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Tiat Has ken Going . a Hear-Bv
Social Affairs, Hap1 nine's And
Event of Local lit’ t r Gat acr
ed Ey “Reci ter Report ars.
Readable Res
Uio News.
S'. -y s. V\ Vi., O' r 24.-K- A.
R.bert Sullivan a • 1
man i at Mar.< ’
our town, not the Pr**
tut the younjc son of >
herty, the genial O. R
11. (Jr a K »wfc ■ r,rk s
No. 7 proved a dust r.
in-- • •••<! ■ .rillii tj No. ' • C. > c.au
wacher land.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Mali,
after a month’s f " I - ■ iford. ! i..
where they will si nd a • 'v '1 >' in'* t*un j
return to their horn
Mrs. S. T. Mallory 1 t-urn as
far as Pittsburg, wi. <
at Ives.
Miss Ora Walk, r sp ai utl
honv1 in 1’arkersbur
No. 1 on th* S< i, ui : s. the first
J. T. Ban m was at Pi urg on bus
iness Wednesday.
J. W. Wood* has tw under roof
and the foundation- <
The recent r
very mu' Jy ai L n !i,‘S ver>'
addin# more to th ' meats of the
streets by making ! ■
I>. W. Reynold.^ i * car load
of brick to liuprov
Mrs. Sirieklii i
hasten to the 1
was dangerously id
w a dead.
H «n. D. B. Lu< l the free sil
ver i> :nc tl
Th>- tow :. woU '. 1 unusn illy
dull tl week had it r a tor politics.
V mont. W. V r 24.—W> od
fi rd Hutton, of Hn"
county, was in town the of the w k
visiting friends.
1 1. ; a • C. RV r. of K !"<
wo."], is In town.
J. I*. Brock J. C. M V ’ : I. S. Martin
and A. K. Bowkw ar nr Mon i rah
people who 1 b*'* n »n this w< • k.
Hon. J. N. Camden v Monongah re
cently looking after h mining interests. ,
Hon. Lewis S. New if Mound-vlllo,
candidate for State S i f tnis dis
tn •. on the Derm- 1 t. ha-1 Jost
ii ..-! ai r tignii ity. He ex
pfos; "cts both here and < i where.
F<- Downs, of 1 infield, was in
V is Ity last Monday.
Mi t. iey and t. Fleming are out
ufter a 'ego of the fwr.
The f lowing ri.-inago licenses have
b- in grar ■ d this w* ok: Albert C. Arnett.
9; ! X y C. Huey. Wm. A. Ste
vet ... an 1 Poarlv Mor_' in, IS; C. F. Bur
' 1 1 i: i. - h, "l; \V. M.
Ii r ;», 1 A ■ : Stafford. 3;
i : Ni : : K< ea L. Mer
it ,.i. 1 >; 1C. M in. r and Nora L.
g r ly. R. E. Ashcraft. 27. and Ida
Btra ; J* hn F. Carles. 4*’, and Mary
Finn n, ”7.
•« 11 . aii'i • ii. i »• v * k \ 'i». wi * - nk, ,
:i r th* . u* ' of Mr. mid Mrs. I>r. C ..as.
T. X lit. In We r 1* ilrmont.
H '*. t •" Jr, of Kimrwood,
\v s in tov *i tint : t of the tv k.
It. C. 1 r. w * in Clarksburg one
da-- this •' k.
Mrs. 1.. C \ r ard children, who
h i ! j tl r s «f friend in Pala
tino l 1 vo re’ • I to tl.-ir home, in
I’loomlngdnle O.
C. M alter t n is In Clarksburg this
v . k
1 ►. D. Th r was in Wheeling the first
of the w %.
Miss A Watson has returned from a
visit t » - wo >d.
the V Y.rglni.t t*mvi r-ity foot bail
team. rly in tin- v. k for Eastou.
l*a.. si in j. 1 ijr with th it team the re
main.i> i s« son. Mr. Yost's home
Is In t ty a- 1 a county peo
ple v ■ h::u u. i s.
Rev. t M-- J. ’. . lii iz -l i* and Mrs. |
A. J. P n in f >n Who. ng
where • ■ ! i meeting.
■ v. .1
letter to M • r " K nb y king if the re
port was true ■
u saloon. As jai h - rt • red no au
Miss Yi ilia licet >f M nnlngton. who
has Ini n the cut - !• here, re-I
tun . d home la-t Vi
I. ■ .Uewart. f M i wn. was in
town \\
lion. J T. f «”,r ifton, and
Hon. C. V. ' ! ! Iklns. were In
town Wi t .• in route to
Morgan *
T. J. Un-id.' ■ Bryan meeting
at Belluirc T
■ \ N P V
ar l ; • ■! 'V i i. i Mannlngton.
were in t ' ■
('apt. I ut P ” irk.-hurg. was J
here i . t S ■
tii . i. ' \l * \ Jack M.tt
tlu \vs wore j«i i; v .ns hi
tow n thl> "
p w t: 11
W. H. was In
town 'I
D. U U h,
tl ». '
t! > "
C. J. C go with the
Among other str a town during
the w< • a m 1 M
ton: M"s. It K.
A. . e. of y. a. K. Wat
kin of S I: ’ ■ a-.l J i I lmborger.
of Canton. O.
Fa la tine. W. V o - 21 Mr.-*. H.
F. Leonard. w! •> ! - \\ • line for j
sor * time, 1 tnc r her health,
returned home I t w
y Ma I ' V * t • sroed
from a vi- • to i ; i: khannon. -
Mr.;. W. W. Sot. w' > 1 boon 111 of
typhoid fever for t! j .>-t six wn ks, Is
n w aWo to - t up in a » r.
Mr; Charles Canti w «* the puest of
f: ■ s : M • i ’ v ok.
Mr Jenni I of TunneMton.
n ; the -t of ’«r t, Mrs. Bello
Mrs. C'*-. m- os Knox 1< S tnrday for the
w . w in re she 'i1 rt:- to join her hus
j K was at O 'ton M *n iy.
M. Molhe Leonard left Monday for
^ CVork^burir and W • st Milford, whore she
will visit friends.
Miss Minnie Lloyd is on the sick list.
Mr- David Rogf-rs is teaching until she is
aide to resume her duties.
Mr. and Mr.-. William Gray, who have
b., rt visiting friends in Pennsylvania and
N. u York, returned to their home in this
; ..K-e Monday.
A K. Krankenberry is on the sick list.
H r, • r IT -!!, who has been confined to
h s ro m with fever, is improving.
K. v. and Mrs. Bowden left Tuesday for
7 inesvllle, O., where they will attend the
v.' ‘ riK of thtlr friend. Miss Maggie
I .- it , to Dr. II. Geyer Thursday even
M: s Virginia Bennett left Wednesday
for Mannington, w here she will engage in
dr« ss making.
Georg Lloyd is suffering with a car
buncle on his liand.
John Humble and son. of Greensboro,
art visiting friends here this week.
N* w Mr insvil’. VV. Va„ October 24.
M.C. Hucher and daughter Miss E. V„
0/ S:a: firw re calling on friends in
/town this week.
J. n Thomas, a German, residing
abou. thr e miles from town, fell from
his buggy, Saturday even'ng. at the cor
r- r of Main and Washington streets, cut
sg ear an * fra ■ Bring the
skill!. Dr. J. I). Schneider was called
;■i dressed the wounds. Thomas is
- II confined to his room, but will r cov
f'lhn Hw«T. a we!! known teamster o:
- town. is very ill with typhoid fever.
It. F„ Moore. 1 prominent attorney of
Si-'ersville, w.s here Monday on legal
Tt or zens of our city h:H a mee‘
iu_r a- the Court House Saturday n:ght
f :• the purpi -e of ?s ablisking a s' am ,
f rry. The Renwood oil field in Monrce
c uuity. Ohio. :> within seven mties of
- eVy. and "he btt 'ness point for all
ci! men op rating t*h- re. w '.1 bo here.
The i i y »■>. er works are nfiaring com- (
p' ton. The water mains are complet j
e l an 1 th" excavation for pumas and mi* |
chinery is b in? pushed rapidly.
U»’v. Comst k. of Nebraska, an agent
for the ch I In n’s home, spok • at the M.
E. Church Sunday nig'at.
Mr. and Mrs. McDonald Snodgrass
were cr.'hd 'o Pi shurg Monday by the
• h of Mrs. Co!. P rson, mother of
Mrs. Snodgrass.
J. H. M i r . residing about six miles
f ont t v. . kiih 1 a wold cat. Saturday.
It nt tsurt 1 l't inches :u heigh’h and 44
inches long Several cf the older r'si
’ u's examined Phe animal, and it was
s m- Cm? te fore they d rmined just j
what kin ! of an an:mal : wa3.
Cay. B. L. Bowers was a: Middle
true. We inasday, on IpemI business.
Mr-. Marg r* Alien, of Kansas, a? d
s', y ars. is new ‘he guest cf hrr sister.
Mrs. \n ly .McEldowney, c' Maple aven
t.*. Th sisters had not nrt for 40 years.
Mi 3 an y Is 71 j irs W Mr*.
AIT n came ail the way unattended.
'!. • coaven'icn of the P. E. Church
;t in e- her- Tuesday and will be in
s .saion all wek.
U:»* P ”. Ltarrows Is visiting friends
a‘ Pittsburg.
Vr. ;m ! Mrs. E. B. Snnlgrass and,
■ •g'i r. Mis - Magg e. are visiting rela
tives a; Mann Ton.
Mr-. .1 -- s n.K'r has returned
f it': i . with relativ s in Whee
Mrs. Dr. I \ cf Newark, Ohio, and
M:.ss Cora Ib:vis. cf Indiana, are visit
in: tneir si.- r. Mrs. Joseph Clark.
Homer Conway, who has been absent
’'r m w - Its a: Marietta, r'turned the
fir-- of th w k and is now at rnis desk
in ' itc RepubPcan office.
Mrs Dr. Jacob Pri st, of Steubenville,
U vi.-. ing h r s n. George, of Main
stro; t.
.V - Fi ’ra Laremoro I- ' Wednesday
to - ' relatives at Parkersburg.
J :>it N dan i. of St. Mary’s, was here
’be fir* of :hw ek calling on his ne- ,
phew. John McComas.
Th« y; ung lad: * of :r:e town gave a 1
ba I at Elii. t's opr:.i house, Saturday
Mm. Win. Ankrom entertained a few
of ; *>r lady friends, Friday evening, at
h- r nit' on Maple avenue.
J. E. McEIt.’jwaey, E. J. Thompson.
'•V ’! \V o ' vk. Waiter Clegg. Robnrt
V< Ihe;. F. M. Seholbchm, Frank Sho
!'er an 1 a number of o’/n-rs citizens
i k n the Parkersburg excursion
T ie members of the Bryan free silv r
tib of t - ci y will go to Sistersville
* mv to attend the J. W. St. Clair
\ R Dt ffy of Garrett. Ir.d.. was in the
• • Tt r ' y calling on his old friends. I
M-s. ii nailitY. from Rosby*s Rock, is
% tins relatives in this place.
Mr Ous Kempie h..s returned from Pas- ;
■ Stetinn af’ r a few days’ visit.
M Jennie Boyd, an accomplished
y -it g lady of Rraddoek. Pa., is visiting i
1 •nor« d friend. Miss Nellie Woods, of
the lowi r ward.
Mr D. Nolan was the guest of her
= at-r. Mrs. Lane Shrump, of Mounds
Miss Anni- Pelh-y pleasantly entertained
a party of iter fro nds Thursday evening
ot Iter home on Main street. A11 present
reported as having an enjoyable time.
Mr. Georg - Kimpton has returned from j
Li te. l a.. «ft* r a few weeks' visit.
A number of society folks from this city'
will attend a party In Bridgeport Tues
day night.
The pay car arrived Friday on the O. R.
R. R.
Mr Melivilie Hill, of Beallsvilie. O.,
d t«* s* • ins fti- ud. Mr. J. Ktnmton.
Several parties are booked for Hallow
> I.eoth G itts is spending a few days
with her brother O. <>. Gatts.
V Lena Niebergall was the guest of
’■ r lister in Steubenville. O.
lb pub!! a ns w 11 have a big demon
in re Monday night.
i ' m. • ts Tuesday night to transact
•ie.-s i f importance.
Yin e is lying ill at hts home.
1 .< Koehler and Mi-s Annie Ger
% • -<■ m; rrit l Tuesday night.
y and family of Mingo,
•.fr' iativ s In this city.
: !. V Ri S' !>• i; y was at Mounds
vide Ft a; ■ n business.
J < N n . St :. r;. s. was In the city
th.- t .st wi.i! caiLU; or friends.
M W. Lyons of G: • •>:; L.-vie. Pa., was
a visitor in town yesterday.
At h r home F-. :ay r.lght. Miss Alio
Fox w .< agr. «abiy surprised ly a merry
crowd of In r friends. The evening v.'if
spent in listening to music and oth r so
ma. diversions, and at midnight a repast
w as served.
Mr?. Jennie Pricht. of Springfield, O..
was a inicft of Mrs. A. Sorg.
K •‘•coca l.o, 1*1' will hold tholr regular
meting next Friday night. All members
are requested to attfiul.
Mr. P< :;son Mo srhen. from Pennsylmn
i. . tml attorney Wm. Melghen, from
V- undsville, wore guests of Dr. T. H
Moigh, i*.
M.s> Vatal Hagan, of Vdena. O., spent
i f w (iavs among friends here.
Mrs. Coll ami d tighter, of Wheeling
1-1 ’.. ware calling on friends of this
F ■ •>. J. >T T.enoh 'vtndldate for the
candidate for Sheriff. leave Monday for
candidate for Sheriff, leave Mondoy for
Cameron. W. Va.. and other places to
make addres es to the Republican party.
Yestfrday vas pay day at the Wheeling
Steel Works.
The middle class furnished the pro
gramme in the High School Friday.
WASHINGTON. Fa.. October 24.—Miss
Birdie Allen and Miss Ada Seaman are
visiting friends at Pittsburg.
The members of the Epworth League
of the First M. E. Church were hosts and
hosteses at a pleasant reception held on i
Thursday evening.
it. L. Hasson, of Toledo, O., has been
visiting here this week.
Mrs. Samuel Hazlett was at Spring- ,
field, ill., this week attending the annual
meeting of the Woman's Home Mission
ary Society of the M. E. Church.
There is an effort being made to have j
Princeton's football team play with W. &
in the near future.
The Democrats will hold a county rally
at the Fair Grounds at tills place on next ■
Thursday. This will undoubtedly be the
banner meeting of the campaign and a >
large crowd is expected. There will he
good speakers, good music and an o.d j
fashioned ox roast. The Democrats have
not been as active in Washington county
for years as they are this campaign and j
it is safe to predict will elect at least a j
portion of tl« ir county ticket.
The Revs. II. W. Temple, Jas. A. Alex- ;
ander. E. E. Little and Messrs. A. M. Me- \
Elroy. J. M. McNary and Dr. R. S. Stew- j
art attended the U. P. Synod at Wilkins- |
burg this wt ok.
Mrs. Jane W. Mason !s visiting irienas
In Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. L. Batson is visiting her daugh
t< r at Springfield. O.
Gideon Chapman left this week for a
visit to friends at Parson’s, Kansas.
Mrs. A. AV. Biddy and daughter have j
returned from a visit at Glenwood.
Miss Daisy Munce. who has been visit
ing triends in Pittsburg, lias returned
Tiiis community was shocked on Wed
nesdav morning when it was announced
that r-nrjn Godfrey, a prominent busi
ness man of this place, had committed
suicide by shooting himself with a revol- ,
ver. Ill health is supposed to be the cause ’
which prompted him to commit the deed.
The Republicans will hold their last pa- |
rr.de of the campaign on next Friday even- j
irg. There will also be speaking at the ,
Town Hall.
J. M. Dickson and bride have returned
from their wedding trip and will go to
housekeeping at once.
Miss Catherine Mars, of Galesburg, Hi., |
spent tills week ns the guest of her cousin, ;
Miss Elizabeth Smith.
On next Saturday the AV. & J. football '
team will go to Pittsburg to play the P. I
A. C. eleven. Tins will be one of the |
hardest games of the season and an im- 1
mense crowd will accompany the team '
from this place.
Miss Sara M^Kcown entertained on ■
AA'.-dnesday afternoon, intr< duclng Mrs.
Jus. D. McKeown to Washington society.
Piedmont. AV. A’a., October "..—Martin, I
son of James Garvey, had a leg broken at
the paper mill Thursday night.
Miss Ida A'. Tracey has returned to '
Cleveland. O., after a pleasant visit to her j
mother. Mrs. W'm. Ileck.
The B. & O. pay car spent AVednesday !
night hero. The shop men are working j
nine hours.
Mrs. Dr. Crawford's new residence is
nearly completed.
Mr. Patrick Mullen has greatly improved '
his residence.
AVesternport, Md>., may join Tledmont j
in the purchase and operation of an elec- j
trie light plant.
Hon. Joshua Levering, of Baltimore, j
candidate for Pr. dent on the Prohibition
ticket, and Hon. J. Hugh Bowers, of Pen
dleton county., candidate for State Super
intendent. will address a mass meeting
here next Friday night.
Judge J. B. C. Drew, of Charleston, ad
dress I a crowed house in Cranmer’s Hall
to-night in the interest of Democracy.
Hon. AYm. G. Brown, Jr.. Democratic !
candidate for Congress in this district, j
and Hon. John T. McGraw. of Grafton. 1
will address a Democratic mass meeting
in the Fiedmont Opera House Wednesday
night. October "S.
Hon. W. P. Fry. of Maine. and con. \\.
II. Koontz. of Fennsylvania. addressed a |
large Republican meeting hero Tuesday
The Radi* s' Aid Society of Mt. Calvary
T.utheran Church are conducting a ’•Con
undrum” Social In tho Piedmont Opera
Mrs. T.uther Wright has taken a relapse
and Miss Morrison Is convalescing, both !
having typhoid fover.
Mrs. Thomas Gallagher and daughter. :
Annie, are home from Providence. R. I.,
where they went to attend the funeral of
Mrs. Gallagher.
The revival at tho M. E. Church con
tinues with much interest.
The ministers of the twin towns have or
ganized n preachers’ meeting.
The Rryan and Sewall Club will hold an
Interesting meeting Monday night.
After years of delay a pavement is to be >
put down In front of M. C. Totten's store.
Hannibal. O., October 24.—Hon. Lo
renzo I) nford, of St. Clairsville, ad
flressed a large and enthusiastic crowd
at this place on last Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Jake Voegtly and son were at
Wheeling Thursday.
Mrs. Zimmerman left for her home
at Salem. 0.. Mon lay. .Tier spending a
week with her sister. Mrs. A. H. Ilofer.
H. Weehsel, of Wheeling, was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Buchwald
Saturday and Sunday.
Ferdinand Xeuenschwander was a
bu.-intstj caller a; Sistersvilie Monday.
The arrivals at the Hannibal House the
past week were: A. E2. Dus:ansm.ih,
Wheeling; I>r. J. K Ferguson, Marietta,
O.; C. A. Sutton. Pittsburg; Geo. Tur
ner, Wheeling; C. A. Hubbard, Slsters
ville; John Barton, Wheeling; George
Wilson, Pennsylvania; Walter Arm
strong, Wheeling; Adam Lvere.t, j
Wheeling: W. M. Groves, Parkersburg. >
W. B. O'Neill was a; Sistersville Mon- |
dav on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bruny returned
home Thursday evening from Columbus,
O., where they h.ve been visiting rela
C. Wdson. or Sistersviie, was on our ;
streets Thursday.
Rev. E. E. Wilson and wi'p, of Middle
ford. O.. were the guests of his parents, |
11; v. and Mrs. G. M. Wilson, this week.
CterUs Hubbard, of Sistersville, has
taken charge of the blacksmith shop a',
this place owned by W. H. Noll.
Mrs. Isaac Tisher and Mrs. Nancy
O’Ne 11 « . re the gu< sts of Mrs. E. Eis
anoanh. of New Martin ville. Thursday. >
Dr. J. M. Boice and daughter, Miss
Blanche, of Sisteiville. wire amc ng c.ir ;
ealVrs Wednesd y.
I”.:cC on the sick list at this p’e.ce are
all Improving.
CapL and Miss Minnie Multi1 man and
Mrs. Godfrey Muhleman returned heme
Frdav evening from a short visit to i
N w Philadelphia, 0.. Canal Dover and |
Winesburgh, O. ,. _ . i
Miss Belli Ri=t was at Wh.-eling Fri
H. Neuena-chwander returned homo ^
Friday evening from a business trip in
•he country. _ .
Mrs. Posie Tisber was the ie.-t of
2s’ -w Matamoras friends Wednetd. \.
Mrs. Rev. Kusier and daugnter. Miss
Clara, were visiting relatives at Wheel
ing the past week.
A!vo Vcc| ly arrived Tuesday from
burr, and w 11 remain at his home
; ; e for'^n indefinite period.
Mrs. 3. W. Leep was shopping in
Wheeling Thursday.
mannington .
Ocober 24.—
Virginia Uni
few days this
Mannington, W. Va.,
Harry 0. Cole, of Went
versify, was in town a
" \Uss Nellie Garrison, who has been
visiting here for seme tim , returned,
to her home Tuesday morning at Ltu.e
[°Mrs. George Shearer, who h.as been
visiting in Pennsylvania for a couple
of we ts, returued 'home the first of the
week. , ,
Carl C. Martin, of Manntngton, and
Miss Nora L. Sandy, of Bingamon, were
married at Fairmont Thursday, October
Tuesdav, Oc‘ober 20th, Daniel Cun
ningham and Miss Alathea Holbert, both
Bingamon, were united iu marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. G orge Jolliffe pleas
antly entertaire6 a number of ycung
folks one evening this week, the event
being in honor of a cousin, Chas. Jol
liffe, w'ho was visiting at the heme.
Cards ar_ out announcing the marriage
of Miss Anna Gertie St wart, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Stewart, and
Mr. S. Edgar Phillips, to take place
in the M. E. Church November 4th, at
3 o’clock.
Phil. lJie.z, who ha? born .ok.up a va
cation for several we.ks, returned tome <
Friday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Nimrod Morgan cele- |
br?.:ed their fiftieth anniversary of their
marriage the lS.h of October. Cuite 3
pleasant time was njoyed by the old
couple and the relatives, who gathered
in :o spend the day wilt them.
Miss Mattie Cole, after an ex’end d :
visit in our city, lef; for her home in
Littleton Tuesday morning.
J. B. Marr paid a visit to the Fair- ,
mont Masonic Lodge Monday evening.
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Sanders, who
have b en the guests of relatives for the
past ten d3yg, left Friday for their west
ern home in Iowa.
Miss Anna Egan, who has been type
writer and stenographer in the law office |
of Thomas F. Barrett for th- past eight
,moo hs, left Thursday for her "home in
Bellalre, where she has accepted a po
sition wi h the firm of Furbee & Barrett
Manufacturing Company.
Williamstown, W .Va., October 24.
—The Historical Society will meet
with E. E. MeTaggart next Thurs
Miss Rose Buekwell, of St. Mary’s. (
was the guest of Miss Daisy Nelson ’
the past week.
TIi,-: Misses* Morgan, of Ravenswooo,
were ’Miss Ruth Prettyman’a guests
las: week.
B. F. Stewart, candidate for county
clerk, (Wood), was circulating among
friends Friday.
.Mrs. Geo. Hunter was visiting rela
tives at Sitka, 0., recently.
I’rof. Williams, of Moundsville, was
in town last Saturday.
Miss Laura Biddle, one of our popu
lar young ladies, is the guest of her
brothers in Parkersburg.
Mrs. Clark Leonard and children
have returned home from Newport,
Ivy. |
Mr. J'tm°s Sigafoose, of .Moundsvil.e,
was the guest last week of Rev. G. W.
Mrs. .f. K. rainier entertained a nnm- ,
ber cf her lady friends at tea Tuesday .
evening, the occasion being her birth
Mi89 Edna Ogdin spent last Sunday |
with her parents at St. Mary's.
S. B. an ! F. B. Moore were here last ,
week from Peoria, Ills., called heme by
the death of their brother, Lewis It.
Moore, of Marietta, O.
Mrs. Sarah Rider returned to her home
at Cicinnati, 0., Thursday, after a visit
of same length among her children here.
She was accompanied home by her
grairi-udugiiici, -u.oa rm*
Rev. W. L. Davis left Thursday for
his new work a: Mouniour Falls, N.
Mrs. Barber, of Charleston, was vis
Itini; friends here this week.
Mis9 Rachel Ryir r. of St. Mary’s
was the guest of Mrs. James Patterson
this week.
A large number front here went to
Cannon. O.. Thursday.
Harrv Biddle came up from Parkers
burg Sunday an’ spent the day with hia
Clarksburg, W. V.u. Oc’ober 24 —The
contract has been le- far the election of
the new Baltimore and Ohio railroad de
pot. It certainly has not been done too
The Pine Grove Manufactur.ng, Land
and Improvement Company has sold one
hundred and thirty lo.s, and it has not
Mother-love iv
mixed with daily,
hourly sacrifice.
The love increas
cs with the sacri
fice it entails.
The mor? a
mother suffers
mid endures tor
her little one, the
more precious it j
becomes. She
-loves it because |
she has labored :
and suffered for J
it. The physical
organs concerned !
in maternity af
fect a woman’*
entire constitu
tion to a degree
onlv half realized 1
by many doctors. Women are oiten
treated specially for s'.ek headaches, dys
pepsia, melancholy, or what is supposed
to he a liver or kidney atTection or heart
disease, when in reality the whole trouble
is with the reproductive organs. This
delicate and intricate organism and the
rational treatment tor its peculiar ail
ments is a life study for the wisest physt- i
cian. Probably no practitioner living
has a higher re’nute in this spec’ il direc
tion, than Dr. R. V. Pierce, Chief Con
sulting Physician ot the Invalids Hotel
and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. \.
His “ Favorite prescription,” is the most
perfect rente lv ever known for all ‘‘fe
male com >1 a tuts." It gets at the source
of the trouiile from the inside: It is not
mcrelv temporary, external, local, bol
steriug-up or palliative. It is a cure. It
directlv tones and strengthens the in
ternal 'organs, restores them to health
and regu! tritv, and completely banishes
the continual v.drag an i drain
which wear out lx .v and mind. Its
sale exceeds the eomhliH sales of all 1
other mediciHCS tor women.
In ever* *-rr'~r ♦’■ere f’-wM he
ft c • of . - -r - lire u s. ■ ..mm, n j
Sense Medical Advtef," ■ lustra
• - • • ior m* rtg •••> W I
Cis^esaary Meiical Association. Huifalo, N. V.
been a very good year for the sale cf lot3,
Senator S. B. E'.kins spoke a' the
Court House last night.
Koblegard's new live-story building is
nearing completion. It is the largest
business edifice in the city.
Shalluck & Jackson are making ar
rangements to erect a business budding*
Miss Anna Dunn, who has been s.ck,
is now able to take charge of her
Hon. Stuart F. Reed, of the Telegram,
has been confined to his home by sick
ness for several days.
Hon. J. M. Mason, of Charles Town,
was here this week.
We are glad to leirn from the State
Journal, that D. K. Reed, of this city, is
the father of Pythianism. Really, wo
did not know that Dave was that old.
He must be the senior of Rathbone.
The remains of Michael Glancy, Sr.,
were interred at the Holy Cross ceme
tery Thursday morning. The iiineral
services were conducted by Rev. Father
O’Connor and Father Reynolds.
Among others we noticed in the city
were: W. E. B. Byrne, Sutton; P. M.
Robinson, West Union; J. B. Brannon,
Evescon; Patrick Shields, Fairmont; J.
L. Blocker, Pickens; W. U. Rollyson,
Sutton, and Hon. John Brannon, Wes
ton: _.
The Wheeling Island ferryboat Char
leston lias been purchased by Noll Bros.,
and will bo used in the trade at th.s
George Duncan, one of our well known
professional men, will speak to-morrow
evening in the rooms of the Bryan Me
tallic Club on the money question. Mr.
Duncan is well known throughout the
county and is known as a man well versed
in anything he undertakes. He is well
acquainted with his subject and no one
should miss hearing him. Remember the
date. Monday, October 2(5.
Mrs. Mary Plato. Miss Fizzle Ferrel
and Miss Lizzie Lenard, all of Newark,
O., are here the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Vm. Coates, of the Fifth ward. This is
the first visit to the town in twenty-two
years, and consequently they see many
changes in it.
The funeral of Mrs. D. H. Souders will
take place this afternoon from her late
home on Third street. Interment will bo |
made at Riverview cemetery. The fol- ,
lowing relatives arrived last night to at- j
tend the funeral: Mr. ana Mrs. Frank *
Buttertield and James Gordon, of Pitts
burg; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Souders, of !
Sewlckley; Miss Mary Souders. of Deca- j
tur, III.; Robert Gordon, of Langton, Kan., j
and Miss Ollie Best, of Canton.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Robinson have re
turned home from a few days’ visit at
Pittsburg with relatives.
M. K. Bailey, of Holloway, was in town j
Geo. Wassman, of Steubenville, was in 1
town yesterday calling on friends.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Rev. W. J. >
■Williams, rector—Tliis is the fourth Sun- j
day after Trinity. Matins and sermon at i
10:20 a. m., subject, “Naman the Leper." j
Evening subject, "What is Confirmation?" j
The attendance at the services of St. )
Paul's Episcopal Church, und> r the rector- ;
ship of Rev. W. J. Williams, by the con- ;
gregation and others, has been so encour
aging that the executive committee has j
decided to organize a double (vested) •
choir, (decani and cantoris) of boys, ladies <
and gentlemen twenty-one in number, i
whose names, also programme of services,
will appear later. The choirs will lirst ap- ,
pear in their vestments, made from the
latest eastern patterns, at the Sunday
morning service, at 10:20 o’olork Novem
ber 8. at which time the Right Rev. Bish
op Boyd Vincent will ollielate. assisted by
Rev. W. J. Williams. Prof. Schofield will
be musical direct<r. Rehearsals of the
special music for those services have al
ready commenced, and prollcioncy and ex- |
cellcnce of rendering are already assured.
H. S. Wilson, of Indiana, Pa., is the
guest of his daughter, Mrs. A. W. Dlven.
Miss Myrtle Frazier Is homo from Si lo
College spending the day with her parents.
Frank Ilissrich has reopened his saloon
on Second street.
Auditor Henderson, of St. Clairsville, j
was in town yesterday.
The Assembly will give a Hallowe’en re- I
ception at their rooms on next Friday
evenin g.
Col. Kcklcy. of Carrolton, o.t is tne guest
of Kentworthy Hose, of North Fourth
Mrs. James Peters is down from Em
pire. O., and is the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gather.
St. Mary’s to-day and coming week—
Tills Is the twenty-second Sunuday after
Pentecost, lip. Philip, l.fi-11. t«osp. St.
Matt. 22:1S-21. Next Saturday will he the
Eve of All Saints, commonly culled Hal
lowe’er. It will be a fast day of obliga
tion. The married men and women’s so- j
dulity meets after vespers to-day. Rt. j
Mary’s Literary Society will meet next
Thursday at usual hour and place. There
will he rosary and benediction every night
during the W< ek. The envelopes for All
p ails Pay will he distributed next Sun
day. The collection to-day will he for
the fires to heat the church and school.
The puddlors at the Aetna-Standard
mill have made better time the past three
we> ks than they have for several months
Auditor-elect Aldridge was down from
Ft. Clairsviilo yesterday among friends
and relatives.
A young son of fh-o. Blubaugh died Fri
day evening and was buried yesterday at
Riverview cemetery.
Miss Leila Hope has returned home
from a coupie of weeks’ visit at Steuben
ville with friends and relatives. She was
accompanied home by Miss Helen West
fall. who will spend several days here.
The May Prindle Comedy Company
closed a week's engagement here last
evening with the play Oliver Twist. The
company is an excellent one. having given
general satisfaction, and should they re
turn again they will receive a heart> wel
The Republicans are living in expecta
tion of having a big time here on next <
Thursday. All clubs invited have agreed ',
to come should the weather be favorable ,
Julius Rentskfl, who murdered Jacob
Polowski at Dillonvale last August, has
been sentenced to six years lu the peni
tentiary. ..
The aid societies oi • ••- ~
churches in town will five a supper in
Koehrsen’s store room Tuesday evening.
The proceeds will be used for those wl.o
are In want.
Do not fall to hear Geo. Duncan discuss
the fallacies of the gold standard at the
Bryan Bimetallic hall to-morrow evening.
William Griffith has returned home
from a several days' visit at Sandusky
with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Haughton. of Fair
mont, W. Va., are here visiting friends
and relatives.
Ernest Findlay, of Steubenville. Is in
the city the guest of E. K. Hoge over
Sunday. .
Mrs. George Mulligan and daughter, o.
Mt Pleasant, are the guests of friends
ror*»t’. fitM ions waist. S1.00, best fit
ting. tturqnsli-d »nvwtir> #
l inen t oiler* and t lilt* new «hape*.
I e:«ther 1104*. large line cheap.
Veiling*, theeerr Infest.
Sh lining Glove*. J cl»i«n. very rie«Ir;ib.e
‘‘ eirilMUHl.’i.
It Has Fallen to the Depth of a Foot
In Many Sections.
London Gossip Turns on the Llar
ko s, the American Election and
tho Strange Case of the Castles.
The Bishop of Winchester May
Succeed Archbishop Benson.
Gossip of the Stage.
(Copyrighted, 1S1»3. Associated Press.)
London, October 24.—The weaA r
continues unsealed. Snow to the depth
of a foot has fallen in many parts of
England. The money market, the wheat
market and the pr sidential cam
paign in the L'nived Spates con.inue
to interest fhe business community, and
*rom the honey d ucteranccs of the in
spired press it would seem that there Is
more truth than the German press will
admit, in the stories told of a reap
proachment b tween Great Britain,
Itussia and France.
The sLrange case of Mr, and Mrs. Wal
ter M. Cas.ie, of San Francisco, still
causes much excitement, and the action
of Justice New on in fixing their bail
at $150,000 is accept d as the court’s be
lief in their guilt. Whether this is so
or not it is a remarkable fact that an
English woman of 'high position, cnarg
ed with a similar offense, was immedi
ately bailed in only $1,000. She is Mrs.
M. A. Scotte, a lady of the Manor of
Salop, mar Shrewsbury, and was charg
ed on Wednesday hs with stealing live
placed candle slicks from a lintel.
The work the L e Arctibishop of
Canterbury was engaged upon was the ,
preparation of the answer to the bull .
of Pope Leo XIII. on the Angli i or- I
ders, in which Dr. Benson sail: “The
posiiivena3s of the assertion may still I
■have effect, with some who mi- o k the |
kindliness of a personage for th thaw- {
mg or rroz n cnurcn po.mv ;u w. <n p.“
is committed.” The late primate denied
the pope’s contention and assert ! :hat
Home has not accurate !:nowl< <ig of
England concerning the An:'.loan orders
and declared that the bull ‘moves all
English churchmen not to 1 d. oi led
by a pretention to unity and by ass r
riona which have his'or : !ly created
Pile widest and deepest separ.. ions; but
to draw closer together in fai h. in firm
ness and in forbearanc
Gossip sMll selects the P'-h p of Win
chester (the Rt. Rev. Anthony Wilson
Thoreld, D. D.,) as Dr. Hinson’s suc
cessor. Dr. Thoreld was born in 1S25
and educated at Oxford. He was rc.or
of St. Giles-in-thc-Fii Ids f.oin 18.17 ‘o
1SGS: vicar of St. Pancr.s froni lstl9
to 1877; Canon of York 'v 1>71; was
consecrated Bit-Imp of It tester 5n
1879. and was transferr 1 to Winchester
in 1890. He is prein• of the Order of
the Garter and patron of 117 livings.
The Duchess of New C ?f!e has es
tablished herself in 'hr Eis‘ End of
I/mdcn in order to ! v • h r spare
time entirely to Pile p r. She has
caused to he erected . i.nuse called St.
Gertrude’s home, u? - ail unfortunates ,
may find her.
Sketch says thth Mr. Gladstone is
about to become a cyclist. His littl«
grandchild, Dorothy ! w, rides well,
and it Is explained t lat her learning
to ride lias so faeeina.ed th veteran
statesman that he is determined to enjoy
himself in the same manner.
The Empress Frederick is to visit the
Queen at Windsor in the middip of No
vember, -and will stay in England a
ninth before going to Berlin for tne
Madame Antonio Navarro has given
up her residence a* Tunbridge Wells
and is shortly to l ave Wimbledon,
where hr-r last chi hi was born, for her
new home on Broadway, Wore -ter- I
shire. Madame Navarro has taken a |
line n]d house on a lease of twenty-one
years, and has already spent over a
thousand pounds in improvements and
The business of the principal \■. cs„
End theatres continues pood. Miss
Fortesoue, at the Standard Theatre in
the East End. has been donng fairly
well in a round of ch si cal and romantic
dramas which includes “Forget Me ,
Not.” The music halls have bren
crowded owinp to the unusually s "onp
attractions, as the most popular va iety
artists seek a London engagement a*
this season with a view to th° lucrative
employment of the Christmas panto
Mrs. Patrick Campbell has been offer
ed the lead in G. Bernard Shaw’s ‘ The
Phillandercr,” which has been accepted 1
by the Haymnrket management, to fo.- ;
low “lander the* Red Robe.’’ j <
Wilson Barrett’s novel, founded on
’The Sign of the Cros.-.’’ is to have the
advantage when publi hed of an intro
luction by a hiph dipr.itary of the
Church of England, wherein will be dis
cussed the devotional dramas. Mr.
Grindstone’s letter on the play will be re
printed in fac simile as preface to tjje !
oo ok.
Beerbohm Tree, who has been play
ng a remarkably successful engagement
n the provinces, has now settled defin
itely the details of his American tour,
rhe business department of the com
pany will sail for New York on Novem- j
her 7, the company itself following a
week later. The itinerary will include
IVashinpton, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
STew York, Brooklyn ami Boston. The
Last performance will b<* given on Janu
,rv : i’ Mr. Tro w ■: • n
London theatre, Her Majesty, on March
L. The opening piece will be the
iramatization of Mr. Parker’s novel,
-The Seats of the Mighty.” Mr. Tree
will assume the role of Doltaire.
C. \Y. Calvert h is written a n w nuts- t
cal sketch nnent the perennial “Robin
Mood.” The score is by Denham Har- j
rison, who is well known to London
;heatre-igoer3 by reason of his work in
connection with the Christmas panto
mimes. The piece will be first produc
ed at Oxford on Monday, November rJ.
George Alexander w«as summoned on |
••Spring Medicine*,” "II nml p
*• i onicn” an Old i .ikliimi
Pure blood, strong r.< rv.
clea, firm healthy flesh <•
frcm wholesome food w*
“iilood purifiers” and
-te net r iich the cau?o of •
Yne stomach is the point t . >
ifter. The sa u»d
cure any form of in ..-it - .1
after each meal some «r:
tion which will ot iu If 0
There is an excelen: prepar.
kind composed of veg< .b . t
pure pepsin, Golden Seal and
fid by druggists under 1:
Smart's Dyspepsia Tahl-t.--.
tablets taken afaer nuals
tion wonderfully beet.us • •
gest the food promptly 1m
time to ferment and . our .
stomach relieved and ass.s;
way soon/ becomes s:rou
ous again.
Smart's Dyspepsia Tal l
perior to any secret p ,*n
because you know wka: y u
into your stomach. Tiny •
druegists everywhere a.
Write Stuart C0.. Mat
ter book on stomach di.
Thursday to Wynard Farit,
of Londonderry's place, in < .
part in private theatricals in
Ileien Stuart, Lord Lon.
daughter, has mane a gr<
The piece produced was "
Hater.” Mr. Alexander ha
Mr. Charles Frohman,
tour of the l nit i St:r s.
1897-9$. This s p was m •
as Mr. Alexander h - no
IHCKEfiSc • YGUF • Zi Si
—i:\ srEci i. viro\ i
Continuous (pint r > fr . t
,Nf\v York, reel V"d 1 . pr.
,V to., i I N I . M .1 .
Telephone kT.Y.
Atchison .
Adams Kxprcss .
Alton and ‘i rre Haute .
Do preferred .
American Kxprcss ....
Baltimore and Ohio .
<'anrida J*a aHe .
(Y.nadu S"iitltern .
Central l*a. iri«* .
Chesapeake and Ohio .
Chicago and Alton .
I'hli’aKurlingion and Quincy .
fhicniro (..as .
Delaware and Hudson .
I>e!aw are. Laekawanna and Wester
Denver and Kto tlrunde preferred.
I dslili ra and Cattle Feeders Co —
llrie .
I >o 1st preferred .
I >o 2d pri’f< rred .
Fort AN ayne .
il.neral K!»a trio .
Illinois Central .
Lake Shore .
Michigan Central.
Missouri J’aclhe .
National Cordage .
I )o preft rred .
N.-v J. rsev C turn: ..
Not folk and U • stern i i ■ rr- 1
Northern Paollic .
i >o pref. rred .
Northwestern .
Do preferred .
New York Cent i I .
X< w York and w Kngiand .
1 ’acific Mall .
I'.orla. Decatur and livan.-vi
l’itts'ourg ..
I'ulliann I'nlnco .
it< acting .
Hot k Island .
st. |,. in and .•'.m Franc! > t t
St. I*aul .
Do preterr* I .
Houthern 1' die . .
Te pe.-.-ce < •. ll alltl lion .....
Texas l aeiti - .
Fillctl 1'neitlC .
l’nitcd Iixpr* ..
At i stern I'nlon .
AYp.eedi g and Lake I’.ric.
Do pre-fern 1 .
Rulwor .
’l-.ulor .
;'rown I’olnt .
• : .solidated Cal ■’! I.fa and \
I <■ ad wood..
Jould and Curry .
Hale and Norcruss .
I lomestake.
Iron Silver .
Mexican .
•ntario .
n>lilr .
i’ymmith .
Jnlcksllvrr .
[ >o prefi trod .
Sierra Nevada.
< '"ii- elfilated .
fellow jacket.
IVheat- Opened. Hlirii
Doe. 10%@ "0 7'e „
May 7;/di4‘-ii 75Vs
]>, o. 24Uh
May 21",/a*i Ue'j
" IMA 1S%
May 21*4 tilv4
i * >c. p\ 97% tRW/a
Jan. 7 M) 7 95
[.a t (1—
Dec. 4 25 < "n
Jan. 1 \2% 4 52%
3le>rt Ribs—
Dec. I <5 ’ 05
Jan. :i K7H :i 92%
Car lots Wheat, .77;
tioc.'. 40,000.
KM (mates for Moi'da v
[as; corn, 9'jJ; hogs, •
r ,ow.
tj v ■
4: v
4 ! 1
[Jpon tlio sand*!, with I i
We sat beside tie- • ■ '•
And love •••
Ah, she was • irturne!
And there, nr O • 1
I dri w b< to l
kl . ::
And won I ' •' »r »»' l rl l"
tender h
Mi I r
\h ruilefu! turner Kiri!
A1) |.. . ,.f I,.,..- that cnpld In.
Whir < rest I bre .hers curl.
r.ove f lilel to profit when ho pb>
l*v What. tii- crifitures tell;
ih built bis house upon the xar.d
What wondi r that it fell?
I: rook'
Dyspepsia, Ma'aiea, Sleeplessness,
Rervoiis Headache, &His«sness,
Kidney Diseases, Se/^si ^ -Sf# t5c*
Ask your Jjruyyist to <)' t them
through hln Jobber, or s nd
a Pos :tl Cord to
.Tree Sai

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