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^^5aTOK *" BHATTY. Editor*. !
Ptibliahed Corner of j6ih'^an<l Qmncy-ete,
/rraTTY&_P?; 1
' -wheelis^' v_iv:?
WKDKE3PAY^RS?<>. MAY ^ 1S5C- i
"-iw^ot CfmptTf. Boiling appointed by the
"Su?ntoaC??venfv?n ? Fillmore elector, fbr the
HtyofPetersbur^ dedines the appointment
S. V. Sauthall, also. decliaos for Alberru-le. __ ,
arFW, at Superior,' on Lake Superior, j
. ^100 p?r barrel, or fifty cents per pound, on
.he 60. of May- Asa barrel of flour ^snotn j
that place, the price might as well have been 10 ;
eta. a^ $100- . ? i
-y Ehe editors of Richmond and Petersburg j
design to hold a meeting to ascertain^*ny, a"d
what, means can be devised, to protect the
. Press from the abuses occasioned by the trans- :
mission of matter over the telegraph w,res, which
in many case#, is wholly unimportant, and not !
unficquently anticipated by the mails.
ngrThe contracts for the tunneling and j
bridging of the Blue Ridge, & C. Railroad ^cro .
let on <he lflthinst. The "saddle and middle j
tnnncls were taken by Messrs. Lincoln and nam- |
Ime of Va., and the "Stump Houso" tunnel ,
the largest on the work?was taken by Geo. i
College, of Pennsylvania. _ j
55JP*The people of Norfolk on Thursday, .
voted on the question or ? corporation subscrip
tion of *800,000 to the Norfolk and Petersburg
Railroad. There were 012 votes for and 38
azainst the subscription. Norfolk has already
subscribed $200,000 to tlic road in her corporate
rs?-JohnT?r Floyd, of Washington county,
and Fayette McMullen of Scott county, have
Keen appointed delegates to Cincinnati from
the thirteenth electoral district of Virginia. >o
instructions were given by the convention, which
also declined by resolution to express any pre- ;
ference among the candidates for the preodency.
Douglas B. Layne, of Alleghany, ^
Chapman, of Monroe, have been appointed del
egates from the twelfth electoral district.
?~The National Intelligencer says, " l"he
Virginia Search Law, of which complaint ap
,?ar? to have been made l.y certain 'captams
in the New York' and Baltimore trade, worse,
. as we hear, rather favorably for our District
commercial port*. Rather than be subjected to
what thevcall the vexations of the law, roasters
of vessels in ccrtain circumstances pref.-r load
ing from Georgetown oc Washington to doing
SO on the Virginia side of the river. W c can pay
nothing of the right or wrong of the law, in
itself considered, but merely report .statmcnts
made to ns on respectable authority.
^yAn English invention which reflects the
back of the head on the toilet gl*ss as perfectly
' as the face, will, no doubt, be hailed as a great
achievement by the ladies, astheljackofthuhair
.?an thus be arranged with the greatest case and
precision. This invention, callcu Lc minor
feco ct ungue," consists fimply of a teles
copic rod attached to the top of an ordii.ap- toi
let glass, with a circular mirror suspended from
it. When drawn out, the back of the head is
reflected from tho mirror on the toilet glass si
- roulutneonsly with the Cice-a great ncquw ion
in the difficult operation of head dressing. \\ hen
not required, the circular mirror is Msily placed
out o?the way. so as not to interfere with the
ordinary rw of the glass.
TVo Vocxc. Ladis Dkow*ed.?"We regret
cxc^cdlnglv to learn that a heart-rending scene
? occurred at Tiinlierville, in Rockingham count),
on Saturday evening last. Two young '1,.d,eV
Miss/igler and Miss Tonpm, aged 13 and 14,
daughters or Samuel Zigler and .lohn Topiun,
while crossing the bench over the Shendoah
river, fell in and were drowned. Hunfortu^te
lv liappened that no one was about, when they
Jell from the bench, and they were discovered
white floating down the river by a young lad\.
who gave the alarm; but before assistance could
reach them, they sunk to the bottom of the nvc^
The bodi?s were taken out a short time al^r nnd
conveyed to their respective homes. ?
. John Hcstas's Fiite.?The flute with which
?Tolin Vunyan beguiled the tediousnc-ss or his
?nptivc hours, is now in the possession of llr.
IIowelty, taylor, Gainsborough. In appearance
it does not look unlike the leg of a stool?out of
which it is said that Jtunyan while in prison,
manufactured it. When the turnkey, attracted
by ihi> sound of music, entered his cell to ascer
tain, if possible, the cause of the harmony, the
flute was replaced in the stool, and by this means
detection was avoided.?Lineolnihirc (Eng.)
^t-VjiuiiNtA Stocks.?The recent large issues of
!" 1 State stock, have had a depressing in
i stock market during the present
6 close there were more sellers
Irginia sixes, at the figures given
The unsettled condition of public affairs
birijftrin, has, also, doubtless, affected the
market, by causing dealders to be more cautious
, and reserved than they would otherwise be.?
" "; of 50 shares of Rank stock have been
p week, with an improvement of
The market is again bare of
ailroad stocks there bus been
ng except R. F. ? P. R. R., which
old at $70. Richmond Firo Associa
ted to us this week at $1 decline. Of
Fire and Marine Insurance thcro have
i no sale* for several weeks, and our quota
tion is merely nominal.?Mc&moiul Whig.
''The CrAMITOS DtrnccLTT.?The "Washing
ton correspondent of tho New York Journal of
Commerce, writing under date of 83d instant,
Xot a single member of the Cabinet, I am cer
tain, has declared it to bo tho present determi
nation of the Executive to dismiss Mr. Cramp
ton. His dismissal was certainly resolved npon
as an alternative to the refusal of his Government
to recall bim. The character of Lord Clarendon's
reply caused some hesitation, and; at all events,
lias prevented his dismissal up to this day. It
cannot 1m positively ascertained that he will bo
or will not be dismissed?for the plain reason
that the Executive Government has not yet de
cided whether to dismiss hint or nut. I hope
this statement of tho condition of the matter is
Mfffidcntly plain to account for the remarkable
&ct that opinions disagree and even .fluctuate,
in regard to tho ultimate course of tho Govern
ment in regard to Mr. Crampton.
I will state, however, one or two facts which
may aiU conjecture on this subject?to wit: that
Mr.-Marcy'a rejoinder will reiterate and yrove
txyqnd reasonable doubt, that allegations which
"lerctofbre made as to Mr. Crampton's
iterfertnee in the recruitments, and that
the special arguments urged in defence
Crampton will nc refuted. Also, as the
!?Ct of. the notation of the laws anJ the sovereign
" he Luaitel_>itate-s by. the conduct.ot Uio
tT Government and its agents, it will be re
land maintained.
. ' nment cannot but re
(the ami^aW* awunmce of Great Brit
rr _<WI?iip*rs pf intention 10
, uaraaJ*. U<? wuiciiltr between the two
nt* win be settler); and there will still
n for the President to deride,
'"*"***! continue diplo
i to tuus
i ' ni<?n??p?
El'jlth J)j*f?Friday.
The Assembly met at 9 o'clock this morning:,
and passed the first two honrs in religious exer
cises. tn addition to prayers and sinking, per
tinent addresses were delivered by the Rev. Drs.
Hewitt and Rodgers, and by the Rev. Mr. Marks,
of Georgia. Much interest was excited in the
first speaker by his request for the prayers of
Assembly on behalf of his two sons who
were immurtd in the dungeons of papal error.
The minutes were read and approved.
The Rev. Mr. Rodgers, on behalf of the Rev.
Mr. Polhemus, presented four volumes to the
officers of the A??emb"ly, on behalf of the board
of publication f t ?e Ilefor-ucd Dutch Church,
which he represented.
The special order of the day, the report on I
theological seminaries, then came up in order.? [
The report of the committee to whom the reports |
of various seminaries were referred, presented i
their report through the Rev. Dr. Hewitt. The j
various items of the report were read and adop-;
ted seriatim. The nominations for officers inj
the several boards of directors of these semina- j
ries, were made. ?
The Rev. Richard \V. Dickenson, D. D.. of
New York, was nominated bj the Rev. Dr. Phil
lips, as professor of ecclesiastical history and
pastoral theology in the Western Theological
Seminary, at Allegheny City, Pennsylvania.
The Rev. Beatty, nominated the Rev. Mr. Lu
The nomination of a Professor of Pastoral Thc
ology and Church Government of Danville (Ky.)
Seminary was then taken up. ^ i
Rev. l)r. Humphrey in this connection, pre- j
sen ted a resolution to 'the effect that the Assemb- *
ly now reaffirm its preference in conformity with J
its action in lt>.>3 and 1864-, to establish and en
dow Danville Seminary as a first class seminary,
and to that end it is earnestly recommended to
call the congregations under our care, especial!}'
those in the West and Southwest, to aid by lib
eral contributions in its complete endowment;
and the Board of Trustees, as agents of the As
sembly, are'rene.vedly invested with ample pow
ers to institute the means necessary to the col
lection of funds under the action of the Asseni
bly. The reverend gentleman spoke at consid
erable length in support of his resolution, and
explained the progress and flourishing condition
of Danville Sc ninary. A number of Commission
ers followed, pro and con.
Rev. Mr. Crozlcr proposed, as an amendment
to the resolution, that it bo distinctly understood
that the Assembly did not, by this recommend
ation, mean to interfere in any uay with the
Theological Seminary at New Albany, Indiana,
under the care of the synods of Cincinnati and
Southern Indiana. Judge Fine suggested to
Mr. Crozier that he had better withdraw his
amendment for the present lie proposed to in
sert in Dr Humphrey's the words "take measures
to endow" instead of "establish and endow."-^?
Agreed to.
Rev. Dr. Junkin moved to strike out "first
class," but withdrew it at the suggestions of
several members, as all the seminaries were sup- j
posed to be "first class." The Rev. Doctor, in '
making the motion, inquired if they ever heard ;
of a "seconl rate family of Virginia."
The resolution as amended was then adopted, j
The Rev. Stuart Robinson, of Baltimore, was j
then put in nomination for the Professorship of!
"Pastoral Theology and Church Government" .
at Danville Seminary.
The election of the-nominees, after prayer by
the Rev. Dr. Phillip, was made the order of the
day for Monday next.
The next order of the day, the Rev. Mr. Phelps*
! (Iowa) resolution providing for a translation of
; tlie standards of the church in German, was tn
|kcn up.
Rev. Dr. Prime opposed the resolution by
I reason of its utter impracticability, in view of
! the fact that the Presbyterian church was an
| English speaking body, which gave their impress
' to the symbols and form of words which are to
the the exposition of their faith and order. lie
\ held it almost impracticable to diffuse that ex
i act impress through a foreign language atf in the
; manner proposed, and in illustration referred to
the fact that the Board of Publication attempted
this undertaking on a small *calc, in publishing
the small Catechism in German. l*w>n an cx
amintfon of the traos!ation, it was found that
'justification* was rendered 'a work of divine
grace,' which was a materially erroneous trans
lation. 'Sanctiilcation' was 4a work'?'justifica
tion' was *an act' lie also opposed the resolu
tion l?y reason of the difficulties that might
arise in cases of discipline, and also as tending
to ercct as it were a foreign church in their
midst. He then moved that the resolution be
referred to the Board of Publication, for them i
to act on it as they thought beat.
The motion was carried.
The Chairman of the committee on Mileage i
made a report which states that $1,273.55 had!
been received for the Commissioners' fund; that
I 24,742 miles had been traveled, and that Coin
, missioncrs* milage, at 5 cents a mile, ainount
I ed to $1,237.10, leaving a balance of ?
The Assembly then rdjourned until Monday.
Methodist Gekebal Cokfehexce at Xndiax
apolis, ifednendfly, May 21.?The subject ol
anti-slavery tracts coining up. the following res
j olution was offered by Mr. Smith, of New llamp
: shire Conference.
fienolced. That the Committee on the Tract
t Cause, having had under consideration the pub
; lication of Anti slavery literature, recommends
i the Tract Society to publish such tracts on the
j subject as the sin of slavery may demand, inclu
: ding Mr. Wesley's Thoughts on Slavery.
1 his seemed not quite strong enough for some.j
| and a little too strong for others.
I)r. Jesse T. Peck opposed it. He said men
were fond of trying out Fiat jimtitia riuii coc
' lum but they knew all the while that there was
i no danger of the heavens falling. He thought
| doing right must include results. He knew the
; effect of publishing anti-slavery tracts would be
' fatal to the Society. It would strike down?he
! would not say nine-tenths?but two-lhirds of the
j support of the cause. There were men who did
; not live in the South cither?who regarded such
i li terature as they did the incendiary or midnight
I assassin.
Alter further discussion the subject was laid
Mr. Raymond, Chairman of the committee on
j slavery, then announced that he was ready to
I report. The hall was immediately so still that
| that the least foot-step on the carpet was audi
! ble.
Dr. Durbin announced*that the minority, he
! believed was not quite ready with their report.
He was ready, but some of the members had,
within an hour, expressed a desire to review it
before it was offered.
Mr. Raymond then read the report.
The committee, after a suitable preamble,
recommended the passage of the following rcs
| olution?:
RctolxcJ, By the delegates in general confer- j
cnce assembled, that wo recommend to the An- j
nual Conferences the alteration of the discipline
in regard to the general rules on slavery, so as
to read?
"The buying and selling or holding a human
being in bondage."
Itesotretl, That we recommend as a substitute
for the 7th chapter of the Book of Discipline,
the following;
What shall bo dono for the extirpation of the
evil of slavery?
Answer 1. We declare that we areas much as
ever convinced of the great evil of slavery. We
believe that all men, by nature, have equal right
to freedom, and that no man has a moral right to
hold a follow- being as property. Therefore, no
slaveholder shall bo eligible to membership in
our church hereafter, whero emancipation can
be effected without injury to the slave. But in
asmuch as persons may be brought into the le
gal relation of slaveholders, involuntarily or vol
untarily, by purchasing slaves in order to free
them, therefore, the merely legal relation shall
not bi considered of itself.sufficient to exclude
a person who may thus sustain it from the'fel
lowship of the church.
Answer 2. Whenever n member of our
church, by any means, beepmes the owner of a
slave, it shall be the duty of the preacher in
eliarge to call together a committee of at least,
three members who. shall investigate the case,
and determine the time in which such slave shal|
be treat; and on his refusal or neglect to abitl*
by the tkcUion of uid committee, ha shall b*
djalt with as. in c.i?? of immorality. jjje j
A'uwer 8, ft *h?!l bo the dvif of *11 our mwffi
relation of slave-bolder, to teach their servants
to nail the word of God; to allow them to attend
the public worship of God on our regular days
of divine service; to protect them in the obse:
vnnee of the duties of the conjugal and parental
relations; to give than such compensation for
their services as may, under the circumstances
be just and* equal; to make such provisions as
may be legally practicable, to prevent them an.l i
Uieir posterity from passing into perpetual slave- !
iy; and to treat them, in all respects as required
by the law of love.
Answer 4. It shall be the duty of our preach
ers prudently to enforoe the above rules.
Immediately aft;r the reading or tho report
the conference adjourned.
n?rrtay, -V?y 22.?Resolutions were adopt
ed favoring the establishment of a College in i
Uhio for the education of colored youth of both
sexe.?, and commending Messrs. Scott and Oath- .
w t?t^c. me"lbcrs (especially the wealthy) of the
? . S,!t^0"z'ns collections to'be taken
in the Churches; also authorizing the sending of ;
American Methodist preachers to fivland for two '
Br three years, should any volunteer to go, and ?
the Annual Conference approve of their going, i
John A. Collins of the llaltimore Conference,
announced that he was ready to present the mi
nority report on Slavery. Ou motion the regu- '
lar order was suspended to receive it. I
As the report was signed only by Mr. Collins, -
the question was asked how large was the mi
nonty? The Chairman of the Slavery Com- :
mittw, Sir. Jlayinpnd, answered that "the first
vote in the Committee was IS to 14, hut on the '
hnal action the vote stood 17 to 15. (The Com- i
inittee on SLivery numbered 33.) Mr. Coliins !
tuen read the report.
Friday, May 28.?After the reading of (he
minutes John A. Collins moved to take up the 1
report of the Committee on Slavery. (The ma- i
jority report.) A number of memliers opposed
this because they wanted to get in other reports
first: for the rules of Conference provide that
when the slavery question is taken up it cannot
be postponed or suspended, and no other busi
ness can be done until it is disposed of. Mr. '
Ilosmcr said?it would seem from the anxiety '
the brethren manifested -to get their business in
,,? nPPrchcnded the slavery question '
would finally extinguish the Conference, and
nothing could ever be done afterward--. He
hoped not, however, but that it would come out
or it stronger and more united than when it
entered it (John A. Collins, "Amen.") lie
was in favor of taking it up. The majority re
port was then taken up.
pr- Raymond, Chairman of the Slavery Com
mittee, spoke fifteen minutes in fnvor cf'the re
port, and was then cut off by the rule. An ex
tension of his time was moved, when I)r. Perry
moved to suspend that part of the 10th rule lim
iting speakers to fifteen minutes, during the dis
cussion on Slavery.
Father Finley said that as the anti-Slaverv
men had the majority, if this motion was no't
passed it would be said the pro-Slavery men
were gagged.
?^?hn A. Coliins of Baltimore Conference?
There are no pro-Slavery men here."
The yeas and nays were called for on the mo
tion. (Great excitement.)
Mr. Dnrbin (earnestly) "That rule will be
suspended. If members think by calling for the
yeas and nays to make honest men move from
their possitions they arc mistaken."
After a very exciting debate of an hour the
vote was taken and the fifteen minute rule sus
pended by a vote of?ayes 114, nays 102.
An extended dcb.ite ensued, lasting until the
adjournment of the Conference for the day
Tehiiiui.k Torts- \ no in Tkxas?Loss of Life.
? rile Dallas Herald of the 10th inst., gives the
following account of a terrible storm in that
county* on the evening of the i>th inst
There has not yet been time to trace the deso
IMing track. At Cedar Hill, n small village 25
miles ?> est of this placc, it seems to have attain
ed its greatest power, and its destruction was
terrible. Nine persons were killed almost in
stantly in this village and many wounded.?
hvery house in the village was' levelled with
the ground, and some of the houses were blown
"TV"" "V Home, Esq., who was at the scene
or the calamity on Wednesday morning, furnish
es lis with the following particulars, which may
be reliction:
/.tit of Killed.?John Hart, his wife and
chrtd; J Barry (merchant,) his Wife and child;
Mrs. Dickson, (residing at Berry's;) Mrs. Allen
and a negro girl.
Among the wonnded we have only learned
the names of old man Hart, Henderson Hart,
(skull fractured.)
Miller & Kerry's storehouse was torn to pieces,
the goods all blown off except a few heavy ar
ticles, and the timbers scattered n great distance
over the prairie. The money chest, containing
some $800 or was blown off and not found!
Ihe heart rending scene which presented itself
at the ruined village, when our informant reach
ed there the next morning, beggars description.
1 he damage in the neighborhood was quite con
siderable. Many horses, cattle and other stock
were killed on the prairie by the storm.
The injuries sustained in the neighborhood are
as follows, so for as heard from:?Milton Morri
lield s house blown down: Church near Parson
Crawford s Mown down.
H. K. Brothcrton's house, in which he lived
several miles east of Cedar Hill, blown down?a
perfect wreck. His family escaped uninjured.
Mr. Hall, who was in Brothcrton's at the time
was slightly injured. '
The Methodist Church, near Brotjiertpn's and
another house of Brothertou's, near his residence
blown down.
Oil Ten Mile?Mr. Steward's house, stables
and fences blown down and scattered in cverv
direction. -
Mrs. Vaught's (daughter of Col. Geo. Wilson)
house blown down, and Mrs. V. slightly injured
Xho storm commenced after 4 o clock in the
evening. Wowing in a southwesterly direction.
Before night it had calmed and the sun was
shining. It was accompanied by much thunder
ami lightning,
A t this place it prevailed in a much milder de
gree, doing no damage.
357~l>ic Metropolitan U.ink, New York, late
ly increased its capital, dividing the stock among
the old stockholders nt par. A portion of tile
old stock was, however, held by trustees and
widows, who could not take the additional stock
to which they were entitled?consequently such
portion, amounting to $20,000, was sold and pro
duced a handsome premium. The directors
thought, wisely as well as justly, that this pre
mium did not really belong to the bank, but to
the trustees (for their trust) and widows alluded
to, and therefore invested the premiums to the
credit of those parties respectively. We hope
this will be established as a precedent for other
Colonization Vkksel.?The ship Elvira Ow
en, bound for Liberia, is now it Boston, and has
on hoard two large houses, each !>G by 36 feet,.,
containing 21 rooms. There is also an assorted
cargo of provisions and goods of evepy variety.
She will sail from Boston to Hampton Roads
with two emigrants and there receive some two
hundred persons front Norfolk, Baltimore and
vicinity. She will then sail to Savannah, and
probably have the the company increased by 150
The Forkios Wool M.Uiket.?Baring's Cir
cular of the 9th inst says:
The Colonial Wool sales which commenced
yesterday were woll attended and prices nilvan
cen 1 Jn2d per lb. on tne average, as compared
with last sales. The quantity to be offered is
about 52,GOO bales. '
?3F~The ladies of Chesterfield village, S. C.,
recently called on a grog-seller in that place, and
politely but tlnnly notified him that ho must
quit selling liquor. They offered to buy him
out, in order that {hey might empty his stock
into the gutter; but he preferred leaving the vil
lage and taking it with him.
BS^ifr. Butler, a lithographer in San Fran
cisco, threatens to sell at auction the stono from
which Walker's bonds are printed, and ticenty
million> of those securities, payment of which
is securcd by mines on the river Bola, if Walker
" it pay him the 21,000 he owes him.
Now.?"Americans must rule At
s the Know Nothing platform "Yes,"
.npoirary, "Black Ilawk tried it in
ho Black Foot and the Flat Heads r
. rx. -arst '
^''rjr'nrnt rifeljin JVt *? over?* Thursday
evening at the HaD^cornerOf Market and Uooruf Jimii1.
I Wm. o - J&lISbr**, Secretary.
Fraaklla I.e^ge JTo. I3-?Meet* a# *boveevery
Monday ?vt^l?-.: -4S^iiTrT, X. O.; Fori-*, Secre
Wm. Tell Lodge Wo. 33?Meet* as above eve
ry Wednesday evening. It. Hpjc?wwtock, X. O.; II"
Ilrlfer, Secretary.
Wheelin); I.odge 59 ?Meets every Monday
evening at the I fall, corner Market and Qalncy street*. I>.
1). llccucr, X. (i^ IHs. Jf.JBcrryhiU. Secretary.
Panola Lod^f Xo S'J.?Mwti m above every
Friday evening. G. K. Cumrtioiir, K. G.; II*. II* Blan
cA<tr?7, Secretary.
Abram't Raenntpmeni ?Xo. 1.?Meet* nt the
Hall, corner Market and Monroe streets, the ,?r*t and t&hil
Tuesday evenings of each month. W. W. lh_\xcaaitn, C. P.;
^ IT. Pe*trxon, Scribe.
Wm. Tell (iHcnmpmeo.t IVo. 3 -J.?Meets as
above the second and fovriX Tuesday evenings of each
month. Jons O. IIoFnii$, O. P.; 1F?. Weisgarbrr,
Ohio Lodge fto. lOl.?Meet* at Masonic Hall,
corner Market and Monroe streets thcJfr*J and Mini Mon
day evenlugs of eaeh mouth. O.'W. Sights, W. M.; P. IT.
| UiMJU-ff, Srfcrtlarr.
Wh'relins Lo' gr IYo> I '38.?Meet* as above on
ihcjint and third Saturday evenings of each month. J. II.
Williams, W. M.; 3. IIPea roan ^ Secretary.
Wheeling Union Clinpter No* 19.?Meets as
above on the eecond Monday erening of each month. W. G.
Scott, II. P.; J~. A. Clark'*, Secretary.
Wheeling Encampment No." t.?Meets as
aborc on the JburtAntytj^nr evening of each month. W. J.
Bates, G. C4 A. Loriag, Recorder. .
Dr. J. Hedges'
FEVER *nrt Acur, Chilli ami Fcrrr, Dair.li Ague, or any '
farm of Intermittent Fever, whether recent or of longstaud- j
Ing. b speedily, safely, and effectually cured l?y the use of j
Dr. J. Hedges Annlhllator.
This preparation W entirely free from all metallic poisou,
snch as Arsenic or Mercury, but 1* compounded from ex
tracts parely vegetable. It Is a certain, safe and efficacious
remedy, and can be taken in all kind* of u-eather. The Pro
prietor baa used the article in his own private practice for
several year?, and In no case has it failed to effect a jterfect
cure when the directions have been followed. lu no possi
ble way can It Injure the system, but Is adapted to all ages,
aexes, and constitutions. It can he^rlven to the lufant of a
month old with as much safety as to tliu adult, and can l?e
kept in any climate. It needs no encomium, no'long array
of testimony, to herald Its efficacy. Its merit lies within It
self?and to the Invalid It will prove of more value titan an
octavo volume of certificates.
Prepared only by the Proprietor nt Stanhope, X. J., and
i never genuine without his signature.
For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. C. GOOD k Co., Drug
gists, Wheeling, Va., and by Druggists and merchants gene
' rally throughout the United Statcj.
\>\ II. DECAMP, General Wholesale Agent
for the Western States,
my7:Gai 76 Courtland st., New York". ;
Will be given to any artist In Virginia who will exhibit
twelve plctnres, vLk six Ambrotype* and six Daguerrvtupex
of t'/aal merit to twelve which Mr. Adams will delect from
his collection. Hehas opened a new Gallery over Forb's Jew
elry Store, 1ST Slain St., with a skylight arranged on the most
| approved principles, which cannot be equalled unless slral
| Jarly situated fronting on the rlrer. With rooms easy of ac
1 cos?, large and well arranged, with every convenience for
making first class pictures of erery style and alxe. He Is
: happy to announce that he will be assisted by Mr. J.iots CaDV
| the artist who made the pictures that were awarded the hlgh
: est premium, a Gold Jledal, at the last fair of the American
j lnntltute r t Castle Garden, Xew Y ??rk, also the only premium
| ?ticartled for Daguerreotypes at the World* Fair at Part?.
j Mr. A. has recclved./fcv medal* and eight tlijrtor.to* for the
i best Daguerreotypes exhibited at different fair.* in tiie United
i States, which fully attest to their superiority and having been
! honored with a large proportion of the business -In Wheelfng
| the past year he exjiects with Increased facilities not only to
j retain but enlarge the number of his patrons, more cspecial
| ly as he relies on the intriitlc merit? of his productions rath
er than a display of furniture. Aw&rolype*either on single
; or double glatm. Daguerrotypes plain or colored equal to
j painting on Ivory. Photogrnplis from the lowest prices up to
: fifty dollars. Oar light being made or French Plate Glass
j and l>elng unobstructed by other buildings, pictures can be j
! made from taurine to *un**t. Pictures of children taken in- |
: rtantaueou*lt/ from 0 A. M. top P. M. Yet the light is so soft J
: and mild that persons with weak eyes can sit by It with per- j
, feet ease. Cloudy days as good as any by this light. Call |
and examine before engaging elsewhere.
Verily TrutU i3 sometimes
Stranger than Fiction!
J rrMi is young gentleman Is now living in our midst?those ;
; X who know him irtll hear testimony thnthla sufferings and j
; cure are ?io exaggeration. Some of the pieces of bone may |
I be seen by caHlti* nt Baltimore street?others are in his '
I possession. L.t the sceptical sec him?he will testify that j
i he is
IJ altiuokk, March 21.1S5R.
! This Is to certify, that abount nine y ears since I was at
i tacked with a pain in mv right ankle. We sent for n ph.nl
I clan, who ordered it to l?e (toulticcd, as it was very much
| swollen; and It continued to progress until it had increased
| to the height of my knee. I suffered very severely with pain
! ?ulcers, to the nuiulwr of twenty-five formed lutween ankle
i and knee, which were frequently laid open to the bone, and
! out of which came prtrticles of l?ine to the number of 2."?,
J and one or two of which were l?4* Inehe?1oug.
I was then taken to Harford county of this State; the phys!
j clan there told mv mother and friends be could heal the ul
j cers, but I could not live afterwards. This physician work
: eri with me for seven weeks, using the knife frequently, tak
? in? from the ulcers proud flrsh aud pieces of bone without
I giving me any relief? ?orae of the applications were so very
! severe that when applied the agony ""as so great my frh uds
' could not stand by and *t e me suffer I thought at this time
| there was no cure for tne; Trom my knee to my rnikte was not
j much unlike a honey-comb, the numerous ulcers ruuning
? freely a white pus with novlgn of blood, and at times when 1
: wonbl scratch iny fingers a white pus would !<>ue therefrom
: mixed with water.
! I then returned to Baltimore, my old home, expecting
; to die.
j Bv the advice of my friends, I used various remedies, some
: of which gave me only transient relief. I continued to grow !
1 worse; a swelling came on my left hip, and after severe pain '
: an ulcer formed, from which caine a plcce of bone. Anoth
j er also formed on my spine, which my physicians cut out.
I ami wished at the same time to cut off my right Irjr as the
| only means of saving my life. After this, yet another fanu
; ed on my right arm, and also one on mv left grolu, as also on
? other parts of my body, which in number and size astonish
, ?d those who saw them. I was reduced to a mere skeleton,
?ud as vcak as an Infant.
I felt death would have been a relief to me. I had tried phv- ;
icians and all the remedle* I conld hear of, when .n friend ?
rho had been fured by "HAMPTON'S VEGBTA1ILE TINC
flTRE" of x disease similar to the one I was laboring under,
dvlsed me to try It. At this time I had been afflicted full
ive years. I commenced taking "Hampton's Wgetahle
he first l>ottle of which Inspired me with hope, and by the
dme I had taken five -bottles l felt so much improved that I
tad the confidence to believe that it would cure me. I con
r tinned its use?still improving. My ulcers healed, and new
t drength came to my weak and shattered system, and with
? jut further detail, I am happy to say my leg Is also healed,
[ and a general rcnovatlou of my health has taken place, and
f I now consider myself cured by this wonderful medicinc
alone. 1 have given but a faint Idea of my sufferings, but
i mv friends who may read this will bear testimony to all that
[ I have said in favor of
! 4 Hampton'* i'tgefalle Tincture,"
1 and I will say to all who nrcafillctcd as I have been, to use
; It with the utmost confidence.
. No. 2T Register street,
3 doors north of Pratt at.
f t3?T*I>eHcate ladies anil children will please to give It a
' As an Inelgorator and Rtstoratlre, where a gentle stimu
lant !? wanted, we believe It superior to all the Cordials be
fore the public, a* a cure for DYSPEPSIA, COUGHS, SCROF
ULA and RHEUMATISM, with all disa?<e# of the Stomach and
Bowels, It ha* been truly successful lathe single and mar
ried. We offer the inuat valuable remedy, which tliousaiidr
will testify.
J?yCall and tret pamphlets and see cure#.
Pur sale by T. T. I^nn Si Co.. Wheeling, Gen*
OF the Ladies to buy Isaac Tracer's Auction Rargains.?
Re <iu!ck or you will be too lute.
500 Bonnets, worth $1,00 at 50c
500 " ?? $1 JiA 75c
100 WW Gimp 44 #C,75 25^
1(10 Neapolitan, plain and fancy, cheap in pro
j3P"*Pr?ce$l per bottle.
240 Baltimore st., Baltimore,
and 804, Broadway, X. Y.
153 yd* Bonnet Ribbon*, worth 35c
1000 4
5J0 4
600 yds plain Berages, all color?, worth 50? ..at 01
200 4 ?* - 44 *4 87,*.. 25
at* 75
Be Beges, worth l$Xc.
M u OK o
Wc are prcphrwl to furufarh Printer* with WiileV aupcrlor
Near*, Book and Job Ink*. We hire flow on hand
Newii Ink, hand press. I Ilnrk nine.
Newt Ink. po?-orpn??.l Ugbi fireen.
Ilook lull. I Dui-U Urren.
Finn Klnck. Yellow.
Extra Viae ?lo. I ^White.
Itnl Ink. | ?5?ltl Hl*e.
Kxirn I'inr ??*. VnruUfc.
I.igbt Klnc. I Ac. Arc. Arc.
All Inks sold hy us ?-nrrnul?l lob?p>i?il; nml If found not
to t>e so, can 1h* returned at our expense.
BSnVrmi cash.
jui; - It RATTY k Co.
xkuvouS & riikitmatkj affkctioxsTi
"ffe hnri: used thl? medkdne oiirwlrif, end In ujany
case* with the greatest mCccM. The most celebrated of our
German Phy*telnns arc recommending It. During this
changeable weather,' while most persons are troubled with
nervous and rheumatic affections, it mill bo found a valuable
remedy.**?Stnnt? ZtHttng.
{2T"Sold ai #t per bottle, or six bottles for $3, by the
proprietors, ItKS'JAMtX PAUK, J*. k Co.
Manufacturing Pharmaceutists and Chemists, corner Smith'
field and Third streets, Pittsburgh, and by
m\23 \Thctllnf, V.1.
Pi tea, neglected, olt*n prove fatal, leads to consump
tion; anoint the parts three times a day with D ALLEY *8
PAIX EXTRACTOR. If accretion form In the rectum then
insert the "Pile Syringe" filled with Extractor, and gradu
ally discharge It as- the syringe Is withdrawn. It never
falls to cure cases of any age or virulence, nnr to give
entire ease Instantly to all, frequently curing by one appli
Piles are known hy the Iieat Itching, and palu of the anus.
"Bleeillnj? Piles nre eaused, sometimes, by thc^falling of the
whole bowels, which then press the lnte?tiual canal against
the back tpnes and keeps the blood from returning up the
vessels, similar to Ibe blood being kept at the top of your fin
ger when a string I* tied tight round it; such is frequent, and
for scrofulous humor* aud ulcers to form therein : then pro
cure a perfect abdominal supiwrter, and wear a compress to
the rectum, and continue to use the salve as above, al*o rub
it well over the loins and abdomen for some time, and the
natural belts that support the bowels will be contracted and
made strong, and your life will l>e saved. If properly ap
plied, every ease will be cured. It uevcr fails.
W. Jcxkixs, Esq., of Columbus, Ohio, Secretary of the
Ohio Insurance Company, who was taken to New York in
extreme debility, with Plies, to have an operation jM-rformed
by the celebrated I)r. Mott, as the only chance to save his
life, accidentally heard or the PAIX EXTRACTOR, states,
"Koryears, his disease defied medical skill, uiid grew worse
until life became intolerable; he wassjteedily cured by DaL.
lbv'sPjux Exva icrja."
Xo Pain Extractor is Gzxcixk unless the box has upon
it a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the signature of C. V.
CLICKEXER k CO., proprietors, and HEXKY DALLEY,
manufacturer. Price 25 cts. per box.
X3ST"All orders should be addressed to C. V. Clickcner k
Co., SI Barclay st. Xew York. T. II. LOGAX k Co.
m.v27:m - Wheeling, Ya.
XSnfchelor'a Unit* l>yc.?Twenty years experi
ment and application justify the proprietor in WARRAXT
IXG this the best Ilalr Dye in existence. It dyes black or
brown instantly, without the least injury to hair or skin.?
Made and sold, or applied (in nine private room>)atIIATCII
ELOR'S Wig Factory, 233 Broadway, Xew York. Do sure
get W?. A. HATtninLor.'s, as there Is a worthies* imitation.
The genuine Is sold in Wheeling by
T. 11. LOG AX k CO.,
my27:m Bridge Corner Druggists.
Keep cool, gentleman ! *Tis easily and pleasantly doue by
dropping in at the
and taking a glass of their Mineral \Va1er? which they
?serve up with a great variety of rich U?y22
The reccnt decision of the people in almost every State, in
reference to the sale of liquors, does not pretend to interfere
with medicinal compounds containing stimulus, as it is a
fact well know ti to nil that without stimulating principles
most ca?e& of extreme debility could not be reached, and the
many other of onr valuable compounds could not be made
without It. . For Instance, Dr. J. Ilostctter's Stomach Bitters,
now so celebrated andlndtepensahlc in every family as a
medicine. Thousand* of |?pr*ous suffering from Dyspepsia
and Indigestion, generally speak volumes In favor of this
great curative agent.
For sale by Druggist* and hotels renerally.
my 12 T. II. LOGAX k CO. Agents
Geoboetowx, Kv., Xov. IT, t&43.
Some two years since I purchased of Dr. Hampton a bot
tl.i of his Tincture; after takfng it a short time. I found my
general health greatly Improved. I have siuce purchased
some half dozen bottles for the use of my family, and have
no hesitancy In ro3'itiK that each member who has used It,
was materially benefitted by the same. It Is pleasant to
take, ami does not interfere with a person's business in the
For sale by T. 11. LOGAX k CO.
mySK Gcn'l Agents.
ble In removing stoppages or irregularities of the metises.?
These Pills are nothing new, but have been nsed by the Doc
tor for many years, both in France and America, with un
paralleled success in every case, ami he Is urged by many
thousand ladies who have used them, to make the Pills pub
lic, for the" alleviation of those suffering from any Irregular
ities whatever, as^jrell as a preventive to those ladies whose
health will not permit an lucrease of family. Pregnant fe
males, or those supposing themselves to be so, are cautioned
against using these Pills, as the proprietor assumes no re
sponsibility after the above admonition, although their mild
ness would prevent any Injury to health; otherwise these
Pills are recommended. Directions accompany cadt box.?
Price $1.
Sold wholesale and retail by
(Ictt'l Agents for Ohio county.
No 25 Monroe st.
Also for sale hp T. II. LOGAX k CO.
Bridge Corner Druggists.
All orders must be addressed to the above General Agents
?they will supply the trade at Proprietors prices, and send
the Pills confidentially to ladies by mail, by enclosing $1 to
either, at the Wheeling Post-office.
X. B.?Dr. Duponco's Golden Pills, signature "J. Dnpon
co" on every box; none oth*r genuine. For particulars get
Circular of Agents. ap25?ly
Dr Geo. W. Phillips'
Coughs, Colds, Croup, Hoarsencs, Bleeding Lungs, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Influenza, Speaker* Sore Throat,
Consumption, and all Diseases of
the Throat and Chest.
?A L 8 0?
Br Geo. \V- PhiUip*'
7? If K'U Jf.A T J 0 LIN I MEN T
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Sciatica,Pleura tic Pains,
Pains In the Side, Chest, Back and face, Swelled
and Palnftd Joint*, Wculc Back, Cramp,
Sore Throat, Sprains, Ac.
The thousand? who hare used there Medicines testify to
their excellent merits by a continaancc of their use. To
those who have not used them we would say TRYTHEM and
they will find them to be WU they are represented, and that
they will act with rung tc-like effect.
DR. GEO. W. PHILLIPS, Sole Proprietor, Cincinnati,
For sale wholesale and retail by
fe!4:ly General Aoests for Westkrs Vaonii.
The Kreatc?l Uledlcal DiacoTcry of ?l?o
Age in
Tliey don't help complaints, but they cure them.
One Box has cured Dyspepsia.
Three Boxes liave cured the worst eases of Scrofula.
Two Boxes have curcd Erysipelas.
One Box always cures the Jaundice.
Three Boxes arc sure to cleause the system from Boils?
often less than one does it.
Two Boxes have completely cured the worst of Ulcers on
the ley*.
Small doses seldom fall to cure Oic Piles.
One dost: curcs the Headache, arising from a foul stom
Strong doses, often repeated, expel every worm from the ;
body. They should be given to children, who are always
more or less afflicted with this scourge.
As a gentle Physic they have no equal.
One Box cures Derangement of the Liver.
Half a Box curcs a Cold.
They purify the Blood, and thus strike at the foundation of
every disease.
As a Dinner PiR there Is not their equal In the world.
They ure purely vegetable, and cau do no harm, but do ac
compllsh an unaccountable amount of good.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Arut, Practical Chemist, Lowell,
Massachusetts, and sold by all Druggists and dealers In Med
icine throughout this section.
A. C. GOOD k CO., Wheeling,
ap3 . Wholesale and. Retail Agents.
~ ~ FLOUR.;
100 r'mU* "our'fr,,h 8roun"-'or
.r ^
WA S H I ~N~G~T 0~N~H "a"L~ il . |
"WriLL take place nt the Washington Ilall, on WEDNKS7
I on which occasion the
Wheeling Kumranicuinl lUtiMic Society
have volunteered their services.
After 111* conclusion of the Festival, Mm. DREW will i
, nlvc a
assisted by o numlier of her pupils.
Prof. Deltricli will preside at die PUno. ~ ?
t*?-Doorso]ienal T. To commence At * o'clock.
py.rickets for sale at S. D. Wood roW's store and at the
door. _
fc^For part icidars see programmes. tuyrz
rp H E R K WILT. BE A MRETINO of the Director*
X and Stockholders of the Marshall and Ohio Turnpike
Company, held In the eity of Whntllne,at the office of J. Hi
l'eitdletoII, Esq.,on Saturday the 7th day or June. A gene
ral attendance Is requested,* as 'business of importance trlU
>?e acted on, and an election for officers of the Company for
the ensuing year. ' .
my2S.t l-daw J. H. PENDLETON, SecV
FOR M tl.K.
rpnE proprietor of the Savings Rank Store, corner of Mar
1_ kct ami Monroe kU., Wheeling, Ya., wishluir to cbatigv
his occupation, and It being necessnry to do*e his business
during the present year, offers bis entire stock of Roots,
Shoes, IlnU, Caps. ?fcc. at wholesale, on favorable term*, and
will continue to sell at retail (if not otherwise disposed of)
the best bargains in the city.
I have just received a flue assortment of Summer lists,
ladles and gents Shoes and Gaiters, and would respcetfully
sav to nil those disposed to patronise ine, tuy Goods must be
*oid,aad will he sohl regardless of profit.
Come one and nil?vou shall have Value for your money.
! have many Goods? 1 will sell at cost.
'I-'IIK Annual School Election will l?- htM on SATURDAY,
A the Tth day of Jane next, between the hours of oneaud
live o'clock, P. M.| at the places, and under the superintend
ence of the persons, hereinafter named, for one Commission
er for each of the Precincts, and two Trustees for each
School District in this county.
School House <11 Highland District, under the super
mteridetice of William Atkinson, Sam!. McColtock and Alex.
M. Jacob. For one Commissioner for said Precinct and two
Trustees for each, Wells, "Highland, Frederick and Short
Creek Districts.
At the School House In South "Wheeling, under the super
intendence of Andrew Hali, Joha Montgomery and William
Little. For one Commissioner for said Precinct, and two
Trustees for each, Ohio. Caldwell and Adams Districts.
At the Ssliool House in Woods' District, under the ?U)>er
intend.noe of Wm. Greg?, Adam Fitchner and Jos. Arm
? trong. For one Commissioner for said Precinct, and two
Trustees for each, Reech Glen, Woods, Waddle, Richland,
Fulton and Clinton Districts.
At the School House in Centre District, under the superin
tendence of Thormis McComi, Perry Pearson, and Josiah
Rrown. For one Commissioner for aald Precinct, and two
Trustees for each, Trlai|elphla, Martin, Roggs, Centre and
Rough and Ready Districts.
At the School Houjc In Oldham District, under the su|?er?
intendence of Crelghtou Orr," Edward McCaslin and John
Hall. l'or one Commissioner for suM Precinct, and two
i Trustees for each, Kiuuuons, Stewuri.prr and Oldham Dis
At the house of Wm. Irwin, under the superintendence of
W. R. Curtis, Vincent Vanmctre uud W. R. Dunlup. For one
Commissioner for liald Precinct, anil two Trustee m for each,
Morgan, Rrady, Reek and M'Kinlcy District.".
The Trustees of the s.-veral Districts are reminded that
they are required to '-make return to the board of School
Commissioners of the condition, o|?erations and expenses
of the school," a duty very much ueglccted?but without
such return from all the Districts it Is Impossible for the
Hoard to make a satisfactory "rt-turu" to the superintendent
of the Literary Fund, and, as last .rear, that Fund may he
withheld for want of such return. Trustees ore also requir
ed to asct rtain on tl.e 1st of April, the population of their
District-*, nnd number of children over six and under sixteen
years of age, and return the satue.to the clerk of the School
j Commissioners of the county. The Commissioners elect will
? met. t at the Court House on Monday, June 9tli, at 10 o'clock,
A. M. !
i By order of the Roird.
of Roard ol School Cooiurrs
myS3:d!twS Ohio County.
I waxteE
snn ni'SIIKW Potatoes, by
I .)UW Jiiy2r GEO. WILSON.
J WILL buy the different grades of Wool, delivered at my !
store. No. 1S1 market square."
' ?oy2T OEO. WILSON. I
! TJMG'D Swiss Muslins, for Dresses and Rasques, in new dc?
? JL signs.
( I'iain Swiss Muslin?real India muslins?Nainsook, Jaco- j
! net and Cambric mu?lius.
? it'ST received by Express?
j ej 1 ps. r.hite Piquet Marseille* for Rasques;
1 ? " ltrilllante
Huff, Pink ami blue small Fig'd Lawns;
Plain Pvrcalls, in Riue, Pink, Raff nnd Green.
KID GLOVES, in white and colors, all sizes;
ltonnet Ribbons?-Just ree'd bj*
Ilt>i;sKKKi:i'IXO GOODS.
I AND tJ-J Pillow Case Linen, extra quality;
tj~r 12-4 Linen Sheeting?very superior.
} /' \l*lt stock Is now full", and it is our intention to keep Itve
, V/ ry complete, by constant additions, throughout the
? \t hole reason.
_ " LOST oii MISLAinT '
fXS SATURDAY, the 24th or 3Ia?, a large Pocket Rook
I containing a number of notes, bills, and due bills, uii
j payable to Jacob Amlck. Payments having Wen stopped,
| they will be of no use to any person except the owner. The
j Under will be rewarded by leuving It at this office, or with'A
. myX7-St , J. AMICK.
<J A <J T U S SKI It T S .
i r?MIIS Important and valuable improvement in the maim
j X facture of Ladies Skirts, on account of the Light, Plia
! bie and Adjustable Plaits they form about the waist, their
j graduation, thence to the bottom, the Impossibility of their
? breaking, und iheir adaption to any change of position,
j gives the inoit graccftd and elegant form to a lady's dress,
j The stiffness Cousixt* ol a series of cords of the fibres of
I the C ictus leaf, running horizontally arouud them, while
? tiie fabric (usually cotton) between ami covering the cords,
renders them always of a uaturc perfectly Uexlble.
Just received by
J. W. Stitt & Co.
Not.niitl '2*2 iVorfh Froul Ml.
E. W.Clark & Co, Hankers, lFarnum, Klrkland k Co.,
Philadelphia i * Philadelphia
Thomas & Martin. ?? iTredlck, Stokes A Co.
John Furnnui .t Co, '? ;Ragu<-l Jk Co. *4
Curtis ? Ilundc, 14 'James Kent San tee ?fc Co 44
Wood, Bacon A Co. " 'SIter, I'rlce it Co. 'l
Hoot! Jt Co. 44 I.Morris I. llallouvll & Co44 >
McFurlaud, Evans ,t Co 44 jllagalfv} Cosgrave & ?*o.,
j Itarcrott, Denver A Co. *4 } PiluUurgh
Pexl, Miiligun^r Co. 44 .-Murphy, Ticraan & Cc. 4'
I S. llrady, Cashier, Wheeling. AVlUou.CWhU & Co. M
Tallant & Ddapluhi, 44 Georg Wilson, Wheeling
Joo M Matthews & Co. 41
I {S^l'artles wi?hlng to ship Wool will find racks nt George
Wilson's?, Wheeling, at all times. triy27
?)XA BARRELS Extra Flour, favorite brands. In store and
I JLfJXJ for sale by
my26 M. REILLY.
II1ID3. pritne New Orleans Sugar, just received and
for sale by
DDLS. In store and f?r Kale by
CM NCI NNATI Sugar Cured Dried Beef?!lb*, cauvmed
/ in store and for sale by
my2.i M. RBILLY.
m TIERCES canvased in store and for sale by
v,n.v26 M. RHILLY.
THE highest market price will be paid for good merchant
able Wheat ut
2To. 4S Jf'itn strset.
I)E\T1 X V,
HAS taken a suit of splendid rooms in Hornbrook's new
block, HSJv Main st., direct!v ovefO. P. Brown'a Jew
elry store, where he hopes to establish himself permanently.
Ily close attention to his business, reasonable charged, good
nnd faithful work always warranted, he hoj>es to secure r
share of patronage.
Dr. W. In familiar with all the new modes of inserting
Teeth, Including llie "Continuous Gum" work. Filling,
cleaning and extracting, done in the best and most falthfhl
No charge for advice. For further particulars inquire at
the oflice. " my 24
Wall Paper!
I AM now recclvlnjr my Second Spring Stock of Wall Pa
pers, all of the latest styles ami best qualitka, which will
be sold at the lowest figures.
Also?a few styles of Gold Papers and Borders, to which I
would Invite the attention of the public, being something
new nnd chean.
Come nnd see, if you do not buj.
"T> LACK and colored^IUd Ufovls;^
JU> Silk Mitts, Gaunt lei*, colored Silk Gloves.
, Also?A large stock of Hosiery.
Just received at FlSnER*S
my2t _____ Book * Variety Store. .
- Attention, Lndles!
-ITTASIIING BLUE, in boxes, just received attho
? . my20 Bridge Corner. Drug Store.,..
ONCENTRATED LYE, in tin boxes?the'best article in
use for making your own Soap, for sale by
my20 T. H. LOOAN * Co.
WE will open this day some new and very pretty styles of
*37"Call and examine.
ORDERS on'the City Treasurer'lu ?um?to suit purchaser*
. for sale l>y - , ^ c&?
I'livv fo,r.s\"r"r??
P^T (ur0;^: '?**.
Urertn terian Church. Enquire of vlKUtni the Poorih
- thos.ji. citlbrrtson
.?uraucc Company of Hd* cHy. **** M*r;u. ju.
?,rln OKORGE B. niCKHAM.
(1 ?l?|gp?,po?ed uctl,
PnrRent ' " -
A COMFORTABLE I>TTcIIfn~ IIon*e on lUm. ,
containing a;room?, and conT*nlmt to?h Vtr^?.
iron >\ork? an,ttuc lien,,?flt|.1 Depot. h? Cr?ca
Forlnforranllon, viHiu!n?of
"Ul,,f . ' TVO.
j S
Por Rent. ?
; rrMIE Store Room on Main ttm<l nr._n^;,
oTic* oS^""'" n'"K '"'h ?c?nTiby b..I *JW.
Apply to
?. 7. s. VABVift
For Sale. -
STi?^f J" "ie Klr'' Marine Insurarvce C.. r .<
0 1'iW s per cent for tlx rtionil,, jau |V, p" ">? cti.
01 itco. at tVt
For Safe.~
'I'HO.SErery desirable hnlMInc fnu nTOHlti,
i. 1 Oil, and one I,Air of lis. .1) |?.!llr '?? to,
?rdcr to elose ? ?le these Lot, ?I1I ^ folj vtrv l/n" ' \ V1
' "Pl' ? = ? " K- AltMSTunv.
Land for Sale. ?
sell niv Farm near U'lici in... ?
..rc';lKT"' *"?'or ir?t""'.
l ta c!j28
' ? _ _ l JACOB.
For Rent
000B two storv Home, jltuated v??.? ,
further particular* cn?ju:rr of -tret-t. F??r
u>1'4 0B?. b. yirKHiM
For Sale
! 4;a
FQJt gAl^
Wlaeeling- Island
rpiIE understated ?(ll, at an . jr!> .!??? ??r . , ,
ssfir&e Wmu'* :?
T? l??pn? hi search of a co.u.trr
morlnjr.alneynvcnjem distance from S
desirous of i-ncasInK in Market Gardening tl iT ,
jsurss sr* ?uirlor ,o anr s^rsk
For Sale. 1
5 Sn?Wct2??'C l"m"* iU C"""' r. .
. For Sale.
A JEM or 'tock of ,hi- mm*? ??w.
dc25 ? n
: B. H. WOQDS.
Tavern to Rent
known Tartrn, knotrn a? iir< ,,
X National road, 6 mile* enxt of Wh- ?li r *i'\ f ?T> "
from April fl?t, 1W6. The *tand U too ?fn ul. >' f"r frnt
Lnotrn to require further notkv C faVt'r*wy
nrlOtT^? cnqUlr? ofJacob Oooillng or the nnder^t
- "V1-?? 0 LTDIA CRlGti:.*
rP"K undewiifnedl olTcm for sale hl< House :,r.j l?t ,.n
Th ? l bchrc< n Mouroe and Union rt?
a-aaass.'^-1- *!,?-" n'"k
It jrlU he sohl low and on accoinmodntinr term* ami *>..
*e?*lonuiven nnr time after lit of October. P
f36^Eaquirc of?
MJaiiry TtiiVni'Ji yiv mehicTxe
1 N V.IO O JI A TI N.Ct CO IJ.n I A I,.
"j>J0r onlr nll.Tr... but nciunilr i-xteni,!n?t: - ,il n.rv..,,,
, ?!?*^?se-. hy removing their cm:cs. au.l go liuihiin - a..
toluWv Ininfn'? ?}"t" 'lint it tw.on,,"
",Mi ?
;f"*SiPfeolUrtUM n,vcr Infore usioclatcl i? n?v m,.ll
.?I'"" It ?? !? ff|H?elflcally upon H,, oi7euI Ln ai. ni
?.crFll?iu, |,ur|f, lU|; ond r. ?ov?t;?g
T.,7^U f "c,fon to Ptonjach nr.l ? !-?.
or neiibajthiu iperftctly ?>loi,I?hlnp. Tlit ll.olrt e.0.
f? 'nnscles harden under it.i inllutncf. the rerv ? ,rr
t'Hhrr lnem?> nr'ii* !""1 *"X ?"5|H-n,leO fauft ui,,
' ? : ' . I""'1 "r womiin, is restored to full viaor. All other
llarMyof ',,ra,ucc but It Is the i??
.-? ? . , inject m:w life
Into the nystriu. T,, ImpoHticc of .rr- th?
???r.r cur"1 ^^
lUrrennes.; lly,tcrlc*; Kcm.ie lrr?Tular?t"/T v.*
or T ? : 1'n,rgI"'r?S Feeliiip* of l)i^oura?iunt
or Dc*paln Involuntary Wviplnr; Mentnl .IJ!
M?nSi|,Srt;iTr,rn,,,iIOU*nC5,': Hush of n,ood f,? t.^- Ilrrd
Mental Indolence; I.ds, of AppetU.; AmaSatlUn- mu?hJ;
Rrlaxatloii ; Irrltahillty ; Dytipeimin; Torpor Mil r Ktiif
nlaHttlv' Pf M nnp'tn^int Eruct'?'"; Fonl Jtr- nt'.r Irr/I
fi ? -, rec?n>nft!dded. It dlflWs a dtJi-htful c dm
the whole system, n...I br eon,mm,lcatln-,? ? ! r:?
^r^ Vr."^' u . J' "="""? l?" ?KiiM, or In.lul ?c. ' J.
e!Iioyme,,t. ''r?,ouflifc. ?'??' ? eontlllMM to It.
. JndtaPhZUiH 0''1."',tn,c?cv "" cfcrfrmenofMfb
nrofeM'o'.. , r "T" V"'"' nl"'. I" en.l rara vv, rv
IiroiiM.ou, occupation and chut*.
by^^u^.IeT^l^n?''1'''1 ?"? ? ?
I?wlt? wor.l, blown In the cLif,:
"Dr Morse's Invigorating Crrdlnl "
Ti.-f?.. c; "? rijoi-niBTOi:.x. v.
bot^ Pr?? ?i P I'1'' hli!,1,v cone. iitiMtnl, la ji.it
L- I r!ccf8 per bottle, twoforlLV slxfor ?I-*
^'U W holesalc Oru^piats, -?b .Monroe.-t.
cikcimvai i. oilio.
OFFKU to the citizen* of Wheeling mid tin* lumondiac
town*, a selection of choice oM fm|?ortcd I.?qur>rs acd
pure Katire Wine*, still and sparkling. All artirlv* frt.ni
thi* House guaranteed, or subject to Ik- return.i ut ??ur tx?
| fifiise both way*, In Cace of any dissatisfaction.
Entire \Viur.?.
1S55. Dry Wine* *1.2.%, $IA $l-? pcrffal.
! 15^1. 44 #1?04>, ^l.7T>r
4 " |ljSO, |v0
Spark's Catawba and Isa'Ja, 1 doz.?jtt. #1 ra?r i
! ilo*. each 1 do* $7.00.
, Ladles* Wine per pal |1,T5, or y 6,o?;?r ?!??*
| Schuutan'tf Victoria, pure juice of the rrap- **
ftfrn tidicM Ac.
Catawba Brandy $S/-0 per jrcllon, 10.00 percale
Pure Old Peach $3,50 to 3.00
Grape *$,50 per gallon, 1".?? "
Vine Growers 7,60 " l?V?o "
Fale *0,.V>, -?.<?>, 5,0o " 1 44
Bourbon Whisky..Soc, $1,25,1,50,2/wi. 8.00 per .**1
6.30, S/sO
lire Whisky 1,25, l/>0, 2.?R\ 2-V?,
I Tolland Gin .$2,0i\ 2.50 per pal. S/*>
Jamaica Kuin H,25 " i'/fl
Scotch Whisky 1>."0 "
i Fale Slurry.... " *."0
l Fine 0?d Sherry ; 5,?K? M IV' *4
Fort Wine 2.25 " 7..v? "
, Madeira Wine 2,25 44 7M "
Old White Port Wine 4,<W " 11,(0
.Madeira Wine W 41 1V<0
Old Fort Wine A.00 44 2 "
j Scheldaui Schnapps per case, 1 ?l* ?!*?* ????>"? I'1-"VAtiro
dozen In case. . .. ,
Pure, Sweet Malapa Wine H.5&. 1J* P?r cal.
Cherry llrandy 2,2.', 2 .*
UJnckbcrry Brandy. 2,25. ...O
Larendcr *
French 4 from 1A? t" j."1
Domestic 4 &J to I/O
Geisler* & Co., Anchor q* I*'?0*
n ? j.ts 10.25
FlperHcltislck n?? \\?> *
?? pt* 1355
C. Heldslek and n*i"d?kk A <> n?? l?/<0 "
" > pt? IT,25
Cllquot.^ ?!*-? l*? "
?i pt* hj3
Siouchton's *!??;? I*rJ*1'
ErtrtIndia '?*?
RnVcr'i W
Mills'..; 12.""
Ale und I'ortcr. ? ..
Scotch Ale. per cask. pt?. per ??"*
Londou Porter 41 44 "oX ""
C In ret. ....
St. Jullen Claret, per box f'?Jvrt
ChateauMar?feanx Claret,per box ,
4- Leorllhs 4? " '?*"
Cordials. .Iir(>
Curacoa per do* *1?
AbsyhtUc " UM"
A larrc Stock of Aborted Brand* alvays on hana.
tny!2 ^
THE Snbscrlt?er take* this method *?r Informing: hi* <o?io
iner# and the puhllc, that he I* prepared to furni>n, a
heretofore, to all who desire It, jrood Ice dorln? thr,,"m'"'?
Hi* Ice Is or tho finest quality and the supply ainplefor t
years, should summer last so loup, *o that cousumer*
not fear alack of plenty. His c*rts will be out In a oay o
two and Ice will be furnUhed dnlly at such price and in ?ucn
quantities a* may l?e deilre<l. lie Is satisfied to let the pu
lie Judpe of the nualtty of his Ice after trial.
xoavpeoa? CICiAKS.
BUTTS B. llowanl's 5s T.uwp;
9 k ? Tm Barras D. Oro pound Lump;
2 4 Vlrjrtnlus 44
1 cate J. L. Wade*f V . . *4
4000 La Nkotlana;
C000 La Marianna,
In connection with a large lot of flnc Clears, always on
hamf aud fur sale low' for cash at No. lfld Main st.
myO Wil. TAYLOR. SUm of firandTHirt.^
nrUIE mhwrlber l> now imparrd to dellrtr let t. tn. ci?
JL ttm of Whet-llnc centrally. Ills Ice
Knlton, M the Three Mile IIou?-. formerlv occupM oy t. ? ?
Ifnrnbroot, and Is perfectly free fron) dirt. He
deliver it hltnMlf. .MUted b* hi. ton, to th?t W? ruilom '

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