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THE rgTgjiajSEffCRB.
= -mLbtcS toilr, J. Varrington, of the
Urt^nt understood the execution ol
l2fotto?iowM.WsWy sra,if>inK to lUc aud
Z\ ?! Syrnt,"whose nom tU plume
^SarrWon-' ? ?ho II? is
U "h 1Z* house, fiUi.cnntend.ns
?"5; ?!? 0f her Mum*"'entitled, "Em
* {?S, or
M--*r , Urtt Ward school, appointed for
I*r*?y,??? postponed on account of the un
?,?!" ?ti?A -?'??!?
\.k.; John Corden Roare, Ar m ^ Gtencey
ii Ij F Henderson, ah..??
J, dee Stuart Ohio; Hen*.* ?
JoniS, I a., duogc . y J?, piolctt,
Wlight, Pa./, Benj.\S ^n,M R , .
' ? H B.S* arr U-,^ ^ Warll Texas;
CUrc flirnishcd,and are
r,.or,S are n.cJy ^mmodation of fami
T? i"f ladies and gentlemen.
,itsr i one ofthehest workmen in the
Mr' Hnrlrrf to furnish families and par
^ r<^, ?nd all kinds ofconfecU,
r,V V rvLst quality, and at the shortest no
:f-s?t i- ,,c wc" *fr*?
location, as that part of he city,
? ;. ^i^slowly yesterday, from
Unless' the rains
rr?mSw& ?
The following is her
.ii'.l A '?-< ,lr> ' 30 lihds tobacco,
w?ll be huilt, so that she can be spcedilj ra -
boat \Y ti. Wuodfide was purchased yej-terda
,.v' G. \Y. Anderson, (he being prev.ouJy own
rf one-eigth.) for the sum of S^'O0- mr
a, ,KrM?, takes the hoat from the hrst trip, and
tlie ber.fit of the eoiiiings for sis or tig i
months. The Woodside is an excellent boa
i- . ..odasnew." We ur.derstai.d it he
iT, piTM.n. If so. success to him m his new ca
j ru ity of "Captain. *
Vihcinia ElectioxsC?The result of the elec
li in llcrklv county was as follow?: Clishwa,
Democrat, for Sheriff 280 majority; Mussettcr,
lJemccrat, for Commissioner of the Revenue 200
majority; Norris, Democrat, for Commonwealth
Attorney S('l (no rival.) Of the Magistrate.*
tlicre are twenty-three Democrats to nine Amer
ica;;-, clw'tcd.
In Kiii: fax county, W. II. Dulaney was chosen
Com:nonwealth Attorney, nncl Walter Poweli
Win. Bishop, independent, iselcctcd Sheriff of
t?l. llranch, Democrat, is clected slieiifT of
M? tklinbnrg.
*!?? Rockbridge, Lust (Dem.) is elected Shcrift
l?y nnj. 1). E. Moore,(Ani.) is chosen Com
\u-. liwcalth attoniey,
In Augusta county, Col. W. II. Ilarman, dcin.
lias been elected over II. I*. Kinney, Am., for
Commonwealth attorney. Mr. Turk, Am., is
elected Sheriff. Capt Wm. Chambers was elec
ted coroner.
The election in Albemarle resulted in the
choice of W. J. Robertson Commonwealth's at
torney, and 1). VV. liense'cy, Sheriff.
In Fauquier Mr. Jno Q. Mann has been elected
Sheriff, and Mr. W. II. Payne, Commonwealth's
In Cul^pper Harris lias been chosen Sheriff,
and <ireen t 'omniou wealth's attorney.
ln H(xk\r.jrl\r\m J. R. Koogler has been elected
Sherifl, J. '1. Harris Commonwealth's attorney,
and Vie?i>. \Y. Il.Hamrick II.A. Chrisman and
IMieri inooney Lave been elected Commissioners
nt I lie Kere nuc.
In Frederick county the Democrats elected
liitir Attorney and SlieiifT by two hundred ma
In Hanover Mr. Jan. A. Harwood (independ
tui) is elected Sheriff over Tally (Am.) by 200
majoiiiy. Messrs. Taylor and Priddy are elect
?<'. < Vnuj.i^ioners of the Revenue over AVhite
end Na-h (Americans). Messrs. A. 15. Timber
lake, Andrew AYingtleld, Win. Wickham and
? Taliaferro were chosen magistrates at Han
<-*er I!.
In ttotetourt the Ameiican ticket was suc
r by 400 majority. Pitzer was chosen
Saeriir over Rowland, and Anthony, Common*
wealth's Attorney, over Logan. CI l^ndruin
?ad J. S. Allen are elected Commissioners of the
la Frederick county, Uolliday (Democrat)
^"as chosen Commonwealth's Attorney; Miller
< I >em.) Sheriff; Hale and Kobinson (Democrats)
{ wiiniissioncrs of tl:e Revenue. Majorities av
erj!?e 2MO.
In Bed lord, S. H. Quarles waschoscn SherifT,
and J. F. Sale Commonwealth's Attorney. Col.
?I. IJeard and Jesse Mintcr were chosen Commis
moners of the Hevenue.
Norfolk co. elected 2*3 democratic magistrates'
and lu American. Average majority for the
democratic ticket 173.
An American Sheriff and Democratic Com
monwealth's Attorney have been chosen in Xan
S-:r.ond county.
In Hoanoke John W. Dinguid has been elect
ed Sheriff l?y 108 majority; J I. E. Ulair Common
jrealth's Attorney by 165; K. B. McClanaban
f ^mmlssioner of the Revenue?all independent
la Pulaski Bovd is elcctcd Sheriff; Wyscr
^minon wealths Attorney; and Lovel Commis
sioner of the Revenue.
In Montgomery Smith is elected Sheriff; Wade
t onimonweaUh's Attorney; and Raga Commis
sioner of the Revenue.
In Londoun Tebbs is clected Commonwealth's
Attorney, mid Hixon Sheriff.
?_In W ashington count? Skinner is elected Sher-.
iff by .irtiijjority of from 800 to 600. Jaa. L. F.
Campbell is elected Commissioner of the Reve
In Caroline connty full returns show Stay's
majority for Sheriff over <5ng)ifll to be lCl!.?
Shepherd is elected Commissioner of the Reve
In Spoltsylvnnia Tlioa. B. Barton was chosen
Commonwealth's Attorney by U00 majority. T.
B. French Sheriff, and 11. W. Hart Cominission
er of the Revenue for Fredericksburg District.
In Charlotte James Garden is elected Sheriff,
and J. 1*. Richardson, and Thos. Pngh Commis
sioners of the Revenue. .
In Prince William Davis U said to l>e elected
Sheriff, and Fitzhugh Clerk of Circuit Court.?
Brewner Commissioner of the Revenue above the
In P;'gc J. W. Modcsitt is supposed to be elect
ed Sheriff, and P. IS. Borst Commonwealth's At
torney. For Commissioner of the Revenue,
Chas.* B. Modesitt elected without opposition.
city "council,.
Council met at S o'clock last evening, pres
ent his" Honor, the Mayor, and Messrs. Clay
tor, Cotts, Dorxey, Dewey, Fitr.hugh, Forbes,
Gill, Garden, Hubbard, Paiincll, Taylor, Tanner
and Wait?13.
The minutes of the last meeting were read
and approved.
The Ordinance amending the Ordinance in re
lation to the Fire Department, was read finally
and signed.
The Mayor stated that the motions of Messrs.
Dewey and Forbes were the first business in
[Mr. Phillips appeared.]
A discussion ensued upon apropos!tioil to vote
down both motions.
The ayes and noes were called upon the sub
stitute of Mr. Knote proposing to refer the whole
matter to the committee on Water works to re
Ayes?Messrs. Claytor, Cotts, Dorsev,Dewey,
Forbes, Gill, Garden, Hubbard, List, Phillips,
Pan^iell, Tanner, Taylor end Wait.
No?Mr. Fitzlitigh.
Mr. Dewey's motion was withdrawn.
Conncii proceeded to act upon the manufactu
rer's list, affixing taxation as follows:
F. Rothaeker, brewery, ?t>0; G. W. Roland,
?35; Russell McAfee A" Co., $35; W.& J. Stew
art, ?35; Sweeney & Son, $100; T. Sweeny &
Co., ?33; L. Stifel,?3o; Virginia Paper Mill,?350,
[Mr. Uickel appeared.] Wilson & Dunlavy ?30;
Wheeling Cotton Mills, ?150, Warren & Son,
$50; Wheeling: Gas Company, ?350; Ziminer &
Ibbot.soil's bakery 3rd Ward, ?20; Wheeling
Female Seminary, ?10; Peter Phillips, ?25;
Cushing & Osbun, Oil Cloth Factory, ?250;
Hobbs, Tavlor_ & Co., $8s: Zinuner A Ibbotson
5th ward, ?10; E. C. Dewey, ?100; II. & O. I'. R
depot, ?200, machine shop ?810.
Mr. Dewey moved for a reconsideration of the
taxation upon the Phoenix Paper Mill. Recon
The tlx was then, upon motion fixed at ?250.
Mr. Forbes moved to reconsider the vote affix
ing a tax upon the Crescent Manufacturing
Company. Carried.
The tax, after a call of the aves and noes, was
fixed at ?1200.
Frederick Lobenstein, tannery. Mr. List here
moved to increase the taxation upon the La
Belle Company, to ?lt>00, they to collect the
tax for all outside consumption. [The motion
was not seconded.]
Mr. Forbes moved to reconsider the vote up
on the taxation of the La Belle Iron Works.?
After a lengthy discussion, Mr. Dewey moved
to refer the matter of the La Belle extension of
water pipe, and the contract therefor, to the City
Mr. Gill moved that the La Be'.Ie assessment
be reinstated, and that the Council proceed to
the assessments u>>u:i the manufacturers' list,?
Mr. Forbes moved to assess a tax of $2000
upon the present supply by the extension to the
T.a Hello Iron Works, &c., the tax to be paid by
tho company.
Several amounts were named.
The tax was fixed fit $2000.
Council again went into consideration of the
list, disposing of establishments as follows:?
Spri^K House, $250, McLure House $3.>0; II.
W. l'hillip's machine shop. &c. $75; Michael
Ilerr it Co., pork house, $300; Intelligencer of
fice, $37,50; J. D. Jlarrett, spice mill, $15; R
Blum, campheno factory, $10; Hamilton & Claik
foundry, $100; Hallowcll & Wiley, $35; L. S.
Root, $50; Jolin Moore it Co. $20; Ilempfield
Railroad Company, $300.
Mr. Forbes moved for a reconsideration of the
taxation upon J. & O. Bavhn. Carried.
The tax was iixed at $15.
Mr. Clay tor moved that the sexton of the Pen
insular Cemetery bo instructed to remove all
cattle in that burying ground. Carried.
Council adjourned, to meet this evening.
to uruooiayrsHfe Th is people.
YOU are hereby cautioned utmhmt gj.urfous imitations of
DR. DEGRATH'S "ELECTRIC OII.."bsI shall pros
ecute nny party who iwc my copy righted hill#. This (?? n
uinc) Bvctrlc Oil ha* cureil the Mayor of Camden of Pilot
ami Pheumnti*m\ also, Hon. John Williamson of Hunting
don, Hon. K. Killinpriirth ('whom it took off hid crutches in
one day), and more than 7?i0 others in Philadelphia, who^c
names hare been published in the Philadelphia Ledger.
The wholesale dealt-is in Philadelphia would not counte
nance any scamp guilty of the rascality of counterfeiting.?
In ilnrrisburph. Pa., John Wyethc, Es<|., the well known
Druggist there, canscd the arrest and imprisonment of one
Valentine, who attempted an imitation of tlds valuable
Philadelphia, May nth, ISM.
To the Propls and Druggist* throughout the United
Stittrs.?Li-t of cure# by Prof. DeGrath's Electric Oil : Jos
Free, - West Philadelphia, of rheumatinn ; Mr. Ilodenlmk,
Montgoim-ry co., rheumatism and sprain; Mrs. Ogden, No.
15(1 Fourth street, Inflammation of bowels; Mrs. MaylamI,
Providence, shingles and caked breast; Mr. Wm Spence,
on Che.?tuut Street, felon and neuralgia; Henry Campbell,
Lower Marion, of burns and scarlet fever,?'Jind eighteen
0TEvery Druggist knows tliat the only Genuine Electric
Oil Is made by the sole inventor and proprietor, at his old
office. to which all orders must be addressed to procure the
Old Office, 89 South Sth St., near Chestnut.
557"Sold by all Drusrglsts.
Depot iu Wheeling at
T. H. LOGAN ?. CO'.',
my 14 - Bridpe Corner.
Worth of Parma and Building
IN the Gold RegUtn of Virginia, to be divided amongst
10,200 subscribers on the
for the benefit of the Port lloyal Female Academy. Sub
scriptions ONLY $10 EACH?-one half down, the rest on de
livery of the Deed. Every subscriber will get a Budding
Lot or a Farm, ranging in value from $ 10 to $25,(KM). These
Farms and Lots are sold so cheap to luduce settlements, a
sufficient number being reserved, the Increase In the value
of which will compensate for the appareut low price now
MOKE 4*UNTS ARE WANTED to obtain subscribers, to
whom the most liberal inducements will be given. For full
particulars, subscriptions, agenrit*, Ae-,^jply to
tuvl i'ort Royal, Ta
OAA BARRELS Mass. Mackerel No.8, medium:
OUU 150 h u " 4
50 41 White Fish;
50 X ?
25 41 Wiad;
And for sale low by
Ifnlr* Voolla nud Ilrnithca.
THE richest assortment iu Whetllug?
"Wbat-Not** Dusters ;
Mosquito Fans;
Fancy Pungents and 3Iatch Safes;
Porte Monuales;
Combs?all varieties;
Iudia Rubber Goods;
With a complete assortment of Druggists Fane? Articles.
For sale by T. H, LOGAN * CO.,
my 11 Bridge Cor. Druggists.
iff AND DRY Smoking Tobacco, always on hand and
for sale low for cask.
AIM RGB lot of fine8egars, just received and for sale by
Sandy Hook. 2?lb.?The steamship Africa,
from Liverpool, with dates to the 17th, arrived
this evening.
The Havre .steamship Araeo, from New York,
arrived at Southampton on the 15th.
Liverpool. J Fay 16.?It being holiday week
business has been limited and the cotton market
firm, and unchanged, excepting lower qualities
which are a triife cheaper, the imports of the j
week arei37;500 bales, and holdershoi ding back !
for higher prices. Sales of the week arc 38,000I
bales, of which 7,500 bales were taken by specu- i
lators and 3,850 bales by exporters. Mobile fair j
C 3--1, do midling t> 1-8; uplands fair 0 J>-4 do ?
middling G 1-8. The total stock in port exclu- j
sive of flint on shipboard is 037,000 bales, of'
which 432,500 bales are American.
? lireadstufts, market unchanged with a limited j
business and prices easier though not quotably
lower. Western canal iiour 32a34.s Baltimore
and good Ohio 8oaS7s. Wheat unchanged prices
easier but not lower. Red 9s 3.1a 10s lid, white
9s fldalls. Corn Odals, lower, white 2Da30s,
yellow ami mixed 28s Gda29s.
Provisions?Market for beef firm clear 80s.
Pork firm and wanted; Bacon firm; Lard easier,
but not lower, sales at o3sa53s (id; Tallow steady
sales North American, 59s GdaG2s Gd; Linseed
oil,.shade higher, sales SOaSos.
London Markets, May Itith.?Drownings cir
cular quotesb iri: o i "?30 5s G I; Rails fr li?:-0 "s
m ?S(J 10s. The weather has been more genia'.
London Money Market, unchanged, Consuls lor
money quoted 1)3 l-2a5-8. American stocks arc
News unimportant. Parliament was not in
session political affairs quiet State of affairs in
Central America was producing no cxeitement.
The Africa left Liverpool at 9 a. M.. on the
17th, and reached her dock at this port at 9 1-2
this evening.
The English journal in the Gov't interest ex
plains Clarendon's letter respecting the 2,000
rides sent to the Costa Hieans; saying that "the
]>ritisli Government has a quantity of muskets,
and will be glad to meet other customers besides
Cosla -Jlicans."
A pension of .?5,000 has been granted to the
Marquis of Dalhousie, by the East India Com
pany, on the ground that he annexed four king
doms to its possessions.
There was a great outcry against Pal m erst on
for having prohibited miliary bands playing in
the parks on Sundays.
The trial of Palmer, the alleged poisoner, is
progressing in London, and was attracting much
attention. The most eminent counsel were em
ployed on both sides.
Fkaxce.?The Empress appeared in public for
the lirst time since her confinement, on the 11th :
and was cordially received. Gen. Defaitly sue-j.
ceeds Canrbbert as Aid de camp to the Kmperor. j
German* v.?The represntatives of Ay stria and j
Prussia have officially riotofied the Germanic ?
Diet that peace was restored.
Italy.?Sakdixia.?The Senate passed resoln-1
tions unanimously endowing the policy of gov
ernment, and the conduct of the peace plenipo
tentiaries and passed a vote of thanks to the
Army and Navy.
Ex-President Marvin of Venire published a j
letter on Sardinian and Italian aifairs generally !
and extolling the attitude of Sardinia in regard !
to Austria and the Pope.
Washington*. May 28.
Senate.?Mr. Pea rce from the sclect committee
appointed to investigate the facts attending the
recent assault upon Sumner made a report in
writing it states that precedents are to be found
only in the action of the house of Representa
tives, the Senate never having been ealied on to
pronounce judgment in a similar case, general
precedents arc cited and the committee came to
the conclusion that although the assault was a
violation of the priveleges of the Senate it is not
within their jurisdiction and the of fence can only
he punished by the House of which Mr. 1 .rooks
is a member.
This conclusion is in strict conformity with j
parliamentary-law and the requirements of the
constitution, and they therefore recommend that
the Senate make a complaint to the House, and
submit a resolution that the report be accepted,
and a copy thereof with aflidavits accompanying
the same, be transmitted to the House of Rep
'I he resolution was adopted, Mr Toombs alone
voting "no." .
The President's veto message of the Missis
i sippi River bill was defended l?3* Mr. Mason.?
House.?Mr. Thompson introduced a bill giv
ing lands to Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas in
| aid of Railroads.
Mr. Caruthers introduced a bill ceding public
lands to the States in which they lie.
Mr. Greenwood introduced a bill to repeal the
act establishing the Court of claims.
Mr. Rennet of N.Y. from the Committe on pub-'
lands, reported a bill granting.one million acres j
i of land for three raiiroads iu Louisiana; passed
02 against 58.
Mr. Florence moved that when the Ilcuse ad- ?
journ it be till Saturday?he believed many gen-!
tlemen would leave this evening for Cincinnati. j
Mr. Grow proposed that by consent the Com- j
mittec on Territories,shall make reports, not how j
ever to be considered until after the two ap
proaching conventions.
Mr. Jones ofTenn. wished to know whether
Grow wished to report a bill to admit Kansas
with the Topeka constitution. Grow replied af
firmatively. Jones objected and Florence's mo
motion was negatived. Adjourned.
St.Locis, May -<?.?The Republican and Dem
ocrat are full of Kansas letters to-day, from
whjch the following additional news relative to j
tho attack on Lawrencc, arc taken. The Dem-;
crat's correspondent says: stores and dwellings, \
indiscriminately broken open ami robbed; one j
man named Johnson had 2000 dollars in drafts, |
checks and Land Warrants taken from him, and j
Col. ToplifTe appointed a Colonel of militia by.
Saannon last fall,was forcibly dispossessed of his
commission, private papers, watch and money,
amounting to 800 dollars, his trunk was also
broken open and his clothes carried otf. The
house and library belonging to Brown, Kditor-of
the Herald, set on fire twice, but was extinguish
ed by the citizens.
The Republican learns, through information :
given by Col. Brewster, that on the 23d, 2u0;
Free State men had collected at Lawrence.
The garrison at Franklin had left, and the ?
town would probably be attacked by Free Stole :
men on the night of the 22d.
It is said Shannon will order 100 U. S. troops ,
to bo stationed at Osawatoniie, 100 at Lawrence .
and 100 at Topeka.
At Osawatomie, Judge Cato, of tho District
Court, had been prevented from holding court by
threats of violence.
Boston, May 28.?The New England Emigrant
Company held their annual meeting to day.?
The attcudance was large.
Receipts of the year is over $07,000. The
value of their property at Lawrence is from 15
to $20,000. They hold their land at Topeka and
Lawrence by a legal title which cannot be dis
posessed. The handsomest stores iu Lawrence
are owned by Missourinas.
Emigration from New England is limited this
spring, but is very great from the Western
It is proposed to form aid societies to relieve
the wants of the people at Lawrence; also, socie
ties to aid those who are willing, but who want
means to go to Kansas.
A meeting was announced for to-morrow
evening to obtain subscriptions.
Resolutions wcro adopted expressing sympa
thy with the sellers in their sufferings from tho
lawless outrages of slave power, determining to
afford them all lawful aid.
It was announced that amemoxial would be
sent to Congress asking for remuneration for
the destruction of the property at Lawrence.
After the election of oifcers for the year, the
meeting adjourned.
Baltimore, May 28.?The baric Cavalier which
was damaged by a collision w ith the Keystone
State is reported below, her-damages are not
VisHlsnTos; 2Sth?^t-rahmton was (his
evenintromeially n&tfflc&l 6f the discontinuance
? diplomatic relations as ininisler.of Great
Britain near this Government, and hisnassoorts
furnished. The Consuls at Cincinnati, Phils
ueiphia and Ae\r \ork arc likewise informed bv
letter of the dismissal.
The President will commnnicale, to-morrow
a message," accompanied by documents, sctiii^
forth his grounds for action on the Recruitin?
question, and in dismissing Crampton and the
Also a message, with accompanying docu
ments, relativo to Central American nflMni gar*
a-Mtr,t'." ith roganrto.Britain's proimsitioh to
It is understood that the Exacutivc proposes
toarbitrutca?y question of political gcoiranhv
which by anv possibility may be raisod under
ttie Central American treaty, but he declines a
general arbitration as to its construction.
NewYokk, MayM.?Our papers contain an
ttflfeial protest of Mr. Marcolletta against the
recognizance ef tile now Government of Nicar
igua, it,sdated ITthinst He says he is wholly
unable to discover (lie important and wei"-ktv
reasons whi.yn hulucca tl'e 0. S. Government to
i!vfrl f'r S r0,T=r l.nvVt,0",.nn'1 quotes various
i\tract* from Many s letter in opposition to the
recognition which he calls arnost Hagrant viola
tion of divine and human .law*, ahd an onconr
igoinont and sure gaammt&eof fflibusterism, he
iaJ addressed n^unilar protest to ail the dirilo
natic circle* m Washington.
'J' May 23.?-The Salt Ln'te mail ,-rri- '
fed bringing dates to the 26th of .March, The
Lonveiilioii to furm a state constitution met in
the Council Ho use on the 17th and organized bv
duelingtlio Hon. J. SI. Grant, president.
Hie Desorct News sayji, various committees
appointed to draft a constitution had a confer
ence on the 2ith,-aml unanimously reported a
Lonstitutiua for the State of Dcseret. Chief
Justice Kinney dissented only 011 one point, viz:
1 jo Krocrredito have Judges of the Supreme
elected by the people instead of the Gene
ral As?cuiblv.
- Moxtteukii, May 2S.?American State Cotin
:il met here yesterday for its annual session.
1 lie proceedings were harmonious, Ry!? mi Fletch
er was nonunatcd for Governor, amf.Jnmes SJade
Lieutenant Governor.
Resolutions denouncing the administration
, proposing to unite with the Republicans in
the coming congressional and presidential elec
tions were adopted.
The assault on Sumner was referred to in
strong terms and the House of Representatives
ivas called upon to expel Brooks.
( uicAno, May 27.?The St Louis Democrat
icnrns from a passenger by the Mot-ring Star that
it 1-t ie intention of Shcrifi" Jones to proceed iin
inedialely to iopeka which will also be de?trn\*
? A-no Democrat has a letter from Leaveri
wortu of the 2Lst stating that all the terms pro
posed bv Governor .Shannon had been declined,
*nu t.ie South Carolinians had determined tode
-troy the to-.vn. Four new public murders were
brought to light.
May 28. The Republican Convention elected
delegates to tin- State and National Conventions
?i>t nijrnf, and adopted resolutions condcmnin^
the assault on Sunnier, demanding Brooks'ex
pulrton; and denounce as wanton the destrue
or nle and property at Laurence.
? May 27.--?The (Jenertj Assembly
met at Newport yesterday, Benjamin Thurston
was unanimously chosen Speaker of the House,
. le.iolas Lnnvn as Lieutenant Governor and
? aiiiiici A. I arKer as General Treasurer.
J.FW ILvVKjf, May 28.?Three ballots were
had for Senator. First. Dixon !i"; Toueey !)??
-ca.tenng 8. Lust, Dixon 107; Toucev (12;
l ostponed until next Wednes
\j As,i,NnT,,v JI,lv 28, a 1-. >:._Mr. Sumner
w ,.s 1 cstless and feverish all last night,his wounds
Ferry considers his condi
?S?:c?*"i ?" c ?M"y 23.?A larpro meeting of
citizens, has been held here sustaining Brooks
lor his assault upon Sumner. Strong resolutions
were adopted approving his conduct.
Pimni-Hnt, May 28,-Rivcr -i feet 2 inches
and railing. Weather cloudy.
Cincinnati, May 23.?The River is 8 feet fall
ing. \\ catfecr cool.
r,l,??'i T?"U,on,d,lI,-yc'<,?nlavssiilesaiiion.lt
c to only l Out) bales, the steamers news had no
eitect on the prices.
May 28.?Flour firm, at 5,40ao,75 for pood
and extra brands. Provisions firm. Lard, prime
Mil JJ?; kegs 11. "Whisky linn, at 21 A. Sugar,
at 8 l-4a8 o-4 cents, for good lair and prime.?
| Molasses at 4iia47.
May 23tli.?Cotton market unsettled, small
Flour is unsettled and sales of 150,000 bbls.
i at 0,31a(?,42 1-2 for good brands of Ohio.?
Wheat declined, with sales of 7,000 bushels
at 17C for Southern' white. Corn heavv, sales of
127,000 bushels mixed. Pork is unsettled, with
sales of 400 bbls. Reef firm! sales 250 bbls.?
Lard firm, sales 1500 bis. Whisky lirm, sales
40ft bbls Ohio at 2(5.]. Coffee lirm, sales 1,000
br.gs Rio 10 1-2. Sugar linn, sales 1100 hhds.
Orleans molasses steady, sales of 150 bbls.?
Linseed Oil firm, sales 13,000 gallons at 81) els.
Lard Oil firm, sales 100 bis at i>7. Tallow ac
Stocks quiet. Erie 55 7-8. Galena & Chica
go 111 Mich. South. 90 1-1. X. Y. Central
80 1-4. Residing 88 7-8. Cleveland & Toledo
TO CONS ujyl HTlVtb.
Dr. **. i'niicon?t. late Professor hi the Mvtliea!Uni
versity of. Philadelphia, will' remain In this city for a
few dav* before leaving for the West. Ufa mode of treating
Of't lie Throat and Lungs, is by Jfedlcutcd Inhalation. For
proof of the Doctor*# euccce in the treatment of Disease* of
the Pamphlets ami his Treatise on Consumption.
The former will be given gratuitously on application at the
The Doctor ha# taken rooms at the McLure House, and can
be consulted after flic 2!sl, between la nVlock A. M. ami 0
o'clock P. M. my 21
P. S.?Dr. Paneoast will be in Znnesville on Tuesday, May
LAUlfch .t UK? J LK.UK.N?I'AKK -N'oiioe!
WE hare just received ? large assortment of choicc
Perfumeries ami Toilet Articles, coinprislnp:
Po.uatntns;. French ami American! lair Oils;
Liihin's Extracts for the Ilumlkcrchief;
Bruin's " 20 varieties;
Oriental Drops;
"fhteurii"?new nail rich styles;
Stick Pomatum*;
Oo.mieUc Creams and Powders;
Tooth Pastes;
Toilet Water*;
Imported CoJogr^.?;
Aromatic Vinegar;
Attar of lluscs?rich style?;
Milk of Noses:
Toilet Soar*?a great variety.
For Kale by T. II. I.Ofi AN A Co.
my 14 . * Dridge Corner Drupjrist*.
w.indsok c;hhanufac- "
HE subscriber continues to manufacture Chairs, Settees,
Sociable Arm Kockers, Children'* Chairs, Ac., of the
most modern styles and Improved patterns, all of which he
will warrant to give satisfaction.
p>y~0]d Chairs received, repaired and re*painted.
ap7 No. 127 Main street.
? : HOPS.
..op,, u, store -?
. Alcohol, ror ula by
10 A,C000,? '?r "" ?J T. U. LOGAN * Co.
:MiyagaMOllR TBADE. '
1856 .... 1856 - 1856
, m, -?
j 'JPAXE pleasure
; HHAXE pleasure in notifying the public that thev are r.OT in receipt of a full stack of ?
I suitable for the SPRING and SUMMER TR VDK.
: Thty hare taken srrea: palua la ?i-!cctjn:j their stock, to make It dett^ulli and incitf-itf. Kayjti# htrgcljr with the
!'ca?& Of "the Importers, and often it 'the Nets York Auctions when goods are sold by the package, or i:i lar?e quantities
| direct from the vvucb in which they are Imported, they are ofteu aSle to buy at much leM than this Importer* can sell,
} themselves, and they hesitate not to say they can offer Indxceiuentjexcelled by no House hi t!jo AYeSt.
! Their atock of Goods i.< truly i-iuttc;*. b?iri.$ m'aeh larger than they ever before offered to the Trade. To make room
j /or their stuck they are obliged to occupy :J iur/e'srore rooms J each "?.? feet deep.
; Particular utte;iiion is Invited to their *;orkcf Silks und Shawls, which alone are worth move than *lt>,C?00?and la be*
i lieved to he by tar the larval, richest, as well :>? cheapest ever offered in. the city, siccc they have been in the trade.?
' These, with their stock of Grenadine?, Chr.liies, Argentines, Tissue?, Robes, and Ladies Dress Gocti* hi tvuy varh ty slid
suitable f?r any lady in the.laud, make their stock one of the most desirable and inviting to the trade ever offered iu the
Their stock of Dani&ilcs Is more.than treble, and their entire stock double, n:n* other similar House hi the city, anil,
notwithstanding t!ie ft n. </>? ?> ?'/??/ now try fog to bs jrc.t up about the catJi firiii-JijiUe oitSt/, they ^pledge o public that they
will sell iip-u their former te.-vj*?, yi': 0/?*?, or Short G.-edlt to prompt men (f?tw others have we hail and uoncuthcrs need
apply), as low, if not a shade !t> rer than any hoiu?in Wheeling that pay for their Good*.
They invite the attention of the
or (rood trnJe of nnv kind?and assure the public that. If an immense stock. /?>?? prlcP*. nccomrao-ir.tlns clerks (speaking
both treruian anil Ka^'U^h), and prompt anil fair dealing, iriHhave any weieht, the "BEEHIVE STORK!', will maintain its
already well earned standing, ??r t>ein^t:tc.favorite fioiw icit\ the multitude?for PAIR DEALING AN1> GOOD DAK
CSf^Goods sent liny where hi the citv fivc-of charjre. ap?3
ii\subta<Sr-gtj CO All'as i.
Cash Capital $7i7,97244
Liauiuties ?5tt?C77
'?piIIS Company is owned and managed by some of the
X wealthiest and best merchants iu the city of NeV York.?
For particulars enquire of W. .F. I'KTEKSON,
juS Agent for Wheeling and vicinity.
AU'niOlCS^IvI) CAl'l'l'.U. <100,000.
Available Capital {pi,28^,300.
UTlLI. TAKE any and all fair Fire Risks at a reasonable
VV rate.
Losses are Adjusted and promptly paid without reference
to Loinlon.
For further particulars enquire of
for Wheeling and vicinity.
OFFICE nest ?loor to thc3I. .t M. Hank. . . mhd
Valley of Virginia
fitik a xd m.iniye jyscsaxrs coj/paat.
Win. TP. Jiclby, A^rnt at Wu'tliag.
OFFICE?at the Store of Tallnnt ft Delaplalh, Malnutreet,
between Monroe and (?utucy streets; are prepared to
take lllsks at customary rates on Goods iu transitu, Steam
boats, Stores, Dwellings, Ac.
J. II. Raker, Tallant .fc.DcIaplaln,
Tims. II. List, D. Lamb,
Norton, Acheson ?t Co. ii. Hard man.
S.itrady, S. 0. flaker& Co.,
List A lloweli, O.W. lleiskell-&Co.,
sept 12
TUEFrnr, and marine insurance' com
incorporate/ I
TAKES riaks at thelowest rated on Hulldlngs r.f all kinds,
Stounibunts. Furniture and Merchandise, and agaim-t all
dangers intending Huj Transportation of Goods on river?,
: seas, lake.", canals and railroads.
U. Cr.ingl?, P. Ilrad v, Rob*t Morrison
Satu'l Need, W.n. Flctntpg, J. W. OiJI,
Dan'! Lamb, Robt I'uttersnn, Sand. Ott.
ROBT. CltANGLE, 1'res't.
R. W. IIa ant no, Sec'y.
13?" Applications for Insurance will be promptly attended
to bv tin* President and Secretary.
Wheeling, Jail. 25. 1>5S.
TJK KMCKI PTIO."V? carefully compounded at nl
JL hours?either Aiv or xitjhi?at
J. B. YOWELL'3,iJ3 Monroe Ft.
jn23 Sign ??f Red Mortar.
Trust Salf.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to the subscriber
bv George llardman and wife,??nnd dulv recorded In the
Clerk's Ollloe of Ohio county court, iu deed hook numbered
?SU, page 217. A-2., I will proceed, for the purposes therein
name-1, on MONDAY the DJih day of June, lb?G, to sell at
public auction at the front door of the Court House ol Ohio
county, the real estate iu said deed specified, ^inil situated in
the Fifth Ward of the eitv of Wheeling, as follows, to wit:?
Lot? numbered fifteen (15) urn) sixteen (lt?) on the east side
?.f Main -dreet, Lot.-* numbered i\vo hundred and forty-nhn
(249), tiro hundred and forty-five (2-Sr>), and the north half of
two hundred and forty-four (2-14) on the east fide of Eo3
street, Lots tmrubcred two hundred and fifteen (2lf>)ai;il two
hundred and twenty-six ('-^iC), and the north halt of two hun
dred and twenty-five (225) wss the east side of Eotf street, the
north half, of lot numbered one hundred and sixty-eight
(ICS) on the West side of Chuplinc street, Lot numbered one
iiuudred and thirty-five (1-15) at the south-east comer ot
Market and Third streets. Lot numbered one hundred and
thirty-one(131) on the eastshlu of Market street, Lot num- i
hered one hundretl^tid twenty-scv?.u (127) at the south-ehst |
corner cf Market and Second streets. and all that parcel ot
around v.hh-h was conveyi d to said llnrdr.an by the Trus
tees of the Second Prysbi t-rjan Church, being tilm-ty-elght
feet front on Webster street and running back about eighty-'
?fix feet.
Oue-fourth of the purchase money must be paid In cash,
?wid on the residue a credit of six, twelve and eighteen
aionths will be given, the purchaser or purchasers giving
approved negotiable paper with good endorsement, bearing
interest from day of rale and the title retained until the pur
chase money K* paid hr deed of trust taken on the propcrt-.
-old, at the option of the purchaser^ I will convey only such
title as is vested iu me by the Trust Deed.
may 15 Trustee.
Trust Sale.
1*> Y virtue of a deed of trust, executed by Jno. W. Gill and
R > George llardtnan to the subscriber, dated May 23th,
1S55, and recorded iu the Clark's ofiice of Ohio county, in
Deed Monk No. 4tt, page JJ73. Ac., for the purposes therein
named, 1 will proceed, on MONDAY the 11;h day of June.
1SVJ, at the front door of th_- Court House of Ohio county, t?.
sell the property mentioned in said deed, situated In the cltv
of Wheeling, to" nit: the bus of land fronting on the north
?dde of Webster street in Centre .Wheeling, and dvslgnuted
on the plat by the numln r two'humlred and twenty-eight
(22S) nnd two hundred and tiventy-nlne (220), rm nhlch is
the OH Cloth Factory, and lots numbered two hundred and
fifty-four (if.VI) and two Iiuudred and fifty fivi on u hich
is the Muchinc Shop, o'ccupi'-d b-/ Xobhs & Tavlor.?
Also lots numbered sK'ty-eiidit (fiS) oil Main street, and lot*
numbered thirt*-? n (.13) nii.l fourteen (14) near the ltelitiont
Iron Works, in Centre Wheeling. Also, the pro pi rty known
as the Atheiucutn, situated at t!:e corner of Market and John
streets, in Wheeling, being subdivisions of lots numbered "
S, 9, 10,11 nnd 12.
One-third of the purchase money will be required In cash.
A cred t of -i.\- ami twelve months will be civf ti on the resi
due, the purchaser glvlne approved paper with fiooil en
dorsement, beat Ins interest from day of sale, nnd secured b}
deed of trust on the property. The title Is believed to be
>*ood, but I will convey only such title as Is vested In uie by
the trust deed.
There i$ a prior lien on the Athenicum which will be fully
shown oti the due of sale, beln>r for al-ont $l'?,f?00.
mylO:td Trustee.
Trust Saio,
BY virtue of a deed of trust, executed to mo by John W.
Caill ftr>d wife, ami duly record.d in thu Clerk's Office of
Ohio County Court, in l)n d llonk numbered 80, page 21G,
?*c. I will proceed, on MONDAY liie ltith day of June, 1S5G,
for the purposes specified ius&ld deed, to sell, at the from
door of t!ie Court House of Ohio county, the followingrt-al
estate, conveyed to ir.e l?3* said Gil! and ?ife, situated in the
city of WherlJnv, to w it:?the one undividi ?l half of the pro
perty situated at. tliesotitii-west corner of Market and Mon
roe streets in said city, owned !?< >nhl Gill ai?d Henry Moore,
embracing Lots numbered nine (0) nrd ten (TV and so much
of the north half of Lot nujutvred eleven (it) a* said Gill
and Maori hare not solil. Alsn/thte following Lots Irt the
Fifth Ward of said city, to wit: Lots numbered eighty-eight
(5-) and eighty-nine (S0> at the north-east corner of Main
and Webst-r str.-eln, ami Lot numbered otic hundred and '
three (118) o?i ?l?e west side of Market Square, Centre Wheel- '
In~. ^
One-fourth of the purchase money will be required In cash.
On tht residue a credit of six, twelve and eighteen months
will be given* '.he purcliasur or purchasers giving approved
negotiable nupt-r, with pood endorsement, bearing interest
from day, of Male, and the title being retained until the pur
chase money is paid, or deed of trust taken on the property,
at the option of the purchaser.
1 will convey only such title as i* rested in me by the
TriiRt Deed.
my 15 CHARLES W. RUSSELL, Trustee.
OXS/ST/XG of all the,qualities now in use. extra super
o' fine S. A VERY,
gp Hi Nob 14C and 14a Mailt ??
KXTitiV l-'AM+LY KLClUlt.
BARRELS of the best brands in store and for sale
very low by
Whits Beaver HatB.
"TXT4LL open In a few days the Paris style, a very light and
V Y pr-.ttv article
Ill AVE on hand a lot of Extra Family Flour. Also?supe
rior cured hams. ?
feS __ WM. IlEBCRN.
Shotil?t?t* jBraceo! Hhouldrr Rraces!
AFRESH supply of those superior Washington Braces?
for Ladlvfc and Gentlemen.
For sale by?
ap2? T. II. LOGAN A CO.
100,000 JBottlen Nold In One \ cur,
N'OTHlNGIu the market?nothing in the ic-llcal. market
for the past fifty years, has ever equaled, nor can nu
article be produced equal to this
Dr. Hostettcr's preparation I* not an old granny's recipe,
nor the mere "experimental result or some Amateur Physi
cian's verbal investigation. It is the result of a profound
and elaborate study of one of the u>ost frckntUlc ckiutsU Of
the present century.
Dr. Hojtettcr submits his invalrtable Hitter* to an^ chemi
cal tests, or what is still better, a personal trial ujtou your
own constitution. The true properties of the??* Hitters will
he found by the first analysis, ami the full force ot their great
medicinal effects will he inside nivnifcit in an almoat incredi
bly short space of time upon the system.
Are yoa i).vi>pcpUef Theu take these celebrated Stomach
Hitlers. ,
Arc yon Bilious? Try one bnltlc of these "Bitters, and be
relieved at once.
Are you annoyed by indigestion? Remove the cauie by the
free use of these Bitters.
Have you fever and Ague? How many thousand* In the
West and South have been cured of tins constitution destroy
ing disease, by the use of these Hitters.
Ail tlwuld try till? great antidote. We venture to affirm
that while Hostetter's Bitters are used, h case of fever and
ague cannot occur.
One wine glassful, taken three times a day before meals,
will be found a great tonic agent, which all wilt Appreciate
when personally satisfied of the fact, as they will ho by giv
ing the Hitter* one trial.
There are other Bitters, represented to he the same, which
are comparatively worthier. Our Bitters are without a
rival f??r their medicinal qualities. They are put up In
square bottles, containing a full quart with the directions on,
and "///?. J. Stomach Bittern,"bloWhon the hot*
tie. None other genuine.
g2TFor sale by all the principal Drujrel-ts, Hotel Bars.
Restaurants, and Dealers generally throughout the United
States, and by
T. 11. LOGAN A CO.,
Je22-lydaur Whgllig.
E6l.it Hollandsch Krvidcn ?*ticrs. '
TWN YEARS have elnpsed since the Introduction of this
valuable medicine into the United States. Daring this
time It has gained a universal popularity as a Remedy
iVwram/ A (tut, Dy*p+p*tas Indigestion, Headache,
J.OMA of Appftite, Del Hitj/, ('o*ticenc8*,
Blind mui Bleeding Piles.
Many of our most worthy citlzeti3 testify to its wonderful
efficacy In all atlections of the Stomach and Liver. As a
Tonic, it has never been equaled, for the relief It afford* in
all cases of debility or weakness of any kind is almost In
stantaneous. In Nervous. Rheumatic and Neuralgic Auc
tions, it has In numerous Instances proved highly beneficial,
and In others efli cted a dccided cure.
When eminent physicians prescribe, and their, patients so
unhesitatingly recommend, surely we may cease to doubt,
and eagerly test its virtues for ourselves.
A Ca*e of Eight Months'. Standing Cured by Boerharc's
Holland Hitters.?Michael Kelly, No 117 Grant, near Smith
Held street, says:?"Last July, while running ?>n the river*on
a cotton boat pl.viug betweeu Natchez and New Orle-anif, 1
was taken with Fever anr) Ague. For eight long monthe 1
suffered with this dreadful dlseuse. The greater part of this
time I was unable to work, and spent ut" leant IIfly dollars
for different medicines, bqt I found no permanent relief.?
Three weeks r.co, one of my friends Insisted upon my try
ing 'BoerhtiHolland Bittersaving that a curs tcits
guaranteed. After trying It for only one week, I must
state I was a sound man. I have ltcen at work now f?ir
two weeks, and have had no rtturn of the chills and fever
whatever." *
I certify the above statement is true.
THOMAS ADAMS, Diamond House,
or at R. Chester's, Gothic Hall.
Mr. Silas Llscoiub, of Rirmingliam says- "I have found In
Boerhave's Bitler.s a remedy for headache and debility. My
wife has also used It with the greatest benefit."
Mr. A.J1. Nichnlsou, of IMt*Lur.;'n, h\*? say* lie hex pa as
rietiCcd much relief from jts for SirftiiadiC.
A Holland n't Testimony.?iiwc'b RInskes, living In the
llolluct! settlement i?f Sheboygan, Wis. says: "After suffering
for some time the misery attending an utter prostration of
mind and body, I hav?? bi-en restored, by using Boerhave's
Hitters, to perfect health."
The fact of this remedy being In such high repute among
the Hollanders in Wisconsin, Michigan, New York?in fact,
in every Holland fettlemeut in the United Stater?argues In
it* favor.
Mr. Jonfi Davidson, living ten miles above Pittsburgh, on
the Pennsylvania Canal, says: "When I commenced taking
Boerhave's Holland Bitters, 1 could hardly walk?now I en
joy excellent health."
Another greut Cure ejTecttxl by Hoer/ni re'o IJvUantl JlU
terf.?The wife of Peter De Witte, living In Holland Town,
Sheboygau county, Wisconsin, suffered very much from
ue a lent.S3 of the stomach and indigestion. She had been
under a physician's cure for some time, but the dleeu>e
seemed to baflte even his skill. She purchased some Hol
land Bitters at our office, which have given tone to her sto
mach, her appetite and strength are returning, aud we firm
ly believe that this i3 another great cure cfiected by your
medicine. ,
We have still to record many wonderful cures effected by
this remedy, but must await another opjM?rtunlty. One
thing you can rely upon, what we have published are from
persons much re*pcctt-d to uur community, and are literally
true. J. QUI NT US,
Editor Sheboygan Nieuwhodc, Slitboj gan, Wis.
A Ca*c of Tico JJuntfn*" tiding cured by JJotrhat^s
Holland Hitters.?George Henderson,of Pittsburgh, enjs:
"Alter suffering for three months nitli theumatisrc?a part
of the time so severely as to conllne me to my bid?1 have
been entirely cured by the use or Boerhave's Holland fit
ters. I have had one attack since, hut found almost instan
taneous relief In the same medicine. It is, In uiy'oplnion, a
sure remedy for rheumatism."
This changeable weather Is likely to product a great deal
of sickness. To persons troubled with nervous or rheumat
ic affections, we wonld recommend Boerhave's Holland Bit
ters. On referring to our columns you will find certificates
from some of our first German and English*' citizens.?J'a.
Slant* Zeitung.
We ore nt liberty to refer to several well known gentle
men, who have used, thoroughly tested, and now recom
mend Boerhave's Holland Bitters as a remedy for Piles.?
We are not at liberty to publish their names, but will take
pleasure In referring any person to them who denies this
For this affection, one half of the prescribed dose should be
taken?say Atr^'teaspoonful?morning, noon and night, one
hour before meals.
The great popularity of this delightful Aroma h*9 Induced
many Imitations, which the public should guard against pur
chasing. Be not persuaded to buy anything else until
hnveeiven Boerhave's Holland Bitters a fair trial. One i*>t
tie will con.v!nce you how Infinitely aupei ior It is to all these
tSP^Sdld at #1 per bottle, or six bottles for f.%, by the sole
Blanufaeturing Pharmaceutists and Chemists,
cor Smithfield & Third sts, Pittsburgh.
Lnti{,'bliuHA' titiMliflrld,
mhSCrdawly Wholesale Druggists, Wheeling, Yn.
r- liill^. Linseed Oil, just received bv
''PEN bid*. Spts. Turpentine at
I CASK Potash, superior article,
| .rr BDLS. Alcohol, OS and 76 per ct. for sale by
!?.> ap80 LAUGHLINSk BUgllFIELD.
IBBL. Irou Varnish, a prime article for sale by
pi BBLsCopul Varnish tor sale by
?)<M> LBS Gertuutri'lk l<ead, superior, at " "~
r|"kKN KBLS. Tuuuerc Ollj Just received by ?
BOXES Castile Soap, genuine, for sale by
IBBL. Damar Varnish, tor ssle by ????????
4) GROSS Bath Brick, for sale by j
1 Mi til Lb*. Yellow Ochre, oi superior quality?for sale by
GASKSffcl Soda, just received, by
I o. i amiiivo
OBO. Maiou's blacking, fresh for sale low by
Bonnet Boxes.
*r?i*?- Rmi 1?
u:\2TiIawSm M0SK9 S- ?*ACII.'
1 v^L jHL A N D W l? a I f p lt ?
A Co,,?^fes*?
n.l F rNmat?^?HO? M-The Merei^fuliputllle,"
... k; ^
of Mercantile Pracllre It i* in'JnW *"*ctlcj:l Mauusl
for UnsIneM Jl.n-'Srt ; "rS'2,?1?;?' !??.,? book
?tc. of all chiwv, ind ?< {? , J'ar"f"?nrrr?,
crinjjs and cleaning of a t?t<i,t???? ?'!." ' thoughtr,jrAth
the tuost able of coinmcrchl wriVw-i of tof ?,,e t,f
K "nil? or WW 00 Kfv Vori
1! prompt ,u,"uvlu Kin VmrJ If l"lt'Bnis 10 JWUro
hoox fo" eanranW wJSt. MS, t.?M; tucccMful
ORISTAJJUHO-.S ItAll/nv':'', '
-s UL1- ?
C rXfM3Btogig&&t& SftJS Cr"'"?,>
Crhffiloro',. 6 AsUr IIoKIb^VSmI K!SK S?SS?>'
&Z,!Wr!uc'"i"Ptu""" ?"d
?Ne.r Vorfc Afwhw, ?? ? C0Rv j. CQ *
- - bridge Corner Draggle*.
jppesvs gs??<??
menu ought to be broiled; Tho NV?- ori.H^I-, 1!CC''
cooks thC ?,ut. "j; isrv,
burning It. ?ra nil the fat. reduce* me%t bllli S5
and Cull be used over a wood or coal Are
Price for the roimil 1? m. diameter ?a ....
??fnro ? ?IH Inchva: '2'iX!
" oblong , by It) ? ...
; ;; - sbyw ? ...::::; rfj;
ms* l,,! stn: by mull, "resUtered," at ojir
4 Fol,0,!!< fMnt, Aokxct Crt."
Kl" ,nM> Tyoimm-,!.. Xew Y.rk.
J""" 11 ? HUU Ot.it Hit, Mailer
pit vtutTrf under the tiruj of lsh
am and Fisher
On a libel hi a cnuae'of
contract civil ami mari
time. In I lie United gtnu*
States Di.-.trict Court for
the Wctdern District i?f
The Sieaiuboat Thomas Statin
her tackle, apparel, and fttrnl*
I ^ Oomml*aloncr.
i "emui Jlt|jut.v Ac. ') !?? Chancery ln
John fiay h?.I n'ther,. (JmiSi't C?Urt
tinutd from day today uSlVcSijSSJd* nUl b4?cou*
ap23 J- W- PHNDLf.TTI.f,
t 7, a, his Attorney.
?aac^ oopcr, V ) In Cluancery in Ohio
John day. /-Circuit Court in tho
jonn tiay. t b. . , ,uu
?p03 1!->' J- II. PUJiOUtTOX,
M? Altorn-V
Catherine ) In Chancery HT.
ami Thomas Farmer Ac.,} Ci'mil't toLi'rt *"* '
?lay of llw ,W" ?i""'S a""'^ Tho? .""e ?th
I l-.t..- !' Proceed at the office of J. II Penri!<>.
! hUlonVor Alnnr i hfe,,nP? f t?t? of Vircii.ia, to take dciw
i at the trial lr?i.? ?h * ft,,,i ot,lcrs to ,M; rKnd on my I^Lalf
Hot thlS ?? i i ' .CaU5e nnd If ,h? saId ,l*'P?sitioii3 are
I ?!?.! i . nnd completed on tliat ?lay the takini* will be enn.
i tinutd from day to day until completed.
a?oc My J- II. I'KXItLKTiik,
^?7,? ? _ her Attorney.
. r ?? e rurVl'au^']' "ues for the use 1 j
or Pirciuun. 4 Jleehaulcs Company In the Circuit
t?iUInJl",,a1S'rh0 f"r u,c '
V*. }? In same Court
Same defendantt.
Same plainthT, Whitney
Same dcfciirtants. (-In .amr Coort
George C. Sledge
The l.lalntllTl and ilefcndontl above | 5,mi! Court
?liy ?M VhJ';hSe anrcte.f "''Joornid from day to
l"5',!' OEOROE C. SI.EUUK. -
Hats and Caps.
IS dally receiving ami opening large additions to his Fa.
ftock of lints and Cap*, comprising one of the most gc -
eral assortments that ha* ever been offered to thu public
call and see.
No?. 140 and 1-18, Main street, "Wheeling, Va.
Sq21dnw ?. AVERY
WM. BARRETT, Propretor.
THIS well known Hotel has been newly renovated, and
now furnishes the best of accommodations to traVtlerd
aud bourdcrs
It Is located near the centrc of the city, opposite the Sus
Etnsion Itridpe, and only n few square* from the-Railroad
ipots aud Steamboat landing.
I? attached to the House. Travelers aud boarders may rest
assured that no pains will be rpared to add to their oorn*
fort. ap8tMfdaw
.V//.A i'l.LXil LA/\S tult OAjVTLLJiHaI
ALAROE assortment received this day, comprising
great variety of patterns?call and we.
' Nos. 140 and 14S Main St., Wheeling, Va.
oc29 S.AVERY.
JUST received; a large asjortmeut of children's Hats and
Caps?Extra superfine and Embroidered Caps.
Nos. 140 and 148, Main street. Wheeling, Va. *
nc3it 8. AVERY.
Shipping Furs Wanted.
CASH will be paid for?
Raccoon Skins;
S0..KK Kcd For ..
20,000 Grey Fox "
80,000 Mink "
20,000 Wild Cat "
10,000 Opossum "
10,000 muskrat "
10,0W> Deer 44
S.AVERY, Nos 146 and 149,
di?c21:daw J fain Street. Wheeling.
SOFT 11 A 72>\
S AVERY has received and Is now opening a very larpa
? assortment of Soft-Hats of all qualities, shapes and col -
ors, and wIR be sold at the lowest-prices. ?; ?
S. AVERY, Nos. 146 and 148, ?
oc4 Wheeling. Va
ftpui.\ra fasiiton ' . , ;
S A VERY has on hand, and Is manufacturing Hats of the
? Spring style, which for neatness, durability ifrtT fine?
ness, cannot lie surpassed. Gentlemen arc requested to cat
and examine for themselves." ?
535T"*Hat< made'to order at the shortest notlcc.
Alks^ivUrge assOrttnentofrHats'Mrtrtaifr.onsR dc- ?
scrlntions row In use.
N??e. 140 and 14BMabi?t., WhcellngC-Va." f
-felfl * r "VK AVKRY. .
S. AVlfiKY : ? ' ~ :j
^^^11 AS on hand, and Is manufacturing and rocefv
^BViog, one of the largest assortments of Jmm ft
HatB-apdCapB?- ^?5:"
Consisting'of all the varieties and colors.now la use, all of
which will be sold at the lowest rates.
N. II.?Hat* made to ordfcr at the shortest notice."
8. A VERY,'Main St., Nos. 146 and 148,
?plO-tf TOwellnr. v?. ?;
Bonnet Blocks:'
11)07.. Bonnet Blocks of superior make and latest summer
?tyle.^ust received. At*6, a foR variety of shapes, crowns, ?
shapes for child reus hats, ruches, quillings, French Dowers, S
sprigs, buds aud l^avek,. wreaths, blonde lnc?>?, *c. Ac:, ju*t'?r*
re eel veil. r. The attention ofMUltnerrls partlcidarly csllcd to
our stock; ? ' T- "
? ap2l 2m daw : r v..: 8TONK 2 THOMAS.

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