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Draperies Department
^ A SALE OF . _ ,...t
,, --- , . An Exhibit
Yardage Fabrics -
, . of imported and domestic
for summer home embellishment
14 to lA Off I by the yard in greatest variety for I
' city and country home, cottage
as follows: I and bungalow.
At 9c; were 12 l-2c
Needed drapery satines in all coV>rs,
light and dark grounds.
At 8c; were 12 l-2c
Special line of dropped patterns in
cool, bright silkoline in all wanted
At 9c: was 12 l-2c
Yard-wide Burlap In green, red. navy
and natural. An excellent quality.
At 10c; was 15c
Special Scrim—the kind needed for
schoolwork stencilling and Home em
bellishment. White, Cream and
At 14c; was 20c
Barred Scrim—White, Cream and
Ecru. An At 20c quality priced at : :
At 14c; was 20c
36-inch Duplex Scrim printed in all
over, bordered and fancy designs. Hcru,
Cream and White erounds.
SATINES, 15c, 25c and.30c
DIMITY—new, plain at.25c
PLAIN SCRIM from 18c to. 50c
CALCUTTA Art Silk ...65c yard
Red. Green, Tan, Brown.
FINE ECRU Madras.30c to $1.15
In prettiest woven designs.
JAP DRAPERY Silk.45c vd
For Overdraping—Green. Tan,
Brown, Old Rose.
STRIPED SILK Repp.$2.50 yd.
Brown, Rose, Green and Red.
FRENCH CURTAIN Muslin. 12*/?c yd.
36-inch; pretty colored effects tor
STENCILLED Scrim.35c yd.
Delicate colorings in Ruse, Pink,
WOVEN STRIPE Etamine... 25c yd.
In Ecru and White.
ETAMINE and Scrim.... 25c to 50c
Lace-edged and hemstitched.
NEW BORDERED Scrim.45c yd.
Soft-finished and washable, highly
mercerized — cool and effective.
Lavender, Yellow, F’ink, Blue and
Green. Florals on light grounds.
Sturdy Fabrics
Art Denimc* and Crc- CORONA Cloth,
tonnes. 10<*. 40r.
1212O and 2t»<*. VICTORIA Damask,
CALAIS cloth 35«*.
* (RAFTER'S Cloth
VENUE Tttking. 40<*
30<*. MERC. Chintz. IOC
35<». 40e
Casement Cloth JOcand
In every flora' and conventional f
pattern In revereible effect* for J O »
cottage curtaining. 1 w JL
25 Big Rugs, Each $7.98
“YE OLDE TYME” and “FRANKLIN” R.»om-Si/e Rugs 1
for summer home, cottage and bungalow f \ve*vc QW9
—duplicates of some and ones md two? rs_I
hut the thoughtful homekeeper will count the dn'hr* «he can
i» save and be on hand prompts Wedne // Q:~n
quality, appearance and value <.f them. Worth $10.00 #f*
W. T. G Miller, William Rimmet and
Victor Brinkman Supreme Lodge
The annual meeting >.f the Oraml
Lodge of the Wr ' Vlrg ota Shield of
Honor wa-* hold ymterilav In the head
quarter* of port l!« nry ' o tried on the
Houth Side, and 147 past mai-teyH -.**re
In attendant'*, rnprem ntlrg t|.e great
er part of the Lltlle Mnnn'aln S*;i*e
a The firat *e. ion *a« eonren- d at in
O'eloek and war i ,l|ed »o or<|er h.
<*rand Master J'thn .1 I ample I. «tf
rnornlng ee- ton waa taken up I.- r<
port* made hy P * various ron.uitf*et
end er«-rj'h 1 ng • • « ed tb*. order • • r t.e
progr< -I'g nln throughout »1,..
Kollnwdng <he trar t'lon of rteiflne
b i*ine*a at the af'eri oon n- rltin. an
election of ».mt-era i* a* he I whlrh re
»ul*ed aa folio*.
Orar d Mister, fi-.n* tie*- kerr.eyer.
■ rrnr.il Junior mai'<r, J.| ■, r Kata-r
(crarHl norr.Mr>, » r«->I In . rran-l
*r»a*ur' r. <..orrr- Mill. r. ft; ,.| , |,.,.
.in. Will! .rsi Marion, rrat l
"<r Fr»-I Kln<l* :t.. rr. • yr,>,.l if
vaarrl. V illiam 'I ^r.: :
***'»'• John 1,.. ,|,.,f|„n
of mm bora *o rompon* lho I r.nt *•
'■ommi'*- „ r» >| in n„
1 *• ' ra T«r|*J. of I r< l f>..|,-. \,,
ii »• of Fori tin i i.n!,..
} "‘njtf r Morfl >n, of /„ . \jr#\ga
S’o • . 'f I In. • f. ,,r, ||f , , ,
»n.| I -lw.iril *, ,b-f of
11.< f».|,t to rof<r<.. »(,, r;rrr)(f
l.o'lr- at fi<- nf,nun'
■iiil r< m* in A* .tilir i itv 4ur
•bK m,,» •i.ri.mi in ,1m . wax
• '< ■' I'nl r . | ||,„
f,,lio • iny lornl fnon bnln* n|o«-to»l
'• Mill. M llliain Htn,ml an.I Vlr
I' ' 1 Rrlni'mnn Th< n» «• mootinr
l- hol*l In fhia ritv Aur'nr in*,
ori'l art V In Xfirll, 1f<l*
Ana»*y |f mi donr ’t > «h* l|rr
! rt ■ ii frirn<f loar » you If ran (>o r*
< imM
" ---- i
■will Ton «ho k<n«] of
for ynur t.o • II *rr *o mako tout r>T»*aont tniaa iw.mf'Tt-i o
aa-1 work or p-r’y. If y o. ar,.| .hap j„ poo^ „f
TOM » I 11; that oif.on. at- , at. a »o 8m. 1» y -ar, , .port po. at
lh»r* laarna rm ti.ar.f t».tn»i t.M nt'lra .n-.o. 'hat l.m, f ...
■ ra* riklit. ^
Logan Drug Co.
Single Patterns
Soring Woolens
It. t» fv,r. l(rT| an,i ftnnier.tr hahrtra
'■ 'dtnr *11 the new >' n|e >
fie. «.,.| M.J* |f vn<i wan* an e*. I i.lve
« : Ml* rlg'.t, eee lfr>*
Importer*. HI*), Cla*. Tailor* ft
92 lUikti f»tr*«t
Emdenr* Concluded In Marburger1
Cate Before Judge Rob.naon
Big Crowd Present
After hearing all the evidence in
the I la rt»urc> r <a«e pollen Judge *!„„
Rotdnartn 1a«t evening re*erred hi*
d.< 1*1 .n liar burger la alleged to hare
.■f.ene.i an Itinerant rlothln* afore
a Ifhotit taklf ■ f.t|f n rltjr lleenen The
tf a’ *'* I’.'id in f I *• tlret hranrh eotin
i I . arob.-r tf,.. (mllre rourt room lie
Inr to., mall to n.-e<.nimodate the at 1
tert.ev* and «dnev*e* The rotinty |
t nd of t> e r ave w 111 pr.d,ablr he ended
I.-, the payment of the tare* due
tr-rneya H f} KmHh and .1 f! Homer
•III' are repr. tenting the defen an.
whl'e the proee, .|flon la In the hand*
>•' f |t- SoiirHop Addleman and Proee ,
etdor Ffandlan
"7 ,e fo»« Wan'* wi,| In the ofhre
rl f t a* If, raid the letokkonj er "I
»u. a. IP. the homee for y.»ir* "
\/v d*elar.-d the r.ffl, e iw,v • ||,. ;
ot.lv *,nit to find out what new
plater* l ave Iwh n aimed " |y„,l*
tih I'fMifH-f Imirml.
I', 'n » I give rot| a f.|een Of that p|« *
i-.k’" demandeil the rnnklnr
L»d graduate f didn't e«|ert to.
*' 1 urtffi tfi »nr>n "
replied the I
B-lr„. ‘ ’* "" *’ j
Martinsburg Man Offered Sum to
Withdraw Hie Claim to the
Mllllone of Murdered Man.
That Elmer Swope, of Martinsburg
claimant to the Swope millions, as the
only child of the late Thomas H.
Swope, the Kansas City millionaire,
for whose murder Dr B C Hyde Is
serving a life sentence In the peni
tentiary. will he given a fortune to
withdraw his claim, was the state
ment made by his counsel. Senator
Milton. In a letter to Swope at
Martinsburg. The s«*n will be close
to the hundred thousand mark, and
when Swope receives this sum he will
withdraw his claim. Charles P. Ught.
former state road commissioner of
this state who resides at Martinsburg
close to where Swope resides, states
that the Martinsburg man has de
cided to accept the olter If the attor
neys for the estate make the offer at
the sum he has fixed.
When the West Virginian first made
bis claim as an heir to the estate, he
was given no consideration by the
attorneys for the estate, but after
Swope engaged attorneys and present
ed his claim in a legal manner the
attorneys for the estate decided to
make him an offer and this week an
nounced that If the Martinsburg man
would withdraw his claim they would
give him a large slice of the estate.
The history of the Swope death and
the trial of I»r Hyde is still fresh In
the minds of all The murdered man
was a man of mystery and his earlv
life is almost unknown. Elmer Swope
claims that he married his mother be
fore the war and then enlisted After
the war the family, he claimed, he
ram<* separated and was n**vcr nblo
to And his fnther until ho learned of
his death. Mis mother, he claimed,
died Just at the close of the Civil war.
D C. Murphy Farm Near Tacoma in
Western Part of Country
Was Selected.
The commissioners of Belmont '
county and the stale hoard of con
trol Tiiesdav purchased the D C.1
Murphy farm near Tacoma for the
county experiment farm authorlvek
ii vote of Hi., people at last falls
• •lection The firm eon-in a of i.6-\
acres and the amount paid was $n,.
The commissioners will Issue three
year bonds to the amount of JlK.Oof)
to purchase the nrnt and equip It for
the experiment work, an.l the farm
will now be under the control of the
state board of control
The people In tho vicinity of lie], j
mont tnado a strong tight for tho
location hut failed although they of- i
fered Borne splendid Inducements. (
Elaborate Preparations Made for the
Banquet. Which Will be Held
on Thursday.
With several hundred attending the
Scottish Hit*' Masons of the Valley 1
Of Wheeling. Orient of Went Virginia
yen. rdav initiated a number of candi
dates Into the histone and religious
degrees, comprising those from the
I ft. * nth to the eighteenth. The de
cre.-s were conferred under the direr
lion of Fred (• Steinbecker. Albert (1
llnllork. E. I. Yeager. Charles K. Car
rlgan an.l others.
I Miring the morning but one degree,
the fifteenth, ».« eonferre.J, while
luring the afternoon the sixteenth and
seventeenth were conferred |n ip„
f-venlng the crowning degree of this
Imdy. known as the Knight Hose Croix
*»» conferred The following ..file rs
lia.l charge ..f the affair F C stein
hecker. \ C,. Ilallock. K. 1. Yeager.
W K. Krnpp, It U. Itvron and .? F
Ititner The .*ntlr*. evening was de
rat'd to conferring this degree
With the historic atld religions de
grees conferred, the Masons w‘'l t->.
la\ devote fh'-ir attention to the rots*
rtne work urn! make borate prepa- i
rations for the banquet Thursday.
MlMr.Bs i discussing the rnal.il —
Yes .ties having to v t married t
.rl,.'d her to ge* th. man to js.st ;*.nc It
'III I could g.' another maid, hut she
paid she didn't feel well enough ar
pialnt. d to a k him to do that’ !gm
Ion < tplnlon
I think sh.' will make a domestic
■ Ife I have ts.-n railing on her for
tcvcrnl month* now and alnax* tin.I
or darning on. ..f i «-r father's *nek« "
"Hut have v,,.| nofle.-d t|,af If U the
•ante sock ?" 1^. ils\l7|o Court, r
i.iumal I
The Kind You Have Always Bough!
HP W[ | si New Novel bv Hells /Listings !
All M—i and iWutn Hooker
** f *** m#M*TT aUml #»jwiT1y ritvwfr IW 4
Wf* W f# m>«r «»«»Hr in MV Vfiat rViia H a mv*#ry Horv toinwri by lav#.
1 1 #!!#•»♦ rHtraifr Anting, •nuMMil? ■*»*! VMkmtfHhfy
* *•**>• •*»!* f'WiNw to lilt 'hr dor* into a tlm ihor that of thr
• .otinary mr«rrr tilr Hr mgroaitv of if. wrong it rrmatkaM*
At tor tfrrri Mr, an, 'Now rm wr It, anH now pa <Wt Ap
parrritlf 1 rSt within oor t fngrtt, it tJipt again,
"*,",T W •* rharming! at a tnotmt*t |t it row. fa of hr
ahanfUng, lnlrrrt) rtMiiah With fhr hut |«tgr ” . Wrnl Vww/
|1 2ft art Kt aur mrryvArrt
must Return $2.1*3 to city of
Council Demand* Return of Money
After Preeentatlon of Report of
Auditing Company.
At the meeting of the Ben wood
council last evening it vat ordered
ihat the former city clerk, James S
Kelly, return to the city the sum of
$2,183. with Interest, which he re
celved while an official. Kelly did not
appropriate the money, but It was or
dered paid to him upon recommenda
tion of a former finance committee,
and the interest must be paid on the
above sum from the time the money
is alleged to have been received bv
The action was taken by council fol
lowing a report made by the finance
committee of the findings of a repre
sentative from the Federal Audit Com
pany of Pittsburg.
The salaries of the police were In 1
creased to $85 a month, and a $5 raise
was granted John Gallagher, driver at
the Central hose house. Health Offl
cer Dr. C. A. Harlow * salary was In
creased to $300 a year, and a number
of bills were ordered paid.
Work Started on New Brllft Orfr
Woods Bun—Other Out
tbs Ptke N#wi.
Work has hern started on the erection
of the new bridge over Woods run and ’t
"ill i*e rushed to completion a* noon a.«
possible. T1 ♦* tie" structure will be > t
r* enforced concrete an*! will replace the ‘
inn. bridge "i.lch collapsed recently I
"hen three team** belonging to the Wad- 1
• Itngton Farm «erf crossing It. On* of i
the teams m -\n on the bridge, one pass
in* off an.l the oilier Just starling onto
it at the time.
Sals of Houses.
S.»\. Patterson and Gonipany, of Fulton I
are making arrangements for the hold- !
in.' of a sale of horse* at their exchansg
staid** on • 'enter street, on April 14. 1
1*11 About l»»n horses will 1<« for Male
including many very valuable ones The
•*.ile "til i»e if, charge of Auctioneer John
T. l ost, of Washington, Pa.
I*ay Sewer.
Tiie town of Fulton has placed a force
«»r meii nt work laving the sewer be
taeen Fifth and Sixth struct*. ak*ng ti e
National ltoad, and yeeteniay the cross
lag was made over the pike a connec
tion has been mad** with the large train
a: 1 lftl* street.
Will Qtve Euchre.
\ r lire party "til he given in the St.
Mu nael *■» school of members of the
idee t»cd Virgin Society of the St
Thursday *
April 2T. |
Out tb« Pike Personals.
Mr* J.mma McFncMen. of lieriwood. is
’ - ■ 11t.vr Mr** Amelia Foster, of Glen- •
Mrs Albert Young, of Fulton. Is recov
ering from u recent illness
i. i». i\ .*Tziy. or !
" '* : r» congratulation:* »»n |
T-1'* i»rrl\.;l «t i air !u>m« of a baby boy. !
^ fV " ^ A. I’••tern :• confined to n*-r 1
, 7 Mr**b'. *\ilia, with u v* ry severe I
• r M W Me Mo set's Vnlted States
>f • tor at s uenk*. Fulton. !s off duty
n few days, own,* to a »il*lit llln^se.
M>«. l.leai...re Hak. of Hurlnn. \V.
' H . ■" * pen din* n few daya the truest of
.er slater. Mrs. (ieorjre 'iehrln*. at JMk- I
i!fr|!. Kwney » conftn«*d to hi. Iiom# 1
li. \\ .>n,. M.iale for a few days with ,a
► ilaht Illness
:.e*« Monahan, who has enjoyed a three
n.'U.rhs ftirloiiaa Ht hi* home |n Fulton
returned Mot..lav night to hta company,
w.^l h 1m !n ate.1 1n <»eor*ln
_ ': h£ rovin* daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
°:r, I- Taylor, la confined to her home
c*ii \ lew street, Kdfwood, by an at'a k
« . pneumonia
Work Upon OBtrtru tlon of Vew Xn
cerator Is Commenced—Other
Beawood 5e«i.
T • f\r*i u *k upon the construction
°f the new mctnerat<»r was started v*m
^rda> moruin* «t Hoggs Fur. when a
f‘*rce of men were placet at work n
• .ivafir.* f..- the foundation Cement
win be use! in the foundation, and i
bulldlnir tvlll be erected above the high-1
T T »od sta*e. The r • *‘innf'*rv v 11 >»e
ready f..r operation during t f »re part
of June

Prominent flip#liter
*>'» Friday evening the pulpit at the
\‘THt Methodist httreh *%; ; nil. ! by
He- 1 ay I. Tnrrev. .m I ).« v111 no!
Joul.f 1... greeted by -» large ll i.lien* -
Fev Torrey U a .u *m»*. r f the
*'• i * 1 ^ * ml sw»r »nf *.>! e. . r>| is |
f. -w spending a f irl ugu w|f \n rela- 1
''y* •« * »« * oi.ptr • Me will relate I
*" *• W%|»««r*e-t tm fit t e ll|ottf|4| Wt,l.*h I
w *1* b*» doubt be very 'r.te'p.tinj u..i
s It Mart pr.a hed .-r ronvlnTlnV !
• Mien »n t.e « our. b In-t rter'ug. Ht),| I
th»* p. , 'al passion we- ^ sen » -4 are i
belt,* lnr*e|y attend. I.
Pnneral Tod *7.
Ftir.ral set vb over the rema ns
l.iroeM \\ M»'U- r, * n n <1 . k||le.|
M * ' RHers le Mill \f >nday Piornln*
Will be he|| t\i« atte*;v»-»n at t ■• «'»
z':;"'::;;"1"■ »*•,n «»>*,
»1 amrork Chk.
^ «r>*< "II* nllrl m* .... nf »>.„
• mr™» rlul* w UI h. I *1,1 T.i'trl.v
' „| h-n... ,f M<«. M..r«nr..t
*' . ’ '‘m" "'"‘H f. r 'ml.,,
i r » I,-- I'.rtj «|| I.,. f„rtl,»r.-.l
*<'!"« lug ih^ p. .. m , f .,
meet lit* .« ••»« lal . -s: i will be 'eld |
Beawood X»ocaF«
- V " ^Filin' er. driver at e <>n'n|
SeveraV'* T • v■* *fl»« rely f.-dll a
. . i. 1 lib -- »u| will Mina
Is ,|. Fes ir. n few .* a« «
\ M Flen. »,* . f Klbmont. •pei.t
yevterdar bK.k'ng sffer mmi b-^ln-.s
mstfer* m f i« i,
PJ* tISr ' ** M,i after t^..
r.? . ..
'* 1 tu.| , IIIOr..-I.
R'fKnmn «rrl*M ,.t| n«n:t.|
----—--- I
| 1
I Nine men kept busy on
I watch, clock and general
I jewelry repairing.
fe Could any better argument be offered to
prove that our services are efficient, prompt,
ra satisfactory?
And these men are aided by the most
modem equipment of tools and machinery.
They are specialists. Four men do nothing
■ but watch and clock work.
We Make Over Old
I_1223 MARKET ST 1
from the l'e Sale* scalcmv In Parkers- ^
hurr to spend ttie Master vacation vv‘th
fheir parent*.
Mis* Anna Grcgan Is centlm t tr> her
home HtiflerlnK with a aevc:- all. < . ,.f
h H. Mcl-aln, of InJInnnrmlht. was
a t.urines* caller in this city vr-sterday
'll** Genevieve I’efgaa arrived lx r -
fr.m Parkerelntrg !n*t • v-ninc. where
she 1-* attending college, lo visit h. r
parents for a week
The teachers' reading circ!-> h« Id nn
inter* sting meeting ist < * .nine in the
t'*ntral s*-ho<d buildtn-t. an*l took *-x
utninattntiH in Mngltsii him. y
Ml** Mary Ward is home from Park- ■
etst.urg. where she alt-ltd* s. no*.I to:
"pend ttte week visiting her patet.ts.
Tlie local order of II*- lTm*ii -ne in 1
n ekly session lx*t ev.-ninr an) dis
1 **d of the online of t.n-inr
Mlss Minnie earner, of Moundsville
visited friends In this cltv yesterday.
Seventy-two years ago three chil-,
flren were born of one mother tn the
mountains of Cumberland county.
North Carolina, their father being a
well to do farmer of that day ant!
generation. Those three children are
still living They celebrated their
seventy-second birthday anniversary
recently. They are J. F Price anil
llenry Price, both of Jackson. Miss..!
and Mrs Nancy Phillips, of Pontotoc .

Wheeling Union
Produce Market
25 Fourteenth St.
Swift’ Premuim Hams
Potatoes, bushel . .. 60c
Butter, 2 pounds... 25c
Country Roll, pound 25c
Fresh Hrks. 2 dozen.35c
(ir.ipe bruit, > for.. 10c
All Vegetables Received
Open from 7 a m to fi p. m. |
Saturday, fi a. m. to 11 p. m I
^—— i
People's Credit Clothing Company
Will Keep Store Open Evenings.
In order to accommodate F.aater
shoppers, the mnnagi-r of the People *
Credit Clothing Company has decided
to keep the establishment open every
evening this week until » o'clock. The
move will no doubt meet with the
approval of shoppers who are prepar
ing for Faster.
Of the Famous Dehvrirated Soup
and Vegetables at our store this
the fresh article.
H. F. Behrens Co.
2217 Market St..
Branch Woodsdale.
We are now back in the
25c Broom Business
"It s a Dandy, too.”
However, if you don’t like it we
have better grades up to 50**.
Also Mops, at all prices.
Get a 35c can of Dust Control.
The only perfect sweeping com
pound. Also in barrels and half
W e will continue giving c 5c
box of Gem Polished Hard Wood
Toothpicks FRF.E with each pur
chase of 50c or over made at our
store as long as the supply holds
"■ ■
Tri-State Supply Co.
W. D. *. Smith. Mgr,
so. a Icth at, wtwuif. w
■otw..n M»in »B<! Ntrkn itrutt. *
Fhoa... Bata 1MS-T. SaU liSi.
The Best Salesmauri^^L
\M On My Force %
M Why ? Because it heads the list of bush ■!
m ness-getters Because it multiplies selling m
■ !"Ie| selling espense. runs no B
M hotel bill.- goes where and when I want — Bj
■ »nd •• always at my beck and call. ■
B Your telephone should be traveling the road of I
% The Bell System M
reaching over 50.000 cities and towns M,'
Hip C. t). & P. Tel. to

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