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PnblHhetl at Corner 3faili <|al?r9u;
Beatty cfc Oo
TKUiim,?DAILY, per annum, .... $5 OO
(Or 10 l-entsper week.)
TRl-WKBKLY, per.uinuuj, . . $3 UO
WKEKLY, per annum $1 OO
f*ra*Tiprr Opinion of tuk Attornkv Gmkiial
op tiik Unitkd St.\l'tes.?Attorney General Gush
ing has given an opinion in regard to the recla
mation of 'fugitive from service' in un-orgnmzed
territories of which the following are the main and
moat interesting points:
"I. The constitutional right of a citizen of the
United States to reclaim a fugitive from his law
ful service extends not only to the States and to
the organized Teiritoiirs, but to all the unorgani
zed territorial possessions of the Uuited States.
??2. Ifin such such Territory there be no com
missioners of the United States lo act, the claim
ant may procted by recapture without judicial
?'3_ Any such fugitive from service in the lndi>?n
country is there unlawfully, and, as an intruder,
is .subjectto arrest by the executive authority of
the United States.
"i. Such fugitive cannot be protecttd from ex
tradition by any Indian tribe or nation; for the In*
d:ans themselves are the mere subjects ot the Uni
ted States, and have no power lo conflict with the
constitution of the Uuited States.
?"5. By the local law of theorganiz*-d political
commitmlte? of the Cherokees, Choclaws, and
Chfckasaws, there is ample provision for the de
livery up of fugitives from service in any of the
Rofus Ciioate.?This distinguished orator and
statesman has written a characteristic Isiier rela
ting to the Whig Convention held at Worcester,
ivf.iss., on Tuesday. "I assure the Whigs of Bos
ton," he says, "that I should have regarded it as
a duty and a privilege, if it had been practicable,
to s-rve as one of their delegates. The business
which the convention meet to do, gives it extraor
dinary attraction,as well as importance. Wheth
er we are dead, as reported in the newspapers, or,
if not, whether we shall fall upon our own swords
and die even sj, will be a debate possessing the
interest of nove'ty, at least. For one, I deny the
death, and object to the suicide, and should be
glad to wituessthe indignation and laughter wi'h
which such a question will be taken." He enters
into a brief examination of the fusion platform,
.exposes its weakness, and declares the new organ
ization to be a parly without politics. Even 011
the question of slavery itself, he says, they are
vague and evasive. He tells the Whi^s to be of
good cheer, to stand to the old faith, nnd to unite
with no party "that does not carry the flag, and
keep step to ihe music of the Union.'
For the Intelligencer.
. At a large and respectable meeting of the citi
zens of Zane's Island, held in the Island Church,
on Thursday evening, October 4, 1855, John Mor
gan, Esq., was called to the chair, and C. C. Jor
dan appointed Secretary.
Mr. Tiernan briefly stated th.it the object of the
meeting was to lake into consideration the pro
priety of soliciting the City Council to reduce the
heavy tax that we are burdened with. On motion
it was resolved that a committee of 3 be appoint
ed to prepare such resolutions as would best ex
press the sense of the meeting. Messrs. Goodrich,
Hopkins and Tiernan, were appointed said com
mittee, who reported the following, which was
unanimously adopted, and ordered to be published
in the city papers.
Whereas, we deem that the system of taxation
on the part ot the city, so far as the residents on
Zane's Island are concerned, is unjust and op
pressive in this: that it compels us to p?y for im
provements and advantages froin which we derive
no benefit;
And whereas, we are debarred by our situation
from the use of the Gas and Water Works of the
rity, and are compelled to pay our proportion tor
grading and paving streets, rep.iiiing the same,
and opening alleys in other portions of the city,
while our owu streets and alleys are unpaved and
unimproved. Therefore,
Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting
that the City Council should reduce our taxes in
such proportion as to equalise them in accordance
with lhe common benefits enjoyed by each por
tion of the city.
Resolved^ That from our position, being sepa
rated from the city proper, by a branch of the Ohio
River, we are subjet ted to the payment of a heavy
tax in the shape o( Bridge tolls, before we can a
vaiI ourselves of any of the advantages of city
Resolved, That in estimating the fair proportion
we ought to pay, we do not intend, nor yet do we
desire, that the City Council should take as a stan
daru', the amount which it has expended on the
Resolved, That justice should dictate to the
City Council to make a reduction of one-half of
our present taxes.
J. MORGAN, Chairman.
C. C. Jordan, Secretary.
(City papers please copy.)
From the UalUnmre Patriot of the othlnst.
Latest aud Authentic from Norfolk and
The steamer North Carolina arrived here this
morning from Hampton Roads. Her Surgeon,
Doctor Powell, reports that the fever was;steadily
on the decline. There were 7 deaths in Norfolk
on Tuesday, principally inmates of the alms-house
and negroes.
In Portsmouth, on Tuesday, there were three
deaths?but up to the time of the sailing of the
Loat on Wednesday, there v.as not a single death.
Doctor Selden, of Norfolk, died at Hampton on
The number of deaths at Norfolk is estimated at
2500, and at Portsmouth 1200.
Rev. Dr. Jackson was thought to be dying.
Mr. R. Dalrymple died oil Wednesday morn
Messrs. James A. Saunders and Duton Wheeler
an up, and improving steadily.
Eloquent Speech. A dinner was given in
Louisville on the 8th inst., in honor of Governor
Powell, at which a number of speeches of sur
passing eloquence and power were made. From
the brilliant speech of Hon. Nat. Wolf, a former
Whig* we extract the following beautiful p.issage:
"Mr. Pres:dent, the party to which I once be
longed?the Whig party?is now no more. But its
priucipies remain, and they will remain forever.
Believing in their consonance with the permanent
estamlishment of civil liberty and the perpetuity
ol our institutions. I si.all cling to them as the
bright hope ot our republic, and though but few
remain ol the gallant band, whose voices neived
the arm of the immortal Clay, yet like the leaves
of the Sybil, they grow more precious as they
diminish in number."
The Raciip.i. Fever.?The New York papers
give this phase of rhe prevalent disease of Goth
"Goslin, a noted nstaurant keeper in Broadway,
New York, hai.gsoutlaige placards, with 'Rachel
Pudding* oil out; side, and *Pud*iiug a la Rachel'
on the other; aud at Slanwix Hall?now called the
?Revere*?where Bill Poole was murdered, you
will find placarded, *Rachel's Little Neck Clams,'
and ?Fel?x Rachel's Crabs.' lu Utica, they have
betun to curc 'Rachel Hams.'
Ths New York Mirror copies the above para
graph, and adds the remark that "Rachel tongues
are scarce."
Moors rv Where Least Expected.?Delicate
Swell (holding up his long coat previous to run
ning over a duty crossing).?"Good gwacious I I
hope to goodness no lady will see my ancles!"?
Kossuth on the Fall of Sebastopol.
The last New Yoik Times contains n letter from
Kossuth, from which we take ti^'following ex
tract, giving his views of the effect of the fall.of
As to the prospects of ptace?it is my decided
tptnion that these are rattier lessened than other
wise by the tall cf the South of'Sebastopol. In
an absolute point of view t never did nor tio at
tach any considerable importance to this ecter
prise. 1 always thought and tWiuK thai it was a
er<at mistake to choose that point for auattack on
Russia, the profouudest object of which istosecuie
Euiope from her political preponderance. I have
often expressed the opinion that uothing to be
achieved in that quarter can either break Russia's
power of resistance or bring her to satisfactory
terms. Destruction of Selw.stopol and the Russiau
Black Sea fleet is. iumy opinion, nothing but au in
sult, that does not take away strength; it is doubt
ly so when we remember that the siege o: Seb.is
topol was uudeiuiken, coupied with the pledge
solemnly given to Austria, that under no circum
stances; is the terriloiial extension of the Russian
Empire to be impaired.
*1 he word 1 was first to advace has almost be
come vernacular, that, with a policy pledged so
uihiiitaio the integrity of the Russiaii Empire, a
fortress or a lleet Uestroyed, is but a fortress ami a
fleet to be built up again stronger than ever in a
feu- yt ars. The case would be somewhat different
had the allied poweis the intention to keep the
Crimea. Hut, on the one haud, until now at least,
this intention they hail not; on the other hand the
Crimea is uo barrier that defends, it is an acquisi
tion that requires defence; nud to make good this
defence, one of two things is indispensable?ei
ther the maintenance of a large standing army in
the Crimea, or else the pyshiug back of Russia
entirely from the HI ick Sea, consequently from
the immediate neighborhood of the t limea. With
out either the one or the other of these allerna
tives. as soon as the Allies would march out, Hus
sia would march in again. The first alternative
implies the condition of au armed peace, to the
cost of which neither England nor Fiance would
choose to submit iu the long run; besides, it im
plies the tortuous question, Who is it that will
undertake the charged England and Fiance to
gether? that supposes the incredible circumstance
of a perpetual i ntrnte curuiale between them. No
man so toolishas to build his house on sncti loose
sand. England alone ? France would not agree
to it. France alone? Englautl would object to it.
Turkey alone? would tnauk for the ruinous gilt.
Tuikcy, assisted by the Allies? would suppose
these Allies always allies; and would imply, be
sides, the opening of the Dardanelles, and of the
Bosphorus?equivalent loan overthrow ol the in
dependence ol Turkey.
The second alternative (that of pushing back
Russia from the Black Sea) implies, in its turn,
the necessity of au independent Circatsia, and of
Daco-Romanish Stale with Bessarabia and the
Territory of OcznKoff up to Cherson; a combina
tion which would be absolute nonsense without
the full reconstruction of Poland in its ancient
extent;?a thing beyond the limits of the determi
nation of the Allies. At all events, of two things,
one, either the Allies make a campaign hi Poland,
or they make not; in the first case, they ought to
have ('one it without sacrificing one hundred.thou
sand ol Iheiroest troops, ami about four thousand
five hundred millions of fraucs under a town, the
capture ol which would have been au ea.y work
by a secondary division, had it but keen defended
by a garrison instead of the principal army of Rus
sia, as with a Polish campaign the case wou.d
have been undoubtedly;?on the other haud, ll
the Allies don't mean to make a Polish campaign,
they cauiiot think of keeping the Crimea, and il
'hey don't keep the Crimea, then indeed the for
tress and the fleet destroyed there is but a fortress
and a fleet to be built up again.
With a great pjwer like Russia it is au insult
that does m t take away strength, liowevei, uu
der otlur circumstances, it might have been a mat
ter of choice for Russia how far to resent or not
to resent that insult, but under the circumstances,
such as they are, to resent it to the utmost is an
imperative nece?sity for the Czar. Sebastopol
is the fieid oil which the contending parties have
measured their power lor a year. The eyes ol
the world?of Asia, especially?have been rivited
on that .spot. The1 long protracted struggle there
iudeiilified the prestige of the Czar's inviucibiliiy
with the nanie of Sebastopol.?Sebastopol fallen
snakes that prestige irretrievably. Whatever may
be the personal incliua.ious of the Czar's Alex
ai der, [a tlebonnai'e yotuu man he is] we are told,
had he uad no choice, he would not live one week
if he dared to sign the in in of the prestige ol
Russia's power, lie cannot sue tor peace; he
c n?not accept any coitditons?weie ev? n Nome
offered hi iu?under this pressure; lie must lighi,
until either the strength of his empire be broKeu
or the preslage of his power tedre&sed.
How an Ohio Governor was 'Sold.'
Wherein it is shoicn how some things may he dune 1
as well as others, and that (iovertwrsure not rs- j
em jit from all the frailties oj the human sptdts. j
A certain Governor of th?* great commonwealth i
of Ohio, a great favorite with the ladies, and un
encumbered with domestic cures, sometime a I it r a j
successful campaign, but previous to assuming !
the responsibilities cf oilice, made a pit-Hsu r?; trip '
to Gotham. Being a public man. and a success
ful one, he of course was open to the coiigiatula- I
tioiis ??f she Democracy. Every bodyshook hands
with him, and at the laid* d'hote he was quite a
lion. The day succeeding It is arrival, he passed
?town the principal 1'etei Funk street of the great
American Babel. He had not proceeded lar until
lie was accosted by oue who seemed a remarkably
courteous gentleman.
?Good morning, Governor?howd'y do/ quoth
the si ranker.
?Vrery well, thank'e sir,' blandly responded the
Governor, though looking somewhat vaguely, as il
his collocutor had the advantage.
'I perceive you don't know me,' was the r?-join
der. '.My n:iine is Brown, ol county, Ohio. I
had the pleasuie of forming your acquaintance a
lew weeks ago when you spoke at .'
?Oh! ah!?yrs,' sa;d theGovernor, 'I?recollect
?sir, very glad to ste jyou, 31 r. Brown.'
The twain had unconsciously approached an
auction room, and suddenly were interrupted in
the midst of a very animated political di.-cussiou,
by a boisterous outcry coming from a knight of the
hammer: 'A splendid bargain, gentlemen. A per
fect beauty. Full jeweled and warranted sound
in every particular. Going! Going! Only, twen
ty-seven dollars and a half, gentlemen. A wretch
ed sacrifice.'
4By George, Governor,' quoth Brown, 'there
seems to be a chance for a bargain. Let's see.'
Suiting the action to the word, Brown stepped
in followed .by the Governor, too polite to refuse.
But a few moments elapsed ere the ticking treas
ure was knocked oil' to Mr. Brown, at an 'atuaz
ing cheap bargain,' Handing the lever to tin*
Governor, .Mr. Brown felt lor his port monnaie,
when, suddenly, with an expressive air of surprise
stca ing over his countenance, heexclaiuicd 'why
Governor, pray excuse me, but really, I've lelt
my purse at the hotel; will you favor n.e by ad
vancingjthe amount, while 1 run up to the hotel?
Its only a step, and I'll return immediately.'
'Certainly, sir,' said the Governor, drawing out
a weII-slotted purse, and counting the sum. wheh
was duly handed over.
Suiting action to words, Mr. Brown disappear
ed. Five minutes soon passed; ten elapsed; fif
teen sped, and yet no Mr. Brown. The Governor
bevau to get impatient. Twenty minutes disap
peared, and the Governor's vekaiion became man
ifest. Twenty minuter had gone, when suddenly
the Governor seemed struck with an idea. He
hud hern sold?impudently plucked! His lage w;.s
u it bo u uded. He deuii> ivied his money, but the
auctioneer was gone! He raved, and it is s.nd
swore roundly?but we don't believe that part ol
the story. It is on recurd, however, that he threat
ened genera! destruction, ami uo doubt would
have raised the d?l generally, had not the auc
tioneer, frightened by his violence, made Ins ap
pearance, and afler demurring somewhat, return
ed the money.
It is needless to observe that the Governor left
the establishment a wiser and a madder man,
than when he entered it. Il is likewise to be re
marked that alter that time he was universally
suspectful of all who claimed acquaintance wiiLl
him on the score of Ohio residence.
In justice to the Governor, we will likewise le
mark that in extenuation of his btiug victimized,
he was induced lo advance the money in view ol
the fact thai Mr. Brown represented hiuisell as a
Buckeye, and he'couldn't see a fellow Buckeye
in trouble without helping him.' It is a well
known fact, however that Gov. M?I is 'down on*
Peter Funk institutions.?Cin Timet.
A Fikxd.?A letter in the Columbia Times, da
ted Yorkville, S. C., says:
??Negro Clarissa was tried on Tuesday, and
found guilty of the charge of mnruer, by poisoning
Col. Wilson's child She confessed that she had
also poisoned two children of Mr. McCully, and
one tor Mr. Marshall of Newberry, and probably
one for Mr. Berry. She also confessed that she
hau prepared poison as many as three times for
Mrs. Wilson, her late mistress. She also stated
that there is now a prisuuerin Columbia, and that
there is an old lady there, who she has not named,
that is now kept in bed by poison, administered by
her servant. She has proven herself to be a dev
il on earth. Everyday she is making more con
Rich Against his will.
Vivier, the musician, who ?the present rape in
Europe, is one of ihe rare instances of ;mm of ge
nius icho has a banker! Hi* account?ith his bank
er used to be a very uncertain one. Now and
tben he was ?flush'.Hrith the proceeds of a success
ful (oar or concert, and he made haste to indulge
in Brittle Snancia'respectibility, b> making a de
posit, on which he could draw checks like a
capitalist. The season, some five or six years
since, wrs very productive. He had made a tour
with Jenny Lind in Germany, and his pocket be
ing heavy on his return, the gleat banker, Mr.
Marring, has been the rtctpieut of some twelve
hundred pounds to ins account.
But Viver's heart was in his own country, and
Ihe in?meul he was unoccupied, he be^au t?i be
homesick. He would make a visit of a month or
iwu to Pairis, and return when the great bur of
London recalled him lu li?e bmks.of the Thames.
I?y the eiiiineut Mr. Baring he was received
wttfcgeuirl cowles) which genius commands, even
in the inarU ol .Mammon, Iroin those who are its
?ihave come to draw the littlesuin that 1 have
telt in your hauds,' said Viv;er.
At the words, ihe banker put on a grave air,
iiiiii slightly pinched his tips.
?It is impossible 13 let you have it,' was the re
Ah! you are perhaps embarrassed at this particu
lar moment?' innocently supposed the musician.
'.Not at all V said the banker, ?ud one of his
cleiks entering at the moment, he turiied to hiiu
ami said: 'You will Send to His Grace, the duke
of ?, the forty thousand pounds, which was
Ihe amount ?>! the loan, he requested.'
?Tins rea>sures ine,' said Vivier; *if you can
lend f?rty thousand pounds, for my deposit, which
I tequire this uiomeiit lor a trip lu Paris.'
'Uettaiuly I could?but 1 must still refuse it,*
persisted the imperturbable banker.
?Monsieur!' s;?ld Vivier, 'I like a joke well
ei ough when It is not carried loo lai; but th;s
seeii.s to have attained its limits.'
?I never joke on matters of business, sir/ said
Baring, 'and, when.1 assitte.you that you caunot
have the money ycu ??sk lor, I am quite in ear
n St.*
?Do you pretend to deny that I made a deposit
with you then?'
?Certainly not. I remember perfectly, that a
short tune since, you* deposited wiih rue twelve
hundred pounds; for whitb, with a coutidiugue*s
that was a compliment to me, you d:d not ask Jo:
a receipt.'
'And will you abuse this confidence?'
?NeVtr, of course. But still you caunot touch
the money iu question?
?Your reasou why, sir, if you please?'
'I will tell >011. A lev/ days before her depart
ure for the L'uiltdStates, Miss Jenny Lind, whose
banker I also am, did me the honor to dine with
me. After dinner we pleaded f?>r the p:ivilege of
once more hearing her delightful voice, and she
assented on one condition; that 1 would grant a
request which she wished to make. 1 promised,
and she sung. The song over, we claimed to
know our obligation, and she then said: 'Vivier
has deposited moil y with you?twelve hundred
pounds, 1 hear. He ought to be rich, with the
money he mak^s, but the careless creature spends
his earnings with the prodigality ol a pi nice.?
Someone should be prudent lor him, since he has
no prudence himself. His capital should be in
vested in spite of him, and the interest allowed to
accumulate. The sum, now, might be, one
day, a little capital that might save him (rum want.
I wish )ou to refuse to let him draw it out ol your
hands.' This is the explanation of my refusal,
and you see that it originated in a kind and alfcC
tioua'e solicitude for your wet tare.'
?Oh! very well,* raid Viv* r, *and of course I
aai sensible of the sympathy which actuated the ll
lustratrious woman whose heart is even grater than
her talent; but, nolu ithstandiug my gratitude, I
do not accept the tutelage, for 1 am out of money
and must have it for my present need. II 1 can get
it in uo other way, I will appeal to law.'
_*Very well,' said the banker, *rignt is on your
side, and you can go to law il you like, but you
wilLruin yoursel! w th the cost of the suit; and
with uiy means, I can make it last long as y??uf
lile, for the delays of the law are endless if \oi\
I choose to pay lor them. Nothing shall prevent
me Irom keeping my word to Jenny Lind, and car
: lying out In r benevolent design. You cannot
? touch the money in my hands '
Before the ludexibjedeteimination of the bank,
er, Vjver was obligation to yield, and to the d?_
j lu:t o> Ins irieiids in Party, he was obliged to give
a concert during his vacation thtre, to pay the ex -
| peuses of his idlcue^.
| Vivier is the greatest of living horuplayers, and
though he still makes e>oibitanl suuiS ol money is
I as t-xliavagaul iu its expenditure as ever. If he
lives to the c uniion age of man, however, he will
be rich in spite of himself.?lY. IV. Musical lie
I Death, o* Mrs. and Miss Taney.
The fjllowsnj teller will be read Willi melon*
choly interest:
Stkameii Curtis Prck. October 1, 1855
I The vencrattU and estimable wile of Chief
Justice Taue> breathed her last on Sunday at Old
Point Comfort. This esteemed and beloved lady
I n.is been in feeble heal 111 for some days past, and,
j though her disease had none of the marks ot yellow
i fever, soon after her decease theskio t-oie miniis
takeable evidence* b\ its hue, that the iusolious
destroyer had breu lurking itt the system. Would
that 1 could pause here in my record ul the sor
rows ol her distinguished husband; bul alas! the
same pen It: a I traces the s?d story of his bereave
ment must also convey the melonChoiy intelli
gence that iu a few brief hours al;er the spirit ot
the mother passed away the eyes ol her eldest
single daughter, .Miss Taney, were also clo>ed
in death. Iter's was a decided ca.se ol yellow
lever; Mid ? n yesterday n ot her and daughter \vere#
coinuiittei! to the same d.irn crave, to the solemn
measure of the (Urging waves. The eulogy ol .Mrs.
Taney must be wr.tteii by those who knew her a
mid the sanctities of her houit ; and the gentle
memories of the daughter must be treasured by the
circle in which she in ?ved respected and beloved.
Mrs Taney was a sister of the late Francis S. Key,
the immortal author ol * The Star Spangled i.au
nrt.' It is also reported that another s'u^le daugh
ter of the venerable Chief Justice is quite ill at
j Old Point. The Judge has been occupying for
some two or three summers the co't'ge at Old
Point opposite the former rtsideiice of Col. L)e
Kussev, and himsell and his whole family ha.I
won upon all who were brought into special con
tact with them. The l:ght ol thai little culture is
darkened, but let us trust that those whose pres
ence served to illuminate its fireside have gone to
that land
"Wliei* tlie Torch ?ail is starred
"With the beauty that dwells iu the *oul,
Where the li :ht ??? their loveliness cannot he marred,
Nor ilie ?pi:il Hung hack from its goal "
There wire nine burials in Norfolk on yesterday,
and, it ;s said, thiiteen in Port?mouth. The ?lis
| ea?e is very fatal iu all new cases,scarcly a patient
, recovering. It i?t, however, decreasing rapidly,
and we may hope soon to cease tolling the daily
requiem which, for three months past has been
j sounding on ami on to the four winds of heav.n.
Since lie commencement of llie pestilence in Nor
folk and Portsmouth thirty physicians have died;
how many nurses I cannot at this lime say. The
physicians ami nurses are leaving for their homts,
i he number ol new cases not 1 eiiig more than the
resident physicians on attend to; and I am sure
these good Samaritans will carry with them to their
d s:ant places ? ?l resilience the blessings of millions
in our land. There wereoulv (our burials yester
day If the cool weather continues we shall soon
be entirely free from this devastating scourge.?
We are looking for fiost, and iu a wtek or two at
most we hope to see the thousands of our scatter
ed c tizens returning to their homes.
i'w i'itc.vi'f-;ic*.
We are prepared to turnish Printers with Wade's su
perior News, llook and Job Inks. We have now on
It'ctVM Ink, hand press. J Dark Klne.
IVctvi luli, powei pie** j l.ight tSreen.
ISook Ink. j l>nrli 4>r<*cu.
Flue ISlnck. I Yellow.
?xlia Fine do. | \l bite.
Krd Ink. i *ixe.
Extra Fine do. I Vurui?li.
liJght lilue. I Ac.At. Ac.
All I nks sold hy us warranted lo be good; and i found
not lo be so, tan be returned at our expense.?
0Ci*Teriu3 cash.
iulV ' BEATTY & Co.
I'l VII Silver .Urilalii uud ncvea Diptoin:in
have been awaided to ADAMS for tiisi cluts Daguerieo
types. Adams Co.'s Gallery is at the toinerof Ui inn
?ud Main sis. Ntraugeis are invited to cat), citizens o
course will do so. Pictures takeu as cheap as the chtca
Koom> of the ISrothrrhood of the I*. 12.
Chnrch, is ruk ok G&avks book stork, L'kstre
Whkkling.?Regular meetings ot the Bioth ihood, third
Monday evening in each month. Libiary aud Heading
Room oi'eu every day from9 A.M. to9 P. M.
B. M. EOFF, Sec* jr.
HsLiEr CoaMtTTrie.?J B. Fold, Jan. II. SZoutand A.
N, Johustoil, Ksqs. spltttf
KO ton* Lonacoi.iug Foundry Iron, foi talc by
ay GHX.fr l'Q-? Water st.
C~\OXSlSTlXG of all the qualities and styles now in tie,
J extra tupei fine. S A V ERY,
sp:U >*oa 1-tG ai.d MS Main st.
" You're getting Old!"
?Well, jrou can't jtoj your gettin? old, hut you ray
keep your taveu locks, in spite of Fatbey Time, by using
Woods' Hair Restorative.
The place to get it is a?. the Bridge Corner Drug Store of
T. IK. Logan & Co.
where you will fiud everything desirable in the toilet ol
a lady or -entieman. ?p26
Dynprpaia.?There are but icwr who do not at some
time experience the unpleasant effect of temporary Indi
gestion, such us a seusc of fullness, weight and uuea&iuess
of the Moiiwc'j, l,.ul tongue, bitterness iu the mouth, luu
sea, sick headache, etc. etc Al* such iee!in;s are evi
dence o" appioacniug dyspepsia, which should always be
checked and ruted by the use of Dr. Hosteller's Stomach
liitter?, which are kno-vu to be au infallible remedy lor
all such cou:plaii?ls To this thousands will !e*lily who
nave t?ied liiem aud proved the faci>.
For sjIc by dru^Utsaml dejleis generally everywhere,
and by
WM. A. It ATCUt'l OU'.*i 11AIII 1> V K.
Gl!KY. lied, or Kusty Hair Dyed instautly to a beauti
ful and natural brown or biacU. without the least injury
to Hair or Skin.
Fiftmck Medals and Dipuixas have been awarded to
Win. A. llatchelor siuce lsfcE), aud ov?r SWU app.icu
tions liavc been nude to the Hiir ol his patrons of his
famous I lye- Piejudiceagiiust Dying the hair aud whis
kers is unjust, as 11 would be against tovei ing a ba?d head
,vith a wig.
Mji. A. U.vrcmtLna's Hair Dtk produces a color not
to be dis tingui shed I ruin nature, aud is warranted not to
injure iu the least, however long it may be continued.
Made, sold or applod (in 'J private iuuuu) at the Wig
factory, 533 Broadway, N. Y
?So!il iuall cities aid tutviu a! the Uuiied Stater, by
Diupgi.\ta ami Fancy Good Dealers.
ItFTlie Gei nine In* the nairichtt.d address upou a* steel
plate engraving on four side* of each bottle, of
223 /hoadttay, New York.
For sale wholesale and retail by
Will subdue tl?c pain and inflammation Iroui ll.c s^vciest
burns or ?calds, in Irouioee to twenty minutes-and that
il will Iieal the wounds without scar; and effectually cure
Fever Seres?Piles-Salli beuni?Inflarauiatory Rheunu
iisn,?sore and l.:flamed Eyes-Cuts- Wounds-Bruises
?O-d aud Ulcerated Soies?Scald Head?corns and bun
ious? Erysipelas?sprains?Swellings?Feloi.s?Sore nip
Vies?chilblain*? bites of Insects?Swelled and broken
bieast? Eruptions?and a?' o'her Inflammatory and cuta
neous diseases, wherf the parts affected tan be rcached.
Don't be iucrcdu'oua ab.rut the nuuy diseases named to
be cured by only one thing?but rcflect, that the few, but
positive properties which the Dalley Salve alone contains
I and as heretofore enumerated?one to four?can icach not
j alone the aJorc-mentioncd disease, but many more not
! enumerated.
CMcry-Do not reguftr brrd p\yii?;an* preseri&* ealo.nsl
! inieardly forxcorex of different di*ea>e%1
i Kach box or Gic.scINK I)*i.LEY'S PaI.v Extractor lias
upon it a Sseel Plate engraved Label with the signatures
of C. V. CLICKKXEK iV CO proprietors, and HENRY
DALLEY, manufacturer. All other aie counterleit ?
Price 23 cents per box.
id~All orders should be 'addressed to C. V. Clickener
?V Co. SI I Ja relay sLreet. New York.
For vale by HLGHLIX? 4* BUSH FIELD, Wheeling,
and Drugeits gei e-.a ly throughout the U. S. splS
You will do well
IF you have Dyspepsia?Kheumatisin?or are suffering
from Generator Nervous Debility?to p locuie, at once,
a bottle of
No metliciue isso unversally and permanently popular.
T. 11. LOGAN A ("o. Gen'l Agents
S|,oq 11 ridge Cornet Drug Stoic.
AYKR'S PI LLS!gl?de, sugar-shod. over the palate, hut
their energy although wrapped up, ,is thrre% and tells with
i giant lorce on the v^ry foundations of disease. There*are
I ? housnnds of suffeiers who would no', wear their distem
i pcrs if they knew they could b? fcured Tor 23c. '1 ry Ay
| er's Pills, and you will know it.
Puiily the blond and disease will be starved nut.
Cle-?nse the system from impuiitics aud jouare cured
Take 11.is best or all Purgatives, aii'l Scrofula, tinti
gestion, weaknes?, Ue.dacbe. b ck ache, Side ache. Jaun
dice, Rheumatism, deraugeinents of the Liver, Kidneys,
and bowels, all derangements and all diseases which a
purgative remedy can reach lly be'.ove thctn like daikness
be'ore the sun.
Reader, if you aie suffering from any or the numerous
| complaints they cu*e? suffer no mote?the icinedy has
been piovidcd tor you. aud it is ci initial ioi:cglecl it.
That Ajei's Cherry Pectoral is llie best medicine for
Cou?h, is now well kno?vn to the whole world, ant. that
j Ayrr't Pill* arc the best oi all Pills, is.kuowu to those
! who have used tliem.
| Prepared by Dr. J. C*. AYER, Chemist, Ljwell, Mass.,
Iid sold by atl Druggists in Wheeling.
Pi ice 25 cents per box?5 boxes foi ?1.
A. C. GOOD ?V Co, \Yheeling
oco wholesale ard lelail agents.
Side and Skylight Arrnngement?
| Likenesses taken with atl the recent improvements,
without auy unnatural whiteness of hiir, o? grey apprut
{auce on black dresses. Every sty.e ol cases always on
' l,a|Cooms No.>3 Monioe st. near theComt House.
| I.?ir-1 v WAI. COWKKN.
j U u v I'K.UAI.!i.SJ*tTS'l,,KK ? \ *t I-A 1/1* 18
i;y dr, a. m. mauriceau,
Our Hundredth Edition (500,000) lSwo. pp. 250.
A standird woik of established, touuU classed in the cat
alogues of the great Trade Sales oi New York, Phiia
d lpiii-i, and other cities, aud sold by the principal
booksellers in the Uuited Statea.
Every woman can lieie discover, by comparing her
own symptoms with those desciibed, the nature, chaiac
ter and cause ol her compliant, and he spared much anx
ious and suffering, as well as the unpleasantness of tuak
j iug known to, or m-king inquiry of, a physician in tespect
I to the numberless ailments to wnich she is subject- 1 he
wife becoming a mother has often needjof instruction a i.d
advice iu respect to hei situation, which she will lieie
fimL This hook tells her what is the matter, and felts
! i,cr what to do for it, in simple bu'. ch*?ste wolds, and
i sit h as she cr i. understand.
I Those suffeiing from obstructions or ii regnlarities pe
j cnliar to the female system, or from prolapsus uhri QUU
i ii.gof the womb,) or fio.u fiuor alius, will each find in
its pages the means of prt vention, amelioration, and re
Muck distress of mind, as well as thousands pecumait
ly, inigb*. be saved to every husband, tl the simplest laws
appertaining to the marriage state we.e bette- understood
I I at they aie not better understood is traceable to that j
natural and almost commendable sensitiveness that will j
rather sutler than consult or converse with even a med
ical man iu respect to complaints peculiar to the lemale
only. . ?
luac.ipyol .Married "'onion'.' I'ritcte iUdical
Coti peuioH," every leiuae has a lihysiciru II at ki.o\vs
ana describes her every symptom, tee.in; and ailment,
ai d which she can consult at all times without violewe lo
her sensitiveness. ^ I
[Extractor a letter from a gentle an in l a/ton, Ohio.] |
iYT')x, May 1,18-17. 1
l)rt. A. y. surcirr.r:-.!/? Dtar Sir? My wile tM|
i been peneptibly sinking for some three jea:s ot uioie, in
coiifcqjcnce of great anguish ar.d suffering son.e mouths
; beioie Hitd during coMfinementj cvei y successtvecne mote
ai.d moie debilitated and prostrated her, puittng her jiie
1 in tinnitneiit danger, aud which was on the last?? caston
despaired of. I supposed thai ilu . state ot tmngs was |
inevitibtc, and resigned luyselt to meet liiC w??rst. 1 ,
heaid our hook highly spoken of, as containing >ome ;
| matters icachtug my case. On its receipt and pciusai 1 |
cannot expie>s to jou tne reliei it afforded my oistie>?cii
mind, - in! the joy It* j?aces impa ned to my wile, ou leai u |
! 11."that the s?tat discovery oi M. M Desomeaur: P'ovi- j
i ded a ? eiuedy. lto|<encd a prospec. to me wt.tch 1 little j
conceived was possible. l?ut tor this* ere another J?*11 i
would have passed over my head, in ali human pioacibt.t.
J ty m v wile would have been iu her grave aud u?y childieu
i left iu ?Jherless. . n
tCifl'poii ihe receipt of One Dollar, THh A/.4 K/!JhD \
(vitilrd J'lte) to anv jmrt of the lim ed Slates; the ? ana
.Us. and British Province- -%? 'c^crs niu^ he |K?st- i
paid, end addressed to !>?. A. M MAI K1C.BAIT, l~2i
New Yoikcity. Publishing Olficc, No Lxhctt> *t., |
New York. T . i
A-cum iu % irgiuin. I
J II Stephens, Waneidon-O C Me.u-g+fo, IltrrUon
bur&h?Wiu Dlcakntear and K C Holliday, Mouivi*rill ;
Wilde4- Hro, John Fisher, and J H Thompson, m W/Jwe |
-Wm Holliday, Marshall C H-Jacob4" Mutlh. ??elUbui z
?Kami A li Alauzy, UwUbur^h?Z A Karr, Udar Gror?
Mills?Dr A K Barnes, Clarksburg?Dr h C llltams, ,
jsfupherd stoien. ?ep?:daw.>m
Jlasonic Works.
1) OYAL A vcb Text Hook,
I Xv Masonic do by Cross,
Dove's do do
Masonic Chart,
Stewart's Fiee Mason's Manual, etc for sale bv
jp26 W 1 l.Dfc *V UK'^. j
1n?liuo?2 cetoous Caraccas Indigo, for se'e by |
a-,^ "A. C. GOOD & Co. -
Just Received.
TIIE undersigned would most re*pectruily inform his
friends aud patrons o! Wheeling and its vicinly, and
the citizens generally, Uiat'.he his just received his Fall
aiii winter stock of
together with a full assortment of Gcnls Furnishing
Goods, which will bcfeoM on the most teasoiubic terms.
Cloths, Cassimeres a?d Vestfngs sold by the yard,
piece, pattern, o. made up to order in the Sates* and most
approved style and best manner, at shoit notice.
uiy*A saiistactorv tit guaranteed in allcaSes, or no s*le.
J. 11. .STALL.M.V.N, Met chant Tailor,
No. 2 WaabiiigtuD Hall,
OC6 Wheeling, V*a
[T'mes ropy.
Benefit of Mise Eliza Thieiraaa.
Last Night
NEW SONUS ! sew dances!!
-*ND A
TIIRI L 1.1 X G 31 KLO 1) R A M A !
Saturday Evening:, October 6th,
wi.l be ptesetiled the celebrated melodrama
Macairc M r Thielman
Jack Stiapp Milo Thiem-an
A Per which
To be Mloived by the spleu lid jwtiie comedy of the
(In English.)
To conclude with the much admire J and laughable futce
(In English)
MICE OF JliMlsSloX?Uux. >ii pe ticket, <V) cents.
Ticket admitting gentleman and lady, *Io cts. Paiquerte
and Second Tier. .
(Co^Seat* ran be secured by calling at the Ins otllce of
the Athciacum from y to 1 i o'clock, A. M., and iroiu J to
4, P. M
O*For particulars see hand bills.
or.-, C. Til' I!f,M IN. Manager
Savings 2-auk btore,
Clitizrim of U heeling mid vicinity:
/ I wnulu be u a mini tig in my duty to yon?
those whose interest* are in my hands?and mysr.lt, <iid
1 not kwp yon advised where youcai: find a great va-.iety
| and good quality of bouts. slices, hats, caps, umbrellas,
and carpet sack*. my tail and winter stock of which 1
have ;u-t received.
I deem it useless to particularize, suffice it lo say, 1
have all kinds of the above gouds usually kept tn i his ci
ty, and will sell them to ail who may be disposed to pa
tronize, at lowest prices.
Please re member th? Old Post Office corner.
oc'? I? H. \v\tson.
A Valuable Ohio River Farm.
ACTING as 1-xecutor. under ttic will of the laie Jas.
II. Neal, deed. I will proceed, ??u ihe
to sc!l to Ihe highest bolder the Farm 1 now ocrupy, Mtu
a'cd on tlie OH IO KIYER tince miles above the t wn of
Faikershuig, Va., the terminus jf the great Western
link of t lie Ha l i mo r e and 0'iio Kail real; said to con aiu
Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Acres?about oi.e hundred
and thirty five nciesof l>ott<iui laud, cleared and under a
high state of cuiiuie; the icsidu% well timbered, ouethird
of which insusceptible of cultivation, with a |.i r?e an d
commodious two story frame dwelling house with kiich
rn attached, and other necessary out buildings, together
with seveial hundred bcning Engrafted Apple Tiees, a
Cider H?iu e and tix'ure<; a:so a Mormon Hay Press.
This Farm, by an outlay ol a small amount of money,
can t>e made oueoi the must desirable situations in Wes
tern Viiginia.
The terms of sale will be: Oiehalf of the pmchcse
money in baud, the rcs:d ;e in two equal payments o:
one and two years, bearing interest from d?t?? of the sale,
and a lieu letaiued on said Farm lot* tne delerrcd pay
ALSO:?Acting as aforesaid, and on the'same day, 1
will si-11 to Ihe hisi.cst b'ddei, Out-lot No 1 situated in
the town o: Parkeisburg, on the corner cf Lyttleiou and
Gieeu Mice's, fronting oi.e hundred and seventy-five teet
on Green, ami extending back two hundred aud t;-n leet
ouLytMetou stieet.
TEI*.?ts One half of the purchase money to be paid
the 1 jib of Feb. ls-Vi, and the residue on the lAth Nov'r.
1S5G, with bond and approved security and interest from
date. In sized lots to suit the putchaser.
II. NEAL. Executor
.V. H.?Those wishing to purchase, I will be pleased
to show the premises, or gi\e them any iiiiuriuatiou they
may wish
fep'. 'S.i. IS' j. oc-lrdts
SnJ'r Hats.
S A VERY has received and is now opening a very
? large assortment of Soft Hats of ail qualities, tliapc-*
and colors, and w II be sold at the lowest p? icc*
Nos. 1 Ifi and MS .Main st. Wheeling, Va. ocl
1| | PAWS oil dressed buckskin Gloves, just re
-1 ~? cci ved by
or '. HEISKF.LI. A- Co.
VGOOD Servant Girl, to do general housework in j
mii-'It and pleasant family. Enquire at this office,
oct 3?"?*
'The J.a^l Chance.
HKAVV brown and green pressed Flannels, of Mc
Kee Robertson's make. Also?Pet>ian cloths,
red, white and Plaid Flannels, cassi meres, Satinets, etc.
the tasi of their Goods, as they haveq i?t inauufact jring,
at ?*3 W. |i MoT I E Ac IJKO'S.
I Ofl S rcceiveil by
ni:o. wiijsos.
Grain Bags.
>00 ?77>aV, SJ 1>u. Iielsi
'M\J inn Hjv 3 il.j
Fire and Marine Insuraneo Co.
PKINCIPAL OFFIl'E?C'biirJoIlcville, Vn.
rHHH above Company having established an agency in
JL this city, are piepared to take marine and liie risks
I mi favorable tern:s..
N. C. AKTIllIir, afent.
OFFICE?No. !?!> Main ??tree?. or.tt-m
Fire, Life and Marine Insurance
t'? Ai tliur. Agent.
OFFICII?No l>'.i Mnin street. octi-thn
?)04? II**. cloves, just ree'd and tor sale low bv
?) itrll 1.A1 (,HL1N< A Kl'SIf Fl ELP
4t? :;al. pute uonand Gin, lot s.?le low bv
?h.:J 1.A IJ till I.I Ns ty I'UMIFI Kl.l).
/? .!o*. Wuli'a .--ciiicdam scluiii^ps, warranted aeuu
v* ine, lor sals low hv
'"S ibV 0,3cheitiie, a puuie?: nc ??. just i.-cnved bv
?) O?') Ibi. Pow'd Elm. tm ^air low by
IO bu?h. canai y Seed, >ust received by
L \ UGII LIN S ?v"
Ica-St winlet blcach'.-d wn.ileOit. just iec'd by
tcl LXCGIIUNS ?v I'.l.ts IKIKLH.
II) bbl?. 'lam crs.nil lor *aie low bv
lO II??. Eng. calomel, just let 'd by
1 ^ I.A t*G :l LI Ns HUSH FIELD.
Q.1 lb*. Amer. calomel, for sale low bv
O? hlue Mass, American and English. iuM ree'd
?'???* LA UGH 1,1.\S t\ HURHFlEUl!
QO ff?l. Pure cod liver Oil. w.i
il. wai ranted, for sale low by
00 lb?. uii Rosemary, for s;iic low bv
Q."5 Ibi. Ked Preaptlate, fnsi teceived by
1'J <Ioz. syringes, rroin l to ir, ozs.t tor sale bv
1 dox. iioodyear'sGum Elastic breast Pumps, foi sai.
i low by
I DO lb.-. Pearl .sago, j:?si leceivrd b\
lb*. Gum Tragacanih. for sale low bv
fJ oc.\ ' LAUGH 1.1 NS .v ICJSHFIRlP.
It) bb?M. Spts Turpentine for sale low by
\NOTHER big lot of Cambric, Swiss, Limerick, lare
and elegai'.t trimmed collars, cheaper tliau ever, iust
opened at
or? W. D. MOTT3 & P.UO'i.
WE have received a la?ce stock of French, English and
A n erican Prints, In all the new d:sigu8 wh icb have come
out this tea son.
oc2 W. D. MOTTK * P.RO.
Shirtings and Irish Linen.
"WE have on hand all the best mak?Rof bleached shirt
ings aud Irish Line us that are sold iu this count: y, and
at the lowest prices.
?cJ W. D. MOTTE A- P.RO_.
N"EW bonnets, and Elegant Ribbons to mitch, just re
reived at
t<2 W. p. MOTTE Ar ItKO'S.
ANY person wishing to buy a Shawl can find a good
variety and great inducements in price ^t
Stoc/,- Full.
EVERY thing usu?lty kept in a Dry Gootls Store, can
be gut at W. il MotteA: lt?os. aud as lo their price*,
though theii neighbois biaga good deal, they will not be
uudetsold by any of them. Go aud see. oc?*
XO carboy* Oil Vitriol, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
0 niauufaciure, lor sale by
agH A. C. GOOD A: Co.
JUST received, a large lot oi c!o> lies hampers, clothes
k: kels. ladies work baskets, and a variety of others
fancy and plaiu. K H. WOODS,
mylS No. 31 Monroe st.
RHO l?ES' Fever and Ague Cure lor sale by
augO Sign of Red Mortar. 33 Monroe St.
1 50 yds. Plaid couutiy Flannels, just ree'd at
I sptH ilKISKELL A CO's.
N. E. COR. CII.%11l.KS AM? CAllUCN' STS,
B3f*0UK Warehouse islocsted on one of III* tracks of
the Haiti nionc ami Ohio Kailroad, by which expenses or
drayage on consignmentsis avoided.
C. C. Jamieson, Esq, Pres't Kaukol Kaltimore.
F. Git..-oh, Cashier
P.Sprigg. K*q, ** Merch'ts " ?*
Tr.?enuiiCro??, Esq, Cashr ('om<r Far bk Malt.
JIcsms. Hugh Jenkins ?.VCo, ilaltiinore.
W. G. flartisou, Ksq,, ** ?? (
Ji. II l^atu.be, Ksq., Chief Engineer i: .*> O It K
t'o, I?.illilUOJC.
J. 14. Ford Ksq, Agent R&OK 1! Co, Wheeling.
Alcssi*. Fursyihi. A Hopkins,
S. Hrady, h?q, Cashier,
J) |.auih. Ksq. ** *4
Mai Philip Harry, Agent IS. O If K. Company,
Moundsvilic. Va.
Messrs. John Wharry dt Co, Aloiijidsvilie, \a.
?? \V. *v ?*. I hompson, *' **
44 M. Pot:ock tV Co, .SuiiHsh, "hio.
I) O. Convers, K>q, Casht, Ziwiesvtllc, Oiiio.
John Peu-rs, Ksq, ?? ?*
??*. Il.sprigg, Ksq, " Fairmont, Va.
Messrs. Al >y o. Jackson, "
TilCS upoke a wne and good man; but mnrk the
rhtuge! l.et then/.'?;~f?f hear bin, and then decide whe
Iher to sulT.n on or he nude whole, le p>ofeMlOaal ?ftCfk
ip.tli tuiurd hetWi hear.
Kcv JaitiesAV . II. nnicntt, the talented ai d ilidcj* hd
eiil ediloi oi that highly popular and extensive.y read pa
per, the Christian Hanner, published al Fredt iirk?.bu>g,
Va . in his editorial ol the ISth ol May, 16oo, thus sj?eahs
of iLimptou'* VegetuMe 7\ncture:
??Some time ago we merely alluded to Hampton's Veg
etable Tincture, with a promise ol noticing inoic paitic
ulaiiy the gieal reliei we have ourself derived fioniits
During our collegiate com se, owing to *edeniary
habits, we In came qu te dyspeptic and were very much
troubled with veitigo. For nine than twelve yeais aitc;
leaving college, wc were l.iboiiug seriously under these
two afflictions. In the.spiingof our health became
so delicate liiat it was with girai difficulty wc could at
tend lo the ordinary duties ol our pioless-ion. Kvciy
thing wx-ate immediately iu>ned acid; our digestive oi
gam* Uecaiiie wholly do:urgedj .osiug as it seemed lo us all
tlietr activity ai.d vitality; we weieconstantly depress
ed ill spit it; our energy almost lotsook us, and no:hing
hut necessity uigeil us on to action.
??We had taken strong medicines, observed cieat par
ticuUrity in our diet, and all to in purpose. Wcbadde
sjiaiini ol ever lecoveriug our health when a temale
hiemt of ours importune*) us to ret a bottle of Hampton':
Vegetable iiuctuie. assuring u*? thai wc wo.ild find meat
ifcllel ftiini i's use. We briefly replieil, 'ire irouid i.oi
girt a ilohar /or all the Tmctute H mplon er*r made, so
iar as our own ind.vidual health was rumen.ed.' We
nad no laiih in ii or any othei medicine in effecting a cine
oui.s. In the kiin!ness ol her heart. Iiowever, without
consulting us about it, she sent and got one bottle and
urged us lo acrept ol it. and lor her -aho, as it could not
possibly injuie us, to use it acroiding to direction. Foi
the hi^ii repaid we had lor her ami h?*i act uf kir.dncss,
we piouiised to doso And without the leastexagiera
tioii wc can tiuly say that he ore we had u-ed ilie coutcnl *
o; one bottle we felt like a uew man
??We useil, consecutively, ironi ten tofifleen botties.
We were alraid ingive it up, teaiingour old disease*
might return siiae then, our diiesiiw oigaus liaue beet
uui ormly cor eel, our headcieai, and so tai ?s ?iu* la
burs, toils. Iiahiliiies, res oiisilnlities, and worldly caiet
will allow, our >piiits have been b uyant, and we e?i
just wiiut we please, as much as wc Please, and when w?
please?and ail is well. For the sakeof tli?r nfllicied wi
make this ?latcnieiil, hojnug Hiai oilier* may timt thesair
iclief I'Oiuits use that we have It simuld i?e kept ii
every lamily. No la mi I y should be without llAMnoN'i
VKOk-rAOLt; Tinctuuk.
l.airyrT.*, Doctor*, Hunker*, Ministers, iu al\ the Depart
useitb ol State, Indies- and Ceiitlcnicu in the hi^he>t
wuiksol lile, a.i w.-i! as those moving in the most iiuu>b.e
spheres, speak ol the Cuies ou theniselves and friends by
fhis. woudei lul article.
In pi oof oi wnat wc say atiove, wc now relet* you to
Slniu|>iou'? Vegetable l iiuiure, bud 'tis el
The wile ol T. W. Yeakle, Grocer, "IS. Pearl st., cuieO
oj KheintiatiMii ol eiglit years'standing; all other icmc
dies, tailed
Win M. Oldham, (late of the Custom lloufce,) dwelling
No r.'G Finest, ol liysitepsin,gteat deb lit), peimaucutl>
W. A. Schacfler. Ksq, on: of the oldest magistrates and
most highly respectable citizens, cured ol gical weakness
and leatoied to robust he-ilili.
Jariei Plummet, lu3 h. llnltimorc St.. sulfered iutensel)
6 years w"h hip disease and metcuiial i heuiuatisni; cured
a'ter all other reiiKoiev failed
Spate will not pet mil loiame hundiedsof others, as
i"?eo. W. Goodi ich, Caj?t. TJios. C not, Kohl, tiaull, Jus
Smyth, cured of i heumalism.
John Pet vail, S. A. <? viflin, John l.nke, Kcv. V. Ksk
ridge, I'. S. Navy, and thousands ol hers cured of Dyspep
>ia. Scrofula, couvh, liver complains, brouchitifc. Saint
Vitus' Dance, &c. \\ e re!ei to om ou u citizens?call on
I he in
ICS*Pelicate lemalesand children will please try it- Ii
cuies couvhs. l.roiichilis, liysjep-ia. I.iver complaint.
Scroftra, with deta iigements oi the system.
Call ami tet pamplneis, giaiis.
Foi sale l?y It. l.o^uii A Co., Wheeling, gen
eral agents.
Sold by MORTIMER ?V MOWHRAY, 2-lrt llullimuie st.,
Ba titnoie. oOI Dioadway, N V
ICS"Pi ice ?! | er bottle - * j.-G
i OO bu.thrii* Ship MufT;
i 21 " white corn meal;
V?) 44 yellow do
10 44 couKnnj apples.
For sale by I- X. ICKLLEP.
[formkki.y kxciukck IIOTKI.J
Corner of l?ciiu and St, flair Rtrrrts,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
W. C. CONNELLY, Proprietor.
It V E ,
11.\ Itt.KV,
For which tlic highest market juice will be !?????1 -
si?n iiii.i. iv c??
I, 1.1 i mo? I. ,\u. 1 IkUiii^b, a lew bai icls III sIok
> and lor sale low hy
Kin.', M. KF.ILLY
1 ?U.V.N ? iiiciiiiuli Maicn: i.o.vc.- in.eiveU pi" ?.lCuiu
"* e? 'City ol W heeling,' and lor oule hy
I- A I* A NTT u:T'j'F.H I* A (MRS.
HE A MS Cap aid 10 >0 ilo Letter Paper?just re
? reived Mom Eastern mills and turs.Jeiow to the i
Tiad?- by UMIil'lN. G Il.Ktll.-OK Co.;
>;t>3 " Main. n**ar<iu?licv st
IU I' \I'fcU .M.-LM I'.ACTLHtH.s.
1)LKACHING Powdeis, litra .Mai in** .Alum, supe i ior
> Fouidinier Wires. Fe-ting, Twine, French cUy, to |
da ash, S;i| soda, Scieen Plates, lied Plate*, Koll bars, i
Knives, lias-cullers, etc., lurnished lo order on short no |
tlc?*, hv
1cn?It pure Old Port Wine, lor medicinal purposes'
icretvedaiid ior salt by
agll A. C GOOD Co. I
I^NVELuPKS -2 Vl in buff;
_i 1"0 iii while;
1'"'0 m Embossed,
Fancy ami Gilt Envelopes;
Hankers Cases and memoranda honks;
Pattern Paper, lor Tailors and Architect,-.
For sa'e low by
Spl3 I,A M I; l? I N. Gil/ EKSOS A Co.
Iviil l obacro.?t'O hiids. old Kentucky i.eal 'l'obi
j co, f.jr vaie by
To the Ladies.
\\T P- have this day received by Evprcsa, a few sets of
u Houitou. Valencieues ai d Malte>e lace Collars,
Sleeves and collaift'cs. In cnli rely new dengn, which
are by lai the most handsome of any we Imv ever offered.
Also, Silk Hosiery, veiy heavy Emhioidered. at piitei
rallying {torn ?1,60 to $6,0!) a pair, and a lew white cra|>e
coltai* *" sp!7 IIK1SKKLI. A- Co.
1X7OULh respectfully inform their friends, and the
? I public geneially: that they have opened a Grocery
Store at Hie corner o' Muiketaud Union streets, in the
room recently occupied by W. G. Robertson, where they
intend lo keep a full supplv of FRESH FAMILY GHO
CEKIES, and will take pleasuicin serving them out to
custome-sat the very lowest market rates
They will still carr on their Seam Kakery, and are
read v to fill the orders of all their old friends, as well as
new ones, for all the different kinds of Crackers and
K reads. sp|?? j
W A iM'ED- |
spl^ So 1 S3 ?market square
Valuable Real Estate
at Auction.
IAVILI. sell to the highest bidder, oil Monday, Oct. S, 1
ls>o,at 'J o'clock, P. M. at the front door of "the couit ]
liou*R, I.It No 'J2 Clay sticet, East Wh elins?lot No. 'I-'', '
Lindsay at ieel. East Wbee tng?two lots, Nos. ?"? and G, !
squa>e Market stieet, oppose Forty-tit's waiehouae. |
.aiso lot >*o 2. square22, on Hulncy street; on said lot is a
two*tory hnrk house, viable. ?Vc"
Term* o/.SaU? One lull cash, the balance in six months
? th * puicliaser gi 'ing note with approved security,beat ?
in^ interest tiom day ol sale.
spSO Auctioneer.
For Rent
TO flKST APRIL. lSofi.
THAT large and commodious Warehouse on Water
street, fotmeriy occupied hv Mr. J. H. Keys, deceased,
as a Forwarding aud commission hou>?.
Possession ^iven immediately. The Office fixturrs,
viz: Desk, stove, carjiet, *vc., and Tiuckand Scales will
be disiK^ed of at lair rales
R|?K Alain street.
IF you want an Ktnbiouli red Sett, collar, sleeves or .
speucej", go to W 1) .MOTTE& IlliO's.miJ jou will !
find u cb-iire assortment?cheaper than they iwvc as yet '
been sold in Iteelinp. _ .sp'/, j
DVFF'S North American Accouhlaiit, part 1st;
do do do 4.att2dj
Complete eett ? of blanks for the same,
Puff's Ca'culatioi.-s. etc. etc.
Students in bookkeeping will find tlic above a useful
course of study lor thri ^advancement.
Just received and fot sale by >
?P2* WILHR tie 11RO
irk bhd?. ptime shoulders;
IU 100 obis super and extra Flour, various brands:
60 44 superior Familv Flour?
23 bo.ve3 extra cream cheese.
\\J ITH water and steam power. There a: v i w.? ?j....
? T ling bouses'And tenant'* houses, a gooj *toic i,,
in which their i? done a good counu y str.re i.i.-,.? ".
land abounds in good coal and water, and I? uesii
every pa'ticuiai
The JVlill h.s n go n! reputation, is situated eleven
east of Wheeling, on tl.c National Koad.tml th<* lb
held Kailroad. The pioperty \vill he soi.l ou?ms\
K. M HUUlSKt.i.,
SplS ***u I-mil a in) Krrfl Kvltir \?i-.r
lici ryhiil iV t o.
A. Rutt**admin, and Keuj. V Sanborn, adn.
IN pursuance ol a ileciee of the cl-cuit court n, .
county, made at the Full Ten* 18j|, au<l .in
decicc madeQctoiiei tSVJ. I will ??u Satin d.'y, tin
day of October 1853, at the front dooi ot i lir roim ,,
al I" o'clOt?l?i k N soil tlx? l?)ilo\vi.igly, v /.
Lot* No. etght v8) and c even (in m .-.qua re si\.;
in Kast Wheeling.
Al-o, pat ts of lots No. five (.">) ai d (r>) mi Ma n >: .
having a 11out on said Street ?d uhnui &?lm-t.
'J'KI'MS ttF SALJi. -'len pet (rut. t?? lir paiil in ,
tlir balance in eiclit, fixtren and twen' y ? out usm.' ?
purchaser giviiiglionds with pood security, an.] tj10 t;-v.
ictaiucd until the \> noSc is paid
11 AN I Kl. C 1,1st,
SplPdtS t "IJ,litl ? ? i?ii;o? _
HOUSiJ AivlL) 1?6t FOR SAUi
aMIKimderMjiiiril olTeix lor sale his llou*>cnnd i..,?
Market street, east side, hetwren Mnmo<- ?uc i
stieets. The lot is M feet 1 rout, with a gm?d hm-n ,iVV(.
ling house and Out buildings
It will be sold low and on accon?mi>!?;?ii- t*?tlia
possess-ion ai ven any liiue alter the first o: Oetobe. "
lO~Knquiie ol
snpS J N /' 1M M q
Oamii. insioncr's Sale.
]>V virtue ol a dec ire of the circuit tourt o; (tuio?
> ty? euteicd at ttie Spiing Trim, Im un- ( .. ,
Kbsy Matthews vs. UraKely, Sweeney ?\ f? t ^litj )k
mei ?V Kalim vs >anic iletoinluiiiji, I will pro? rt-ii iu *
on .Monday the Sib ol October, |rt.V.,*t in.. |,UM. (l (^
the couit hou.se oi Ohio touuty?the loMow i
to wit: ) Cone ball) o; lot No ?! (lour) iu?q-i t ,, . j
1-1 (tourtein) tin -lili sheet, in the city o' v. , hM,'
ot lot uumheied J;^ (oi'P bundled and tu.-M;
John stieet in Sit id city; being tie propeity ? >; ?<uj |ikii
ly. Tlds is desijable jiropeity fiir irMdent
Ttiins tff .Solr.?A ctdlt ol six, twelve .i 1 r;Ur..,
months will he given lo.l the pin chase money, !,? j.,? , ?
ser giving boudn with appiovhd secuni)
horn dale, and the lillc being lotained .uitil tliu i..-1 j. ..
muiit is made.
ar,-?9td Mir I ill ??' 0|,io county.
Sale ot' Real iistate.
THK m dersigned, K>ecutors of tl?c Iajt will and fn-1??
mailt ot Jonas ('nmibnchei, deiei-ed. uill sr.: ,.t
au'.ttonul the liont d jur o! the cuiot hou-eoi (>|<i<>... ,
ly, on Saturday the ??tbdayot Ortoher. Is".;, t?.e tK.
iug teal estate, to wits I lie miui !: halt of lot N . fi, on
west Mile oi Mainstrcet in the city of Wheeling. t?
::ij leet It out, and extending hack to th<* river, h,. ,
has on it a lar^e tlnee sloty brickdwr Img with 1- m. i
nesides the dm* stoie and pflicc, With gas ami waiei i
lilies, ai d good outllOliSes. 'i'he house is well li'tnl in- (
boarding bouje and apolliecai y shop, and tiie stand
Also, lot No ??" on Clay and Mxth siieels in ICast U I
ing. 't his lot is vacant aud very ?dcsiiahle lor hui .1,;
pin poses.
7' ruis ?A credit ol six, twelve, and eighteen mm
will be g? ven on I he purchase iiioih y, e*i epl JOjieim
cash, th** purchasers giving their negotiable notes, ui;#
good eriloi ser, healing ??>lc > ett, and exetntinga mil,,
irust on the propeity ly secure Ihf puicnnxe iuon -\
John II. ri.'if.Mi:.\? KKH
(. MO KG K IIA I? I'M \N.
j sc]i!;ld Hv'istif J. CiumliarkiM. ?! r'rt
I Itiishiii^luii Jiiul Mills in AJnrki'l.
Commiss.ioner'8 and Trustec'n'Sale.
r| V virtue of n decree or the* cirruit court o' Ohio<.mi
) ly, maile nl it< s^p?in^ Term. lHoo, in the im
kltrv ?v Al a! thews vs Ihakely, Sweeney ; K*
mei ?V Ifuhiri vs. same dt leuduiiis. tbe itiidersirhrd ? "in
inisMoi cr ;>| | oil.ted iusaid dee.ivc will pioce?- mi
dny ihcMbdnv otoctolier, IH.'.rj, at the lio?it d??fn ul u,e
court li< iiseol Ohio county, to sell the pi0| ei i> ji?j m-.i
iii s litl i aus? s and deciced lobe sold, t?-wit: !.-? n ? :
of said li*akety altd;(ieo? ge S. Atkiusou in ami '?? l|ie In -
lowing ie; I esta-e, situate in llie*?o\vn of s? >V heehii?,
loimeily Kiichielowii, lo wil: lols num'.c-i-il (r, ?
1C, 21, iUaml ??!. in square ISlu Soiitli V\ lie iiuuiftvc,
six, seven, eight, sixteen, twenty.ouc. :un.; > i\m?. mei
three aud twenty lour in squatc eichn-c u in south lir?:
ins, and ;i11 tlie loo's, fixtures and pei>ou;ii pioperty ??
evei y descripiiou in un<- upon sai-i pumimv, knnui .?
the Woshinglon -?.ills, piiaicipally used to. inanutneti.'n^
i ail road i'tm AUucm lot No 7 (se\cn), nmn wii.m
coal is supplied by lailwav dirrcily into sai l mill
At tie tmue time a? d place the initio i sisueil as 7". ?.? r
under u deed ol trust duly itcoided hi Ohio county wu
will sell the inieieM ol tlie.itliei owners-, ti.- M ii>- :
ciiaser willorquiiothe lull li ie to the wind, of Uu& \ .
able pvojiei ly.
These Mi Is have been constructed at great rc-t ai
with much care, aud there are lew millsiu t b- rmmt'
betiei adapted to the purpose for which it was ? ?
unmely :to inauu^ctine rniis ior lailtoads The liniiin!
i*: \eiy i:esiiuide, while tlieche pness o! Hie fuei,tu N
so'duitii l.epioperty, adds til the iudiiccmri t> t" ; ?
clu --v. The giowingdemand loi Amcnc.n ruils the in-v.
uess ol I he mat.hiiHM y, but iccently construc ed, i? *>
ibis most de>iiab:e i.san uivestnent to o ? pit.?li i>.u
such an opportunity nas been lately ot'eted. These m:i
now pro'luce from V'l to li:) tons til Kills per day, and
pu duct could be mue.li iiiCteased by rtuiuirg the jiiiL
their (ullcapactty Purchasers ate requested to i-vaum
the mills lor themselves.
'Jci ma cf Sole.?One loin th Ca h or approved poj
with mleiesl, payab'e in sixty duys at one ol the her
ing banks; bnefourth at one yea ; one louriii at two ye
aud in e loui th at ihiccye.irs lion; the day ol snle; tl
putchaser living bond with approved seemity, be-it i
i nl vi ? > Iioiii Hie d-y ol *>ale. imtl tlx.- title being :?*laii..
until the .ast payment is in. do
a^2.?:td t ninmissioiier and Ti n '?>
| I'tttsburgh Journal copy once a week till d.iy and !??
w..rd bill to this oliice Io ci Hectioi:.
Trust tsale
"I >V virtue or certain deeds of iius*. from Michael S-.mt.
1) ney and wife to myself, tluly acknowledged and
routed in tlie clerk's iifllceof I he county cmnf f< ?; Dim*
inuidy, Virginia, I Hiall, on Monday 'he Stii day of Oi-n
bet. ISoo, ft f'J o'clock \ Al at the iiour dooi 01 I lie torn'
house in the city or \\ heeling, exi'iiw; t<? >al? l?y pun; ?
am;iou. allot the oilowiug di-Miihcd ie.il estate, ??
In lit .r and personal property. !<? wil: nil ot !<?
imuine'cd .V.', 0*1. fr?. 55, ?C, 67, ftS and 0i', m*.in:
on llic wc-i si?lcol Molu mreel in tlir Norllitiii pail
<i?l riiy, ami ?mi wliicli Im b?? ated and erected the |,iu- m ?
ideuce i'i s i?l Michael Sweeney?consiiteied the v?
be t built icsidcnce within tliei ity. with titMt rale ?\
li: g, etc Also, three hundicd ami ninety one sha<c ??
the capital stuck ol the Wheeling and lielmoiit HinJ.<
Company; and also the late interest of said Alicliul
Sweeney in ami to the htcaiubo.iL ??City oi Wheeling."
said interest being stock therein t.ikcn by said Miclmc
>weeney to the amount of j3,o0t>?ot widen sum he paid
in about twenty two bundled dollars iu ca-h and the
ha ence of kihI stock being ucai ly paid up out of the earn
iugs.ot the boat.
7e,-?ns of &alr.?For tlie real estate?one third ol tl?e
purchase money to be paid iit cash, and the lesidcuce in
three cfpial payments at six. twelve and eighteen iuontiiv.
with inteie-t irom the day of sale The de'eried p.iy
ments to be secured by a piopei deed ol trustou the pi?*
'IV rm* of Sri' for the Hiidve Stock and the Stock in
Steamboat?owl la d iu cash and the rc*idimin t u o eqii.il
payments at three and six months, with intercut from >>?<?
diy ol >ule?to be seemed h> negotiable notes with ail ???
denser oreildoiheib appioved tiy niysell
AI?FI<Kli C.vMlWKM.,
Re p-"? Tiustc*.
Trust Sale
1) V virtue ??r a dee?l of f m-1 fio :: Alexander 0. M
) thall in the hudeisigurd, dated 'he '5hh day o! >'???
vember ISft-l. ai d du,'y arKi owledged and recorded is 11.?'
cle> k's office of the county com r foi Ohio count \, Vii'.tn
iu, iu book folio 70. 1 shall oil
illuuiliiytlirSthdajrof Octabrr. tS.l'r.
at 11 o'clock .\ M.,at Hie trout door of tin:court Iioum- hi
the city ol Wheeling, Virginia, expose to sale by | u!i'?
auction to the highest biildei, lot number At.r'rr'< in -i|i.u?
number iirrnty-mnr, in the town of South Wiieelirg, in
Ohio county, Viiginia, lorineny railed Kitcliietown, t<>
? ether with all the iinpiovcincnts to said U*t belonging
Tliims Cxtu. ALFHKI) CAI.DWhlJ,.
H|>7 Trustee.
Trust Sale
virtue of a deed of trust from Mai flu M Mir?'.'l
1 > to the undersigned, dated the I3'h da s oi Noveiu!"'.
I's?1,and duly acknowledged and lecorded in thecle-K
j office o the county couitfor Onio county, Vngiiu. u
book 40 lolioH, 4-c., 1 shall on
j at It o'clock A. M. at the front door of the court lions'* in
I the city of Wheeling. Viigiimi, expose to sale bv pi.bin
I auction, to the highest bidder, l.ot number Fj ? ?'i
| sqwtre numlier TiWiu nine in the town of South Wiirel
iug iu Olii? county, Virginia, for met ly called Uiti htet'?"?i
to. el her with all the inipiove-ueuts to said lot beionsms
Tkkms Cash. A'LFHKI) C * U>w h L
sp7 Trustee
Trust Sale
I)V virtue ot a 'Irnl ol 11II-1 limn Looim IIhwiiwih 11 J
1 ) wile to the umlern ned. dated ".'?td February. 1" 'i
| and duly recotded iu the tleik's ollice oi the i omit'
com I tor tluio county, Virginia, iu book 40, page -M l
' snail on the
Stii imv of hctobkr, 1S55,
J at II o'clock, A. M J't the fioiit door of 'lie court hmi ' "
jiheciiyot Wheeling, expose tosaie, by public auctioi>. ' ?
the nigiie>t biddei. lot uuuiber tive (n) iu {upiaie li'ifm
(15* iu South Wheeling(mrntcily KitchictowiO. tin vi i
lot is a good hr ck house with dry cellar, good well pi \*j
ter, e'e Sale jxtaitixr, tmn* cubh.
spft'tds W.M. s. fj OS unify. T<n
John M. Clarke & Co.
Lnnd >Varrnut, Moi k, Kxeliniitie Biokn?.
and Arctic* for t-lninif* u^nlunt (l???
THH very h'ghest New Vork market juice will b" '
1 f??r1?uikI Warrants for t!ienext five years. U ?*
evei they sha'i have advanced beyond Our last quolati
the very highest New Vork mmket pi ices will he ; :
on receipt ol any by mail, reguidiess ol tiie lomiei ^
Persons sending w irrantnby mail may rely on reccir.
ing as much as if tliey were personally present."
Sight drafts on any ol the Northern or Southe; u ( '?'**
will be icmiited by return mail; and wlteu pre'ei red.
auiouut will he placed to their credit in one o. tl.->rW
Voi k Hunks, on which they can draw at hight, the d ;j ??
ter remitting the warrants
Addiess JOHN M.CKAKKH A- f'?*
Washington city, I' 1
Hou. John Wilson, Coiuiuis^ioner of tli2 Gei.c *11"'1"1
Hon. I, P Waido. Commissioner of Pensions.
Sweeny, iiitteuhoused: C-o., liaukeis, Washinol",,c
Chubb Jflothers, * do t'"
Sulci t l.?'a ?X- Co f do
Alt the Uflicei s ..r the Hanks in Wheeling, Va.
Cashier Jtmik of Virginia, Ktchmoud. Va.
('ashier Farmers' Hunk. do
Cashier MercUauts and Mechanics Haukj Parkersburf,
.lames Kobb, Hanker, New Orleans.
Piesident Kxchange Hauk, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Johnston. Hiothtisd- Co , hankers, Haiti more.
K. II. .Mauty A* Co.. baukcrs. Kichiuond, Va.
| Paul 4p ilimon, haukeiM, Petersburg, Va
i Peters, S|tence<!b Co., bankers, Kynchuur?, Va.
I jntSG Times copy.

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