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i A2 *LeM l'gvY" THE WEATHER I
" ^ Cooler Friday With Showara. Follaw I
______ _ _ _ ad by Fair; Saturday Fair. ft
:" -"-- ____ ' ’ 1 1 1 * PRICE TWO P P N T Q
Peace Plans Fail
- +
Rebel* Reject Terme That do Not Pro
vide for Resignation of
Say Insurrectos Who Address Long
Letter to Madero Demand
Ing War.
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., April 6.—"The
revolutionists are determined not to
make peace unless President Dias
steps down and the envoys from the
government are Just as stubbornly de
termined to keeji him In power, al
though they are willing to make con
cessions otherwise. All peace negoti
ations with Mexico have come to an
end "
These are official statements, made
here today by Juan San-chez Azcona
and Attorney Jose Vaconcelos two of
the commissioners to Washington
named by the lnaurrectos A letter
signed by Insurgent chiefs from all
over Mexico and the ITnited States is
row being drawn up to he forwarded
to Francisco I. Madero, the command
er In chief of the rebel army, telling
him that no peace can be made except
with the withdrawal of Diaz from
^ power.
Peace Now a Rebel Succete.
WASHNIQTON. April 6. — The
adage of striking when the Iron la ho*
applies as well to the necessity of
arranging peace In Mexico now, in the
opinion of Dr. Yasquez Gomez, head
Of the confidential agency of the Mex
ican revolutionists here Dr. Gomer.
, pointed out that It was most oppor
tune at present to treat for peace, bu*
that a month from now, possibly two
months, the revolution probably will
have reached such proportions as to
make nothing but a complete triumph
and the capture of Mexico City ac
ceptable to the revolutionist forces
Negro Soldier* Stay In Camp.
WASHINGTON. April C.—The order
transferring the Ninth ckvalry. the
negro remiraent of the maneuver di
vision from San Antonio. Texas, to
the Mexican border for patrol duty,
was rescinded late this afternoon bv
the war department. This action fol
lowed a conference at the White
House. In which President Taft, Major
General Leonard Wood, chief of staff
of the army, and Representative
Garner, of Texas, participated. In re
* voklng the previous Instructions. Gen
eral Wood telegraphed Major General
Carter, commanding the maneuver di
vision to hold the Ninth oavalrv it
Can A _I s .l - . .
if* patrol of ihe border
The change In plans. It Is under
stood, was the result of the protest
from the border towns against the
assignment of the negro soldiers to
duty in their vicinity.
Rebel Leader Stole Mule.
AGUA PRIETA. Mex., April
"Red" Lopez, at the head of his band
of rebels, today stopped at i-'onteras
a passenger tain ruunlng from this
city to Nacozarl, compel !!ng the crew
to hold the train twenty minutes. The
passengers were not molested.
La>pez said he had learned that a
warrant was out for bis arrest In
Itouglas for stealing a mul t. r,n which
he made bis escape into Mexico, nn-l
he declared that unless thU warrant
was withdrawn he would stop the
movement of trains on ihe Nacozarl
Wril i
a, ■
Charleston Mayor and Board of Af.
fairs Must Name New Election
Bpw-ls; IXaoat'-h to the Tote , »n *r
CHARLESTON, W Va. April «.—!
The state supreme court to lay grant
ed a writ, of mandamus as*ed for ny
•he rlty Republican executive com
mlttee against Mayor Holly, or
Charleston and the board of affairs.
Compelling them to name as election
commissioners the list of names ref
ommended by the city committee
The order In part reads 1 Th*
court Is unanimously of the opinion
that the purpose of the statute is to
give representation of the election
board to the two leading parties and
that this purpose would be thwart'-l
In this rase If the wril did not go
Tf the committee exercise their right
within a reasonable time before the
election. It la the duty of the board I
of affairs to name those thus appoint
** If not otherwise oMccMonahl'- "
Bet Fir# to Depot.
PITTRH! RG. Pa. April B A for
elgn woman, enroute from ,\» w rg
lo f'hlrago, started a fire a UM I nlon
ntatlon of the Pennsytvan i rallr' ad
nere today, w hile preparing a meat irj
* »•••«•
trains the woman set „p an alcohol
lamp and lighted it t*om~ of the
spilled and bv ame ignited Railroad
o!Ffera put out the p,fe and had dif
ficulty In explaining to the woman n it
1» was not exactly proper to rook In
the station.
Baffling Murder is Found
skeleton found under floor
in Philadelphia
Ch>ld Wee Strangled to Death by
stocking and Hid by the
I’HlltAftfXPHIA. April f. (he
ake|*tnn of a 2 year old >,at,y that had
apparently lieen .Tangled i„ d« ith ■
■»«« dlarovered today ond'-r the floor
Iria of a ho.iM* at Third and Iterk
afreet, in the northeaetern *e>tMm nf
the rlty hy ptnrnhera encayed in m.ik
Iny repalra to the bathroom l
Th» flrat floor of the building Si a
•ntorm but the dwelling forthm had • I
Pel** Fighter’* Effort* to Escape
Term Fail in Higher
rior Judge Caban iss denied to-day the
appeal of prize fighter Jack Johnson
! from a fine of $100 Imposed on him by
Police Judge Conlan for automobile
speeding. The $100 fine was assessed
several weeks before Johnson was
sent to J ill for 25 days on a similar
I charge.
liner Aground
Near Gotham
Great Prinress Irene With 1720 Pas
sengers Helpless in Gather
ing Storm.
Life Guards Patrol Shore to Begin
Work of Rescue at Mo
ments Notice.
N'KAV YORK. April 6.—Seventeen
hundred and twelve passengers within
sight of the first of the big lights
which marked the finish of their trims
Atlantic voyage, spent a rleepless
night tonight on the grout Prinress
Irene of the North (iorman Lloyd line
fast In the sands ofT the seaward
const of Ixtng Island, on the edge of
the ’ grave'ard of the Atlantic" and
less than :.n miles from this harbor.
As night fell a high ground swell was
battering the full height of the vessels
After running her big nose in the
sand during the fog this morning, the
liner lay helpless throughout the day
surrounded hv tugs and revenue cut
ters: efforts to null her free at after
noon high title failed and because of a
rough sea no transfera of passengers
was attempted pending renewed at
tempts to drag her clear early tomor
row morning. If these fall, transfers
will he made to the Prinr. Freidrlch
W ilhelm, of the sane line, which w!IL
he Sent to the scene from her dock
here soon after day break.
In Bad Condition.
At low water this morning the
stranded liner lay with her length of
*-•» feet broaditde to the beach The
incoming tide, urct-d on with a wind
which had Increased to nearly 20
miles an hour rocked the vessel visl
bly as seen from shore. As the night
wore on life guards patrolled the
beach with surf boats and breeches
buoy in rprulin«'<* for anv pnwr^pnpy i
nnd pinned little faith in the sturdy'
efforts of thn tugs to pull the liner j
Captain Goddard and six veteran'
lifeguards who went nut to the Prln- 1
xess remained aboard nil nizht to help
reassure the more nervous passenger*
On the beach Captain Charles W
Maker remained In his oil skins with
six men ready to put out a life boat j
or shoot n breeches htiov line If condi
'Ions required.
Although the Increasing breere came
from the most undesirable quarter 1
the southwest. Captain Maker doubted
If It w wild develop into a r»al storm
and he assured the few onlookers that
'he liners watertight .omuHCment
would keep her dry even If the strain
fcprunz some of her plates.
Tn the eighteen hours the steamer I
had been stuck. „p to mid night, she I
hiul suffered no ai>rnrenr damage nl
though from bow to amidships the
hull was caught In the sand with con. I
siderable list to port.
Although a nnmtTcr of boat* man- I
euvre-d about th. Prince* no attempt1
was made to board h« r A visiting card 1
wa. cast up on the b. arh to night
‘°;'f1r>r ft,#' nan,*' #>f "M-* \fnnro*» p
E,H»“ an‘l written on the bark were!
the names of Mrs Inn* AVer at. t ,
Mrs Taft The Iden'lfv of these
senr« rs was not established
Cox N ried
Illness of Judge Delays Trial_New
Move to Remove Presiding
Judge .Began,
CINCINNATI. O. April t. illness |
•f fudge \V*n f, iH.-kson, appointed
' r presiding Judge Charic* J Hunt to
try George |> t.'ox. ..q -t perbiry rharge,
•tKlay caused u t|e|ay in the proceed
ing* un*!l Friday.
< <>l.l Mill <i . \t HI .• it ,t
log Attorney Henry T It n'. of Ham 11
ton county accompanied hy his As
• Mfnrnpv M*m*sr mm* fo c**. •
lumt.US today It Is SBl.l, tn enlist fhc .
Mid of the Supreme court in hi« fight’
'•> w. .r Judge \V f. Hickson off the
1 omruon pleas t^-nch as to trial Judge
for the i-rlury rase finding aralnat
c.-orge M r..», a h« urlpg w is set fori
seat Tuesday
not l.cen Of copied Wince |a*r Severn
Ker. when ThOBM* Cahill « ho eondiirt
'•d 'he «ilo<.n died Me aneceeded hla
brother John Cahill, who died in i**<iy
I he tatter* wife died ntx.«it two year a
ifer h>r hnatiand They had two
'•MMreit hath of whom are alive
rhfitnaa Cahill «a« a bachelor. Mince
• death flm btialnean haa letn in
~har*e of the attorney f».r the ea'ate
»ho recently aernred a new tenant
The Identity of the dead child la a
r vatery which the police and coroner
Kate hern nnahle .to aolvc An eld
>trx Iflnr t»ed aro'ind If* neck pcema
>■ Indicate that |t «aa atrancled to
ieath and then placed latwatb the
•o«rd# of Die flow.
* «“*»*'*^ v«f n.—ill
vestlgatlon Into charges of rehaflng
In which local coal and ore shipping
firms and the Lake Shore and Michi
gan. Pennsylvania, Pittsburg and
Lake Krle and the New York, Chicago
and St. Louis and other railroads
arp concerned, was begun bv the fed- ’
eral grnnd Jury here today.
Among other witnesses called to
day were Mr. Andrews, of the M. A
Hanna company: A. T. (Jrlest, audi
tor of the freight department of the
Pennsylvania line* west of Pittsburg,
and Hugo Oherg. of Washington, in
charge of government flies showing
'he shipping tariff between cities of 1
the Doited States.
Illsfrirt Attorney W. L. Day Is con- j
ducting the investigation, assisted by
Assistant District Attorney Joseph
£***.'. * ■ K Marshall, special agem
tor the Department of Justice, and
John H. Marble, attorney for the In- I
terstgte commerce commission.
Priest Cries; Denies Guilt Hit on Head
— 4* _
Gavel For Clark.
The business of the house was
Interrupted for a time today
to permit the presentation of
a gavel to Speaker Clark
The gavel Is a gift of the
speaker's constituents In Halls
county. Missouri, and is made
of onk cut from the apron log
of the first grist mill built 1
north of the Missouri river in i
Limit Field
Addresses Convention at Capitol_
Postmasters to Meet Next at
Bprrt.il pkMM Infatjtaa, mm
CHARLESTON. \V Vu . April .: -
Governor Glasscock ad Jressc] the
West Virginia postmasters today on
the "Postmasters in Politics, mlditirr
that he could sec no mason why a
person should be expected to sn ri
fice his citizenship because no held
the position of postmaster. Me did
not approve, however, of pernicious
actlv.ty on the part of federal office
holders, but thought they should t>.> .
given the same right to participate '
in political mutters as otli. r citizens
Hon. P. V Itrgrnw, fourth assistant
postmaster general, delivered a
lengthy address on the rural free de.
iHery. and aaatalni i r*... position of
the p<is* office department that mngi
zincs should not be given the privi
lege of using the second «lass ms Is
to distribute advertising matter for
which they derive large revenue nt j
the expense „f tfi». gov. rr'oor.t. which
yearly ha* to make up a irr. at de.
licit In the carrying of the mail*
A banquet to the visiting poi 'mas
tonlaht. jin«l a number of speeches
* *>re made
hlklna son for the meeting ptare
In June rt< *t year The following
officer* were elected hy the first. sc(
and and third class:
President. Romeo || freer, liar-'
nsvllle; Vice president, J. frank Hud
p*on. C 'bar?**pf T T
Huffman. Keyeer, trc*e irer, ff A l
Hall,. Weston
The fourth e|«s* elected Alev,
fwIn*, of Phkena. president, f u
Marflndnle. <.f f.owcli vie. nr> sident,
and Mr" K K Watson, of heed"
Hit-, secretary and treasurer.
Navy for Peace
Recommendation of Roosevelt, 1
Though M» Approve* of English
Peace Pact.
TAfOMA. Wash. April II Tn the'
roiirac of his address at the Stadium
Irelay. Colonel Roosevelt said:
"I earnestly welcome sue ti propria
"Is as those that have been made for
pmvtrlln* that any future difficulty
between OKTSelv.-S and the llrltlsh
• mplre, for Instance, shall he seftleit
•Ifher hy mutual a*r> ernenf or hy
the judgment of dtainterested out
•Idem. and. Indeed, aur || a calamity
is war between Amcric* and the
Hr1»lsh Km pi re Is, fortunately, un
"Hut don't for*et that a* yet we
ire a very Ion* wav from the mtilcn
um I hope and believe thal Mder |
lallnn* win alway* dr-"'r > to treat u*
lust)?. hiit | think that It hr dps them
>ut In their desire to know that we i
a flr*t-ciaa* navy." j(
Camorriats On Trial Become So Dis
orderly Court Is Ad
CAMOHRA is eloquent.
Moves Audience to Tears and
Prisoners to Outburst With
Dramatic Story.
VITER BO. Italy. April «—Ciro VI
tozzl, the priest, who weeplngly plead
ed that he hail celebrated masses for
the repose of th»* soul of the murdered
King Humbert, was called In the Court
of Assizes to-day to explain how mis
ery had acquainted him with such
■ Tange bedfellow s as Krricone, the
usurer, Rnpl. the gambler, nnd others
of the hand of thieves and cut throats
who made up the Neapolitan Catnorra.
It was Vltozzl who secured the re
1 * ' - O Krricone. whose proper name
Is Enrico Alfano. Ciro Alfano. Ibelli
atid Rapt when they were first arrest
ed. charged with complicity in the
murder of Cennaro Cuoccolo ar.d his
wife, the "Beautiful Horrent Ina." The
I>rlest went to the authorities and
su d that he had learned In the confes
sional the identity of the assassins,
anil that the men under arrest were
innocent, lie was believed, and not
only secured the freedom of his
friends, but subsequently denounced
!’•■ A n gel Is and Amadeo as the mur
derers These men had some difficul
ty In discrediting the priest
As he tec rifled today. Vltozil could
not, or would not. control his emotions,
nnd. aided hv his attorney, who Inter
rupteti with counter charges against
the t arablneers. caused such an up
roar In' the court that President Hi
Htichl was forced to sus|K-nd the sit
Ciro Vlto-zl told of his sufferings
through fat vs- accusations and the
efforts of the Carabineers, and de->
• rlbed h1s martyrdom so vividly and
In so touching a manner thnt all the
prisoners were soon In fears and manv
r>e the spectators In the court room
■otihe.l bitterly
Mel..a..— .*,, e....
XHhotich almost In a state of
Ihvsfcal exhaustion. X’lto/zl spoke
with a vigorous voire and at times
•»lth mc|«.dr-imatte ..ffcct ||, charged
the Carabineers With having treated
him • rnclly. (me of them hud strut ^
I'ttn In the fa* e he had been severely
I eaten and had been kept for dava on
bread and water l|« ended his re
Mini with a most effective peroration
m high flown language, and the
Ml* nee was broken only by sohbtng,
'hen one of the prisoners In the cage
• trlckid and fell to the door. It wss!
Xlinlclilrllo who had been stricken
with synope
Instantly the whole court room wss
in an uproar, and the men in the cage
sorked themselves into a frrnry,
rushing to and fro. shrieking and
hurling torses srslnst their eyeru
Iloners •• Krrlrone cried nut
"The world has never seen *u« h
' Mtinlbala*’*
"Our persecution Is a shame to
Ivilirutlon"* The others Joined in
o riling a din the like of which ha*
-cldom been heard In s court of Ins
Armed guard* w.-nt ln*o the rage
tnd carried Xtlnlehl* ||n out and restor
Hives were administered The presi |
bnf of the court promptly adjourned
he lining
form Civic League.
-p. '»t T"•f.str* tn ttie leoiiiscnrar
MAItTINHItrRf}, XV v« . April it — |
X new municipal civic league has
con organized here w Ith A It llarhv
resident C, VA M'Kown. Vice presi- I
l*nt: If I, Shaull. secretary, and T.
Imnn. treasurer.
Ole* on Train.
ninrrr. Mont. April «._|||r*m
k'nowle*. of Missoula. Mont. former
nlted States Iltstrlrt Judge for Mon
ana died suddenly this afternoon on
i train en route from Ogdeu to Hutto. |
j In Serious Condition From Slipping of
Heavy Hammer on Athletic
I ^IW^id to tf* trtelltgTcrr
I Bl CKHANNON. W. Va., April 6.—•!
t Fahrlon. a senior and track l
manager for im was badly hurt In an i
accident on the Weselyan College'
Athletic Held this afternoon. With
oth'-r track men ho was practicing
throwing a sixteen pound hammer
when he was struck upon the head snd
sustained a bail fracture of the skull.
In throwing the hammer it got awav
from the man wtio threw It and the
Injury was purely accidental.
Fahrlon w as hurried at once to the
city hospital where a difficult oper
ation was performed ThK evening
although dangerously hurt the oper
ation is so far successful and some
hopes are entertained for his reeov. j
End Treaty
Congressman Sulzer Would Have
America Cut Russia’s Friend
ship Over Jewish Issue.
W \SIIINf ,T< >N', April 0—Kepre-I
sentatlve Sulzer. of New York. Intro
duced in the house today a Joint re
volution directing the president to
terminate the treaty between the j
I'nlted States and Russia because of |!
discrimination cgainsi American cltl- j
zens of Jewlen origin Similar re- 1
solutions also have been introduced 1 ’
by Messrs Harrison and Goldfogle. of '
New York. The resolutions wa re re-I!
ferred to the foreign afTa'rs commit
tee. I'
A bill providing for the election of ‘
I’nlted States senators by a plurality
vote of tli* state legialatures was in- i
• reduced in the senate today by Sen
ator Root, of New York. The purpose ]
of the measure Is to prevent dead 1 t
locks In elections. • ,
Tariff Legislation. i
Representative Iturienon of i
Introduced in the houn* to <lny f
budget of tariff legislative Mil* |P-.>
vliltntc that many articles It* placed
on the free ||«t. Including leather,
hide*, hoots and shoe*, harness, wire
nail*, of wrought Iron or steel, salt,
cotton tiagging. gunny rloth and other I
Inquire Into Panama.
A resolution based upon a recent i
aascrtlon b> former President Rouse-1
velt that ' h<- took Panama front the t
republic of Colombia without consult- c
Ing congress'' Hnd providing for an «
Investigation Into the legality of this <
nation'* a>'Ion In procuring the canal c
gone, was Introduced In the house to f
day by Mr Raney, of Illinois. r
Prominent Philadelphian. Cralqe Up
pir.eott, Pound Dead With BuUet
In Head.
PIIII.AItKf.lMIIA April A Cr*ie*
Upptncott. head of the publishing
house of .1 It. I.lppincott company and
prominent In the financial and social
life of the city, ahot and killed him
•elf early to-day In his mamUIcnt
home, 2|t West lllttenhouse Rquare
The cause that fed M* I.lppincott to
end his life Is no* definitely known
eycept that an authorised statement
given ont hy an officer of the publish
ing company stales that he shot and
killed himself during a period of
temporary alwrrafIon
T*1 VIATIlft
Western Pennsylvania sag Ohio—Cool
er sod yenav-ellv fair rvMsy; I*<nr1«t
fstr, slightly warmer; moderate waet
winds hoc aw lag variable
Wsov Virginia—Ooalov Friday with ,
•huwars, followed hy feta; Saturday fair | I
Boat Turns Turtle
Girls Dressed In Purple and Whits
Refused Admission to
Special DlejMtch to the Intelligencer
MARIETTA. O.. April 6.—Forty live
or the fltty-flve girls In the junior
claes at the Marietta high school have
been refused admittance to the school
by the principal as a result of their
coming to school dressed In white
and purple They at once went on
strike and paraded the streets to-day.
Join Greater
Guyandotte Votes to Go Into Hunting
ton at Municipal Election
Democrats Elect City Ticket—Other
Cities of the State Hold
spr' Ini Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
HI NTINGTON, W. Va.. April 6.—
Guyandotte. the second oldest town In
West Virginia, to-day voted by a ma
jority of 125 to become a part of Great
er Huntington. Numerous attempts
have been made before to have the
town adjoining Huntington on the east
to be annexed to this city, but all met
with failure until to-day. The wets
won In a hard fight by a majority of
fifty, and this victory practically In
sures that the board of commissioners
of Huntington will grant liquor li
censes for that section of the city.
The Democratic ticket was elected
without opposition, but those offlclals
will serve only until June, when Guy
andotte will become a part of Hunt
ington. The annexation gives Hunt
ington an increased population of ap
proximately 2,000.
Citizens Win
In Election of Morgantown—Republi
cans Get Only Two Council

Fpe'-lnl Dispatch to the Intelligencer
Candidates on the fit Irens ticket were
victorious at todays election with the
exception of two counclliuen on the!
Republican ticket from the Second
und Third ward w ho were elected by j
small majorities. The Socialists'
nartv rpr#iml n v*»rv email mto
lid not succeed In electing a candl
Edward G. Donley, was re-elected j
mayor with a majority of 191. The
rote follow^ Mayor—Donley <C) $60,
K. M. Grant, 1R1 €59. For Recorder—
Hiarles W Phillipps. (Cl 747, .lurries
r> Gmnnlnger, (R» 72fi. Councilman. I
First ward—Harry Sanders, (C) 131 j
\. Zaner. (Ri fid. Second ward—W. |
l WurnliatiKh iCr 13$. Roy Harner (R) I
!R4. Third ward—John Alexander (C) I
ICO. W f Kelley |R| l$2. Fourth
sard—R D. Rarrlcltman I Cl Idn E
*. Furlong (Rt 139. Fifth ward—R
8- Price (On both tickets*.
Parsons Elects

Dnly One Ticket In the Field, and I
the Vote Wa# Very Light..
'pm 'el nisnsfrh to the In'elltgeni-er
PARSONS. IV. Va.. April d.-Th*
■IfUens- ticket was the only ticket in
he field today, and vas elected It I
s composed of J. p. Scott for mayor, |
fames Hedford for recorder, council- |
nen: First ward. J. R. Jenkins; Sec
>nd ward Robt Price; Third. Chaa
laker The vote was very light,
inly two hundred and sixty votes be
ng rast out of nearly five hundred
Democratic Victory.
;r» li! t enet. I. t.. ">e Intelligencer
WTLUAIMON. IV Va.. April d._!
n the municipal election held to-day
t IVilllamron the entire I>emorratic
Ickct. headed by A. C. Pinson for i
uayor. was elected by s majority rang- I
ng from l'io to 15(V The license qnes
lon did not figure In the election.
NOTGllll.TY |
Irock Acquitted of Charge of Ateault 1
Made by Girl.
ir-e. let t-Upetrh to the Intelligencer
FAIRMONT. April fi The Jury In
he rase of l.loyd Hrock. charged with
rlmlnal assault upon Mlntle Cottrlll,
l<^yesrold girl, returned a verdict
f not guilty at 4 p m Thursday The
ate was argued hy the state and de
man yesterday evening The court (
oom was crowded with spectators , t
'he rase has attracted a great deal !
f attention. : (
Terse Telegi
sai.rstn iu;. p* The typho.d
ever epidemic at laelln. near here, a
tfrlhtited to the ronriimptlnn of
holera tainted pork and to a con
atnlnated nater atipply.
HTRAITOS, X Y Samuel fiold
•etn. a rabid of Montreal «*a la
tried by the federal grand Jury here
tvdat on a charge of amnggllng 101
ncvt diamond* Into the lnltetl
PITTRnURO- Mr* A Stafford ha*
ad her htiahand. Michael, arreated
n the ground that abenerer he get*
ngry at anr one elee he beat* her I
I* mtt»t par a line of 0100 or «prnd
It month* in Jail 1
MAXOVKM, Ind— All precedent In1
dam baa been broken, according to a I
Drown when Stsamsr Honry A
Laughlin Capsisss in
! Tr*0*dy Follow* Storm Naar pitta
burg Early Thia
Three persons Including two women,
wore drowned at 12 so o'clock thla
morning, when high wind overturned
th« Steamer Henry A. Lsnghlln, of tit®
\ rata < oal Company, and sent It to
the bottom of the Mnnnngahela rivsr.
ke. | upward at Vesta No. 1. near Al-'
o'nport. Eleven other memtiera of tha
crew. Including Captain Thnmaa C\»-<
caln. had narrow escapes In awtmmlnr
to shore. The dead
JANE LAWRENCE. chambermaid.
--;-—. fireman.
Several of the crew are reported t®'
have been slightly Injured In escaping
from the overturned boat. The $70,MR
wreck completely blocks the channel,
a small portion of the keel remaining1
above the water.
Hit by Wind.
The steamer Laughlin. on the ways
Up to Vesta No. 4 mine for a tow of
loaded cargoes, passed lock No 4 at IP
o'clock last night As It r-ached Vesta,
No. l mine it began to rock and pitch
violently In the wind. Then without
warning a gust blowing with cvclonl®
xelocltv struck the side of the boat
and turned It completely over. All had
been asleep on board except the usual
night force. Few arc able to account’
fur their escape. With a heavy splash
that rolled waves high on the opposlt®
bank of the river the Laughltn'a cabin
and pilot house struck the water and
was borne to the bottom.
Craw Cams Up Lika Corks.
Mcmh. rs of the crew, like corks re
leased below the depths, rose to tha
surface with large bubbles that formed
and burst around the overturned boat.
It Is believed many were washed bodl
1' from their beds by the inrush of
the water and swept out to safety.
" hen they had reached shorn all re
ported to the captain except the cook,
the chambermaid and the fireman.
Their crews, seeing the lights of th®
latughlln suddenly go out, and hearing
the roar from the boilers, the steamer#
Hraddoek and Twilight hurried to th®
scene, but nothing could be done.
'York will begin to-day In an effort
to raise the boat. The dead members •
of the orew are thought to be still In
the boat—the women's bodies lmptta
nned In their berths; that of the fire
man fast in the boiler room.
Lorimer Mum
Refuses to Discuss Efforts at Wash
ington to Reopen Bribery
JOHNSTOWN. Pa.. April • -»
United States Senator Wn. I-orltner,
of Illinois, who came her* today on
private business. • would not discuss
a senator by the legislature at Spring
Held, 111., neither would ho comment
upon the resolution of Senator 1-a.FoV
lette, introduced In the senate at
Washington to-day, calling for a re
opening of the Lorimer case by a sen
ate committee.
When Mr. I»rlmer received the
news of the I.aFollette resolution, bn
"I make It a rule never to discuss
for publication matters which affect
me personally."
The senator was accompanied by,
the Very Rev J. F Green, O. 8. A..
8. T. IT, president of 8t. Rita's col
lege of Chicago, and W. A. Keating, a
Chicago engineer. They came tiers
to witness a demonstration of a tun
neiling machine which Is digging a
hole through a hill n few miles front
this city for the Valley Stone A Coni
Company The senator said he had.
planned to leave for Washington at
lO-.M tonight and until be reachsd'
the capital about S: 40 a. m , his plans
"would he more or less indefinite.'*
New Inquiry.
WASHINGTON, April 4.—Senator
1-aFollette today Introduced a resoln
tlon providing for another inveatigg.
lion of the Senator Corimer case. It
names aa the committee of investiga
tion Senators Works, of Californian
Fownsend. of Michigan. Mrl-ean. of
Connecticut; Kern, of Indiana, and
Pomerene of Ohio. No •'/n wan 1
aken. aa Senator I.aFollette Intends
<> apeak upon the resolution another
BIRMINGHAM. Ala. April g — An
nouncement Wi,R made here to-day at
i merger committee to work out ths
letall* of the ronaolldation of the Aim
am» Consolidated ( oal A Iron Com
>any, the Southern Iron A Steal Com.
M»ny and the laike llorgne Canal Coim
The name of the new company wftl
■e the Alabama Consolidated Coal,
mn A Steel Company
The company conaists of Cecil Grwo
ell. l.ondnn. Henry H Melville, Mon
real; Charles Hayden. Boston; Ben
iamin strong Jr.. New York, and AV>
■sander J Hemphill, Birmingham.
raphic Tips I
oMor ro<-o|rrd from a mlaalonarp
irro. a hrn »h*' hody of King ( but*
or>r1'»-n waa rromatod In plaro of
yin* In atato for throo roar* ’3
BOSTON John Golding, a god Irtt,
ound drunk on tho atroot, la proto
|hly tho nldoat man to hr arroatod on
ho rhargo In thia city
KENOSHA. \Vl« - Waltor Burk*
*'»* olortod to tho hoard of adoration
irro a foar daya ago. on a campaign
>naod on hontx na tralnod nuraoa and
atloaha for tho woman rot ora
NK>A YORK- Momboya of titan
troohlyn Inatltnto of Alia na4
h-lanrra. aho atrurt Dr. Prodorten
k foot from tholr roll, to-night pra.
ontod \dmlral Robort K Poarr altk
' rortlflraio ,J honorary momhoraklgb

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