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nntrrr the weather
‘ W' ^ R*,n VVadneaday; Thursday Unaat
_ _111_,
VOLUME L 1 X., NO. 199 WHEELING, W. VA., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 j 9 1 1 ~ ~~7~_ _-"
is-n ______* ’ L Nl1, PRICE TWO CENTS
Caucus on
fnderwood Bill Endorsed and Is
to Come I p in I'ontfress
Partial Program for Congress
.Mapped Out at Democratic
Meeting I.ast Night
WASHINGTON. April It.— K.-elproc
tty with Canada and a farmers' free
list. It was decided at the Democratic
caucus held here to-night will he the
legislation taken up In the order
named by the present house of repre
sentatives. The woolen and cotton
echedules, according to present indi
cations. will follow.
On the free list will he included j
those things which the farmer needs!
most, namely, agricultural implements,
dressed meat aud meat products, dour,
rough lumber, boots, shoes aud sad
dles. wire fencing, baling w ire. cotton
bagging, cotton ties, bagging ties, bur
lap and salt.
On many of these products the pres
ent tariff is practically prohibitive,'
and there are few importations of'
them on that account.
The caucus voted a straight en
dorsement of the I’nderwood reciproc
ity bill, 128 ayes. 29 uoes and six
voting present.
The caucus added a provision to the
Cnderwood reciprocity bill, calling on
the 1’resldent to continue negotiations
with Canada with a view to estab
lishing further reciprocal trade rein
tlons Mr. Fitzgerald. New York.
* fought this prevision but he was voted
It is probable that the Canadian bill '
will be introdueed Thursday. Tin1 in- :
troduction of ibis bill ami the farmers'
free list hill us caucus measures will
not stand in the way of immediate
introduction of the three important ,
measures—popular election of sen
ators. publicity before election of cam
paign contributions and statehood fori
Arizona and New Mexico.
The caucus decided to nppolnt an
organization committee to work out
the matter of patronage.
Another caucus is to be held to de
house following the passage of Uio
. reciprocity ansi free list bills.
Mingo Murder
Physician Charged TTMh Killing of
Man at Naugatuck.
WILLIAMSON, XX'. Vn. April 11 —
. I»r. R. L HsUdon, a prominent phy
sician of Naugatuck, was placed on
trial In the Mingo criminal court at
Williamson today, charged with the
murder of Grover Waldron at \aiig.t
tuck, one year ago Although the case
■»as ral!?d on last Friday, it required
three days to secure a Jury to try the
defendant, who Is or.e of the most
prominent physicians of southern
West Virginia Today the introduc
tion of evidence was I -gun l.y the
Voting Waldron, who was killed.
, was the son of Dr. M. H ,
w-elt known physician of Naugatuck
There has always Is-, ri a veil of m>*
up to the tragedy, and It is expected
that some sensational evidence will I..
Offered before the eh.se of ri,.- case
The murder took j.'ac.. near the
Naugatuck depot about i<> o'clock -t*
right Waldron was stabbed w.tl a
knife and d'.-d from the wound w >hin
a short time In an ant*- rnortent
statement he stated that l»r Unladen
bad stabbed him. According to the
evidence offered frsda\ hr Ha den
was walking along the track when
some one threw a beer bottle at l.trn
Young Waldron was the I r # mat. to
met and acc.is«-,| ),.m r,f throwing
• the bottle Wnldmn resented the r«
murk and stm< k Hgisdcn The next
Instgnr Waldron dropped to the tr:.« k
Mortally »otinded
lif Haisden claims he acted in self
defense The trial is * xpected to take
tip all of the pr» ent wreck
Senior Brisaeo Dead
KVV Fit A N't THFt». x pr|| ft \t f
ham Retgwo, f-.n . r of f>, ,j ,,,
Frederick lit laseo. of the-itrir-i! f;,r ..
died In San Fran# isco tori-, • n
htitne of h;s 'laughter. Mrs M F Mr,
f r.
Recover 110 Bodies
1 X NM.It I . Xj r | I 1th 11 ■
bMies removed front ti e llanos r tnlt.s
ii'i i'> > t, r ijr)i u» nU*M. |t him pf !•< t *
# *| t ^ fftff A f . j ’#f |
»r>r>vf iritiUfj fr,f#. rtiorflint'
tr* —
Rainey After Trust Busters
Want* Inquiry to Determine if Wi'krr
abatn la Disqualified for Cabinet
by ' Outeid* Work "
WUHtllMiTON \ |.r i I II Peek,nit
t>arfIrqlarly l« r nuirn wl.Mhef After
ne» r.er.nral W ™ k*-r«t :«m ban abv
i-l't. #mpfnymr-ri' *l,|< h »«> <|
disqualify him from l'i tnlilnt’
• ion. It« pr< rntatlvn Malory, „t lilt,
not* ft, f|*y h 'ro ! ir.u| n f ' < i i|
elari»u| to o|.< r ilm »ay for a thoro .’h
fn»e tirat ,n of the (.artmenf of ) JH
Mr Kulnev ha* attacked tke t|e|>»q
m*fif nf Jif*t|rn l.«*ror>. an a tn* Mile r
tarty in ronirol
Tbn raaolutkm referred to the com
fnlt . r- «,n rill* M f that a rnm
mlf ■••o of nlfro tfi»mbrr« of fho htitix .
* lorn<rfi,i* and fhroo |r< puMknn*
■ »*!»**» ttir Ir.w>at|raflnfi. and If
»■ w an appropriation of ff'.,n..n to
>ov<r thn >*p>n«o It dlroota *
fl.or xirii Intfnlry Info all * aor« |r, .t|
",t‘•! it iho Mtorman a' M trn t
’•a and »br rot -nodltioa rlanao of
M. f.htirn railroad rytn i„ * n„d to
"* • nyin raooo. |f any worn
drf |.[.od and Iho rraaon* thrr< foro
Mf llalnoy a r* olntlnn a loo r«n
lomplafoa an lnr|<ilry Info th« appro
prla’lona to fho «|. riarfmont of J., .tiro
for . M plnrmi af »f afolal .<„,n.y|
ho* f *potHlf'd and In what m y,
y'-o <• haf porlal »onn*n.| now f« om
P I and upon what * ira*>f,r of
• •rk,
' I
- ——4> ju ■ - - — :
Dr. Hyde to
Get New Trial
Supreme Court Hold* That Evidence
of Improper Nature Wa* Ad
mitted at Trial.
K ANSAS CITY. Mo..'April II.—Dr
H. Clark Hyde, convicted after a sen
sational trial, of the murder of Colonel
Thomas 11 ?v o|n-. a millionaire
phllanthoplHt. was to-day granted a
n<-» trial by the Missouri supreme
court, sitting at Jefferson City. I>r
llvile has been In the county Jail at
Kansas city nearly a year following a
sentence to life Imprisonment.
Hyde received the rrnwm—ffWarTy
When the other prisoners learned tlie
import of the news a minute later
they crowded around Dr Hyde snd
congratulated him For the first time
since his Incarceration he mingled
with his fellow prisoners
Attorneys ask* I the highest court
In the state for a n« « hearing, charg
Ing error In L'.'.'i point * These In
cluded the following allegations: That
the Indictments were illegal and the
evidence insufficient to support the
allegation: that competent testimony
was barred and Incompetent tesfl
mot r received; that prejudicial re
marks were allowed l.v the prosecutor
and bv the court that the court
should not have revoked little’* bond
'hu ng the trial, amt that the verdict
f it the result of passion and preju
Suspend Chief
Mannington Council Act* Against
Police Head—In Office Only
Ten Oay*.
*■*' ' 1 ’ f litelltrrn «r
MANNIN*’.TON, W V.i. April II —
F< Milt e Investigations, Chief of Police
W K Moore has been suspended for
t. n 'lavs l.v council lie will he given
a trial •‘<*.n by that !.ody. charged
with drunkenness and conduct unite
' “tiling an offtc r Moore has been In
',fr ‘ r"f out* ten .lavs, but It I*
r .*-ri-'I rtinr yest.-rday be was seen
“n the streets Intoxicated At n *e*.
iou •>' council held ln*f evening, hi*
1*1 ““ unl'l the charges agatmf
I could lm 1n vestleat'-d. was or
der. d
Hurl Infant OH
■ t W'spnnr -e Newspaper Thrown
From Tn « Window «o
1ST fill rtr<it,|. n. April II
rt. .| tr it, wind'-xr ,.r >,
"" ,u "'•I- 1 • f ' female Itifan*
uad’c a'f'I.V.hu’t.'r'Umg’Vl^r
»"* ' • '*'» '•••*«<« IWeen
• * P r-. ir-.nd tracks 1^ mile*
f tt,.« “It. If Ml' hsel l.vp.-h a
I I- Is t* . oplnl- n “f the It.-s „r
rthocltp s that tbs rhtbl was
Insists Rules Committee Reappointed
His Old Selections on
Full Committees for House Named, In
cluding the Republican As
-I- I
i r
Hughes (R.)—Census nml Ac
Brown <R)—Ranking and Cur
rency nml Immigration.
L>lttlepnice (U.>—Mines nnd
Mining and Insular Affair*.
Hamilton (Ri—Military Af
fair* and Invalid Pensions
und Industrial Arts and Kx
I positions.
Haris <R>—No. * KWtton !
Committee and Judiciary.
‘ f
WASHIXC.TOX, R C. April 11.—It
rei|utrei| over two hour* in the House
of Representative* to-day to elect Its
new committees. It was the first time
in hixtor) that the committee* had
been elected.
Former Speaker Cannon taunted
the Democrat* with having approved
a* the Republican representative* on
the various committees practically
the same men whom he n.. Speaker
bad put nn these committees In the
last House. The Republicans i barged
the Democrats with gross unlalrn--**
i 1,1 cutting down the minority member
ship on the mo t lmt<orrant commit
Mr. I’nderwood. i* « Democratic
leader, replied that the Denif., rats
I bad based Hie proportionate r. presen
ilation on the foruralt’-'- i strictly ac
cording to the I•• tnocra'ir majority In
, the House Itself,
"This Is moreover.” be anld. "the
first time a lull, -rlt> lender tins been
, permitted n-ui.e hi* committees and
has had th« -n adopted by t' .. majority
without dotting ">ii I or crossing a t."
Tins statement was cheered loudly
I, ,d»r M;inn rlfrd n
numbf-r of nltry,,! ln<-nn»i*f,Tirln», and
hl« anrntnontr wi-r»* anrotidnd by
M««*r* '‘nnnon nnd linrdnur. of Van
Cannon Prrdieta Trcuble
"Thai I nind«* in ';>kmi f* nndnubt
odly inn>," ‘••' d Mr * ,,nni>n. |
w"" r<‘a|Kin«lb'n for M . nrcntmllnn
of rnnimtil. and 1 d'd 1* hnn«.»Mr
I ba\i' no atinliiyfoa In luiltr | would
lllcn In a«-n 11,0 S I, r, nr fjm way*
nnd fm-nn* room . nr I hr- minority
In;,dor Him non Id nrrantxr, rhn c„m.
(Contlnnrd on trioth r«y4 g
CartlMtntn •« S I In p. Oa,p„n«.bl»
For $f.6|t7 ", Short ,n Sattla
ef*rr!iit rn-r *n r * r - tt’rnfwar
* 'll \IM i - ro’x p \ a April II —
i 'i l. • f tl f »,
baa b. - n fllrd with tbn nr.iir.lv , : .rk
• m . f t .■ ■
of Ibla an.- -I , ala.
An »y„i i- «ii,.„ . f > t. wr,| h
I WBa nnlv vlvt, nwt l—rn l-.da (at. *.
annnaa rail r th n an , fl.tri t,,
d- fraud |an all. .1 In Ih , , t
; •h*- »» abrrll Th audit |
I. « r|..d talar, n Jut* I ' . ... t
II, ism ■ a
h..«.-,.r. at 11 dt. mia v-hi h
b-Id mil-)- t I ad). inM.m fha
j mur'a Th. an an,. , nl. I . f 4 1
ri.r I hr f.,nr trail
t i Idol, ■ f . I fa ,dl, i I . x | „ , r ,f
•I I * intm arm I ■ ,
n r,‘ ti
N«“*t m 0ootteggc>r.
Ffarlol 1 ■ | I '. • . .1 l , . |, . rr
nr.AHK II lli; U Va . \ r,rl1 It
\ vnrdim nf a. , n> ,| m. t.'.irn.d
n tbn only ■ i • I. d In fmlrml cniirt
today. T*,nr HUH,. r*f thfa ,.,„in,v
**»»• • m ' d It, »r.A . „t
*,f 'ml mint It, e lui'.-inal pa Valid*
Indict Two
For Holocaust
Owner* of Triangle Waist Co. Held
Responsible For Death of
145 Employes.
Accused Take Their Indictment Calm
ly—Other Indictments Are
to Follow.
NEW YORK. April 11.—Isaac
Harris and Max lllanck. owners of the
Triangle Waist company were Indict
ed this afternoon by the grand jury,
which Is Invent'- itlng the clrcum
1 stani es of the Washington Place fire
1 of March 25. In or as a result of
which 145 employes of the company
l<“t their lives.
I he Indictments, four In number,
charge each man with manslaughter
In tho first and second degrees, the
maximum penalty for which Is 2i> and
i*ti years imprisonment respectlvely
Harris and lllanck were arrested at
'their h' lii* a. arraigned and after en
tering pleas of not guilty went re
I* .. *• «! und* r $25,000 ball.
The indictments charge that the de
fendant* are responsible for the death
• >t Ro«de rlrasso and Margaret
! 'iw art/, whose charred bodies were
bi .nil on the ninth floor of the burned
h tiding Tho Uraaso girl was 16
.* irs old: Margaret Sihwnrts was 12.
1 The* district attorney hopes to pn>vo
'that the g.ils tried the door on the
n Pli floor In an effort to escape. but
il was blocked. A charred piece of
''li" door in question with tb» ls.lt
-In was shown to th« grand Jury as
w«ll as a jiart of the burned stairway.
\ f<-w minutes nfterward tbe Indict
ments were returned Other Indict
ments may follow.
Judge O. Sullivan gave the defend
ants until April 15 to withdraw their
pit* is of not guilty. Iloth took their
prrest calmly. A special benefit mat
• I*.* o hr ti e aid of sufferers from the
tire was belli at the Metropolitan
»iwnn»: hh'i t ... " ii" irniicru.
New Steerers
Democratic Committee In the 9em»te
Announced With Martin
aa Chairman.
WASHINGTON, April 11 -The
TWinoiralh Inemtier* Ilf the aleerina
commit!** of the ornate were an
runinerd in ntrli* Mr \| .rtln. of Vlr.
|r‘ 'tin I • ad* them a* chairman and the
n't art named a* member* are Miner*
•'nit* . aon of T >. .*, Slnunoti*. North
Gnrollna. ('Inrti-, \rk.mAa*; Hatik
' tu ad. Alabama, Ftefrher. Florida;
I William*. '1 l**lw«lpp| Kirn. Indiana
.and lllteheoek. Nebraska Thn lant
n*o r* lTeaetit *h«< pronounced prn
arr**lv*i element in tlie aenale.
Si-na'or Marl'n. the chairman of the
11 N-morrnl!r raiiru-*, who framed th«
, loinr Itlee. bail announced hi* tnlt nt
lon of Kivinc the now and protrrearlm
Senator* fair r* prrwcntntlon
le to Be Started at Pancoaat Mine
Into Beeent Fatal Fire.
SfRANTON. Pa. April 11. Con
trlb iiioiia of I' .'Min i iw h were mad*
1 lay hv flm Temple Iron rnni] nlit,
t.el,trh Valley f'on| company and th«
"like* llnrro foal company. hrlmrtna
• to pan mot Mine diwnwter fund up to
I3f. * Id!
fur m r Valfrr fod annnunred
* i n v to i • ndu' f the linini at |t ia
it tiled t.» former S* nnfor f p
t I' will, a bn |a a nun na engineer.
Birthday of Mughee
W A *III \< ITO V, April II The pea
on of I'Htdava la on in the Hui*Tetne
♦ • otrt of tlie I pit. d Slat** Tod v I*
it» l"th anniversary ..f the blrt.i of
ia*r will t>« r,:> year* old and Juwtlce
I*av will *>e Kj v«ara old and Juatlrc**
1 Vundo'cuter *2,
1 _ * * ” ” “-+ ._
Municipal Improvement League
The purposes of this association are as follow*:
First r > Induce the citizens of Ohio county. Irrespective of partv, to
tak- a more earnest and active part in municipal affair*.
Second- To disseminate Instructive Information relative to public mat
ter* within Ohio County
Third To promoli* th* businesslike. honent and efficient conduct of the
public offices within tho City of Wheeling and Ohio County, and the
thorough Investigation and discussion of the conditions and details of city
administration therein.
Fourth—To promote the choice of competent officials, and to encourage
the faithful performance of public duties
Fifth To secure the enactment and enforcement of laws for the eco
nomical, Intelligent and progressive management of municipal and county
The merchants, property owners and other citizens who are back of
this movement, want to Invite every good citizen to become a member
Thero Is nothing secret about it. Every man In this community who be
lieves In the city being run honestly and on a business basis Is solicited to
Join We fully renllze that every Grafting Politician, everv Ward Heeler,
every leader of any cause that lives by his wit and graft will be opposed
to us. and will impute false motives to the movement.
Outside of the rivlc side of the question, the merchants, propertv
owners and every workman that owns a home Is In danger of having the
value of his hu: 'ness or home cut in two. Why? Simply because a crowd
of rowdies and anarchists have Intimidated the'people and officers of the
law to such an extent that the owners of three of the largest mills In
our vicinity have given orders to its manager that If anv more of their
workmen nre shot or beaten up. that these mills will be closed forever.
What does that mean to this community? A loss of over JH.OOO.OOO an
nnally in pay rolls The same corporation owns two of the other largest
mills: combined, paying out over IT.drtfi.Ooo a year A thousand cities in
our country would gladly raise n million dollars or more and pay them
to locate In their midst, and it would mean the best Investment anv city
ever made. This organization has only one end In view—good govern
ment. nnd arousing the people to put a stop to the anarchy that has pre
vnlled nnd that has placed this community In the position It Is In.
Kverv working man Is especially invited to Join us We believe that
ninety-nine per cent. Of the working men are honest and believe In the city
and country 1 ■ i run honestly. What does this movement mean to tho
carpenter, painter, plumber, hrlcklaver or mechanics of anv kind* Good
government means that we can keep the pay rolls we now have- -that tb«
Hoard of Traand Husincss Men’s Association will he able to get dozens
of new Industries that., will mean steady work for every man—with hun
dreds of new houses being built.
Mr Hart on. the head of ihe T.abor Bureau, states of all the lnqnlries for
sites that he has received the past year, not one requested Information
nbou* Who i'ug Merchants, professional men. working men. It 1s np to ns
mase \\ lu cling what she should he with her great natural resources, one
of tho best, most progressive and most prosperous cities In this great coun
try of onrs.
V. e morelv want to say further, this movement Is not agalnFt anv organ
lzntlon or business. There is one crowd, and only one—the Grafter and
Anarchist—and we are against him regardless of what organisation, church
or society he belongs to
Big League Season Opens
Weis Win
Republicans Control Council and Elect
Mayor and City Col
TV*i>utrh l<i the IntrllliteTicer.
WKIJ^IlLRU. W. Va.. April 11.—
The i lly cii.lien Id Wrllsburg today
closed Ole- ef the warmest political
battb r. in a number of years. The Ro
poblli ■ • ctm 0 I. i laid*eii rm
ii )>>r .»' d 11* nry \. Simitlo city wi
ld ter and tn.isitrer. while the lietno
crats eleefi-d <, \\ . Robinson chief of
Ih'IIi e. The town voted wet by a ma
jority of 122 votes.
On the i-IuhiI Imnd Issue for fhS.ntvi,
the Issue carried by the necessary
three fifths vote w ith a majority of 11.
The new council, with the notd overs,
will stand Republicans 5 and !>emo
rmi« ." Tim council fight to-day rc
sulteil as follows:
First ward i-t'cvc West (p ), 134;
A. II Nolnml llt.t. 121. West's ma
orltjr. It.
s. cot 1 «■ ird William T-etnfarth
tlti. 12?: Smith .1 Scott (R.), 14?.
Scott’s majority, 2?
Third ward Frank Rlefle IP.). tn<>;
fjeortte l’. Nlcholls (ll.J, 140. Nlch
oll's majority, 31
Fourth ward .Tames fltlkev (P.l,
142: ( hnrlcs Withrow (R.), 137. (ill
kev's nmlorllv. 3
Tho rote on the head of the tlpkef
In detail follow *
' !*¥* i]
orriPtm > s ^ j
f ~y r *
i w n'-« ■ n'S if! in hi n« r,;«
n I* .i'll IH' lllll llllf
t *alif ne!| If* *
r tv t,,r
i ('ark M ila.* »t*> *n (* 1n« ntft
. •• ' m. i •> <K !«: 1*7 In; i*. *

i IV | i .| ,,n III) 1" i|5l UMinill
It *' ' I* M I I. I II 121 l.o ‘ 1

ft. .f.l if I!., .r ■
I" m » • »• i.... t;*‘t'jt*i tit f*t
•*» " . '■ .Ilf., i I 4 1 III ! 41 I * > ! I
« « kin ..... f * t ; ;
Fm l.i <<•<» ... !•: t** tt" tl* *7|
A««ln- if1.. i*e. ft IIS 12' us |
• ' .......... r if." m: m: *"»
AraJnal „
Drowns in Stream
S»'r*n-»n finnq Home for Eaatrr
Ov#rh(.|f,if!l in Swotlr*
Stream With Tram.
fiW.UPl'f IH. n. At-rll II William
V Holden. '*'• <1 . I« ira. a Irwvrllne
ral« tnaii of t’hl.iiifelph n, l*a , «*•
drowned t:; • r.h . f In sv. me* opek
OalMa * ''!i! **. when ho attempted
lo drtte n I. ..in aer*. the flooded
• re. | i f T. t I. ' f. rd Thn Node
rfrnvpu l tft ’ vr
• •
'It month« nd when drowned *d
oft fil* w a• In ■ to *|w-fid the Para
over *• . .on with hi* parent* He wa»
one of »i* liroth'r* and war a famoua
.amateur fea««h*U and football player.
Eight Game* Scheduled To-D»y, But
Weather Man May Interfere
With Conteeta.
Pittsburg Opens at Cincinnati and Im
mense Crowd Will Attend
First Game.
vrrw YORK. April 11.—Of the eight
rifles which have been selected for
the opening games In the major
league baseball season to-morrow,
only one is reasonably euro of fair
weather. According to messages re
ce|\« d here to-night briefly predicting
the local probabilities. Boston alone !«
look ini' for a clear sky WP*i 'hie
except'on. conditions are reported as
The itefrolf fana are most In fear
of showers for fhe opening to-morrow
afternoon. Cincinnati and Chicago
nlso look for light showers, and there
are "possibilities" of rain In Wash
ington. Philadelphia and New York
Sf {.nuts reports min to-night with a
, cloudy sf'ermath probable to-morrow
Notwithstanding the Interference
which the skies may threaten, the day
In expected to be a warm one In every
dfx except Boston, where the promise
of clear skies 1* discounted by predic
tions for a probably cool day.
The opening games are;
National league.
Brooklyn at Boston.
Philadelphia at New Tork
Pittsburg st ctnclnnatL
f*t fjouts at Chicago,
American League
New York sf Philadelphia
Boston at Washington.
Chicago at TDetroit
Cleveland at St Pouts
Tgft to Pitch Plret Ball.
WARHfNOTON. April ll(_pre*f.
dent Tsf* fo-dar received his annust
pass, which entitles him to admission
to games played anywhere on the
American le-ague circuit during the
l!M! season, and to-morrow with Ms
jor A W B'lft. hi* personal aide, and
Secretary Mtlle*. he will occupy a box
down In the front row at American
league psrk here to see fhe Nationals
and Bostons open the season.
Ths President will toss a hall from
his box to start the gams Walter
Johnson will not pitch In this opening
| =_ w--- - _____
Terse Telegraphic Tips
VFW nnr.KWl»—d*nmMda»»h|n dam*
wax d>'ll* in rropa and prnpxrtv
In Cnniral lamlalnnn m-d»r hr rain,
hall and wlndxt<>rma At t’nvtmrmn
xrxnral rratdrn>oa a am ahaknn fmm
ih. i? fonndatlona Tn Naw orlaana.
lh» alraata warn ITnndad.
■HT. .fo|IV. \ j. Twantr-(Ira hnn*
<1r. | mor. Immiarari'a hm nd from
Fnalat.d and F.ottand for lha t'ana
dlan waal arrli nd |n-d«T Thla makna
n mini .f 7,Rhn aaltlnra frnm lha Hrll
Ixh la|na lard< d In laaa rhan Ihrnn da'•
i'11'i'AHo Fl>a hnndmd nlaar mak
rra ampin'ad h> lha Ha' ana • Amiri, .in
...rnnatn, ham. want on arrlka ihla afl
arnoon. dna in ihn rnmpan? mfuaina
tn lm maxa w anna
TUI.NTON, N. J.—-Uo'xrnr Wllann
•'eotind 1’.ranch of Council Cop.
curs \\ ith First and Vexing
Question Ls Settled.
Action Follows Ixrnp Debate Cov
ering All Detail'—Decided
by City Solicitor.
7 lie qn.Ktlon of whether or not to
"V. -1. . it Itm works, which has
,h'' •'**>' for nv r two vear*
"e.o . . Innumerable wordy
nf!i«*ty In \ .th J-r«nch^ of oounetL
was u„„ • • .!» --- ..f ,„t night, when
the Second itran* h voted to concur In
the resolution passed bv the First
lirxn. h at the last meeting, pmvtdlnir
that the money remaining In th* gas
fund front th.- bond issue of 190* t.a
sp.-t.t for the rehabilitation Of ths
I’lnni Tin- resolution carries with It
lrisirtictl.-M« to th* hoard of control to
secure bids ..n the work of rrmodellnir
'he plant f.-r the manufacture of water
gas. as planned by Consulting En
1 gin.-or I'aehr.
Imrne da*- lv nfp r conn.-ll convened,
conference committee* were appointed
on the gas question by IVesIdcntS
7 honip on «n ! Meirrall. bnt later de
velopments in.-111 m this unnecessary and
the rep rt of the confer..* was never
pre.'.-r.’ed In the coarse of the rvgu
lar proceeding of the Second ltranch.
a m- «s a as re.-. 1\...1 fr. in the b-aual
or control, statins that the proposition
of th** \ (rglnla .*11 rind < l.ts .•om[»any
t«< furnish natural gas ha.l been with
brawn and that no other offers could
l«* obtained.
Addleman’s Views,
This pr. i-lpltar- 1 the dls. usaton, and
every detail of the perplexing question
WHS a>ruin threshed out. After dehat*
lasting almost an hour, it hneame *p
par-nt that the only question In th*
minds of set. rn| n.emb'-rs A as s h.-th ir
the m-.ne- ;r th* fund could b* di
verted to repairing the nialns on aror
other purpos. *. City Solicitor K. St.
Adrtlenian was summoned and ren
dered the opinion that, as the oltv had
entered into a contract with th.. bond
holders. the use *4f the money for any
oth-r purpose thin that specifically
stated in the bond ordinance would
furnish vnlid grounds for an Injunc
tion. Taking up the particular mattap
of spending the money on th« mains,
Mr A.1.11. man stated that the word
used lit the ordinance whs "works,**
which could h.. construed by any
court as technically different front
"plant.** Although It was hla personal
• ■pinion that the Intent of the ordi
nance was to Include both th., build
up: and in .ins In conclusion, Mr. Ad.
dp-man Warned the mcmtwrs that any
deviation from the exact trims of ths
flr.llnun. * would r-ndvr th« city llabl*
t.» mu Injunction suit. If there should
l any bondholder* who ch..s« to hrlntf
such proceedings.
A motion v .is made hy Mr. rtiitto.
Me, < r |e<l hy Mr Jtlchards, to concur
in th*- action of the First Ilranoh.
I Speaking in favor of the motion, 1 vest
| .lent Thompson call, d attention to th*
| fact that the city ha* been paying In
celvi '1 and that I'm expenditure wu
the only way to stop thin was to. Thera
(Cont'nnert on Tenth Pays)
Another Wreck Three Miles West of
Grafton With Others Hurt.
ORAFTOX. TV. Va.. April 13—
Train No. 4. on tho PurkcrsbunV
1 itich of th<» B. A O 1 ^ Jumped
'ho track thin side of Webster about
i three miles front Grafton, an engine
and nine cars were derailed. Th*
train fell against a high bank and did
not overturn. There are four In lured,
one woman, two train port* r* and on*
other passenger. Their hurt* nr*
slight. A M-eolal train and four
phynlrtati* were sent out from hot*.
I rain V> f.. d a* h« fe for Fairmont
"* '• ' hit the r* ar end of a freight
at IVIcl Ire about three miles west
of Grafton and the engine wne de
railed nnd several Injured.
Two Boarder* in Cleveland Rooming
House Are Asphyxiated Dur
ing Game.
CT.rVFT.WM. O. April 11 —GeorfW
Kopp, aged 71 and Richard Doo1*y,
aged 7". were found dead in a room
I lit the bearding h' ise conducted by
Mrs lfebm Mack, at lf>47 I'nvn*
ax-eruie. thl« afternoon Th«y had
1 been a*pbrtlate1 whlin plavtng card*.
The bodies »rn fouml, card* clutched
' In their hands
NORFOLK. Va The. killing of
many tinbntchnd chickens and him.
| drod« of hardshell ershs hy th* big
17 Inch runs of tho battleship tfexr
Han pshlre when ther sunk th* old
bn'tlerhlp Ran Varco* bus mused
many pretests
TWW w r a Turns
Western »»#• ssylvsals snd Ohio—»«»*
Wear.** ley wen brisk eootksMt wisest
Tbu'ertsy us****tsd
W’••* VlTfU si •- Wain WtiieeeSen
I Thmsdsy unsettles.
— • >' **»■ •••{ »« ka Valalatir*
t A t '■ In* -'(In*
• • thnt
In1, '’Tfta, rt f'm Itttk
#n*l r« >-311
A’ A P T11 V O TO V \ MilldlW*
*' '• >' ’ ■ k< '•'»|i'!'k» l fn «h* Aa

m 1 In
fhn horw f. Aav
VPM V.<flK tiny* th* WAIT
kn, ,, tf Aay at
n tr -m a »>mk* of
Apnplf Ifn km ?A f nnra rtf mr.
AI I'A V' N" A —Tk# Mornflv* mm.
I"!tt* • • f »*>< wata y <f»K*ti„n r>f :jKNTr
"'-I t, m ,,h ,v IxwlAWatnr*
fill. HT> I r n art fi r th» N.-na*t
ot 0im In baAnr>laiia *n\* loj nnna
a a

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