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STThere will be four candidates for governor at
the (tiauiag election in Massachusetts.
Hiatt Dajmois Claiukd.?The Louisville
Courier understands that ilr. Ambreuster, whose
brewery was destroyed during the mob scenes of the
6th or August, has brought'suit against Mayor
Borbee, laying damages at $23,000.
; 5T?*???Soicips?MissClaiallaskins, a young
lady residing afew miles from Natchez, Miss., on
the eve of ber rn.rri.ge?some lwo bou? yjg -
the time for the ceremony?was found dead in her
chamber,on the~2nd ulL After being dressed by
her bridesmaids, she requested tbem to retire for a
Short lime, an-1 when they returned they found her
lying lifeless import her couch, urilh;au empty vial
?f 'prussie acid* stilt clasped in her haud. The
tragedy created a great-excitement in the vicinity
of iU occurrence, a,.d it is believed that she thus
?ought dealt), by her own hand, rather .than wed
the man her parenls had deterimncd she should es
pouse. She possessed a highly cultivated mind
and many lettable qualities, the consciousness of
^hich renders her .late doubly mournful to her
A Suspected Spy in the Camp.
The sudden alarm and turn-out of the several
division*in fiont on the night of the 17th arose
from an order given by Lieutenaut-General Sir
William Cudnnglon. commanding the light divis
len, to sound the "assembly" The following is
given as the explanation: Suspicion was excite,1
io,.tnCsrta'" Pe.rs0" nt 006 the canteens of ihe
Ktd Regiment. in the fourth division,3was.a spy.
He was a friend of Ihe proprietor of the ca'nteeu.
Some soldiers determined to arrest the stranger
for the purpose or bringing him before the proper
authorities and submitting him to examination;
bill, having discovered their intentions, the man
suddenly decamped. A chase ensued. A few
soldiers only followed at first, but others hearing
?. the cry of "A spy escaping." quickly joined, and
in a short time a considerable number were in pur
. suit- l'he fugitive benl his course towanls the
left ravine, along which the WoronzoO" road leads
directly into Sebastopol, byway of the South
Harbor. General Codringtou was near Ihe upper
part ofthe ravine whan the crowd passed by, und
finding a body of men were thus ruuning towards
the enemy's position, and fearing some mischief
might ensue, adopted the only available expedi
ent for at once bringing them back to camp. A
bugler?one being in attendance on the General,
ready forauy emergency?was ordered to sound
the assembly, which was at once repeated by the
regiments or the light division, and soon taken up
by the regiments of Ihe second and fourth divis
ions, encamped next to it. The alarm at once
brought the soldiers back to their respective leei
mentst but. before llie bugle sounds had been
heard, they had already secured the object oflheir
chase, and were leading him back to camp.
Some time a^o. a soldier or the 44th regiment, a
Pole by binli. Inhumed against the kerper of Ihe
canteen alluded |? alK?v?-, that he laid r.mnerly
known bun to be employed in the Russian seciet
service at Warsaw, and that he suspected linn to
be engaged nt present as a spy. The charae was
investigated, by a board of officers, but no conclu
sive evidence to support il could be adduced; and
as the canteen man had wrilen testimonials iu his
favor, and proofs of long r-sidence ut I'era, theie
was not supposed to be sufficient ground for his
dismissal from camp. lie has, therefore, remained
pursuing his usual avocation, though not without
a certain amount of suspiciou that he was carry
logon a communication with the enemy,
The soldier himself did not escape without ex
citing, in the minds of some persons, doubts as
to Ihe honesty of bis inteniiocs. Certain parts of
his evidenceagainst tbecanteen man appeared verv
contradictory. He was known lospeak the Russian
and bermcu languages; and itdid not appearsalis
factory, that with such attainments lie should
cbooes to enlist as a private soldier, when so many
oilier opportunities or employing his talents and
lnlorraalion with more advantage were open to
him. He alleged that he had entered the anny as
o means of employment, and from liking the ser
vice. It appeared that he had done his duty well
since he had been with the reeiment; no one had
previously mistrusted him ; and he therefore left
the investigation without any accusation appear
ing against bim. that he had been influenced by
other then honest motives, in bringing forward the
charge which led totbe inquiry. He still persist
ed lotsserting, after the charge was dismissed,
?lthera|,teen keeper was a spy iu disguise.?
Til* Reign or Art.?In this wonderful nge, nrt
lays her master touches on almost every thing. The
ceilings over us ami the carpets we (read on, tire
hallowed by art. Art winds the railway through
the mountains ami the mud: makes her machines
or wood and iron to act as if with knowledge, and
aunihilates space with lightning tamed down to the
tuteledge of a boy. Nothing is too lofty fur her
touch and nothing too humble. A new proof of
this old conviction, has Just fallen under our no
tire, in the shape of a Cathartic Pill, from the
larboratory of that world renouned chemist Dr. J. C.
If we understand thesubject, he has carried that
article to the farthest perfection of which it is ca
pable. tnsteadof empkying drugs in its compo
sition, as we have always thought the necessnry
anil only way, he has with consummate skill ex
tracted thenirtue* of the medicihe to be employ
ed and combined them alone in their purity to
gether. The composition is then mixed and rolled
b> machinery and steam power into a spheroid pill
which is wiapped in an envelop of gelatine, for
protection from the effects of weather or time, and
then thickly coated with sugar, to serve as i s
passport over the palate. Notwithstanding all
this laboied perfection they are offered to tin; pub
lic at lest than onecent each. However humble
in the department, we think this may safely be
characterized as the consumption of art in its line.
?'Morning Netdm, Bolt.
Fall of Sebastopol.
By the Steamer Haikla|tw itt IVevr York.
The London Post says the English loss in the as
sault on the Redan was five to ?ix hundred kill
ed, and fourteen hundred wounded, including one
hundred and forty-one officers.
The Moiiileur says that up to the morning of
thelltb, 4,500 wounded, includiug 240 officers,
had gone to the ambulances. The number of dead
was not ascertained, but "it is probably short of
. : 3,000.
The Paris correspondent of the London Times
writes that five French generals were killed, be
tide ten superior officer?.
It is also affirmed that Generals McMahon and
Trocher have died from the effects of wounds,
and that Gen. Bosquet iseither killed or wounded.
Patis correspondence says Pelissier has tele
graphed for instructions in cafe GortscbakotT
should ask to capitulate. The reply, as reported,
is in substance, that the Russians must surrender
at discretion, lay down their arms, and give up all
the fortified places in the Crimea, beside Odessa
and til their munitions of war. without doing any
previuus damage thereto. But Gortscb&koff has
not yet asked for terms.
The following telegraphic dispatches were re
ceived subsequently to theaailmg of the Washing
Vice Admiral Bruat telegraphed:
CwMss.Sept. 10?11 P. JI.
'? I inspected to-day Sebastopol and its| lines of
defence-. The mind cannot form an exact picture .
of our victory; the full extebtofit can only be un
derstood by an examination of the place'itself.?
The multiplicity of works of defence and the ma
terial means bpplied thereto, exceed by faranv
- thingseen inthehistory ofthe war. The capture
oftheHslakoff has placed in the handsof the
Allies a Jargp amount of material and immense es
- tablishments, the importance of which it is impos
sible to siale exactly: To-morrow the Allied
troop* wilt occupy the. Karahelnaia and the town,
and under their protection an Anglo French Com; <
motion will bo occupied with risking out a re
turn of tha material abandoned to us bV IhB ene
.?.imy. The uultalion of our soldiers is very great.
def of bis fleet NotMngnow remtms .floS:
aaHt??*iss^v,*, '
I The Pari* Correspondent of the<TiISes la
I reported that 23,000 men hare embarked at llalak
lava for tbeNonfi 6f Sebastopoljalso th?t the Ru?
tiansarein full.retreat toward Perekop.
be ?"? D'k"* contains an editorial article.
SSEtiSiSiP^K whtlhet Sebastopol is ten
I r t 'J , ?' wh,le ,he Russians are masters
of toe the forts on the North side, fronting the sea
I and asserts that the town is quite tenable, the
supersuing the n??Si.y
nmh,hJl 6 .-harbor- Tbe K,,ssi>n a"?y wi?
I .. antmae m observation within their
BgC pont'ous until the Allies make some move
I inent?hence all speculation as to the plan of the
campaign must be purely imaginary.
|imes suggests Hie celebration or a day or
Seb?topot|l"lal"KiVlnS ?" ,ocount of tbe -,a" ?f
- tt is rumoreil in the clubs to day that the Allies
founds l,200guns within tbe lines or Sebastopol,
and also that the Russians are falling back upon
I ^a ihl Sfri?- but the reports from Paris ate to
the effect that Prince Oortschakoff will certainly
hold the Nurt side of Sebntopol to the last extreih
!?> .. ? tlle 8:1 me source we learn that the Al
| lied admirals have sent a dispatch stating that it
is not expedient to enter the harbor of Sebastopol
I until PurtConstantine shall have been silenced. It
is conjectured that the Allies will attack PottCon
stanunefrom Port Alexander and Aitilliry Bay.
Tur Erreer or thi VicToar.?Pelissier has
been created a Marshal of France, and Paris has
been completely illuminated on account of the
I victory.
I A grand national 7Y Deum was celebrated. 111
I the C hurch o(Notre Dame, the Emperor attending
I in person. *
Queen Victoria has sent an addess of thanks to
I ?franny' aRd directs Gen. Simpson to congratulate
JIarshal Pelissier on his brilliant victory.
The London Times of September 12th, kays:?
?he first question which persents itself to our
| consideration, aftf-r we have given u'terance to
those feelings of exultation anil of gratitude which
the glorious termination of the siese of Sebastopol
excites at this moment throughout the empire, re
lates to the military consciences of this victurv,
and the stralegetical measures best calculated to
bring the campaign and the war to a speedy and
tri umjilia lit termination. A tremendous blow has
been struck at the military power and fame of
Kussia, and her naval poweis in the Black Sea
have been annihilated. The courage, the perse
ve re nee, and the iucessant labors of the allied
armies have already disposed or the arguments of
those who contended that Sebastopol wa* im
pregnable until it should be invested, and that tbe
Russian sold era were invincible within its re
doubts. It now appears from Admiral Bruit'
despatch that the mortar boats of boih squadrons
took part ill the attack, and threw shells against
the marine batteries, so that from the heights o:
Inkerman Jo Slreletzka Hay tbe whole fortress was
encompassed with a storra ot fire, and an enor
SeUworks. men ,aUlt| have bee" ?'
Nevertheless upon the final establishment of
" J,r'S'"n uf th? Ffen<'' ???y >n the
owcr- Prince Gorschakoll iustfntty
p|a? f?r i'
dgtrucuoii and evacuation of the town. All that
night the harbor was illuminated by the lurid glare
of burning ships, and from time to lime the ex
plosion of vast magazines rent asunder enormous
piles of masonry, while an all devouring confla
?ht i"" S.WTP1 ! lh,: 5COU0se Of (leaven over
the devastated city. Sebastopol has perished, like
Moscow, by the hands of'l.erdefenders, whie her
successful assailants witnessed the awful spectacle
unscathed Means of retreat had 3n a"urj5
by a long bridge of rafts across the great harbor,
r mnor!"anrt^hours .large m isses ol troops were
removed .y this passage to the northern side: but
at eight o clack Oil the morning of the Dili. this
?,TU"'7."?" i""18 slol,l>el1. H'e whole of the
works and town being then evacuated. If, ns ls
I S^M^h i u"r,uf thc It"ssia"S remained on the
bouth bank a.ter that lioui, they must eithet have
perished in the hre or fallen into the hands or the
heaiegers. About five hundred of the wounded!
we know, remained HI the Fort St. Paul, and fuc
them an armistice was asked, but, witb iheir ac
I customed indifference to the preservation or life
and property, the Russians were determined to
l lie position ot Prince GortschakofPs army, af
er the ma,.I body bad effected its retreat across
the harbor, was, indeed, as follows: His extreme
right, consisting of the corps most actively eueag
ed 111 the defence of the place, rests upon I he Se
entr'ThTl ?[ S:nr Kort' and ll0,d3 tbe strongly
entrenched positions on the North shore, where,
no doubt, considerable preparations have been
Belbek" 1*1 e!ner':enc>,? "? cctre cover, the
Belbek, and is protected in front by the field
Hii'lM "'V" "P "IOns therid?e?r inkermann.?
His left wing consists of Liprandi's corps, occu
pytngthe ground from Mackenzie's Farm to the
heights of Ailodor on the Bakshiserai road. No
attempt was made by the relieving army under Li
5i *!. fTh' a<i,version during the assault of
the 8th, and the severe defent or the 16th lugust
appears to have satisfied the enemy that the Mnes
I of the JTchernaya were not to be carried. But
the result oj the general assault and the occuna
tiooor the Southern side by the all'es emirelv
changed the positions of the combatants'and the
I objects of the campaign. Moa"?nis, anu the
The struggle fur llie possession-of Sebastopol is
at an end. That prize is in our hands, anil as llie
defence nf the fortress anil h?rbor was the grand
object of the Russians, they have'nothing lclt on
tliatside to contend lor. The mere occupation of
the north side of the port is a barren advantage;
for, thousli it might hold a garrison it cannot she)
ter a defeated army; and it is obvious that, after
the failnreof the main object, all the ability and
j Keneralship of the Russians will be required to
sn*e the main body of their forces in the Crimea
from destruction. We, therefore, infer that the
Northern forts wilt either be held for a lime by a
limited garrison, or more probably, abandoned, in
the hope of savins the amy. Never was an army
in a more critical position. (They are confined in
a peninsula which affords theiu no other fortified
position, no sustenance for troops, and no water
beyond a certain line.
The aeo, covered with hostile vessels/surrounds
three sides of this theatre of war, and the fourth
is separated front the Russian base of operations
by steppes and marshes. The allied armies al-pa
dy occupy strong positions at Eupatoria and Yeni
kale, which can be reinforced in few hours by sea
so as to threaten the Russians in their flank and
rear; and while it is impossible for the enemy to
hold his ground in the South of the Crimea?f..r
which, indeed, there is now no further object?to
retreat in this season across the country u a formt
dable undertaking, while the loss of a battle in
the open field would be absolute destruction. The
Russians are in a trap, from which the Tcliongar
road and the Isthmusof Perekmi are the only cs
cepe, and even there their communications may
possibly be intercepted.
No doubt, all these contingencies have been
foreseen; Prince GortscbakofTs plan of campaign
has long since been made; judging, therefore,
bum the accustomed tactics of the Russian army,
as well as from the extreme difficulty of his pres
ent position, we incline to the opinion that he will
adopt the course of a general and immediate re
treat. To bold the Crimen without Sebastopol,
and even after the harbor of Sebastopol itself hB9
been transformed by conquest into the base of
op* rations of the invading armies, would be a
bootless and an unprofitable task, and the danger
is greatly aggravated by the fact that the whole
body of the Allies, with unlimited means of naval
transport at their command, will shortly be at
liberty to advance upon any part of the peniusu
la which.is accessible from the coast.
These immediate consequences of their own
success in the siege operations must have been
consi'l 'ted by the allied Generals, and the moment
is now arrived when they may proceed to open
the campaign of which the reduction of Sebasto
pol was) he first preliminary. That field opera
tions of this nature have long been contemplated
by the allied government is obvious from the large
cavalry force they have continued to send to Ihe
Crimea. The British army alone can bring up
ward nf 3,000 sabres and lances into Ihe field, and
the French cavalry is still more numerous and im
patient of the inaction to which it has hitherto
been condemned. Bitberto the contest at the
Ciimea has been confined to one single object,
i nd with the exception of the action of the 20tli
of September, on.the Alma, and the flank march
to Balaklava, it has been a war without a single
tactical movement.
Gen. Pelissier has shown, in our humble opin
iou, very admirable military qualities since he
assumed the command, and has been ably suppor
ted by Gen. Simpson;.but the present state of af
fairs deserves to call forth abilities of a still high
er and more brilliant order. The Russian army
is probably not superior to the forces of the Allies
in resources'and supplies, as welt as in those
moral qualities which at once, constitute and en
hance (hejire?%r of victory. On every occasion
in which they have encountered the' euemr:in
this war?whether Turks, English, French cr Sar
d nians?the fortune Qf war has deserteU the Rus
sian Eagles. For them to advanee is impossible,
for the wholecoast.is guarded by1 the. enemy, ant
no Russian vessel floats on these waters, t x
East.has been "reduced to a bloodstained rain by
tbe liooju vbo wet? gladto escape with lifefiom
its burning walb.andthe question on wbich the
attention of Europe is now fixed is no longer the
fat?ofSebastopoI,but how is the Russian army to
escape from the. brime*,; or to maintain itself
theief We trust that no considrratibnswhatever
will prevent the allied Generals from giving tbe
most vigorous and immediate effect to the great
advantage they have won. Beyond the time abso
lutely tequired for the removal . of the wounded,
no armistice shonfl be conceded. To give the
campaign its full effect, its 'success must now be
rendered absolute anil complete.
Tbe Russians are a people who will deny to tbe
last that any advantage has been gained over
them, arid Prince Gorlscbakoff boasts in bis ac
count even of this sanguinary defeat that be was
extremely successful in cairying off his army.?
Fighting, as they are, in closed lists, without tbe
means of escape, the defeated Russian army should
be compelled to lay down its arms, or to fight a
&eneral action, which would crown Ihe series of
our successes by a still' more decisive victory.?
The peninsula itself is beseiged and wellnigh in
veslel by our ships and armies, and if the com
ma ml of a single road be lost, the whole line of
retreat, and the only line by which supplies and
communications can reach tbe Russians is gone.
Such we take to be tbe lelative position of the bel
ligerents in the Crimea, and, with the means "f
action at the disposal of the French and English
generals,.we have confident liopesof a glorious
From tbe London Advertiser. Sept. It.
We must not suppose, that because we are mas
ters of the south side of Sebastopol, our work is
dnne. On tbe contrary, tbe most arduous portion
of it yet remains to be accomplished. It is indeed
the opinion of most military men who have been
on the spot, that it will be almost impossible for
the allied troops to capture the northern part of Se
bastopol by means or a bombardment. Tliey af
firm that our only chance of taking the remaindar
of that powerful foit will be by having resourse
to an investment of the plsce, wbich they think,
now that we are in possession of the southern
side, qnite practicable. But this is a matter which
may be safely left in the ha nils of the allied Gene
rals. They will be the best judges of what ought
to be dune, and there cannot bea doubt that what
they deem best they will do. The blow which
Russia has received, in the capture of a portion
of the most formidable stronghold in the southern
part of her dominions, will be felt to be a very
heavy one. But we must not deceive ouiselves
by assuming that the fall of tbe southern side of
Sebastopol will terminate the war. Russia, doubt
less, will he >tunned and staggered by the blow;
but itwill nof prove fatal. She will sufficiently
recover from its effects to renew her warfare with
the Western Powers. For that we must be pre
pared. She must be punished yet more severely
before she will be brought to'her knee* to sue
humply and imploringly for peace. The allied
forces must, therefore, vigorously follow up the
advantai-es they have gained. The Czar must be
met and vanquished in other parts of his dominions
as well as in the Crimen. The Intter lies, indeed,
at the extremity of his empire. The war must be
brought, in earnest, nearer to the heart of Ins do
minions. It must be brought close to St. Peters
burg. if not 1o the very palace of that city. There
is no reason why itshuuld not be carried thilher
befor.e th:s time_. Let it be so now. Better late
than never. When the Czar hears the roar of our
cannon in the Imperial residence in St. Peters
burg, and sees Crons'.adt in ashes, then, and not
till then, will be fain .so prostrate himself at tbe
feet of Frauceand Gre-it Britain, and gladly and
gratefully accept of whatever terms of peace they
may be pleased to propose to him.
A telegraphic dispatch Tram St. Petersburg
states that the Czar intends leaving thereon the
the 131 h for Moscow. At Warsaw he will he at
tended by Count Nesselrode, who will, it is th..'t,
arrange an interview for him with the King of
Tbe Russian paper, ''The Brussels Nord." says
tbe resolution of Prince Gurtschakcff exhibits Ihe
energy of a great commander. It saves Russia
from an inextricable position into which a false
interpretation of a point of honor would have
thrust her. The Russian army concentrated north
of Sevastopol, will henceforth have that unity of
action and movement which until now it has
wanted. The Sevastopol of the South Is replaced
by the Sevastopol of the North?a formidable po
sition, bristling with innumerable guns, which a
compact ariny hencefowanl will defend. Impar
tial history will do Justice to Priuce Gorlsch.iknff.
who, by making a momentary sacrihce, and avoid
ing useless effusion of blood, has preserved for
Russiaau army trained lo war by a struggle of a
year's duration, and placed thatarmy in a posiliou
which enables him to command the position.
The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, through
the Voic- of her clergy, and in Ihe columns of the
press devoted to her interest, is just now straining
every nerve to stay the tide of emigration to the
United States. The Tuain Herald is instructed
to announce a progressive increase in the counter
current of home emigration, aud alleges that not a
week passes without witnessing the return of
some lew of the Celtic population. Tnejnunibcrs,
no doubt, are small, but great stress is l-id on the
influence they exertover the minds of their friends
by tbe dismal accounts they are said to furnish of
the state of social and religious life in the U. S.
The writer preceeds in this strain:
"Ilefore many years elapse, unless the tone of
American society becomes essentiaily alt* red, Irish
men who stl any value upon their salvation will
fly from contact with tis once boasted tree soil
with as much horror as they would shun the fieiy
pavement of the region of the damned. This is strong
language, but not stronger than we have heard not
many days ago from the lips of one of those return
ed emigrants. Liberty in the United States l.as
degenerated into the most profligate licentiousness
Thousands of our excited fellow countryraeu have
fallen, and are daily falling victims to the seduc
tive allurements of this licentious freedom from
moral restraints. There was a strange f?scinat;on
attracting poor Irishmen to American?it was the
boasted land of freedom and of plenty.
"Under no b tuner on earth would the exiled
Irish sooner enrol themselves, to live, fight, and
to die,tthau under the flag of the ??Stars and Stripes
I Bu all that will soon he changed. The fiendish
spirit of 'Know-Nothingism,' that is at piesent
startling Europe from its propriety by the fearful
I outrages perpetrated upon unoffending Irish Cath
olics in the and under the preietice of 'Nctivism
is nothing but the exp nent ol real hatred toward
G tholicity that exists and is deeply rooted in the
hearts of the great mass of American society.
TO I'llliMKKfi.
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FIV JK SilverMedal* and seven Diplomas
have been awarded to A DAMS for first data Daguerieo
types. A dams Co.'s Cattery is at tbe corner of Union
?nd Main sis. Strangeia are Invited to call, citizens o
coarse will do so. Pictures takeu as cheap as tbe cheap
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Church, in rear or Gkivks book arouir, Ckxtxk
Wukkuko.?Regular meetings ot tbe Brothel bood, third
Monday evening In each month. Llbraryand Reading
Room open every day from9 A.M. to9 P. M.
B, M. EOPP,Sec?y.
Relief Cokxittu.?J. B. Ford, J as. II. Stout and A.
N. Johnston, Ksqs. cplStf
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
THE co-partnership heretofore existing under tbe style
and firm of lloane 4- Cowgill was dissolved by inu.
lual constat, on the l3Ui day ot Maicb, ttiuu.
ag22 ' J. COWGILL.
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lO cnrboy.uumucAdd, lq store a?u for ?aJe by
1 spSS r. ' LAPGHLIW8 <fc. BUft?PlKL?.
10os.SiUciae, - fWSSW
1 10 os^ clUnlodiue, .
10 ox. lod Iron,
V. 206*T2up<illarpiI^
Just received by
" V<^r^tting Old!"
WeB, yoacan-tW T?r *10* **** you ma,
toep yonr .?i? Wte. !?>",* ?"??* -H", by -in*
Woods' Hair Restorative.
TbepUc.togetltU.ttka>?P <*r?erStore of
where yoa will find everythingdesirable in the tofl^ol
? lady or eeuUcnm*. * S
IOTA good article will always triumph o?er ?ny pre
tended Imitation. Uhi. beensaid thai"e?rycity is a
paradise of humbugsi^bat let ? r^tynjeritori^ arti
cle. cspebieof dolus .11 ttatU promised Tor U
s??d the test or any oppo?Uoo dependent ?pooiufli:ed
notoriety; ail Uo.UlUr>. WoiMcfc lrar ?"
ideuce ot this. tor U ha* been tthen h-id .of by the people
aad tried, and not ,o.?dw.?Uus in cmioj any case or
Dyspepsia, luany lonn. When the*, ftcu ?? known,
why should it not he srpieciated and n*ed by everybody.
For sale by drajgUU "d <>?>?? P"?"* everywhere,
GKEY. Red, or Kusty Hair Dyed instantly to a be-iutl
ful and ualural brown or blaefc, without the leeat injury
to Hair or Sktn>
Firraan Mid.u ?*? Diri.o*?? baTe been awarded to
Win A Kalcbelor since 1339, and ovi r SO,GO! app.lra
tiona have been nude to the Hair or hi a patrons of his
tunuusUre. F,eiudlceasalii.it lljins llie hair ami whis
ker* is unjust, as i t would be against covering ? bald head
with a vrlg.
W*. A. Hatch* lor'* H*ir Dra produces a color not
to be distinguished from nature* and Is warranto*! not to
injure iu the toast, however lous it msy be continued.
Made, sold or applied (in 9 private roo.iwj at the Wig
Cactory, 535 Bn?lw*Jt Y
Sold ill all cities and towiu or the .United Slates, by
DrucglstJ and Fancy t.'ood Dealers.
OTlie Geruirtfhisthe uaulo and address upon a^stcel
Plate eugraving on (bur sides of each bottle; of
233 Broadway. Sew York.
For sale who lesale end relail by
Will subdue the pain and inflammation froui the severest
bums or rcalds, in from one to twenty miuutes-and that
il wlU heal the wournls without scar? and effectually cure
Fever Sores?Piles?Salt-rheum?l inflammatory Rheuiui
llsro-Soreaud, lufUuied Eyes-CuLs-Wouuds-Cruises
?Old and Ulcerated Soies?Scald Head?corns and bull
ions? Erysipelas?spraius?Swellings?Felons?Sore nip
ples?chilblains?bites or lusects?Swelled and broken
breast?Eruptions?and all other Inflammatory and cuta
neous diseases, where the parts affected can be reached.
Dou't be Incredulous about the mauy diseates named to
be cured by ouly one tliins?but reflect, that the few, but
positive propertiss wh'icu the Dalley Salve alone contaius
and as' heretofore enumerated?one to Tour?can reach not
aloue the store-mentioned disease, but many more not
Query?Do not regular bred phyticiatv* fretcribecalomel
inwardly for score* of different di*ea*e*1
Each box of Gkxcikk Da.clky^ Paix Extractor has
upon it a Sleel Plate engraved Label with the signatuirs
of C. V. CLICKENEK At CO. proprietors, aud HEXKY
DALLEY, manu&cturer. All others a?e coiinterlcit ?
Price 25 cents per box.
tE5"All orders should be bd dressed to C. V. Clickencr
A: Co. SI Rarclay street. New York.
For sale by HuGHLlNS 4* BUSH PI ELD, Wheeling,
aud Druges ts ge?.e>a.ly throughout the U.S. spl3
You will do well
IF you have Dy*pepsia? Rheumatism?or are suffering
from General or Nervous Debility?to p rocure, at once,
a bottle or
No mcdiciue is so unversally and permanently popular.
T. II. LOGAN & Co.GenU Agents
8p20 Bridge Corner Drug Store.
AYER'S PILLS glide, sugar shod, over the palate, but
their energy although wrapped up, .is there, aud tells with
giant force on the v*ry foundations of disease. There'are
thousands or suflerers who would not wear their distem
pers ir they knew they cou'.d he ?cuied for 25c. Try Ay
ers Pills, and you will know it.
Purify the blood and di.eaae twill be starved out.
Cteinse the system rrom impurities aud you are cured
Take this best or all Purgatives, and Scrofula, Indi
gestion, weaknes*, headache, bick aclie. Side ache. Jaun
dice, Rheumatism, derangements of the Liver, Kidneys,
and bowels, all derangements and all diseases which a
purgative remedy cau reach fly before them like dai kuc*s
before the sun.
Reader, ir yoa are suffering from eny or the numerous
complaints they cure?suffer no more?the remedy lias
been provided tor you. and it is criminal to neglect it.
That Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in the best medicine for
Cough, is now well knovvu to the whole world, and that
Aycr'a Pi lit are the beat or all Pills, is known to those
who have usedltliem.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, Chemist, Lowell, Mass^
and sold by all Druggists' in Wheeling.
PriecSo cents per box?6 boxes for Si -
A. C. GOOD 4" Co, Wheeling
oc2 wholesale and retail agents.
Side and Skylight Arrangement.
Ltkeuesses taken with all the recent improvements,
without any unnatural whiteness or hair, or grey appear
ance on black dresses. Every styie 01 rases always on
Kooms, No 55 W oni oe st. near theCourt House,
bntft-ly WW. COWHRf.
WuV t- h.UAi.tN ?UM<iii( ant iikAi;i'n
One Hundredth Edition (500,000) 18mo. pp. 250.
A standard work of established, found clashed in the cat.
aloguesor the great Trade Rales ot New York, Phila
delphia. and other cities, and sold by the principal
booksellers In the United Statea.
Every woman can here discover, by comparing her
own-symptoms with those described, the uature; clwrac
tcr and cause of her compliant, and be spared much anx
ious and suffering, as well as the unpleasantness or mak
ing known to, or making iuquiryof,aphysicianin respect
to the numberless ailments to wnlcb she is subject. The
wife becoming a mother has often necd.of instruction a ud
advice In respect to her situation, which she will here
find. This book tells her what is the matter, and tells
her what to do for It, in simple but chaste woids, and
su:h as she ? r, understand.
Those suffering from obstructions or irregularities pe
culiar to the female system, or from prolapsus uteri (fell
ing of the womb,) or from fiuor alius, will each find in
Its pages the means or prevention, ameli oration, and te
Much distress or mind, as wen as thousands pecuniar!- j
ly, might be saved to every husband, !f the simplest laws
appertaining to the marriage state were better understood
1 hat they are not better uuderslood is traceable to that
natural and almost commendable sensitiveness that will
rather suffer than consult or cou verse with even a med
ical man in respect to complaiuU peculiar to the female
In a copy of "The Married -TFotmmV Prixate Medical
Companion," every feuia'e has a physicirn that knows
and describes her every symptom, reeling and ailment,
and which she can consult at all times without violence to
her seusitiveness'.
[Extractor a letter from a gentleman in Dayton, Ohio.]
Daytojt, Hay 1,1S47.
Da. A. AT. MAoarcsAo:?3/y Dear Sir?My wile has
been petceptiblysinking for some three yeais or more, in
conseqneuce'or great anguish and aufleriug some months
befOte and during confinement; every successive one more
and more debilitated and prostrated her, putiiug her lire
in imminent danger, and wBich was on the last occasion
despaired of. 1 supposed that thin state ol things was
iue viable, and resigned myself to meet the worst. 1
heard \ our book highly spoken of, as containing some
natters reachiug injr case. On its receipt and net usal I
cannot express to you tne relief it a Horded mr distressed
mind, -ml the joy It* pages Imparted to my. wife, on learn
; ing that the great discovery ot M. M. Desomeaux provi
ded a tem^dy. It opened a prospect to me which I little
conceived was possible, iiut lor this, ere another year
; would have passed over my bead, in all human probabill.
: ty hit wife would have been in her grave and my children
left motherless.
u-*-upou the receipt or One Dollar, "THE MARRIED
(mailed free) to any part or the United Slates; I he t'ena
das, and British Provinces. AU letters must be post*
paid, end addressed to Dr. A, M. MAURICE AU, box 1524
Jfew York city. Publishing Office, Ho. 120 Liberty st.,
Xew York.
Agents in Virginia.
J H Stephens, Wmrrenton?O C .sterling4- Co, Jhrruon.
lurgh?Wo Bleakmear and K C Holliday, MoundnilU?
Wilde 4- Bro, John Fisher, and J H Thompson, Wheeling
?Wm HoUiday, Martkmll C 22?Jacob 4-Smith. WeUebure
?pfaml A B Mauxy, Lewi*bxzrgh?Z A Karr,Cedar Grove
Millo?Vc A P Barnes, Cto-Wsrg-Dr K C; Williams,
ShepherdwtnaL , tep5tdaw3m .
" Soft Batt.
w e. uave also received a large assortment or soft bats,
or all colors, shapes and qualities, -which,trill be sold re
? spaa . . S. D. HARPRH BOX.
\ UR bpcade. ptald, striped and plain black Hllka, are
J ?? IMnlt, the cheapest In town. . ?< ;
*m W. 11. UOTTB *
Benefit of Mad* I*ouise Thielman.
Tuesday Evening, October 2a,
wUl be pieseated Shakspctres celebrated master-work
Macbeth'. Mr.C, Thielman
Lady Macbeth Mad. L. Tbieteman
VLolIa was a dtriins bnde, MIm Thielman
Paa De Deus
Tarabous Major Jig.......... Miss and Mr Milo.Thieliuan
"Lilly Dale,"..... ,.MU? Thielman
To conclude with the interesting and much admired
The I.enu of xx Lsrer.
Gertrude Mad. Thielmaif
PRICE OP ADMISSION-??ox, single ticket, 60 cents.
Ticket admitting sriiiienun aud lady, lo cts. Parquette
and Second Tier, Sue.
CVSeats can be secured by calling at the box office of
the Aiheueum Irom 9 to 12 o'clock, A. M , and ftorn - io
4, P.M.
03" For particulars aee hand bills.
ocg " C. THIKLEMAN, Manager.
A3COTHKK bit lot or Cambric, SwU?, IJmtrlck, litt
and elegant trinni>ed collars, cheaper than ever, Just
oi>?netl at
oc2 W. P. MOTT5 A- HHP'S.
W B have received a large slock or French, KnglishUnd
Anerican Printa, iu all the new designs which have coiue
out this season. -.J
0C2 "W. 1). MOtTB Sr HHP. i
Shirtings and Irish Linen.
WR have on band all the best makes of bleached shirt- !
ings aud lri?b Liueus that are sold .iu this couutty, aud j
at the lowest prices.
oca W. 1). MOTTK A' ?KO.
N'K w bonnets, and Elegant Ribbons to match, just re
ceived at
ocg W. P. MOTTK * HHP'S.
AN*/ person wishing to buy a Shawl cau find a good
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ocg W. ]) MOT I E A- HHP'S
Stock Full.
I7*VERV thing usually kept in a Dry Goods Store, can
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tbough'theit neighbors brag a good deal, they will not be
undersold bv any of them. Go and see. ocg
NO 7 Moure street, between Main ami Water streets,
have lately received from the East their usual supply
to which they invite the attention of those about supply
ing themselves with winter clothing, Ac. Arc. The goods
having been seltcicd with great care, and purchased at tlie
present low ntatket prices, we are enabled to oiler Cloth
ing lull leu per cent less tiutu other store* wintering
their o:d stocks, at higher rates; we are selling our entire
stock at the lowest possible prices, as follows*:
Rich black cloth dress coats irom S?lo
dc do over do $l0to$ld.
Pants and Vesta of all colors aud shades from S3 to
$10 each
The public are requesned lo give us a call before select*
ing elsewhere, thereby making a saving of full ten perct.
ou their purchases.
No. 7. Momoe street.
spgOtlw Wheeling, Va.
Miscellaneous Reading.
El LETCH HE'S Mudies on Slavery,
Whitney'* M italic Wealth ??r the Uui.ed States;
Saint Pierre's SludLai of Nature,
Lady Holland's Memoirs o! Rev. Sydney Sm{th;
Humboldt's Cesnios?in 4 vols.
Hurall's Memoirs aud Sermous,
lrviug's Sketch Book,
livings Knickerbocker.
Authou's Classical Dictionary,
A in& worth's Latin do
Ilackley'a Trigonometry,
Rudiments of Architecture,
Sloan's Carpenters Guide,
Crotchet aitd Knitting, etc, elc.
Just received aud Tor sale by
Masonic Works.
ROYAL Arch Text Book,
Masonic do by Cro?s,
Dove's do do
Masonic Chart,
Stewart's Free Mason's Manual, etc for sale bv
spg6 \V11,"K ?v brh.
Book-Kecpin g.
DUFF'S North Auiericau Accountant, part 1st;
do do do ;arlgd;
Complete eett- or blauks for tlie same,
Huff-s Calculations, etc. etc.
Students iu l?ook keeping will ffiud tlie abave a userul
course or study lor tht-ir*advautenieut.
Just received aud lot sale by
sf^) WILHE & HBO.
Valuable Real Estate
at Auction.
WILL sell lo the highest bidder, on Monday, Oct. 8,
1865, ?t g o'clock, P. M. at tlie front door of t?Pe court
house, lot No 'J2 CJay stieet, "Hast Wheeling?-lot No. 45,
l.ind^ay stieet, Ka*t Wheeling?two lots, Nov. dandG,
s?juaie*J, Market street, op|>o*ite Forsyth's waiehousc.
Also lot No 2, square22, ou Huincy street; on ftaid lot is a
two story brick house, stable. d:c.
Term* of Sale?One half cash, the balance in *ix months
?the puicliaser gi-ing note with approved security,bear
ing interest from day ol sale.
SP29 Auctioneer.
Celebrated Alleghenian Family
r> ESPECTFlf LLY announce to the citizen* of Wherl
\j inland vLiuity that they, will give three or llietr
Giuml Concerts on
Jflouday, Tuesday nwd Wednesday,
Oct. 1, and 3, 1853.
Consisting ol Hie
INFANT SAPPHO Little Anne Knesss
INFANT MAK10 LittleCUailea Kneass
mr. -M. c. mav, and
During the eyenirg will be Run* Knglish, Irish aud
Scotch I la 1 lads, Ethiopian Refraiuo<*nd i'omicalilic*
The inrant Sappho and Mario, the wonder ol the world,
in their'inimitable reading of the RIVAL LOVKRS, ar
ranged expressly for theui, intermingled with Dance aud
criKw-s open at7 o'clock, performance to commence
at a quarter before 8.
(ESTickets Filly cents.
sp28 J. T. D. KEATING.
New Brighton Normal Seminary
rriHK Winter Session or this Institution will open on
JL the 1st or November, 1825, aud will coutiuue five
cocks* S30,00
Instrumental Mu*ic..gS 00 j Painting A Drawing.. .S-l 0?*
Use or instrument 1 00 | Fire in sleeping room.. .2 uO
Vocal music (in claw).. I 00 | Washing, # dozen ..... 33
Ancient ami Modem Languages, each $4 00
The Seminary buildinss are tlarge, commodious anil
well vent lated. Tlie Ladies employed as Priucipals iu
the Preparatory, Advanced, Musical-and Ornamental He.
partments are all Graduates snd Professional Teacher*;
and the Koimal Department U undei the immediate su
pervision of Prof R. Curry A. n, late Principal of Alle
gheny connty Normal School.
Young Ladies who desirs to become Practical Teach
ers aud pay $25,* 0 per quarter, strictly in advance, for
board, room and light, will be entitled to Tuition (tee ol
Pupils and 1 each era board in the Seminary with the
families ofjtbe Principals.
For lunher particulars, see circulars, or address either
of the Priucipals.
REV. J. DAVIS, A. . .
gp28:3t K. CTRRV. A. M j Principals
Geo. E. Wick ham has on consignment 200 dozen
wool ball hose, which he will aell very low lor
| cash. , sp2o
Get the Best.
ALT. young persons should have a standard DICTION
AltY at tlieir elbows. A Ml while you am about if,
ret the best; that Dictionary is Noah WdiRtcr'i -
1 be great work unabridged. If you are ttoo poor, save
the amount rrom off your backs to put it into yout beads.
?Phrenology Journal.
??Dr. Webster's great work is the best Dictionary or
the English language." ?London Morning Chronicle.
?'This volume ??ust find its way into all our public snd |
private libraries, for it provides the Knglish student
with a ma88 or the most valuable information, widen he i
would in vain seek for elsewhere."?London LUcrary J
The very large and Increasing demand for this work I
affords the best possible evidence to the publuliiers that
it if> highly "acceptable to the gTeat body or the A merican
people "
Containing three time* the amount of matter of any other !
Knglish Dictionary compiled in.this couutry, or of any
Abridgement of tills work
Published by O. + C. MKRRJAM, Springfield, Maaa.,
and for sale by
sp27:lw 117 Main?t.
r?yoa want an Embroidered Sett, collar, sleeves^or
spencer, goto W. D. MOTTE& KRO'.N.and >ou will
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JUS1* receivedal w.li, Mul l b" Ot i)Uu'5?
French meitnoa, every shade;
6 4 each me res. vert cheaps
Co burg and Thibet dotba?bargains;
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"Plaid De beges?a new article.
And many other desirable Goods?we invite every* body
tocome andsee. .f .' ?y* r fjfirj.
g Juncnr, l^o. o, 1, 3 aud 4, and *lys lor sals
TTTT Wanted.
W. 8. WOOOSIDK. -rtS'' "? WOOUilO*
Baltimore. , ?
<C?-OUR Warebouae ia located 011 -one of tba Iracka of
the llalt! mono and Ohio JMlroad, by which -ejtpeuaaa or
dray*,* on cenaigiimeiiw ii avoided.
?|fflCtttKCI8? *
0. 0. Jtmleaon, Kaq, Pre?'t t>*nkoril?Ulmora.
H. Glbaob, Caahler ?? "
ll.Snrlez. K*q, " Merch'ta *
rr^rouj Cnas? Kaq. Caabr-Com & Par bk -Hall.
Mesa fa. HugU Jenkina 4 Oo, Uallinwre.
W. G. Harrison. K?i; - - ' ?" _ . ? D o
B. H Lalrobe, Kaq-. Chief Knjinccr R + OH H
Co. Baltimore.
j. B. Ford Esq, Agent B&ORH Co, Wlieellug.
Messrs. Foray lb* & Hopkihli, ')
S. Brady, Esq, Cashier,
1> lamb. Esq, **
Mai. Philip Barry, Agent B. & O. R R. Company,
.Mouiiilsviltc, Va.
Messrs. Jubii Wbarry.A Co, Moundsville, Va.
?? W. & C. Thompson, 44 .
M. Follock & Co, Sunfish, Ohio.
I) C. ronvenu Esq, Cashr?J{eiieavHle, Ohio.
John Feters, Esq, V *4 7*
G. H. Sprigs, Esq, ?? Fairmont, Va.
Messrs. O.Jackson, 41 "
septS?1 y
THUS ?poke a wise aud good man} but mark the
change! I*et tbe qjflicted bear mm, and then decide whe
Iber to sufleron or be nude whole. IV yrofeaiOHal vtcn,
With ruived hroltli hear.
Rev James W. H?.uuicutt, lite talented and Indepcnd
en> editor ol llwt highly popular and extensively read |>a
per, I he Christian Banner, published at Fredei .'ck?buig,
Va . in bin editorial ni il? lSth of May, iSio, thus speaks
of HamptonVrgctable Tincture:
"Some lime ago we merely alluded to Hampton'a Veg
etable Tincture, with a promise or noticing moic'pai Me
nially the gieat relief we liave ourseir derived Horn it*
use During our collegiate course, owing to sedentary
habits, we U-camequ te dyspeptic and were very much
troubled with vertigo. Fur more than twelve years attci
leaving college, we were laboring seriously under these
two afflictions. In the spring of 1833. our health became
so delicate Utdt it was' with great difficulty we could at
lend to the ordinary duties or our piofession. Evety
tiling we ate immediately turned acid} our digestive or.
gans became wholly deranged} losing as it seemed to usaU
ibeir activity aud vitality) we were constantly depiess
ed in spirit; our energy almost forsook us, aud nutting
but necessity urged us oil to ?ction.
??We had taken strong medicines, observed great par
ticuUrity in our diet, and all to in purpose. We bad de
spaired or over recovering our liealth wheu a renule
friend or ours importuned us to gel a buttle of Hampton's
VegetableTincture, assuring us thai we wo.ild find great
itlier from ils use. We briefly replied, 'we would not
give a dollar for all .the Tincture H. my ton ever made, so
larasourowu individual hca!t|i was concerned.* We
had uo laitli in k or any other medicine in effecting a cure
on us. In the kindness or her heart, however, without
consulting us about it, she sent aud got one bottle aud
urged us to accept or it, aud tor her sako, as It could not
imssibly injure us. to use it according to direction. For
the high regard we had lor her aud her act or kiuducss,
wc pioinited to do so And without liie leait exaggera
tion we can truly say that before we had used the coiiieut s
of one boitle we felt like a uew man.
??We used, consecutively, Irani ten to fifteen hottles.?
We were alraid to give it up, fearing our old disease!
might return Since theu, our digestive oigaus haue beei
uni'ormly correct, our head clear, aud so lai as oui la
bora, toils, liabilities, res, ousibtUtlev, and worldly caiei
will allow, our spirits have been b..uyaut, and we eai
just what we plea>-c, as much as we mease, and when wc
please?aud all is well. For tlie sake of the afflicted wc
make this statement, hoping that other*- may find thesarr
iciief liouiits use that we have. It slumld be keptli
every family. No family should be without Hampton'!
Vkujctablk Tjxctcrk.
Lawyer*, Doctor*, Danker*, Minuter*, in all the Depart
mciils ol Slate, Ladies and Geuileineu iu the higlieat
wuiks of lite, us well as Utobcjuovii.g iu the most humble
spheres, speak ol (he cuies ou theiuselves and Irieuds by
this woudei ful article.
In proof or what we say above, wc now refer you to
llnmpton'a Vegetable 'l inctui-e, and its el
t ects.
The wile of T. W. Yeakle, Grocer, *78. Pearl st., cured
or Rheumatism or eight years' standing} all other reme
dies lulled.
Win M. Oldham, (late of tbeCustom House,) dwelling
No 1*J6 Fine st, ol Dyspepsia, great debility, permanent!;
W. A. Schacffer, Esq, on: of the oldest magistrates and
most highly respectable citizens, cured of great weakness
and i colored to robust ?health.
Jarrel Plummet, 153 E Baltimore St.. suffered iiiteusely
6 years w?th hip disease uiid meicurlal rheujiutisin; cured
atter all other reincuies Tailed
Space will not j?ei uiit to i^ime hundreds of others, as
Geo. W. Goodrich. Capi. Thus. C.not, Kobt. Gault, Jus
Smyth, cured of riteumalism.
Join: Fervail, S. A. Griflin, Joliu Luke, Rev. V. Ksk
ridge, U. S. Navy, aud thousands others cured or Dyspep
si a, ScroTula, couyh, liver coiiipiauts, bronchitis. Saint
Vitus' Dauce, dec. We refer to our own citizens?call on
OCirDelicate females and children will please try it. It
cures coughs, bronchitis. Dyspepsia, Liver complaint,
Scroftjla, with deiangeincnta ol tlie system.
Call aud cet pamphfeis. gratis.
For sale by 'JP. 1ft. Lo^uh & Co., Wheeliug, geu
eral agents.
Sold by MORTIMER 4* MOWBRAY, !M0 Baltimoie st,
Ra'timore, and 301 Broadway, N Y
(Cj^Hriccgf i er bottle j^C
IOO bunheU sihip MutTj
20 ?? while corn meal}
1*0 ** yellow do
10 ? cooking apples.
For safe by 1. N. KELLER.
3rp3 Quincy sL
Corner or Penis and Kt, Clnir streets,
(Pittsburgh, Pa.
W. C. CONNELLY, Proprietor.
For which lite highest market piice will bc-palil.
*p17 _ OIU. A: CO
liALl'lMUut. ?>u. 1 Hcrrui^, ? lew bands m store
J > and lor sale low by
Hplo __ M. ft P,1 T.T.V
1/OX'S lyluciliull SUilCli: 'A: liuXex iccetved kicalll
; er 'City of Wheeling,' and lor sale by
spl5 M. RBILLY
ft HO REAMS Capai.il 1000 do Letter Paper?just re
?.JUU ceivcd from Eastern mills and Tor sule low to the .
Trsdr by LAMKDIN, GILBERnON 61 Co.;
spia Main, nrarQuincy st
BLEACHING Powders, Ultra Marine Alum, superior
Fouidinier Wires. Feting, Twine, French clay, so
da nsh, Pal soda, Screen Plates, bed Plates, Roll bars.
Knives, Rag-cutters, etc., furnished to order on short no
lice, by
Iconic pure Old Port Wine, lor medicinal purposes'
received and for sale by
sg!4 A. O GOOD Ar Co,
Fresh Oysters.
I AM nowprepaied to fill all orden Tor A. Fields Bal
timore Oysters, at my Depot, No. 8, Monroe St.
sgg&dlm A. BLISS, Acent.
I^NVBLofKS-2on m buff;
J 1?W m while;
100 m Embossed.
Fancy slid GiltEn vcloj>c*$
Bankers Case* and memoranda books;
Pattern Paper, for Tailors and a rchitects.
For sa'.e low by
spta , LAM BlHN,GlLt?KHSOX A- Co.
Icnt l obacco.?'-'0 blids. Uld Kentucky Leal lobs?
J co, for sale by
1n3l LOGAN. BAKKH Ar Co.
To tht Ladies.
WK have fins day received by Express, a few sets of
Houiton, Valencienes ard Maltese Lace Collars,
Sleeves and collarettes, In entirely new design, which
! are by far the most lisndsome of any we bav ever offered,
j Also, Silk Hosiery, vory heavy Embroidered, at prices
I ranging from ?1,50 to S6?00 a pair, and a few white crape
collars . sp!7 11K1SKELL At Co.
WOULD respectfully Inrorm their friends, and the
public generally; that they have opened a Grocery
Store at the corner of Market and Union strtets. in the
room recently occupied by W. G. Robertson. ivheretLey
intend to keep a full supply or FRESH FAMILY GRO
CERIES and will take plessuie in serving them out to
customer sat the very lowest nurkot rales
They will still carr on their S.eam Bakery, and are
read* to fill the orders of all their old friends, as well aa
new ones, for all the different kinds or Crackers and
Breads. apl9
, KGOS, &C.
splO No 180 market square
CI ASH for wooleu and cotton Rags.
Wanted?100 second-hand fl^ur barrels.
Wanted?Two hundred bushels Onions,
0 bbls. cream Tartar, for sale low by ? ?
1ft bbd?. pi iroe shoulders*
AO 16? obis super and extra Flour, vat ions brands;
40.-M superior Family Flour| *
iJS boxes extra cream cheese. .
1.41 ?roK? Hrown'a essence JamaicaOu ?sr, JusTTe
x celved by
spgS , LAUGHf.lNB dc HUSHF1BLT).
"I 50 yds. Plaid country Fianpelajust ree'd at
1 1*1 HglBKKLL<fc<?Q'i.
?} F$. Pelisse Flannels* just received at '
' ?" ? ??????'? i ii. j i
For Sale.
50 o..
1 '^^''^^PO^iiiyg^^rwrtpiKLP.
1 ea.li Wlm.rntr'd wh*lo Oite for Milo low. - ~i
1 ?p?? .LMmimtm Aunt
fkazier'6 pointful!, "with eight?
i*i*8<rtk>ttn??? ??? BOOU coai auawaier, ana is desirable u,
The Will h.s ? good reputation. l> allotted eleven uH
east or Wheeling, on ihe National ttoadand the l|PJ/.
field Railroad, ^be iiropori.Jrwll| tosoliloiiea>,v teiUl
K. H HUuoKl.li,
iqilS land and Real Katate Aient
Jletryhlll & Co.
-> . va
A. Butta' admin. an.1 IteuJ. F Sanborn, admin.
IN pursuance of a lleuree or tlie c'ncuit court loi ftj,;0
county, made at the Fall Tciui tail, and an anwi.,1^
decree made October. 1833, I will ou Saturday, the vi>i(l
day of October 1853, at tlie front doorol the court
atlO o'clock, i m aell the following pioperty, vist
Lola No. eight t$) and e even (II) iu aqua re sixteen (k>
in Ksst Wheeling.
APo, pai W of lota No. five (3)and (r.) on Ma n *tre t
ha vine a front on *a?d street 01 about 33 feci.
TXttNS Of AMLif.?Ten per rent, lo he pahl in ra,t
tlie balance w eight, sixteen and twenty- our mouti.fi uJ i
purchaser giving bonds with good security, ami iu Ulir.
ictailied until the UCT,
?p19,lt? < mutuiwloiier.
house and lot for sall ~~
T It K undersigned oltert lorsale lii? UuuMaiul uh,,
Market street, ea*t nido, between Muuine ami i m,,,
streets. Tbtiot 1*41 trei Hunt, wlth s good buck dirt.
Hue bouse anil out buildings
ll will be wild low mill on acroi,imixl?tli.s icrnii.
possesion given any time alter tbe lirsto: Octoliei. .1
D3~Knnulie ol .
M-pS ?> N XI MM Kl(
(j'ommisnioner's Sale.
T> V virlue ol a dcctee of tlie circuit court or Oblnrnun
Ij ty, euleied at tlie Spillifillttlll. IHio, In IIk
It bey ?? Walthewa va. Diakejy, Swwuey A Co , and Ki
Hier 4* Raliin vs. same defendants, Pwlll proMol tu tell?
on Moi.ilay Ihe 8lh ol October, ISM, at the hum di>? of
1 lie cnuit lioute or Ohio county?the rutlowm; naleMate,
to wilt i (one balO or lot No. 4 Clour) niMjinn- intmhemi
14 (li?orleen) on 4tli SI I ret, iu tbe cily ol Wbclmz, s
ol lot numbered l?;(oi? liundred and iucmi-iwu) u,,
John ureet insalil city) being Ho probity ul ?,diii.!,r
Ir. Till* l? ilealiable proneity lor rmilenres
Trrvua/SaU.?A ciedll or six. twelve nail .(jIUni,
monthii w ill lie given lor the puicUse money, the |.u.cUi
serening bowl* with appiovhd secuiily hearing mtrir.t
hum dale, and the title being letau.ed ill,111 Ike last |?,
nient is made. WM p. W1CKHA M,
aS90td t?betllfol Ohio county
THK undersigned, Kyeculoraof H10 iant will anil l?n
mont of Jonas Ciumbacfcer, decm-ed. will sell at public
auction at tbe honl d?ror ibe corn thou* Pi Obiu.,*,,
ly. Oil Saturday the 6th day of October, lftvs, Ihe loll,.,,
hie real eaiato, to wit: thenoutli ball of lot N n, t,, on 1 la
west tide ol Main street lutlie city or Wheel!,,,. l?,?;
311 fcet Iront. and extending back to the river. II,?? u.;;
ha. on it a larte ihtee sloi y biick dwellin* with IS ii.nu,i
besides tho diue sioie and office, will, gas aiidvy.i.t ru
tures and eoou oathousei. '1 he house is well lilted l?u
Doaidine houMSiid siKltliecary .hop, and the slan.l furf
Also, lot No. 17 ou Clay and1 With ttiaelaJn ISaat Wl?i.
log. 'Jills lot is vacant and very deaiimble lor bui.ihi5
P"S?"?K credit ol tlx. Iwelvt, a?d eiebteen nuiati
will be given on the purclisso tnonny, eyrept 10 perin
caab. Hi? purchaser*giving their nefotlable Hole., v?i:i
good el'-dorser, healing luteiest, and executing, icrt.
frust on tu. property ty secu^the pujcliajje.uiK:,^
?p4;td Kv^t uf J. OnililbarUer, drrM
Washington Rail Mill* in Market.]
CommtBBiouer'e and Tnurteo'B'Sale.
By virtia or a decree or lbs circuit court orOWnrno, L
ty, made at Iu >-piiug Term. 1KS&, I" Hie
itliey or Wattliewa va Drakeiv, Sweeney d-Co.. and hu F
nier & Kahm v*. Minw defemlanls, the uudeitkuedcoi,,
liil8>ioi?r appointed in said decree will ploceeu mi .t!?n
d.y the Sill Ua> ol uctolier, I8oa. at llie lio.it d.?.i 01 n.
court lioute ol Ohio county, to sell tbe propeil) atlarlrt
in aalil cairns and decreed 10 he sold, tuwllt i(k-imcir'l
or said ltiakrly and Geoige K. Atkinson 11, ami tu tlie i?
lowlng leal esi?ie,?ituate in the town or h'uutli W|teeUli|:,
lomierly Jtliclileuiwil, to wlu lots nnml*ird <J, 1, >,
1C 21,2a, 23and 24, In square I Sin South VMie.-liug) live,
tlx. eeven, eight, alxteen, tweuly-oiie, twenty? Iwji. t?r,
three and twenty tour In equate vlelitrtn 111 Miutti ? l,t*i
ill", and all tlie lools, fixtures and tieonnal piopi rti .?
eyeiydetcriplioti in ani! u|ion wld iireudaca, knu?, ? ,
the Washington it,ill., principally used lor inanuladui : I
1 ait 1 nail iron. Alsociai lut No 1 (>eveii), iriull wimk I
cuel ls supplied by loluvay dlrrclly Inln aarl mill
At the anuie:tirue and place Ihe umleisignedaa
under a deed of trust duly ncoidcd in Ohio count y cumt
will fell the Interest or the other ownera, ao that I lie |'in
chascr will acquire the lull U.le lo the whole ol this v?'.u
have been constructed at great coittii?l|
with much care, and there are lew mills 0? tlie couiii.fi
better adapted to the purpoae for which it was eittirJ.I
namely:to manutactuie rails lor railroads The h?atnwl
is very oesimhie, while tlie die pness of the fuel, to U-J
sold with the property, sdds to tlie inducements. lo i-u- l
cht >e. The growinguemaud lor American rails, thr
nessol tlie machinery, but recently constiuc eil* teuilnil
this most desirable as an investment to.canltaliaisar4
such an opportunity baa been lately otlcrcd. 1 heae uiiN
now produce irom'JO to 3) tona or JU|la |?er day, ami. tw
product could he much increased by ruunlrgtbe.null>_.i
tlieir full capacity Purchasers sic requested to exauuw
the mills lor tlieinselves.
Ten,it cf Sate.?Ojjc fouith ca h or approved paj*.,
with iuierttst, |?ayab'e in aixty da>*? at oi?e or the ? l?t
lug banks; one lourtb atone yea. j one fourth at two >??'?
and oielourthut three year* Imm the day or sale} ti?
puichaser giving bona with approved>ecuiUy, baaiW
inter*s irom Hie day or tsle, and the title being leUiwj
until tl? .a?t .uiy^olU^a... CAU)WKL^
ac29:td t ommlssior.cr and Trustfe. L
I Pittsburgh Journal copy oiice a week till day and lui|
ward bill to thia office to- ctiiecllon.
Trust Sale
STOCK, tic.
Bv virtue or certain deeda of trusl from Michael Swce
ney and wile to in)*seir, duly acknowlrdteil ami ie-,
coided in the clerk's ofnee or the county couit lording
coouty, Virginia, l shall, on Monday the 8th day ol Oci..
ber, I860, at 12 o'clock A M at the fronl dTjor 01 tlien.uf
house iu tbe city of Wheeling, expose fo sale by pul.1 ?
auction, all or the tollowing described teal eniate, 01..1
btidce 8?ock, and personal proi?rly, to wit: all ui l?"^
outline red 60, fit. 69, 63. 64, 65, 6C, 67, 6ft and ?0, viliult
ou the west side or Main atieet iu the Northern i?a? t???;
said city, and ou which is lotaled and erected thr late it?
ideoce ol a.id Michael Kwneney?consiueied the yciyj
l?e*t biiilt lesideoce within lliecity, with first ralexiab
lire,etc. Also, threehundied and ninety one sl?a?r??'
tlie capital stock of Ihe Wheeling and ileimoid l{?i?l;*
Company; and also the Jat? interest or raid, Mlcl.w)
Sweeney in and to the steamboat ??City of W
said interest beingatock therein taken by said Michar
Sweeney to tlie amount or $3,000?ol wblcii sum lie i^ul
iu about twenty two bundled dollar* luca'h -amJ n*
hale nee or said slock being nearly paid up out ur tbe earn
ings.ol the boat.
Term*of Salt.?For flie real estate?one-third <>t II*
pnrcltase money to be paid in cash, ami lite ie*idcncc?u
three equal payments at Mix, twelve ami eighteen mniitlix.
Willi interest irom the day of sale. The dcerrn! pat
iiients to be secured by a projier deed ol tiubt on tlie pie
Term# of Sal' for the lirldge Stock anil the Stock in
Steamboat?onc-fbi'd in cash and tlio residue in tvvorqujl
payments at three and sis muntlin, with Interest from tin
day ol ?ale?to be secured by negotiable notes wiUanti
dorser or endorsers approved by ni>selt
?ep5 ? Truatr;.
Trust Sale
BY vlrtuo of a deed of truVtfioru Alexander C. N?'
Khali to the undersigned, dsted the iSlli day of Ko-j
vembcr IfiW. and duly acknowledged and recorded in tu
clerk's ofllce of (lie county court for Ohio county, Vrr;i?
is, in IkkiK rolioTO, 1 shall on
Monday the 8th dny of October, 1853.
at II o'clock A. Al.,at tlie front door of the court house it
the city or Wheeling, Virginia, expose to sale by putorf
auctiou to the highest bidder, (ol number sixteen in >tjua'
number /ijvnfyimw, in the town or South Wheellrg,
Ohio county, Viiginta, formerly called KUchietoivn, t^
get her with all the irapioveinonts to said >ot belonging
i Tssms Cash. ALFICKU iJAI.DW Kl.l.,
SJ?7 Trufctft.
Trust Sale
RV virtue or a deed ol truat Irom Martha il. MaraWI
to the underalgned, dated IhelS'li day of Novpi i'
1RM, and duly acknowledged and locorded .In tbe ciok t
nIBte o. tbecounty court for Ohio county, "Virginia, >?
book 40 folio 71,4?.| I ahall on
monday T1IK8TII DAY Or OCTOBER. 1855,
at II o'clock A.M. at the Trout door of Ibecouri home"
tlie city of Wheeling. Virginia, exiioae to aale br i>ubl?
auction, to the highest bldOor, Lot numlier f/Ii" i>
square number 7l0cnf, mut lu Ihe town orKouth wan*
in, inOhlncounty, Virginia, formerly called HiUtjicUmi
to.oilier witli all the luiproveineiita to aald lot i
Trkmb Cash. ALPKKD C-tLUW HIA.
Ip7 T rmlrr
Trust Sale _
BY virtue or-a deed or trust from houls Hosenuii*11*
wile U>the underpinned, ?l*te<2 83d February. I^V
and duly recoided in the clerk's office ol,the cumd
court for Ohio couuly, Virginia, iu book 40, pake IH
shall on the
8tii day of octobch, 1865,
at 11 o'clock, A, M. at the front door or tjie court boinr"
the city or Wlicellng, expose tussle, by^ublic auction, "
the highest blddei, lot number live (6) ivt square fine?:
(161 in South Wheeling (torratrly Hitchfetowu). On n*
lot is a good brck house with dry cellar, good well ol
ter, etc. Sale yoti tire, term* cath.
spStds Wll.-S. irOSHOHN, Tru?t*_
John M. Clarke & Co.
l??l M'nrriiiat, mock, Vxckaagr Brolrr",
?ai igeMafar uunlwal liar
? - UerrraMcut. .
rpHE very hlghcat New .Vork market price will I* I"14
J lhr Land Wkrrsnla for the nest five years. WW"
evor they ahall have advanced heyond our laal quotalluiis
the verr higlieat New York Jnaikat piicra will be paid
on receipt of any bjr mall, ragardleaa or the former quo
Persons sending wafrantaby mail may rely on recall
ing at much aa lr they were personally preaant.'
Hlght dralin on any of the Northern or Southern clllf*
will be reraltied by return imili and wlien preferred,! w
?mount will be planed to their credit In one of u* l^e?
York Hanks, on whlchtliey can draw at llicday ar
ter remitting the warrants
Addreaa JOHN ty.CLARKK & Co.
WssUngtoucUy, 1>C.
Hon. John Wllion, Guumlsaloaer of th? General law
Hun. I, 1' Waldo, Commissioner ofPaiuloni.
Ca'Oiler Hank ol 'Virginia,-llicbmond. Va.
Caahler Farmera' Bank. do
C?ahler?(erehanU*od Wecbaulcs Bank, Parte"*"*
James Robb.llankeT, New Orleana.
PresideutExchangetlank, Pliiahnrgh. Pa.
Johnston. Urotheia d- Co, banker*. Jlaltinwi*
K.Jt. MaorJjA 00.,'baukem. Jtlchroonil, Va.
~h 4: Co.I^ja"i^jsTljwhoiirg, Va.

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