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- " \TrBiuES U now engaged in co -
^"iHcripdon accounts for us. We
I,,tin? "0 duc ^ on the last year, *n4
4 brfthe money, we hope our friends will
? "'l (1r
,ar up prompt?' .,?r
1 a dark, cloudy, and disagree
Siir IIso cool as to render fires necessary
xVc dont wont to koc any more
f ,.otil ne?t yecemher.
tliat the neighborhood of Mt Plcas
visited o? Friday last, with a
?* ?i"?' which done considerable damage to
hiii rt*?'
?^Twas rising Saturday evening with
Tucn"' in the channel. A moderate
Tiir ..Monroc~Journal,- after a tmnur of ma
T . m,^to us as?"? this week, uuder
"?Tm??!orial management of J. SUvtin, Esq.,
j,. cli otu ht.U(,r fjr its long sleep.?
sml looking a nc^ative position; opposition
T1,C editor takes a c opposjtion to slavery;
t.,iiie Adrointt ra ^ fraal inference, to
ami does not app ? nnestion. But we
tike the affirm*'"? lie may never
rive the editor our ^S? ,
want of bread and butter.
Pi5T Wheemso Bk.dce. This bridge isvery
h out of renair, and has been for some tune
The flooring is broken in many places so
r ?ZZ> --?? p"3 th^u?h- in
. , ,!l(. cntire flooring is thin and dangerous,
V- i. .rt of a new floor will answer.?
' A"0t Zk Wards or th*? incheS lhiCk'
K a.: flooring, the bridge would
uy. As it is, it has been
"fan.i re.patched, until it will bear it no
f ' We wonder that accidents have not oc
"1 I before this, either to persons or property.
V^-nv.r that any contemplated repairs may be
as delay may occasion serious injury,
Wk* involving the city in a claim for dam
. ?.???
ta*?no*.-W? are often asked if the Coun
-?> bv s railroad tax this year. ? e really
Jo '.mow, but.we presume they will not if
,[ on I* possibly avoided. No one desires to
u, in l one desires to be taxed. The late
?a the Baltimore ami Oluo Railroad,
1" j ,prospect of its continuance, will, we
,4*. ju-'ifv the Council inlaying no tax to
.I..., tli.it interest, and WO know of no other
rfro.l m in which we are to provide for inte
r .t Taking all together, we think the pros
' t g^l fir low rates of city taxation hi,
v if. We are sure our city readers will be
? 1 should our prediction be verified .y the
L,'t Fifty cents on the hundred dollars ot
rial estat? would revive "sweet slumbering
Wateb Wohks.?We have frequently cn
,! av..redto impress upon our citizens the un
lorunce of making our water works produce
, ? revenue to the city, and we hope the pre
. Council will aid in accomplishing so desira
I.:, an in:L Our taXes are heavy, even thong
should not have a railroad tax thisyear.and the
water works ought to be made to pay
interest, and revenue aLso. rhis la the 1 o
tlv we near, an,I one which will best bear ,n
It should be closely and promptly col
!????,V else much is lost from transient consu
Could not the water tax be made a charge up
on the property? If so, the landlord would col
w it as rent, and the city be saved from much
;.\s it is, transient tenants, say from month
t? month, pay no water rent, as it is assessed by
v.- year, while ot'.crs have to pay the full years
.V l If sometliing could be done to remedy
li.-e things it would be well,, as all admit that
,. -.vater works ought to par. The heavy ex
of these works, this spring, renders this a
matter of importance.
Ar:iKS.Ei.*u.?We are glad to learn that Messrs.!
H.inr ivU .t Duffi.'ld have been induced to pro
line the season of their performances at the
At :ci;umiiii. They have given general satisfac
li in their selection of plays and style of ac
li'ir. and have done nitieh to purify the sla;te
r.f 11 ? jrussness heretofore so objectionable to
of retined feelings, and have elevated our
At:, '.i -inn to a place of fashionable amusement,
i r ,i!i the proprieties of life are strictly ob- ?
- . ? 1. K.ir this they deserve and have the!
liv:i, of our play-going citizens. And the!
i:> their employment are also deserving!
? re lit, for their efforts to amuse, and for tlicir
?^?-.Tvance of the rules laid down for the gov
trnra it of the Company.
r.- is offered Shakspeare's play of the
M :,a .t .,f Venice. Wc believe it has never
1' . pt: formed in this city, or at least, not for
riv.iy years. The cast is a strong one, and we
i'.ive confidence that the play will be gone
t!.r ? ls'i nith to the credit of all taking part in
it. ami t) the satisfaction of the audience.
Mi--i h'iw i* l?e*roning a favorite. She is a
fl strngstress. She has a good voice, well cut;
ti.';*te<l, and considerable personal beauty. Wc
d? n.it know tliat this latter makes her sing any
bitter, lint we do kno.v that it does no injury to
the eye-sight, and that "a thing of beauty is a
joy forever."
Council attained a quorum at 81 o'clock.?
!it. his Honor, Mayor Caldwell, and
Me?sr.?. Dewey, Fitzliush, Forbes, Garden, Ilub
1'ird. Jacob, Knotc, Taylor, Tanner, Wheeler,
Wait and Wilson?12.
The minutes of the last meeting not being in |
n-a linens, the Council proceeded to tho considc-'
rjti >n of applications for ]i ccnse, and other pe
tit! >ns.
"n motion the rules as to applications for li
cm*, were suspcn<le<l for the evening.
The following applications for license for cof
ft houses of the first class were severally acted
-I-in as follows: F. Giuber, granted; Louis
Iraariieitn, granted; Adam Weisgarber, grant
"1; Henry Spear k Co., granted; J. L. Har
der, is, granted; J. llenry Foster, granted; A.
'?"'f. granted.
1 he following applications for license for cof
f v l. iu_-es of the 2d class were severally acted
tipr-n as follows:
Kust, granted; Geo. Beck. granted; Jas.
SWmry, rejected; Louis .Reddy, granted; Hen
ry Michael, granted; John Menz, granted; C.
Scbiunacker, granted; (usual rates.)
Tlie following petitions for license for ordina
n ?? were severally acted upon as follows
Jar. Kallenbsrger, granted; n. Becker, grant
W. Barrett, granted; L. Ebeling, granted;
^r'?- Siinerville, rejected; FideL Mayger, grant
* S banian We tgrantjd; Wm fclinklcr.to
ll rmann Renner, rejected; Geo. Dusch,
P?"V: Jno R#mwr ..in l.j I I Hm Vllllll
: granted; P. Huth, granted;. J. Henry Kurt*,
[granted; CI. W. KckK*rdt, granted; Jno Alnirk,
rejected; F. Mast, granted. .!
License for an auction room was granted to
Geo. E. Wickhain.
The petition of Jj SI. Bucrsncr, after a short
discussion, was referretl to the committee on Pe
titions and Remonstrance?.
Petition of Thos. H. Gibson?rejected.
Petition of Chaj. nulloclc, refd to committeo
on Petitions and Remonstrances.
Bill of T. Gorrall, paid.
Petition of John Voglernnd others, for dis
crimination in beer taxes. Laid upon the ta
A report was read, from the committee on
Streets and Alleys, with resolutions relative to
Zane street, the Zane street bridge, and JHigh
The matter of Zane street was referred to the
Street Commissioner, with directions to act im
The matter of the Zane street bridge was made
the subject of "considerable debate, after which
it was ordered that the Street Commissioner be
instructed to procure the new planking of the
bridge upon certain conditions.
The recommendations relative to High street
;.-crc laid on the tabic.
The Clerk was, on motion,' directed to re
quire the "Water Assessors to complete their re
Council adjourned.
EAD what has Wen accomplished by Prof. DcGrath'd
Electric Oil in Wheeling and vicinity :
J//*. J. C. Frttfi of Bridgeport. says that the Electric Oil
cured a Felon on his boy'* linger, in two application*. He
had not *lept for two nights previously, on account of the
Evert body in Wheeling knows "Lew. Boon", the driver of
Lewis* St. Clalrsville omnibus! lie that one applica
tion or the "Electric Oil'* took all the pain and stiffness out
of his wife's hand, which she had been unable to open or shut
or use in any way, for years. She near uses her hand freely,
and without pain.
fSTBoon can be seen at the Monroe House every day.
A gentleman In North Wheeling savs, that he has been suf
fering for several months with a pain in his breast and side,
and has not been able to work since last August. On Satur
day he bought a l?<>ttl?: of the "Electric Oil" and used It, and
to li!s entire relief. On Monday he expressed himself as free
from ail pain, and ready to go to work.
Jfore Cure* ?which we have not room for
now. Ask your neighbors about the Electric Oil.
See the Circular*..
Principal Office, S9 South 9th st., Pldla.
For sale, wholesale aud retail, by
ap* T. II. LOGAN t CO.
"IT'E wish to employ a first rate sab-stnan, who Is thorough
TV acquainted with the Dry Goods Business.
Application in person would be preferable with references,
I EXPECT to 1* at the Spring House until Tuesday next,
to srive adviceta those who are afflictcd with Scrofula,
Tetter. KO'Sipffclf, Scald Head, Rheumatism, and other d is
eiincSyj'ree qf charge* and to learn a few persons the way to
make these compounds, aud the way ill which to give them
to the afflicted, for a reasonable sum. It i-< half a century
since I discovered that there was great value iu vegetables.
I wonld say to the afflicted that my Syru|i* have saved valu
able live*, when all othi?r remedies had failed. -The afflicted
can be fully satisfied, by the best of totiaoay, of the efll
ciencv of my treatment of diseases.
iny2-lt of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ambrotypes &. Daeuerreotypes
THE sub?eri!?er, at his ol<i stand on Monroe street, is daily
producing Ambrotypis. which are taking the place of
Daguerreotype*. For proof of the fineucss of tone and su
perior fiubh of his pictures, he solicit! the examination of a
discerning public. He would invite particular attention tohis
Also?to LockcU and Pins ?nadeexpressly for this new style
of work.
As these pictires can be taken In from one to five seconds,
the difficulties.-hitherto preventing accurate likenesses of
small children arealnio't entirely removed, (irony.* of per
sons, of different ages aud complexions, Ambiotvpcd with
out difficulty. PIrtur?-$ can copied by thi process so
they will remain unchanged for age*; all Ambrot/pes Iwring
rhemctlcnll.v ??-n!ed between two plates of glass, are warrant
ed never to fade.
Caution siiouM be observed agaiust pictures called Amhro
types, which are not properly so, helii* a single plate of gias.
aud liable to be defaced. A* ?lie facilities of the undersign
ed are coiintantly increasing, he will be prepared to make
Daguerreotypes at all prices.
Rooms at the old place until May 1st, when he will remove
to his new and spacious establishment cost side of Main St.,
between Union and 3lf-nroe, which will be one of the best
arranged establishments in the country. The entire length
of the rooms, feet. No pains or expense will be spared
in the arrangement for producing superior work, and ensur
ing the comfort of visitors.
j) it ess noons.
J VST rtcelr.'d at W. D. MOTTE* BP.O'S, a great variety of
Drew UoaiI.?, inch m?:
Fancy Dress Silks?latest styles;
Moire Antique Silks?less than the usual prices;
Plain Black " ?cheap;
Printed, Plain, Piaiil and J>tripe<I Iterates;
Flounced Dr<Me#?a choice variety;
Twisted Silks and Tissues?very pretty;
Plain all-vrool Declines?all shades;
Printed ami Plain Challlts?handsome and cheap;
French,Scotch and American L-iwns?beautiful;
English and French Caint*- ???ood assortment;
Satin Strlp-.-d and Plain Poplin*;
Plaid and Striped Dacalia*?a new article.
A full in?ort:n?*nt of material* for Chtldren'sDrcsses. opS
Bonnet Boxes.
DOZ. Bonnet Boxes Wholesale and retail at
Book and Yarletv S*ore,
?pi9 l-? Main St.
Worth of Farms and Building
N the /7?jId Ii+tjlon of Virginia, to be divided amongst
sabcrilicn on the
for Mie benefit of the Port Royal Ft mule Academy. Sub
scriptions ONLY flit EACH?one half down, the rest on de
livery of the I)ten. K%-ery subscriber will *rt a Building
Lot or a Farm, ranging in valne from $10 to $25,o?H?. These
Farm* and Lots are sold so cheap to induce settlements, a
sufficient nnmtier being reserved, the increase in the value
of which will compensate tot the apparent low price uow
MORE AGNTS AHE WANTED to obtain subscribers, to
j whorn the tuojt liberal inducements will be piven. For full
particulars, subicriptioos^agcncie.-s Ac., apply to
my 1 Port Royal, Ta
New Grocery.
THE subscriber has taken the storehouse lately occupied
by Slorrbou, William* A Co. on Market street, second
i door below Union, a litre he has o|*. ncd an entirely fresh
i tftock of FAMILY GROCERIES; every article of the best
j quality, carefully Selected, and furchosed with cash; con
j sisiing in part of the following ait icles, vi*:
I lUfiiietl Sugars, Loaf, Crushed ami Powdered New Or
leans Sujrar:
Coffee. Uioand Java.
Teas, best Gunpowder, Hyson, Skin and Black Chulau
auJ Oulontr.
Golden Syrup and New Orleans Mvlnsscs.
Nutmegs, Cloves, and all the Spices jjeneraBy used.
Fancy and Common Soap, Camlles, Starch and Ricc.
Bacon, Hants, (tried Bet-f, Fatuily Flour, Ac. Ac.
Tu which he invites the attrition of the citizens of Wheel
ing, aud others wanting such articles.
3iay 1.1S5&. my2-2tn
TUST rerelvcd, a fresh supply or Perfumery, consisting in
U part of?
Bear's Oil, Bear's Grease,
Rose Hair Oil, Ox Marrow,
Jenny LInd Pomade, Comjiound Ox Marrow,
Lyon's Kathairon, Ac., Ac.,
RonewlV Eau Lust rale Tonbjnc,
for the giucth and preservation of the lialr.
Aromatic Vlnepar,
an excellent article for headache.
Brush, Variety and Toy Store,
ap23 l<i9 Main street.
[Times A Argus copy]
T*REBLE EXTRACTS for the Handkerchief?ue fol
Jl lows:?
Jasetninc, Rose, Patchauly,
Jockcy Club, Upper Ten, Orange Flowers,
Ac., Ac., A<*.,
T??otIi Pastes and Powders,
3Iecn Fun, IJly White, Rouse Powder,
Chalk Balls, Up Salves, Ac.
Baxins, Barlter, Honey, Poncine, Rose, Brown, Windsor
and Palm Soaps.
And uiany other kinds too numerous to mention, at
Brush, Variety and Toy Store,
ap23 lu9 Main street.
[Tluics and Argus copy.]
I SSI ALL cask of fine Port Wine, for the sick?pronounc
^ V ed first rate by good judges.
For sale by
a 10 T. IT. LOGAN A CO.
,ifnMaclii?>ett? Maekerel.
KAA BBMi No 3 Medium,
t)UU *? ?*bMs N. -J "
bbls No 1 For sale low bt
a pi 6 ) GREER A Co.
ZL 4 :n BEEF TONGUES, a prime article. In store and j
OUU for sale by
mh19 No. 4? Main street.
JUST RECEIVED ?a lar^e lot of J
White and
Silk and
^ Cotton Hose, at
FISHER'S Book and Variety Store,
apSO No. BJ5 Main street.
warns shirts.
IriATK Jnit recelre<l thin dir. by Exprca, a larye lot of
tlinse One Patent Sbould.r Beam Sitru, at So i Wathlof
ton Hall.
?pSj J- n. STALLMAN*.
T APIE8 and Gents Doe and Kid Gaurtl ts. just received
ap$> Book and Variety 8tore.
Dl?LS Glut, In *tor? and to arrive, for sale hjr
?? ? - ... - , ...
* 'WxsumcrrO^ Mny -2.
Senate.?Mr. Bmjaman addressed the Ser
ate at considerable length on Kansas affair*.?
He said: "Three times within the short history of
th^ Republic, had its internal peace been ihir
periled, and each time the disturbing dement
had the same effect. When in 1854 it was fi
nally agreed to repeal in terms that, which for
more than a quarter of a century had ceased to
have any active effect, that was used as aground
for vituperation towards the South. She was
accused of violating her plighted faith with very
much the same regard to truth as that which"
we recently observed here in the mandacious
tales in regard to Kansas affairs. The seeking
for compromises other than thbse in the
Constitution was a mistaken policy on the part
of the South?and thank Heaven, the South has
at length become aware of her error?she has
no longer any compromises to offer or accept.?
She will adhere to the Constitution, and then if
its provisions be violated to her injury she wi.l
calmyand resolutely withdraw from the com
pact all obligations of wjiicHv she is expected
scrupulously to fulfil, and from all the benefits
in which she is so ignominiotislv repulsed.?
The crusade against slavery on the part of the
North is merely a struggle for'the power. They
have been so persistently led by perversion to
truth as to induce them almost to hate the South
ern white man and love the black in preference."
In condemning the American party he remark
ed that it was now power!es for.ought but mis
chief The contest now being narrowed down
between the latter and the Democracy, and the
Whig party being extinct, he declared his pur
pose to join the .Democratic party and use hi.-,
utmost efforts to insure its success. Following
the example of better and abler men than him
self, he predicted that in its triumph the Consti
tution would be secured, good feeling restored,
intolerence rebuked, equality of States main
tained, the national corner stone of our Govern
ment fabric preserved in tact and peace and hap
piness smile upon the land.
Mr. Cass complimented Mr. Benjaman, saying
that the sentiments just uttered ought to tind ;?
response in every patriotic heart- His ob
ject in rising was to say to his friend of Missis
sippi that Brown has assailed the squatter sover
eignty of his old friend (laughter) and several of
Brown''sscattSTng weapons had hit him. (Laugh
ter.) This squatter sovereignty he called right
self government It was dear to our fathers of
*7t?, and dear to their decendents of MR. and he
wanted to rescue it from the misrepresentations
cast upon it and asked the lioor on Thursday ,
for that purpose. (Cries of agreed, agreed.)
Mr. Seward in replying to part of .Mr. Uenja
man's remarks affecting himself, said that the
gentleman might have defended his own parti
san history and future course without bringing
him before the Senate and country. Seven years
ago, when he entered the Senate, ^being aware
that every word he said here was recorded at
the exf c lseof seven dollars and a half a column,
he had announced that on no occasion and un
der no circumstances should any member draw
from him a statement or words by which inde
pendently of the measures he maintained or de
fended, it could be known whether he was a
Wliig^ Democrat oir Abolitionist, or belonged to
anyone party or aiother. He thought it un
dignified thus to elevate a party and give it a
p!ace in the history of the Senate, lie had not
risen to asign the objects or purposes of his pub
lic actions. They explain themselves?if they
do not he was willing to re>t under all the re
proach which posterity might cast upon him
Mr. Hale alluded to what he said were grossly
personal attacks upon him in Clay's speech, ami
remarked that he had but one word to submit in
reply?that it will take something beside malfe
nity to redeem imbecility from contempt.
Mr. Clay sprang to his feet much excited, an 1
said: 1 defy the Senator's malice as much as J
condemn his baseness. Xo man shall assail my
rights or chase my constituents, and escape the
responsibility by skulking behind the plea of
non-combatancy. If he had been animated by
those heroic -feelings which lie professes, he
would not come upon this floor and under pro
tection of its rules seek immunity for his inso
lence. I know he is pleased by this attention.
There are those of his class, who. like the Lon
don attorney, Mark Meddler, in the play, are am
bitious of a kick. (Sensation.)
He concluded by remarking that ho had noth
ing more to say to that Senator,having twice de
clined his acquaintance. 11c Asked that patience
of the Senate for consuming so much time
about a Senator wlso soils the carpet on which
he treads.
Mr. Hale replied lie had never songht an in
troduction to him hut once, and that was on pro
fessional business.
Mr Clay thought he shonhl not suffer in aeon
(lict with a man who had repeatedly eaten his own
Mr. Hale replied, that if he did cat his words
he would have a more palatable meal than the
Senator from Alabama, if he should undertake
to eat his. (Laughter.)
House.?Mr. Ritchie presented a memorial
from Judge Irvin, of Penn'a, in response to tm
charges of the Pittsburgh bar against his official
conduct, and asking for a bill for foil investiga
tion. Referred to the Judiciary committee.
The House then proceeded to the considers
tion of the private calender.
The House passed 13 private bills and then
May 3.?The President sent a message into
Congress yesterday enclosing the correspondence
of the Postmaster General with the Panama
K. R. Co., relative to the compensation for car
rying the mails, the latter claiming a greater
rate than has been hitherto allowed, The De
partment offered 18 cts.* per pound, .but the
Company?insist on 22, which would make for
the year ending in March last, nearly {?I33,0f;0.
The Postmaster General says he mu.'t unwilling
ly yield to this unjust demand rather than risk
the consequerces which might -follow the cse*
cution of die Co.'s threat of throwing down the
contract for carrying the mails. The Post en
dorses the Postmaster's recommendation, that
he had better be authorized to contract with
the Co. for the conveyance of the mails across
the Tsthmus at a price not exceeding' $.10,000
per annum, and a!so for a semi-monthly convey
ance of mails from New York and New Orleans
to San Francisco, via Nicaragua, alternately at
regular intervals, with the present line via Pa
The total number of land warrants Issued un
der the law of March, 1855, is about 127 thou
saud, requiring 15 million ncrc*. The number
of claims is 245.700. Upwards of 14 thousand
warrants, for 1,700,000 acres, were issued iu
A communication from the State Depnrtineut
to the House, in repty to a resolution, says that
the Georgiana and Susan land eases, with others
for indemnity from Spain, are still subject-? of
Springfield, III., May 1st?The Democratic
State Convention to-tlny nominated Win. A.
Richardson, of Adam* county, for < Jovemor ;
R. J.Hamilton, of Cook county, for Lieutenant
Governor; W. II. Snyder, of SL Clair, ft>rScc'y
of State; John Moore, of McClain, for Treasu
rer; and Saml R. Casey, <?f Franklin county, for
Washington, May 3?The alleged wcll^found
ed rumor, published in the Washington Sentinel
of this morning, tliat Pres't Pierce will decline
the use of his name at the Presidential nomina
ting Convention, Is entirely destitute of founda
New Your, May 3?The steamer Araira sail
ed at noon, for Havre, taking out about $750,000
in specie.
New York, May 3d.?The 'Government stea
mer Corwln, from Key West, arrived thisinorn
Cincinnati, May 3.?River fallen 4 inchos.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Pittsburgh, May 3.?River at-8 feet 8 inches.
Weather cloudy, cool and damp.
ri .'JVArV'r.. - --..-V-^'"?^ i.V
Baltimore, >fty adi?The Southern mails
bring us New Orleans papers of Sunday.
("iscisNATi, May 3.?Flour quiet at $5 fur
comiuon brands. Provisions,1 advices from
New York have depressed the market. Whis
ky 1!>!. Groceries unchanged.
Mat 3.?Cotton heavy, prices declined }
with. sales 1CU0 bales. Orleans middling 11;
Upland 10 3-4.
Flour firm, salts of J'.CCObbls. licit firm,
sales of 10,000 bush. Com improving, sales at
HI f.<-.- western mixed. Pork drooping, rales
at 13,7oa 1:) for western mess. Beeflirm. Lard
firm. Whisky firm, siil-s of -150 bbls. Cotfee
dull at 11 .>-8. Sugar dull, sales of Orleans at
7aS. Molasses firm. Huron soiree and firm,
sales of casks at 10:1-1. Butter lower.
.Stocks higher. Cumberland Coal Co. 23 5-8.
\. Y. Ccnt'l 03 3-1. Heading !>0 1-4. Virginia
(i's 0-15-S. Missouri 6's 86.
in&oji-i - i < t. (jumkajs j.
C \sn C?m.t $747,972 44
Liabilities. $53,6n 66
TIIIS Company is owned and managed bjr some of the
?valtlii^t and best merchants In the city of New Yo.-k.??
For particulars cuquire of W. P. PETERSON,
JtiS A rent for Wheeling and vicinity.
Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
rxcoi:poua ted. ma r, isi?.
ONI! ul the oldest and.hot Institutions in tlJs country,
coutinuc* to tuk;- risVs upon the moat favorable tcru.s.
?Apply to
apl2 for Wheeling ami vicinity.
AL'TUURIZEU CAPITA (? fj.000,000.
Available Capital 31,284,300.
TAKE any and all fair Fire Risks at n reasonable
l,-;?--.-. arc adjusted and promptly paid without reference
to Loudon.
For further particulars enquire of
\VM. F. 1'ETERSON, Agent
for Wheeling and vicinity.
OFFICH next door to the M. & M. Bank. nihil
Valley of Virginia
I'll:?: a xu maiuxe jxsuraxcis company.
XVm. T. Sciby, Agent at Wheeling.
OFFICE?at the store cf T.diant & Dclaplain, Malnstreet,
l-t :?eeu Monroe and f?tuucy streets; are prepared to
take Risk- ?*t customary tatc? ou Goods in transitu, Steuux
boats, a:or*.?, InveUinv--'. ic.
j. ii. Baker, Tallaut k Delaplaln,
T.i ?. II. Lbt, It. Lamb,
Norton,- Acheron & Co. G. Wurdinan,
S. Brady, S. C. Raker k Co.,
L-t ? Howell, U. W. ilciskeli k Co.,
_-?cptl )i
incorporated 1S01.
TAKES risks atthel.?u? ?t r.?trs on Buildings of'all l?tnds,
. boat-*, Furniture anil Merchandise, and against ail
?lar.Kcrs attending the Tr??nsi?ortatiou of Goods on rivers,
SCa-,kt ?. canal? aud railroads.
R. Craiwl", S. Bradv, Rob't Morrison
S-?in*l Ned, Win. Fleming, J.W.Gill,
Lamb, Robt I'attersr.n, Sand. Ott.
R. W. HaRMXC, Sec'y.
i 5"". . licationsfor Insurance will be promptly attended
to It ti - 5?-.?evident and Secretitry.
Win- lit '?..I.iii. I-'-'..
~ koTiue.
I> IS MSf 32 S FT "1>NS carefully compounded at all
h'-*:rs?either liny ?>?? S'irjht?at
J. U. VOiVELLV, Monroe St.
jn?T Sign of Red Mortar.
flllE Subscriber takes tli:.* method of informing his custo
X mer? and tiie public, that he is prepared to furnish, as
herctof?.r. . t.? aii who desire it, good Ice during the summer.
Ills lev i.s??f the tlnrf t quality and the supply ample for two
ye:?r<, >hould summer last ?o Ion?, #o that consumers uced
"n?>t fear a lack of plenty. ?!;> carts will be out In a day or
t'.ro a'ni iee nill 1??; furnished daily at such price and in such
quanta!-* as may be desired. He is satistled to let the pub
lic ju!--- i.t the <|txajSty of bis ice after triaL
Silks and Shawls.
A| A WORTH of Silks and Shawls, embracing
O ll/^\ l\ f\ r (wc believe) tlie largest stock, the best va
Varicty, and the cheap^t Silli* and Shawls ever hroucht to
Wii? since we h:iv?'been in the trade, and ?uitubl?: to
persons in any station in life.
1': S:!\? as low :)1 ots. Rcautiful black Brocade do,
?v2 in. . v i le, at |i/> ?, worth
A full-stock Crap-.? and Stelhi Shan Is, very desirable and
cheap;?atid 2d0 Mantillas, some of them very rich and de
Trhnminrs the most desirable style?anew variety.
O.ir stock ??f Silks. CanllUs,Tissues, Bareges, Grenadines,
Ar.- -r.t.ni .v *. make a wliol.' of fully 5%>,0WI yds.
T.:.> i.i-: .? .i.-i -stock, tozetln-r with tiie fact that we buy
mostly with cu*h, luakethe '? Beehive Store"* most desirable
sti?re at ??!dch to bay Goods.
C*?-'?-.* and see for \ ourselves.
>? ] y> STONE 4 THOMAS.
~ r.KLS. Idnseed oil, just received bv
-) 1 I.AUUUHX3 A nCSlinEI-D'S.
'TEN bids. Spts. Turpentine at
| CAcII Potash, superior article.
!-" URLS. Aicoholi'9S find 7?1 p?rr ct. for aale t>\
? ) a J."-J L.VlTGIILINS * It L'gH FIELD.
1BBL. Iron Varnish, a prime article for sale by
a ?: L.vrt.HLINS k RC^IIFIELD.
- l.l.l.r- ? V iiis*. ??-?? sale t?.
? I.llS German Plk L- a l, superior, at
EN UtiLS. ICjtlllicri U:l, ju/t rcctiv?<i b>
BOXES Cuntile Seap, genuine, for sale bv
< UBi.. U.nuar Varni.-n, tor saie l??
? > GROSS Bath Br.ck. for sale bv
|00 LU3. Tart. Acid. for -.nlf by
T ap# t
1' V \t X * clJu? ucJiw. i>l JUtu rior uualit . for sale by
V>i .1 I I LATCIIUN3 .t IU jliriKI.0.
\ 5* CA^IvSSal SoJai'-jUat rcccivcd bv
! I/\ MiKoii'iilijackin'.', fresh for sale lowbv
BBLi*. Lampbluc*, at
LI1S. Chrome Yellow, Ju?t received by
- i *i V LH>. Chrome Urcin. prime nurtl:tv, just received by
? )'|U I.AL-lilU.tSSt HI.-HFIKI.il.
? hi'ULSU fc AWJrtlOM JbOKllA'lS.
'"TMIK subscriber has on hand and is manufacturing a large
.1. assortment of !l?*ts, i>f the lat. st an*! mn?t approved
; I? s, which cannot !?- iurp;u!?tit for lightness, beauty and
A l-ir-'e assortment of B!ac'-i, Brown, Clnr* t and Pearl col
j orr-5 Soft 1I4M of every grade; together with a large a-ssort
| nicnt of nam's, jrouth's and children's Cap*, Wholesale and
I Retail, to which the attention of our patron* and the public
I is ' it. ciallv invite*!.
N. It.?lint* made to Conformature measure, warranted
j an easy fit, at shortest notice.
| - ?ft3 j
rpn!: a
JL callo
ICE; I015 !! ICIO!!!
, rP!IK 5i;'i -crilter ?>t now prepared to deliver ice to the citl
: I i ???.? of Wheeling generally. His Ice was put up above
! Fulton, :;t ll?e Three M:Ie House, formerly occupied by F. B.
i !i>?rnbro?>k? and is perfectlv fr?.-e from dirt. He Intends to
f ?!? !i? t_r ft himself, assisted by h!* aon, so that hi* customers
1 n'll be attended to.
it; >3-itf VOLXEY WARD.
rT',IlE Annual Election for nine Director* of the Wheeling
JL .-.i vui,-> in?t'.tnt;on, to serve lor the ensuing year. *111
?k held at the Office of -aid Institution on Monday, tbo 5th
cf M i ? .bttoeeu Uie hour , or lu and 2 o'clock.
aj.^2 Treasurer.
_ TTl B
Adams Express Company's Lines
attention of Shippers abd Merchants generally, Is
_ . cd io the a hot. sufc and speedy mode of forwarding
GooJ- via Central Ohio Railroad.
Fr. Ipld delivered at our Office bcfo.c 0 A. M.t will be for
wnrded same day to ullstalfba* ou the above Bond; also, to
all point* ou Ihe Cincinnati and Wilmington Road, through
to Cincinnati.
Mone.t. Valuables, and frclxh'tof all kinds, forwarded with
dispatch, ami at ?ati:f?clury ratep.
N. I'IGMAN, Agent,
McLure House.
A: ril ? ?pgg:tm
Mrs. -UOizabetn. Key
RESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies, and public in gene
ral. ?'f Wheeling and vicinity, that she has taken the
Sto.-c :.ud K?oros, No. 1 >2 Main street, a few doors south of
the Monroe House and next door to Turner's Jewelry Store,
fnr the j.nrpo-eof carrying on the Millinery business in all
its branchr a.
The public are invited to call and examine her splendid as
sortment of new Pari* 6t>l?*s of Bonnets, of different varie
ties, together with hrrm?u manufacture, at her Rooms, on
Thursday next, April 1-th. Also a fine display of Ribbons,
Cni*. Head Dreise*, LaceS, Jbc.
This being Mrs. Ke>'s tirst opening here, she will be pleas
ed to have her selection examfm d.
LadU-f. don't forget NUMBER 182 Main si.
apStlmd Wheeling, Ta.
<*onartli1nuS:etr in IVbeeling,
Jcst received,
1 tilt Ouier Pa?Iu?, a South American Cigar,
1.VHI Young America,
??' Hhi *'Ior Cabana,
I?i U*-?na,
2yC-i) Eitrrila.
2j0y La Mararillo,
In a.Mltien to large lot of fine cigars always kept on hand
and soli low for cash at So. 163 Main St.
Sign of the Grand Turk,
apl9 Vm. TAYLOR.
RECEIVED this day, an assortment of Hungarian Hats,
ar a variety of colors and .shapes.
?pl3 *53 8. D. HARPER A SON.
_ ? *_ ?*-'? -;
* ' - ? ' ; ^ ?. ' ? ? !
1856 - - - 1856 - - - - 1856
B E E II I Y E_ S TORE ! i
r r* A KE pleasure in notifying the put-He that tber are now In receipt of a full stock of ?
suitable for the S1?KINQ and SUMMER TRADE.
Th*y have taken jrr'eil pn:u3 in sbfccting tliCjt stock* to nta!*} It tittirtlU untl inrifirtff. Maying largely with the
of the Importers. and often of the New York Anctloajxlwn p&orts are sold hr the package, or In lar^c quantities
direct from the Vessels In which they are imported, they are often able to bay at much less than the" Importers can sell,
themselves, aud they hesitate not io say they can o!f?r lH(fur+iH&itt*excelled by no llonse In the West.
Their stock of 6001(5 i< truly mu *h larger than they ever before offered to the Trade. To make room
for thelr'stock they are oMijrcd to occupy ?Hare?-store rooms, each TO feet deep. -
Particular attention J- iuriteil to their ?twk of Silk* ami Shawls, which alontr are worth more than $10,000?and 1* be
lieved to 1?e by fair the largest, richest, as well as cheapest ever ofltrwl in the clt?% since they have been in the trade.?
This;-, with their #toct of 'Grenadine*. Challics,' Argentine#, Tissues, i(obf?, and Indies Dress Hoods in every vnriily end
suitable for'iuiy lady hi the'land, make their stock one of the most desirable and inviting to the trade ever offered in the '
Their stock of Damestie?r*i? more than treM-, and their entire stock double., anv hthar slia'lar lfou*t in the city, and,
notnithsUtiidiiit: thci-Ke oiui cry now trying to b? j?ot up about the rttiA fyriacip!* ontjfi they pledge the publlcthat they
will sell upon rhrir former terms, vix: t '?i, or Short Ofeiit to prompt m^n (few others nave we had and uoue othersncvd- ?
apply). as low, if-not a ?liade.lo tcr t.'uiu any house ;u Wiureliux that pay for their G?>ods.
Tuey Invite tho attmtiou of the . *
or good trade of any kind?and assure ih'e public that, if an immense stock, /ofc "//??f.v<'?commodat!oe clerks (speaking
both German and K.itdlshl. and prompt and fair de ilin?, will hare any weight,- the "UUEiil VK STORK" will maintain it*
already Weil earned stamlin?r, of beinj V.itjocarlie hints* icJth tA* MuHtiadi.?for FAIR DEALING AND GOOD IlAtt
?W*t.ao.la*ent ancwhere ia the cite freeof charge. ap25
Chango of Schedule.
|g^~LW3 gljgt g3s?J ~
TaASSPORraik?s Orrics B. k O. K. R. *
\V,tefli?y Station, Ftb.tfth, 1336. f
OX and after Monday the liitli lust., the Passenger Trains
(express and accommodation) will leave this station daily at
4:2 ? i\ M. and 7:15 A. M.
The Express Train leaves at4:20 P. 51. and will onlr stop at
the following stations: Beuwoad^ Moaudsvdle, Cameron,
Fairmont. P?-tterinHn.Neuba/g, Kotflesburg, H.crtmont,Cum
berland. Sir John's Ran, Martlnsburg, Harper?* Fciry, Mon
ocacy, J* .'bcSTiUc and Washington Junction.
The Wheclins and Cumberland Accommodation Train will
leave daily (except Suniia> M at 7:15. A. M.. and arrive# at
Cumberland at tl:4?? I'. 51. Leaves rlan-lat 5:15 A. 31.
and arrives at Wheeling fit 4:&), P. M.
fgTThe Mall Train tvili bo discontinued until farther n?
By order of
W. S. WOODSIDE, Superintendent.
fell * J.R. FUitD, Agent.
The Adams Express Company.
N'ctr l'orli, & ISulliuiore
'piIE Atlanui Express Company, for the safe and speedy
A. conveyance of
In charge of our own special messengers, is the only reliable
lint- to nnJ from Wheeling (by Railroad direct,) to Ne.r York,
Philadelphia, llalthnore, Boston, Washington City".
Al-SO?via Central Ohio Railroad to Z:i v. grille, Columbus,
Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis. Chicago and St. Louis.
Expresses ienve Via Unit. .4 Ohio Rnilroaa at 4W o'clk, P.
M.. Central O'u'o Railroad at 5 o'clock, P. M.
For Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo, and Northern Ohio at 7
o'clock. A. M.
J-#"*Butter. Poultry, Produce of :;!l kinds, delivered in six
teen hours to lialtimorc. N. PKJMAN. Agent,
ag25 Adams Express Co.
CliaKSe of Tim*!
Wheeling and Pittsburgh.
TI1E fine sMc ?h.-vl \
mjrer steamer FORE5ST Cl
T i", Capt. Geo. I). Moore,ami
IDtURNL.Capt. AsaShiphordw
will runoa.ly between Whetdmif and Pittsburg?ttit Forest
City leaving Whueli.Jjr every .Monday, Wednesday .and Fri
day; and the Diurnal every TuL'.^Jity, Thursday and Sa:urday
at 7 A. M., arriving at Well^ville in time to conncct with the
Cleveland cars, and at Pittsburgh in time for the- morning
line East. Returning?the Forest City lerve* Pittsburgh ev
ery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,and the Diurnal every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday ;-.t 1? M.; arriving at
Wheeling ht time for the mail linen Tor Ohio.
For freight or passage apply on l>r.ard or to
S. O; BAKER .i CO. Agents.
t2Ef"Throiij;hTickets for Cleveland, Toledo, Monroe. De
troit; Milwaukee, Chicago, Buffalo and Dunkirk, sold at the
oflice of S. ('. llaker ? Co tb5
wiu'.kunc, VA.
Wharf Ront ai the foot fif j!o:iror rttrcci
Will attend to the rt-vci*. ir.g u;.d d'.Ilvcrins of freight^ and
the collection of freight b;U-.
Freight for all the regular packets will be received free ol
eharg*.-. nvl2?tf
John-C. Isham and Janus F. In-r'j
partners under the firm of I?h- | On a lib* I In a cause of
am and Fisher j contract eivi and marl
vs. '? time. In the United States
The Steamboat Thomas Sxann, {Staus District Court for
her tackle. appar<J, and furni- | the Western District of
ture ) Virginia.
The parties above named, and all others interested, are
her?by notified that, purs:;:\:.t to :? deer* v of the United
States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, In
a suit in admiralty made in trie above named cause, 1 shall
proceed upon the Hist day of May next, at my cilice in the
city r.f Wheeling, to take testimony and r? pert to Court
what is due. If-anything, t-? th ? libellants in the above named
cause, by reason of the matter-* aliened in said libel; also,
vhat other claims exist again-; the said boat, her tackle, ap
parel and furniture,or against the corporation by ihe name
?if "th<- Thomas Swann" and the a-ii-mnt thereof respective
ly, and t!?eir e:T?*t, stat- and prioi-lties li- ;?s, and all other
matters by me deemed pertinent or specially required by tin
flp29:'*-'d Commissioner.
A. J. Hcrron Deputy &o. i In Chancers in
vs. v Ohio Circuit Court
John Gay and other*. S of Virginia.
The defendants will take notice that the plantiir *^?11 pro
eeed on Friday the S th of Ma 1 -?."?*?. at the residence of Jatm>
S. Porter, in Hancock count Virginia, to take the depositions
of James Campbi !1 :tn?I oth. r.5 to !>?.- read on- hia K half at
the trial of the above cau.-'e, and If the said depositions ar?
jot taken and com pi. ted on that dav L'se taking will be con
tinued from da\ to ?lay until completed.
Bj. J. II. Pendi.etox,
ap25 his Attorney.
Isaac Cooper, J la Clnr.c^fy in Ohio
VS. >C reuit Court in th?
John Gay. \ State of Virginia.
The di feiide-nt * w!5l take notice that :i?*? plain;:(T xti'.l pro
ceed on Frldnv the 8* t!i o! M.iv I nh!, at the ??evidence of James
S. Porter in Hancock county VIr it.la, to take the ?lepositlon?
of Janus CamplK-ll and others. t?l>. r?a?l on his beh<tlf at the
trial of the above ease and if the sal.I deposition?- nre not
taken and competed on t!:a? '"a*.- the taking v. ill be eoutinucd
from day to dav until con j-b ted.
By J. H. Pknoletox,
SAVEttY has on hand.and Is manufacturing Hats of the
? Spring ?t.? le, which for neatness, durability and fine
ncss, cannot In.- surpass*'!. (Icn^ucR are requested to cal
and examine for them?t lvc?.
pyilati made to order at the shortest notice.
AI*o?a lartre assortment of Hats and Caps, of all de
scription* now in use.
No*. 146 and MS Main st., \Thccllng, Va.
.ftlfi H. AVFRY.
Shipping Furs Wanted.
"1 ASIl trill be {Mid for?
J 2?V?O0 raccoon Skins;
??S<KjO Jictl Fox 44
2i?,ow> Urcy Fox 44
90.ft? Mink "
2?>,Qflf. Y.'iid Cat "
Opos?um 44
1d,f*o maskrat 44
liVXM I>. ?r
S. AYEHY, Nos 116 and I IS.
decSl:?iaw J/frin Street* Wheeling.
I*erd Mw?et rotaiom
JUST rcceircd liH) bushclsSced Sweet Potatoes,
50 44 Onion Sa ts
aplS Market Square.
Black, vthite, ana
Colored Kid Gloves, N. B. T. make.
ALSO?Silk, Cotton, Lisle Thread, all colors, for Ladle*,
Gentlemen and Children.
. apS So. U9 Main street.
Catherine Cox assignee ., i ?
vs. >0!iio County V??
John Farmer and Thomas F irmer <t*c.,) Circuit court.
The defendants will takr notice that bn Thursday* the 25th
day ..r May 1S*fi; I will proceed at thtj.oftice ??f ?' II. Pcudle*
toninth;* city of Wheeling, State of Vireinla, to take deno
sitlous of Alonzo I.orlng and others t?? b_* ??? ad on iny behalf
;?t th?* trial of the al?nv?: ca'uae and If the sai.t depositions arc
not taken and coa>| lvted <>n that day the taking trill be'eon
tinned trom day to day until couiplricd.
By J. II. Pkxpletos,
nr.2? It.-r Attorney.
- "s: AVERY
on h?nd, and Is manufacturing and recvir- cjg.
T?^'r-ri one of the largest assortments of ?Sr
, Ha la and Caps ^xS
Consisting of all the varieties iuhI colors no* In nse, allot
which will W sold at the lowest rates. >
N. I*.?Hat* made to order at the shortest notice.
S. AVERY, Main St., Nos. I War.d 14S,
splO-tf " Wheeling, V*.
C? OVSfSTlXG of all the finalities notv In use, cjtra super.
fine S. AVEHY,
sp 1m Nos 1-tf' and 145 Main n>
100:000 Bottle* Sold in One \ cnr.
j "VTOTHlNGln the market?nothing In the medical market
1.N for the past fifty yearsr has ever equaled, nor cau au
j article be produced equal to this
I Dr. Hosteller's preparation H not nn old granny's recipe,
i nor the m&ro experimental result of some Amateur Wiy?l
i dim's verbal investigation. It Is this r*?nli' of a profound
i and elaborate study of one of the most scientific clicuiisb of
the present century.
I?r. Hosteller submits his invaluable llltters to any qhemi
cal testis or what is still better, a personal trial upon your
own constitution. The true properties of these miters' will
be found by the first analysis, an?l the full force of their great
medicinal effect* will l>e uiade manifest in au almost incredi
i blv short space of time upon the system.
! Are yoa Dyspeptic? Then take thece celebrated Stomach
Are yon nilious? Try one bottle Of these Bitters, and be
f relieved at once.
Are you annoyed by indigestion? Remove the cause by the
, free use of these Bitters.
Have you Fever and Ague? How many thousands in the
West ami South have been cured of this constitution destroy
I ing disease, by the use of these Bitters.
All should try this great antidote. W* veuturc to affirm
that while Hostetter's Bitters are used, a case of fever and
ague cannot occur.
One wine glassful, taken three times a day before meals,
will be found a great Ionic agent, which all will appreciate
j when personally satisfied of the fact, as they will be by giv
! ing the Bitters one trial.
j There are other Bitters, represented to be the same, which
j are comparatively worthless. Our Bitters are without a
i rival for their medicinal qualities. They are put up in
j square bottles, containing a full quart with the directions on,
and "Dr. J. lAwtettei '* ?t</nuicA Jiitterg," blown on the,bot
tle. None other centime.
| fy Fot sai?* principal Dru?j$i.ts, Hotel Bars,
j Restaurants, and Dealers generally throughout the United
I States, and by
T. II. I.UGAN 4 CO.,
i Je22-lvdaw Wmfbllng.
o r
| Echt Jlnllamhch Kruidcn Bitters.
J 'l^WN YEARS have elapsed since the Introduction of this
: JL valuable medicine Into the Cnited States. During this
j time it has gained a universal popularity as a Remedy
j for
Fiterand Ague, Dy*pep*ia, Indigestion. Head ache x
Ja>** of Apj I>e.lHit)/. < 'oft ir Cut**,
Wind and J/ienfin'g I'M?*.
Many of our most worthy citizens testify to its wonderful
efficacy in all atfi ctions of the Stomach and Liver. As a
Tonic, It has.nev?-r been equrlvl. for the relief it affords in
a I! cases of dibllftv or weakness nf any kind Is almost In
stantaneous. In Nervou*, l!hcutuat;c and Neuralgic Affec
tions, it has In numerous instances proved highly beneficial,
j and in others effected a decided cure.
; When eminent physicians prescribe, and their patient#so
i unhesitatingly recommend, surely we may cease to doubt,
and eagerly test its virtues for ourselves.
A Ca*e of Eight JlnntA*' Standing Cured by Boerhhv*?*
Holland ffittern.?Michael Kelly, No 117 Grant, near Smith
field street, says:?"Last July, white running on the river, on
acottonbo.it plying between Natchez and New Orleans, I
was taken with Fever and Ague. For eight long months I
suffered with this dreadful disease. The greater part of this
time I was unable to work, and spent at hast fifty dollars
for different medicines, but I found no )>cruiuncut~ relief.?
Three weeks aco, one of my friends insi-ted upon my try
ing ?IJorrfiitct'* I/oliand Jiittertf saying that a rrure ira*
guaranteed. After trying it for only one week, I must
state 1 was a sound man. 1 have been at work now for
two weeks, and have had no return of the chilis and fever
I certify the above statement i ? true.
THOMAS ADAMS, Diamond House,
or at R. Outlet's, Gothic Hall.
Mr. S!ln' Lisoomb, of liiruitndtiiiu s?y?? 4*I have found In
Bo* rliave's Bitters a r>niv(lr for lirmtnclie and debility. My
wife has also used it with tin' greatest In nctit."
Mr. A. S. Nicholson, of Pittsburgh, hteo sn.v? lie has expa
rietict-d much relhf from jts use for headache.
A Hollander'* Te*fimon;/.?Jacob Rinslccs, living !n the
Holland settleiiucnt of Shsbo.-.pan, Wisisays: "After suffering
for sntne time the misery attending an utter prostration of
mind and body. I have been restored, by using Boet have's
Ititti-n. to perfect health."
The furt of this reined/ being in such high repute anion?
the Hollanders in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nor- York?in fact,
?n every Holland settlement in the United Ktutc*?argues in
its favor.
Mr. Johu Ha vidian, living ten miles above Pittsburgh, on
the Pennsylvania Canal, says: "When I commenced taking
Bocrhave's Holland Bitters, 1 could liaruly walk?now I en
joy excellent health."
Another great Cure effected ly Jhitr/m J/ollanil Bit
tern.?The wife of Peter I>e Witte, living in Holland Town,
Sheboygan county, Wiscousiu, sullen d very much from
weakness of the stomach and indigestion. She had been
under a physician's cure for 6ome time, hut the dlvrnic
seemed to bailie even his skill. She purchased ecme Hol
land Bitters at our odice, w hich have given tone to her sto
?uacii, her appetite and strength are returning, and we firm
ly believe that this is another great cure effected by your
We have still to record many wonderful cures effected by
this remedy, but uiuvt await another opportunity. Otic
thing you can rely upon, what we have published are from*
persons much respected to our community, and are literally
uue. J QUINT US,
E I!tor Sheboygan Nleuwbodc, Shebo.t gan, Wis.
A Cute of Tico JfoutA*'Xtunainu cured ly Hocrhare's
J/Mind Bitter*.?George Henderson, 01 Pittsburgh, says:
??Atter siuleriug for three months with rheumatism?a part
of tiie time so severely ?s to confine u;c to tny bid?I have
been entirely cured by the use of Boerhave's Holland Bit
ters. I have had one attack siuce, but fouud almost instan
taneous relief in the same medicine. It Is, in my opinion, a
sure remedy for rheumatism."
This changeable weather is likely to produce a great deal
of sickness. To persons troubled with nervous or rheumat
ic affections, we would recommend Boerh^vc'? Holland Bit
ters. On referring to our columns you will find certificates
from son:e of our first German and English 'citizens.?J'a.
Stunt* Zeitung.
Wc arc Rt liberty to refer to several well known geutle
inen, who have used, thoroughly tested, and now recom
mend Bocrhave's Holland Bitters as h remedy for Piles.?
Wc are not at liberty to publieh their naturs, "but will take
pleasure in referring nny person to them who denies this
For this affection, one half of the prescribed dose should he
taken?say A<i{?teaspoon ful?morning, noon and night, one
hour l>efoi-e meals.
The great popularity of this delightful Aroma has induced
many imitations, which the public ahonld gunrd against pur
chasing. lie nut persuaded to buy anything else until you
have given Bocrhave's Holland Bitters a fair trial. One bot
tie will convince y ou how Infinitely superior it is to all these
JS^SoId at $1 per bottle, or six bottles for the sole
proprietors, I
II Manufacturing Pharmaceutists and Chemists,
// cor Smithfield & Third sts, Pittsburgh.
Lnii^hiiunA Riisliflcld,
rah26:.!r?wly "Wholesale Druggist?, Wheeling, Va.
WM. BARRETT, Propretor.
THIS well known Hold has been newly rcnovatird, and
now furnishes the best of accommodations to travelers
and boarders
It is located near the centre of the city, opposite the Sns
Knslon Bridge, and only a few squares froui the Railroad
pots and Steamboat Banding.
Is attached to the House. Travelers and boarders may rest
assured that no pains wai be spared to add to thrir'co'tu
fort. * apSlstfdaw
YoiittX Lndic? Concert.
A CONCERT will be given in the Methodist Episcopal
Church in West Middletown, Pa., on Thursday evening
May, 3th, by the young ladies of Pleasant 11:11 Seminary.?
The proceetis of the Concert to be expended In purchasing
apparatus for the benefit of the Seminary.
Z3T~Admission cents. Concert to comtuencc at 8 o'clock.
West Middletown, Pa., April 29th, lag.
Bonnet Blocks
1D0Z. Bonnet Blocks of superior make ind latest snmmcr
style, just received. Also, a Rill variety of shapes, crowns,
stiapes for childrens hats, ruches, quillings, French dowers,
>prigs, buds and leaves, wreath?, blonde laces, Jtc. &c., Just
received. The attention of Milliners is parti eulSri^caRed to
our stock.
ap3l 2m daw STONE & THOMAS.
J5T/73 No! Mackerel, just received by
ZO apl6 J. R GREER k Co.
7~: ;v. ' J.*
New York ~Advel'tisfetrt?ntrtf;-?'~
? i.
Ar,BR?TO. IticiIAKtiSON?* > ( ?
Advertising abd Corresponding Office, "No.' 2C5 liroadwajr^
(apposite ihf P?rk.\ New York. 'r v''
DERBf Jt JACKSON, I-uWUhcn., . .
ap29-dawlw - ? XewYork.
|7*ASHI0NABLE Wedilior, Visitiug, Complimentary and
X Uu>ini-sa Curds, Notarial, Consular and Commercial seals? ?
and Seal Presses, Certificate or Stock, hihI Deposit, lUUs vf
Ladtug, and Exchange, Checks, l?rafts. Note# of llfcnd^JBUl'
Heads Circulars, Show Cards,'Labels Designing and Engbe?
vlng on Wood, add every variety of Engraving and Printing.
1*111 forward ?i?ecimen* by mall, (on ap|>licatuii, with P. O.
stamp.) Ordcr> by mail promptly attended to. : Tcriiw rea
sonable. Address \VM. N. DUSXKMV.
; juSOcdawSm .193 Broadway, cor. Ikystjy>Y.-,
Improved Artirtoial Teeth.
DR. J. ALLEN, !ate Profcttsor In the Ohio College ofDcB
tal Surgery, invito attention t? hU highly Improved
method of constructing Artificial Dentures, w hlch combine - .
the following advantages:
1. There arc no -ieRiu? or crevice* for the lodgment of food '
! to vitiate the fallen or infect the breath, as not even the -
1 slightest moisture can get between the teeth and-plair^
if. An Artiiicial (iiun, a hlch Is as fl rut and IndcstruetlWe as
1 the teeth, infused at a high beat betw een and around. tbvlr ;\>,
! whlcftlfnlte!* them toea'ch other arid to the |4atr upon '
which they are set. This sum imparts to UieUtlh that pe
! culiar expression and life-like appearance which characterise
i the natural organs.
| Great strength is obtaiuedby thus uniting the teeth . -
zum ami plate, aud no ordinary force of masticating, can 3
| break tiiem from their base.
I 4. A clear and distinct articulation of speech la restomT. ?. *
This important change Is effected by having the Inside or the
1 teeth and gum of a natural Term. To this form the tongue hi yr
readily adapted. This perRvt adaptation of the tongue to %
the denture, prevent* the hissing or muffled sounds In Speak- t
Ingor singing, so often observed in persons wcartn^arflir- , ^
clal teeth.
? 5. The natural forth and expression of the mouth and jfactirc.
can be restored, la caseswhefe they have become sunken.?- ,
This 1* done by means of additional attachment^ to Urn .
frame-work supporting the teeth. These attacldbent* ar*>iL
formed as to bring out the sunken portions, and sustain Uitrn
i in their proper position. They are covered with the abave
\ named gum compound, and become component parts of U10
denture, and whin rightly formed canuot be detected by the -(
closest observer. This method of restoring the cheeks to
their original fullness, and also the natural form and cxprte- 7
sloti of the mouth and lips, has been well tested, having been ?
made a special feature in the author'.* practice for several
years past. A variety of Photographic and Daguerreotype
Likenesses, whlc-h have licen taken of persons without this
improvement and also with It, can be seen at his office, *h'o* -
[ lug the great change in appearance which Is produced in the ^
: countenances of individual* now wearingdcuture&construct- . .
1 ed upon this principle, ? hich the public are invited to call
, and examine, together with other specimens of his work, not ..
i requiring the alwvc attachments.
| b. The plates usually employed for this work are platina, ..
I tlie purity of which prevent* even the slighust tarnish or un- ^
? pleasant taste in the mouth. In i>hort, this system eiubracis 4
? many new aud Imjtortant features, which are readily appre*'
j eiate?i by those wearing artificial dentures n|?on this pruicf
| pie. " With reference to the utility of this method, numL-ruua. %
testimonials cau l?c given from eiulntnt Dcutists In tlie vari- '
t?us parts of the Union, aud persons wearing tlie work In thl* ^
und other cities.
Dr. au.ks ha * arrangements by which he U enaWt d to .
?*erve persons from a distance, Immediately on arri>al??
[ thereby saving expense. 1/
J. ALLKN, Xo.tH) ?v>lil *trc*t,
Hlk York.
P. S.?Persons desiring any further Information In refer
ence to tlie above, will be furnished with pamphlets, free of
j postage, by sending a uotc with address to Dr. J. Aldkx.
1 jan!fl?:daw8m
! f CONTRAST the tluts brought out in the hair by Crlstado*
V. ro's matchlesa revitalizing llalr U.ve, and those produ*
! ccd by application of the burning ilulds ordinarily told as
i llair l>.?es, >ot? see at once that the color is natural hi one f
I ease, unnatural lu the other, and the simple reason la that -
? Crlsta^loro's is die only prepar.ttiou vluch by its exact che- -
j luteal combination operates on natural and Immutable prln> -
I rij.les. Made, sold and applied (in ten private rooms) at ?
( Crtetadoro's* t? Astor lloii?, broadway, N. Y. Also for
i ^a!e.:by.tthe Principal Druggists and Pctfumcrft throughout
- '? ,e country.
New 1*01 k Agents, W. II. COKY & CO.
fef?:lydaw HARD, CLOSK * CO.
jtojfjMtios'!* i'a raxT irJtJDifiOX
njenlitat the I< i j ing I'na !!
XT li a well known fact that meat btollcd is much more pal
atable, tender and healthful than when fried. All ?lleed .
.ueatn otn;hL to be broiled. The New Giidlrcn is a conve
nient it* the Frying Pan, and much more economical. Hav
ing a doiwiwr.nl draught. It takes all the smoke up chimney,
cooks the meat entirely through In Its own Julct-s, without
burning It, saves all the fat. reduces meat bills 23 per cent.,
and Can be used over a wood or coal fire.
Price for the round 10 In. diameter.. ......|9,nu
' " square 9 by 14 Inches.. .-,U5
* 44 oblong 7 by 16 4 2,U?
44 4 S by 19 4 i/*
? 44 4 9 br 21 4 S,h?~
We will stud by express, prepaid, one or more of these
?Ite? to any part of the United States, east of the Mississippi
(or not far wist of it) on receipt of the money.
gS^Money may be sent by mad, "registered," at our
?3C~Agt-ntii wanted In every county, town and city In the?
Union. Circulars, with full description, seut on application
"Amkuican 4 Funeius Patext Ackxct Co."
fel2:dawlr "9 Dnane-st.. New York. -
Series of School Geographies.
No. i7-_\ William Stkbkt, Kkw Yoac.
INTKODUCTOHV UEOOHAP1IV.?Adapted to thecapacl
ty of the young beginner. Care has been taken to avoid
everything which should he reserved for the more advanced
pupil. The maps have only the principal features delineated
and hence can be easily studied. The lessons are copiously
illustrated with appropriate engravings.
Modern School Ueography. Designed for that very largo
class of pupils in our schools who wish to learn the more Im
portant facts of Geography, but have not time to consult the"
more elaborate treatises.. In this book great pains have bted
taken, by coploui exhrciscs, to make the pupil thoroughly
acquainted nitlt the nittjt*, and iiunilllar with localities. It
also contains, in a condens? d form, all that is given In the
?'American School Geography," und i? a complete icorkin
American School Geography. An elaborate work, deslpn
? ed for pupils wbowteli to become fauillllar with the details
, of Geography. Tlie maps are full and reliable, according t<?
j recent surveys and explorations, and are engraved on steel,
I in the finest style of the art; the lessomt are suitably tllustra-.
j ted; and everything is embraced which should be found In
1 au advanced work upon Geography.
CiiACACTEKUTtes ok the Ma!>.?The maps of the entire ee
rie* are drawn upon a uniform system of scales, ?o that, by
comparing them, the relative size of the different Countrits
and States will be seen at a glance, This cannot be done
with any other geographies now lu use. Should you make the
trial, you will Dhd the map of the Eastern States upon one
icale; New York, etc. upon another; Virginia, a different and
smaller one still; Georgia, Florida, etc., another; and *0
| throughout the book?no too maps being ujKin exactly the
* same scale.
Outlines of physical Geography. Trcatingof the natural
divislous of the earth's surface. Its geological structure, of
winds, titles, currents, storms, volcanoee, earthquakes, *c.,
adapted to the school room.
SST'Teachers contemplating a change in geographies are
invited to correspond with tlie publishers. febSl?dJtw.
N. 1>. Dorsey,
or.vt.CR rjc
I II AVE just received another lot of Boots anil Shoe? from
the best Philadelphia manufacturers, made expressly tor
thi* trade, of good material and the best workmanship, and
1 ain now prepared to furnish any and everybody with any
kind of *!oods they may want in my line, from a 25centshoo
to a 10 dollar boot, and as to variety, style, quality, material,
and durability of workmanship, and prices, I cannot b? tur
passed by any other house In this or any other city.
Gents Boots and Shoes, of all kind*, styles and qualities,
made to order.
Having employ?d some of the best workmen In the^Unlte'd
States, 1 am .satisfied that 1 cannot fail to please any who may
favor me with a call.
Call and examiue for yourselves.
My stock consists in part of the following articles:
100 pair best ea boots;
lWi do f kip 4
ItHJ do thick 4 ? .
IvO do water proof boots;
5%) do cork sol*-.
ICO pair best calf brogaiis; ? - i.
lco do kip
J 00 do thick 4 ? . "
1G0 do low priced boots.
T?X> pair boys' thick brogan*;
HV> do kip
100 pair youth's thick 4
100 pairs of calf boots;
1?? do kid
ll-O do thick 4
150 pairs lasting gaiters, all color*,
J50 do walking shoes,
J5o do morocco buskics,
ISO do kid 4
150 do calf
150 do Jenny Lind 4
200 do morocco and kid slipqers.
150 pairs morocco boots.
ISO- do khl 4
150 do Fr< nch morocco boots,
ISO do calf ? ?
150 do kip *
The finest quality of ladfts glove leather Goiters and bus
kins, a very tine and soft article. Ladles glove leather Gal*
fere, with high heels, heavy sole, and button uptheslde,
Patent leather, morocco, kldj goat, glove leather, lasting,
calf and fancy boots, gaiters* ankle ties,slippers, Oxford ties,
and all other kinds and styles, always on band at low price*.
Ladies*, men's and misses' sandals, boots and overshoes of
the very best quaUtyj also a great variety of other goods not
here enumerated, which I will sell on the most accommoda
ting terms.
ooi1 j iMA. ro.
n AVERY has received and is now opening a very largo
O# assortment of Sort Hats of aU qualities,shapes a&d eol
vrs, and wUl he sold at the lowest prices.
8. AVERY, Nos. lit and 148,
*k*4 Wheeling. Vf
Hats and Caps.
S. AVERY. . -i.
TS daily receiving and opening large additions to his Fa
X stock of Hats and Caps, comprising one of the mottge
era! assortments that has ever been' offered to the* public
callaud see. ; / - ?
Nos. 14* and }45,Maln street. Wheeling, Va.
sq-ildaw - ? ? 8. AVgWf"
JUST received, a larce assortment of, chlhlr*jtfj?HaT4,! and
Caps?Extra superfine and Embroidered C%p?.: . . ..j.
Nos. 146 and 145, Main street. Wheeling, Va. ?.? -
- oc.1i 4VE*Vv
ail.k rLLsu iXAt-ts run ux*
ALAP.UK urarUKUt rcc?lrtd thli <
great variety of patterns?call and sec.
Nos. 146 and 145 Main stM WhceUngr.vB. 2V
oc39 8.ATOr.
COS-CHESS CA?S, for tttnUtmtn *n* XxpiiMi'Wt nllnlr
new .rtlcltfur ufcfcjr
?jifi B. B. HAHPKB * Mil: r
. ? .
y. *:

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