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nbliahed Corner of Main fid (Jfil^gr-sta
TERMS.-DAILT. per unnura, - - - - 85 QQ
THI-WEEKLY, per annum, . ft OO
WHKKI.Y, jwr annum. ... 1 <jO
The correspondence between ourGovernmeut
and that of England, growing'ptit of'the enlist-,
rnent in this country, under the direction of the'1
English Government, of soldiers for the army
in the Crimea, was laid before Congress on Thurs
day last. It is very voluminous, occupying
ahouth three and a half times the space of the
last annual message of the President, and con
wquently we will not undertake its publication,
desirous as we art, that our readers should read
ami understand this question for themselves.?
The correspondence shows that the enlisting
agunts acted under the direction of the officers
of the English Government; that the orders for
a suspension of enlistments were not issued un
til after attention .Jiad been frequently call
ed to the matter by the American Government
ani some of the most active: agents ac i ually arrest
ed for an inlriiigemer. t of our neutrality laws; that
no apology was ever offered for this flagrant vio
lation of our sovereignty by the British Govern
ment; and that, up to the 1st of February, the
English Government had not acted upon the re
quest of our Government, of the 28th of. Dec.,
asking the recall of Mr. Crampton, her Majesty's1
Minister at Washington, Mr. Rowcroft, the
British Consul at Cincinnati, Mr. Matthew, the
British Consul at Philadelphia and Mr. Barclay,
the British Consul at New York.
The questions entering into this discussion, .
have been ably argued by the representatives of
the two Governments. No one, on either side
of the Atlantic, can calmly peruse the whole
subject, without coming to the conclusion that
the position taken by the American Government,
i* the right one, and that Secretary Marcy has
been more straight-forward in his treatment of
the question, than I.ord Clarendon on the part
of England. We have no doubt buc his lord
ship has more than ouce sincerely regretted, that
at the outset, he did not acknowledge the error .
fallen into by his Government, send instructions
to stop enlistment*, and back straight out of the
whole matter. That course would have been
much better for his Government; would have
presented a much better face to the world;
would have met with a heartier commendation
from the best citizcns of his own country ; than
the attempt to persevere in an act acknowledged
by all nations to be wrong, and the attempt to
throw off the responsibility of the outrage, by
placing himself behind a breast-work of instruc
tions, acknowledging the wrong of enlisting sol
diers for the British army in this country, and
yet directing those enlistments to be made ??
Directing British agents to do an act,directly
contrary to our laws, and at the same time, in
structing them to guard against any violation of
the United States Law 'if Neutrality! What
nonsense, to be put forth in a State paper, by a
noble lor,d placed, on account of his talents and
experience, at the head of the Foreign Office of
the British Government And then, that course
would have relieved Mr. Marcy from the per-,
formance of a duty so disagreeable as that of re
questing the retail of Mr. Crampton, ami the
Consuls at Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and New
York; or, which may be the case, the perform
ance of the still more disagreeable duty on the
part of the President, however politely done, of
dismissing them from the "relations existing be
tween them and our Government
A Minister, rendering himself obnoxious to
the government to which he is accredited, his
means of usefulness being thus destroyed, if not
recalled by the power he represents, of right "
ought to be dismissed. The dismissal of Mr.
Crampton, which is pretty sure to tike place,
may result in a like act on the part of the Brit
ish Government. And what then i That, the 1
? uttiFe can only unfold;; but we believe the dismis
t ill of a Minister, who has rendered himself ob
oxious, and probably under any circumstances,
unless very extraordinary indeed, is not consid
ered a cause of war. Other and various ways
exist of settling differences between two govern
ments, than through the resident ministers, and '
it is to be hoped that some of the means mav in
terpose to put an ond to existing matters of va
riance, between us and England, and to quiet
the minds of the people of both countries. Un
certainties of this kind, are particularly harass
ing to the commercial and inland business of
our country, in fact, open warfare could hardly
be more disastrous, than are the fluctuations- at
tendant upon the present state of doubt, and
want of confidence in the stability of the peace
ful relations now existing between our govern- '
ment and the rest of the world. We hope for a
continuance of peace, but if the performance of
a duty so palpable, as the punishment of those
who violate the laws of our country, endangers
those relations, we think the duty should be
performed, let the consequences be as they may.
m 19 ? m ?
Important to Pacific Correspondents.?The
Union states that Postmaster-General Campbell
has adopted a plan for publishing the names of
persons to whom letters have been sent to post
offices in California and the territories of Wash
ington and Oregon. By this system a letter can
be sent to any post office in the Pacific region
for a person whose location is utterly unfrnoiai,
hayond the mere fact that he is soineichere in
California or the territories of Oregon and
Washington; yet, incrediblo as it may saem, the
ultimate reception of the letter by the person
for whom it is intended is rendered highly jtrol
Washington MoscsresT.?The report of the)
Managers of Washington Monument says;
"The receipts of the year have been far less
than fh any preceding year since the corner stone.
was laid. " Tile gross "amount from ail sources
has Been But $7,'710. We have now $2,500 in
the treasury, and are in aU not exceeding $i,00Q
for debts contracted by us, all of which is expec
ted to bo liquidated and'paid 1>V the end of this
West Ponrr harbor on York river, cold as the,
winter haa been in Virginia, has continued open,*
and navigation has, in consequence, been unob
structed. West Point U the selected terminus
of the.Richmond and York River Railroad, an'd
U situated at the junction of theMattiponi and
Panmakey Rivers.
Chicago.?The Chicago Democrat gives a
statement of the grain in sturo in the different
warvhoujfeo of that city which foots up as follows:
Wheat 116,200 bu.; Corn 51,100 bu.; Oajs
!?',%) Iiu.?making a total of 132,100 buthels'of
8 ' ?? ? "' '
Fprw friend has presented us with the autct
craptt ofr*ie Sjok-iiroth th*? '"mited fJio puh
ti p&r
-i ?. . J^ursday, geb.
. .blEwingflfyusc bills were pi
ict gunendmgahactfor wor'-"
Of loudoun.'; |f
istfaot'to extotid'tlie tiorpprate limits ol
towrfof Fairfax, irfthegauntyof Cpljpeper
An act to incorporate the-Pofnt Pleasant Acade
my in the county of Mason?'' ?
An act to authorize the common council of
?#rederieknburg to^stabl isb pubiio schools iiuiaui,
An act to incorporate the Henry and Franklin
Turnpike company. ?
An act to'amend the act makiijgthe town of
Lynchburg a fity; icJ ? _ ( |j f '
"An act conccrning the criminal terms of the
Circuit' Court ol' Richmond, (with an ameud
' Aif^ifet providing forHhc jicctioh1 of cdhata^te]
in the town of:i'etterm?i^i^TayJ^r>-ou!ity.
Amendments of the House of delegates .to the
Alexandria Custom House bill was agreed to, anil
the bill passed.
An act changing the timc3 of holuingthe Court*
of the 12th Circuit.
An act increasing the compensation of magis
trates of Richmond.
An act incorporating the Polytechnic College
in Arracoma, county of Logan. ,
An act to incorporate a Savings Bank in the
town of PanYiilc. *
An act to amend the 10th section of chapter
15" of the code, relative to small claims.
Joint resolution for extending the session of
the Legislature to the 17th of March, was taken
up, on motion ofMr.;;Cobb. ..r
Mr. Armstrong' moved to strike out the 17th,
and insert 10th. ' Thcamendment was lost Af
ter i discission of the resolution, in which Mfe-;
si s. Catlett, Taliaferro, Funsten, Lay ne, and Arm
strong participated, the resolution was adopted
?ayes 32, noes -7.
A bill to authorize Thos. S. Christian, a mi
j- nor, to Iiold the office of constable in Charles City
county, was taken up and passed.
Mr. Deneale, from the committee on Roads
reported House bill concerning a railroad from
Norfolk to Charlottesville. "Mr. Baldwin olfered
a substitute therefor, arid, on his motion, the bill
and substitute were laid on the table.
A message was received from the House of
Delegates by Mr. Ellyson, stating that the bill to
increase tiie capital of^thc Franklin and Circles
villo turnpike company,- had passed b/?ttj houses
without the requisite constitutional' majority,
and asking the Senate to reconsider their vote
and return the bill to the House. On motion of
Mr. Saunders, after a protracted discussion, the
Cierk was directed to return the resolution to tha
House of Delegates for the reason that the sub
ject was beyond the control of the Senate.
By Mr. Randolph, to increase the capital stock
of the Dank of Monticello.
On motion of Mr. Presion the Senate adjourned.
Wednesday, Feb. 27,1830.
Niont. Session.
The following engrossed bills were read a third
time and passed:
A bill to incorporate the Merchants' and Me
chanics' Savings iiank, in the town of Danville'
A bill to incorporate the Mount Jaekson and
Howard's Lick Turnpike company.
A bill to ensure greater efficiency in making
nnd printing reports of companies and institu
tions required for the use of the General Assem
bly, and
A hill for the compensation of jurors in prose
cution for felony.
An engrossed bill to incorporate the Northern
Bank of Virginia at Wcllsburg, was taken up
on motion of Mr. Langfitt, and on his motion it
was reconsided amended, and again ordered to
be engrossed.
Richmond and i.rxcimrRc raii.KO.AP.
The engrossed bill to incorporate the Rich
mond and Lynchburg Railroad Company was
taken up, on motion of Mr. Iiondurant, and read
a third time. A debate ensued, in which the
j bill was sustained by Messrs. Dabney, of P., Bon
i durant and Dcane, and opposed by Mr. Claiborne
j and rejected.
soap .isn CAN'oi.r factory.
; On motion of Mr. Lee, the bill to incorporate
? the Metropolitan Soap and Candle Factory was
i made the order for to-morrow evening at half past
| seven o'clock.
; Ou Motiou of Mr. Taylor, the House adjourn
j ed.
Tiicrsdav, Feb. 28.
Communication from the Senate that they
have passed House bills in relation to tho town
of SmithHeld, and establishing a seperate elec
tion at Fetterman, in Taylor, with amendments
which were concurred in.
Mr. Mai lory, from the joint committee on the
Governors Message in relation to Virginia Revo- j
lutionnry Bounty Land Claims, presented a re
port, closing with a recommendation to our
Senators and Representatives in Congress to
endeavor to secure the passage of a law in con
formity with the views set forth in the said mcs
! sage.
Mr. Burwell, of Bedford, offered the following
resolution which was adopted:
That the resolution recommending the El Para
route as the most eligible for a railroad to Cali
fornia, be made the order of the day for 8 o'clock
p. m., on Thursday the 11th of March.
Mr. Doyle presented the memorial of sundry
citizens of Rockbridge, remonstrating against
an act authorizing the county Court to guaran- ?
tee the bonds of the Xorth Kiver Company.
Incorporating the Brandy Station Turnpike1
Mr. Catvert presented the petition of the citi
zens of Shanandoah for the extension af the Win
chester and Patomac Railroad to Starshurg.
Mr. Ilolliday presented the petition of citizens
of Marshall for the completion of the Wheeling
and Fairmont Turnpike.
The chair was vacated at 12 o'clock to enable
the Democratic members to attend the State
Convention of that party.
Loud Clahendon's Misstatements.?A pam
phlet lately made its appearance in London,
(published by J.Wilson, George Court,(Picadil
ly, London,") on the subject of British recruit
ing in the United States, wherein Lord Claren
don's apparently unaccountable misapprehension
of our neutrality laws, and of the facts involved
in the conduct of British officials here in the
matter, are ably set forth by a British pen evi
dently. We quote the pamphlet in question as
'?Lord Clarendon's honesty may be fairly
judged of by his quotation of Judge Kane's c
pinion. (See his speech, ante.) He gives that
opinion as approving the conduct of the English
"What are the facts?
"Two men under prosecution by the United
States government for an offence against the la w,
by illegally recruiting, are brought before Judge
Kane on a writ of hahea* airpux:
"Now it is held, under the law of the United
States, that to constitute an offence within the
mcaningof the act of Congress of 1818, under
which all the prosecutions have been instituted,'
it is not sufficient for one or either of the parties
?i. e., the recruiter, and. the recruit, to know"
that he, the recruit, is leaving the l-nited States
for the purpose of entering the military servico
of a foreign prince or potentate, but both must
know it (This was in view of the pretence of
the English government, referred to in Lord,
Clarendon's speech, that men were collected for
the Canadian railways.)
"Judge Kane haying so stated the law. jir^
cemls, in' the next sentence of his judgment.'to1
say, that such mutual knowledge was proved in
the case of the men before hirn, and accordingly
he remands them to the custody thej came fror",
. "Lord Clarendon has the audacity to qbote
(afid how unfairly is shown above) one sentence
fronij a decision on a writ of habeas corpus as
; the opinion of Judge Kane on the "merits,"
| which were not before him; and Lord- Clarendon
i 80 quotes him, with the lull knowledge thai
Judge Kane was tlie very Judge before whom
I Hertz,'on whose trial the evidence implicating
'Mr. Crainpton was produced, was prosecuted
and convicted."
Tafe above extract forces on our mind the im
| pressiou that Itis Lordship has been systepwt
I ically deceived by misrepresentations of the casfe"
j in man v important particulars. ? Who could have
[ thus taken the*H6crtv of deceiving him in a case
;of so much' dsliiwcy and intenyitjonal-import!
"T W,th? sing'? Jecree had sit
?t jest a matter about which the United States
and hngfauut had quarreled lor yea's. Mosquito
"?^WJtfXlttLlo Xicarasqa, -and there was no
Jwcssitv iiirluvther protocols explanatory of the
PrSn t'Kiv01' Tru> tlie cabinet of
mHjcrK Kua, deri ved credit for so easy an
ailjust-ment of ho important a matter.
i?ut in the milst of ttie congratulation* the
ewjiiirj- arose, what musLbe done with Kinney
A dozenproposed to vohmteer and bring him'tb
.(.ranada, where the law would fei
The .Decree accused him of conspiring a-ainst
bho^ Int'th ^ hKclM'U'C' n"d b onKllt"to be
,"h B,lt he was at San Juan, and how
thin W0 f d,.fiic!lIt.v' was the next <(?es
1 mX L* ar,B alleml of our >torvy however and
, will here embody the Decrec: ? '
' /W
1 netitle 0f-Nicaragua to tlio territory called
\ortqJU|?'1" th? P?rt ofSan ?&*?? del
if (' 1 ?h? "? u?rS 5.ndk>o>ntestibIe;
I ' c!?a>', 1J. I,. Kinney pretends in vir
ia"vnera,t'tT:IlaM f?? ^"Ward & Halw, to t,e
f%S? 88 " ?,he propert-v' ?f this
I fa the exercise of its faculties
I VC t>? . fECKBE?;
I The Bights which the said Kinney pretends
; to i aim in and upon the said territory are mill
? u-of th n "?m Ct- t'urs*me bci"? theproper
! lv , v? V r'" i1001 -NK-a,-?g>'!>; and consequent
| aTso yo?l" n" "m<lu hy the raiJ Kinnei" w
in?.dlf^M%S!*i'r 'She!1',an1, Haley and Kin
I ey, and all other persons claiming this unlawful
auqflkdjon, are declared guiltv of an attempt
I aS!""-it the integrity ofC'cntral America,
t J;n - u Minister of Relations aud the In
tenor is charged with the publication, execution
and fulfilment of this Decree. '
1S5UVC" <5nuWda' the 8ti' 'kv of February,
xr i . Pitricio Kiy.is.
: Monday came clom lies aud delightful. IielM
ious ceremon.es filled the square with pcop&L
Earl) matins had pa wed away in the breath of
t n thousand pMple. The tones of martial mu
iS ci'' Mpwards at the hour of mounting guard
When lo! the shrill scream of the steamer
heard and anon the rumor spread that Colonel
whf-'l L'"'wy 1,0,1 wved in 0ranada. 1 {?w or
w hv .he mnie no one could explain. He almost
foi feited his reputation for sanity, aifd.to-dav a
great many point knowingly, and with a peculiar
,^pres,,on to the Head, when be is ken of
^1 L nfr'1 . ?'I,pr0-Ve,t:'is i,nPreSsif>n by his eonl
iduct after bis arrival. The Colonel entered tiie
' n,n l"t' ? ani' ;,fC'r- comP?S'"K his toilet, jJrc
'".K'Tiiiv-'T:*. W'?- or
u;' 7 ? a.-, he is known in this vicinity.
. About ten o clock on Monday morninc. there
fore, as f, en. -Walker was sitting at his table
' Colin??l l"" a ? from a neighboringState
,rnC-ren^W,.i the roon'' ""Ja'lvnnc
seir ? hL "KChkr' introduced him
self M Was invited U, talc,- ? seat, which he
-hd; and as Ueneral Walker talks but little and
er Vhe'r"? ll0U,'s 0,1 i,TC'evant irtat
i Z)' t - vas.co"straitie?l to open conver
' l, !1' ,Ve Klve in substance:
. w,o'1"n i""cUy'~TIU! (!itti#'ti^ under which
: Vir nt , n'",ag 3 ')Ca|,e:lble government for
I -Nicaragua, may be consumatcd by dividing the
. country and treating two State;, one of which
shall be called Misquito.
I *en Y* alker.?If Nicaragua chooses to divide
f? W " S j V'1" ,ln so without advisin"
I ..if a"X l."le' n,,d last "fall with Mr. Kinney ?
i he visitor telt disconcerted, but he was not
disconcerted, as the result will show:
Col. Kinnay.?I have come to offer my ser
n?Cn'"? t? K-r?CP-nk;' and foU confident my fi
nancial ability will be of great benefit in the
procurement of money, the negotiation of loans
,y "'Cll'n SUch watters; in
; C'cn- Walker.?Vour antecedents preclude the
! Slios.W StatU'S P'aci"S y?U in an>' ?m"
1 ,.nKi?ney was dismayed, and the interview
, ended, w,th the impressive caution from ticn.
; \V alker to his visitor tliathe should be particu
I Jar in his speech, or he might be guilty ofutter
i ln{? treasonable language.
I Another interview was had in the afternoon,
. but it nas curt, and ended m nothing
I. Hut a short space elapsed after the lirst in
ifwwlT'v or<l?y were issued to the officer of
1' ? ft , r- Ki"nc.v c9uld not be allowerl
Laconic.?AVhcn voting for Chaplain in the
House of Representatives the! other day. Gen.
Amos P. Granger, who had brought forward the
name of Paul. Waldo, the Revolutionary soldier
and prcacher, who was subsequently" elected,
briefly alluded to his interesting history and
earnestly commended him to the favorable con
sideration of his fellow members. A member
who was present, and who described the scene
to us, says that when the roll was called, the
Gen. Responded: "Danl. Waldo ol' the Revolu
tion."' Questions paurd in upon him from all
quarters; during tho voting, and were answered
at the instant about as foUows: "Which side
was ho onV "Inquire at the Pension Office,"1
said the General. "What's his politics?" "Revo
lutionary," was the reply. "What's his relig
; ion?" "Congregational." "Is he a Filibuster?-''
"Yes," said the Gen., "he Filibustered against
George the Third." The result was that the
old Revolutionary Patriot distanced bis dozen
competitors on the second ballot, receiving more
votes than all of them combined.
PfKi-oiNixfi a Rivkk.?There is a little contro
versy springing up between New York and Penn
sylvania, in relation to the Chemung river. That
river rises in Northern Pennsylvania, flows I
northward into the Suite of New York, and then '
turning southward, flows backward into our \
i State, and empties into the North Branch of the
Susquchatina river. Near Corning, N. Y., the
'.New Yorkers have bnilt a darn across the Che
, inung river, in order to turn its waters into Chi- i
imung cana'. That canal extends to Sericca !
?lake, and discharges its waters. The outlet of
"Seneca lake is into Lake Ontario. So that tho '
water thus taken out of the Chemung river, is
never restored to it, so that when it returns into :
this State, its volume is greatly reduced as a :
f feeder of the Susquehanna river, and our public )
"improvements are injured. Our State Govern- ;
ment has taken the matter in hand and quito a .
difficulty may ai ise out of it.?ila'-dcilh (P"X \
, Sentinel.
AlbAM.v Legislature.?This body adjourned
nine dine on the loth ultimo, after "a laborious ?
session of three monthfv The Governor exer
cised his veto perogative on upwards of sixty
bills, among them the most important railroad '
J measures originating in both branches of the
| Legislature. They were, however, passed over
his veto by the constitutional majorities and
h ivc b -come laws Among the bills reta'ned
( by the Governor until after the adjournment of 1
i the Legislature was one prov iding for a return to !
; annual sessions' of the Assembly. This measure ;
wa3 recommended in the Governor's message at
1 the opening of the Legislature^ but the bill ait- '
| ihorizing the change w?sjwciv<?rf|hy him, a la 1
' Jachon.?Columbia Enqttircr.
Golsg Peeity Fast.?An old man and his ]
son, neither of them very well informed as to i
railroads and their uses, cbancod one day to be
at work in a field near a railroad track. Raf- i
roads were* novel 'institution' to them- and !
when a train of cars shot by, a thought was j
suggested by the lad, who said to his parent:? j
,'Dadj why don't yon take a ride in the cars ?
some day?' - Take a ride in the cars?, why, I |
haint got tiroe-y-tay son.' Got: time! thunder! ;
iYe can go snvwliere quicker in the cars than :
yecao stiya'pomi-'. "T>af"?*s reply i? not on_rec" <
crd. " >
[We charge Five Dollars for inserting nominations r^ j
Sneriff, to be paid invariably in advance. Person snot com- :
plying with this rnle. will underhand jrfiy thei?>annoutw:e- i
ments Jo :?ot appear.}
CJTIZKs's I'lte/fc I E ?
Mr. EnronPlease oblige many ciiirtiis tgieanh ounitfng j
our worthy fellow-citizen, ISAA^COTT^, as *f candidate ;
In the ensuing Spring Election,^I?c. Alur Office of Sheriff of j
Ohio connty.
or Ma^ next. |
Tdr onW-j
astd and in?b>i?etgl?ni^ voters? He Is;coiB|ietent and worthy i
of the ofncfCantTVill fUllt withflUlclisy, .'sobriety and soda- :
?bflity to all alike. His claims on the volera are founded on j
true patriotism and phUautlfropy. The voters may rely on j
bliu standing his Poll Q without regard to any political bom- ,
ba^tie, antipathetical, pu^c ojfcecrel ctiacus^injr. ^ j
g fe27 Iw Thk Uxitki# XATiosjii. Voters of Whk?jxg. '
?~TT a I -f
i Messrs; Enrrona :?Ton will confer a'favor upon manyvo
I ters by aunounciug our esteemed m uorthy fellow-citizen,
ill. II. IIL'BBKLL, as a candidate for sheriff, at oar Spring
; election.
I announce mystif as a candidate for the office of Sheriff. !
Sliould I be elected, I. wiil eu.dea.vor to discharge the duties '
; with fidelity.
i f -i A. DHDIUOX.
Our worthy citizen, SAML. 1 it WIN, K*q., will be support
; ?-d f.?r the office of Sheriff, at the next election, by the
Mr. Kditok?P)-aat* announce THOMAS P. SIIAI.LCROSS
? jis tile people'* candidate for Sheriff, at the ensuing spring
; election. No one-<piestI??n?hl?7K*t:ulmr fiuiess for U?e office.
. By so doinj you will oblige
I; ?? fvl MANV VOTERS.
I [Argu-j and Time* copy and charge th:* oftc.]
j I respectfully announce myself a candidal# for the office
| of Sheriff, at the coming Spring election.
i JaS'2 W. T. 8ET.BY.
| Vir^iiiiuN fjodge No. *3.?Meets every Thursday
j cvcnin?attb* llall.'corner of Market and Mouroe streets.
V.'m. Zisk, N. Gi;h.: .V. Secretary.
Franklin Lod^e iVo. 13.?M>*ets as above every
'? Monday evening. Z. Buvrrr, X. G.; ^ F. F<tri#, Secre-.
? tary. , - . .. - .
Win. Tell Loilge .Vo. 33 .?Meets aa above ^v. -.
1 ry Wednesday evening. II. Bcs<;kn'stock, N. C.; F. H*.
1 lfel/tr, Secretary.
Wheeling l??dge Xo. .19 ? Meets every Monday
evening at the Hall, corner Market and tjuincy sireeH. D.
' D. t renter, N.' G.; Wnt. Jf. H<rri/7,fff, Secretary,
?j Panola Ijodtfe Wo. S?.?Meets a* above every
! Friday evening. G. K. C\ktwrk;ut, N. G.; |K 11". Bbin
'? chard, Secretary.
Abram't Encampment No. 1 .?Meets at the
Hall, corner Market and Monroe i?treet?. the jiirst and third
\ Tuesday evenings of each month. W. W. Ui.^Nca.vnn, C. P.;
| S. II' Pearmji, Scribe.
Wui. Tell Kucnmpuieut No. 34.?Meet* as
j above the frfond and fourth Tuesday evening* of ^a^h
i month. Jous U. Houman, 0. P.; . I I'm. He l*jarbtry
i Scribe.
.\ 1A SO N r O I>I K KOTOR Y.
j' Ohio Ijodge No. iOl.?Meets at Macule Hal'.,
? corner Market and Monroe street', th*jir?t and i.'riru Mun
? day evenings of 'each montl.'. G. W. Sicurs, W. M.; F. H".
; I?-l**rtt, Secretary.
Wheeling l.o ge So. 1^8 ?Meets a* above on
the.^.-vf and third Saturday evenings of each month. J. 11.
j Willi IMS, W. M.; S. H". P* <ir.ion, Secretary.
Wheeling Union Chapter No* 19.?Meets as
above on the Second Mond^v evening of each ruontln W. G.
Si orr, H. P.; J. A. Clarke^ Secretary,
Wheeling Enciimpoient No. 1 .?Meet* as
above on the/'>urrt Monday evening of each month. IV. J.
Bugs, OjC., -1. J.orimj, Recorder.
Salesman wanted.
. ~\\TE employ a first rate salesman, who isthorough
? f acquainted with the Dry Good* Business.
: Application in person would Ik? preferable with rrfcrences.
? Jrl IIK1SKKLI. A "t'WEAlil\'(.KN.
; "Truth stranger than Fiction."
'? rI"H) those who have the pleasure of knowing her, we need
1. say nothing, hut to other? we remark that a desire to
i benefit the suffering induegs her thus to ?peak. None can ap
j predate her joy ami gratitude in*being relieved froiu pain,
j after year* of suffering unparralled, but those" (if there be
5 any) who have suffered like her.
J Mis'* S. has long lK?eu a resident of thl* city?for the last 8
j year* ha? been. successfully conducting a school .it No. G30
; Baltimore street. The happy change in her health Is a >abject
! of a.>to:iishmeut and joy to her numerous friends. We a>k
? tho=.* interested to cull on her. She will tell them more of
; her cure l>v I/ii.nptonU Tincturt than she has written. Thus
it Is that this remedy goes ou gitiug relief to the hick. We
?refer the public to them. From more distant places we also
j hear of the same happy result. These facts, with the con
j current testimony of thousands, should cause skepticism and
i prejudice to hide their heads and concede that lfamptou's
! Tiuoture is a wonderful discovery.
IUltiiiokk, Oct. 13,^25.
! .VrHMrft. .Vustiin+r ?0 .VJ?ic&ray :
Gfe.srrt?I have delayed entirely too l^ig in
; writing to von In relation to the virtue* of Hampton** Tiuc
j ture. I fear, even now. that I cannot give the nlllictrdworid
' a just idea of the good I have derived trout its use; the ben
! eiits have been so great that I fe;l inadequate to the task. I
j was attached with the chronic rbcumatish in its most inalig
' naut form, at the early age o? two and a half years, and con
j tinued to be so afflicted until 1 crossed the Atlantic Ocean ou
; my way t* America,Vt which time it changed its form into a
j gathering, i had at this time attained my growth, aud never
expected to l?e well agaiu, as the disease came, in the first
; plac<\ of my bcit.$ vaccinated from a. child who had a white
I swelling. When my gathering first broke it did not discharge
i less thau ?ne quart, and continued to trouble me every time
? I took cold or was in the least, fatigued; my bodily strength
I was reduced to the weakness of infancy. I was several times
i very near the grave; inv hip joint had i?ecn out of place ever
| since the first attack. At the age of thirteen toy hands he
I came dislocated. These sutfurings, and the general dehiliity
! I felt from the constant dbcharge of my gathering* caused
| me often to thick that I t-hould never be permitted to know
| how it felt to be free from pain and suffering, even for one
? hour, until my body should Wc hanjrcl, and bceome like unto
j "Chrises jrlorions body,'* at least, until "this mortal have put
j ou immortality.'1
I had taken so many medicines, and received so little ben
?, efit, that I had confidence la mnie. 1 had used of uearly all
j the Co/*h"tit4d Linifiitn'v, aud other external remedies 1
i had hearJ o\ I had been placed bj* my friend* under some
; of the best physicians in England, and all the relief I obtain
ed was but of transitory duratiou.
: When I first heard of Hampton's Tincture, I had not the
! slightest confidence in its efiicacyTbut I had a friend who had
: known Mr. Jarrctt Plumuter hen his suffering* were at the
: worst, and had witnessed the cure wrought upon him. To
; please her, T consented to try the Tincture, aud I had not ta
? ken ona bottU Weiore I began to feel its beneficial effects?my
; strength returned?my appetite became good?my complex
ion was clear?1 felt like another person.~ Through the influ
1 ence of this friend you l?ecame acquainted with my case, and
? requested to sec me; you told me my case was such a pecn
! liar one that you wotxl J like to sec the effects of the Tinctur- j
: fully developed in it, and if I desired to take it, you would j
j present U to uje, if it was for.the space of five yeers?but ou
l ly eighteenmonths "have at.iqsed, and 1 h* ten Itut rftry iym
[ ton of tny I have become strong and hearty?I cat.
I stand as much if not more than most of my ladv acquaint
! ances. I have a .healthful complexion, and all civ friends
I ?av I am getting quite J1r*htj, one thing is ce'rtaln, tny' latue
limb is quite as large agaiu as it was before, and I can trip
j about home withouta crutch.
[ I often wish''my"pareiit3 had known of this remedy when I 1
i i as a child, as 1 iK-llevc I should have l?een saved the excru- j
: dating'pain t Have been subjected to, as well as the defonni- ;
I ty of body. I must carry to the grave, and uiy-par^nts would !
not have b4en tinder Vrieh hravy expenses from doctors bill-,
and in sending me, as they did, to the celebrated Springs in
England in search of- ffehithl l'wfshallthe afflicted world
1 could and hear the benefits I hare derived from this
[Tinctureof Hampton's. I try to make all acquainted with
; its virtues w ith whom I come In contact.
Gentlemen, I am <t thousand times obliged to yon, and yor
? are at liberty to use my n:?ine and caso to all.
I remain,yours incratiturie,
No. ft# W. Ilaltimore ft.
i To Me?rs. MortiiuorA Mowbray, lialtimore sirett, Hal- ;
ta >rc.
; soirsTinsG about n.\ arrows tixctvre~to \
As an Invigorator and Kvstoratlve, where a gentle stimu- i
lant is wanted, we believe it superior to ail the Cordinfo be
fore the public, as a cure for DYSPEPSIA, COUGHS. SOROF- i
I ULA and RHECMATISM, with all disasesof the Stonsaeh and ;
1 Rowtlo. It has been truly successful to the single and mar- j
ried. We offer the most valuable remedy, which thousand; ;
will testify. ' '
GRTCnll and get pamphlets and see cures.
For sale by T. T. l.o^au Sc Wheeling, Gen- !
2P Baltimore st., Baltimore,
and ??>?, Broadway, X. W
Price fl per bottle. ocSO
t';"ETKUKS~>JaS Jj OlJAt 'i s I
TlIK sulecribcr has just received a supply of Blank Notes, j
Checks, and Drafts, lithographed and printed expressly j
for his own sale at the best Lithographing Establishment in :
? the United States. The Blank? ars bound up in books of vari- j
ous sizes, suitable.for all classes of businc?a.
1 1? !'?> Ill Main street, j
A RETIRED Clergyman having cured himself of trie*!
| -1. Piles accompanied with running sores, after suffering j
for upwards of i5 years, thinks it hU duty to make the rem- i
edy known for the bent fit of the afflicted. He will forward
i the particulars for the cure of the same on the receipt of a j
3 cent postage ktamp. .
Address Bar. C. J. RECKLAW,
: fcl9:lm No. 12 Arm Tork.
.q&r/soM - ;
f nn SADVUS an cmssigsmciiu
| lUl l f.M GEO. WILSON. I j
I [WutaingUn Krportcr copj (a ?moant?f $1. ud chargc thU
;?Ser.l- ' ?
FFICE?at residence on Market street, c
ai | BBL^. Goldetl Syrup?-just received and for tale low :
vJ by
Try V?. 1 J-aT'I rtttlvri bv ? ?
UTORMSf * nrroFna-p.
We arc prepare-to furxjjfeh Printers with Wade's superior
Newa^Bpok and Jpblnk?. ? W? have now on hand:?
fe%r?TIi?U^i|nd prffs.Lr' l>nrk Rlnr.
Hn-a i?U,;po>rcr ptp*.;Mghl (?rrrn.
lUok Ink. v' Dark <*r?rn.
fr'iBO Black* Vrlloir.
'lira vhretfS? - White.
Wrd Ink. ' CoUIMizr.
Exini Fine do. Varuiah.
Light lilae. " | &c. Ac. &c.
AU Into sold by H3 warranted to be go?ni; and if found not I
to be so, can l?e returned at our expense.
' 4 Co
WE have l*en requested .by several persons,}* ho have ex
periencet* the 'bfiifricial rffix*ts aFlhi? 'mediefn^ to make
mention of it in our editorial columns. Although entertain
ing a crmtemptuoui opfoliin uf quackery IndVquack dk-/.
trums in generaI* we would not knowingly refuse any credit'
where it U due; and from the testimony
conscientiously bound to recommend "Hampton's .r^>.
Tincture,** In ail cases of Chronic Rheumatism, njiia Scrof
ulous Affections.?XovjbiL- (To.) XirVk^o/ January 2UM,
For aalc.by T. II. LOGAN Jfc CO.
i fe2S ? * v*- Gon'l Agents.
' t i.V 9 f ?& -.h-'r*** .?? ? ;tt fit ;!
j gi?~Hcar what the M*ifcal Faculty say of.$r. J. Hostct*
I ter'd celebrated Stomach Hitters:
i Lascasteb, Pa, January 1.1SW.
iDn.J. \lofrirrtku, I'itUburgh, Pa.:
Sir?Froru my experience with the remedial qualities
: contained in your illimitable Litters in Chronic Distal,
! sucii as Rheumatism, Gout, Pyspej^Ia,'Dysentery,Dlarrhu-a,
. al>o as a preventive of disease and tonic, Ihaveno he**
; ikit ion In pronomiciutr it the best medicine with which 1 atn
I acquaint.-?l, and take pleasure In recommending your valua
| ble Bitters to Dyfcp-?ptic? particularly, an-1 to the pro fe--Jon
\general!/. fj r. .? 't i* \ ?/'
-? /I A rl m A i?i jli VY
y ours, \ eryre?pectf?U!y, , cr
11. A. SMITH, M. D.,
i -rr-ni
{37~Fur sale by all the principal Druggists jtuwl by hotels
generally. .
f-23 T. U. LOGAN ? CO. Agents
AT TUR XliWtjR CukxKi: DKL'tfSJ'OJtE
,-0 a
HAIR BRCSIIES?French and En$;ll'h patterns?very
lieantifuL "1
PERFUMERIES?Fredi and in great variety.
CANDIED?Sassafras, Cardaiuunes and Snake Root.
Call in. T. |I. LOU AN . A. CO.
fe27 Brill^-e Corner l>gJWgt*ts.
j Once beautiful and blooming as the rose?now how pallid!
j her Khol* complexion tinged with yellow, life the sere leaf of
j Autumn, and her "sun is even going down while it la yet
i day!" Let her but try Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, and
i she will wouder at the mighty change?that aftvr all the oth
1 er medicines sr. freely taken, none could reach her case but
i thiB plyasantbahn from Nature's garden. .
T..H. LOGAN A CO,, ;
MtJ General Agents.
Dr. Geo. W. Phillips'
| Coughs, Colds, Croup, Ifoanehes, Bleeding Lungs, Asthma,
Bronchitis, In^nenza, speakers Sore Throat,
Consumption, and all Diseases of
! ? the Throat and Chest.
?A J. S O
T>r (iro. ?'? Phillip.'
: Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Sciatica, Pleuratic Pains,
Pains in the Side, Chest, Back and face, Swelled
and Painful Joints, Weak Back, Cramp,
Sore Throat, Sprains, &c.
The thousands who have used these Medicines testify to
?their excellent merits by a continuance of their use. To
? those who have not used them we would say TRY THEM and
j they w ill liml them to be aU they ar?- represented, and that
' they will act with magic-Wee effect.
1 DR. GKO. W. PHILLIPS, Sole Proprietor, Cincinnati,
| Ohio.
For *ale wholesale and retail by
I fel4:ly Gkxf.rat. Agemm toa Western Viacixii.
' * ? * * ?
j GRi!Y, Red, or Rusty Hair Dyed instantly to a beautiful
| and natural brown or black, without the least Injury to Hair
? or skin.
Futkkv Mkpaz-s and Diplomas have been awarded to Wm.
A. Batchelor since ls!9, and over SO^OOO applications have
been made to the Hair of his patrons of his famous Dye.?
Prejudice against Dying the hair and whiskers is unjust, as It
would be against covering a bald head with a wig.
Wm. A. BatciielorV Hair Drk produces a color not to be
distinguished from nature, aud is warranted not to injure in
the least however long it may be continued.
Made, sold or applied (in private rooms) at the Wig Facto
ry. 2?1 Broadway, N. Y.
Sold in all cities and towns of the United States, by Drug
gists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
ZWThe Genuine has the name and address upon a steel
plate engraving on four sidi-s of each bottle, of
2o3 Broadway, New York.
For sale wholesale and retail by
i Will subdue the pain aud Inflammation from tlic severest
i burn* or scalds la from one to twenty minutes?and that it
| will heal the wound* without scar*; and effectually cure Fc?
I ver Sores?Salt Uheurn?Inflammatory Rheumatism?Sore
i and Inflamed Eyes?Cut*?Wound.*?Bruises?Old and Ulcer
ated Sortu?Scald Head?Corny and Bunion* -Erysipelas? ,
Sprain*?Swellings?Felon#?Sore Nipples?Chilblains?bites
of Insects?Swelled and broken breast?Eruptions?and all
other Inflammatory and cutuneous di^ease^, where tfie parts
affected can be reached.
Don't be incrcuulons about the many diseases named to be
cured by only o?>f thing?but reflect, thai the few, bnt positive ?
: properties which the Dalley Salve alone contains and as
' heretofore enumerated?one to four?can rcach not alone ,
! the afore-mentioned disease, but many more not enumerated. :
| Query?Do not regular brrd phy*u:iatt? prescribe cab' ]
[ >K.fl intcitrOly for tcor&t qfdifrrent di*ea*r*?
Each box of Gkvtixk Dallky's 1*a? Extractor has upon 1
it a Steel Plate engraved Label with the signatures of C. V.
CLICKEXEK & CO., proprietors, aud HEXBY DALLEV, ;
manufacturer. All others are counterfeit. Price 25 cents <
per box.
Ail order? should be addressed to C. V. Ctickner k ?
Co., 81 llarclay street, New York.
For -ale by LA UGIILIXS <f- BVSIT FIELD, Wheeling, j
and Druggfots generally throughout the U. S. apl9.
ADAMS, Premium Daguerreotvpkt, has the pleasure of i
Informing the citizens of Wheeling, that he is producing by ?
the aid of a netc ehemfc*tl agent ^ Ambrotypcs unlike tlio*e ;
heretofore made In this city. They are ??f ?uch brilliancy, j
boldness and artistic finish, as to excite k- admiration of j
every one. including artut-i who have visited the inost eel#- !
brated Eastern Galleries, who pronounce them "the Lext they \ i
Five Medal* and Elglit Diplomas hare )>een awarded !
to Adam*. Remember the Gallery, corner Main and Unisn j
street*. dels !
a hi; vou sick:>
Then you can't be cured too soon. Iton't delay until your '
complaint Is incurable, and then mourn when it is too late, j
Four-fifths of all the diseases which people the church yard.*, 1
might be cured by A cer's Cathartic Pill?. If taken in season, j
Don't gv dragging through the Spring, faint, sleepy and lit-t- }
le^a, because your blood is loaded with bile. Donfl wear the !
lit udache. Heartburn, and their kindred disorders, because ;
your stomach ia foul. Don't pamde yourself around the i
world, covered with Pimples, Blotches, Ulcer?, Sorre and all
or any of the unclean di-rases of th? skin, Iteeause your sys
tetn wants cleansing. Don't &ow yourselfabout, lean, hag- 4 [
' gard, all caved in, because your Stomach aud Bow els need; <
strengthening Into healthy action. Ayer'a Pills set these ?
1 thing.-* right as surely as water queneftes fir*-. They purify j
the body and blood, and restore their functions into healthy
activity which yon can feel as quick as they are taken. They
1 are the one great medical wonder or this age, recognized by
all who know their virtues, and many thousands know them.
Take the Cherry Pectoral tor a (Singh, and the Fill* for all;
derangements requiring a Purgative medicine.
Prepared by pr. J. C. Aran, LvweR, Massachusetts?and
Mid by an Druggliti in "Whiten^'"; -
a; r. GOfiD t co:, wiiciinr,
f?4 Wholesale Mid Retail Aptiitfl.
otiocornt AND COB MILL!
THIS is doubtless an invention amonr the most important
of modern times, for the o*. of the well-advised farmer and
stock-feeder?and the universal favor with which it has been
received from the first, more than anything else, attests Its
vtUity and Superiority.
These Mills are warranted in tho most positive manner
against breakage or derangement.
For sale at manufacturer's prices by
J. E. GREER k CO.,
Dealer* in Ftour, Grain, Hay. sfcc- , i
JaiJfcM?d&w WttF.KLlXGt VAJJ,
PROF. WOO IPS Wonderful Hair Restorative for sale by
Jul. Sign of BedMortar, M Moore St. {
/^BALK?JWW lb* whit* for -ale bv .
V* * a. c. fiwip t ro.
llgy. Alej^jJcdku ,Camp
i'oungMens1 CUrls
igton "Hall, this f
J'OHMvt^Mb, Esq., of Burlington, Vermont, will deliv
er his celebrated Poem, entitled the
IflONKV KI.MJ, i j
hit tygaiagftiB^BMinK-timf***
t o'clock.
j fSTTickct" can he procured at the Bookstores and hotels
\GOOJiltw*> story lipuse, >Udmt?f vnSlBTrojr Sir eet. Tfcr
further particulars enquire of
further particulars enquire
mht ^
! A FRGSII stfbiBy wf |lif>hf>Ttp?liOlur rerclyri
standard Works. \
PRE5C0TTS ViTiilnaU'l anil Ia?licll*,S rols. ulierji;
Life and Correspondence of Lord Jeffrey; ?
Memoir of the llev.'Siduey Smith, 2 vofe-j
; John*ton?s Chemistry of Common Life, 2 vol#,
j Pleasant Memories of Pleasant Lands, by Mr*. Big
's ' ourney;
Poms of OHwr Wendell llolmcs, Ac. ?e.
Just received and for sale by
mli4 _ - WILDE. k BRO. ;
.Just Published.
Henry Ward Beecher's
! , . . ' Deslpwd for
( 1400 Hymns and 367 Turn s.
j npHIs Work Is recommended as the heat'extant; Sin
; Jl -git* copies mailed, postage prepaid, upon receipt of the
i price, Jl?).
Plymouth Collection of Hymns.
< Kilce $1,00.
j Mr.iBEECHER has devoted the Iffst five years of hit! leif
; are hours in the preparation oftui* : truly .viiuable. work.?
I Many larje chtrrdm* have Greatly ^rtroUaccdtu'e w<A*k.
30,00o Copies Nold.
A L O I\T K .
! *'Through long, long years, to seek, to strive, to yearn,
^ For human love, and never quench U?at thirst;
T?? pour the human soul out, winning no return?
J O'er fragile Idols, by delusions nursed?
1 On things tliat'fnil ukj rfed by reed, t??lenn.'
J To mourii U>e cliaug'ed, the far away, the dead,
To seiul^mr troubled spirit* througli the unseen,*
Intensely questioning for treasures fled."
One elegant 12uio., uniform the "II miiKS Path."
PAee *!,!?.
j (*U has created, quite a sensation in literary circles, and
! met with au unusually large tale. It has been r? -printed In
' England, France and Germany,and liar. already acquired for
5 the youthful authorens an enviable reputation as a writer of
j originality aud getiSu-. 'Alone* is a novel, something after
the 'Jane Eyre,' iu mauy of Us characteristics, but infinitely
| superior to this brilliant work of fictiou in its moral purity
! of toue and delicacy of seutimeut. Less skillful in its plot,
| it is yet more natural and lifelike, and if not so intensely
j worked up to that pitch of excitement which satiated read
; ers of romance require, it Is nevertheless more pleasing to
j those who require truthfal'-pictures of Jlfe to exaggerated
? and overwrought descriptions of Ininutn character. Ida
; Ross, the heroipe of Alone, while' po.?V*^ng masculine vigor
* and breadth of mind, retains the delicacy and refinement of
>; a true womau,and while displaying all the strength of Intel
j lect of the plain little Jane. Eyre, has none of her disagreea
j blecoarseness. 'Charley,'auoUier of. Ui?dramatis persona*,
; is a decided character?one of those creations which liye in
j the memory for years.
j "Marion Harland, the author of 'Alone* and the 'Hidden
| Path,'is the noiu de plume of Miss Mary Virginia nuwes of
Richmond. Va., the daughter of .Samuel. P. llawes. a native
! of Dorchestcr, Mass. Mis? IlaWcs. consequently, though ol
; Southern birth, is half Yankee by extraction.?lhiily
j JouriWl. ?. - , -
? Also, now reaily the Eighteenth Edition of
J " Author^ of'Alone."
i "Vintfrild'sT*ur <inviplitrr lias"^i\*ci; ris nTtothcrW those
tl'.irj,,py tiiRt t^ll upon the1 lieirrt. ? UV ran mmost *;iy ap
i *0. S."to ?linbtl': 'I was weary, and you rated me^-apd you
i taught iue hope.* Theyoung who walk wearily aud alone, in
i the earnest |mtl? of life, may perhaps gather n little strength
front the contemplation of 'Bella'*' gentle faith anil endu
rance. There is many a 4llidderi Path* near the dusty high
ways of life, that all unseen us they, are by cureless travel
er.*. lead at least either la time or eternity to ;?peaceful vale
beyond. It enhances not a little the irtere*t-?if the work U?
bn,0,*,tl,ar ',*r^Ce Greenwood' is thesupposed original of.'la
bel. ?LauicMRejKwttory.
The above can be ordered through Booksellers, and of the
, Publishers. DERRY * JACKSON,
! ??h4:Jaw , 119 Nassau *1 Sew York
Hoard of Health.
REPORT of the Hoard of Health of the city of Wheeling
for the month of February/1856:
i Burn 1
Convulsions !!!!!!!!!*!!!!!*.!!! .2
Consumption .'...A
Disease of Heart ! i!!!!!!!!!!! J!! i
Dlphtherite .......... V.... \
Disease of Brain
Dcbhity.. .-1 . A
Fever, Typhoid . . //. . . . . . . . . A
44 Scarlet \
" Lung {
Meningitis '.]! ! 1
old "Af?r I
Pneumonia ..A
Premature Birth 1
Palsey .2
Still-boru **
""?** Suicide ..!!!.!.!!.!!! 1 !!.*!!!!!!! !i
Tubercnlasii. j
Total 28
Of the above there \rere
Under 1 year ... .vj. S
Between J and A years A
*' r? and l-i 41 i)
" 10 and 20 V ;j
44 20 and " 4
" and 40 44 2
44 40 and 50 " 2
41 50 and 6 > 44 1
44 60 and 70 44 4
44 7o and S? 44 u
44 SO and 90 44 1
Total ^ 29
Males IS?Females 10?Colored 1.
A. S. TOI>D, Secretary
?nh4:8t Board of Health.
J [Aryts copy.]
DR. LEBRUN offers to those suffering from Deafness, his
infulHbl* aural remedies, which lix.Yc t?een ?ucr? ssful
In nearly three thousand cas'-s of confirmed dcnfne*-! These
remedies have n pronounced b> Dr-*. Khramer, of (Berlin,
and Delesu.nf Paris, and Curtis Pilcher, of Ixiudoii, as the
most wonderful ever applied for diseases of Internal and
middle ear. They comprise different courses for the va
rious diseases that effect the oxlernal and middle ear.?
If the disease is confined to the external ear, their effects are
apparent on the fifth or sixth day.. Dr. LEIlltUN warrant*
a cure in e Par if &i*t, when the ear is perfect in its forma
tion.- He has eighteen certificates from those who have been
deaf from infancy whose hearirtg is now completely restored,
and they are now enabled to learn the language ! Over
twenty'Seven hundred eases of deafhess have Wen success
fully treated by him. Certificates to that effect may be seen
on application. ,
In all cases of deafness arising from inflammation, thirl
tiling, or even perforation of the "HMiiibrana tlmjKini
usually called the "drum inflammation nf t/nwus mem
f'rmie of the tympantMi unil tuxtfhain tnbct~trlth ttcrtimu
Uttion of tn wow*; nertoui itfccthni*, juSj/jtU* grotd!,*, Jv.
or when the dlsf-Ase can life traced to Scarlet, Typhus, Bll
ious. Bilious or Intermittent F.-vcr, Colds, fjil use of Quinine
or mercurial medicines, gatherings In the ears of childhood,
Ac., the sense can. In nearly trmj inntanre, be restored.?
Where a want of .secretion is apparent, the "auditory canal"
being dry and schlv; frRcntfie deafness1 if accompanied with
noies in the ear, like ru^'.lhig of braves, chirping of insects,
falling water, ringing of belli*, pulsations, discharges of mat
ter, w hen In a stooping position a sensation is felt as If a rush
of bload to the head had taken place ; when the hearing in
perfectly acute wrbere thi-re Is much nolsci or Is less acute
in dull and etmidy woathdr, or when e??Jd has been taken,
the course pursued by Da. LE1MCL>' Js considered in/al
Da. DUFTON, the only practitioner in the United States
who practises the new, painless, and successful method In
treating all .disease to which the eye 1? subject. Where toe
ry other means have failed to afford relief, he asfcs from all
such a fair and Impartial trial. Patients, by sending a
few particulars of their ease, can hare remedies sent to any
"We, the undersigned practitioners of medicine in the city
of New York, having had occasion to witness the practice of
Drs. LeBrun and Dufton in diseases of the Ear and Eye, lay
ing aside all personal jealousy and prejudice, freely admit
the course pursued by them in treating diseases of these del
icate organs, from the un/niralUUd 4ucctn* irhich ha* at
Undid if. Is well worthy the aU?ntiou of our professional
brethren throughout th?-. United States. , Their syMern of
treating diseases of the middle and Internal ear, by the use
of "git'dleated vapors,w particularly in chronic and compli
cat?*d esses, forms a new era in the practice of aural surgery
and fills up a void which has long been felt by the general
practltionec. In diseases df Pie eye, they sddom require to
resort to an operation. A* -skillful aurisu and oculists, and
enthusiastically devoted to thefr profession, we cordially re- '
commend thein to such ?? require thrill aid/4
Signed, * Alexa.vei.b K. Wgtt, M. D.,
Grn. s. GaAxmc, M. D., -Urasce Wrxsuow, M. D.,
C. Deltas, M. D., Atxaroa B. Pasxcts, M. D.,
T. V. Yas linscr, M. D., BrnroaD IkWExn, M. D.
Jfiw YorA'y August 7,1549.
Students wishing to perfect themselves in this branch of
medical.*$epce, will find an opportunity;0f joining tlie class
at'the Eye and Ear Infirmary of Dr. Dciaey LeBrun, Union'
Place Cllniques, every Tuesday and Friday afternoons, from
1 toita'dock, dortag ilcdical College tenut. . i
TERMS.?Five Dollars, Cunsoltation, Fee. Ten Dollars
to be paid when the hgtrMflfe resured to Its original acUe
nesa, . -
Union Place, New York City.
N. B.?A Treatise oa the Mature and Treatment of Deaf
neaf snd Diseases of the Ear, with the Treatment of (hcflfcbt
and Dumb. Price f k.
Money IcUers musl be registered by thf Postmaster.
Registered Letters are at our own risk --pleast -bear this In
lot Pivdafi
mind. Corresjiondetits must Enclose Portage for return
answers, the New Postage Law requiting prepayment of let
ters. mb4?6iu
New York, July 24, 1S33.
f't?f ? Notic^,^ ? -1
A?rT5 a meeting pf the Esecutire Co-nmUUe of.lhc
jL Agricultural Society, and Industrial Institute, it
Agricultural Society, and Indosldal Institute, it was rt
4olved that the next Annual Fair of this Society will be held
on the rounds on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day, the Hfcb, 17th, Hth and lftth of September, 1856.
mbStf ? Secretary.
[Argus copy.]' ?
CASH for Slurp Skim*.
?oprle tor I* desirous of removing to the
country, which Is Solely liU reason for wishing to dispose oi
his business. w>..
oc23 K CLARK.
TIIF. undersigned offer* for si^e Id*? Hpuso and* Lot. -on
Market >ftrftl,E?ftlldr, Ly^cenvf ohfcc a$d lJo|?.rf*t#.
The Lot Is 44 feet front, with ft good Prick I) welling Ilou4e
15W Wi lhSTWTWI?,*0,wvf urnm*vmmmmmrmm*amma
It will he sold Ion* anjl on accommodating terms, ami po?
'j(Iuj srl 3
-?pS _ ~ T _ J. x'yjMMKB,*
Tavern to Rent ,
npilE well known Tavern, known * s.Mrs. Gooding's, pn the,
1 National rofid, dollies east of Wheeling, wjlf hj- fu/ Ant* f +
from April first, 1K&C. The stand 4s too will ami favorably
fnown to ft-quire further police. . : \j
'? Tor terms enquire of Jacob,Gooding or the undersigned.
K VERY deslraMe building lots in Centre Wheel In g, on re*
tJ Fonahle terms.
For Sale.
\FEW shar<* of stock of the Wheeling Gun Company.
Enquire of
dc85 It. II. WOODS.
For Rent.
A GOOD two story .llrlck Dwelling House, situated ou
Hampden ?t.
IMv-ewdon given lit April, Enquire of
For Rent.
TpilE large Room on Moproe ft., known as the City Read
L ingltnom; ami belli# about to fit op a new *?//<? qf
Iioout?~-I offer for r?nt my busbies* covins in connection
with my residence. Also, several othtr rooms suitable for
, Ollicts or other purposes.
These Room* ore ni'istly large, well lighted with side and
I sky lights, and supplied with gas nnrt water.
i jaii2*i iiO Monroe ?dreet.
!? Wheeling Island.
inpilE {inderslgued will, at en early d*>\ of which due
? J. notice will ht*r?MU r be given, during the coining Spring,
? offer at public or private sale in lots to suit purchasers, i.11
' that |>ortluii of Wheeling Island now in the occupancy of
> William Clark.
I To fiersona In March of a country residence, althont re
I moving an Inconvenient distance front the city, or to those
! desirous of engaging in Market Gurdeulng, this property
possesses advantage a superior to any other ever before oiler
1 ed In thU vlcltii; .
Att'y in fact for
JoS8 IJENItV MOORE, Trustee.
] 1 X SAI.E, on Thursday the 1ihh ofricxfrrSFuiyilvo'
! stock, c?n^*titi>; of el;: lit Head of Horse* and 11 rood Marcs,
! 7 Cons and 2 year oM Heifers, 1 yoke Hurt* Work Oxmi, t*vo
| yearling Hull* of "Cherry'? stock," and 7 head of young Cat
tie. Cattle all Hell bred-r-l)urhum< apdDurham mixed with
Devon?nil having a cross of the ""Cherry w>ck,n [Cherry
a hue Durham Coir from the herd of Gov., Vance, of Ohio,
a remarkably fine milk co*."] t i
ALSO?fiiwliead of rittxan Merino.Slicop, consisting of 2$ ,
, valuable ltacks,2Stl llreedlifg Ac. 4c., mostly fleacend
i rd of Imported Stuck. These Simp are heavy shearers of
; line wool, not fturparded. if equaled, by any other tlock In
j the United States?the Wool selling at 00 eta. per lb. for sev
eral years past.
j Abou^ao 'hqnd of liogr of Bedford, Uerkshife. Suffolk and
' Middlesex breeds. Also, one pure Sufftdk iloar of 8tlckney
4 stock, and my interest (being one half) of a very valuable
j Middlesex- Hoar. ?.
And all' the Grain upon the snid Farm, being about 2,000
' bushels oi Corn and 7'Wdor. rf Oats,
And mv entire stocW-of Farm Tools', vlj : two four-hor-e
{ Wagons,'1 Ox Cart, IIarrons, Ploughs, Sc.'Ae.'
i The Stock can bL* seen at anv time at the Karm.
, All tiuuis under ?!?>,? ash; all larger sums a credit of nine
| mouths?notes for purchase money well secured. 4
Sale to take place on the Farm, 4)% miles from Wh*-el?
, ing, coininenclugat 10o'clock, A.M.
1 fi H H. W. CIIAI'LINE.
i [Aruus and tJt?i ttecopy tv.lce ditijy, and weekly (111 sale.]
Valuable Real Estate
a r a rcrjox.
r WILL positively sell ?tt Auction on Tuesday, the 18th day
r.f March, lST>o. at So'clock'I1. M., to the hif;hejit and best
bidder st the front door of the Court House of Ohio county,
the following described property:?Lot No. 4i!. on Chapllne
st., InEoffN addition to Centre Wheeling. Tins I^?t has ?
? good two-story Frame Duelling, all in good order.
! One-third In cash, the balance in six and twelve mouth*'.?
' Tiie purchaser giving notes, with approved security, bearing
? Interest from da> of sale.
mh4?t* GEO, if. WJl KJJA J/. Auc'r.
Farm for Sale
I DESIRE to sell my Farm, situuted on the Nuthmal RohiI,
about H utiles cast of this city, and containing One Hun
dred and Ten acres. The Hcmpflchl Railroad passes through
the laud, which contains Forty Acres of most i.veelh ut Coal,
affording a cheap and ready means to convey the same to a
good market,'-4he remaining Seventy Acres is a first rate
soil suitable for garden purposes, sufficiently timbered, and '
containing also an Orchard of near Three Hundred choice
Fruit Hearing Trees.
l'or terms of sale apply to Alfred Caldwell or the uudcr
?d piled.
Tr\istee's Sale.
nY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed by Henry Holmes,
to the undersigned, dated September 2Sth, 1S&1, and re
corded In the Clerk's Oillcc of Marshall county, Vn., 1 will
expose tn sale on Monday March 24th, 1S50, at the front door
of the Court House of Marshall county, aforesaid, the real *
estate conveyed to me In said deed, being 187 acres on Milk
tor's Run in said county, and bounded as follows, to a it:? -
IP-pinning at a sugar-tree and hickory on the south side of
Master's Run; theuecdowu said Run N2&dc}.'s E 77 pis to a
beech st the mouth of a drain corner to Freeland k Harlot*,
thence N. 71 deps Ef?S pis to a sugar tree, immediately below
the mouth of a drain and corner to said Garlow; thence S.
S6 dega E. 29 poles; thenee.N., 77flops E. 4U poles; tlanee S. .
86*4, degK E. 4u poles to a beech near the forks of theKim;
thence up the South branch of said RunS. lOdegs E. 82 poles;
thence S. 12H W. 6(1 poles to a large sugar tree on the East
side of said Run, and about tlx poles below the main forks ;
tln nce up the right hand fork S. G2 dejjs. W. l?5 p?|e? to a
beech on the Korth-east side "of the Run; 'Uietice S.'7?l3v
31 poles to a sugar tree oii Samuel Venue's line; thence with
the same N. W. OS poles to (he beginning.
53^"Terms made known on day of sale,
fc2'i M. C. GOOD. Trustee.
To Let.
V DWELLING eonVilnlnf fife Roonvs In North Wheeling,
..the propgitj'.of Die late ll? >.. Win. Wallace.
Apply to AIT.X/lton^mB.1 '
ft-21 (inardian.
For Sale.
I WILL tell limpet ion. on Mondav thejlrd day of-March
1550, at Zo'doCK, I'. M.,""at the front floor of the Court
House, Lot No. 1&, in Square 8*1, in Hucna Vista, fronting ilH
feet on IKgh vtreet, and running bark fiO foot,' on whtehli
built a new two story -frame partly finished.
Trriii* of sale Cadi.
fb'it'?Is GEO. E. WICKHAM, Ancr.
For Rent.
\COMFOnTHHLE two story llrlck I>M?'11lng House, situ
ated on llamjNleu ctrcet.
Enquire of?
For Sale
ATA RARGAlX'-'One good Buggy and Harness.
A ?. A VERY, Nos. 140 k 146 Main st;,
fe27 Wheeling, Va.
For Sale.
VTWO story llrlck Dwelling House, with four lots of
ground attached, situated in the town of South Wheel
ing. 1
ALSO, from SO to .Vj acres of Farmlnc and Gardening land,
situated ncarthe town of South Wheeling.
tdfifl'ricet low and Terms easy.
inrl-lm WM. 11. MARTIN.
For Sale or Rent
\COMVOKTAI'LK Duelling Homo, on llain|?lrn
containing elirlit rooms.
ALSO, several Houses on Qulncey slreet for rent. Enquire
of S. J. Curtis, Union street, or of
mrl ? JNO. HRUCK.
DIt. MIJ-.1JS'
: a it oma Ti ctcn jqj-TEgsi:
AN innocent ionic, diuretic Beverage, prepared from the
purest, very brst material* and purtl'j ffget4it>U,rx??
ry article of which is strengthening and invigorating to the
system, ami by Its bljrlilv an-r.iatfr jirr?r?rrtkii'Is a uioci
iiEuciors f.li xji:,
to corrcct the appetitQ h.v.streiijrttjinirig the stomach and di
gest jvei orfHU*. , tljc, *host certain tjn?\:ilc for the Ililioua
Choiic/ hirer "fVwnplaints, Dirtiness, Flatbleney, 'Palniia* ?
tion, ami all Nervous Din-atus; Dyspgjisili, Femaje Weak
lier. Physical and Mental Debility, rogulutinp t'v: f?owtU
an?l impart tiigtoue.and. che*rfuln.-ie? to'ihe vl #le .iy*ten?;
this U truly an
and should lie la the possession of every fand'y. th* com
panion of the feeble at v/eH 'a* the henlthv; a ih QlB tlo*fm\\\
satisfy the most incredulous a? to their l?i-neflciai effe :t. they
being'perfectly inuuc* ?>t and hknuljssforthe nosf delicate
constitution. " '! ' *
will find them Invaluable, dUpenfting as tho'do, with the
annoyance* so often engendered by change of axter and di
et, dispelling Ague Fever, and the effect* of Malaria of every
e*ctt with anBt*
Aromatic Stomach Jlltttr** a* they are more pleasant and
healthful than the ordinary "Car JJItttra" heretofore used;
a single trial will exclude all other*.
DOSE. ?Adults, a teaspoon full to a small wine plats
three times a day, or often*?. Add u little water or wine If
too strong* ,, j i . I / I } .
Bold in quart bottles by nil respectable -Druggists and pre??*"
eral dealers in the United Slate*, Canada*, ?c. and at whole -
sale by ww: O. MILLS.Hole l'roprletor, 5?;w.York/tfhrre
all communications should He directed. ' ' - - S
G. W. FKAKZ1IEIM, Agent,
fe2S-8m Wheeling, Va.
Administrator's Notice.
THE undtrnifriealiavinsl^en appointed A?fii)lnUtrator of
tht estate j>f Wm.iUll, deceased, Jate KlOblu county,
hereby gives notice to all persons indebted to said estate to
make payment, andJa^i having claims against said estate
to exldldt the same for settlement. He also requests all per
6011* baring Goods left with said William Hall, In Ids Htf
time, to be sold on commission, and which remain unsold, to
call and take tb?m jawgy. i I s S f . ; ?
W. C. HALL, Administrator
fel?:lm . ?.ri 'e .?f Wp?. Hail, deceased.
HAR been removed from Ventre Wheeling to the we?t ilde
of Mfita ?irert, three doon north of Monroe rtrtet?In-.
taS ?n ^ TrtbH?bN.
Feb. 14 Treasurer.
. i> TIXQ.TRY.SEEJ). K>&
nt:o. wiibos.

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