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Pabliahed Corner of Main and Quincy-sts,
U'KltMJS.?DAILY, p?r??iomt - ...
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Tue Fall or Delhi and The News From In
dia.?In another column of to-day's paper will
be found a highly interesting article from the
London Timet, giving tho theory of that jour
nal, and, we may say, tho feeling of the British
people in regard to the fall of Delhi, and its
present and future conscqucncc. "It has bro
ken the neck of the rebellion," says the Timet,
and it may be inferred from a look at the geo
graphical relation of Delhi, on the map, to the
rest of India, that this is even so, as the Timet
states. There is no doubt now about the fato
of Lucknow, nor, indeed, of the result of the
struggle. England will completely re-conquer
Atthis, Anglo Saxons all over the world will re
joice, for it is the cause of that Germanic liberty
which from little Saxony, has been spreading
wide and deep these hundreds of years, chiis
tianizing and humanizing the whole earth.
Gov. Wises' Forthcoming Letter. We
notice that a sort of literary accouchement is in
daily expectation by the Richmond papers. It
is supposed that Gov. Wise will write n letter
in response to a quasi demand made upon him
by his organ, the Enquirer, This in all proba
bility ho will do: hut for what, or with what ex
pectations, wo confess ourselves altogether igno
rant The chances of the rash minded Gover
nor have, with n the ides of this November,
melted away like the morning dew. There
is not even a remote possibility that he will be
anything else before the next legislature, than
what he is now. Thoso heretofore disposed to
uphold him, have made haste to drop him sinco
lie has shown himself as he did in the musket
affair. Every one seems to realize that he is
not the man to represent the zealous, yet careful
patriotism of the Old Dominion. The people
everywhere, so far as we can learn, seem dis
posed to let tho Governor retire to tho shades
of "Only, near Onancock," at the earliest pos
sible moment.
We very much doubt whether Gov. Wise
ever holds another public office.
An Ionokant Prejudice.?Tho lied Repub
licans alius the mobocracy ofPhiladelphia, liavo
been holding a meeting?and as their co-labor
ers, or, we should say, their co-triflers, in Now
York did, so did they: that is they showered
down incendiary threats and ignorant preju
dices and then adjourned.
The whole animus of thcro mobocrats is eas
ily discerned when they get together. They
come with five cent cigars in their mouths and
prato about "Work or death" in English?and
"Fur Arbeit," in German. They don't want to
work?for they "resolve" that they will not
work at lower prices. Revolution, excitement,
are what are wanted. In proof of this read their
resolution about lawyers, and about not send
ing moinbers of the legal profession to the Leg
islature, about sending only Working men,?
that is, only send men who work with their
In times of peace and plenty, one can meet
with these radicals, these lecellers, in any gro
cery, or loafing rendezvous, where they sit day
and night and fsponge whisky nnil cigars, and
talk about decent, respectable, "well .to do"
people, under the captious phrase of "big bugs."
We endeavored to show the other day, in our
comments on the N. Y. demonstration, that
there were no privileged classes or castes. In
Europe, they have their third, fourth and even
fifth "Estate?"?and then lower down, 'they
have the Canaille. In this country we have
just two classes: the decent people and the
Canaille. Tho decent people are made up of
tradesmen, manual laborers of all kind, lawyers,
doctors, preachers, merchants, Ac., and all oth
ers who are usefully and honorably employed?.
The Canaille are the miserable, whisky dregs
and cigar stumpers, mentioned before, who, not
only aro too lazy to work, but can't wait rcspoc"
tably, as did that eminent specimen of tho
"shabby genteel,"?Mr. Micawber?for "some
thing to turn up."
These fiings of the mobocrats at the legal
professions, arc ignorant Hings?and as such,
aro unworthy of notice, savo only as illustrat
ing a feeling that pervades ignorant and envious
heads. Lawyers are more frequently sent to
our legislatures than any other set of men, be
cause they know more about legislation. They
make it their study. They know what the
past history of English and American legisla
tion is - they have the lights of history to guide
them, and of course, make better laws than
would thoso not likewise posted. When they
get through making thesolaws they come home,
and arc governcrcd, taxed and operated upon
by them, just as other people arc.
When, therefore, wo hear any one, either on
the streets, or cvon perchance, in a City Coun
cil, (for wjj have heard these invidious flings
?there,) talk thus about any one set, or class of
respectable men, we always set it down that
either nature or education has sadly deranged
that man's mental organism.
Rksi'XINU.?Many of the mills and factories in
New England are now resuming work, among
ihem the Union Manufacturing Company of
Norwalk, Ct, tho Chicopee (Mass.) Mills, the
Rolling and Nail mills, and the Massasoit Mills
at Fall River. The American Print Works at
Fall River, it is believed, will also soon com
mence running. ^ ^ |
Looking olt roR IIonksty.?A newsboy who
took a #10 piece froui a man, by mistake, for a
cent, and persisted in keeping it, was turned out
of the newsboy s' Lodging House, Saturday night
in New York, after being compelled to give up
the money. f
John McLaughlin, 78 years of age, was shot
and killed while standing in the door of a coffee
house in Marias street, NewOrleans, on the
81st ult
We find in our late Philadelphia papers ex
tended accounts of the recent demonstrations in
Independence Square, from wnich we extract
the following. Here is a copy of a circular
issued to bring a mob together:
Usurers! These vampires of socioty have
been instrumental in bringing on these dreadful
i times. These shavers have shaved our employ
ers until they have reluctantly been compelled
to close their mills, factories, and workshops,
and to dismiss us from our benches and looms.
Let those usurpers disgorge ! and set the wheels
of honest industry in motion.
These circulars, say the papers, caused no lit
tlo commotion among the crowd, and every body
was pushing and tugging in order to got near
enough the stand to secure one of thcin.
A Mr. Dennis Street said?If you are imposed
upon, j'ou should turn round and crush those
who seek to oppressyou. (Cheers.) You should
take legislators from tlje ranks of the working
men and not from among the Uiiryers. (Cheers.)
Is not a barrel of 11 )ur better than a hook of
laws, and is not a bushel of potatoes better than
a lawyer's logic!1 (Laughter and applause.)
This is the law of nature, an inherent law of na
ture, stamped on the soul. This is the great
" law of Nature and of Nature's God."
Mr. Bruce said?I hope none of us will starve
here. The law guaranties that no man in a civ
ilized community shall starve to death. But
the moral law is more powerful, and will pull a
barrel of flour out of a rich man's pocket more
effectually than a line of bayonets. Let us try
that law, if we would succeed.
A hat was passed around, by order of the
chairman, for the purpose of collecting sufficient
funds to defray the incidental expenses, which
amounted to about fifteen dollars. A large smn
ol money was collected, more than enough for
i present use, and the committee will no doubt
i see that, out of the surplus, somo of the starving
i poor are provided with immediate relief.
Mr. Henry Brunner "pitched into" banks,
brokers, rich men, everybody and everything in
general, without saying a single word about the
unemployed workingmen.
Mr. Samuel Warner came forward, and said
that he was tired of listening to such speeches
as that which had just been made. Mr. Warner
protested against all such " humbugs," who li
ked to hear themselves " spout."
Mr. Dunn referred to the very large numbers
of men who were out of employment in this
city, and said that in many cases it was their
own fault. (Signs of disapprobation.) Mr.
Chairman, said the speaker, of my own know
ledge I assert this. If many of those who are
standing idle here to-day, hsd taken the trouble,
they could have found some kind of work, and
need not be here listening to violent appeals to
their passions, and suffering themselves to he
led this way and that way hi- men who have no
real sympathy for them. (Sensation.) I have
heard it said that men vvill not work for less than
a dollar a day, even if they could get work.
Then I say they deserve to suffer. (Groans.)
In times like these, when they complain of
the hunger of ihcir wives and children, let them
work at some price rather than bring death and
desolation into their houscholds(rcnewed groans)
It was a false pride that kept men in filth and
poverty, their families in sickness, while money
was to be obtained if work was forthcoming.
.Men who would not work for sixty cents a day,
when they could not get more, in times of dis
tress liko these, ought to suffer the consequen
ces. (Groans.)
Another speaker asserted that he would rather
die than work for sixty cents a day.
After an address from another individual, tho
meeting adjourned amid much cxcitc'nent and
For the Intelligencer.
Higher V?nw.
One would suppose, from an article that ap
peared in thu columns of Saturday's Times, on
this subject, that the "advocates of Higher
Law"?i. e. believes in Christianity, resides chief
ly in the "North." This insinuation of "P Q."
is unjust towards ourselves, as, I believe, this
section of tho country can show as fair a pro
potion of our population, who are "advocates of
the Higher Law," as any part of our union.?
There may be men, as P. Q. avers, who teach
the Higher Law, but do not teach the Law of
Christ?a law of lovo and charity, Even the
devil, wc arc told, can quote scripture to
suit his own unholy purposes. The use
made of the Holy Scriptures by the Mor
mons, also show how they may be perverted to
suit unholy purposes. There are men in the
South?not in Western Virginia, I imagine?
who consider slavery christianizing, and who
are in the habit of quoting, fieely, passages
from the Higher Law to prove, as they .'al
lege, the "institution" one of divine appoint
ment Will P. Q. endorse this doctrine? If
he can, I cannot; yet, notwithstanding that I
differ in opinion with the promulgator of such a
doctrine, I have no disposition to abuse and vil
ify them; the teaching of the Higher Law for
bids it I leave such a course for the Ultraists
of the North to pursue, whose fiery at ren
ders them lit champions to combat ?ith the
man who could accuse Win. II. Sewar-i of being
a black hearted man.
P. Q. gives us two or three quotations that
appear to tnu very unsuitable to d mocratic
America. "Obey the King!" "Be subject
unto your Rulers." " Rulers are to be respect
ed." The ruling power of this county is the
people, and, I trust the people may never be de
j prived of this sovereign power, but no must be
j free if we would retain this power; deprive us
' of free speech and tho first step is taken toward
a reign of tyranny. Each one of us claim this
privilege for ourself, but, too many are unwill
ing to accord it to their neighbors. This dispo
i sition^to tyrannize over their fellow men, is most
conspicuous in their efforts to blacken the char
? acter of every one who refuses to tread the
same political platform, or kneel at the same al
tar as themselves They, have assailed, and, no
' doubt, will continue to asssil, such incn as Wni.
II. Seward, Blibu Ilurrett and Eli Thayer, and,
like the Kilkenny cats, when they have no foe
to attack in common, they will set up a cater
; wauling at each other; but the great moss of
: the people have no sympathy with such men;
; for certain there is little felt in Western Vir
ginia. V. A.
A porcupine, weighing 12Vpounds, was killed
in Colebrook, Ct, one day last week. A dog
seized the animal; but it filled his mouth so full
of quills, that the dog had to be killed to put
him out of misery.
i Mr. Broscover, of Wayne, Ohio, a few days
ago, was attacked by his "dog, and his hands and
arms terribly mangled,?and he was otherwise
so badly injured as to endanger his life.
Charles Lamb, when a little boy, walking
with his sister in the churchyard, and reading
the epitaphs, said to her, "Mary, where are all
the naughty people buried?"
Jones says it is all folly for his friends to tell
him that he must'nt enlarge his debts, when he
has been doing all ho can think of to contract
Bush Grafton, steward on hoard of the Eclipse
at New Orleans, was shot iu the head a few
days ago, by an unknown person in Gravier
A drove ofmules. numbering several hundred,
from Kentucky, coming north, passed through !
Trenton on Saturday.
[From the London Times.]
1'fae Pall or Delhi and Revolt* in Bombay.
The London Timet, commenting upon the fall
of Delhi, says:
"The loss of our troops has heen indeed se
vere, Init not more so than might be expected
from the magnitude of the place, the despera
tion of the resistance, and the length of time
over which the fighting extended. The casual
ties among the officers have been particularly
I heavy. We will not attempt to condolc with
those who are bereaved on this sad occasion.
Suffice it to say, that their sons, or brothers, or
husbands have fallen in accomplishing ono of
the inost brilliant exploits of our history, and
in gating their country from by far the greatest
calamity which hits threatened it within our
lime. The effects of the capture of Delhi will
be, no doubt, immediate and complete. The
neck of the rebellion is indeed broken. The
capital towards which the mutineers tlocked
from every quarter, the rendezvous to which
they were evidently directed to repair, the chief
city of the Mohammedan dynasty, and the resi
dence of the mock King who had ruled in trem
bling state, during the past four months, is now
in the power of the foreign race whose expul
sion was the end and aim of this dark plot, the
roots of which have struck so deep, and the
seeds of which have been so long sown. To the
utmost extremities of India will the news bo
borne, how-, after standing their ground for
months against an overwhelming array of na
tive forces, the dauntless islanders assaulted a
city containing two or three times their number
of enemies, and carried it after a stout resist
ance, destroying or driving out the army which
held it, and sending the King to wander a fugi
tive until the certain hour of retribution comes.
* * * * ?
All that has yet been.^pne has been done
without the aid ofasingle man direct from Eng
land.^ _lhe Chinese force has been diverted, tho
Mauritius and the (Jape have sent regiments
and that is all. However, at the time the pres
ent mail was despatched the long expected suc
cors from home were beginning to arrive. The
Bcllcisle was at Calcutta with the A3d Ilighland
which left England on tho 17th of June.?
I lie Thebes, which sailed on the 31st of July
with part of the 88th Kegiuient, originully sent
out to replace a regiment despatched from Cey
lon, had arrived at CJalle, and will, no doubt, be
sent on to Calcutta, liy the next mail we may
expect to hear that several thousand English
soldiers are in tho country, and thenceforward
everything becomes easy. The munitneers have
now no stronghold; they are in the open, and
must meet onr troops in fair fight. The result
cannot be doubtful. AH that we have to fear
now is that these desperate men will form them
selves into bands of robbers and plunder the
country, eluding a contest with us whenever
they can. Indeed we must look to see robbery,
murder and incendiarism prevalent for many
J months to come. This is the most serious evil
that still remains to bo met. It must be met
with swiftness and severity. On this point,
however, we have our misgivings. Are the
philanthropists of Calcutta to have their own
way?careless of the opinion of the Anglo-Indi
I an community, and ol the censures pronounced
on them at home ? We see that Mr. G. P. Grant,
I member of the Supreme Council, has just sel
at libertv 150 of the assassins of Cawnpore,
who had been taken prisoners by General Neill.
I If this sort of thing is to be permitted we may
as well be warned at once. While the country
| for fifteen hundred miles is in a flame the gov*
eminent seizes the opportunity to issue procla
which reflect on tho humauity of itt
I and sends civilians to hiiniper them in
thew duties. * * * * *
r> ','^ext to t,le "lo:"entous incident of the fall of
I Delhi, and the actual readvance of the soldiers
I to the relief of Lueknow, the most prominent
feature of the last intetelligence from India is to
be found in tho continuous extension of mutiny
throughout the ranks of the Bombay army.?
1 here can no longer exist any doubt" as to the
reality os comprehoiisivenes of the contagion,
A combination of circumstances favorable to
government may certainly be discerned, as ac
shall presently explain, in tho case before us;
nor do we apprehend that the spirit of revolt in
these provinces, even if it should be still more
deciseively pronounced, will occasions any such
terrible conflicts or entail anv such hideous cat
astrophes as in the larger Presidency. It re
J mains, however, to be acknowledged, notwith
standing these grounds of assurance, that the
I Bombay regiments have been unquestionably
infected, and that the plague has shown its oil
"i tho true Bengal type. To the two example.'
of military insurrection which had occurred ir
the southern territories of the Presidency, am]
to the three or four others which followed"them,
I in certain stations in Bajpootana, we huvc now
to and three moro reported from the province ol
Scinde. At Shickarpo e, in the upper districts
or this province, at Kurrachec, its southern
I E0r/* a,11{i',lurabad. capital, and at Alimeda
i tlle Bombay sepoys either broke out in
overt mutiny or were detected in plots devised
? with such an object. At Kurrachec thcconspi
| racy, which was fortunately discovered, ha<i
been directed against the lives of European in
habitants generally, and a wholesale massacre,
as in Bengal, had been deliberately planned. At
Ahmcdabad a concerted revolt was crushed in
the bud before it could explode; at Hyderabad
ami .Shikarpore the delinquents were found
among the native artillery men, but it docs not
yet exactly appear to what extent disaffection
tiad been carried.
j "Such a concurrence of outbreaks, however,
I either actual or intended, is sufficient to dispel
that confidence with which the disposition of the
Bombay army was at one time regarded- nor
can It be disguised that tho mixture of races,
the absence of caste prejudices, and the gener
ally higher discipline attributed to this service
have proved ineffectual in securing the sepov
from the contagion of revolt."
Bicii Pcpp.?A manufacturer and vender
of quack medicines, recently wrote to a friend
living out tt est, for a good strong recommenda
tion of his, the manufacturer's "Balsam." In a
few- days he received the following, which we
cull pretty strong;
. .', ')cfr Sin?The land composing my farm has
hitherto been so poor, that a Scotchman could
not get a living oft it, and so stony that we had to
slice our potatoes and plant them egewavs, but
hearing of your balsam, I put some on tie'cor
ner of a ten acre lot surrounded by a railroad
fence, and in the morning I found that the rock
had entirely disappeared, and a neat stone
wall! encircled the field, and the rails were split
into oven wood and piled up symmetrically, in
my back yard.
"'put half an ounce into the middle ofa
buckle berry swamp?in two days it was cleared
oil, planted with corn and pumpkins and a row
or peach trees in full blossom through the mid
As an evidence of its tremendous strength
I would say that it drew a striking likened of
my eldest son out of the mill pond, drew a blis
ter all oyer his stomach, drew a load of potatoes
four miles to market, and eventually drew a
prize of ninety-seven dollars in a lottery."
On Saturday a fellow named Francis Burncv
knocked down Peter Leir, while the latler wis
standing in front of "Union Hotel in Albany and
robbed him o?|55 iu uiony. Burnev was soon
arrested and afterwards aitemted "to escaue
and broke his leg iu the great effort to do so, '
For the lotelllgtncrr.
0 0 0 00**
'Tis past! and from beneath the holy roof
Or childhood's homet 'he wander* forth to cull
Thi* thousand Joys that hanglike golden fruit,
Upon the silver boughs of hope.
The hour
Looked so tremblingly for, through woman'! life,
lias come to her at last: and joyously
She fulds the dreamv mantle close about i
Her heart, and trims the bark of love afreih
For the new and uutried sea ol life.
Oh !
It la a sad and lorely sight to see
The young and trusting heart, of one so bright
And beautiful as she, leaving a home
Of sunshine and Joy, for the dreamy land
Thntlies In dimness and clouds, far beyond
The altar's sacred vows.
But, 'tis the joy
Of Woman. Her pure heart goes forth In lovc?
Like the young bud that opens wide Itl lips,
To catch the kisses of a summer morn,
Heeding not if they bring joy or woe, life
Or death Even as the flowers bloom, t>he
Jhust /ore,?for 'tis Natures law.
But, alas!
When the flowers of love, that spring at sweet
Affection's call, only blossom to meet
The winter winds of coldness and neglect,
They wither away and die?never, no
Never to bloom again, so sweetly fresh,
So purely beautiful as before.
Not so with man. Affection comes to him
Through sorrow's dark and icy clouds, alone.
And like the sturdy oak that slowly drops
Its verdajit leaves at winter's chilling voice,
Only to gather them afresh, in sweet
Summer time. So the buoyant heart of man,
Though closed by unrequited love, again
Will open wide its trusting doors of faith,
And bid the fresher flowers bloorn upon
A better soil and purer made, by dark
Sorrow's mystic hand.
* 0 0 0 0 0 0
And, now, farewell! Thou
Art fairly on the swelling sea of life,
With hi* unfailing hand and manly heart
To guide the richly freighted bark. No storms
Will come to thee, in fury wild, if thau
Do but cling to his protecting side. Nor
Will he knoRr the coldest blast, If folded
Close, within thy sunny heart.
Be thy soul
To him, a light of faith; so clear and bright,
That he may truly, clearly see
The home that lies, the plashing waves beyond,
Of this tempestuous life.
Aud when the dark
Floods of death are passed, may your bark in peace
Forever float upon the quiet sea
Of eternal ecstacy. J. D. M. C.
Whe2LI.no, Va., November, 1S57.
California Circulating Rhymes.?When
froia my room I chance to stray, to spend an
hour nt close of day, I ever find a place most
dear, where some friend treats to lager beer.?
SacrnmciUo Age.
Ah! yes, my friend of ;ity life, sure such a
treat cures such a strife, but better than such a
dose by far, are plaasurcs of a fine cigar.?Pla
cer He rah I.
Such pleasures may suit baser minds, but
with the good no favor linds; we think the purest
joy in life, is making love to one's own wife.?
Volcano Ledger.
Most wise your choice, my worthy friend, in
Hymen's joys your cares to end; but wo, though
tired of single life, can't boast of having our
own wife, and so, when neath our cares we faint,
we fly to kiss some gal that aint?yet.?Napa
That "Lager beer" will bile provke, while
"fine Havana's" end in smoke. To court one's
wife is better far, than lager beer or vile cigar.?
Kisses the dew of life's young morn, break on
the lips as soon as born. These all are not to
that greatest joy?the first born boy.?Evening
'Tis true a boy's a wished for blessing, but
then suppose the first's a girl! A dear sweet
child with ways carressing, with pouting lips
and llaxcn curl, with dimple cheeks and laugh
ing eye, to come and bid "papa" good-by! So
whether boy or whether t'other, embrace the
babe and then the mother.?San Francisco
Yesterday at half past 12 o'clock, Mr. JOHN MURRAY,
in his 70th year.
Mr. M. was long a resident of this city. His funeral will
take place This Afternoon at half past two o'clock, from his
late residence on Sixth street, near Centre.
DR. TODD'S PILLS have^/~i A cough medicine, pleas
been compounded with great >ant, safe and effectual, at a
care and front the purestpmmf moderate cost.
material. These facts, in, ^ One that can be kept in
connection with their adml-n^tlie house as a family rned
rablecombInatlon,havcgiv>"Hfef7i*,and give to children,
en them the reputation where^ ,or to persons in delicate
they have been introduced,health icithsaftly and with
of beinz the best Family^out aggravation to other
r | IHll* In use. U>H ailments.
J Years weie required byr^ Such a medicine 5s Dr.
M the proprietor (who haaP?^ Chapman's HOARHOUND
been n successful prac-f~-^_ BALSAM.
tlce for over 4i> years, ln|^\ It does not produoe that
the city of Wheeling) tohH weakness which follows the
adjust the ingredients of. "^use of the cough medicines
these pills, so that their com-^ which contain Tartar Ernet
bined action would reach/-/-)Ic.
the Liter with certainty,It does not constipate the
and produce an easy and/-^,.bowel* like the cough medi
safe operation on the bow-??Seines which contain opium,
They act admirably a? an^H The different articles of
ordinary physic, or as which it Is composed?Sen
gentle laxative in smaller^*.^ ega. Licorice, lioarhound,
doses, and are very useful , Elecampane, Boncsel, Wild
relieving Costlveness, In-*- Cherry, Ac., are so combined
I | digestion, Headache, Colds, ? with a tonic and anodyne,
' I Ac., Ac., Ac. -^}that the cough lb loosened
' These pills have been in ??nd soothed, while at the
use for more than 3o yt ars. ^same time the system is
and orders arc now filled^}supported, and the natural
from nearly half the States # functions of the bowels ure
in the Union, and the dc-^^ not interfered with.
mand is steadily Increasing*?4
as their merits become more/^s ?37" Price 25 ccnts.
fully known. H
These medicines are for sale by the principal druggists
throughout the country.
Address your orders to T. II. LOOAN A CO., Wholesale
Druggists, and Dealers In Trusses, Supporters, Shoulder
llraccs. Catawba to ines, Ac., Ac., Wheelng, Va ocl8
136 Main Street, Wheeling, Va,
?2i9r" Is the place o obtain Likenesses of every size and
style, from the smallest miniature up to life-size, and got up
in a superior manner.
Prom his long experience in the art, and by the use of the
most powerful instruments, together with every appliance
necessary to produce good pictures, he would assure the
piollcthat ihey can be furnished with pictures at this G&l
! lery superior to any taken intIiiscouutry,and equal to any
east or west.
j * Photographs, plain or colored in oil colors. This style of
I picture can be made any size, up to life, and colored true
to nature. Small Daguerreotypes or Arabroty]>es magnified
| to any size on canvass and colored in oil. By this process
? we obtain the oil painting with the truthfulness of a
Pictures taken at this Gallery as cheap as at any other
in the city. Every picture is finished in the most durable
manner, and pat up with double glass, air tight, without
which no picture will stand unchanged.
ocS-tf J. W. WYKES, Artist.
pT* Is fitted up in a style superior to any other in the
western country. His RECEPTION and SALES ROOM is
75 feet deep, to which he has built an addition for operating,
60 by SO feet, with arrangements for light and facilities for
his business unsurpassed in the world. He would call par
1 tlcular attention to the light on the eyes, bSldness and dis
? :inctnes4 of every feature, the softness of ou'Jinc, avoiding
\ a stiff or cat out apperrance; also, the reflective or looking
j glass effect, bo objectionable in the Daguerreotype.
many picture* sent out fare are entirely xcorthlt*s
from having no protective Jinish, Partridge assures hi*
patrons that his wort is protected by a hard enemeling
which become* a part 0/ the picture, and is as durable
at the glass itself*
Pictures of etery improved style made as low as at other
Rooms here.
La-lles and f?cntle;nen are invited to call at 11SJ?
Main street, East side, over Marsh A Taylor's Store, W JieeL
fe*, Va. trplC
Flour, Bran,Mhori*. "hip Stuff.Corn, Corn
Itlenl, Knled liny, Ac
(ST" All articles aold by Mathew McHabb, delivered In
any part of the city, fre, of extra charge. povlT
THE friends of Education are requested to attend a meet
ingto be held at the Presbyterian Church, In the town
of West Liberty, on Saturday, the 28th Inst., at 10 o'clock
A. M. Prof. Win. K. Pendleton, of Bethany, Dr. Smith,
A. F. Ross and others, will address the meetiug on the sub
ject of Education in general.
nov!6 J08IAH ATKINSON, Chairman.
A GOOD practical SCHOOL TEACHER, to tike charge of
a Country District 8chool, in the neighborhood of Trla
delphla, Va. Only those need applv, who can furnish satis
factory testimonials of character, qualifications, Ac. Im
mediate application is solicited by the undersigned.
?\??\'-ART'r Trusts.
novI6-dAw 8. McC0\, )
Executor's Notice.
ALL persons knowing themselves indebted to the late
Thoroiv* Omen, deceased, are earnestly solicited to
make Immediate payment to the undersigned. And all
those having claims, will present the same, properly au
thenticated, for adjustment.
THOMAS GREY, Executor,
novl6 lw No. 40 Water Ptreet.
Commissioner in Chancery.
Oftiee, Corner of Monroe and Fourth Street?,
WILL practice In the Courts of the adjoining counties
and give particular attention to the collection of
claims. nov!6-ly
JUST received at Noisy Carrier's, corner Main and Mon
ro e streets.
WRECK OP THE GOLDEN MARY, by Charles Dickers.
Every body get one. * larce supply of NEW NOVEL*' on
hand. Call and see for yourselves. nov!2
For Sale.
ST RAM E"JOINK, Shafting, Pullcyi, Lathe, Bellows, Blact
Smith Tools, and a general assortment of Machinist's
Tools. Inquire of J. M. DILLON,
nov!l-d3m Executor.
WE have just received one hundred and fifty barrels of
Extra Family White Wheat Flour, direct from the
Novelty Mills, which we are determined to sell at a price
below competition. [novT] DOANE A COWGILL.
ftOA DOLLARS worth of Shirts consigned to me, on ac
U'./? / count of whom it may concern, either wholesale or
retail, cheaper than the cheapest, being superior Mar sallies
and fine white, and will be sold at astonishing low prices by
uovC A. M. ADAMS, No. 8G Water St.
Little Giant King of Tooth Ache.
npHIS preparation is warranted to be an INFALlliLE
NOT INJURE THE TEETH. It has been used by regular
practicing Physicians and Dentists, for a number of years,
who pronounce it one of the most valuable,jis well as per
fect chemioal combinations ever produced.
Persons in need of an article of this kind will at onoe see
the importance of purchasing It of responsible Druggists,
and thus avoid the poisonous stuff hawked around by Irre
sponsible quacks, or their agents, who are Ignorant of what
they are selling.
Prepared and sold Wholesale and Retail by DR. S. J>UN
D EN BERG, Druggist, No. 1. Washington Hail, Wheeling,
Va. nov6
R. L. JONES, Proprietor.
rr*HIs house has been recently refitted, greatly enlarged,
A and now offers to the traveling community excellent ac
commodations. The stnbliug is of the best character.
The Hotel has recently passed into the hands of the pres
ent proprietor, who w ill spa. e no pains to afford the public
the best of entertainment. rnov4:3in-d, t-wAw
Bethany, Nov. 2d, 1S5T.
$200 REWARD!
RAN A WAY from Capon Furnace, Hardy county, Va., on
Sunday, Oct. lSth, EDWARD, Abou?.26 vears old, 5
feet 7 inches high, copper colored, high cheek bones and
flat face. He was dressed in a black sack coat and black
Eaats and boots. He has with him a carpet-bag, and is a
lacksmith by trade. I will pay the above reward for his
apprehension and delivery to me In any or the Slave States.
Also, from the same place, a negro man, belonging to
Miss Mary Harris, FRANK, about Si years old, 5 feet 5 In
dies hi/h, very black, and stutters badiv when spoken to.
I am authorized to offer ONE 1ITTNDRED DOLLARS RE
WARD for his apprehension and delivery to me as above.
Any information concerning them address me, at Stras
burg, Shenandoah county, Virginia.
nova-aw JOHN S. HUPP*
PRRE8ERVES?Pine Apple, Quinces, Ginger, Oranges and
Cherries, just received and for sale by
PICKLES, In ^ and ^ gallou jars, just received and for
sale by [ocl&l W. A. EDWARDS A BRO.
GENUINE ALOPECIA, for restoring and presenting the
hair from falling off, for sale only bv
_nov4 T. B. JOHNSTON, 176 Market St.
USE JOHNSTON'S Ola Dominion Yeast Powder, war
ranted the best in use, for Bread, Biscuit, Ac. For sale
?my*by [nov4] T. B. JOHNSTQN, 1T6 Market St.
Gi LYCER1NE, for chapped and chafed hand?, for sale by
1,0v4 T. B. JQHNBTON, 176 Market 8t,
BIRD SEED.?Canary, Hemp and Rape 8??edt just re
_ c^red by [nov4] T. B. JOHNSTON,176 Market St.
PATENT MEDICINES.?All the popular Patent Medloines
of the age, for sale by
nov4 T. B. JOHNSTON. 176 Market 8t.
RIME'S A BAKER'S pure medicinal Cod Liver Oil, for
O sale by [nov4 T. B. JOHNSTON, 176 Mar et St.
PURE 8AL1D OIL, for medicinal and tabhTuse, for sale
by [nov4] T. B. JOHNSTON, 176 Market St.
GO^DS bought for Cash when the panic was at its height,
consequently 50 per cent. cheaj>er than when purchas
rllty of T WAy' WC haVG jU4t ?I,c'oed a &reat Ta"
La<Iie<? Kid Gnuntleita,
Gents' do ilo
Lad lea' Buck do
Gents' Silk, Wool and Buck Gloves,
Rrns. Cap, Letter, and Note Paper?very fine.
Ail k L-*al? PAGkage, Letter and Note Envelops.
ah or which we are confident we can sell much cheaper than
any other house in the city. Call and examine for vour
a_^Tes- Lnov6] PAYNE A CO.
A L.?J NEWSiSet MUSro: Juat received:
,? AMo, the Modern School for the Piano"?a new Edi
r'ovn"01' co"e
dealer in
ircsrc axd ircsrcAL ixsrnrrm&Ts, cutler r
No. 15 E^ain Street.
OS. The above pianos are fitted up with all the
improvement*, in beautiful Rosewood cases Mr wort.
JSi^Xxiv ?tvi^e pl,"n or 1K,oare plano ,0 th'?
W^J-'j5c,"for rri,,ce'" fIeloil?on?, Cnrhnri'.
rnel.deea., and Mnghc. ?. wS^fe"
In the couk??J,'h"t mU"'C' ?ork.,*o., 4c?
Music sent to any address, postage free, yl
k,nd of
xsr All goud. warranted at thl. uukll.hmenL novr,
-2"r6 DRRW k DltAKE
Tv noTs"5' jtUt reuelrc'1 3t"1 for tale bv
I oel5 ?ALcr.-ju.t r.ce,v.u .i,d ,or
OFFICE, No. 131, Fourth streel, near the
Presbyterian Church. .
| Manufacture TEETH expressly foreach par
ticular case. Fi U sets of Teeth, or any parts
of sets, made with Artificial Gums. TheGumls made inone
continuous or solid piece?the cost Is the same for Teeth with
or without Gums. my27-lydAw
\ HH3. HAKTLhTT A WINCIIEM., I>entl?ts, 141
^Jjg^^^Market Street, opposite Washington liall, Whee?
Dr. Winchell being compelled by his rapidly Increasing
business, to add to his facilities for doing the same, takes
pleasure In informing his 'fiends und the public that he has
formed a business connection with N. 8. artlett M.'D.,
who has had ttfieeny^ars successful experience In the D?n
tal profession.
Drs. I). & W. are prepared to perform every operat'on hi
8urgical and Mechanical Dentistry?are familiar with, and
practice all the latest Improvements of the Dental Art, and
guarantee that for beauty, durability and practical utility
their Artificial Teeth "hail not be surpassed.
Persons who have denied themselves the pleasure and
comfort of Artificial Teeth from the great dread of suffer*
ins experienced during the necessnry preliminary extrac
| tion of the old teeth and roots, are informed that by a new
process, entirely unlike Chloroform or Kther, and applica
ble in most cases a\\<l perfectlyhurmlcmt in oil, teelh are
now extracted without pain.
Any information or advice appertaining to their profes
sion they will be pleased to give gratis.
Please call and examine specimens of Artificial Teeth.
Office open at all hours. leplfi
life, undersigned respectfully announces to the citizens
of Bethany and surrounding country, that tVey have
just received from the (eastern cities one of the largest and
best selected stocks of goods ever brought to this neighbor
hood. Tneir slock consists in part of l>ry ??oncls,
Oroceries, ItoolM, Shoex, Dints, 12on.
net* and Nolioun, embracing every thing usually
kept in a first class store. All of which they are able and
willing to sell as low as any other e&tahlishmeut In the Weft,
the goods liaviug been Selected from the very best Eastern
houses, niul on the very best terms, they feel confident they
cannot fnil to please as to color, quality and cheapness.?
Call nnd examine,
The highest p-ice paid in goods for all kinds of country
produce. [oc7] SAMTEL ADAMS St CO.
IN consequence of the great failures among Eastern mer
chants, I started east tLls fall earlier than usual to take
ad vautage of the market and buy my goods at prices which
would enable me to yell them below ail competition.
I have iai 1 in the larirest stock of all descriptions that
I ever brought to this place, which I intend to sell at the
very lowest cash prices, My stock comprises all the vari
ous assortments of DltY GOODS, Plain nnd Fancy Ware,
Heady Made Clothing, and all kinds of Groceries, Confee
tionaries, Hardware and Queensware. All I a*k is that my
friends in town and county will call in and examine ray
k- J. E. ourtis;
stoc 8 i - m paj-Ing the highest market price for all descrip
tion8 0f Country Produce. ocT
I AM now prepared to furnish my numerous patrons and
the public with a very superior quality and style of Mole
skin Hats, which are light, elastic, fast-color, fine lustre ol
finish nnd of great endurance,as they will render good scr
vicein all kinds of weather] also a general assortment of
Soft Planter's, French, Rockland aqd Hungarian styles,
Black, Brown, Pearl, and Beaver colors. Also, Men's anil
Boys* paps, of the latest styles.
N B.?Moleskin Hats finished to conformation measure
on short notice. Bring along the cash and you can get all
kinds of head gear at a very low tariff, at
gug22 No. Eft Main St.
ISAAC PKAGEB begs to inform the public that he h**
just returned from the K:istern cities with the best and
cheapest stock ever offered by him to the public.
My assortment is complete in most everything belonging
to a Dry Goods aud Fancy business, but I claim particular
attention to my
BLACK SILKS, which having been purohased from a house
that failed, at a sacrifice, I am confident I will sell less than
any one e se.
EMBROIDERIES, Ao., which I have bought only from Im
porters, and a great many at auction, I shall sel. at aston
ishing low prices. Just come aud see my stock, which in
Cambric bands, Collars, Sleeves, etc., is twloe as large a?
that of any other house, which will be sold 50 per cent be
low regular prices.
SHAWLS.?I have an immense quantity of, and shall
sell them 15 per cent less than any other firm, having re
ceived the above discount by buying by the puckuQty di
rect from the factory. Amongst my shawls vou will find
all the latest styles.
DRESS GOODS?I have In such variety, that if I was to
begin to enumerate them I should occupy too much of your
time, but J am certain if you call, I shall be able to please
CLOTHS. CASS I ME RES," and everything in that line, I
will say, I will sell at very low figures, and I would request
Country Merchants to examine my stock in this branch, as
I have them on consignment from an Eastern House and
will sell th?m very cheap
MUcLINS?Both bleached and unbleached. T onlj* pur
chase by the case and will sell them with u very small ad
vance either by the piece or yard.
BONNETS, and everything in the way of Milllnnrv Goods,
such as Flowers, Bonnet Borders, Net, Straw Gimp, Bon
net Velvets.aud Satins, etc. I will sell to Milliners at low
figures and to all others proportionately.
TRIMMINGS-In every sh-peand form, and will be sold
at low as possible.
Come and examine my stock and I am confident of your
purchasing. 1,-AAC PKAGER.
'"P18 12* Slain St.
New Books, Stationery. &c.
.T*?.?8.?- No-11T M*ln St., begs leave to call the
jo. .V or w{1?'#?ale and retail purchaser, of Kook.
aqd Stationary to hi. Kail stock now received, vl?: School
from?u,e PrlIImrv "> the highest College
Miscellaneous Book* (late Issue.,) Drawing Uoojc.,
Copy Books, Arelietectural Book., (new anthor.,) Metho.
' Prea>'.vtcrlan, Baptist anil Christian llvtnn Hooks, in
various.tyle. of binding; Family Illhka,worth fn m fl to
aifiw i V, ^1 styles; Duff's book K-ephig and
?flunks. Jenny Llnd Pens, and ?llth? numbers ot Glllott'.
P'a' n?"'?" ??e. Ink (Arnold-.) and Ink-stand. of
hUth n .11 : Music Books of various authors?Sab
bath Bell, (a late Book.) Albums In great variety. Tov
rlesfoVm\R vr??qr8* P,nnk Books of every variety; Dia.
nlJ r ? *Je??randurus of Ml styles; over &4K) Reems
Cap, Letter and Note Papers, of different grades and quall
GOLD PENS.?-We wish to cull especial attiintlon to our
large and well selected lot of Gold Pens. Having disposed
of ?ii our old stock, RVftRr Pus now ofTerrd is msw and
warraxtbd, comprising almost every No. of A. Mo-eton A
^;?otkofrpenL^S* i;aV!SC the Ur?*at and Vekcf
11 clVcannot!I tohe 11iVte!i 'lD Wa"l?'
Please call and examine for yourselves. ' J'
and &tationcrylln^can^ow be*hai"atU^lhu B?0t
"-15 IITMalnatl^hJln^..
Wa,tche^w^'i11!Ch"' Watches, Watches,
Watches Win !f Watche., Watches,
Watche. V/^h.."' Watche., Watches, '
Watche., Watches AV?tche?. Watches,
vor .ale, whole.ale and retail, bv
, J. T. S.JOTr. liiT Main St.
AN" f^OTlfULl
Jewelry, Jewelry.
Jewelry, Jewelry,
Jewelry, Jewelry,
Jewalry^ j ,
..nio Por "'e. wholesale and retail, by
- ' J. T. STOTT. lliT Miln SI.
Clocks, Olocks,
01 cks. Clocks,
Clocks,C Ciocks,
Clock., Clocks,
Clocks, Clooks,
Clocks, BLOCKS. Cl.icks,
Clocks, Clocks,
Clocks, ?, Clock..
Cock. Cioeks?,C
Clocks, Click..
.e-to sale, wholesale nnd retail, by
J. T. SCOTT. 1ST Main SU
' "? ?? fliiUil Ci
lOa MAHKKTtxH^r '
T7"efm mnk ??r and Gas Fitter.
K Wrought Iro*n PIi?m ci*"d,' .Gh" fixtures. Lead anil
of Brass Cocks and Vnivlf*' ?# kinds and sites
Water Guages, Lift ttn5 p J Whistles and Steam and
Wooden and Cast Iron Hvtlrsn^"#-"' 8liik*? Bathin?f Tubs
of all Thicknesses, A^itl-111,(1 packing
Zinc nnd Anilmonv thinli i t Purt* l*nuca,Tli?,
Craclbdli in the country^ BKi.L8?nd tht befct
wl^l.Ajt0c]d?thJKr^t^J1,n,ld P*4*"1 CI,aln Pu,n'i
to put up which In TnZHI^ P"mp of the age, the right
will be sold on fi?r . Oountlc*,n Western Virginia
duStig or P^es8nreID?m.^blnK1 Incorro*iv?t and for con
claBy for deep wells 0r coId ??*?r,??d espe
Pipt. *wis, prefferable to, and cheaper than Jxrad
?Uhand? an-v siteorquan
&Kr~Onit/i imiirf on ?hort notice.
Copper* Ltutd.
"Hie largest ??d
yT^aruu^^.^: Co<;2"' VAYKY- * l;0
"r"' " "t?cn ' SrrnVRpUKR* EOVS.1'

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