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Unsettled and Warmer Thursday,
Rain by Night and on Friday;
Colder Friday.
Tornado Wipes out Towns; 23 Dead
Storm Sweeps
Through West
Whiting, Has., ami Big Heart,
Okla., Are Almost Com
pletely Wrecked.
Believed With Progress of Search
Many More Fatalities
Will Be Found.
CHICAOO. April 12—A heavy wind-'
storm attaining the velocity of a tor- ’
tiado in some sections and accom
panied by rain, hall and lightning,
swept over western Missouri, Kansas
and Oklahoma today killing 23
persons, practically destroying two
towns, injuring almost a hundred per
sons, wrecking scores of buildings
and putting almost every telephone
and telegraph wire in the territory
out of commission.
The tornado levied Its greatest toll
of dead at Hig Heart. Okla., where
eight persona were killed, ten Injured
and almost every building in the town
was wicked. Whiting. Kan., was
practically wiped off the map. sixty i
buildings being blown down, thirty
people hurt and one. Mrs. David ,
Stone, killed.
Loss of Life.
At Powhattan. Kan., a woman and
child wore killed. A high school
building was wrecked at Eskridge.
Kan., a number of houses damaged
and from 15 to 20 persons In lured.
At Hiawatha, Kan, a school was
blown down, an 18-year-old boy named
Pelt on killed and several buildings
struck by lightning. Several persons
are known to have been hurt at
Netawaka, Kan. A boy was killed at
Manville, Kan.
Reports Incomplete.
The Kansas end of the tornado
started near Whiting and swept in a
southeasterly direction for a distance
of fifty miles. It is thought that
many persons were killed and in
jured that had not been reported at
this time. Telephone and teiegraph
crews are working now that the storm
has abated. to get their wires In
shape. It is an arduous job as only
one wire is left Intact between Kan
sas t'lty and Topeka and telegraph
communication between Kansas t'lty
and Oklahoma points was cut off
In Kansas rlty the storm did little
damage Four horses were killed by
lightning and some hn.ldings struck.
Tho rain in Kansas City lasted about
one hour and was heavy. Hall ac
companied It.
Two mor- deaths were report---!
fr-.m n-ar Hiawatha lata to-night.
< J-h-aJdin-- M-Is-nh< Im-r I - years old.
and a small child of Otis Mellull, arc
the victims.
Many Towns Damaged.
TOPKKA. Kas.. April 12.—A tor
n-ido. traveling In a southeastern dl
rection. restroyed the town of Whit
ing. 23 miles north of Topeko late
this afternoon. Sixty houses were
Mown down and 30 persons Injured
Meager reports received hero by long
distance telephone to-night Indicate
that the town of Powhattan. Neta
»aka and Kskrldgo w ere s'ruck by
the sarao storm
Go in Auto to Aid.
MISKOOKK Okla. Aprtl 12—The
town t.f lug Heart. Okla. has been
blown sway by a tornado, according
»n reports received here at the offices
of the Missouri. Kansas and Texan
Mig Hart Is In the Osage nation*
and on iff" Midland Valiev Kallrnnd.
Many are reported killed In the tor
noda st lilg Heart, and relief train*
and n-itomobllos nr« leaving for the
stricken town from Pawhuska and
Avant, Okla
Fear Lynching
Abductor* of Waldo Rogers to be Con
fte*-j -n Penitentiary for Safe
K eepmg
T,AF VTK.tM. V M. April 12 The
breitmlnsr- hearing of Will Huger*
a-d .P*. Wirg'ir- confessed st>duetors
fit it|«» Waldo Moger*. npeneo here
tods- \* Moyers I* an uncle of the
toy who -a* kidnapped from his moth
i r on tl -• n eht of March 29, there was
mt»r h feel In g against him. snd I* was
deeid-d to take I Im snd Wiggins to
the per 'entlsrv at Manta Fe for safe
keeping \ X Moger a, Jr. father of
*b« I Jo Pl-c'l Ik-,, paid Itl.'-uo for
tits recovery Mill Honors fold where
tl '- money was hidden ;ifter his arrest
snd eonfessloa, and last nigh* It waa
restored to <tti father
Moth were held to the grand Itiry,
V. Igglrs pteadtn- guilty and Itngers
net gull'v 1r .artlty will he the d»
fer.se of ' he latter.
No Location tor Sanitarium
Board of Mralth Bt»t«« N't City M*»
Ash'd for Ant. Tuberculosis
OMKI.I TO\, VV \.. \|.ril 13
Kstaiwr two tO'-rnhor* of the Htf.tr
liosrd fit i ostrol sr* ont of the rlty.
the ron*< rnplut*'I taPMIng between
ihst body nn<l the State fiusrd of
Health wim r ot ln-ld to blyht and mn
not l.e held to mrtrrow, so the mem
ta t* of the b* sit I board will return to
tfealr homes.
JSSY Lr.s JIOLJ.NKAUa, France, i
April 12.—Aviator Prler arrived here1
at r..4r, o’clock this evening from
London, having made the trip of about
21*0 miles In a monoplane without a
Prior left Hendon. ne*r London, on
his flight to this suburb of Paris, at
1:.17 o'clock this afternoon. Above the
English soil the aviator found fog and
squalls and going higher and higher
in an endeavor to obtain better
weather, crossed the English channel
near Dover at the height of 3,200
Leaving the channel behind him.
Prler encountered tine weather until
he reached Beauvais, 5 miles from the
French capital, and from that city the
rest of Ills voyage was made through
a haze.
Prter was wildly acclaimed by a
dense thronp as he stepped out of
hla machine after aliphttnp on the
Isry aviation Held. The monoplane
used by the aviator was the historic
machine with which Alfred Le Blanc,
the French aviator, won the $2d,000
prize by finishing first in the preat
crosa country race of 488 miles on a
circuit eaat of Paris last summer.
Three Battles in Mexico
Heavy Loss Said to Have Been Sus
tained In Two Engagements.
SAN ANTONIO. Texas, April 12 —
Three fights between federal* and In
surrectos occurred Monday, south of
Ciudad Portlrlo IHax, In fhe first of
' which four federals and two Insurrec
! los were killed, llow the other two
fights resulted Is not known, but re
ports say they were attended with
much heavier casualties than the first
This Is the report brought to San
Antonin by Jose Ordonez, a courier,
with messages to I>on Francisco Ma
Release Americans Soon.
Washington, ip»u is nng*
dler-tieneral Anson Mills, the Ameri
can member of the United States and
' Mexican boundary commission, today
conferred with Assistant Secretary of
State Wilson in regard to the capture
of Kdw in It list t and Lawrence Con
verse, the American prisoners held at
Jaiiret, Mexico. The state depart
1 menf expects lh<- early release of
both prisoner*, regardless of the farv
whether the point of capture w-as on
American or Mexican soil, in It* 1st
e»t request to the Mexlean govern
m« nt for their release the department
p< it ted oul that tbosgh H det ded the
arrest was on Mexican territory, the
pnnnunj • limm-ll WTliTIIHn
territory with »h*>lr prmurrr* In *ak
ms thom Into \|i't!*o Thr inrn wrr*.
rnpHirnl «» „ p|ar« oppnaltn fitindn I
I'lp". f'hlhunhtin, on n atlp of land
known an lh« • lalund.”
Paaca Plana.
V'A PHI NOT* Iff, April IS fni'lal
I a'rpa to I rlriir alin'it prnrr In Mr*l -o.
wrf r fMk«n hrfn to-dnr *|r V«a , m*
h'*d . f thr ronfldrn'lnl n*in>,
| .r it,.. r< wdiltlnnlaia In thr fnl'ril
ii-« *»aw • ■ -I ka had tnpirtrd
tin '«• rr.n«*m<n’» tm'Wrrn Mm ramn
■f ■'mi'll In i hlhimhnii and W*«h
Thu flrat nv »«»*•* form Mr 'Inman In
’ to w*• i writ t ilk In fhr ntpbor
■ f I'1 r | | iMonlai* -III an in-■ ,v r la
r*|rf*-t#.1 wlfh'n i'4 hour*
Mina Inquiry Oalayad.
I' PAXT'iN Pa, April |; nr. t
' r» of an v Klrnt t u,„ mnln „haf«
i r, nqat rolllary, »hl-h mada
I irnfi .il,|, to d»«"n'l Info rhr mtrm, j
• ’ " ■»*•'• r a Jurr to Inqiilrn Into Prl '
« ritnn i|Umti»r, did not rnrrf fo
i. nnd will nor m-ri until poaalblp
t*lr Tbr mil'f fond baa now
i frr * I,, n ihr | . i/iAii mark
The conference wan for the pnrpone
of d*« Mlnrt on a »lt* for th* state 1
t'lherrnfnafa aeriltartnm In dl*rtinning I
the matter tonight the doctor* ,Hy I
1 they hare no partlenlnr place to roe
otnn end. No city ha* naked for the
ktnotlK the member* pre«« nf are
t>r l**hn I, linker, of Wheeling. |tr
I, S Mrork. of Morgantown. Ur C
" llaltertnan. e»f t'larknhiirg; |ir A |
It Warden, flraftnn. Iir II A. Itarhee,
I'oinr I'leaaan', and I*r V. I,. Hod bey
and Ur. Ixtanaberry, of thla dtjr.
City Mourns
Business Suspended For Five Minutes
In Cleveland for Ex- Mayor.
CLEVELAND, O, April 12.—Brav
ing the chilly winds and drizzling rain
an Immense throng of people, various
ly estimated from ISo.uOO t<> 2»o,QOO,
stood in the streets late today, espe
dally in downtown, and paid silent
tribute to the memory of Tom L.
Johnson as hla laxly was conveyed
from the family apartments in the
Knickerbocker on Euclid avenue to
the Cnion depot. The train bearing
the funeral party departed at : 10
p. m. over the Lake Shore railroad,
and will arrive in New York at 9:11
o'cliwk Thursday morning.
The casket was placed In the bag
gage car. and ihe n«>urnrra and
friends occupied the private car Liv
The simple funeral cortege consist
ed of the hearse and the mourning
party In four carriages, preceded by
a sipiad of mounted policemen
Ling before the cortege left the
Johnson home the streets were lined
with people despite the cold wind and
drizzling rain. As the proeesslon
passed down the streets, the men re
moved ha's while women bowed
heads. Flags at half mast floated
from the buildings, atul In store win
dows pictures of the former mayor
were displayed draped In Mark and
Ihe stars and Stripes For five min
utes, during which time the cortege
unused the rltv hall * tu rn Mr I..he
son had so Iona presided, most of the
stores In the downtown district aha
pended business The court* were
also adjourned, and municipal hual
ness generally was suspended
Expected Canadian Parliament Will
Act Soon After Eeeter on
OTTAWA, Pan. April 12 ’The
l«i«lflon of rerlprorltv In the Can»
dlan parliament hns been greatly |rn
proved by the decision of congress
to deal with It before taking up of^tcr
questions tin the extensive program
of the ftemorraflc lenders.” said a
member of the aovernment today
■ The opposition, which has Iwcn as
rrcsslxely against reciprocity from
the first, has Iwcn basing Its hopes
largely on th« eipectatlon that at
Washington the Itemocrat* would dc
lay ratification of the agreement tin'll
they had carried through the remain
dcr of their legislative program, or
sould combine the consideration of
the Agreement with the woolen ached i
tiles or something else
"I expect to see parliament ratify
• he agreement soon after the Ka»ter
recess, which ends on the lhth
Parliament adjourned for a week's
recess covering the f aster holidays
Boy Blows Hand Off.
BOMFRMCT Pa. April 12 Alvin
Trcvarrow. aged 14. while playing
with a dynamite rap In the school
room to-day exploded it and blew off
hla right hand.
Elect Kenyon
U. S. Senator
Legislature Deadlock at Last Broken
to Choose Successor to
Senator Dolliver.
DES MOINES. Ia.. April 12—The
deadlock In the Iowa legislature
ended this afternoon, shortly before
1 o'clock, when Judge Willi..m 8.
Kenyon, of Fort Podge, was elected
, I'nlted Stales senator to surce- d the
late Senator Jonathan I*. Dolliver. fob
| lowing perhaps the hardest scna
j torlal contest ever fought In Iowa
! The election came with the slxty
seventh ballot and was attended by
I tumultous scenes. In which Kenyon
'adherents displayed their enthusiasm
■ by to«sln t hooks and papers about
i the legislative bah.
I On the second 1 allot of the day vie
• tory was urougbt to Attorney (Jcn
. eral Wlskersh.ini s assistant, when
Senator Chapman, of Cedar county,
anti Represent.i'Iyo Van Camp of
Adair, wlo had bon ron-Mstent sup
porters of Supreme Court Justice
Horace E. I teenier changed their
votes. Then eamo other chances In
quick succession, and when th« bsllot
i was counted. It s*ood V. for Kenyon
to l!t for [acnier and f.1 for Olsnde U
porter, liemocrat
WASHINGTON. April 12. The
election of Wm. S Kenyon for I'nlted
Htates Senator from !»wa was espe
] clnlly pleasing to President Taft, be
cause of Mr Kenyon's official cornice
tton with Hie administration and be
cause of his progressive attitude In
many matter* In which thy pr*ald*nt
ha# been Interested
Nab Bad Money
Peek of Counterfr t Dollar* Secured
With Alleged Maker of
Spurious Coin.
nTTsm no. p*. ap*' is s#™
Ann Heanta, an Italian eoal miner of
j Johnafown, Pa . win held for lh« fed
ernl grand Jury today In BJ.nnn hall
' on n charge of hawing In hla po**e«
l »mn and attempting »o pa** rdunirr
f'-lt ailver dollar* In John«tnwn with
*lie nrreat of Sranln the I nlted State*
atlfhorltle* heller* that a well d<vll-«d
plot to Aoret f'atnlirla county with
•ptirlmja money ha* hern prevented
I On r a perk of the rllver dollar* were
evhlhtted liefore ('nmml*«lnner Wit
I Ham T l,lnd*ey to-day It I# alleged
that a large nnmheg of coin* haw*
heen hidden In P o mountain fa#*
I ne*«o« of the f'onetnaitgh valley, and
t'aptafn John f Waaher. of »h*
I t'nlted State# yecre» aervlce, will
make an Inveatlgatlon
T«a wr * rime
W**«*m F*tin*ytr*nle~ Swiw anti
warmer Thursday; Fridag rata wad cold
•r. tirlak to high sup*h winds
OM»- Bell Thnrad*y n» Thursday
right and on Friday; warmer Thwraday;
r»1d*r Friday; high eonth wind*.
Wywt Virginia—Unearned and warmer
Thnraday, raia h* eight aad os Frida*,
•alter Frida*
Breaks Jail
To Escape ,
Charles Hickman, Condemned Murd
•rer, Gets Out o 1 Beaver Jail
Second Time.
Expects to Escape Again But Threat
ens Suicide Rather Than Be
REAVER. Pa.. April 12.—Charles
Hlcktnan, convicted wife murderer
who escaped for the second time with
in six months from the county jail to
day was recaptured seven hours later
at Shlppingport, one mile from here.
"The next time I go no one will
catch me” said Hickman when brought
back to jail late this afternoon. “No
one will need to go after me.’
Domestic trouble caused Hickman
and his wtfe to separate. On Febru-J
ary 1910. Hickman waylaid his wife,
and shot her. He was tried and con-!
vlcted of murder In the first dw**r
An appeal was taken to the Supreme!
court and while this was pending
Hickman sawed his way out of the
jail and for three days was at liberty.
He was finally arrested at Mononga
hela. Pa.
Careful Planning.
Hickman's second dash for liberty
today showed careful planning. Tho
bars of his cell door, seven in number
were sawed. This work Is believed !
to have been done In progress for1
some weeks past. Early this morning)
he gained entrance to the main cor-'
ridor of the Jail. A key w hich he;
possessed in some unknown manner
broke in the lock of the door leading
to the outside and he attempted to!
saw- the bars of the outside window, j
ills saws were dull and he made little
headwny. Hickman then hid himself
near the door When the Sheriff a
son entered the Jail proper this morn
ing h« left the door open. Hickman ,
passed through into the hall of the |
Sheriff's home. Making his way Into;
ihe eellar the condemned man gained,
the open through a basement window.
Hickman walked to Van Port w here j
he stopped a buggy containing county
t'ommlssloner Ewing Hickman re
cognized the commissioner but was
not recognized. He asked the way to 1
the nearest town. When Mr Ewing
I learned that Hickman had escaped he
told the sheriff of having met a man
1 OCSf. iail Port and a abort time 1ster j
county detectives captured Hickman
at Shlppingport.
A death watch has now been placed
over the man.
Tariff Bills
Reciprocity and Farmer*' Free List
Measures Offered in House by
WASHINGTON. April 11—Two of
The Tariff measures which the Demo
! eratlc house expects to pass In ad
vance of any general legislation were
introduced to day by Chairman Coder
wood, of the committee on ways and
means. They are Canadian reclproc
t'y. following the Identical* lines of
the McCall bill passed last session,
except for a clause authorizing the
President to continue negotiations for
reciprocity with Canadian articles not
covered by the pending agreement, l
and a bill to put on the free Hat about 1
10o articles now dutiable under The
general tariff IJoth will receive early
The free list bill Is designed to pla- I
cate farmers for agricultural losses
which they feet they will sustain un-,
dcr the Canadian agreement, but it i
contains also some foodstuffs and
boots and sb»es. sewing machines and 1
agricultural tools.
Kentucky Woman Kill* Wealthy Mar.
nad Merchant in Har Roam.
K'tMEltKET. Ky.. April 12 Mr*
Mr.gil lewis ah».t and killed Patton
M i.ilows a wealthy merchant and
I timber ■!< aler. near Greenwood to-day.
I Mr* I.* wl* used a double barrelled
ab, »• n the ront,-nta of both barrel*
• t.l, ring Meadow's body
Timm wne no witness to the killing,
mi h o« ,-iirred In a room In Mr*.
I-wls' h, me The woman surrender-,
j r 1 and rb < lared that she had been
o.in,e||e,t to shoot Meadow* after he
had insult,-d her.
The x'ettm wae man-ted. tearing a
v Id, tv and ** t eral children.
Canal Hearing
To Be Held at Pittsburg On Lakes to
Ohio River Peo|eet.
WASHINGTON. April 12 The Na
flonal Waterway* Commission will he
. in Pittsburg Monday next for a hear
' Ing on the proposed Pittsburg and
Ijike Erie canal, and a scheme for
the control of flood water*
Th'e# Beys Arr#*t*d foe Play,eg In
dian to Dotrimont of Small Boy.
JoHMtTOWN, r*. April 12 -
'•barred with ’ placing Indian" to th* 1
| trum fit of Ontnfrto tipple aged five, i
\ tbr*e l-nys rnnalrg In age from tl to
K, * rnr*. were given a hearing to-1
ntst-t A eettlement we* affected by
tlirlr families The hoy* were , har* • I
<d e.ih tletng young tipple to a tree, I
tuiHdlnr e fir-- near him and then do
I lea a "war danee" to the aecompanl- I
I ment of blank cartrblge* The hoy |
I w.ut teamed by hla mother, badly i
I scorched about th# legs. 1
Base Ball Race On
Doctor Guilty
8tabbed to Death Grover Waldron.!
Who Before Dying Accused
SDerlel ntupMrh to the Tntelllgenrer.
HL’NTINOTON, W. Va . April 12.—
Dr. G. L. Haisden. on trial at William
son charged with the murder of Grover
Waldron was found guilty of volun
tary manslaughter. The Jury report
ed this verldct late tonight after de
liberating six hours. The finding car
ries with it a penalty of from two to
five years in the pen.
Waldron was stabbed to death and
in an ante-mortem statement accused
Haisden of the crime. Haisden who
is one of the most prominent physl-1
cians In the southern part of the state,
claimed he acted In self defense.
Like Trilby
Girl Disguised As Boy In Tent On
Sea Shore Under Physlcian'e
Pitiful Confession On Wrapping Paper
to Family Led to Oiacovery
of Plight.
ATLANTIC CJTY. X. J.. April 12 — 1
F. M. Girard, a physical culture ex
ponent. was held In *1.000 ball here
to-day as the result of serious charges
mad** by Katharine Potter, who is said
to be a member of a wealthy and
prominent family of Sandy Lake. Pa
Girard and his accuser, who Is about
21 years old. were discovered last
night by her brother. S. E. Potter, of
Chicago, living In a tent on the beach.
The girl's hair had beep clipped and
she was dressed in boys' clothing She
had been missing from her home for
more than a month.
Unusual Story.
SHARON. Pa., April 12.—Katharine
Potter, who was located In Atlantic
City with F M. Girard, is a member
of a prominent family of Sandy Ijike,
Ta. Mercer county. She has been
missing five weeks It Is alleged she
left home through an advertisement,
and, according to a message received
by her family to-day. Is anxious to re
turn home
■ ir\ ri«ru itj .*» II Uv i
ter's family la from a brother who de
tails a statement from the girl. Miss
Potter rays she had been a student
of physical culture and had corre
sponded with 'Doctor" Girard after
seeing his advertisement in a news
paper Girard had represented hlm-i
self as being possessed of occult
power, according to Miss Potter, ' and i
once I had placed myself tinder his
Influence. I was completely in his1
power I managed to escape his vigil
however, after having accompanied
him a few days and fled to Outcault
a physical culture settlement in
northern Pennsylvania. Ho soon found
me and I again fell under his influ
ence With him I went to Newark, i
Hnhway and other New .Jersey points
We returned to Atlantic City a week
ago. Stnre that time we occupied the
tent, within hearing of hundreds of
persons passing dally, hut undiscoved
ed until to night ”
Conflicting Stories.
"Doctor" Girard told the dcctivo I
according to the message, that the
young woman was his student by her
own wish said she had shown ]
marvelous mental development due to|
his psychopathic treatment, and that
his relations had been purely pro- ]
A few days ago a letter w as re
celved at the potter home from the|
young woman It was written on a ,
piece of common wrapping paper and ■
contained a pitiful confession Her I
hrottier took the first train to the sea-1
shore with the detective and had lit
tie difficulty fn finding the tent at lha
foot of Arkansas avenue, though half
hidden hr a building in course of con |
structloti I
Slsth Century Reties.
GORKI'. April 12 The German'
Kmjteror who Is now residing here I
waa Informed to-day of the discovery I
near the Monastery of S» Theodore of I
base relics of the slsth century he
fore t'hrlst hy workmen engaged In!
Crushed Under Car.
Rt’TT.KR. Pa . April 12 —J. H. Hteen j
a wealthy dairyman here, waa crushed |
to death hy a trolley car to-day after J
hetng thrown from * horse he was j
Big: I>eaKue Clubs Open Season
With Contests in Seven
Cities Wednesday.
President Taft. Carter Harrison
and Other Big: Men Toss
First Ball.
Manager Pirate*.
I CINCINNATI. April 12.—We
; arc ready to take the field la
: the first championship game,
and I am confident that the Pi
rates will give a good account
of themselves In the race,
which promises to be one of
tli- best in the history of base
ball. [ am pleased with the con
dition of my men. We had a
splendid training trip and the
recruit members of the team
all showed up well.

Honored in one instance by parttak
patlon of the President of the 1'nlted
States and In others by chief execu
tives of the cities, base ball—the Na
tional game—began a six months sea
son jesterday In seven major league
parks and three American Association
cities to the cheers of thousand* upon
thousands of fans.
Iietrol was the only major league
city where the weather prevented
the appearance of the players. Get*
erally the crowds at the games were
large mid v ildlv enthusiastic. In
Washington. President Taft tossed out
the first ball and lent his support aa
a “fan" to the Senators, who beat Bos
ton 8 to in a game witnessed by 16,.
Champs Drop Game.
The world's champions of Phlladek
phla opened by dropping into the sec
ond division of the first night's stand
ing in the 1911 race through a de
feat by the New York Yankees 2 to
1 f>n the other hand, the American
League tall-enders of i:*io hegan with
a flourish at St. Louis, where the lo
cals easily beat Cleveland.
The National league season began
with an eleven inning tie In Chicago,
where the contenders in the world se
ries last year quit even with St. Loula
after darkness put an end to the scor
ing—1 to 8. Mayor eh-ct Carter Harrk '
son threw out the first hall there, and
a like ceremony was performed by
Mayor Raynor in New York, where
the crowd of thirty thousand appear*
to be the record of the day s opening.
The Giants lost to Philadelphia by
" min II 1IIII1I.K I WO-Dagger.
Pirate* Win.
Pittsburg took the opening gum*
from Cln< Innati, while Boston, the
National league tnll-endera of 1910,
followed the example of the St Louis
Americana and started the race for
the pennant by defeating Brooklyn.
President T. J. Lynch was a guest of
honor at this game, and Mayor Fits
gerald did the first ball throwing.
The American Association season
opened In Louisville. Indianapolis and
Toledo, but at Columbus the game
scheduled with St. Paul had to b«
positioned on account of ralth
Pirates Win
Byrnes Batting Feature of Game—Red*
Played Miserably—Pirates
Were Classy.
CINCINNATI. O. April li.—Pitt*,
hurg overwhelmed cin Innati thla
afternoon bv- « score of 14 to 0. In tb*
opening game of the season Roth of
the Cincinnati pitchers were hit hard
and often while Adams. for Pittsburg,
was well nlah Invincible, holding C|»I
elnnntl to four sesttered hits. Bvrns*
batting was the feature of the gsm*
h«- getting five hits snd s bsse on
halls out or the six times that h*
faced the pitcher Cincinnati played
miserably In the field The pirate*
played sn exceptionally good gam*
!n every department Adams had
speed, curves and slants that fairly
puszlcd Cincinnati snd the Reds
scarcely got within flirting distance
Of home plate fine man reached
second, a solitary player got aa far
hlrd and all the others with threw
exceptions whltTid or perished at tha
Initial cushion One of them earned
his right to a temporary tenantry of
the base by a single, another reaohad
there through Adams' generosity and
the third profited by Wagner's fumble
which was the only pirate error In th*
nine Innings.
Byrne's batting was a feat or*,
'tiller played a good gam* and was
the pivot In a remarkably fast double
(Centumwd on Snvsntli Wage)
Terse Telegraphic Tips
ANT>r.RH<>X, !nd II r IHniH of
Waahtngtnn, T» • *nah ragWnr
aaleaman an* placed on trial here to
day for farcin* hla wiv Into a berth
on a train occupied by Mia# t'eell tfIII.
daughter of a t'hlcago t'nlvantlty pro
fca«i>r < 'aah rcglnter owner# and per
aona hnvlna ridden on a Pullman
alec per arc barred from the Jury.
PHII.AnKT.rmA After three year#
llloeaa J v Khodee. Jr. a former ath
lete. died near here to day Ilia nil
ment, a peculiar vegetable growth
which attached tt*elf to the Int rat Inca,
m an ihc nineteenth < ane In the hltt<<r>
of medicine
tlMAHA A fanhlonobly drca#ed
w>man tried to a«jueeie through lha
galea y the t*nl»n alallon. when her
hatpin pierced the eye of Uaiemtn
William Pepper*. Ha loaag lha algal
! r»m« naar ha» Inc hla hralo
I plaroart
1/ »\\ Kl (a Mum Tha fla* nhla*
r.rm- Mur K..»i Ki.mtar whan It waa
| fira-l . ti fift v yaara aco to-day |o
luii#hl lr* ha in th»- pnaaaaaton of
Mlaa 1,1 la*: Cow lay. of Ihla ally.
MONTE f'ARIdt Attemptlnff to fly
fritt, I rati, a to «"oratra, IJyut l<«ama
« nh h ■> a«r<tptan* pluncad down I tea
far* Into tha aaa, hut waa raaowaS
prt rtlralty unhurt
NFU TURK Afaatura of a dinner
•° talaphona nfflrRlt hara wan A ron«
' • ’•*' I ha ftr'l Itna to tlrfirer
* !'*« mllap, tha farthaat tha huttiM
voiaa haa haan oarrlad
BALTIMORE—« hamp t'larli will h«
toaatmaatar at fh« .National n—-a
fonf-ran.-a hara Mar »rd Taft ia to
praal'la at tha opanlns toa«Ion.

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