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THE intellig enceii
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ESTBAxre o.f qrntcr stheet, nv
B EATTY & C 6.
TKRMS.-uah.t-, p?r??BOTO, - . . gg.g
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WBfcKLY, per trntmoi, - * - J OO
-wii k i: r~f noTva
In the annals oi* blunders ami the-chronicles
of absurdities, there is found no parallel to the
proceedings of the Naval Board Appointed under
an act of the last Congress, entitled, "An art to
promote the efficiency of the Navy," and which
assembled at "Washington on the 2uth of June
and terminated its labors on the 20th of July.?
It wan composwl of five captains, five comman
ders, and five lieutenants, selected by ihe Presi
dent, and they were to report to the President
the names of all navy officers "found incapable
of performing: the duties of their respective
ranks and grades." The Board reported as in
capable, Ac. one hundred and ninety-tour offi
cers who "ran the gauntlet" before them. Of
this number of "incompetents," 138 graded
aborti the junior member of the JJoard and onlv
btlote him, and of his own grade; one-third
? t#f those abort him were found incompetent,
while of the number biloie him only one-*eeenth.
Thi* is rather a remarkable result, and of itself
telis its tale. The records of the Senate during
the present session, show the general dissatis
faction felt everywhere at the unheard of mode
of proceeding adopted by, and the iniquitous re
write consequent upon the action of this Board.
?Day after day do petitions pour in, signed by
the people, protesting against its proceedings anil
asking to have the meritorious officers of the
Navy, its pride and its ornaments, restored to
their country's scrvice and relieved from the
stigma which this Star Chamber proceeding has
affixed to their hitherto unspotted names.
In all the records of the Inquisition there is
found no instance of proceedings such as have
characterized the action of this Board. They sat
with closed doors, examined no witnesses, made
do charges, kept no records, and simply present
to the President their conclusion that the best
officers in the Navy are incompetent. They
were not even sworn to do their duty; a major
ity of one may have decided every case, and we
have thus one hundred and eighty-eight officers
of th? -Vury ejected from office, degraded, and
forectr barred from promotion in their profes
m?n, and thir, pouibly, by the rote of one Liev
tenant, and he not erenncorn.'/ Was ever such
an instance known in the history of tyranny?
Among the number who have beon pronoun
ced "incompetent," is Lieutenant Jr. IV Maury
* of the United States Observatory, and when the
public are informed of this they will not be sur
prised at the violent justice of the complaints
made of the action of this Board.
It seems from a letter of Lieut. Biddle, one of
this notorious Hoard, that Lieut. Maury was cut
off because he met with an accident some 15
years since, while on duty, which was then very
serious. It does not appear that it is so now.
But Lieut. Iiiddle goes on to say that "whenever
eases presented themselves to the Board, of offi
cers physically able, but morally unwilling to
perform that duty, (service afloat,) I consider
they were bound to remove such persons from
the active list?no matter whether that unwill
ingness arose from idleness, love of case, love of
money, preference for other pursuits, or even
from an otherwise most laudable lore of scientific
ditUncUo),:' To be a sailor at the mast, to be
able to load and tire a gun, ship the rudder, furl
the sails, and pilot the ship, seems to be the
acme of naval qualifications, in the opinion of this
board?while the man of science, of intellect, of
general attainments, of the most pre-eminent
naval knowledge, who lias charted out the ocean,'
and plainly marked the pathway of navies over
the deep, who has taught them how to avoid the
trado winds and sliun the storm, who has con
tributed more to promote the "efficiency" of na
vies and navigation, by a single work, than this
Board could contribute in a milcnnium (were
they kept together that long, and with a record
its proceedings); is voted by this sapient as
sembly to be incompeteut and necessary to be
T?note.l in order to promote the "efficiency of
the navy"!! In the 19th century we have had
presented theold question of the ancients("when
band to hand the combatants contended'") wheth
er bodily strength or intellect was the better
general, and a Board of the American Xavr
have deliberately "found for. bodily strength."
W hat a commentary upon the science of the 19th
century! Tho American people will hardly
submit to this. They will be slow to degrade
the man of science in their navy, whose name
is more familiar, through his works, over Christ
endom, than the combined names of all the aspi
rants for the place thus vacated, added to the
names of those who sanctioned their inquisitori
al, unprecedented and tyrannical proceeding.
Wo look confidently to Congress to nullify
the whole proceedings of this board, we look to
Congress to uphold talent, servicc and science,
U> restore, and to promote the men who have
thus been stricken down by the "power of dark
ness," and to say to the world that the Ameri
can Congress has yet to learn that it "promotes
the efficiency of her navy" to strike down and
degrade hertried and noblest officers, herbright
est ornaments, and cast a slur upon science
and naval scientific attainment, but that on the
contrary "naval efficiency" can best be promo
ted by promoting merit and attainment, wherev
er and whenever found in the navy.
jgjThe Galena Advertiser states that on
Tuattday morning last tho mercury in that place
stood at 30 deg. below zero; Sunday morning it
aunk to 3d in a number of places. The above
paper adds:?Monday morning wo got the im
pression and so stated, that the mercury was no
lower than about SO, but Capt. Girdon, whose
meteorological observations wc have generally
found to be accurate, informs us that the mer
cury of his instrument congeal#} on that morn
ing which would indicate 40 below, at least?.
This has not happened but once or twicc before
for twenty years.
Thk Scotjsh Milliosaihs.?Mr. John Fergu
son, who recently died in Scotland, possessed of
property valued at $6,300,000, is. said to have
been the largest holder ot America securities in
Europe. He was also the holder of a lage amount
oif Knglish and continental securities, and was
considered the wealthiest coromonor in England.
1)(atu or two ou> Aih? Respected Ciiizesf.
?Oilr community is called upon to mourn the
death of two of its oldest and most respected clt
jiens, : Jtepjnmm Darlington, lately a hardware
HJorolvaof on Kyurtji street, di id yesterday mo: -
ninf^iffihalf-past one o'clock. ? Reade Waphinir
xjo, Ekj., for many years a member of the Pit s
?* b^Jrjjb biu*, died yesterday morning at eleven o,
clook, ?ttw mfeW days' illness. Both of the de
"COKM wcro extensively known as men of wuml
and honor.?J' ft* Jbvrrwt. - i
We published a short editorial last weekuu-'
der this caption, making some comparison ajkto!
the expense of conducting one portion ot 'tfie
business of the roads as between the Pennsyl
vania and Baltimore and Ohio Railroad-. A
friend requests the publication of the> following
from the Itottimorc American; of the" 13tB^on
the same subject, asjslUMying more fully the"dif
ference in that expense:?
&ff~The following communication will not be
without interest to onr mercantile- community,
showing as it does not only the economy with
which a portion of the bu-inessof the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad is- conducted;- but aL?o the
fact that very efficient agents have been select
ed. Ttie hous* of Messrs. Forsyths 4 Bain is
one of the most prominent in the West, in the
forwarding line, and the Company have ' done
well in- securing the agency of gentlemen so
well and so favorably known* and whose influ
ence in controlling so large a portion of the Wes
tern transportation business is universally ac
knowledged. In contrasting the compensation
allowed by the Pennsy Ivania Road with that paid
by our own great work, we are struck with the
; great disproportion of the amounts; and we are
| also informed that of the sum paid by the Balti-.
? more and Ohio Railroad Company, no portion
j of -it goes to Messrs. Forsyths ,fc Bain, but the
| whole sum is paid to their agents throughout
! the West. Under such circumstances weMlo
| not see how the interests of our Company can
be Letter promoted tiian by continuing its con
nection with this influential house, and making it
the interest of the firm to control business tor
the road:
Editors of (he Ji.tKii.iore Amcrifi.cn :
By a report of the annual meeting of the Di
rector? of the Pennsylvania Kailroad, published
in the Philadelphia North American of the 5th
inst., I find an allusion tnade to tho coutraot ex
isting between Messrs. >E Co. and that
road, showing an expi-ijdittue by the Pennsyl
! vania Railroad' to tneiragfciSts for the object of
'securing an eastern bound business of ten per
(rut. on the total revenue controlled by thr-in;
whilst by arrangement between Messrs. Forsyths
& Bain and Mr. Done, on.the part of the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad Company, the whole ex
penditure for securing the sAme business i< twen
ty rtnlit per ton. With this leverage in tho hands
of Messrs. Leech & Co., it has been'shown that
they controlled"! 8,948 tons of produce east
ward in-four. a)i/7 a half month*, making h gross
revenue of $323,497,"at cost of $32,349. Against
this, and with no incentive from the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad, Messrs. Forsyth & Bain con
trolled in four month?2S,Slf tons, making agross
revenue to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (ac
cording to the estimate made by the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company) of $396,933, and at a
cost of only $4,663.
My object in making a comparison between i
the amount of tonnage contolled by Messrs. Leech:
& Co. over the Pennsylvania Railroad, and that
controlled by Messrs. "Forsyths & Bain over the
Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad, is for the purpose
of showing the advantageous results growing
out of the policy pursed by Mr. Done, whilst act
ing as master of transportation of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad, and which is evidence of the
economical system pursued by him.
A* Obsehvrk.
For the Wheeling Intelligencer.
Messrs. Editors:
Here is a spirited little specimen of fem
inine raillery; for feminine it must be it is so
good-humored and graceful; touching off admi
rably the bearing of the amateur sportsman be
fore and after the chase. It cannot fail to grat
| ify your miscellaneous readers. W. B. B.
A Poem iu two Cantos.
How gallantly, how gallantly, they Hiring upon their steeds,
These hunters bold, of great renown; these kulglits of noble
Kach armed with trusty rifle; shot poach and powder horn,
And boasting of the herds of deer they'll slay ere they re>
; No more of partridge-shootiog; of doves, or prairie hen;
"The hunting of the red deer is the only sport for men."
Provision offered they reject with scorn but ill concealedt
Their faith La in their good right arms?their rifl?-i? in the
They talk of juicy venfron steaks, and bear's meat nice and
And swear that they could live a month without a thought or
And laughingly they prophesy, so fat they shall have grown,
Their fainting steeds wiil scare suffice to bear the harden
! 80. on this sunny rooming, they marshal side by side,
I And out into the wilderness, with dog and guu they ride.
Thus forth upon a caiup-hunt, ?0 gallantly they're gone,
! While they leave the weeping female* to mourn at home
cantoTbcon d.
How silently, how silently, they ride in, one by one,
With drooping heads, as if they feared, to look upon the sun,
And If among the bushes a fluttering skirt they see.
They turn aside a moment, and hide behind a tree.
Among the boasting Nimrods, who went forth with gallant
No venison, no branching horns, of slaughtered stag are
No grim and ghastly bear's head upon the pommel borne;
But empty handed, as they went, so, empty they return.
Are these the men who promised hs so fat they should be
Their weary steeds could never bear the heavy burden home?
Why, on my word, had I not heard, their wondrous deeds of
I'd swear they had not tasted meat, for seven days and
Thus stealing back, shame-faeedly, from their camp-hunt,
they come.
And all the merry females with laughter greet them home.
Mauxoua Alligator, Jan. 37th.
E5f~"The good time coming," about which
so much has been said and sung, has at last ac
tually arrived, and in announcing this auspic
ous event, we take almost as much pleasure as
we should in heralding, the dawn of the millcni
al morning. The especial "good time" to which
we refer consists in the fact that the dreaded
scourge of the West, Fever and Ague, has found
its master and for the future will be robbed of
its terrors.
Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure is the article
which has accomplished this glorious result and
like a piean in honor of some valiant conqueror,
rises the sound of gratitude from thousand voi
ces all over the land.
The proprietor may feel inward satisfaction at
being the means of dispensing joy and gladness
to thousands who have hitherto groaned in bon
dage worse than was ever imposed by Egyptian
task masters. Rejoice afflicted; for in this in
comparable remedy you have certain restoration
to that perfect heaitH withoutwhichlifc is weari
A Spirit Raited Rappkd.?A noted spirit
rapper in one of the Northern conventicles, at a
recent sitting of the faithful, remarked thai he
hadjustreceived intelligence of the death of a
dear, devoted, and estimable friend in Califor
uia, and expressed a desire at once to enter into
communication with liis spirit After the usual
preparatory table turning and rapping, the spir
it of the departed manifested its willingness to
commence a cosy chat, whereupon the enter
tainment opened and closed with the following
short diatogue:
'How long have you been dead;'
'Ten weeks next Thursday.
'And the cause of your aeaUrt'
'I was hung for stealing a yoke of steers and
altering the brand!!
No more questions were sent under that ta
ble.- complete silence reigned.
... ???? ^ ?
Mehtte Ptwva.?If you have Mine stale
bread on hand, you can make cheap, quick pud
ding before breakfast, thus: put a pint of sweet
milk in the frying pan; cut the bread up in it,
put ink tablespoonful of sugar, and a teaspoon
fht of allspice, a little nutmeg will help it; let it
bqij; as soon as itia soft, stir in an egg, and it is'
done.' ^ , ,V" /. '
Since 1853, no less thanj.welve international
steamships liave been lost. TheSepjhunt's Maga
zine, in.an article upon the subject/pays:
x" "For tliree consecutive months, early in 1853,
^'Pacific' waters uttered their voices of alarm and
instruction, by the total loss of three valuable
steamships, and sacrifice of over one and ont
fflurth hundred lives of our citizens. It were j
possible the voice of spring, thus uttered, might J
be unheeded, and the last month of the retiring
year utters again the Pacific's voice in the total .
loss of the '\Vinfield Scott,' ami the Atlantic's.,
voicc is hear?l through the 4IIumboIt ana the ;
San Brancisco,'affixing theical to {heK-insfa-uc-_ J
tions, a* to the imvneidmt state or' our' ttfinii- ;
WyS not only by the loss of these three valun- "|
ble ships and much merchandise^ but by the sap- ;
ritlce of over two hundred lives, many of whom ,
bad entered the ranks gf national usefulness, and. .
national promotion to high responsibilities.
?'The sum total of 1853, makes five valuable
steamships stranded and totally lost; one disabled, !
abandoned and lowt at sea; and with two out of j
the 'six, over three aud half hundred valuable lives ;
perished with the wrecks.
"The Atlantic waters introduced the losses by ;
this class of international steamships for 185+,'
and March utters her lesson by the 'City of t'ilas- |
gow,' and about four hundred and eighty lives; '
July by the 'Franklin,' which is stranded and :
lost at the door of our harbor; September, by !
the 'City of Philadelphia,' stranded and lost; and \
in hot haste the 'Arctic,! with hundreds of lives ;
sinks to rise no more. History can never por- j
tray the horrors and sorrows with which memo- J
ry imbues the mind that has witnessed, or,listeh; |
ed to the witnesses of this sad catastrophe. Im- ;
mediately succeeding these two September losses p
the 1st of October speaks from the Pacific through :
the total wreck of the 'Vankee Blade,' and near- S
Iy half a hundred lives. j
"Wo sum up for lf-ji, three valuable steam- ;
ships stranded and totally lost, with much of i
their very valuable cargoes; and one that sunk j
to bury its own history; and auother that sunk !
to stamp its history indelibly upon the minds of :
the commercial world. j
"We have the siuking of the 2<orith Carolina' ;
in a few minutes after her collision, for April, I
1855, and just before she reached her destination i
in a foreign port: also, iu the same month, we i
have the stranding of the 'Golden Age/and may !
we not hope that the lesson of her imminent per- i
il, with eight hundred passengers, and (what is, ]
perhaps, more significant t<> some) oue-and-tlirce |
tenths millions of specie; with the fortunate and ?
providential rescue of all, may prove a golden !
lesson tothis'age,' and the more especially siuce i
the projector and president of this line stood up- |
on her decks an eye-witness of her perils, her exi
gencies, and her improvident state.
"Duringa period of twenty-six months, twelve
of this class of steamships were totally lost, and
one more 'scarely' saved.
"The nine stranded ships, at the time of their
casualties, had an aggregate of over four-and-a- j
half thousand passengers, and adding crews, o- >;
ver five-and-a-half thousand persons. They al
so possessed a value in bottomry of over t\vo-and
onc-fourth millions, and in specie and merchan
dise of six and-one-fourth millions; hence, a total
of over eight-and-a-half millions of dollars was
thus jeoparded.
"The four sunk at sea jeoparded over sixteen
hundred lives, and over two-and-a-half millions
of property."
From the I<on?lon TimeV 3Ion*y Column.
A paragraph with regard to American State
debts, in a letter inserted in the Times to-day
from Sir F. 15. Head, calls fora remark. It re
fers to "the repudiation by the State of Florida
of about $2,000,000, by the State of Arkansas of
all their debts, by tlu- State of Mississippi of
$5,000,000 of their debt," and, Anally, to "the
unpaid debts to this country of the States of Al
abama, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
The charge thus made against Florida, Arkan
sas and Mississippi is perfectly correct, and the
list might have been increased, by including the
State of Michigan, which, like Mississippi, is
one of the most prosperous of the Union, and is
equally shameless in the treatment of its credit
ors. Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ma
ryland, however, have not only never repudiated
their obligations, but arc free from any arrear of
debt. It is true that Pennsylvania and Mary
land suspenped payment for a short period, but
the latter Stale made effort to avoid the disaster,
and ultimately met every claim in an honorable
manner, while Pennsylvania, whose conduct at
one time seemed likely to be very discreditable,
also,' in the end, discharged her arrears, and
would have entirely redeemed her character had
she not, in connection with a small amount ot
bonds, temporarily issued to represent those ar
rears, refused to pay the full rate of interest she
had contracted for. It is esseutial that these
points should be borne in mind, and they have
been frequently repeated by the Times, especial
ly, as regards Pennsylvania, with the object of
correcting the mistake into which English wri
ters commonly fall of speaking of that State as
the centre of American dishonor. As the pros
pect of the really delinquent States being bro t
to a batter course must depend chiefly 'upon
keeping them constantly before the world, in
disgraceful isolation froin all respectable rem.
munitie*, nothing can be more iujurious to the
cause ofthe creditors than the practice of con
founding them with others against whom them
is uO complaint.
Increase or Railroad Fares.?At the late
annaul meeting of the Boston it orcesw Rail
road Company, the subject of the unreinuncra
tive rates of fare and freights, was introduced
by Mr. Win. Sturgis. lie commented upon the
iucrea.se ofthe construction account since 1S4!:,
from $1,800,000 to $5,000,000?of this increase
two and a half millions had been for extra freight
accommodations, which had not paid four per
cent, on the money invested. Of the million bar
rels or more of flour carried over the road, much
of it had been at less than cost. If, continued
he, forwarders will not pay a fair price for peir
flour carriage, let them keep it at home.
The speaker then took up the subject of fares.
The original fare between Worcester snd Boston
was $2,''it being now $1.50. Tho speaker quo
ted from the Directors of the Vermont and Mas
sachusetts road on the subject of the inadequacy
of present rates. lie was in favor of the estab
lishment of remunerating rates, whether other
roads did or not. A document, he said, would
shortly appear which would show that the rail
roads running out of Boston had sunk eight
millions of dollars from inadequate fares and
other causes.
He concluded by reading a preamble and reso
lution. setting forth that while freights had been
diminished, outlavs and expenses had been in
creased, until the nctt receipts were not remu
nerative ?and therefore the directors wwc re
quested to increase, as soon a9 may be, the rates
sufficiently1" to obtain an increased yearly income
of $130,000, and to effect this to advance season
tickets twenty-five per cent, and transient
sengers to at least three cents per mile?and an
increase on freight so that it wiU pay its share
ofthe increased income. After some debate the
preamble and resolution were adopted.
The stockholders of the Boston k Providence
Railroad Company, at a recent meeting, voted
unanimously that it was expedient to raise the
transient fares on the road at least 20 pfcr cent.
It was also voted as the opinion of the meeting,
that there should be a decided general advance
in the tariff on freights.?.V. 1'. Courier ana En
tyThe bill to reraore the restrictions from
the charter of the Northwestern railroad compa
ny came up in the Hons* of Delegates last week,
and was wiselv so amended as to require the
Baltimore and" Ohio railroad company to pay the
interest (in dividends or otherwise) upon the
$500,000 which Wheeling borrowed and inves-.
ted in that company's stock. "W hereupon' Mr.
Brannon, a friend ofthe bill before its amend
ment, moved to lay it upon the table; and it was
done We hope the House will be firm. There
Is a great deal more than $500,000 invested in
the Northwestern railroad, and it.is .not likely
that the B. A. O. company will choose the great
er evil. The people who are petitioning for the
removal of the restrictions need tiotfear the re
sult. They will have their road.?Fairmont
Yirobia Woodlands.?The Providence -and
Boston Railroad Company have purchased 1,753
ktss. of woodland in Virginia for $12,500. Th?y
have employed an agent at $1,200 a year to pre
pare the wood for market
[We charge Kite Dollaic* for inset
Sheriff, to be paid Invariably in advai
plying with (his rule, will understand
incuts do net appear.] 1
Mfmshs. Enirojta:?Y<
ters by announcing our
K. II. 11UBBELL, u a
?tiC922B5$PiSSEtf! for.Uw.nffiw ofSheriff.
Should I br elected, I will eudeavor to discharge the duties
/A:* '
m - *?> a/bbdidoni
Our worthy cHitrft.'SMtL &W IK, iuj. w*l be mprort.
editor the office of Sheriff, at the neat election, by the
f-1 , - ; ^OTEBS OF OHIO COUNTY. j
? >/?: ?-r?
Mi. Kunca?Pb-as* announce THOMAS P. SflALLCIlOSS 1
a* the people's eaQriidafce for Sheriff, at the ensuing spring j
election. 'So one questions hla peculiar fltn W9 for tfic'office. j
By <o doing you wilt oblige i
fc* MANY V0TF.B3.
[Argus and Times copy and charge this office.]
1 respectfully annonncc myself a candidate for the office
or Sheriff, at the coming Spring election,
jnH W. T. SELBY.
WHETHER It be true or not that nature I# proviiled with
infallible remedies tor 1ill the Ills that flesh in heir to. it j
is certain ih?t one of the .ruort ?H>tresting affifctjbua In the
catalop^e or human suffering,may be speedily and efTectu-!
-ilyj-vliered bV ^harmltas ; I .1
. ..
;I<*. a liquid?pmp9*c4 of,purel&Y?*getahlt subsiance*. unmix- j
ei'with'Hcidi or poisons of xoy kind, and stands unrivalled :
an a never-failing ct:*a for thi most acute jhuna-of Tooth and j
Gums. It I* an India# preparation, and the roots of whu-h
it U compounded were purchased by the proprietor from the
Pawnee tribe of Indian# in the"PIalfc country of Missouri, In j
ISlo. , . ? i' - - ? r
The anodyne has becfc extensively tried by tiie first fami
lies in New*Orleans and other cities South and West, and
has been found to be immediateiy and thoroughly efficacious
in oil otlier instances. ? No other toothache remedy ever pre
sented to the publichas proved go harmless and JEgthesam*
time beaedeiSl ia lis results.
T. If. LOGAN ft CO..
d?c?2 ? Sale Agent, Bridge carper.
LBS. Gum Opium (Turkey) for eaJr* by
dc25 A. C. GOOD A CO.
INBRED OIL?250 gallon* for rait low hr
j Ju9 A. C. GOOD ft CO.
SUTMEGS?hlf bbl No 1 Nolnegt for sale by
j??J> A. C. GOOD ft CO.
CLOVES?3 bales in store and foreale by
_ Jus " ' ' A. C. GOOD ft CO. .
ClINNAMON?oO mats ree'd and foreale by
; jn? A. C^GOOD ft C0^_
A YER'S PILLS.??gro*sof Ayer's Cathartic Pills, inHtore
J\. and for sale by
_jn9 A. C. GOOD ft CO.
Glt'D MUSTARD?1 barrel pare for salebv
,jt>9 A. C. GOOD ft CO.
MUSTARD SEED.?2W11w. White Mustard Seed,in store
and for sale low by
jn# A. C. GOOD ft CO.
BRUSHES-Tooth, nair, NaU and Paint Brushes la endless
variety, just received by
jn9 A. C. GOOD ft CO.
Id A superior article for famflv use.
dec22. GILL ft CO.
PERSONS having barrels* can have them filled with Cider
by leaving the barrels by Friday.
inn bUSIIKLS White Beans;
IUU 200 w Onions, to arrive?for sale bv
I HAVE on hand aiot of Extra Family Flour. Also?supe
rior cured hams.
f.*3 WM. 1IEBURN.
; Ambrotypes & Daguerreotypes
j rTMIE subscriber, at his old st^nd on Monro# street, U dally
! JL producing Ambrotypes, which are taking the place of
? Daguerreotypes. For proof of the fineness of ton* ar.d su
1 parlor finish of his picture.*, he solicits the examination of a
discerning public. He would invite particular attention to his
Also?to Lockets and Pins, made expressly for this new style
of work.
As these pictures can be taken In from one to five seconds,
the difficulties hitherto preventing accurate likenesses of
9mall children are almost entirely removed. Groups of per
sons, of different ages and complexions, Ambrotyped with
out difficulty. Pictures can b*> copied by this proccH* po
they will remain unchanged for ajr?s; all Ambrotypes being
hermetically Healed between two plates of glass, are warrant
ed never to fade.
Caution should be observed against pictures called Ambro
types. which are nwt pt operly so, being a single plate of glass
and liable to be defaced, .is the facilities of the undersign
ed are constantly Increasing, he will be prepared to make
! Daguerreotypes at all prices.
Rooms at the obi place until May 1st. when he will remove
to his new and spacious establishment east side of Main St.,
between Union and Monroe, which will be one of the bent
arranged establishment* in the country. The entire length
of the .room*, 135 feet. Xo pains or expense will be spared
in the arrangement for producing superior work, and ensur
ing the comfort of visitors.
! A T TO RNEY A T Ja A W ,
i3y"*ATTENDS the Courts of Ohio, Marshall, Brooke and
; Hancock com. tk*.
; OFFICE?on Qulncy street, just above Main. f?-7
: ' {From Belfast. Ireland.)
and Linen Cambric Handkerchief .
j 117 R have jusf received, direct from Ireland, a very Urge
: YY ? quantity of.e?to*ce Irish Llnetn, manufactured tx
! pressly for us and warranted all pure ilax.
j Wr pl^Jw ouriflre" to ?dl thwc Linen** as cheap an they
? can be purchased In any of th* Kartrm cities.
i ALSO?large stock of Lintn Cambric lfandkcrelticfs?
! very cheap.
po wii'ur:.
IPLK and Rock Powder fur -ale i>y
r/ixrsox. :
SA SAKDI.ES Frejh VIKISOX-^jittt Trcvlred and for
! JU suit: low by
; fc9 . Gfc'O. WILSON.
? 'TMIATcar load of Powder, after a tedious passage of one
A tnontb, has arrived at last, and will be delivered to cus
tomers as soon as ordered.
Coalmen can be supplied now without fall.
j _JeS . M. RE1LT.Y.
; 'T^IIK Hoard of Managers of the Centre Wheeling Market
'? JL Honse Association, have this dny declared a Dividend
; ?->f 3 per cent, out of the net earnings of the Company to the
! l?t January?payable on the 2p.th Inst.
j . All persons that have made payments on stock and have
not received their certificates, are notified to bring their re
; ceipts to the Secretary, and get them before the 20th, so that
| they may receive the dividend pai able at that time.
Be order of the Board.
CHAS. B. CECIL, Secretary.
Whs tling, Peb.?, 1SN5. fe9
[Ar*us and Times copy.]
; ELIXllt.
A Median* for alone.
! ^TMHjiTnedielne is in ext?*nsivs and popular u*e in Western
I X Pennsylvania. . It is prepared by Dr. Trnxal, of Wash
j injjton cn.,*and has given-relief-to hundreds who have used
1 it.- who are spreading its fame far and wide.
\ The names of- persons well known appear as vouchers for
its eft'nracv in the above disease.
iSTtricc $1,00.
T. H. LOGAN * CO., GenT Agents.
t*9 Wheeling, Va.
TtiE~WAii vaxic mreoRTEki
I rTMIIS Female Supporter, operating on a simple scientific i
| X priuciple; gives-great and often complete relief in weak- j
1 ne*s of the Spine?and in all cases where support is needed,
p- . Fox?s^le by I j Ig3]MUQQ
; T. H. LOGAN A PP. |
? """ "Wholesale
| rpHE STEIN BROTHERS take this method of informing !
L their numerous easterners, particularly tho?e through- i
! out the West, that to their large and well kuuwn Baltimore
| Clothing House they have'added ?
' yrimu&iX lk i*by goods dkparthx.vt,
: which is stocked with all the Foreign and Domestic Fabrics
: adapted to the Dry Goods Trade generaUy.
| Their arrangements with European Manufacturers are
i such as to enable thentto .furnish, on accommodating terms,
| the Goods desiredbyCTothiers,'Merchant Tailors, and Deal
ers in all descriptions of Dry Good-;
; Thrfr stock: of ~
will be as varied and excellent as any to be found lii the m%f~
' ket, as the greatest care will be taken to stake it bsth ?er
i viceable and seasuuable.y'_
j Clothiers, Merchant Tailors, and Dealers in Dry Goods
? generally, are respectfully invited to call at our new and ele
j gant Warehouse. So. 29ft Baltimore street, where in each of
i the five spacious stories will be found a stock which cannot
fail to meet the most varied and extensive demands.
fcW lm
; \\J D. MOTTE & BRO . in order lo make room for their
; YV ? New Spring Stock, will sell oat their present assort
? meul until the first of March at
, Remnants and Old Style Goods at almost auy price.you
; may offer for them. ___ ff8
! -^ 'CEDAR WAKE.; ?
: /^EDAK Tubs, of all ste*;
VJ Cedar Buckets, brass bound j
do -HdoA' frtm ilo %
[ - 5 ami gallon Kegs;
: Jest received and for <?ale at the cheap Pumishlng store of i
i_f?6 WM.HEWJRJf.
Notice Extra.
I AM Instructed by the Finance Committee, through the
Mayor, to make levies Instanter for the eonecttan of all
Taxes due the City fortiie year liM. I wBl ju*t_say that
the instructions are being carried oat, and aft who wish to
save coats will please pay over, as there is no time at my
disposal to give.
. frlfclm , , F. A. BURKE. Collector.
T^IFFERENT styles and prices?-fbr sale bv
- fe!6 ..I Bridgi Cortur Drug Store.
fJ,RUSSE8^SupportA*, and Shoulder Braces, in great vari
fd*- : Barnoa Coaxn Dao<a Sroas. -
Buckwheat Calces
A BS made qolcknt, UfhtMt and b?t with
?t 1. ? . Pswras Jtonx'a Tsisr Pownxx.
Pric*SS??ms. : -I - For sale by
I? T. H. LOGAN 4 CO.
Itnler.ftr nle kr : '
Once beaotlfhi fcwjblooinlnff us the ro???now how pallid!
her whole compltxfon tin?rj with }ellow, life the sere leaf ofN
AtUumn.aad her "sunls even going down whUe it Is yet
day!" Lether hot tij^Umpton's VepUUe Tincture, and
ihe All wonder at tbe'tmghty change?that after all the oth
er triedidnes so freely taken, cone could reach her caw but
this pleasant balm from > ature's garden.
frltJ General Agents.
ARX1 YEI) A T a -jor
glad to learn that w* a?e now in fnllfuplJj ol
F*nhii1> Alimtiie Bala, n l.lnlwarm
I [imirf?n -? ''r"
~FIrialeV T. H. DOGAN~* CO.
MB _ ,.. r.r|;laeX9Jnj:'- Dr??W?.
Since the award of a Diploma from the thtrteenuj vjnuiil
exhibition of the Ohio Mechanics' lnstitule. Wd lo.tht City
of Cincinnati. Humorous Imitations have made their appear
ance, which we caution thepnblir against, as they are repre
sented to he the same la thilr mcdlclhal >:B^cU as a ionic,
for. ahifh properties a commit tec of physician* gave the
award of a Diploma. Dr. J. llosnrrrKn's Bitters, >1 hereto
fore, stand unrivalled forthelr medicinal powers in giving
strength and vigor to a debilitated constitution; and during
thu cold weather, wc would advise every family to keep a
supply on hand. Children, tt? well M adults, *111 find the
benefits of a trial.
^BTFtii-Hlsity all the principal Druggists and by hotels
generally. - ; ( >
fcU T. H. J.OGAN * CO. Agent*
Dr Geo. wTPhillips'.
for thkJccbk or v ; ?
Coughs, Colds, Cronp,H6ars?ne?, Hlecdlrte Lang', Asthma,
Bronchitis, lnfianiM, Speakers" Sore Throat,
Consumption, and all .Diseases of
J tfco Throat and Cheat.
l?r. tie*. W- Phillip*'
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, LupW.-o, Sciatic* Weuratic Fains,
Pains in the Side, Chrtt, Back and faff, Swelled
and Painful Ji?ints, Weals Ba^k, Cramp,
Sore Throat, Sprains, Ac.
The thousands who hare used these Medicines testify to
their excellent merits hy a continuance of their use. To
those who hare riot used them we would say TFO THEM and
they will find them to be all they are represented, and that
thev will act with mrtjWiis effect:
i)R. UKO. W. PHILLIP.", Hole Proprietor, Wncinuatl,
For sale wholesale and retail hy
fell:ly Ga*Rast. Auasvs ma Wtersas \ taotM*.
noticeto travelkhs.
TRAVELERS passing OTer the C. O. Rfcilruad, are inform
ed that the Proprietor ha? fitted up Room* ia ^CuRK'i
N'kw ItciLDwesV where he nil! act up tipim the arrival of eve
ry train, - . ?
A WARM LCXCIT AX1> iiot coefxe for m
the regular price at the Depot Stand being 50 cents, conse
quents thlrtv-Ave cents w!U be saved. Be particular and
,tep Into Myers* Rvfrsshment Rooms, just across th. street,
2d door from the corner. ?
EctryUiing npytiKl Mar. c.iUtdfor. Information of
? all kinds imparted free cf charge.
T. I!. MY ERA.
j EancavUle, Xov. U, 1 VS. g t nv24:8m
GRKY, Red, or Runty Hair Pyed Instantly to a Beautiful
and natural brown or black, without the least Injury to Hair
or ikin.
Fiftkkx Mmdju* axd Dipi/mus have been awarded W "Wm.
A. Batchelor ainee 1SS9, and over SO,000 application* have
been made to the Hair of M? patrons of his famous Dye.?
Preiudl.s against Dying the hair and whiskers Is unjust, as It
would be against corering a bald head with a wig.
W*. A. IUtchklor-s Hair Dr* produces a color not to be
distinguished from nature.and Is warranted not to Injure In
the least howerer long it may be continued.
Made, sold or applied (In private rooms) at th? Wig Facto
ry, 28A Broadway, N. Y.
Sold In all cities and towns of till UoHeA Etates, by Drug
gists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
' g^y-Tb*: Genulue has the uame and address upon a steel
nlate snrraTingon four sides of cach bottle, of
SS3 Broadway, New Vork.
I For sale wholesale and retail by
! aqis LAi-ciarysABrsnrjELD.
Will subdue the pain and Inflammation from the severest
; burns or scalds, in from one to twenty minutes?and that it
will beal the w?Unils without scars'; and effectually cur. Fe
ver Sores?Salt Rheum?Inflammatory Rheumatism?Sore
an.l lndamed Eyes?Cuts?Wounds?Bruises?Old and L'lcer
ati d Sores?Scald Head?Corns and Bunions?Erysipelas?
Sprains?Swellings?Felons?Sore Nipples Chilblains bit-s
of Insects?SweUi d and brokeu breast?Eruptions?and all
other Inflammatory and cutaneous diseases, where the parts
affected can be reached.
Don't be incredulous about the many diseases named to be
enred by only one thing-but reReet, that the few, hut positive
properties which the DsUey Salvo alone contains and as
heretofore cor.meratcd?one to four?can reach not alone
the afore-mentioned disease, but many more not enumerated.
tyKts?Ih net rttfuUir lr?i j^yntcian* prtici-iie calo
Mr/ imc-triiijjvr vxtri* ofdiftnnl diktats!
Each box of Gk-tcisk Dalixt's Pais Exteicto* basopon
it a Stctl Plate engraved Label with tho signatures of C. ^.
CLICKKNKR A CO., proprietors, and 11KNRY DALLKY,
manufactiusr. AU others are counterfeit. Price 25 cents
per bov.
J3r"All orders should be addressed to C. Y. Cllckner A
Co., SI Barclay street. New York.
For sale by l.AUOHUXS A BCSlirlELD, Wheeling,
and Druggists generally throughout the G. 8. *pl8.
ADAMS, Premium Daguerreotypist, has the pleasure of
infuruiitig the citliens of Wheeling, 'that he Is producing by
the aid of a new chtmlral agtnt, Ambrotypes unlike thos?
heretofore made in this city. They are of such brilliancy,
boldness and artistic tlnish, as to excite the admiration of
cnrvone.lncludlngartlsti who have visited the molt cele
brated Eastern Galleries, who pronounce them "the bfl IJity
J3?"?'ivt Medals and Bight Diplomas have been awarded
to V'iams. Remember the Gallery, corner M.iu aod.l-'iiion
streets. _ _ . '? dcW
Then you can't be cured too soon. Don't delay until your
complaint is Incurable, and then mourn when it Is too late.
Four-fifths of all the diseases which people the church yards,
mlfht be cured by AVer's Cathartic PUl", if taken in season.
Don't go dragging through the Spring, faint, sleepy and list
less, because your Wood 1. loaded with bile. Don't wear the
Headache, Heartburn, and their kindred disorders, became
your stomach is foul. Don't parade yourselr around the
world, covered with Pimples, Blotche., Ulcers^ Sore, and all
or anv of the unclean diseases if tho skin, because J our sys
tem wants cleansing. Don't show yourself about, lean, hag
gard, all caved In, because- your Stomaeli and Bowels need
strength*nlng into healthy action. Ayr's Pill* "t these
tilings right at surely as water quenches fire. They pnrify
the body and Wood, and restore their functions Into healthy
actirltv which you can feel al quick as they are taken. They
are the one great midleal w.nder of this age, recogniieJ by
all who know their virtues, and many thousands know them.
Take the Cherry I'ertorak for a Cough, and Ux Wit for all
derangements requiring a Purgative medicine.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Axaa, Lowell. Ma.?achuse.le-and
sold by aU Druggists In Wheeling.
A. C. GOOD A CO., Wheeling,
H Wholesale and Retail Agents.
THIS Is doubtless an invention anion; thr moot important
of modern tum?, for the use of the well-*driaed farmer and
?took-feeder?and the universal faror with which it tia? been
received from the first, more than anjthtng el#e, attest* its
n & J& && u^.r
ajmin*t breakage or der*njr?.'mcnt. .. ,
For sale at manufacturer's price* by ? - =?.
= i DmUrmf* ttour^&ruiiL, I fay, Ac.,
jan5:Sft--.K*w . WlfKELISG, VJ.
Samuel Milrhrll and wffc,ElUabeth 1 In chane*?T7 tn the fir
Mitchell, j colt Court for Ohio
Tf. V Count y tor the sepa
Z. Jacob, Trust re, j rate beoefit of said E
and others. j lizaheth Mitchell.
In pursuance of the decree made in this case, I shall on
Saturday the l&hday of February, 1356, at jthe Court House
for Ohio county, srll to the highest and be*t bidder oa the
terms after named, the south half of lot No.4 (four) in square
Xo. fifteen (15). fronting on 4ih street and the same now and
lately occupied by the said Mitchell and wife.
fSfTerms of sale are?one-fourth of the purchase mon
ey in cash, or in thirty days by negotiable not* bearing in
terest, with a good security; and the other three-fourths bv
equal instalment* at 8, ltf *nd tt months from *ale, with in
terest; purchaser giving bond with security, and title being
retained till the purchase money is all paid.
Z. JACOB, Trustee
v . ?, ? and CommFssiocer.
Salesman Wanted.
\y I wUh to employ a flnt nte Mtnun. who !s Shorengh
M acquainted *1lh Uu? Dry Good* Bosinrt*.
Application in perm wmM be preferable witb references.
I ?
grand qpigcifgrr
^ ' y, V<3b. IS mm* H
lli ,;F A M l LI
r^W?p. aided and assisted by
Professor J. Machold,
the eminent luiprcssaro aud Composer.
menu on the above evenings. In order that all may enjoy
a musical treat, the admission will be reduced to the
' tS&susa&s&ss&H^uwsw. w*.'1
; *,s
?- vEsimhsr: T
IOn SA1MH4S on-ccnjlitiitncht.
i IVJU r,ll> GEO. WlUiON.
? [Wanhinglet] exporter copy to amount of $1 ami charge thi?
r XfJ Brs. Ohio lor ?ali l>y
:JU MB ' GEO. W1I30N'.
| J.;W. WHJiAT,
| AFKICE?at residence on Market street, opposite the Post
| \J Oltice. fe1t?
I A l^TIUKD Clergy man having cured himself of the ,
! X3L Pile* accompanied ? hh running sores, after suffering
' forrupwardi of ii5 years, ihiukslt hUduly to make the rem
edy known for the benefit of the ajllicted. lie will forward^
the particulars for Qt? fcixru of the --Maine on the receipt of a
Scent postage stamp.
Address R?v, C. J. HKCKLAW, .. <
*Tcl9:}m ' Tfo. IS \un st, N. York.
Valuable Real Estate
WILL sell at Auction on Monday, the ?U day of March,
W'ti, at 2 o'clock P.- M., to the highest and best bidder at
j the front door of the Court Houne of Ohio county, the fol
? lowing described property:?Lot No. 14?> in Chapline's addl
| tlon to Wheeling. This Lot has a good two-story Frame
? Dwelling, all in good order.?
f Ono-thtrd in cash, the balance In six and twelve months.?
i The purchaser giving liotes, with approved security, bearing
' interest from day of *k!e.
! f-19 GKO. K. \YICKH.iM, Aur'r.
Administrator's Notice.
j /injIE underbigued having been ap|>oiuted Administrator of
i J- the estate uf Wm. Hail, deceased, late of Ohio county,
| hereby gives notice to all persons indebted to said estate to
make payment, and to all having claims against said estate
to exhibit the same for settlement. 11c also requeiita all per
son* having Goods left with staid William Hall, in -his life
time, to be sold on commission, and which remain unsold, to
call and take them away.
W. C. HALL. Administrator
fdf: lm of \V"m. Ilail, deceavcl.
Farm for Sale
I DESIRE to sell my Farm, situated on the National Road,
about a miles east of this city, and contaiuiug Oue Hun
dred and Ten acres. The Hempfield Railroad passes through
the land, *hicli contaiun Forty Acre:, of nio*t excellent Coal,
affording a cheap and ready means to convey the same to a
good market, -the remaining Seventy Acrcs is a first rate
soil suitable for garden purposes, sufficiently timbered, and
containing also an Orchard of near Three Hundred choice
Fruit Rearing Tree*.
For terms of sale apply to Alfred Caldwell or the under
S AVERY has on Iiaud, and is manufacturing llats of the
? Spring style,"which for neatness, durability and fine
ness, cannot be surpassed. Gentlemen are requested to call
and examine for themselves.
fSfllats made to order at the shortest notice.
AI no?a large assortment of iiata and Caps, of all de
scriptions now in u^.;. ? 2*.
Nos. 148 and 14SMiIn?t.,^^celing, Va.
fe!6 ? *- ?. A VERY.
In Chancery.
t \7IRG1NIA :?At Rules held in the Clerk's Oihce of the
j \ Cireuit Court for Marshall county, iu the month of Feb
. ruary, 1S56: v
| Harriet it. Everett and l?aac Everett, by'
j their next friend Isaap Everrtt,
? ?i r ? 3 n
William Coulter, Isaac Hoge and Isaac
Everett, Executors of Harriet Harney's
estate, ami the heirs of Joshua Harney,
deceased, who are unknown and non
residents or Virginia.
The object of this suit is to recover the purchase money of
a certain tract of larlil sold to the defendant Coulter by the
defendant, Hoge, as Agent for Harriet Barney in her life
iThe defendant Isaac Everett, executor of Harriet Barney's
estate, and the heirs of. Joshua Harney, deceased, who are
unknown,'not having entered their appearance, and it ap
! pearing by affidavit that they are not resident* of this Plate,
i on motion of the complainants, by counsel, it is ordered that
i they appear within one mouth after due publication of this
? os^er, and do what is necossary to protect their interests,
jfiLr - - ^ rr." .... ,
that a .copy of this order be published oncc a we^k for
. four successive weeks In the. Wheeling IhtelllK^hcer, a new>
I paper published in the city of Wheeling, and posted at the
j front door of the Court Iloune of this county ou the first day
, of the next County Court. ..
A copy?Tesfe: JAMES D. MOICRIH,
[Russell k Hoge for conipUfi] ft 16
\ GENERAL MEETING of the member* of the Western
xx. Va. Agricultural Society, will take place at Colon Hall,
on Saturday, March 1st, ls5<J, at 1 o'clock P. M., for thepur
pose of holding their 4th Annual-Election for oflicers. Full
attendance Is requested by
'iff. W. CHAPMNE,
felfrdawtd President.
? rTreTrrv vin crs"n a*nk f
TTAS been removed from Centre Wheeling to the weft wide
11 of Main street, three doors north of Monroe street?be
ing on the corner of Sprigg alley.
Feb. 14 Treasurer.
j . M . M ' FA JJ IN & CO.,
IjOUIm, HI?.,
ORDERS for Lead, Hemp, Provisions, Flour, Grain, Ac.,
solicited and promptly executed.
J. J. Amdkrso* k Co., Bankers, St. Louis, Mo.
L. A. BKSOIST A Co., ?* " 4
ftrtyi?1/ .
I The Cheapest
Corner of .liarkrt alley, writ aide mC Jlnr
ket Square.
0TT II E patronage of the public is respectfully solic
ited. fcl&lw
JUST recti red at the Family Grocery establishment of
WVJMhmg the Post Office, corricr of Market and Qulney its.,
as follow*
Superior Cured Hams, from M. If err k Co.;
Irish Salmon, a small quantity, prime;
Mackerel No. 1?late fishery;
Prunes?four casks of the bent quality, and of recent
Buckwheat Flour, (Smaller'* manufacture, Baltimore,)
in sacks, a first,rate 'allele;
TEAS.?Gunpowder, Young Hyffon, Imperial and DIack
_ Teas, received on Wednesday.
0TWe invite in?j?ecUon by our friends and the public, of
the above stock, together with our complete variety of eve
ry other article usually In demand from such establishment*
a? our*.
fe!3 ? jg W. A. EDWARDS k HRO^
npHE undersigned arc opening for their Spring Sales, a
"-X fresh a??.-!ortruen! of pill Good* In their line, both domes
tic and Foreign.
In nfT?-ring their stock, they are enabled by Important
change- in their bu?ih?f.v to ensure to cash and prompt-six
months buyers, bargains In all desrriptioixs or their" Goods;
the quality to be strictly a9 represented.
? Physicians have an opportunity of selecting from our stock
the most reliable and popular pharmaceutical and chemical
preparations at reduced prices.
Druggist-., Merchants, and buyers generally, 1*111 find a
large *upp|>; comprising all new and approved Remedies;
standard Patent Medicines, Fashionable Perfumery, Toilette
Preparation*, Ac. 4c.,, which will be furnished of the best
quality and at thftJovesUpricep.
Catalomtes of prices furnished when desired; a/id an exam
ination of-our atock solicited. - ~
>9*300 N. M ni.
M2:la> . . . . , . Philadelphia.
FOli CUXSl'M I'll OX, SI'HOFi'LA, Ac.
HAKKIt ,v O-O.'S
Cod Liver Oil. ?
HIGHLY esteemed by the Medical Faculty throughout the
.United Mates, for its purity, sweetness, aud uniformly
immediate and superior efficacy.
A majority of the -resident physicians of Philadelphia give
this Oil the sanction of their high approval, and as a test of
their confidence, commend it to their patients and prescribe
it in their practice.
Ajl? remedy (or Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Gout,
Rheuniaiism, General Debility, and all Scrofulous Affection e,
it stands unrivaled, effecting a cure-, or alleviating suffering
when other medicines have failed.
Manufactured only by .
'No 1<W N. ftd ftreer, Philadelphia,
And by the Prugglstlii thissnd-eWwhere. fel2:lm
BUSII. Clover Seed, just received and for sale hv
fell GEO. K. HcMECHEN.
FA ML V FLOVll. . ;
T70R SALE?50 bblt Flour, warranted Extra Family, for
a sale by.
fell ? GEO. W|LSOX,
xext x?ooa to BKuihrmix's' rrasrrr*K stoke,
TX71IERK may be found * variety of lloston and New York
If "Pianos, from ihe'first-class makers, among which are
the celebrated James W. Vote' Piano, with' Patent Damper
and Improved Scaleywrarranted ttf stand iu auy climate.
A splendid assortment of ths popular Carhart*s Patent
Melodeon and Reed Organs, superior in tone and finish, of
my own manufacture. Prices from #40 to $175.
All of the above Instruments warranted for one year from
purchase.? \ \ i i s*
ALSO?a select assortment, from he*t Jinporters and Man
cfacturs. of Guitars, Violins, Accordcons, Fintinas, Fifes,
Flutes, and every artftde wanted by the world of music.
?f The subscriber hopes, by studying the wants of the people
snd strict attention to business, to xuerlt their patronage.
Melomdx* toLkt. Baser Mrwc.
T7ERM1FUGES.?Hobensack*s, FahnestoekV, Fuye's.Mc*
V kc. kc., for ulr by
_Jn9 A. C. POOP k CO.
QI?WlY}PECTORAi-^*o?.Airr,? Cbwrr P?tor?! lol
jo""l,? ' \."i? aoob *'<x>.
Monroe IIouh>
opposite to the
lOW <1uillK A pO'MV'
?e first rate. In a
1 Ohio, mid Cln
terminl nt Kirk*
icdiately np|iCRite
forge proportion of
r*ent Proprietor in desirous of removing to ti e
ilch Is solely his reason for wishing to dtepost ol
ocitf W. F. (TARK.
TI1K undrrsIjinfU offers for #ale h'* IlotUtC and-.I?ot, on
Market street, East dhle, bet*te?n MpnrOeand ^Jnion st?.
The Lot is 44 feet front,'with *'good Brick Dwelling House
It will he sold low and on accommodating terms, aod P?*
? - ? * v viuurn
Tavern to Rent
T?vm>, Known Mri
]ttg*s. ?a.the
.wtllhe. fogrfn t
iud h too well and jShPorfcbly
^iiowu,io require further notice. %
For terms enquire or Jacob Gooding or the underitfcnen.
m f9tf LVDU Clll GKU.
For Sate.
THAT convenient nnd commodious Dwelling Houpe, on
Fourth street, In "Wheeling,occupied bv Samuel Mitchell
and family.
. For partlPAlary.cali on Jacob, . ?? / , : _ ^r2-."^ _
For Sale.
VERY,desirable building Vots $q fC*ntre A^ebng,
For Sale.
V' FKW liharri of *tock of the Wheeling Oa? Company.
i <Jd. *T77 _? rtr r- ? 7- ? ?. IV ? "J* .. ..
Enquire of
P,. B. WOOB*.
For Rent.
THE two Urge spacious Ftere Rooms on Main street now
in the occupacy of List A Howell. Possession Kiv**n
on the first of April next.- Applv to
For Rent.
AGOOP two story Brick Dwelling House,'situated on
Hampden nt.
Pos?ession given 1st April. Enquire of
jm* h. v. HAKpy.R.
For Rent.
THE larjre Room on Monroe ?t., known as the City Read
ing Room; and bring about to fit up a new ?uiit? of
Room*?I offer for rent my' business rooms in connection
with my residence. ? Also, several other rooms suitable for
Offices or other purposes.
'These Rooms are mostly large, well lilted with side and
sVy lights, and supplied with jras and a ster,
Jan29 ? ^ IV *?<> Monroe.Ftrcet.
Wheeling Island.
TnE undersigned ? will, at an early day, of whlsh due
notice will hereafter !>e given, during the coming fprinK*
offer at public'or private sale in lots to suit purchni>Mrsv all
that portion of Wheeling Inland now In the occupancy of
William Clark. <
To persons in search of a country residence, without re
moving an inconvenient distance from the city, or to thotfe
deeirou* of engaging <n Market Gardening, this property
powsses advantage* superlvr to any other evef before pfler*
ed in this viciulty,
Att'.v iu fuct for
_Jn2H HKNRV MOURE, Trustee.
For Rent
! npiJE desirable Dwelling swnwi by Rev. Win. Armstronjr,
j-X and formerly occupied .by him, *uuaj,c ou (juinc^ alftH,
Inquiry of
A I.OT of Rood Bray and Cart llo|>?*n. Alue?a pair of
J.X. Large B?ef Cattle,reailyTdr'bUtrhering.
For information enquire at |lr, 8tainnj!d4 mile HouK-e, Na
tional Road. fe8?Ih
auction sale .
HAVlNlifiM nir Farm. I*111 sMlJJiOwtWely, at I'l 111.10
SAI.K, on Thursday the l?il. of ?l in? *iy.
' iitiit-b ro!ixl*ttni? of elirht heart of llniwi M'l llroitt] '
I ?c?^ Md S ??" old llclfcr., J yoke ?..?? Work <?o
' viarlhig Bulls of VCherr.v'. stock," ?n.l7Jit*4 of vounK C?t
| "tic. Caul.-^.11 ?ell
' Devon?.ill haying n cnmi of the s??*ck. ' V .u
| a fine Durham Cow from the h?r<( of t?ov. > mire, of Ohio,
? a remarkably fine milk cow.) f ^
ALSO?ftOU head offlnxan Merino Sheep, consisting of ?i
I valuable Bucks.eStl Breeding K?e?. *'?#>??f
ed of Imported Stock. These Sliwp an- I>ek? y mlinff r? of
Bin- wcol, not .urpassed, If equaled, bv nnj oilier tloik In
the United Statin?the Wool selling at 69 rt?. ja r Ih. Tor siv
>r?\Vuutrtl'l' heart of hogs of Bedford, Rrrlnltlre, J1"
Middlesex hrce's. Also, one pure fcuITolL lloar of tuirkin >
Stork; Mid my . Interest (b*lng ope half-Vof ? ver^ valuable
Middlesex Hoar. , . ....?a,,,,
And all the tjcaln upon the ??W ?oiip, being ahout 8,000
; bushel* of Corn-arid iuO!fcx.-ofHfcU.
And inv entire Mock <if farm Tools, via : two four-horse
I Wagons 1 OX Cart, Harrows, 1'louRlia, ice. if.
The Stock cau be seen at any time at the >urtu. A
All sums under ?t(l, rash; all larger sums a credit or nine
month*?notes for purchase money a ril .. cure.l
?g?-.<ale to take place on the Farm, J>_- mllea from wheel
tn^cotmnenclnsat 10o'clock, A.M. (| ^ CIIA1.,.TVr.
[Argus and 0atettccopy twice dally, ami weekly till
"Truth stranger than Fiction.;"
rr*0 those who hare the pleasure of knowing her, wc need
1. say nothing, but to other? wc remark that a d??lre to
benefit the Muttering inducts her thus to sj^ak. , Npnecan ap
preciate her joy and gratitude J" being r^})cVed
after years or suffering unparalleled, but those (if there be
anv) who have suffered like her.
Miss 8. has long beeu a resident of this city?for. the|a?t_*
years haw been succesafully'coiiductlng a school at No..OHO
Dultlmore street. The happy change in her health is asubj*?
of astonishment and joy to her numerous friends. 11 c a*K
those interested to call on her. Phe will tell tliem more of
her cure by Hamilton'* Tincture than she bus written. I bus
it is this remedy goes on riving relief to the sick. \\ e refer
the public to them. Prom more distant places wc also hear
of the same happy result. These facts, with the concurrent
trttlmony of thousands, ?hould eanseiflfejTtlolsm and-prflju
dicc to hMe their, heads and concede that Hampton s True
ture Is a wonderful discovery .
Bai.tiuokk, Oct. IS,
Jftwri. Mortimer & Motrbray; > s
(iKST*?1 have delayed entirely too IdngMn
writing to you In relation to jhe virtues of Hampton's -Tine*
i ture. I fear,even now, thai I cainiot give the afflicted*orld
| a just Idea of the good 1 have derived from Its use; thf lien
! eflts have been so great that 1 feel Inadequate to the ,u^ks *
was attached with the chronic rlieumatish in Its most malig
nant form, at the carjy age of two and a ihalf ycar*, *,,d ?n
tlnued to be so afflicted uutil J crossed the Atlantic Ocean on
my. way to America, at which time it changed Its form into a
fathering. I had at this time attained my growth, and Meyer
expected to be Well again,,a* the disease came, In the ffrrt
place, of-my being vaccinated from a child who had a white
swelling.. When mv gathering first broke It did notdiaeharge
Hess than one quart! and continued to trouble me every time
1 took cold or,WK* in the least fatigued ; my bodily strength
was reduced to the weakn.M of infancy. 1 wuj sjyeral times
em* near We grave? m.vbip Joint bud been out of plac#%fer
since the first attack. At the age of thirteen my bands be,
came dislocated. These sufferings, and the general dehililty
I felt from the constant 'discharge of my gatherings caused
me often to thick that 1 should never bc.p'TniItjvd"to know
how It felt-to be free from pain and *uffiiriag, evci? for one
homy until body should lire jiangrd^ beco^ie? Jlhr *iUto
"Christ* gloriws body," at lea^t, until "tbla mortal have put
on Immortality." - ' "/ , . .
1 had taken so many medicines, and received so little ben
ellt, that I had confidence In none. I had used of nearly All
the reWfatod Unimtmt*, ami other external rrmedlea I
had beam oi. \ had been placed by my friendu under some
of ibc best physician* In England, and all the relief I obMlu*
ed was but vf trannltory dm%*tion.
When I first heard of lfamptou?a Tincture. J bad not the
slightest confidence in lUeflicacy, but J bad a frletiu who had
known Mr. Jarrctt Fiummer when his sufferings were at the
worst, and had witnessed the cure wrought upon him. >To
please her, I consented to try the Tincture, and 1 had not ta
ken <me bottle beforo^gan tofefl Itv-VqsHclel effects?my
strength returned?my appt Ute became t'W~?ny complex
ion was clear-1 i?lt like anoUier mrson. Through the Influ
ence of this friend you bt'cnme acqdilnlrd with myjraae, and
reituei?ted to ace ine? you t?Hd n:e my cmKrwa* sueh a j?dcu
liar one that vou would like to seethe effects of the Tincture
fully det eloped In It. and if T desired to takult, youwoull
present ll to me, if it wa? for the space of fiv?-ye?i>?but on
ly eighteen months have a1auaed,?tnd I hate lo*t every *ym*
ton of mydi*e(t*G 1 have become strong aud heartyr-*
Mtand cs much If not more than most of my lady he?jua??t
ances. I have a healthful complexion, and all my frlehns
say I am getting quite jtmhy, one thing Is certain, my lame
limb is quite as large again as it was before, and I ran trip
about home without a crutch.
1 often wish my parent.* had known of this remedy when I
was a child, af I believe 1 should have been saved the excru
ciating pain I have been subjected te, as well as the deformi
ty of body I uiuMt carry to the grave, and my parent- would
not have been uuder such heavy expenses from doctors HIIH,
and in sending me. a? the* did, to the fdebrated *!>rb?g.*lu
Kngland lp search of health. I wMi all the afflicted world
could see me. mdhear tlie benefits * have deeived frbm this
Tincture-of Ila?n|4*?nV. I try to make aU aoquainUd with
Its virtues with whom 1 ?<m?e in contact.
Gentlemen, I am a thousand times obliged to you, and you
are at liberty to u?.c my SWUiiictM to all.
I'j-imaibiyours ln.gratltudrV : ? vi
No. diiti W. Baltimore at.
To Mcesrs. Mortlmor A Mowbray, 2W Baltimore street, Jtal
more. - - ? - .
. SEVVOM SUFFiEliEH6. ? ; .
As an invlgoratof and BeirtoraHve;where a gentle ?tfmu
Iant is wanted, we believe it superior to aJl tlic Cordials be
fore the public, as a cnrc*for DVBI'WfilAjCOUOIl^ r'CUOF*
ULA and KHKI'MATIFM, with all dls?ae?of theHtomacli and
Howelr, it has been truly successful to the single and mar
ried. We offer the most valuable remedy, which thousand?
eral Artntl. I"l4IW?'>t.r.Sl)OHQ .Ww?
S?ld by M0RIU1KK * MOWBP.AY,
440 llsltlmore at., BaltlmOrr,
and ??4, Broad,way, N. V.
fjr Price il per batUe. X oc?0
Statement of the Whoelins Bavinga Iabti
txttion?December 31st. 1855.
I?B. Clt. .
MM SS^SSSffcx!8fl!S
North Western do *2,1041 Ti
Expense Account.. 3,177^0^
Ccsh on hand 8,9l'6 78 *
?WM.M'COy, Treasurer.
We, the thnUrsigned, appointed a committee to examine
Ihe accounts of the Wheettng Ravlnga Institution and give a
certificate thereof, do heareby certify that we have carefully
rxarclned said acrotmts and find the above statement to be
romct. Given under our banda the 81st of December, 1655.
V C^SSfMSW^UocmitU,
Transient do ??.?, ttft?
Interest Account.. 4^21 ^
lived bv
ARD*bfe^l&Ma> winter itraiutU, for. sale he ?
. AivC.UOOD'4 OBl

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