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et fiwucWftawnw
dressed to thePropi
letters cotiuteluj
pcr^sboulil be adore
wvi.lttauirbn one sic
tmf *ccar4. mor? j>
hau theymSebtotta
tmrat of the pat
Jointly,. or to el.
Tun CouKTif CuutT was mainly engaged in
hearing Appeal ca*? yesterday. ^
??? ? ., ?'
MoiTAUTT;-Tfce .rSal(? in New Tort, the
past week, numbered 355; a decrease of 4,.
t sUi^l03;^ii incteaiVqf !?>_ |? Philadelohia,
of ?r <? Baltimore, ?t a
decrease of $ from. the previous week.
; i ' ., r i ? '
Tire Marseille Bxprnisajr-that noble old
Grey BasJewasaoU at .Uw'Obio Slate Stu. for
".coo. ;? . .. .
Ma, G?i. VT. Putro,-., formerry Superintend
ent or the Central Ohio Batboad; has accepted
the proffered Soperintendaney of the Steuben
TiUeaod.IttdiajiaKoiid, aud-assumed theduties a!
hgsta... , ?
? Wi learnt that a brutal and mnrileroua assault
was made on a man ^med Patrick Mbtpbr about
10 o'clock a* Sunday night, as he was passing
along John stoet. h^r the East $&&&? Grave
Yard, lie was knocked down and tadly beaten
by h? assailants. who, U is supposed,: designed to
rob him of his.watch oi money. "
Cuuxrrarirra ox the Gum Bask.?It ap
pears that there is in extensive circulation through
out the e<Mtntry, a quantity of counterfeit ?2 bills
o:i this bank. The bank has never issued anvbill
of tliat denomination. The old bank, whosechar
tcr expired in 1845, had an issue of 2*s, but none
of them.are now in circulation, and were entirely
unlike these 2's
Gr??or? Euicrio.v.?An election took place on
Monday in the State of Georgia for Governor,
blate Legislature, and eight Representatives in
Congress,' The contest was between the Know
Nothings and Anti-KnowL Nothings. Garnet An
drews was the Know Nothing candidate for Gov
ernor. aiuX Hecichef Ba%the opposition candidate
forthe same office. . Our telegraphic dispatches,
as vet, are very unsatisfactory nsto the result.
T"* Att*oB**?*a ..pAM|t.T gjTe their last
concert at Wasfifngton Ball to-night; presenting a
vane<l entertainment, in which the favorite vocal
ists. Mrs. iV?ls<w K.v*?s? and , SIL? Ajsv Wkico,
Mr Niuos K.vuss, tfie composer and pianist, and
the little prudiiies. Infant Saito ami Infant Ma
a.o, will all appear in their beat pieces. It is
rarely that such a variety of" interesting entertain
nienlsis afToideil for 25 cental
Ine "htnmaxu MAciusn" JJa? Acajs. We
le:trn from Ch~ Cincinnati .Colombian that Wil
lum H. Ariison, who-was sentenced ' to be bune
for the murder of Isaac Allison and his wire, a
short time since, ami,to whom a new trial was
canted, was brought before Judge Van Ilamm, of
ihe Court of Common-Pleas. the demurrer ill the
case was sustained, and Ainson.1* plea of former
jeopardy overruled. Arrison plead not guilty,
and his trrat was ret fct The second Tuesday in
D-cemfrj.^ ^
l>sp??xcr.?We invite attention to the cards of
the ??Albeaaste firajnd llnriiie fiisurance Com
pany** (the chief office of which is in Charlottes
ville. Vs..) and the-- tynchbuVff Fire, Life and
Murine Insurance Company, for both of which
Mr. t?. C. Aajuei uiagenljin Wheeling. .Mr. A.
takes the place if Mr. Rankin, deceased, m the
agency of the latter institution, and persdrisirjsh
wg policies renewed, or having other > business
with IheCompauy, should call at the office. No.
39, Main street.
Aio fol No??ouk a*u fours booth.?The fol
lowing contributions for these suffering cities have
ken made in Kauawhc comity:
Amount conlnbued by citizens, S235
Ky Taylor. Division S. of T? 50
Previously sent by Odd Fellows# 30
We- Team that in the Salines the- amount
cuuuibuted by theS. orT. was 8100
'? " Citixeus, 125
Making a total of "3510
"Tnie Porky o? JIotio*."?A writer in the
Dubuque Tribune gets off the following opinions
relative to Sally St. Clair, a dancing woman who
iseshibiting her fair proportions awl astounding
teats to the enraptured Dubuqueera at fifty cents
"Her voluptuous form is the fittest setting for her
liiamoiul soul." "Inspiration, quivers down her
snow white arms, autl trembles oo her finger enili;
passion wrestles in hef shivering knees. and shud
ders through her tainting limbs. "Her soul flick
eis in every accent and looms up in every panto
mime." . . , .
1 h..i is eonstracted on tie New Tprfc models
j ;5t coat is vogue. The Si atlas* r Keeistei com
n:eniU the extracts quoted . to thexritics of the
Tribune and Times, as "speameas of - what the
TTfst can do, and as an earnest of what, she would
dosbould Rachel eomehctberward. ?
The N. T. Ttibae of Friday contains the fol
lowing paragraph!" "We learn that there is some
of tbe money in circulation io this cityr ?
A lellcxrapbic report of the failure of theGreens
buimish Bauk, Maryland, appeared in the inorn
"S l^liets. We understand that tbe bank has not
failw but that the Cashier having neglected to
?!*ebonds as required, the President directed the
?'Orrwpondeot1 of the bank irr Baltimore hot to
t'ay Ins drafts. Tim notes ate bought in Wall St.
before. !
The Cheapest and. Best
" WORLD!'" ?/ ,
Fifty Pilla for Twenty-Five Cants.
?iic EaiurMr$l,0?.
" O. HALS T ?> AD' S"
Axii-oysrEPTu; fills
? ILI. nH4c?? cm; "tuaulxus" ?k?kttmoi
the :o*Um?utg *ium*nmns ?
?udjwpxtu*!, ~Ttra<tifWr " ?; .< ? ?
KiiitMuucsa, Extreme nervoo*a^t*ff<m. ?
?icjdiiy, . ' p^lfrfjtnf j-trr irr TfrT * t
-x ol oppressionat thcAu incapacity ft?c tbcatight
i?.to< lite wonucb, ; eat1 extfrtftm/; ' 4;
*'*vre*xi4iuof soiiiu, Utauttesa audt Indistinctness
-ie-nuc**. ,?f Vfsiou,
' Jul iiiuiia aud Uuptes:>*iit.uaieiji the mouth
S ?"ihuesaof U*4t Limbvaodt parueaiCJly-wUeu rising In
^?OuiulLy ut reapftatiea, weisiit in the head* .
Vtu?H,f* , . Atemporerylo? of memory
Irritability, ; X wiarof Emptiaegs.
JirowaiBea^ teas fre^aevC ao* i^ore
i?niluy. feeble LiMumeuaf. - - ?
wn ieme Langsor and Es- Despondency,
Mwfion, . ?nJ ggfretne IV.
,!fc>?>evuieaa, ' ' "bittCy;
' o-.uveoes*. ? 2 * ?" is/"* ? *
principal Depot at. Z*
^BDT"Fet?a!e by Drugjinta evcrjwherajnJ .
^PKf CK?ce*t? fi?r a single box, or gl fijr five
Adam to tall a432h$p?t Oflkr-crt?M:r.opi??ite Mc
Luregoiar. wRereyoitwlft gad-til UwsomHof .bo.e
'?tttcr^thw; llwaeve lower ttan i?r other place U tkta
'?vJetiv-> ? 3 . ? R. H.TMtATWHi
N. I*. ;DOR-?E??S
'?Oak Hall.'*
.W.w,-^133 ir->?int?B Ommmt: ?>
' |1| A. *iSG tetuuied fcom the mamifacitsripg Establish
JUL mentsoi tDe East wiik * stock. Of boots sad Shoes,
compi iaiug all the varied styles foc.th* prexene and a?
, prottchin; ?cb?oo of txw, I w<wdd respectfully invito one
i*nd all fa? tall and rvanuncntiy atocfc, uLani confident'
1 thai 1 can suit all and every bad jr. p*ovMled good, prettr.
,^*hMu>?Dod?*riildofc-. iinasdio-keepSSA-u^
?ty of goods in my hue, and wili sell as cheap-it;** cheap
er 1 bau ibeycan be bought elsewhere, fall ami examine
my goods aud it they don't plea*er uncharge wilt be nude
toe examining; -
.n - ,-At rV ? !? ". ?r^fi J
M*c* %
, PiM morocco hoc"
? FluAloif. ivcit. '
' Fine
? : - = iflsjkp
? Glove kid *
1<*i <y; *i~ Ctpthj
* o^axies.
A 01KS fi ne black ftaitei *j
i- * . * . TsncoliiredGaftenir '
? '* ? Fancy da- do
'* ' - Jcmty Kind Slippers; '
? do we Is;
? - ~'go?f - - do
, 4 * . Toilet Slippers.
l Jf&pt which are ot the latest styles^ , ap4
X> OsY *S calf boots? ' '
JL> do j Kipboots;
do call Oxiord Ties;
Boy's bootsandshoe* ot every kind and description; ;
want briny like. Don't forget 123 Mim street, Wheeling
V?- ? ? KS. L. UOKSKY. r
r. K.?Country mere hauls sorting up tor cub will do
writtocall . =.r
ft B. B*asil. M. T. WAItU.f
JR:>MARf!H has this day associated WItirhfm Br. T. \
. Wayroan, for tie purpose of transacting t hew bole- 1
sale and retail Boot anu Shoe bosine&s at the old .staud or 1
J. B. Marsh, >o. 35 Monroe street, next door to Greer.
Ott ?& Co., under the fitm or
July 1st, 1855. ju30 \
THE subscribe/uowoffers to the public a new style of I
picture, fer superior to the Daguerreotype, made in J
Wheeling daily at his establsh menu They ate termed
the process for which is pateuted in the United States, !
Great Britainaud France These pictures are the moat j
beautirut and truthful ever ptoitmed by the Photographic '
art. The exceeding fineness, depth of light and shade, ami |
richness of tone is wouddrfuL They do not reverse the j
subject, but i ep resent every thing Jn it* true position.? i
Tliey are" without the glare of a dagaerVedtype, iuav be :
seen in-any view, and will last' Tor ages uuchauged, being <
imperishable:. j
hence the name, Ambrotype, which signifies Indestmcti- '
bility. The picture is taken ou plain glass, to which an
other plaie of corresponding size is. secured with au Inde
structible cement by which the pictuie will retain its orig.
mat brilliancy lor agest it will-not* corrode by adds nor,
be injured by water or cllmatc.
Ainbrotyt e Teteoscopcs must be seen to be appreciated
the relief is as pe**rectax hie.
Daguerreotypes taken at tednced prices Ladle* and
gentlemen are in vitetVto call aed exaudne ray gallcrp. ?
Land ana Ke&l Kstate Agency.
":7 "i k. u.ncBBiOir.i
D ESPECTPULLY tenders his *ei v.ces fn the public
It as General -\getitftjr the p'ntehaseand va.'e 01 Farms,
unimproved'Lauds, Cfty and village pro. er.y.
KKFKtt to? 1
Wm-Paxtoq, &q_ ?? w. T Wiltey, Emq.. Firmins
J. K. Dickey, Lashfer >city - toir, Va.
A!ex. Kogery, Ksq. J li. Lnns'ord, Esq., county.
; ltJi.M?Uson?Efcqv county Tbos. Horn brook, K*q.do
Wheeling. July .. j?og
The Great Evtnt of the Seasoii!!
The arrival oflbe nwuow Mock of Pall
and Winter Uoadii, at
so. 35 cott. MONROE anr water, streets,
- THOS. UVf;il K--?, having just returned from
the eastcvu ciiies with a gorgeims atock, uow iuvites His
lri?fiid and customers to calt and inspect the same. They
wilkfind the assortment of i. j .
CLOTHS oT all colors;
CASSIMBIf&S of the finest qualities, and '
VKSTfNGS of the choicest pallerus.
unequafed by anything Of the kind ever brought to Ibis
city. - - . -. - aplthlm
Slxirts and Hosiery,
G f.? Y R 3>
Silkaud Meriixo Under Shirts and Drawers, .
and GrntUmeu's Motion's generally.
of the finest quality, and at pricer exceedingly low, can
be obtained at THOS.1 HUtiHKS."
No. 35 corner Monroe and Waiersts.
hrHiug. V.i
OP the most-uperb patterns and qualities, and in va
riety uneqvaled by any now in the city, comprising
English aiKl Fteuch lieaveva^^cuUrie. U'?? a- ins, Cos
siuxeucs, aud Moscow. Coatings, to be found at- .
!fd 35, corner Mont oe aud 'Water *tst.
splO-lnr Wheeling, Ya
New Spring and Summer Goods
-? -? AT- ' -
.j.i.i No.l, Sprigg House.
ITAKEpleasuie in saying touiy (tie uds that I have re
cently returi ed irom Xew York with a beautiful as
sorftneiit of Spriugand Summer Goods, consi?tTiig or
nitoa d_cxJoths? m^tou am? siiauks.
Summer Gioodsiu great, variety, suitable <br making nice
? Summer coots;
I will s?> I have the most beautiful assortment ever
Imported to this country, all or which 1 am better pie
pated-to makeup >u style and fit than 1 have been fo? ma
ny year*.
In great variety, consisting of Coats, Vests, Pants,
Shirts, Undershirts, Silk, Linen, and Cotton bra wet s.
Suspenders, Gloves. Slocks, Collars, and in Tact every
thin? usually kept by a Merchant Tailor or Clothier, allot
which I will sell very chr?p Cor cash.
Kteaieghre me a call and 1 will guarantee that yon will
be pleased. Yours,
" an 13 ' S RICK.
ALL wiiOtar* desirous to obtain a handsome**tat of
. clothes, of the btst quality and most fasfcimtable
make, will da well to leave their measures at Nur3j Wa
ter *tiee', where will be tound the beat workmen and.Ute
richest assortment of goedain the ciLy.
gplStlm THOS. BUGttES,
James H. Dodgson,
Teacher tif the French Lan quagt
Will jive private instruction, if desired, as weil?s
receive puHls iu his classes, at his roora^ So. Io Main
street, and at the Wheeling Female betouaty. -
- _r . , SpSt 1J
J8 daily receiving and opening targe additions^ to his
Fait S'ock of Hats and Caps, comprising one- of the
most general assortments that baa ever been offered t<k
the pub lie?call and see. Z
5os. 1-36 and MS Main street* Wheeling, Va.
spStdaw .... S. AVKBT. .
Q 50,000iba. woolen and street tags1, ani waste pa
per^ wahted by ^ .
W&V . ? LAMBpiy, GtLBERSQgi.* Co.
Utxsici jyTusiciSA
TUST received?new and welf selected muste. An as
(I: soctmeat of
Music l*aper, Blank-books, Violin, Violia ani
t>oitar Strings.
sp2<httn 1T; Main s'reet.
Hats and Caps.
Wholesale an d Re t ai I.
S. Avery
.Has on hand and is manu&ciurf hgand.teceiving ST
? one of the largest assortments of
consisting of all the varieties.and colors now in use, al
of which, will be sold at the lowest rata*.
N. &?Hats made to order at the shortest notice, i
AVJiltY, MainsL^SoaMiWkMa,
splOtlf Wheeiingp..Yaw
An OTH E R supply at hand- Also-, Presetvfng KettJrA
and Sance Pans uT.Kuanteied, Porcelain and tiunet?
ware, water cooleta, bath tubs, cedar .washing tubs *m|
buckets, toot tubs, heelers* brooms, fly 'brustes. rcathetf
dinters, brushes, at . , - ''' ~ ' ?
inn ~ . . R. uooru'S. |
Employment Wanted. !;
1C A WE" uot w^at at. or at wiat wages. to natttem
. ble njs laxxm euouth to support mjseir aiiitSunUr-!
1 presume t mto tafrwitl lumsratoneedttferences, butif
reouued they can he- furnished. Any orders. Iet4 for mo
Machine BelttngT" . ? -'
LABGB inspire of Leather B^agJWim l&e^Mta
: and war ranted equal to auy made.
TT^treaivedaad.ftt |H bJtC j0HJf*r APPA5\
? : o?,vrPHiOL. .
^O raiWjrt oa Vitriol, Philadelphia and Pittabor!!!
D asiqulacuire, lur tale >
agl-t ? At,U.il?UOtfrflC.JLB.; _
.t:cIST receltrd. a targe loto* chMhei"" haunter*,', clothes
O law*#!*. todJewworfc basket*, mad a nrjetjot oOnt
fancy and plain. K B. WOOO^- -
- myiS-' ? ^o. 31 Monroe st.
)?LAW?.- ;j
MltT'l H'BMtrtV J
; \i*KB&liW*Sr
V* ?X W
issgRHMi _? ?
Uin I^ltoofcttearm*-.
^ -TSo Gwrge-"B?w toacb
- - The IBotfea Areorv he? af
*-+^~^^aSept.'5tl? *
at Havana on the
raid (iMBje Itooch -
welh The OfMSei
ropward pas-]
_ 36 passengers
from cholera, ana u.iee u.d. o. Acapttleo. ? i
. Dunne tbepassageAf Ue tleo. Law a collee- j
twjivof 3700, was made-for the! relief of the fe*ei|
? *yrti^ratWBtfo1fc anij Porunlfluth.
Dales-received liom Chili til the Isthmus are
to the 15th of August. 1 ?; ;? ; " 7 "
Several Northerly gales occulted during thepre
vious fwinKhC&inff 'great .a?taiige to tt?e .slitp
rpiae* Sixteen vessels wrieiinletiasboie, mclu
dimrthe American popeller Emilia, and lost, with
that eargyes. Forty lighters wAe also wrecked,
aoit'fuuiieeit'B*ei lo^U 1 ?
, Tue Chilian transport Indefatfcable blew op ??
' the hatlwr of Valparaiso on the-Jdult,, killing 3
,of the crer!'an?ti?auiiiing 3- _ 1 -
TheAmenraa ships Geo. Silon and Henri".
iere at Guayaquil! loading. i
Uod. Antonio Garcia rages bailbeeu appointed
'MiSutei rroSii Cttilf io Wnsbingttli.
"The markets at Valparaiso well quiet.,
Balt., October 2?L?'rhe steti
bn a^s'Vif^ilifi?tice pfam"that Jot
imnniug-- - I l.A
Oa Saturday there were 4 dca
deaths and 3 .new coses. OaJN
ihcfe were.3 dea^s.. 'SwSwBj
jforrSandajr 7
iiday up to nodn
iHcre weic,^ uciiMf. . BaFfligWOirTJ
among the victims. Bev.Mr Jacpooisili, but not
dead, as reported. Fifty-lour Jof tte Soathtrn
doctors andouT* ? have left for li.eir homes. Mas
Cathsriue RediSan, the nation |t the orphan asy
lam, is dead. k I --ll-ll
At PortSuionth on Saturday, tliere were thirteen
deaths^on &>iday 9, B..I fJ? new cases hate
occurred. Ors-Cole ot Phill., and Hunter, of
New Yoik, died on Sunday; lit wife and daugh
ter of Cbiet Justice Taney fied at Old Point
Comfort, on Sunday, the daughter from yellow
B.t-TiMoair, Oct-2ad?Tbfc Southern mail this
morning c-ntains New Or.lans papers of Tues
day and Wednesday of last i?eek. They contain
?the details of Mexicau newsho the 22d.
The moat important featlire of the news has
been anticipated by tetegfa||h,;Tir: an absurd ru
mor previlcd that in aihaucl, offensiveaud defen
sive, had been concluded bjtween Gen. Oommen
for and the U. S. I . .
j Retu rns from the Teias Jecttou show a majon
? ly against the debt bill.
Balt., Oct. 2.?A tew
only been received from tj
un Monday. The followi
lies lor Andrews, the Aitie
Bilib Co., 150; Muxogee I
roe 300; Taylor 3 pteeinct
Fort Valley precinci,43;
can candidate for Con^rt
Valley, aud 13 in Spafilini.
The vote in Chatham L
971; for Jotnson, L'em.,
attiring returns have
ie electioiiih Geoigia
js counties give ma j .ii
lican candidate fur Gov:
DO; Spalding 38; Mon
L SO, Houston county,
[lr. Tripple, the Ameri
;, has 75 maj. iu Fort
stands Cor Andrews,
Woosthr. Oct. 2.?The iVhigState Convention
met to-day. and organized
ens, of Hostcli, as Prestdei
Ironi Hon.. Robert A._ w
ground against the Fusion
preference for Mr. Clioate.
Roxl-ury, was finally nom
for Governor.
.y electing. Thos Slev
t. A letter was read
nthrop, taking strong
ts, and expressing a
Saml. II.: Walley, of
nated as the candidate
N*w York, Oct. 2?Thl schooner George Dai
ly from Janus River, weiitlashore ye-tenlay near
Morichei', Long Island, arid hus Lecome a com
plete wreck. Crew saved.
Carusuc. Pa., Oct. 2.
Stale Ucuncil met here to-1
nomination-of Thos. Nichi
imssioner. Attendance sin:
I'he Know Nothing
ay, and endorsed the
Isou for Caual Co lu
' October 2d.?Flour qu et. with sa'es at 6.G0
i Sales ol 150 bu ive at 65. Wheat, oflenngs small
I hnt prices firm, red 133,2.00; wk.te 1.45. Oats
1 30. W hiskt steady, fair demand, snles at 3itasu
[ Bacon sides Hi; shoulders l2i. Miss potV.i-.il
Groceries unchanged with a fair business dotng in
the tettiilariway. Coffee, sales fair and good Rio
,at I?cl Sugar belter demand at 74sSJcts.
j Molasses Steady, sales at 42c. Linseed oil 95;
Oct. 2d J?The Soilr market lias undergone no
ehaiige and the teceipiS'aud stock continue light,
nrices fiim'willr sales of standaril brands rna.le at
t8, and a small lot at 3,25. Corn m?l comes in
slowly; liesh groi nd Peiiua. soldat 4,20. W heat
receipts continue small,"demand limiteii, and the
oticesare barel? mainlained, iuhrior and prime
|e-' 165a85; and white 172a2tl0. Cornuucliaiiged,
yellow 914 iu stora. Whisky steady, bbls. 4ia42,
iilius 40a41.
Ocr. 2?Fluur dull, no sales of Howards!. Ohio
7.87; City Mills firm 7,75. Wheat dull, white
185al95; rtd lTOalSO. Corn, white at 86aS8.?
Rye, Maryland 105, Henna 115. Oats, sales at 33
a34 ceuts. Provisions, no quotable change, hol
ders ask J2ial3 forshoulderc, and life for sides
am! hams 12. Mess pork, aalcsat 20a21,fc0, prime
? 6 ri':
Charleston, Oct; 2.?1
live, with safes ot 3,6C0tu I
Oct; 2?Flour is a trifle lower, sales at 7,50*75
he cotton market w ac
lesatour lor Jicrquota
- ; t ;
rot western and 7,75aS.7i
is unchanged,.will! a: Koc crate demand, sales at
192 for red- and 207 for wh
S0086I for-western mrxed.
lull prices. Beef firm.
baccoSall.' Freights bu<
le. Corn unchanged,'-at
Pt-lk steady, sales'at
>alesla?d at 1 lie.: To
Cotton dull with a dec jotog tendency. S*les
to-day of 700 bales.
Stocks irregular. Cu+
i Illinois Central Railroad! 21. Reading 93|. Erie
I 6-1 i. Sterling exchange <j uiet.
PiTTSBORcu, Oct..2.?
ly. Weaiter cloudy.
Cincinnati, Sept. 2.?1
ty. Weather wet.
for Southern. Wheat
ibetland Coal" Co.' 27.
tivtr 5 feet, rising slow
iver 7 feet, nsing slow
Gatnolio H iok btore.
rpHE undersigned, who !si rent for "Brownaon'a Re
X view,'"4* .Metropolitan.'
?Has ton Pilot,**" "Pitta
buri CatLOlic" and "Araeric a Celt;" has also lor sale.
The History of AJaryUud, b;
and Catholicity Compared, bj
by Dr. Ivesj Introduction to
?Rev. Jos. IMxon^ D. D., Moot
McSkrrr? Protestantism
Balmez; Triata of a Kind,
tbe Sacred Scriptures, by
e*a Poetical Works, com
plete? English, German, Fren h, Latin and Creek Kibfcs;
a good supply of Catholic
ioner? ami varieties. Let
call an?i see my fine stock,
amMcreps constantly on hand
works, and every lund ofs*a
ail wboare lovers ot liter, tur
oa Fourth St. betweeu Mouron andUuIoti.
Tbe undersigned has a lar-e lot Of French Lithographs,
which be trill self cheap tor cash, aud very low by the
housaml. - oclO PETER LECHER.
Hats and Caps,
HA VRnahanded are now receiving a general as*otl
mentof Silk, beaver and Russian hats? also Soft
hals ol every color, aliape and quality.
They Save received tbe latest Fall Fashions from Ifew
York, and are now prepared to furnish gentlemen with
hats of evety desciiptioii and quality.
T hey also keep on hand an assortment of plain and Ian
cy Fur, Plush and cfotlrcapr, for men ami boy;, all of
wEticS thry offer to their customers on- the most pleasing
terms-* A llo? ders from country merchants .and deale.s
promptly attended to.
. Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore recti veil,
they solicit a aba>e o< public favor, which tbey are de
termined to deserve, Uy attention jam! personal applica
tion to hnainest. *wi. cheap and Uvotable i ulea ot opera
tion* . ? <P95
v, GEO? W. vdOHNSON,
NOI79 MarkefSquaxe, '
h* nor>c.T!tt??or
V Tin and Sheet Iran Ware.
- Casper. Tie asi. Sheet Iras ware
T> KSPECTFtTLLY informs bfslTleniftPand the p
XV generally, that be, k?Cfs constantly on hand a
irtoeht or. tlie above waxes*. wholesale
and retail, as low as can be pui chased west ot the moon
Mm. -.KoranaU
order a? shoot
do well to
?' iTm*"78
hew yoii^fomidblphlatno BAL
- i - * *$bo4 |tjmofte. - \ &S ?
TagSS?lS?tt^ ?i?d,
as? ,*?!??. OI1LL
'* tke oaty reliJ
?OM.wt^r w!*^^rS?,?,ore- **?&*.
<*" *?*. in
'ag23?' ?* ? '?' .-' $w y ? - sj -Agent
?---? ? ?:>-? 4"*?? fapimfft
Trawo?tatio* Oniri B. ^ O. Rr R .
1 ?, ' n ^^Stetirtn, July 9Uj? I80G f
? ?? a?** *rter Monday the 9th instant ike Puntm rr
.S1 tr?tolMTCT it' KMs p. X., except Saturd.n.
""= rt;uUr uatiool ^n*
wtft be -S^f/^.T^l'1 ^0gm?'frti''?.Tr",
is:?#?**??? ^ * vd ?w?*>?*
ju9 tt* ??'?? of JT. 6, DOSE. Sup't.
x ? y?-~4 T **. FORD. aant
Sanduaicy, Mansfield & Newark
R Alt. ROAD.
2.10 P m
Jf.43 "
3.15 **
3.32 ??
4.53 "
6.51 "
5.41 "
6.?* ??
&?%> ?:
7.00 ?
7.lo "
Change of Time.
OOiNG south?
Leave.Sandusky.";., d....' 6 T,*i*JJ .K??
Hurm, J......--?|'?*?*? p ?
MomoeTUie 5H? 3-3" "
CWerTSe........:.7."7.~."-~^ ? "
Plymouth V" *???; 4.33 *?
Shelby Ja " -* ?? "; ???36 ??
?2 .::
H^i;^^:rrrv?ixi-2.:: *a::
going north.
uSZ.5!?!!!^*": -?-?9.Kaf.v''
Mahsfie><tJu?clio?...^_ '""'it K i?
SLelUy Juuct-o.. .~.." fi'S'p ?
Plrn'-nilh tg-!? -u
Ceuterviiie ,'Vq ..
nsasss?** ?
?level?ndi u M,i?K3M,S8-!r^P,M ('??
n^iUKar?itV1rnmiVi.XiI' tonn?' ?' Panelnsky wili
T?ainX c'Wk*Wii$&$<&?WU'
<?ilk .Vail Tram ?, c C i c M "? * *
cinnati; at Mansfield Junction atr*?i rbV,Ci?
OUO.& P K K for Hiit,7/,,?h . '^C. w h P*11"?'?
*Wj$3w2&&8aOi?*?^ W.U, Ea?t
C?^JDrciiooWiU "^fcec'ose
Ueiaal Ohio K K- at JBin-fi!?i ^^ ,rt,w..i^ll*iie on
Chicajo.anJUakr "??eriJ.r, Clijr Xoc Detroit ami
SMdmkv, Aik-4. isk ^OBIXSOS, i?op't
???' ? ?pij?tr
bummer Arrangement.
regularmttsturgh packets.
iSCLIP^t, Caj<t Gko t>. Mooir,
- . and
morning liim Kast. TW Kc" VJ '"r the
? ? I'llbUCI} - ? ? - i ?.
rot rrci^t, p.snge, br tnrwi^ tickets apply to
? si; t:.\kkh<v co'. A
New Arrangement.
J MIES k bobtbts. niaMer
will Iei vr Wheeling every Tuesday, Thursday and .Satur
day, at HI o'clock, a. X V ft>rP?i ner^burg, corucctiiig at
Marietta with the steamer. BUCK, running from Marietta
to Zaiiesville,; and. at tfarkeridmrg with the steamer
FASHION, running front Purkershurglo West t'oiunt
bia, Va. Keturning, will'lcave Parkerswr?r every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday at 5| o'clock, A M.
Freight wilt be received for any point on the Muskin
gum river between Marietta, and Zanes\il!e, and lor any
point on tbe Ohio between Wheeling aud West. Colum
bia. .
Regular Union X>ine Packet
-? BKTV li.V*
wheeling ^Cincinnati.
^rffrai U--1, Captain John McLuie, Jr.,
will leave Wheeling every Monday, at 6 o'c ock. P. M., .
and Cii cinuali every Thursday.at 10 o'clock A. M.
Fhr freight or passage apply to ;
S..CL BAKE& & Co
Shippers will please take notice that the boat leaves
reguiai ly at the advertised time* Ali billssattst be on
hoard by 3 o'clock, P. M.
OCT Passengers ticketed through to St. Louiv
n?h27 ' B.C. B'AKKK dt Co,.agents
Cknin ?fTlmri
cleveljko astrpmsaaheb railroad.
Wheeling and Pittsburgh.
TiiKfi?PMile wiKci
? FoifKSTCjrFT omp. i&riftgX?
0 Geo. Ifr, BBHraBJeCsSwi
DlUK^iAi., Cfcpt. Asa. Shepherd, will nm daily between
Wheeling and Pittsburgh?the Forest City leaving Wheel
ngevery Monday Wednesday and Friday? and the Diur
nal every Tuesday, Thorsduy and Saturday, at 7 A. M.|
arriving at Wellsville*? time to connect wah tbe Cleve
land cars, and at Pit *.nrgh intime tor the n*oming lines
Ea?fc Ketunflng-j-tT TForestCity leaves Pittsburgh eve
ry TuesiLiyi Thursday and Saturday, and the Diurnal ev
ery.Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 A. M.; arriving
r atWheeling In time tor the hksil lines lor Ohio.
Fo r Height or passage, apply on boardor to
?' ? S. C. BAKKK & Co., Agent,
t?3*Throogb tickets for Cleveland, Toledo, Monroe, De
I troiif Milwaukie, Chicago, iJuflalo aud Duukirk,sold at the
office or S. C. fian 4- Co. febo j
mmaJ THBueAflr.'.and (aaferumung paswargrr
f iLT^ Jgl racket. MOtfOSGAUKLA BHLLK, jCapt
*dSj-feT - jigg, ~T ~ H a aw, will ruu as a regular packet
?MaCStiaBbetweenWheeliut and Puke bur*. leav
Ins Wheeling every Monday, "Wednesdayand Filday.
Renrui ng will leavePaikersbnrgevery Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday.
For freight or t^asagc. apply onJmacd. ocl4tf
The,new andjfght drklt nassenger steamer
kxcri&gk, A. C. McCollam, master,
will Tim regntarly ill place of the Diurnal,
Heaving Wheeling at 6 o'clock, A. M. *
pa?aqeagp*y?a board. - jeSl
Will supply BoaU nt all hoar*.
-z&jwsm Srsnrr.
ian.ll?dtf'i few# VA.
Wharf Brat ill die fast mt )(mw Slrrpt,
WTUaltcnd'td the ttcesvi mi ?J itr liTertagof freight,? ml
the collection offrelghthills. j, i i;
Freight,for *11 regularpackets tfill he received tree ol
chsrgft.. s . , ? riovjg^tf
8. C. IAKEK.
j a. in J 9- C. BAKBlt*Ce^ - ?;* ' ?
\iriLCkttgadfothgj. adtVertag of frcijht
.ijaroSte'ffSelt^ ??-' toctia?atf
The 2Etna Insurance CompanV
;!??; "A **????.ci?rrri*7P y
io tliit cuaatri
cwmaun MUe rata upon um most ?a wrabtolerXi
"<?P?y-to ' *- F. PKTKICM>N, . .
*w- ?*? ' ? ?**getfer WbfHtag.^t TOiLar
I u ' ?London*
j AyaUable Capjtal 51^284,300. ?
6 ^^aJJaated.ndpromjUy l^W?Uio?l refer**. a.
a. '
J?k? Faraum. .
Mjcia^cUgjwrn Jtc?.
? ?* VfllULKB.
g.^fo1*00-' GaUIUnbaMA-o.
wSSS^SSr.Li2 ? * ?!??? * Co.
- 35Stf?2&% SSBaSsS^
For uuthe* particulate enquire o? ,
' i W*I F" WfXKSOBi.
OPPKS door * S2 ?r^irii'-e "*
Incorporated 1831.
? -j: ' M1ICTOU; I'
ft. CnasSm, S. Brady. i w r-,?
SattflNeet, Wb. Flemine. q,^,"?!/'?
OanTLamb, Robt Patterson, K.SiSSrtMr
R. W. Hi*ot?o,SecT. WANGLE, **??'?-'
beproom' "*?**
Wheeliag, J?n.28tlulSaa, -
_ s- ?f- BfrWiolderr
(teneral Commission Merchant,
W '' -;Ktw ??rk.
ILL nuke llbeial advance, on <"on*ter.ment* for
?- ' - ? tehl:3m
ELY DORSE Y & co7 ~
Wbee!I?jf, Va.
onsigmneats forwarded with promptnesa.
? ? ?enl
WB?. P. Cr.AKlC. Proprietor. .
hoa-e taTinj
u~f?li1^__^?_^']r and renovated, now lur?|
nttjTu i^SlrT?ra?aM5,m " ^ "V""* ?"??"?!
Tti.t derate pmc*?. I
t? ?IocAled on fits coiner of Main ami Madlaon sfTMt* I
I??d,1W,u,r,?,t,rll,e su^uSm llrtS^.'rtSS
*fcw^?qu?reafrumthesteamboat Landing,uU Kailioad
? attached to the Aioaroe Hou>e. Tuvelerg and tw^nl
A Card. '. ;
t\5iT" ?WIS S: m?LAPLAJS, and
tX^ta!8lrt? Forwardingand Qo^SS^SSSSi
LAPL? ! V ""Jei tie Ann of r.v I.LAKT & I(K_
rI and Cummljiiou busine?? at .No. 60 .Vain street.
f>M,'le,'ocli",r '"7 Goods and Grace.
^UtoL"^ ^0?n ?',%?''?? l-rfce, and'on acc'SSl
ti^: Cl1 l'""J MrMt1' inT?? the a.ten
h ? 1 ma 3
THEfu^ffh. ,GIoc5cs and Jewelry.
__ subscriber has ju*L reiurned from New York *i>a
^. irow orferamuch la.-er aud fim r S^Kr ciSuTn
r? nH9'OJ 11 l,rir? "ich lower"
| Tte public are earu-?jy aoiic.te.l u, cTatd eMmI? fcS
ir;fcteso"'" lMs establish
I WcKia tun watches carefully repaired.
mrl - C- r- B8"w>". Washington H.n,
' ??? AJouroe street.
| . Shooters! Shooters" ' *'
? mv nanaHctured: MPC"
C'lnrlt0 TC"'"d "" rUraf"yBb^t ^
j-? yo. 4 Washington Hall.
r ^"5>5ge F?rnishuig stHFi:
r "onr??reet. a ?eW
Hy brvahes, wooden ware. Family Hardware K^fiTin
Kitchen wu,ecomplete. Bi"hlns
" ' R. B. WOODS, i
Groceries at Wholesale.
300 bags Rio coffee;
50 pockets La-uira coflre;
50 * Old Java ?
60 boxes Cavendish Tobacco)
SO keg*6tw. ?
10 bbiscut and dry *
SO bores Stewart's 5. Y. candles;
1C0 hhds Susar;
30 bbls Lovering's refined Sugar;
10 birds Louisiana - *? *
60 iii ch Y; H., tr. P, and.Imperial Teas;
60 catty boxes *
30 tie ices rice; *
2 ? boxes white pipes;
60 * Uofgare's fancy Soaps;
Together with a full assortment o Family Groceries,
including Spices, Fruits, Dye stuffs, Fish, etc. etc. for sale
at wholesale, by
ma3 - So a!? Main street.
The Verandah Restaurant
IS receiving every day nosh Baltimore Oysters. Our
customers will always fin>l as prepared to serve them
np in the moat delicate and desirable manner.
CfOKOBKS compiled with in tbe shortest passible
ag29 So 107 Mam street.
Use the Magic Impression
PAPER for writing without Pea in Ink. copyiug plants,
leaves, flowers. Pictures, Paiten s tor Embroidery,
marking lineu indelibly, and manifold writing. Thisar
ticle is absolutely the be?t portableinkstaud in the known
world, lor a small quantity Folded and placed in the pock*
et, constitute* a traveiiuginfcstand, which cannot be bru
kei~ No peals needed, 101 any stick sharpened to a point
w rite* equally as wel as thp best geld pen-in the universe.
Pot drawing, it lain ispensable. It is, indeed, the only
art of Ui awing and Palutrns taught in one lesson. Any
leaf, plauuoi flower can be transferred to-thttpagns of an
album, with a minute and distinct resemblance or nature.
WISh equal facility, picture*, and embroidery patterns are
taken, and base received the highest euloginms from the
fair sex; and indeed ap more Usteful present tor a lady
couid not be produced.
This Magic Paper w|ill also mark "linen, or other a> ti
de*. to as to remain peiiecttv indelible. All the washing
in the world tails to bring it out. .Any child .on use it
witto perlect ease. With ihi* .MagicPaper, likewise, one
or lour copies of a letter written, can he sernred without
afay additional labor whatever, making it the cheapest ami
lixtet convenient article extant- ll is u>ed to great advan
tage by rei?orters of the public press, telegraph opera tors
and hosts of others
Each package contains four different colors, black.blue,
green and red, with lull and printed instructions, tor all
to use, bnd will last sufficiently to obtain 600 distinct im
It is put up in beautiful enameled colored envelopes,
wit h a truthful likeness of the proprietor attached. *Hac2i
audevery i*ackage warranted. '
Peii k-}2 per doren, or five for$t. Single packages 25
c>s. Mailed to all parts of the world, on thi reception ol
the above prices Address, post-paid,
31. J'UBBELL, 167 Broadway, New York.
Hrssxt.x.'s Histc isravnoir Pane*.?We refer oar
readers to thei.;advertrsement,in:another column. setlng
foith the merits of ti-is pleasingaad ingenious invention.
The cheapness sbould induce all to give It a trial.?Phila
delphia Merchant. ' '>
It is unsurpassed for neatness and utility, and should
meet with the sale it tkhly deserves ?'Tribune
Just what the pabfldia* long desired, and Tecommends
ifseir to every loverrot taste and re Bnement.?Journal ?4
wirier ? ' ? attgH'Jto.
FROM and arter this date, all freights comingby stea
mers for wli ch we are agents, must be tecdvedun
th? wbart and no coverage wiD be allowed to bededuct
ed from freight bills' in any case
jelo-dtf S. C- BAKER de Co.
Qgy BBLS. wlu'Iiig,iu aloreaud to am^fo^sale^bj.
J>cfca*d4a?pht-a?Ooe barrel refined Caaptor,
Xuiuat xeceivedand to* sale by
. ? A. C. GOOD A Co.
Iwdl-o ?small lot ot prime Bengal Inffl
JJ po* received aial. for sale by
' ^14 fc " - - ' - ' ? A. C. GOOD &'Co. ?
I"\r. <Sarr?* celebrated Kerve and Hone liniment,
J ^tmiml^cturig^rnbi' the original recipe, and soU
*>99'^* re- br -1 ? ? joh* a*, rimer.
? :M2; ' '-l-":? }
Vji oitei vuperfiue. S. AWtST.i B '
?p:8 So. 1-16 l-t3 Mala ??
?J en*k Sherry Wine, to irrive irnl lor ait ky
FmH* . - . A. C GOOOAO.,
A fine uaortmcDt or prime corkr, tor un b;
V* iM14 ? ? j . A. C. good & Co. *
*--i >V-' !??' ?rl*r'&???(: ? ??-*** *
Baltimore1?n ;?*v>
mdyJfrrtbafcrUMfKcwm.diiio.apd owwhimof
trjrieitfh, . . . .ms i:-,.! ,??? ?
Du. iw Um> put ytu, ppufrd 04 Savrimdrrd jmpUt
luTe WeoinallMKUuce, lopiaenUieeeirtl e??yS?*?e ;
?ook Keeping. in ail it* nomerom formal t'-eim??*l>?p, ]
vsriwi ftjks} MercutUe alcitiuioiBK 1**11 thai r
?niwy. reuHyijl; Uouimerciai. Law, upon nuactuo*
IfiKxi^ Mtili^tfie &l??tated> ia ,tte ami msmaOBc 1
and practical manner.
1C is generalty concedcd that the facilities here offered
for Urn ncnriyilUm of * finished business edocat*ou are
iiKttijxssed. Fcor practical AecouMmta at? regularly i
?-*- wiA?ahKu^,.t
fUU DEttWAUAZliN - ~~
TBEwdeniprd wiHTKeiveM murage. any Powder ,
wkick nay be cflfcrad. at a moderate charjre. He ha a a
? large aud Kuhsuntial fire-proot buHdiug, wiih caj?c?tyto
contain 10,00* kegs ot powdan
mk2s RK1L1Y
New and Elegant.
mUB Mdcni{iittl hep ieave to inform his friends and
1 |iatnMa.'?itU the citizens ol WheetingfeneralT, that
he has just received hi* spring ajnl auiumer stock ot
cloths, cunium ui> trmtsoj,
?>kich be-re-prepared to maSe to oidrret ?horl notice,!
tLe latent aud nant approved siyle andbelt maimer.
J: ?4, STALlJaAH.HJtrCliant'ThfWr,
ap!7 No. 9. WaVbingtonflaf!.
VST received and lor sale at the ltjwe?i market prices
3 &ioss Fahnestock's . Vertnilugej .
1 ^"^SS^^eStr ",:M
6 * George's Balsamic Compound*
Dr.-Weaver* Kyf Sahref
1 * . Greeks Oxygenated letters. , . . .
mbS : J. H. CKlTMHAnTKH,
HAVING been Eaat and selected the most splendid
lots or martieever brought to lhi% market, I want
alt iny ft iends to call immediately and leave their ordera
for an kind they may want. .
Having purchased largely* 1 will finish up work In the
latest and most app roved atyleji and at the 4owe*Uata*r
warranted and no mistake.
Jelft M. J. ROHAS.
THIS Powder is the best in use, and the only Gen
uiue Yeast Powder.
For sale by ? J. R. VOWELL,
Sign orthe Bed Mortar,
S3 Monroe st.
J HIVE examined the "Elfervesclng Compound or
Bread and Cakes," mauufiwituted by B. F. iUbbituand
consider it an excellent article Tor the purpose it is in
[Signed] JAS. R. CHILTOX, M. D
je^I Chemiat. K. Y.
Pure Ioe.
WE are prepared to furnish the citizens of Wheeling
with an article oi pure lee in quantities as may he want
ed, delivered inany part or the city. Ourlce s free ftpia
ait impurities, having been taken trora Bedi*liou*s dam,
three miles vp Wheeling creek. Persons wishing ice lelt
at their lesidencen will leave their names at the Boat
store, corner Waterand Monroe streets. - -
S. C. BAKER deCo.
\I7**? .?The subscribers will purchase or make
T T tiheial advances on cousi^niueuL to Baltimore,
Philadelphia or Sew York, ol flour, wheat, rye, oats, corn,
barley, clover and timothy teed*. . Also on buuer (solid
pickled) and eggs. GILL & Go.
ag9 Water St..
lrVQ fcnrrele Family Fhtur;
1W?7 100 do Extra Salt;
CO do Ko 3 medium mackerel}
30 i do do do
25 do large do
201 do Jio 2 do
2" kits Sol do *
20 So 2 do
25 barrels rice,
25 hags Kio Coffeej
5 do Java do
10 hexes put e Pepper;
20 dozen bucket?;
20 do wa*h boards,
600 pounds S C hee<;
30 barrels Kye Flour,
Su^ar, molasses, bacon, etc. jast Tec'd and ror sale by
st'lH . <?EO. K McMKCHKS.
MRE1LLY has removed tVom his old stand in Mar
? ket Square to that new and spacious warehouse,
No. 57, gieeu front, "west side of M?iu street, between
Monroe and Quiucy, lately occupied by ilmr* Annan
& Maguiie. as a commission Iioum*. He has onl?and.a
large and general assortment ol firoceries' and liquors,
which be will sell at n hole^ale at the lowest maikeLpiit e
Also:?Gunpowder of every description, and Salety
Fuse- - . - spiff
Richard H. il.ee,
WILL attend the Courts of -Ohio county, and will at
tend to any business in theconnties or Washington
and Greene, Pa. ii.s residence?
jn?* Washihotoh, Pa
40 boxes Ratsins; 15 tuxes Oranges;
40 hlf ?1? do 10 do htftaohni
40 qr do do 1000 new coco nuts;
SO do Malaga Figs; 6 buxes maccai oni; ? -
3 cases do 3 do Vwniicrili; f J
6 lrail Dates; 9 do JuJubePaate; <
2 cases Liquorice: 2 "bags A liuoutJs;
1 do Calabria do 1 do SicUy-db- ?
3 do Sardines: ? 2 do walnuts;
1 bbl paper shell almonds; G do Filberts;
3 doz fresh Peaches ' 3 do Pecan?
2 dux Pi ue-apples; 30 doz ass'd Pickles;
1 case Prunes; 10 doz Pepper Sauce.'.
? Just received audforoate by I
T. ?. A SKEW
ianlO Marketst, I door helow McLure Houm? I
To Gentlemen
DESIRIKG a superb and complete outfit in personal j
apparel. the opportunity now offered, at Thomas ]
^ugbes\ ?u r passes any ever presented In Wbcelijrf In
quality, and extent the assortment will be fonnd
sopeiior to any ever offered. All are requested to call at
No*a6, corner Mouroc and Water sis.
' ?pf9-.lm Wheeling. Vs.
^ ? Spring Stock.
J UAVEjust opeuing a verj large and wen selected stock
*nddler* Hardware and Condi Trinttiafi,
! to whic.. 1 invite tlie attention of uif customers ami all ?
persons using goods of this kind.
Old Stand* 153 Main street.
my2 JOHN &S0TE.
j To Farmers, a W
TFTE subscriber will ship wheat to the eastern market j
for forme is, charging but a small per cent, therefor. His '
acquaintance is such as to secure the highest prices; and
bj this arrangement for me is can have all tbe benefits of M
the eastern market. 1. S. KELLER, I
ju27 . Qnincy street
New Confectionery.
\\j JLLIA5 FOX would respectfully Inrorm the dtl
TT zeiis of Wheeling, that be has opened a new confec*
tionery Establishment at the old stand of the "Indian
tloeen," on Main street below Monroe. .He confidently
invites bu old friendstocall and patroiuxe him lubU uew
business. I
JCJ^lce creams and the delicacies of the season, at all ? ,
hours. ; . ap!7 |
luiand Dry Tobacco.?JOObbls cat and dry and
J 100 grosa papers Smoking Tubacco for sale by
jn3f LOG A3. KAKEttdr Co.
Dissolution of Co-Parlntrskip.
*"PHK co-partnership heretofore existing between the
JL under signed in the Livery business i* tbfa day di?. ,
solved by mutual conrai; Persons bavin? claims against
the firm will present lbem for aettlemeat immediately*?
Also, tbow Indebted will Please make-paymeqfcimciedi
Wheeling. June 1,1853. >16.
("I TJ A^3f O,?Piennrtan and.Mexican. Oi ders for any
' JT amount or either descrttitfonlfilled by.
ag9 GILL & Co. Scrteagnsforlmporlers.
PUR* Cider Vinegar?50 barrels,, warranted pure, in J j
store and for sale bj
splS M RKltLY.
1 f) PIECES Lawns, in handsome Styles;
1U 1 do haircloth Skirting;
. L do biaj k Net. for mantles;
5 do buck Guipure Lace;
3 do black Brussels dov
ju7 HEISKKM.* Co.
tIf riot and quart bottle*, just rescind and for tale
Oix I'wUt.-ajOkegs >o. 1 tout Twist lobatxo, tor
O Snle by
jn3l ,i '&& LOGAH, RAKER dr Co.
* cgara.?00,mw very superior Imported Segal s; ,
5 100,000 hair Spanish andcommon do
LOUDESS' Carminative Salaam for Abe Summer Com!
plaint jostree'd by J.B.VOWfiLL
augQ Hign^f Red Mortar, 33-MqnToe-8t.
J3D1GO, copperas, atom andfaa^lderro^s^e b^ ^
ugg Sign of"Red Mortar, 33Monroe %t' 1
/IQ BOXh.S LemousT . ? ? ~
4:t/ o buxes Oranges (sweety
In primecoolIUoo^ .
irti . gOTCU.Mfc Co.
CASK French ttrajtdy^.warranCed'poie* onband and
for sale by
ie90 - JOHS.a TAPPAS
? ' For the InteffigoiA?r
"\\T1RB Dish Covers, both roand and oblong, or a so
Hprm, WlUft/W'PhttOiU. jumt foceivedandlor
?Ttet fr w* S.
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Dr. noateliera iv^iaraUnita MJa<Wtry*k?
ci|?. unrlfcctmswperiiueuUl icmtl ot aoew A]
Pb>ncnn'a verbal lunstipuiou. it to ibHWR't
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pxir uwn^wainnWinB Tbe Hue i>ioMrtie of 4M
let. wiU>e lautMl-by tbe first arntyai a. and til. lb
ut their ?j a* mediciual elfccta wilt b c rode aaar
an ali^qgf Infill bit abort apace or U me nfaa ym
Lent. .-c' * -m -
be ielie\ed at uuce.
Aie raiuuMMytt*
vet and ague canixK occur.
Oue uiueibuMiakcoibnallaatjlus
witlbetuuaSv trwt tonic *??t, WleSB^
ate nben l?-M)ualty aattafiad-oj the lad, aa
which tic compa.-aiivehr worthless. Oqi
withont a rural, a* to cfceirtrtadirii^^aeSmt
limUaat on, tod I'DA/ H*ur%tr>* Aitm
Mown OA the bottie. -Kboe other geirtdt*.'*
rsici: OKI doll a* %"?*&&&
ICTPornie by all the principal OrptgUli
Kevtaurants and Dealei* &euerally throughoi
states aud by v r" ;
? ? ?USHFIKLD + Co, ??(l
jrtettjdaw ? .u ?
cwitt oil atlte qaaiOeaejfoti) afljr oj
Its action is certafa, safe and-uuta
where an ext
have tried it.
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
' ? . - ' -? ?* -
rPHE co-partnership heretofore existing "between yi>
X chad Sweeney, Tit: Johnston, Jr.} Paler Shoenber
ger, James M. Todd, and A.N.Johnston, under the firm
iiaiuc ol Sweeney, Johnston dc?o , wasjditMlMdi QM
ihe Sth day oi June, 1854. by the .death of Peter Shoeii
Since that date the undersigned ha&a continued the bus.
iness of the late ftrui undertbe name and style of Kwee*
uey, Johnston dc Co.
J&IUhH H. 3QUO,,
I' r:.:Z>krj^
nessofthis inestimable cheilites
confined to the iumau specie*, hi
whenever sppUed to"cure diseases,o!
tic animal t be horse. A mong the mafiy
dents occur H ng to the horse, {or- which
iaiu cure, nay be named Ike rul|bwu?. vil}?ul....
?prain In the ahonldera, caap?, acmchea, cracko
aweeney. aplne. patorjointa. etc... For Imberj
larssee directions on bottles.
Many and just objections are msde Jto all tbe ordinary
liniments 01 the day ou account ol ,tbe}r oflcusivp smell.
Slid the unsightly stains otteujefl upon the *Wn?i A won?
derlul fact which has been verified Jo tbe astonfsiimentot
tbe most profound chemists* and the delight of tsstidlous
patients is tbalinaddiuou to its *urpri?i?.g curative el
iecu.it is the most bealthftaifiosntcric and *fi?Mr per
lump. To any part of tbe skin'to which it may he applied
it imparts a rosy and natural glow which laxts for many
hours, ?ltd' leaves the velvetysiillness OI healthy bk n. fn*
stead or the eracted and cha|?ped appearance wfctafa is a
common lesultpf almosLail other articles uaadforAnat
purpose Hence, every lady's loiiet is suppliod^vlth fit
who Knows i4sexceUaotqusiiUesiU iUda?f9?BU-> Xo???
alise its asreeable odor you need hutopeu oue boUle and
try for yourself. ?* ?>*.> z* w*
?: ZaUKSVilaUC, Omo, '
Mr. J. B. Vcmiertmitk r
Dear bin?I have been afflicted for lhree yesi*8 with
rheumatism in .mr back, and lorUie last lixaioatlwiwt
able to get out or my bed without help, snd your agepUn
our city insisted on my trying oue bottie or i:h>nf4<bu
. lament and try whatoflect it would have} and-one bot*
tie has lelieved me so much that 1 waaabte toget out of
my bod without difficulty. Unas been a btcssingloa*;
juat try it lor youi s&r, and yoa will be wrltptsased.
Mas, M. OOOnKAlf. -
? ? - . r . ?- ' - : . ? >'
Wholesale and Hetail A;
and Retail Aenita,
?? ' VO Ml Mafu afreet.
rZT 93, west ariiKT corner of ckoak it.
promptneM 1 "
A genu of the ? ? -?????? l.:~a-< yf ||
New York, Balliworevad WkvcIiRg li>e,
tor tbe transportation to Use Valley of U>c Obtoand J*te~
visaippi, vie i-alUutore autl Ohio JiaUroad.
Having a.cliaii^ ol well known agent* tbioogboot tbe
line, we aie prepared to give 4brough raceipta, lor time
and puce. t
tar weateru merchants a re aotf cited to call at tbe New
York Agency ujkju the anbacribem; beloie making tbeii
couli acta elsewbeie.
*g?:ly S3 Went?U?ew Yortu
Just Receive*. V ^ i 1
\\T A. EDWARDS Of 1IKO. luveiust received flow
IT . Uk Jiut, (at their New Oruoery .adjfdnlig -ihs
PostoOce, J an excellent and carefully aelreted assortment
of fine Giocetics, to which they invite Um illantlwmtau
in want 01 good and cheap groceries. Our atockoonsisu
IU 1%1't Of fide I -J'"-'i
Kiu, JAMacaibo, and Java coffee*, brown, clarified dai
C' salted aad Killvpriicd Sufam . ? . ..... J-.fr- ..
Teaa in great variety and Cue qualities* , ; . tjbMtf
Olives, bops, etc; Tobacco and Begin, fiLe qualities) :
Call ana examine s>r yourselves, you caut butt
ed. Hemeuiber tbe iiUce?comer of M.iket and
atreet-udloiillnt the Postnatal. WVellUt. Va. ~
<!6hfittibntr and TrtdUnr, .
counn ow Mit* awD Madibon 'iruitw.
' Ifbufllrf yn ' A. 'Vjrta:'"
All -wOFbe Met from the above, the sdbscrijwr hai l
moved U> e*taWi%n>rnl lb tie "Bridge Opipar)
where he wi# he' fWiledioaee alibis cHd cuvtojneraai
?a inanr raw ones ainny call. Hia stock ia nucha
urged; and Iris rooms neatly refitted.' Candies. Prntl
Suu, 4c., al wholesale at the, v$ry Umsatpltoe. -ft
ties slid lamiliestiuypfled'wllh cakes ami fruits at shot
eataotic*., flisice cnesm?s)ooo4? ths mMt-ptonttt
tlaecity.and no itlenlwi will bs aparad 1?.| l?i?sl
guests. ? ?<
aptt ..P.SHMBI.
Ioe! "Icell loeij
THEjaabtcriber begs leave to islorm,Mi WHIs.ls
ever taken f.omlhe waler.awiat-as iow?a*lc1ls?
before rtbed-- ? ; <-'?** $&>****?' "** *.*& ??* *
That winch be now oflera ia tafit 4ifcW \tnm ?
creek at Uie point called. VcCoUach's Umf, thoufh ?
fusaiar poriioa with widohhis nminin<>-ao?^W?>ni
filled is inw the rhtnr. beidg nearly .all firomthe ABeg
uy, and some ton inches to a loot ttfsk. i v ? ? *'
apSn J.all]uK
? '' ~
. ^ Ik'- ? *?-S I ^t" J *
1_ ised Iron and Zioc I
fort dry or

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