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•'d til- thoughts :i the nvnds of the gentler sex turn towards
. rarel. I ( ires. Gl «ves, Wa sts, Separate Skirts. I ara
••vea sh jre of their attent w,. The reputation we have estah
- shod depe id; We raetc i mdise at Lowest Prices in the city en
v ' ea‘ ‘ e*i ir*'. The' .t' es ot the past act as a sLitiula .
• .on p;-s:> *p. t :u*e. T '■■row and all the week will see
: e>t selling ever witnessed a o r store. Below is a partial
b gains.
' o N DAT Mf'KN t NO—
_r • ?cch Gingham- and
■ yard, former price
1 ■ NS
nes worth Sic at
; Sici Ilian 4*>inch
• ' N> \•> pv,vj F.gur
S $1 qt:al’*- a- •:*»'.
Skir s $1 ?'> ami
4*2 \ards wide,
'a- $4 '.t'
a : i ti gonal ♦'ape*.
™ • 1 m Je and Braid
s - r = .n ! and Jet
: ■' iv.irn $*■ i.
wash Wats’< 39c to
- eff.- 'i See them
<* K i Cambrics 3>4e ^d
H j:t!o> v* yd.
■i.tte Nla '=*•' 19c
* ♦: ■ sr id! " Leathern.'’ Lea'hcr Pk.rt
I.1***. Whale Bones ■’•«' doz' n.
Car ::z. 5c bo!'. Ba .ns 5c yd. * ro h
(\> ton 4. Clark s Thread 3c. English
Pins 3<- paper. Bone-Hair Pins 5e dozen.
Ce!!".j cl side conics l'V pair. Oabini
Hair I'.ns 5a, Invisible Hair Pins 5a l*>\,
iVadir.c 5c bolt. Kid Curlers Sc. 5c v‘
; • Tin-‘H and Scale Belts 19c. 49c,
tine bla«. k silk waists lik» cut
or - : • r $ 49 beau' if til plaid waists
jk ■ ■ c a. -■ i • a $1 a , [>j- . s form
. Si el." 5c. 1*>«* doz n Fast Black
S i.ir. • " mhle heel and knee hose.
.* s’ worth tide. a- HV a pair. Ladies'
!’•>> *. sauce hi a k Seamless llo - . s- 1
5 ,» Ottos t e .it l'.‘a. It'd
v.*: - Emhfr* red Hanl'.er
' • . ’ ’IF 1 r. s ile a' L ;
•_*mi Hemm* Spr-W is on sale at J4Se
>h Our - etual Curtain sale *ill be
continu' d all w>ek 5!' a pair up. Out
i: >t;pon and with every pair above
81 'u ia, reat :ve poles and fixtures tree.
__ *" J>E PjRNfSH \G5-WHiTE. >-A\DlEY & FOSTER
As c: <r* •> i: v ui were t) pay t ie SPOT CASH. We
c :r:y i :_e stock of CARPcTS end RI GS.
IZt' 4 4 v riel ji ei. U:der*is n: aid E ibilm a,, Cpp. Lower Mark-t.
Will be Well Fittel u th
( i it \ we art
V P 1 1 "
$1 25 a J $1.50
The above Reward will be
paid to any one who wiil secara
the arrest and conviction of the
person or persons who are now
regularly stealing the DAILY
Island and Nerrh Main s reet.
\\ cst ' ir"inia Printing Co.
for R t'NT
at the
A - • A I. AI -K \ vlil'.l V i".
Fancy Goads. Limps and
Onyx Stands.
1119 MAIN 'Mil K r
—.v All work dnnr in an artistic manner.
-.At m;ii i'aliiting a >pccialt>.
•• All orders m'fiif prompt attention.
1 77 7 M AKKKT TKKE1
1 «• neiv i .lin,j* promptly fur
tv* I'clepi lie e. ■*..
to _'e? t n>ti' n >' lltatla{ nn1 \ eu
lt.il I ."II I > V t ll»
HI t t lli K HOT AIK H K\ At K.
H i1 e-i • i'-I* I 1 ■ t: !*. ' :\s art! Ho • :t
n.i. - jltv J11>. VD il.Kit, -T rt..
I'e >'.■ ■ e •. 1:;< * Mata Stre*;.
mmr \vu.« ox co.nrurND
mm *»fmdsrKK. Always reliable. Take
ros -e. i rsulebcaUdrujruletH. >.• j
■ : ■ AA'lI.t’OX MPI C
1 1 a Hull kU -1.. PHII.ADA.1A.
Display of
Saturday. March 28th. and
Monday. March 30th.
^ M\I\ > r Kt ET STOKE ROOM. g
i !
ELECTRIC illumination, everybody cordially invited.
F"-tv y. Iitvi" rvos Fully r.ir.e
:• , i j- 1 ’ iff rent in Mber- only ,i
„ • \ ,• • a exatnnation
n til rinsr oir Xii' def* •?—’h- .-tinier
•a ■ -h and
i eye «ir. tha' nv licit'-*
• . ■ l-■'V- arc- 'h tit. Prof I. vilt
f ■ SMI’A : \TBI.V • is
i ' ■ - j • > cl t.-.-cs to mi:
PR“F T„ l.KV ITT. M.tracer.
T ’! 1.1X. WHKAT * HAN' 'HER CO.
JDljrcIin^ Rictus in;
'll! I.IM KV (tl’KMMi.
Our Faster Opening will occur Monday
and Tnemlay of t hi* tv< ■ K. wo \vill Imw1 tlir
IIiiost di'pla' i-u-i vlii.wii m tin- city. All
are Invited. >«» c trd- liv mail.
EASTER OPENING. ?\.'r Sr;,,?
rlio compliment* or t lio m-iitiiii to tlio ladii •
of I liis i it > :■ n<I t he lieichhoriuc I ownv, and
invite them to !>«• pr«*ent at tlirir Milltneri
Honin'. Mat) Main street, n.i nrvt Alnudav
and I uc'da t. March ilOt h and Al't. to in.
Mwr? tltrir l. t'fcr Ojn-iiitu; ot clcjMiit
I’atti in Itat'and lionne;-from New York
and t'ati'. and imidi-l- from tloir own
tnnk room. A Moral Miim-nir to caclivi*i*
t.rand Millinery Opeuinc. April I't. **nd.
Ard and Hit t.A It.; i l \ w. v «).
Mnr«den I. t olvic-' la-ter Openin'-* of
l:i,-h Alii.Incry "ill he continu'd .Monday,
Tuc'da v . M c lne'd.i > . M i: ch Ai: • i. April I.
All arc cordially invited to iii'pect our
Crand displav
M \K>I»1 n I.. < «>I A l«i.
I ti I I Main Street
ijf \: i ; A t i: m vi:k; r.
llri'ilv '.f ! ui'fer I eft for Record at t lerk
11 not: ’* * IMice.
! ■ 1 nxi'ic Marc!'. L‘\ lv'*i; ity 1 tm^s j
T. .M 1 • .it ! a to Sarah Slcflin,
■ No -41 lvJ»l
V • • c. C t ail. ■
V f \A 1, ,:f y • *. i! AA : ' Ilf*
c;- o i up family of ,5b riff 1 ■.*rt-y this {
! • . nets liny "'ial held c the Pr 3
liycrian ‘‘h’.irfh Thursday evening was
qnce » >u Mttsii . reciia'ions and
rc tilings aa-T-' ihe c-aruri'-.' o- the even
Mr .b-M Nichols of hi- plm-e. was she
e»ioc* ot his .on. in K . Liverpool on
M' nd 1
■ a--, n ;s con fin- ! *o fhc house
wirh an ; "ark of la grippe.
1 v>r more, of C l uv.hu is!
.1. ,\ . • • r.ti- 1, i. orge Wi.-\ p. I’ m- I
' • I < ! .1. F vn«l* - -a. < i: \karc.
:: r »wn M' tiday < ri lutsine
J . T .vi->r i.- n Trenton. X. J.. on
bn.'! ■:J.
• 1 Pi:-* re- .
Kins "1. K< • 01 y Kranseii.
V. Ii: '1. V Snj p Ev
” .1 • \. V '• at: 1 *'• -rln R.
Skinn . .1 K a d Artie E.
( 11 h .a. Willi.- P M 1 »r a • 1 Emma A.
■J ' i O'. P F | ;• r ;>i ; EH i ;
Hf f.-r 'torn 1. iP Fr.-nso and Ida
>1. Kor .! '-n ii. K peri n. and
Pop n - 'd. 1 m a in. P * i I H-\vthorne|
rid i* i I. s* * • inn n B Fra-,
.' ■■r -nd El-ie \y . .. i;. >rsr, p. p nar 1
and .1 .-ie \. p. -idgv.
- •hiffl :■ and Je<Te mi '• ck.
of P • O.. were in town Mond .v.
Rev Sam Sma.l will ’• m - hero this
afternoon a’ rhe Court H< iso hall.
Subject. From i n .- ora io Pulpit.”
K. I- P .winui, rho tax inquisitor,
was in ; wn this week.
Stuart H and Ray Warren, of Ca
diz. were regisfi red at the Clarendon on
Am - and Ren A’ Bride will open a
new :-0 n tie Pa ■ rson bii -k and
han, .* a implore lino of hardware.
F P A Drennen, of Martin’s Ferry,
was in town Mon lay.
The Sr. Clairsvil> p, iro Club ban-'
quoted the Be 11.tire Pedro Club u the
Clarendon on Wednesday evening.
Thomas J. I.a.-h at"! .1.’P. Whalen, of
AV< le-ville o.. were in town Mondav
i n l>usin>. .
Mr.-; Dr. Hewetson 1 •- returned
’ nme from a visit to friends in Wash
r. • if i oh-' • n. i the guest
- f M ss c >rrMl! Zitnern: tti.
1‘ '-rain where he will open a barber
' ** ' i-y •: •» S' r: .irs
; n‘‘ ins Club .it the Court House
affair and was the best <>r the season.
A..uit hir > -five couples were present,
inrludir.tr friend? from Cadiz, Wheel
‘1 ■“ - - >' ’ ire and Martin’s
•“ nr. dr for -he occasion was
furr:i*m*d by Prof. Ant,.n I a Roacae
of Bellaire.
. dr stand sppctaoular. "He." will be
t re n. \t i'ridaj evening by io
1 i! ta ‘n: tinder the direction of Prof.
'-=: •" and under the auspices
■•hen. r V M Quite a large amount!
sc- n< y is used in the prod uni on and !
it p: s to be a very fine f aiertain
M' .1 K I .all. assignee of Mr x
1 tew. 111. Vtrn s’.t- ' has jedu vu the
l "t< e the coming week on al bed room
•urniTure '«> r. irly one half original
true Furnitur*' of all other kinds, ai
s • a « h« : - line of Carpets . -r | .dag
- \ -v irm-h reduced pric ?. Vhe
s one of - j
no ' r e ” be appreciated ^nd should
be sold without effort,
to all points tn Virginia and the South
via Luray and Nat iral Bridge. For all
information as to rates, schedules, etc.,
write *o W. B. Bevill, Gn. Pass. Agent,
Roanoke. Va.
A I Rirp A/ P,n oriciu
. L. nibc SX OU. ator*and Furnish- j
ers of ladies' Ut’Stlwi ir of irkimn 1
Mt'rllrni r. Xttend the It »«ti»r <>)>• nini; on
n«*\t MumUv and Tuesday, ManU 3oth '
ami 31st.
Tie Past Week Was an Unusually
x Important One.
The April Vacation is Now at Hand.
The Meeting of the “Round Table.”
The School Commissioner of Ohio
and State Supt. Virgil A. Lewis
Present at the Session.
^The week just closed has been a
memorable one educationally. Thurs
day was parents' day throughout the
city, and in every school, although the
day was unfavorable for visiting, the
parents flocked to the schools at the
ringing of the bell seemingly as anx
:*is to be on time as were the pupils.
T&ese are bright days for the pupils,
for on these days many get tlie oppor
tunity to let their parents know what
they can do in the way of school work,
and especially to show how they can
read and recite.
In the Eighth ward school the exer
cises were of more than usual interest.
The parents of this school always show
a gn.it interest in these days, but this
year they fairly flocked to school. The
exercises were held in the morning at
the annex building, and every room
was fairly crowded with parents and
'•’her friends of education, and the lit
tle on«:s appeared in holiday attire,
anxious and willing to perform their
parts. Some school work was shown
in all the rooms, after which a nice
literary programme was faithfully ear
ned out. Some of the performances
were far above the average. Rooms
N“s. 7 and S gave a joint performance,
uhieh was greatly enjojrd by the large
audience that, crowded the room to hear
In the afternoon the main building
gave a performance on the same line,
and from the lowest primary iv.cn to
the grammar room there were as many
visitors as < ould be well accommodated,
while in the large grammar room
standing room ua • at a premium. The
black-boards througnour. the building
w. if fill d with drawings and ot'i r
u >: k of the pupils. Seme of the draw
ings showed evidences of talent in that
direction seldom seen in pupils so
young. Drawing in our schools is not
a failure. Another feature was rhe
n'.MH'c. Miss Robinson can >ur* ,\ id
t|p t is. our pupils are leirnii.g : •
just as thoroughly as they are imraing
tin other branches of study.
The performance of the af'ernoon
was that given b> the l.nnaa lln v l at
eral-} school in tli" grammar n a:. D
was given by representatives ;h°
ir"|p • ••••*•-• , ne i ree au<nen< • ■ ti
ed delighted, if the frequent ;.j pla ; a
js any lUiiKaiion oi tlur o ling
This ivefk the hoys and girls viL
spend. in the enjoyment that i > ays
ccm* - with vacation after \ e... 1
months ef haul study in the si In .1 —
•”1 three, months more • irk. at 1 '
school year is ended until Sept* nicer
brings the beginning of another . 10I
year. Thus it goes until Hie boys and
girls have launched their bark.' on :.1*
sea of lire.
sti' H tin great event of the w> * . v.
• He no •■ting u. !:•• Routu. lab. . the
which • ■
been given in the columns of the Reg
ister. The teachers ail attended on
Friday, and many of them w re at t.d
t!.t meetings. This organization lnd ls
tv o meetings every year. It i- the
mo. t re ;>n ,-enta■ ive body of < in . ' >.'s
1 h;*: meets in the Ohio Vall« >. 0> n -
f-. d. - it is or* sui > rinteni nts nd
. ineipals of the public school., p;
cb nts and professors of college.- and
universities, till he* li\e 11 hie
taining to all the.-* si he Is are ’no;
otighl> discuss d. and t i* • w i-: • awake
•. icher who attends as a tookei In and
who is permitted also to ensure in the
di.-i ussion 1 ir.net fail 1 n b 1 ■ "■ litt 1.
The State Si hu«d Commission- r - ; :h*
great State of Ohio attended a part of
The time, and many word: c * 1 dam
fell from his lips that < annot tail to do
me.' h E" I to all who h* .ini Iran. Th**
expression that fell from the lips of
one of the t* n hers in speaking o' ban.
"He is a great big-hearted, big. brainy
man. tin educator of the highest type,
with good common r t.se to k« • n him
level on til! the live issues of the day."
is just about as go i a de-scrip;ion of
the man as can he gi\ -n He will nl
v ays find a welcome awaiting him fr on
the Wheeling teachers.
Our own State Superintendent. Vir.il
A. Lewis, was present, ir.r the first tin
at a Wheeling teachers' meeting, and
he made a good impression on all who
iuei nim. .»n. i-f ju.-t as *.;in
us a man can be in his work of trying
to make 'he schools of our State ju.~‘
ivhat they ought to be. Especially is
h*j anxious to have the relation of pri
mary. graded and high schools to *he
university perfectly tinderstooii. and as
far as it is possible, oarrhd or !n
this great work he is- ably seconded I ;•
War man Harbe. field a" m of tlie Ini
versity, whose presence at the meet
ing of the Round Table added much to
the interest of the occasion. Then Su
perintendents Duncan of Bridgeport.
Boyd of Marietta. Merrick of Cadiz,
Gallup of New rumberland, Wibi.u is
of Moundsville. and Jones of Bellaire.
are among the very foremost educa • r
of the Ohio Valley. These meeting
cannot fail to be productive of gr.w
good to the cause of education, and
when we reach that ideal standard of
perfection for which the true teacher is
ever striving, it will be found tha ■ v
of the greatest factors leading to this
end will b*> The Eastern Ohio and Wc.-t
< rn West Virginia Superintendents and
Principals' Round Table.
C. M Thompson, superintendent of
the public schools of Byesville, O., was
present during the entire nv eting and
took part in the proceedings. He is
very well and kindly remembered i ;*
many West Virginia teachers. a> l.e
visited and assisted at quite a number
of our county institutes last summer.
The entries for the firemen tourna
ment closed yesterday and the follow
ing are those to take part: John Ri"er.
R. Baxter. J. Ziegenfelder. J. G:Ii* spy.
Bert Laugh Vin. August Rust. Jam - -
Hoimes. S Waterhouse. John Sh :g n
-ie. Harrv Sham bra. J. Bauer an i Kd
Campbell Eugene Gilman and Dr. E.
A. Grau will act as judges. Cont-s- iiit
• win two out of three games for ih-1
izes donated by Kraus Bros., a ucvk
tie: Hugo Lees. box of cigars: Car].*’
Bros . set of chess .non: Metz Dry Goods
Company, fine shirt: McFad ien. cap.
Opcninc Monday and Tuesday. Swabjckcr.

No Guess Work—No Experimenting.
No Big Doctors’ Bills—Each Reme^
dy Has Piain Directions, So
There Can Be No Mistake.
II Separate Cute for Each Disease,
They Relieve Almost Immediately—-Are
Absolutely Harmless and Should Be
Iu Every Home.
Your UrtinsUr Will <;!»«• You the Nunn'S of
Hundred* of Hi* ( ustomer* Who Have
Cured by 1 ln*»«* Wonderful Little
IVI let*.
Munyon’. Rheumatism Cure seldom
fniIs to relieve in 1 to 3 hours, and cures
in a few days. Price 25 cents.
Mtinyon’s Dyspepsia Cure, positively
cures .PI fornis <•■!' indigestion and
stomach trouble. Price 25 cents.
Munynn’s Cold Cure prevents pneu- I
monia and lueaks up a cold in a few
hours. Price 25 cents.
Munyons Cough Cure stops coughs,
night sweats, alla>s soreness. and
si • • dily h- als the lungs. Price 25 cents. 1
Mnnyon’f Kidney Cure speedily cures j
pains in the hack, loins or groins and i
! all fornis of kidney disease. Price 251
con1 -.
Munynn’s Nerve Cun* slop* nervous
ness and builds up the system. Price
i 25 cents.
Muny< n s » .rarrh Kompiiips never
•'ail Th* < rrh Cun pri<25c.—
and tiio Catarrh Tabl* rs price 25c.—
• }• unse and h* I the parts.
Munyon's A.-t!ima (’ure and Herbs
! relieve a.--*hnta in three minutes and
cure in t;ve davs. Price. 5*i cents each.
.'unyonV H< ida< 1 e Cure stops head
ache in to- minuter. Price 25 cent?.
Munyon's Pile Ointment positively
eur« s a!! t •• s o:* piles. Pri<- 1 25 cents :
Mun;. :iY lined Cure eradicates all
impuriti ■ Mood. Price 25 cents.
Mu: n’s YPMiz r re lores 1 • -: pow- !
, m s to v« in a. Price $1.00.
A . : i • :re for ieh dis-Mse. At
ail dru-Cists. 25c. a b.'tle.
P* rsona! letters to Prof. Munyon. 1505
Ar«h Rtre-i t. Philadelphia. Pa . answer-'
►•d with tree medical advice for any dis- j
•.. se.
- o-, j
Home >•* ;m Laundry. 1>4 and l.*/*«
Hark*-: Frrorr—-From this • 1 a • on w«
shall run our Carp*' Beating Depart -
tatnt on a rictly i ish basis. We have
• u ry one. in- th* attest improve •! tna
I ‘‘ts .at 2c . foimer price 5c. p. r yr rd. j
1 J n t have \ •• • trp* s cl* c: j <.r
■cour L a> ;t only tends to rot them.
• liy ■>•. tc a <1 'pc on toe floor.
A\ - ip? < I and deliver fixe.
Pamily ■ -hing a pecialty.
li'tz PROS.
WinxPng March 2f>. HSC. Phone 172.
Item >v:iI No iro.
Mr. W a. F. KrMg will remove his
i :y store on April Is to No. 1141
V: ket snv. t, three rl. »t below th*
H( e| Brunswick, th- ro m now oem
pi*d by .Mr. Merchant's fancy grocery.
He will add new ids to all his lines,
• ' tontr. s and the j -ioju-.
Opotting M/»nU i v .iikI I ih- In. ■'\raha ckor
Mr. Paris R. Myers, pianist and
choirmaster at Ft. .Matthew's Church,
will receive pupils in the following
branches: Pipe Organ, Voice Culture,
and Pianoforte. Mr. Myers is formerly
from Boston. Mass., and studied under
the b> >t masters, both in this country
and abroad. The New England Con
servatory and The Beiuike, Italian
methods used respectively. For terms,
address as above.
—n — -
The Free stock of Furniture and
Carpets at 1117 Main street is now be
ing di.-p ?ed of b> Mr. J. K. Hall, as
signee ><f Ab-v. Frew, a' less than cost
nricc. choice line re* goods and a
large \ari> y to seb -t from should ctr- ;
tainly : •* inter* sting to . very .ne look
ing for good? >n this line.
Wear a Rice Mat
f<>n-\cr." Sou will t he -I • lc» a- t !■*>>
urea* i Ii•* I i-t>•!• <*|M>nimr on MonUa.i ami
l ni -.Ua . 'Sin'll to*:ami :: 1 -f.
W'i w ell you New < <
New Styles at lower price- than '
you ray elsewhere for flimsy ad- !
vertised old stock and traHi. We '
mean what we say and can con-1
vir.ce you upon investigation.
Bla : s 45-in \I1-W
- ' 29c. • :
oeni ra y a ; .
yi-m AU-W "'1 Storm Series at
oniv 25c.
\\ h to feet Ladies’ Bia ■< re^u.ar
le Hose at 15c. s id elsewhere
line is unsurpassed, both in pri.e>,

Cjm-.Js we -how the iur.;e-t line.
ind s : v. 11 ed new Cur
tains. Our prices defy competi
tion. New and eleaant de.-iuns.
iiuj main siuttr.
Are There
Children Home?
To-Day Ushers In the Important Re
ligious Week of the Year.
Maundy Thursday, Good Friday,
and Easter, “The Queen of Fes
tivals,” All Come Within the Next
Seven Days—A Season ot Reli
gious Celebration Ending with
uie Dawn of Easter Morning.
The coming week brings to a dose tho
sombre season of Lent, ami next Man
ila y Easter the anniversaiy of the
Resurrection- will see the Cansti.m
world emerge from its periol of p*. n
ance and sorrow, and put on all fue out
ward signs of rejoicing.
Rut during tin w* ♦ in rvt' .ng bo
fort- Easter fall a numb* r ot days of im
portance and note to the C lurc.i Holy
Tuesday, Maundy Thursday and <h>o!
Friday each having us aliouu-ai <■£
ceremony and its stgntficaii. and in
the Episcopal and Catholic church* s «. f
Wheeling, in common with r "f
the Christian world, these d..y> a;i 1 i«
eelebrated with a due regard to ta-.-ir
While the period of D-n* « u upon us
the Chuivn Pea.rant ealle l upon its
constituency to meditate upon :i:e nn
c< i ,ut: i* s of life and piepare >r ' .it
inevitable fate which, sooner or ia. -r,
is to overtake us all. During tli w, • k
ushered in to-day ;he Chiirca lit- ;> md
• at will impress upon its commum »rus.
th details of t.ne great histora rac.-dy
which culminated in the cruciiixion -
namely, the entry into Jerusalem, the
G.irden of C.« fh^emane. wita 1 s dark
ness, its torches, rs i tt-ayal and us
arrest; , he court scene and trial, in
which the life of the Nazaronc --as im
peril’.ed by a judge who was iu le bei
ter than a politician, and by wimo-x
whose, perjury was bought: h< glooi .
Fri lay aft* rnoon when the cross of
Calvary stood si ns tor against me -un
s< • . kv, and "he I’rimne,- paid rh-1 j • ..
aky of law aumin.-m- ] m ■ m ,-r
- -rs of a mob. an . hi ,lh the i ruo ail
ment. All these g- it .vents will •?
fittingli ceiebnu* I d'uvig • he m
week, and t .en wj,1 comi Easter, tr.i
day of the Resum-. -ion. with its rntisi.
and flowers, its triumphant ceremon
ies and i;> overflow r.c ongr i.ui >n>
and rojoic:ng discourses, and of
rt appear.:u e or the Church Triutn;
ant it is proper to say something of
general inter.. .
Very few people, eu-n among devo u
dren iiuell:gerul> when .all* i upon m
tell them tnc origin of Easter. ,v hy .
is celebrated and why it occur.- on a
diff ren- hiy of tL«- year or liov\ j :>
dew rmi: ■
I sv ei ough to ti .1 a eh id
T. aiik ■- - i • :.»> - a par' '!.<•
Pr*' o: thanksuh nc for
the *::.g of our nation, but. there is
m> m . :i n; to be told in order to ex
plain East* r. whi> h is of Mich an dent
n-< i- it - 'retch* - ba ft into tin Mid- I
(i; \ ■ - Th* name East* r, like those
of •••• days of the week, is a survival
old Teutonic mythology-, and is
\' _!o-Saxon origin, d. rived front the
I Eastre or Ostura the go.;*bs- of
.-■■■■'.uk. in whose honor a ft ast was held,
- j- ushere I in tIn spring, the name
• '• f meaning to rise.
The feast of the Passover, ennobled
V- the thought of Christ. was observed
,i' about the same time as the celebra
• ei of the feast of Osttira. or. as it w ,s
i .tiled, the "Queen of Festivals." ev :i
as Christmas is the "King of Festiv.tl
Those of the early Christians who >
lit ved the Christian Passover to be a
commemoration of Chris's d<ath
hered to the custom of holding •>'
K.t?*f r festivity on the da> pr*t. • 1
for the Hebrew Pa.-ch. or Pesach. - g
nifyir.gr the Passover, by which ■■ ■>
meant the passing o'. ■ r of 'he hot.-* s
..f the children of Israel :n Egypt :■
• >troving angel when he -n. •••
Egyptians, commemorated by •> tm e
annual feast so often spoken o ,n • ••■
Bible a> *.h* feast of the Pas.-over
Easter w as at firs: probably, the per
petuation of this feast by the <
turns, who from 'heir close connection
with the Jewish Church. nv.urC • con
tinued to observe the Jew is :• - :v t
S i!! a large number of the Western
Chrts-ians. attaching greater import
ar. »*• to the day of the resurre • on of
Christ, held to Easter's being < —br tfe 1
on the Sunday wh. u fodow* l • to ;r
teentfa day of * ■ moon o* M ir i. *t •?
day on which Chris’ euffTel. as *hey
considered 'he vernal equinox 'he be
ginning o'" th- natural year, and the
other mr ’<* of reckoning would cause
• '.*-:n ro hold two paschal feas s in one
v r ;t r ;i rv* • rn n * * n' \ .
This rau^-i dissen'^n in th** Church,
and it wa- n >* until at the council call
ed by the Emperor Constantine, whose
love of pom? and show was great, a*
Xy(. \ d -•'• it was agreed that
"Easter -h.a11 hereafter be kept on one
ar.l the -ime day 'hroughout the
The day for the celebration of our
Lord s resurrection is the first Sunday
1 after the 1 Eh day • • 'h
as it happened on
21. the. vernal e<;ui
it to occur as early
late as April w ::
' and will not fall on
until 1D43. The ea: .
Easter can fall nn is
1 which it fell on in 1
in 200 years, one
' the suppositious ca i
| that Easter might !.• •
same day as ?h- .!• ■•■.
; did occur in isor* on t
in 1 S25 on the :’,d of \. •
so attain in 102:! on tin
i in 1027 on the 17:li of \|>
on the lStJi <»f April. In'
Passover were s- pane,
single night.
The Jewish festival usu.
Passion Week in Lent, a:
fore the 2'>th of March <>r
of April. < )n tlie other ham:
tian festival is never before •
Mat h. a.- it was n I't'. ..n .
At first, all the coremonir.
the observance, of Easier
■ simple, but gradually all
I changed, and in Italy, at lb
season i . ’lie great se.-ixiti
Crlmlm if the Pope is r
Everything is given ov r
pi isures, called relip - .
that week.
The olden custom of ci -
on Easter morning wh
eni” and the answer ■ <
inder.i." is one of the p -
have gone from practice
In the Juvenile mind all
tendom. wfth the ringing « •
Easter l>ells. is ;u d .
mothers ponder ov.-r the •.
h-uin-- or gloves, the child. 1 •
philO'Ophi r 1 *t i is -tndying w
mean- to color Ivi.-: r eggs s
way, or how he may strike his
en s so his will not br«ak and
get all.
In different countries tin' « . ,
of I-: i ,-cr differs a> w:.l.
tonts of the countrie { -.
have : heir u tr • s . f mu n
about from <s•«>r to ■ .
iteautiful Easter I - • »
their guitar, tin;- * .
thed> »rand i .>rn.
Their alw.t - ( - •> Lp. 1
• n wi-1 y • -a- / .iren -
low th nt. nd i mesa ise .
on. brar 1 -I- of t.he ;
wood, w ’ -a grotesque sh
over t!.- ■ quaint wooden 1
au\ ooufs,” • v
Marguerite Austr
I . < t Savoj. forms
in the romantic <
v. - and \ustria,
it. was by the egg ii;
M'.nda . in th©district «■
vi re .Marguerite was a gti* -.
' eggs were scattered a bn •
. oupb finishing the "braub '
area king a single egg bee.cn.- •
I ilib* rt was hunting in •
it ’ »d and came to the <■,> • u
homage to the fair Prim *
.Several couples had ah
when he bent ho km
noble Chatelaine and ! •
pitality. \- they -. ;
in hand, the crowd
\ust ria " No* a n •.- v
they finished the dam -
it’s hand w is in !’• ,
pored: "Let us f. .v • .
In Fraiif* ar I Er j
dr<n oar. a |, ■
always r
bovorn of •
•lor tli ■ v •
Into "r .
■ - ' -1 •* ■ ’ • r ojj. • j j -
■ s of Enpl ,n«1 ?h-re
worn* n i>p:n* .• a <v
!• ;-'b a Wa> .!> to f,,rrn
of 'h*':r h a *
•imos rh - - tnn r.
In < tr o.' n cout.T F
r>! '• ri * -1 in some o:
v ith the rest rrrai n
1 h’ -ho mom in ft •
T ho - hops of ever;
tli* * ill valuo or
tr.i o, as 1* hn- u v.
the i»ast few j.
Tho special sal- of f
class I'hamli* r s . ■ 1
will bo continued • r:! r
1S96. Tr •> os k . •
lo st and choii * st »-*>•■• - . •
which aro b- ine -ol . t -
prices b; the hsmcti
Call and our \ ' V
»o order in ' •
Jos. Winif sdorfTer. M<
and C.nts' Furni.-V.-:
sireei. _
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