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partment store. We buy at special
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***•,iV n04, m^rke r st.
15.—I'apt. R. T. Huw« rs. wife and daugh
ter. Mrs. Henry Koontz. of this city, ami
Mrs. Wiil Kotseful. of Ravenswood. were
visiting friends it Sutersvllle Monday.
Co!. A 15. M ‘ort- ha - disposed of his In
terest in the Wetzel Republican to B. B.
Muhlman. who now becomes the sole own
er of the paper.
Judge R. H. Fre-r will open his May
term of court here Monday. There are
some important civil eases for trial.
R. L. Moore, a prominent attorney of
BtstersviMe. was in our city "Wednesday
on legal business.
Mr-. F. M. Schlobohm left Wednesday
to visit her parents in Kansas. She wi.l
he ahsent for two months.
The John H. Sparkcr circus will ex
hthit h re Monday.
The Magnolia high school will close the
m> Wi dnesday. Commencement exer
cis. s will in* held in the Opera House.
Prominent educators are expected to be
Mr-. Mary C. Young died at Clay on
Tuesday of paralysis. Her remains were
b-cught her Wednesday and shipped to
Mrs H. E. Spilman. of Spilman W. Vt .
w;>.' The guest of Mrs. R* v. Brookin. the
fb st of the week.
d Col. Jim. Hill. Bice Potts and Joe Craig
"vere calling on friends a? Sistcrsvllle Sur
Thomas Martin, clerk In Harry McF.l
/rtowri v'* undertaking • -rahllshment. and
M!s- Jes- Horr.brook were quietly mar
ried ut the M E. parsonage by lb v.
Hound last w< k. The bride is the .laugh
ter of Theo. Hornbrook. the well known
traveling salesman of Hubbard & Paul.
Samuel T Elder, of Woodsrt- ild. spent
a few days here with friends the first ot
the week.
The Russell Plantr.g Mill Co., of Sisters
vi’ie. h ive taken the contract to build a
dwelling house for Mi>> Idvlt Morris, on
Virginia street.
On last Saturday mornirg Albert Rrldce
man was crossl: g the riv. r in a skiff load
ed with milk and as he was near the wharr
th- ferry beat backed into him. sinking his
sklfT. The only damage done was the loss
of several gallons of mi h
S B Hal" went to Hlbsorville. Ohio Mon
dsy to take depositions in a suit at law.
H returned Thursday morning.
V -«r» Johnathan Moore, Kr nd Moore
■ d Will Dunlap, of Sis:, rsvi le. were in
our city Sunday calling on friends.
W S. Wiley, the w. 11 known editor of
th Wetzel Democrat, was at Wheeling
M -dnesdar on legal business,
j w Newman, attorney at law. was
T.ttPcton the first of the week,
n re were two weddings In our city
>V ir. sday evening. Ed. Johnston was
a •« V’ss Margaret Wayt, and B- nj.
*• \yavt to Miss Hattie Waters. Rev.
- ’ Snodgrass officiated in the first and
'• Harrs In the second.
C McBride and Andrew Coile. oil
- of P’ tsbnrgh. were here Friday.
~ho Hpworth League, of the M E.
eh South. will give a musical ent<-r
•e- r: at the Opera House Friday even*
Board Of Trade of this city will
•h-- effort to secure the location of
-- Home for Incurafifs here. A beau
•ir,,» -ion car be ch‘\lned on the south
fi*.' for the buildings.
ST FETERSRPRG. • 15.—Seventy
houses in the best per- Dorogobush.
♦" *he province of Smo’ two churches
and the government bu! have been
destroyed by Are.
" . I
During the past week, the matter per
taining to the interest oi the craft, in
Wheeling, have been t.Jien up almost
entirely by the Grand Cominandery oi
West Virginia. Of local matters we
will speak first.
On last Monday evening. Wheeling
Chapter No. 1 held regular communica
ti n. but only routine business claimed
its attention, all work being deferred
until a later convocation.
c >:i Tu ~ ig, Bates Lodge No.
33 held a regular meeting, and a candi
date appeared on whom the first degree
was confered in an impressive and in
telligent manner by the officers of the
L dge under the direction of the wor
shipful Master Bro. Geo. B. Peabody.
On rhuraday Nelson Lodge No. 30,
its regular meeting with Bro. Dunn,
Worshipful Master, in the chair. There
was a good attendance of brethren on
th.s occasion, as well as those of other
bodies mentioned above, and at this
meeting of No. 30 the follow ing visitors
1 were present also. Brothers Morse and
Hildebrand, of Bridgeport Lodge; Bro.
Battelle. Bates Lodge, acompanied by
Bro. J. W. Burford. Past Master of
Lodge No. 45. of Pittsburg, and Rev.
Graham, of our city, member of Kana
w ha Lodge. One candidate was found
n waiting on whom was conferred the
masters degree in fine form, and in an
impressive manner under the supervis
i..n of Bro. Dunn, Worshipful Master,
assisted by Past Masters McCahon, Al
bright. Darrah. and other brethren.
During the present week the follow
ing meetings will be held:
On Monday evening. Ohio Lodge No.
1 will meet, at which time will also
1 greet Bro. James Luke. jr.. District
Deputy Grand Master, w ho will official
ly visit the LoJge upon that occasion,
. nsequently there should be a very full
attendance of the brethren not only to
give him a hearty welcome, but also to
lie present and to assist the officers to
confer the first and third degrees on
On Wednesday evening one of the
bedies of the Scottish Rite will meet, a
notice designating which, will he re
ceived from Grand Secretary Darrah.
On Thursday evening. Wheeling
Lodge will meet, and from the number
of candidates that are on the way. there
should be some work in the degrees at
that time. Bro. Speyer extends a cor
j dial invitation to brethren to be pres
ent at that time.
On Friday evening occurs the regular
session of Osiris Temple, and if a meet
takes place, the nobles will no
doubt receive notice of it through the
Recorder. Noble Carnahan.
On Wednesday last at high twelve
oocured the twenty-third Grand Con
i clave in the Masonic Temple of the
Grand Commandery of West Virginia,
with all the officers present, and the
! wing Past Grand Commanders in
at:,; ance: Hugh Soling, Alexander
Park. J. A. Miller. J. W. Morris. Alfred
Pauli, and W. W. Van Winkle; also
v«: v chartered Coraanderv of the State
tally represented. The reports of all the
tii rts were presented to the Grand
j Body, and shown forth to the Sir
Knights present, that Teinplarism was
making good substantial progress in
cur little Mountain State, that the best
of harmony prevails throughout her
jurisdiction, and that fifty-nine new
soldiers of the cross have been added
to the Fraternity to battle valiantly for
the cause of our Master “Immanuel.”
that they may. V en the carnage inci
dent to life shall have ended, come forth
as conquer rs. with him and with their
motto inscribed on their banner. “God
With rs." As the business of the
Conclave was onlv of routine nature,
th" e mmittees apointed were not com
pelled to do very much laborious duties,
and in consequence about 1 o’clock or
soon thoreaf r. the first session closed.
At 2:30 in the afternoon the parade that
had been in contemplation for weeks
t iok place, but owing to the rain in the
| , arly morning, and the prospect of its
! continuance during the entire day.
i many of the Sir Knights and visiting
; (’••mmanderies from cities surrounding
Whirling did not come, hut notwith
standing. there were nearly 000 in line,
j as follows:
1 IThom as Bennett. Chief of Pollee fol
low d by a platoon of Wheeling’s finest.
Offices and past officer- Grand Comman
ds rv In carriages.
Opera Mouse Band.
■ ' rv N■ > 1 !■ I
by Sir James McMahon. Past Comman
,i r. proceeded by Sir Lather tv.
Blayncy bearing the ‘ Star Span
gled Banner.”
Knights Tr-mplar Band, Allegheny.
No. • - burg.
Meatherlngton's Bind. Bdlaire.
^ 1
Kurt r > Band. Vnlontown. l*a.
I Crusade Commandery No. fi. Fairmont,
j Calvary Commandery No. 3. Parkersburg.
M< i-ter's Band.
Cyrene Commandery No. T. Wheeling,
i- Regimen Btnd of Pittsburg.
X.i:: -red Command ry No. 4s. Pittsburg.
Imp* rial Band. Grafton.
P-inolay comm ;n u ry .no n. urai.cm.
The column moved from the Masonic
Tempi promptly on its march of about
two miles returning to the Temple,
where the parade was reviewed by the
Grand Commanderv. All along the line
of march the sidewalks were lined with
visitors to our city, and its populace.
! whilst many of the residences and busi
| n. ss houses were fin lv decorated with
i flags ami hunting, displaying to the eye
i the colors of the order. Wheeling Com
mandery. the mother of Knight Ternp
! tarism, mot only of West Virginia, hut
j of Old Virginia and Pennsylvania!, was
1 placed at the head of the line, and had
a large number in their ranks. Alle
gheny and Tnncred Commanderies
were placed in line as to seniority, the
former escorted by No. 1. the latter by
No. 7. of Wheeling. Roth of the visit
I im Commanderies displayed themselves
in going through various evolutions
during the march, which were done in
faultless manner to the edification of
many people who had oportunity to
view tfhem. and to receive their ap
plause. Of the other Commanderies in
line, all were of cur own jurisdiction
except Hope, of St. Clairsville. all of
whom we must say. marched splendid
ly and looked like veterans as to pre
cision of step, and manner of executing
fine movements, which they did during
the entire march. Of the bands we
must say we had more to the square
inch than has been seen or heard in
Wheeling for a long period, as regards
the number of men in line, and of first
class bands than has ever before npear
ed on the streets of our city with a
fraternal organ Nation. After the nnr
ade was over, the Grand Commanderv
again resumed its labors, when the fol
lowing officers were elected and ir.stall
ed for the ensuing year: Rt. Eminent
Grand Commander, T X. Tavenner.
Parkersburg: A’ice Fminent Grand
Remitv Commander. John A. 7^rn. of
Wheeling; Fruinent Grand Generalissi
mo. George TV Rolt. of Fairmont- rini
nent Grand Captain General. F. H ATar
kell, of Charleston: Eminent Grand
Prelate. J. A. Bryan, of Parkersburg;
Eminent Grand Senior Warden. J. K. F.
Steele, of Bramwell; Eminent Grand
Junior Warden. William Campbell, of
Charles Town: Eminent Grand Treas
urer. D. W. Emmons, of Hunt
ington; Eminent Grand Recorder.
R C. Dunnington. of Fairmont;
Eminent Grand Standard Bearer,
J. E. Vandervoort. Weston; Em. Gr.
Sword Bearer. George W. Creel, of
Grafton; Em. Gr. Warden. Charles H.
Ahrens; Em. Gr. Cant, of Buard, Sam
uel W. Myers, of Martinsburg. After
the installation, which was conducted
by Past Grand Commander Riheldaffer.
assisted by Past Grand Commander
Sterling, as grand marshal, the body
was clespd to meet on Thursday morn
ing. when only business of a routine
nature was acted on. and reports of
committees made. One of the princi
pal features of this conclave, was the
creating of an office to be known as
Inspector General, whose duty it shall
be to visit ev'—r eommandery of the
jurisdiction and ascertain if the work
ings of the ritual and the costumes are
uniform and in conformity with the
edicts of the Grand Encampment and
the Grand Commanderv. Sir Hugh
Sterline. Grand Commander, was elect
ed to the office for five years, and the
commanderies should prepare them
selves for inspection, for he mieht drop
on them unawares. Sir Odell S. Long,
the first Grand Commander, having for
the first time In twenty-three years,
been prevented, owing to business, from
attending this conclave, a telegram
was sent expressing rfgret at his ab
sence. with the hope of his lie ng pres
ent many years yet to coni'*. The work
of the Grand Commanderv having been
accomplished, it was closad to meet in
Parkersburg on the second Tuesday in
May. 1898. During the Installation cere
monies. Sir George W. Creel, the Grand
Standard Rearer, was doubly decorated,
first by the jewel of his-office, and then
by a Past Commander’s jewel, which
was procured for presentation to him
bv the Knights of his Commanderv.
To say he was surprised is no joke, for
he was so muchly so as to nearly he
unable to find words for utterance.
As to the reception provided for vls
j iting Knights, the arrangement proved
first-class. Wheeling Commanderv re
i ceiving at the Hotel Windsor from early
j morn until eight o’clock in the evening,
; and also gave to all visitors a souvenir,
i in the shape of a glass, on which was a
maltese cross, inscribed with the motto.
“In hoc Signo Vinces, and compliments
of Wheeling Commanderv No. 1. May.
1897.’’ Many there were who wanted
one of them who were not members of
the order, hut the demand exceeded the
supply, and they werp all gone before
the headquarters closed. Cvrene had
headquarters at the McLure House, and
had a full house all day long, and en
I tertained every one royally until six
o’clock in the evening, when prepara
! tions had to be made for the joint re
ception of Wheeling and Cyrene Com
manderies, which were given at that
hotel from 9 until 12 o’clock that even
i ing.
The account of the good work done ;
I hv the members of the Fraternity of
Wheeling, would not be complete if we
did not refer to the efforts made by the
i Scottish brethren, under the direction
of Grand Secretary Parrah. who opened
up headquarters in a room just south of
the Hotel McLure. which was splendid
ly decorated, not only with bunting and
flags, but with emblems and regalia
of the rite. There was also displayed
there Pro. Parrah’s banner of Knights
Templar badges, which he gathered
' while attending the Cleveland. Chicago j
and San Francisco Conclaves, and its
beauty were praised by the many
: Knights and ladies who viewed it. A
souvenir glass was also given by Rro. I
Parrah. on which was delineated the j
Pouble Eagle, and the inscription “The
Consistory of W. Va. 32.” and the motto. |
“Spes nea in deo est." This souvenir,
os well as the one presented by Wheel
ing Commandery No. 1, was furnished
bv the North Wheeling Glass Works,
and made under the supervision of Sir
: Fred J. Park, member of Wheeling
Commandery No. 1. The visitors at
Scottish Rite headquarters not only re
ceived the gift of the glass, but were
well entertained whilst there.
Special telegram by air-line to the
Sunday Register, from Osiris of Wheel
ing. May 14th. 3 p. m.
“The good ship of the desert has pull
ed in her sails, and now comes into
i port with thirty, who were once of the
unregenerated, now thoroughly subdu
ed. sore, and muchly sunburnt on the’ir
souls, (if we consider their feet is
where they keep their understanding),
but otherwise marked right-side up with
care, and are now. (animals and Arabs),
enjoying the fodder of Osiris at Stamm's j
Hotel, Wheeling.”
To explain the above, we must exam
ine the log. furnished by the
| Arab Captain of the Cheese Knife, who
i done away with those thirty pilgrims,
hut as the ramel that brought them was
I sure footed, he came out of the race 30
j to 1. against time, or of any of the mules
that we’ve had hushed.or the driver who
was kicked bald in order to win. and
as the victors came up the home stretch
1 and under the live wire of Irwin’s elec
tricity. it is said to have been the most
j successful inning played for strikes (to
he had later on nt the Stamm House),
ever held in Wheeling. So much for
the Noble who furnished the salve to
make the wci k go smoothly, and the
cordial to keep the pilgrims in good
. health during the journey.
Well, we saw the caravan as she was
on her journey to Arion’s heights, and 1
as the ship Osiris come to view, we saw j
at its prow, a squad of Wheeling’s fair- -
est. doing duty, and to throw overboard !
any tramp who could not pay his pas
sage money to Arabian lands. Mayer’s
band, led by our Bro. Billie, followed
them in the wake, and discoursed some !
familiar airs, to encourage them in the
discharge of the arduous duties of j
tramping. Behind them followed, at a \
little less than break-neck speed, a
double team of fine coal bank mules, \
that it run against wind at a mile a min
ute would get there some tlme.provided ,
they did not kick a streak of lightening. )
and call a halt on those who followed j
closely in their tracks, but then the
driver of those two-forty wags, though \
bald. won. for we'de. and thtn (the :
mules included), had just come out of
the bush, where they had been fed. and
ail looked the very picture of health. :
Following the muleteers was the Pale- j
n-Late, a dinifying persounge seated on i
the throne of Turkey, whose costume j
and make-up was such as ti cause us *
to think he should be sent over to
Greece, to maks those greedy fellows
lay down their arms, ave, probably
their heads, so that his cheese knife- j
man migH do away with them. Near
him was his prophet, whose name we !
were told was High-a-High Muck-a- j
Muck, but whose duty, tlthougn a wolff !
in nature, is o detect all A vh? who arc :
going about seeking grub to devour,
and are wolves in sheep’: clothing, and
although there was not, nor couid there
be, flies on cither the Pom’ ite cr him,
they had two Hottemotts dressed in
nature (except a clout), who wer? fan
ning away at imaginary ilies, bu: they
Howe—I met Brokeleigh on the str eet to-day. He Informed me that he is
going into a big literary venture.
How^?"^further told » e that he had one hundred thousand dol
lars behind him. . . . . „ . OT,v .u
Comeyewsew—Ah, he was standing in front of a bank, eh.
looked natural as life, and were much
admired as the float went by. The live
camel attracted much attention, though
many thought he seemd to slo*»pv to do
justice i) forty riders, but l.e must h«ue
been mad, for his back was not only up
once, but had got up twice, but that
may only have been a ruse to form a
saddle for the accommodation of the un
regenerated, the humps to drop
out of sight, and let them slide off and
get a kick from his heels for falling.
Following came the thirty victims who
were to ride the aforesaid camel to
death, or the mule to victory, all full
of fine spirits and eager for more, (I
mean degrees), and following them was
the inule that we’ed left behind in the
bush, as a reserve force, if the mules
at the head of the line kicked out of
the traces before the driver got kicked
bald to win. Now followed the Noble
men of Osiris, in fine order, one of them,
badly in form, strutted along the high
way as though he desired some one to
tread on the tail of his coat, and wished
to have opportunity to leave the mark
of his claws behind him as a memento
of the orcasion. All clad with the fez
and dress coats, looked immense. We
failed to mention the Arab patrol, a
fierce body of cheese and meat sllcers,
who go into the business of putting
through a candidate in good order, but
just think, sixteen Arabs to one candi
date, when he wants to get a little
cheese sandwich on his journey. But
how could it he otherwise, for to reach
fame he must he done away with hv
those fellows. The success of the last
effort of Osiris to have pleasure and to
entertain the unregenerated was large
ly due to the Potentate, W. W. Irwin,
the other officers of the Temple, and
all others who took part in the cere
monies. even to the mule who laughed
until he got fat. and the camel who
over-fed at the Stamm and has not been
corralled as yet.
The installation of officers for 'La
Belle Conclave No. 2^, which has been
deferred for some time, will take pace
next Wednesday evening, and in addi
tion a candidate has been secured to
traverse the path which leads to the
abode of All MJagusalem. the High
Cheif Porus Paster of all Moguls. Pro.
McGee, of Benwood. No. 3. who had the
nerve to travel at the last meeting, will
be on hand to give the prospective Jack
information as to the best and most
direct route. This will be an unusual
advantage and inducement not offered
to everybody. It is sincerely hoped
that the’Yellow Gang will find time tu
appear on this occasion and make it hot.
for the man who knows all about it
until he gets into it. when he admits
that there is more in it than he antici
pated. The Mogullian? have done much
to elevate the A. O. I . M. to the high
position it now holds among fraternal
organizations, and will continue in the
good work as strong as ever. Conclaves
may come and go like a circus, but La
Belle Conclave 2*4 goes on forever, not
withstanding claims for broken china
ware and ceiling plaster, which is some
times accidentally shaken from the
walls during the course of operations.
\s yet there have been no broken necks,
as some peope predicted, and for this
the members are grateful and some
times surprised, if it must be admitted
I et everv Mogullian come to the next
meeting.’loaded with ammunition and
candidates, if you can get them, and it
you can’t get them, come without them.
STEUBENVILLE. O.. May 15.-J. Per. y
Hare and Miss Kathalyn Tracey, daugh
ter of M. and Mrs. J. P. Mossgrove. were
married in the U. S. hotel parlors Wed
nesday evening by Rev. W. P Irwin.
Mrs. Christina Fisher received friends
at her home on Centre avenue on Tuesday
in honor of her one hundred and first
birthday. Quite a number of older citi
zens called on her. and the Ladies’ Cen
tennial committee sent her a basket of
choice flowers.
Miss Lizzie Rinehart is home from the
Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.
Albert Logsdon, of Wheeling, and Miss
Maggie Lewis, of Irondale. were married
Thursday at the home of the bride.
Calvin Hagan, of Seattle. Wash., was in
the city during the week, the guest of his
sister. Mrs. Wm. Trainer.
Robert Owens is home from Manning
ton. W. Va.. where he had his leg
James Schetlart Is home after a seven
months’ sojourn in California, and is
much improved in health.
Mrs. Dr. Pope and mother. Mrs. Rev.
Paul, are visiting relatives at Ada and
j Carnes is home from Jackson
ville. Fla., where he spent the winter.
Misses Mtgry and Carrie Wagner, of
Cadiz, were guests of Mrs. W. E. Me
Eldowney this week.
Miss Mary Lyle, of Solo. has been a
gu* >t of Misses Ethel and Irma I innt
James Riaekhurn is here from Cleveland
for an extended visit with his parents.
R. Busby, a former resident of Steu
benville. was a visitor from V heeling
this week.
Dr. J. D. McCullough and wife, who are
in England, are being entertained at the
country home of Julian Ralph, the au
thor, near London.
The ladies' Union of the First M. E.
church gave an enjoyable social Friday
Mrs. E. S. Totter entertained the Mis
sionary Societies of theThird Presby
terian church Thursday evening.
W*. H. Hunter read an interesting paper
before the Weils Historical Society on
Thursday evening on Ezekiel Hawkins, an
early resident of this city, who after
wards lived in Wheeling, he being the first
man to use collodion in the preparation of
glass on which negatives are taken, mak
j ing the present photograph possible. He
was the piomer photographer of the west.
Frank Sharor. and wife, of California,
and Mrs. McDonald, of Pittsburgh, were
guests of Col. Comley and family this
Mrs. Colestoek. of Titusville, Pa., has
been a guest of Mrs. M. E. Cochran, be
ing called here by the death of Miss Mary
Misses Mary and Annie Orr entertained
the Young Indies' Missionary Society of
the Second Presbyterian church Tuesday
O-. B. Boren and John Lindsay have
gone to New York State to take charge
of a brick works.
Dr. R. A. McKinley preached in the
Bethlehem Presbyterian church in Phil
adelphia last Sabbath.
The Reading Circle of the First M. E.
church was entertained by Miss Annie
Selah on Monday evening.
The Foresters held a p easant social at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jones
on Thursday evening.
“Koehnline Rros. Ice Reception” was at
tended hv J..r)0rt people Monday.
Miss Alice Cockins. of Canonshurg, Pa.,
is a guest of E. L. Hammond and wife.
Miss Margaret Myers, of New Cumber
land, celebrated her fifth anniversary on
Saturday evening at the home of her
grandmother. Mrs. Yarnell, of this city,
by entertaining her young friends.
Miss Lulu Allen, of Iowa, Is a guest of
Miss Isabel Cope.
Charleston. \V. Va.. May 15.—Miss
Kate Camden has returned from a visit
to friends at Parkersburg.
Mr. Fontaine Broun is at home from
New York, much improved in health.
Capt. John Baker White, late private
I secretary to ex-Governcr MacCorkle and
Henry Fry, satisfactorily passed exami
nations before Judge English, of the
Supreme Court of Appeals, and Judge
Guthrie, of the Circuit Court, this week,
and as full fledged barristers, and re
ceiving the congratulations of their
many friends.
Simon Burke, a respected citizen of
this city, yesterday celebrated with ap
propriate ceremonies, his fifty-fourth
anniversary in Odd Fellowship. Mr.
Burke is probably the oldest Odd Fel
low in the State, having joined the I.
O. O. F. in Philadelphia, known as the
Shiloh Lodge, in 1S43.
Wm. Curtis, of Ohio county, brother
of Delegate Curtis, and one of the com
mittee clerks of the last Legislature,
was in the city on Wednesday, in con
sultation with the “powers that be" re
garding the clerkship at the Weston
Asylum, which he hopes to secure for
the next four years.
Senator James A. Hughes, of Cabell
county, was in the city early in the
I week, the guest of his brother, Douglas
. Hughes, of the Auditor’s office.
Mrs. Helen Miller is in Fairmont, !
visiting her son, Mr. Walton Miller,
now a resident of that place.
Miss Jessie Johnson, one of the belles
; of Binghampton, N. Y., arrived this
week and will remain some time, the
guest of Miss Elizabeth Noyes.
Mrs. Richard Watts, of Parkersburg,
j is visiting her mother, Mrs. Reed, on
! Washington street.
Dr. David Winters, the popular pas
I tor of the Kanawha Presbyterian
Church, delivered an excellent lecture, ,
. entitled “Queer People.” at the Burlew ]
! Opera Honuse. yesterday evening, tin- |
! dor the auspices of the King’s Daugh- 1
i ters, to a large and appreciative audi
| ence. The proceeds, which netted quite
! a neat sum, are to be devoted to fur
nishing ice. medicine and necessaries
for the poor and sick of the city, during
the heated term.
Col. D. T. Casteel. Assistant Adjutant
General of the State, returned on Tues
day from Morgantown, where he went
last week, on the invitation of United
j States Army Inspector, Major Sanger,
to assist, in the inspection of the cadet
corps of the University, which, under a
provision of the military law. passed by
I the last Legislature, will hereafter be a
part of the West Virginia National
Miss Mary McMasters, who spent the
winter here, the guest of her sister. Mrs.
George Couch, returned to her home in
Marietta last week.
Col. O'Brien Moore, the rpcent pur
chaser of the Daily Gazette, arrived in
the city Monday with his wife, from
Washington. Col. and Mrs. Moorp will,
for the present, occupy the home of
Mrs. P. O. Shrewsbury, on Washington
street, the latter expecting to leave
shortly for Galifornia to spend the sum
mer months.
Prof. A. J. Wilkinson, of Grafton, was
: among the strangers in the city this
Vestryman elected Tor tne ensuing
year at a meeting of the congregation
of St. John's P. E. Church on Monday
evening, were: J. T. Waters, J. S.
Ty>wis. J. L. Richardson. Neil Robinson.
W. S. Laidley, S. S. Green. O. S. lying,
Joseph Ruffner. C. M. Gallaher, Dr. J. T.
Cotton and Major T. L. Rroun.
Dr. D. Mayer, accompanied by h!s
son, Ernest, is in Richmond on busi
E. C. Dumble and wife were summon
ed to Middleport early in the week to
the bedside of Mr. Dumble’s father,
who has been ill for some time past,
i Col. Mathews Mann, president of the
Rank of Alderson. was a prominent vis
itor to the city on Tuesday.
Mrs. A. L. I>angley returned on Wed
nesday from an extended v sit to her
daughter. Mrs. John S. Witt, at Lynch
burg. Va.
Capt. J. S. Cassady and Miss Cassady.
from Huntington, were the guests of
Mrs. S. F. Rlundon during the week.
| Briscoe Peyton, clerk at the Ruffner,
Men’s and Boys’ Night Shirts at. 39c,
Hemmed Crochet Quilts at. ^8c,
Extra Large and Fine Crochet Quilts at. 35c,
Another lot &f those Fine Tapestry Portiers at...$2.5o
Real Irish Point Lace Curtains at. 2.9g
ll'WK. |
Silkalin*3 Summer Comforts at 1.19 and. ],^g
and C. G. Peyton, of the Citizen’s Na
tional Bank, have returned from a brief
visit to their friends at Konceverte.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. E.
H. Easley will regret to hear of their re
moval at an early date to Washington
City. They have rented property be
tween Ninth and Tenth streets, near
the Grant Place, which they expect to
occupy after June loth.
A most enjoyable affair of the week
was the May cotillion of the Cotillion
Club, which was given at Elk’s hall on
Wednesday evening. The figures were
led by Mr. Philip G. Walker, assisted
by Miss Elizabeth Noyes. At midnight
a dainty collation was served.
Mrs. W. R. Sterrett, her mother, Mrs.
Harold, and Miss May Hoy, are visiting
at Nelsonville, Ohio.
Hon. George Loomis and daughter,
of Parkersburg, were Ruffner guests
during the week.
Miss Rose Zeigler is at home from a.
delightful visit to Miss Dorothy Kellar,
of Parkersburg.
-—O ’ —
SARDIS, O., May 15.—Tuesday and Wed
nesday evening of the past week will ever
he held as a memorable occasion in re
ligious circles in Sardis, they being tho
days on which tho Epworth League con
vention was held. Tuesday evening s ses
sion was opened with prayer by the Rev.
H. L. Ward, of Antioch. Ohio, followed
with a very interesting sermon which was
very Instructive . Then came the penta
costal services, conducted by Rev. D. L.
Clark, of Powhatan. This closed the s* r
vtces for the evening. The second session
was commenced on Wednesday morning
at fi o'clock, and the devotional services
were conducted by Rev. Darby, of Realls
villo at S o'clock. This service was also
highly Interesting, followed by addresses j
of welcome by W. A. Humphrey. R. W.
Martin and G. M. Wilson. Response by j
Rev. R D. Hanna, of New Martinsville,
and Dr. D. C. Osborne, of Barnesville.
The ehoir the n followed with* a choice
selection. "Tii*1 Epworth League and the
church of the future" was the next topic
ably handled by the Rev. E. R. Rowers. :
of Clarington. Then followed the Rev. II.
L. Ward, the subject of whose address was
"The character the League should de
velop.” Five minute addresses were then
taken up. “Need of training for church
work.” Rev. E. 1>. Hanna, of New Mar
tinsville. Discussed by G. M. Wilson and
D. C. Osborne. The afternoon was some
thing similar to that of the forenoon,
each preacher having a different subject
and discussion. The evening session was
well attended with quit*- a number of
visitors from near by towns. The <!■ No
tional services wore conducted by R*n.
Manly, after which the choir rendered an
excellent selection, which was followed
by Rev. D. C. Osborne in a most beaut
iful sermon. This dosed what will long
be remembered as the most enjoyable :
event connected with the work and ad-j
vancem^nt of tho ICpworth
Misses Maggie and Fannie Hof* r. Misses
Hattie and Nellie Voegtly, Jesse Neuen*.
schwander and quite a number of oth- j
ers from Hannibal were in town Wednes- |
day visiting friends and relatives and j
attending the convention.
John Schultz, of Wheeling, was a bus
iness caller here Tuesday.
Quite a number of the town people at
tend'd the Wallace circus at Rlstersville
Monday. All report a good time.
Misses Maud, Rachel and Daisy Wit
ten. of Witters, Ohio, were the guest of
friends in town Wednesday, returning j
home in the evening on the steamer Ruth.
Miss Rosa Drolllngcr. of Clarington, is
the guest of friends in town.
Mr. Ram Williamson made a business
trip to Wheeling Tuesday.
Geo. Topp. of Clarington. was a business I
caller in town Tuesday afternoon.
A. If. Lowe was In Wheeling a few days ^
this week.
Miss Alice Mitchell, of New Matamorns.
Is the guest of Miss Katie Romiok this
Mrs. A. C. Vetter and son. William, are
in Wheeling visiting relatives
Miss Emma Rtoehr entertained a num
ber of her friends Thursday at her home
on Mount street. The cver.ii g w; • passed
in games until the usual hour, when a
tempting repast was served.
One of the largest and at the same
time most enjoyable parti*' that Sardis
has ever seen w.*s the one given Raturday
evening fr. the parlors of the Rt. Elms
hotel bv Miss Lydn Ruble, in honor of her
birthday anniversary. The ev* nlng was
passed away in games and other various
amusements until a late hour, when an
elegant repast was served, of which all
partook of heartily. Miss Ruble is a
charming hostess and it Is re dlcss to
say that all enjoyed themselves to their
San Francisco, May 1.'. The French
authorities are arrangine a monthly
mail service between this port and
Tahiti. The officials at Papete have
sent specifications here for a 200-ton
steamer. Shin owners and builders are
invited to bid for the construction of
a vessel that could be used in the ser
DUBLIN. May IK.—The Riirht Hon. Robt.
Barry. Lord Chief Justice of Appeal for
Ireland since who. as solicitor pcr.
eral for Ireland, conducted the Fenian
prosecutions in 1S6S, is dead. He was born
in 1S25.
GLASGOW', Ky., M • r.-.\ - f
Ward's saw mill, n<
<•01111 ty, exploded i
| killing George Brown, S
i J. D. Ward and his \ .
! was fatally injured, and •
sons had both legs brok
third son was badly s<
in the case of John J>. Y'oung
j killing of Clinnoy Eossett. ate :
, about eighteen hours, returned
of manslaughter and fixed his i
I at eighteen years in tho p<
Young is connected with one of •;
prominent families in the State.
NEW YORK, May l.'.-Tho « x
specie from the port of New York
week amounted to JJ.'W.l.V) In
$xf«9,000 in silver. Tlio imports \\
$71,044: silver, $04.40T»: dry goods, i
general merchandise, J8,7G1,.'29.
1323 Market Street, Wheeling. W i
Direct private wires :o the t'h
of Trade and th • New York S
change, over which we receive cot.
market? and the lit’?' new?.
Long Distance Tei< phone 275.
NE W v. >RK, M. y St ■ k -
Closed hid:
Atohist .
Adams Kx|*r- -? .
Alton and T- rre Haute .
tpreferred .
American Express .
Baltimore and Ohio .
Canada I*.»«• iti• • .
Canada Southern .
< U ..iral Pacific .
Chesapeake and Ohio .
Chicago and Alton .
Chic ago. Burlington JY.d tjui:
Chicago Gas .
J» laware and Hudson.
Delaware. Lackawanna aii<1 \\ ■
Denver and 1th* Gr .talc pr* f.:
Erie .
Do 1st pn-feiT d .
Do 2d preferred .
Fort Wayne .
General Elect! ic .
Illinois Central .
Michigan cm ral .
Mil - iri Pacific .
v. n .1 r» y Cent!
Norfolk and Wes,, rn pr<-! i r*
Northern Pacific.
Do preferred .
Northwestern .
Do pre ferred .
New York Central .
New York and New England
Pacific Mail ..
p,oria. Decatur and Evansvll!
Pullman Palace .
Btading .
Hock Island .
St. Paul .
Do preferred .
Southern Pacific .
T* nm-Hsee Coal and Iron .
Ti xas Pacific .
i inion Pat itlc .
Cnited Stales Express .
Western Cnlon .
Wheeling and Lake Erie .
Do preferred .
Choi or .
Crown Point .
Consolidated California and \
I i id wood .
Gould and Curry .
Huh* and Norcross .
Homes take .
Iron Stiver .
Mexican .
Ontario .
Ophlr .
Plymouth .
Quieksllv r .
I )o i*r< f- rred .
Si, rra Nevada .
S-andard .
Cidon Consolidated .
Yellow- Jacket .
Magic & Co., the Marke" t
furnish tne following mur
Chicago grain and produ
IVf at— Ot>-nlng. High
July 73*L«Di 73' =
Sep. 6v'»
July 27,'a 2.V* •
Sep. 2*,'« 2'i’li
July lR^'a lR^-fi'i '
July J? 0*' J- *'0 {
Sep. S 63 S ti5
july 3 D* ST
S’p. I ICC Itij'a
Short Ribs
Jl'ly I 65 4 65
Sep. < 07'4 67'i/iy 4 •
'_1 71» 4 7ii I f
All passengers for Addi
ous W« bster Springs stop 1
commodatlons and th** w
Sulphur Spring furnish, d
J. K. ‘•Mil II.
Cowvn,_\Vebster Co.._NV'
\v.. «►.,.! tli I
Wai guaranteft that
KTOl’ I>ia.hBr* • »i>'>
t'l’Kj: >iBrriii«l< rrti'
and RKSTO*W !-»•«
I 'se it and/iv '
Hoi# 4»«ri'*n k^tni^ '
rr*» FngiUb IHaun A
Original an«1 0*1) L a\
*rc alivaTf nlU'.r l* ^VA
M/jtiil far CkirhtsUr* /•*
md Bran-1 In K« «1 . \Y
ir*. ».»:«-.] with Mo** rr
»ofh**r. ^ ' ' **
U« II. I' for l^llra"
all. 10.090 r-111.
irurrdialfiilU.g'' nii
Sel l bjr all Local Lruf<uu. * B1 “

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