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^•:’v ill1i- on S ioQce and an
Ent. :.ish Bailer.
R-oent n QU sse — How the
<1 ' R tjrs May Revolutionize
World's Dress and Affaira.
on iO j>©an(Ied b
othor wr!>' add to ■
b> th a • w t ' v
blinff. for who will play cards wh n tin
, • \\. will Uav. - r urn t<
months. Anunudi y and li\my pu'
t day . ur forms will la* vi-dbU* in
vliV atirftv. No oik* will bother
, to :• cl .thes hat do n « >u<val his
I oiu i.a.mig in. dam ImpoiMn . For
• v n <: v" i.ks in "r:■ :
v pi* :i M*' »
teg It
a v ra fi >w;i t!.;r ,.:v» me
m like that ran-t* 1 by drop
>d ! a! ou.ah I h. '>•>
! ni " . N* *v
tr • .ilv*'- Yet
^i*)!!«•. :.ee ami bait!* ir was
! t n» r; !:iz.
ay - - w •• ae .t ■ i fl. i:r« 1 4irl
a. :: . gh;a off. 1 veof .ea aoh1€;
.what he did on these nights, whether
he relax* d and became like other men
orearried his manner in lo other circles.
\\v (.i)t our own meals, waited on onr
s.-lvt s. feeling like emancipated ser's
and wi re filled with Rice and beer.
vhi. il he did not allow us to have on
o . r occasions. The fun was fast and
:: :.*us until we heard hi.> massive step
por* h. wh a ail 1 ame still
. i! - Tf instantly, and our guests, if
vt had iny, stole silently away.
Hut now he is gone, never to return,
md ;■» rhaps years hence the memory
of •: • last month may In* wiped out.
.u;t there i' still a lingering frost, an
v . \ that haunts the mansion an 1
,i:>t > us :.) it el us if h< were ^ ill with
us whenever the front door i.-* left open.
Nobody rejoiced over his departure
more than the washerwoman, who said:
•Tin glad the big stiff is cone. I sup
pose Mr. M Doornail go; to talkin as if
owned t he hflfcse, and the butler
hdn’t like it ami left”
She is a character in her own way
il.-so She has a fondn s.- or heating
•• : i.-tle girl, and dways selects Sim
la > morning for the ex< revise. The child
• 1! so loudly that people who live a
ook iway can hear her <|iiite plainly, i
Last Sunday a pas oy. after the per- j
:'iu r. i- was over, heard the mother's !
w > n pathetic accent -s lying:
"Arrah, me uariin, sure they'd let i
me kill y*. so they vouid, and not one
o’ t!o*;n would irierfer* !"
S it was who heard the old darky
. on his firs’ sight of a trolley
• tr in Hioomfield, "Huh! See deni fools
. gi:’in inter da; cai, and dev ain't no
. i-.m widin a mile!"
' n arts.vi.. d him: "Sure i’’s you're
!»h:" D n*t \ know thitn cars runs
c ast: ity, ye haythen!”
AN (Kl Kll ll’S t Ovri.V I t M il.
She Swallows n Well filled heather Vurse
H littluk*-- a surgical Upeiatlnu t<>
l.ct At.
March B. C. Wal
4. 1/ • man f- mi th- Hast,
making tiit our ot Southern Cal
, • ii• i• t - wi: t r. <i:.'l a!«■ nt
arn* • i :!: > ■ i: A short
r i. arrival hr v.* n: out to \ sit
■ i*;< a fa. ai, at*. ; spent s* ’. ral hour.'
ng lit qu* r lkr is. w r.
r him very mu Th* <• was
ig male ostrich in jiarhiuiar tli.t:
Will.* ' tai.i-i. his plumag' w al
so hr lur.fnl a ai h*.s carriaf* was so grat I.
Ala - riig at 'i
. ; : u n inv ci! ; it.ts Wall i e
.-a i • an lira from a but: whi h
l :> u fe i\ i- holding, thinking to present
ling s m- hing tugging a* liis packet.
W * in , I i • . .a Jus i■ ■ itu- to ■
1 • * *hi 1>1 i’s mouth. Wallace frank
that li- was I 'tnj •* ly daze i
1 II *• i tta- a M ri :r
• i■ i ii hen the purse show* -1 i\- .f
n ■ ling ! in n, m ikh g a big j r tu
ii ■ g • *• i
. r the th:-a*, ai. 1 t:I with nil his
might ?.i ,'h 'ki l- pursi ni hut one up
ward k k of big fellow's h of s- ttle 1
:: hat way Wa ice
avor of i - I,., taken arm, but ’it
Hi i.: • i in • • ; u?... ami h- on l i •:
• - r i h :r ikit x • 1 wo: Uy
mpunHj Meat n M
W : , ! • '• 1 t] •• kf • !■• r.
Bj ' n I.- { : - J : i in ale the
i away in :h* ! !r i's stomach aw.ii •
'•N '-i a f r it. sir. I’m afraid," said
keeper. “Was th*:ri much mon-'-j in
' <x lira -1 W.il
r*N ids s -an - ii,” answer i th
1 -1 -i't w i
. hut h' re*
* --it it ■ n !' wii • ay n kill th*
;< lilt'll f: g.”
ii i- IV i ; d
without ki.li'i.: m outright,
was inrnn iia'"i
Was f "id • i with
. it* . . - - r- i ii is • n
' W ilia •• i ! tr- r* -
’ f' I 1'ld I slight
1 k 'p-'. w o in turn pr-sevi d
in. very : ■ a.r ti: .; her hits
Washing!' n I*i t.
\ • i'd.u marred woman, the wife of
j ill-- ppvate s' .t* tary of a \V : >rn Con- ;
man. w; ; one of a pnny ;hn o.ii'-r
. . >. tiimr Talking about lean year. "1
i proposed to my husband.” said she. i
1 “and if wasn’t leap year, and I’m not a
; ;yu woman." Every one was anxious
at r t> -a he hanpent 1 to do it. for
. is a lovely woman of the womanly
type, ainl the last one in the world to
r\ r a man to mart*} h- r. Then,
t >. -he was i iK’lle. and had ho us of
i annul n s. many of whom would have
on g’ :d to have won h"r.
•\vhy. I don’t know how it hrt parted.
You . .Tack had h -n it n :ve to me
fur y.ars. and e very little w hile would
t» ! me how mu-h he lov* .*d me. and
a«-k me if 1 could me for him. I put
him off and then after two or three
v. .y in bcagn to neglect telling me
his 1 v. . In tueanwMfc 1 learn
• v •' him. ’el 11 * • !i j^ery v. y
• . make hiui sp- ak, lmr when he called
h > i:• ver wanted to see me alone and
Pwavs tr d to have sotni of the family
a > nr. When we were alone he was
’ ■■ and silent, ard r.o amount of
,e,i {;i my part would ’ ring him
:,i .in o’her avowal. At list he tilled
and -■ i !• was going to Washing an.
Tt there was no u~j of his laying
\\> Tlmr v re no ties to hold
: ; r.i uid no or. for whom h especially
c I us' 1 my best endeavors to
t. u iv :! r he might expect a favor
; answer if h< would ask me to
r arty him. .lack said good night to
ole and 1 went to the door with
: a. We stood at the entrance for
> -na. and ? ri- i > hard to bring
•n • ; . •tit • :■> u-. He sp -ke of no
< ... ■ i :nc tor him. and all that sort of
ug. Finallv we *’• 1 k hand- and he
1 T - iw him walk down the yard,
an i as he reached the state i called to
1 :n tr c me back. I had - .>n him
• nt • f« •> r in r' r nitnn •? and
• "id • of • in.! it. Wi tn he came tip
the steps I sail: M: I care for you
a g:» It deal.' The rest naturally fol
1 wed. and we were married in the
| soring.” )
Parisian Ladies Say They Would Give
Ail Their Chic to Carry Them
selves with New York Grace.
Birds of Spring in Burnt Orange.
Sago Green Gown for Miss Pull
man Has Copper Trimmings and
Orange at Belt and Throat—Per
sian Velvet for Americans at
Cario — Leading Tone lor First
Month at Watering ‘Places Will
be Quaker Gray and White
Many Summer Resort Gowns on
(Copyright, 1f%, l y Ryman Interview
The continued popularity of Id;:
slee\ s and me quantities of soft, per
ishable materials used in the sprint:
gowns have almost made ‘unit I
spring jacket a sort of impracticable
One secs capos every *vh* re cape for
the theatre, capes with calling s.cams
rapes with walking gowns, capes for
traveling and cac-, for can-;.etc wraps
An i they arc all hor garni, tit >: u c
of them teaching further thai the
waist hnr and a gr» ’f real ' oi them
coming only the e ler .
They arc generally circular capes.
v..,:=-:iine tin :r. say th-y w.v.tld give all
tin 1‘iiic for >.’■ w York r .
Ti. o;!i -i «l..y. > "t Ku-. Unlike, 1 saw
pm'-! . imposii woman s;- p from hor
vic oii throw 1 • • k A r vt-lv» ; wrap,
gather tip she • -1; • l>*'» r..: skirt of ii r
calling c nci .. iitappear in a
do* ".ay.
H.: I h 1 the cm ! Inc! ’ > t"ke in
tho '.aval •>: a •-•l.mc . The dress was
a l . en el< h a ; -rt of s ue grwi.
flab "i -iy t i: m fl in ■ P! -r anil . il
V. r p:;sr:ti-: " > i i . i " yoke w;.s 01
M irk moii.-.' iai" d • *. \'TV full ami
qui <■ lot"-'.
TI;-1 float of the 1 1 it was on: in
♦ .
j,. i n d e I a i with
1k.. |i. !,•:•;I". 1L w or. the two
Tiroi !• :" i points of s1!" eloth was a
third I
tucki l i:i •• \ ; !;:*!• of rhe V( !
V • t v .- r: S . A- . A 1 It Of ’ J
burnt or • \ 1\* i w.i- very narrow
ar.'.l Vi'.!- s':. ' i ‘l v. Ii lisks ot • ipp r
&r..l >i!'. r. I Ik. q;; - v. re short an 1
full, wi. i 1 ng ■ s' ' . '-any - i in,
and A nnl < * 1 • • • r bis s oranc • ir
the o. '-sum: '• .> high crush collar oi
th‘ v !'.• t, ■ ii; .1 by a is'ill of tn
M irk i • - ’. " V ■■
Til: his a . wore of the
p- a ,■ ap d si: 1 .s' f.owi
front si r. V *1 ni 1 ’ '■ wtap
I ;• ; -.V V. A l". . I I! i • 1 - J) 1.1 i t • 1
n 'ii.-' ! !■•• '■••■■ i'lis 1 Am: • ir
.-.J - , ' ' sin. '"A re wa.t
an eirn- :s 1 : ■ ■ 1 ' .n 21 i .~!i
lac . pot ti 1 t h fi on:, a: 1 where
she cat ■ 1 a i 11 hu : »-rflj
now c.f hr
| •'. > Pill ‘ isil • 1
•pc-,1 , I 1 . bi ■ - -S lil’- Kr*. neh
V/"' SSI w •
1 .1 in As' one \ ■ ry
nmch fiki i'. w .s b .... !■ . d :-«i'"M•«
New York, who ha? been wintering in
Esvpr. was very elanorate and original
I Thi slvii was dull old rose cloth, full
an 1 plain. The bodice was of Persian
VM'.et. the prevailing colors old rose
and claret, or at. leastthe very full
sleeves wer • of the Persian velvet, and
tnc~e days that constitutes most of the
1: for a friend of this lady, who
in acting a- part companion and part
c.mtidt u: ini a«ivi?< r.
'1 it bodice proper was of solid claret
velvet that meat;? two very narrow
? rips of the solid velvet on each side
t•; a wid vast. and a plain back of the
! <• i rue, with the fulness caught down :n
1* It i > I.
'i‘h> ie wa? a narrow trimming of
whin satin embroit'ml in silver on
each side i>:‘ the vest and around the
lapels, and girdle effect in front of the
satin. The v si was a great cascade
of cream accordion-plaited chiffon, and
a high, full tour de con of the same,
(’apt? in taffeta silk are going to be
very popular. 1 am told.
One 1 saw the other day was of dull
rose taffeta, with a design in green,
olaltcd silk separated from each other
v. ith strips of given velvet covered with
n ji■■ - .vc k. ’I Iteie '■ as a frill of Mi 11
black'd:ifton edging th*» whole cape and
making a v ry full double frill inside of
the high iici collar.
There is the prettiest new fashion of
trimming Ida k \e!vt t. capes in quanti
ties o" soft white tulle. It Is put on
very full arcitntl the n i l: or the cape to
fi im a high tour de cou. and the gath- !
, , 1 ends of the tulle hang in stole i
: ishlon. to ’ knees .,
Th re is no such tiling to he seen
... . .. on the smarter woman as
jd.,:n collars. AM neeivgc.tr is elaborated
w: h chiffon, lace, ribbons or Ho-.vers.
t—L.fdcdL^ .
IN CREPON. NECK TRIMMINGS •'. - .-! ■■: l'-~ ' ' KMMIRJ C.
u Syndicate.)
1'ut there is such a vaF ty i t n,a
terlals used a«d
trimmings, and trimmed in hi !i
■ oi sh av.ims. to. tli t one m \ < r 1 ah/.
r.]r’.t n steady (’if ? one has 1 or ’>
glorious spring 's on 'In
There are onlv a fw small. -1
tailor made jackets to hr se< n. and M** ’
are generally worn bv ’hi .ui’i'u *■ 1 ’
of the \merh-an colony.
I ♦ ri d the other lay t<t n ‘ a F'-* •
jy -,n vh ) was Very .isf’lll <•* hi --1
for t! 1anaTintr to tel in* v. ? tv
the immistakahle *haracri-U’ •- >>
An - rlcm wont an- the » r > ra*-t< t '• s
that stamp them a= \nn . icans tin o>r
tito French n« >pb‘ ’ * ' • f,u ; m
Ft n the ]r’° nr'*’ in tV
look *-n whl a tt. :;y litti twinkle in
their eves mid r >11 on’:
-.Ml rieht ” “Oh. yr°.’ ‘Oood-’n
“Why.” h> s;"d. with 'In* nn>st - i'h
find. convincing ii<* “fruiv, tl; tr
their boots to the top of th ir ' “.n*
the- look thoroughly Am
thrir walk too. that's item • I
And then they dress better, too.'
“lint.” 1 said, "the pawns and 'p»
that the American® wear are all i’i :
mo l ions Kv» n in Ann idea it :
ambition or r . • rv '■e ictv *,\ • *
have a Pens pi wn or hoinne
suggests the ‘Fournery woman ’ \t: !
so it can’t he that Thnr costuming !■
characterin' ally \merF;tn.
“Well ” lie s? ! i- a " ■
thing.* and it may that when 1 >>v
your language hette> I e m < v, t
liur 1 wondered it' he could ha\
periled it letter than an "Intangible
something.” e\«*n if ne had m .
the whole English vocabulary u ■■<>. *
inp to Webs er.
'a ehi,v in n ck tiimminc
cm’em tied f r sprint: :h y a:p ..
avemsts. chat gajlj with *:n-h o*her.
how gracefully to their Paris: :n :'n-nds.
possip with them a minute, speaking in
the prettiest possible bred-: n Fih.1i,
and fit: along • > the next .. oup b;
c xt shop window. All I’.::: is sni.»l!
to t!:•? A r ri an won an in th- ■ of
fashion, tor s!~ never gets bryo- 1 th
f. ’v sonar* wh- re the di• .-.-an .k-:
rliow their goods. Paiisiaa la ii s.
i i • it.:;, vv u u V' rpr • u,
\ !ii; c.ir brilliant
V.' - i a i 1' .'«j il and ma- im .1
lal I 3l>
n i »'"■ rid English
li. • chi-v » . ::: : d* s -rinj? eon
f \ ■ mi
nioii??'- !i' R .' ! i Iniuni
A n* -.v p: .vn ! -'i\v u cup or *h- smart
couturiers, onittel by-Mr?. Sii- ;urd of
A ii I in < ;r ' .1 m nci1' ' ”*■
hem*.- debus talked ’> °f ’!>*'
hopeful Optra singers. I
a* " the river in th** I.: Q 1 *1 ‘*r
"?1 in- Salon-” i tho < \. r-, f topic.
'I r abence of famil ar
i i! gas lu ring is alwa* < iin«*»! in
sol:'- m way hm I work on
ri.lon pictur*..
VIitnv l< ,vns for summer resorts are
■ I !•■!• .I rrom hen* to it to New
port, Xarragan.- *m and > *i" May. The
,ui»r- paid for tli*m is extravagantly’
■ at, and I won *,* that my own coun
irywomen .vi .i:ig to jn> so w* II for
tint which ran in duplir.it* I in then ,
own country i'er ini tin- sum.
Pale gray, the shad** we call “Quaker ‘
gray,” will be worn during Jut •> at t)
summer resorts. It will !>■ to i ** i ,
with bn!' *nt si arlef. Vv'h
bin k a;. ’. . ia* ■■ rl.ift'pn o. • : a. *.i
al.- i a** much chon-ri.
In thin goods I note a return to the
French cambric, wltu elaborate trim
ming ; of ril ,*.*n and la< *•, thti u"'*rly
defer. ii:r? the ” wash” pttrp* .- for <• i.icli
tii y ,*. *e ttri'in:artur* 1.
I will delight lot: of peopl In Amer
ica to know o the horn t'at have
h- n h< ap *1 on Mi.-- Fannie Edgar j
'i .on as, a famous rnusie.il critic, of
New V irk. Sit has received the decor
ation of 01; ■ .* <i Acadimb*. Her gowns !
arc nr; h admi; I and she has abandon- l
: ti;* v* tys of so many professional
Anierican wonu*n of w* iring hideous
loo s' drap* 1 t:.:ng.
NINA <; Kimvi.v i
At a dinner party, the other night, a
hendsme* y ung physician had been
; articn'ir!y bright and entertaining.
A tie i • b ft the tai * . cigars were
* d . pt**d by ,. <«. the gentl* -
m.*n but tie* tor. The host looked ,
at him in astonishment.
"Wh.it. not smoke.” said he; “why |
r u* f : ii tv, you i .-** half your din
tor: “imt if I should smoke, 1 would
]us* whole of u.”—aan Francisco
Matters Grave and G
Across the a
Congressmen Left op
tional Convention
The Great Sc
Badly Harr
Crime of Absent! :
Was Shakespeare t
The New Woman
Lucidly on Siiv • — t
Shadows of the p;. y;
(From Our Regular
Washing: . *
Politics has doin'!. .
week. Preside: i!
swept ovri : h- Na
gid billows <■:
drown oven tiio o:
Houses. Rt <-il nr.a: •
McKinh yi.-r >. 1
fad. T.ding s o!'
Xe.v a i
aetivi as in otfce.
all ! vorio- .- tn • i?'
at tin beginning • '
as I have indhai
that many nu*ml» t
c 1 up *ii control!.!
gat ion from Pap
a good Speakt • ..
he made up li
shapod leg:, r n
bi'ing the i>«■ *
Republican n.
futility of att* m;
al delegates i y a .
Committ(H.> is :
ever the stn gt
to In', it will < ■:
have cli eteil tin i
from the > ‘or
the results of th
in upon us, it is
that few t'ntiLT'
voting factor '.
the delegaiii
without tie :n; at .
more the fact than
A gooii many
Visit. 1.Mil) !
ity, their nw mint
sioa in the Nut to: u *
til'* Speaker 1 in ■■
ins dial hi p ‘1 •
po.- (pi ning pri\..
all li sislat ivc in:
of an •..r!y adjoin.
uic to iheir > aii
notniny .a hnnu.
ij li i\o done ;i> li "I
force upon tin* ' »n
the s« -.it fact th;.
cln. not to cossari
hi i:us. M' anwhth •'
is privately &i.c< .!
«an a :n« hinua.
wi hour ' <>ni; <» ... !
Tiiu r.fd: \r *si:i;i> <
If you iia\• -• d to
to sow them now; no \\
tii ;t the joint seed r< ■ r
ihe tnry of \tv ml ::
Ih i .-idem :•:t:.itur* Mr. M
tends that t ■ tu •* u;>ot
fi fus* i to (li ti l! 'It* • i ?•
at . e, an 1 h» nee 1:. <.
contimti r » be
M tali i . ’ 1>
cecdinsly w t o
t illi.is coi.
< arth s ii! i
i>! . r 1 the will of *
.i li -Ivc , ?It*' h:il. 'tin 1
i.f r . Agr ■ultir ;! I'
In < n an uiibtt.sk (Is i ■
,i • ilu w ii
i ii'vn , i of a I >
ai ! choking trrov.
this, ilii i’ irm< i on
uur il lit' "ii ■ I
lower th"- tndard '
the I)' partment <
r. -'ll I 1 11tl I,
The horny h ind* !
a mortpii::e on 1 • *
lit11* i itf'iiraKHnm
All of ■ '?>*h if5 r< rj
j r H* :n \ S',
h in with ns f<
and h<l is cr- Ir
it- h ir- title 1*
<’ ■ i nJy 'h ; t
. m n- of ; he *i -
prorr-.-s if '! ’ill’
Minister's, - ri
intr dry champ
rr.miii ir In i -
n y. The 1 ai *
roomed. thor >
i.man, n; n
for a brisMi: ,■ ■
with a f -nvini n
Mr. Oln v ha 1 .f
and even
dnii i dly mix
that tv r. a w ” pi
f« nor alwa> - - '
o' a i < •'
»h-v i \ m ' ti
rn..- ) (.ay r il
jotr• r my < \(ir* :
fiat In- - '• trr I
]y ;i' a car*lily '
\ ry of nf rv ’ '
:i I - *. but his i - ’ t *
S i\. 1 him from ■
the quarry of f\

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