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" fl t-I'AY MOj^'lNO, MAY 6, 1850. "
~ yfarc to iqS. 11. Mi-T. Hun
ttr I*, ft jpcMle,;^ ?W?y public documents,
f ,-',vl,ich ho will accept our acknowledgements.
Ikwis, of this city, was-nomina
te,! last night, by the American Party, a* their
fi tdiilate for SbcrifT of Ohio counly.
The Xc?v Yohk \Vkeju.y LrjwiKit, for May
j i ,o:itiining a continuation of "The Gunnia
j,t'r llf Moscow," may be bail at Robinson Sc
j;. n. So. i Washington HalL Also, a large va
r; ,r of StSier g"otl eastern weeklies. _ ?
rni? fcctinn of the country was visited by a
r<T<tvcnj white frost, on yesterday morning.
TiwcV-enirf and apples will eiifler pome from it,
Lal?efr>F? enough have. escafed to make a
pn'JCT"^. /
|;Er. AkESANpit? t'*?rBEUv President of
Bethany College, Va.. haii tormented to deliver
?i: aiUiM "? tlio subject_o? Female Education,
oji the SOtli ir.st., U'forc the pupils and friends
of lie Henry Female College, *t New Castle,
Ky. j ^ r
^iiaksi-eaui.'.- play of Richard HI. will be rc
j,reduced at the "Athenaeum to-night. W'cwere
pleased with the aoling^of the piecc on n former
and thought Mr. lianchctt's rendition
i f the character very good, indeed ijuitc a suc
Wr understand timt sevvral slaves escaped
frotn their masters in this neighborhood night
b-fore l.">t, and are probably crossing tho lakes
in (ore this time. Have we men among us, enti
ci.igasvay llio servants of our citizcns. Keep a
sharp !" >k-out for thein.
Trie Postmaster .General will make known his
docMonS on the proposals received for mail ser
vlc; in the States of Xew Jt-rrvy, Pennsylvania,
BcUuare, Maryland, and Ohio, for tlie regular
t Um of fourycars from the 1st or July
, !?;;<; a: ?! at-o on routed in other States and Tcr
ritoiks established by tho act of Congress of
Jl.'ireh "'i, i : for shorter periods, in the halj
,.f tie lW-0lfi:c Pepartuient, on Wednesday,
7th met.
Tin: Cor.vrv C'oi.'irr.?This Court met yes
hnUy, for the appointment of assessors under
thi -ate net of Assembly, for re-as?ossing the
itale *?te ofthe CtHnmonwealth. For the coun
try district. Messrss Allison, Me Conn, Curtis,
I! 'rzI-itchner. Thornburg and Robinson were
put in nomination. On tho tilth voto Mr. Allison
elected. Mr. R. Hamilton and Win. S.
ti islwrn were nominaleil for the city district,
hut-it being stated (hat Mr. (ioshorn declined
sen i:ig if elected, only five votes were cast for
hiiu; Mr. Hamilton was olccted, receiving nine
teen votes. He will have an assistant appointed
t ? lay, we learn. To-day the Court sits as an
examining court mi the late murder case, and on
e of larceny.
Wc'nnderMinid li s t the jtrplc < 1' the "fan
handle"* talk of seceding from the Old Dominion
(?> Pennsylvania. We hope no objection w ill be
i!.. :c to their desire. Their Interests and feel
ings are with Pennsylvania, and there is where
lh.-y'ought tu lielong. If Wheeling had been
Ixxight by the State twenty years ago, burnt,
nnd corn planted on the ground, the C'oiumon
v ialth would have made money by the opera
tion.?Cliirl-zbury /.'/ liiter.
Wilts we were a boy going to school, we wit
nessed a tight between a big hoy and a little
boy. Of course the big boy got the little one
down, ar.d pounded him wilo a right good will.
Itut the little fellow was pluck to tho' last, ami
when the big one was pnllid oil', he jumped up,
shaking his iittie list at his antagonist, and with
a I>M)k worthy of a better cause, exclaimed:?
?? Darn ye, dam ye, if I can't whip you, I can
mo'it/if: it y'tr *>v!rr"
We don't know why it is, but reading the
abo\e from the ilegister, Ibrcibly brings this
) v-tight to our recollection.
i.v t nii'r tu cirrei t the erroneous reports in
? u!:.iii:ii in ruj-#r?l lo the ?'mUxr ' at Washing
Un llall on Siturday i.ight, and which sonic
jier.-wns rrc circulating evidently with a \ic\v to
the injury of our worthy City Sergeant, we
publish the facts as wc understand them.
A company traveling the conntry under the
i rune of jiarsonti, as Turkish Magicians, and who j
wvn recently firing exhibitions in Pittsburgh,J
v. ere per fanning at Washington Hath They had j
It ft littsburph forgetting: to pay their bills,,
uhich we re forwarded t?? this piacc, and an exc- j
?Ulion placed in the hands of our City Sergeant?
t?I. vy on their projicrty, and at the close of the I
exhibition on Saturday niglit, ho proceeded t6j
?! i l.i< duty under the law, which terminated in ;
:t /vi tral fight, and the fining of one of the show-j
r . ; > the amount of $10.
Yi ? Mni:iciarK owed this office a small bill fur ?
n iv .i-i:??r. .\bout the time we thought their ;
performance would lw over, we went to^the Hall j
?.r tin* purpose of getting our money. We pre- j
>?. i.tcd < ur bill to the man who ha*l contracted!
1 the work, anil was assured that he had noth-j
in<r to do with it, and directed us to the Treasu- j
t> r; we then presented our bill to the Treasurer |
r.xul vr. - :?.-?iurcd that he had nothing to do with j
it, .-md wv directed to the Magician performing j
? . the sta^o; wcthen went behind the curtain,!
and was r unt! thr.t he had nothing in the !
world u do uithiLand jjcmy, the treasu
rer, was the to go to. We then discov-j
ered that they were a set of swindlers, and went i
out .imonjj (he audience, for the purpose of leav- j
in^ the Hall to procure some legal prpcc2s%against j
them. For .mine reason, wo went behind the)
curtain again, where we found our worthy City i
?vr^vant, and two police ofi'ccrs. The officer ?
was complying with the directions of the law in |
tin execution el" the wxit iti '.is possession. He j
was courteous in the performance of his ditty,
but he was insulted l>y the men Mesiayer and ?
Henry, who denied the validity of his writ, and .
j isfed hiinin tltc performance of his duty.?;
The man Ilcnry was then arrested, r.nd the ma- j
inn, for an improper interference w itli the ofli- j
cors, was also arrested. la the excitement ofi
the monicnf,' and as we thought, an attempt to ?
break away from the officers, one of the show-1
men received a pretty severe knock on the fore- ;
head with a cane, and another got the weight of j
a pretty heavy fist on his head.
The claim, out of an attempt to collect which,
the difficulty grew, followed the showmen from ,
J:i!tsbi:rgh, and it was not for ;Hrensc or Hall
nut as represented. The claim is yet unpaid, {
are a!so the claims of the Whce'ing printers, j
The oSWrs done nothing more than their duty,
nni were using: more than common courtesy, j
untii they were resisted, and^then had to us?
Ft might be proper in this place, to state that
the man who performs the magic trick*, and his
wife; claim tliat they thought all bills had been
promptly paid; tliat they were engaged for six
months by Henry and Mcstayer to travel the
eouMry: nvA that thoy were to pay all charges
and divide the profits, and that they had bepn
led to brieve tliat all bill!* wera paid off.
| 'MXIJiUUWL ' tfe'UtuililittB to
pSSi &'JJro., for * copy of tliii <i\cul!cut mag
azine for May. This number contains sixteeii"
artiiitsj pMxoand vjffefcj besides fiftccn'pnjres of
editorial notes. It opfenk with an able paper on
the Kane Heller Expedition, which of itself is
worth ttyfdr! the price or the magazine.
The National Democratic Review for April is
received from the publisher. This number has
a biography of Hon. Jap. L. Orr, with a like
ness on steel. The speech of n. AV. Thompson,
on the "Political Aspects of tlio Slavery Ques
tion," is continued. It also contains two well
j written, articles bearing on the approaching Cin
i cinnatr Convention. Tertfis?Three dollars per
rear. Address (?eo. IS. Bncll, Washington, I). C.
| Tim I.trrix (.trace Greenwood is
I making a very" interesting paper out of the Little
1 Pilgrim. Jt commenced a new volume in Janu
ary last, and persons subscribing now will be
furbished with hack numbers if they desire
them. The I<itt!e Pilgrim is a boys and girls'
i paper, published monthly, illustrated, at the low
pricc of 50 cents _n venr to single subscribers,
and much less to clubs.
| New York Business Notice.
I Omen?205 BaoAmr.tr, Xe?v Voiik.
! Tun VCxu w Hcfcu-e.'?tV* arc yl*t tti uollco the
i "London Printing PitblinSJnjr Co.** hart rommenrcil !r?
! mlng a ?sr]al worlc open C.la f'.unit-, wlrfeh bill* fair to rU'nt
or even surpa?.?tif such & thlnj- be possible, any of thrlr pre
TlotUm^traied pablleatlom,
i The work will he ImiumI on the l*t and lath of ctuy month,
[ In parts, at 25 and 5) cents each. and will ho illustrated with
I splendid steel engravings, comprising portraits of celebmte?l
J commander*, batUe seen'-?, views, maps, 4c. The uork wrill
i be forwarded fr*.e by mall for etc mouth*, oa receipt of
I and* on the completion of the work, *-ach subecrltMT will
I be furoMied |rith a splendid engraving of the Siege of iJchas
topol.1 -j.
f3T*Pee the *dv?rti?am* nt of 8. D?'BRAIN, American
[ A?eut, 1B Dt*y street. New Fork, lu another column, j
mjG-ltdaW I
REAP whnt has been accomplished by Prof. Dclirnth's
^ Filer trie Oil in Wheeling and vicinity : I
t Mr. J. t\ Freu. of Jlriugrjtort,**?* that the Kh-ciric O'.l
I currd a Frlou on hi? boy's linger, in two applications.' lit*
bad not slept for two nights previously, on accouui of the
Everybody luAVheelhtjc kn<".ws ?,I.en% lioon". the driver of
I?e*rls' St. Cbiirsvillc omnibus! lit* .tHjf, that onejnpplien
tton of the "Electric Oiln took all the jwin and stlffm** out
1 of hl? wlf?-'? band, which she hid been unable tOopJn urahht
j or use ir. any. way. for year*. She new u-<s her hand freely,
! and without puiu. /
j fWDoon can be seen at the Monroe House tvcjrf day.
? A gentleman In North Wheeling say?, that he hat l?e? n ?uf
j fering for Krvvntl months with a pain in hi.- brensf and side,
' am) ha* rot lnren able to work since last Ant-.iit. IUn Satur
J day he bouirht a bottle Of tltc *? W- rtric Oil" and ?i-id It, a: d
! to i?i* entire relief. On Monday he cxprc?***! bm/?elt as free
: from all pain, and ready to go to work.
| Jfoiw CuTt* 1o p?.Ui*h?which we have r.vl rooiu f?r
1 notr. A"k y??ur neighbors iil>??ut the Electric O!!^
? Seethe Clrnd?*rF.'
Principal OtBce,?1? Ponth 8th nr., 1'iilfn.
For ?ale, wholesale and retail, ttv
T. II. LO(/AX .% CO.
. Ambrotypes & Dacruerriotypos
by iwirrmnoK./
! rT,Iin snbiicrlbcr, -it hi.* old .-tand on .Mdiirne/ftrcttJ !* daily
{ X producing?Anthrolype.c, which art; t.\kh>L the place ?(
I Dftgnerreotyp. Por proof uf tlie-dnene^ m torn-and s"U
: perior finl*h"??f his plcturvf, he i""lic5t? the er/atninalion of a
di.?C?*rn'u~ public. II- wtml-.l inrJfo prtrticulaf <?ttenti?.h t?> l.is
: .\lio?to LockcU and Pin?, made exprtwly for this new style
' of wqrk. " j
j A< thwfv pictures can be taken in from orye to fire Seconds,
i the dliScultleH hitlierto preventing acear/ite likuie-sr.-* of
1 4nmll elifttlren are almost cnltrt ly rtuiOTM. Groups of per
j sotu>, of different ft?ts and C'?mplex|oun, Ambrotvped with
! out'difficult?. I'lef.irt-s can Ik eopltMl*/iy tld f.rott-s -o
i they ? ill r?*inain"utjcliari|fed for all/ Amhrotypes In-lug
} rhviartlcnily ?tealed betweeil two plates of/^la^s, are warrant'
1 ed never to fade. I
' Oautlon should be observed agalust pl/tures called And?ro
? t.vpc^, which are not properly s<?. beinje i single plate of jrlas.
i and liable to hedefaeefl. As'the faeiliucs ??f uliiliTNijitl
. ed art- constantly lncre:?sing, he will ife prepared to make
? I?asuerreoty|Hrs at all prices. /
Kootstf nt lh-.'old plaee nn:ll May 1?/,when h? will remove
? to his :??w and ?.pacl??us estahlislimeui ea?t side of Main at.,
bttweeu I?nlnn and M? riroe, which 'yfll be one of the lnrst
arranptd establl#hment> lu the country. The entire length
of the r:?o;ii?, 135/eet. Sn pains or fexjiense will be spared
-In tin: niTanxem?*iit for pruducii>K aihmrhtr work, and i nsur
Ins the comfort of visitors. /
f,-S _ _ / A. C. PAKTRIPfiR.
Bonnet By>xes.
?JO DOZ. Iloniu-t ltoxca Wholesale ni?il relall at
Iluok and Variety Store,
aplS / Jil Main St.
Worth of Parm/i atid Building
the drill fitgion of Virgin io, to l>e d!vl>lcd amongst
l<>,2oOiiuh*crihcr? uu the /
17TH OF SErTEMRER, 1^*6,
for fhebencotof the Vort /joi/til f-'rtnaU Acttff+n*y. Sub
.-crIptf??e.-? ONLY ?1:1 EACljM-ni- half down, the rest on de
livery of the D&tf. Kytry subscriber will git a ltuddtps
Lot or Farm, ran>sin.r in /aim: from $10 to Thcsa
fsnnii a?i| Lo!*;ir?* eold /o cheap to induce aittleitiem*, a
sufljcwnt wimlitr ra?es?eil, the increase lt? tltc value
?>f v.M4h will coinjKi.-atf/ for the- apparent j.??r price iiuv
\\l'(H:K AO NTS ARK /vA.NTED to rbtr.In ?ub*crit~r?, to
trhuui tlic njo-i lilHfrui/iniluceiutMs wfll be glveu.* Fur full
particular*, sub*crlpti>/i.?, ugencte*, A?-., uppli to
tu\ 1 / _____ Ktrt Royal, Va
New Grocery.
rF\llE subscriber lnl* token the storcho-isc lately Occupied
1 by-Mon-hou, Willlatns A Co. on Market street, ?tcoi?.|
door lifloa Uninn, ilirre he lot opened aa entirely fresh
?dock or FAMILY* GROCERIES; every article of the lnr?t
<iunllt..% carcfitllv nrleetfil. mid purchased with cash.; con*
listing in part of the followingaitlch-s, via:
R<-tli>*.d Sugars, Loaf, Crushed an<2 Poflraercd New Of
leans SugM":
Coffef, Rio aud Java.
7[ea*. best Gunpowder, Ifyeon, Shin aud Black Chu'.iu
uud Oolong. r
Golden fij'rup and Netr Orleans Mul.^1.
Nutmegs, Ciorti>, and ail ilieSpkt j generally qsed.
Fancy and Common St.ap. Can He*-. March and Rice.
Bacon, llni.if. Dried Ikvf, .Family Flour.Ac. See.
To which he invit. 4 th.* nlCct?tiou of the citizens of OTic cl
ing, and others manting Much article*.
M iy l.J VA
? UST received, a fresh supply ut Ptrlumery, consisting lit
fj J-art of?
Bw'i O'.l, BenrN Ortnsf,
Rom Jfair Oil, Ox Marrow,
Jenny Llnd Pomade. Compound Ox Marrow,
Lyon'* K.ittmiron,-*?\. Ac..
R?.u<s*l*?- Kau List rah* Tuitii|ite.
for the growth and preservation of the hair.
Aromatic Vin? u*r.
an excellent article for headache.
At D. NICOLh A nitO.'S,
Brush. V*r!t tr and Toy Store.
ap#? 1?4# .Main street.
[Titn?s k Argus copy)
T" K n LK EXT R A C TS for the Hamlfcer chief?:as fol
X low.-*:?
Jasendne, Ro>e. Patchouly,
Jockey Club. Upp? rTen, Orange Flower*,
Ar., Ac.. Ar.,
Tooth I'a.-te* and Powder*.
Met-n Fun. Lily White, Ilouut- Powder,
Chalk Ball*, LlpSalvt s, Ac.
Baxlns, Barber, Motley, Pouciiie, Rose. Brown, Windsor
and Palm Soap*.
And many other kind* too numerous to mention. at
Brush, Variety am! T?> Store,
a| 23 M' Main street.
[Times an?l Argus ropy.]
"poitT WINK.
V SMALL cask ?>f fin** Port lpne, for tlic sick?pronounc
ed tint rate by good judge*.
For Jiulr br i
apt) T. U. LOOANJk CO^
iT|n?iinc!iii?rits jlncUeid.
XAfi JUtlJy No it Median:,
OUU Srt Vi'?
f?0 bbb No 2. " For sale !oar by
a pin ^ 1 OKEER k Co.
BEEF TONGUES, a prime article, in ?tor? and
for /ale by
miild No. -?S Main street.
Jl'ST RECEIVED ?? large ItH of UdL-s
White ami
Silk and
Cotton Ifose, at
FISHER'S Book und Variety Sfore. -
apC3 No. i '-0 >l*in street.
~ " . . WHITE SHIRTS. '
I HAVE Just received this day, by Express, a large lot of
tLiuv flue Patent Shoulder Seam Shirt-, at No 2 Washing*
ton HaR.
*l-U, j J. If. STAI.LMAN.
*11 \l 1 BALI'S of iirin-.c Hay in store and for sale l?y
ap2l Webster St.. Wheeling. ?
Lunch at the Veranda.
ON and aftfr Monday next, w?- will have Lunch at It
o'clock. All the delicacies of the season will be pro
Tldc*. nplQ
ONE HUNDRED doxeu Palm Leaf UaU, received this
Aus^?a tot of Double Brim Palm Leaf H-'ts.
_npU S. D. HARPER & SOS.
(SmtMftud VoHths ."Vary lops
T^ECEFYEI> this day a floe assortment, with and wltjiout
li covers ai?d for sale low by
apSl . 8. D. HARPER A SON.
C2oldand8ilrer lVntclirs.
A PINE assortment of Ralliniy Tinxc Keeper*, and all oth
er kinds of Watches, In Gold and Silver Huntlnr, Mag
ic and D. B. cases*, for sale very low, aud every Watch war
ranted^ J. T. SCOTT.
WE have received agoo<l assortment of house ard store,
tlaa Chandelier* and Fixtures of the latest styles, at
the lowest?xa;ket price, with or without cut shade*.
No 28 Monroe street, *
-.?pM WhoeUng. Va.
f niiiion 6^K ?& fcw nf
itn n,5 ??,w,th fcm* conslituMo,..
I Unn.ot.ou of Mr. Clayton the Seemarf or
lwLr"f I^lucstwl to transmit the <jdgin.nl
AmTril,?.-- proceedings of the Hoard of
llo?,?7T t?Tnm's<""nerv, convened in T>aris to
pS^hS'11* C,Uil^ 'jr 0Ur ?rI
ifr. Bayanl advocated his fSW
#r?t &*? -&
loiy u,?,c act to promote eWrtency ? the m,
y. lie proposes to restore a!! office* n who
i tTL Lv" P1 r" tl,C *BWn'M IK end ir.re*
6 -tp 1$ courts of laquirv the caivadtv ai d lit*
lllav? ? ,:?""r at t[ll> instance of Mr.
i j." "P 'lie ?Senate uE! 'appropriating'
&?aabStSSi :
I The bill Specifically deflnir* %&erts for'
?.?u;S t 'on in lho in']
i i Sf.-ar.nali river shall be e\
! P rt l-n"s I"*?* M T-i tfj&r.
l ho bill pamed giving the St. 1/iiifci mil I'm* '
I throurh'tim?1'^ toi"I'a".V the right of wav ?
racks. "f^pod by the jfetlerson.bar- ?
I Mr. Clingman a?k> I |,~,ve to f ,
'owing joint resolutions: i
J I)ro !am'"rrth.e t>0,.ler t'^V-ciion of persons ami
Jrop.rtj of American, cttixoimur.d r the '?.-of!
; ;.e nm?" ami as secure.) by the criSfa. t^l
, t> of stipulations with reference the thui-.ii.
'?"-or lines ?| havel bct-.veen th- wfers nfrC.I
Atlantic ami Pacific Ocean, 0ft"c!
| I hat tlie President bc-and hereby ij author-1
,?d to employ^ part ?f the [and ?,? .i&j
j forces of the ..ouutry ami call &V aa.l usehtiv j
? number of volunteers that may benecessarv to'
L'nMi'-11 ^ty, of our citizens in those Ir.- j
.fliities, and such fJrcei>as mav beusnrl hv ' ;
I m aidof the localautlio,iu?7dttX'T'
I -ure the observance1 of sueh rights ??< the fir,- <
!?.w. ^
rules!' tJhugman moved for a suspension of the f
if !,;iu!ro<I what disposition Mr.
innfcb'or the resolution.
| Mr. ghngman thought it ougl.l to bass; but t
jcvt to it ",SC WO" relor '*? ,R' "?""m !"'1 o?'
Stephens was willing to receive, but not !
now to rote on its passage.
I -Mr. Jones, of Tenn.. understood that the res
s^nl"rac" ""T'1 tho ''resieent to lake posses
want it now r -^"'crica?r'aujiliter] ?he didn't
want it now. [several voices?.ve .lo, l.-> * take
LmJin'i?|U"p,'cIt1' "f ?:'io- sai-1 1:0 "o?ld like to
:sassssr*??* ?
I Mr. Jones of Tenn, in order t i see tlie resolu
, mil in print, moved an adjournment, us in that
i Monday. I,r"r'?S"ion vnmM go over until next i
1 r?MUnr a" '?|"nl """ion for a call of the
. rod, House a.lj'd?to i::l.
j o , J'liUM KANSAS."^ i
! S^LocIS- XIn-v The llepublican's We-1- !
' port Corespondent has a letter from Mr. M-Ivee i
J?"is' s-v,,,!'t""ls are i
?recovery." S ,K'"S alv ""tertained of Ms
j -JLol. Sumner arrived at Ijtwrcncc the .lav be-1
f,hr ,U , ,'s "hole command, and severely
ant's*tent! ' I"!?P'i! ^ "'S in<" "-trten
I Hobinson. and Itecder has brcn clialfehl with !
Acting with the pn>-slavery paj tv. i
( Arr. rjuniiier said it was untrue, and if the
j nXku-?i?r,eavc thc ^,u w? ??w j
|J,hr corre?pond|nt or the Democrat' writes
U^the n24ti:emOVed fr":" lil,rrLnre ?" Prankliifi j
' Whiter?! I UC!:"'! '?n ''.V ?lringfellow ami |
hitefonl, who say they dare not *tav in I a-v
^cp'nn t ^tnngieHow went before the co.nrnitJ
bv Z dTrdCf V'? ' ai,i,e*r liimself or
; 0: counsel, to introduce testimony and examine i
witnesses. Howard, Chairman, ivf.used hi" d"?
niandon tho ground that the object thet came
( r.jrnou.dbc defeated, as thercvuJt v.-.,ui j !?? an 1
| orcrySody" tawr l<"% but !:n ?"l?"'-fion by:
S....1 SalU-r, Deputy Sheriff of liongl-is Co 1
madu ou-fi>p u,c ???st of io,i
III'. cili^Dfc ofljiwrence. c'jarped v.ith the com- i
mission of crime under tho territorial i:.w? \ :
Staudliigarmy v. HI !.?? sta,;?,;0(|
?1 ?n arrests arc made, then Itie prisoners will i
be eonvey^l toLefompt,..,. The Uni in nllic
Jwnu shot was gnar.fcd -bv iroop a '
time he was shot. - "?F" ? Wt
1 Wash., May 5.?The Cabinet niecnng: to-clay
: will be peculiarly important, from the attempt
' to carry the recognition of < Jen. Walker's gov
. ernmcut? The Presidentir? sttUstrOhgly inclined
| towards it, and It is urgently pie. sited l?y Quit
? man, Douglass ami.others. The present policy
! is to introduce this.subject in toe platform of the
| Cincinnati Convention.. The portion cf the
j Cabinei that favored the project a few days ago,
: arc less zealous luw after oppo.-ing considera
j tion^ have been presented. It is xrot jfrobahle
, that a postponement may be caiiivd until after
! the arrival of the next Fteamer, which will allow
j more time for reUeelion as to the consequences,
i Padre Vigil, the Nienra.euan Minister, is expcc
i ted to-morrow cr next day, unlcj s his abseueeis
i admonished. Kis.ihe tirst time that a priest
j iias served in this capacity?a self appointment
A committee of opponents of Jmchauan to
j the Presidency, is to leave tins city for Ixiricas
i ter in course of the week, with prepared c'ocu
I ments and speeches, accompanied by a reporter,
| to take down the particulars of what is contcm
| plated to be an interesting interview. Proper
? treatment should thorc.be a refusal on the part
1 of Mr. Huchannan to extend to them fnfther.no
j ticc, than politeness would suggest, aecompjmi
ed by a refusal to reply to their "designedly evil
communications, which hopes are entertained
may prove injurious to his interest with the
South, and of the dread of any longer silence
by the ex-Minister on the subjects of the day is
sensibly apparent in this neighborhood.
j New Yoiik, May otii.?The steamship Black
j Warrior, from Havana, with dates to the UUth,
| has arrived.
Xo political or commercial news of mferesf at
) Havana.
The steamer "Water Witch .sailed on the SOtli
i for Washington.
Xo foreign war vessels,in port. The city was
j healthy. '
mr. i:it:u anax.
j W.isujsgtos, May 5?Tlie City Councils have
! passed resolutions tendering Mr. liuchanau a
; public reception. The majority of the members
i are K. SV
Mav 5.?Sale -of Howard street and City
MilLs Flour at $0. . Gi tin without any quotable
Mat 5.?Cotto:: heavy and pliers easier,
but- not quolably lov.er. with sales 1200 bales.
Orleans middling II. Upland 10 fN}.
Floor declined, sales of 8,500 hbls. .it <7_,12a7
for Southern, 7.0t5a8,87 for extra. Wheat firm,
sales of 17,000 busb. at 1,00 for Southern red,
and 1,70 for white. Corn is firm, and sales of
S4,o0o bushels: G1 els. for western mixed.?
Pork improving, sales of 650 his we.sii.Th mess
18,75a87. Beef firm, sdes' 300 bis. Lard quiet.
Whisky firm, sal^sofSOO bbls.
CofTeo drooping, sales 1000 hgs Rio at II 1-2.
Sugar dull, files of U.O0 Jihds Orleans at 7a8c.
Molasses quiet. Oils quiet Lai d oil Arm nnd
wanted. Butta-heary. Iron drooping, tales
of 100 tons Scotch pig at S2nS2,75.
Stocks Ann. Cumberland Coal Co. 23 u-8.
N. Y. Cent'l Kearti.igW 1-4. Virginia
6s 345-8. Missouri6's80. "
-? t :;rr- . ?- j i >.'?
> '???? w . . ? ' . . . i
. 1'ini.ABKLPHiiij Atny.p.:?The. National Typi -
^aplih'iif Uriioii'flrScinolod thfc'afffertioan. ' De!
CTatm; present, from . PWladelphin, Cincinnati,
.\e?- York, J^hnisriljo. Memphis, Ilnston, Xeu
r>-i v.A?:iii
Ciiiragri, Vict Prcsi<Jcn|; Titos. F. Hedges, of
I.T., Treasurer; II. Whitcomb, of Memphis,
Secretary. and J. )I. Klackatone, of Ky., Cor
resporidiri? Secretary.
niVKK A NO. \VBATilElt.
PiyrsBrHfiii, May o.?River at K feet 0 inchr?,
and falling. iVcJihiT cool and clear.
CiyciNN vth. May 4.?Hirer fallen 0 inches.
Weather "cloudy and cool.
r.rocviteii, May .*tih. Nwtic* b herebr ?:vrn thfl t
Hits acuual meeting for (tie BertJonof Oir?cta? ofihePitU*
burch, Cincinnati & Lou!grille Trlcpraph L'osijmuj, r.-lll l?"
? ?Min th? city of LoulsWlle, Ky., on Monday uie 2.1 day of
June nest, at 1C A. M.
Mitt JOSilSA 11 ANNA.
/A.T;?-.IA (!JrJ VOAfl'AW' l.
[Owck No. 4 VrWix street, x. v.]
CaBJiCapVtax... V. $7t~,P7? 14
Luiuuiiu #53,047 ?5rt
TinS Company J? owned and manned1 by some of the
vitt!:hWtitnd be*?t pi-rcuants in thi'City of New YurV.?
for nariic'ulars enquire of W. F. PJJTERSON,
juS Agent for Wheeling and clclnitv.
'^ETjST^V ?
Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
rxcojirni:.1 ted, .ya r, i-io.
OX&tif the oldest and 'V?t Institutions la tlds cmiatr?,
xc.f.lii.'iffS to .ake'riWs Optra ttic n.o3t favoruldc tortus.
Apply x.i
4pl2 for Wheeling and vicinity.
: ' London.
AVTUOUIXKU CAPITA!, .c-2,ooo.otio.
. Available Capital 51,284,300
\1,T1I,L TAKE any and ait fair Fire Risks at a reasonable
? ? rate.
L-iare adjusted and promptly paid without r tferencc
to London.
For furtircr particular# enquire of
y ' for Wheelitig and vicinity.
OFFICE best door to t!?c M. J: M. Hank. hiliil
Valley of Virginia
Wm. T. ?.Il>y. Agent at Wheeling.
OFFICE?at the store of Talhtnt Jfc Delsplain. Main street,
between Monrrg^a'ncS Qnincy street*; are prepared to
take Rt?ks at customary rates on Good* in transitu, Slcam
bunts,Siprt.-*, Owi!i':n;!s, ftc. ,
J. ll.-nr.ker/ T.tHant A Del a plain,
1I???. 11. List. D. Lamb,
. y-?rt?-;it Ache?ou A Co. C?. H.irdman,
' S. Hrady, F. C. l.akcr ?t Co..
Lttt A llowcll, 0. W. Ilrlskell A Co.,
*f?I it 12
I^AKES risk.-* at the Intrust rates (in Ilulldlnj? of nil kinds,
^teamlrotUs. Furniture and Mcri,|ininll?r, and aualnst all
danvt-rs attenilinjr tl??? T.-an.-j?t>rtatsosi of (ioodi on rivers,
lakes* canal? and railroails.
II. r. in^I ?, S. Ilradr, itob't Mitrri?on
Aim*! Ve<l. Wm. Ficuiln?, J.- W. (Sill,
Dnu'I Laud*, Itbbt Patterson, Saml. On.
ItOltT. CRANGUS, l'rea't.
R. V,*. IIahmx';, ?<c'y.
Applications for Inuirance wii! be promptly attended
to l?v the President and Secretary.
Wh?v!ln-.Jnn. *23. iy>3.
NO ? lOti.
I)It ESC" 18 1 PTIO.X"* carefully compounded at all
hours?either v Xtght-?at
J. 11. V0Wi:LL>*.:? Monroe >t.
ji "! SJjr.i "f Reil Mortar.
TCE!"[CE! ICE! "
rI',!IE S-d?>cri!?t-r lu'Antii^ method of lufprmtay hi* ensto
JL nt-.-ry a:x?t the public, ilmt h?* i- prepared to furuii>h. as
h'.rvtofore, to all who de?lr?i It, gco<l Ice during the summer.
Its :ot- Is of tiie finest quality aiiil the supply ample for tw??
years, >hould summer last so long, so that consumer* need
no't fear ;?. lack of plenty. Jfls cartel will he oat In a day or
two and ice will be furnished daily at such price anil In such
ijuautllk-s as aiay l?-r desired. If.- I.-4 <?atli?ficd to lit flit- pub
lic j- !ge " f the quality of his ice after trial.
Silks and Shawls.
1 O nOn W6liTH ofSHks and Shawl.*, embracing
1 y?' / WW (WC bellevt) the larKeAt ftock, tin* l?e?t va
varltty, and th<q cheapest SS!fc.s ond Sliatrls ever brought to
Wheeling .';nce we have h -eti In the trade, and suitable to
persons ;n any stat:on In life.
Ilaid Silks as Itnr'ns t!l ct<. R-autlfiU black Rrocadc do,
$'2 lti<:,!(? wide. worth
A full (?to-:;: Crape and Stella Shawls, very desirable and
c.hcm-; ? and i!W.llantilhis, Mine of them Very rich and ?le
'frimming*of the most dcsirnMe style?anew variety.
Our stock of Silks, Challhs, Tissues. I*nri'g>>. Grenadines,
Ar v r.t!n? s, f:c. innke :i ? hole |>f fully W.CUo y?t*.
ITils ItJitR'jUse stook, togitlicr With t'ir fact that ne buy
inoatly with amli, makuthe "ReehiveStore'^a most desirable
sf-.-v at which to buy Goods".
< ? t:.*j anJ Jcc for > ourstlrts.
? illiLS. Lipecd Oil, Juit received by
') LAUuni.ixa * niTsiiriBr.D'S.
r J "*I.N* bUI?. Spts. Turj*entlne ?-t
1 aj?!k> LAUdllLIN'S k HUSH FIELD'S.
I CASK Potash, superior article.
nj ?ltj _ ' LAi ailLIXS a ritsiifu:lu_
-j *- Illil-S. Alcohol, Oi and Ttl per ct. for sale by
1.) ? I.ACOIlLt.VS A !U:SI?IEI.I>.
IBI'L. Iron Varnish, a pri.-ne article for sale by
i.Ai >tm.i.\s .c m siiFiri P.
r Ui.Lc v Vari:>h fwr sale bv
I.AL'tillLlXS l IiCSIlFlELn.
? jOO LlkS Geraiun Plk Lead, saitcrior,at
S. a- ;. lalt.;hu\s a bcshfif.livs.
r t *ES T.mneri OH, Jittt recrfveii by
1 / V BOXES C::#t!Iv Soap, genuine, for salt- by
l\f ?pS._? h.M'tiilUNS A BUSHFIELP.
IliHL. Dtuar Yarnlan, mr sulc by
?) Gi:0*S Bath Drlc'ft, for sale by -
~ -i.i? L\r<;m.TV3 k busiifield.
:ix t, ? U?js. leilou- uciir*-., ul sup .Tior c|uuht.v, tor>.?le by
"** CA^IlSSi:! Sodn, jus? received bv
UKO. Ma.uiQ^ Clack's^ fcesh for sale low bv
tOO LBS. Tart. Ac?J, for sale be .
LSBLS. Lampblack, at
rki\l\ I.flS. Cljr'nacYlilov,-, jiyt received by
*".i It \ Cbroulc Gretn. (iritnc tiuartv, just received by
? >?>?> i.ai'ciii.ixs*m>iini:i.ii.
' n i u/u nkts.
\ FULL a<3o'rtiaent of French C.irsct5, In all sire?,Just
recci> ed
Br Fspmn, at
rpiIKsubscriber hn< on hand ami is manufacturing a larjie
JL assortment of Hats, of the lat. st and irost approved
s^les, which cannot be irarpsi'sal for l!ghtne*s, beauty and
, endurance.
1 A large assortment of Blacky Brown, Claret ami Pearl col
?rv-.i hoft HnU of ?????-ry ;rni<-; toother with a large nssort
(mentor m^nV, yomh> atid 'ehlldren** Caps, Wholualc ami
: Rata il. to *Wc!i the attention of our patrons and the public
l.? t>jH ch*!lj Invite*}.
K. U.?llat* wade to Conftirmnture aic.uurc, warranted
an tit, at shortest notice.
w. w. jimesos..
TUX subscriber a now prepared to rtelirct1 Ice to the oiti
-1 r.*sns of Wheeling ??:n? rall\. His ice was pot "\ji> above
F dton, :.t the Three Mile House, formerly occupied by F. B.
'Tr.?rnbrcoV. and b perfectly . free from dirt. He Intriids to
dcLcir it himself,as?bictlby his son, so that Ids customers
will t. attended* fo.' "
rPJIE Arjina) Election for nine Directors of the Wheel'mr
i Havings Institution, to serve for the ensuing yfcar, will
ba held at the Odice of said Institution ??n Monday, tho 5th
of May. t-K area the hours of. to and 2 o'clock. ? *
WM. McCor.
apW T/ensnrer.
Adams ExpressUompany'sLines
YJA r'.WfiiM. OlllU UAILUnAU.
rpHR attention of Ship jura and Merchant* generally, is
i. called io the abuve *nfii and speedy mode of forwarding
Goods vIm Central Ohio Bnllroad.
Fntgftt delivered at our Office bcfo.e 9 A. M., will bo for
5rarded?aaie <Ii?y to aB stations on tho above Bund; :?!?<?, to
all noiiita on the Cincinnati ami Wilmington Road. tSit-oitgh
Money, valuables, nnd freight of all binds, forwardctl with
dtspjach. and at 'satisfactory ratrs.
N. PIGMAN, Agent,
McLure Kooie.
April 21st, ' apKilhi ? .
Mrs. Jtilizabeta Key
RESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies, and public in gene
ral. of Whiel-n;: and vfc.tdty, that she has taken the
Sr? re and Boom-. No. 132 Jlaln street, a few doors south of
lb* Monroe ll??use and next door to Turner** Jewelry S?ore,
for the purpoic of carrying on the liilliiier}* business in all
Tliepublic are inrJlcd to call and examine hcrsplendid as
fottmcntof n-sw l'aris stylt-yof Bonnets, of different varle*
tics, together wi;h her own manufacture, at her Booms, on
Thursday ne^t, April 1:Hh. Also a fine di3plcy of Libbons,
Cop*. U. ad Dressrs, La?tff 4c.
This being Mrs. Key** first opening h-re, she will be pleas
ed f 3 have her selection examined.
s den't forget NU2IBER 3 82 Main st.
a;-b:lr.?d ? Wheeling, Va".
Nomcthiu^ tVetr in IVheelins.
!??>?? Oilier Puaha, a South American Cig&r,
1WX) Young America,
2300 Cabana.
2000 nor Cibrxa,
SX0.L& Reyna,
9*** Estr?Ba, ?...
23?>5 La. Maravillo,
In addhien td large lot of One efgara always kept on hand
and aeli !b*r fer cash at No. ICS Main Et.
. Blgn of "the.Grand Turk.
hp+mng- A3Sf3Du
?1656** ' *5 * '? i. I.' ' - 1856 - ! - - - 1856
pa BE EII I Y E jS T 0 HE!!
I npAKE pl<a?tireiu uctifjlns the puMic t?:ai thev are cow In receipt of a full jtoelro? ?
? * j ? suHAWe; for ihc^KlKS ami SL^tMKa TRADE.
Ttucy h?ve taken .nnins In Meeting their stocV^td m&fce' ft dc-rt.'Ulfle aitd ixritiyi'j. Itu.vln** largely with the ,
< caffi ofthe Ilofi'jrtvrs.'nnU rfftv-Tvf.f Jhre ?tcw York Aurdutiltrhtu roimIo art soW I?y the p?cknjre, or In l*r--c ?|uantlti*if
: dfr'-ctfro-athc in which th^y are Imported*. TrKv often ahleto'lmy at much IW* thftit the Importer* can sell,'
J thetn#dvt5, and thrr hc?itaT- i:m; to <nv thev can oner iwtncMttat*excelled by no lion** in the West.
! Their ^oek nf'OoodMOruty ?4?wre;i*#'.?v*inrmnoh-larger than they vrer before offered'tn the Trade. Tomsie room
? fv th?;r s!.i? k tiJsr :it,? cW.i-."inl t?i n vujty rfore rwnt?, Mfli 71 Wt deep.
i " I'artFcalnratteiiti'ri !-? melted ta> tf?H?'IMP* oi 811*9olid" $hatrl?, which atone art- worth morv than $10,(100?and t?C?
f liercd to ?i .? #artli^ Inrjr^t.?< m I!1*#tlienjKUVrer olYrrrd in the eltv, *luce they ?havo hern in the trade.?
Tievf, with' th ?1r -to-H jif'Gnrnadltte*; HialllMC Arpentlhe*; Tissue *, Hoi?c*. and Lndli t Dr**s floods In evtrv vcriit.v m.d
j ^tillable ft?r atr-lad\- 1:1 the laud. t?in'tb their stock-one of tlte*m?Mt desirable an I InVitltijr to the trade ever offered in the
?vxtr. ' -
' Thelrstocfc of D.*>nj'SH-*!? U liiore'than treble.. and thefr enrire stoo*: d?mM?. Any ??!her Kl?a"I?r ilous* in the city* and,
f hot with* trwtH?>ir*h?~A * ?? tt-t'l vt*y naartrjrinjr to be fr&t-np'aboat the cuj& jtriii'-iof? onty, t!u'y pledge the pnbhctliat they
? will**.!! upon t!i.-ir form r i rr.nvvh: tVi*h. nr^rt (Jrc-1l! ffli pftinpf nira t few others have ire had and iiouc others nerd
. apply).as low. if not a s!?adc !?? ver- than ally home in Wheeling At pay for tjjeir Goods.
? ?Tlivy.hirite. th' atteJitiuri.of the in2
' m,ti)$EXT "CASH TRADE"
or trocd tra?;o pf nayjiiu'l?and. a?j-ire the puMic thai. If an immense Hock, iow pr/v<4..^?xouimodatjnfcf clertis (^pcafclnjj
' hot'ci German and F.-.;I5?li>. and praioht nnl fair deMilUij,.will have anv weight, the ^?ItKEitlVl* STfRR" ?lll maintain its
' ;drc;?<lf well.earned soLndfn^, i f 'ovliiz vitc/f/ru/-/'v Aon-ie viih-tht mulliitu}*?forFAlH 1'EAT.INO AND GOOD BAK
f f^7**Mt>o-V? ?cnt anywher-* in tlirf cite ffee of charse. apS5
53. A VKTIY "
1 on hand. and la manuiaetu: inn anil recciv
; rSSfKiartW1? ot the largest assortments of
| Hats and Caps _
, Consisting of all the varieties Mini color* now in use, all ol
! which vill thclove^l rates.
N. II.?Hats nunle to order at the ahortMt notice.
S. AVKHY, Main st.,N'o?. Hdand l iS,
I splO-tf IVIivcihtK, Va.
j ~ ~ VOLffn..= AM) CIlILPREM'Si FANCY IIAT3. " ?
; / *1 QA'tf/S of all the qualities novr in use. extra super
? \ fitie & AVERY,
i ?p In Xo? 1445 and 145 Main *1*
p? r M'kf.S tt KiSMOS' ?
; OENTLEMEN'ivlIATS i 0ni860.
j O A VKttV hs4 on \nm), nml If Manufarturlns flat* of ihi
: tj* nealueofi, durahfllry and flue
j uea'i, canr.pt he aurpaSiJ-d..' Gcnticincu are requested to cal
I anil i xauxinc- f?V Uieui>eJvfs
j jST^IIats nilo order at the shortest notice.
AI??o?-a large assortment of llr.ts and Caps, of all de*
i scrjptlonfl r?6w in use.
Xi?9. 146 and 14SMainsl., Wheeling, Vi?.
t tor. ' S. AVF.UV.
Shipping Furs Wanted.
ASH Kill br-j?tfW for?
2?VlK*? Raccoon Skins;
11. .1 Fox *'
20,000 Orrv Fox '?
5cojhAi Mink "
So,.*-? Wild Cat "
10,WH? Opo?sum "
ly.OrO mu*krat 4V
10,000 Detr "
P. ATCliY,
Catherine Cox assignee ?*.*., Jin ...
vs. j-0h!o Connt.v Va.,
John Farmer and T'.somns Farmer do., j Circuit court.
The di-ft:iri<::?.?-? w!l! talie tnitice' that on Thursday the 25th
day of May Is,'.*?; I rill yrocetd at the office of .1 II. Pcndle
taniijuio city <?f l\1ievlin^>'l:i'r of V/refnla, to tnke d?t>o
5ltloiis of 'Alohzo Loch};; and others to l>e read on my In-half
at the iri.l of the above cause ami If the said depositions are
x.of Ltkt-n andcomiLted on that day the taklbj; will be eon
tinritd from day to dav until completed.
By J. 11. I'liNM.Krox,
_ap25 her Attorney.
T>LACPT} WlltTE, and
Colored KM Gloves, X# R? T. make.,
"ALSO?Elllc, Cofton, Lisls Tisrccd, till color?,"for Ladles,
Gentlemen aim Children. _ ......... - ? *
? P. N1C0LL k J1R0.,,?'
aps So.??iIa!a?a?rt.. ?"
Chango of Setedu e.
? --?vuir"-!T3^3 jerricaf <i
TaA\<r*or.r.\n?>x Ofi jce 11. A O. II. Hi I
! ? - . iV/irtfiu'j StutiOHj t\b."ih, l.<*6, v '
OX and after Monday the l;tu Innt., tin' Pits-vu^er Trains i
: ^jsjircji and nc--om!c?l:itiuaj will k-ai u this sutlou duilv at <
j 4:? ? F. M, ?j:d 7:15 A. XI.
! "Kic H\priv?j? Train U*TrS at -triO l?. M.-'ind will only stop at \
i the fuilntviijj: n.itious:>li^Ujro<.d, M?.iuul*viilc, Cameron, i
j Fal.iuotit. F.-tUtrruuD.Nenhur^, 1U>? Utourjr/l'icdiuout.Cam- ,
; l^riand.riir J.?:tuV Huu.M;;rilushur;r. Hurpcr'o Ferry, ilon- j
I neucy.-3.Jie3rUlcHMd Wnaldngtoa Junction.
j Ta'fU'lu-chu? and CauJjtrlaad Accn.nn:odut!on Train trill
I leaves tdsilv ^exci plSutul.;;.^) at 7:I?, A. M., and urrives at
j Cumlte: land ;sf il:i? 1'. M. 'L-.'ave-t C.ir.il?vrlaiuiat J>:15 A. M.
J and arrives at tVheeliujfint 4:.?t?. 1*. M.
i t'i^Shc Mail Train uili be diicauiinued until further no
I tice. I
IW order of
; - W. S. WOOI>SII>n, Saperlntemlcnt. I
r?ll J. B. FOHl>, Ayent. )
The Adaiiis^ Express Company.
?ic.\r VuiU, A;
j"*IIE A'lauia Kvj.re-s Company, for the jefe atul speedy
cmiveyrfnce of
>roxnr, v.klvmum asp rtcrjotiT of m.l kisi**.
In cJ?ar;?.- of-'o<:r o-n .-pecial me^seuger.-, is the only, r* liable i
line to ?nd from \Mieellnjr (by Railroad direct.) to New York, i
Phif.iili'lphia, Ittitimor**, U >-ti.n, Wa^hiiistou City. J
Al.?0?Chi C ntral 0:;'n> T!;?:5ro^.l t-? Zanesrille.Columbus,
Cincinnati, l.o?ti*vilU-. Ii.diaiiaiKjl;^. CJ.ioa^o and lauds'.
Kvpre's-? leave via l!:?It. .t Ohio HiiOroad mi o'tifc, P.
M.. Cflitral Oh'o Rftllrottd'at 0 o'clock, P. M. .
Vox I'ltt^nru'h, Clevfla?i'*l, Toledo* aud Xortheru Ohio at 7
i nVlm-V. A. M. ~
( ?3gp"flutter, Pfitilfr*-, I'roduec of ail kinds, deliveretl in?ix
i teen hours to Baltimore. K. I'lOMAX. A/ent.
Adams Kxjuji# Co.
t liausc of Time!
U. S..I?5AiIi DA1I?*5T I?iKJB
ptrra'i 'vs
WUeelins and Pittsburgh.
Tin; fin.' sldo vheel pas
t:..cf rtoaiiKr FOJIKST t'l
TY. Capt. I). Moore'.and
I will rtuniady Wtveetr Wheeling
[ City lcavhj^ Whevlinv" evVry MouJay,
day; at- i the Dhiriiai evry Tf.'->day,'^lijft'sday and Saturday
at 7 A. M.. arriving at Wtllsrille In tiriic to connect x?itl? ti?e
Cleveland car.-, aud at i'.JT.-b.irjjh in time f?*r tiie morning
line Ka-t. Returrdiig?th-r F.irt.st City If-rvi-s Pittsburgh ev
?ry Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and the Diurnal every
I MouitaAVcdaesday at?3^Pr!?i:;v at 1-' A. M.; arriving at
! Wiietlit:^ in time for the mall iliu-s for Ohio.
j For freighter pasaage apply oit hoard or t??
S. C. UAKKR i- CO. Agents.
8^"Thr???lyh Tlcki'?i-?.f..r Cleveland, Tclvdo, Monroe, Ue
j :roit; Mllxvankt-e, Ciiioa^'o, BuJTalo astd Dunkirk, sold at the |
i odlce of 5. C. ilaser A Co fh,*i j
J. M. HAMILTON. ~ ~ j
'vnEr-xixr., v.\.
j Wharf Roni m the Toot of 3Jonroe ^trrti i
, W.J! atteisd to fho r-e?;ivinp and deiii'erinS of frelglrt^and
{ tin-collection of freight
Freight f??.* ail the regular ;..ivki t3 tt'ill be received free of
j chaw. ' n\I2;?tf
. John O. Inhut'.i and Ji'.rnte Fi.?h>-r "J
! paituet ji tsntl. r the firm I>h- j On a lih. l In a cause of
j uiii mid J-"i-:?-&? ; i -.nt'rr.ct o>-'l and lauri
vs. < time, in theITnlteil States;
i The Steaaiboat Thomas P.vann, { Stat-.s District Court for
| her tackle, 'aj.}>ur? I, ;scd furni- ! :h ?- WVthrn Diatrict of:
i ture } Ylrcinla.
; Tii-.* parties abovrtnar.ted. and all others Inter? f-tod, arc !
j hertby not:Std that, pursuant to a decree or the I'nUt-tl
; etut. ^ l>'Mi*'\*t Ccsiri for the *.*\-stern l>.*.<trict of Virginia, iij
j a siut in :idifi!ru!l\* made in tii ah.ovc namtd cau-e, 1 iliilll
? procet-d upon the !Il<t day "t May pext. nt my office in the
j cite of WheClitt.':, to lake t.-stannav anil report to ?hi I Court
j wliivt i-* title, if ati vthin.'. to !!;?? Ilh-.li.iats lu tile above named
{ cause, by rear-ot. of the' matt* i> 'allejr. il In said lilu 1; al.-o,
i Vhat otlu-r claitpi exWtagaSn^t ifiesaid boat, her tn -kle, ap
| part 1 and furiillnre.hr ACHisit the corporation In* the name
j *jf *'*the Thomas ?watiu^ and the amount tl.'jreof ri-5|>vctivt
I lv, and th-.-ir eT.-c:, ->t^t.r- at'.d priorltl.-s as Htn-% and ail other
' matters by me deemed pertinent <>r RjH'ejr.IIy required by the
: parties. V ? '.
I al>^f,-*^'>il . ConmiissSonir. ;
j A. J. Ikrron J>.*p-..t\ j In Chancery in
vs. >Oh!o Circuit Court
i Jr.hn Ga<r and others. J of Virginia.
The deforciants w.ll take notice that t!i * jdantiff n ill pro
j cecd on Kr:da? thc^iith oJ Mai KiS, at Jhe residence of James
I ?. P'irter, iu 11 in.'oek county Virginia, to take thedepo>itions
| of Jante?* Campleil end others to be read on h:'a behalf at
j the trial of tin* i.V'-ve r.-"i?. and if the piaid depor.'.tions nr?
! r;.?t i::k and Compiiletl on that day the takiny will be con
I tixnjed froiu day to day uctil completed.
B., J. 11. Pexot-urox,
j apSS J ? his Attorney.
I" Isaac Coojht, 1 Th Chancp'ry in Ohio
v?. /-Circuit Court in tin
John ?jav. ) State of Virginia.
Thcdef ndents n*ill take notice thr.t the p!a!t;ti:r tTtil pro
I d nn Friday the fti.lh of M*?? 15C>6. atlhe r?-.?idence Of JatlteF j
ly. Porter In tl.iurock cotmty Virginia, to takelli** dejiositione
of Jan.i " Oampb-.H and ?to be read gnhls behalf at tlu ,
! trial of the above case and if the said dCjiositidns are not I
j taket; and co:r.plett?I on thistday the ta!:!ti^' will he continued
from day t*j day nntSl cr.,njdeted. 1
Isaac cooper:
ji',25 !?'"* \ ? t orn.-i
lOO.OOO lloltt?4 Sold in One 1 ear.
"VTOTIIING In the market?nothing In the mrdiral market
JlN fnr the past fifty. years, ha* Wrr equaled, tiur can an
article be produced equal to this
Dr. lioBtctterV preparation id i?ot an <?!?! granny's recipe,
nor the mere experimental result of some Aiiiatvuf l'i^i*
clan's verbal Investigation. It U the result of a profound
and elaborate study of one of the u?x}st'*cientific chemists of.
the pre/eut century.
l)r. Hosteller submits his Invaluable Ritturs to any chcml
cal tests, or what Is still belter^' a j?ei>on?l trial .upon your
own constitution. The true properties of thesx- Hitters will
be foui*d by the ftr&t analysis, and the full force of their {treat
niedicinul.effectS a lU be uiadu-iuanifv?t in au sUiuostincredi- .
bly short space of time upon the system.
. . Are you Dyspeptic?- Then take there celebrated Stomach ,?
Bitters. ;
Arc von Bilious? Try one bottle of these Bitters, ami l? '
relieved nt-once.
Arcyoupnuoyed by Indlgestionf Remove the cause by the ;
free use oi the->o Bitters.
I lave you Fever and Ague ? How innny thousands in the
West and South nave been cured u? thi* constitution destroy
in;; disease, by the use of IheSeHlttcrs.
All should try this great antidote. We venture to. atlirm
that while Hosteller's hitters are used, a ease of fever and
ague caunot occur.
One wine glassful, taken three times a day before meals,
trill be found a great tonic agent. which all will appreciate
whin pt r-onally satisfied of the. fact, as they will be by giv
injr the Bitters one trial.
There are other Bitters, represented to he the same, which
are comparatively wot t bless'. Our Bittets are tiithout a
rival for their juedicin.il tf.ialitie*. They are put up lu
square bottle.", containing a .ell quart with the directions on,
and '*/>;?../. fforleiit-.'s Stormtch JlitUt'*," blown on'the bot
tle. Noue other genuine. - -
pitrcE one doij.au per botti.e.
X57~For sale bv all the principal Druggists, Hotel Bars,
Restaurants, and Dealtri generally throughout the United.*
States, aud by -
T. II. LOGAN .v CO.,
jy22-lydaw Wheeling.
o J'
Echt JlWltvnlsch Kruidcn Hitters.
rp\VN YF.AKS have elapsed since the introduction of thin
J. vaiuuldc medicine Into'the United Stutfs. During this
time it has gaimd a vnircnul 2>optdarity as a Remedy
Fcrer and Affue% ]>y*pep*tv, Tridigertioit, Tfendache, .
L6** 0/ Appitite, Del flittf 'i ( i^ticcne*#,
JItind and JUefding J'iltt.
Many of our most worthy citizens test if* to Its wonderful
efficacy in till a fieri Ions of the Stomach JtJMl Liver. As a
Tonic, iLliasnov^r In-eii equaled, for the relief It anorris in
all esses of debility or weakness or any kind i? n boost ln
*tftiitaueou5. In Nervous, Rheumatic and Neuralgic Affec
tions,it has in numerous instance* proved highly bentiiclnl,
aud In others effected a decided cure.
Whe-n eminent physicians" pre*ur!he, and their patients so
mihc9lt..tingly rccomtricinl, surely we may cease to doubt,
uud eagerly test Its virtues for ourselves.
<A Case qf Eight JtunLW Standing i.Stred hy Hotrhart?9
IfoUmu1 Bitter*.?Michutl Ktily, Ni?llT Grant, mar Smith
field street, **>>:?"l^ist Jul3', while running 011 the rl|er;on
a cotton t)?..it plyiux betneeu Natchez aud New Orleans. I
was takeu with Fever and Ague. For eight long montlu I
suffered with this dreadful dlscn.se. The greater part of this
time I was unable to work, and spent at U'aet'tifty dollars
; for different medicines, but 1 found no permanent relief.?
Three weeks ago, one of toy frknds insisted upon toy try
ing1 'UderfKrve'A J/tJiand JJitf'rt,' saving that a tiirr tr??
J (ftmrantitd. After trying it for only one week, 1 must
-?tute I was a sound man. 1 have bc*n"at work now for
two wteks. and have had no return of the chills ar.d fever
I certify the above statement is true.
THOMAS ADAMS. Diamond Ilouse,
or at II. Cheater's. Gotldv Hall.
Mr. Silas T.iicomb.' of Birmingham says? 4,l have fouud in
B??erhaVfcV Bitters a remedy for headache and debility. My
wife has also u-?ed it uith the i;r?.ate>t Wiietit."
Mr.A. S. Xieholitm^of iMtsbur^li, ??lfo sa.xs he has expo
ricuccd nrach relief from jts u?? for headaehe.
A Hollander-'* Testimony.?Jhco'i Rinskes. living In the
Holland settlement of Sheboygan, Wis.sa>s: "After suflering
for souie time the misery attending an utter prostration of
miud and body, I have been restored, by using Bocrhave's
Bitters, to perfect health."
The fact of tid< reiredy ljelng ill such high repute among
the Ilolldtidvrs in M'isconsln, Michigan, New York?In fact,'
in every Holland settlement in the United States?argues in
ito favor.
Mr. John Davidson, living ten miles ahoVe Pittsburgh, on
the Pennsylvania Canal, *n.vs: "When I commt-nctd taking
BoerhavcV Holland Bitters, I eouhl hardly aalk?now 1 en
joy excellent health.**
Another grent Cure effectt d by J.\iC,'/hi re'* /Miami JJit
,!ert>.?The wife of Peter De W'itte, living in il?>liatid Town,
Sheboygan county, Wisconsin, suffered very much iroui
weakness of the stomach and indigestion.. She had btcu.
under 11 physician's cure for some time,'but the disease
Seemed to butllc even his skill. She pftrchase-d some Hol
land Bitter? at our office, which have given tone to her sto
mach, her appetite and strencth arc re-turning, aud ae firm
ly Ueliqvu thut tltls ts ahoti^er great cure ejected by your'
Wc have still to record many wonderful cures effected by
thitf remedy, but must await another opportunity. One
thing you can rely upon, uhat We have published ure from
pcr-vus tuuch respected to our community, and ure llterallv
true. . J. QUINTUS,
Edltttr Sheboygan Nleuwhode, .Shet>o\ gau, Wis.
A Ot*e of Tiro Jlont/.y xtnndino cured by Jiotrhare'*
IMUtnd Hitter*.?George Henderson, of Pittsburgh, says:
"After suffering for three months a ith rheumatism?a part j
of the time so severely as to conliue me to my bed?1 have
been entirely cured b.v the use ot Boerhave's Holland Bit
ters. 1 hav.* had one attack since, but found almost instan
taneous relief in the same medicine. Ji is, in iny opinion, a
3are remedy for rheumatism."
This changeable weather is likely to produce a great deal*
of sickness. To persons troubled with nervous or rhenmat
?ic uffeetlous, wc aculd recommend Boer have's Holland Bit
ters. On referring to our columns you will find certificates
from fomo of our first German and Eaghsh citizens.?/'a.
Slant* Zcitunff*
We are at liberty to refer to several well known g? ntle
men, who 'have used, thoroughly tested, nod now Tecum- f
tuend Boerhave's lledland Bitters ns a remedy for Piles.? |
Wc are not at liberty to publish their names, "hut trill take ?
pleasure in re'ferrh.g any person to them a ho denies this i
For this affcction, one half of the prescribed dose should bo 1
Ukeu?say iu:/j'teaspoor.ful?morning, noon and night, one ?
hour before meais.
Tlic great popularity of thisdellshtfal Aronia has indue d
many .imitation*, which the oubhc shoe.ld puarft against pcr
chasing. Be not i>ersur.de?rto buy anything else until you
havegiven Boerhaye'a Holland Bitters n fair trl:*L One bot
tle will cciiAincc you hoa- infinitely kujK-rior it is t<> all these
f3f-s<?ld at #1 per bottle, or six bottles for $5, by the sole
BEN J A MIN PA G E, Jn. Jk Co,
3Ianufacturing Piiartsaceutists aud Cb? mitts,
cor Stnilhfield Jt Thir?l sts, P.tUburgh.
l.itit^bliuM vV
mhS&daaly >Vh?>h-sale Druggists, Wheeling, Ya.
WM. BARRETT, Proprietor.
npiliS wcU known Hotel has been .newly renovated, and'
X now turoishe? the best of accommo<latlous to travelers
It is located near the centre of the cit.v, opposite tlic Sus
pension Bridge, and only a fea'-squares t'roai tin- Railroad' j
De-|>ots and Steaml>oat. Land lag.
I< attached to the House. Travelers and boardert may rest
Assured that no pains a ill be sparetl to add to thnir'cam
fort. npftn-tfdaw
Yoiiuy l.inlieH Concert.
A CONCERT will be given in the 3IcthodUt Episcopal
ri. Church In West Mlddletown, Pa., ou Thursday evening
May, Sth, by the young ladies of Pleasant IHll Seminary.?
The proceeds of the Concert to be expended in purchasing
apparatus for the beuefit of the Seminary.
~ g-y Admission 5o ce nts. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock.
? West Mlddletdaii, Pa., April 2oth, 1K>?5.
Bonnet Blocks
1D0Z. Bonnet Blocks or superior make and latest summer j
style, just received. Also, a full variety of shapes, crowns,
shapes for chlldrens huts, ruehes, quilllnKS, French fiowers,
sprigs, buds and leaves, wreaths, blonde laccs, Ac. Jfcc., Just ?
received. The attention of 31iBiners is particnltuiy called to
our stock. .
Hpgl 2m daw ? . - STONE THOMAS.
OK JUTS^o iMackerel, Jost r^wlecd by ? [
W-;i* ' j. R. flREEB 4 Co.
.K --tt?rt.'' *. i !
&4&L ifti.-v >?;.;jV ?%?&}&&*?&& i?&:->
hrx or ^injrlrtgM Xit jk
J t?i5 ou Wood, and ?Vef.v 'raffia y
soDnble! . Ailil(*xtt.
imfftiiMSfoi- '" ' iiB f(J3 .
ImprovecT Ar^i^
13Rtli|J<or!'IrKX' :a^#rrt,fl'^r ??' tBeKB CqIU^v o! Don
U talJnuvco, H.vuts a?u-nsk.u to hl*.khihl*>imt>r.>veJ
ZX&Sl?%8^t,*rttSfl??S rir'
sHshtest tMoUturp can get Iwtwevn the tettffaieJsjiair?
.. Au ArtlUc.ul Gum, which .fx as tirni atwf ipdctftructihtc as
.v.^h.I.fu^.tahW, hint U-twi'iu MliSSlS
iw. ? UjvIi mutts them to racii otht r and, ta the plat. unou
? hlchlhey ?ry??<. Thi, mm top.ruT0 SiSS uLt
^ I,rc-"U
#. Grew jircngth h ol-talnVl l.ji liuut ..oltlnc'tWti.lh
ru.tilZX'rl '"""^ yfrMMfctow^ ?W?Wrt?iU>.
Ih..tmi?r1'<1>t *ft*.?foc U effected by bavin* the in.-ddr of the
^v?. ? f! I?W>L11 ri ^
" " 1 tS!Qsu? to
eial teeth. ififf artiti- .
formed*s to brib* out. ft* xiuikvi! ponftto* *mf*maln ihrta
Ill,ro'Kr lK,,l,lou- They axe cnv?*wli^aH~?liV'Vb?vc
named pnmcompomtd,amhbrtiinje (cioiKuirat niirltfr th?
?lemure, aua ??!.. a rurlalj JbnJdl <M*??S!3Sm?5? lie
rlojMt okktiw. TBU mrtho.1 of MMriiirthe *?Jv. w
their urljriiml fullnrx, mill ?:-n ihc natural TO nil a'fcd ?!??.
li?n mlMeat^harlni^u
,1 il TClll ?',ri'111 l',c nut'??*''"* practleei t*r?i*vrr*l
-;"J,Tf "?'.*? " '?"?btorfrophk&lMiI)..<cu?rtOKI ?
l.lken<*?ca, which have t*een t.Wnvof Iirnor.i. trttho.it Ili'i
"'Prorracni ?nrt .Mo wtth-lt, *?,, b, ^? ^sSSS^r.
Inc tlie preat chittipeiii appeartniee-tihfch 1% produeMdii th?
countenance* of IndlrlduaEtiow nwrtogUt?^*coS2n?ct
ri?,L,H'1? \ l,r,ncir,l'? which the public-are lnvlt?ric*o call
and examine, tojrrthrr with otlu r apecin* itkof ht?* ork net
rcquirinj; the above attachitn-ui*;?: -/-J -? *
Jl.StlSi CMW*? Ibr t|.l?*?rk a>e pJatlna,
the purity of which present* uv*|i tht&ltalttert tnrrtiiJi or itc -
I?Kt\saut in the mouth. Jn idiurt, t!iU'4V42rin eiiihracit
many iirw aud important fcature>?TThlcIra**:r?tt<:iK apprr
nl5 \S.I r?fe Wc?r,'?V' artlflrtal JM,tnrt5n,M)n thft pr!?1
plf. U itli rvfcrrnce U? tiiolifillty of thlfe method tuimlrl.. .
uuSrtlvJf fSrf?iR.IVin fr,u c,uim',lt latlMt'tan.
an'l oU.l r cUi". |M!r>?"S H<ar,nb*lhc ,iork Jnlhu
Dr. Au.w liiUvViTat^^VAf^t6L%. he I* enable t*
as ef^:,u^
J. A LI.KX, iVo.!? yjp?f/ 9trr<t%
J'* ^.-?Persons cle^Irio>f *ny furthor lnfonhatfon it^rl'kr
( !?.N7."A?.T,'.'" oui lnthe hair by CrUU.Io
Vv ro S matchics* rcvitalialUK Hair l)y.. and tlio?r nrodu
flMr t> ?I'P"<'?""11 nf 'JUfnior tluWi orUiuarliv ?old a J
"air llj-w, vo? ?.?[?, that the color [? Mtanl In oi,
Crin.'n'n^'Tlt,1" ?n'1 ">? "Iniplc r,??,ti u that
?hieS?.Prt,,C",ml Dn.t*!,U ^ throughout
f.?i."Ii^rk W- ii. coiiy t Ct).
-ftO.I.Miay r\VAiU). CLOSK A CO.
BROILS ts, friesTI
noufo so.vs P}\ rfih T- cwwiiioy
i ngniiiM Ihf Fryluir Pn#|ij
Jf..uiHe. ^V0*" ?rr t,mt ?'roiled Y* lujacbraore na!
ftfuble, tender and hfnlthful^ian when fried- "'? All Miipfd
meat- ou?fht to b? broiled. The \im- i. ,J*
ni'-nt as the J-'ryinjr Pan. ami much more bcorjom1 uvI
'"g a downward draupht, it t?kes all thi-sniS^^J'PV
hSnifne HmwU.V." n'HIVI'hr'U'1?' '* "* -lulo?. without"
? rice for-tke roand 10 l?. diameter.. J .. . .. . 69 ru
" WUHTL- i? by 14 iuchcs.w. . . r vy-,
oblong 7 by Jrt * ? .. * .Vri,
. ;: ; -s-^w ?
-i." *."1" ? b*. "I"1 "? rrepMil* otTo or' Sore ii Vh.'^T
?l*e^ to any pnrt of Uj'* L'nfted Stater,-cost of the Mi^tLMit nl
(or jwt far ??, It) ,h- L! " "P'
" V U-r ?"??. ' r^SlerrO," >t ?r
?? ^^"APcntij wabtedjn^'fverrcountr: town ami Htt- tf,
01 Aiiilre??C *a* ^
. coi;i cj>x-.v li-ri-oi i-s
?>e|'1,es of bchooi Geographies.
rcm isllKt, BY J. II. COLTOX A COHll!Af\V
v Vrthtlac ^"'V'b'.Vl^nuer.. Care htts,bceh takVii to avoid
Duuli r?> u',itfh f,,ou'J re?erv?d for the more a*fvance,i
illustrated with appropriate engravitiKS. ' ,
f"' ^ti0?1 ti?r<,Kr??I,l'y- ' Dclrnwl for that rerr larro
t.la?s of pupiU in our xchooN who w^sli to IAihUh.jttnr^ i.f
portaiu luct* of Geopr'aphv, biit hnreiiot tftneto *
...ore ellalK-r.,, trcnlrir "in
takui, l?y copious rxhrcltnr, to mnki* Uie'^itmn- tJiorourhl*
acquaintvd with llit- wa)/*, ??.d-fobUninrwilhvloeill6rs ?t
J.I.O contain,, In a VW u^d forj?, all that 1 SrVn in til
?:7,r n" Sch"?' i. u
.Ar"'cf,ca" Scli6o! Orojn-niihy; An clb'bdraib w6r Jdet-tan
cd ft?r pupils who wl?h" to become'. famiJiinr with tMe d. tai'n
Of Oeogroplff. The In.,., are Tail ?n?^ rillSijl,aecVrdlkr t
n C,"tC irTERW'CS "^TUKifat^.-r-tlirmapB of the entireae.
trl'th ttuy'othtrEM^hl'^X"',":..
2SSS5S ",u ""i-nw/nvSy &Sc!iyu,"
N. L. Dorsey,":
DKALKlt IK* -* ?- ' ""
[tiiioh inM'K ncLow 8.JI. i(4Bi?KftVs lUTsnrow;}
I HAVE just received anotherlot of Boot* aud Fhort> fr?m
the best Philadelphia manufacturers; made ?wpred*ly for
tills trade, of good material nnft the-brat worknmnolilp, ia<|*
I aiu now prepared to furnish any and tvcryb^ly with aoy
kind pr good* tltcy may nant ju m^ IInc./ryuia i?o*xjt*hr?
to a 10 dollar boot, and as to Variety.'style. q6ai!ii, Material,
and durability of Workmanship, and pftc'eY. IcaxSiSl be *ur.
passed by auy other hoiUr In thi!?'pjV*"?uj^qlhcr.?Uy7;
Gents Hoots and SJiob.'of jtll klnd-S le* h a J qua 1! ti e s,
mad?> to order.. . *
Having employed some of the'be*t workman in the United
State*, 1 am satisfied that 1 cannot Xail to plea<e"aby who ma/
favor me with a call. * - >-v2 ? --*? 1 fU |?u
Call aud examine for ypuT rfelvci. * " VH. 'fJ
My block consist* in putt of the following articles:
"* ' 100 pair best c# boot.*; ? ' S
]S ftHRB:
lirO ? do . U Mter proof hooU; : ../"P
M du .: cork sole. - ? a
MEN'S BHOOANS. - *?-.?. -?
100 pair best.calf hrogans;.
lot) do kip 4
1U0 flo thick V
Wo flo loir priced boots'; '
1Uui>ttlr boys' thick broffahtt . * * "
.100 do klp!/ *-? ?r.
"lOO palryouthV thick ? ?"?
HOY'S AND Y 0 0T1 PS *1100T& a
100 pairs of calf boots: ''
100 do kid - Y ? 'j
1(50 do thick V t?. ' 2 lit
ISO pairs laatU y gaiters,all colors,
150 do walking SlioeV, ! *
lihi rin . nioroccu ? ~-4 :*sl.
150 do kid ?
151 do af&ytLInlli^T #
-'!U uo niftjiKjcg ami: ktd slipqers. -? r"x
misses' x)
JS.I pairs morocco booi#,* rijoaa
IftK do kid ? . - -? , , ?
Ki? . du . French morocco boors,
1M? 'to calf ' " ? ?
Mp do Up ? ' . 'JU
ALSO, ; *7? }*
Tlic finest quality of !*t}!$glove leather Guitar's acrt litis,
kins, h very tine aud soft artidor Indies gftiVeiexthtr Gai
ters, with hiph Illicit, heavy sole, and: huUonittn tli&idr.
?Patent leather, mprocco^kld. fh>yc> Stbtrt lasting,
calf and fancy hoots, gaitersianfch? tic#,tllppi'rs, (?tford
and all other kinds and *tyh r!*?ys to* price*.
Ladleb*, men's and mistcj^andalstboou^and ovisho^ of
the very best quality; also a treat Variety uf .bttoaocrJ* not
liere enumerated, ahlch I will sell on the mui: accou.njod*
Ungterms. ; . , ' ' - '
a3U* X- Jtj\ /.%
AVERY has received, aqd.is- now opening ? very ltrg?
AVERY has recelvM. aqd is. nojr> opening a fery Isrgi
O* assortment of SoftIlatspf all qualities, eijapea ju^I col
ors, and win be sold at th^lJ>'? cst prices; IV TtTTL
' c i rrnv k*n> *?> iir
hat's aod .(Japs. .. ,
'np and openingJatfec*addrtiabqftfe hit
TS dally receiving and opening' iaf^'addfllot^to his Fa
JL stock of lists and Caps, comprising one of'.tie mo>t ? r
eral assortments Usftt has cVrr been offered to tha public
call and sec. ? . i >.
Nos. 140 and 1-19, Main street; Wheeling, Va: 1
sq?ldaw / 'I' ^i 8. AVERT
JrST received, a large auoxtment of chU4tt?VMaU sn4
. Caps?Extra superfine and Emhroldfafsd Caps.
Nos. 146 and 148, Main street. Wheeling. Va.
oc80, , sc. ?) -a ^XVERY.
silk j*lvhu CAfti jrpK ut^yxajiAw.
A LARUK jusqrtment received.tWs.daJr,. comprising
Xl. great i arlcty of. patterns?call and i?c.
Nos. 140 and 14? Uslait^Wlieelbf,^! |v
_oc*9 ? - ? ?; 7 :? :: j : ^.faVgRT.
CONO HESS CAPS. for Gentlemen and Youths, an^nthrvly
.new arilclefor'taleby' ' -
a pi 2 JL.D. HARPER * SON.
Ga U NTtKl'Siii; T
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