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Published Corner of Main and Quiiicy-ste,
33JSATTY <fe CO.
TERMS.?DAILY, per Annan]. - - - - gf> OO
IRI-ffEKKLT, per uioam, - :j OO
WEEKLY, per anncm, ... 1 OO
"Xokc Camus roK Texas.?Tha P. States
f.crjnship Sarprw, now lying at tl?e Brooklyn
r?arv Yard, it is stated, is to be sent again in a
five weeks for a rcin-forcement to the stock of
camels brought in by her on her last trip, and
landed in Texas for the United States Govern- '
men* line*. It has been found that the experi
ment rocrced* admirably, and that for the trans
fer of the United States'stores across the plazas
of Texas the camel is perfectly fitted, and with
stands the soil and dimatc of "the country with
?ntanr difficulty. Thus far only thirty-fire
bare been brought. It is intended in the next
trip to bring fifty.
pPlt is said among the conditions of the
Near York Herald's summerset for Fremont is,
in case he is elected, that the notorious James
G'irdon Bennett, its editor, is to be appointed
Xii.U-ter to France! It is well known that he
had the effrontery to ask that appointment of
General Pierce, and that, on the refusal of the
latter, ccmmtr.ced a vindictive personal and po
litical warfare upon his Administration. At
present the editorial columns of the Herald are
filled, not by its legitimate editor?, but by con
tributions from the Fremont Association of
New York city. The course the Herald pur
sues, while it will damage the paper, will do no
I-ijury to the Democratic party.?Cin. Eng.
The Northmen.?New Discoveries.?The
Springfield Republican states that some curious
ancient figures exist upon rocks 011 the island of
Monegh&u, on the coast of Maine, supposed to
be Runic cliaracters. Dr. A. C. Hamlin, ofBau
por, has lately taken casts of these inscriptions
in plaster, which will be forwarded to Copenha
gen, whose Archaeological Society alone has the
means to translate the Runic characters. It is
supposed that these inscriptions were made by
Northmen hundred* of years before the discov
ery of Columbus, who visited what is known
as Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and who, it
lias been supposed, sailed along a great extent
of the eastern coast of North America. The
deciphering of these lines will be awaited with
great interest.
? ???
PosT-Orrict, , 1S5-.
A letter boarr.15 your address is detained in
this office for non-payment of postage. By en
dowing to me immediately on receipt of this,
thrte ant itamp and frrc-pnying your note
of reply, the letter will be duly forwarded ac
cording to its directions.
Respectfully yours, , Postmaster.
Note.?Postmasters will fill up, address, and
frank the above notice, without the use of an
envelope, to all persons in the United .States, fur
whom unpaid letters have been deposited in
tlieir offices; and may dispense with the for
mer practice of posting up notices in their offi
ces that such letters have been deposited there
IS?" In the closing remarks of Hon. J. S.
Millson upon the death of Thomas II. Bayly,
late Member of Congress from the Accomoc
distiiet, we find the following:
"That such a man should be withdrawn, at
such ? time, from the service of hU district uiid
liis country, may well inspire the deepest sor
row. -
Ilow often, Mr. Speaker, on surh occasions
as this when caused to mourn the loss of those
who ara early arrested in an useful and honora
ble career, we arc told of the vanity and cmpli
' ness of human life! How often is it said that
life is but a dream?a shadow. This cold mis
chievous dogma of a false philosophy is some
times even offered to acceptance as religious
truth. Sir, I du not so read the lesson of human
life. No sir, let us rather believe that we are
in the midst of drea 1 realities. Let us under
stand that we have alremly entered u|K?n that
course of being, of whoscduration, though there
be but little this side the grave, there still shall
be no end, that we have commenced to act our
several parts, and that of all we do, and say,
and think, nothing shall be lost?nothing blot
ted out Let us know that each idle and uncon
sidered word will hear its own account to tho
Eternal Judgment Scat; and thm shall we be
gin to have juster conceptions of our duties
and our responsibilities. Then indeed fir,
would we, even as members of this body, be in
structed iit those lessons of gentleness, courte
sy,-and mutual respoet which our rules would
inculcate, and learn under what hi^h sanctions
their observance is commanded.
The following gallant and well-timed remarks
we take from tile Cincinnati Enquirer:
The unceremonious use which some of the
Republican journals and orator* are making of
the name of Mrs. Fremont must bo extremely
distasteful to nil right-minded persons. This la
dy has the inisfort'.uio to bo obtruded upon the
public in every possiblu way which can enter the
vulgar imaginations of the managers. Not on
ly have the whole details of the young lieuten
ant's courtship, the elopement, the marriage by
a Catholic priest, Ac., been minutely exhibited;
but her maiden name is bandied about, until one
outrageous scamp him the hardihood to boast
that "in November, Fremont will give old Iiuck
Now, this is altogether too bad.
Nor should we think it particularly agreeable
to an American matron to have the most private
and sacred relations of her youth paraded thus
in public, and to have applauses bestowed upon
that incident of her history which, to her now
uiaturedjudgment, must only be a source of pain.
The Republican press treats this particular inci
dent in such a manner as to magnify marriage
with young lieutenants, contrary ti He irit/ies
qf any old fogy parent, into a positive virtue;
and to create among young ladies a predisposi
tion" in favor of elopement, and for getting the
knot tied by a'?Catholic priest." If these sen
timents prevail, what a lot of "f.ydia Languish
es" will be tioured upon society! What ambi
tious girl will consent to lie married in the rog
ular hum drum way, with pa and ma consenting,
and grandfathers and grandmothers, and under,
and aunts, and cousins, besides sisters arid bro
thers and witnesses? Oh! no. How much more
free and spirited the /Vysmont style!
We are quite sure that this lady must be
?verse to the bad taste of her husband's indis
creet idolators, and especially in the allusions to
their marriage. In truth, at Washington the
Benton* were, in private life, one of the quiet
est families on C. street. They mingled not at
all in the fashionable society of the metropolis.?
The magnificent Colonel ftcntun was poor and
proud. His morose temper, and the bitterness
of hU partisanship, precluded hiin from friend
ahips. Dut he alwaya had a pride in his family.
' Indeed, liis alleged affection for his daughters
constituted a considerable part of his stock in
trade. When people spoke rather freely against
hiuosel? coino one was always readyto put in a
saving clause: "Ah! but he is such a kind fath
er!" Old Trestan Burgess, of Rhode Mind, was
once interrupted in the midst of an invective
against Benton, by this sort of exculpatory ap
riL "Pooh!" retorted that sharp and energet
veteran, :*a hyena is fond of its young!"
We deplore, however, the vitiated taste which
can tolerate liberties with a lady's name even for
t ie purpose of improving her husbands' po
li:ical fortunes, and we think it a duty thus to
_ brand with our reprobation this first attempt to
^odate so sweet a name u "Jessie" with par
t&n slaogwhsoging!
BT There were nine hundred cafes of debt
on lac docket of the District Court recently in
- session at Austin, Texas?a fact which shows a
rather bad state of things in that vicinity.
Tax Tsbmx War d? Florid*.?The Gorernw
of TJorila, in viearef th? itpr. datons of the In
dian*, has adrertucd to receive, into the service
?/ (he State,' four companies of volunteers.
The following sad ?n<l mysterious ske
foanj left by Persa R" BrTrn' * '
,lr who committed snicidc in Trey, ?fewd r
| and published in the West Troy Bud
**?- Ami: Listen, .nd I will tdl yoa.nocr
S^ the.JNbnUioBr; ^ ^ bnSht,
<^U,^'4e5^n ?^d1
lunations of her heart
hpr standard of punty was high and Jolty, sne
desoistd all that was low or base. andl?Tf?*T i
he?who'e soul all that was pure and good. ;
What was worldly pornp and ^bm^ for hcK ;
t tPM<) the natli of purity sod pwee
JjrftaW 'iVi-T, W. uraj; ? """"J
her what could cause her to str*>
could she err when Cbnst w", J"Xd^eil
, ...rnj-esa of tim*, a youth came to uwen
? (i.,t land; he was noble, generous and true
1 wJtod!The youth and inai Jen met; they were
?P}' hours Wli,niMewraallsUSstranSe that!
"he S coming with throb-j
and tlie sound of his
cause heart t<> beat and eyes to brighten. Me
f!?3.t herto love and oh! how well she loved
hlrt^was filled to ^-rtlowinr. she j
^r?&fhe^y?""Jce. "There U wo-;
TSLtssasass "fi'f
Sn; she' has an idol; he is her life, her
?11 her love has become idolatry.
What means this? He talks uf love, and then
that they must part. She kne^o no other love
she first withheld her love, ?P?r?^?\? hcr
tal to receive that homage which was clue toner
Maker, or is it to teach her that the flesh s weak,
or why did he forsake one who fromher.iifunc),
ramming, noon, and night, had bowed before Him,
and craved for H'S blessing . ., * j
A change has come over this maiden, she
awakes from her dream to find she clasps a shad
ow The sun shines no more upon her pathway,
the stars are dim. OV. how can she live when
another's form is clasped in those ? "">??
nr'g head rests upon that bosom ? lio-v can a -<
SSbTtto same
ten lead, desolate and blighted? Thereto <? *
the dashing
of the dark waters, whose waves are waiting^?
taakc her shroud, and a voice R.yin^ Mmc, here
is rest for the weary. She cannot staj ?ith this
frail tenement she must leave it bccau.se it ha*
proved wWeh x dread ;
It U the dr?fa*i of inn<liu??.
4 new ?I E- Church or superior style ?as
recently dedicated in Pittsburgh by Ihshop
Simpson- We learn from the Pittsburgh Chr s
, f Keen erected under the
dan 'VT^v F < Ue Uss The building is 40
byTSM&et! The spire is 170 feet high, and is
covered with galvanised iron, which gu as it the
SS& of policed granite. The style ofthe
house is Gothic, built of buck, with stone t. im
?The Triennial Convention ofthe Synod of the
German Reformed Church, wiil meet on its own
Kmnent, in Winchester V a on Fn-^ t. c.
?11 of October, at 10 o'clock A. SI. t-aeli W-*
'.is of the respective Synods is entitled to t.vo
representatives, one minister and-one eider.. .
this meets but once in U years, and its "La in
noon the interests of the Church ,n ge..era, H ot
the utmost importance, it is hoped thereijvill be
1 general attendance of delegates.?Oenn. i../
Religion w Spain-.?A newspaper has been
??ommenced in Edinburgh entitled
Evangelical Record, which is devotwl to tlu.
ipread of evangelical religion m Sliam. It l
ifsuad in connection with the "Spanish Evangel
ization S ?.-iety," and is edite 1 by Miss Catha
rine Ponsonhy. The Record nys tl'ere is an
under current of awakening mind, which s
manifested in an eager anxiety to possess he
Scriptures, and to obtain a knowledge of the
?ni;id of God from his own inspired vo'u'"e..I|
testifies that the spirit of reh?^ns reformatli<?>>
is rapidly extending throughout the whole of
^e Wesleyan Met.,
odist connection, died at his re-i le.ice, toM
row county, Ohio, June 6th, aged 58. His h.
ce^ion from the M. E. Church, at the time of
the movement of Rev. Orange Scott, made some
""thblatb Rev! Ricuabd Webstbb.?Tho tid
inirs of the death or this excellent clergyman
l,avc carried surprise and grief into every circle
in which he was known. ? fvi?
While Mr. Webster has-all his life been a o li
?ent student, he has been especially distmeuish
ed for his extended and successful researches in
re-ant to the statistics as well as the genet al his
tory of the Presbyterian Church. >" clergyman
ofTiis dav, and probably no one who preceded
him has ever accomplished so much in. thi? im
portant field; and though the results of his lalwn
have not vet been given to the public, those who
have had an opportunity of examining them ha e
expressed the opinion that they are too unpor -
ant to be suffered to exist only in manuscript
A toYhifsid inst., four young ladiMtookthe
white or novice veil ofthe Sisters of Charity of
rt V M. at St. Joseph's Convent, ten miles from
Dubuque. On the same day six ?
their religious profession, and took the bla
veil?the final act of separation from tho world.
St. Lotlin jVitirt.
TIM 15.
iteming calUth fon>Jlv- to u fair boy straying
?Mi.I foMen me?'lo*i rich with clover >!?*;
She calls?hat he atlil thinks of naughtsave playing,
And ao the smiles and vravts hiu? an adieu!
Wii!!.t he, still merry with his flowery store,
X>eems not that morn, sweet morn, return* no more.
Xoo i romeihr?bot the boy to manhood growing,
Htdli uot the Hmt?he KC< but onv sweet form.
One young, fair face from bower of j<t?mine glowing,
A' 4 &li hi* loving heart with bliss h warm.
80 lonn unnoticed, seek* the western *hore,
Au'l ui?ii forgets that noon return* no wore.
Xip'it Utppeth ffintts/ at a element gleaming
With the t'lin flrclirfht Ilickering faJiit ai??i low ;
By which a gray haired man Is sadly dreaming
Of pleasures cone as all life** pleasun's jro.
Night calls him to her. and he leaves his door,
Silent ami dark?aud he returns no more.
M. (jlmzot os the IlinLK.?At the late anni
versary meeting of the Protectant liihle Society
of Paris Ouizot made an able speech?his
theme being the Inspiration of the Bible. The
great orator admitted that the examination of the
Scriptures revealed some difficulties; but these,
he said, are only occasioned by human igno
rance and humnn inlinnity. The orator show
ed the g.Kxl effects of the reading of the liihle,
contending that, for a hundred toa hundred and
fifty years, the contest of faith against intidelity
had been maintained with most energy and suc
cess by those who read diligently the Bible.?
This address of M. Gmzot in defence of the dis
semination of the Scriptures has been published
in the Jourruil it Delatii, and in other political
papers, and has been read by the highest circles
of French society.
This Rifle Ceuimes't Okdeiied to Xew Mex
ico.?The Corpus Christi (Texas) Advertiser, of
the 2Sth ult, says:?
By order received here on Tuesday last we
learn that the whole llitle Regiment is ordered
to New Mexico. Tliia order of Col. Johnson,
commanding the Department of Texas, dated
Jane 18, was based on an order from Washing
ton. dale 1 June 2d.
T.ie-e sr.- to wove immediately, by way of Fort
Clark, to Fort BlUx, at El Paso, thorc to receive
uuitrjcxion* from Gen. Garland, who commands
From the Country Gentleaan.
If we should be told that in some obscure part
of the world, the women were in the practice of
riding race-horses at the top of their rpced, for
the amusement of men, wc should very natural
ly conclude that they were a class of savage ama
zons, or that the public morals were at an ex
tremely low ebb, or likely to become fo.
But if we should find that this practice was
encouraged and adopted by a nation claiming to
be the most civilized in the world, and also un
der the auspices of county and State organiza
tions, having so worthy and excellent an object in
riew as the promotion and improvement of ag
riculture, it would perhaps strike us that "civili
zation and refinement had got singularly wrong
end foremost.
If agricultural societies feel compelled to pro
pitiate a depraved taste, in order'to draw ia the
crowds of spectators, who will come for. no oth
er motive, it may be questioned whether on the
whole they are doing most harm or good. As a
sample of many of the exhibitions of the kind
referred to, which we liave seen reported, we
copy the following from a description of the fe
male horsemanship performed on the grounds
of the Ohio Agricultural Society, on one of the
days of its Annual Fair:?
t4Sorne of the horses were oil racers, and the
ladies were determined to get at their bist speed.
A desire was expressed for a match between
Mrs. Stombaugh of Columbus, and Mrs. White
of Portsmouth, who seemed to have the two
fastest horses. The t-.vo ladies took the track
with their escorts, and after curveting a couple
of rounds, struck a full pace, Mrs. W. being then
some ten rods in advance, wiiich distance she
held during the first round; at the second round
Mrs. S. began to close the gap, tJic animals lit
erally jleic, atul it icas hard to tell ich ich teas
horse and which tens peticoai / the escort in the
meantime being left behind like drift wood.?
At the end of the second round, Mrs. S. "shot
past Mrs. W. like an arrow," &??. <fcc." "The
whole exhibition elicited unbounded appltiuse,
and was concluded without the slightest acci
dent to mar the pleasure of the scene."
An exhibition and race of a very similar char
acter, a* we ere informed, took place at ?hnira,
the day after the New York State Fair, (tue N.
y. Agricultural Society not wishing to patronize
suchjocky performances) and, like that in Ohio,
we did not learn tliat any "accident occurred
to mar the pleasure of the scene" except it be
that one or two of the prominent ladies in ques
tion, from the exposure and intense excitement
of the occasion were attacked immediately with
sickness, which in a short time brought them
to their graves.
Girls should learn to ride on horseback for its
utility and healthfulness. We can remember
when it was common, and when women were
able to perform journeys on horseback over bad
roads, at the rate of more than forty miles a day,
with no pubiic exhibitions to stimulate them.?
They made a plain, simple every-day work of it.
But to be seen by thousands of men and boys,
is a poor motive. No young lady can thus make
a pubiic exhibition of herself even while riding
at a moderate and diguitied pace, without such
thoughts running through her mind as these:?
"What a beautiful figure I cut! Iiow elegantly
I ride! I am a very pretty and graceful lady.'
I hope the men all admire mel" These are the
feelings that are fostered, when the exhibition
takes its least objectionable form, and where
horse-racing is not introduced. The reports of
Committees have shown that "personal beauty"
| has in some cases a large share in securing pri
! zcs.
Baby-shows have had their day,?being too
! much like making cattle of human beings: but
! we question whether on the whole it has so bad
an elfcct for a woman to feel proud of her darling
baby, as for a young lady to feel proud of the ap
pearance and performance of her own darling
A great distinction between the manners of
: savages and of truly civilized people, is in the
j intellectual position of woman. We want to
improve them by elevating their minds above
! the love of gewgaws. The man who only wishes
to make dolls of his wife and daughters, is low
in the scaie of intelligence. Personal beauty for
woman is no part of that great civilization agent,
[ Christianity, and is not once even alluded to
throughout the Ne v Testament We desire to
,see Agricultural Societies carrying out the im
provement of the intellect, by offering prizes for
the resultsof useful skill, and for essays on do
i mestic and moral economy, from worn en, and in
such other ways as ma}' appear proper.
We make these remarks at the present time,
as respectful suggestions to the managers of Ag
ricultural Societies, now that they are preparing
their plans for the autumn fair.
(iroc.vd is expected to be broken at Erie, on
the western division of the Sunbury and Erie
liaiiroad on the loth inst.
I A Pckfcmrd Hreatu.?'What lad.v or gentleman would re
| main uti-lcr the corse of a disagreeable breath wh?*n by use
I in< the "Hal* or TuoL'aAsro Flower?" ;is a dentifrice would
not only render it sweet hut l.-av^the teeth white .is filab'ts
ter? M i'iv person* do not know their breath U hud, and
tT:e subject is so delicate, their friends will nev?.r mention
It. Pour n single drop of the "B ?b:i" on your tooth brush
fad wa*h the teeth ui^ht and morning. A ftj cent bottle will
last k year.
A HEAcnrci. Cojipleho** may easily acquired by using
the "Halm of h Thousand Flowers." It will remove tan, pfm
| pics, and freckles from the skin, leaving it of a soft ami rose*
i ate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash
I the face night and morning.
1 Sua vjj.0 MaXjk Hast.?Wet your shaving-brush in either
? warm or cold water, pour on two or three drops "Halm of a
, Thousand Flatters," rub the beard well and it will make a
i beautiful soft lather much facilitating the operation of shav
ing. Frice only fifty c.uts.
W. P. FKTItTDfiE 4 CO.,
Franklin Square, Strr York.
I mU *T TOOtv f rn i
i Health ftiealored oud l.ifo l.cugtbeujd ! !
AT first the properties Attributed to MOR$E*3 INYIOO
RATINO CORDIAL were deemed fabulous. The pub
| lie often deceived, could not btllece the simple ntid sublime
truths announced by the discoverer. But fuels, undeniable
! facta, h tied ted by witnesses of the highest clas* and eharae
' t?r, are now triumphing over all doubts. INCREDULITY
Tii* Cordial remedies, In r?ll caves, the deplorable evils
arising fro:n a misuse or abuse of the various orgnui. It
restore* to fuil vigor every delicate function c mnected with
that mysterious compound agency of inau.-r and mind, ne
, ce?dnry to the reproduction of hi'man lift. To persons of
! feeble muscular frame* or deficient in vital powtr, It It re*
: roiumunldl as the only means of communicating that ener
- gy which Is necessary to the proper enjoyment of all the
natural appe tites, as veil as tit*- higher QV-ntal attributes.?
I Its beneiiciai effects are not confined to either sex or to any
: age. Ti?e feeble girl, the ailing wife, U?e listless, enervated
youth, the over-worn man of business, the victim of nervous
depression, the Individual tuffi-ring from general debility, or
from the weakness of a single organ, will ail find immediate
and permanent relief from the use of this incomparable re
novator. To those who have a predisposition to paralysis.
It trill prove a complete and unfailing safe-guard against
tlut terrible malady. There are many, perhaps, who have
20 trilled witli their constitutions, that they think themselves
far beyond the reach of medicine. Let not even these de
spair. The Cordial deals with dUeate a* U frtrts, without
reference to causes, and will not only remove the disorder
itself, but
The derangeim-nts of the sy?t?-m, leading to nerrous dis
eases, and the forms of nervous disease itself, are so numer
ous that it would require a column to enumerate the mala
die* for which this preparation Is a specific. A few, howev
tr.may be enumerated, viz : neuralgia, tie doloreux, Incipi
ent paralysis, headsche, hysteria, palpitation of the heart,
spinal affections, niusculor debility, tremors, flatulence, a
pricking sensation of the flesh, numbness, torpidity of the
liver, mental depression, weakness of the will, Indisposition
to move, faintuers after exercise, broken sleep and terrifying
dreams, inability to remain in one place or position, weak
ness 1.f the nrocreative organs, sexual Incompetency, tnel*
aucholy, monomania, tluor albtis, sinking at tiiestomach, fe
male Irregularities, a chronic tendency to miscarriage, cma*
elation, and all complaints growing out of a free indulgence
of the passions, and all barrenness thut does not proceed
from organic cause* bevond the reach of niedicine.
or consumptive habits are restored by the use of a bottle or
two to bloom and vigor, chunking the akin from a pale, ytl
low, sickly color, to ?i b?stlful florid complexion.
Dr. Morse's Invigorating Cordial has been counterfeited
by some unprincipled persons.
In future all thegeuuluc Cordial will have the proprietor's
fac-simile pasted over the cork of each bottle, and the fol
lowing words blown In the glass:
"Dr Morse's Invigorating Cardial "
tSTThe Cordial !? put up, highly concentrated, In pint
bottles. Price $3 per bcttle, two for iS, six for 412.
.Sold b\/ all Drugyitlt vnd Denier* in Mididne.
Wholesale Druggists,
Je83ftUta No. 8ft Monrne ?t.
Bonnet Boxes.
QO DOZ. Bonnet Boxes Wholesale and retail ut
Book and Variety Store,
ap1R 1*1 Main St.
I AND 6-4 Pillow Case Linen, extra quality,
T li-4 Linen Sheeting?very superior.
INDIA MUSLINS, Nainsook and Jaconet Muslins:
Plain French Muslins, for evening dresses;
Jaconet and Swiss E Iging*.
Just received by
WrE sure prepared to show a full assortment 01 Domestic
Goods and Housekeeping articles, to which we Invita
the attention of cash purchasers or those who pay up punr*
cay* W. D. M0TT1 * DEO.
rlr(ialia !*?- 3.?rrery Thnrtdar
(Teabf at (far IIall, earner of Uvkft and Vwroc itrttts.
Joint 8. W*!CHT, K. O," A If. Carr, SwrrtMT
Fruklla !*?.
Monday tTculnp. Joint mm, K. 0-; IT. P. Chapiint,
Wn. Tell LvifC I*?. 3?.?Meet? a* above eve
ry Wednesday evening". J. O. Uoftxais, X. John,
Sa-lade, Secretary.
IfhcrliBf f??4fe *a. 59.?Meets every Monday
evening at the Hall, corner Market and Qulucy streetj. II.
Rbowjt. X. 6.; John Thobnm, Secretary.
Favola I^dzr W?>, Meet* as above erarjr j
: Friday evening. L. B. McLazx, S. fl.; HI IT Blanctenf, j
Abraw'a BaesMP?e?t IV?? f ??Meet* at the |
: IT all, corner Market and Monroe street*, the .jlrrf and thini :
! Tuesday evenings of each month. H. UriMiX, C. P.; S. IT". !
; Scribe.
Wm. Tell Encampment If?. 34.?Meets an
! above the tecond and fourth Tuesdav evening of each
-month. Wm. Klixkltb, C. P.; Tin. Wet*garbcr, Scribe.
! Ohio fledge IV*. I Of.?Meets at Masonic nail,
corner Market and Monroe streets, the and third Mon
i day evenines of each month. O. W. Sights, W. M.; Alcx
under Lnu^hUn,"SccrctzTr.
Wheeling Xo. 1%3S.?Meets as above on |
f the.first ani third Thursday evenings of each month. T. A. \
Baimxtsiont, W. M.; & TT. Pearson, Secretary.
; Whrelia* ( nion C'hnptrr Nm. 19.?Meets as
! above on the if Mad Mondfty evening of each month. W. G. ;
, Scott. II. P.: S. IT. TVarw*, Secretory.
Wheeling Kncampment IVo. t.?Meets as
above on thz fourth Monday evening of each month. W. J.j
; B\tes, (?. C., A. Korittffy Recorder.
j Win be given to auy artist in Virginia who will exhibit
: twelve pictures, viz: six A ml/roiyprjs and six Daguerrotypes
; of ejtuil mtrit to twelve which Mr. Adams will select from
' hln collection. Jfehas opened a new Gallery over Forb's Jew
j elry Store, 13f Main St., with a skylight arranged on the most
: approved principles, which cannot be equalled unless simi
larly situated fronting on the river. With rooinseasy of ae
Icoss, large and well arranged, with every convenience for
making first class pictures of every style and nine. lie in
: hapnyto announce that he will be assisted by Mr. Jav.ksCai>t
the artist who made the pictures that w*-re awarded the high
est premium, a Gttltl Jfednl, at the last fair of the American
I JruUitnU rt Castle Garden, New York, also the only pre mlutn
aicarded for Daguerreotypes at the World* Fair at Pari*.
Mr. A. has received medal* and eight-diploma* for tiie
i best Daeuerreotypes exhibited at different fairs in tlie United
States, which fully attest to their superiority and having been
: houored with a large proportion of the business In Wheel fug
I the past year he expects with increased facilities inot^nly to
retain but enlarge the number of his patrons, more especlal
; ly as he relies on the intrintic merit* of his productions rath
; er than a display of furniture. Ambrotypes either on tingle
or double QU149. Daguerrotypen plain or colored equal to
; painting on Ivory. Photographs from the lowest prices up to
! fifty dollar*. Oar light being made of French Plate Glass
' and being unobstructed by other buildings, pictures can be
| made from *unriie to tuneet. Pictures of children taken /u
\ JtIanlanom.ily from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Yet the light is so soft
and mild that persons with weak eyes can sit by It with per
? feet ease. Cloudy days as good as any by this light. Cai1
i ai:d examine before engaging elsewhere.
Pills that are Pills!!
I PROF. IIAV?J, State ChemHt of Massachusetts, nays they
! are the best of all Pills, a/vi annexed the men ..who certify
that Doct. llaycs known, viz:
LEMUEL SHAW, CuL-f Justice of the Supreme Court of
W. C. PLUNKETT, Lieut. Gov. of Mass.
EDWARD EVERETT, Ev-Sec. of State and Senator of the
V. State*.
ROBERT C. WINTHROP, Ey-Speaker lloune of Reps.,
V. S. A*
ABBOTT LAWRENCE, Minister Pleuipotentlary to Great
fJOHN B. FITZPATRICK, Catholic Bishop of Bonlon.
ill en that are ill^u !
Among the diseases this Pill has euro J with astonishing ra
pidity, we may mention
Costiveness, Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism, Dropsy,
Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Nausea,
' IudlgentKin, Morhld Junction of tlw Bowtls, and pain arising
! therefrom, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and
i cutaneous Diseases, which require an evacuant Medicine,
j Scrofula, or King's Evil. They alno, by purifying the blood
! and stimulating the System, euro' many complaints which it
f would not be supposed they could reach, such as Deafness,
t Partial Blindness, Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Do
| rangcineuis of the Liver and Ki.lneys, Gout, and other kln
\ dred complaints, arising from a low ttate of the |ioOy, or ob
structions of its functions. Thca are the best Purgative me
dicine ever discovered, anil you will but need to use them
once to know it.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aver, Practical Chemist, Lowell,
Massachusetts, and sold by all Druggists and dealers in Med
| Iclne throughout this section.
A. C. GOOD & CO., Wheeling,
j jc3 Wholesale and Retail Agents.
Verily Truth is sometimes
Stranger than Fiction!
j fTMIIS young gentleman is now living in our midst?ihpse
| X whokuowblm will bear testimony that his suffering* ami
j curc arc no exaggeration. Sonic of the pieces of bone may
i be seen by calling at 2i:> Baltimore street?ottyera are in his
| j>o>se'<f*lon. Let the sceptical sec him?he Hill testify that
rrAsrrroirs vegetable tincture /
IlALTniOBK, March 21, 1SS<J. '
This Is to ccrtify, that absuut nine years since I was at
tacked with a pain hi inv right ankle. We aent for a physi
cian, who or<ierc?l it to be poulticed, as it was very mucl
i swoilcn; and it continued ta progress until it had increased
to thehfight of my knee. I f-Tercd very severely with pain
?ulcers, t.? the number cf twentj-five formed between ankle
an.I knee, which were frequently laid op^n to the hone, und
oat of which came particle* of bone to the number of 25,
and one or two of which were 1U Inches long.:
I was then taken to Harford county of this State; the physi
cian there told mv mother and friends he could heal the ul
cers, hut I could not live afterwards. This physician work
ed with me for seven weeks, using the knife frequently, tak
ing from the ulcers proud flesh and pieces of bone without
giving me any relief? some of the applications were so very
} severe that when applied the agony was fd great my fri? nds
i could not stand by and s< c me suffer I thought at this time
j there was no cure for me; from my knee to my ankle was not
j much unlike a honey-comb, the numerous ulcers running
} freely a white pus with no sign of blood, and at times when 1
? would scratch my lingers a white pus would Issue therefrom
i mixed with water.
! I then returned to Baltimore, luy old 'home, cxp-.-cting
to die.
| By the advice of my friends, I used various remedies, some
of which g?ve me only transient relief. I continued to grow
j worst;; a swelling came on my left hip, and after severe pain
j an ulcer formed, from which came a piece of bone. Anoth
| tr alao formed on my spine, which my physicians cut out,
j atid wiolied at the saiue time to nut off my right leg as the
only means of staving my life. After tills,yet another form
ed on my ri-jht arm, and ul*o one on my left groin, au also on
oilier parts of my body, which in number and sire astonish- ;
e?l those who saw them. I was reduced to a mere skeleton,
and as weak as an infant.
I felt death would have been a relief to me. . I had tried phy
sicians and all the remedies I conld hear of, when a friend
who had been cured by "HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINC
TURE" of a disease aiinllnr to the one I was laboring under,i
adviied me to try It. At this time I had been alfiicted full j
five years. I commenced taking "Hampton?a Vegetable!
Tincture." j
the first bottle of which lusplred me with hope, and by the
j time I had taken live bottles I fc!t so much Improved that I
had the confidence to believe that it would cure me. I con
tinued Its us.*>~?Still improving. My ulcers healed, and new
strength came to uiv weak and shattered system, and with
?ul further detail, I am happy to say my leg is also healed, j
and a general renovation of my health has taken place, and !
I now consider myself cured by this wonderful medicine j
alone. 1 have given but n faint Idea of my sufferings, but;
my friend* who may read this will-bear testimony to all that ?
I have said in favor of
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture,"
and I will say to all who are alilictcd as I have been, to use
It with the utmost confidence.
No. 27 Register street,
3 doors north of Pratt st.
J3Br"Delicate ladles and children will please to give it a
I lrt*k
As an Invigorator and Restorative, where a gentle stimu
lant Is wanted, we believe It superior to all the Cordials be
fore.thc public, u* a cure for DYSPEPSI A.COUGHS, SCROF
ULA and RHEUMATISM. ?lth all disuses of the Stomach and
Bowels, it has been truly successful to the single and mar
ried. We oiler the most .valuable remedy, which thousand*
will testify.
tSfCall and ?et pamphlets and see cures.
For sale by T. 'ft', i^au & Co.. Wheeling, Gen
eral Agents.
240 Baltimore st.t Baltimore,
aud S04, Broadway, N. Y.
CyPricc*! per bottle. myft
Revolvers! Firearms!
I WOULD call attention to my large and splendid stock of
Firearms, consisting of Single and Diuhle Bs.rcled Guns,
Colt's, Allen's, Marston's, and Warner's Revolvers, and a
great variety of Pistols t??o numerous to mention.
ALSO?A sdlendid stock or Cutlery, Variety Goods, etc.?
Tru??? s and Supoorters In great variety.
t2T*All kinds of repairing done with neatness and dis
patch at T. CART WRIGHT'S
Cutlery, Variety and Mnslc Store,
jclP 12.5 Main at.. Wheeling.
PARTRIDGE'S GALLERY of Likenesses Is removed to
118# Main etrr?t, a few doors above Monroe, east side
* here- he has a combination of North side and sky light
which Is known by all urtiats to be superior to any other... j
in) 23 ;
1 A LBS. Iodide Potash, A and B;
Iv5" Iodine,Resublimed;
16 oss. Cfary. Nit. Silver?for sale by
Fever and Ague.
A Com o f ?;??,( Monti*' Standing Cured ly
ISicHxc. Krt it, Ko. 118 - Grant, near Sraithfield- street
MLa?tJa!y, while ruarin- on the'river, on a cotton-boat
fdyinjj bet*?rn Naichtx and Sew Orleans, I was taken with
Fever and Aruc. For -Ipht Ions month* I suffered with this
dreadful disease. The greater part or this time I was una
ble to work, and spent at least fiftjr dollars for different med
icines, bat found no permanent relief. Tfcree weeks a?o one
of my friends insisted upon my ttyln- Ifccan Art's HOLLAND
Rtttsss, saying that a curt tea* {ruanttdied. After taking
U for one week, I must state I was a sound man. I hare been
at work now for t*o weeks, and hare had no return of the
Chills and Ferer whatever."
I certify that the above statement Is true.
I>i;?rr-oruf or R. Chfttcr'* Gothic 1/uU.
@ySoldat $1 per bottle, or sir bottles for $3, Ly U ?"
proprietors, BKXJAM1N PACK, Ja. & Co.
Manufacturing Pharmaceutists and Chemists, corner Soilth
field and Third streets, Pittsburgh, and by
Jnl6 _ Wheeling, Va,
C4P People will have their notions?a fact well understood
at the *? Bridge Corner Drug Store," where will be found a
raricty of goods to supply all the wants of the community.
See the adrertisement of T. U. Logan * Co. iu another col
umn. They '-keep up with the times !" ?
j OIL OF GRAPEVINE.?Ilarc you used it ? If not, get It
j at once. It will restore your pray hairs to a natural color?
corer your bold head with new hair?:remove the dandruff
and itching?aud cure any scrofulous eruptions. Is your
j hair falling out? Try It, and see how soon it will cease.
| Doe* your head ache ? Use It as directed and And relief.?
j Containing no injurious compounds, the philosophy of its
magic power Is in stimulating Nature to her work.
It is the most elegant toilet preparation ever offered to
those who desire to preserre the hair, and who admire the
beautiful, sort, silky and glossy appearance of Heaven's
choicest gift?ah lie its sweet and fragrant perfume renders
it still more desirable.
Prepared b.v Dr. Fonntaine. Paris.
General Wholesale Agents?
Wheeling, Va.
Sold also by Druggists generally. JulU.'daw
?lilir Dye.?It makes no difference bow gray, or red
or rusty the hair or whiskers may be. nor bow touch they
may bare beta Injured by bad dyes, Hatcl.rloi '. HAIR
DYE wni mate them a beautiful and lively black or brown
without the least Injury. And will never fude or turn rusty.
WAR RANTED. JI.de and sold, or applied (In nine private
rooms)*t BATCIIELOR'S Wig Factory, 293 Broadway,New
fork. None genuine except "Mm. a. Biicuixoa" Is "on the
The genviae it sold in Wheeling by
Bridge Corner Druggists.
There never lias been a dlscorery made In Materia Medic*
" hereby pain can be so qnlclily allayed, and where part. In
a high state of !.inanimation can b? so rapidly reduced to
their natural state, nor where wounds und sores can be so
thoroughly and rapllly healed, and decayed parts restored
without either scar or defect, than with DALLEY'S 3I\0I
In Cuts, Wounds, Sprains and Bruises?casualties to wlilch
children are constantly subject-the action of the genuine
DALLEY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR, Is ever the same! How
much pain and suffering may not thus be preveuted!?
Murecver, Life itself Is often dependent upon having at
fir the particulars of which I respectfully refer to toy
printed pamphlets, fer the truth of which I "hold myself re
No ease of Burn, and Scald, no matter ho^evere, has
ever .vet, In any one instance, resisted the all-|w>w?rf.il paln
?uMuing and healing qualities of the DALLEY'S PUN EX
No Pit* EtTDiCTo. IS Outawr. unless the box has upon
it a Steel Plate K.ieraved Label with the slgnatuit nf C. V.
jCLICKENER 4 CO., proprietors, and HENRY DALLEY
; manufacturer. Price SS cts. per l>o*.
I *37?All orderc shoul I be a Idrcssed to C. V. Click-ner A
Co., SI Barclay St. New York.
Wheeling, Va.
ble in removing stoppages or Irregularities of the mens.- ?
These Pills are nothing new, but have been used by the Doc
tor for many years, both in France and America, with un
paralleled success In every case, and he Is urged b.v many
thousand ladles who have used them, to make the Pills pub
lie, for the alleviation of those suffering from any Irregular
tie. whatever, as "Hi as a preventive to those ladles whose
health will not permit an increase of family. Prejmant fe
males, .r those supposing themselves to be so, are e.ntloned
against using Uiese Pills, as the proprietor assumes no re
sponsihdityaftcrthc above admonition, although their mild
| ness would prevent any Injury to health; otherwise these
j Pillsare recommended. Directions accompany each box
j Price $1.
j Sold wholesale and retail by
"Gen'i Agents for Ohio cnur.ty,
... . No 25 Monro# st.'*!
Also for sale by T. II. LOGAN t CO.
Brldjre Corner Dru.cjrists.
All orders must be addressed to the above General Agents
thoy will supply the trade at Proprietors prices, and send
the Pills confidentially to ladies by mail, by enclosing *1 to
either,at the Wheeling Post-oBce.
N. D._l>r. Dupooco'. Oold.o Pill,, signature "J..Dupon
cn on every box; none other genuine. For particular, get
Circular of Agents. ap23-Iy
Dr Geo. W. Phillips'
I Coughs, Colds. Croup, Ifqfcrcones, Dlcc;l!:i{r Lungs, Asthma,
Bronchitis, lnlluenza, Speakers Sore Throat,
Consumption, end all Diseases of
the Throat nr..I Chest.
?A I. 8 0?
Dr.fieo. XV- PhiMipii'
| Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Sciatica, Flcuratic Pains,
j Pains In the Side, Cheat, Duck ami face, Swelled
and Painful Joints, Weak Duek, Cramp,
Fore Throat, Sprains, 4c.
! The thousand* who have used these Medicines testify to
! their excellent merits by a continuance of their use. To
! those who have not used them we would say TRY THEM and
I they will find them to be all they arc represented, and thai
? they will act with nuigiC'likf. effect.
DR. GEO. W. PHILLIPS, Sole Proprietor, Cincinnati,
| Ohio.
! For sale wholesale and retail by
fel4:ly Gknkual Agksth for Westbwc Vieqinia.
Dr. J. Hedges'
FEVER and Ague, Chills and Pever, Dumb Ague, or any
fonn of Intermittent Fever, whether recent or of long stand
injr, is speedily, safely, and effectually cured by the use of
Dr. J. Hedges ?Annihilator.
j Tills preparation is entirely free from all metallic poison,
such as Arsenic or Mercury, but is compounded from ex
tracts purely vegetable. It is a certain, safe and efficacious
1 remedy, and can be taken in all kinds of weather. The Pro
prietor has used the article in his own private practice for
: several years, and in no case has it failed to effi-ct a perfect
i cure when the directions have been followed. In no possl
; blewny can It Jnjurc the system, but is adapted to all ages,
sexes, and constitutions. It can be given to the infant of a
| month old with as touch safety as to the adult, and can he
kept In any climate. It needs no encomium, no long array
j of testimony, to herald It* efficacy. Its merit lies within it
self?and to the invalid it will prove of more value than an
octavo volume of certificates.
j Prepared only by the Proprietor at Stanhope, N. J., and
I never genuine without his signature.
J For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. C. GOOD k Co., Drug
j gists, Wheeling, Va., and by Druggist* and merchants genc
! rally throughout the United States.
W. II. DECAMP, Oeueral Wholesale Agent
for the Western States,
mvTjfim TS Courtland St., New York.
i\ I'illiips,
HAYING purchased the Right to make and sellDeshong's
Patent Pr'.-mliiui Shower Dath.they are for sale at W.
BerryhilPs Cabinet Wareroom, Main st., or at the Centre
Wheeling Uox Factory, Eoff st., Centre Wheeling, low for '
N. B.?Every description of Trunk or Packing Box made
to order, on the most reasonable terms. Particular ntteu
tlon paid to Panel, Scroll and Rip Sawing?terms low.
f3y~Pattern? for machinery made to order.
{Shoulder Braces! Mhonldrr Brace*!
\ FRESH supply of those superior Washington Braces?
for Ladles and Gentlemen.
For sale by?
ftp2S T. H. LOGAN A CO.
ORDERS on the City Treasurer In sums to suit purchasers
for sale by
m>i9 J. SI. 3IATTHEWS * CO
JUST received by Express?
1 ps. white Piquet Marseilles for Basques;
1 ? ?? BrillKnte .
Buff, Pink and Blue small Flg'd Lawns;
Plain Per calls, In Blue, Pink, Boff and Green.
new advertisements
BOARD OP AI - ?.--r
rnHK Committee on Appeal from the City A?csr-ment?
I will meet at the Clcrk*s Office on Friday, the 25th Inst.,
at S o^cltrl;, A. M. , .
So application for redaction will be considered by the
GonmUteOt unless the some be filed in rrttliig with the CJjf
ChsrkbrtfceSIlh Inst.
As this ?nI be the meet hip of the Committee, person! feel
ing aggrieved should not fail to file their application.
J3x order of the Board.
Jntfctd ^ City Clerk.
PROM the premises of the subscriber, on Nation*! Road,
4 >u!lc> erst of Whcelinr, a tinHtim sized COW?color.
Mack and red brlndle, with some white. Any per?o? re
turning the cow to me will be Isbcrallv rewarded.
Real Estate Sale.
I WILL expose to public sale, at the front door of the Court
llonse, on MONDAY, Ausust 4th, 1S55, at 10 o'clock, two
Brick Homes and two Lots on the north-ea>* corner of 4th
street and Market alley.
ALSO?One half lot In Centre Wheeling, on Market street,
north end of the new Market, now occupied by Sir. Ditmef^i
cooper shop.
Terms made known on dav of sale.
THE Board of Managers of the Centre Wheeling Market
House Association have declared a dividend of four per j
cent, payable on the 5th of August.
Jul 7?St Secretary, j
Stockholders Notice.
VMEETJNQ of the Stockholders of the Wheeling Thee- |
tre Company, will be hrld at the Sprigs House on next i
Wednesday evening, at S o'clock. A general attendance is j
desired, h? business of much Importance to themselves will |
be presented for their action. I
OH DOZES Concentrated L..e?ja*t received and for sale ;
-w* " loir by
jtil-J T. II- LOG AX ? CO.
IYOVS Rat Pills, Bed Bus Poison, Ac. 4c.,?first rate ar- j
J tides for cxtermirmtjntr these p?ts.
Jurt received and for sale bv
jul4 T. H. LOGAN * CO. j
D iWCiQISTS >T6ti( )NS.
*V"KW STYLE N'ursiiiif Bottles?IIoil Pans and Urinals?
S?*rinsres, all strle*?Breast Pomps?Nipple Shells?
Gum Nir?'dr???Perfumeries?Amorlcau and French Soaps?
??Lubln'a" extracts! Brushes, Combs, Stationery , with a va- i
riety of Fancy A rticljK wanted by the people.
For eale low at the
THE best rejnedv Tor Dyspepsia, Indigestion, want of Ap
IKlilc. Ac. Also pood for the Piles.
A fresh supply just received by
jul-1 Bridge Corner Druggists.
Sheriff's Sale.
Edwin G.Whitney, use,4c. ) Attachment
vs. . >In the Circuit Court of
E. f. Biker k Brother ) Ohio Count.--, Virginia.
BY virtue of an order of the Judge of the said Court. I
shall proceed on Wednesday, the 2$Jday of July, J?&6,
at the warehouse of James II. For?vth, Jr.. late the rrare
house of Forsyths k Bain, In the city of Wheeling, in the
county of Ohio and State of Virginia, to aell to the highest
bidder, nlnety-aeven boxes of Long Middlings, attached In
the altovc named cause.
Said eale will he on a credit of ninety days, the purchaser
or purchasers giving bond with good security, bearing inter
est from the day of sale.
Jul 1 _ WM. -S. WICK 11AM. 8. O. C.
Money Xost.
By a Ladi*. on last evening, between the corner of Main
and Union streets and the residence of Henry Cramrle.
E?q., on Fifth street, a roll of Dank N'vtw amountingtoTu'O
Hundred ami Fifty D-dlars, all, so far as recollected, Wheel
ing money, and wrapped in a piece of paper.
Any person finding this money and leaving It with the un
dersigned, will be mual liberally > ewanU-d.
jul2-lu _ ARMSTRONG.
WtiBcMxu. July 11,1 SM. i
THE nbove road is now open ?tud readv to transfer freight
nnd pa.-senger* from Wheeling to West Alexander and
all intermediate Stations.
Freight and Passenger Depot, ForsvthN Warehouse.
jul2 Wheeling.
Public Sale of Bacon and Lard.
I WILL fell at Public Auction, to the hhdn-st bidder; at my
warehouse (Int* the warehouse of Pors.vflur A lbiiti,) i:?
the city of Wheeling in the State of Yirgiuiu,oa Wednvsday
the 23d day of Jul*-, 1S3S?
63 boxes of Shoulders;
85 tierces Lard;
li'S barrels, of Lard;
-I casks of Meat;
&J do ShouMers.
Tlit; above namt-d property vrill be soM on n credit of nine
ty d:.ys, the purchaser or purchasers giving bond with good
security, bearing interest from tin* da v of sale.
Washington Planing Mills.
M'hri'Ihig, I'll.
^I^IIR ?ub?er!bers, bavin* obtained a new and superior
are now prepared to do h11 kinds of Planing in the Very best
pog?i!>'e manner, and at the shortest notice.
2_57?All kinds of I'laned Lutubcr kept on hand and for
sale at the lowest prices. Ail 11 ork warranted to pivc entire
jyyju joiiN hcohes \ co.
July", IS65. f
~V"OTICE is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of the
^tockhoMers of the WlKflinfi Gas Coutpauy, Will Ik
held in the Grand Jury Uooni of the Court House on Mon
day, July 14th, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Jn-5 R. n. WOODS, SeeV.
en FACES prime Rio Coffee;
t/v l'> half chests Gunpowder Ti as;
G do Young Hyson 14
6 do Black " various grades;
Fine Crushed ami Pulverized Sugars.
Just received and for sale bv
J'?* Milrut. Wheellne.
A (iiiOSJOhL-iulbol Vc'ust Baking Powders;
i. lu kegsSup, Carh.Soda;
1 case Sicily L!<jtiorice;
bbl crude Saltpetre;
1-? boxesjjprlitie Castile Soap;
1 case No 1 Nutmegs;
1 do do, Iwlisrb;
5 boxes Extract Logwood;
2"i do Fancy Variegated Soap;
2-"> do German do
2 cask? Sal Soda.
Just received, and for sale bv
Ja3 - _ ALEX. TURNER, Malt. ft.
Steam Spice Works.
T am now.fdily prepared for Grinding Spices and supply
1. lug customers ou a more extended scale, and have on
hand a frtsh lot of pure ground- Pepper. Ginger, Allspice,
Cinnamon, Cloves and Mustard, put up in different sized pa
per* for retailing, which I will sell :*t prices almost h* low as
the very inferior qualities which arc brought here from the
Eastern cities.
I have about 3iX' lbs pure Cream Tartar, just ground from
the crystals, pet fectly pure.
Tor sale wholesale and retail bv
Melodeon Buildinc", Main st.
J"3 Wireline. Ya.
THE subscriber has Just received a lot of those large
which are so much sought after by all classes.
J???Call soon, if you want one, at the Cheap Furniture
Store of
_Ju2 No^ l2T Main street.
Dividend. ?
July lit, ISJ3.
rpiu. Directors or Oils Institution have this .lay declared
J_ a Dividend or ten per cent, on the catiltni stock, out ol
ihe profits of the last six months, pavable on demand.
Ju8 Treasurer.
j /"lALLatthe Office of the Cstv Tax Collector, (Oak Hall
I ^ Shoe Store, No. lij Main street.) ani pay your taxes
J immediately, and by so doinsr save lti per cent.
1 . . . N. L. UOitSEY,
I Jel:lm _ City Collector.
half-yearly settlements
THOSE having accounts at our store are Informed that
they ace made out up to this day (July 1st), and those
not called for to-day will be presented for*settlement.
J"1 W. D. MOTTE & ItRO.
A Rare Chance.
BEING anxious to reduce our stock of Dry Goods to a
very low point, before Fall, we will from this day lor
ward, offer anything in our line at a
Coine on with your cash it you want to get some of the
best bargains offered In Wheeling for a long time.
X E TT A 11 It I V A L
HAVE received this day another lot of those very fin
fancy trench C.tssimeres and Ycstings?something verv
neat and elegant.
. -AJso?a beautiful lot of new style Coatings, of all shades I
of colors, from very light drab to dark mixtures, at No. 2.1
Washington Hall. '
">v9 J. IT. STALI.MAN. J
I ?ANC1 EXrUAtTotor tlie ilauuberchiel;
x. Colognes and Shaving Creams.
For sale at J. B. VOWELL*S
Drug and Prescription Store,
. Sign of the Red Mortar,
J | JS) Monroe street.
O UBSCRIBERS to the capital stock of the Odd Fellows Hall
O AmocUUou, are hereby notified that the first instalment
of their ^subscription will be required to l?e paid ?n the 15th
day of July, lSoC,and a like sum ou the tl?th day of each
month thereafter, till the whole subscription is paid.
Jt23ilm Sec'y.
Powder! Powder!
MREILLY has constantly In magazine, a good supply
? Duponts superior Rille, Sporting (In canolstersj,
wasting,.both for.r,ck and coal, which he will sell either bv
Wert"* ?r 8 ?le Ma ,ow it can be had in the
will doweU toncallCl?r8 *** ot'aer? *?ing large quantities,
BEAUTIFJJL French Lawns, at very reduccd prices;
12 pa. Gingham, in extra qualities.
Ueceived this dar be
p ECE1V fcOjtii? Sa^^Ad^^i^lVdne assort
lb ment of Masonic Regalia. k
. 01 J. T. SCOTT,
.M1 157 Main street.
]\ [ In Kltts?for family use. A very superior a
Lake Fiidi, la barrels, for sale by
: ? Market Square.
JUST received a large assortment of soft Otter luTT
various colors,
?. P. harpeea SON.
TSs?zm arasjss&t* ??????
lfarL?tf6ard?m. lie has had it uid 0?1Clark, *.
*s*t?jrinK in *tse from One and a h*'f 4? p. *^*11 ft. J
lane, forty feetVlde. runnlnr thrmnrh ih * Acr". citf
Toirn Lots to the hrud uf the Island ttEtre, fr0a ^
Fur beauty of location, and fertility
knot surpassed hr any on the Ohio W? Sdt?1* **?*?
?Irons ofobtalnlnp a delljrbtftil !? l*'*** H
?enlentthe city, or to those wishlnrTto COCttr> c,
??** Oardcn.;ns, *???
purchase. "s ?
A Jjott of the preroi-.ir can berefn on i
to thr ?ubscr;i.cr. who will ..Tc sofDe,,..
uon to It; ai?I:l?wrm. or^ic .nib-Wh't.r'"0' ?
"use.. ,? AsSSSs*
Jg* L?nwfe;
for Sale.
I" !LL ?cl! at private tale, between th'. ,
'J n1x1, J Tract of Land, co'cuS,ir '?<* Jj.
i:undrc.l and twenty acrci, rttnate on t> i ' Uwitci .
Int.-creek, In the county of Ohio, j.;,;'. .' lr"rrf 13, 1
with DwellitJF, and other callable hull )>r" ''-'-V u
The above property la in an tllriUt !?' C," It
\r 111' ft ? nml i*Ativt<n(onl nf - . '*-(*& IQf tr*b..
, crty to the purchaser, as he is disposed {r??, * ??ii rr-'-"
! ?'C'? Amft J?*** ???iSOS.
pEtV NO.
-?!?^ = r-?--"os- - cn-misoN
Land for Sale.
T ,,IISIt.1.0 ?*" mr J**1" ??' ^'heritor. and ?n
.lrel lad lu <"" ?r cvre tra,.tt, ?'
-?? . - btij..
? 1 .1ACOr.
For Sale.
5^ ERY desirable building Iota in Centre fflwrl nr
sonalde tnrms. wc~f* ,
?? : Andrew- tnint
For Sale.
Jf wt UrtiC.
A Enquire"?* " U'C
i dc25
Vrr ; u"r? K ? wooes,
'piIEoudcraliraedoOir. formic hi, l1L? . 7
JL Market street, East Fide e R ;'' ', 't
The I.,.! L-44 feet Trotit, ? Ul' a^d n,irj^ 3",V,11:k:'"
aa-.l CiUtlyuUdUift". ^ "ck 1?>!!ts ll a,
t"K3'"1 ,<k
sepS _ .
?1? J. X. Z1VMR:
whkeTTn^music s-rojiiT
Piano andMelodeon Warerooms.
t r.AROK Mortmcnt or ill ktndu of Mu.v.ir,,,,?'. .
XV contt?Mlc on bawl ai*;lnrr?M fa "J.
i iAi.U", and Meloti- < I . ?- f ?t 'Hcl*
ThoM Ulshlnir the b?t :n?!rurj,:,:, ?' . .
should not fail to call and examine she R?-t
n r. TOWN.
Wheeling Savings InstitutDin.
JUNK3C. 180G.
Capits! Stock I
harpTns Kuij4l * , 0ii* *
Social l)rjK)>i:s I 'oil qa
Trausient :!?> 4j'"?^oh
lutcr?r?{ Account j'ojt ui
l>ividcii(b Unpaid SSM
<? ve.
Uan'r. and other Stock' ^ 1C CT.1 f-ft
Personal l*r?iper:v " % 4-jVo^
Hills Disconi-1?il.* 1 S93^T.v9
M^rriir.nts i Mechanics Batik i ;t'i>oa!t). 1'J l5aVc
Northwestern o? -Jo ... S,Tfit?t
i.xpca-e Account.... ! tci'ia
Ciu>h on Uoud 84t.l!*25
WM. McCOY, Tr?u*r.
I WE, t!ie Tindersl^n< <1, ajipoiMcl * Committee to exseks
| the accounts of The WJicilln^nrlnsj Institution nr.d n:ri?
| a rc|K?rt tliercof, do hereby certify tltit*. vc Ijuvc carefully
| examined f.iul accounts ami Stsii t?:e r.hnre ctritrmert rn fc?
I correct. Given under our hands t!iisS.:!th dav oTJune IS2-t
JOIIM McG \COIt\", V CsK&lnn
Ju' " }VM. M. UEKlirillLL. \
J. W. Stitt <!i Co.
[srccEss.iits or stitt, itaktix a co.,]
So., i(lnnil2J -North from <1.
E. H. Clark It Co. Bankers. r?raani, Klrllnnl t Co..
! Jh.n?, A W. S.ok?
John turnuin & Co. " UjictM & Co
Curtlitllande. - yal^KfnTsih.eciCo
^ ^V ?roniCo- Siter, Price A Co.
jirondaCo. " Merri?lHaIIotrell*C?"
MeFiirland, Evans 1 Co ?? llj. r.l,..r, Co!;rave 4 C.-..
lUircroft. Ik*iivcr Co. 44 P tt?hsK&
Deiil, MiJhVau A* C". ?? W1117.hr, Ti. rn.-.r I Cc. - '
't* t! *V WlieeHni-. !>? "'. Chlltj Jk Co.
rallant x DvIuj.laJn, " (tvnr* Wllscn, WhizWtz
_ Jno Sf M itihcv.1 A Co. '?
CSy^Parties wbhfnr to ?7;fp n'ool n*;ii fiu l sacki atG
^ ;ls.->n'f?t li.u, m :tll t;m ?n'07
, ? ;TOI1ACC<) AND C1GA11S.
| RL TTh h. Ii->v. .iro's l.uiup;
tl_/ 2 4 La l)arr:? I>. Ore pound Lcoip;
2 4 Vjrjrinlus 44
2 rate J. Ii. Wade's X M
4?(h) i.n Nicotiann;
J.a Mariaunn,
In eonncctioa ?itL a larpe lot of fine Cipxr*, <?
hand and for sol?- loo- for cash at No. ICS Main st.
n?3 ? WM. TAYLOH, Sijrn cf Grauo Tutl
" WAXTK1).
r;On r.USIIELS Potatoes, tr
t/wU taySt GEO. WILSON.
> > conN,
.and OATS,
at the Produce ar.<t r*i*?l Store of
'aySO luinilrttt.
! nn DOZEN L:nt:i Cau.brie llunuk la ?U a fi;-.
l\J\J H?0** " " at S 10 13 ccrt
worth three Cps;
4U pr real Irish Liner. ct G.r?, worth 4-"'C.
4') " " at?? to W, worth73US"
200 Parasols eta great bargain.
l&O Mantillas, tome of the be?t bargain* tLitr'"
ever saw?:-.t
np2-3 STONE k TifOM.ii'
Dr. A. P. Wheeler,
f t? I!.-Fi'!(-r:rt- on VeliMtr street, ojipi'.-i:? tii-- 2d
teriftii Church. , .
lift at either tht office or rciilcuc* wui ee
promptly attended to. Jfc ? -
Wall Jfaper :
AM now receiving tny Second Sprint Sto;V of W?j <?
pers, nil of the latest styles r.nJ best quslitU*, *"-ca ,r-J
l?c sold nt the lowest figures. ., v .
Al.?o?a few style? of Gold Papers and Borders, to *?.? ?
would Invite the attention of the public, hsing soaeUtf*
new and chean.
Co?,,,i"J itc,if yon<lo nit bo,. ^ n?,,rn
KID GLOVES, In i.hiU- m l color*. lit
Bonnet Ki.-bons?just ree'd bv . -y
?30 BLS. Flour, In store and for *ale by^ g?m:pkf
* mygO ' U^.1
/SlXCINTCiTrSuinr Cored Dticd Bccr-*Wlt"'<l:1T
miSs'"" ?n'' f?r "W b>' M. R?m_
_ gfRSflTTefffifiTHAffi."
^ 0 TTERCES cauvased In store and for g*^t^RKfTAT
NOTICE is hereby given that the co-partner*h r4 ^
fore existingbetween J. C. Collins and "? C. '
der the flrni name of Collins k Hall, was dlssolrt?
15th Inst.. by mutual consent. ..*!*?:?
Either of the. underlined will nttend to the tr*n
the business necessary to close up the firm. Thosei
to us will come forward and close their accounts,
sons having claims against us will please present
The Grocery and Produce business will he contlo?*^
the old stand by J. C. Collin*. COLI.I*
t WM. C. MAtU
Mar 20.1S5q.
ZEPHYR Hoop EkirU, a Tery dr.lraM; article
Cactus Skirts, another supply, white and coi
Straw Colored Tnrlatnn, for mirrors.
Keceived this dav bv ?imPT\0C*
jiaco.V/ bacoxh
I 2 eauks Clear Sides; oft(t.
and a lot of Kupcrlor plain and sugar cured D?D ?
and for ?I. by HJ-DVPnEtT.
"aa cstuns dirp Woodstock
TUST RECEIVED?Gauntlet and Woodsloci
tf assorted sizes, at
RYE FLOUR ,f=rnl,t*
rrn SACKS, a sopcriolr .rtlclo. In store ?nd f"
J,T ' '? ?? K'lcrtrT^.
1 rt<F<[Scl??lll,,h- fnr "Kwoptjj.
If| BBLS. Old UourbMi Wlito^r, ?< ?uet!on crprl"'"*"
on ? credit of n'nety days, OE0 g.
LBS. Plycerine;
?? chiwotem?.:._alIIiIS841irattiris*

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