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\ OL. 33.
~\T <\
NO. 263
; Metropolis Suffers a Loss of a
u;:]red Thousand Dollars.
^ r y0 Originated ha f b0 Kitchen
^ Restaurant, Near the Range,
j Before Anything Could be
^,-oStop It. the Surrounding
Had Caught, and for
H ''urs, it Looked as if
Would Go—Only 81000
^trance on All the Property
Destroyed. _^
• 0 ;he Register.
\V. Ya.. May 23.—About
nit tire was discovered
- Thompson £ Miller's sa
. An alarm was immedi
; hv the time the fire lad
• tire had gained consid
i.viv. having spread to
;’.rttnent store on the left.
r,l ^ drug store on the right.
n2s being frame they rapidly
| burned with considerable
sir: a ted in the kitch n of
Miller's cafe near their
just how it caught cannot
The J. T. Jones Hose
.. . w rked vigorously, and too
•n • he said of tin ir extraor
.... v -k. Notwithstanding their
..... 1S,.{forts the flames spread rap
-a the buildings from the
the aHrv on Charles str?et»
, orn* r and up to Bunnell’s
re on Wells street went
;n! wtr.g partus tusi an.
y had Hardensburg's liv
.*, • t; M. Gardner’s restaurant,
:i - ~alo< n and club rooms. R.
. K-.■ mil's drug store. Dr. W. A.
y . - rit'* fixtures and instruments.
l *
- Thompson & Miller, sa
• and ttirf exchange. Frank's
- m*1!.' store. Bijou Opera House.
-,*n - p just opened next door, and
•:.* r-.liimore Clothing Company’s
\ir. S' 'le. who owns th'* livery
a which Hardenburg done bus
-• .a his entire household furnlsh
■c-. as .a mvupied the rooms up stairs
line. The t’i*y Band has
t- n healing a fair and festival in the
1 *1. i House this week, and had
a number of articles which had
h -i<i. and about six of their
in the building, all of which
• -i 1 > is will be a s vere blow
b y,, a- h~v w- re just getting
-g nicely when they lost all. Tht
:* imore Clothing Ct-capany succeeded
: netting considerable of their stock
vir.g to the many inflarr.able mater
- • a flames eat up everything in its
*: and burnt so rapidly that the bal
of 'he sufferers ht i no time to
: :-;> 'hirg out whatever, except Hard
■ t:g. who succeeded in saving his
; and vt hides.
burg and Wheeling were ask
ir help. as it w.t thought the entire
i would be laid in ashes. About
. ites after help had bn n ask
fire had b* n checked, and
xpifs vas countermanded.
\ fair estimate of the loss will ag
; it; It ! thou m’ dollars.
■ fforts :'ie Wells Hotel. .lar
Maau aeiur. tg Company's store.
t,'irs: National Hank and the resi
)f Martha and Temp Wells. H.
Tim and Charles This'le were
b were considerably scorched
ter.vise damaged by the intense
' i! ■». B. Thompson was carried
burning buildings in an un
i;' 1 edition. Aside from this
■ • occurr -1 except a few
"Ti'chcs to those who so
■ > h i in strbduing the flames.
HtRht Dr. K <hle had been
- ; oms and borne.1. but it
’• a.tied that he was in
”d ''•ill return to find him
wi.hon: a home.
n' re glass windows in
ii of the Whittlesey Hotel
' ’ o sithereens by some
'■< s, *';uly excited and
r * ’!' in carried cut. Ic is
the fire was checked
' ' ' nil the buildings from
• r of niatn. nd street
and tho occupants had
• • t possessions carried
' *t y nor.h of the line of
edu is being bestowed
otnpany for the excellent
■ h they did their work,
.s was possess better fa
- .tir.g tires could have done
♦' a be learned there is very
insurance. Telephone
s to .he surrounding
: he in.crier of the county
who >
K lines for reports front
nents will be put to con
r.venience awaiting the
- >f another exchange.
- c a list of losses and
■' rv ....$ $.000 No ins.
re.... 10.000
: •rson.real
. 7.000 “
. • n. turf ex
’ • !■ r.’
< hing Co..
«■ h. jeweler..
' • K i h le
o.OtHi— $l.00»>
•v,F‘ ,r‘ 'V Dailev. sa-’
1: .
\ M ■ re Tele
c >.
iij*s ,lohd wiu
■ \v;
!iaS« .. 50.000
biddings are now h<
‘ district, but Cc
. -m' ]n finance prohibi
i r any buildings but b
Tht>Circuit Court Will Give the Steuben
ville Murderer Another Chance.
Special to the Register.
S eubeaville, O., May 23.—John Rose,
colored, who murdered Clara Seigler, ;
h:s white mistress, on May 30. 1S95, was
granted a new trial by the Circuit Court
at its session here to-day.
The court reviewed the case at length,
holding it to be prejudicial to
the defendant the admission of
seduction as evidence. The tes
timony of newspaper reporters
as to an interview with Rose, and th°
admission of what he said in reply to
qu ~ ions . s to what his child said was
he'd to b»* incompetent, as the child was
held to be Incompetent to testify.
The court erred in r fusing to charge
i* t rain propositions of law to the jury,
as well as in the charge. A question
about the drawing o? the grand jury
an.! the service was raised by the at
torneys for Rose, but was overruled.
Idnpt Resolution* Favoring Free Silver.
••ut liin- No Inntrnetlnns to Delegates.
Special to the Register.
Phillippi, \V. Va.. May 23.—At the
Democratic mass convention hold here
I yesterday, the following resolutions
| were adopted in regard to the coinage
j of silver:
R solved. That we are in favor of the
remonetization of silver, and the repeal
! of all la as which have been enacted to
! debase this kind of money, and to de
prive it of its purchasing power, wheth
er in the payment of private debts or
national obligations.
R solved, further. That we are in fa
I vor of the free and unlimited coinage of
s;lv< r at he ratio of 16 to 1 regardless
| of the action of any or all foreign na
il denounce all other poMt
j ical creeds on this question as frauds,
i There was no oppositon to them, and
delegates were appointed to all the oon
v» utions but no instructions were given,
as to any.
_n ■
M.vnriN U I'll KK DAVIS,
\ lawyer Found Cnllty of Trying to Hob
tnrlr Mm Will he s»nleiueU Mondny.
Special to the Register.
r w V.!.. May 23.—Martin
T.ui ;:or Davis, a colored lawyer, who has
. • n on trial in the United States court
her this w< k on tIt»■ charge o: defraud
ing tie govern me’ . was this afternoon
found guilty and . .11 be sentenced nerct
to a tei... tin nitentiary.
roes to inip* raw*
■ mo her negroes, who had .’ecn
films >:>nfd as witnesses in the court,
■ d it attind. Davis’s two
men. representing themselves as the
• v. i men wao had been summoned, drew
tfc.'ir mil age and per diem, amounting
to * J. it was agreed that Davis should
«c h 1 If of * he procee ds rcr planning the
- . which was promptly paid over
to him. but the fraud was discovered
and Davis was promptly arrested.
Does (treat Damage t |. the I.ittle Kar.a
\vl.a V alley.
Sr • i il to ti Register.
ftS il to. W. VA.. Mas 23 -A
tre-rnt ndous dowi pour of rain visited the
I vail- y of Siate creek, this county, last
id w.A several thousand dollars
,, ri. v . il h. uses were moved on
in i ■ our, Iailops. Tin tlood was two feet
! lu.gh-T that ever known on Mud Lick.
! R( ; run and T; gart creek. The greatest
| dun..iK- was at ChestrrvUle, where the
. . i,: } . . costing several th«>u
i ; dla-s, was washed away, and a
f i»r. Ross ar.d Dye’s blacksmith
sn ;• were destroyed.
r tlo 1 -■*tt-nued from hill to hill in
the v 1 y. An oil well engine and boiler
v ■ r- washed away and the driller nar
N lives are reported lost, and but few
cattle were killed.
Iii'trurt for-latlRf* Harvey Mill Hon ■!. K.
Soeeial to the Rtghrer.
Huntington, \V. Va., May 23.—A mass
•••:; If convention wr.s held in Inn
coin county to-day to select delegates
! ro ;h* eighth judicial district conven
tion. and also to the State convention,
to select delegates to the national con
vention. Tiie delegates elected to the
judic .1 convention were instructed to
cast heir solid vote for Thomas Har
\ y. the present judge. Those to the
S ‘it. i invention vere instructed to vote
for Vttornev J. R. Wilson, of Hamlin,
for delegate to Chicago.
si ED FOR |5,COO.
Special to the Register.
1*AKKKP.Siil Rii. W. \ A., May 23.—Ar
thur B. Beckwith. a prominent Republl
c m politi tan and justice of the peace,
hroug it suit to-day for $5,000 damages
against George W. Brown, a shoe mer
I1, kwith alleges that Brown told him
that h (Beckwith) would have no scruples
i. ii >t mutilating the record of hhj court
if .i cas was decided against him.
— -—O
Special to the Register.
Parkersburg. W. Va.. May 23.—John
j. \rcher. for a number of years gen
c al freight agent of the Norfolk &
Wes ern railroad, with headquarters at
Portsmouth. O.. has been appointed as
sis an; general passenger and freight
agent of the O. R. R.. with headquar
ters m this city. He wil assume his
duties about June -.
— --o
they favor free coinage.
Cl velar 1. Ohio. May 23.—The Pem
oerars of the Twentieth district to-day
!•* ;ed Horace Alvord and J. R. Foster
-i-i delegates to the Chicago convention.
P ith an pledged to froe coinage.
Washington. May 23.—The President
1: ' f -i a mes-.ig- to the Senate saying
that he canot communicate the informa
'on .« \c i f.-r by the Morgan resolution'
in relation to Cuba.
New York. May 23.—Arrived, Phoen
icia. Hamburg; Umbria. Liverpool.
Live rpool. May 23.—Arrived, Etruria,
New York.
The House of Representati.es Squelches
an Unpopular Member.
Mr. Howard, Who Courted Fame
by Writing “If Christ Came to
Congress,” Presents Some Very
Silly Resolutions, but the Body
Refused to Even Discuss Them.
The Action Was Practically
Washington, May 23.—Mr. Howard
(Pop.. Ala..) the author of “If Christ
Came t.> Congress,” at th" opening of
the session;of the House to-day. sprang
a sensation, but it was short-lived.
The House with practical unanimity
-oppressed him. As soon as the jour
nal had beer, read Mr. Howard, whose
s-at is in the remote corner of the
hall, arose dramatically in the center
aisle, and flourishing a paper in his
hand d manded to be heard on the res
olution which he sent to the clerk'*
dr -k. The resolution was as follows:
“I do impeach Grover Cleveland,
President of the United States, of
high crimes and misdemeanors on th<*
following grounds:
“1. That he has sold, or directed tha
! sal*, of bonds without authority of law.
“2. That he sold, or aided In the sale
; of bonds at less than their market value,
“3. That he directed the misappro
priation of the proceeds of said bond
| sales.
"4. That ho directed the Secretary of
•h Treasury to disregard the law which
makes United States notes and treasury
| not‘*s redeemable in coin.
That he has ignored and refused
i to have enforced the ‘anti-trust law.’
»>. ! nat ne nas sent uuueu
troops into the State of Illinois without
authority of law and in violation of the
“7. That he has corrupted politics
through tho interference of federal of
“8. That he has used the appointing
power to influence legislation detrimen
tal to the welfare of the people; thfre
| fore, be it
“Resolved by the House of Represen
| tatives. That the Committe on Judl
I clary be directed to ascertain whether
| these charges are true, and if so. report
! to the House such action by impeach
ment or otherwise, as shall bo proper
the premises. And said committee
• .all hav authority to send for persons
! and papers.”
When t'he clerk cw>*.ed reading" Mr.
Howard, who had arisen to address the
House, was suddenly taken off the floor
by Mr. Ding’ey, the floor leader of the
majority, who raised the question of
consideration against the resolution.
The <iu stion was promptly put by the
Speaker and hv a practically unanimous
vote, the House declined to give .Mr.
Howard a hearing.
The House then settled down to dull
Washington. D. C., May 23.—The day
in the Senate was consumed by the.
"filled cheese” bill and the second in
stalment of the sneech by Mr. Allen
(Pop., Xeb..) on the Rntler bill to pro
hibit the issue of bonds without the
authority of Congress. Several amend
ments to raise revenue were offered,
1 ut all fitted. One by Mr. Mills. (Dem.,
T< XT«*> vo impose a five per ernt internal
revenue tax on all products in excess
of $10,000 por annum, from establish
ments manufacturing from iron, steel,
copper, nickel, brass, lead. zinc, cotton,
wool. hemp, silk or flax, was laid on tho
table hv a vote of 42 to 15. Amend
ments bv Mr. Allen, tPop.. Xeb.). for an
additional internal revenue tax of one
dollar a barrel on beer, ale and porteT,
and by Mr Gray, (Dem.. Del.), for an
import duty of ten cents a pound on tea
were lost by similar votes.
The Senate passed forty private pen
sion bills in as many minutes, clearing
the calendar.
• ——■ ~ —o *
Cleveland, O.. May 23.—The Pomo
c-a's of the Twenty-first district to-day
elec ed delegates to the Chicago con
ven on. opposed to the free coinage of
Special to the Reeister.
Patriek Hanley, a Spencer Asylum pa
tient. who escaped Sunday, was recaptured
at his home near Eatons, to-day.
Special to the Register.
Washington. D. C.. May 23.—The
po’stofilce heretofore located at Dismal.
Kanawha county. W. Va., has been
m ved to Porter. Clay county, and Peter
Carroll appointed postmaster.
Special to the Register.
East Liverpool. 0.. May 23.—East
Liverpool defeated the Scio College
to-day in the best played game which
has bepn seen on the home grounds in
two years. Ten innings were required
and the score was three times tied.
Doth teams fielded a beautiful game,
and East Liverpool won by her stick
work. Two thousand people saw the
game. Score:
East Liverpool. 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 2 0 2-8-11-2
Scio College .. 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 0 1 0-6- 9-3
Batteries. East Liverpool, Fench and
McShane; Scio. Price and Gaston.
The Carroll Club base ball team went
up to Wellsburg yesterday, and was de
feated by the Bethany College club, in
the presence of a good sized crowd, by
the score of 7 to 4. McXichol and Smith
pitched for Wheeling. The Carroll
Club suffered from lack of practice, and
made several costly fielding errors.
Davis’ work at third was very poor.
He made three bad fielding errors in
the early part of the game, and changed
places with Hazen.
Two more boys were fined last night
for buying fence tickets.
Select Delegates to the Senatorial. Con
gressional and Sndlrlal Conventions.
Special to the Register.
Parkersburg, W. Va., May 23.—The
Republicans of Wood county held their
convention here to-day to select dele
gates to the Senatorial. Congressional
and Judicial conventions. A> conven
tion will be held June 6 to select dele
gates to the State convention. The fol
lowing Congressional delegates were se
lected: Geo. Beorn, Dr. Hatfield, L. F.
Stone, H. N. Crooks, J. M. Echols. J.
T. Mc.Mechen, Bolton Rush, Z. T. Lyons.
W. T. Heaton, G. B. Gibbons, Ben
Johnson, C. B. Smith, W. H. Smith,
Jr.. C. T. Caldwell. W. X. Miller, A. B.
White, John W. Dudley, John Rimes,
H. G. Merrill, T. M. Haynes, J. A.
Sheets, I. X. Langfiitt, C. S. Kane, T.
Devaughn, J. W. Busch, A. T. Hollister,
M. V. Trough. H. M. McKinney. Oliver
Owens, James Hunter, William Xowery,
and R. J. Corbitt. S. H. Deyal, A. J.
Anderson, J. W. Williams, *E. Shu
many, S. E. Leavitt, E. Meldahl, W. M.
Winless, Z. T. Taylor, George McHenry,
John Carfer, B. T. Bacon. C. P. Mor
rison, Gus Flaig, W. M. Monroe, H. F.
Tully, Gib S. Jones, G. K. Mallory, A.
K. Ross. J. W. Evans, W. P. Barnes,
H. A. Lar.gfitt, J. E. White, Robert
Graham, A. Melrose, Jacob. Raden
baugh, Clark Stapieton, Geo. Macon,
Emlow Corbin, W. X. Whitlatch, Ches
ter Devaughn, Isiah Harris, Geo. Gear
heart, delegates to the judicial conven
tion were also selected.
A Missionary Klshop Will Be Elected To
Morrow Morning.
CLEVELAND, O.. May 23,-Bishop
Warren presided over to-day’s session of
the Methodist Episcopal General Confer
The Rev. Dr. F. B. Scott was elected
editor of the Southwestern Advocate. Dr.
F. L. Naglee, editor of the Hans and Herd,
and Dr. J. F. Berry, of Detroit, editor of
the Epworth Herald.
The committee reported in favor of
Missionary Bishops in India, South Amer
ica and Africa, but as Dr. Buckley was
opposed io one in South America, Dr. Ky
nett took charge of the report.
Dr. Kynett opened the debate in favor
of the report. Others who spoke were Dr.
Payne, of New York; Dr. Neeley, of Phil
adelphia. and Dr. Buckley.
As a result of the day’s discussion it
v as decided fo elect a Missionary Bishop
on Monday at a. m. The Conference
ixed May' 3S. at 1 o’clock, for final ad
journment. Adjournment was taken for
the day.
It Pitt* -urc : or tht> National Convention
tVh'i/N Meets TFertnesday.
Pittsburg, Pa., May 23.—The advance
guard of the 1,286 delegates who will
| compose the national Prohibition con
j ven-tion Wednesday have arrived. Part
of the Maryland delegation, who will
I boom Joshua Levering, is quartered at
the St. Charles. They have an inex
haustible supply of buttons.
They Get One or Two 1’arties Into Lots of
The case of Emma Jones and Mera
Wilson, charged with having in their
possession a number of obscene pic
tures, which they intended to sell, was
tried In the jail last evening by Squire
M. J. Fitzpatrick and resulted in the
discharge of the former and the hold
ing of the Wilson woman in $200 bond
for her appearance at the next term of
The case has been quite an interest
ing one. Mera Wilson, who in com
pany with the Jones woman, are run
ning a house on Nineteenth street, was
in debt to Lucy Piper a couple of weeks’
wages, as Mrs. Piper was engaged as
cook in the house. On the latter’s
learning that the two women intended
leaving town a few days ago, Mrs. Piper
had their trunk attached. Later, the
Wilson girl told her she wanted some
pictures that were in the trunk, and she
asked the Piper woman to go to Justice
Fitzpatrick, who had the trunk, for the
pictures. The latter knew the nature
of the pictures and immediately went
before Fitzpatrick and swore out war
rants for the arrest of both on the
charge for which both were tried last
A search warrant was sworn out Fri
day, the trunk was overhauled and the
pictures found.
As was stated In the Register some time
since, there was an effort being made to
get a big spectacular outdoor attraction
to come to Wheeling during the coming
summer, and the citizens will learn with
pleasure that the contracts have heen
signed and one of the greatest musical
spectacles on the road will be seen here
for two nights next month. It is known
as "The Battles of Our Nation,” and the
name describes the nature of the big pro
duction. It comes to Mozart Park Monday
•and Tuesday evenings, June S and 9. and
Tuesday afternoon. The show will he
given on a large stage to he built for the
purpose in a suitable portion of the park
and will introduce nearly 20) people in the
cast, which includes Contemo's famous
hand, of New York, made up of fifty em
inent musicians, and a troupe of carefully
selected operatic artists. Heavy scenery
and effects are used and the company car
ries all its own muskets, cannon, etc., etc.,
and at each performance and at each 1 \ -
tie scene magnificent fire works are set off.
A number of the local military and
church choirs will take part, and along
with the regular production one of the
greatest events in the history of amuse
ments in Wheeling can be expected.
Mr. D. P. Davis, a prominent livery
man and merchant of Goshen. Va., bas
this to say on the subject of rheumatism:
“I take pleasure in recommending
Chamberlain’s Pain Balm for rheuma
tism, as I know from personal exper
ience that it will do all that is claimed
for it. A year ago this spring my broth
er was laid up in bed with inflammatory
I rheumatism and suffered intensely.
The first application of Chamberlain’s
Pain Balm eased the pain and the use
of one bottle completely cured him.
For sale by your druggist.
A Big Suit far Damages Entered at
The Court Asked to Compel a
Waverly Farmer to Pay $200.
000—An Indication of the Extent
of the Oil Business in Ohio—The
Usual Grist of Information from
the Various Fields —The Markets
Special to the Register.
Parkersburg. W. Va., May 23.—A suit
fnr $200,000 damages was instituted in
the Circuit Court here to-day, against
R. P. Ingraham, of Waverly, by Rob
ert W. Brown, of Washington, Pa., to
whom Ingrham leased, about five years
ago, 900 acres of land at Waverly.
Brown htd put down two wells upon
the lease, and when making prepara
tions to drill the third alleges he was
ordered off the lease. Brown also says
that Ingraham leased a portion of the
same land to Barnsdall, Gillespie and
several others, who have a number of
producing wells on the leases.
Special to the Register.
Columbus, Ohio, May 23.—As an in
dication of the wealth in the gas and oil
industry of this State, the Buckeye
Pipe Line. Company, with headquarters
at Lima and chief offices in New York
city, in making its return to the Auditor
of State, under the new State excise
I law. to-day gave its gross receipts for
1895 as nearly six mollion dollars. As
the tax is one-half of one per cent of
the gross receipts for the previous year,
the State will collect from this company
this year nearly $30,000.
Special to the Register.
Sistersville. W. Va.. May 23. Wm.
Graham’s well on the ^oho farm, back
of Prootor, is drilling at about 125 feet.
The AilUtn Oil Company have com
menced spudding at th ir No. 4 Richel,
and are erecting the rig for No. 5, and
expect to commence spuddng it by
Tuesday at the furthest.
Shay & Nichols will commence drill
ing at their new location on the Hall
farm, situate eight miles west of New
Matamcras. Ohio, and near the cele
brated Hammond well in Washington
This morning Shay &. Nichols shipped
to t.b< rts lves at Mouudsvi’te the ma
chinery and complete rigging up outfit
to sink a well on the Thompson farm,
opposite that place.
Shay & Nichols are also preparing to
put down a well on the Doe Hoggea
farm, eight miles from Quake.r City. O.
Spencer well No. 4, which is a big
gasser and belongs to the Victor Oil
Company, out on Indian Creek, and
which thev_have had 9hut in since it
came in, bixke out this morning, and.
they ar? now endeavoring to shut it in
The Mountain State Gas Company
turned on two more wells this morn
Specal to the Register.
Parkersburg. W. Va.. May 23.—The
well on G. W. Hendrrshot’s farm in
the Waverly field was closed down to
day for want of water.
The well of Bamsdall, on the Rals
ton farm, is tied up with a fishing Job.
Beatty & Kelly, on the Wm. Rich
ardson farm, made conn^tion yesterday
with the water line and resumed drill
Some of the farmers in the Waverly
field have receved big cash off-rs for
their royalty, and some are selling while
others are holding on for something
better. U. 6. Alleman had a cash offer
of $3,000 for one-sixteenth royalty on
50 acres, hut refused, and says he will
not sell for less than $10,000. His land
! is nearly two miles southwest of Ogdin.
John Wharton sold a on “-sixteenth roy
alty to-day on 13 acres for $500 cash.
Barr & Alford have rigs up the ,1. B.
Hendershot and Wm. Frazier farm.
The Union Oil Company have located
a well cn the McPherson farm at R«tI
Hill, only a few miles from here, and far
ahead of all developments.
Kansas City, Mo.. May 23.—During
the last week there has been consum
mated the biggest oil lease made in re
cant years. After negotiations extend
ing through two years, the Phoenix Oil
Company, of West Virginia, has secured
a long lease on land in the Osage Indian
reservation, comprising 1.80o,000 acres.
Arrangements have been made to begin
sinking wells at once. The company
will maintain an office in New York
city, one at Buffalo, and the headquar
ters of operations will be at Pawhuska.
I. T.
Oil City. Pa.. May 23.—Credit bal
ances $1.13; certificates opened at $1.09;
highf'3t $1.10t4; lowest $1.09; closed at
$1.1014. Sales 6,000 barrels; shipments
45,650 barrels; clearances 26,000 bar
rels; runs, 104,448 barrels.
Special to the Register.
Huntington, W. Va., May 23.—The
free silver club organized here last
night was named The Third Ward Sil
ver Club. The attendance was not as
large as first reported, and it is said
that scarce fifty names were enrolled.
—Officer Gardner arrested Florence
Henry for disorderly conduct in alley
C last night.
bile in Topeaa last March, E. T.
>er. a prominent newspaper man
i Pvene Kan., was taken with chol
morbus WT severely. The n.ght
C at the hotel where he was stop
happened to have a bottle of
nberlain’s Colic. Cholera and Diarr
Remedy and gave him three dosea
■h relieved him and he thinks saved
life Every family should keep
remedy in their home at all times.
By the Benwood Democrat* to the Dll.
trlct. State and I<ocm1 Conventions .
The Democratic District Convention to
select delegates to the District De *<ate
Convention at Clarksburg. the State in
vention, the Congressional Convention
and the local conventions, met at Ben
wood yesterday and made the following se
Delegates to District Delegate Conven
tion—Messrs. Joseph Mahood. John Gar
vey, Neill Quinn, William Chapman and
Edward Dorsey.
Delegates to State Convention—Messrs.
Joseph Mahood, James E. Barrett, Louis
Goecke, L. D. Dolbear and John Garvey.
Alternates—Messrs. Thomas A. Dailey,
John Blake. John J. Healy, James R. Ma
hood and Neill Quinn.
Delegates to the Congressional Conven
tion—Michael Dolan. Louis Barrett, Wil
liam Chapman. Thomas P. Dcegan and
James E. Barrett. Alternates—P. L. Mer
cer, Louis Gocke, Lee Roy Allen, Russell
Dorsey and Henry Meyers.
Delegates to the Judicial Convention—
James E. Rarrett, Thomas A. Dailey and
John D. Reilly.
Delegates to Senatorial Convention—Wil
liam Chapman. Henry Remhoff. August
Heppe, Louis Barrett and Howard Kim
Delegates to the County Convention—
Joseph Mahood, Henry Remhoff. P. L.
Mercer, John Craft. Hermann Staub,
Thomas A. Dailey, Thomas P. Deogan,
John D. Reilly. William Lorentz, Lee Roy
Allen and L. D. Dolbear.
The chairman of the District Committee
is to select a day to nominate a township
At Academy Hall. Went Liberty, I’nder
W. C. T. U. Anupler*.
The W. C. T. U. of West Liberty
gave a Demorest medal contest Friday
evening in the Academy hall. The at
tendance was largve and very apprecia
tive. and the different performances
were well received. Th programme,
was as follows:
Instrumental Solo .. ..Mrs. Dr. Epstein
Prayer.Rev. J. C. Garver
Vocal Duet ..Mrs. Gardner and Alice
“A Terrible Responsibility” .
.Miss Hottle Curtis
‘•The Voice of the Dram Shops”....
...Miss Freide Eps:ein
Instrumental Solo .....Miss Bird Bonar
“A Vision of Prohibition”.
.Miss Kate Hawkins
“Pictures From Life'’.
.Misses Gardner and Ridgely
“The Hardest Lot of All”.
.Miss Lou Hartly
"The English Sparrow Must Go.
What About the Liquor Vul
ture?”.Miss l>ou Fra Tier
“Vhe W. C. T. U...Miss Emma Shorts
Instrumental Solo-Mrs. Dr. Epstein
The judges were Prof. B. Brown, of
Bethany; Prof. Rasel. of West Alexan
der, and Dr. J. M. King, of West Lib
erty. The decision was given to Miss
Freide Epstein. The other contestants
were each presented with a copy of
Hawthorne's works.
The Arrivals Registered fo* Yesterday nn«l
Last Night.
The Howell registered upwards of
fifty arrivals yesterday.
D. C. Davis and wife, of Oakdale,
Pa., were in the city yesterday, and
were among the guests at the Howell.
Howell: W. Markin. Sistersville;
Sherman Watson. Fairmont, W. Va.;
E. H. Carver, Grafton. W. Va.;
M. Vv’. McCabe* New Martinsville;
D. R. Hayes. D. Dewar. George Maber
nigg. Mannington; John Hendershot,
Kenova; .1. G. Goll. Martinsburg; S. A.
Serill. Toledo, Ohio; S. .1. Reno. W.
Hyson. Pittsburg; Thomas Potts. A. N.
Pritchard. Mannington; O. W. O. Hard
man. Middlebourne; M. W. McCalK,
New Martinsville; George Ross. Salem.
Windsor: J. R. Linn. Lloyd Watson,
Harry G. Linn. Fairmont; C. H. Shat
tuck, Parkersburg; .1. R. Ellis, Newark;
W. L. Lyle. Toledo. 0.; W. R. Ter
hune, New Martinsville.
St. Charles: J. W. Rayfleld, Sistcrs
ville: T. C. Keough. J. E. Keough,
Washington. Pa.: P. II. Holt, Manning
ton: Melvin Barley. Caves’s Mills; G.
M. Ferris, McDonald, Pa.; Sam llarner,
Stamm: Mrs. Connelly. Sistersville;
.1. A. Boozle, Warren. Ohio; Mrs. B. F.
Rlackshere. Mannington; J. C. Rey
nolds, Freeport, O.
The Youngstown base hall team left
the city on the 7 o'clock train on the
Pan-Handle last evening.
Brunswick: W. G. Vener. Sistersvill ;
P. J. Mott, FPallsville. O.
McLure: J. L. Horn, Mannington;
R. Richardson. Marietta. Ohio; J. S.
Hyer. Sutton; P. A. Laubic, Salem. 0.;
Robert Gray, Youngstown, O.
tfie republican committee
It Met Last Evening, Re-Elected Mr. Ilatl
C hairntan. and Fixed the Primaries.
Mr. J. K. Hall won out all right, last
evening—Just as everybody expected.
The Republican County Executive Com
mittee, chosen at the recei t primaries, of
peculiar memory, met. ai.*^ formally or
ganized hy electing Mr. Hall chairman and
John W. Kindelherger, Esq., secretary.
These are the former officers of the Com
mittee, and their selection ensures the
rapid revolution of the local machine the
coming summer and fall.
The question of fixing the suggestion
meetings and primaries for choosing dele
gates to the Congressional and State Con
ventions was taken up. and after due de
liberation the suggestion meetings were
set for June 2f*th. ana the primary election,
for the choice of delegates, for July 31th.
■ o
PROCTOR. W. VA.. May 23.—Edward
Fagert, of Sardis. O., was here Saturday.
Geo. Rankin, of Graysville. W. Va.. was
in town. •
Miss Kate Henry, of Bridgeport. O., is
visiting Miss Gertrude Tate.
Misses Alice Moore and Helen Williams
were in Wheeling Thursday.
Miss Maude Bennett, a charming young
lady of Wheeling, is visiting her mother.
Mrs. Thos. HufT.
John Stackhouse has accepted a posi
tion as newsboy for the Union News Co.
Thos. Weston left for Pittsburg to-day.
It Was Crowded With Parties of
Every Kind.
The First Event Was the Mo3t
Brilliant Drawing Room ot the
Season—A Crush to Get a Sight
of the Young Duchess ot Marlbor
(Copyright, Associated Press.)
London, May 23.—This week has been
the gayest of the year. It was crowded
with parties of all kinds and began with
the drawing room of Monday, w hich was
the most brillaiant of the .-'.ison. Never
has there been such a sumptuous dis
play of costly fabrics, laces. Jewelry,
and flowers, and amotig the display of
magnificent dresses there were a num
ber of costumes embroidered with gold,
silver, and even with brilliants.
Owing to the fine weather the crowd
on the Mall and around Buckingham
Palace was dense and the people were
eager to see the occupants of the car
riages. The Duke and Duchess of Marl
borough had an old fashioned single
chariot. But there was a rush to get a
sight of the bride and it was with great
difficulty that the people were kept from
touching the vehicle. The young
duchess bore the ordeal of being stared
at for over an hour with great com
posure. The duke, who was one of tho
few men attending, wore a yeomanry
uniform. In (Jie palace the Duchess of
Marlborough attracted the greatest in
tention. She wore her wedding dress,
which was ablaze with diamonds, and
the celebrated pearls which her mother
gave her, a string of which broke in th<*
ante-room, but all save two were re
covered. The society papers comment
favorably upon the appearance of the
Wednesday’s trooping of the colors
upon the occasion of the official cele
bration of the queen’s birthday, was a
great function; but it was nearly spoiled
by a row between Lord Wolseley, the
commander-in-chief, and the Duke of
Cambridge, former commander-in
chief. It appears that the latter ex
pressed his intention of attending as a
royal duke and colonel in chief of the
army and claimed precedence over Lord
Wolseley, whereupon the latter declar
ed that neither himself nor his staff
would attend. The deadlock caused
much excitement and the matter was
finally referred to the queen, who found
a way out of the difficulty by directing
the Prince of Wales to receive the sa
lute at the parade. As heir apparent
the prince has precedence over every
one else, and Lord Wolseley gladly
waived his claim to take the galute
right of office. In the arrrrr ?' 1
there is much satisfaction at the fact
that Lord Wolseley stood up for his
Dr. Newman Hall, father of Dr. John
H-*II. of New York, celebrated his 8Sth
birthday yesterday and received many
congratulations upon the occasion. Ho
preaches several times weekly ami is
remarkably vigorous.
Chas. Dirkons. the son of the cele
brated novelist, has been dangerously
ill. hut is now out of danger.
United States Ambassador Da yard
has purchased a 100-guinea horse from
the duchess of Connaught, and rides it
daily in the Row. Mr. Bayard will
spend the Whitsuntide holidays at Lord
The papers here print long and favor
able review's, with copious extracts ef
John T. Morse’s “Life of Oliver Wendell
Imp queen s birthday honors show
the usual partiality for the army over
the navy, and is causing much di- nth
faction. Four K. C. B.'s go to the
navy and seven to the army; there iro
no C. B.’s for the navy and 28 for the
The opera season at Covent Harden
has thus far proved very surer-, ful. an 1
the attendance has been much larger
than last yp.ir.
Charles Hart rev has recently purchas
ed a new comedy, written by Mi-- 151
liott Page and Nora Vynne, and called
“A Family Falling.” The plav will
probably he produced at the Shaftes
bury theatre In the early autumn.
Boerl*oh:n Tree has won much glory
in his artistic point of view by hi* ad
mirable production of “Henry IV’
The run of "Mrs. Ponderbury Pat,”
which has been a success at Court
Theatre, terminated last Thursday
night. May Yolie, in a musical farce,
will shortly he seen at this hou r.
The fine weather of the past few
vopk3 together with the opening of
the out-of-door entertainments, had had
the efTect of making light business for
the theatres.
One of the most popular enter.ain
1 mmts given in lx>ndon is the annual
military tournament, which th;.< y«v
opens Slay 28. This exhibition has. for
the past few years, attracted largo
crowds, and the profits are enormous.
In view of the martial spirit which has
prevailed in this country recently. It
is probable that the show this year will
bo even more prosperous.
“A Rescued Honor,” the new three
act domestic play by Aruthur Frey, of
the Lyric theatre, is to be pr< duced it
a matinee performance at the Avenue
theatre on Thursday, June 4.
“A Lucky Bet,” is the title of a new
musical play by Charles H. Brookfield
and Henry Hyatt, which will shortly he
produced in the provinces.
The special orchestra from Mont"
Carlo is attracting large audiences to
thethe gardens of the Imperial Institute,
where they give both an afternoon and
an evening performance.
“Jcsiah's Dream,” a farce dealing
with the “New Woman,” was produced
with fair success at the Strut. I theatre
on Thursday.
Ella Wilson, Charles L» - i and Jo
seph Snyder were arrested by Officer
Everett for loitering on the Island early
yesterday morning.
The Weather. W1
Mr. C. Scbnepf. the Opera Housa
druggist, made the following observa
tions of the weather yesterday: .a. m.,
69; 9 a. m., 73; 12 m.. 78; 3 p. m., 8'*;
7 p.m.. 77. Changeable.
Washington, D. C., May 23.—For
West Virginia—Fair and slightly warm
er; east wind*.

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