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The Hoosier Politicia\i Undergoes a
- Luxuriant Beard He Once
Wore, and Which Made a Collar
and Necktie Unnecessary, Have
Been Removed to Make Way for
a Hat, Cravat and a Pigion-Egg
Diamond—Changes Clothes Three
rimes a Day, and is S:ud\iis?
Frenoh—Gathering Home Peop o
and Home Horses About Him.
Anderson. Tnd.. August 2$.—Attor
ney J. T. Ellis, of this city, who has
in Europe the past six months in
the interest of an eastern publication.
Las just arrived home from Paris and
settles the much disputed question of
whether or not Uncle Jack Gowdy has
lost his Indiana whiskers.
Being an old friend of Gowdy in the
days w*ien the present consul's pros
pects did not seem beyond the horse
cohtmn of the Rusfcvilie Republican,
Elfis called on the Indiana man. He
expected to see the “Jack" or Indiana
political fame, but when he was ush
ered into the innermost ot muermosts.
. • pasr several French interpreters, he
found a fine-looking old sport, with
feet upon a desk, pulling away at a
long, strong French perfscto. There
were no whiskers to obscure th light
from a shirt stud diamond as large as
a bird's egg and decidedly French, and
the swell gentleman wore a necktie.
Only a few traces of the old “Uncle
Jack” remained, the principal on be
ing good fellowship, vft r helping his
guest to the best in the “joint.” dow
dy proceeded to rattle oil a ft w strings
of French, accompanying them wi h
fairly accurate shrugs cf the sh ald
ers. In his present outfit dowdy
makes a “swell front." and is quite
capable of meeting any Free, hman
half way.
On the outside, among the French.
Ellis heard it rumored that Gowdy
had not only got into the way of wear
ing a necktie, but had fallen into the
right spirit of things und changed his
raiment three tim- s a day to suit any
occasion that pres^Ated its If. H IhI
a French t< er/'Tor tin fat
and Private Sec«^ McGuire, and is
rapidly faliug hit >
‘ Although O - ' ■ r it.
ut a ;uw
e got onto hi res. an . h. :> a
tt favorite, lie has already shew-a
failing for horses, and it is said
e is not £ •’man in g iv ' !r •
1 «.o like an Apo ’<> than
'Gowdy when he gets be
5 first m ves w •
ier friends to si n
jrchased, and will b ^B.p
o will also h ve charge
the consul in he French
cations are that Gowdy is
be a mark by any mean?,
ks he will he the most
rlcan that has b< en to
v'.^- -.B^pm;: -,\ -i • '
iP^B'''- «..:•. ! i•' '• ■' ■! :
0S$l$SBif --n" a”. ’
■ -:;0;.J- H »!
Hrak and they wer- ippoint
Bl -
HBHBBK and hospitable. They will
, ■''• fil
BBBHBBTtio Old Rush county fair.
■•! v
$P?iB *J,,>,! >• \
f, •• Paris
%Vhen dowdy sets his 11
af»! his Rush county >o ^
a«V> have quite a little R».>h c 'liurx ?
tlSpent in the gay Kn n- h •
m\k}t induce Jonu- W hivo.r • Kd, y
to wit him and in- i ^
fpw Vears with a < .17.0
\n* Paris gavetv and Iioo>ler
tore of 1 a us -
homelines?._ _
Bloodr Battle With Snake* in IVnn.xl
\i»ul»'* >tn«int:«in*.
Bellefonte. Pa.. August Pav 1
Chambers and William K. Hayiu,. two
residents of Snow Sho.. this county,
tell a thrilling experience they had ;n
a battle with a nest oi rattlesnakes
^Recently John Oleson. a Swede, who
is a foreman on the Beach t re* K
liailroad at South Fork, several miles
from Snow Shoe, went into tin moun
tains for huckleberries He had been
nicking berries for probably an hom
when he suddenly heard a sharp warn
fi from a rattlesnake Oleson as
cended a hish ledge ot r.iok and .wk
ed down the slope. »o his surprise
‘-Hie saw no less than c
^lesnakes. He procun l i - .u!>
started in to kill sum. « the rrptu.
He succeeded in dispatching a large
snake, out finding th. reptiles too
thick for him. he quit th.- light, de
termined to return when he was better
equipped for the tra>.
Accordingly, on yesterday he set
30t. with William Haynes, George
Harnlsh and David ( umbers. 1 hev
reached a spot a short distance from
where Oleson had found >na.;. - the
Len they ceased their
there r-ere ten large
1 on *ne ground at
iher proceeded to
hc^iakes had been
'threw a rook down
i immediately from
v stone a snake
:-e of twenty square
one wrigling mass
men were prepared
lively firing wus
t. and s<>on it ap
Ion 5 crowbars to
ground was seen
ceased firing
line dead rat
lich measured
. ——————\
_ —
The i? ntimental One—The day is done.
Done? I think it’s blami I raw.
four and a half ft t in length, and on
which there were thirteen rattles.
Some of the snakes did not measure
more than two feet in length, but the
greater number wort about three and
a half feet long.
Cnambers w is anxious to secure a
trophy in the shape of the rattles off of
a i.n-te st ake, and. stooping down, he
attempted to pull them from the tail
of a large snake which was lying at
his feet apparently dead. No sooner
had his hand touched the snake's tail
than the ratth r turned like a Hash
and struck at Chambers' hand, coming
within an ace of biting him. The
snakes were gather d together in a
pile and a large tire built on top of
Belvidere. N. J.. August 28.—Ike
Kishnaugh is a noted trapper and
snake charmer, who lives in the
, Bit U untains, a ft w
nii!< > from this place. He started ou
v. snake mint vest, rdav for rattlers, ;
ving an order for snake oil to he
fl! . ! at once. Nothing unusual oc
curred until be reached Long Pond,
li . ike sniff'll ratth rs. and climbing
among tin* ledges. he saw a few yards
a-a :y reptile* of .ill shades, colors
. i : sixes. ike lost no time in get
tink to work, and with his stick he
kilhd six big rattlers, the largest one
r i,it! ug > x fret and having twenty
. ■ iv tics and a button. Ike carted
his trophies into Blairstown.
St. Mary's tc-da> and coming week I
rite is the twelfth Sunday after Pen- |
i cost a Mi feast of the moat pure heart
Blessed Vergin. Ep. 2, \. Cor.
[ 1-fi. <b ~p. St. Luke 10; 23-27. To- j
iim: tii\v will bt the feast of St. Rose
ci Una. This is the first Sunday of j
autumn cr fall of the year. Next Fri
iil be the first Friday of the'
month. Confessions cn Thursday eve
i i,ing. lU nfi’i. that of the H cssed cac
I i aient at 7 p. m. next Friday. Mass
at 7 a. m. To-day a: 3 p. m. there will
i. the renewal of the act of consecra
h, rt of Manx All the members will
: wt ir their regalia. To-morrow one |
\ut k, September 7. St. Marys school [
will opt n. P;-rents please send your
children for mu - at S a. m. Mass dur- ;
i ing the week after September 7 will
be ai X a. m.
9t. Pau Ep «1 urch. Rt v. \\ .
.1. Willi, n . ret t r - Eleventh Sunday
.ifttr Trinity. Sunday school at 1* a. j
■ ni Matins and iruon at 10:*>0 a. tn.f :
' ibjcct. "The lit art’s Desire." Even- j
mng and s mum, subject, subject of |
tvening di-coun-*, "Inn Friendship.
• ' 'Tniuciicing r.ext Thursi ty evening at
;. :n ;ind ev Ty Thursday until the
# n • c< nfl nation, there
will -InM' be 1 sh rt service and lec
,ire ui various subjects appertaining
Fit t M. E. church. Rev. Dr. J. M.
K bi-- p stor. Morning subject,
"FY-t given and Forgotten." Evening.
••C lin and Loss." Sunday school aj
p |5. jn> r ! • -gue at 3 p. tn. Ep*
w«■ rt h I «♦ ^,i| . t •*'. li. I u 11 nnrciion
m rning a wte • a * h» of.
twenty . r m -re probationers will be
imittful inte full membership. Let
all of the class be present.
Fii-t Baptist church. Rev. Pr. Bond,
pastor. Regular services at 10:30 a.
v\. and 7:30 p. tn. Subject for morn
-"'he Noi> less Savior." Evening
\ M.,rk *••27. "Jesus took him by
i,. hand and lit I him up."
Fn. >d Presbyterian church. Rev.
l K b; ir (1. Bailey, pastor. — 1’sual
,, hirg s rvic. r 10:30 a. m. Sub
: "Pits rverance Without Kesnmp
i tion."
S< evsnd M. E. church. Rev. J. f».
f. i. p^s-cr. Qii.rorly me ting Sun
; :v. Preaching tr truing and evening
v presiding elder. Sacrament at 3
p. m.
T o funeral of Mrs. Thomas E. Pugh
• iok place yesterday afternoon at 2
.•'clock from h* r late home on Walnut
spc.i and was attended by a large
Rev. d. W. K ii 3,
Fi -• M. E church, of
which (he deceased was a member,
i nducted the services, paying a high
•rihut- cf resp ct (> the dead. A
choir composed of M ss Carrie Cross
M - C rrrie Arms! "mg. Lee Mor
-i- nd John Crump rendered beautiful
»nit jppropriate selections. The hall
, , . Q( ge Burton, Marion
McGrew Charles Heelev. J. M Hen
: vsh. . W. H. Wood nil Harry Jump,
interment was ma ie at River view
Mi— Emma Fletcher has returned
frejn a visit with her parents at Bealls
ville, Ohio.
Mi- \ves Mi'.igan has resigned her
p - tn at 1.- wis’ confectionerv.
Miss Ma v Thomas left yesterday to
visit ihe Misses Pep at Woodsfield.
M p (' i> spending the day at
Beth sda with his family.
Mrs. John Frazier and daughter have
returned from a couple weeks visit at
Atlantic City.
Ed Saundt rs was fined $.> and costs
I yesterday for being disorderly.
Another large excursion from cities
ip ta Car ■ Nortralk w ill « me down
; over the WbcMinc & Lake Erie to-day.
Mrs. Alhzert Wilson, of Pearl street,
left yesterday for Cambridge to spend
s..v 1 da vs w h friem’s ;p ,1 relatives.
Miss Edna C ider has returned from
at Urge's Pharmacy and will 'take a
. course cf pharmacy at ?cio College.
M ss Cora Volhart and brother.
: Charles, ore visiting their grandpar
ents at Wellsfcurg. i
Miss Laura Swartz has Returned
i from Cleveland, where 6he ims been
visiting friends and relatives the past
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Morton, of Dra
vasburg, Pa., are here spending the
day with relatives.
Elmer Reed has resigned his position
a two months' trip through the East.
Rev. and Mrs. Bogle went up to
Sewickley yesterday, where Mr. Bogle
preaches to-day.
Miss Helen S. Smith, of Massillon,
returned home yesterday, after a visit
with friends here and Wheeling.
The W. & L. E road will sell excur
sion tickets to Steubenville to-day on
account of Eighth regiment of Ohio
National Guards, who are still en
camped there.
Prof. E. D. Meek returned to his
home at Glencoe yesterday afternoon
after a couple days’ visit with friends.
A dance will bo given at Seheele’s
Flail to-morrow evening for the bene
fit of Mrs. Lafferty.
The Forresters will give a picnic at
Steele’s Grove next Saturday.
The North End Literary Society, of
Cleveland, gave a picnic at Steele’s
Grove yesterday.
Frank Ztnk has returned from a
visit with relatives at Cleveland.
The marriage of Miss Tena Hodell to
Mr. Charles Burkhart will take place
next Tuesday evening at 4 o’clock at
the home of the bride, west of town.
Rev. Paul Kummer will perform the
Miss Effie Reynard very pleasantly
entertained a number of her friends
at her home Friday evening.
Next Wednesday evening, at the
home of Henry Bowman, near Pleasant
Ridge, his daughter. Miss Martha, will
l e united in marriage to William
Kunze. by Rev. Paul Kummer. pas
tor of the German Lutheran Church
Mrs. Fre.l Jones has returned home
from a week’s visit at Steubenville
with friends.
Herman Kreiger has returned from
a business trip to Clarington.
The public schools will open to-mar
row and the teachers will once more
l gin the laborious task of producing
Presidents and Senators.
A number from here will attend
Hie Friends’ yearly meeting at Mt.
Pleasant to-day.
Miss Myrtle Mansfield, of Mt. Pleas
ant. was here yesterday calling on
At a meeting of the public sehool
teachers, held yesterday, all were given
their appointments fur the ensuing
school year. •
Lyman Haines is down from Pitts
burg visiting bis parents.
Dr. G. W. Bruce and wife have re
turned from a trip to Buffalo, N. V.
The Epworth League will hold tl'.eir
regular business meeting next Tht:;’:
day evening and all members are re
quested to be present.
The Knights of St. John gave a
very enjoyable lawn fete last night at
McCarthy's Grove. Quite a large crowd
was present and the chief amusement
was dancing. Daniels’ orchestra fur
nished the music.
J. W. Detter has opened his hotel
on T« nth street to the public. The
piace has been renovated from top to
bottom and now presents a very at
tractive appearance.
Michael Callahan and wife. John
Kull and wife. Mrs. John Henrietta,
Jr. and Miss Lizzie Henrietta have
returned from a trip to Niagara Falls.
The Misses Richter, who have been
\ isiting Miss Maude Jefferson, return
ed to their home at Pittsburg yester
Nearly all the miners went to
Wheeling yesterday where they march
cd in the big parade there. Citizens
of the city donated considerable money
to the men so they could make the
Manager Hastings, of the Cameron
bi 11 ' 1 ib, was in the city ves
< rday on his way to MeMcchen. wnnre
bis nine played the shop hoys yester
day. He secured four boys here to
make up his club.
Quite a large number of out people
will attend the New Martinsville fair,
which begins this week. Two or three
horses from here are entered by W.
Averil. who has been training them
ali summer on the fair grounds.
Dr. A. E. Linch. our new postmas
ter. has engaged rooms at I. B. Wil
son's. on Fifth street. He moves his
family here next month.
It. J. MeFadden. who has been en
caged in moving a building at Little
ton. came heme last evening.
A. K. King came home yesterday
from a business trip to Greene county.
M. and Mrs. Hughey Leighton, of
Pittsburg, are visiting at the home
t*f James Fountain, on Western ave
Rev. \. B. Moore, of Wheeling, was
in the city yesterday calling on friends.
J. A. Ewing and John Bryson were
a* McMechen yesterday afternoon,
where they delivered addresses at the
l\ R. K. of P. and Sunday school pic
Rev. D. W. Ruble holds the regu
lar quarterly meeting at Thompson to
Mayor L. B. Purdy was at Wheeling
jesterday attending the Labor Day ex
Raleigh Berry, a young man who
has been in the employ of G. W. Bo
gard. the Jefferson avenue tonsorial
artist, has resigned his position and
secured another one at Sistersville.
Thomas M. Bell and wife, of Buena
Vista. Pa., are here visiting Hon. G.
S. MeFadden. of Seventh street.
Justice Mann set aside tbe verdict
! rendered by the jury against John
Tilco, the Glendale Polander, charg
ed with assault and battery and he
it now a free man.
Captain Lee Anshutz was an arrival
in the city yesterday. He has dispos
ed of his interest in the steamer Man
hattan and will purchase a new excur
sion boat in the near future.
J. B. Hicks was at Cameron on busi
ness yesterday.
R. A. Riggs, principal of the Pt.
Pleasant public schools, was in the
city on business yesterday.
Colon P. Campbell, of Albion. Mich.,
is now engaged in making marginal
annotations to the codes of this State.
A marriage license was issued yes
terday by the county clerk to Clar
ence L. Ammons, of Fairmon(, and
Dora McGlover, of McMechen.
Samuel Kraft, of Wheeling, was in
the city yesterday on business.
Auctioneer G. A. Jones went to Mc
Mechen yesterday, where he sold the
Cora B. Vanaman property.
Mrs. Amanda Moore has purchased
the John Zink farm, located in the
North Fork of Grave Creek.
The Joseph Tomlinson property was
put up for sale yesterday by Auction
eer Jones. Three hundred dollars was
the amount bid and the sale was ad
journed another week.
George H. Browne, of Pittsburg,
and JamesMcCreedv. of Braddock, Pa.,
were hero yesterday on business con
nected with the water works.
Charles Walton goes to Philadelphia
this week, where he will take a course
in watch maKin^.
Mrs. Lavina McCartney and daugh
ter. Miss Norma, leave this week for
their home in Delaware. O.. after a
pleasant visit to friends here.
Nine women were taken through
this city yesterday enroute from
Smithfield to New Martinsville. Con
stable Spears and three other men
were In charge of the crowd. They
were taken to the last named place
where they will he placed in jail to
awaii the action of ihe next grand
jury. The South Penn Oil Company,
it is said, had the warrants issued for
their arrest. A few days ago six col
ored women were taken in custody.
The company, it is said, intend to force
tne law' on all who locate at the above
place in the future. The guards who
brought thorn through stated that it
was the intention to take the women
across the country in a wagon, but
they heard that a mob of oil men had
been organized to rescue them. This
caused them to alter their plans, and
all w’ere brought to this city.
The Gallagher Junior base hall club
went to Bellaire yesterday afternoon,
where they played the Capital club.
The trip was made in MeFadden's hand
wagon and several people accompanied
A ten days’ course of lectures will
be held on the camp grounds, com
mencing on next Saturday. A very
fine programme is being arranged
and the speakers already have a repu
tation that will not fail to draw large
crowds. The prices, also, will not he
so much as heretofore been charged,
and the meeting promises to be one of
the best ever held here.
A very large crowd from here attend
ed the Labor Day exercises at Wheel
ing yesterday. The street cars, as usu
al, carried nearly all the travel and
there was no delays in the service.
Williams Johns and Joseph Gray
have about completed the painting of
J. T. Gallaher’s building, adjoining
the Opera House.
Charles Shaw and L. B. Seal will
reopen their refreshment stand at the
camp ground switch the last of the
week on account of another §eries of
meetings to be held on the camp
grounds. , i
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Weaver and.
Miss Kate Martin returned this week ,
from a trip to Atlantic City.
The next social given by the Chris- I
tian Endeavor Society of the Presby- j
terian Church will be held at the home |
of Henry Seamon. on the 7th of Sep
tember. The committee for this de
partment are to be congratulated for
the good selections they have made
so far for holding these socials.
Misses Bessie and Gertrude Shaw,
are visiting relatives at Williamstown. j
Mrs. Fisher, who has been visiting,
friends here, returned to her home at
Wheeling yesterday afternoon.
David Levi purchased the Joseph
Tomlinson property located in the
Third ward yesterday afternoon. The '
price was $440.
Wheat during the past few days has
been selling at 80 cents in this city, j
The farmers in the country have had j
very good crops this season, but the i
majority of them are holding out for ,
better prices. The supply in some of
thp western States is not very big and !
it is thought that more money will he
offered here next month.
The natural eas company will shortly
extend their line out Third street.
E. M. Lewis. county clerk, was at
Benwood calling on friends last even
Council meets on next Thursday
evening, and among the business to he
transacted will he the consideration of
the petition of the other telephone |
company, who ask for a franchise. The
representatives who were here some j
time ago have secured 52 subscribers ;
and promise to have the line in opera- !
tinn inside of one year.
Mrs. H. M. Karrher and children re-1
turned home yesterday from a visit to
friends in Miltonshurg. O.
B. F. Rumble leaves to-morrow on
a business trip to the East.
Jesse McLure. of Mannington. is
spending Sunday as the guest of his
parents here.
It is rumored that some of the extra 1
guard? at the penitentiary will not |
j make such eood time as they have in j
the past. There are three men on the;
extra list, and the way things are run J
now one man gets the best of th.e situ- j
atlon. which, of course, does not pleas* ;
I the other two. It is not thought that |
l the institution can keep this many men
I on the list and let them make much I
I time, so it is more than probable that j
\ a few changes will be made in the |
1 near future.
The brick work of the new resi- |
j dence of C. C. Mathews, located on
I Seventh street. Is about completed.
The building is to he a very fine one
and will have all the latest improve
I meets.
Hallock Bros, are still rushing the
work of building the addition at the
I penitentiary. Very large stones im
I ported from their quarry in Ohio are
i received here dailv and several teams
j are employed hauling them to the above
j institution. The entire job is to be
I completed about the firri of December.
I The same firm will likely build the
j new bridge to span Little Grave creek
I for the Ohio River railroad.
Miss Anna Griffith leaves this week j
or a visit to friends in Ohio.
The Parish Institute restaurant will j
I change hands on next Wednesday. ]
i Charles Earlev. the nresent manager j
of it. retiring, and Rev.B. M. Spurr i
! will take charge. Mr. Earley has es- |
tablished a good trade at the above j
institution and made the place very
popular. Cnder Mr. Spurr's manage
ment the business will be conducted
as well as in the past and probably in I
» 4
the near future a man will be selected j
to attend to this department.
Applications for the clerkship at the ;
postoffice are still being received by :
Mr. Linch. About* 100 people are at-1
ter the place now and it is hard to tell J
how many more will be announced )
The funeral of Mrs. Wm. McQinty |
took place yesterday, her remains be- j
ing laid at rest at Wood Hill cemetery.
The deceased leaves a husband and •
several children to mourn her loss.
Risinger's planing mill has been ;
closed down on account of a shortage i
of fuel. It is said a supply of coal will |
be received in a few days and the plant
will resume operations again.
Special to the Register.
Sistersville, W. Va.. August 28.
There is but little question in the j
minds of the talent and o her smaller
operators that the opportunities offer
ed by the Elk Fork pool are not as
promising now as it has been since it s J
discover}* some six months ago. An- j
other thing that is a great drawback ;
to the development of the many pools j
or promising sections of territory is the ;
low price paid for the production of j
this industry. For the past month the i
price of oil produced in this State has
remained in the 71 cent notch, and the
prospect of an increase is not worth
predicting, notwithstanding the fact
that there is a greater demand for pe
troleum in it’s crude state now than
has existed for some time, and the op
erators are not hurting themselves de
veloping new territory, while the price
of oil remains where it is. They arp
only keeping up with their neighbors
where they are being crowded into it.
except in a few cases where several par
ties have leases that require develop
ment, and others are doing it to define
the territory in hopes of stopping work
on the outside, for it is a noteworthy
fact that in this business it is impera
tive that one must keep up with his
neighbor or be the los°r thereby.
At the beginning of the week two ;
big gushers were brought in to start t
off the week with, which, however,
does not define any territory or bear
with much importance upon adjoining
They were the Farrell and
Asher wells, belonging to Trpat &
Crawford, which started off at the rate
of 35 and 30 barrels, rrspegtively. and
which have fallen off but very little
since their advent. The wells are sit- j
uated in undefined territory and are of i
not rnueh importance except to increase
the production of that already celebra
ted field. The output of this one pool
Is now near the 10.000 barrel mark.
The burning of the pump station at
Ankrom’s. which handled the output
of th!3 field, lias neen a ratner serious
drawback to the work under headway
out there, for the pijte line company
requested them to stop all work that
possibly could he suspended in order
to allow them to get another set of
machinery in place and in working or
der. and consequently lots of wheels
which were nearing the pay and which
would have been ready to drill in this
week had to be deferred to await the
pleasure of the pipe line company.
Some of the talent have formed the
opinion that this pool has already been
defined, and giving as their opinion
the prediction the drilling In of the
well to the southeast of the Pipes farm
and the Atlas Oil Company’s light one
on the Pipes farm, in which there is
but little to encourage the development
of territory in that, direction. The
Permian well, along with one on the
Snider farm, have also caused the op
erators to stop and think. News re
ceived from out there to-day is to the
effect that the Doctor Oil Company's
No. 5 A. Keller is in ami a very small
producer. The other well heard from
is that of the Owl's Head Oil Compa
ny on the Snider compromise atrip,
which is another light well.
The most important test well now j
being drilled out in this territory is
that on the Travis farm, a mile and a
half northeast of old developments,
which if it comes in good will extend
the pool in that direction the distance
above mentioned, but if the reverse, it
will put a sure harrier in front of fu
ture work in this immediate direction.
All those interested out there are
watching this well with a little more
than the usual interest. Another very
important test well is he one being put
down on the Hill farm, southwest of
the Pipes farm, which if a duster will
put a stop to work in that section of
the field. These two wells along with
the one now drilling on ihe T. G. Haw
kins farm by Nichols & Go. arc of
great excitement an* mpan a great deal ,
to the extension of this famous lake of
golden grease.
The following work is now being
done !n the Klk Fork field:
Treat & Crawford are fishing at j
their No. 1 on the J. T. A. Hawkins
farm at a depth of about 1,800 feet.
Slow progress is being made owing to
the bad way in which the tools have
been caught.
The Pavonia Oi! Company are drill
inp at a depth of about 800 feet on the
John Fulmer farm, to the far east.
The Eastern Oil f’ompanv are now
precting a rig on th? F. F. Glen farm,
to the southeast of oil developments,
and will be ready to commence spud
ding bv Wednesday or Thursday.
The Havseed Oil Company are drill
ing at a depth of 1.100 feet at their
Tuttle No. 2. to the southeast of their
Lyman Wood* No l. right in the heart
of the first lot of producers drilled out
Henrv & McDonald report their No.
6 pipes'as making 28 barrels an hour.
This well was drilled in Friday morn
ing and. when drilled in it started of?
at the rate of 35 barrels an hour. As |
it is on a farm that has a number of j
peed producers hereon, it does not ma- j
reriallv extend any section of the
The same company are due with ;
their No. 10 on the same farm, but up
to time of writing nothing has been
heard from it.
W. E. Culp & Co., who purchased the I
Henry Oil Company’s Interest in the j
Williams farm, are due with their No. j
3 on this farm, but they failed to com
plete it last night, and it should be In
some time to-day.
The well being dri’led in on the I. G.
Hawkins fa-m is also due. It Is un
derstood thf t they are now drilling on
top of the 6and, and should nothing
happen they should be ab’e to com
plete by to-dav sure.
The well being drilled on the Travis
farm, a mile and a half ahead of devel
opments. should have been In ere this,
but owing to a delay it has been defer
red until some time to-day. It has j
been said that the parties- driling this |
well. MrGuffey & Co., knowing that .
options or a large amount of adjoin
ing territory exnirs shortly. h3ve de- j
ferred drilling in their test well until |
after this said option expires in hopes
of being able t^seeure some of it,
should their well prK»ve good.
The Argus Oil Company's No. 2, on
the El P. 9niderM*a£tt, should be fin
ished some time Sunday.
To the north of the \Elk Fork pool
the Spragg Oil Company have drilled
in their No. 4 J. M. Mayfield, and have
a good producer. This company has
lots of work going on up there in the
Conway field, and bare been very luc
ky with nearly all of fTiefr wells.
Quite a nice production is credited to
this pool.
Another pool that is at present at
tracting considerable attention is that
on Wilson run. over on the Ohio side
of the river, a short distance back from
the river. Several good producers
have been driled in over there recently
and many new locations hare been
made. The last well put down over
there, however, proves a duster and
was sunk on the Musser farm by Sam
Neely et al.
The latest strike to cause excitement
is the well drilled In on the Hughes
farm, at Flat Fork, Roane county,about
half way between Spencer and Jack
son, but to the southeast a distance of
twelve miles from the Ravens wood.
Spencer & Glenville Railway, and
about twenty miles from the Ripley
& Mill Creek Valley Railway, both
branches of the Ohio RiveT Railroad.
Tf other wells of the same capacity of
the above.towit 200 barrels.are brought
in up there, the amount of business ;
done by the railroad* and teamsters
Trill be enormous. Yesterdaav
the whole community of Ravenswood
and other towns along the line flock'd
to the well to see it. and much excite
ment prevails. The MeCalraot Oil
Company are the proprietors, and it is
predicted they will commence at once
two or three more wells. This well is
flowing natural and it's output can be
largely increased by putting it to work,
but owing fo the absence of a pipe line
they do not care to increase tt any
whatever, as they are compelled to
take care of it themselves. Trohahly
thev will put down a pipe line to the
railroad and flow Ihe oil into tank ears
furnished by the Standard, and in that
way keep it going.
There is a vast amount of territory
down there that can be developed, and j
that looks good now. as it is thought ,
that this pool lies in the dip. being a |
further extension of this and a.l other ;
pools to the southeast. A line drawn
across the nuip show's this well tight in
line with Sistereville and Wood county
producing territory, and it is possible
that all Intervening territory can he
developed with
The increase in work over m the i
Ben wood pool is noticeable, and the
leading operators over th^re. which are
the Henry and Fisher Oil Companhs,
are doing quite a lot of work there.
Business at Hebron and M i(,k is a.
most at a stand still.
ST MART'S. W. VA.. August CV-Th*
oil interest in the Immediate vicinity of
St Mary's Is growing weaker and weak
er every day and if there is not some
thing new in the development soon there
will be silence at least. Pumping w-ill
continue and royalty will be paid but tho
much esteemed rental will not be con
tinued in most cases.
.Mr. G. W. King commenced sp»ldlng
on the J. R. Smith farm for R. G. <'aid
well on Thursday. When this well Is
completed the tools will be taken to an
other field for use there.
Smith & McMullen commenced No. 3 on
tho Cain farm in the French Creek field
Carter and company have completed a
rig on the land of the Smith heirs on
Sugar Creek this week and will start the
drill as soon as the machinery can be
The well on the DeBolt farm will he
due in the sand Monday next.
W. A. Wharton has the machinery
placed ready for work on the Wagoner
farm on Sugar t’reok and will commence
the first of the week to drill.
The Barnsdall oil Company have haulkd
everything to ther location on the R. A.
C.orrell farm and will commence work I
preparatory to starting the drill imme
The Mallory’ Bros, got a good flow of
gas on Whisky Run In the maxim sand
hut will case it off and go to the Big In
jun sand.
Captain Rowe has commenced work on I
Sheets Bun on the Peter Lee farm for
merly the property of the Hock fill ' om
pany. This well la notheast of the a. A.
Stfw.trt on the Dve farm.
Messrs. K. W. Frink and Newton Og
den spent some ..tut a few days ago In
the oil field baek of Wevcrly In the Big
Run section and adjoining territory
Mr. Frink took some valuable bases
while on this trip.
He will get the necessary machinery
and commence work on pome leaves in
the near future.
Col. J. F. Thompson sold his Interest in
oil business here to his partners. Messrs.
Smith and McMullen.
Special to the Register.
Sistersville. W. Va., August 28.
Shortly after Henry & McDonald drill
ed in their Pipe No. 10 it caught fire
in some unknown manner and spread
to Henderson No. 1. on the Snider 15
acre tract, burning the flow tank at
the Pipes well, which was full of oil. I
along with the derrick at l>oth places,
entailing a los3 of several thousand (
Fine Bicycle Timing Watches, wdth .
minute register, at $7.00.
Smith and Bundy R*torn for a New
Washington. D. C., August 2S.—On
Wednesday next the two colored boys :
appointed to cadetships at Annapolis '
will report for examination, and a de
cided sensation is expect#*! for the
navy, if by chance they should be sue
cessful. John W. Smith, who hails ■
from Chicago, failed on the entrance- 1
[nation !ut Mtjr, bat ha*
reappointed, and after a summer de
voted to hard study it will not be sur
prising is he enters.
The other boy, Richard C. Bundy, is j
from Cincinnati, and reports are to the
effect that h* is a bright lad and should
pass the examinations without trouble. }
If these boys are admitted they will
at once be quartered on the receiving
ship Santee, along with thoee cadets
admitted in May and their colleague*,
in the examination next week
There they will be cared for until
October 1. wTim the academic year be
gins. Then they will be put on their
mettle, and If they fail to make the
required p#*rcentage may be dismissed
on the semi-annual examinations in
Just now the navy is much exercised
over the possibilities of having two j
colored cadets at Annapolis, and trou
ble is expected to follow If these young I
men become members of the present
fourth class.
Roast Veal Lunch and Grand Con
cert at Morgan’s Saloon. 1C2 Sixteenth
street, Monday night.
In Dawson City—"Can’t give you noth
ing: but straight whiskey, friend," said th*
barkeeper to the Klondiker. "All the
soft drinks Is froze hard."—Indianapolis
Woman's Way.—"So. after they had
fought for her. she married the man who
go; whipped, did she?"
“Yea. She reasoned that a man who
would tight a man who could whip him
must be a braver man than a man who
fought a man he could whip.”—Cincinna
ti Enquirer.
Just Indignation.—Proprietor.—How did
that lady happen to get so badly hurt at
the bargain counter just now?
Floor Walker—She stopped to buy some
thing and the rest of the women mobbed
her.—Detrok Journal.
Myrtle—They say that you made a regu
lar fool of Algy Piersons a; the Island!
last week.
Maud—No. you are wrong. I migfy havg
done It but for one thing.
Myrtle— What wa* that?
Maud—Somebody had finished the Job be
fore I got hold of him.—Cleveland Leader*
"What Is money?" asked tho philosoph
ical boarder, musingly.
"Money," said the • cynieal boarler,
promptly, "is what your rich relative!
don't leave you.”—Tuck.
Mm. Jason—I see old S! Howeller hat
h.ad his hair cut short. Out lookin' ter
another wife. 1 guess.
Mr. Jason—Oh? “in time of peace pro
parin' fer war," ah?— Indianapolis Journal.
Reporter-Are you willing to tell mo
your story?
Convict—Yes: hut I'm not at liberty.
New York Truth.
Cautious.—The Anarchist—What we aim
at is the abolition of all law—
Wayworn Watson—That ain't so bad.
*' and the substitution of Individual efJ
"Say. friend, before we go any furder,*
how much effort ?"—Cincinnati Enquirer.
"I can't make out.” said Willie Wish-<
lngton. "whether Miss Pe Jduhr Is prud-«
lch or nn rely ungrammatical."
"What did she ray?"
"Sh>- said she never enjoyed surf-bath-,
Ing: that somehow, she couldn't get ac-'
costumed to It."—Washington Star.
"You are not up In political economy.
said Hobly to hi- wife, "A demand al
ways creates a supply,”
Then he called for a stimulant wdien
Mrs. Hobly demanded fh*) for a new dross.
—Detroit Free Press.
Grain, Provisions, Stocks 4 Cotton
l"L"t Market Stmt. Wheeling. W. Va.
Direct private wire* to tho Chiracs
Board of Trade and the New Y<1hk Stork
Exchange. ov« r which w e receive contin
uous markets and the latest news.
Bong Distance Telephone ??5.
NEW YORK. August 2.V -Stu. kr -Quo*
tatlons doted bid:
Atchison .K.%
Atchison preferred ..1%
i i 11 more and Ohio . . U »,
Canadian Partite .7.’%
Canada Southern .V>%
<'< ntral Pacific. I j
Clnsapeake and Ohio .2. %
Chicago and Alton .]»’«
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy .:*4%
Chit ago and Northwestern ... ...... -
Chicago and Northwestern prefer?
Chicago and Great Western .
Delaware and Hudson .
Delaware. Ltrkaw.inmt and West!
t (now) .
Erie flr^t preferred .
Fort Wayne.
II" king Valley .
Illinois Central .104>i/
Lnke Erie and Western .. 1H
Lake Erie and Western preferred ... 7t
Lake Short' .174
Louisville and Nashville .tit-'<9
Manhattan L .10.
Metrpoolltan Traction .121%
Mlchtjgn t’entral .lot.
Mlss'^Jrl Pacliic .tt%
Mo bite and Ohio .. >»
Npet Jersey Central . 'A
Nrw York Central .104%
Northern Pacific .17%
Northern Pacific preferred .
Pittsburg .....147
Reading .24%
Rock Island .9o%
St. Raul .#i%
St. Raul preferred . 11.1%
Southern Pacific .2n%
Southern Railway . —. 11%
Southern Railway preferred .84%
Texas and Pacific . 14%
t'nlon Pacific ..s. 17%
Wabash t
Wabash preferred .20%
Wheeling and LtlC- Erie . 2%
Wheeling and l.akA Erie preferred.... 11%
Adams Express ....v...Ik'.
American Express . 11.'.%
1'nited States Express .. 41
Wells-Fargo Express :.10«
American Cotton 011 1. 2"%
American fotton Oil preferred .74
American Tobacco .*.91%
American Tobacco preferred .Ill
Chicago Gatt . 102%
General Electric . 1.37%
Ola Steal .•
Lead .Zt%
Lead preferred . 1<M%
National Linseed oil . 21
I'a.-lflt- Mall . 73%
Pullman Palace .174%
Silver Ct rtlflc.it. s ...62
Sugar .,...14s%
.Sugar preferred .:...11.*%
Tennessee Coal and Iron .29%
I'nlted States leather . L. 9%
Pnited States Leather preferred . 1.
Pelted State's Rubber .. .V. 17* t
I’r.lted States Rubber preferred 47
Western t’nion . 9J%
Cholor . 70
Crown Point . 3o
Consolldat«d California and Vlrglr.ta 11.
Dta t wood .. ...... . |K
Gould and Curry .
Hale and Norcross .
Homee'ake ...I
Iron Sliver ....
Mexican .
Ontario .....
Ophlr .
Plymouth .
Quicksilver .
Quicksilver preferred ..
Sierra Nevada ..
Standard ...
I’nlon Consolidated . ..
Ji low J*' ket ..
Far*:# Hr rn ' h* M»rk«t *tre»» nroit'
fir-.. U...;*\r if '4 .o'atp.r.* f
r* Of lf;Kk' 'PI
wh'Ht- sitt n
u, [,. r*4<1( *>1 | JC
. . .
fXV. gjv » ) -rH
P‘glp .... % 77»-a, »® | I«?W ITS
S»*p.4 7i 4 TTAfcj 4 72'^, 4 i f
flhort Riba—
B*-p. .... 5 ® I 5 ® I S 5 14
||EDMAN & CO. i
Geaen! Micliia!stJ til lioalietrari P
TAKI-.'r\V> cKANTUv- WjiB.
That torpid liver r.eeda renovating
cure your c»adarnt. dizxineaa and bllioua- j
Iraaults and taka V
no ether. They are purely vegetable. easy 1
to take and ;.>sttant in their action. _ !
Bole Agenu. i VK

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