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Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, Va. [W. Va.]) 1852-1859, December 04, 1855, Image 3

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THJi-INfRIMgpQjm i
?j'rKsrm- MO?yix;;. i;e:-.e,mop{, t,\ j&? \
To ?orrc?paHdcat?. :
? )?. ? V. .?y
I.UTTKRScodc??niai mi 'rcription.'adverlisinaoroth
i financial bus?ue*s of the intelligencer, should be ad
dtr-sed to the Proprietor f ?. ? *- : - ^
lietterr roticeriiin? the edHoriaLjIepartnier.t of the p.v
pri , ?hcull i'? *d4jea?icU to tlie e4itor?JourttjKo* tQBif
tl?T o?e eftjieirt. , _
I'or'^rPndeata writing for publication, vsJll please1
witeo??ly ?n*o?e*Hl*of ?he^?*per
A e oV?ervafTre or^ie above rn??,^C. 5.Tihit}^/ih!ise
ttill secure more p
han t'rev imght otherwise some tiwies reclrte.
The l^aw ?|f{i\en-?pajpef?y
1. Subscribers who do'no: ^vecvpress l\otlce'tb*>he
c-!??'r*ry?are cousideve! a* wishing uycontfmie their sub
2. If suh*ci ihers order the di* ontlnunuc" of their peri:;
olicats. the publisher pity ountigue.to send them until all
ariea'a?eaar?ps?id,. . ?. ,?y,
3. it subscribers nrgYct or rr.fuse to take their periodic
ca's from tlu: otRces to. which they a re ?ll i ecteiU they-aic
hrNt irfponsfble till they liavcYettled the bill and oVdei >d
them ?liscoutinned..
5 If subscribers rcYnoveto other (Jl*ces*\vitiio\inuforni
Int *h<? nnbrishent, anil Hie parfrrs are sent to,the tb?meV
direct:o'jt.Thei aieherd responsible. . ''1?V.'W
?. The t'oMrt* have ifcctrted-that VefUsfrljtotaTce^cririd"'
iral* iroin the office, or removing and IraVni? Yhe'iritihcalP
p?l 'c r. is pi imi facia evhtetice of iriteriHoiial fraud.
'lurYiidicx ofthf Ut PrOffcyl frioW horc^
will gi ve a Supper on Tuesday. Hie.. 18th V?J'ecrmber, at
VVashii?s>onr Halt Their objrci is to coutkiiue their. a<d4?
Iuri.i3htnsti!wtiew Clitrrrh,1 about to Incompleted.; They
h ?pe the public will approve their,.object," aiiJ' cOme, bue
ami all, .to the feast.
Miss Euzv Log.w, the distinguished actress,
passsetl V?r6l?gfy th js. eftyycsterday.focCinS^njyatV
After the conclusion of hi. r engagement thtrre^ ivt
uu lerstand.Mr. Slr?m& Jio^ihe ^Yvr??|ce.that she:
will appeal at the.Athan??witt in tins city. Such
nn attraction, we orecoi)fi(itnt,.\vouid fill thtf Alher
u;puin to its utmost cnp.icily.
Dwid Atkinson Bs-qr.^.air oldnMafcstrnte ami
one oft fie ei?rry '5^ft>ers" o/^thr^ cfiti ii.t jr,V?A *
terilny in tins city-sat the--residence o? Dr. Cum
in :us. lie chine iiijgtowir "sf/me tfetkj,a go .t6,
tend a me* ting of the Directc is of the N. W'.- Bank,
ami wasfakeii so ill that fte,'Wa,v unaL?le,iopro
<-. e! to Ii'uj i)omp on Sh? rt. Creek, to which it.wps
his fate never to return, again save as a. corpse.?
He u as h:gl?lyj Reeled iu ail llie re'aiioiiV of
life. a':a*a4xii**3&t> ?Wnort stain*
r ttva Tin? n ? :yi ? ?
ViaorNiANS kor Kaxs.%8.?^Tiie -Frontier-Ne**s
states tiiat Pr:. .StHners. ofi Virgiiiia, ,\Vas on his
way to Kansas with severaf -other 'gentfemcn* to
make arMitgem-nts for the iocation.of one thou*<
sand i^rrsons wl.o propose-eniigratinjg^jjiitljerfrom
Kistern Virginia Ihis., (aft^sjxt/ fa in i H es* tj e Trt f r o m
Kichmom), thirty .frum Staunton, fifly.persons from
KappaliiVnndck, am! tl.e rtrnainder "from thelsame
neighborhood. . It i^aiso annaunceiMh it a large
eioi^ratiou "is ejected from W^csteni'1 Virginia"-next'
A Br.oonv Fioipr occurred abjnt lioon on Son?
djy at the wharf.. between the second muie of;the'
steamer Maps field;'end a Germandetk passenger,
ami Finally enliste.l the services at several;! Ixish
dec'; hind-?, who c.?me to the ai-l of the. mate*?
The German was badly beaten, one of hri eyes
nearly tcr.i out^ arid his facedionihly cut andbrui
sed. The: male ai\d pne..of the poiiiljalaiiii . made
off in; a yawl^ but. w.trer aires'tdnL tbe head of
y.ii e'i Island. .Anolher oi the pa?,ty 1'ijil himsell
in U e hold of Jlie boat. Tlie mate-, appeariai! to
be tha principal assailant, u4as'fined'^20/aiid cosia.
I. \ > r Cai. Stii.oM55?,2the' acooinpIUhedl
Optician, \\ ht> is now i:r our cityj is supplying
large* numberuf persons wil h his spectacles. It ,i.Si
low conceded Itiat ti.o^e of Mr.' .SotQtnnhs" manu
h ctiire arethe tobst ?liicrfclou* fur. imperfect Sighi
tvtr discovered, andus/llie WkiLl and talents oi
that gentleman are aJieady* kno*4f ami apprecia
ted, any eulogy ftkm us.tJis utru6ce,featj\' It "ortfy
remains fjr us to direct the attention of the public
to ir.sadvert ?s>merit in, aao)ht r coIuihnyfrom which
the i
t herefoj ?\ 'atf'V isa tile.
.. ? ??. . v . . .?.,???; .... y .. W.- - -r" ?'
try wiil perceive his time is limited to Saturday;
tr bth inst., and Chat iihmediite- trpplu.il on is,
C. 0. Railkou*.?The ZinesvjUe GonHer tfnys
that the passenger cars onlhU tout! recent I ylevi*-d
on by the Siierit!\ "wee seised at the Instance o!
.Messts. Cjo jveF&rCK?r *, r;n Afoi fnf' V?*rnofo, ttfsat
Ufya debt line thein from llie Company for a cciu
pi - of loccmoxivts. furnished by; them to it spme
tiuie zgo.4 -?. ? tfeHU 1:TH'.i ;i <- y >: .i K-v. t.\ ohy/
Qic juisetrie, matter vvrH - no: stop ^hert*, an\lj?^
is iinpissible lo s ?y just hcivr it will ter fiiiiate.?
We believe, however,til it.th'e falling slock
of tiie road . has be-ii 'H&rtjgtpri?*. \<C AvMcJi^.cqst;
the (rositss.on of-the cnia on the part of thepres-'
tul hjliliia will iuost likely be of very short dura
tion. -
We have ftceived n copy of the .''Annoal State
ment of the Trade ami *Cpmi'tit;;e.e of Cfncimiall;
including a general view oi llie present position;
a u l.faiure pibspectsoT the City, fur llie Commer
cial vearinding .August 3!-, 1955, reported to-the-i
Chamber of Commerce by W rn^ Sin tif." Il coll
taint much interesting'staustical'in^.dbmnicrfjiir
iufoiraatton in relation to Cincinnati; From one
talle >ve learn lliat tiie number ofsteam boats and
barges n bigli.atrivtd at that port fn m: Sept. lst*
ISil.to Sept. lut, 1855, was 31*, with an.aggie
gate tonnage o( 80,311. The nuiulKt of iteauiers
limit lliete during the same time was 27, with an
au-iTi gate tonnage of S,'S5.
Si;nnr.x and Mkljuicuoly Di:*tti.?Yesterday
nioruinjj.Mr.UAini.TO.vWot ussla'rfetl In a /buggy,
in his bnlinary health, !ftotn fna farm, three
miles east.of this city, on vVoojls' Han, for the
P'lJI!?*? coming lo luvn, having been yuuiirion
cd mi the Grand-Jury. When about midway lie
twi en llie tcifc gate auil Steenrod's, the tsegrp fyov
in the biifgy sSxs fie heard a slight Sloan froiitMr
Words, who fell bock and almost immediately ex
pired! He was cotveyed into Mr. Slt-enrpd's house
I'Ut only brtttfthed t-iit e or twicc afUr hi was ta -*
k. n truftaiutxs.gv.i.:;! asahrsB well
Mr. Woods was a.si^of The ]a(.g ventjaUe Col.
Archibald Woods, was universally esteemed .ftr
liis kind aiiJ amiable catticfe; his inVegri!)' of cliar
ac'er. ftnd liis usefulness as a rit zen. : Ik wa< in
ttnj 4il jest of h:s (??.'? A disease of the hear! is
anppascd fo'fihVe ' been the rnll.ie of flits' sudden
unit melancholy? :tle*ttv. His funeral' will take'
piajs f:o;? i is lala rcsi ience, to-morrow at 11 o'
clock, A. M.- ' J'/
Intr' ;Cnrt.t>. ?A MorgMiown pap?r gives h
touching account nf the lossand t.'ealh of id-Child
ii Prmkliu (Tray,Tn'Pre'sloti c.iunly." Thc clirfd
> year*of ?;t)a'teniptetl lo' follow Hs'.fathfcc
i i a neighlior s, a mile distant. The mother, misi
. llu-v clrild, became alarmed, and a!: oit'ce
'^jl'listjUJo^eaiclr.^Suo. (oitoireii k,er Ui|]b({a)],
heard no tidings uf the U^t pjut Father and molli
t-r, spreading the alarm, j lined ! Ny sTitipathiiin^
Iitjighbiits, set out upou a s&ircb, ouilj^t} lliat'CiQ^S
and nigl.it they cohlinued the search", bttl morir
iiu' came.ttnlstill the tinh: wanderer was not found.
*e.t) aiu| ,?n
to_atto* 3!l in attendance lo aid in tesWWhg^tM
ohihl lo its aitxiuifV^.irentlf. 'il'ltejniYty iiiiinLcrini;
now ab-iut'^two hunrUed' parsons', searftlieitGc
wtJ^aJl^lay, but not till thy 'ffUnt rfiill 'fygfc
wStt.Ttii-hnbanijoned, as ^c^nin? i^iw^mlnf on
a |?-ce,. could-any infoun;.tiui?-be JiitUol-the-clIlhl'si
coiidilwn, or i;hereabouts." Mr.'B.,'lta'ivley; n> L.e
was lelurniiig hcinr, and; within ji (n^finii'6 of Mr.
0:M liow?, foiinl the child, hut- ft - war4'trend!^
ll had perished from exposure, having (Seen witib
Hilt food, wandtrliBg iir!Jlie|%Id: dffary woods,
Itoin.^j^jrf/flqjilij/g^'a .ti.KuU aiitrsiucJ AUH Q(
Lot * out iokUiu!?iiciilt is corjstan.Lly.steal-,
i: td. cmiwhs, sore thioatsi^tc.j. A box of kiry*n's
Pulmonic Wafers wiffi'ure*a cuuih, cold,,tip,-r}
S?iit-by all.meidrugsisls iii the city; TkitOMP/
?ON & FATTEK50N, WhoIcsale^AgeiUj, !^
-Vaill Si : 05 Celll? a lint. 1'- rf'-iii'l J
I KU:i , ? : '? Vj
?>f V T? ? -??' - t a TrVf .'?n-o
J. g.-tttSttfH. WATMXZi -
-?- Co-Par.tpcrship,,.
Jl; MAKSH tia* Ihixtt^auocM&d wH& him M.T.
. Woy.iiau-Jjr * <TC?rpp? jf trtns?trti:j (Je^wholwj
,?iile<aK>! irullKoul ami sjigc bu?i:ici? 4Mhe,y'u ol
J. I!. liJisti, ig.. 3i tlKtl,' i?ft tfrtor
Ott tSt Cu , iintlrr ilie tttm of ' ?'
Ju'r 1st. ISjw. : 'ju30
Janies H. Dodgson,
Teacher of the Frenc/t Language.v
' OT-Will give piivMr U?truC!Wi?, If welli*
i recrive pupibt in his ,*t ht:? room. No. 14 Main.,
?t?fcct. and i?t the VV heeling Female Serniiiaiy. -J
j? ?:-??. . -j- . . ' . Sp21?ly
Alfred Hughes/ MTdT ?
n09!<Kl'ATHK; PlimriAN. ;
H\S re ..<>v?d ui-i office and lestdencftudbecorner of,:
HllU u??d <lufncy *ttXo;s, nearly opposite ihc C?lb
I jc.llour*?Atort.ii^ iroui 7 lay. ^
N??on * I to 4 . . : .
| .. bveuiii? . 7 lu 9;
us.lCy"For a.??ii?te vrsit75c-inedicfneceiit.s^ r5nf''-':' ?
For two di1 niine vfsnts a d iy. a'k:?iiiciJlcirie.'^c. ..
.Adv:ce"it office.* anil nwUic?uc,'irum *2X'to oOfr anil upU
>a?d*, a 3 the ca^.wxbc, ,mB\V laafi'i
Obf elite cases Pont io St". x
.VUits to Ih^couutty. according. M-di^taixe.. , <T -tr~
' TT?4 al???v^.ill'I ahlca .htrw always-bttiu
_ my charge -isgiven becausc. tmttulhful . reports.* l e untie
:that Uiy cha? ge* a>e.mtich htahec. - . ^ ^.ocK'iiTlyjy 4r
fciats~ and Cap?^
Hr fcd fr& frd t'e 'a n d <jt'e t>a*i lir:' ?
? l S. Ave*yi - .'.-Vj"- .y'i.r'^fr.
on hand and is munu!i*ciurii}gatid^ecetving.?^i:;
5wone ot the largest assortutcntss of i ?
11 vrs A.N'O >CAP$, /. TO' V / r : v:.3
consistingi;f all the va?ieti?aa?d tnborsfnow in use, all ?
olwhich'ivltliid i<ohl at thn !ov\est tsJe-i. : >-?; - ti
' r iVr i*.?Hats mado to otde^ at the ?shoUCJ't..notice;- ::
-v.AVKKYv Alainisfc US,: j ' i&n/
-.antOitl'.'.- ? ~o .. ;Wltceliug^.Va^T..
New Books.
/lQI?.\ 'rfnd Ihe Poc!n>; ..
V^'Scetjc* i^.tho Practice uf a J$ew;;York Kurgeon; . , . .
??'\ '?XhflQkUfjVtli SVWie~ by,?atnl. Os^ojdf ;
^a ? The Iftdticii Palli, (?y Mai ion nartaV'd;
:? TLe.>chuol o! Ulis, bs Attiuu Alary llowiU; .?
? ? Tup I'o^uy ai.d .M ysiery of Dreams, by Chailcs D?.
The Slave of-Uie Lan p, by WraiXortln .... :^'"a
'* >\ ni? hiiilie ItigLt oi tlie l^jh? 1
;? The ^iiws Uoy;
)\ oJveri^J^ijjir, W'asiiingtori 1 iyioa;r. ? j : ; ^>
j Heroines of llisUuv, t?y Al^ty U, H^ivellj ..x
.Th<^\VijiWe3,. or .\le xv..NioiionuUiiac?;^; . ,
begetsTh^fUttiaotEuglisls Words?' i?i,
.Tttgctliei with a la aasoi tnwjit^t-lhe best works in
theva.Uou'iuJeiM.i tu:?uta o ireiat'uie ", . n_,.
^.Fo^io 'by/ TIluMi'SOS & FATTKKSON, '
VUU I tl'5>? Ai"V 1J UlllLLittfciN'S "bAiN^V HA iS
~i^\ofcsiSTrjtft <>f Alf'thc qnalities arid styles now in use, '
4c/ cxtta tui-erftne. S. A VKIfYy
si?*n No?t Hf? ai.d W. Main st%1
L. O U K. A I 1 M 1 & ! ?
. ,s. AVEftY :
JS daily receivihg and epening largf-aihlilio.,? to bis
Fall S'ook ol ilnts and Caps, coini-ris'tiig one of l)ie
? most general u^soriiuentp that has eveir been .offered.ti?
[ the public?cajl.auU jft-e.
JJo??. H6 and HS Main Street4 Wheeling, Va? j"
.? ^:'.A\YKRv.>-y.
HA a L)KEH?. Hi lib'S AMU UK A V A IS. !-??
'? IT A X nKKKCIIlKKS or alt ..typJv cipbi:act?g..thc
IX newest and "inost fashionable, iivlts' ot S't'o4KS>nd_
lies, y iv.hU'r.i v rOi> ?,.\uAf.or:
t *?l?ck Silk cravats, extra sizrs;
do Satin . tlu ' do' ; r' x m
Sea. f^'rfaftFfifack'Wij-': ?? ;v?a^ .mol
IMatii white a?id hordqt'cd fiiie'n'Hrr?i?'lk?rcJ^pfs
. Malf Itfesfe b5 aft kinds; entbrachrg U on be feet and bastoit -
S11gri14etJtoC aRJundsii.c'udUg boys mufflers, pLya-r
rions styles'aVidSuperior quality.' -
A If ol" which wilt .be, j old very lowat Xo? 2 Wpshttg- '
'ton llalLbyr ' . _
; - o-1o n r. r < r: a <j ifjan.
TtEIM f'-Klf Jl A N n F.A GTOH ERS;. I i 01
kliK^CHING Pinvde'tK, I'ltra Mailhf AlUm, sureiior
i Foufdrider Whes, Fe ting. Twine, Frennb ctay,??go
da ash, Sal* 8?ula, Screen Plates,.bed- P;ate?; Koil bars, i
Knives',' Kag-cQtteis, etc., iui ni>hcd to 04'der on Rliori no*-i
tlce, by ?- .7.-.- >-y~.r .' . T
s:?i" -: w ,j. yyisnry. o.ir,^KRvax <c\o? _
dl Lit FUK ^
' " * _? -1st IjZWj.. *?
VJ.. i!:& MiVsOrt'nicSit recfciVetf this day, comprising a
gri-atvai lety of patterns?call-and tc.*i
Nos. HC ai.d I,n5.*MaU. .Wh^elirg.
ot29 ?* ,.00 ?> * - S." AAtBKY.
3^^:"sV.\ x.ov 1 i 17;sr a n u "C ai;
JUST received, a lavre a?so?tmenfr fir'childirnf* Hats
and r#|fee^ Sir a1?Up^liue ai.d Kin> rt-ideiedxaits, ? >"
itos. l-'Gaiid 143 -Mai:: stteel, V\ in-e.iug. Va. ?'
_?:a i -
Soft jtlufs.iU-a . 3
S.\ V KR V has recel ve<i ami t-4 r.mv Vipeidrg a ve ry
? la?ge as omnentof S.ifv all quujitica,s?lioj e-<
ui.d colors, and w.ll hesold ul the lOiv?^aLi?tices . . : J.: ?:
.* - A.V KKV. .
F .? Nos. MR and MS Main si. Wheeliuc, Va. oc-J
tiii: nkex.Im
YE 11 AN D All.
Nov 1?dlnv. <
n .?.< i iso- ?' . rriror /.ovj
vr. t cloveoseeu, - ir- r. j . .i > *<$ :*
J WU*," &C~.
By ..... C0LL1XS &' Il.VLr.,
Kpin ,No IS? iii.iiKet y-quare '
iiinri.Klt'* BOOK KCEPCK'^
,,.,u Wilting-I'luid. , : ' . x
INCH Uns >uifcV|'ot Fjuid .i nk lias tK'jeViMiefHr^ufd'fiihi?"
lie. now in * *:y uvb yeare, it'lias* been cAns'-ttilHy^aiti*
iii*? i*t laltoi, and is now ptelei'ied 'by many to the far
cd Ai iiOJtf" FluTd. ' . v'iln'? . t?
ville, Vittslmrgh, PunTalo,f.Cr?V$tai|tf, I etioit, _
Halite, I^f^>?tter Vincc-niics, 1 udiauapt^i*, iJUyansville,
Fiankf jrt*Lexington., Na?>hvii:et Sr. 1 oirHt
yitkshu' j. J<tc^.oi>\. Xafcbez arid ' New Oi jpai .It ba*
also been adopted I Ti IftpaVrmehfs'of Ktfritutky,.
leniii.ssce'ai.d ,MMH-ytpri. Ithna token tl?re- fust etass^
Dlplbina* at the Mechanics' Institutes or rVntlunaH and
houtsvufe. ai d fnur Inpfotras and Hrhit > e J.iJs; at fctafe?
Kahs held IdSfTall fit-JIcw-York,' Onio, Indiana ai:d J|-u
tinois. __
1 l^./ro^mvlns mercl.-t?us, bankers; <tcrof Wb"chtTg, -
beiefofoip usiir...Unoltl'? KnzUttb IhK.-Ujre purchased T."'
Ji 'fuller's Hook sAVifliFldidi.' JO i
? X oi ihwciaern Hank o! ViigiiilarJieitltbiilit! and,;Mcr. *
clianlcs* Kfcr.k ot Wlitclixg;- l>xiikO> Wheeling* Cr? tceul
Manufacturing Conipun?? I ounty Clerk of Ohio couutyi!.
National Tele taph Lift-, e: halt mim e ai d Gli.o Kail i gad
O1ruc5 .McJ.ure House; Kelly* tioiloway >V .Co j Kwsseil.
A Mc.\ ee; Guidon, .Matthews & Co; T Sweeney tfc >ion;:
LifUV Howell; Mrtou. Acheron & Cot s .Utanglc A Uo.j:
UOar.e & Cow-ill; t-tt A: ItoyU: Hoj.d :iV QUi Oll.ver P^y-h:
Or; Janice if .1 Stout tit L'o; Lumbdin,. Giiliersou Co.;
For saltrat mciiDtactnrcr^prires by . , ? ;.lA
?w3?> I,.* ,MHi11X, GlhKKRSQN d- Co \
WK:liave jupt received 1900 cntlais, iticvcry possible,.
-variety ol pi ice and pattern. -Also?some beautiiul ^is '
ot colUHKiandcotlaroites; ar.it sJccves to niifch; Flounc- ..
In$s; Pdginzs and Inserting* in jaconet, Nainsook thYead "
and muli, tb>ead iuce>. VaiencIeitSr 3Iallc^tedii.jtK'^eant
black nulcotoied Veils, jacoi.ee, Ucj. -and S?yUs-&leevcs* r
etc. etc.' . . . HKl.S^vKi L A. Co..
W^.have just Jeqeivcd .ai? iraiaen-se vaiic'y of" house-.
keeping Gnods.. con?p.rising?
Linru and co:ton fchce' nigs, all width'";
ij:Jjirien an,<Vcotton pillow ca^e-iiiaieila/j ;*
Krri.iture t iiintzrs, broc-tteWesi, .dajuaxka, ..
. tfowrtz,?Hi.?kabacH .l>weitu?, ,
liaroo^k and lri?h. t<?bie liuctMv r . '.v
. "liil , IIKISKEt.r.
?Machine Belting. ?
AhAKGK Invoice of Loatber Helth:^ from the cele
?"b'^fon (Danutirtory o' Hoyt liiolhcr.'^^icvr Yorkiic
"tSISlgpr -w kiioi
iv~ n-.-. , ' r ':' .^OB.S 'HmpPAs
Out-* irimtfi), ! ?- ?. ' - i < < ? - . .-.TLv> J
Bailey rt.j
-Kri! tlu 1
"C&lfi' " ilo -J l-? .?? ".i
Fiour d?> ?> > A '/" .5. .'j'
; j,i iVAlX .13n?H1,-. ii;a ,1
, a -r o i; .cu k M; r: ' i o t s I/I
no OOO bushe's wanted*; bc^weeo this and the
& l*t day ot January. .
_JW&h oj i?/ to v.iU. , ;>Gir<^c. CiotM
j"piw l :? . OA l*S.'?> isiihwto j
4<f;0'60;bt?heN Otrts-wantedy^oW ?le>.lv??riRf?lii,loCs 1
aiiceab-e to t??e *-eller. ? ?*"'
nvll .. .. r.r ?.;/.? vaa??llLC * Co.
' ? !i' " 5.:I :'J)
A li krinV-j of coiuitvy ptoih^e, for \viLrcli lU?>ral pilce^'
-J\. wHPbeflteu.' ; ???
livl-t ?*??* J* cttbilloli
. X FK\V bioJiols of new corn hjeaL
A "Mi wn^ox.
.Tic:.: ioH i-(i/iD?K. a.T*n-ii51
PKwFOXSliaVfrr^biirT^wcon have tifrm fHlc&t?ftb<cVV
tfef4if 'f^a vin& ^e baV'i cP? by 'PVliP.tv-r: ' ia JpC3
"yTT- .vfOftFO;.- ? prri?H'l?r)?'".sOi|1.
nooiiiiln. foaf iic?,;AvKl.be w>iJ verr <r"m
"?* Hip Wharf. *f ? i'/ I r?! ?' - ? /1m^r
. : 'W1.T- .. ?-??-. ;? ?? ;
venitian b l;i
iiT :?! SsTtjc. oaifioTr uiav/tmf .Ja .niR Cst o?'
?_ i >> 11 George Roberts, -;?>!
<;* J Jsiions.*)! ,5?Ockl Iffmlt ?9t2i^i t \y.
tONTINUKS to nianuracture to order ( wholesale I afedL
ictailV'a bmulirotiYznleLyiOf ii.isv.-Jsd ,nisl/. 2^1 .o?C
or tyerysci^rianXiuUignU aflK5d#r*m^p-.'r i
Thcio Klinds aie supcriuciueVohS 9.f,wij-J
Jn...Cllnil it ajg.. ' rs>c
TT .I J ? -t '?
' A9iD purvi
"AHwio. I?
ticKtini. PH
:tc ii|a5te?wc ous toi:g!i rimedy in i.se7 .
uyi9 *?'ca 1U' L !.j3', Mquu * IttttU i'
/JJIH51 M-.! 1HI
5 L-A
KrrKITK? B*7
tTw^rwnVrf 'r?ni
. :. .-l?RbM WASHINGTON. - -
Pkc.-3 ?\Vhef'l^ iliy (libit??"bfcair.ifnl; nii'<l
Jfiv ?i?Ji ' ;?ioJid,?y . apueiiMiip*,
"At'.i.i earVuatir crourTf: cunuHMiCat tibckirg ii?
tint r?pitol/*very poriioilof-.nl.ki. mkhi iwcaine
th^ngril^' 'T/ie^:;l^fctie? of the llguss are crovVit
pt io o'vcilinviiif:, a hi fiunUicds arc unuiile.la
gbll HL'COIBm.xlallOI'S. ?
r-The-Supreme- l_'ot;rl isv-mMeil at ncoi|?:all
meinb^is (lKitpt
i (srcONi> oi.-p.iTon.)
ljEL'."3/LJljTFirr lItiu-^r xvl s c.ilieri tn rrl^r at 1?
^fiilucg.Uy? elirf.ji-: ,'l>'l>c pew ucwUt!
were aivuri .id.-.ruiiril called?-2'J-> ??niem tiers uu ?
:?wered; ?'Off mtfjUrro'f Mr. Jones of Tentu'sM-f,
lite llduse.filocftcl J totl.e elecioiiof a Speaker,
'lit. RiciiiiMson of ITiums, Dem , im.O oii iiic'.lsi
bttllol .?J, .lleiiry.Al. b'lill^'E ul. J'euuiy|vai,H I j,
Cuui;ii>eH of Ohto.aJr I'rinmigtoii ol New Jtrrjcv
J, Marshall of 'Kentucky30i' Hank* b' Mussafctiii
?t? 2l.;,?j!lL!!fiti':u'S others we're jrattgl fur. M.ucjj
inleirkL: 'S iuiii.ijei eil. K? tltCHou, 113 twiue
iiectsanry-loaf choice.'-? SeiMie wheels al 3 o"rfoClr.
. (::: ?. ' ...
C[.\v"i.NHATi. Ucq^a.-r-Ai JltmpSis iliis mornini:,
licrnlnl were completely ilwlroyrJ. lioals nud
cargoes repbrted ii lufa'f loss.1
%... ' '6aN.\L NAVI^-VI'lOC
??Ai.^gr?Bss,'3vr-Tbe UanaWsJstltljapen, Jp?
bcniis resuiurtl running Onlers have lit en receiv
er here notlcr-draw blf liicwuu r"' uiltlltlie. 1 OUi
?;???'RIVER. AND WKSfWl^j | gM 'f
Pitrsijoitcii'.. j)c,e. 3. ?River S^fcet- CrTndhr*
fal'mg. \Veither clear.
r'i -^.y J
>A! nrV" ' haltimore akfflRB1
Dkc, 3.?Flour ihill nmf no sales report.~
VV ht*at Qii11,fjfecime uf 4 < U, about'3o,U00 b'fTcrt:il^
^swiallsaier.madfc at 212>2113 foi good to ' prime?
white; ettoice^iV red wh**.-?t, good to prune 208a
212. Cu;o p\y.h.ite iit S7a
90, yeliuw .90 to 93, old'while 93,'mid old.)elluw
9Ga9r. ;
Df.c. 3.^-Flutir dull, 5'30 bis s.?ld at 38. Noth
ingdo;tc-}n :grs?i|t. . Provisionsq'liet, only sales of
ISOO green-limns.?t 8c. Hogs frrmer; but colta n?v
higher, sales at G25a6a7. . \\Thisky du ll .aud decli
nee), G25..^?U spld at Suada.i.^0titi. fiucjuid
prinitt o'd:-7ia8, fair and good jiisit new 7Js?8. ]CoO
lec: firnu^pl) l?airs fair ajid good Kio at 1 I|al2. ? 50
bags Lagiura t'2'4.'' Alutiissesin good demand/new
39*40 ,:J ? . .. 11 ; ? ? ' ? ??/. ?
. DXEI),
Qn MO'.UlaT'jmorfiiiin, Ucqcmber Uil, lS-3*>. ;in tljc ^Sii
year of liia ajCi'HAMILT.OX:\VUOl>S. sstti* .of Uie iale
Col A re he. Wuotls.
' The friemls of the fawily ai?Javiip*t to Rtfeuit the iuue*
i^l.iiomhis late.reaiijeuca, on \V<rdncsday, Dec. 5, all!
o'?loci?, A. .M
; .'si:^ '|?|||iv r kuMV
We are prepnred' to luYiiish Prl'iiler^ witli Watb'H su
perior News, Hook apil. Joh Inks.-- We have now on
IVf* wk Ink. ha nd yrosv
r Krtn Ink. ^owei-i?fe?s
Fine Blnck.
Fxlrn Fine do.
Krd Ink.
Fxlrn Fine do;
Pnrli Blue,
l.i-l.t (.'ri-ru.
D;n k ii recti.
Yel low.
While. -
<;bt<! Si**.
A. c. Ac. A'f.
All Iiiks sold by i'i.h \vJirraMfd' to h<:i;c?od; aiid if found'
not to beT90* ciiiivbe'retidifctl atoiir expeuzz*
QC?-*Tei-iiM ca?.h.
iliiHKATTV d- C?.
; ^x^aintssls;
I A veVy iinat audsupcjIorarlli!c\of " ..
! BANK CHECKS on all the city Banks,
Piinted o*i e\tra pa^er, lur sate at this'Office. .
Dra>/ IleeV'iptss and Bills of Lading* \
Printed a in) Kouiiti tooider. ATsrv, icvert dereliction of i
' Executed in.a manner nraorijassedv ott the shortest notice j
i ml at iji^onahlcrates. . _ V",, . I
? ?I l.i
Second Year !
KKi\5G k)| KNTS for HieRecord Annual Cot.'ecOon
_ of this Lew and popular Iiisrifutirfii tor the drttusipii!
ol' Literatuie and. A i t, have bceu ni.de on the UKf&t ei* ,
Icistve ??ale." " -
Aiuongue wofks already engaged) is the frir-fatitfd
.-i"Genoa Crucifix,".
v b;c!| otlgin^lly?o^t Trn Tliui^and Do'lars- ?
in forming lite *ifc\vCollection, the diffusion o! work's
ol- Ame.ican Art,.-ud ibee couiagcmei.t; o|. American
gcji'uv! ? BcVft il%?t been* ovci looked. t'ommtssious have
been issucctto ? any ot the most distil guu-fced Amc*ic?tt
Artists, who \vi?l contribute some'tir '. heir 'filies' produc
liors.--Ahamate three ntaihle susta; executed by.
life gieatrstliving Scu'pior-Hiram Prnvkit.*:
G E Uiw K . \V A S 11 r N r, T U N, :
1 The Fa rker-or'Jiis Co/pit1, y 1
The l'mioscpl.cf; * ' -?
" ' ' ? ' Thie MateMi.an.
A fpecforageut has visited Kotuieai.d made cartful ai;d
juiliuuLs, selcclions:r0I toieign wcMhsuiArt, both in
Jifon?Jar.U?A??ite'i statuary and: choice paintiligs. *
~ '1 he \vl,o!c latjiilns a Lige ami vultmMe collection oi
Faiiitin^ard Stetufj, to he:di?;trihu ed ? rick amolij the
tiictiibeitt of the Asiiciatfon Tor tie .-eeoiut Year.
, jThe garment o: tiner .lol ars couuituteS.any ;one a
mcmbei oRhir; Association, at d cutitle.* him to either
,uiie u< thc.loUovsiu; .Magazii.cs for ore jear,.and also a
; ticket in thq diftti ihutJou oi i e stat'uary and patii;iH-& M
The Literature isM.ed to subsciibeis cunsiats of tlie fol
lowing monthly magftzuies: llu?j er's, Puiiiani'*, Kuick
trb.nker, Hlack wood's, .Orsliatfr*, Godey's lady's Hook
ajid lluujchold V* otds. ... y ; . j j -
I'o>sous-Cihj|?s;JJve:,mecibersihi ps f\\c entitled to aAj*'
feveo! the u^^aziiica loi one year, and to mix .iicktMiu
the distribution. '
The i?ct proieed& derived from the sale of ivenVbcr*liip<?
sate devoted to the puithas* oi wo ks ol Art for theeu
shins year. ;: -
*.'T?tr awAx tar km srcritEt>
bv 1 econtinp a inetribe.r of t.lni A>focia!lrirt are?
: IsL Ail nei sons l" pr plye * lie Jnfl toh? of tfirir *irh*rrip
-ticn-i at ihtMhtrr, Hi the shaj eoT sterling; Magazine'Lite
id. l'ach niemhei U'fnrtilbutinK lovfrViLs)urrhasin?r
choice woiks of Ait, which ate to b? distributed among
themselves, and arc at the same tnr.e encouraging iheatt*
loT the country, disbmsiug thousands ol4 dollais through
jUs agency ?, ^Vn"r
Persons in remitting fund* for ij^iuhei ship, avUI please
five their pi*l >(ficr ctliirrMs iu./ul\'r bUiipg.ihr^mo'uth thpy
wish the niagazme tocomoiei-ce, ^ud Lave theleUerjeg
itterrd at the Post, P0icetf?.. |ifevciil iossvou ^'re
ceipt of which, a veitihraic oi ircniBcf^U|V;t^tlu;r with
.the iMa^azine dcsji^d^ will be :'qc warued tv ?!u'v (xir't til the
^country. ' ? /i'jAii
j ThoRe)W_liqj*ww:>a.,re;tiiasaziiies a: hooksfoteH, will fib.,
serve that-by joining Ih?y-.-\H8o$iatioii. tkev- reitire the
\Ja?*zine and frre-t'it'kit ikeokuita1. dl*trtL?Uo)i, alt at
the same pi ice they now pn>' lor the m.-?gafi?*.'a?oiie'.:'-151
lieaut iful ly Ittwrrated catatogursp viug full desct iptions
sent/r4l)ira'nilidiitiom.i> ?^istt
? ^ ? ' v . C. L -DHRBWActuaryli. A.
\ t rit,her of H^rf?Vri^.(l:Tra, oflicew?'I?: ? r- .
* KiiscAerggrhay .yo-azin^". cfii< e, IJi. adway, Xew
Wf-stem Oflipc, J6g \VaJet.?t.f Sand^sJiv. O
i s>,b?cr ptiou/HrtiVciiT-T*i;vf, tsf-M ^
OU VHI!: !':? T.t Y/.OR.IIon; S>CT ,
: nvisttitetr. V " ?' ??? wiKcliiS,'
i o!> ' ;?}??>/>* 311 J r?
alifBT.'salj 1-u.f -.ij.ii .: n.v i DlifxJ
i Fur whtds tl<|? hl^jest inarket;|>iice.\Viil oo paid.j- :.jo.
; v/i-,1,1 ruGlU, 6 CO
I 'tfr.p >turfi
g -, M'Wfe
! TTff ' ^ at.Wsi31 ^nowfBr :-!?*
\ f . - <^ulhcy">t1
A Carji r;
TT KISKEI.I. A Cn pp^ti 3ml !f} nujrro-.v
i" ?,'1' 13 '?'?>"<15 'J7?-i ElftllM.K) aHO"!
! .OHS A a'rT?i?*copiD;/STOCK . . .fa I
i -? i i-M- waKlSsU-idsiftj* .
: A XbTITIiFI wgrtM"6\.Caiub.iic, Limerick,
j/V???d.r>>g.ir.t tvinuS ed:colLais^cl-gai'bV thau.CAer?iust
OpaAMit'3T- .^l&ticli MST-IO ) J0.tti.3i tMtJ i: } f I
I ?r-, w; n- 3iOTTa 6t Bttftas. V
f| bbi. doac'n V a ilia 11 ^Lst1 rcVe?yRd7t
f LA l.GMUXS .VjjljSUgT^jtX^V,
'Pi bb *. copal Varuiah;tit^ti,foand.ior.Bale.bs{7 t>.i faC ,
*J n\g4 ILIS S A- LH K L D . .?
oc 1'2 ? corner-tf clon.
\VESfERN rtESER^SSfifgi^" -al
;0 boi^f*, LtMOlOfSarticle, just received and for sale
> t.y ... hi KEILLYr
nvIO /c'rtio H 0 \ \\&ituaiG7 Main st.
AO BUSHELS Prime Timothy Reed,'.to ar<d*e?/< U
\VI\TK? APPtfiS.
1?O bbUVselectW f??6iU r.i ?: z tUll YK'A V!
,Qt9ftq i *>! *? it.rr- ui iI GKO. '.WIUlQN J i
^^'WL^Wiii^hil^diitflna H^lnrSoap, fo^afc bj
odd klivir.,) ? ? ? ? 33 Mcnitat *t> j
* ojtn f,n ... ]
?5 Li POrf -l
'jhr.1,1 . 1 .Tlie iUk9=i'vls'tinvc
ijESft 'AV0*f?5.K,t-^rt V?>; ll 'llonrv,
: will leaVet-ntlre atVyre avdall hitfinnf.ri. i
wfti leaVrfiM'flie atWre avd all Ww me Jt
I SflSSBpBflb tie pons mi '.VouUity, Sttl'*
p iivt-m t^ra: J ~ .
{ dt* ,>7i' Yy.vih rO RIKKRA <: VacH*.: ?'/
, Vll.t.F. PACKET. .
i ,'^ Vj'1;'if-^. ?'. -Caplaiu .-J;..Kr Bout.*.,
i ?? !" ? ?frf3&K1 ?u*e; lo 1
. aiut.sllii ?er mediate p<u-4s.?,.,?. j.* .
;. ? '. -. > l' ^?A K>Vl. A-^t O., acrj'.t.H.)
WtLeoiiag .and Sui>fi8h Daily < ?>
TlltM MlttklKU, "
T&e* Adams Express Company.
ojt.i: OFFICE ll'Ll'ltE IIOl'sK, WttRftUXG, V\
; aoaariifj-JriaJi'lO - 5 :...'?
. . l,. favuclu-u,vj;,ratrt in aiu Jrotvt
xew York. phlladbli'uja a.\o bal
V timor)!. - :
1?HK Adams Egress<,\>iiipaiiy,: for the safp aml fyet.c j
-toii^eiarxcor Ijl,A ?
"* KIM?*a
^aciaige or our own special mfs*$iigfcfs^ h the only veli
?M> ijtiem .ami,frpm,,>V heeling <by. Kailroa.l diiect,>!*?.- -
Xew jVoili," YfiiladelphWi^ Baltimore, iioiiun,- TV ashiiis
.W'lflty. ?"' : "r
' AIj^u?rfa.Central Ohio Railroaff to'Zar^^U^
'Eouisville, IiidLmapolbs, Chicago
Ex? Ipave vfa 'HaW*"?^ a?4 'Ohio Railroad at'
|| O'clock, IVM'jV^j^aJQl^ttamoad al '} oMock, P.
" so^ PiilJbnrslr, Cleveland, Toledo, and Noithei uOMoP
S^??Mft.4g|ir.?ivia> :.ov;3
Butter, Poultry, Produc?.of all kinds, delivered in
4?e$iihuuisto Baltjimire. . ,
sw, . V ' ? " : ?. neumi. ?ta :
'V >j(25 1' " ' ' " ' 1 - - Aitems Kyp>cp?/*o.
TU K ijca?v and fast luimiiur p?s^ei?g?r ?
| packet, MO.NONi.AllELA KKLl.K/Capt
It ttai5, will tut asa te^uUr t-arket '
n.PTtvAPi.\viiA?.H - and Parke. T?u?-tr.leav
ht-e'M'c every <-Wednesda.*iaaiiJ>Fiiday.? j
Rrt'rui i.s 'TrllWeave Paikei-sinrrg every- "fotfcdfcy.'Tlibfe#^11
day'aiid Saturday.. J 3 ?j v J '?'? \ i V\ 7 C t.
Por freight or paasage^apply nn N?agd. ; oc14t
bummer ArrangeHaent.
rlgvlak plttsiivrgh p.i CKF.ts.
daisy line, connepiirg <i' Well^viMe Ttith the Ky|rieis train
'.CD f iMcvelaiTirt'imr-'aHiviiis at Pittahu'gh in time 'or the
?noii|ii'.c lines East. The "Eclipse; will /leave Wheeling
evfery .Moi?lajrr W.cdnvday, ainl Friday, and the.Ifosaiie*'
'every Tuesday* Thur&day and Saturd(t>V aLI-o'clock, A-?
.3J.prec???ly ..:?
?Vov licirlit,;passage, or through tickets app'yto .
je7. r,l S C KAKKK.A Co., Agents .
New Arrangement.
1 M * II. 1*>< K1CT. ?j -?
ja.ves ii. rpp??i222, ^maatct-j r.
, will ilea vp Wheelisigevet^y Tne^darj'TlmiM'ay and.Vatur
! day,;ct 10 o'clock,1 A. "M vfor'Pai KeffhurS^curitecl'sat
j M.h iciia-^yit^i ih?*lea?JOT 1 :uOKr-juHXr^"*V ?>?.??, 1,CJ'?
! to ^.e^vttmrVnd a^ PaYWftnargHvfrii "(he stean^f '
t FASH ION, running noni >Purkev*J?urj; to-Whit .l^iltuu
bia.Va. Kc-tuming, will leaXePavkef^carg every -Mon
! da v. \Vrd!?p*dayaitd Pri day:aL-u} O'clock. A' At
I Freight wIll'T.e-recei-tfctl ?or any: point oil the .Mr.$kin
[rtjin iTver bcttveen.-.McrreUa-autf/iaiie?vi;ie, niuitotaiiy
Lpoint on ihc Ohiu between Wheeling *aud West CoU:r.i
[ hia.| oil Jt*} f .ffioO ? r-.-: - ? . apSota:;
] Kegular Union Line^Paqket
BKTWEKN ??, ?:v
I wheemsa-*#cltfcuwati,
i ^Jbd; Cantain-JoIiii-McLute^JrV
: ivUl'leavft WiieelingcvnrywMor.Uay, at ?> o'c ockv P.'JH..
and t i tii.?:aii ev>r?Xh^?l4y;SlTK^d^WikW -Hi
? Fiji fie:shl-vr,i?^Ki??teapply u? . .. . > .
|V"i ? ?? '? ^ '' p'c SiAKKi? fo '
-Fijippers will, nle&Re lalse. v'Hice fbat ?(he boat .lea ves
regulai !y at, the advertised aiuie. ^11 bitli.x:u>.t fee oil
i boai.l by :iu'clpc^r l't M-?, ?
CCl** H.is^xusbiij!, uckclcd thrh'u^ri Jo s?. 'I.oui??.
inj/J? 1 .*??.t'. I1A.KEK ?V !'??, pgenls
Sandusky, Mfansfield &, Newark
X and aft
.V/'tke, ii
er Tuesday* August T, iS*>? until lu?tl?cr 110
Trains will iuii a* QSumJaya e.vccpt
, A'Ati "E\p\ Kxeftfitw: !
X*ave'KaliduSRyT.^v j~.-j# .i.^-8,|?I.\?*_/?> .20 F M }
. 1/uiDil Jll-... 'if. 15 ,r 3.33 ?*,
fc. erytftETKAH^Ij^iX-a.. .?:&) " 4.33 <!.
Plymouth * *' **
Shelby Jn " ii 2T 44
Maijsficid Jn ,?.? .,i.*--.i?j.30 ... 44 o.ol "
^Frederick . 12.IL'P* M.'*
,\'cnmu.................V...^Vi.^2 ?? 7.3S
Cilia. . 1 hi " 8.SI) ?'
Kcotll heWcik c,...r;-../ 1.33 ? V b.CO V
jji | GOING: NORTfU ..
M? it. Kxy.- ? Kxi'Rfss.
' leave Newark .9 2-> A. Al. 2 10 ** Ai
tTt:<a. I...... .9.?M ?? ?!*.'?*?
Mount Vernpu..,, .....IC.C-4 JHIS 44
Fredeiick*.; JO 42 " 3?'35 .v .
Miius'tfed i^n>cfr6ii...n,iT.?,,r,T.!|...?j. _L?; 4.33 "
Si dby J unci on fR?*> P.'All f>.*21 44
F<yf>>ug^&.0?0?-e3?.V ,-j/t: }?**t,;?cd
4 eiiiervillc , v| 12 14 tT O0 ft ' i
Moiroc^u.u?-.. >V*v?',** * * * ?* ? ?*:? ? ?3*^1,5 4,;- -o:.^r ?i |
Huikni Junction.! 2.4t> '? T.fH? 41
Reach Sandusky. *-.2.23 ' ,4' 7.!u ,4 * ? |
GOING SOUTH?The S 10 a m Train will connect at -
5auilu?ky willi Mo*niii^ Tffehi from 'Toledo; at Mourne
vit e with i hicagu ivvp?trj? uu Southern Division 1?-ArT.
Ko*d; ?t Shelby Junciiun with Cincinnati Kxprea* fiorn
Cleveland; at Manstieid Junction with l)uv.hxi*ins? Irom
.Pnfcbuigh, ui-d a. Neurit t k with the K?>t and west trains
oil V entral Ohio Hal I road : .t :l
Tlie 3.20 i* m Train will connect at Sandusky wirh^tea
:Dicii ti?'yCity from Uetroit{nal-&|tfri<.on\itle wilb.
Trn4il on C A. T. K.. K : Shciby Junction at 5.21 !? a
with .V?il l i O'4-G K K lor- Colu^ubu* and'l.iu
coniie'cnrtn nVNewaiV wttli Mail Train fioiu CtflalieOii
Central Ohio h K; at MansHei'd? JncIon with bxpiess
for jl'iitsbursh; at shc'l*\ Junction at 12.15 p a with' "Cin-'.
cii uati Kxi*ress for Cleveland, fllutrofo and Sew York,
ngdlat Moiirnevil!e>m-ttli Mail Tiain on t' A: T'Kuatllbi
ri'oledo, Chicago, <fcc.
'llic 2.10 ?? m Ti>in will connect at \cwai k with Kar
preps from the lirifrVm-CeiiMat Ohio Kostdi at Mi'iisiield
-Junction wilh Fast Tiain for Fiitsbuish; ol ShHbv June
tiuii at ;?.21 i* m wlf h;Ci..tifrnali?Matt ior .< 4evei^nd;'-'at
^luiiroeville with Night Kxpre** for - Toledo dird I Jucago,
'iiiil at Sai.diujky^ltli-Slt&u^er ilay>Uity lo^ lletroit and
'Chicago. f ? '} . .-L
i ^ ROlMXSON.SupU.
'nil?i-*kr. Aug* J.'fS&j ? ^ ...
t biiuue ot 'l inn1! ? ^
() U. S. MAIL DAin^ lilNB
Wheeling and ]
THE fin? side wheel
| passe ng? rs' Steatite 1% -'
FOUKf^T CITY;- ( ai?J .
"I Geo. 1). 31 oore, ird' i
f IMtttixUjr/.at 7 A. M.;
| arrlvifc?at^>tlsffille-irtiinfftoco?!ncct tt'iXJrtbe Clev'e-' 1
[".land cars, and at Fit" i..urglrm tiniEtur^.hc morning lines
I HiHH.i 'K*<4tat>nmg^-tl'> * Forest City-leaves Fittshurglrev?4r
I ry Tile^day^ THuridaj^ihd.Saturday, und'tJie.Dluru*l er
ei y Mondjiyv Wednesday and Fi'idajiftt't'KV. \t.-y?rriving i
'at iVfjiceS^i^itttiwftJtitttefWsilUu^for^Oliiafy i.; <
. - t Foyfr^ight or passage/f pplymvtioard brtdnusdc i-' -->?
; .i'iv/ u'/i .Si C~ &AKKH'&>*!Qyt Afeni^i.'.;
^-ICsr'Through tickets for Cleveland.Tbladr .-Alouroei De-1
aoi:; Milwai:kie^Ciiictii<i.- Huflalo and l)unkirk,suld at the
TOlCl' LfVXE? Co. . .1 1' ?i*T. -\f. \o t
i^[email protected]
i till whari nud nQj?(iPPfY^Sfi w2]!r^;a?fi>wpdj lo-Tel!rducr-"
rrViiiii'.-i:? * ?' Vi.VU-,
f IWHEELl.NQ & Pl/r'lS?tiKUH PA(JiLB'L,i
1 ? Ydc'iWw sVil h*ill dralt i'ay*rii!:rr ^ip.inicr
"i'rixV+fA KgKJCa . C. .McColImn, master,
?tviil'ru^ Megn'a'rly in pli
Tvi\VTrtrt 'iegn'a'rlv in placc ol'i ho Diurnal,
BeavmgWhHrlHigat So'clock, A. M. " - ?
' ? "?WrfT- WHffi ^
!i I
ir>n?i, Ji ;JVJ. ? HAMmOgi,, isia T .. .llir
i Ls3.o^ac
ol? ,
JlTbnrf Rent at the . <x.
Willaitend to the receivin^an^?ii,V|B^i^oL:ri;c,^litta,lid
rfhf collcciton ol frcisht bills. 7 /'?
[i Freight lor all t egular packets will t^,>^ccvvc?l freeoi
C1 ia!'sc? WAulr.
I Jell'sic?t :ot i?;:ni)u .mi?;j< y j
FKW sets extra fi ne5 t'ipw kO K -tady's Fur capes and
cuH?.9?p* 7ol has L-j / 3'-t iJJ'A4'KJ4V. -is f)^
Vj.HH.i .v. Nos. 146aa 1143Main slrdet)" *?vi
!tiDi BtWi'.Qdi)? (SUi i 1 9ttfa')
Pisneldtdmslaree sis*yjust received'acd:forsa1e b.y "I
jivC.* do'd tt 1t> *??;:/,;::.i ban ,^boof) ? f
.safc^vfirf t?"?1 sang.i.a r. 97xd uoi sSidn ,udo3 s?.ioU
IjlTxttttfed^TnKM^sriribtf'S will purchase or make: i
irltflit advanc?^,qn, ciuat^iiiVf uattiTnorer
Fijiladelphiaor Nevv Yolxi^mnfwatisj? na,c ?*"'??
ou* thnalH h?0
oj Aim
? andwinti
w!!"-to fct
?: /i H:?**???AH O " * rfij.'j
? 124 MAIN STR???.?
! ? 9C*.?S i.-v:?h' li'-?r.cqgc'i-i ccT airooV/ 'rci-rS
-*.?? ST ON E & THOMAS
rp .VKE tileasuie ?n notiMHrlbe r?d'lir^ *? ?bey b**e ??w Sor i*\?ijcctpui V ?l
r *>'. - Tits LAW?*T &3\jCK<iFJAlL 4$i> WlSTKL DKT VOOpS
!bfjr h^ve^rer btovsfcl \o Wheeling . *iU? Mock coaling ttiovc ih-ui jg^l^.OOO, Two Ur5" strife rooms W
H^r?7ieet? beiiig" bfwonntliiumrAilolUr*laiw4|t;H&ie|A by aiiv nliidl.if ci.>r To myfc* room !ur
tMlPiiiin eiuic bt^cW osuttla* to betier ario?iniod??eiLe.r la-^lynnc! eased. trade, "tliej havelU'rd up all rddHion
a! 1 ot'iii ot lObj 26-feet\tirt?deep??!icl\ i wgai?d lis'un*, fc.iiabieToYI^ .Roods, aid nr,dc l?j diy fci.d evri/The ?
<,'1 Lejr tie i.ott j i^i a.rdTuVert *eia.ci.l.ythe" piece 01 at leiaii tor VJ&H, i.t !o.vy as ury Loui.e in lie \\n 1.
^-tt.ikuatl) cooil i:.eeltcf, iati?->i.u!r. *V ?
i%4^ieu:atattcu!i?}iH*?**tt*frto.tb.#sample o' q?^r.ti?y;.ai.u_V.*icc*: - ?? ?
> Iwch . ' J r,AyiE>..i>?F)i>i:o(5l)F. . ? - -
6n,kSr*!.%flr'0..ever? t'?fe?tul i UCd, eiubja^ii.j ii.jfjjpi thcjjcsi-tssorlne.it* in Uk W?sI;sohv aty'cn as
'? I H*WH9.oi aiai^ra.ccios ; - ? - . , f Vyi ? V
PLA0 ? S?'l l.e-.i-esi siotk :u Uiec:lj:t E?>?nl all w>-o: PUuIs al.iareiit^,, .
IXUS?jaidh Kir^cu n?f?u?>.s. .l>ioe;&, i'asbinefe^ I'fUluevDebcgr*. ami $^cry, Q';?#*>? a,t\lp or July's
?ie*iJy icduceU intce* - K?c>tlj. n.evino* ui wO'cei;ts,..*i<d
tongue0?c*s??iefuy jcdu~ed Viiceii
, Tnioei ctosiii wot U? ZA ???? a'l 2*-.
SIIATW iiiMtj.e l? ^utd-iqialft^i^!;, a V very low i?).wca?a ewt'eft ??. fc* carta.-,:J-he brst stock nl Ion's cloth
Siwtsvl?n?tiU *M& pi itr-i.cyci. seeij 111 tW West. Tli^h^t ;?pcll7i,LWrl,U?ul 4
vr * l*KJ?eer?ii?
?CLOjl KS-n\J?Wtl?
.jou i-\et saw in
in the rii*vfifrt?i?cH^ wil the Ma|?leii?ako?-4iiWt we plcdse onr^etre? rr? *rli tlierria* hnv as> ?iu 1
? We hive-iald lA" our.^lotk wilu i4?\iew o? courli??? J ? ?
to all go d rash cs^tdnirr* tvewir -call and t+n and j'ou Wifl be^couV^cr?l^h^i C.lStl '('l?c.'*TjthrAltf
in t lie wo. Ml in\?iijlii^'goods.
' ^l&tfkfrbizP; \\k pit'd^e dfcfce'vrs fct zrII as low, and many .arSIclcs U?tv er.lUaii'???> UoiUe iri.lh* \VHt
(jiM.ds- gfr'1'1 to 'hotels, strainboats ai-d flie cnr> lir* ot chivg-. dt-cIiJindaw.
Fire -and Marinte Insurance Co.
''1HIK UUfii'l' LliNTUAl. COMPANY Ot
PRINCIPAL OFFIOK?t liorUtlwnrillc,
t ; i:n\rtTKitr?? e.trrr.%t:S4^^bU0/
rplj k VBaye fcayftig J in ??enc'y 16 .
J. U.i^cUy. aJi pYeffrriVJ to take ms'i.ne aua fire risk*
uii.lavn'iable ?????"? 5; ARTHUR. .
OrKlCK-XP.-j'O VMn ?twe'.- oca-3m
" : LY N<Jl;I Li VR (iH
Fire, Life an'd'Marine Insurance
' Coxur any,
... a:x S'.iiUt Ar?bu?r, Ast'it.
OFFICR?No 34 M?in_tlr?rtj_j_.' ? wi) t"!
50I - Valley" of /Virginia.
W-M. T. SELBY, Agent at Wheeling.
/"VFFirK?at the ktorr of "ITiHull <*. Ile'apllill< Main
I ) xlfet 'SiSWArt Mirtrtoe mid Unities str< Ms; are: V'?
|?-CJ TO t.,k* Vlskf at'rtltoinavy raw on uooiUlu ?r?u
tltui liivieiUi;^.. ^c. ?
?HtFtHhSV A'V? '
J R. lUfcer Ti-lnHA: lJelnpiain.
Tims. H. L'*t: ' K. Ijinh.
? XJridll' ,?he?01i?tv o il; lUrdman. - ? v
S. Kii?v: > ? n.U!. i:?t^-i <v Co
LIW?f K?vcll.? Of \V: Heisfcfl. o. -
i.tJijuh*' r\?i v. .. //i i ? . ?- ? = ? -??.SI1*-. "J
The iEtna Insurance Company
IXC01.TO!1ATI-1>. MAY 1819.
' -Oiieof ilienWesVai a i?-;l i.*'.it,nion? In this country
COiitii'iies fo take risks u|M>? 11?
? Aill" J to W. *? PbTKKSON, .
I nn,., - . ? ft.. AVhe-liniH '<1 vir.uiltT.
IFTIlORf'/KD CiAIUTAI. fi.000,000.
"Available^ Capital$1,284,300.
17" 1L1# take any au'I aJlf?u?" Lifc rhksat a treasonable.
wi'.hout left
Loii(]?mr . ?st
REF-KHI- \CKS J.N P1111.A DliJ.PU! A?
Atwooiliv Co., John l aruuiu, ?
join, orteev iv; fn
VVw*4U?*UiJ nriu-le, SlevenS <Vr CTWill
h'KFKH^NCKi? |.N'
n k. .uma-iToh. rp^ ? # *f
Heiskelt iV-Ca;. : JSMMff* v* ?H>dw?i;d ft Cby
Tal'.aut JJeSaplum, / jUUr.-ioiivV ( u.
Hobbc, liauieriA ! ?> Jaccb t-'cii?ri.ey. ?
Fur mrtuer-^utcoia.^miuim ? ;
.Vgeiit !o?* gst)d viciuity.
IncoryprutcU i I -
'"fiAKKS risks at the lowest rates, oc buUdiiJfVOf alt
I k?nUa.Rtcamboata, furiatute. and merchandize, <?J.c
a?ai?;sf?U?daiiseVs^uei:dlD^the transi ort^iiou ol OootU.
on river*', seaa,lakes,canal* and railwids.,
!p Traii-l*. 8. ifra'dy, J. W. Gill,
sViii'l'Neet, Win. l-'irming, Ham'lOtf, _
HanM Lamb, Rob't PrWerson. . Koh-tMornsoi
> K. W. jlinmso, Sec'y, ' t '
Apiilicirtron^ ror liistrraike \v<H be prouitly attended
by the. President or Sectary. - *. .. .
Wheeling. Jan. 2Sth. ? - ? ?
\ Groceries at V/tioiesale.
JUU .v?? ba?s UlocMiee?
? 60 pockolK Lo^Jnra coffee;
60 u Old J^va ?
? ' ?0 boxefcC avei.dish Tobaccoj
Is"-' ; Ijl)- KegufiUvv' ?? *
' v; 10 bbls cut And iVfy '
60 boxesflew*rrs'X. Y.candiosj
I . i 5'?'?ICO hhds Swgnii;
20 bblnlioverinx's. re lined Sugar;
10 hW> Louisiana ? 4 ' .
t" 50 hfeb Y. II., In>j?e?ial Teasj
'?? ? 50 catty boxes * J
?U3ii lielco?Tier; u : t ?
| i ^ ? -qv.boxes tvtmo pi pet:.
oO ? lU>lgare*S fancy ^oapM; ' ? ? ?/- ?
Toe^tiwr V*il!? a Full ASSsortnwat o_family I?roc?lies,
'nchitling^pirea, Kmila, Dye stulTt. Elah? etc.eic.;loi nale
b> T.V^AST
nw^ -' ' *? ' Ji*>. .& T?<et,
? .Ji^K>r. L?<SA^..I!.t:?!Jij.0ATtt?N-.
? " it < A ..1 ?- I.'n IV .1 A U t' 11 ;i
tleni<yi ol ucii kiuiwii au .?ij -i ? ?.>
to rui<i(-niute tc. the columns of i he Journal,. r
T. e. above will b? puhit^K?-l on ll*e l:>t or Januarj.
1SC.C Vr "J. Vv. ).raudol|ii. Hicl.niond vj. Pei-son- ?Us
P^.'d to lavor IIie cUf^ipriif will p.!?as.e eall and ex
? niii.epiOMcptuaal, ^ r.ROTnET??S.
Agents lui? llic Publishers.
Terms W'p^^iinun. ' "<>vl
Groceries, &e
1 1 P,i:i.S Fnirrt"ii e and Kvtia Flour,
111* :w> !)lits I'ye Fl.our,
!'j00 ?? kx4ia;S':ill,
1 . ; to-. ?/''
? s |0 ?*' Povd ied ?!<i '
* ? l-' "? ;<t NMrdrdated do
a ?? VotT' c do, * "
, has b9 '.jjn- -a
. ' m Hhdi N o. ??ifc:??r, * i
.. . .. 1 ub'.s ?vrdrnrttSo. 3 Wickeie1,
trO Ha I bbU " "
uo l-.:i ;'p.^ >.oc? *?' I
? "0 Kits No. I and2 "
Qrt _ lux^rst. V\' 4J. ilixcrr^ . , &
?rrcnifcajy impmai Trr., ?; - ~ ^ ,
.' V' betff I*TO <? p.
'*<o . i? ? y. rf. ?
: Ctttj l?o<e? ; ?? ?
- lt?gn Kill C?HTee,
5 Jsvh '*
, C|31 .O > AJ1 ^Nol!2l0 Market si re*-t.
V.TO FARMEUS.' ' 7~,,
(1 XT N'Or-Penman n::!- Aiexrcsn. Oider*^or?ny
a-9 _ t.|. ft 'j" ?s'0f gje HV'r |i"[yr'>r?
M --H!!
J^lkiA*S, :Knibioldeties, Triirnuiis, luid jrta ;
? ;. Srt EE-r t^CA^OEs.: =?" ?????:-' ;
. -50 p????.
1 I I f-W* ?!l dres?cd buctatktri 4Jtove?\ Jftrt'rfe
144 ccivcj by ' f-o.
/Kd.n L'H li crn-o-s ;.|?iii j.s^ti?^d niwuSlaiiira,
iJ Cosh meres de hege in'AT'fy??rO?i$i;' ' *y -
Freuchand Kn^Ush chrtitiEt^, ?? ' ? 't
With rvei y,otjjcr_^\ai i?tV('f ^ <r3111 oss^-jast rt
?"?TO'? .1 "kISKKLT. * Ca?<
.:ioj3'? ^ior;;rri?M
H '.r'<!P*" - -'a "Q-HM1 ^i!,soy...
/ lulniii Pa ?r?bncco.j-,4\<l lit.l'.Cut i'ill <lr>,aiW
NiUlGl>i?r4?pi?Tiuir"AWW ^>Uift iiiudufc*. loi'sale liw sUi ?
.-'.si!- o? X
auy*^"'* nnv- 'A iuS?gn<ir Red aroi?jg^33'Monr?Kt.St;f l
aifeBu ?':"Sitfl'6r B*<< .VrbHilf.3? ^loilrot W.- '
,?i'.. i -Qraift Bags-. > - --''H-.a
" jjK0L M.,:
oi' i. i= ~^55?WhPrH^pHP??T xs:
ri-i?R, .lock oi?i Mb****>?% imJ/rU-ktAmti
B d1' hi.KWt*'r' ni1- ?,! as-.UH -u3
,W>? c; is a k Kir atco.,1 i;"1
r 1LI.affend to'tti'eVeceivin'gan'^ delivering of freig "*
W1 LI.a{teiidto Hit receiving ana deli veil ng of Treiglil
<?r BiKKK. .r-jii.T? y.mV. ,?:: o/.^onn i.ist.
"? *? ? ?*'* ?" w?? ?? ? ? U Jl
WillKIMilriVOX" " ?'l
L ix "ATIT??H?-wU Kegs >0. I
Sny;".bT. .. '. ?? -
? i
.. wui^ J.-M / ^ i -
otd>\ for the fitujirv acruJinUuilanott and couYenicaceroi- '
students. i ,
mj/u. |..? tjkjta?rw^ <
have been uriU?^mAJ^e, ?<
iu (life UnliAi^i??*atlfeu*c
kliuiUr c<i4.WlslnuMtU^g; ; rif ?i,.i,?
-?..k Keeping.
or various i?nIf!.-];*tltie*)il(to "t!J!)j,ir '
business I p a I i" wr,<'14?^?"! J u.
Imnuila'.t <ubk?is if? MuUiaftJ lii, uiu|(t snejirtfit..
...Arrauicyl^iimv.^ i^e^'v-,
'/or tlic acdtiitjUi _ .
r.jnUi pfissed. '^'CUTV^C1
'<Sf\a liusiiftss eilucfcl'bn a*c
-?t-^o?;oui:iam a ?u* ?egqUrly
est market puces:
JlfST received and for Ml*' at t
3 gioss l*"ahue$U>?*k*?> / ? ?/
, ' Mk line's ? d?? -
,3 ; Liw Fills; . ? -
V2 '* .^e*ve?iidJtov^M*5rtm,f,fi -r
rt '? (iporgq'i lialMiiiict onij'ouuaj
8 ' |iV:'WM\ti-'iKyc's..!\.r:
. .. I < GieeM'sOaygenoteiUlltsoiK
m|,r. ,, , jr H f. ' A1 KKK.
E AVISO hern K.-st and sclrclei! Hie ninst splendid
lotftol marbleever browfliltA Uda^natkel, ' want
ali'piv it ionds to call lunnediawiy ?iid leave llieir orders
for an kind,iliirt niny ?w?n|. ? ?',, ?
Hiviiig'ruVtlias<-<l I* ;;fly,.l vrn!-fln(.',h, up woik. torn
lalcit ai.lV rtivSOpproys) st^jis aRd at Hit JoWei. rales?
vva.rauleldana.uo n.WUkc. . ^ ,!ol,Ay.
MoiiJ^'/uM.Qiu.r.y. Idt^vVcriiwit by .Vf-j ..
ifc'jhacaWeVasVconmisiStniT fjofixe. f.eltas cin hat.q a
"(.remand te?jft?"a|^isyortntoiil i*r <jro<*erics and l.tqurt*s, ?
ivlitcli I"! wituc'! at ?1ibli-*3tr at UlC luivesi nn>l.?ipti>?
Ai?iij-Vijiii;ovvder'6r every de?cnpii.ui, au.i ??* *? .
Richard H. Lee,
attorney a t la ir.
KATTRPUt VMiClMVi ' - ? :
\Tr 1 W>xattend the Com is of-Ohio -county, and will at*.
YY 'ten.rio^j?!nis3ne^ tn t^c counlieuGl Washington
and Crien-i Pa ?l s residfeike? ? ^
Washington, Pa
out tihis season.
Wfc Ii.ivp received a In",e ?:ivct. of French. Kng'isli and
A r e) iSiiTHiiU, ill i? tlic.Mjw d^sigtrs wJBvIi have con:e
>V. H^i<?T^)<,.V IVHO.
s r::"Q"uA!^HOi t,i_,
,, [ r.>R rt o;<:K nliTfl.;] ,
OoVttrr of I'can and M, ?iln?r
?" Pittsburgh,' Pa.
W. cnfOJMNBLLY. Proprietor.
Head! Read!!~
?! ; ?.
?'fill \'t 1 Jiave put rrturnrd frunllbr Kast uiLU lny
I. ' StToXl) XW./,.V7(?CA'.
?and tliatijl.jvtlie kiise>t,jlv'.i)!le??i =\' at"1 clitaprfcl evei
btoiipht lo Wheeling, and I say. with jici ieci rpundcncc,
ilia: ilQnty needs looking at and examining to insure Kuiei1
?n.y a soitment lOnsi&ts j-aitlv of?
? 1. ?0 collar a, at only5 ccntsf ? ?. ? ijJ
2CU0 ..do ai ?-tiom>'pceii?slo S '.O13* smn.nS'll whtcn
, are some ko hraiiiii'ul and ao eiiurely nevy CJj?1 ar* ,
trrfd iit ihc Ualli. ) Uifrt lhry w H
CO^ noiis ladies Kid (Jiove^'v J?y ^j/eiior at .t;Jc
m d.? u.iisrti - iW /I
JOO i.itwsCobuigs. a! all j??icrr?nd all coin
s}0':'d0 * V?eiifh '.Vetttios; loaim'l Uftt uAiKt :tfcttdiou*}.
1000 * d.r 'r^iinnr-u^,'ttie very alosl sulci, with a?
m'iirr-.\ntique,'Fl?in J?nd Kdjjed, niuta l : linnung,
1 i4o*aC|'?tKa 11 ro.>II s(\^;n d VrlcV*, ioi'ue vfeYj- ftjeV.
| zonA* as low an Tj i :s ? , , ?
: >V|!J? sii niAny idhl i jnodH. ^r ?lich beautiful drRijjii^
U?,ta:I I ask"ih rur youlo cyahnne ?ry si'K-k, and I alii
ce.lai.rThat iH-an^eli; ? - ' : *
it-, aeo and be convinced.
7: r? - ih.v.vC vrai:.k?.
. *^15
Ka'^'evn Sivie, llfi'Mfliii ?t;
betwicnMDirriTeand Union
N6w Fall and Winter Goods
? a r
An. 1, Spriy/ House..
T !!.\ VK ii'cenlly life til fned i.qui yew York, where l-i
liav siii.nl JC'/.my set' a inosl cortjcpiJS Rlo.rU ol
( ds in *ci\h*r,- CiiiiW\iK. Af l?*oad^ --
r^ollis, all coio s uiiu qna'i|l<^s? -beavtji" CLn: h*i of a fupe*
liorlqua^iy, |ur maki.?>5;9vcrcuaU*.... FaJicy anil pliihi cas- ?
'Liiuaieji.' , .'? - ^ t : . ? i ?' .r? i:*
a?;illc IVIveL silK.-SiUn. n*jino aj:d many other f.tylea,
all <?1 which I do ihii Uaie a iwile au)?ccior lo anyibing
th;U:c:m be lound in this market, and which * ?m pre- j
i.ai ed to.mnKe.t? ujra>juvr, iu.^uj etior &ty>a.
. j am now iiiikiu: up a Viiulir"l ai'Miniiftiit ii' clolll- i
iuE,' h i d Will Ke?*|i hcicaltci a gt-i-eial i^tock on K?*?dy I
Madr (.'onds, liouitl.e fn.e^t niatcilt! down to medium
aiiiconuinin ' ' - '
l^i l have a.voa vei y heauliful slocU'-rtf FuTni^hlllg go^"*'
; fcurh an hilk Shirts and liiawrfi. Merino and h'te
ihave the best assort in cat -of-Ml!t and Sa-Mn'Tloa. A
Utfriie xtnek always 011 hand. .Als.0. CT?VAts a? d colla>"a,
I srtid ev^i^flrtsr artXcleHiiUillr kept in a Aleiclmnt I at-^
lining Kstal'lUliiu^ii^f ?1| i'f,-vvrouu,, 1 \fi*T cheap
(br i-ash
\?^" ?he a call. ??
fi. KICK:
'.f. ? ? '
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry,
A T ??-'???? 'l'Ji '*
No. 1 Wnihiiij-toii Sihll^
f A VING just iciurned nojrtj,tlte1^i^fte>^,0?c? wttn a
ljL large and wed selectetl Ss6oi1tiieill W ctocks, waitn
R and jewclrr) Hie subscriber wildcat! thfealteu ion of
? -??*?*---;*A,4t?.u:iug tlinn
oioie His
Gold and silver KcH^r,^ ahd''AMer can Uunier
'in4 oiwn laced Wfitcwil, 4 ^
Uracelets, srmi?,^,"l.tbocM.^ fhfget- ri^gsk car-iiu?.
keyn, icaW,3f<W"i'jmoitiS?1,'fine c*:itierv, Ht ., 'etc./in great
,variet?; Ides silver and A Unaware of-allktitda.
* [c^-p a r t i c 11 !'??wen'iRiiftsittiifrJIbllie American
Avdtches, put up.in g?'ld and silver c^sH?i"rtiaa? WMolly in
thUcountry, and'tvirfaiifM iirRVi^iui^^ei^*!*'. ~
The ladien will find at h?s.e!;tabWWhn?efyt a large atju
welt selected stcck of 1 e\ra?d beoutlftil CutaeoJe'w^iy,
which cannot fail to ntepse, ; v;n l ? ? ' . '
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?Wheeling, and iesrcctfuflyjf>nt(p^ll IP
his^trtck. .
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respectfully inf??* ni thelr^ffiend^* aiid'the
C gem'iallr. thai a^iocery
cMtnire at i he cortfftf'^WttiWafc^^lil^i stieelS^Ttt*fc?.
,\tT OVlill lespectfully iufmm ..
cY\ public geneiallji thai "^ '^"51^
'tlildf.'-iar'ill 'ilic d;(fcttut.ittUS3_nl ' i.rfarii and ..
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riVIH4-CO-t?MHmtip hetetoH?.4 -+x\hUm- Wtwee?-Z.
rJL; Wlie.it ami t\ toJeinple, liiwsty buthiess, was
iuenlved by iuulugi:CiifeouI??B i Uir.4!lUtH**ti
fie??h will hereafter he couducted by the UMttasslgiHldtfifchO!
^Haiilvtiil i??r tormer patronage, will ende*?*iijstill>*o ae^.
e> V'c It lor the lulurc. i .n-' ui??v
, s ; n?f -i.oX'oH ;n?"?:? '? ?KATr-^.
5"! JxSirTlie accoiiutBJoritlie oUlT?rm - iviU-tte* te W^dth*, 7y
V\ieataiBd-S. 4UAH|iK aiMSil v>OIM?ttO??e requested m-x
sifei^trf n:t*. W IUU1 AM- jRAfBEi;? t Jul '<
EfiUSrtet 'cBfl Gas yitter. t_
-?!om '?nl rg a - r ; O/
..OTi^ tinW mu wt?h OW!ator ?WW
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cetaWitil3u> aq.-;>s-.^q/ v; '? iivgliM.; n
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si 10
PUBHH ltags.
hiV f: sr? u.n y.*c!ln-- 1 (tKU,
:.?/? COstHrfofcf
, iviLsom^^
smtyl^-ntv ft}? "&> <
STOMACH BITTERS. >??* **????*
lOOOOO B?lllnMlii>0>t lm. ???.
N*ot?rfXte intlie irtbr?et?iioil;l(i? in the rae&ical lijar. I.
kei for t|re pail ftnW pver pqmlcd^oi t*a
aii Elicit bo proifiH^il iVto^Vthis ~ , , , ?;T!T.-v
o?w?f!Eli(?roi' . ...
fT !los?letie?'? |iif|?utiuii9f^|lui mi Old.fcV^llijl'i.Tp', zH" , *
cli.fc, >'ni the we cvprii mental leSutV'o'some .W.aieur '
.PliUician's \e:b4l i*vesU?*Uoitt It is Hie rrrult of * '
toimd and e^boiafe sti<dy Alone ol the moat uitnuftcx*->
chrini-stsi ol l l.c pie*eut caylu y ? v
?in Hosteller ?iibmitaJ9*-iii.vetu?blr bitter* toAOyc'W '*
n\?r?l u*tef 1**1*1:pfllf r, a pei>onal t?ial u|M.? ? ??>
uiuC ow? Const jIuHoijj. 3i?f uur p.opertie of tkear tm > ?
fp's will lie lui.m! by.;>iefu.iO:Wwlysi* au?l the ttdl Mrs*" '
?it "tiieii gicat 11*449:11*1 eficc** sviii be made uifcidfeaUti r
nil almost incicUihle >hoit.*J?mcs ui tunc upon >our *ynn*!l
teill i, /: ?r-j -,m ? J. J J ;? {? ?* ?f\:i "v
.Air voudysVcplic? ?JfCji.Ufce the** ceichrati d Storn^*
"Ic?i blttcis rraiiilVi-!:? ,??di*h
Are jOii hi-itiusT 1 ly one bottle oi these bittcii, and? . ?
hi .rhewA'.i dwo; "fW#1*'"* /
.???a\c vouan?iu}?d by indigestion? Remove thetabiSeby '
d?c f?ec n-e ol i he\?* 571% ?? V fi ? ? f> 11? j
? > Mhve you ic.vrr jiu; ,Uowtiruor tboittauda l? tit ;,Tr
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fi i?*i a
l? One w i?jC gtasifcl taken thiealimes a day bflivrc. mtfill*.. .
will be liiUllO y"jp*?ttrimc a*ent, wbl&aiF wyl appifcit
winwi;e6't!e'P<o??W CefdSteu 03 uu U*?, aV.Ibfcy trifl l>?v
?byj^viugtne bit ? one trial.
Toeie me ,0th. " , Ilifterv/W'ttepted to be the *?*)*?(...
whim are coin* ? ? til*ehMwor?lfleir t?ur Ifitieht aib
without a rival, o ;heii medicin?H)tialilies. They arc,
>i'U( u|?Mi*qtiaifAh?^0??M?iiia|t%luU>q???,tir(1iP^Nr
dwi-ciiOi^on,^. ?pr> j\ f+ dltk<V isicthath^bilurw/* ''-1 ]
utown oi# me.ba : ? ^'o|.eWi?e*?e?ulie: 1 i?f" "
DI^For^air by aii !;?? pftflclpitl Witol Wtk ' ; s
Kffcta ;iafi?H?mt lbiate'UVHtfilty thlxHwhoiit \m Cull til '
SLhtc? .id hy o ?
.Ti. f IU>MIF4ttLO ^ Oo, im?
'* ?'** 1
jcveni.uw ? ? - WbWHVif.*',4"
?- mi rg yirv..:? l...x.,i:.n:,rrrr?cr-?i
Dissolution of .CO'Partixershij).
*g1p*0 ? ?? fa H? Vfittrto W iOO% ?'? ?? K.I* ????
'J^HK ontiartner?)iS|> herrtulbVeJawWlhif'between1
jL clu?ei >tve*:iie?^ U'm " Jolm?t<M?, 9'*1! -vvjri blioenbrr*
ger, J.hi^sjM- IihIj, amb.%. Xr^oiivraton, under the4v
name t>l ^whibrK (JuiiMimi^C^rMla'dwwvM 'Cin p.
? iir rith day?i June, Irtfil,<byvrnosid?4Wi-or:l*?UJftJhpen-" "" :
up gcr. .-?? ?? ???-:- ??! ? ? ? ? ? 5 Sif
SiiiLe-tUat'date the undni^giwd have continued ibeTjU#.
incsv os Uie late ftnu under Hie name and ftylaOl Hw*4-"
inn, J.''linstou.<W Co. mir - i-'ob :*?:?>???.:.??:?? ;? -
^r?t JOWKKTOX, : -??
,c m. lODl),
H h f ? f ...v. .?? ,
solved ..
K Hhn of SvvtBiiy Ju|intlijh A C?.,litU,i}?
. l,;!
W11 f e 11 n 5,. P<*b tyia ry'72^) ti
^HK undriKign?-d iiaveAihlurJ ciipAiaclvai 'lor th^ar
|CoV oi 4iiautil??'itm?,c ftli kind4 of .iron and ?
.MiMuoinijiipn M'o>h?? under tne atyie-ol J.-JU Toolrki ?
Tit., ami solicit a coutinuance of the patronageaf Uieoldo
In ui. .-" ?:rt t* iv ? ? >
- ' ll'u" H^Sl'cilOI.B. 1 *5
Wlireljin. ?t>..?^l,.l.^W/. ..... v. - .? vt .
Marsh & Wayman, v-* J
v/ioLrsitx anj) ui.'iucu. m . ,
hoots jlixd shoes. -
[AT TIIK.M. ii ?1*K1> orj.UAHPM.]
, ; - .No. 35 Monroe utrect,
wiifchUyc, "t.\. "
SykitT pooh to Vihjkklk,'ai'f co.'a 1 *. " Ul
le iiuw r'ecci v inR f onio^rvftfcU! u inaiiulacliiiera
oueort e iaise-rt''aiid liTRrt as>or}Uieiit* df booift'
1 Ku'd 8|iueK, pr |'?ii iiutj Wiiiiei wear. ^v*Cufle?pd in ijtfia .
1 muktti;,!bty havfng "^pen x^ecied ~lviilr.6r.eal cirqi aia
r.ia^.ulactu cd to.orUm, accorifiuKAU o^i' o.vn. dlicctloii^,
hy the ue5t wo' k 're.i lii.uTefejL<V';eYlM,es#l). lui.'tt^Uit'taUf/".,'.'
v\ e a ie now* prepined to ^ccoiiiRfOd^^! OUf cnatoihera.' *
either who:e',a e oi retail, Willi.a vatiriy of Fall aii'd\vin, ;
Vcr liooda hoi to be ^nqia^sed by auj other.bouse til the
43ty, eifhrtf :n tlyfe; quaifty or liAieiial, or djrabUiiynr '
wu kniai,%hi^^ ?hetheV made iii tliia ciijr v?' ??iy Wbor..'
cui.utiy v '"*? 1 ""l4 " ?*' ' 4
, .v?> ^ttckcomists in Jif it ofihe fojlowin- articles: \
'..'AlKViB n.'^Ta. , "v'l 'r?
\ son pairs bestc^>f hooUj ]] , i-- ' .
wio ? ? kvp * . j'i.'i
c5-i ? ? l.-tiocic ; *
f/ 6.j0 4 ? \v?l?M]M09fb0<>U.
M mkn'b D ?<?>?? a\s.
! ? ' 300 pairs best cilT ^rd^ahsi'c ' ???**?* ?
_ if* ? 4 kip" ' - ~ .i : '
600 4 thick-' ? ' ' v
: oo ? ? low price brogans. .
B'iV'S ANlJ Vut'Tll'S BSOOAN3.
Cf!J) pt'Li jfc boy's tlilVik. Uio^iiAti.
est* * ? . r>,
?io. :< .youths Mi. ?
aah i ? ibfck ... . . . . ..,..?,
Boy's BOOT*.
.'.?VI ? .<., kip' . . I .; .
?.00 " ' e?If...r , ,
,-n , V.i.tTilS HQoTfl.
I ?; lun pnlrs ymitlis* taii.bootr, , ,
It VU) ,| . f >MVcKn> J,-.' *i . ..? . >?? .
MiiiiBfc's.. )*>#.?,
ffiO paim womeii'slacc boots,
^ 1?00 4 ? f klR I
000 * +? nioiocco boots.
uomkn's ?'daiirkii. -
f2',r- pairs won.en's gaiters,? all color*I ? ' 'i .
.r/?0 ? wMking tfbdnai 1 ? ' ' '' ? . '
2 0 ?< mdrutco tntskiusi
L, ft.-A J kid ? . I ? ? ii! v. ?. . i
St^i 4 Jenny uf&i&ota. hntr^'i
! it*0, a . / ? '. ? - ?
hM'?W ,W?OT8. . 57.
'Jirif ???}.,} n:ot occo boottif
r?* 3"0 4?gaiter' --
trfld 4 call ' / }>il! j Cv j j u.'.
awO ? .. kip ? .?.? *.{H'l .1 /?>?? ?? .1 - y" {
' i' nm.^RTJi'jf MOTS. i'5*. V
W0 4 rfitiaten'e.fMiey tfttotlif "5: e v
l? t?0 4 " 4iid aiktimoioflco ?
! ,A- ".Ml 4 ??!?? ?' ?>.* "* ! r
' men's, whiwg^ juifl mlaaai cupj ihoes m
tiir hesi quality.^ v * -1''v ?? .' ? w
i Alio, a great variety noMiem enumere'ed, whlcli v?e
, ivilisHlieiilrtP\Tbolc?i?e oritutil. on ihe moat iaaaoj>a
b!e te-iiw. bi-Jv-i- ! : **,1 t.-.i . > ? ? ?
^ieichinlK will find it to their decided advantage toeatl t
, ond ex .niinc our stock liefoTO-niakiiutrtliBtr Fall and tyiu
,ler piuj-aiyseii., mv> -n ? & WAV3JAJ>?. r.,u.
' 1 i \ Just Uppe.tve^.
Wi,. - it&fc necejvea.
tlz r ?*V?uwl rfrdved fijjra
? l lie i ?vl? (*t il/e(r jJSew gififeery adjohiliigi.be
'sirpAceycnt and carefully selcUed assort man;
t?l filie ?* ioceiies, to ivhlch Xliey ji;vile tha^mention
wwTn^f.1!?4- -'oPBaCHtm
sod Java hr/.?B *
Tt \j?.?ird and Pulverized Sug*i*V * ' i
ui great vaiiotjrfndfiueJtmaliii?>t 5 . , ? -
< 0<:oav KiOuftOaud Uiocolsla oi the beat brands. ' ( .
Wrina. t?s", nurBidnl.'Klrifni^, j^yUMi ?
eic.j KtucndlOiS-ritkMMiiT ? .
Mlc?*pvuy vtiifljr.~ ' .
IfSfiim: Willi Jiiani (iihcr *ltklcs i*> U^loiii W?u'. '-'
mr.iie, all 61 ivliltir (V, air unci? ?
lAffBANk-'P ' '185*. K'i raLtto.1
, Eateman, .F-fcUi* &JGGU.?n"j7V
- ' v#,c; I? ; j
By CahaT, plVer' aiid Railroad," "?
[ i ini iNMi'i- <i y- yftt >
RKFKK TO? ?::/:..<?? .VSiC
Mcsm*. .Viuer, Andrew*-* WMle) ?,,, .
*? !
rticu'orkuenlio^tiwtfip ?>?iVM\rmentijtial/a
IVlfcelln;:. by cilultu Wkbub Vllle)?i,a lvl*4P- ?;? .
r>i/. vW ".nvc
Savings '
IlS&S?of\<hc.iiri5 o?d ViAWihri - '
?*, v * WVidu be. whtyuinzih my duty to ycm? (
\VllQfB lIltC'TfclV BVf i" * J - 1 -1 * -t*j
I nqi kccji Vomnlvwd wher<?.yt>utantiii? atfreit variety > <
guoil quality of bouta. ?hoeat - tote, ??i'a( umbrellas, < I
have ju-1 received
bav s
o""" ??> uvuia> Ciiooa, IWWI v?|'o, uiiiuiKiiaa,
curi^r so^kJi, la 11 and winter stock of wbicb ?
s juFTrecdfea. >> ICQ& 55m?1 ?
The Verandah.-H?^tftTi*aait^;iii ,
am? nini (!l?{if.O(iR ? "' J
irrriviiis every dayHvwj Ttolflhlofe' Oyitera.1' Our
uttometK will aUv.<yu fsti*i u*)>tfei?i:ed'WtivrW<beiu
ii the most deluitie tnid^dgaimhieniaimetV: 1'' ?'
OKDKKS coujpiied- iViHi tn nije jlidrleijl Risible
<zc. ?l Iqw<
Old Post OiBce corner
. B^qrwATSQW.
.3!l -3's 3!s ,l*}f?au
No 107 Mehirtrtct.
tide and iiai i.,\v ukn.'mih'i'WnHlulUJ.cr triui
a btuKla ffimnied and trlre|?ed.ey>a'. to mwi?? ? ?
d blHtd?-rg|wiu?ed attd-trJww
ibbnc i?oni|.tty attemJtfliflA
been thoroughly mpai cd }
I rs evrelienl accuroiiiodaiioiij
?"??"Jwfn* Vmj
mat* mm.
jj'i rtt' r r/id " S 77
J j.g'(LO& ?* ?
?uu HNRL.
enovitcd. now fur
is located on the comer. ?fl MtW?M Mkdlu)i>tr<M<.
. i"0H ' * HTTOU a .?/
tacbed io the Muuto^ and boaid
iu?> iest aKbUtaUthirt l**V**prtm\ik A
' *'1 ,"A" " ' * juBfcJawtt
?UJ ci wol3> ^ Lu? tviisj *
.? } s> -a.I*
*% j?;c ."-wU

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