that the
Archbishops of the churcji in the
i United States, have taken the matter in
hand, a suitable dwelling for the papal
delegation will be erected. At the
meetiug of Archbishops in Chicago, the
details will be decided. Said Dr. O’Gor
man, professor at the Catholic Univer
“It is necessary to build a house for
Archbishop Satolli, as any private resi
dence that could be bought Is wholly
intuited to the needs of those who will
occupy a papal legate’s house. Houses
that have been intended for family uses
have not the arrangements for a lega
tion, which requires offices, etc. Con
i nected with a papal legate are various
secretaries and subordinates, which fact
must oe taken into consideration when
deciding the buildiug question.’’
Bishop Ryau, of Buffalo, is treasurer
of the fund to build the papal legation
residence, aud the circular he has sent
out is bringing satisfactory results.
Archbishop Satolli aud his two subor
dinates. Mgr. Sharetti and Rev. Dr.
Papi, occupy a suite of rooms on the
second floor of the divinity building.
Catholic University. They are light
and *lr* ar.artments. but wholly devoid
of oven the least inviting luxury. The
furnltnr© ami furnishings are the
plainest and the white walla are adorn
ed by a few Inexpensive pictures, repre
senting various touching and sweet
sceues in the Savior’s life.
Harkisbubo, Pa., June 17.—Fire last
night damaged the High Spire distillery to
the extent of |2Ui),OuO. At leat 5,000 barrels
of whisky were destroyed. Loss partly
covered by insurance. Supposed to have
been iuoeudiary.
Scranton, Pa.. June 17.—A number of
buildings, including the Methodist Church
and the house of Mrs. Johu VV. Babson,
were destroyed by fire in the town of Duu
doff yesterday. Loss will reach 1150,000.
Insurance uaanown.
Stdnsy, B. C., June 17.—Forest fires are
destroying property in every direction. A
terrific blaze Is sweeping over the country
in the vicinity of Walton’s marsh. The
crops have suffered largely. The money
loss will be enormous.
Const Island, N. Y., June 17.—This re
sort was vlfrited by a bad fire at aa early
hour this morning, resulting in the destruc
tion of about $50,000 worth of property, the
burning to death of John Madden, a volun
teer fireman, and the slight burning of sev
eral other firemen.
Another Wonderlnl Invention.
Paris, June 17.—M. M. Turpin, the
Inventor of ‘•melinite,” has invented a
new guu which can be carried on a
light march. In & quarter of an hour
It can discharge 25,000 projectiles over
an area of 22,000 square metres. At the
distance of 3,826 yards he declares that
none of the present armor plates on
fortifications is capable of resisting It.
Nobody Knows
What I suffered for years with those terri
ble ragiug sick headaches. Life was only
a torment to me; if you are so troubled. I
would advise you to'use Sulphur Bitters,
for they cured me.—-Clara Belle.
Arrangements Made for the Reception
and Entertainment of Commauder-ln
Chiel Weissart.
The committee to arrange for the
reception and entertainment of Com
mander-ln-ChU' VYeissart, of the G. A.
R., met last evening in G. A. R. Hall,
J. H. Burtt presiding and F. U. Crago
acting as secretary.
Sr. Vice-Commauder Crago reported
that the Commander will be here on
Thursday evening, the 22ud. He will
come in during the afternoon on
the B. Jc O., and will be escorted
by the reception committee to the Hotel
Windsor, where he, in connection with
Department Commander Authony Smith
will establish his headquarters for the
day. In the evening a reception will
be held In G. A. R. Hill and addresses
will bo delivered by the Department
Commander, the Commander-In-Chief,
the Adjutant General, G. B. Gray of
Milwaukee and others.
All old soldiers are invited to be pres
ent. A good old fashioned campfire
will take place. Mrs. Gertrude McClel
land will preside at the piano, and re
freshments will be served by the Ladles’
of the Relief Corps. __
Via or Matter* of Interest Brlefljr and
PitliUjr Told.
The Council Committee on Accounts
is called for Monday.
John Eisknbebg was arretted by
Officer Lukens, last night, for drunken
Ella Miller’s house of ill fame was
raided last evening, and nine arrost9
Mr. J. Lantby, of the Eighth ward,
was yesterday sworn in as a Deputy
The Schmulbach Stars would like to
hear from the Hubs for a game next
St. John’s Church, of the South
Side, is arranging for a grand picnic at
the Park next Wednesday.
A train of twenty-five cars of dresB
ed beef, from Chicago, passed over the
B. A O. yesterday for Pittsburg.
The Alumol banquet of the First
ward or Washington school will be
held at the Park next Friday evening.
The Knights of St. John, of Ben
wood, will hold a meeting this morning
at their hall to organize a uniform rank.
James Black and Mary Jane Wil
liams were arrested bv Officer Trisch
ler yesterday for being in Ann Woos
ter’s house of ill fame.
Meda Eldridue’s house of ill fame,
colored, was raided last night by Officers
Daum, Carney, Buch, and Rohri, and
the landlady, three girls and four men
were captured.
The Premier Cyclers’ club will leave
this morning at 5 o’clock for a ride to
Barnesville and return. Twenty-five
will go and the Barnesville boys have
prepared them a banquet.
The Only Five Club, composed o*
Andrew Bishop, Harry Myers, Wm.
Foose, Wm. Emmert and Prof. A. G.
Keys, will leave on a ashing trip to
Buffalo Creek on Saturday next.
The central picture In O’Neill’s street
case has been replaced by a photograph
of one of Wheeling’s most attractiYe
young ladies. The photograph is one
of the ino9t artistic ever made by Mr.
M. H. Sykes.
Howard Jackson, colored, living on
Eoff street, below Seventeenth, beat his
wife, last evening. He was posted In a
room with a club, when Lieut. Gaus
and Officer Boch went in, but he weak
ened and was locked up.
The Ben wood Blues have accepted
the challenge of the South Side Kem
ples and will play them for any purse
on Sunday, June 25th. Will meet them
or their representative at Kemple’s sa
loon Monday or Tuesday.
The following arrests were made late
last night: John Sutton and Frank
Kasley, disorderly; Kitty Lee, six girls
aud three men, by Officers Scalley, Car
ney and Lukcns; John Sutton, break
ing windows at Fanny Preston’s house.
The happy Six fishing club of the
East End, will go down to Sugar Grove
week after next. It is composed of the
following well-known gentlemen: Henry
Kepner, Johu Balzer, Harry Jones,
Jacob Dick, Conrad Snopp and Wm.
One of the big attractions at the
Mark Twain Pic-ulc, on the 29th, will
be a pacing race between horses owned
by Frank Mathews and Thos. Howley,
. _ a A.tAA 1 > U » m WA
I or y u 1~
good ones, and the race will be “in
dead earnest.1’
C. C. Smith, of Massillon, O., Cor
responding Secretary of the Board of
Negro Education and Evangelization,
will lecture both morning and evening
at the Christian ChurcH at Rellaire. A
cordial luvltatlon is extended to the
public to attend.
Judge Pauli-yesterday made a vaca
tion order in the case of Rachael A.
Russell v. Ell W. Russell, a rule being
Issued agaiust Rachel A. Russell, citing
her to appear Juue 24th, to show cause
why she should not be proceeded
against for disobeyauca of the order of
June 2d.
Programme of th« doling Eiircluei to
Take Place Wednesday at Convent
The closing exercises and annual dis
tribution of premiums of St. Vicent’s
Select School for Roys will take place
Wednesday evening next, In Convent
Hall. Following is the programme to
bo rendered:
Cborus—"Hall to the Nation"- The School
Piano Duet.Master* Ja*. Guviu and Joe Ward
"Death of Gaudenti*"-. • •.
Master Monger Truschel.
"Turn the Carpet-’.Hannah Moore
Master Eddie Donohoe.
“The Blacksmith of Raeenbach".F. Murray
Master Frank Blum.
"John Maynard’’...
Master Jame^ Weltzel.
“The Penance Theodosius" .. —.A.ma
Master George Gering.
German Chorus.The < la*s
Plano ..
Master James Gavin.
"The Retreat of the French Army from Mos
Masters V. Owen*. L. O’llare. K. Laily. C.
Carney aud W. O’iUre.
"Nail the Color* to the Mast . Alfred H. Miles |
.. m _l . >J 'P., f. Ti.nfll. i
tun. J Lsutkers and F. Waseinan.
“The lloitage’’.BchUler
Muster Vincent Owens.
Drill . Fourth Class
Chorus—“Beautiful Fiag of Libertj’VFdlmore
Distribution of Premiums.
Commencement at West Liberty.
The first part of the commencement
programme was carried out last night,
when the Bryam and Irving literary
societies gave a joint entertainment,
which was very creditable to the soci
eties and witnessed by a large audience.
The programme for the remainder of
the exercises is as follows:
Sunday, Juno 18th, S p. tn.—Bacciimrctti 9®f
" mon. R*v. B. Rush Swope, D. D.
Monday, June Itith, 8 p. m.—Annual Contest
Between the Bryant and Irvine Sooieiic*.
Tuasdav. June 28t.lt. 8 p. m.—Lecture Before the
Llterarv societies. Prof W. P. Willey, A. M.
Subject, “hair to Cloudy. With Chance* of
Slight Rain.” __ ^,rv_
Wednesday, Juna21st, 8:30p.m.—Class Day Ex
e roues. „
Wednesday. June 91st 8 p. ra.—Elocutionary
Eatertainment by Prof. Byron W. King, of
Thursday, June 29d. 10 a. m.—Commencement.
Thursday, June 281, 2:80 p. m.—Middle Class
Thursday. June 23d, 4 p. m.—Alumni Business
Meeting. , , _ .
Thursday. June 82d, 8 p.tn.—Alnmni Exercise*.
Music furnished by Opera House Band, of
Wheeling. _ _
The Columbian Parade.
Wheeling Council, No. 1, and*all the
other Councils of the Junior Order of
American Mechanics of the city, have
decided to take part In the parade July
4th. There was a general committee
meeting held last night, aud representa
tives of all Councils, including Elm
Grove Council, were present. The com
mittee is making arrangements for mu
sic and other necessaries to make as
good a showing as possible. All Coun
cils near by will be invited to take part
in the parade with the Wheeling boys.
K. or P. Memorial Service*. (
Knights of Pythias Memorial services
will be held this morning at nine o’c'ock,
at the Fourth Street M, E. Church.
The sermon will be preached byf Rev.
rvP. a. B. Riker. The two n&ifftrmed
div siQhs and five local lodges wilfform
in UoA and march in a body tt> the
church, headed by Meister’s fujdf brass
tand. j 'mi'- '-'
g Sommervllle Interviewed About
Meeting of the Board at Regent*.
Hon. J. B. Sommervillo has returned
from Morgantown, where he attend
ed the meeting of the Board of Regents
of the West Virginia University. The
Board adjourned until July 20th. Sena
tor Sommerville was seen yesterday by
a Rsoistkr reporter, and talked inter
estingly about matters considered by
the Board.
“There Is really no foundation, ’ he
said, “for the intimation in your paper
that the Board adjourned until July
20th in order to dispose ofaMessrs. John
G. Schilling, of Roane county, and Major
E. A. Bennett, of Cabell county. The
terms of these two members expire
July 1st, but the selection of the date
for the adjourned meeting has no sig
nificance. It was the only time which
could be agreed upon, on account of
business engagements of members of
the Hoard. I suggested June 25th, but
several members objected to that date.
Then the 28th and 30th were suggested,
but dropped for the same reason. The
Board would have finished the work be
fore it without adjourning, but for
pressing business matters which caWed
most of the members to their homes.”
“What is the situation at the Uni
versity?” asked the reporter.
“The fact caouot be denied that the
situation Is very unsatisfactory. Har
rnouy In the faculty is absolutely essen
tial to the propes conduct of the lnsti
1 tution. Whether tho removal of ODe or
i more of the Instructors will bring about
the desired result, I am not prepared to
say. I have no fixed opinion in the
matter, relative to the charges brought
against certain professors, and 1 am
confident that that is the situation with
the entire Board. A number of papers
throughout the State have been doing
some guessing as to the action
of the Board, but it is
all mere conjecture, as tho Beard has
not yet heard the evidence against the
members of tho faculty, and until there
is something tangible will take do
action in the matter. W hen the Board
meets in July it will be to hearevidence.
“You may say," concluded Mr. Som
mervillo, “that tho members of the
Board of Regents will do what they
thiDk best to bring about harmony in
the faculty.” The Senator took the
same position with regard to President
Turner as toward the other members of
the faculty, asserting that he would not
presume to judge Mr. Turner’s conduct
until all the evidence bearing on the
matter is heard.
New York’s Military Force* Called to
(Juell Btrlkmg Tuna wanda Lumber
Tonawanda, N. Y., Juno 17.—This vil
lage is now under martial law. At 2
o’clock this afternoon President George W.
Stanley issued a proclamation calling upon
everybody to aostain from violence, and
declaring'the village under martial Jaw.
The issuance of the proclamation created
considerable excitement, and people flock
ed about the printed circulars and read
them eagerly.
The lumbermen held a secret meeting
this afternoon. Thoj decided to never give
up the fight.
Agents of the Lumbermen’* Exchange
have been dispatched to New York, Phila
delphia, Pittsourg and Boston to collect
lAhnrers to take the strikers’ places, and
it is expected that they will return Sunday
with plentv of nou-union labor, which the
military w'lll protect. Business is totally
suspended here at present. Piftv men
who were brought down from Buffalo
were laid off at noon, and the lumbermen
are discussing plans to carry on their work
next week.
This afternoon, when a couple of union
men rowed over to the island and scram
bled on the dock, a guard prodded them
with bis bayonet and drove them back
into their boat. Groups of the old union
men have been stutioned near the bridge
leading to the island, and at 1 o’clock this
afternoon adoaen attempted to oross.
The bridge is guarded by a detachment
of soldiers. They shoved their bayonets
up in front of the men's faces and formed a
lino of bristling steel as impenetrable as a
stone wall.
“Get out of here or you will get hurt,”
said the corporal.
The intruders dropped back sullenly,
muttered a few curses aud walked baca to
their fellow workmen.
At noon to-day the strikers held a mass
meeting in the Lumber Exchauge where
some fiery speeches were made. It was
impossible to obtain any Information as to
what action bad boon taken at the session.
No boats were unloadeded to-day. A big
fleet of lumber carriers is bound for here
aud there will be a big blockade if the lum
bermen do not succeed in hiring a large
force within a few days.
New York, June 17.—The weekly bank
statement shows the following changes:
Reserve, decrease, #.'>,644,100; loans, de
crease, #3,699,800; specie, decrease, #1,810,
900; legal tenders, decrease, $7,430,600;
deposits, decrease, #12.889,200; circulation,
increase, $37,000. The banks now hold
$\776,000 in excess of tho requirements of
the 25 per cent. rule.
Albast, N. Y., June 17.—Tho failure of
Charles P. Straight, hardwood merchant,
was announced to-^Jav. He owns large
lumber mills in Pittsburg and in Warren
county, Miss., aud has branch offices in
Now York City. The assets are #200,000
and liabilities $50,000. James P. Straight
of Nashville, is preferred in #10,000, and
John Straight, of Cincinnati $10,000. Mr.
Strait says the assignment was made in or
der to find time to meet his obligations.
_ t-% n 1 r
lTA3UI.Mnv.it A-'. w
troller Eckels was informed to-day that the
City National Bank of Brownwood,
Texas, closed Its doors. Bank Examiner
Stone bos heeu ordered to assume charge
of the failed bank- Tne Comptroller has
declared a fourth dividend of 25 per cent, to
the creditors of the First National Bank,
of Clearfield, Pa., making iu all 10U per
oent. on claims proved, amounting to *119,
New Yobk, June 17.—The shipments of
currency by the banks of New York to the
iuterior to-dav aggregated fl,250,000 of
which (400,000 was obtained at the sub
Treasury in exchanges. Notices were sent
to the banks at Detroit that inasmuch as
they have required sixty days notice for
withdrawal by depositors that calls by
them on New York banks for currency
will not be resgonded to.
StKAcisa, Wis.t June 17.—The Racine
Hardware Company, having a capital stock
paid up of (300,000 and employing 300 men,
made a voluntary assignment for the ben
efit of creditors to-day.
A Cowboy Murderer Killed.
Dcxskath, N. D., June 17.—An unknown
cowboy yesterday entered the Turtle
Mountain'Bant, held up Cashier Tucker
and robbed the bank of *1,000. Keeping
Tucker under cover of a revolver, he got
out of the bank and rode up into the
mountains. He returned soon after, went
to the store of Jacob Kotch war and asked
a clerk, James McRae, for a watch. Mc
Rae turned his back to get the watch and
was shot in the back. He is not expected
to live. A nnmbar of men gathered to
capture the villain. Mayor McGee shot
the man’s horse and he was then run down
nd killed by citizens.
A West Virginia Boy's Good Standing.
West Poixt, N. Y., June 17.—The gen
eral order of merit of the Cadet classes, aa
determined by the annual axamii"
bees announced. The leader '
classes are: First Claw (57.
Barden, New Jersey;
members), SohnjL West
Jiaas <35 Shelton,
Dally Chronicle oT the Movement of
8. H. Melarney is here from Pitts
A- H. Hoyt, of Slstersville, is a Wind
sor guest.
H. W. Beverlle, from Grafton, i9 at
the Windsor.
Wm. Shafer, of Claysville, Pa, Is a
Behler guest.
A. J. Mitchell, of Washington, D. C.,
Is at the W'indsor.
Todd Hammond, of Wellsburg, was
in the city yesterday.
W. C. Handlan. Jr., Is the bow clerk
at the Hotel Windsor. ^
Mr. Hugh Letzkus left yesterday for
Mount Clemens, Mich.
J. H. Bronson, H. S. Stevens, J. E.
Dorer, all of New Haven, Coun., are
guests at the McLure.
Roy Combs, of Chicago, is in the city
a few days oa business.
J. C. McCann, of the Atlantic Tea
Company, is in Chicago.
W. S. Meredith, from Fairmont, is
registered at the McLure.
Wm. Parre, from Cumberland, Md.,
is visiting friends in town.
Assistant City Clerk W. H. Fee will
leave for Chicago this evening.
E. A. Sartford and wife are at the
Windsor. They are from Fairmont.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waterhouse will
return from their wedding tour to-day.
Miss Gnssie Sauvageot, of the South
Side, is visiting friends at Washington,
Mrs. Harry Yonng, of South Penn
i street. Island, is home from the World’s
Henry Getner and John Connelly, of
the North End, left yesterday for New
Mrs. J. H. Wllleton, from Waahlng
| ton, Pa., is stopping at the Stamm
Chas. Waterhouse and bride are ex
pected home from their wedding tour
Mrs. Christ Otto, of the South Side,
! has been ill three weeks with the ty
pnoid fever.
A. J. Dill, a pleasing business man,
whose home is in Allegheny City, is at
the Stamm Hotel.
Thomas Flynu, of the Sixth ward, is
home from one and a half years’ travel
over the United States.
Mrs. George Long and son James, of
Chicago, are the guests ol Mrs. W. R.
Lowe, of South Maiu street.
John P. Campbell, Sr. aud N. C. Rles
ter aud son, Frank, of the South Side,
are iu Pittsburg on business.
Mrs. W. E. Floyd and daughter
Blanch, accompanied by Miss Bertha
Beall, left yesterday for Adena, O.
L. C. Leech, foreman of the Mears
barrel works, la Martin’s Ferry, Is seri
ously 111 at bis home in ^Etnaville.
Mr. Oscar Statler, of the Island, left
last night on & three weeks’ fishing trip
to Mackinac and other lake resorts.
Audrow Habig, of New Cumberland,
is a guest of his parents ou the South
| Side. He will remain here three weeks.
Ed. L. Bender, the bustling sales
man for C. F. Green, of the South Side,
is home from a successful trip out the
B. & O.
C. L. Coon, of the firm of Kelr
Coen, on the South Side, will leave
this week for a Pennsylvania busi
ness trip.
Mtas Lucy Saucy, of Wellsburg, has
accepted a position as bookkeeper with
the McAuley-Peters Tent and Awning
Clarance Eckles, the popular employe
of the Wheeling bakery. Is home from
Bethany, where be took In the com
Stamm.—Miss M. K. Wells, Sisters
ville; W. E. McBride and Cora Smith,
Slstersville, and B. W. Hutchinson,
Messrs. C. H. Collier and F. Moyers
leave for Chicago, by lake, to-day. They
stop at Detroit and Macinac en route,
aud return by rail.
Right Rot. Bishop Kain left yester
day for St. Joseph’s, Msrshall county,
to administer the sacrament of confirma
tion to a large class.
Mrs. Anna Haljlg has returned to her
home in Newark, Ohio, after a visit of
of two weeKs to her mother, Mrs. John
Lotz on Eighteenth street.
Mr. James Barlow, a prominent pot
tery mao of East Liverpool, and his
daughter Maud, are the guests of Alex
ander Lindsay, of the Island.
Capt. James Holmes, of the Kingfish
ers, left yesterday for the camp near
Friendly, W. Va., to arrange matters
for a descent upon the finny tribe.
J. R. Campbell, of Wabash street,
Island. Is in the Allegheny Mountains
lor his health. His family will follow
next Tnesday and the summer will be
spent there.
E. A. Dufrene, book-keeper for Jos.
Bell & Co., left yesterday for Muncie,
Ind., where the new plant of the firm Is
located. Mr. Dufrene’s family will fol
low next week.
Silas Statbers returned yesterday
from Morgantown, where he has been
. .. _ » L - C.,. r T n I . I , (I a
tl ItCUUlUft tuu we*«vw«ww#- -
will spend bis vacation at his home in
the Eighth ward.
Tbe popular South Side ladles, the
Mi 9se8 Mary and Annie Belts and An
nie Ziegler left the city yesterday for
Cleveland, Detroit and the World’s
Fair, to be gone three or four weeks.
JohD Tegraeyer Staub, son of Col. R.
P. H. Staub, of Baltimore, is the guest
of his aunt. Mrs. Belle Irwin, of North
Main street, and will spend tbe summer
with her and hit cousin, Wb. B. Her
vey, on the National road.
We Dote the return of Dr. Borchina!
from Johns Hopkins Hospital, where be
has been taking special courses in bac
teriology and diseases of eye and ear
under Profs. Welch and Chisholm. The
Doctor has been away two months.
Col. Frederick Columbus Myers, the
genial old pioneer, German poet and
general fire Insurance agent, and Charles
H. Collier, ass.stant secretary of the
Fire and Marine Insurance Company,
will leave to-day by way of the lakes to
spend several weeks at tbe World’s Fair.
Behleb:—John Cunningham, New
Cumberland; H. McCall, Sistersvtlle; G.
O. Woodcock, New Martinsville; J. A.
Kinderson, Middleboume; EId. Brute.
Moundsville; A. J. Jamison, Middle
bourne; J. L. McCullough, Joseph’s
Milt; 0. M. Bosworth and wife, Slsters
vllle, and C. E. McPeek, Moundsville.
Baltimore, Germania, Ohio Valle;,
Belmont, Black Prince and Humboldt
Lodges, and Bernard Stanley and
Ceuer de Lion Divisions, Knights 0f
PjthiM, will Uk, pm Id th» geaorUI
D & CO.
Light Wraps!
We had the best assorted line of Spring Wraps
in this vicinity, and have some of the best sellers, and
most stylish garments that will be sold at this SI’EC-a.
j. E. STIFEL & CO.
Our line of Men’* Genuine tfhell Vamp \land-se wed Cordovan Nhoe*, I
former price ?.*».00, go lu this sale for
$4 00-FOUR DOLLARS —-$4 00'1
Our special price on our owu make, Men’s Hand-sewed Kangaroo .shoea
I* very low, _ *
Hut to fully appreciate thl* sale, you waul to »ee our lino of Men’s lalf, \
Dongula and Kangaroo Congr*** and lace for _
Our line of Mon’* Calf Shoes, for good solid wear, have never been
equaled lu this city for
$2 00-TWO DOLLARS-$2 00
Sm our Milwaukee Grata Light Workln* Hho. »' *1.60. For Cumfuil
buy a pair of Kangaroo Low Congress. They only co*t^
10413 A.IIT 9TRBBT
» _
Good Ingrain Carpet* from - • • 50 to 65 cent*.
Good Tapestry.50 to 75 cents.
Body Brussels from • • °oc 51.00. H
HTGeneral cut In *11 goods to the flrst day of A|»ril.
|#"Undertaktng hi all Us branches.
No. *«3M7 Market b treats. [aiarJ—de**l TtLtPHQftl 449. ^
tjiie Was InceanMl at tbe Action of tbo
Typographical Union.
Chicago, June 17.—The International
Typographical Union decided to publish
the report of the investigation of tbe
Chllds-Drexel Home. It was found that
funds had been grossly misappropriated,
that the Home had not been built accord
ing to the specifications, and that the pres
ent building was in such a oou
ditlon that it is liable to oollapee. The
Board of Trustees are guilty of a vio
lation of trust, J. D. Vaugh, of Colorado
Springs and August Doanth, of VV asbing
too, being particularly responsible. Tbe
oflending trustees were removed. Tbe sum
of |6,500 was then appropriated to put
tbo home in a proper condition.
A separata scale of Wi|6i for female
compositors carno up for extended con
sideration. A separate scale is demanded by
tbe Boston union, where there are over one
thousand non-union female compositors.
Tne wish of tbo Boston union Is to organ
ire these women upon a lower scale of
wages. Tbe opposition led by delegate
Miss Belle Pierson, of Albany, demanded
tbe same scale for women as for men. The
matter was referred to the executive coun
cil by au aye and nay vote of 87 to *6. Miss
Pierson then withdrew from the floor of
the convention, claiming the woman dele
gates had no place in the convention.
The most important business transacted
at tbe dosing session of the meeting of the
International Typographical Union, was
the adoption of a resolution declaring that
no one should be admitted to tbe Chllds
Drexel Home unless he bad been a member
of tbe union for five years.
Cardinal Olbbout Has U*a Vope’s Letter.
Bal/timors, Mt>., Juno 17.—Cardinal
Gibbons has received the long expected
letter from the Holy Father, on the school
qeestion, with tne request to send copies
01 IV VO mu ^
State*. The Cardinal says it is a long
and luminous document, and la eminently
worthy of the august head of the Catholic
Where Hm It Uoee To?
The Philadelphia Record reports that
among the millions of small coins which
have mysteriously disappeared are 119,
000.000 old copper pennies; 4,500,000
bronze two-cent pieces; 3,000,000 three
cent nickel pieces and 809.000 of the old
copper half-cents, of which not one baa
ever been returned to the government.
Samples of these coins turn up once in a
while, bnt they are extremely rare.
Making all possible allowance for the
quantities of a nail coin that children
swallow, It is hard to imagine what hu
become of all of this money.
Editor's Indorsement or Baskin.
Visitor— “Did you hear that Olad
stoae had appointed a poet laureate to
take Teroyson’s place?"
Editor—“No. Who la It?"
Visitor—“You’d never gueea. Ras
kin—John Ruekln—never wrote « bit
r/ poetry in his life, and he’s now over
-0 yea!? of age.”
Ed i to r-‘‘That’s
I’ve aiwaynl^W*
poet’c license ™
score years of
climb stairs.”—Mt.
Charlos Woodcock’! goneral store, oa
Howard street, was rvboed u few nights
age s The iMeres entei •• I the building and
took ooffse, oheeen. baadkeroblofs and
clothing. There it no duo to Uio perpetra*
tors, and Just how they .ucurud uu outnsuow^
to ths build mg is not knows 3
M11ton Harrison, who died at Erie, I’a.^9
ft few days a«r° well known b»Yo iil
one time Mr. Harrison lived in HridgcporL^^®
He was a brother of Mrs Win. Clark, of
Fred. Cook s horse fell on tbo C. L. Jk
\V Hail road tra«k* yesterday, and it was
some timeboforet.be animal could be got
up. Luckily it wa at the time of day
when trains were ft*v. The animal was
little Injured.
Wm. Stewart, of titswsrt’a Landing,
formerly of this place, M rery id. Hi*
friends hare been sent for, tnd bia condh.
tlon Is bellered to be serious. Mr. Stew* W
art is now one of the leading oil men la the |
Slstersrllle oil field. Wbed be was bora 1
be engaged eitenslrely In tbtjuoiber buai* (
The work on the large sewftr on East
Piko street has bees delayed, a*no pipe |a
on hand. Tbo work will be resubod early
this week.
Council will meet ne*t Tuesday evjnlog,
to further discuss the sewerage queyioo.
On this question there Is s dltorslty of
Old Mrs. Denbam. mother of the dairy
man, J. H. Denbam. is some better.
George Cook Gtffen will preach his first
sermon in the M. E. Church to night. Ha
has been ordained a local preacher. Mr.
Qiffen 1* a sob of George Oiffeo, tbo groaar,
of town.
The new M. E. church le rapidly astute
Inw Itii narmungnt ahane The mof Will
bo pieced on It this week, end the struct
Ore will be en imposing use. ^
Excavating is rapid Tor the nsw Scott
McCiraw block on Pike street. ^
E It. Boggs, of Barton, was to town •
The nsw company store, to be called
Miners’ Hall, at Brookslde, near the
Wheeling Creek mines, will soon be opm
pleted aud occupied. a *
When the Below nt oouutv commission
ers met in St. ClairsviUe a few days ago to
decide whether or not to allow the new
street car company to lay their tracks to
the Wheeling creek mines, they were met
by a committee representing over fouy^
hundred citizens desiring that the compa-W
ny s wish be granted. A large number of*
these person* were miners, who asked for
g way to and from work. It Is known tbal
the commissioners granted the request of
the nhw company. . .
Tbe Board of Education baa advertised
for changes to be made at the Ebni school <
house Coaaidersble Improvements are to
be made there, which will be completed bo
^ttev^Bwaney, of tbe West End, Is bom*
from a bunt. „ ... .
Mrs. W. H. Brown, of Allegheny City,
who baa been vising friends here, has ra
il rued to her borne.
Mrs. Eberiy South is In Pittsburg, vleil
iog for a few days.
Burke McConnaugby la home from Co
lumbus . . . ._
Judge C. A Snodgrass of Mannlugton,
was In town a few days ago, on lags! busl
B*Mrs. M. A. Clayton, after a pleasing
riait at J. C. Dent’s has returned to her
honed) Mannington.
i,«njr* Turner has gone to Chicago to 1
the World's Fair.
Mlee Mattie Howells wrll leave ■ -
for the World’s Fair
Rev. Hen thorn is iu Steubeuvlilc atfl
laf)VT. A.ri^obw>n,7rom Flushing, wl
*°D? iTuHawtherne, of Contain, il
business visitor in town yestnrdsy.
A. J Smith, of Fo* torts, O..
was in town on business.

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