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I ^
S! • cast a tcm’ r cr ’
V. Ufi l hm: :r*nl V * ot ■ In S.
T1 Irrity 1; • I !•'' 1 ^
r- t>. h* n\ t as
••mi .. my
Sr.- - ■ . -h a i! >z> anil
1. \ ana I.<\nfier.
t a remarkable
;>>U!»cal can:; - ‘ e : unierous
<o be attra* i\ t male portion o.
'the population. >" b»i3 been the
rever:-" of du! d .' ■ g tb» past week.
The Wa; a-Me wedding was one of
:e most elabor.r . ns in several
sf isons. %*. .'• wt >overal other wed
P:c^s. an-1 the u-u - number of soirees
may be me sure. by activity thu«
far, it promts i * musua.ly gay.
Invitations ha\> .lr dv been sen* out
for many aff,..r» to .iv p'.ace between
the election, and holidays. The
c'.ub are now ou mil A tbeir pro*
uJanien > ex.ept : c? of an iniormal
character will r> s • ."ing the next
forta.ght. Tht •• w ill entertain in
its trial hospi ib in inner, and the
pr . mm- win now in course of
aft The Ma vn: \U Club will give
u ui r of dimeir :ur ten and two or
t . : rg r ft *!' ■ Carroll Club
•will a prominent fact r in social life.
L : ’ D y will be • d. and in
. . o
Will be a var programme of
« «ks for 1 1 -u The
ry Club sell >m gives more
c will be ao d ;> iitra from this
;:>;t • u'a inm knts.
A' -’ {•••: v. » nr;st j> >r*.
v -we* on it I # re he.
I’ it 1 innoi I’lasrr you mln*\
Cleveland H* raid.
U -t. M ws i ?s-.ant Kpsco
; i jr evening, waa
s !• n c<* of Ml>a Sara
A. V . s > i to Mr. H. Page
v; a. tsb a:. Pa. It was a
lir a ! a s witnessed by
c: of ai i*t ;riminent society
p* as n- an: p. -iiui%.
( • ;hoa .:v ms were sent out,
a unbared mo: than
'tilmiuance to the
chat 'h I. «n i the e i .flee was
li d . ! I th ..rrival of the
bridttl p . y. C ipies were stretched
* ? vesabui , and
th< r ai- - were covered
w.ta a The channel and
aif " v tastefully decorated
With : ce From the cetl
r. was suspended by
v hi ^ r a large sphere of
chry- a h ti-ua. \ few minutes past
« el t oVI *k strains of the
L h* ngr :i m .r • r . by the chorister
entrance of the
bridal party.
Kirs: e.unc Mi>- Col ins, maid of
hen r. a >■' ; ' • blue moire ben
• n - trim: 1 >”ue accordion plalt
e She
w. - chrysanthemums
tie.: \\ h Mu ! white ribbons. Then
cam* tie *r . tig on her uncle's
ann S w a •, d n white ivory
si tin trim ■ : r il lace, decollete,
loti whit- „• . a hi’? tulle veil with
wreath of ■ . - :rr.s. She wort
. stift of rhe groom.
SI i prayerbook. A -
t*'r ng t > n* j| >: Altx.
Laugh ■ a . and K> irfe Id
Prt*r->n. They wei res
C'J In c Liuis X\ 1 . white
ejtin c -hocktrs. vest of
blue -• Ik. • i. a lace, whi «» silk
* dockings tr. * v slipper- with rhine*
s ore i' ■ i powder; l wigs.
N \ eon -h snnids. the Miss* *
\\ u on. h t. \ rice. Hrookun:er
sn H " T • owns were l:gh
j !lP sa■ ’i -nr: - in ruffles of blue
. >r: i they carrie
tied with blu° r -is.
i. Th-’v \Y4tt'
1 p«r*nsr Su v r. S. N. and
>'• h' > Hu - *n. Townsend.
Flennlken. all of
wi h hij- best
m Mr. Ch ' ! , met the bride
* meeT. wh- re the
w - performed. The
le *o the altar.
\ ■ s -*ains of
' ■ »!;>.-1 around
_•> v The impws
siv. K;r' ori . rvk*e wt*
r> t r It. it .ah Swope.
1 'u rt’ diet ion the
minis opened,
to o w ’• 'i.i\» s .» show?r
n-'“ bh iji.oi :!io couple.
he . bur-h. one
& r
c; ng abo’v - th
. t!own the
- weddine march.
i *tt iv . ' ,tt>r be’ S singing
•ai'fu! In lot -Rejoice.” The
hr! 1 v in' *•%:*.•! gu<> « w re
!vet • > “Hearn'i the e>cant heme
!•> • ? th- ’ •• !o Mr. Fr ink J.
The aver hading to the
• •*' iv" briliian’ly Hum in e1 with
« laatf-iT.s a ad the so.r.c was
t’li’y fairytlke The bridal party re
t v«*<j theft* fr>nds during the evening
under a largo canopy of greens and
fower.5. an' the Onara House orchestra
discourse! s-weet music.
Mrs. Frank J. Hearne reoeived in a
Paris yawn of light Hue sa'in. rm
br •►red in rhinestones. Diamond
Mrs. Alex. Laughlin. of Sewickler,
F-’i.. sisfer of the bride, wore a gown of
white satin, the bodice trimmed with
ch ff in and lace, cerise velvet girdle;
Mrs. Alfred Toil, of Kansas City, aunt
of the bride, a ptwn of black moire
trimmed with point lace; diamonds.
Mrs. Frank Weems, of Quincy. Ills.,
v wn of wir e ar 1 creea brocade -atin,
trimmed with chiffon; diamonds.
Mr’. H-arne. black crepe over s.lk.
M:s. Will Hearne, white moire ben
g dine ‘rimmed in chiffon; d’amonds.
Mrs. Catherine Warden, mother of
rht gr ■ 01. black v-'.vet gown trimmed
in ermine; dLimoncs.
Mrs. Wm. Kerr, -.so - of the groom,
grey satin, trimmed in black lace; dia
The refreshments were served by
Riley, of Pit;'burg, the bridal party sif
ting at a round table c. orated in pink
Mid white. The g.fts were most beati
rIful an’ nom1 -rows. As the guests de
pured tl- ‘v «•':« presented with little
heart-shap \ box-s. filled with cake and
toman •n*- d on *op with the monogram
o*' the bride tnrt groom in silver. The
' ride thr-w her b untv t to the brides
n H is .as she came ’own 'he stairs, and
v Kitty Warden was the fortunate
one to catch it.
Mr. an 1 Mrs. Warden departed amid
a sh iw* r of rice for the East, where they
will remain for .a f w weeks.
(in -sts from ta ’is'ar.ce at he wed
d ng >nd r ee; ‘ton were: Mr. and Mrs.
Frank H. Weems. Quincy. Ills.: Mr.
Chari - N. I.ee. Hannibal. Mo.; Mrs.
Apr. i T !!. Kansas City. Mo.: Mr. and
Mrs. Alex. T. T/t :gvin. Sewieklev. Pa.:
Mrs. Ca it riae W tr : n. the MissesWar
n«a. Mr. D. R. War'-m. Mr. and Mrs.
Wav. Kerr. Stv.vi-ki y. Pa.; Mrs. Hutch
inson. rht M" : Hu'cltitisan. Sewick
|. V. Pa.: M’.-S R ai, Chi :go. Ills.: Miss
Sm\h. Pi* share: Miss Carrie Basse!,
(.’.irks -a z: he Misses Ford. Sam
ple ami Davis, Sewickley, Pa.; Mr. H.
M. Richardson. S wickley. Pa.: hieu
tyrant Sul tv.an, '.u\ iiooert r.enniKen.
Mr. Frank Hu'chinson. Mr. Robert
X> v!n, Sewickley. Pa.: Mr. Townsend.
-", pi.; Mr. Charles Doyle, Sew:ck
1 v. V< ; Mrs. Chaplin an 1 Miss Chap’In,
Miss Georg', Sewickley, Pa.; Mr. E. W.
Georg*, Sow'"kl>\v. Pa.; Mr. El. Car
p> nt< r. T*. slntrg. Pa.: Robert. D. Book.
<ewickiy. Pi.: Mr. Nieolla. Pittsburg.
Pa.: Mr. an-l Mrs. F. G. Paulsen. Mr.
and Mrs. Tallman. F. H. Lloyd and
w V, r im s Chaplin and wife. Sewlck
l~y. P ; Mr. Ey.-der. Mr. W. A. Mag \
p‘ s -.-z. Pa.: M> -srs. H. Herrick and
li;. McMillan. Pittsburg, Pa.: Mr.
H.t Wnhlnemn. Pa.; Mr. Grant
?:i Wiihing on, Pa.; Miss Lizzie
H*arnn. X* w V irk civ.
T, Spinners h 1 their first meet
ing this se ..- n : Miss Hulda De’.a
pla : ■ n • h ipline street, Thursday
(aft**nnoon» Progressive euchre occu
pied • attention f the members all
::f. p. »n. an ! at the close of the con
-'s was •' in that Miss M irt! t List
.v n tl first pi z . a beautiful Dres
<1. n to tpot. Miss Ffile Lewis came n"xt
la numb"r of progressions and was
awarded a cut glass pungent with a
Jew*-led » 'p. The booby prize was a
- un;i*uai on . a live kitten, and It
ft-;: •-» Miss Gertrude Lis:. If all the
;n -* :nes of :lr- justly popular club
uring the sr .son are as enjoyable as
• • firs:, th members have a very pleas
in' win* :• "3 look forward to. Their
numb' '•? have been reinforced by sev
ere n w inembers. among whom are
M ss Martha List. Miss Lizzie Mendel,
Mi - Ressi** Barkley and Miss Gertrude
A keen interest is being manifested in
h» s* lies of leap year dances that are
l*»ing organiz’d by ’he young society
V. :ie» of 'he city. \ meeting was held
n Mnertpr's Hail Tuesday ernoon. to
whi . all th" yotmg people who rake an
:nteres: in su h affairs were Invited.
Qit;- : *r responded to the Invl
■ a •*. \n arrangement w.:- made to
held a s, ries of leap year dances
thr ugiiiut the winter, the first to take
near 'he first of ivcember. A
comm: •• r has been appoint* d and they
u ' k» dance entirely in 'heir own
hands an 1 make all the arrangements.
The Yours Married People’s Euchre
Cub hr' t !:*-:r s mi-monthly meeting
at Mrs. J >hn Culbertson’s, at Echo
P > r . Fi ii iy afomoon. A great many
vV\*r$ were present, among whom
were Mrs Weems, of Quincy. Ills., and
Mrs To!!, of Kansas City, guests of
Mi< Frank Hearr.e; Mis? Margaret
\V >-. v;' Stony IMint. Mass., who is
vis ting her brother. Mr. E'ward Wiles.
Mis< Caroline Basse!, who Is visit
mi: her 'is'er. Mrs. Charles U’.st. A
very iupp> ■!’> -noon was passed, and at
• !.•»>• it was found that Mrs. A. F.
H.isti 1 was th- fortunate one who had
- uve.i rhe firs: nr:?.-. a beautiful Pres
met-*n ph'te. Mrs. Feeble? Tat am
; ha i the n«\t highest number cf pro
gressions. and was awarded a lovely
1 v F. p • her. and Mr- Cha’\e> Franz
heim was given the boobv prize, a bot
tle of perfume in a Russian leather
eise. It was a delightful entertain
Mr* Pr. Asehtnan gave a very pretty
entertainment to Mi«s Mead and h r
wedding party on Tuesday ev nine, at
her home on Fourteenth s-r* * F was
m unusual entertainment and cons:-=t
e I in the cutting of the bride’s c^ke. th-»
guests being invited to come af’er the
'.as: rehearsal, and a!’: join in cutting for
the ring, ’he piece of mom y. the thim
ble and the snoon. all of which were
baked in 'he br: le’s cake \ great de i!
of gnjoyment was derived from this
novel affair, and as a’.! the articles were
! symbolL* of the Under s future happi
rfmca laughter was provoked as
the <Siff. ent articles came to light.
# * *
Wheeling Lode No. 7. Shields of |
Honor initiated <wo candidates at their ;
til -nine Thursday night. The lot'ae
will give :.n ntertairmen: and celebrate
h: ir -econd anniversary on December
* * *
The F r Henry Council of the Lodge
of -,np 0:-:en! cave a grand ball at Mo
st :rt Pa.rk Friday night. Mayer’s or
<v stra furnish i! the music. A large
crowd attended and the affair was a |
.-p!undid sticce-s. The band was pre- '
ceeded by a Mother Hubbard parade of
the members of th: Lodge, beaded by a ,
drum corns.
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Frledenberg delight
fully entertained a party of friends at
their h me on Chapline street one even
ing last week. The hours were spent at
cardi?, and in music, vocal and instru
mental. The guests partook of an ex
cellent luncheon at midnight.
* * *
Mr. Ceo. Petticord was pleasantly sur- |
prised bvi a number of his friends on |
Wp ■:nesilay ev nine, which was his
twenty-first birthday. Dancing and
games’ were the principal amusements,
and at a late hour refreshments were
* * * •
About a score o:' fr.encs of Mr. and
Mrs. M. Horkheimer tendered them a
lightful surprise Friday evening. ;n
honor of the eighteenth anniversary of
ftheir wedding. The evening was very
pleasantly spent in cards and kindred
Ci.v, rsion's. The host and hostess re
ceived a number of aandsome present.-.
* * *
The Columbian A'hletic Club, of th?
South Side, gave another enjoyable so
ciil Monday evening, at their club
house. Thirty couples spent the even
ing in dancing to Guthart’s music.
* * *
i«ss Bertha Weimer was delightfully
prised by a number cf her young
nds in honor cf her fourth b:rth-.n\
Thursday evening. The even.ng
; .-pent in various sorts of games.
I Miss rltnma Fetzer entertained
m bv her fan y dancing and singing.
L before i ieparture a delightful iunch
was discussed.
The Korn Kob K’.ub gave a very en
joyable smoker and banquet Monda> e\
ening in the parlors of the r sidence of
Mr. John G. Ehrle. on Jacob street, b -
low Forty-Mira. Twelve members of
the organ:7..r Ion were present, and thj rt
■were several absentees, a he Korn K 11
Orkestra. Messrs. Chas. A. Tow- r*.
John Roth and Frd Guelker. .urnistud
excellent music during the ear.y even
ing and a shor: season was spent at
ct^s. At eleven o'clock an excellent;
banquet was served in courses, by Mrs.
F Weidle. Mr. Fred Colmar grac
fully officiated as toast-master.and every
member present was called upon jot
contribution to the sum to,al O: .1 e
evening’s pleasure in the form of an
address, an anecdote, or a song. It
was af rr midnight when the merry as
? emit age disper? 1. and th affr.ir was
voted the most successful ever given by
the Klub.
T; has brfn announced in this city that
Mr. C. K. Clarke, superin: ndent of the
Eureka Pipe Line Company, at Sisters
\i!le, W. Va.. will be united in mar
riage to Miss Maude Steele, of the same
pao-. the wedding to take place a: the
McLure House, in Wheeling. November
9. 1S9U. at high noon. Th wedding is
to be private, no oik bin th immediate
rela - bring present. Mr. Clarke
completed a course of study at Creens
vile. Pa., after which he studied tel
egraphy. taking a position with ihe
South P un Pine Lin Company. He
was soon promoted, taking a position
ns superintendent of the Eureka Com
pany. The empoyes of the company in
which Mr. Clark- is superintendent will
tender Mr. and Mrs. Clarke a reception i
at the Hotfl Wells upon their re ttrn
from their wedding trip to New York
ami other eastern citi s.
* * *
Wednesday evening the Assembly ;
Club, a new social organization of Mar- i
in's Ferry, gave their opening recep
tion at their rooms in iho Shrevo-Hervev
building. The rooms wore handsomely
decorated with potted plants and the
colors of the club, orange and black, i
About seventy-five guests were present,
all from Martin's Ferry, and they spent
the evening in “tripping the light fan- !
■iastic” until twelve o’clock, when hey i
repaired .to William Or.filth's parlors
and partook of an excellent repast.
* * •
The Mercy and Help Department of
th M. R. church gave a literary, vocal
and instrumental entertainment in the
rooms of the Hobensack building, in !
Martin's Ferry. Friday evening. The
programme was well rend-red and great
ly anpreciated by the audience. The
proceeds will be devoted to the aiding of
the poor.
Miss Linda Wiley pleasantly enter
tained a party of her friends, Thursday
i evening. her home on Sou h McCul
loch street, in honor of her brother. !
whose home is ir. M K- e-sport. The
hours were whiled away in dancing;
cards and kindred pleasures, supple-,
men o1 by a luncheon at the conven
tional hour.
A quiet wedding took place at three
; o’clock. Thursday.aft- -neor. at the
of the bride on North York street, in
which the contracting parties were M:-s
May Robinson and Mr. Herbert Nesbitt.
. Only int mate friends were p: ttsent. The
* p?-’ors w;r-o ms' .-fully decorated. The
groom's best mar. was his brother, Mr.
Frank X- t. and he bride’s :v tend int
was Mis- Maggie Thompson, of Mount
Pleasant. The ofiicating clergyman was
the Rev. Joseph Severs. pastor of ! c
. Second Presbyterian Church. After
the ceremony and ccngracobt'ions.
and Mrs. Nesbitt were driven to the
Pennsylvania depot, ana departed tor
the East, where their honeymoon will be
s- ik. They will be at home after No
vember 4th. at No. 13d North \ork
street. , * *
The wedding cf Mr. Fred. Gruppe a
w ’i known young man of .be South fc>ide,
o Miss Lizzie Hahn . daugk- r of Coun
cilman Hahne, took place Sunday even
ing. . . *
Mr. George Priticord celebrated h:s
birthday Thursday evening, by enter
taining a number of his friends at the
home of his brother-in-law, Lhar.es
Bauer, on Sixteenth stret.
Miss Mary Walker entertained about;
a score of her friends in a chaiming
manner, at her home in Bellaire, \\ f>w
nesdav evening. The hours were spent
In the customary Eoeial diversions, sup- (
piemen ted by an excellent luncheon.
Miss Lizzie Eber s was tendered a sur
prise party at her 'tionre c.n North Mam
street Monday evening, by about thirty
of h r young friends. It was in ee.ebra
lion of the seventeenth anniversary of
her birt'h. Th; evening was spent in,
dancing and kir. ired pleasures.
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Kraus cele
bra: d their silver wedding Monday
ev ning. at their home on South Main
strea:. AlKut one hundred guests were
present, and they wefe hnndsom !y en
tertained by their host and 'ros.ess. The
evening was spent in dancing, music
a: d names. and a splendid supper was
served at midnight. Mr. and Mrs. Kraus
received many handsome and appro
priate feii-s.
* * *
Cotier de Loon Division of the Kn'nhfs
of Pythias will give a ball at the Castle
Thanksgiving ‘eve.
* * *
A quiet wedding w s solemnized Wed- '
nesday evening at the M. E. parsonage at
West Bridgeport, in wnich the happy
principles were Miss Nora L. Strahl and
Rev. H. F. Paterson, cf the East Ohio
Conference. They df parted at once for
the East, and upon their return will
m ike their home in Empire, Ohio. The
nuptial ceremony was performed by
Rev. It. S. S rahl, father of the bride. ,
Governor and Mrs. W. A. MacCorkle
have issm d invi'ations for a reception at
the execu.Ae mansion, Monday evening,
in honor of the fifteenth ann.vereary of
their marriage.
* * *
Charles Oberman entertained a parly
of his friends Monday evening, at his (
home on Thirty-third street.
* * *
Mrs. Dr. Charles Frtesell and Mrs.
Peebles Tatum have issued cards for a
progressive euchre party at Mrs. Dr.
Frissell’s residence, Fourteenth street#
for Wednesday afternoon, fiom two
o’clock till five.
A quiet and very pretty home wed
ding was that of Mr. Harry E. Hohnian
and .Miss Anna J. Blngell, which took
place Wednesday evening, October ISth,
at S o’clock, at the residence of the
bride’s paren s. No. hi Main street. The
Rev. William Clfert, pastor of St. John’s
church, was the officiating minister.
Immediate friends oi too parties only
were invi.cd to witness the happy nup
tials. The bride was the recipient of a,
large number of elegant presents. The
best wishes of a host of friends are ex
tended to the n< wly wedded couple.
* * *
The Recherche Club, of Bellaire, gave j
a very successful dance Tuesday evening
at their hall. A number of the guests ,
were from Wheeling.
The Marine Club, of the South Sfde.
will give a dance at the City Hall. Bail
ain , on Monday evening, October L'fjrh.
The Acorn Club, a Sou fa Side social
organization, will give a hop at Myers
hall Monday evening.
Id d her—
It cannot tic denied;
Sin- -rearm ! v 1’.' nc i-r lie kissed her—
v. h< 1. I. did not he ■ rh d.
- Philadelphia Rulletln.
Miss Marie Fletcher, of Ellwood. Pa.,
s ihe guest of Miss Carrie Miller, of
Market street. 1
Miss l>ore:ta G rubier has returned
from Cleveland, Ohio, where she :.as b< en
“Visiting friends.
Misses Maud and Blanche Bassell, of
Lost Creek, W. Ya., are vt.-.ing Mr. and
Mrs. Dr. Ridgeway, on North Market
street, and attending the Baptist Asso
ciation. „
Mrs. A. Hess, of Pleasant \ alley, re
turned from a western pleasure trip.
Miss Emma Huiing, of Sewickky, Pa., !
is visiting Sixth ward friends.
Mrs. C. It. Bradford, of Clarksburg, i
W. Va.. accompanied by her sister. Miss
Prim, is visiting at the home of Mrs. R.
W. 1). Birger, on Eoff street.
Miss Ted! Baird is horn* from a
•month’s visit to friends at W shington,
Miss 'Maude E. Uicnarns is again >u
the city after an absence of nearly two
rears, which time she. spent '!£•
Icing relatives throughout the State
of Ohio an! also Chic.", go, Tils.
Miss Marietta Henning, a charming
young society 1' iy of it mnd Ho tom, 0., t
who for the past ten days has been vis
ing her cousin. Henr.e' a Henning, Oi
Twentieth street, has returned to her
Mr. Charles Ellis and wife, nee Lynch,
of the South Side, have just returned
from their bridal tour of Eastern cities, j
and will make their home in Sisters- I
--Local Union Ni. 53 of Brewery
Workers will give their grand annual
bill at Beathoven hall. Wednesday eve- :
uing October 21st. The Opera House
orchestra will play. Dancing begins at j
eight o’clock.
Has received another lot of iho-se Fine
Felt Hats. Many Fans, worth $1.00 each,
go on sale Monday morning at Hoe. each.
w. \ A. N .V ! IONAL HANKS
Abstract of the Report of Conditions On
Of toiler It.
Special to the Retri-tor.
Washington, D. C.. October 37.—The
abstract of the report of the National
Parks of Wes: Virginia c-f their con il
:!on at :h- close of business cn October
G, tr ade to the comptroller of the cur
r’-sr.y, shows leans a. 1 discounts of
. 105.921. - igalnst $8,594,322 a: the
time of the las; previous report. July 14.
gtcedes, set’I.-:;: -. « c„ increased from
$437,667 'o $41'. sO; gold coin increased
| 7.623.63 to $374,509; total specie
S594.U88.51 to $593,198;
•o' •’ lawful men- r increased from $973,
318.51 " I ' ndividail deposits
decreased from $7.17 .,:.\9.37 to $7,100,
■'1: av rage reerrv • he'. ■ Increased from
23.21 p:r cent, to 25.’2 per Cent.
i\>- ('itnp.ilen Banncr»-S«tln«. Gold and
i;ii • cr l rlu<;- . Coni- lJrulUs and T»«scU.
N\\ A UACKi.lt>.
Important Matters at the Fourth
Day’s Sessions,
The Young Peoples’ Union Meeting
Continued in the Morning—Miss
ionaries and Their Work—Tem
peranca the Subject in the Even
ing—The Programme for To-Day.
The last of the business sessions of the
B„p:ist General Association of this Statu
was held yesterday. Nearly all the del
egates and visitors will remain in the
city to-day, and the ministers will 11.i
the pulpits of nearly all the Protestant
denominations at to-day’s services, both,
morning ..nd evening. At three o’clock
there will be a prayer and conference
moet.ng. led by Mr. J. D. Simmons.
Before the body was called to order
yesterday morning, the State Mission
Board was in session about an hour.
The following partial list of appoint
ment's was announced:
Rev. W. X. Bible, Loop Creek.
Rev. \V. J. HoLzclaw, Fairmont.
Rev. E. LI. Hughes. Ha.dy county.
Rev. T. Given, Clay C. H.
Rev. P. H. Murray, P.ckens.
R v. Amos Robinson, Elk.ns.
Rev. W. H. Roasch, Parsons.
Rev. M. A. Kelley, Boone county.
Rev. J. E. Hutchison, Sutton.
it v. T. H. Fitzgerald, Central City.
Vice President Rev. Dr. W. P. Wa.ker
called the body to order at ten o’clock.
Devotional exercises were conducted by
Rev. E. T. Garre-1, after which Rev. L.
E. Peters read the report of the Sunday
School Board, showing, among other
things, a debt of $9,331.84; 29 mission
aries :n the Held, 51 colporteurs, C di-s rict
secretaries and 4 chapel cars. The re
port emphasizes the importance of the
work and recommends more attention to
i:. Rev. Henry Cofer followed with n
excellent paper on “New L.fe n (hir
Sunday School Work.” He was follow
ed by the Rev. Mr. Peters, who enlarged
upon some of the subjects discussed in
the report previously read by him. T.ie
report was then adopted.
Rev. Dr. F. A. Remeiy, of Iowa, made
a ten minutes address upon the general
work of the Foreign Missionary Society.
Incidentlly he touched upon the German
Protestant churches, stat.ng that a small
percentage of the registered mem bora
attend services, and blaming this condi- j
tion of affairs on the German love for
The report of the Church Edifice Board
was presented by its author, Rev. T. C.
Johnson. Mr. Johnson is the originator
of ibis idea, and he defended i; warmly,
explaining its objects and what is has
accomplished. He said .ts purpose was
to build, and assist in improving present
church buildings. ! he funds are raised
through the annual dues of members,
which have been fixed at five dollars.
Win n h * concluded his address, several
subscriptions were added.
Rev. P. II. Murray introduced reso.u
tions, which were warmly supported by
R< v. Mr. Holtzclaw and others. arJ
unanimously adopted. 1 hey we?? res
follows: ,
\vacress, u :s un-uuwug
vious each yt*ar that our denomiiiaiion
di ffering great loss through the lack of
on down! nt and small patronage of our
one H .(Hist school i" West Virginia,
Broaddus Institute.
Resolved. That it is the sincere convic
tion of this General Association that
there should he a rally of the Baptists of
West Virginia to the maintenance of
jt:oaddus, and that i;nm>Blate effoi .
should be made toward an adequate en
dowment. and all o her steps taken to
ward putting it into the front rank of
academic schools. . .
Resolved, That the Associa. .on pledges
itself to co-operate wih :ne manigemeiit
of Broaddus in every reasonable effort to
promote the welfare of th school
The Rev. W. N. Wyeth, author of
Bevrral public ions on foreign missions,
xna le a brief addrtss befofe the noon ad
J'’u'honAssociation convened again at two
o'clock and the report on home mi=>
--on's was called for. and was read by
Rov L. W. Holden, of Clarksburg. Mr.
Holden made a short address, which
aieneJ an interesting discussion upon
the matters .reated of in the iepori.
' The committee to select place and
preacher for the next anmversao ch.se
dPr its recommendations a committee
o- seven was appointed as fallow's: * or
enfvear. L. W. Golden. T. H. Fitzger
"‘",1 W P. Walker; two years. E. E.
q-Hns and T. C. Johnson: three
v.-trs W. H. Alams and P. B. Ogden.
\ resolution offered by H. Cofer. re
tunrng thanks for a gift of $U>»" to
the Mission Board, was unanimously
Temperance was the subject under
onsid ration in the evening. It was
opened with a fervent prayer for the
suppression of the saloon. \ ice I rest
,p nt Holden was in the chair. Rev. C».
V Huddleston led the devotional ser
v!re The roport on temperance, writ
ten by T. F. Holt, was read by T. C.
I *' nsan and the subject was tu.l> d s
'nwVd bv Messrs. Johnson. Homely.
Kelly. Adr/ ' T
was adopted. __ _
I J). Simmons aim r.. \ • M
appointed a committee to represent the
v«oPi'3tion at the convention of the
\nt!-Saloon Dengue. which will he held
i., wheeling, December 8th, 9th and
l*vh 1896.
rnje matter taken up was the ro
mil* obituaries, including a number
Sr resolutions, all of which were adopr
Several ministers delivered cu.o
on their departed brethren, and at
•:m.s the assemblage was moved to
.(+. a- \fter transact in g • une miaoe,
laneVus busineas, the b ■ !>' adjourned.
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Eleventh St., gr atest bargains ever
heard of. __
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WTmerv cur specialtv.
Hnrca'.nn in Watches nt IL K. Hillman
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T-MMOmana_ O F1 —
PROF. L. LEVITT, Manager.
We be i leave to announce that THE DiLLQN, WHEAT & HAMCHEn
COMPANY has ueen strengthened by the addition oi an Optica! L
ment to their s-ore. The department is in charge of Prof. L L
Graduate of the University of Moscow, Russia, and woo has had
cessful experience of over ten years in making scientific tests ir
a refractor,, antf in fitting glaUs to the m*.
In opening this now Department we wish to call the a.ton
our friends to the following: . . .
Our glasses are made of the best crystal quartz nccs. )o
myopic and presbyopic, taat is near and far sighted, and a o
ef^ The advantages of our spectacles and the benefit of fi:. ng t!
over will be shown by the toliowing : . . ,
FIRST—Prof. Levitt has made a life-long careful study of t n
and how to correct defects in vision: aiso in selecting Tic
ported crystal glasses set in frames made to order.
SECONj—Great care is taken in the fitting of frames to ha\ i 'f
set squarely upon the face. . .,
THIRD-Great injury is always done by wearing common iw
To those who have never been able to find glasses to suit them ;
all in need of proper lenses io visit our new ! apartment.
Do not trifle wiih your eyes, as lost sight never returns. Rome
it costs no more, to employ A FIRST-C: S EXf EHT than it do
risk your visicn with inexperienced hands, Hie proot cjres me
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W^qriid polish and adjust our glasses and insure an ab»
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the material furnished and the services rendered. Artificial ey
made to order, and fitted to the eyes. No charge is made it adv
qiven as to whether glasses will benefit you or not. Satisfy
t uaranreed in every case. Consultation and exam nation ucc.
Yours respectfully,
1" :3 M.' M I MKI.l.T, wmi'l-l'1"
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Register Counting Room
A -1 S . 1 1M r>
Thursday, Frld iy and Satnr-I - NitO
and Saturday Matin* Oct. -- 2!. H
The one novelty of tin H* view <
Negro Life In the Bdltth . >re and art<
tht- war. '0 South* ri. N* • ! '
Nlpht pri •**!>, 15. T. 35 and • •■ *. .da tit.,
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An 1 lh‘ lr u -rl>
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.) . nn<.. and Kdgar <
in :• ii. 1 !■ ni'ii-1
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1 £c.

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