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Feather Be. ! 15c.
r. Cb Iren's Fa?t IJ!ack
ladles’ Heavy Fleaced \ ests ana
wers 25c. worth 50c.
ers 39c. ,, ...
Swiss Embroidered Handkerchiefs Zz
50 boxes Racket St .r Soap lc a oar.
500 Ladles* Fin W nt _Sh!rt Wr sts,
up-ic-date styles, at -l ,c ■ ' v-1-1-*
$1.43 aad $1.65,
Gents* Fine \V<xj d k.- 1 •
Ladies' Fine Wo--! H loc.
KlhlM ten's and -Mi- • ! ' c*
Just one-ha!f pri'* o: other
Tam O’Shanter H.* Laps —r
Hisses. Ciuldrea a:.d i .
GOO pa rs Ladies’ F :e 1’- uKOia Tip
Razor Toe. worth $2 a' v1-1n- ,
500 pairs Lad.es’ i . urn' jO
go at $1 G5
."00 pairs Solid Don 4 •= ro I
800 pairs Men’s $- sac-i go a:
$1.13. " „„ ^ :
GOO pairs Men’s Fin Kangaroo $3.00
shoes at $1.98.
o<K> pairs Men's Fin3 < ilf. Congi ss
and Lace $2.50 sbr .
Bargains in Men's > 0- • SITS
and $1.25.
Misses school sh •’ ' !can '
■made roan we ha:
car load received it
We sell shoes <-i:e.i;
Lid: s 3 v i".
89c, 98c. $1.25. $1 4> $1-5 ■?
Blankets 35c, f . '
Comforts 39c, 4' . . * 'c* * ' "t0
Boys’ heavv wi- ■: V - a” •' n:rt3.
Men’s heavy ai w over ;
Big value in Men's Si: s $3.50. $1.25
and $ 1.9S.
3Ai!5AIHS !:■ 0VHSC0?.TS.
Men’s pants GO1'. -7 . i'0, $!.■> ■ ar i
$2 00.
The greatest bar
in this city. Cc-n. 11 lick. Monday
'b?nne ♦ sales. W :i»* r.* t r bus::: -■
and eli we v
Youths’ knee pints sni's 8"c, 9$c. ]
$1.13 and $1.25.
Knee Pan’s 19c, 25c ar 39c.
A HUMMER—All w l knee pints. 1
6 to 15 years, w >r.h ?’ gualrant
a hick a a boar :,
Men’s Clothing \ rtin n* r .uy
y rt week. Look out
1102 !o 11P4 Market Street.
Cabell C nnty Never Saw Such an
Enthusiastic Gathering as That at
Barboursville Y -G^rday — Speech
By Gov. Mac Corkie.
Special to the Tt
HUNTINGTON. W. Vi„ Oe.ober 17.—
The greatest outpour ■* of Democrats in
the history < C * c.t.ty occur; 1 to
day at the k» l ue at Hur'-ours
ville. tho at!
Jt.OCO. Gov. M • '■ k!e arrived in the af
ternoon. v. > r
cor • : t ■. i ■ *
youtlg 1 i
poM K af ■
escort, in a<’'
tw> m*u > i
wagons nud hi t.
rr.ndc a gr*' it -
v : he or' « !’ :: t: l ' r .
the I>»n;ocriey > \\ J.
The Ii irnum CT :< of the
Governor, att* n "I in
tired rtro'u:, r "h :v>
their fami
the Governor • *n r i •: js v.-lneli w«
nutde. Ttoer i • \< r wi
in the Hen m i - to
nic ht. and t ;» rl . \ tlie
history of old t
Dry an and \V;i N* \ mber ’•
“stare nieii* " i i n a free excur
sion to On
detract from ■ whl It tIt ■>•
knew full w U w. i : iov their d a-it
Knell In Oil • '
A i.i i i i.i la-nciNt.
She inspired \tith liojic the ^ %ilor~ of a
'•inkiitt; V< set
Boston. M 1- Or. r IT. Vzncng
Ac passeugers • . amer (rtf e City.
troai Savan' .
'tain Albion P. s
daughter. Rd . t
the wrecked -• l.G.a Sn’
Mach Me., w i • r“
pr w of 15 l
lives, Captain >
2t5.ii with a «
mlng'fttt- Tho ^ . lure winds
and w.’.s d •'
IaIs: S *:t!r< n tho vi u
Fire Island. a bn* was on ntor
ed. during whir - ve ’ sprung .
leak and till d. h.i . : fit u. owing U* i
t*h • cargo. The n In and mizzen mas s
won* by the hoard, and for thirty-six
h.mra Captain Sa u r and
t.ho fail are » " las .. to t:i quarter
rail, expecting the \ *<-1 to car sir*
momentarily, th w making br toss
es over i he v* -
sufferers wore wit u food or fresh wa
ter. When about , n gale sub
sided. and :h '' r ued*.
”rhe captain’s C vghfrr s
deal nobly. trod h> ■ r hr ve e\ .tuple
k rf UP *De spirits h. mrn.
Sporter He ghts. a v U known pud
d>r of the Renw -1 ;i. .j i up
from the result of a > rious accident
whv'h h fell him la.'* Wedne-iday night.
Heigths aceorapan • t the R publicans
w ho wont to Moun l.'Viiie that night to
take part, In the no -ting tli re. \f :r
get tag off the train Henw Md. on the
return trip, he pu.l< . a revolver out of
hU pocket and the u m accident.!’. -x
ploded. The ball enters at the thigh
of his right leg. passed lowr. and be
came tiabeaded just above tits knee. It
Ws not yvt been extracted.
The Woman With a Loug Neck, Oval
Plump Face,
Greek No e and Cupid Bow Mouth.
R 'modelling Former Beauties.
Mrs. W. C. Whitney and Mrs.
Clew lend Pecomes "Types” by
This S ylo ot Face—Priuosss of
Wales Cannot Conform—Type of
Pr .sessional Ecaury Changes
Once in a Generation, or Twenty
There has been a change in the type cf
prof-.ksonal biuty. Tne Lang.ry, with
its ior._. thin face, went out some ago.
Th Bcresford, plump ami blonde died
away, mo. La.cerly the professional
beauty type has b; n irregular, tit piq
uant. the variable. .Mis . Hobart C.
Cuathvld-Tay: r Ail. .1 this description
pei Ba . a b is < u •
The p.of:;,-tonal beauty of this .
wiii l- ... regular featured one, and
at:;, .iitrig but .he extreme blonde. Ti
t.uU hair, auburn, cue- nut and brown
.•II c me wt.hin the requirement. But
-up ntc.- fasnionable is the extreme
black. This is so deep ana glis. ruing
£.:■_■ tiil no: uncover.
it m.y soumi , vuliar :o those who
k i> no u::n i- of prof -sional ue..utios,
u. is mirror-li! . and in some ligu.s
.-i bine. It is not fr.zzed, but is ar
tang d ::i k .tdng wi'.n i s glossiness.
Th. professional bi . my type of face
wil. b Iv,::.; and plump, it is quite ou
y tv • a ouch of piquancy
a.i-umi ;m lr ; galleries of fa
mous brau.i s ’ tu s- ni try such far s.
are lew in . . Con
•; i. 1 >•! ■ s of hiarI>-otough. is in I
(: , ; ad th • I.otii - - of pi • ure- mile y
fame, stepping a the s* ircase of the
p. • :!t a tr lL... tag from her
:;ot. , i- me he • ■ . .. new- >• s.
W. C. W i.itt) is much on t. s . -yi .
and . - \!. s. Run triph was quoted for
her !► of vhroa; and the leng o\.U
of her face.
I'.tae: s of Wales, who hoi^s h',r
o’, u >u h all the ye. a, is. uu
itn • . . no- or this -uyle on ac
:t f i. p.otrudu •: iorenead, which
.1 ;Ue w..t no. u
n : aci pet liar to these who
• t ■ • . »•'<>?.-i tn?.1. b .u
l int th style of pre-tin ss should
r nrn . •*>.. a at the worn n who was a
bi u v y - • rtt..y is no: even good look
o-<;ay. -ut this is -he reasoning
cf t . > know nothing about pro
;.. i misrn and how it is ou
mi*, v: J.
A!:, o- any woman who has b en a
prc:« -;i ii.(l beauty of any type e u
continue to noh. her title as tong ns
s - a ures by a.tj i- ins
herself to th" style of beauty in vogue.
Fit' y ye.i.s ago in this country noth
ing 'A'a'.i so much admired as the broad
Drnca fiu.?. the u gh cheek bouts and
the r,-d i . ks of tae woman - ho It i
sj.i ty. Tis-' mother of C'haurcey M.
. h* i: he? of the .' ty an i S:u; -
v.j in: families, all came under this ue
tli y would not be eoasideiei good-look
i .. unNss they a-k.o.ed ti: msei.es to
the change in beauty ideals, and this
would be hard for them.
Th? proft sslonal beamy of this season
nr:si have a \ *ry long fa . This is her
ti : in . men;. Am. re must hav a
very long and slender neck. T.iird. sue
must hav a plump contour to h r face.
Last. : I.e mouth must be bowed iu many
la <. rLying this style cf beauty U
is . : : alt i" place iu Bat it Started
v. knave wam.iti in 1 ^ondon
sm i' . who cop; 1 a picture in last
\ .tr’s salon. The heal was an Ideal.
Tim wonun look t at i nrd
think i: .-o very ideal after all. "I can
•k ! .k 'hat," said sh* to Yreelf. Ann
a few hours
ij\ cini man .• to look 1 . .hat. .-to
t ns cased her of p for the
p...u lag in order to make her o vu
? beauty the wgr.e in London
..ml Paris. In this country she speedily
• ur: . • art. s .;i Mis. I .tsha Dy<.,
Mr-i. Armour .nd M.s. Duncan Elliott,
\; .o consciously or unconscious!: mod
viled .,(:r s:y>s to suit :ue new type.
The fae- with these ladies was mala
Ion., hv i rung ti. hair, ikteii are
.aose -v..■. ,.ave .. long fate to s.art
u. ii; and then the most difficult. work
0 .: pr«»f€:>sb.;ul beauty is done, for
it is shape anu not features taa. count
.i .- year. By parting the ha r and
era hi lines v.
bug .an* i and the face made to re
;tnio'.i iin long vdteek at once.
i . ■ .• ug < uaig o .ii neck is more
diflicuL. This cm only be done by
1 i sing the hair and dressing the mck
It'-.v. A ticck 1 ice shortens the neck and
:u no. b<. warn un.. .-s the neck is
. • h ng as .o be ungraceful, bu. that
vmi.u be very long, indeed, for neck's
w uL ; make a .van sick w.ta
«•;: vv !aie . ’ * r.ohtott mis season.
t; -!. : of tae no.'? sounds
n !..:i suable, i.it even it can b- ac_
. :u; . utd. A lies.: can be made longer
> tea p > a r itppn each »;> ,
wh«T ..>• U.vc is mo p.ump, and by the
;n. rst ■ a a rid upon the inside of
" no.-tads. The la^t ts practised by
i’.ui ...n beauties, and by a f v
i, nd, , Put American women thimt
ivors >o much of a red nose or a
on In oucuing the nosuils vvita
. . Puri'.-ns are exquisitely uc.j
. ml the iin.es. daub ot the rouge
pronounced cnougn, while wo, witu
i hum i t fingers, pu on the red until we
cm .-it it. P rhaps that is one reason
.!:• practice of rougeing is not iu favor
And here a word about the use oi
pain: and powder upon -he face. The
.nai b-. utty la s.yle this year
u.-is ..iuus: none of either pain; or
j wd bco.ase her color must be
t ,ean.v aiiu her cy - b ^at ins.: ad of
beng tie.; d » v.n.dly. But wneu
nocvS'.uy there are many who coruend
tha .s u > is ra aa juat: liable; i: . .
1 obligatory. Vh* y say i. i? as necessary
ti> x worn ii " ut.iCAo\ in som*? ousts,
w:n;r' i :i -**3 are to be hidden, is
i;.>* jK-rfunu* that pervades her gar
ni- its. or the gloss upon . i hair. 01 the
waves upon her t tuples. That is taeir
argument. and it isn’t such a bad one.
I." overuse is what has brought thorn
| iUlo disfavor; never their proper use. A
-tutieman wuo ’a d alwayv inveigh d
i against the use of powder saiu to his
wiie, af.er talk.ug to Mis. Cleveland a:
j a White Hous reception: "Why can’t
! \ ou nowder like tha ?" He referred to
| exquisites smooothness of the skin of
h Preridcnt’n wi'e. and inferred that it1
\v .1 dant iy ‘‘ere.ummi.”
Cit*vel :a i eon forms charmingly
to e new >iy!e . f bem!y. She parts
h ;• .,.ii>. i Matin-ns iia* m *k by ioundod
bodic. .* e.:r • s .ha* h i uiro&i line
is u3. dis . .ycd. She is i< .i-y a new
■ ik mi y. Mi . W Itney is the same, and
in ’: " v, !ing robe w is s up rh.
he plump outline of the face so nec
ess.i.v wi.h the slimmest figure is
managed by massage. Seventy-live
s'rok • of he i' in night and morning
.::e m .o k p the neck firm
and fre; from tne “brisked’ so dreaded
>y beauties past their zenith. Bern
i' t. i . : h.n as. she is, and old as she is.
i ... mis plump chin, and there are se
ek*-y women w,.o boast of it, while
being t o slim * n* the weight allowed
them lo proportions.
An ab;i'lU't‘ n • b of th ■ professional
beauty of :l:i- - a soil is the bowed
mouth. V. .ii b ru wmplished only
' y a toucl; c* rc-j. it tuture has bn n un
ic.ud ia the matter of Cupid-bow
mouths. T 1 • ; .kii se lad: - under
stand this : u.'.t f the I;;*and carry
Ai.h them t!u\ p; ccs of prepared red
..... ich, 1 . - sten : and ton li
ed io the l.ps. h» \s a bills.i of red L -
Those who have pretty mouths—and
mot American wor.ira nave--can try
biting tneir lips, or, rather, pressing
them be.ween th. t oth genJy and ob
ac-.'vr th effect, i: the mouu looks like
v :.u v.oi'-. • been wt II done, and
no iraa i' n ay. Ii th re is* in
. i of a Dow, a I ng red line, some
th . .
of t
ai;m h nukes it . tn.i vou can make
is- > mouth in' ■ re- hud by
shortening it at h si .cs; but rosebud
ni- i ...i are not in >. . an l y m must.
• til vali 11 . Is done bj pn
ting a tou. il o: .■■! upon the under lip
per li >. one at each s.fle or ilie middle
crease* of the lip. This nukes a true !
bow, the very one hat is in style tms
Hie changing o: me n. aiuj ui
oion.il beauty is one u takes place,
about on»v in tw * •' >‘car3> o: cRcc *n j
i t a. ration. For twenty jeius ..u'
; )x fluffy lr ir. ;i-e medium siz* 1 no?-.
;Aon' k ami the pink anil white
bloom bare been beautiful. Now rhej
... ,i length r.s. the • ice loilows .t :a
con b<earning birdliki in sym
me-.rv, and the features conform as far
o .o*;...e > »er in Gi « K idea.1.'. It
o -ih u; '/ul a >. a classical one. and
■ v.,
. vening, c. P. Arms,
■ rl. <: .a W. Vt!.. will -P^ak :lt '
1>\ n Tim uill'c Cl b hall on the mon
t, q., n. r. Armstead if- -1- f,UPlu
question. He luis - >ken at A tna'i..c,
Bridgapart and Hilaire th past wec*t
t0 11- at At B Metre n;arl>
800 people greeted him. Every one van
can sli aid no. fail to hear him ,,-*n
row O' •nir a.: th Bryan < " ^ kfill.
Kls"\vliere -n the columns of ,h.s p
per v. Ml be found the arrangements of
Will: :a J( nninps Bryan's trip over tfos
Cl. vt i and Pittsburg road to Steu
benville Hr will pass through here
short!'- p.f - r seven o’clock, railroad lime
iu ::;r.t a ten n: -.ate : 1dre>f.
ward L r. . Wdl Snltkeld. John.
Krim' and Thc.ras and Harry Grayson
l- :,vi »h s it jrhirt : for Gucras-y countj-*
- i • • • hi.’ i. 1. is .Hierstood
•; v int> nd kid:.to: -very squirrel in the j
earn v.
mmunicn s rvicos will he observet -
this ' iT.-n'r? • ?*he United Presbyttrian
C'. ’w' T ■ pa?*or Rev. E. G. Bailey,
will he assisted by R-v. A. 8. Bailey,
of U iville, Ind.
K \V. J. Willi; ms and wife will he
.• home to a larishcn rs . ad friends
• af- rntvas' of r. 1= coming week.
Gw of .W> ling line
’ • tl a.-k a .1 srn • last
evening. «:i!c.y 1 v . tn.v i fer ? urn: time.
R. v. a. M. \Y ?. who was paster of
the A. M. A ' hurra here sixt een years
1 .. has b • n r ••.irn»-<1 here for another
• term, and will occupy tlie pulpit this
rr ’*’r!n? an 1 ev-. nir.,;.
\, tv "ii ;'f Mingo, is spending
■ il. d-r v h friends and rr’rives here.
Ill d viek left yes rdtiy for
: Yo-itr."te;vn. Ohio to visit friends.
.Mieses ! uey Ti 'kerand Olive Cham
i i ;-c ; V:. i’’. . -nr wtre here yester
day. cal’ ’ on f i 'ds.
The M Prr Oonvd.v Company ;
' will plas a week's engagement here, be
• e* lining 'e-niorrow t veiling. Tli• com
i pur.v •' n exMlent one. and the plays
: r.- foil rf bright wit and humor, blend- !
■ ed w b p~-V« making it popular whcr
i ever tv".' play.
i Henri \Vering brs op rod no a cro
I eery in tfc ■ IT .rrison bui ing ot> the cor
ner of Hanover and Fifth streets.
F e Pirott went up to Pittsburg yes
i kerday to visit friends and relatives.
Mrs. James Green and son, of Lisbon,
Ohio, are the guests of relative here, for
The foundation of the engine at the
Aetna-Standard tin mill which runs mills
No. 11,15, It; and IT, has besa r<; uire ,
ami he mills will resume work next
i'u (lay morning,
: he proposed matter of organizing an -
All-Ohio ball club at this place has been
given up, owing to the cold weather and (
the inoullity to get the players to- j
Miss Hattie Noble, of Claysville, O., j
is he urn s. of her brother, W. L. Noble, I
and family.
A large number of foot ball enthusiasts j
went over to see the foot ball game be-1
t" cn the West Virginia University and j
Lafavette foot’ ball teams.
This morning .. t : lie Baptist enure a, :
Rev. J. M. Criswell. hue pastor of the
Baptist church at St. Mary’s, O., will
at 10:30 a. m., assis.ed by minis- [
of the W< sc Virginia Baptist Asso- .
cialion. In the evening at 7 o'clock, I
.. i v. w. i’>w i. S ■ .
Wes. Virginia ami business manager .
ttilt Jouin.il and .Messenger, of Cin-1
cinnati, (will • ccup] . .. pulpit
Hr. mv Humphreyville, of Mi. Pleasant, |
was in town yesterday on business.
Joseph Meuill, or Tiitonsville, was in j
town yc.-.erday calling on friends.
p,.;e Petty, who has bum working at 1
I lam months ville. Pa., is here visiting old
lricuds for a few days.
There will be a dance given at Peliz's ,
hall on next Friday evening.
rile Top mill is off th.s week, throwing j
the employes from this place oti ot work, j
At St. Paul’s Epi >pal church, it- v.
W. J. Williams, pastor, the twentieth
Sunday after Trinity, services will be
held as follows: Sunday school ai 0 a. m.;
matins, ame-eommunion and sermon at
10:30 a. m. Morning subject, “St. Luke
evangelistevening subject, “Uni
versal Sickness.” All are cordially in
vited to attend.
The proceeds of the Mercy and Help
])'partment entertainment, 1* riilay even
ing, amounted to $1o.0;j.
Frank S. Davidson and his company
presented "Old Farmer Hopkins to me
t!toatre-goers of th.s place lust eicning.
7ao company is an excellent one aim
wa: well received by the audience.
S Marv's io-day and coming week:—
This is the twenty-first Sunday after
Pentecost and the anniversary of the
consecration of me cathedral of th[s
diocese of Columbus. Ep. Eph. 0:10-1 <.
Gasp. S . Mitt. lS:23-25. The sodaliti.
and members of the league will rec:-.\o
haly communion this morning. Ineie
will be benediction every evening
t' •oughotP the month with the exception
of Sundays. Next in»sday will 1 ■
; . : tat of 3:. Luke. Th< Octobt evo
ions will be conainued as usual every
'm iming during mass until the enu of
the mouth. ,. ..
l.’.y, evening the Assembly onto not
ed several of the members of the Laraj
r • College foot ball team their room?
in the Shreve-Hervey building.
arrested last evening by Officersi Good
hue and Far rang for disord nj con-lu
The Martin’s Ferry cornet banu ’v.n
give a dance at Scheele’s hall next i-it
d..v evening.
- —
ppo»r upon the snn.e I tat form. Both for
Silver, :tl Steubenville.
penial to the ReghtiT.
m'fT'TN'Vil.Ul O.. October I-.-I'A.
Dcaker. of Erie, l’a.. m !<!: < ~ - ,5 a
rowd hero to-night on the silver <|U< -
He was Introduced in n by
harles K. Flitin, an ex-Kepub!ican and a
j Idler. _
Williamstown. W. Va.. October 17 —
The Epwcr ’h League held a busin■
jneeting Friday eventne.
M:;? Beulah Triplet;, of Waverley.
ar.d Mrs. Allie Ogdin. of Ravensw !.
were guests of the Misses Pattfrson th*s
Miss Wilson, of Newport. Ohio, is : ie>
gurtt of friends on Columbia avenu -.
Mrs. Kate Leonard and children are
in Newport. K.. visiting relatives.
Born Monday. Or ober 12th, to Mr. and
Mrs. McCane, a son.
Rev. \V. L. Davis, formerly of Motmds
viile, has accept- d a call 'o the Epi^eepil
Church at. Marietta Falls. N. V. He is
vrc the guest of his father-in-law, R.
P. Campbell.
Mrs. syfcos ana children. of Cairo, \\ .
Va.. r.rf- guests of relatives h re.
E’. Biddle left this week for Toledo.
Ohio, where he has accepted a position
with ;hc Woolson Spice Co., as trav lling
Mrs. E.'z.a Metralf, cf Reno, Ohio, was
Mrs. J. K. Pamer’s cues: the past week.
Sam Smith, of Pittsburg, Pa., has been
visiting at Monroe Chiv.
I: is repe.r ?d that one of our popn'ar
young ladi s will soon wed a young gen
tleman of Pleasants county, W. Va.
Mrs. Or is. Sarber and daughter. ,Turn
ita. of Marietta, Ohio, are gu»~,s of rel
atives here.
Brady Berry and Wm. Edmonds left
this week for a hunting expedition near
Beverley, W. Va.
Fannie Field Writes of New Produc
tions in New York.
Another New Play by' Wm. Gillette.
.Success of the Frohmans—En
gagements iu the Local Thoaires
During: the Past Woek — The
Baldwins to Open at the Opera
House—Grand Attractions.
New York. October 17.1S96.—The pub
lic, to whom Miss Georgia Cayvan Las
long since endeared herself, gave her a
cordial welcome, when she appeared as
a "star" at Palmer’s theatre Iasi week,
in "Mary Pennington,” spinster, a new
comely by W. It. Wilkes. Miss Cay
van is well equipped by nature for high
emotional parts, possessing a very agree
able presence, thorough training, a de
lightful vo.ee, a clear correct enuncia
tion, and above all, her dignified and lady
like conduct nas always commanded re
spect. Her play is far beneath her abil
itif*-, being pi sy and transparent, and
1 fore half of the first act is over, the
cud is perfectly clear.
The best part of the piece fail* to Miss
Mary Jerrold, who loves an uneducated
youth, and endeavors to bring him up to 1
her standard of learning. Here, the dia
logue is really good, and the little actress
c i ch<t xactly th right spirit. Another
play is promised which may he more in
k*" ping with Miss Cayvan’s abilities.
After an interval or about twelve years
William Gillette has brought out another
Southern war play; * aught with thrill
ing situations and dramatic interest, but
nevertheless a cur.ou- distortion of na
ture, and uot pos- -'-ing ihe artistic fin
ish of iiis first production ‘‘Held My the
Enemy.” Happily in "Secret Service.”
the public is not bored with the same old
ideas concealed and-: ino her form and
ihe most striking situations are new;
consequently ii house is crowded at
every performance, and the piece cer
tainly is destin'd for a long run.
The hero is played In dill tte, and if
he could only throw off the hard, dry.
flippant styi. and nasal iwaug which he
acquit d in “Too .Much Johnson,” he
would appear to far greater advantage.
The climax which etuis tiie second act,
could not be surpassed and until the
close of the th?:. 1 act, i he audience is al
ternately a nuts * or held in breathless
It is the ; lay of a playwright, and it is
to !)■ regiv i that naturalness should
so often be sacrificed. Tin supporting
company is good, particular iy Walter
Thomas and Odette Tyler, the former
tal ng the part of a youth, frantic lo
fight in defense of his country. This
role is a gem in naturalness and freedom
of .ictiou. .Mice I.rich's “make up as
the negro “Mammy” is perfect, but
hits not the faintest, conception of genu
ine :u gro dialect or voice. The piece is
poorly staged, and ins e.td of elegant old
mahogany furniture in ho Varney par
lor at Richmond, anything that came to
hand seems to have been used. It is
said tha Charles i Tollman in .ds tak
ing this pi ty to London in the sp'ing.
it \S
gre u triumph. Mr. Frohman is beyond
question our mos enterprising -nd pros
perous man; - -. ?n. e y conducing
presen time. 1
Empire, Q ■ ; -
fcnd Hoyt’s, wiiich w.s form rly the
M . ii- m £■ ■ besidef sev
eral companies c:i th< road.
The attractions a *hc Grand during
the wei k w f ir, r . - .in business v. js
commensurate vi J the merits of the
productions. A blood and thunder melo
drama. which was tip to the standard of
such piect s. h »d the boards th*' first tnreo
nights; and van ;• .ilk was offered for
ibe last half of the week. Bonnie Th rn
lon is very c‘: \ son • >f 'he otliier
members of the Elite combination uro
The famous B il hvin’s. known as “The
White Mum: will optn an engage
ment of a sol; ; w- ek, dm .ng which there
will be no um :ue performance, at the
Opera House to-morrow evening. John
M. Hickey, the manager of :h • American
tour of Prof. Baldwin, if: White Mahat
ma. has in his poss< si >n a valuable and
in cresting . » ion ei • : i ■ -. souvenir
p •ogrammes and press clippings gavher
bs Pi
Baldwin during his rur.ous trips around
the world. T’.v souvenir p'ogrammes
are verv rich in d - gn and mark occas
ions where :ne Mahatma appeared before
crowned heads an men of high official
ding. Tb pi ss clij ings show »hat
1 the company have created a sensation n
every part of the world, even ;n India,
the v< hoi 'Ui
.,-j, i: • is. The v r mge from three col
umns, in 3 paper published in China to
a six column article in the New York
| Hera;d last June. Prof.Baldwin also pos
i-'p.'ST'S almost a peck of valuable Rems,
diamonds and medals presented to h.iu
on various occasions, lie will introduce
s famous entertainment at the Opera
House Monday, and before the end of his
ongagt ment will doubtless have stirred
thi- . icy as it has not beeu stiried in a
long lime.
As the saying goes, “A good tale will
bear telling twice,” and so the theatre
going public of this city will no doubt
welcome the return of "The Pulse of
flew York,” which comes to the Grand
the first three niglitaof next week, clad
in <is new attire, consisting of scenery, I
effect, etc., and presented by a match
less company, headed by Carrie Lament
and C iris Bruno. Llk<
nan being, the production <. Mi<.es, v»
at all times keeps in pace w: h the per
iod. Among the recently a . b -j* al
features may be ment inn d he funny j
•-.•Hire on the much-talkei of Kaine-'
L*v' in New York: a Is ■ i i: le>q,ie on
the bicycle craze. Tlie Pb Lrh e clif f t |
is; :ill retained, but is : • : Milling ar.d
- tic t an ever, i • il> a supend
otis piece of stagecraft, .'id n'T fail- to j
excite and enthuse. " ' be Pulse of New
York,” may be descril. ed as i happy
blend of the farce, m 1.drama and vaunt -
vL.le, and Is therefore .-ure to meet the j
•ta's.es of everyone Particular attention i
is paid to the \audeville department,
which is apparentiv the r.nging fad in
things theatrical of present times, and
one act is devo eci exclusively to that,
when i- presented a series of high-class
The third act of “Darkest America,”
which will bo the attraction at tho
Grand, Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
takes place at the Rtbbit Foot gambling
saloon at Jacksonville, FI u The Rabbit
Foot is the most notorious resort of the
kind in America, and the scenes acted
therein are thrlllir.gly interesting—the
besetting sin of intemperance, the de
grading vice of gambling were never bet
ter illustrated. The fourth act is on a i
higher plane, and shows the home of j
luxury in upper tendom negro life. This
scene* is laid in Washington, and is
sumptuously mounted with magnificent^;
stage effects. "Darkest America" is,
presented with all the special scenery.
The company is the largest ever brought i
toe :her in any similar production. A
bras- band and an orchestra arc a part
of the large company.
7iio Wheeling public arc again to 1" j
treated to a theatrical performance this i
fall by some of the hr- talent in the
city. The programme will b something
different from what has ever been a -
u mpt< d by Wheeling pt ople t t< t I
v. ill consist of three of tin* v< ry lx st onv
ao; comedies ever put on tin* American
stage. The following persons compose
the c>st of characters, and as all are
well known to Wheeling treatrn-goers,
it goes without sro ing trie entertainm* n:
vvii! be above the average and will be
greeted by a large and select an licm :
Mi s A. L.nua Hcnnig and Mi.-s Hattie
Reid. Messrs. K 15. Ft inzheim, J. i*.
Morgan and B. K. MoMech n. Mi
Ried and Mr./McMcchen will be rcniem
bered as having taken prominent char
acters in “My Lord in Livery” and
“Checkmate” roup ciivaiy, and the oth
crs, Miss Ilenn g (L ah), and Vi -vs.
Frrnzheim and Morgan in the late pro
duction of “Leah the Forsaken,” which
w. .s greeted by crowded houses. The!
performance will be g.ven at the Opera
Hotisf Monday evening, November lthh.
Union Op 1 port, o.,
Tit-.-day. October 150. Oi l F rmer Hep
kin-. introdutMig Frank 8. Davidson and
his famous company of actors, singers
and dancers. One thousand ‘square yards
of magnificent v -enery. Seats on sale at
It n N drug » ore. Prices remain as
SISTKRSVII.LE. W. Va., October 17.—
W. t;. Kohl mad*' ;i flying business trip to
Wheeling yesterday.
Mir Molllt and Oeorgia Rootnc spent
the tiny in Wheeling shoppies.
S. P. Boyer went to Bradford. Pa., this
I»«* k Jennings went to Pittsburg this
Mr. Adrian Carothers will spend Sunday
at his home In Glandule.
Mrs. A. Campbell received word vest, r
day from her daughter. Mis.- May me. who
is visiting relatives In rittsburg, that she
was very low with typhoid f> ver and to
' day sh * left for that city.
Miss Eva Nesbitt will spend Sunday
with the •'old folks at home"’ In Sardis.
(.'has. If. Baker will Sunday with friends
out of town.
Mr. J. H. Walker, of Massachusetts, n ■
dressed nn audience at the opera Hou-*>
here this evening favoring the gold .stand
('has. Gibbs Carter and J. F. Fck’ rt
returned to their hones in Titusville, la.,
this afternoon.
I>r. J. I:, Stnthers will spend Sunday
with the "old folk?" In Wheeling.
Arch Smith returned home this morning
from a business tr'.p along the B. & O. Ry.
The Democrats of this city will go to
j New Matamoras to-night on a steamer to
j attend a speaking there.
C'hecretl IJy I he ( ant., • I
\\ ml \ ircluia.
Special to the K<:: • r.
Fainu-ou', \V. Va., Or
delegation from Central .
wao visit'll McKinley t
through here .0 7 a. m.
train a;nsl.
hundre; and four ttek* ~ • •
this place. T!. tliia •
r.• B w to vi!I \ at tie Wept.
:nir.» <, • .1 > > • . .e ■ ven
iviio Mot'- .* ver It s r ;i<*h< d
the win i jws i ■ n : t' • iin.<n .
free s41 ver. The miners, whoar* a
a unit. f« r Bryan, took up the ct
about on<-third of the 1 pa j
who w< re on tihe train, which .-h
sen tint nr. of the people who
Marietta, Ohio, October 17
Superintendent >f Srhn,)'.s. ().
son., of Columbus, Ls in ;h -
Iwg th ...
Ta hie.
it'v, Horace Porter. Mrs >
and Miss Ida Porter left, i r
C. & M. for Ii.thieluin. I
S. S. Porter will reside :u
with his family.
Mr. T. E. Arn, who h
In a: relatives here, h ft I-*r:
home at Bionville. Mo.
Mr. Waiter Harrison. «
is visKing relatives in lim
Miss Virginia Hall, who
truest of Mi'S E /aIk- h
•several mrnMis, i< ft Friday i
bus. wh- re site will spen i
with friends. Sir- will rein':1
Frill*land Prrk. Fla., in N
Mr. and Mr-n ( om*- It ' i
Issued car's :\>r (he celeb:
crystal \v. dir v n xt Mon !v.
M'.as Gertrud*- Hayes i
home to Indianapolis. In i..
ant visit with friends in • >
Miss M iry llamun. o:' Petf
is the guest of Mr. and Mi.-.
Mr. and Mrs. It. I). r dte ■
a number of frl* nd* at ear -
inec in honor of Mr. r.d Mr
Curtis, of Chb-.igo.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alex..:
Cutler. * n tie* <’Uy Friday .
return f: *ri a '* ■ b* 1 .alives a
Liverp-i !.
(}. ! .■ m. nrown. oi .1 u*,
wh ) -a -i a rr.-idont of this'* ia’y t
tern y .ii> a«o. is \ isil'.ng ol i
Dr. ;.nd Mrs. Gear gavo a «!• '.i
fra parry Thursday r\ :.:m? in :
Mr. end Mrs Duthor 1 •: of 1
Jut fr • William K. K > a '■ r. <
fin., is v's’.Mns n-lath ■
Mrs. William Nichols, cl.
is thr guest of her on oil
Mi-s Apnes Garry is ••
visirinr rc’ai'.ves mil fr
Dr. and Mrs. F. K. MoK
«’ v on 1 visit to frien
M; >. Kiizabeth 01: ’
Nob!< county, has l» n
(h i'-hter. .Mrs. .1. L. ”
Prof. Lewis. ?
Schools of W' si \
Interest!:’# a
High sr ! s h I'
Thursdiy v ' -iMi ■* \
m. M i
mk r
r hr r :
M r. .1
i -It o
> \M >r: i>.
.Mr W. N Sm
- v as r* ■; md frr
( c. of IP*
It .of Pom*:
. I 1 it. L. < Hi*
;t. M ■ y’s Gath >:> Cn
. :a ;rnir.e. Mr.
:• ■ ,vvn. and M
Turn !. w*-re unite! i’i 1
Ki-v. Father We* -n: n.
Mr. Ja.-’r Tar>: •-». •
ofTiCP of *'c Rivt■*• ‘
has been p'~: >* '
office of ■ Mail!
p ay, at I
<lay to sstmi
B. Kf -
pn’TT • .•)!:'! th \ •
etta nfilff.
Air - '
hill. Mr.
Mr. : ’ K. V/. ;
bt»rf Div!s, mrl Mr.
•3,r,.’; v , Cr*nra'1.
t,I rs. !*vae
an 1 Mrs. r.trhi • C
Mi's Nan Hr. <!<r’ -
p Mrs. N
On asrotm: o:
nr. Mr. FrM A”'
■j coopt fh*- i 'St*.
American Exor<
quart* r« a’ Clnef
hero as local ’•
Mr. A. J- M
called to 'ho 1
IHrary Miller, ■'
, ly ill of pneunion:

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